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< f v r f serf
j Written for tlio Deserrt Newt and copy
t righted by tlio Woctcrn Now Syn
h dicate I
1 AN FKANC1HCO Nov 27Thera
SAN boj no doubt that Secretary
+ Victor H MetcalfH vlitt to this
I city ItidlcatM much extltcment
in iha cast and rmrtlculaily ui AVush
I h jton owe the alleged exclusion of
Japanese children rout UK Ban Finn
fixco H wools There H likewise no
iliullt that rrdlf rum t h equally exert
t i iHod over the Hamo question though
Irom a different point of view
It would not bo safe to ray that the
treat Is gci rally Opposed to tin Japan
ese or even Japaneo Immigration Into
California but there li certainly n
rapidly developing irrltntlon which
among the labeling classes amounts
to n propaganda It it by no mean
impossible that thin sentiment will
1 jieh the proportions of thf famoui nn
ilChinese movement which Dennis
rM e V e I w 1 w5rnu nSS n
JCearncS ted 20 years iifro Cnllfornlans
lira willing to consider the grave Inter
national complications which might to
suit from such u movement but natur
ally look moro closely at the local con
Millions with which they are brought
facn to fare
It has been a curious thing In thin
alnte jo observe the rmnglng uttltudo
toward the Jnpnnese III fore the
Husso Japanese wnr Japan was looked
upon nn tho bind of poetry und Hon
ors find the Japanese who established
colonies her were welcomed na the ex
ponents of n new and delightful orlen
1 tall m When the conclusion of the
tsar demonstrated thut tho Japanese
were such a superior military people
Cnllfornlans as Inhabltnnts of the most
exposed portions of tho United States
experienced n certain ncnno of unrest
nt the puosHbllltlcs which seemed to ho
Implied Since then Japanese Immi
gration has Increased to such nn ex
tent that It has become a state econo
mlo problem and In Snn Francisco
nt any rate theta Is n widespread
dissatisfaction at tho Incursions and
encroachments of tho llttlo brown men
The excellent Timlltles which western
ers are no Blower than other to attrlh
lite their Industry their high senso
of national honor their poetic outlook
tin life and their Individual selfrespect
are all tomenhit lost night of In tlio
purely business considerations which
their advent has forced on the commit
i sotmcn or1 OPPOSITION
Oposltlon to the Japanese Is centered
principally In the Japanese and Korean
Kxcluslon league which wan organized
May i 1805 This league Is tho result
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of an Ufa developed l > ItrSlat Build
iiiK TrndeK Council and UH mminrrsnlti
IH mule UII very larscly of union work
UiRnun who feel a genuine alarm nt
what they consider the rm nf UK
nnc Through California that nro
now 7k600 homes on the roll Jim tht
work of further organisation V pur
sued with sriat uitlvlty < rNr >
Yell of tho tockt suites that the 011
Jert Jn view III To educate tits rripl
nn ho nioimeo of rallne ImnilRi Jil > >
mill to crwtft u healthy Iubll r nth
ileac In order that the present flu rv
t > xelu hin laws lie hroallenlln rnnbat
nil Plat Ice Fo far tha mutmcut
hug been carried forward In a mnc and
runscrvullvc manner with no Irmlon
lion of Iho vlolptic which cliurnotcriztd
the > old sandlot notation against the
Yet opposition to the Janapcs Is
not confined to the Inbotlng
clasfos an wan clearly demonstrated u
few months after the earthquake when
the Inunlgrants from Nippon driven by
t 0
tlfllshury I nrnn r
r r r
At 11187 diiUKli Street Sun Imnilnx Wlltre TlicrtJ Is n Folliwlns of JiOO
L JlLlulllc
tire from their fernier Loins on tho
ftouthfril border of the old Chinatown
established themselves In one of the
best rcaliHiic scctlonu of Bin Iirin
cisco that IH along Pine Bush Sutter
old Post liotween Flllmoro and Van
Ness avenue The agitation In this
instance developed from purely hU81
IRSH niuthcr but was long continued
timid Intense though It resulted In lit
tle more than largely attended mass
mectliiRS at which there was much
fiery declamation
The residents nf this section were
practically forced nut of their hotnej
by what they described III the Breedl
ness of the landlords who very ecu
rally milled tho rent after the April
disaster The Japanese offered rent
als which the American could not af
ford to pay and were able to do HO on
account of the large number of occu
pants they would crowd Into n single
house Homes which were formerly
occupied by American families aro now
given over to Japanese who frequent
ly crowd BS many os eight or ten per
holm In a Dingle room In almost eve
ry rare the laadlordt accepted the Jap
nncBo tenants despite the violent agi
tation of the American residents ami
the Hcctlon Is now quite oriental Jap
anese bnnliM and stores are scattered
along with missions and even Buddhist i
temples Where Americans remain tho
Stars and Stripes arc hung from wln
dcnvH or fly from poles as a distinguish
log mark
The Japanese are very peiaUtvntanil
naturally so In their efforts to secure
work and extend any Imslmsn In which
they may be eiigaged In the cltlea
they are usually of the better class
artisans mercliiuita house servants
printers and even professional men
They Imvti their own newspapers their
own hank and their own In sum lien
i eompanlt though they make no at
tempt to reproduce the actual condi
I tions of the orient as the Chinese do
being content to adopt western busi
ness methods customs and dress In
the country however there U a con
stantly itrnwIiiK army of Japanese In
Irarrrii which UennU Keninoy recent
ly described na coolies dressed to oft
Net our westein prejudlcc who are I
employed cm the nxtcnilvo fruit ranch I
ci of its state and In railroad Im
provement This class reflects many
of the conditions of Chlnnse cheap la
bor and even In more thickly nettled
communities tho Japanese tell their la
bor and bruins lit a rate with which
Americans can scarcely compete
Timer Is no means by which the pre
cise number of Japanese In rullfornH
ran be doleimined Statistics compiled
by the Japanese association of Ameri
ca und given out at the olltco of Con
sul Cjftia placo the figure nt n little
above 10000 for the year ending Decem
ber WItS From the same source It Is
learned that there were about 12000
Japanese In Sun Francisco before tho
fire COOO romalnliiK after the catas
trophe while the rest scattered to neigh
boring cities The Japanese nnd Ko
nan jxHi3lun loague however places
the llguie at fully 60000 and tho prob
abilities me that the real number Is
wunowhtru between the two estimates
Thera Is no way of tracing the large
number of Japanetf Mho gain entrance
Into California by way of Seattle Vic
toria and lImo of the Mexican coast
Statistics gathered by the ladled
States commissioner of immigration In
San Francisco would Indicate that Jap
anese Immigration Is on the increase
especially by way of Honolulu rather
than from the orient direct For tho
year beginning Oct 1 1903 and end
lag Sept 30 1301 the number of Jap
anese arrivals from Honolulu WOII 5230
the next year It van 8313 and last
year It was 9320 On the other hand
direct Immigration fium Japan appears
to be decreasing Tor the fiscal year
ending June 30 ISOi there were S65S
male Immigrants and 237 females the
succeeding year the number dropped
to 1500 malls and 2 S2 females n year
later It seas 1105 ninleit and 215 females
and last year there were only 633 males I
mill 193 female
However by far the most burning
question In connection with the Jap
nnenft problem at the present time Is
that pf the oriental school children
There are distinctly two sides to the
1 A l1I1 lholO t
SJ JPi M > > 1 o r
JMcluro Taken Prom Tilnlty fhuixli The Jlott rnshlonablf Church In Snu Francisco Region Sow Ovcrwliolmcil
With the Little HroiMi Men
matter but In support of the stand
the Stall Francisco board of education
h III taken President A Altman says I
It docs not seem to be generally
understood rent the present discus
sion of times Japanese iiesllon that the
I board of education nt San Francisco has
not excluded the Jnpanr from the
public schools In furl It will IH
found upon Invctlcatlon that es
I nctly tho name facllltlert are provided
for children of Mongolian descent as
n m
tire provided for our own white chil
dren SIlica limo subject has become era
for international discussion it U well
fur tho people ut hug to understand
tho absolute facts In the case Sec
tion Iti02 of the state schcol lays of
Calif01 nlu as enacted In two year 1003
provides that children of Mongolian bra
Korean descent must attend n separate
m vx t wherever such schools havo ben
cfitublLsheil In their state and the
school trustees or directors or super
intendents as tho case hay be have i
110 option In the matter I
In tau Francisco an oriental school I
was established nn Clay street soya
cent years ago Prior to Out calamity
of API 11 Mit there were MO many chll
trrn of Mongolian and Korean descent
111 this city that tliny could not by
tiny meumi bo aCI udatcd ut time
Oriental school When that school wan
crowded to Its utmost capacity tha
ovirllow had to be provided for und IH
a proof of the disposition of the board
of education to be entirely fair In the
matter tho Mongolian children who
could not get Into to regularly estab
lished oriental school were permitted
to enter the classes In the various parts
of the city
The disaster of April changed all I
this und It at last became possible In
enforce the law Section 1662 of the
state school The law has been In
force all of this time and wns put Into
effect us far us was then posullile but
no law la operative which cannot pos
sibly be enforced and that was Ilia
situation up to April IS
When tho work of lehabllltatlon
was undertaken the oriental school
was reopened und by this time It WIN
found that tho numficr of pupils hail
vastly decreased The law was adhered
to rigidly and at tho same time the
oriental school was located so as to be
inoft convenient to the greatest num
ber of Japanese pupils
Thp Japanese children of San Fran
cisco mire given the same educational
advantages as tho white children They
are provided with the canto skilled and
competent teachers the canto equip
ment and paraphernalia and tho op
rNtrtunltlea aro equal In every respect
Whelltho 1
against tu the nendlnx thddancss I1mlJ01twt <
Oriental school 6aabot t tOI
nnllex IIIHceablo to the lOCation echoes at soak o
Ipurnell oml
lrennln Same lranelloo at Whiter al
Iy Protested hare tMb
eec youths of against p rmltllng Japan
OCCupying perhaps 15 Japan
Hlrls ot 6 or soma 7 y lit ar8 claaseer With U Yrftrr
1IIIIIIn coulll natYears Jul COD
ortiomm not be chanlte tits Co
school Jah1mct Of Wllh th
children and the balance of or Chlnest
open or
to the lhe
Japanese SChOQ
cl1ll1lrlll1 The ph0op
COmo Jpan
here anees
lrinmary schooled
Icssnn J 10
aM Ih naturoltt
IAO 1111 Odvanlage they nMUTUn
Hinners Ul1ltge over Y
loge medals beCilU6 The of USIIal this V great win wn adrap ba I
Japan 10 my mind
complaint In no C lU
In a8 much liS therCause Cor
San Francisco re I drr
a wn r I
for the equipped
education M Sth
of alt school
children in ni Japan
this city and V10 Japanns
mere fact County
been set u8fe for a the parate T SChoOl chI
dren and a certain Kif chi
Ixcj upon for Mme and locatloi
the fnlocatloi
rhOlJI 101 n
the opinion of tin basal does m < h
warrant the SWCSbasal or e1l1cau n
Japans children havl been lerllot > Ih1t
our public bnrred fcS
schools It uuflnnbarr Iron
him state legislature Wus the alter far
B nat
decide and so long aS law eQ le lit
th statute books nnll as the law i put o
onforcemont U will be sUSCeptible Is
litter enforced to tai
mho This nrtlcle Ptesenls tmc I 181
COltlrvlrs III 11 ocalsiftof
arguments onlthcn Other eXlenl Thi
on the other Clilelat r
familiar In other sections are toil
doubt weighty though boC arm M
lion the nnt II v
California peopln havo of seine San cause rllnclro coo
Plaint Yet tho ntlment for COB >
sorvntlve In here b Wl
the ma J
gngicll Inc dents IIIl1ln nd
Koglc Incidents eucinas the f den
aft the etonhtt
Prof Omorl by Street Ilonlnfol
1116 been sensa etc
certaIn 1t1l1rlerl relorlt
on otcaymurters havn no real bear
Salt Lako Photo
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and Third South streets Ut
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