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Absolutely Pur
Thus. Hi whiw Kditor
W. T. McCrkioht, Bus. Mgr. and City K.I
rillll.lNHKII IMII.l AND WH-.KI.Y.
Associated l'rxsx Afternoon Telegrams.
Ofllcial Paper of Bernalillo County.
Otilcial Paper of City of Albuquerque,
largest City and County Cirruliitlon
The largest New Mexico Circulation
Largest North. Arltona Clrrulntlon
ALBl yl KKiJl'K, JAM'ARY 8, 1
Trkkk are over nil hundred thotisaud
barbers Id the I n I ted State.
The Cerrillos lUKitr Is coming to
the (root. It it first elaas weekly news
paper. What has Income of that $100,000 san
ltarium scheme Inaugurated some time
ago by Col. John Brady?
Nothiv ran stay theprogress of Albu
querque. Our winter climate alone will
make till a great big town.
ProI'lb who spend twelve month (ret
ting themselves In good Kliape for the an
nual (wear -off are doing business at the
old stand.
For up-to-date tululng new, about the
great Cochltl district, the Bland Herald
auppllea all necessary want. It la a
lively little weekly Journal.
Archbishop Chai'ELLB, of Santa Ke,
who waa recently transf erred to New Or
leans, expects '.o leave for his new field
of labor about the middle of next month,
A TRAVT.LIR states that there are free
parks, tree seats and tree music In all the
elites of Mexico. By the way, we will
need some musle in our Robinson park.
New York society has been reduced to
f eveuty-flve, which goes to show that an
the town of Gotham gets greater In site.
Us bong tron g shrivels up correspond
ingly. A BKNTENCI of Imprisonment in the
penitentiary for eighty years, Imposed
upon a Chicago burglar, seems to be an
onjust and outrageous discrimination In
favor of the aldermen In thas city.
An Oklahoma widow who took poison
becauao the man she loved had kissed
another woman, was strangely Illogical.
Her natural and proper revenge would
nave been to bunt up another man and
kiss htm.
The Territorial Board of Kqualliatlon
will meet In Bauta Fe on next Monday,
and will probably be In session for sev
eral days. D. C. Hobart, the president of
the board, will pass up the road for Santa
Fe from Silver City this evening.
The cancellation of several petitions
by the request of the beneficiaries, be
cause of the proposition to publish the
pension list, shows that some men care
more for what other people think of
them than for their own self-respect.
The Chlrlcahua Cattle company is
shipping through til I'aso 17,000 head of
eattls In transit to Kansas, where they
have large pasture lands. This company
also has exteunlve rattle Interests in Co
chlse and Graham counties, and also In
the Panhandle of Texas.
The I'ucompaligre Indians have bobbed
np again. On the borders of their reser
vation great beds of axphalt have been
found, with an estimated value of one
billion dollars. That ought to make sev
eral mors millionaires iu the west. Ten
to one, however, the I'ncompahgre chiefs
will not share In the plunder.
Kabxy cloeiug. aa Inaugurated by some
of our business houses on the 1st. Is
meeting with almost universal approba
tlon. Sorely the employes are delighted,
and wear a broad grin of satisfaction
aud plca-iure as a result. Not one will
be dollar the lower at the end of a year's
busiuess, and surely much good will
come of It.
Thkke Is always a slight reaction in
busiuess after the holidays. It Is but
natural. It Is also short-lived, aud with
in few days normal conditions agan
pertain and all moves along as eereuel)
as before. If revival in trade drags, It Is
as much the fault of the vendor, as the
purchaser. In not forcing business instead
of accepting false condition.
Tukodohx Hot a l LT, the Las Cruces
successful fruit packer, has devised a new
composition for preserving green chile,
and after uiauy experiments the new del
icacy was pron tunced a succrsi by con
noisseurs. It was suggested to Mr.
It maul t that Alaska could be made an
important consumer, considering the
pungent properties of this tropical
The attaek on orthodoxy In the w ill of
Millionaire Henry M Talsir.of New York,
is a luost remarkable circumstance, from
the fact that up to the day of his death
be was au ollicer iu an orthodox church,
aud doubtless at all times a strict a llier
eut to lis doctrines. It he were not liv
ing a He durtu thn- years that he main
tained his connection with the church
then he is surely belied bv this post
mortem enunciation of lngersollism,
which is fully as broad aud savuge aa
anything ever voiced from the nmtruiii
by Pope HjIi.
ftlow MICH Mr; Alt. utrKNrl.
The l ulled Slates is called tin -least
governed" couulry in the world, and
most Americans feel the pressure of gov
ernment so lightly that they would lie
surprised to learu how closely and thor
oughly their whole dally 11 'e is u,er
vised and directed by govern men t. As
Prof. Kugeue Hauibaugli points out In
the January Atlantic, there is no time,
Light or day, when this superUsiou Is re
laxed. When the uveiag cil xi-u arise. In the
ujjrulug, the water for bin toilet U
brought to him and the waste taken
away by the government. His clothing
and table service have been taxed by the
government and his food Inspected. The
hanks and corporations he deals with are
regulated, the street he passes through
cared for and lighted by thn same power,
which also furnishes school for his rhil
dren, hospitals for his sick, Judicial, po
lice and fire departments to protect his
person and property, waking and sleep
ing. And these are but Instances of the
Innumerable ways In which the control
of government, which Is continually en
larging its cope and functions, Is exer-el-ed.
I'rof. vVamhatig'i shows that the two
great objects of Imw are to guard Indi
vidual liberty, an t to secure the public
welfare, end Illustrates with a wealth of
interesting detail the various ways In
which these objects are attained, and
how ttiey are distributed between the na
tional, state and municipal powers; and
in conclusion says that there is no rea
son to believe that either of these deep
seated Intents will be uprooted. The ac
tual scope of government must continue
to be the resultant of the Inter play of a
natural desire for enlargement of gov
ernmental functions and at. qnally nat
ural repugnance to nnnereasai; enlarge
ment. These Intents he experts will be
finally and satisfactorily adjusted.
The work of collecting salmon eggs at
the California Qsh commission hatchery
on the Sacramento river at Anderson.
California, has Just closed. The results
of the season's operations are most re
markable. Korty-elght and a half mil
lion eggs were collected. Ihls exceeds
the previous records mads at this station
by and is 28,000,006 more than
were collected at the other hatcheries on
the Pacific coast this year. These egg.
will be hatched and the fry planted In
the waters ef California, with the excep
tion of S.000,0l that will be sent to Ore
gon and o.uio.ouo that will go to the New
Kugland States.
K. L. Bonner of Moulana has been In
terviewed (who Is he, by the way?) and
declares his opinion that every ex-President
onght to be sent to the senate, l'os
slbly If Mr. Bonner lived In New Jersey
be might take different view of the
IlKMKMiiKH, on next Tuosday night Dr.
S. Aubrlght will deliver a free lecture at
the opera house on "The Publlo Health of
the l ulled States, and the Reasons Why
a Sanitarium Should be Kstablished at
Hon. 11. B. I'mim's-hon, delegate to con
gress, has introduced a bill having fur IU
object the establishment of a large mili
tary poet at this city. Albuquerque
should have that post by all nieens.
The Vi InslowMuil says: '-Man Is made
of dust. Dust settles. Therefore to be
In accord with nature delinquent sub
scribers should settle come down with
'dust' a it were."
There is a dangerous 1100 counterfeit
out, aud people who have that much left
since Christmas are advised to be on
their guard.
The SultMO sad Oar M leeluuarlee.
The porte has demanded the recall of
two American missionaries from the
proviuce of Aleppo, on the pretext that
their mission is likely to cause disturb
auces. The sick man of Kurope" is as
unreasonable as his political health is
leeiue. as a aright coutrast ol his ol
obstlncy and stupidity, the people of
America are acknowledging far and
wide the beuellceuce ot Hosteller a Stom
ach Hitters, namely, to relieve and pre
vent malaria, rheumatism and kidney
complaint, chronic dyspepsia, constipa
tion and liver trouble. Hie nervous, the
weak aud iullrm derive unshakable beii
etlt from its use. aud It greatly mitigates
the weakness ami InUrinitles which are
especially incideut to advancing years.
W bat We Itoa't Want.
He don't want to carryover any winter
suits, overcoats, heavy underwear, flannel
shirts end other heavy giMsls. We don't
want to begin next fall's business with a
lot of this year's goods. We don't want
to be hampered by a lot ot old goods, aud
that la why we advertise as per our big
announcement In another column of
tills paper. Bead It Simon Stkiin,
The Railroad Avenue Clothier.
Tha I i in 1 1 a U'limkB.
Who goes to the club while her husband
iruus uie uauj, an wen as iue gooo oiu-
rmtMitfiMt WiiniMtl mrhn liuiba uftu, liup
home, will both at times get run down lu
oeauii. niej win o irouoiea Willi loss
oi npwiu, iieaiiiu-nee, sleeplessness,
...I...;.. - .11 ...... i,.. .
miming ut uiij nteiis. 1 lie (UOSl WOU'
.larftil rumculv f,,r tl.ua i.imon la L-Ium
. .....aw. ' 1 . . -".1 VTUUITTU CT mnV
Irlc Bitters. Thousands of sufferers from
lltfllA liHf-k Am! Hkb kriil'iMVU pi oa ,i n
call It blessed. It is the medicine for
women, reiuaie compiaiuu aim nervous
troubles ot all kinds are soon relieved by
the use ot Klectrio Bitters. Delicate
women should keep this remedy on hand
to build up the system. Only 6n cents
per Dome, ror sale ny J. 11. o Klelly
W hen Sheriff McAfee ot Grant county
eauie up to Los Lutias to take Ambrosio
Hernandez, the sheepherder, who was
charged with attempting to rape and
then murdering Lulu Werner at Silver
City some time ago, he Immediately de
dared that a mistake had been made and
that he n uot the guilty mau. Her
nandez was then turned loose. Sheriff
McAfee says that the persou who com
milled the crime was a boy about IS
years old.
W, K. Powara of the Wells-Kargo Kx
press company aud A. L. Conrad, travel
ing auditor or the Santa Fe, are back
from Magdalena where they went to In
spect the railroad depot which was bur
glarized last Tuesday night. The thieves
I got In by prying open the front window.
The safe was opened by means of the
combination and $:S aud some old coins
were taken. There Is y et no clue to the
Mrs. Ruiuiuel has rented the brick
block on Gold avenue now occupied by J.
It Maunder, the upholsterer, and after
filling it up lu pro, er si a will move
her dining parlors there from their pres
ent location on south Second street. Mrs.
Kumiiiel has enjoyed such a big run that
her present quarters are entirely too
small to accommodate allot her boarders.
Prof. C. L. Herrick, the president of
the university, contributed a paper to
the convention of scientists, who met in
81. I'aul and Minneapolis during the last
week of Decemlr, entitled, "KlelJ Notes
III New Mexican Geology."
Clpriano Baca, the assessor aud deputy
sheriff of h(K!orro county, went up to
Santa Ke last ulght wilh Juuio Toledo,
who will serve a term in the penitentiary
for burglarising Abeylia'a store In Socorro.
Group of Three of Bland'i Mine Leased
and Bonded.
It Is definitely settled that the Crown
Point group of mines has been taken ud
der lease and bond by the Cochltl Gold
Mining company, of which O. P. Posey Is
the principal figure, tor a term of six
months, during which lin.OOO Is to be ex
pended In development, says the Bland
Herald. This Is practically a sale of this
valuable property for an am unit exceed
ing ioo.ooii. The group consists of the
Crown Point, Giant and Bull of the
Woods, three of the very best properties
in the Cochltl mining district, and situ-,
ate I above Bland in Pino canyon.
The Crown Point, which Is the princi
pal mine of the group In point of devel
opment. Is about mile from Bland and
first made shipment In March 2V, 1814,
continuing until the total amount of
HD0 tons shipped to smelters, the gross
value of which was about f.Wfiii, calcu
lating the average value ot the ore
shipped to be about :i.Trt a ton. The
amount of development at present done
In shifts, drifts and tunnels on the Crown
Point Is some 1,500 feet. A hoisting
whim, ore bins and other buildings,
have been erected and the best of roads
built to the mine. The Crown Point was
first located early In lHHti by J. A. Smith,
now of Sulphur Springs, bnt abandoned.
Later, upon the advice of Smith, It was
relocated In 1HN7 by Major Beaumont,
who In turn abandoned It, when It was
relocated by D'Arcy and Kagle, who al
lowed it to lapse and pass Into the pos
sewlon of the present owners and who
afterward made fortune ont of their
interests In the Iron King mine, which
they sold to R. W. Woodhary of Denver.
Those holding a controlling Interest In
the Crown Point proper, which waa the
first mine In the Cochltl district to be
patented, are Charles Johnson, of Masso
lou, Ohio; Frank Bruce, of Bland; Janus
D. May, Ren. Johnson and Henry Lock-
hart, ot Albuquerque, who formed the di
rectors ot the Incorporated Crown Point
Mining company.
The Giant and Bull ot the Woods, the
other mines ot the group, though less de
veloped than the Crown Point mine, are
generally considered to be the mot val
uable. These prtqierttes have hud suffi
cient work performed upon them to war
rant the application for patent aud as
says obtained from both indicate their
value to greatly exceed that of the Crown
Point, returns of f'.ft) gold being the
average per ton. The Giant Is about
a halt mile above Bland and possesses
a strong vein ot quart, some twenty feet
wide at Its widest polut on a cropping for
a distance ot over WO feet. The Bull
of the Woods, from which wonders
are expected by all to be the ont
come, is situated la the very heart
ot Bland and outcropping of the velu,
which rises t a considerable height above
the surface, show width of as much as
60 feet for some distance. There figures
may seem to be greatly exaggerated, but
nevertheless there stands the quarli vis
ible to all who would verify the accounts
ot this article. It hi hardly probable that
the vslne throughoutthis extent of quartz
Is higher than a very low grade, but the
existence of pay streaks of good size have
been discovered, and whatever It precise
value may be there Is no doubt that the
Crown Point, Giaut and Bull of the
Woods form a group of what will yet
prove to be the greatest bonarzia In the
Kocky mountain region.
The effect on the camp ot the thorough
working ot these properties, which Is ex
pected will be carried out upon the return
ot O. P. Posey from Los Angeles, will In
Itself prove to be beyond the expectations
ot the most sanguine.
From the Optic.
The Catholic fair at the opera house,
on January 24 to 21), Is for the bencllt of
both parishes.
Judge J. N. Scott, special agent ot the
government In Indian depredation claims,
is quite ill at his rooms In the Monte
zuma club. He has an attack ot pneu
monia, aud though somewhat improved,
Is still quite a sick man.
11. 8. Falvey, who has been so long in
the employ of Gross, Blackwell & Co.,
celebrated his sixty-ninth birthday
Thursday. It Is doubtful It there be an
other man lu the territory ot the same
age, who Is as active aud can do as much
work as Mr. Falvey.
Pat. Seville, postmaster at Liberty, who
is now In the city to enjoy the tonic ef
fects ot higher altitude, says that the ac
count of his being shot at aud run out of
his place ot business, to which he could not
return for two days, had no foundation
The Ice house at the Montezuma Is
being filled, the crop being hauled from
No, 1 reservoir by teams. About 10,000
tons will be harvested, and it Is expected
that over 600 etrs ot loe will be hauled to
Las Vegas for the annual supply. The
ice is fifteen luches thick and very clear.
From the KxHminer.
J. A. Reel will open photograph gal
lery about February 1st, In the Yeeder
block, opposite the Plaza hotel.
Miss Carrie Dubree pleasantly enter
tained a tew young lady friends yester
day afternoon, complimentary to Miss
Mabel Milligan before her return lu a
taw days to bar work at Albuquerque.
The claims of Juan Joee Nieto for about
,7,000 losses by Indian raids years ago
are being examined by Special Agent
Longhary at the office of Messrs. Yeeder
,k Yeeder.
In an Inlertlew with City Physician
llobblna Thursday, ha stated that all
stories that there Is any smallpox in the
city are pure fabrication. He has had
rumors brought to him several times aud
he has tuken pain to hunt np the re
ported cases but has not found a oue.
Klbt Vrara In Wallara.
Aud still ruuulng the old Wallace 26
cent short order restaurant at Thornton,
N. M. Kstahllshed lu Large favors
"uiurhas gracias." Small ones graded
according to size. Jiu Sinu.
Th niack Jim S Gang.
James Batrd, representative for Joe
Nations, while purchasing eattle some
two weeks ago uear Casaa Grande, Mex
ico, met au American friend who told
him he had Just come from Black canon,
where be fell lu with the "Blackjack
gang." He sal t that they had plenty of
money, and It Is said hey have burled at
least seventy thousand dollars on the
hank of a small creek, an affluent of the
Ysqul river. No effort seems to be made
to molest them by the Mexican author
tiles, as they are spending their money
freely among the natives. Dona Ana
County Republican.
Whs Can This Hmt
It lit rumored, and the rumor, It Is said,
can be substantiated by facts, that cer
tain ex-Judge and now a prominent offi
cial of the territory, was one ot party
who sat In a game of poker with two
confederates, who, taking advantage of
an unfortunate weakness ot one ot the
players for an over Indulgence In liquor,
got the man drunk and won all the prop
erty he possessed, leaving him almost
penniless, says the Dona Ana County Re
publican. The three men were after
wards heard by a fourth party talking
over a division of the spoils. What
makes ths matter worse Is that the vic
tim has a wife and family dependent
upon him.
Some Interesting Details From the Penn
sylvania Railroad Shops.
There has recently appealed a detailed
statement ot the cost of constructing at
the Altoona shops of the Pennsylvania
railroad shops a sample Qrst-class, mod
ern, np to date, luxurious passenger car,
and some of the ltenii are of Interest.
The wheels and axles represent a cost
of $332 :tr; the trucks upon which the
car te-ds costs $53:i 'J; the air brake rep
resents 131 75; the seat fixtures, twenty
five in number, cost fjO 50; the three
bronze lamps, (13 o1'; the two gas Links,
HI;the chandaiiers, 50.71, and the Item
of screws, which might not appear to be
an Important one, $ol8.
For the building of a car like the one
ieken In tllii-tnttli n. 2, 4 SO feet of poplar
wimmI, 3,131 of ash, l.lno of white pine,
2,350 ot yellow pine, 450 feet ot hickory,
400 of cherry. 700 of Michigan pine, 600
of oak, and 4:il. of maple veneer were re
quired. To build the car there were required in
addition thirteen gallons of varnish,
forty-five pounds of glue and nearly 3,t'0
pounds ot Iron, exclusive 1 f 8 K) pouuds
of Iron castings.
For the furnishing of the car there
were required sixty-nine yards of scarlet
r lush, forty four junls ot green plush,
sixty-one yards of sheeting and 213
pouuds ot hair.
'Die springs on the rar seals cost
1317; the biikit racks rost 77.30; the
sash levers 1 1 J; the bronze window lift
21.40, ami the gold leaf tor the embel
lishment of the woodwork, 14 uS. For
the window (listeners 15 47 worth of
material was required; the two stoves
cost 77.51) and the tin used on the root
ot the rar 11 41
The labor iu thn construction ot .he
car represented a c wt of l,2ti.')l'i, bring
ing up the expenditure to more than
4.4i .
Immaculate Cone pti m Kurly mass
at 7. Children's mass at U. Suuduy
school at 11:30. High mass and sermon,
10 JO. Vespers, Instruction and benedic
tion, 7:30.
Presbyterian Church Corner Sliver
avenue and Fl'th struct. T. C. Beattle,
pastor. Services at 11 a. lu. and 7:30 p.
m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Y. P. S
C. K. at 6:45 p. m. All cordially Invited
Congregational church, Broadway and
Coal avenue, Frank II. Allen, pastor.
Services as usual at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
m. The evening service will be evangel
istic. Subject, "The Perishing vs. the
Permanent Klemeuts in Life." Sunday
school, l):45 a. m.j Y. P.S.C. K., B:30 p.m.
Seats free. A cordial welcome to straug
ers. Lead Avenue M. K. Church Corner
Lead avenue aud Third street. Sunday
school, 10 a. iu. Preaching at 11 a m.
by the pastor on "Methods of Christian
Work." Class meeting, 12 in.; Junior
League, 3 p. iu ; Kpworth League, 11:30 p
m under the lead of Mrs. Bishop. At
7:30 p. in. a revival service conducted by
the pastor. A. C. Welch, pastor.
First Baptist church corner Broadway
and Lead avenues: Preaching at both
hours by the pastor, 11 a. m. aud 7:30 p.
iu. Morning subject "The Ready Armed
and Armored Soldier;" evening subject,
"The Kthulc Response to Chilli's Relig
ion." Young people meet at 0:30 p. in,
Mr. Fred Burdick, the president, iu the
chair. Sunday school at l:45 a. ni., led
by the superintendent, Dr. W. S. Brayton.
All welcome to each ot these hours of
St. John's, Kplscopil First Sunday
after Kplphauy, morning prayer at 11 a.
ui.; celebratiou ot the holy communion
with sermon at 11:45 a. m.; evening song
and sermon on the Litany at 7:30 p. m.
Masters Springer aud Thatcher will stug
a duet at the offxrtory. Ths Daughters
of the King, St. Agnes chapter, will meet
at 4 p. m. The Litany will be said next
Friday at 4:30 p. ui. The annual fes
tival of St. John's Sunday school will be
held next Tuesday night at 7:30 In the
banqueting rooms of the opera house.
Highland Methodist church, south
Arno street between Silver aud Lead ave
II ues, M. Hodgson, pastor. Preaching at
11 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. by the pastor.
Buuday school at 10 a. iu., II. C. O'ltear,
superintendent. "Busy Bees" meet In
the church at 3 p. ui., Miss Bertie Stln
s u, president. Kpworth League services
at 0:30 p. tu., Mies Lizzie Ridley, leader.
You are cordially Invited to attend any
or all the above services. We shall be
glad to see you aud will try to do you
gooy. Strangers especially welcome.
Corns and bring your frieuds with you.
"Prepare to meet thy God."
Highest Monors-World'a Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Pare Orspe Crcaa ol Tartar Poascr.
Contract Let to Sink a Deep Two Compart
ment Shaft on Albemarle.
A contract has been "let to Norman
Rletcher by the Cochltl Gold Mining
company for the sinking of a two com
partment shaft on the principle mine ot
the Albemarle group, and work was be
gun during the week with three shifts of
men, says the Biand Herald. This con
tract calls for the sinking of the main
shaft J feet below the present 80 foot
level, to consist of two compartments,
timbered each fx4 feet In th clear. The
hoist Is In position and Is being need In
the fulfillment ot the contract mention
ed. Considerable other development ot
the several mines ot the group Is under
way, there being over twenty men now at
work. The surveying for mill and other
building sites Is flnltdied. An xilloe and
steeping apartments for the snperinten
dent and civil engineer Is completed and
being used. Contracts have also been
let for the construction ot a large new
Itoardlng house and bunk house for the
men employed In and ahont the mines.
Ths construction of other necessary
buildings will soon be started.
The first wsgon will go over ths new
road to-morrow, for about that time a
short stretch along the hillside entering
Colla canyon will be finished and create
a through roadbed, which will require
but little more work to put It In con
dition for the transportation of the
heavy milling and mining machinery
expected soon to arrive and be hauled
through from Thornton to the Albemarle.
Information from Denver has It that a
recent test on a five ton lot ot Albemarle
ore at one ot the cyanide plants at Flor
ence, Colorado, shows aa extraction of 00
Iter cent of ths values. Other tests by
the Pelatan Clerlcl process of Deliver
prove that all the values contained In
the ore were practically saved. Prepar
ations are making for further tests ot
large quantities of the mill ore, in order
to fully demonstrate the exact cost of
treating the same on the ground.
rrx or Chare la saflferera.
Cut this out and take It to your drug
gist and get a sample bottle tree ot Dr.
King's New Discovery, tor Consumption,
Coughs aud Colds. They do not ask yon
to buy before try lug. This will show you
the great merits of this truly wonderful
remedy, and show you what can be ao
couipllshed by the regular size bottle.
This is no experiment, and would be dis
astrous to the proprietors did they not
know it would invariably cure. Mauy of
the bent physicians are now using It lu
their practice wilh great results, and ure
relying on It in most severe cases. It Is
guaranteed. Trial bottles free at any
drug store. Regular size 50 cents and
1. J. II. O'lllelly A Co.
Prom Dons Ana County Republican.
Ihurmau Hat tori, son of Robert C. II a t
k n, is rapidly recovering from his at
tack of pneumonia.
Theodore Rouault shipped a car load of
cauued tomatoes Tuesday to Lesslusky A
Co., ot Kl Paso,
Lol.min's mill has now 6,000 fanegas
ot wheat ou hand and more coming which
is constantly keeping the mill running
off fl iur that finds a ready demand.
The rumor that Mr. Booth, at one time
agent ot the Singer 8ewlng Machine com
pany ot Las Cruces, la dead Is aald to be
false. He and his wife aro now separ
ated and she Is livlug In Colorado with
her children.
The following persons united with the
Presbyterian church at the communion
service last Sunday: Professor aud Mrs.
Brady, Professor and Mrs. Miles, Mrs.
Alberta 8. Cowan, all by letter, aud Mr,
A. A. Anderson by profession of faith.
The body of C. K. Conway was brought
from Sliver City last Saturday and laid to
its final rest beside that of his beloved
wife, lu the Masonic cemetery. Ilia
brother, Thomas, accompanied the body
from Silver City.
The Las Cruces aoequla commissioners
met last Monday and elected F, C. Baker
president, Nnma Raymond, treasurer,
and William Dessauer, secretary. It was
decided to put more work on the corpora
tion ditch In conjunction with Mesilla
to secure full water supply at once.
Iu the case of J. P. Casey, Sr. vs. The
Rio Giaude Laud company.lt was de
cided by the board ot arbitration, consist
ing ot Judges McFle and Newcomb, that
the RIoGraude Laud company vers en
titled to permanent rights to the ditch
ruuulng through their laud, but requires
the couipauy to construct contra ditches
and that J. P. Casey was entitled to no
A Hlg Mlnlug Dnl,
Attorneys Stanton and Williams, of Kl
Paso, accompanied by K. L. Giroux aud
David Murphy, mining experts, arrived
in Las Cruces this week In the Interest
of one ot the greatest mining syndicates
In the world, which includes among Its
members some of the greatest capitalists
ot Kurope, Including persons ot the high
est titles. This syndicate Is represented
lu this country by Clark Bros., of Chicago.
Messrs. Murphy aud Giroux are the ex
perts employed, Murphy being their rep
resentative in Cripple Creek aud other
points. The syndicate owns the cele
brated Jerome group of mines aud cou
trol the Culled Verde company, both In
Arizona. It Is also claimed that the
Priuce ot Bulgaria, brother of the king of
that country, Is a member.
It is their intention, if arrangements
can be made, to bond all the best mines
in the Organs, Including the Bennett
Stephenson, Memphis, Modoc, Black
Priuce and others aud it everything is
satisfactory they will purchase the stock
in such of the mines that prove satisfac
tory, paying tu three, six aud nine
mouths, allowing thirty days to examine
the mines. They will work the mines,
giving 25 per cent royalty.
It is their further intention, it they
find the output will justify to build a
smelter at the mines, presumably the
Hen net t Stephenson aud construct a
tramway to Las Cruces for hauling ore.
All the leading stockholders in the
Beunett Stephenson have algued the
agreement aud it Is almost certain that
the owners ot other mines will do like
wise. Too much praise caunot be given Wil
liam Ryuerson, who was the first to
bring the great mining resources ot the
Organ mountains to the notice ot these
Should an agrecmeut be reached seventy-five
men will be immediately set to
work on the Bennett Stephenson and a
corresponding number on other mines.
It ta the luteutlou ot the company to put
over two huudred aud fifty men to work.
Dona Aua Couuty Republican,
Mrs. Kate Etter
or Missouri,
Oured ef Mar Oimm by Or. Ml
Nw Hart Cure.
VZ4 TV-'
MB. KATE F.TTKR wrote from
Neohi, Mo.. In March last. "Two
venrtaifo I was ererrlv troublod
with my mmnoi h and kidneys, and a treat
aflllrtlnn so unnerved me that my condition
became alnrmlnp. The teleirniph hrourht
a prominent physician la a consultation
which mulled In no brneflt. t went to
Wyomln for rhnnse of cllmste without
benetlt. mnm hroiuht
tini-k to Atchison where
ELS - . yil nureii worked with ms
fT. mu ,.. ,i,io. , v...
me allre 10 rea 'b my
frlert.is nrr. .My hear!
I'e'-nme no nad that my
frirnu pira up all
Ii-ipd. I rei.'an taklnc
Ir. Mllen' Heart Cure and Nervine alter
nately and wu retop (1 10 hi alia It It now
monrht tlnce nnd I am ncrfccrly well."
Ir. Mile' Remedies are told by all drof
(lull umW r a positive guarantee. 8nt oottla
bene li-i nr n.one.v r funded. Hinjk on Heart
and rtv : T.t free to alt nppllerinu.
ML Ml MX Mriitf A I, CO., Elkhart, Ind
From the Chieftain.
Col. K. W. Dobson, of Albnqnenjne,
was attending court here this week.
The Graphic smelter at Magdalena
blew In for another campaign the first of
this were .
Mr. Olllett of the firm ot Warren. Per
gusson & Olllett, attorneys at law. was
In Socorro Thursday, courting.
CapL Wattelet has been laid np this
week. One of his legs, which had been
wounded some years aua Is elvlnir him
considerable trouble.
Hon. W. B. Chllders, United Slates at
torney tor New Mexico, was In the cltv
last Monday lo iking after matters before
me l nlted States court.
Charles K. Newhall and J. K. Saint are
down from Albuquerque to attend the
trial or cases In which the Albuquerque
National bank la plaintiff.
Hon. K. W. Clancy, one of Albuquer
que's most ahle and prominent lowyers,
was in the city a part of this week look
ing after his cases before the district
R. W. Monroe, the genial landlord of
the Monroe hotel, is confiued to his bed
seriously 111. He had aa operation per
formed a tew days ago to remove a
chicken bone that he bad accidentally
swallowed. '
The Firemen's ball, given at the opera
house on New Year's ova, was a grand
success in every particular. The attend
ance was large, everything was pleasant
and orderly, and all who were there
passed a remarkably enjoyable evening.
James and Hereford, the two bright
and gentlemanly young sous of CapL A.
B. Pitch, ot the Graphic mines and smel
ter at Magdalena, were welcome visitors
to these newspaper headquarters one day
this week. They were on their return
from their holiday vacation at home to
the Territorial University at Albuquer
que, where we aro informed they rank
among the first in their classes.
Hucklea'a Arolea Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfactou or
money refunded. Price 20 cents per box.
For sale by all druggists. J. 11. O'lUelly
Ik Co.
What We Waat.
Wo want to clean up every dollar's
worth ot winter goods In our store. Yi e
want to start in every season with an en
tirely new stock. We want no back num
bers. But more than anything else we
want money wherewith to buy a big
spring stock and are quoting prices, which
caunot fall to turn our winter stock iuto
cash quickly aud surely.
- Simon Stern,
The Railroad avenue Clothier.
Hlgheet Caah frleee raid
For furniture, stoves, carpets, clothing,
trunks, harness, saddles, shoes, etc.
Hart's, 117 Gold avenue, next to Wells
Fargo Kxprew olllce. See me before you
buy or sell.
I I"
-....i L...t M,u..k.. ii,ur i iff Aeay.
, ..t Lii.itt. e...it uiel furevt.r. I man
I .Ol (if llf.l m rl,. uii.l .1 1 .Lu
Hat-, t in w.imler vrnrli. r, rhut make weak men
lining All druKKlHta. Wo or II. Cure guaree
leed Booklet and eumpla free. Addreee
Sterling Kernedy Co, Chicago or New Vera.
A Horrible A re I U at.
Fred. Pierson had the sight of his left
eye destroyed at the Beuuett mine last
Sunday. A friend banded him a newly
made candlestick to Inspect, which was
made of heavy wire, and it being yet hot,
Pierson threw it around, catching the
hook end of the wire ia his eye ball, tear
ing it out entirely except the pupil. He
Immediately came to town, and under
Dr. McCounel'scare Is Improving but can
uever recover the sight of the eye. Doua
Aua Couuty Republican.
How'a This.
We offer Oue Huudred Dollars reward
for anv cmmh of Catarrh thut au,i..
J - ' - . wuw
cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure.
r . J. iHKNaT t o., Toledo, O.
We, the underslgued, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, aud believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions and financlailv able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
Vkst A Thaix, Wholesale Druggista,
Toledo, O.
Waliuko, Kinnan A Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure 8 taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood aud
mucous surfaces of the ststem. Testi
monials sent free. Price 16c per bottle
Sold by all druggists.
Nu-To-Him' fur ririy Cinia.
(;uarnud Mtatxi habit eerti, make weak
uum airuus, bluutl uuta. too, it. All drutfa'Uti
Charles Burgess and Harry Karl, ot
Champaign. 111., who are ou their way
to the Sandwich Islands, reached Albu
querque last night aud will stop over
here for a tew days. Mr. Burgess Is a
brother ot Mrs. George W. Stubbs.
Maple syrup, purest article, ouly fl.SC
r gallon, at A. Louibardo'e.
,A Dr. M
r ,R)atofva) jro
4, MeaKhI
Cor. First sad Gold,
81 atl First St.
100 Bold ave.
S Sift
n 1 r
Horse Owners, Attention
- BLANKETS - : -r --- 3
For SAleby "31 ANN," The Seconl-St. Satldler.
Nftttv and
Building Paper
always in Btoca
First St. and Lead
h 1... Saj iar ri iia-V 1
Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works
R. P. HALL. Proprietor
Iron and Brass Cast itufsi Ore, Coal and Lumber Oars i Bhaftlnfr, Pollevs, Orate Bare
Babbit Metal I Columns and Iron Fronts for Baildlnffii Repairs on
Mining- and Mill Machinery a Bpeoialty.
a"01d Reliable's
Wholesale Grocer I
Oar Lata Specialty.
Farm and Freight Wagons 1
ThoiiMmW are Yrjleg It.
Tn onlnr to rovo tha groat merit of
Ely's Cn-aiii llitlui tho most t'lrnolivo cure
fur Culanli and I wl I in lii'ml, o have ro
parrd a ReuurntH t ml aii fr 11) ritt.
Ui-t it of your ilm t or H.-ml 10 i c:ita to
ELY 1UIOS., Til V.irrLi 111., Y. Cily.
I an fie veil from c ' irrli nf t'i ' wnr-1 Uiml
ftvt mnco n l..'i '' 1 ' b 'l'"' '"r
cure, but lily's 'rt-1.11 i'l.lin urine to ilo
even tliut M my in'-piuiM inn lmT titfil
it with eHloiit ri'iuli: . ; ) ..car Oatruiu,
45 Warreu As., Cliicutf , 11U
Ely's Cream Unlm is tlia scVnowli'ilil
enre for catarrh ami oontiune no cooitiun,
aieroury nor any injurious driiR. Trice,
SO oauta. At drutfKts or br nwiL
From the Kegiater.
During tbe quarter ending Dei-ember
31. 181)7. Postmaster Mitchell Informs us
tbat the postoflloe at Cerrlllne did bus
iuess to the amount of $ 10.313. This
represents an Increase of business oyer
the last quarter.
W. H. Weed, of San Pedro, recently
deeded to N. O. 8trumquist goods and
stork valued at 12,000 to (3,000. Our In
formation Is tbat the deed was In the na
ture of a (rift. Mr. Weed goes to Old Mex
ico to reKule.
Mine Cora Brydon, who bus been In Al
buquerque for some time, came up to
Cerrillo during the holidays to visit ber
parent, Mr. anil Mrs. James Brydon, re
turning to the Duke City last Haturday
There are a few vandals In every com
munity. One of these mischievous and
V.Motio creatures recently threw a rock
through the church window at Madrid
and struck the organ. The Instrument
was damaged.
Robert Blair, a young man working at
Madrid, died Monday morning ot a throat
disease. He was about 21 years of age
and was an Industrious, eieuiplary eeu
tlemau. His mother realties iu Cali
William Dlnsiuore, aged 48 years, died
at Madrid last Friday morning, after a
brief illness. The funeral took place
Haturday afternoon, Kev. Kdward Lebre-
ton performing the Impressive funeral
service ot the Methodist church.
A report has been circulating quite
freely that there Is smallpox lu Cerrillos.
A physician assures us that there Is not.
and has uot been a single case of that di'
sease. He in for ins us there are a num
ber of eases ef measles, but there Is uo
smallpox nearer than Han Marcial.
James Kox, who Is engaged In getting
out Iron ore at Ulorletta fur the Mary
Mluiug and Smeltlug company at Ctr
rillos, was called home by a telegram an
nouueing the llluess ot a little daughter
The Illness has developed iuto a clear
case of measles.
Dr. C. B. Itoan, recently from Missouri,
lias taken out naturalisation papers in
New Mexico, aud Is now a resiileut of
Cerrillos. The doctor came from as Hue
a section of Missouri as tho sun shluea
npon, but was attracted here by the
health giving climate. He expects to re
main In Cerrillos aud build up a prai'Mce
in hie protedaiou.
Wholesale nl Kctftil iWler
Sold Cheap fnf C'snh or on
tl e Inatallmrnt I'lan. Alati
rented at reasonable rate.
I Albnqnerqi, New Mexico,
A horse cannot g-ct
them off, no matter
how much he rolls
or tumbles in his
stall or paddock.
You will find It
You will save the cos
of Blanket in Feed
and Labor in less
than three weeks.
It keeps the hair
sleek and the horse
always dean.
SiiY Diiort
Lint, Ciatat
Situ Flints. Itr
Ave., Albuquerque.
OanrlM th LrtrMt tuid
Moot MaWaaftv tftook off
-:staple : groceries:-
Te be foaad aoatfcweat.
1'lomhing. Whitney Co.
GasOtttng. Whitney Co.
Visit The Kconomlst art department.
Lamps aud trimming. Whitney Co.
Keuinant Bule at the Big Store this
I'se pasteurised milk and cream It you
are sick.
Goods sold on the installment plan.
Whitney Co.
Largest assortment of candy, figs, nuts,
etc., at A Louibardo's.
New lot ot teas, at the usual low
prices, at A. louibardo's.
Outing Hi n ne I waists at special prices
this week at the Big Hlore.
Ilighset prices paid for gents' clothing
at Hart's, 117 (iold avenue.
Houses furnished complete, on the in
Htulluieiit plan. Vi liltuey Co.
Acknowledged the best, the Majestio
range. Douuhoe Hardware Co.
Your pick of our cloak stock at lowest
possible prices. The Kconomlst.
Insure your life in the Kquitable. Wal
ter N. Parkhurst, general manager
High grade cloaks at prices of Inferior
qualities at The Koonomist cloak sale.
If you want anything In the binding
or job printing line, call at Tuk Citukn
Leave orders at the "Iceberg" for
Pabst's e i port and "blue riboou" beers
iu quarts aud piuts. Charles M. Geach,
a (frut.
K. K. Trotter calls your attention to the
fact that you cau buy of lilin cheap for
cash, or credit, and have tbe choice ot
the beet stock lu the city.
Blank books ruled to suit you. ledgers,
journals, etc. (iive us a call and exam
ine our stock, whether you wish to buy
or not. 8. K. Newcomer.
A penny saved Is a penny earned, but
you will save dollars by buying Cerrillos
anthracite aud biluiuiuoiis coal during
this cold weather. Halm & Co.
Kor the dance: New lawn and caiubrlo
nuderHkirts with deep r utiles ot lace and
embroidery, all made new umbrella
style, just in, at The KcouomlsL
A fresh stock ot the following cheeses
Just received at Trotter's: Club bouse,
tirick, Hochfort, Kdaiu, pine apple, sago,
liuibi.rger, imported Uwiss full cream,
Now, about that old stove of youm?
Throw It away aud get a Majestic range.
The difference iu price Is soou forgotten
when you have a convenience like a Ma
jestic range lor years to come. Donahoe
Hardware Co.
Table damask worth ttOc, now 4oe per
yard; table damask worth Hoc. now tioo
per yard; table damask worth $1.40, now
f 1.10 per yard; table damask worth jl.To,
now ll.Ho per yard, l eu yards "Krult of
the Loom" muslin, 4'c. Itosvuwald Bros.
l-Mui-iite Your Itnwvle With Caarareta.
Cii-i'ly ':itti;irtlc, cure i-on.tlpanmt forever.
10l, UTk: lr V. C. C fail, ilrutoo.u rcf ulii) uiodu
That at Tiik Citi.kn olllce you can
have printed :
Visiting cards,
luvltttiiou cards,
Letter beads,
Bill heads.
or any other kind of commercial print-
1..... l.. Or.., ..1.... U ..-I. '
.u K ",u uini-uiaw uiuiunif . n ore UHauy
and promptly executed and at reasonable
rates, ciive us a trial aud be oouvluoed.

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