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country and makes his living here, lie
should be compelled to become a
United States citizen or go back
where he came from.
I for one know from experience
Jiow these people are harming us.
"Take it even in .factories where I have
"worked for neany-12 years. It used
to be a girl could make a fair living,
3)ut now these same factories hire
foreigners for just one-third or one
iourth of the wages that they paid
the American girls. This should not
be allowed. And I think a great num-"ber-
of these same people are a men
ace to the United States.
Just the other morning I overheard
a conversation between a German
and an American. The German was
asked who he would fight for if this
country gdt into the war. His an
swer -was "For Germany, of course."
Also said, "What has this country
done for me?" Now, is not this man
a-traitor to our country? He- prob
ably came here while young, has a
good farm and everything. Still he
is not naturalized. Now would not
this- be terrible is war .broke out?
Why, these people would murder us
in cold blood. And 'there are a great
many right around here where I live
that think the same way as that Ger
man. Now it's up to the man higher
up to put a stop to this before if s too
late, and I think this subject a good
thing for our American citizens to
ponder over. Mrs. Bertha Kretch
mer, Box 18, Milton, Wis.
Editor Day Book: In reply to a
letter published on Saturday, Oct 24,
in your valuable paper, written by a
Fred Ebeling, I would say that the
gentleman is very much mistaken
when he includes the saloonkeepers
In general as being opposed to union
labor. While I admit that the res
taurant and hotel keepers in the loop
district are mostly opposed to it, yet
there are over 65 per cent or more
than two-thirds of saloonkeepers in
Chicago organized, employing" union
labor, paying union wages and hand
ling union goods and are in sympathy
with the striking waitresses, and
wishing them success in getting what
they are looking for. We are not all
Vogelsangs. Max Young, 2958 Wal
lace St.
Editor Day Book: Has civilization
gone to sleep or has it just retired for
the night?
What was known as Heathen in
the days of Jesus now is stamped
Christian. The change is only in the
name. It matters mucbrwhether the
thorn is thrust into your or my side.
What a pity that we can only feel it
when it pierces our side.
Will you catch the sunbeams, the
brighter side of life .when they come
your way.
We conquer, but not by brute-force
nor by muscular strength, but
through the cultivation of our finer,
forces, mind, brain, nerves, etc., as
through these we express our -God-given
Will the lesson be taken? Wars!,
In view of present conditions it might
behoove Americans to conserve their
national resources and energies, also'
cast a scrutinizing eye into the Imme
diate future and thus be prepared at
least in part to meet the inevitable.
Remember, as in my life and m
yours, coming events cast . their
shadows before, so with a nation.
He sends his rain on the just and
the unjust alike. The unjust may
abuse Mother Nature and us, by stif
ling transportation or making pro
hlbitative the prices for fruits, but
nevertheless we can praise Him for
his goodness at this-season of the
year, as we have poured out the
riches of the land in the form of delic
ious fruits, vegetables, grains and
nuts, all of which flow from God's
norn of plenty in abundance, enough
and to spare for every man, woman "
and child in Our Glorious Land.
Ponder over the happenings just
across the water. Say, "Ain't I glad
I'm an American." Mazda,

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