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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 13, 1902, PART I, Image 6

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MA-. AJKX'l.LI.U'a
m;'?i-T:'r,i-..v.'i--zT.vri ass a. n wims.jl .'
Century's is fancy bordered
";. b far 5c
Century's 5c Hemstitched
Handker Ll.-fs, vthlte J.
cr t -ordered ..fcC
Century's JOc ! and rn
hrluery trimmed c
Handkerchiefs. . ....OS
Century's 1 til-silk jatln.
at?:.rt-J shade. IS, l.ictiM
wd. 3.(yo yards, until O
sold. Monday, per jd.-w
Ontury's all-l!lc afn
K!hbon. 24 and 3 In. lies
wW". C
K. yard "
$1.00 Triamtd Sals. $5r.
50t efciliKB'iSaUon.JSf.
Centura's 50c Ufa's and
Boys Straw ID.
Iat '5"
e-enrorVs J1.25 Men's ana
Bovs" Straw tilts
lUtt 'c
C-ntury'a tl.W and !? OS
Men's Straw CI fin
Craturv" IS
Trimmed Hat .
Century's ILio
Vntrtmmed Hats
Ontury's $1 Ready-
' s
Century's Mc to J1.0 now
ers. all you want.
JOc. 5c
per Duncn
Will Start To-Morrow at 8 A. Vl. With Vot-e AstouricJirig Values Than Ever.
r. . pfc. .. xv ... ,. jgTfr. jisats n sm H &$u B jP8" Jj
O Cents
SmSIIim ifffRoSBML
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'Mtsegfc'TwTBHiy Mmwr
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' -Hit
1 , "
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5 jLrr
I .f
( ich!
Here Is
three flavors. 3s
Century's 5c Lawns 1c
Century's 73 fancy :if
fcta and plain OK
India Silks Sb
Brick Ice Cream.
Centurj''s Zc Cocoa
CatHe Soap
Century's So Black
and 'White Linen Thread
Centutr's 5c Pearl
a Buttons
S Century's
Century s 23c Frnf a fou
lards plain in 1 9 1
faiiey designs . . 1 w
Century's 28c blick silk
finished Henrietta, Qj
40 Inches wide I3C
Centurv's 10c Lawn. Dim
ities. Batistes Rtn
beautiful designs .Lt7-t
Century's 25e Swiss Silks.
French Organdies lfl
nnd English Dimities iUG
Century's 20c hite In''ia
Linen, special fine Qin
quality . . O 3d
Century's 23c White I-JU
Linen, extra width (sei
and very line 151
Century" 3c Imported
Castile Soap
Century's 10c Spool
Silk. 100 yards
Century's Cc Hooka
and Eyes
Century's 10c Corset
Century's 15a Pearl
C-ntury's -lc Hairpins.
3 boxes
Cfntur-'s 53c Oil
Window Shades, ail fCo
complete Jb
Century's tl Lice Curtains
Century '-. V-c tilarhed
Lcnsla-e Mu'Un
ft vnilB
Certur' lPr Dress
Cenrur s V:c
Lnndale aiiortr
ti.enii.rj -
Centurv's l.V bleach- 7l
cdSheetin?s.6-t wide 3 '2 (J
Itccm Rues.
best 10-v.ire
Cem-ir". UV shin
Ins CimbH
Centun s 10c Drers
Century's 10c Bath
Century's GSc
Crash Towelinc -
Century's OV- Bed
Sheets, lull size ..
Century's K)c Table
Linen .. . . .
sS Century's
gpsr.r.r.'r fac
Centurj''sSc Laces
and Embroideries....
Century's 33e Laces
and Ercbroideries
Centuty's JOc AU
Over Laces
HH.-sHr.mjJ.L'-VJ l tUJHKrUXS
50cSuspondcrs I5o.
Century's Me Furjnaers. the
Ore and poll brae o- (
Ucht-welsLt lisle weos. lu"
Ontury's 23r alls crnbrcldered
50c Neckwear I2&c
I Fancy Silk
Bows, covered
SPc and tl ftl
nair nose, xancy i'lLCp
nsrcrnn eer
shades cr black
! offered . . .
;.,u M'-svviwiafrUgS
Mercantile Trust Company An
nounces That Negotiations
Are in Progress.
Picture of Proposed Hotel Adorns
the Office of Vice PresP
dent L. E. Anderson
s . Other Deals.
The building of a chain of hotels by a
syndicate represented by the Mercanttls
Trust Company Is next on the list of bis
deals in Tealty to follow the Rook Island's
JUW.000 purchase in the North End, and tho
probable condemnation by the nerr St,
- Louis Terminal Depot Company of twenty
blocks between Washington avenue and
Spruce street. Main street and the Levee,
"Negotiations are still on." said Lorenzo
E. Anderson, vice president of the Mercan
tile Trust Company, yesterday, "but I am
not yet ready to give the details. Plana
have been-drawn for a hotel to cost J1.0,
000. Any announcement of Its srobable lo
cation now would be premature."
On the wall of his. office Mr. Anderson
has had a drawing of the proposed hotel
placed- It is an eight-story building, of a
plan similar to that of the Planters Hotel.
Instead of having two sections, with courts
between, the plan calls for three sections,
with intervening courts. The drawing s ex
ceedingly handsome.
It was reported" "that the ,O00WJ hotel
was destined to occupy a corner on Twelfth
street near Olive. When asked about ibis.
IK Anderson said:
"I don't think the building would fit
Twelfth street, according to our calcula
tions. Possibly it will go somewhere else,
but .as I said before It Is now too early to
discuss the plans."
That the new hotel will be located down
town was admitted by Mr. Anderson, who
In response to a question, said:
"We have a. big deal on In this neighbor
hood, but an outsider would have a hard
time guessing the corner." By way of
illi'stration he waved his hand in a circle
that described corners south, of Locust
street and between Sixth and Twelfth
Tho report Is current that the syndicate
of capitalists fcr which -the Mercantile
Trust Company is acting, realizes the
urgent demand for new hotels In St. Louis,
and win certninlv conrtruct one In the
heart of the business district and place
others In the West End.
Yertcrday the first deeds were filed In
the transfer of North Side blocks to th?
Rock Island. Eight of the blocks to lw
UEed for railroad yards were granted by
John J. O'Fallon to the St. Louis. Rock
Island Terminal Railway Company, fcr
nS5.G02.SS. They are bounded on the north
by Athlone street, on the south by Rtd
Bud avenue, on the west by Bulwer street
and on the east by Third street.
The plans of the new Terminal Company
to condemn the lots on Main and Commer
cial streets and tho levee, between Wash
ington avenue and Spruce street, ore of ab
sorbing Interest to -real estate agents.
Without exception the dealers favor the
bill before the Council, believing that the
consummation ot the plans will bring into
demand river front property that has been
Idle for years.
The new right-of-way secured by the St.
Lnuls Bolt and Tetminal Railway Com
pany through Greenwood has had an appre
ciable effect upon the property In that sub
urban subdivision. The sale of' lots lust
week was exceptionally heavy, especially
.lufslde pf the city limits. A water and im
provement company has been organized for
the purpose r supplying the county resi
dents wlln city water.
In pursuance of a plan to enlarge and
Tlieae Facta Mnst Convince ETery St.
Louis Render.
That which follows Is the experience of
a resident of St. Louis". Incredulity can
not exist about the statement because it
can easily be investigated.
Mr. Michael Elnsw;er. of 18K N. Ninth
street (Second WartN wagonroakar. says:
"For a year my backgehed so that I could
scarcely rise after sltung and when stand
ing It wst with the greatest difficulty I
cou'.d occipy a chair. Many and many a
time when I went to straighten I bad to
press my nanos against tue small of my
back for the slight assistance that It af
forded. When the Attacks were -greatly ag
gravated my kidneys were so sore to the
touch that they actually throbbed. After
going to "Wolff-WIlson'.V corner 6th and
Washington avenue, and taking a course
of the treatment I have not noticed any
sign of a weak or aching back and I have
been engaged in some rather heavy work
clnce I rtopped the use of the pills."
TVir cale hv all dealers. Price SO cents a.
"335SE box. Foster-unburn Co.. Buffalo, N. T..
sole agents for the United States.
Seoember th name Doas's and take
ns sveeuuiu.
Only a Partial Lis! of the Host Marvelous Bargains Ever
Ladies' & Children's
Century's Children's
Ic Ve'ts
Century's Ladles'
5c Vests
10c Pearl
Ctntury's Indies' and MIss-s"
Ijc Tapeil Vests, cream C
ind white UC
Century's Indies' roc lice-
Trlmmed Vests.
white, black, pink and TJ n
blue I2w
Century's S-c Lislo 1 0 1
csts. lace yoke... . L2
Ccntur-'s ac Children'-" Knit
ted l.'nderwalsts. heavy fln
taped, all sizes IUU
Ladies' & Children's
Century's 10c Children's
Infants full seamless
black Hose
Century's 13c I-adles"
less fast black Hose..
Century's 13c Misses'
seamlfss black Hose.
sizes 3 to Sii
Century's l?c lis'e
M'sfes' double-knee
Hose, sizes up
to S1-
1nn .TT
s a an-noo:
Rues. S0x$0 A I AC
f4- Olt-vu
s "2.7 5) Bruf?e
ur-iuury s uc iiuies i
silk eml-roldcred Hose,
Ssrl ft. : Smith's El -nt'ron.
0 1 0 C S . l"nk- or
Century's Sc and 33c
stitch tancy striped
Hose, all colors
15c Lsces, 5c
Infants' Sox, IOc.
Century's 3c Infants' and
Children's lace Sox. lisle
. IOcH
. 19c
I a thread, full seamless,
white red. pink and
blue, all sizes
1 sy.iwt:e,s..s.tvKr.
Etrlns Ties and Shield
S Men's Ilandkereblefsreal
.T fttj-ai-IAst TA-H .twmr'm,
Hitched. Century's
Zc kind
shield, made of
silks, the icreatest i
Centurv's S)c lienrtllchM
handkerchiefs .1
waurira ,
improve the playgrounds surrounding pub-Ik-
schools the Board of Education again
entered the realty market last week, pur
chasing the lot, 33x110 feet, at No. 333
Benton street.
Washington University bought the lot nt
tho southeast corner of Sixth and Sprme
streets, for an investment. Storm & FariEh.
the agents, also negotiated a llfteen-year
lease of the property adjoining, and pro
pose to put up a modern factory bulluing
for a candy manufacturer.
A new hotel, to cost about JJ0.C00. will be
erected at the northwest corner of Market
and Nineteenth streets by John P. Herr
mann. Jr. It will be four stories, on a lot
ux73 feet.
The Royal Investment Company Is plan
ning to build twenty flats at the southwest
corner of Easton and Clara avenues. The
lot was bought from Mrs. C A. Thurman
for 11,000. and the buildings will cost about
Mercantile Trust Company.
The Mercantile Trust Company's Real Es
tate department has been extraordinarily
ibusy during the past week, attending to the
details of closing up the purchases made by
that company lor account of the St. I-o'.ils,
Rock Island and Terminal Railroad Com
jaio, ucuuia ui. wjucu neiciuu) uiiijuiiiiirti
in last Sunday's Republic Two deeds
were filed tor record last veek.
one being the transfer of the properly pur
chased from Caroline Pope; consideration
120.000. and one from the Connecticut Mu
tual Life Insurance Company; consideration
In addition to the above sales, the com
pany reports the sale of house No. HIS
Stewart place, from John Gibbons to So
phia Bllckhahn. for S.7W. Purchaser will
occupy same as a home.
Also houso No. 5349 Theodosla avenue,
from Charles P. Stlckel to Hcnora Clooman.
for the sum of ti.VX).
Also lot 15. in block 4436. having a front
age of 65 feet on the south line of Kossuth
avenue, from Honora Cloonan to a client,
for 11,230.
The Mercantile Trust Company has madi
numerous loans during the last week. mJ
their rent department has been kept buy
owing to the lact that the demand for prop
erty has Increased the last two or three
weeks. -
The announcement of the sale by the
Mercantile Trust Company to the St Louis
Belt and Terminal Railway of a right-of-way
across the western end of Greenwood
has. added to the already great ac'lvlty In
this beautiful addition. Sales hive been
very active. A large number have alreaJy
been closed and many more are pending.
Still another feature of great Importance
to the section, and one which will very ma
terially advance values. Is the formation nf
a Water and Improvement Company, the
main object of which is to supply city wa
ter to all of that portion of Greenwood
lying outside of the city llnilis. .A. . Sy
rett, subdivision manager, in speaking of
the matter, said:
"The fact that the most desirable lots
In Greenwood lay outside the city limits,
where until the present time it was im
possible to get citv water, has. to som-?
extent, affected sales. This is evidenced
by the fact that nearly every lot within
the city limits has been sold, while quite a
large number of handsome location? are
left in the county. The formation of the
Malvern Water and Improvement Company
not alone makes theso equally desirable
with lots within tho limits, but, on ac
count of the low taxation in the county,
more desirable In every way. The primary
object of the corporation Is to give city
water to all county lots In Greenwood. It
Is a distinctly co-operative company;
formed for the general benefit of all the
property-owners in the subdivision. While
it is confidently expected that the compiny
Itself will be a morey-maklng proposition,
the main object Is the great advancement
in values generally. Work has already been
commenced and will be pushed to comple
tion as rapidly as possible."
The list of sales closed last week follows:
Edward D. Owen. 120 feet on Kensington
nvenue, J325; John Wildberger. 72 feet on
Drury lane. Cf3; Louis Magen. 0 feet en
Canterbury avenue. E!00; Max Herzog. 1M
feet on Drury lane. $210: Albert J. MnVlln.
G feet on Oxford avenue. J363; Emma I.
curinDacK, vi teei on Cambridge avenue.
Cii; John Tate. CO feet Unter den Linden.
S1T0: Henri- Gelger. GO feet on Unter den
Linden. J1.0; John Wildberger. 1 feet on
Greenwood boulevard. JST0; Michael Mc
Kenna. CO feet on Brampton square, sue;
A. N. Wolfe. CO feet on Oxford avenue. 3-3-Francls
Thompson. CO feet on Commercial
avenue. J335: Herman Frank Eulttz. 198 feet
on Canterbury avenue. $739; Mr. Wolf 17
feet on Greenwood boulevard, I1.4S0; Oscar
F. Herzog, 67 feet on Commonwealth ave
nue, S490.
Charles V. VorcI.
Charles F. Vogel reports the following
sales: r
Ncs. 1912 and 1314 Wright street, double
two-story brick dwelling, arranged as four
flats of threo rooms each; large attic; lot
2SxH4 fett. for $3,750. from Herman Masch
meler to J. Hecry Schulte. who purchas-d
for Investment.
No: 3306 South Jefferson avenue, between
Utah and Cherokee streets, two-story brick
dwelling, containing eight rooms, bath
room, attic, basement and cellar, lot 25s:
123 feet, for J3.G0O. from Mr.. Marie Vogel
to Edward and Louise Goehrung. who pur
chased for investment.
No. 31 Fox place. Just west of Virginia
avenue, two and one-half story brick dwell
ing, containing two flats of three rooms
and fire rooms and bath each, lot 30x131
feet, for $2,400. from Robert J. Krache to
John G. Winterer, who purchased for In
vestment. I No. 2S23 Hickory street, between Jefferson
and Ohio avenues, two-story brick house,
containing six rooms, arranged for two
families, lot 16r,xl20 feet, for $1,750. from
Annie and James O'Toole to William Duer-
oeCK, Wiiu piuirireseu lur jiivcaiuiciiL.
Storm & Farlah.
Btorra & Farlsh report sales as follows:
Southwest corner of Sixth and Soru-e
j streets. CO feet on Sixth street by 4??-feet
on epruce yircri; wim ior cuni r. xju n
liur and Esther Jacobs, the tatter being ren
reiented by Adolph Jaebs. to the Wash
ington University, for $29,000 cash.
In connection with the zale they made a
Low Shces 49c
SffliMtlr DfllB T1"5
and kid
-...- niiisvi
I Ladies' SI. 50 High
Century's Jl.0 Bojs Shoes, j i.nn,l.nm ,, ,., ..r.. :..;
nil snll.l Icntht-r CI On J
Union stamp
"- I llll - .
.tfi'UJ d one
Centurj'"s T3c I jid'es"
(ZHl1VA. Alii. BSI. Vfc
5Rf a than
-'llTi p, Vllj 1UUUL . ..... .V W W J
LVniury s s3.po Ladies'nj on 3 grade
oiiuc?. iii;r vici it u ..vii uu i
f....... .... rA xv ..
1 nn n
Shjes. fine casco calf
M Century's S3 OJ Men's QC
nocs, niKli and low cut l.-JiJ
Century's JtJVJ ladles' ;-srap
SUppe.s. patent leath- tQn
-r and kid . JOG
Centun "s J1S iJdi COn
Lon Shoes tine kid 03b
lU.V:KsjrM.f'.r - - v:,'.'
SlselRoI UabreQas,
Mf n s and Indies"
r.Tiual Congo
wo d handle, best
Er.sllsti Gloria.
SMon: ..25c
ladles' and Gents'
paragon frame,
tlght-rolllnc. mrr
ccrlzt d sl'k I'm
brellas: fine silver,
ptarl or fancy
mounted han-lle.
Inc'udlPR case
- e u ci
black, N
and tajsel. Cen
tur-s ITW
25c Shield Bows 5c
ranct silk fh!e:d C
Iijas nmrys J5. kln.l .. Ju
25c Suspenders IOc
shoes, patent ith ngg j $2,89 for $5 and S6 Pants
Underwear, I2'.c
1) ea
2CB tury's Sr kind . . . IUj
Kir.c t-er
ferment .
'iCTw' 't M!KSn
flf teen-year lease on a s-low eombanl ,i
factory building, contract for w'.ii.: was
lei a few days ago. The liuiiJmg. when
completed, will T occupied by one of tr-e
large wholesale candy manufacturing co.n
panles of this city.
Also residence No. 4W Washington ae
nue, lot 3UXZ43 f.vt; from Selwyn C E 's.ir
to Doctor Louis E. Newm-in for SI '.Tw.
Also hiiuse No. 3931 Westminster p .!
from W. I". Hunt to J. L. H-ipk.ns. for
Also No. 13SS Gramllle place; from E. C.
Rotmson to W. M. Robinson for $30 0.
Also No. 3237 Washington avenue; from
James J. Turner, formerly connected with
the Vandalia Railroad Company, to H. II.
Evans, for T1C.W!0. Mr. KvHn Is leco-athig
and Improving th-; residence with a view
of making It his home.
Henry IMeincni. Jr.
' Henry Hlecenz, Jr.. reports the followins
A tract on the west ri!e of Florissant
avenue, between Palm and Malliiiekrodt
streets, in block No. 1711. 3 feet a l.vties
by 1W feet, from the estate of Helena
Schwaner. client of J. H. Gundlach; M to
Jcrcml-ih D. Healy for 4.0.
Lot on north side of Milton avenue. wt
of Nebraska avenue. In Compton Heights
subdivision. Cit by 131 fet t. owned by th
Compton Heights Improvement Company;
sold to Mrs. Marie Stocke for $3.13. nho
will Imnrnvi
No. 3330 De!mi.r avenue, a thre-stnrv
iwcjvp-room re?iuencc. wiui su m "if n. i-
provements. lot 40 by 141 feet, owned by Mrs.
A. B. Bushnell of Boston. Mas : S"ld for
Ji.tt-l to Theodore R. Baluru, who now oc
cupies It. ....
- PJ''.,Pem?n S.-,,r ,..ar . V'J
room dwelling, lot 33 by 110 feet, owned !
Araalla Knlckmeyer: sold for J4 to tl e
tit. jiuis LMdm ot fcuucaimn.
. i 7. 77.. from George p. Premicrgast to William i.
. ,.. .. ,s'cUoH-Illttrr. H.-me. for Pi. Mr. Boone is having plans
The Nlcholls-lUtter Realty and UnancUl i an, .,ecficntions prepared for one two
Company report a very satisfactory inquiry Mljrv t,. fo i, ,.rFCIe.j en th c.t 33
for residence property last wek fet of the lot. jni one flte-r.m cettaB
iney 4iiu me nurunii?i corner 01 .--
Ington and I'nlon lioulevards. let 5oxll7 fe't.
for th account of L"wls . Knglilu Til's
lot was sold to n client for J115 a front
foot, i.r 3.7f0 rash. The property sola la
located west of the home of Mr. English
and was sold to the purchaser for Imme
diate Imprrcvcment. A hair'some modern
elcven-icom residence I to b" erected on
this corner bv the piirchafcr. which will
be in keeping with the beautiful homes
on th: street.
They also closed the sale of th? eht
roorn. modem, two-story brick rerfdm-e
known a No 433S Cook avenue nrd sltu-l-ed
on a lot 33x13) feet, the proiwiiy of J.
C. Ncwbern : sold to John J. Horan for
I7.Cs.. Tl.e seller was represented by Albert
11. Blanke Mr. Horan purchased thli prop
erty wi:h n view of making the house h's
future home.
They al'o sold house No. 3'u Kennerly
nvenue. lieing a modern, fwo-slory. de
tached, six-room brick, with reception hall,
bath And cemented cellar: lot 33Thk) feet.
All Improvements are made, such as streets,
granitoid curb, gutter and sidewalk. This
hout'e was. sold for the account of A. M.
Craig to BJward Volz for Ji4t.
The Nicholls-Ritter ReaUy and Financial
Company have sold some six or c!ht of
these houses recently.
Hnsli II. Slennrt.
Hugh H. Mewart reports the fo.'.oning
Nos. 123 and 1335 Aubert avenue, double
rock-front building, containing four Hats
of four and five rooms eich. all modem
Improvements, lot 45xlGP. rentlrg for $l.trr)
a year, from Jefferson Realty. Financial
nnd Building Company to Leopold Irre
heim. for .G3i. -Ir. Berreshelm lmught
for an Investment.
Also nt Prospect Hill a slt-reoro frame
dwelling, with lot COxl.T). for $93". from a
client to Otto Stelngrabe.
John S. Carter.
John S. Carter sold SO fet on the north
side of Hortense place at S12T. a foot, from
Duncan Joy to John N. Drummond. Jr.
Mr Joy purchaseil this prorerty throurh
John S. Carter less than two years ago
and makes a handsome profit on the trans
action. 31. II. O'nctlly Company.
The II. B- O'Reilly Realtv and Investment
Company report the role of No. 14. Arling
ton avenue for S4.O00: from John and Mary
Madigan to Roman Zydcl.
Also No. 5511 Maple avenue, for H.-: from
J. M. O'Reilly to It. R. Lumann.
No. 2703 Chippewa street, for $L.i: from'
A. Foerstel to C. Rlttmar.n.
Also 50 feet ot ground on the. northeast
corner of Cnlon boulevard and Terr ave
nue; from 31. Flynn to D. 1.. Dyas. for
1300. In the above sales the purchasers
were represented by the Dyas Real Lstate
Corrnanv. ....
Also No. 4I5S Oprcola street, for ?!..'.
from Charles H. Meyer to Pat Bens and
w Ife. . . .--wi.
No. 41tt Natural bridge road, for Jo,
from Patrick Rellly to William Connolly.
Alple ct Hemmelmnnn It. E. Co.
Alple &. Hemmelmann Real Enatc Com
panv report the following soles: .....
Ncs. 2315 and 317 Olive stre-ct. lot -8x131.
Improved with a three-story stone-front
building, store, nnd an eight-room dwelling,
bringing a total rental or $1,561 a year:
owned bv Flcra Slupsky and sold to a cli
ent for $20 000. The value of Olive street
property west cf Jefferson avenue Is appre
ciating and this Is the second parcel sold by
Alple & Hemmelmann Heal Estate Com
pany between LeKlngweil and Garrison ave-
No. 141S Papln street, a well-built three
story brick house of fourteen rooms. lot
13'5"xlS3. for $3,000; owned by the Argyle
Real Estate and Investment Company ami
.cld to S. B. Webster, who was represented
by Farrlncton & Co.
No. S3 Kenturky avenue, a new one-story
four-room brick dwelling, lot 2TC"xl23;
owned by Jacob Kohn and sold to Otto Mil
ler for $3300.
Lot 25x130 feet en the north side of Gas
conade streot. apt of Broadway, for $323;
owned bv Charles; A. Kraft and sold to Hen
ry and Mar" Auer.
Xo. 3S1 Ki ." .ttTset a one and one
half story iTsis esrix dwelllaj:. water.
Offered - We Desire the Public to Judge for Tnemselves
;i.0 FOB 34 FA..T
lot COnS"l of strictly all-wool
cahsinieres, cheviots and
- .&.., j-i.v .ii..(
in tin- lot worth less tB 5JK
- . m sk. sssssi
1.00: to-morrow VBW
,ot nwts of men' highest
pants, new aim spccxi ucsigas;
strictly all-wool worstctls, cheviots
anil flannels, hand-tailored and mod
els of jurfcction in every respect; not
one in the lot worth less than $5.03
and many worth $6.C0,
- - iLJ'Vj.iw7!riwsL.l - J raxrezsmwmns-
mmm? mrmmzwwjmmmmf&mm
i s&JmS M JESS J. yM
l-iAfZacCC.&ncMCJ.il'U' ll n ' H M I I m r m .T' inn M i77 Ti i ) n if
rIon's Half Hose,
Mens Half I. e ru
fat b'a--.. tun arl
X laral Itsll-riecan
r iratcer. ten'-ri: s Z
tury s lis?
"j -jh
sewer, stable, lot 4"US. owne.1 l.y Wi-
Buah and s id to Krjnk Xulser for ?t ."
John I. Herrmann, Jr.. It. K. Co.
The nonhneM cti'nrr i'f Markei ,i-.1
Ninetf-enth stris. with improvemrn'-. was
leased tij Theouora II. I' Wall .c. f
Washington, u. C-, who was u'iir.nt il
l Cornet & Zelllg, to the John P. 11 .r
m:.nn. Jr.. 1!I rotate Compan-.. tor m c-ty-nlne
year., at Ctf" a year, unde- c -tract
to ereft a four-tory lintel bull ini?
This will cover Kix73 lot. and will In- .f
tlrc-proof construe; ion. modem In all -e-spects.
with Ttnkish bathroom in Iki'c
ment. and will co-t SSO.O'" The houl n ta
be completed In :-!x months. O. J. Wtlfc. ir.il
is the architect.
Lincoln Trust t.'ompati .
The Lincoln Trust Conipan reports the
following salts last wtek:
Nos. 2&H-34A-3S-3CA Krunklln avenue, a
double, two-stcry and attic, four and ftAe
roJm flat building, with lot U1l2l fett:
from Orman J McCanler to Theo-lt.c
Zach. Purchaser bought for un inte-t-ment-
.'. 4414 Penrose street, lot rlS fct.
with five-room fi.im-.- residence; from J S.
lesrln of "oki-ad. Sprlnss. Col"., to Mr.
Augusta Raupt. for tr. Mrs. Raupt
bought for an inveHment.
No. B2ZI Subur:aii aenue, lot 37 f"et 3
Inches by 117 feet, two-storv brick arranged
in two modtrn Hats of four room- anil li.it :i
I Ktl fjr ji,,. a,j nv
rooms an rath on
i seceml flir
I McCutcheti
frt-in a client lo Mr-. Allu- K.
McCutcheti for XLS09 Mrs. McCutchen
bought for an lnintment.
.o. 37-41 Garneld avenue. lot zxivt reet.
I rix-toom house with all Improvements: from
r"t " ItH Archibald, who Iwuglit
1 for a h0me Price S1.MA
, , t :oxVig, trtt ,ne' nnrth ,UIe of Maf -
i ntt avenue, east of Goo.lfell.m aenue.
on n. w.st fet. wlucn he will oexupy
. ny a horn,
, I,,, jkjC feet on the south s4u of K"-
nerly avenue. we of Clara avenue, from
George P. Pre ndergast to An Irew BCgen
brod for $333. 11 r. Eigenbrod liought as n
Jw3t 33.X14C feet on the north skle of Mar
tin avenue, bet wen Clara and Goenlfellow
avenues, "from George P. Prendergat to
George Smith, for J375. Mr. Smith wilt
erect a s!r-rwim fr.ime btilldl
Ixit jOxIVi feet on the north
arenue. east eif Margaret avenue, frcm
Kent Jarvis. trustee, to Mary Dautel. for
A great number of other negotiations! are
pending for West Em! rcsidene-en am home
The Lincoln Trust Comrsinv lias lust
I erected a nat little office at Windermere
erccieo a nai mile oinco at uin.lermere
n.itnKn. ,.r ,.-. . .,i. -i . r .V
:""": " -"" . "-- v.....Br ui ,..,-
prcpertv. The Inquiry lnre erecting thl"
oKleo has ben very larse. ami It Is ex
pected that-bv fall this property will ?e of?
of the market.
Hnnnnner Itenl tlstnte Company.
The Hannauer Real Instate Company re
ports tho follow Irg s'les:
No. 3714 Iowa aienue. a two-story brick,
containing eight renins, lot 25x130 f -of ; fr.vrn
William WlldhaKen to Ollvea Hueiiner. inir
chase price. fi71X
No 471 I'ennsIranln a'jaue. hnus con
taining four rooms and bsth. kit xl23 feet,
for J2.IV); from William H. Jiueller to Ro
liert and Clara Kolb, who bought for a
Also. No. 32S-23 South Seventh itreet. a
double tr.o-storv brick hous. contaln'nc
fourten rooms, and renting for $4ii a var;
lot 33x115; from lly. 3ioelIr to Trank
Nout. Jr. Price. JlJfrt
Also. No. 3017 Chippewa Mre"t. a two
story. s:-rcom brick, lot 33t117: transferrel
from Henrv and Rosalie Holtkamp to Will
iam F. and K'rtha 3Iyer. Price. tiOx
llnjal Investment Company.
The Royal Investment Company reports
the sale of a lot situated on the south w.-st
corner of Easton and Clara avenues, having
a front of a feet on Easton avenue bv 130
feet on Clara avenue, for $lli, from Mrs.
R. A. Thurman to the Royal Investment
Company, who will Immediately Improve the
propert wl:h twenty flats. Mrs. Thurman
was repres-nted by D. Helle.
II. II. Stollmun.
B. H. Stoltman sold: 1
No. 417 Forest Park boulevard, twelve-'
room slate-roof residence, with reception
hall, finished throughout In hardwood, with
all modem convenlnce. lot 35 by 177 fe-i.
from Kred W. Nolker and wife to John II.
Wollbrlnck of the St. Louis l)resre! lvet
and Proision Company. 31r. WoIIbrlnc'-c
Irtirrhased for a home
Iit on the north ride of Odell avenue,
west of Mackllnd aenue. 3S by 1 feet,
from II. II. Stoltman In William Blerstndt
and wife, who lll Improve with a horn-.
Alo ten acres on the west, side of Mc
Knlght road, south of Ladue road, ellrectlv
wret of CIaton. from Bruno Olderworth to
Henry Bonn. Mr. Bohn Intends to build a
country home. Consideration. $1,550.
No. M9 Donovan avenue, one-story thrr--room
frame house, with lot 22x123 ft, from
Thomes Hickey and wife to Cora It. 3Ief
fert for STCO.
.... -V,.""' a ?!?. .. ..
""" J. jjiiii.st 5ri .. - "v -
nt'e. two-story brick dwelling containing j
nine rooms, reception hall, bath and all I
n.n.1..., wn(..n(.nA. nlth tnt S&tISI fsl I
from John C. Newberry to John J. Horan. 1
. r nnr f ili..n twsjssvrir fnr ft hntnj t
1UI ,V... 11. JIUlslll asj4S,M v wxsi.a
Also No. 3622 Hartford street, a two-storv
brick building containing two flats of four
and five rooms each, and baths, with lot 21
by US feet, to Joseph Sanchez, for !.i!.
Jlr. Sanchez ooucal for an investment-
Jnsrph 5. Rotlivrell.
Joseph S. Rotbwell reports the sale of
No. 4327 Morgan street, ten-room modern
brick residence: from Anna IC Marks to
Martha Payne, for &.W0 cash. Purchased
for a home.
Also No. 1310 Blddle street, three-story
brick fnement property, t C C Cohn. as
am iNv,ai.nt p-i,h S3S00 cash.
Alaovacant lot on east aide ot Sprlnr
Century's Hen's
and Boys' Clothing
'.tury's Tie Coys' qn.
Ccr.tun's Boys' J1.30
Century's Hoys'
.n .ti-
Centt-rv's Bos'
Sul-s . .
Vnturj s Boys"
J3 Suits . ..
Century's Jl
Duck and I
Skirts .. .
Centurj x Mer's J!.:.) COn
JJlue Serge Coats OUC!
Century's Men-s Jl 30
( c rturys
trimmed .
j Century's Men'TScj
I'.UC 1 fill It. JIa
s e.ou
t -I
r o
y's lien's
C'hev of
1 75c
i er.tury's Men's
FREC Forest Fark
ttl-htmd and Writ I
Cnd llelchts Tkkefs
I Frre fa Customers
v. : jLWi.mLt.u .,
Men's Undorwoar.
Cer.tnri - !,k-3n.sl)d Hal
I rctan ar. i I-!e t nknr-ar.
r :..! pIti and fsr-r tC-
r - J. c
j arate
f" -tirtx
r. &.&&
bj " -' !.;;
I avnue between
McDonald nnd Falrvlew
avenues, to A. t Kei-i'lcj. i-t vv. u "uni
as an Investment, frcm Philip H L-nz
I No. 3173 Kcnlngton aveni'r. lot 33.4x141.
nlne-rojtn. modern residence, to Max C
, Rulti Purrhased f r a hi tr.e for I3.7W
; rash. The Haytlel Reallv roiciiany repre-
jteni'il the own'r.
I.ure it Sons.
Love & Sons sold last we k:
Iit on Plover avenue. uth side, vest
nf r""lor:sani avenue, JSxltS fet; f.oro Jfhn
K. liOe to Gecrge 1-ortel at is a ironc
loot; rexigbt for Improvement.
. ,.. . ...I.. . ....... V.. ,-.. .n.a aAm:A
S !' ;" :f'gK6Sgqh I JK 9 IkI gS L gll Marfe nf B
! $ LfeifisailtsBagl E a S SJ I W 1 H m T p fl
aaL- i4kw&'zmsgmwMg$8a
-iv 'Smf -tJ"
fei TPUN
t "-- -Ml 'stef-Taeyn, j, , fmtr,t',t!.wrmrmmtmM.mnmtwrwfmmm,
ng f Jr a home ! evsiistlrB of eight rooms. tnck brick. :ur
h side of elark imiv. ef.e.. on bit XiV3H feet, f.ir ,: oa-h;
avenue, frcm i from A. Carroll to a c!lnt o John Cav-
jtw. ,ini i,nr .,. jl w,,,. ..u..
anaugh; Ix.ugla for sp-ultlon.
Itrul Hstntc .ol.
Jeveph d. Rothwell has removed from
No. 74 Chestnut street to No. 7 chestnut
;treet. where liis business xltoweu uti in
;.1"V' u.:, Lw
I C H. .Mc.Mtlllii. ?cre:ary
nf the Mer-
.... .,-, .,,.,.. , ,. . n to
. I lsr- a a usi v.vii.i"'iv "- -- -- --- ---
we-Ks.' vreailon. visiting North-rn summer
-e.-yie Masek of Keeley & Co. left last
week to vieit the reicts on the Great
Iji. He will Ixj absent until the Lut of
the nninlh.
Itrnl Estate
r.nmnu'AY-S f i . e
bet. Kslr un-1
Atl.laMe; Jn J-aiMocic io neneiie .-vei-b.tl
. d
IIKI.T J3 ft., t. s.. let. I'.Wte srl ltlT
s; John Propbll to Susannah Thomas
. l 1
Bi:NTiN-S6 ft., s. s.. bl. Thlttenth and
Futtmealh Msrle Mfler lo c K. Sail- .
rn w .1 -,W
I K VJJHKTt? $1 t . n . bet. Klv-nth
ard rnelfta: lrrls Psg to Maml
HieleU!d w. d .
CIltSrxMT f . c r. bet. Lelflni
well and twins. William llomtett to
IXltld IIartilitfr-nr. it 3.3
CITV HlvOCK 3KI-BoomiM north by
Athlone south by Ited Hud. east by
Third, west by llulwer and ther prop-
ny. John f ) r'ulVon to St. lmi IUn:k
IMsixl Terrr.lnsl ltallsrny tlempany tr.
.! tS.603
CiL,CJItIIA 50 f I . n. s. bt Olfttm
and . I.ulu unen to William WiH-
yon w. d 3.2C0
CXJIITtX-J3 fl.. e. s.. trt I'tah and
Cherokee. Herman Metrehfce to August
Uninsisld vt. d - ...
TOOK K ft., r. s.. r t. Taylor anO Mar
cos; John Nwbrry to John Horan w.
H 7.M0
Cfrrn llHHXIANTfV- ft., n .. bet.
Tara ind 5Mjf!ow: IlrMget ioth
)tn lo Charles lllllr-w. d l.
KVANS- tl.. s. .. bt. AVWItler aod
Pendleton: James Staasberry to rius
Pjuk-w. .1 i.'J
llAKTKI)RI- f:.. s. s bet Pp-ln and
Ousilne. Walter ISnwn to Lni's Kohlky
w. .1 3.320
Kl.VO'S IlinntVT-s; ft., e. r.. tet
P.ninlaln an.1 Ilmsr; James Hatpin
Manufacturing Comnr to John K"ch
oic .1 M
LseT KDE- ft., n. s . bet. Onnpton and
nackns r. d I
JXKt ft., s. s.. tt. Hull and Oay;
Ila Davtin to Kate roertBer w d .. l.OI
l.WTeN- ft., n. s.. het. erdlnal and
ecrnpten: IJIIIan Houli to Tbnrnas
Sirelk w d 5.00
JIAKVI.M-1I ft. n. t . bt. 3Vh'.ltlT
and Itcyle: the nsroett Itesl Rta:e
e'empsnv tn etaode Vrooriar w. I ... IS
MAII""N 41 ft s. s.. bt. BtTenth and
Twelfth: Illumer Real KnUIe Company
to rtmrle, .Mueller w. d - .fla
MICHIOAN 3G tl.. w. .. bet. Tes?w! an.1
I'oepiln:: James Crenra t CHiarles
Wimr-f. d TM
MIAMf-fS ft. n. s., bet. Mlssoorl and
Indiana: loicy iox to Edward icnerer
MfcHtOAN-Ti V': "ahV;
Fredrick to
Host Jieyerw. a
pikb ft.. s.r bet. Ther.sa and Oracd:
Walter Mara tn Amelia Marx w. d..
Tl ".VI-TIt S ft. s het. Ptflrlsssnt and
Harney; John Love to Ooege fortel-
" .- .--.-. - --
HKI nt'O a ft., w. s.. bet. Lee and
Kossuth: Ludwig Hartx ta Thresa
V.ebt w. d .......-
ntTUtnt t ft., n. a . bet. Armstrons;
end illeiocri; ueorae iirace to J. n
Irnve n-. d ...... ..........-..
. S.130
ct i-r:nniXANis ft. n. .bt. whit-
ner an.1 (Joode; Hermaa Otte to Henry
lli-'timan w. d
Ttmt'i:!! (Un i. tu Ham-y and
Theikii Walnut Park Realty CJcrnpany
!. AmTrew Mueller-r d
CN'ION' f ft. w , bet. Cote ririmni
and Patton. Frank Muraan to Mlcael
Rre w d .
WASH -23 ft n a.. bt, Twenty-jecond
nd TwcT hlrd, John llesui
liana ipvi w a
WRIOHT 3 ft.. . a., bet. Nlcrieenth aad
Century's S1.25
Duck PX Skins 29o
W trimmed.
M I". ..fntj
Centurv's JS N.t Skirts, drop).'
rows, lace -insertion.
of srun gimOn nr W Century's Gtw kind
elaborately trimmed
U DRAWERS-Umbrella styl-.
Centtirv ilrtul Tnffl!i STllc
LTI !?r 9rrrymtMl
nAU. cv . w, i....?A,i Ea ruffle.
flounce, stvlishlv trimmrri Pi
hied A A nrN liUMNh. d l
.v in nn
Empire or hich
embroldei-t vnlfi
OQp 8 Centura's 'Ac kind
Century's liW Wh te P K HSIM kind, els) orate lac- or
emhmlJrv tn M 'ra""
trimmri . ... r? CI li k3 "-
T ask & s-i smn.
riri KiiiNKT-VAia
Century s J:0 W Ort;anl-e and CI brohlerv
linen Fancy l)rtse. fci 5ts- k nd
Oi0 H ruffle. Century s 50c ng.
Liunlercl n.,. V-,,,'-!-
9Ks)1ccc Insert. ne snd
UVlffi match. Century's
Jl 30 embrnldory
Bc kind
ronrs bow knot
r:flle to match
' Century s .jc lnen
Crajii Dress Skirts
SKIRT3 Klnl-hed
Stralcht front, short hip, fin
summer mesh; white.
fle ne.-k and
, ...a. nn.-.....
i . liii.uitr. m
j ( i..tju - mm 0 w
W hite lawn, lacp
other celebrated maker'.
and n.5 Cor
Lace edse and
all sises
j Men's Shirts,
Acccipanled by cash cr money
cnie- will receive prcrapt at-
i Laundered Nzl!s
twn-sep- J
cellars. I e-
SJc kln.1
Third and St.
$? VviBJEV- . .. -rc -'4
-tiasSii-. . v.r 'CmYi-P' i-j-alaSi1 trd? U IU1 3 D Hjf sLJV BJJ
Three connecting- offices on 2d floor
(northeast corner) of Republic Build
ing, 7th and Olive Streets. Inquire at
Republic Office.
TteMleth; H'rmnn Mtrhmlr M John
Scaolt w. d
nnlldlnr; Permits.
"harls Torneboelnt. XII Tennessee,
brtel. dweliinc: JiS.
Mrs M. Ilaeher. 4:5 CTiouteau;
trlelc Onetllna: H.fS.
mr."sprague says
The wtermelnns seived at the Delicatessen
Lunch Ibjoms are cold and very fine.
Uses Street ':trs tt Injine Victims
IScforp Kobbiiifr Them.
Chief of Detectives Desmond believes
Mrs. Mary 31aon. who lives at the Wash
ington Hotel, Seventeenth street and Wash
ington avenue, Is the victim of a new
scheme of robbery Introduced in St, Louts
by a man In brown
Attired in a brown suit, brown hat and
brown shues, the stranger stood on the rear
platform of a Park avenue car. southbound,
on Eighteenth street yesterday morning. At
Olive street 3tr. Mason started to board the
car. Conductor John White was inside col
lecting fares, nnd the stranger pulled tho
bell cord, signallrc .Motorman James Homo
hundes to go ahead before Mrs. Mason had
reached the platform. She was. thrown to
the rtreet and In falling dropped her pur?,
containing $4.73. After the accident tl.e
purse was m!;sing. and other pasxengcrs
stated that the man tn brown had tun
Mrs. Mason was taken on the car to No.
3001 Park avenue, where Doctors A. V. L.
Brokaw and W. L. Francis found that she
was suffering from sho'-k and had sustained
a sprained ankle. She returned home.
To Chief Desmond a Transit Company
nlTlcial stated that ho believed robbery was
the object of tho stranger who rang the bell
nnd requested the Detective Department to
make an Investigation. Chief Desmond de
tailed two nen to search for the man In
ODl JK 2. is
MM m u oa tnem inrouga tneir most critical
No woman who uses "Mother's Fries!" need fear the suffering
and danger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror
and insures safety to lifeof mother and child, and leaves her in
n. cnnninon more. lavoraoie to
aiso neaitny, strong ana .
goodnatured. Our book h
I'Motherhood," is worth;
its weight in gold to every .
woman, and will be sent free
envelope by addressing application to
Brsdtield Regulator Co. Atlanta.Ga.
Ic Melon Ice Cream
soda. ; glasjes. Sc
and China.
neclc.fC IH
. . 162Wn
- 2 and 4
Almost Given Army.
Century's 10c China, ic.
Dinner Plates. Saucers.
Breakfast Plates. Oatmeal
Dishes. P Plates. I.
worth up to 19c IG
Geatsri's 10s Ssace Pes. 3s
- UH SI.
neck, lace or
n ft I
T3c and
- and S auart Tin
Sauetpans. worth 10c
& 55
Century's II-.
Kanev Screen
J1.73 and JLM
-- m.
Century's Sc and
J3c Window Scrcerj
alishtly damaged
by movlnjr
IOc and 5c
rufrl to
and c,,2.
w th l
Century's TZc Ga!ranizl
Iron Wash Tubs, on
family size OuC
Century's Dinner Sets.
unust -
. .. ... -T. .r
coasistinc cf St An in
Pc dtl
Century's H.00 guaranteed
Clothes Wrlnscrs, (tl eft
best white rubber roUvSJiDs
Linen Collars.
j50c per dozen.
j-ynrary-a i5c laa -.
Ltoenn,- " .?r:. wur-nly
Ine- M.k..- r
inc nlah ftvtMM
doxea SOc cr. each.!
"- 1 i ' TTf
ri i .i! 3
1ST We call special attention to .or Mottled Rawhlle
bound Tranks. Ccmplrte Mat of Pscketbosis and Cbats
lalne Bass.
ii lyiifsynrns co
Gharlgs Sfs., and 612 Washlngtaa Ave.
Dell M0I3 3017. Klnfcxb B 80o.
Washington Ae., Klnloch U8SI
Walk Out in Sympathy With Cle
burne Men.
Temple. Tex.. July l-The machinists
employed In Santa Fe shops at TempW
are on a strike in sympathy with the strike
ueclared at Cleburne Wednesday. At Cle
burne notice has been given the strikers
to call for their discharge checks, but this
action has not been taken at Temple yet.
as the company official here hope to reach
an agreement with local machinists that
will render s'tch action unnecessary.
At a conference between Superintendent
Ccppage. and Master Mechanic Dunlan and
representatives of the local machinists' iodge
It was stated to the latter that the com
pany had not discharged a committeeman
at Cleburns. as claimed, but that he had
absented himself from work without leave,
but upon his return had been offered work,
different from his former assignment- The
par was the same, the hours tho same. In
ord-rlne the strike, they claimed, tho ma
chinists bad violated their contract and
could not expect to be unhetd bv the In
ternational Machinists' Union either moral
ly or financially. The Temple machinists
were advised to investigate this statement,
ana return to work without prejudice.
A representative was dlanarched to CI
burne from the Temole lodge for the pur
pose of making this investigation. The
strike h.ts caused but little Inconvenience.
The strikers are orderly and do not fre
quent the shops. No violence Is expected.
Public sentiment here Is mostly with the
General Superintendent Nixon stated that
the company was tn the right, and would
never recede from its petition.
At noon to-day the bollermakera on the
Gulf. Colorado and Santa Fe went out in
sympathy with machinists.
And many other painful and serious
ailments from which most mothers
suffer, can be avoided by the use of
"M8.!Krs pneif." This great remedy
a God-send to women, carrying
ordeal with safety and no naia.
speedy recovery. The cluia is
in plain
Sf'.ji?if.iiJhi. ft.ilii

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