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. r s . "' '
And Rebel
UK DAY, MAY 14, 1804.
Mt gn0xrHU Whig.
W. G. BEOWNLOW, Editor.
Banntr of aromi.e.by freemen uofurWdl
Beseou of hope to a walling world I
Bhiniuf abova ia ihe starry throng,
A rift in the murky clouds uf wrunf
Clouds that hill roll from their brains of light,
Till the whole round dome ii blue and bright.
Knoxville, Saturday, May 14, 1864.
The pressure upon our time in such that
' we muit aniiouuee certain rulm, and our
, . t . . , , ,
linulternblo purpose to be troverncd bv them
t, -
, in all cases. First, we will devote the
morning hours to tlio interests of our paper. ;
At 10 o'clock we will bo lit the Custom j
House, nnd we shall remain there until 12 i
o'clock. re-unnoariiiL' theru at 2 o'clock. A c .
to attend to the public business. We shall
not attempt to transact business ut our
dwelling house, in nur printinpr office, or on i
the street. Those therefore who have busi-
tiess with us eonnei:ted with the Treasury
Department, must meet us at tho Custom
. , i i . ii , i . -
HolSfe, S the buildill IS called. It 18 oil '
the east side of (iav street, nearly opposite ,
. ., T , r ... , , ,
tO the Lamar House. U e doll t Want to be
stopped and bored on the streets, and ill the 1
. .. i , i r i
mud, on our way to and from our meals,
and don t intend to be in the future.
A Body or Clerical Traitors.
"Ve liavo cot hold of the Richmond Cltris-
tian Observrr, a New School Presbyterian ihe 1.11 one v( the I'nion men thai erohM'd int.. K. n
tory Mieet, for May, ISO', and in it we rind ' l'.k.v x" lt'" r,'d,'r;l1 r"r,.',u "'"ll1',1 k'''" -
, . ... .. , Thu man Uav ha two s.uih 111 the rehcl nru.v. and
the following, Which our readers Will do well ;t j, kui, they" come homo occnsinnally n I'rien.lly
to trvasnrfi nn. toirnllinr will, ll.n nnmou nf vifit. lie Milted down heiweei. threeand t'eiir hiiu-
tlic traitor:
Nitn- M aiik kt Cm ncu, )
Jfav Ut, 1SC3. 11 o'clock, A. M.
The, rreibytery of I'nion imtt, Mo.-nrdin;.; to ad
journnient. and wai opened with a eriimu by the
Moderator liev. John J. linhinson trot lt Tim.
6: 5, "From iticli withdraw tb ,.liV' Coi.uitutcd
with prayer.
Tho following ii.en.ben were found to be present:
Miniftera Uev. F. I'nne, N. Hood. Win. Hnrrinn,
J. II. Martin. J.J. Kobimmi, J. -M. Caldwell, W.
II. Smith, and C. C. wuuin. Hilling Kldrrs A.
K. Blackburn, J. U. Hhielcburn, John Hill, S. I).
Cole, Pattnn Ilowrll, J. P. Mathm. Win. M. Cocke,
Jamee IVck, J. C. liradhaw, Unj. Lewie, and J. C.
Ii. Kawyen.
After tho appointment of the usiiul conimitteej,
and the transaction of om of the ordinary b.isi
neie, Jthe 1'retbytery, believing that the npening
isrmon by the Moderator would be read w ith inter
est, mid also be produetiTt of good ia the present
perplexed Hate of our pcopl. acloj.ted thv following
;?e,iW, That n copy of '.'ie germon delivered by j
Key. J. J, Uobinson, at the opening of tho present
aession of l'reshvterv, he requested of him, ...id that ,
tho nine be placed in the hnnds nf n co.nniittue up- '
I""""" '7" " i "" ' I ,i , .. ; ,r,;K ,,,,, ,, .I,., thev are l,U! 'Jeiei.se oi u.e snip ami oi ii.ose w no
Obsmtr, and a .o in pamphlet form. e llie ,1 ooi in ims town, mat, iiuy uil , .. , .
' 11 . .... ., i , .. i compose tlio crew.) saddles. I.ridles, ca t-
The rreabytery. feeling; lhat tho good of the i in consultation with rebels whenever Ule j.,,!,.,,,, lll:lterial, l,crciliol. and other
Church of Christ in these Confederate Statu, and j onii meet, and even write beyo ml our lilies oii.s. cloThii." adapted for uniforms sail
theucen of Hie came in genera, demand that ; iim ,0.sf Uj, the enemy. Such men should ' clolh of all kinds, hemp and corila.ro, in
thair position in this great strugiric for riyht and in-; k, (.(Mltonl to t,ret;hc in this countrv, with- toxicatint,' drinks, oilier than beer nnd" light
dependence, and upon the pre.,, v,xin question of, ,, ,. ,mli ftl(, ,.lUinir ;.,- ..ff, mitivo wines, or other articles prohibited
tbe day, Oilavery,i should be made known, i . bv the l.ropor lliithorilios, except upon
K'rtttJ, that this Presbytery will ntlthrrlirm ' "' ,lu' 1 tlu'.V 0 P'''-H'C'Ut.'d. and ir.!lt0 ., (M1,(.r ' ulat';0
nor orjiun. nor receiTo from anntlfr J'rolnilrru m,i of.si tel in icrsecutilig. The Trade Hegilla- XXXII, or bv the special direct ion ol the
man tt-Ao iloei not nymialhizt Kith the Smith in her . , .i . i, , i i . i c i . . i i
rMrnf fr.W i'. inSrm, ..r wl.. Il.UI thut t,,,U! ol J m"l,,r 1)1 i':",,"l'llt '"'k to ; Supcrvisnigpocial Agent sancl.onod by
blavkuoliinq is BixFt L, AMJ oLcuT to jie Ai.oL-1 the beiietittiii of loval men oiiiv. and rebels "l0 ''Ciioral coiiniiaiidiiig DepHrtmeiit or
"KD' i nre not to be mtt un in business, or M.niir- ! L,i'tU'kt h.,lu or ,rom wllidl the hllil""
Tho ayca and noes on th.s resol.ilion hnvinc been
called for bv Win. M. Cocke, who stated that he :
wanted positively lo know how the body stood, the
ote was taken as follows:
Ayes Rev, Messrs. V. I'ope, N.llood. Wiii.llur- '
rison, J. 11. Jllirlin, .1. .1. Ki.hlli-nll. .). M. t al.hvrll,
Wm. II. Smith, C.C.Xew,n,in.li,,h,s-A.K.l!h,ck. ,
M. tlll'IWell,
burn. John Hill, l'atton Unwell, Jus. II. IVck, J.C. '
Uradjhaw, He.,.i Lewi, J C 11. S wyen,
Elder J. II. Lihickbtirn declared that ho was not i
prepared to vote. 1
llderJ.l'.M..thewa.eTc.ifiod from votinR .as I
ho had not lseen instructed bv his church .fetrawbor-
ry rialns) how to vote on tins question.
How many of these reverend traitors are
now going at large? applying for permits
to trade bringing in accounts for damages I
against tho government? Let them be
hunted up, and hunted down, as the ene
mies of God nnd man. Let our commis
ioners reflect bcfircthey give these villains
4ainagcs for anything.
A Flint? nt the rnnvcrvatlvn I'ninn
Dr. Breckinridtre. in his lato aneech nt
Lexington, held up to just derision the pre
tended LVon men of Kentucky who want
to go to tne unicago convention ana ira-.
. . , a, a .. . .
tcnize with Fernando Wood, Alexander i
Long, Clement L. Vallandighatn, and others
of that kith. To illustrate these "Conser
vative Uoiou" men in Kentucky w ho have
taken this name now, although till quite
lately calling themselves Jefferson Domo
rata, Jackson Democrats and Peace Demo
crat, the Doctor went on to say
!... j i tu
1 nave B little CTand-datlirhter. Whose I
mot i) or is tne wne oi a clever gentleman in
MorcaU S forces, as all his fure no doubt
think themselves. She tries to make that
child aecesh. Then I have another daugh
ter who is very strongly Union ; she has
BO child, and ia very anxious to make this
little girl Union. I have said to these dangh.
tera, "You are deraoraliting that child.' I
would not say that of the gentlemen politl
Citiit rrftrm to, tmt I nay say H of my
! grand-child. I would nut tiv In those gen- , I'HUlit r.im and nbhnr Mo.nl. liny Bliull reject
tloiueii that their changes, Ir'cqiionl as I ho with h.J K.nti..i id- guilty fantasy ihut
i . . , i ,i mini i'iiu liolil ihuihtIs In innti. i
chnngcs "I ho in ... i tend to make 11 u n. Ju villl Vlll ' IV. trcntius, to covenant, be
shitting and unreliable ns the win. Is. Bui i .,.,. ,;. The covenants of the Almighty,
1 till In my daughter she uilll stop, or she whether ihe old covenant it tin. new, dot.oui.io
, w.ii.hl ruin l In child. 'I'l liilil heard wlmt aucli unholy pretensions. To those luwa U id they of
I Ulil Mini InnU III' the iil.-a that 1 -Was oil
hcrHiilo; nnd u ilny or Iwo utlerwnr.
I K'H'
run up to mo. allying. 'Grandpa. 1 ain't any
t lllon, mill 1 It I II l any c.Ci,:.i. V oil, W lial i.n.l treaty, Unit internal truMIc ik rmw ilostrnyo.l,
are - . ti mv child '!' ' '1 am Ah n-iiWi ' wax i '""I itn.n nt to.liitih liko mlii-r iimti.
the ivi.lv. fLauLrhicrai.diippliiiiHo. Woll, "",v ,' ,'l!'"',;" " " "urMi' Ky
' L . " , , , ,' 1 . . J 1 n l iirlmmi'iil l.iiUiiiL' tliiMvnv; hut lint rmnilry lit
(,he very hood I.Hiud nho hud ot int.. it worse , HW(ik(1. t)H "miiKIia,'llin ,,f tlm pu.,,.lu v.u
box than ovor. Iiooiiiim- all hidoe wore 11111.1 Kimii,.,! ; it iIi-mviiJi-J in ihumliT und mmui tin
lior, applause from the olhor hido of the i rn Hie, und mhiiitc.1 it uuilty jit-nlit- in i lie wiinl.
hullHci and ill the coiir,.' of it Week she got ; N"W, Ih. n, let the diinn rs lirwur. lm llndr -ein-tired
of that, duriii,.' which lime she hoard I U" .rl.Hn....,i. l-v.,.,.-! TI.,.
. ' . . . ... . iiliie c.iu.ilrv . i. lice .....re invuke ..wnki' t.i tli
another iimno, ami then she wild to m. I l.,ilin , ,..,,, hllivirv . , M .,. iIi.liKin.ti..ii
uill'l Ali i-i,.l any liH.jrer I Hill loiimrni- , Ui.-ll, n in the ...m.iu nf the Mime pcjiple; the mine
I'l'f I'niun.' Lllllirh lor from all hitlos.'J el. mil i piiilicrliin thul ..nniliihiud the nlnve trude;
Well,' uiiid 1, my tlaiiirlilor. bliolv to llial, j 'fi' u,ecn. uunin, tt ,,n wl...... iimiwl.
for it is at near doini; i.oll.inj; as anythiiifr : '"."; '"" '"' l-tr..y.-l Mr 1 ,ny wn..
, , . , , " . .. '. them , hut 1 iru lliul tin ir ilr.ln.cliun i.mv
can ho. And ho I Bay to you who have i. irn wav ,-,,,m J, lt, urtt l(.rra,k. tmulMltt ,;f
principles nf vour own. go into the Nuliona
i Conservative I'nion party, whore you can
j lie imtliin !ii, and accon.j.lish nothing
good. But if von arc truly L ninn, don't do
afraid to bland with thu tine Union party ;
llti.l ii oil art1 sceesii, no iium-ni, nuu e,i no.
I ... ... I... ....... 1.. i.iti n.ti l .1.1 nlt.l ilii. 111 dill
IJl-L III IfU II III.' I'l IllllVi rii. itii'i vi.i. vw.
i. . n. i
II'IUUS II.SC IIIOII, II l.CCCSrsll , lllitl win nui.-
lay respect us as candid, fearless j
letter from ( leu'land.
following coiicludini' retn:irl;H in a
k'iu''' uf rvC"a diit0- from ,-'ll''l:""1' Tl''"'
will b. j.erusi-d by the lu.on men ot the
l,0,,l,l,T with interest nnd surprise. We
kn,jW riir 8nd Wtf vnd" 1,1111 10 tho
u"l'sl l'Xtent :
"' the wny. I am lmt,y to inform ymi that t
I''"''! lltrct-luitrtht ol the I iiinu men of thu eounlv
My el,,is,. the action f vur man tin ill
Knoxville, held on thu loili ultimo. Wo are for
reniovinH the chhm ol' tho war, nnd that einise is
.uwU: There are a very few men in m.r county
who claim to he pind I'nion men huc the Federal
forces occupied theeoiuitrv, hut who were oiit-ioken
fMt ' wh nw ,.,,, witll ,,', lMll)
i T,.rv K-hel.. and want the cUi CnhUiU.
y.tuac i.v. win. m.iuntul his sun Siim on the hest
j horfti he had, inul iuu him in id Tilih, Jirntw. A:
Co. In enpturu C,d. Clift. in Nnveinher, ISiil.and lm
,r,iin ihfir indonrnileneti. laid that lie hone.) to (iod.
" ' " V . , 1 1 ,' , ' , i . . ,
1 rod head of duo for the rehels lie imw carri. .-, a
jiairr eerhfi-ale J ,.. eeie'r?. Jim m,ii. Hoi. I '.
i Jl.it. is Will's, it' powihle, tl, ill 111- father, joined
i Til'dV home iMuird enmpaiiy to 1:0 nfler Col. I'lil'l,
' hut was tno cowardly to t-... mid n uiiiined at home.
1 reK.rlini I'ninn men to Tihl- nn 1 Tli.,. ,1. Canip
' hell, lie enrrios ill his poekol neerlieente of loyally. '
If our authorities continue lo whitewash
the villainous character of such rebels as
these, let our East Tennessee Union men,
and soldiers, seek some suitable occasion to
give the scoundrels ortuieati'i that will as
sign lo ficm their proper places.
Uestrietious on Trade.
Rome men take it. very much at heart
when they are refused government permits
to open goods and trade. Disloyal men,
wlio have aided and abetted this rebellion,
have great impudence to ask of the civil or
military authorities any such privileges.
'fhev mav have taken the amnesty oath.
" , ,. , .
""J wll!lt ,ll:it- i htl'' 1'tbels,
thev are ill s liil.athv witll rebels, and We !
, , . .
S,cu 11110 U' " u" UK l,""u'
'-'''"'".7 them wii.i loyal men. or employ-
iiJ them in the houses ol loyal men.
Privileges have been given to rebels here,
I , I : I ...... I .1 . .1...
""" "" 1""' o icoc.s, iu.uu.c
anything but creditable to the Union cause.
1,,'some instances ur Depart inent has given
. 1 b
authority to improper persons, so numerous
liavc h ,,', t10 ,,. Wl! l,.,Ve had to (leal
with. e are trying to make amends for
our wron b3' inaugurating a more strict
""' r'g'd policy.
. ., c......
jiiUiu ii oiipii.iiu un inc. oi.iic iiiiur.
Thirty-lour years ngo, in the British
House of Commons, Lord Bnoi'GirAM made
a speech against the eIiivo trade, which he
denounced ns piracy, ns did tho American I
Congress many years ago. This speech by
ll... I'.i.'lish slntesn.i.n iA. hot nn Pvtract
irom it win no new in tins age ol rcvoin-
tio"8- The resolution which he advocated,
is made the foundation of his remarks:
Thai this House do resolre. nt the earliest nms.
lie,, UlU I'l l
ticbie period of ihe m xt session, to tako into its
,criou, ennnderaiinn the mate ..f the ahm. in the
colonies of Ore.,t Ur.tain. in order to tho mitigntion
and tlnal abolition of their slavery, and more expo,
chilly in order to tho amendment of thoadministii..
lion i,I Justice Willi. n the same.
1 tru-t that at length the time is come, when
Parliament w ill no longer bear to ho told that slave
owners are the licsl law-givur on slavery; iiolonirer
miflvr our voice to roll across tho Atlantic in empty
warnings, and fruitless orders. Tell me not of right
talk not of tho property of tho planter in hit
laes. 1 deny the right I acknowledge not tho
't'.'-i . i.v .iiv,u, iiiu lui-unuB ui our coll.
mon nature, rise in rebellion mruinst it n thp an.
.b.H.H 1'h.l h.ini...n. ' I ; .. e
peai muuo to tne unaersmnuinij or to the heart, the
wntencc is tho sumo that roi-cleit. In fain you
Ull me of laws that sanction each a claim I There
ia a law above all the enactments of human codes
the same). throughout tho world, the sumo in all
timet such at it was before the dnring genius of
Columbus pierced the night of ages and ojwned to
one world the snurret of power, wealth and knowl
edge, to another all unutterable woes; each it is at
this day; it is the law writtoa by the linger of God
on the heart of mas; sad by teat law, unchange
able and eternal, while men dttpln fraod, tad
'1J r'',':r' t'; African trmh. Niuh
.1 ,,,, :..., ... ' i .':. ..f
j .jm fnr the irnillc in llod. Yet, in spite of luw
- - -- II"
Trade Regulations In Kut Tennessee.
The unieers of I ho Uevcliue Department
of the iJovrnimont here have made several
Koizurcs of pxiils and I.i.pior-) during the
.ast ton or lil'U'eti days, und uniue of them
uive been heavy, amoui.t inn each to several
thousand dollars. To enable the traders
and nil interested to know when they are
violating th.t Trade Herniations, we give
tin in Ns. Ti, 11.', oX and -It) of the Ilccula
tiotm under which these hcimuros have boon
mnde :
V. No roo.ls, wares, or merchandise w ill
be allowed to be transported to, from, or
within any State or part of n State, under
restriction or declared in insurrection, cx
eept under Permits, Cert ideates, und Clear
ances, as hereinafter provided.
XII. livery applicant tor n permit to
trims port roods, w ares, or merchandise into
or within any place or section where such
transportation mav he permitted. iliall pre-
: . I. I. : i": : i :..
l "l " ' ' "I'l" "'' "H""
I voices ol the foods, wares, and merchant
disc to be transported, and shiill file with
tK, ollieor irrillit iliir the l.eriuil the cortili-
eitio ol tlio Local ,pocial .-iront iiuUiorizinir
it, if any bo necessary, and an alli.lavil that
i the names of the owners, the (inutilities,
the descriptions, and values of the merchan
dise, are correctly slated in said invoices.
two en. ics or wincii snail lie anuexe.i lo
nml filed with llio alli.lavil; and thai the
marks on the packages are correctly staled
in the application, nnd that the packu' s
contain nothing except as slated in the in
voiets; t hat I ho lnorcliaudiso so permitled
shall not, nor shall any part thereof, be dis
posed of by him. or by his authority, con
nivance, or assent, in violation of the pcr-
i mil, and that neither the permit so rallied
nor the merchandise to he transported shall
be so use.ljjor disposed of by him, or by his
authority, oiiiiivance, or assent, as in any
way to pvo aid, comliirt, inliirmation, or
encourao;emont lo person in insurrection
nff.'tinst the L'niU'd Staled. All ntlidavits
required by thoe Koirulutioiis or by Local
Kales shall be taken before 11 Supervising,
Assistant or Local Special Agent, or some
other it ii t lionzed ollieor.
AA.I I. an oloi.rfinoo oe lipcnot w. I
be irranted for the shipment of prohibited
articles, viz: cannon, mortars, lire-arms,
pistols, bombs, grenades, powder, saltpetre,
sulphur, balls, bullets, pikes, vwords, board-
. 1 ' . , 1 . , .
ing-eaps. (alwavs excepting lie .iiiantitv ol
the said articles whii ll
. .'. . . - .
iv be necessary
to l.e made
XL. All vessels, boats, and other vehicle
XXwA f r transportation, violating Jiogula
tions or Local Uules, and all cotton, tobacco,
or other merchandise shipped or transport
.o. .... ..
d or purchasea, or sold in violation thero-
(f be (;)rfoitea t0 lhu Ulliu.j StatcK.-
If any false statement be made or deception
practiced in obtaining an Authority, Certi
ficate, or Permit under these Eegulations.
such Authority, Certificate, or Permit, and
all others connected therewith or nil'eeted
thereby, will bo absolutely void, nnd all
merchandise purchased or shipped under
them (diull be forfeited to the United States.
In all cases of forfeiture, as aforesaid, im
mediate seizure will bo made nnd proceed
ings instituted promptly for condemnation.
J lie attention ol all otueers ol the govern
mont, common-carriers, shippers, consign
cos, owners, masters, conductors, agents,
drivers, and ethcr persons connected with
Jlie transportation of merchandise, or trad-
w I irue iiam uirocic. w u.e
nets of Julv 18, 18G1, May 20, lStJU, and
March 12, iSM. and to tho orders of the
Secretaries of War and of tho Jfavy here
unto appended.
Important Order by Gen. Sherman"
ao uure liuuons 10 DC issued to in-
Major General Sherman has issued the fol
lowing general order:
Provisions will no longer be issued to cit
iaeiis at military posts south of Nashville.
Where citizens ennnot procure provisions in
the country, there is no alternative but they
must remove to the rear.
Provisions must not be sold to anv per
sons save officers in the service of the United
States, nnd the hired men employed in the
quartermaster s or othor departments of the
government, at a rate not to exceed one ra
tion per day. Commanding officers must
give their personal attention to trw matter,
as it is of vital importance. It is idlo for
us to be pushing forward subsistence stores,
il' they are lavished and expended on any
person except they belong to the army
(nil for Coin anions to Heel Dclctrntcs
lo me Nitiloiuil liilon ( onu'iiiloii. !
We' ... ......
i.0e.mli,l.;w f,.r ITe,iil... uml Vice P,o,i,i,m ,.f
Culled htiil, nt the Bir.iu, liiiig Pre-idcin ml : osl decittuu it win written ninety yciri iKjo. , iroalej so hociiillv. ll should bo uuder
tltai"" ixeulled tn enliven,, in the City nf Hulli- ' !., ,,s ,,., ,,f ,1,,, I,,.,.)!.,,, K.iieil- ,,l' I l,u k.,,,,,1 in iiiiel,,. u, t ,!;,,i......tul.l,
b.ri), on the 7lh duv nf dune licit, uml
InHnycmfideWmlly U.e tlmt l. ih triitini.lt. i.nd
proK-on i cur urnii. the pe...ie ,. lenn v,.ni.o
in H eninl.tini. lo r:mt tlicir v,ie in lliu Nnveinher
el,,cu.ii, und m herein,, the I'nion men cf the tfuic
hv, 1 1,.,., nil preiiliiir inierel in the uetnui l'
the lin.uiiiniiiin Ciiiv, nti..i, well H u riLjIit t. U1
re,re..iled therein, thciel'iire e de herel.j , ;.llu...n
the iii.cinditiei. . Cnioii in. ll nf Tenne-M.,,, tn u I
in tln-ir roj tiw lhviiein cf Ilie Mule, un ihe
IKUli lny i if M.iy. til kiieh Ih-," ii limy henMlier !
ileii);liul,-il, und d,.deiiil,'i In the .Nlillnllul I'll leu
CollV 'lllinli.
Tel liei-e,. Iieini; enlill. d t lid tell lleleulen. y
wmilc upst Ihut Ku.i TiMincweo tend four, und
each uf thu other (livinen, three
llnllteK MaYNAUI',
v. Hh.. mow,
,l.n A. I All I'UIIL,
.M. M. 11IU...N.
WM. I'. .!..,
llelll. E 11 Atir. ISO.N,
J. II. iilK',11 AM,
.1. .M. TuMKNV,
M. 11. I'll, II, ,Ir,
I'ninn Sfcile Kxeeulive Couiinittue.
Nitkhville, April ::u, l!i4.
There will bo It 1110011110 of the t'liroibli- "l lu"" """' ""' delined mid under.-tund wall piv
... ... . . .. . en-inn. in a L'niiiitiv above all otheii lend ol dUrtv.
10)ii(( ( 11 cm Men ol tins, and the district ; tht, in tih un n eeand su.h aouiuurt , ,ellnd u.J.i
above here, in thw city, 011 the "tith in-t , lo
appoint two delegates to the liall imore
Coiiveiitioil. Ve hope the c. unities w ill all
be represent 01. The citizens hero are 1111
inerouN ti'oiu all the counties, and may very
projierly ri'iresciit their eoiistituculs.
(ireene Conn!) Men in I'iImhi.
Below we give the names and siyrs of a
fev of the I'nion men el (,'reeiie county
win have be. n unvste.1 by Longst reel's
aituy, and sent to the Uii hinond , rison.-,
eiii'i'Coinif ( their Vuim tentinth!. These
mm write und otherwise send word to their
fi ilids that they are tttirviiiij and being ,lo
vuired by vermin in the dirty j.risoi.s of a
di'ty Confederacy :
iVin. Ottineer r.fi
osepl. l'm.ell !r,
.'.inii H Walker n4
Inhll linl.illsnl, 47
Amos Heals 47
John llnpkins 4S
i John K ni::ht lii
i i. It. K. l'uriion fi'i
l'avid dogaii .1H
Knos i'iekeriiijr 4u
benmel Jliivis 'J'.,
Craie Hri.iiuoii 'Jj
Wiley Cainpiell...4S Alexander Jonr. w
Thomas Keys 4'J
These fifteen men are only a few of the
ninny men from East Tennessee who are
starving in Kiehinond for their dcv.'tioi.To
the United States (,'uvenunoiit. We know
many of these men, and we know tin in lo
In. the best men in lireoue county. Soiuc of
them are honest, patriotic thinkers. I'or
these linn and their sufferings, we hold
Ephraim Link, Jim Johnson, JliH (lardner ,ihJ
Amos J.otspeich ; und these noted rebels are
here, enjoying the privileges ot our city.
The arrest of these lift ecu men was
caused by the rebels of Greene county, and
we think it probable that the fifteen will
j die in prison from starvation, nakediicsi
aj vermin. Thev have sons and relative.
who are in our armv. and will survive the
! '''-'hellion.
Let them kill, or ci.uso to bo
i killed, in the most violent manner, nil who,
' were concerned in their arrest. Th. v owe
, , ,i, : , . i . . ,i .. i . .
.it to tlio imprisoned, to themselves, and to
, ... . .
1., I, .IK .I'M .1 t.l ,
J 1 ....... ...i.- ....
die violent deaths, il it shall take them ten
vears to bring about such result. Slaughter
, , ,
iheni, wo sav, wherever and whenever
" "
( Oin aild Bullion Prohibited.
It is not generally known that gold and
., , , , ' , , , , c, .
silver cannot tie transported from one of the
J .
loyal States to any State or sect ion declared
to be in insurrection. The agenisni.d oflio' i s
of tho Treasury Department are required lo
fceizo anv and all coins and bullion thev mav
, , . i i oo 1'cmei loerei tn at i every civilized So- sue on on
find, on their way into uny such insurrec- . .. , ., , , fco..i.iiien.
, cielv there are certain ollciiees which can-! T he ol ects of the Associition rr
tionary Slate nnd to proceed f gainst the ! uCbis ......i, 1 ,,v ie ,ltw, f,r if tll,v arc. i convs IoW with
same lor condemnation and forfeiture. e are only inadequately atoned for. hen a leading men in the South, nnd. bv an intor
ljnvc. this week, received the following Cir-1 wealthy man, lor instance, hits cheated or L-hango of iiilbrmation and view's, prepare
cular from tho Secretary of the Treasury, I pronged the poor when an influential cit- ( t;,c slave States to meet tho impending cri-
, , ,. , . . ,. . ,e n i lzeu has coiniuiited some crime, Irom whose vis
and publish it forthe information of all con- . , , , , bllt-
' consequences he has escaped by the lapse ot 2d. To prepare, print nnd distribute in
ecr n'l : time or by some evident legal lechmeality. I the slave States, tracts, pamphlet". 4c, de-
C llld' LAR LETT Fit TO OFFICEn!" Or TIIK TRKAS- j or when a political 1 eader has been lalse to signed to uwakoii thcni to a conviction of
4 i nv pi;i'ARi'Mi:.T. i bis country, and has risked great interests i ,i..r to .,.. tl... ,i,,M,iir
'J ItEAsrnV i'KI'ARTMKNT, April I'.. ti4.
Prom information which has reached the
Department from various points, it is evi- ;
dent that the 22,1 HeL'iilation of Trade, so- !
ries of September 11. 180.'!, prohibiting "all ,
l . - ! ... 1
.. . ... . 1
tion, except as provided in said Regulation
22, will be seized and proceeded against for
condemnation and forteiturc.
S. P. Chase,
Secretary of the Treasury.
The 22d Regulation, which is a law, is in
the following words, and we give it that the
subject may be fully understood :
XXII. All transportation of coin or bul
tion to nnv State or section heretofore de
clared to be in insurrection is absolutory
prohibited, except for military purposes,
and under military orders, or under the spe
cial licenso of the President. And no pay
ment of gold or silver or foreign bills of ex
change shall be mado for cotton or other
merchandise within an such State or sec
tion. All cotton or other merchandise pur
chased in any such State or section, to be
paid for therein, directly or indirectly, In
gold or silver, or foreign bills of exchange,
shall be forfeited to the United 8tatee.
Ihe city directory of Chicago for 1363
flxss the ppultticti of the city at 1(30.000.
transportation oi com or minion io any , : i"c s,.. ...... uo i..c ...usi ,,aiu- nation.
State or section heretofore declared to be in apt. ";) '"P l'hlic morals, if left utiwhip-, -J'0 ciT-ct these ol jects, a brief and simplo
insurrection," except as therein provided, i pel of justice. j Constitution was ad ,pted. creating a Presi-
is overlooked or disregarded. 1 here is need, for buoh offenders of a ,ont. a Secretary, and Treasurer, nnd an
All officers of tho Treasury Department moral police. ,i o, i.ty. Now il is precisely Executive Committee, specially charged
nre thereforo directed tu use all proper means in his very kind (,f pobco that American , with eotidiieiing the business of the Asso
to insure the enforcement of the Regulations ; society is most deficient. o are u very j eiation. lCd.OwO pumphleta havo been pub
referred to, and all coin or bullion proceed- j J-'""1' natured jteoplc. We are in the habit li,eil. and demands for further suj.plicsnro
ing to nnv point within such State or sec-1 of permitting all kinds of opinion iimougst ' received Horn every quarter. The Associa-
Patrick Ilciirj Uil Slincr)'.
The i;,Hin. loiter lism. l'atrick llourv.
! U" ' '"""" 1 UU K U' '" ""
He wiii one of the leiidincj hjiiriln of the
J l'o1"1-1 t onvoiilioii nt ii later date, Mid
tn,,k the sumo ,'round in thedcLiitcs that he
,. , . . . . .
llld '" tl'"' ""'lent letter. 0 need in t
l.ause to tell the reader who I'litriek Hciil V
was. 1 ho letter was written to Kdwaid
1 IUsnVKll, Jan. 18th, 1773.
! -Aiir Sir: I tuke thi n..ei tunny tn iieknenl
e.fnu the reeeipt Atitlmiiy Jteni't. l henk ui;.iin l
the irude. 1 I hank nil f,.r it. ll i.i i.ct ,i l.t-
lle Mirproun; flint t'hriMi.iliity, whe eh.e!' ,-f cx
i eelleiie,' i-eni-N ill Kol'icnini; the Initnun lieuit, in
. l lluri.-hil.f,' und ill.u'nniii; 1 1 3 liner leelllli;-, fhellid
I , ll'..niui;e I, Ma. ll. f le t. . Lilly repllllullt In the I'll t
ill,ll.ei.slnli. nl'l ie.hl. und W Uil'iH '.' hill lld. tn ll.u ,
j Welllier iri, llnil ihls llhell.ll.ai.1.1 'laetli'l! hai U. ll'
! introduced into the li.l t-till tei.vd u;:. -,. Tii.ica
I that Seoul tn have p,'eli'i,-i. i is lo heiil ,.' hih iin
; iirnvem. nii, in ihe art. eieuev und hiyh nioiuliiy,
nave liieiiclil in e.-nural n-e, mid euaiUe.1 Lv Inanv
i laws u ii,teie ef ii.-uriiatini. and I vruunv whieliour
in.. ic riwu und LiariiMl'ous. hut lioiiu.it, uncealon de-
"It is 11, it umiirii..' that ut n limp vlieu tho i i-;li!s
po'esii;i; a ivhjjimi the nin-l huii.ulie, mil. I. meek,
line, uii.j erm inns, mini. Hi, j; a pi ine.1 le aa lepui;
nunj to hiiiu.iiiiiv a it i- ine ui-i-l. nt uil lit lie II. b
ui'd de-iruelive I i liberty. Kv. ry think. l.e; lioiie.t
in.,,. I'ujcfl il in spe. uiali. ii. but how lew ui pr.e
, t.ee t'lni.l ,'..li-eienli..un lunlut'v
: '-The world in (..eiieral has denied your pis.ple u
shale of iti houo. but the wise Kill ascribe o ymi
j u ju-t tribuie of virluous praise for tilt' practice of a
I train of virtues, iiuio.ijrst which jour ili-i,e.fecn,eiit
j to slavery will be principally ranked. 1 cannot but
! w I -1 1 well t,, a people wl.o-e system in.itatej the ex
1 ample of Hi, n who,... life whs perfect ; and, believe
' ...e, 1 : hall honor ihr ijuukun lor Ihoir nobln elt'eiis
! to nli,li-li slavery; lie s are tijually vulculutvd lo
' l.r.Jtliole moral uli.l onll.ieal ir.,.t
! '-Would anv one believe that I urn manor of
slaves of my nw n pur, base .' 1 am dra wn uloiij; by i Once lot it be understood that socially
ihe ..iier.d'i.ieouvcnieiice of living without theui. 1 , there is an exclusion and condemnation of
I will n.-t. j caii!i,' justify it; however culpable my ft, k)Wn til.onoj-blo and treasonable
conduct, 1 will so lar pay mv devoir to virtue, us to . . . , , ,
o lithe excellence und" re.ili,.le of her pre, enK ; cli:"''?' '" itter how miecosslu', and
! and lo lament my want of conformity to them. I society in AtueHca exercises a n,ljle juris
j believe a time will come when un oi'po.t.niily will diction over public lllon which it ll lift never
h ...'lord. , toiiboli,h this lanientuble evil; every- ; vet held, but which It 801'cly lieoda. J'l
j tinny wu can do is to improve il if it happens in cur 'J "tme.3
' day; if Hot, lei us transmit to onr de-ctiidiinis, to- ' ' '
I ueiuer vmiii our slaves, a piny inr t.ic.r uiuiappy
! Int. end to, iiblii.rrciu'c nf slavery. If wu eannet j
j reduce tins v id.nl i'.,r reforuiat i.'n to pi.ictiej, lei j
I us in-at the unhappy i.tuiu with leiiuy; ll is thu I
furthest a.ivaueu weetn make toward? justice; it is 1
j a debt wu owe to ihe purity of our religion, to show .
j that it is ut variance with that law wlncli warrant i
slavery. j
I ' Hern is an in-tum e that silent meoLtfes (the "io!l'
of reverend iloitoisi have done that whieh leaned '
and , !:.l o.a'.e reai Kilo; could lint ell.et: mi llillell j
f.ref, rable are il.e n' liuine dietuto of ecus, i mc '. and
: a steady uU. iti..ii to i;s I', elii.e,, ul.ov... Un, tea, h
in of til i-o in. ii K, pi , tend to have found a bet- :
ter eiii.. I cxlii.ri v.... to persevere in so worthy a
.ej.on.tlnu. Suae ol ,.i,r p, epic uisaree. or ut b-t
are li.h.'Wjini in tl.o b.'uit..ii ...' al,,,..y. M'i'.'
treat the re-oluiion of our mcctini; with ridieu u.
und iiuioiin liiose who throw contempt upon .1 are
eleiyyin, n. w hose surrM miard ..eain-t l oth ridicule !
und contempt is a certain Act of A-.embly. 1 ;....w 1
i not where 1. 1 stop: J could say many things on this
subje. t, a serious view of w Inch iv e- a i: mv pres.
peel to future tunes, liven ' this a. r.i v I, und l
lif ve il.e, with I'Hetm, ;
i "iviir oei .beat s' rvat.t,
1 1'at:.i i. lU.Niir, Jk.'
. . in, .st prominent and influential citizen t.t
Till1 3l01al rolice or SOClet'. j Alabama a Iluntsvillo r.b 1 whom Go;.
One occitrreiiee coiineotee with the luas-'i '- ordered t-oulh of our lines,
snore at, Fort Pillow, has aroused a more: ll bl'ullld Le 1;.1'"c 111 ll,ilt ,llis cir
than usiiailv deep fooling of indignation culiu' w"s lt'M't''1 ,J,,,,V lllu '"eetiiig of tho
through all the loyal Siatea. It is reh.t. d : "' J 1 SU1-J belore the ii.lrodue
thala l.'niied Suites ollieor, coming on a ling ! Crittenden resolutions-beloro
of truce boat to take away the wounded, the Peace Congress, i el now, alter nearly
alter the butchery, was so' far lorgciiiil of three years ol unparalleled war, you tind
his position mid honor, a to entertain in the
most cordial manner, these barbarians jut
; red with tne wood ol tl.eir horriolo lnur-
,.. .- , ,; . ,, ,. , ,
ilers. t e notice this reported tact here, not
to remind the govoriiLK lit of its duty as
we know that no one would be .juicker than
Gen. Grant or the Secretary of War to pun-
, ihl' M1,11 disgraceful connivance with crime
1 in nn armv olhcer but to call attention to
, , .. , .. - ....
n brotidcr fin 1. of which it js an indication,
Tim, is in OII1. h.l, especially in our
public men. a cerUiin want of a hle'rn moral
'judgment on disgraceful offences, and a lack
''' sensitiveness to pui.no i,or. n must
in a 'Cl io., ui u .ai, u.ere nie no Miitaoie
punishn icnls for such crimes. Tiny are
outside of the pale of the law and courts.
Vet the interests of society demand that uch
oflcnecsshoiild be especially punished. They
... .... : . .. .i .. . i
.i i.:..i. .i.. .i
us.unci oi inierlering ns littlo ns posbihle ; tion is now passing several of theui through
with individuals, and we have an overworn-1 n Rrcond nn.l third edition,
ing admiration for success, to thut our t.,!e- j The Conventions in several of the South
ratiou bus come to bo almost a vice. We ( crl, gmtes will soon bo elected. The XortK
hear with Miceessful roguery, or even treat prepare! to toot he and conciliate the South
it so respectfully that the young must some- hi disclaimers and oi tr'urcs. The svecess of
times almost doubt which is most courted ; f,, j.niu-y would be disastrous to the cause of
honor or dishonor. A democracy is said to . S'hcrn Union and Independence, and tt it
be less sensitive to personal honor than un ; nwj.fry fI) rr,f ml dewat it. TheA'Soci-
aristocracy, hut yel its public opinion, wiieii
once formed, is- tho most terrible avenger
and tyrant. No punishment (i.r traitors
and successful rogue could ever be invented,
so cruel as the opinion of a democratic so
ciety, if it was once properly trained. We
know, indeed, that now- there are honored
circles of American society, where doubtful
characters, and those who have won wealth J
and name by foul means, cannot enter. But j
the general and public sentence on such men
is by no means strict enough. Wo ore too
charitable or indid'ercut by half.
We ought not to cover up rascality by
fine names. However successful, or how
ever rich man is, if he has come up through
dishonor, it ehenld nrvar ba fvgnttpn by '
hoimrulilo mU, Them men who nre nt-
! "'L'.''"--' ''"ll"i", the llovon.n.oi.t nt
the North, and ivuso tin tl.oiiriioniiitaL'ii!iist
tllO law. Hl e i.l HO liir tniitorS. and OULd.t t
kiood in j.nrlor unj ut diniior.
' i'oiiiiiinioii Willi trens,
ilh treasoiiahle niun.
And yet Iiutulrcds of respectable noonloare'
cniistaiilly iirrlecliiirlhis, and iiivitiny; loyal
un. 1 honorable citiziiis to sit down will)
iIh.no whu have brohen f;.ith with their
country. It may be said that this strict
lies would become lep.tiy. M'cll, in eucll
a stru.rjfle as this between Loyalty aud '
Tleiison, We oiei tube bigoted.
A Iter nearly a iiiirtT of a million of live
luive been o (ler d an b'oody buttle ficldu and
in lio-piiak nit.rth c, yonis of tcinble war
and a xat dcstrucjuu ol pi , port y. it ought
ted to ho -uppo-cd il.at to the loin enters of
this uii1li.in (.triitrli-, and the nheltora of
such treason, whether nt the North or the
Si. uih, wo could ho tolerant. We may fur.
give the deluded f dlowcru. hut to tlio olli
corn and loiider of this rebellion, and thuir
nee. .nip, ices in tlu' flee States, there on 'lit
! bo auioliu' ihe ,'eiitleiiion of'tl.r, VoimI, un
ll should l.o understood in our
clubs and saloons, in m ivi.to houses nnd
public f elicities, whether among army olIW
cei's or private citizens, that it is not an
honorable thing to show hospitalities to, or
accept them ti-oii), a man who is ntnined
with treason towards his country. There
ought to be pride enough and honor enough
among our people, to show that we hold
li en -on. and all aiding and abetting of treas
on. Ill its deserved lol.tclnpt. This ollieor,
who dined the rebel butchers near Fort
Pillow, of course will receive tlio execra
tions of the whole nation. But this is not
the lirst, nor w ill it be the last, of such
toadyism. There is a plenty of it now in
this city, toward men who are known to be
1 treiisonal.de t
our government.
An Important Secret Circular.
llfNTBVii.bn, Ala., April ID, ISC 4-.
As the war progresses, e vidences accumu
late of an intention to bring about v. revolt
of the slave Si.atcs. under w l.atevir c r.un
stances might ari-e. No mailer what ilis
position the then incoming Administration
might exhil.it towards the iniurious mi
nority. X.j mutter what "disclaimers und
overtures'' might be made to soolh and con
ciliate il.e South, there is every evidence
I hut tho lea, lirs prepared in season to coun
teract its c licet and plungo tho country into
; 1 have to-day come in possession of a ao
iret (ireular, issued ut Charleston, five
months before the firing on Sunttor. The
document is genuine. It is signed by one
; of the wealthiest and ablest lawyers of South
j Carolina, and the copy which 1 en lose to
i the Tribune was addressed to one of. tho
i"ooin.cteni oilie r ami unwortliy citi.ei a
proposing these sainu "dischtiiuers and over
tures. "
The italiei in tho following copy of tho
circular nro mine:
lixEcvnvE Ciiamiieb." The ISflO AasociATiny," l
C!i..riu. ton, 1'Jtu iovoniU'r, loiiJ.
In September last, several gentlemen of
Chiirliflon. met to confer in relorelice to tho
position of the South in the event of the
aocc.-Moii of .Mr. Lincoln and the liepubli
can parly lo power. This informal meet
ing was the origin of tho organiz.vtion
known in this community us "The laM As
resisting Northern and Federal aggression
od. To inquire inio the deleiises of the
Slate and to c .Hot t an. I uri ango inti'nna
ti m which may aid thoLegisIa uro to estab
lish lil'ollllit. v. an efl.ctivi, ti.ililu.v otvnni.
1 -v --0-
atjon wparin j pamphlets with this special
0M',vf. Funds are necessary to enable it to
act promptly. ' The IMIO Association-' is
laboring for tho South, and asks your ail.
1 am, very rcspcottully.
Your obedient servant,
RontnT X. Gourpi,
Chairman of the Executive Committee.
A Pennsylvania editor thus exposes some
one: ' Somebody brought one b .ttleof soar
water into our office, with the leptett to
notice it as lemon beer. If Lau was f mlieh
enough to sell Lis birthright for a mesa of
pottage, it does not prove that we'll tell a
four shilling li for five cen's

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