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gloved open hand is just as effective. In the policemen most people see
the law in uniform. "When they respect the policeman they respect the
law. Let him be brutal and he breeds hostility toward the law.
When brutal policemen roughly manhandled picketing waitresses to
please the hotel and restaurant keepers, the injury to theaw lasted longer
than the injury to the girls' arms. Physical hurts soon heal, while mental
hurts last long and keep on growing.
A policeman is not only a public guardian but a public servant as well.
Not a servant alone of employers or of employes, but a servant of both of
these and the rest of the public also. He is not a judge, to determine
which side is right and which wrong. Let him perform his duty and leave
judging to the judges.
Let the policeman be- the people's friend, not their enemy. If he mal
treats the ignorant, he maltreats the law for they see in him the law as
it affects them.
Do you want to know what moved me to write this? It was one of
your first orders that order that policemen should look out for the poor,
to look out for the freezing poor and the starving poor. That was human,
Chief. It was truly sensational, because so unusuaL The newspapers
didn't see how sensational It was. They thought there was bigger news
in the pinching of saloon-keepers who violated the Sunday-closing law.
Poor, piffling reporters always .seeing things with the blinded eyes of the
piffling reformers who spend so much time punishing fallen women that
they have no time to catch them before they fall.
Don't let the newspapers run YOU, Chief. You know ,more about hu
manity and the lives of the poor than do all of the editors and reporters
in town. Chicago newspapers are rotten- anyhow. They're provincial.
They are weak and silly and cowardly. They're making Chicago an over
grown country village where folks mind everybody's business but then
own. And they try to run every public official and want him to take orders
from them as the self-chosen guardians of public opinion. Yet any public
servant "who does his duty as the public wants it done, can make the
newspapers eat out of his hand.
This is written with an entirely friendly purpose. I want to be help
ful. I want you to make good. So take Bill Thompson at his word and be
chief yourself. His hands are off. Let the editors keep theirs off. Be a
public guardian. Teach the policemen to be public friends and public
guardians. Sincerely, N. D. C.OCHRAN.
P. S. Live up to that family photograph.
. o o
1 Ceo. F. Brown, member of graft
probing grand jury, cited by Judge
Fitch to show cause Saturday why
he should not be punished for con
tempt of court Hoyne accuses
Brown of tipping off Chief Healey's
friends to grand jury activities:
J. A. Fuller, merchant of Hunting
ton, W. Va., dropped dead in Hotel
Sherman. Heart disease.
Maurice Kleinman, who will be
witness in'Erbstein-O'Donnell fxiaL
notified Judge Fitch he wanted to
made "clean breast of everything."
J. A. Fuller, Huntington, W. Va.,
found dead in bed at Hotel Sherman.
Heart trouble.
B.elle Weed, 20, 1444 a Kolin av
attacked in prairie by man, managed
to beat him off.
Ottawa, III. III. branch of Ancient
Order of United Workmen voted in
state convention to merge with Iowa
state branch,

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