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S, 190-3. L
Mr. J. Dunravtn Youoc One of the Bet
Known Chemists in the World, Says
' Is an Absolutely Pure Whiskey.
Chicago, Julj J. lfOi
Dt.ffy Malt W'hlskev Co.. (Jentlcmcn. I
lrive completed a caieful unci 11101 ex
haustive chemical anaivfl f Uuffv" Pure
Malt Whlske.v. which howed It to li a
pure whlfkev umniitamlnitrd with foreign
mittrr. Th "enroll for fi ! nil denion
"tratrd the remark ible mtli of this
vvhlkej as iioinltlitnniIini, the mot deli
cate tests known were emploved In this In
vestigatlmi. the mre trace of this poison
ous mittcr found were such as to he In
capable of iletermlnatlon This unusual re
Milt peaks more eloquentl than onl, the
are taken in Its production, while 11 Is an
imfallltiK Indication of "age" of the
whlske.v. which l o efntlal to an artlel-
to he used for niollciU.il purposes
The arlons tests made were the most
rigid and exhaustive of an similar exam
inations eer made In this laboratory and
the results ohtnlned wcie of the mot fl it
tcrinc chaiacter. Indicating that the Uuffv
Malt Wlilskev Companv's p-oduet Is hn .
tlcle of exceptional merit, and well deseivcs
Its name of "Medlciml V'hUkev "
Tours very trill. J Dunrnven Young
(Formeilv Chemistry Department Aimour
Institute of TeehnolOR Chemist Sanltarj
Commission, etc. etc.)
Duffv"s Ture Malt Whlskej has been test
ed thousands of times during the past Ifi
ears. h) the mot learned chemists, and
found aiwav to be the toip, "absolutely
pure" and free from fusi 1 oil.
Duff' Pure Malt Yv'hiskev qures coughs,
coldo. consumption. Btip. brorchltl. pneu
monia, catarrh. asthma, malaria and -til
low fevers. It stimulates and enriches the
blood, aids digestion. builds up The nerve
tlst,e. tones up the heart mid fortifies the
si stem against disease germs It prolongs
life, keeps the old oung and the vourg
strong, it contain no fusel oil and U the
onlv whiskey lecngnized by the Government
as a medicine." This is a Guarantee. "T)ur
fv V Is prescribed b over ".(Ml doctors and
used exclusively In over 2(W hospital". It
has saved the lives of millions of people
during the past flftv jears who have used
it ns their onlv medicine.
CAI.TIOX When jou a-k foi Duffv's
Pure Malt tVhikey be sure jou set the
genuine. Unscrupulous dealers, mindful of
the excellence of this preparation, will try
to sell vou cheap Imitations and so-called
Malt Whlkey substitutes, which are nut on
the market for profit onlv. and which, far
from relieving the sick. are. posltlvely
harmful. Demand "Duffv's" and be sure
ou set, it. It Is the only absolutely pure
malt will-key which contains medicinal,
health-giving qualities. Look for the trade
mark "The Old Chemist." on the label.
The genuine Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskev
Is sold bv all druggists and grocers, or di
rect at SI On a bottle. Write for free med
ical booklet, containing symptoms and
treatment of each disease and convincing
testimonials, to the Duffy Malt Whlskej
Company. Rochester. N. V. ,
Ifr Krlchtened Ttti Tonnjr lArllen nnrl
a Party of Their Friend Jet
Otit In PnrsnlL.
New York. March 7 Armed with shot
guns, revolvers and clubs, a posse of resi
dent of West New- Brighton. Staten I-land.
scoured the woods on the outskirts of the
town in search of a man who is supposed
to be one of two Peeping Toms that have
created a reign of terror there. These Peep
ing Toms are also Jack the Muggers.
'the man sprang from behind a clump of
hushes shortly after 8 o'clock while the
Misses Cunningham, aged 16 and 18. Were
passing through Castlcton avenue, on their
way to their home at Davis and Dement
av rnues.
Throwing his arms around the lounger
of the two girls, the man tried to data-in
her. She fought with him desperately,
while her sister ran shrieking for assist
ance. In a few minutes the older girl re-
turned with her father and several resi
dents of the place. By that time the girl
who had been attacked had wrested herself
free, and her, assailant was just disappear
ing Into the woods) when the. rescuers ran
A search parts' was at once organized,
and at a late hour they were still In the
wood, swearing; to wreak vengeance on the
miscreant It he should he founds
It Is believed that this man nd his mate
ere not only guilt of peeping, but tint
they are responsible for the series of hlgh
way robberies that have been committed in
. this neighborhood durlrg the past three
So terrified have the women thereabouts,
which i the fashionable section of the
town, become that many of thm are now
carrjlng revolvctt- for use should Ihev he
r attacked on the streets. The same women
are alo keeping revolvers on their dressing
tahles at night, and more than one plucky
girl hns declared that she "will shoot th
r next time she detects a man peering in at
her window.
-, The police hive been appealed to to stop
the outrages, but up to the present thev
fjiave not succeeded In catching either of
--"the guilty men. Tor greater protection sev
a ra! wealthy residents or West New Bright
on have had themselves sworn In as m
'"clal deputies, with full power of arrest, and
-if any of these deputies encounter the two
OJtrnen rough handling will follow before they
arc taken to the police station.
- .
The n Plij-slelan. Xott Treat
Phslclans who formerly depended upon
Inhalers, sprays and local washes or oint
ments now use Stuart's Catarrh Tablets, be
cause, as one of the most prominent stated,
these tablets contain In pleasant, conven-
lent form all of the really efficient and re
liable catarrh remedies, such as red gum,
blood root and Hdrastln.
Thy contain no cocaine or opiate (so
common in liquid catarrh medicines and
,j-ough a) nips) and they are given to little
children with entire safety and benefit.
,u.Doctnr J. J. RelUnger sas: I suffered
from Catarrh In m head and throat every
winter and it would hang on clear Into sum
mer, with stoppage of the nose and Irrita
tion In the throat affecting my voice so that
I "was continually clearing my throat before
I. could speak plainly; It finally extended to
the stomach causing catarrh of the stomach.
I liought a W-cent box of Stuart's" Catarrh"
Tablets at my druggist's, carried them in
my pocket and used them regularly several
times a day. and the way in which they
cleared my head and throat and improved
my hearing and general health I consider
Httle short of remarkable. I had no catarrh
last winter ami spring, and now I am en
tirely free from any catarrhal trouble what
ever, Sirs. Jerome Ellison of Wheeling writes: I
Suffered from catarrh nearly my whole life
and last- winter my two children also suf
fered from catarrhal colds and sore throat
so much they were out of school a large
part of the winter. My brother, who was
curd of catarrhal deafness by using 8ru--art
s Catarrh "Tablets, .urged me-f so, much
to try them thafl sent to the drug1 atefft
and, bought n package, and I am trufr
Vhankful t or' w hat' they have done for me
npd my children. J alwa)sikeep-& box; of
the tab'ets in the house and at the first ap
pearance atji cold pr sore-throat one or two
oC.the catarrh tablets.nlps it'iri the bud and
Catarrh is'no Itfnger a household affliction
With us. ,
She Has a Tlirillinp Ailvi'iiluro in
ihe Wilds of Colo
Heart's Antlois Heroine Km-
tr.nlt'd in Ihusli, lmt Riiicr I'N-
t-.ilit's anil Wants to Ik-
ti.UIIL" Will (It'll.
nrrrr.ijc vt.rt vu
Denver. .March 7. Ml Emma Kellogg f
Koutt Countv I an applicint for the posi
tion of Game Warden for the Hou:t and Wo
HI"co c untie district.
Her arrival here rrentitl .1 -.ensaiion in
the Cap'tol corridor-. Mnnv of the, .legisla
tor vtic curious to meet her. and Pish
Commissioner 'I lioma Holland, who nc
tonipauliil her, found his companion alwa
'.i center ct lnteret
A worn in is (lamp Warden will be a nov
elt. Mr. Holl.ind knew nothing about Miss
Kellosg until he went to the office hunting
for tho ne.v Gnme Waiden. Mr. Woodward
The vouug lad waiver read to state her
iiualitlcalloi' for the place, and from the
facts she gave of her experience with game
it I evident that few men In Koutt and Hlo
Blanco ate better acquainted with the va
rieties of that section.
Mi Kellneu's mot thrilling adventure
was u wl'd ride on the back of an elk.
While out In the hllli one dav she came
suddeulv on an angr bull elk. She had
leant d lici sun atainst a tree, and before
sho could get it the elk was upon her.
She took refuge In a iipllng and tried to
hold the animal s antlers arcund it, but hrr
strength was not sufficient and the elk
broke aw.i. Mis Kellogg took advantage
of a moment's respite to climb a tree and
at on the first llmh. Thin angered the elk
more than ever and he gave the tree uch
a bump that Miss Kellogg fell off.
She would have bten stained to death
1) the animal's harp hoof had It not hee'i
that luckily she fell on the elk s bark.
Then, with great presence of mind, she
grasped the antlers ond held on for elear
The elli was not expecting a development
of this kind and It tore off through the
wood. terroi-stiickcn endeavoring to
shake off Its burden. Ml Kellogg, how
ever, did not propoe to be shukiii, p'ld
she nnlv clung tho tighter.
Awav the went, the crazed ar.lmal dash
ing through the trees with the velocitv of
.in expre-; train I'p hills and acioss val
levs the animals sDeO. Jumping ovtr tho
ruck with tiernendous leaps that almost
unsealed the frightened rider
Mis Kellor was becomirg weak ftom
the terrible strain and elt that she mut
oon releac her hold, when an unexpect
ed incident proved her deltvennce The
elk had made vloluit effort to dislodge
the glil. nd il wa one of the animal's
tricks to accomplish this which aved Miss
Kellogg's life.
The elk darted through some thick br-sh
where overhanging branche came low
down, in ordtr to brush the rider oiT. But
the terrified animal miscalculated about its
antlers and got caught In the brcinehes. It
struggled and struggled but could not get
looe. and It was but the work of a mo
ment for the Intiepld mountain clrl to kill
the laptlve animal by cutting Its throat
with her huntlna knife.
After her ride of several miles was over
and the danger wasi all past, the lucky
girl came near collapsing froii nervous re
action. She could hardly make her way
home, hut she got help and returned to
claim thfe animal. Its branching antlers
now ornament her home.
This exciting adventure occurred several
ears ago. but Miss Kellogg has lost none
of heV nerve J
She savs she would have entered the
broncho-busting contest last fall had not
her parents dissuaded her on the ground
that she would be the only lady entered.
She lassooed a oung bear once and took
It home alive, by giving her pony rein
whenever It tried to attack her.
Mls Kellorg believes "he can perform the
duties of the office and she intends to get
Senator Jetferson and Representative Lvttle
to champion her caus with Game Warden
elect Woodward
Joseph I'hsppee Ictlnir an Fallliemrer
lit Fnnrrnl nf Matiirrls KnllUen,
Snccnmlieel to Disease.
San Francisco, March 7 While acting as
pallbearer at the funeral of Mangels Kull
'ken. with whom he had been closelv asso
ciated for a quarter of a century pat. Jo
seph Chappee, the veteran treasurer of
Berkeley Lodge, No. 27, Independent Order
of Odd Fellows, died suddenly of heart dis
ease Just as he reached the grave of his
friend In Mountain View Cemetery. Only
an hour before, while the services were be
ing conducted at the home of his old asso
ciate, Chuppee had said, as he took a last
look at the bodv of his friend: " I want
to die In harness." That his wish was an
swered In so short a time came as a great
shock to hi; brother pallbearers. He died
as he staggered under the weight of the
heavy casket, and came near rolling into
the newly opened grave."
When Chappee's body had been carried
aside. Kullken i burled with ajl the rites
of the order, and then In the hearse that
had conveved Kullken's body (o the ceme
terv that of Chappee was placed, and the
.funeral proceslon'made its way back to
For manv ears Kullken and Chappee had
been the closest of friends, and when the
former pased awav uddenlv It wa a sad
blow- to the old man who had been his com
panion In many of their lalter-da s, rat urea
Thev were both charter members) of the
Berkeley I.odge of Odd Fellows. Chappee
at one time was a Town Trustee and was
the first Town Marshal of Oakland. Of
late jears he had devoted all his time to
the order of which hewas an honored mem
ber. He leaves a widow and a son residing
In Sacramento.
The other pallbearers who acted with
Chappee at the funeral of his friend were
F. W. Ra.s, J. a. Wright. John Wolley.
Thomas H-ihn and Phil Sheridan, all old
friends of both men.
Made Merry With Wounded Buf
falo for a Short Time.
New Tork, March 7. Wounded Buffalo, a
Mohawk Indian, whese Carlisle School name
Is Lewis Simpson, caused excitement nt
Broadway and Franklin street by his sum
mary punishment of a tormentor.
Simpson wasi walking down Broadway,
his long black hair fluttering in the breeze.
He had come from Coney Island where he
breaks broncos and gives exhibition spar
ring bouts, for he is .on athlete and ex
pert football plaer. Two plumbers, Louis
Itampel and Frank Marvin, both residents
of Harlem, were close behind him. They
have been working In Franklin street and
had been partaking of their luncheons,
which. "It developed later, consisted more
cf liquid than of solid refreshments. At any
rate, their spirits were high, and the In
dian's fluttering hair excited, their .mirthful
attention. Walk as he would, 8lmpson found
the plumbers were at his heels, bumping
and Jostling him.
"Give him the foot," he heard one of his
annoers whisper.
Whoever said It. it was Rumpel , who car
ried out the idea. For a" minute Simpson
almost lost his balance. Rumpel, who vas
not overflrmof foot, also staggered His
momentary lack of equipoise caused him to
throw up one arm.
The Indian saw the opening and took ad
vantage of it.-His fist struck the plumber
and the plumber struck the sidewalk. The
Indian then walked straight ahead. The
fuss that Marvin made, however, brought
Policeman Dlerkes's to the scene, and the
trio were forced first to go to the Leonard
'Street Station and then to the Centre Street
Police Court. At the police stntlon five
stitches were put In Rumpel's scalp.
j In court Simpson was asked by Magistrate-Barlow
if he would swear to tell the
truth. He said he, would. In good English
he relatedjust what had happened.
""Discharged," was all that Magistrate
Barlow said.
Simpson Is 30 jears oM.-HIs father's name
Is Running Elk. .
. . ., ,. 4, ... J
i. i. i. . . m Li . -
miss i:ls DincicHorr
Yoimir St. lml s-ingi r, v.ho will i to Eu
rope shurtlv lo lonlltiuc her vocil Muni's
l'rlends are to give l.ir a concrt .it Memo
rl il Hall on March I Ml Dckiiofi li
well known In Sojth Hlili music clrilr
Mip .mg lit the "MI, i lo .it the I nlon
Club lat Thuri-d.1 ven!n,r
HOTEL MAN 31,000.
"victim 'IlioiiKlit He II id sir.H.IMIll In
Ills I'll, tod J. lint II Proved
to lip l"iiicr.
nun m.ic" n-m l
San Francisco. C'al , March 7 Henrj
Cuminas. prnpileloi of the Oriental House,
hns repot ltd to tie police an experience
with ounko men in vvtiich he lost SI K0 ivvo
clever operator too'c J.V10 In gold and 3-"'M
in banknotes from him, .ind l.e dliln t know
he was robl ed
Instead the man thought he had in his
keeping JliOCKi belonging to one of the men
who hid tnktn hla coin
The game was clevcrlv plaved nn i Ctm
mas fell .111 ev vhtim Ai-ordlns to his
statement to Chief of Police IloJgklns in
unknown Frenchman rented a loom .it the
Oriental Houe Ilirdlv a word p.i-ed 1-e-tween
landlord and tenint until the stranger
told Cimm.is that h h.id cone to Oiklind
to etnhl!h a restaurant and asked th'
lodging-house keep- r to help him look for a
The two men tarted out and finallv
stopped In a aloon AV hlle thev wire at
the tar. both sneaking French, third per
son entered lie addressed them In the
same languige, and. stating that he iva.
glad to meet two of his countrmen, sujir
gestd that the go Into a nar room to
The newcomer told his friends that he
had, Just Inherited 150 00(1. and in support
of his statcn-ent drew a roll of paper from
beneath his shirt and took fiom It a number
of banknotes Oimmas told him he p'tnuld
not' carr such .1 sum of raone; with him
and suggetcd that he deposit It In a hank.
When the man refused, claiming he wa3
afraid of banks. Cammas told him to put It
In a safe-deposit bo.
Nit was then agreed that the unknown
Frenchman shouid place his J1M.0C" in a
box and that Cumma. should put in Jl 000
The former was to keep the ke to the box,
while the latter was to keep the box con
taining the money.
A tin box was purchased and in the rear
room of the saloon the supposititious bank
roll was locked into it. Camma first hav
ing drawn J1C00. half In coin and half In
currency, from the bank. The men then
parted. The two stranger? took tho key and
stated they would go to dinner. Cammas
went home with the box AH wem to meet
the next morning at the Oriental Uouse and
deposit the box Income bank 1
Cammas waited until night, and then had
the box broken open. In it he found poker
chips Instead of coin, and a roll of paper
in place of the supposed fortune In bank
Bab sioott nnjnvn Dlstliii-llon r Ile
itis; First "1." Infant Horn In
ir-ater Aevr lorL..
New Tork. Maj-ch 7. Passcnfi;ers on a.
Sixth avenue "'L" train were startled to ee
a strange bird hovering over the rear car
shortly after midnight. It followed persist
ently, try as they would to leave It behind.
With a victorious cry it finally settled
down on the station at One Hundred and
Fourth Htreet. The clang of an ambulance
bell was intermingled with the bird's
strange note, and an Interested little group
jtood about on tho platform until Doctor
Finn of the J. Hood Wrisht Hospital came
out and made the announcement:
Baby Scott, the plump little son of Mrs.
Madeline Scott of No 217 West One Hun
dred and ThIrtv-foUth fctreet. who is now
quite happy bv his mother's hide In the hos
pital, will enjo the rather unique distinc
tion of lielng the first. "L" babv born in
Greater New Turk, urol.abl In the world.
Mr. and Mrs Scott -were visiting friends
downtown and started home after midnight.
Mrs Scott became: lll'on the car, and lucki
ly there weje several mollurs there who
knew what to do The mm retreited to
another car and -Mr, bcott was carried in
to the waiting-room when the One Hun
dred and Fourth street station was reached
An ambulance was tailed and the little
stranger came soon ifter Doctor Finn
reached the Matiun. The mother and son
were placed in the ambulance and taken to
the hospital, and from present appearance
both will be able to go home soon.
Gnred Secretly.
A Home. Cure Which Any Lady Can Give
Secretly That Will Posithely'Stop
Art odorless and tasteless remed when
put' In the drunkard's coffee or food will
destro all desire to drink. The remedy I
Thr otetl Salvation Arm) Worker
Snjai "I Think the World Onrs a.
Debt of Gratitude to Dr. Haines,
the Discoverer of Golden
Specific." ,
so simple that ancne can use It, and tho
drunkard need never know why he quit
drinking Intoxicating liquors.
It is a physical impossibility for an one
to drink intoxicating liquors and take this
If an one desires to try this marvelous
remodv. Dr. .1. W. Haines. 791 Glenn build
ing. Cincinnati. O . will gladly send a free
trial package that they may ee how eislly
It can be-used and how positive its ef
fect Is.
bbbbbbbVbHk lafiv
Ho Thinks William Or.lwa.v Par-
(riiljio. Sculptor, Who Ah-
ails That City.
Tumult Uaied Over Fact That Kd-
wartl Kvi'iett Hale Hecoiitly
P.irtonk or Coiniiiuiiioii in
Ilolv Tiiuilv t'huitli.
a . Xt-MZ T. .. SL tXIV.s!
I.I !." l I III "., aw-..-,
or iiku jiKVt" nEio.
Uotoii must accept the f lit tnat
she is no loagir the Intellectual or
the art entr f Ih- eoiintrv. nr, d
his not bein fn jeu f 1,-'' ""
nig 011 the namiM of the fl eat men
who hiv rtepaitrd "-William ord-
a w. i-artri(iKe. A-.AAA,i
New .ork. Manh fi -"There is no c ll .n
Amrrlci where vou can starve o ciH "
fine art' a In rfoston."
This li the opinion of William Ordway
Partridge, a sculptor, delltentelv eipressed
In his studio, at No K3 Kouith ae nue.
.Mr PaitrMge 1 miles of an old New l.iu
lind f-imilv. the Deri), of Salem. Mas'
His brothei Is lrotetant Hpiscopal Blho p
of Japin and he lilni'slf Is an ardent ihurch
'"The Immediite reasoi for hi nisallins
"the Hub" Is the tumult raised In Boston
over the fact Hint the, other da Edward
Kveiett Hale partook of communion at the
memorial serviie in the Holy Irlnltv
Church of which I'hlllips Hrooks was so long
lector. Talk, shallowness and shams. In .Mr.
1'irtridge's opinion, are the leading chirac
trrlnics of the l'.osion of to-day in art. Ilt
eiature and religion.
His Indignation at the religious phase of
the circum"iances tasily pased to art.
"for " sa'd he. "'art and religion have alwajs
lxen nllUsl You cannot separate them and
tnev never have been separated. It is onlv
a decadent attempt that has ever been made
to drnsv them apait.
"I have nothing against Boston pcrsonal
lv." he added, "but ever thing against that
ordei of living and talk which paral.vzes
everv effort to uplift and ennoble life and
develop a great national art tint is worthy
the Amerlcin pop'e A man ma make a
nputatlon In Iloston and et be utterly un
known to the cosmopolitan world, but In
New York let a innti do something and It I
th anin for him 11s if he were in Paris.
LcnJcin or Berlin. The city th.it has expelled
her artists as Boston hns Is In the sune
position a was Pinrenc" when n- drove
Dante from her gates, onlv- to ask back his
bone" from Ftavena and be refused.
"Boston affords a living nieielv to that
order of artists who devotes himself to the
rcilm of afternoon teas. If any one does not
hellevo thls'let him look through the roll of
her artist", and then mention half a d07en
n-allv Important men who live there or who
could afford to live there to-dav, loath a he
Is to admit It.
"Boston must accept the fat that she is
no longer the Intellectual or the art center
of the countrj. and has not been for jeir"
She ii living on the names of great men
who have departed.
"Phillips Brooks tolerated Boston Kverv
one felt ho was too great for that city and
It was only his great forbearance that en
abled him to live there in an atmosphere
entirely uncongenial to him."
Dnnrol "Stones Returned to San Fran
cisco I"rom Cruise on Southern
iSens to rtesuine Practice of Lnvt.
-r -( t
San Trancisco. Cal , March 7. Dontel
Ptoney, the,oung attorney who went away
last Jul to hunt for treasure In the South
Seas Is home again as brown as a berry
ousht to bo and as silent as a clam. He
will not s.i a word aho.it his trip. His
friends tell of him cruising i.lx or wven
davs in an open boat among the small
islands of tho .Marshall group, and his ar
rival in Australia so sunburned that a ladv
fellow -passenger on the home-bound Sierra
declared his complexion was Ilk a Maori's
Though he will si nothing for publica
tion there can be no doubt that there Is no
story to tell of treasure trove.
"I know what I know!" saS Mr. Stonoy
vvhen aked, to tell of his trip with Captain
Brown In quest of Kidd's treasure. But.
niught else will he sav. He will not even
den that he went with Captain Brown In
search of the mthlcal Isle. But his friends
declare and avow that he did.
Hunting for the treasure cached by the
more or less m thlcal Captain Kidd and
men of his Ilk seems to be as bootless a
the search for the North Pole and almost
as expensive. Last July a little company
wiis formed b a few oung men of this
cit and Boston for the purpose of an ex
pedition to some unnamed South Sea Island,
supoted to be In the Marshall group, there
tu unearth a fabulous sum of money, in all
kinds of foreign coin, that had once been
hurled by the Infamous1 captain and uncov
ered and reburled b Captain James Brown,
a more or less ancient mariner of modern
The entire party of tieasure hunters Is
home again except Captain Brown, who is
believed to be cruising In Australian watert
and chuckling In hi" sleeve over his most
recent adventure. Of the disappointed
trea-nire hunter none seems to care to tell
the tale.
Among tl"oe financially Interested in the
ventute were George Sutton, a Boston cap
italist; a Mr. Sherrltt. Attorney Donzel
Sloney, Ogden Hoffmin and former Judge
William U. Dalngerfleld. Mr. Stoney has
nothing to say of the expedition He does
not say tint he does not know all about It.
but he does sa that he will not tell
It was about the middle of July last that
the schooner Herman "cleared" at the Custom-house
without designating her destina
tion, and nt once ever union sailor on the
wharf knew that the Herman was off on a
treasure hunting expedition. As to the first
port of call and the Jecond there was no
doubt: she was to go straight to Honolulu,
then to Tahiti; but after that her course
was to be shaped sou' sou" by sou" est to
the Marshall group perhaps, or perhaps
somewhere else.
When tho vessel had dipped below the
horizon the stor was told that Captain
James Brown of Boston, who had braved
the seas, man and boy, these many vears,
had somehow tumbled across the cache, or
one of the manv caches of the fnmous New
England Captain Kldd. There was no chart
forthcoming with cabalistic signs, a lonely
treo and manv- pares carefully marked off
on It to show Just where the boot lay. but
Captain Brown Is credited with having told
the "torv of his mng life, including his
many wanderings among the South Sea is
lands, and when some ot the get-rlch-qulck
gentlemen went to Bosto.n with the pos
sessor of the valuable secret they had no
difficulty in confirming every part of the
leeord except that which most needed cor
roboration. COSTS SEArtCHEn 18 000.
It cost about $18,000 to purchase the
schooner and fit her for the trip. With
what sardonic humor the venturesome, sex
agenarian Captain watched these prepara
tions and "'bossed the job" some of the
members may now- perhaps recall.
Silent Mr. Stoney will not discuss his
many days spent In an open boat looking
anxiously for the isle on which Captain
Jim Brown had rehldden that treasure. He
pot to Australia somehow, and even now
his complexion has not, by far. returned
to Its normal whiteness. A goodly portion,
of the human outfit got to Australia and
there they took leave ot Captain Brown.
The story of the parting has not yet been
Ogden Hoffman wishes to draw a 'veil over
hW memorable trip and to keep It as secret
as' the hiding place of the treasure that
was found and lost again. When an effort
was made last evening to Induce him to re
call the days of his treasure hunting, he
looked wear', if not pained, and softly said:
"The matter is a personal one with me,
and I must firmly decline to discuss It In
any form whatsoever." He would not even
sav whether he went to Cocoa Island-
The Herman will probably settle down to
earning freight and making money.
The Reverend E. A. Meury United
Four Couples in One Evening.
-New Tork. March 7. The Tteverend Emile
Arnold Sleury. pastor of the Second Ite-
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Iiuls The f lion Ins of framed po"lrs an I
nrtln proof elchinss is ai'o pinicuunj
formi-d LSiureh of Jer-ey City, ha- pe.
tromed In one ycir u iiuiii-o ceremonies,
four bf which wrte celebrated In one mgnt.
He ia nrt called uinin to miirry one
couplt at No. 51 Hoboken avenue. He vvas
then kid to unlt another couple In n
urHO .age of the church. No. II Hnerrnnn
place. As the eecond pair left the rectory
the doorbell rung vlol-ntly. arid a thin
couple wn ushered lito the rarlor.
"TlilB." said tho popular elergmnn. to his
visitor-. be.it- the record In try c-ar a experience-
lit ptrfcrming marriages
Hardly had he uttered the .word, vyhcr. a
young man drove up to the door of the
rectory and asked the Itevcrend Mr. MeuiJ
o junip Into the carriage and drlvs over to
No 143 La'dlaw street, where he was want
ed to perform another ceremony.
Wlllla-m Rclnhart, San rnvnclneo llr-
PDtrr Ilor. llellrvea to Ha-vr Ik-eu
Stricken Wllh Heart leie.
Rjn FrancIco, March T William Iteln
hart. aged IX vears, who had ben working
hard .is a mes-enger boy for the Lit of
Tarli in order to support his mother, nap
found dead in H vacant lot nt Sixth ave
nue and California street, his bod burled
beneath the shifting sand.
His was .in asonlxing th In tht den
late spot, and the Indications .ire that he
dug for himself a tomb and covered his
frail body with "ind during frenz of
pain He Uy there, face downward, and
smothered to death, and tho cries that
had rent the air a jw- hours previous
were stilled In the sand in which he lay.
This boy had been true to his trust. In
the morning he had bein spnt out to de
aaaHivvaarjan aaHfaiB
. "
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liver a package to Mrs f. jr. Stolz. at No.
109 Highth nvenue. and reached that place
between 11. TO and 12 o'clock. He rushed
brsathless Lp the "n.iir. rang the door be.l
and handed the package to Mrs. Cahlll. a
domestic. His face was flushed and perspi
ration was on his brow.
"Anv charge?" inquired Mrs. Cahlll.
He shook his head and then went running
away. He wan next seen two blocks dis
tant. In the vacant lot where his dead body
la a few hours later. hen seen he was
-Ittlng in an upright position, but did not
appe.ir to be distressed. That was about
li o'clock. '
Persons residing in the vicinity paid no
heed to the boy as he remained there alone:
none knew him and there were no children
In the vlclnltv who might have been at
tracted to the place where they usually
play In the sand.
Shortly after 1 o'clock. Mrs. T. C. Ped
lar heard terrible cries from the lot. She
went to the back window and saw a boy
running around in the sand and "he thought
he was at rlay and did not consider the
matter further, although the cries con
tinued ior some time.
Then between 3 30 and 4 o'clock Miss A.
Guthrle'was passirg neir th lot. She saw
two feet protruding from a sand heap A
nana, wntte ana nieics. was upuueu. ir-ror-stricken.
the oung ladv- ran to hr
home a block awav and told her brother.
Archie fiuthrie. and Thomas Allen. In com-pinv-
with John Grfelev. a contractor, the
oung men went to the place indicated.
They pulled out the body from the heap of
and. but life was .extinct. There was no
necessltv- for a doctor, so the Coroner was
Ml P.-dlar telephoned to the Cltv- of
Paris that on of the firm's messengers had
been found dead.
And then the mother was notified a kind
ly lady, who hid experienced sorrow be
fore, but none such as this. She told of
how good a boy her son was; how he had
worked for her from morning until night.
He was not verv strong, but could not be
said to be sleklv. The mother can assign
no ause for his sudden death.
At the morgue, where the body wis
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taken, it was found that the mouth and
nose vver filled with sand. The ees. tco.
were closed with dirt. It is the theory of
the Coronn that the boy died from a fit
of heart dseas. but how h- cam- to be
burled admits of onb one theory, and that
is that he buried himself, while crazed
with pain of some sort.
rrom the nature of the lot and the po
sition of the body It would have been im
possible for the sand to have caved In upon
him while he was sleeping. He had evi
dently dug out a place In a knoll and in
tumbling and kicking about covered his
bedv, with the exception of one hand r"
nis two feet, witn the loose sand.
tnua tney round him.
Grand Prize Enehre,
Given by the Retail Salesmen's Association,
No. 84. at Corcordla Club Hall. 1441 Chou
teau avenue. Thursday evening. April 11,
One hundred handsome prizes. A hop t
follow game.
A err Illinois Incorporation. ,
itEPunilic srEci.vr.
Fpringfleld. Ill , March i.-Certificatcs of
incorporation were Issued to-day by Becres
tary of fctate Roe as follows;
Hscan Bros Mill and Grain Cnmreny, San
doval, capital. 3"f): rmnufarturlng gram
products and dealing In grain. Incorporator-
John T. Hcsran. IIenr It Hall and Charles P.
The rerrless Baking fmpsny. Kat St. I.onJi
capital. $"l 5""l. manufacturing fo-ds, extrarts
and baking r-iwders. Incorporators John Me
cetl. James T. KeeTe and James II. Keefe.
The Bellman Mercantile company, hoted at
Kasr, m tyuls certifies to an increase In capital
stork from 11" "00 to Jl Oftl
The Elgin .National Watch Company, located at
Jllgln certifies to an lncres-e In capital slocr
front 34 noo.m11 to $5.xono.
The Koumalr- Cream-re Company, located at,
"Water-on. rrrtlrle to an lncreaae In capital sto-JST
from J-S 0OI to JTitoo 1-1,
The Gutnnld-Wntiace Hardware Company.
catel at Eant St Lil. rertlfles Co an ineraw
In capital stock frtm 30o to 3,(").
The TarorTiIle Coal Companv. located at Tay
lorvllle. eertlrles to an Increase In capital stc-cld
from M.0&1 to KOO.000.
Cneae-L Jaa. la laa-
hair-groiring race, the loser to M ,. .11
OFF' M?f tjmmmmW
mm m
H m f I 1
mm mi
rl llllll ' II
- A2j.ftrhf1l,S V
'- '. - - ss -r, ' -a.,-1 1 sn .11-- ii 1 in ,.1 i i n .n 1 ., ZT T'"--i I as. JLc9ser91
!PHre 'T5-Sei.m;trlgi'
a. . eJv, J-: f w . m.r--rj. avaaaiawatdBBBBBBaBWjBif

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