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Absolutely Pur
fnoe. Hduhw Kdltor
W. T. MoOhkibht, Bos, Mkt. and City Kd
Aaaortated Prms Aflornoon Telegram.
Official t'apor of Bernalillo vrvty.
OiHmal Paper of City of Alhtiqnrqna.
I.argil City and County Circulation
Th Largmt New Moiioo Circulation
Lanrmt North Artsnna Ctrrnlation
TBI psopls of llarana will soon bar
eaust to lone rnniMubxr ttie alaliis.
Ir the war la of any length the I nttod
Slates will uuiioubMly lurads 8palu.
Thiri ars oo wagon road la Cuba,
and tha invading lulled States army
will b eompell to ate aitennlr park
ArsTHALU U twenty-ilx times M
large aa the In I tod Kingdom, Bfteeo
times aa large aa Kraooa and almost
equal to the Putted Stale.
Tui Denver republican baa made ar
rangement whereby It will receive the
war report of the New York Herald In
addition to Ita regular aervtee.
Tag announcement that Ueneral Lee
will be eommiHMloned a ma ir-general
and will coniiuaud a dlvinlou of au army
of Invasion If aeut to Cuba, will cause
much satisfaction througliciit the coiiu
try. Thi Raton Reporter aayt: Albuquer
que la taking the lead in organising vol
unteer forcr in the territory, In cane of
war with Spain. For that purpose there
la no doubt but that Mew aUilcu will
furnish tier full quota of soldier.
Thi Oregon battle ahip la ploughing
It way along the eastern coast of South
America, and will aoon complete a voy
age of 1,400 miles from San Kranclseo to
Key Went. It will reach the scene of
war In time to kink few BpauUb war
ablps. -
Bpaih has offered to veil the Philippine
Islands to Germany for twenty million
dollars' worth of raw materials. Spain
has mighty little hold ou the Philip
pines, and It would be a coutldenoe gams
if it should get twenty millions from
Thi oCQaere of the National Volunteer
Beserv announce that If II Is necessary
1.000.000 soldiers can be readily enlisted.
Prom all over the country comes the
same story. The war spirit is rampant,
and at a call to arms the ranks would be
filled with alacrity.
The possibility of an attack upon New
Turk Is giving the president and cabinet
grit -it deal of eonceru, and It is conced
ed that such a dlviioiua would accord
with the Spanish character and history.
They must give up Cuba. There is no
question of that, and by so doing they
wlli enrage the population to degree
that may cause them to overthrow their
throne. But It they could retaliate by
the destruction of the American metro
polis the natural Spanish thirst for ven
geance would b satiated and their
throne might be saved. In other words,
the common people of Spaiu, who have
great deal of the savage left in them,
might be reconciled to the loss of their
most lmportaut colony if they could de
stroy $200,000,000 or :ioo,0oo,0oo worth
of property In New York.
Some idea of the situation of the pres
ent Spaulsb government may be gained
by glancing at the changes it has uuder
goue during the nineteenth csntury.
The reign of Verdluaud VII., 1 WW-133,
saw the beginning of the end. Insurrec
tion at home was followed by Invasiou
from abroad. The troop of Napoleon
overran the eouutry and for a time
Joseph Bonaparte occupied the throne.
The colonies in America revolted, gained
their Independence and were recognised
by the United States in 1823. Interfer
ence In Spain's behalf, which was at
tempted by the Holy Alliance, was
promptly checked by President Mouroe.
l uder Inabella II., the daughter of
reruiuana, tue couuiuon or Spain was
not Improved. She held the throne by
virtue of her lather decree revoking the
Balio law, out her right was disputed by
Ferdiuaud's brother, the first Don Carlo
who began the loug series of unsuccess
ful Car list wars. Isabella's eieesses pro-
rosea a revolution in itxvi. blie was
banished, aud has since resided In Paris.
A provisional government, Auiadeo of
Italy a king; again a provisional gov
ernment, a republic under Castelar aud a
dictatorship through Serrano followed
one auother In rapid succession. In 1876
Aipuonse aiu a son oi Isabella II., was
crowned king. He died In 183 and til
son, born live mouth after his death,
now occupies the throne.
During all three changes the down
ward course of Spain ha continued un
checked. Colonial revolts, Carilst rebel
lious aud corrupt adtutulstratlou have
drained the treasury aud bankrupted the
The first call for Uud service beyond
that made on the regular army is to be
directed to the national guurdsmen of
the various etule and territories, aud
these will muster in considerable force.
A conservative antiuiateof the strength
of th national guard places it at 116,000
men. They are not directly sul Jt to
the nrdor of the president, but If called
nponbythe governors of the cnmnim
weslih tin y wiitiM be required to take
th' Ir chance in war.
Of this number New York would sup
ply nearly lnn, Pennnylvanla would
give 8 (Win, and Illinois would give near
ly6.oo,. As for the rV.nthern states.
South Carolina would give nearly 6 Boo
men to the servlre. Texas would be able
to fwrnUh Snot) while Georgia wou'd
give nearly 4,ui0. New Mexico has an
effective force of about 500 rnn. The
great majority of the men are ynnng and
are filled with ambition and military ar
dor. They have received training In the
btrracksand armor Is and at national
The notional gua I will prove to be of
linmeuee service In war, and will be re
I lei I on Implicitly to do hard fighting on
any occasion. There Is every reason to
believe that the militiamen and others
who enlist, will show themselves at lat
as capable and valiant as were the cltl
in soldiers who took np muskets In the
Oo. In fact, military training has be
come Very general In the I'nlted States
during the lat two decide, and those
whojudge the volunteers of I81H by the
volunteer of iwil are likely to be sur
prised by the superior knowledge of
arms and camps shown by the present
Tin great spring rariug carnival
promises to be the blggeit thing thi ter
rilory ha ever witneseed, aud Is attract
ing more attention ttiau any fair ever
given here, lhe betting privilege Is let
in San Francisco. Albuquerque will be
full of visitors from Hie neighboring
states and town.
Thi ladles of New Orleans are endeav
oring to raise 10UU tor brauie statue
of J. J. Audubon, the naturalist, to be
erected In Audubon Park, New Orleans.
They hope the city will present pedes
tal tor Ik Audubon was boru on a plan
tation at Uaudevllle, La.
Turn is a good time to remember the
words of Josh Biillugs:
" ' Tlirlce armed Is lis who hath hit quarrel
but luur times h who rU ln Ink lu luat."
Ta UiwlMt illaewvery I'.l.
W. U. Keplue, editor Tiskllwa, III.,
Luiei, says: -we wou t keen bouse with
out Dr. Klug's New Discovery lor Cuu-
suuipuou, oougus aud cuius, fcxperl
uieuied with maujr oilier, tut never got
tue true reuiujr until we used Dr. h.w
Ar Discover. No other reuieuy cau
take lis place lu our home, as lu it ws
bave a ceiuiu aud sure cure tor oougli.
colds, whooping oougli, etc." It is mio to
experiiueut wiku oiuer remedies, eveu II
lusy are urgud ou .you a just as good as
Dr. klug's Aw Discovery, i hey ars not
as good, oevause this remedy has a record
ol cures aud besides is guarauleed. It
uever tails, trial hollies Iree at J. U.
O'Kiellj & Co.'s Urug stole.
Land UOtre Uualuiu.
For the week eudlug Tuesday, April
It), the following homes lead eulries were
made lu the Lulled Slates laud olllcs at
Saula Fe:
David Cjuiniaoa, Mora county, 100.10
acres; Nasarlo Ueuavlilrt, Juslo Ortego,
San Miguel county. 16J acres each; Frau
Cisco Baca, Sau aliguel county, 107.U7
acres; Francisco Vigil y Uoutoya, Sau la
Ke couuty, 100 acres.
David Wuiutaua, of Mora county, paid
I a i.zo per acre for o.IU acies excess laud.
for or .lit 7 laars.
An Old and vt kix-Thiku Kkhkuv.
Mrs. niuslow's ttoolhiug Byrup has
oeeu used lor over tidy year by millions
oi motuers lor tneir cuildreu wuile leein
ing, with perlevl success. It soothes the
dtiild, solleus th gums, allays all paiu,
cures wiud colic, aud Is the best remedy
tor diarrhoea. It Is pleasaut to the taste.
4old by druggists lu every part of the
world, i weuiy-Uve oeuis a Oollle. Its
value 's incalculable, be sure and ask
tor Mrs. M luslow's SoolhlUK Svruu. aud
oke no other kind.
United States HArtUal for Hew rtexlco
Allowed Six Deputies.
A change has beeu tus.de lu the manner
of empluylug aud number of deputies In
the United Stales marshal's olllje. The
marshal is allowed sis assistauts, Ave
ollloe aud one field deputy, aud they ar
paid a stated salary. The force at pre
eut consists of J. J. Sberldau aud A. N.
Codingtou lu the ollloe at Santa Fe; T. F.
Farnsworth, at Silver City, who will at
tend to the work in the southwestern
part of the territory; Clprlauo Baca,
of bocorro, whose field of action com
prises Socorro aud Beruulillo counties;
Charles Ballard, field deputy at Koswell.
The couutiesof Sauta Fe, Taos, San Juau
aud Hio Arriba will be atteuded to from
lhe main office, aud an appointment tor
lhe counties of Uuadalupe, San Miguel,
Coital and I'niou will be made lu a few
Regular meeiing of Ada Chapter No.
5, 0. K. 8., this evening. By order of the
Worthy Matron.
NkixiiM. lil'TLKH, Secretary.
Walt I H alt I Walt I
I have lust received word that m or
der for 1,000 ladles' low-cut shoes, or
dered last winter fur the unrlm in.ld
caiiuot be oaunLHriiiuiidu.1 iui mui. ..f ttl
shoes have already beeu uiade. I Will
oner some rare Dargaius lu this Hue of
slioes as soon as they arrive, which will
be wllhlu ten iIhvs or twn unii 'n,
slock will ooutaiu all sixos aud it will
pay luieuuiug purchasers to wail until
ihey arrive. A. biMHiuti.
Atlaatlaa, Odd rslluws,
Albuquerque Lodge No. 1 meet this
evening. There will be work In the first
degree. All members requested, aud vis
itor Invited to atteud.
A. D. Johnson, N. Q.
J. A. Con l.EY, Secretary.
Americans are the most inventive peo
ple ou earth. To them have beeu Issued
uearly tioo.iWJ patents, or more thau one
third of ail the paleut issued lu the
world. No discovery of modern years
has beeu of greater beiielit to mauklud
lliau Chttuiberlalu' Colic, Cholera aud
Dlarrhu) Remedy, or has doue more to re
lieve utTHriug aud palu. J. W. Vaugu,
of Oaktuu. KyH says: "I have uwd
I hauiberulu' Colic, Cholera and Diar
rljut itemidy lu my family Tor several
years, aud Hud it W be the best meiiiuius
1 ever used lor cramps lu the stomach
and bowelH." For sale by all druggists.
Wlua fur aala.
Native wlue, pure aud healthful, at
only 60 cen Is a gallon at C. A. U ramie's
north Broadway.
The cycling season is now opening and
the prevslllug question Is, "H here can 1
get the beet wlieel for th money 1 care
to Invent)1" Let us kunw your price. He
ar certain to have a wheel that will fit
It. He have good wheels only, but hav
iniuy styles at many prices. UahnACo.
Yard wide percales, only seven cents a
yard. Match it If you cau. Golden Rule
Dry (ioods Company.
Room moulding. H'hltuey Co.
Reports of the Collectors Prom
Twelve Territorial Counties.
Th collectors of th following potintie hav nud return ti the territorial
treasurer of the taxes pollsctel for th month of March:
: a s U lil ?
Bernalillo.... lo$ H5 h 441 (lis .7...... s Th7"7
lw. nil? yti. KI4 III OW I .. .... I ij HU
ls..7 VU.I 01, 1101 (Hi 70 7j 177 4!. 1.6.160
Socorro 1HM.-, 1IIm Hjr.l 07 in in
lemi I km mo an lii air, 4H
,. , , !M"7 4r,li UJ VMM Bl 7h -j tI el 41 7 7. Sft7
Valenrla .... Ism; vo ho or, oh i 4,. see iim h4
hiii Misuel li 27 w H Ih jr. tons
ll"l 1M Mft 7 Ml III I H 7
. .. '""J 4HS Ofi 14'IMH 4 HO 84 7 S7 17 ' 115 411 7 81
Santa re Ir 70 0;i ao 41 II MOM
iHIMIj 7141 'JO 4 IPM I ,J u I
,, , 1 Htw 4U 7 10, 17 74 S I 17
Lincoln lsr, h 47 '4 4m ... liii
ISMil 47 It 'J 13 KM III. hi 47
Wi i lH 184 111! SS- '" Si 7 HI
Slrrta Ixwr. mil V 7r, j t, 1rt
imiim nun,! I hi; r,o , 4 a-
!"'' 7 Mj IS Ml Hi H mi s 40 CM 74 .'!
Hoii.An. ... lhn. 40 h:ii mm o: . ., no -h
IoiiiI fto hi 17 4.', I,h i...'... 77 S7
lei'7 4tt M7 It Oil 8 4:. 17 Ml 4:1 M'J 47 i 4I
Chaves mm M J 1 lr R 07
1H.OI 50 an 14 Hftl 4 Ml
"" l OO 6 ui " 15 43 4
Mora lens a 40 hs jM
lnr MJ iini H'j in,,
I Sim S Mil 1 uo 01' 4 SO I
immii aa M7 e M7 a:i si 7 1
IHMV 100 45 84 MM 5 41. 7 14 17 MC. S 71 174 71
Tim lHii.i 711 aa 07 1 op
Ihmii 19 15 S 55 04 " 15 74
'sin 7 mi 11 a s i a 70 e 411 bo r.x e.
Kddy ISHii 145 so 4155 o; ,, ... Ins ss
lss7 77 sa us 7:1 6 HS 13 Mr ""im latsi
Herbert Goodman receired the sad In
telligence of the death of his mother,
which occurred lu New York City.
Territorial Assembly Housof the Ameri
can Keroiuttou have elected the follow
ing-named olllcers: President, II. K.
Kohlusou; vice uresideut, J. W. llenliam;
secretary, L. W. Cogitlus.
Silver ri'iniLllcaiilKUi secured a strong
recruit In Lir. J. 11. Kord, who reslgus
the chairmanship of the republican ceu
tral committee because of dlssatlsfactlou
with the moiisiary views of the party.
The governor received a communica
tion from Texas luquirlug the where
abouts of A. I. Uulliou, formerly ol llutto.
Williamson couuty, Texas, who Is sup
posed to h," lu this vlciuity. ills mother
is anxious to hear from him.
Pat. O'brleu, who arrived la the city
from Jerome, where he has a family, was
arrested here and brought before Probate
Judge Crouse ou a charge of lusauity.
He labors uuder the hallucination that he
hears strange whispers. Us was com
mitted. Her. Calvin dburn who tor the past
two years has tilled the pulpit at the
Christian church loft the city tor Los
Angeles. Kev. Ojburn has made many
frleuds In this city aud one aud all wish
him uubouuded success lu his new Held
of labor.
Kd. Hellers, who was seriously crip
pled some mouths ago by being thrown
Iroin a wagou and the same ruuulngover
blui, was given assistance by the board
ol couuty supervisors to return to Flag
staff, where be has friends, lie Is still
badly crippled but will In time, It Is said,
eutlrely recover.
Articles of incorporation of the Globe
Gold Mining & Milling comoiUT were
tiled with the secretary of the territory.
lhe capitalisation Is 750,000 aud the
priuclpal place of butlness will be Globe.
The Incorporators are J. H. Hauiiuill,
Miles W. Gibbons, Charles Holxuiau,
John Kasser aud George J. titouemau.
Dr. J. C. Norlou, territorial veterinar
ian, returned from California, where he
weut a week ago to investigate the dis
tressing cattle situation which has beeu
prevailing there. He visited several
counties aud will submit his report at au
early mestlug. Bheep are belug shipped
out of the state by thousands, most ol
them eomlng to the northern part of this
J. li. Johnston, of Maricopa county,
Arts , through his attorney C. M. Fra
iler, has euiered suit for divorce against
his wife, Kauule C. Johustou, of Kaunas
City, Uo. He alleges, among other
things, that his wife took a shot at him
with a revolver on August 'JO, 1HU7, lu
Kansas City, Mo. He avers that she has
been cruel and Inhuman towards him.
Dr. A. M. Tuttle, who his beeu linger
ing for some time uuder sort of paral
ytic attack of the braiudled YVeduesiUy
morning shortly after 6 o'clock, lir.
Tuttle has been a resident of Pboenls a
number of years aud has built up one of
the best busluessee lu the city in bis Hue.
lie was enterprising aud prosperous aud
owned oouslderahle laud lu the valley
aud some Uue property lu the valley.
A. J. liauseu, charged with the murder
of Carl Zech, was examined in Pboeulx
by Justice Jobustoue aud his preliminary
examination set for this afternoon, lie
waa committed to await examination
without ball. Aaron Powell, futher-in-law
of Hansen, who was also arrested for
complicity, the charge belug assault
with a deady weapon, was arraigned and
trial set for this atleruoou. Ills ball was
set at l.Coo but as the sum could not be
furnished be was reuiauoed to jail.
Miss Alice Wiudes Is visiting her sister,
Miss Stanley Wiudes, lu Preeeott. She
expects to open a term of school on Groom
creek next Monday,
City Kuglueer J. J. Fisher on Tuesday
afteruoou measured the water In Granite
creek aud In Aspen creek Just above
where the stream empties luto Granite
creek. He found the flow amouuted to
2-'7.000 gallons lu twenty-four hours In
Graulle creek aud 147,000 gallons la As
pen creek.
Dr. Day started to sink a well recently
on a piece of land owned by him between
the Miiler valley school bouse and the
county hospital. Yesterday the work
men bad reached a depth of sli feet,
when they were driven out by the Inflow
of water. The doctor thinks they struck
an underground channel. He will put
steam pump luto It to enable blui to sink
Prescott has voUd for the uuaanes of
I I 4.ail7 08 l.aOS Sl 7 07: ISO l 47!l Oil' 56 sol s.stu sol
ilRO.OOO In bonds for the Installation of
municipal water works and sewerage
system. The vole was practically unan
linoux, 411 to baud comprising nearly
the eutlre polling strength of the city.
The Preeeott Courier says: Nine votes
were cast against the Flagstaff water
works proposltiou aud nine votes were
cast against the Prescott water works
proposition, which would Indicate that
anti-water works people ruu la gauge of
nine In Arizona.
Mrs. A. Invsen, residing at "M Henry
street, Alton, in , suiiereil with sciatic
rheumatism lor over eight mouths, fllie
doctored lor It nearly Hie whole of this
time, using various remedies recoiu
meuded by iriemis, aud was treated by
Hie physicians, but received uo relief,
due lueii useil one and a half bottles of
tliamberlaiu'a Pain halm, which effected
a complete cure. Ibis is published at
her request, as she wauls olurrs similar
ly alll.cled to kuow whul ouretl her. 1 he
lit aud 50 cent sit for sale by all drug
gists. Alligator Captured la Arlaona.
Au alligator eleveu feet loug was cap
luted holiday lu a lugoou leu miles be
low Vuina. Arlsou. ine saurian was
roped, co boy style, while suuuiug Itself
ou a saud bauk, by several Yuma ludlaus,
aud was tleil up In the same mauueras a
wild bull won. J bave beeu baudled. The
captors proudly towed It to Yuma aud
here louud a purchaser. Alienators are
very rare lu the Colorado river, aud IhU
speuiuieu Is the Ural captured for many
A Clever Trick.
It eerbtiiily looks like It, bnt there Is
uo trick atHiUl it. Anybody can try It
who has lame back ami weak kldueys,
malaria or nervous troubles. We tueau
he cau cure himself right away by tak
ing electric bitters. 1 ins medicine tones
up the whole system, acts as a stimulant
to the liver aud kidneys, Is a blood purl
tier and uervu tonic. U cures couslipa
liou, heailnche, fainting epells, sleepless
ness and melancholy. It Is purely vegeta
ble, a unit! laxative, aud restores the
stele ui to its natural vigor. Try Klectno
Bitters and be convinced that they are a
miracle worker. Kvery bottle guarauleed.
duly titty cents at bottle, at J. U.
U'Hielly's drug store.
Working uo lbs Suialtar.
The spring weather has been unfavor
able for woison the Sauta Fe& tiraude
canyon railway, so the contractors have
placed their entire force at work on the
grounds aud errctiou ol the uew railroad
smelter at Vt I lams. All the uiachiuery
Is ou the ground aud the smelter will be
complete May Is. It will mainly be
ued in the reitii'tllon of the rich copper
ores of the Uraud Cauyou regiou.
The Food Drink- y
is the greatest builder up of weakened
systems. Malt Murine is prepared by
the tsiiious Auheuser Uuscli Brewing
Ass'u. which fact guaruiitees the purity,
exoelleuoe and merit claimed for it.
Ddlegates f rum the Young People's so
cieties of the city met at the Congrega
tional church last uight and organ i ted a
City Union of Young People, Prof. J.
Harvey Ward was chosen temporary
chairman aud Miss Mabel Milligau tem
poral y secretary. The following peruia
ueut otlluere aud committees were then
uamed: Prof. J. K. Smith, president;
Miss Oigood, vio-presiileut; Miss Ida
Summers, secretary; C. W. Ward, treas
urer; lookout committee. J. A. Suod
grass, cliuiriiiitn, Maud Summers, Mabel
Alger; pTayer meeting committee, Wni.
Bryce, chairman, Annie Tolan, Ilirdle
Au lutiiresilng part of the program to
morrow, of the meetiug of the New Mex
ico Congregational association In the
Congregational church, will be the ad
dresses of Hev. P. A. Siiupkina and Kev.
K. H. Ashtuun, ou the subject, "Is there
a decrease of the sense of siu aud guilt?'
Auother iuteresliug feature will be the
horn glveu to the meetiug of the New
Mexico Woman's Home Missionary soci
ety. Aud all of the women of the city
who are Interested, and those who would
like to become Interested lu home mis
sionary work are cordially invited to at
teud this service at 4:3 p. m.
Highest Honors World's Pair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Pars drips Creaa el Tartar Powstr.
- 'w-r .., , '..1
u- 1
c -
. 1 n . a U ,171
tub S'X1. ISI-iZSVEO
Finest Whiskies, Brandies, 7ines, Etc.
JOSEPH BARNttTT. Proprietor.
ISO Wst tt road Kwm.. Ihoonerrea
,0e S0' iilVsl5 ALL
25c 50c i3J3L& DRUGGISTS
mestic Coal in ust. Yard
opposite Freight Office
A. J, CRAWFORD, Agent.
New Telephone No. f 4
Old Telephone No 25
Leave ordersTrirnblc's stables
Honest Goods
Honest Price.
See Me
Before You
The Favorite.
Buy or SelL
Car. Molri Ar. mnn a too St.
New Telephone tin, S04,
IKm't lulHirru ,! hn, k tour I ire An.f.
To f'itt U.Icro easily unit fnrevur. lie in
netlo. full or life, norvs on.l viRor, take Nu-1t
Bae. the wnnilitr wnrkrr. Hint maltr weuk mrn
ttrong. All druiislita, Mo or II. Cureruanm
teea Booklet and samp la free. Addrens
Btsrllof Hamad? to, t'taloaso or New York.
Wanted A ronipetent woman to lake
eare ot children. Mrs. Louis lifold, ul
west Copper.
wanted To bnv a -mail Darrel of al.
fa I fa land, one to three acres, neur citv .
Ad. Irene, giving price, f. 0. bos 2ol. ell;
Madam Nohmand. Claihvotasi
Palmist ami Magnetic Healer. can be con
suited on all allairs of life. (Jive lovi
and lucky rharra. Will pall at residence,
no eitra charge, llil'i South Thiro
street, up stairs.
for Sals.
For 8ale flood saddle nonv: drives
well single and double. No. 413 south
To Sell Two modem 8-room cottages:
two horses; three wagous; all kiuds of
household gouts. VY. V. r'utrelle.
Cows for sale I have several good
milkers; kind and gentle. Address John
K. Jarvis, oostntllce box Ht. or call at res
idence, No. 402 West Hilver avehue.
Kor Sale Bar and fixtures and billiard
table, etc. Kverythlng romnlete. At the
corner ot Heooud street and t'opper ave
nue. Any one wishing a gmsl bareain.
call on M. lragoie, becsuse between now
aud the Ursl ot the month he Is going
out ot business. M. liragoie.
Notloe Of tllMoltttluB.
To whom It may lu any way concern:
Notice is hereby glveu that the co part
nership heretofore existing between W.
K. Mclaughlin and John 11. Norton, do
ing business at Kort V lngate. county of
Bernalillo, territory of New Mexico, uu
der the Urui name of W. K. McLaughlin
A Co., is hereby dissolved as per partner
ship contract. John II. Norton has taken
entire charge ot the busluess ot said
flriu. John II. Noiiton.
April 11, 18"8.
liiliii-ule our li
i. n I n.
C';m ijr ( :ill1.lrllc. rmi'
kOc.lSki IIC.C C full.ilr'
iii m rrluinl niouu'
We are now prepared to show what
we believe to be the best assortment of
meu's hats ever brought to tills territory.
Krniu a 25 cent cloth list to a Stetson,
and we think we can suit the most fas
tidious In that line and probutilv save
you a little money besides. It dnu't met
anything to see them. Simon Stern, the
lUil road avenue clothier.
Ara tau Id lit
Have you a new jeweled belt? If not,
why uolY Perhaps you bave not yet
seen ours. lH) so at once.
Take Laxative Hromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If It fails
to cure. a&o. The geuulue has L. B. Q.
on each tablet.
IllshMt Cash rlM falil
Kor furniture, stoves, carpets, clothing,
trunks, Harness, saddles, shoes, etc.
Hart's, 117 lliild aveuue, next to Wells
Cargo Kinross ollloe. See me before you
buy or sell.
l.i'fl litiily r.u. So.
aii.1v t'.iiliiii'tu', tlie nioal won-
.in lil in. !., .il il
WTV of tliu H'l, II t'llil'
ilil Mini I i-fl.-hl
In tin lumii, ui l vi lli ly
uml imitivi'iy on kiilin'i a, liv it mid liowela,
i'Ii'Uiihiiii' tliu ciilir aiariu, illntrl colila,
rum hruii.iriio, fivir, lialiliiinl ronnliiulion
ami bllioiihnea. l'li'sse buy ami trv a Imix
of V. C ' lo diiv; 10, ;."i. .' tt'iim. riuliiaud
guarunteoii to vura by all drugials.
Hoaaahuld Gooile,
For next thirty days I will pay highest
cash price for household goods of every
description. Don't sell until you get my
bid. X. A. WuiTTKN, 114 Uold avenue.
To I'ura t'ouallitn.M rurtiver,
Talia r .Mivreis ';:m!v ..nur.ic too urtM.
If U IL II lull tucire. aruk'ai.. r. luua aiuuny
Handsome, ready-to-wear units for gen
tlemeu at special bargaius this week, at
The Big Store.
Good cigars by the box from 73 oeuta
p al Lombardu's.
Nectar for lhe Gods
Can tie drawn from our soda
water fountain during- the hot
weather. When you feel tired
and languid, there is nothing
that will restore your vitality and
spirits so quick as a glass of our
cold, sparkling soda water. Our
syrups are made from pure fruit
juices, and we serve them with
phosphates, ice cream, eggs And
crushed fruits.
nnuoaien m.
Death Stops
Your Salary
Salaried men should
assure, for their salary
ceases at death.
Business, professional and
working men should
assure, for their brains
or their muscles are their
capital as well as their
Death stops them both.
Assure your lite, and
death cannot stop that
income or steal your
capital, and your loved
ones will be saved from
M.ny good companies
But only one BEST
"Stronseat In the World."
General Manae-er,
New Mexico and Arizona Dept.,
Albuquerque. N. M.
Wholesale nnd Retail, from
nlic to $4 per double roll.
Good Work
at Reasonable
us West Gold Avenue.
eiaaT STaaiT,
BALL1NO BROH., PanraraToas.
WeiUiug CakeT a Specialty !
Wa Dastrs Patronage, and ws
OuaranUs rirst-Claaa Baking,
rslrvranh oritrraaollclled and PrnmpUv flllaa
Gall at Headquarters for
Leather, Durness, Baddies, Baddlnry,
Kaildlerv Hardware, Cut Soles, Bhoe
Nails, llanies, Cbalna, w hips. Collars,
Sweat fails. Cantor till. Axle Grease,
Huston Coach Oil, I nto Negro, Buddy
Harvester Oil, Neatsfoot Oil, Lard Oil,
HurnessOil, Lluseed Oil. Castile eiosp.
Harness Soap, Carriage Sponges
CliHinois Bklu, Horse Medicines.
Prloa the Xjowaat.
Hlgliest Uarket Trices raid tor IHdes
and hklus.
Thos. F. Keleher,
40 Railroad Ave Albuquerque.
All kinds of Fresh and Sa
Meats. .. .. ..
Steam Sausage Factory,
Manafaclami ol and Uaalet
Tbs Bast Xastarn-Mads V.hlclas.
Pine Boi se-Shoelnc a Specialty.
Kalis taction Guaranteed la 411 Work
RIalring, Painting and Trimming
Dona on bhort Motiua. I i i i i i
Shop, Corner Copper It. id. Flnt 8
aLSEgeaaQDa. ft. M
SacreUrj Mntual Bulldlo, luocUtloo,
OBn al 1. C Baidrldca's Laaibar Tai4.
Whitcomb Springs and Health Resort,
Eighteen miles east of Albuquerque, N. M.
OxieiT A.11 tlie Yecti.
(Jood arc in;o lations at reasonable rates. Th; ftillowing it the
analysis of one of the various springs at the Resort:
Sodium chloride, grains pt;r gallon t97
Calcium sulphate, gra ns por gillon 1460
Calcium carbonate, grains par gallon ....... , 8.1896
Magnesium carbonate, grains per gallon 1.5168
Total 11. 3371
Water delivered in the city. Conveyance leaves Albuquerque
for the springs every Wednesday and Saturday morning.
Order slate at O. W. Strong's, corner Secoad stivet and Copper
avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
H. C. WHITCOMB. Proprietor.
BA.MPZiia zioom. 0L1UD xaooxtxa.
"The etropole,,
Th Bt and Finest Liquors and Gears, Imported and Domestic,
Served to All Patrons.
w. v.
Cor. First add Cold, nreoK1
o. jcvxs.xaxa3aat)
NatlT and
Boildlar Papar
Sukii 11 iisaaCasJi m Wh ill-j iri?cAa-rg
always in ovoos
First St. and Lead
3"01d Reliable"
Wholesale Grocer I
Car Lata a Specialty.
Farm and Freight Wagons I
Ladies' Ruttor ir.tl
ST A. a
"Hi. 1 STuuUJ ITT1 1"-!' .IIM3"
Good Goods at Low Prices.
113 Railroad Avenue. Albuquerque. N. M..
Tbs newest and best good (rom the
leading potteries ol tlx world, in wholesale
or retail. Choice table ware, elegant toilet
eta, beautiful vaaesi a full line of gUtaware,
bar goods, lamp chimneys and burner,
enameled ware, tinware, broom and
bruthea, toy and doll.
J. 0. GIDEON & CO.,
Hew and Second-Hand Furniture
Furniture bought, sold, rented and exchanged. I Ugliest
cash price paid for all kinds of household goods. Get
others' bit's and we will see them 10 p-:r cent better.
AU goods sold cheap for cash or on installments
2XTO. 1 1 X 2ortli
(BaMMBnrs to frank at .not.
Finest WblsUes, Imported and
Ta Droleat and Hltlet
Finest Billiard Hall In tho Territory.
Finest and Best Imported and Domestic Cijrars
Wliolfsalo and Ketail Dealer
housi:hoTi) noons
Mild Chrap for Ca.h or on
ttir InntMllmrnl Hlan. Alaii
rented at reaaunaLle. ratea.
Albnqnerqne, New Mexico.
nth, Doom,
BHnJi, F'.uiir,
I'll, CjOHQt
Glut Paia;. It-
Ave.. Albuquerque.
''mH tha Laitrmt and
iiixt FlUlull. niorh ul
-rsTAriK : groceries:-
T 1 a. faaad Sontbwaat.
H ""1
tiff. rfrrrT'.l
A complete Stock of the
Douglas Shofa . ml clippers.
Shoos of All
PIrot 23 1.
- - N. M.
Domestic I'wi sail Cc
Cnie of Ufcr Semd.

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