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i i rs
the excellence cf syrup OF nGS
la due tint only to thf originality nnd
simplicity u( the cnmMnntion, but itlmv
to the care and skill with which It Is
mannfacttirril by it iitillo ttm,-i-H!ua
known to the Cai ifihima Fio Syrup
Co. only, and wo wlnh to IniprvMt iiin
all the Importance of pnrrlmsinir the
true and original remedy. A the
Pennine Syrup of Kitf- la mannfarttirrd
by the Calipohsia Kici Syrup Co.
only, knowledge of thnt fact will
aiat one in avoiding the worthleiej
Imitation manufactured other par
tie. The lilh ritunilinir of the C'Al.t
rolistA Yin Nritrp Co. with tlie medi
cal profcaalcitt, and the autUfuotion
which the ircnnino Syrup of tig has
given to million of fumilira, tnnkes
the name of the Company a jrtiarnnty
of the excellence of Its remedy. It la
far In advance of all other laxative,
aa It acta on the kidney, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, ami It rloea Dot (Tripe nor
nauseate. In ordertoget Its beueflclal
effects, please remeruher tho name of
the Company
MN raNCIsc, Cat
l-ortsTiu r. T. wrw b.ta
Terma aff aabeerlptloa,
Pilly. by mill, one year f s. 00
Paily. by mall, alt mnrtthe H I 00
L illy, by mall, three months 1 60
Lilly, by mml, one month AO
Puly, by rsrrier. one month 7ft
Weekly, by mail. ief year t 00
Tub Daii y Citizen will be delivered In
the rlty at the low rate of 90 centa per week,
or for 76 rents per month, when paid monthly,
Tr.eae ratea are leaa than those of any other
1ally paper In the territory,
t DVKHT1SIND KATKS marie known on
i application at the uttire ol publication.
I'llK CITIZKN ob ofllce la one of the beat
tn the emithweat. and all kinda of fob print
n ta ciecutrd with nestneas and si lowest
"IMIK rMNDK.KY, Inst artrlerl, Is complete
s .nd well tilted to do sny kino of blndina.
TIIK C1T1ZKN will be bandied at the ofllce
1 Sutirrlitliiii. will be collected by 11. 11.
Tn.ToN, or can be paid st the oltice.
NIVTICK la hereby (Iren that orders siren
by employes upon Thb Citizbn will not
b tbonorea unless previously endorsed by the
THK CITIZKN la on aala at the followlra
rjlaree In the ctty: 8. h. Newcomer, Via
HNlirfMld avenue; llawley'a News lleptil, South
Second street ; O. A . M itteon Co a, No. lioft
Kmlrnad avenue, snd llarvey'a haling Ilouae
at the depot.
pilK KKK LIST The free Hat of Tsl
Citiism embraces Notices of Kirths, Mar-
. frunerale, Drutha, Church Services and
entertainment, where no ailmiuMton i.rharaed.
kdltora and Puhllahers,
Keep llulet
and Hue Cainberlalu' Colic, Cholera and
llinrrhoea Kerned? for all pains of the
stoiimrh and all unnatural oot)euHa of
the bowel. It always cured.
J. 1'. Richards, Bt. J.su'idi. A. T ; J. C.
iMifT, iMirartfo; M. J. Marvin, KanNaa
Clly; II. K. Wood, I'lilltnlflpliU; Mrs. K.
l'oimrd, Mlsa T. J. lilelelter, lila' d; G K.
Kulins, lieuver; H 8. Church, Chicago.
J J KlHtii-r, I'reeTdU; I rs. K. C. Wor
rell and loy, (Jcorne I). Carter, I. an Vetraa;
W.J AtklioNin, KatiHis t'Hv; W. C. alo
Donald. While Oaks J- M. ridl:ip and
wife, Arkansas City. Khiihbh; K. M. Mur
phy, Denver; C. A. hliaw, Loa AtiRfles; V.
1. HoeklUi', l.SH cpaa
A. ( KiiIiIiih. II. II rmiy. n; K. K IIulT
niuu utid wife, hrie, i'Miin.; K. ('. 8lisw,
llHtleiiKint, A. r.; ti D. Ilotd, La hkhm;
.lolm K. llliikle, I-iauo Adair, Clliituu,
Nev J James A.Martin, Chart. 11. Kvatm,
KaiiNaH Citv; H. J Met'rackeu and wife,
l'll!liiir(f, l'enn.
Itewsrs ol Ololmtnu r.irCsthsrr tbst Coa
utlu Mrrury,
as uteftirjr will surely destroy the senne
of Hiuell and completely deraiiK" the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Much articles
should never he used except on prescrip
tions from reputable physicians, as tfie
tl intake they will do is ten fold to the
(r Kd you can possibly derive from tlicin.
lull's Catanh Cure, manufactured by K.
J. Cheney & Co.; Toledo, U , contains no
mercury, and is taken internally, actlnu
directly u(hiii the biotsl and mucous
sin (tees of thesystym. In buying Hall's
l alar'li Cure be sure you gel the Reuti
iue It is taken Internally and is made
in Toledo, Ohio, by K. J. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials free.
ttrSold by Druggists, price Too per
l-rtif. imrr.
'iof. U. K. Duff, wife and children,
went to Dt'Diiug yesterday morning,
where, on 8rpt. 5, the professor will as
sume bin duties as assistant principal of
the public schools of that city. This ar
raugrment provides the Deiulng school
with an able Instructor and surures that
community a new resident, gifted with
all the requirements of advanced citl-
teuship. Mrs. Duff rightly shares the
popularity of her hiwlmnd. We are suf-
Uclenlly selU-h to deplore the gotsl luck
of Dt'iniiig In this acquisition to her
elucatioual and wsMal circles. 3an Mar-
cial He,
,. nl.o i tvA Ho.
Ml ,-ts t and v t 'rtLh.il Me, the moat wnn
ill. a. id .en i i' v of tlie a,;, li t'ua
tn. t
id i cfr. allot,; to lie liinle, acl tfently
!"." j .-. .1..
ctcstiHiiiL! the entiui avatcui, dlHpel -oltla,
r-iii'o l.cailaelie, lever, lishllunl coiiatlpation
nnd hldmiMicii. Please tiny riuI try a boi
of t'.t'.t: todav; 10, fc". fat centa. buldaud
guarsulecd lo curs by all druPgiala.
Und K
.d,ll...l. .... 1.1.1...... ii . .... .....i l...
K, 1.. H'ashburn as ICsfarws.
The Ore lose on the Schumann stork of
boots and shoes is being adjusted, an ap
praisement now being under way. lion
B. Seiigman, of this city, is acting as up
praiser for Mr. Hchuruanu, S. B. Jacocohs,
of Denver, acting in the same capacity
for the lnsurancrt company, with K. L
Washburn, of Albuquerijue, as referee
It is expected that the work will be tin
lshed Tuesday evening. New Mexican.
Kttucale our ItowcU W uti ua arata.
i an..y riittuirtl,-, cur cmisi .pal mn forever
10c. -V It t: C C fall, orufc'Kii ri t uiiil mouu-
Dealera In Remington typewriter, the
standard typewriters of the world. Can
supply business office with experienced
stenographers to nil permanent and tern'
porary positions, at short uotloe. Ilalin
4 Co.
Call at "The Green Krout" shoe store
for children's and mlnees' sandals and
oxfords, blark and tan, latest styles, 0 to
8, H! cents; (O,' to 11. WJ cents; 11 to i,
f 1; latlles" oxfords, 1 W. Chaplin, pro
prietor. Kreeh vegetuhles, fruits la season,
poultry and staple groceries, at Bell &
Co. 'a, Beooud street.
a M.l p.
i roni the I .leaner.
K. W. Myers left for Alamo Oordo. lie
goes there on business and nny return
Miss Laura Arm-ttrong returned from
the Risme ranch, at which place she
has npent a few weeks of rent.
MIm Kate Mctiinn rettirtnd from a
long stay at the coat on Saturday last.
Hlie left ill l id health wins mnoths ago
and after a eoj turn at various coast
points returns in reetored health.
Messrs. Henry, Holton, R. Rymus, and
Mia.es Viola and I .oil Hultoti, I'ray Drown
and Minnie McCus returned from their
Mptothe Halt lakes,' about 120 miles
southeast of here. The party was gone
about twelve days, and rrport a most
pleasant time on the trip, and at the
C. K. Silvers, formerly editor and pub-
li-ihsr of the Ban Juan Times, and who a
few months ago sold out his Interest In
the paper and weut to 1a Angeles, came
in this week from the wet-1 and wilt be In
town for several days wotklng in the In
terest of an Illustrated folder and a short
d mcrlptlon of the Carbon City.
Prof. Richards baa Issued the follow
ing notice: The public schools will be
gin Monday, September Cth. All w ho ex
pect to attend should be promptly on
hand the Qrst d iy. particularly those en
tering the flr-d primary, as children In
the lirst grade sre only admitted during
the school months of Hrptember and Jan
uary. SAM a ric.
'rom the New Mem an.
The beauty of the city plaza is attract
ing the favorable attention of visitors
and the plaza is well patronized by them.
Superintendent Joseph, of the National
cemetery, continues making Improve
ments, so thnt the cemetery I being put
to line shape.
Miss Pearl Thornton, of Los Angeles,
sister of Mrs. J. D. iiughes, who has been
here fi r th pact six months on a visit,
left Sun. lay sfternoou for bur Los All-
glcs home.
Governor Otero Is expected to return
from Ins easreru trip during this week
Mrs. Otero and little son, who have been
visiting frleiiils in Las Vegas, will return
with him.
K'l Btrgere has returned from Valencia
county, where he has been looking after
his father's sheep ranches. He reports
the ranges In Valencia In splendid shape
an I sheep In Due condition.
A valuable local improvement Is In
progress near the Santa Ks depot in the
erection of machinery for the evapora
tion of fruit. The machinery is now be
ing received at such a rate that the pro
moters of the enterprise expect to begin
operations at an early date. .
Robert CGortuer, the bright young at
torney, who has been on a visit to his old
Indiana home In Goshen, Iud., for the past
month, returned Kflday evening to the
Capital city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sheridan left Friday
afternoon for Silver City. Mr. Sheridan
makes the trip to look after business
connected with the I'nlted States mar
shal's oQlce, and Mrs. Sheridan will visit
some time with her parents.
Robert J. Jessup, an experienced news
paper man, has arrived and has taken a
position on the editorial force of the
New Mexican. Mr Jessup ha4 been con
nevted for Ove years In various capacities
with the Denver dailies and was for live
years editor of the Kl I'aso Herald.
Kroin the Adverliarr.
W uter canyon is a lively place these
Weather experts say prepare for a big
C. T. Brown is kept pretty busy tuexe
The river has caused no trouble in this
vicinity this year.
Mrs. Smiley went to Las Cruces last
week for an outing In the Organ.
Judge K. Buchanan was In Santa He
last week, looking after the Interests of
his clients liefor the supreme court.
Some one took two horses, saddles and
bridles from In front of Allen's hotel at
Magdaleua, the other uight and they have
not yet been recovered.
George W alker, the book-keeper for the
Graphic smelter, now temporarily shut
down, was In the city several days ago on
Ms way to Denver, where he will visit for
several weeks.
The attendance at the School of Mines
this year will surely be fifty per cent
more than last, as a sufficient number of
students have already been secured to
guarantee that Increase. It is probable
that many more will come in before the
Forrest Macnmber and family have re
turned to Socorro to reside permanently.
Some mouths ago they weut to California
to make a home, but after looking over
that state and Arizona, they came to the
conclusion that this city was all right.
SAM MAHt ltt.
From the Hee.
Mrs. J. K. Nichols, Mrs. Countryman
and the baby child of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff
Roberts, are among those ou the sick list.
A good deal of fruit and vegetables,
grown la the vicinity of San Antonio, are
being brought to San Marclal In wagons.
Mrs. K. O. lllood, after a pleasant visit
in Sail Marclal, returned to Las Vegas ou
W ednesday, accompanied by her mother,
Mrs. LaMasters.
Mrs. Kackuer, of San Marclal, through
her attorney, Hon. Silas Alexander, has
been granted a divorce by Judge Leluud.
The plea was abandonment.
J. K. Holmes, representing that excel
lent journal, Thk ALiiryi'KHyiK Citi.k.n,
was Interviewing In San Marclal patrons
oo Thursday.
Miss Stella Bussy, of Flora, 111., arrived
here recently, and Is proving a good sa
maritan to her sister, Mrs. J. K. Country
man, who has been 111 fur a month.
J. N. Broyles reports the receipts so far
this season of 4oO,0UO pounds of new
wheat, lu the netghtiorhood of Valver le
the yield was about half that of former
years, but in other localities alio tit San
Marclal the yield has been above the
average, and the quantity a vail age ther e
I tore much greater than durtug previous
I years.
SILV ER t l I V.
Krom tlie KuterprUe.
bam. Hloau was gored by an aiiry bull
lant week. He lu company with some
other cattlemen, was cutting the polutu
ffnmtiift (lOTfin of soiu On Lulls, (tiki
they could not hoak each other. One of
the animals ra'tght Mr. Sloan on Its
h rus and ihrsw hint against the nails
of the e,,rral, bruising him rnustderaMj
about the IichiI
M A. Cleirg wa quit" severely li'Jnie I
by a co which he ha I stalled fo milk. A
dog rati Into the yard end alarmed the
cow, which then attempted to Jmpale the
di t upoa her horns. The canine got out
of the way and tin infuriated bovine In
trtlng to gore the dog caught Mr. Clegg
on the t (j i dt). lacriaung the il-nh t the
Hie tcrritHi.il tn a d of dental I X
auilners will hold their annuiil mretii g
at the. llice of Dr W. II. White, lu this
city, on September 'i and 3.
J. P. Mitchell, clerk of the Third Ju
dicial district, has moved with his family
to Las Cruces where he will reside p-r-nianently.
B. Walton Is cfllclatlng
as deputy clerk In this county.
Dan Taylor, a protuin lit cattleman
and staunch republican, was In from
Mimhres. Mr. Taylor Is being prom
inently nvutloned a a candidate f, r
county asse-sor on the republican, ticket.
Kd. Sowers was slightly Injured by the
horse he was riding running Into (he
stable and bringing the rider's leg Into
sudden contact with a velil-le In the
stable. The young gentlemen was com
pelled to seek his bed for a day.
Rob-rt Chase, who has heretofore held
the position of foremau npon this paper,
le't for Itrnver, with his wife, Sunday
morning. Clayton Carver, of Allianc ,
Ohio, has accept el the position made va
cant by the departure of Mr Chase.
An Knterprlatng Druaalat,
There are few men more wide awake
and enterprising than J. II. O'RIelly &
Co, who spare no pains to secure the
best of everything In their line for their
many customers. They now have the
valuable agency for Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds. This Is the wonderful remedy
that is producing such a furor all over
the country by Rs many startling cures.
It alwolulely cures Asthma, Krouchitls.
Hoarseness anil all affections of the
Throat, Chest and Lungs. Call at the
aliove drugstore and get a trial bottle
free or a regular size tor fine, and f us).
Guaranteed to cure or price refunded.
It Will lis the Itaat.
The territorial fair this year will le
held from the 27th of rSeptemlwr until
the 1st of October. It promises to be the
very best beld for several years. The
railroads have made extremely low rates
for this occasion and a large crowd Is
expected to attend. The ra'.e from
Gallup to Albuquerque and return dur
ing the fair will be ". Gallup Gleaner.
To tlaaON tits Nyatm
Kffectually yet gently, when costive or
bilious, to permanently overcome habit
ual constipation, to awaken the kidneys
and liver to a healthy activity, without
Irritating or weakening them, lo dispel
headaches, colds or fevers, use Syrup of
Kigs, made by the California Fig Syrup
What lloea thla Mean?
The Citi.kn received a postal card this
morning, containing the followiug "In
formation in the dark:"
''The city is promised several spicy
sensations, coupled with two or three
rich divorce suits. In the next week or
ten days. They are coming as sure as
night, and when they do break loose
the tongues of the goselpers will be kept
wagging for sometime."
Albuquerque has not had a genuine,
up to date sensation, when all the facts
were allowed to come out la public print,
for a long time, and the public Is re
quested to wait, just like the news
papers, for future developments and ask
no previous questions.
Heal Katst TrMnafeia.
O P. Posey to the Cochltl Gold Mining
Co., quit claim mining deed to the Pam
lico pipe or ditch line claim to water
K. W. and R. L. Marksbnry to Charles
Pllkey, warranty mining deed to the
"Monster" mine, Coihiti mining district.
Consideration 2.500.
Franclsquita G. de Mauro to Antonio
Jose Dur.tn, warranty to a piece of laud
In Old Alhuqiieique. Consideration
Marcos Lohato to Salvador Baca,
deed to a piece of land lu Ranchos de
T. 8 Hub! ell, sheriff, to Calvin W hit
ney, sheriff's deed to Ave tracts of laud
In ReruHlillo couuty. Consideration
Trinidad S. de Tafoya to Jesus Tafnyay
Chavez, warranty deed to a piece of laud
situated iu La Ladera. Consideration
Itev. Cruaa' Condition
A private letter received by the editor
of the San Marclal Bee yesterday from
Jersey City, N. J , contained the sad and
painful uews that the Rev. F.dward 8.
('roes, formerly of Ran Marclal, Is now
an inmate of an asylum In that state.
Since leaving here last February his
mental balance has gradually collapsed,
until his only sister and friends deemed
it wise to give him the shelter and rare
of a private asylum.
Kv. Mary llonleu at Silver t'lly.
The Rev. Mary J. Borden preached
Sunday In the Methodist Kpiscopal
church of Stiver City. Her morning
theme was: ' lie Thou Slroug," Kveniug:
"God and Our Neighbor." At 4 o'clock
in the afternoon a uieetiug for women
only was held at which time the subject
was: "Divine in the Human Heart."
J. M. Smith and wife, who came here
from Bland a short time ago. have leased
the Girard bouse, situated ou west
Gold avenue, taking possession
this morning. They will carry ou a
rooming bu.-lness, and expect to have
everything ready for lodgers on or about
September 10.
Hun. W. C. McDonald, who onee repre
seuted Lincoln couuty lu the lower bonne
of the territorial leglelature.'iiow man
ager of the Carrizzo Cattle and Laud
company, U at the Hotel Highland, regie
tered from White Uak. Mr. McDouald
la ou hia way to Amarlllo, Texaii.
Mra. Meorge K. Albright and children,
the family of Manager Albright of the
Democrat, returned to the city laet
ulght, after enjoying a vacation of sev
eral weeks at the Colorado resorts.
"Commodore" K. H. Keut and wife,
who have enjoyed the heated month of
AugiiHt at the Long lieacti reaort of Cali
fornia, will return home lu a few days.
John I. Hlnkle and Isaac Adair, alio
were here yesterday and stopped at the
Grand Central, continued ou to their
homes at Clinton, Mo., lunt ulght.
J. I'. KU'hariU came in from the went
la I night and is at Hturges' Kuropean.
Ue halls from St. Joseph, A. T.
8hnl! hr frrantrcl to rvrry woman.
Thoiiiti(U fail of tlti b raur thr y hare
ttreict trd to jonk after thrir hcHlin in a
wninnnlf ht. The health of a woman'
baliic in ilrrnlent iMn hrr own hrrtHh
timing the tiod of jm.pctiv ninternitT.
The proiir'ttvf timtticr cannot be too par
ticular about hr physical condition. If
lie miffcr from !ma1 wcaktie!, nrrvnu.
tifM or of vi(T"r and vinlity, her chil
dren will 1m weak. pmiT and aiclclr, I r.
I'lv-rce a f avorite Prescription i the only
tinfatliftff cure for all wrnltne and dneme
of the delicate and important Oman that
bear the brunt of maternity. It mitke thr
orv ut atrnnr, healthy, virotou, virile and
tiastic. It tn;ikr the pro-ectivr mother
atroriff and cheerful It rotx maternity of
.t fMTtla. It t-nnirr a Kibv constitution
ally at rnti ff It t the invention of an emi
nent and akillful pecialit. who hm had
thirty year' training in ttm particular
branch, during which time he and hi at.ifT
of phvotcian h:ive prescribed for many
thoti,inda of women. Medicine dealer
a II it nnd an honest dealer will not nnr
tioon von an in ft nor ubtitute merely for
the little add id proM he may make thereon.
"t am thp mother of n ntre nnf'T f'trr anH a
hH minthil. ' wrftr Mi f II Cl"tiifh, i lios
t)ot l.nlmn, ('.Miton (.fl It ' renin't
ive t'w mm Ii prni to t'f. I'irtce'a t--otite
recrirti"n "
I)r. Pierce'a Pleaaut PelUt enre con
at i pat ion. (.oust ijt.tt ion ia the cause of
many disease. Cute the cane and you
cure the disease. One "Pellet" n a
(ten tie laxHtive, nnd two a mild cathar
tic. Inntrifi'ts acl I tbeui, and nothing ia
"juat a- K'--l "
(I'rp.empttitn Kntry No. Vtilw.)
aiotlr for Pntilleatlon.
Land OHi. eat Santa Ke. N. M..I
Aiitfimt 'J, 1 hum. S
Noilce la hertdr rithi ttmt ttte follnwinff
named aettler haa filed not lie of hia Intention
to nuke tln.d iroof in aupport of hia claim, and
that a.tid proof will be made before the register
or re eivcr at Santa Fe, N. M., on September
Ii. imw, vi: Wdbam htii-er, for the SK N
WW, N K' SW4 rV, 5, n N, K il K.
He name the following wltneiwea to prove
In continuous! residence ui)on and cultivation
1 itud land, viti Salvmlor Haclilrha, o C lithh:
N.-onon Mont ova, of Albii(4tiertpie; Manuel
i iiitierrei, of . hilili, and Aniiuittiu Ourule, o
&n Antonio via Albmpiertpie.
Manikl K. Oik ho, Hevftter.
' Keiitlenien, for our complete win of Juvrn
ile liiHiltn lor the holid.iva. ha b net ha four
hook ttntited for little oneg to yro n-up folk.
I- Ii book, eliarinmu, delightful, i aitivatii).
I n t g rtnie from 5tK to t-i.tK Larue t.toka.
e;i.ti oveitlowmii with tiappy .lliitratioit.
rfiiifixlinii tH-Uent. Nothinw like them, hour
lotiths uolden harvent tor riifrtiellr woikera.
Credit Hivfti, h rnght pHiti. ii nicest couiinm
mon. triititt with nainplea of Mil four hook
tree. Send twelve J tent atMinp for pnvttiu
patt only of the pottuu e alone. 1 rop all tritsh
and clear 4:tio a month with out eii limine
Juvenilea. I UK NA I l() .L M K K I'U.N
SPAIN" tncluduiff battlea un aea and
land. Contain all atnnit arniiea. navies, forta
and warships of both natintm, and srHphic
tory ot the irreat victory of the Italian t feev:
tell everyihititf alHtut Sainion( S. hley, hut.
nun ii l.ee and leading roinniauilem, by lion
jHtnri Hankin Vounu. the tntrepu) leader for
C'uha hbre in the hjlla of (.'onurepta. Tfie
greatest war book published; 600 lare pauea;
t'UatiierU llliiHtiatuma, many In m Ii colora.
Mati urge coioreu maps. tiiHHeat door, hiifh
rt couirnlnatona, lowest pen e; only M .7f.
Kach Kulcriter receives grand 1 premium
free, demand enormous; harvent for av eiita;
40 days' credit: fremiti Paid: tiutltt free. Write
to-day. Address The National look Conctrn,
Hep t. lb, tt(ti ueartxirn street. Chicago.
Mr. W. E. Taxtom, Yonngtown,
North Dakota, wrltca about her alrujr
gle to re (fain health after the birth of
her little girl:
"Dkah Mita. riNKHAii: It la with
pleasure that I add my teatlraony to
your Hat, hoping that it may luduce
othera to avail themwlTea of your val
uable medicine.
"Aftr the birth of my little irlrl,
three yearn a?o, my health waa very
poor. I bad U-uoorrhrBa badly, arrl a
terrible benrlntr-down pain which
gradually grew wortie. until I could do
no work. AIho had headache Dearly
all the time, and dizzy feelings. Men
atruationa were very proiuae, appear
ing every two weeka.
" I took medicine from a good doctor,
but it aeemed to do Do good. I waa
becoming alarmed over my condition,
when I read your advertisement in a
paper. I aent at once for a bottle of
Lydiav E. rinkbam'a Vegetable Com
pound, and after taking two-thln'a of
the bottle I felt ao much better that I
aend for two more. After nalng three
bottlua I felt aa strong and well aa any
I think it is the best medicine for
female weakness ever advertised, and
recommend it to every lady I meet suf
fering from this trouble."
Maternity is a wonderful experience
and many women approach it wholly
unprepared. Childbirth under right
conditions need nut terrify women.
The advice of Mrs. Hukham Is freely
offered to all expectant mothers, and
ber advice is beyond question the most
valuable to be obtained. If Mrs. Tax
ton bad written to Un. Ptnkbam be
fore confinement she would have been
aaved much Buffering. Mrs. plukhaml
address is Lynn, Mass.
W ha la I ha N art Mauf
The I.ait Crucoa Iudependeut-Peino-rrat
"It In rumored that tlie Din1t man who
ha made bin appearance lu the preeem'e
of ladles ou the Dona Ana road, about
three tulle north of town, has again at
tempted tn etop peveral young Meiiran
womon who were on their way home to
La Ciuces "
Prof aMy th fellow Ih Allan Kelly,
rteeklug material fur a bHiHattonnl ar
ticle, or tlie kIi wt of Hilly the KM, n ek
lug to Intimidate 'at (iurrett In hia
search for Oliver Le. San MurcUl Hee.
llarklan'a Arulra !.
The bent Halve In the world for Cut,
Bruleee, huree, I'h'ers, Halt Kheiim. Kever
Korea, Tetter, ('hupped llainla, Chilblalnt,
Corn, and all Skiu Kruplluiis, and xwi
tively cures I'llee, or no tay re(inre.
Il Ih tranter! to give perfrt l ralln'ne
tluri or money refumlel. Price 2i cents
er laix. Kr eale by .1. 11. O'Kellly A
ro., DruKKiH'.ii.
The greatest care has been given this
seanun to our ahne Htock. Our fall etork
la complete. The lUuun hoe is htlll in
the lead, and this Hea-ion'H etylea are bet
ter than ever. Oilier makes sIno lu at
tractive shapes. Price always rltfht.
riiaiou Hteru, the Kailruad avenue cloth
ier. i. . .itil) la Jllood l)ee.
("'l.in 1 : ' ..1 iin ir.rt u ilr'ifi .kin. Vo
l-t ai.i y v, i' Ii-, hi ti. I ift'.n 1 .iii'l;, C .if Ji.ir
ti.: i i. .in )uiii lil anl k.i i it f.i-.in, i)
lin iiik u i t he l.iy liv, t ii'i I .lining all im
''llili.h Ii tlie" b.nlv. I!, u'.n t .il.iy In
ll.tlll-h 'illl.'H, lilllirt, I. Illl' In a, 1.1. i, klit.nU,
liti'l tli.il an My twhuiirt e'iiili-inii bv t.ikinK
I'iihi ari-iM,---lirauiy lur Ini i rnu. AW iliug
giMta, s.itil'iii tmii guarantee'!, Jik, UOc,
A. II. Jones and family returned from
their outing trip ou the I'ecos, Saturday
night, and report having a good time,
couriering the amount of rain that full
durlug the time they were away.
Attend our uiid-summer cloeing out
eale, (iood seasonable goods sold at
ridiculuuHly luw prices, Itoaenwald
w '"Y.C ,n n'' roni tiff
VjT1 hhv ffirl nrMlitif in
if f ,JjI 1 hrr' lHini wliM
l J n,nr r.iti any wotn-
J-V 11 i thnt
Cl C-0 llf 1 vrn i tit ended
mtitic Coal in ut. Yari
opposite Freight ftf;f
A. J. CRAWFORD, Agent.
New Telephone No. 164.
Old Telephone No 25--.
Leave orders Trimble'i itablei
A. K. WALK tilt.
S"crela-y Istail Building Hucclstlco
"r, .1. IV llilrMti,', l.itmlKI 1 f e
All kinds o( Frtnh and JSa
Mcat. .-. ... ... ...
Steam Sausage Kactoi y.
MA HO A' V TF.M p l e,
Till It I) STUKh.l.
Low Prica and Cnurtfout Trcalbicnl.
Call at Headquartsrs for
Leather, Iliirneee, Ha.ldled, Hadillery,
Haildlery Hardware, t'nt Sole, hhoe
Nalle, llaniee. I'lialua, W hlie, Colhin,
Hweat 1'inls. Caxtor Oil, Aile liree,
HHton Coach (ill, I nto Negro, KmMy
llarveeter Oil.NeatHfixitOil, Ijird Oil,
llarneee Oil, I. In wed OtLCaetile Hip,
llHrnetw Hih), Cai'lage HKngee
Ctiainul Hkln, Horee Medicine.
rrlo th Iiowot.
Hlgheet Market PtIinvi Paid for II Ue
and Hkln.
Thos. F. Keloher,
40 Railroad Art. Albuqiatrqua.
vibit iTaiaT,
BALUNd BROH., Paoraiarnat
Veidinsr Cakes" a Spwinllj !
W Daclro Patronaga, and wa
OoaranU Vtnt-Olaaa Bklog.
rlrapb ntden aollcltad and Promotlr Pilled
M aunlactoft of and DMlav
Tha Bat aUatwa-Mad TthlolM
Pine Hoi-se-Shoelnt a Specialty.
Batlabvotion Ooaraottd In All "Work
Repairing, Painting and Trimming
Dona on Bhort Nut lea. I I i i I I i
top, Comer Copper Ir. ud Flnt 8U
t BC90B. N. U
Hooot Coodt
Hotuat Price.
Sec Me
Before You
The Favorite.
Buy or SelL
Tha Hmi KauiaOf for rloa.
Mr. John ilatlila, a well-known etoi-k
dealer of i'ulaekl, Ky eaye: "After Buf
fering (or over a week with rim, and my
plivxlclan having (ailed to relieve me, 1
wad ail voted to try t'haniherlaiu'a Colin,
Cholera and Dlarrhma KMiiiHly, and have
the pleaatire of etatlng that the half of
one hottle cured me." Kor eale by all
We have lined Chaiuherlain'e Cough
Keiuedy in our home for many yearn and
hear cheerful teHtimony to Ite value ae a
medicine which Hliould be in every fam
ily. In cou u he and coMh we have (ound
it to l ellieaciniiN and In erouu and
whooping cough In children we deem it
IndieiieuKilile.- II. P Itrrrm, 4127 Kalr
fax ave, Hi. Louie, Mo. Kor eale by all
Nbw Meileo llortl'Ullurl KnelMty.
Kor thlH occaHinn tlekete will be Hold
on 8epteniher il, 7 and H to Hanta Ke and
return for ?:u. ror the rouml trip, with
final limit of Ueiitemher ID. No etop
over allowed. W. H Thi ix, Agent.
To t'tire Cuii.tii''
TftWe I'v.-. ur. 'a .ti.'v i .
I It I! :. In -iir-.
.Hi liir.frr,
in. 1 '. nr 'i-'ns
. r Tina niuuey
Vuu'll MlaalU
If you dou't get nt xt to Home of thoee
Ki ceut elilrte we are Helling thle week.
They are new, liolihy and the lilggeet
kind of a value, ritiuuu bteru, the
Railroad avenue rlotliier.
Hlxheat lti t'rleee feld
Kor furniture, etovei, caruete, t'lothlng,
trunlta, liarneHN. wtililleH, hIiiwh, eui.
Ilurt'n. 117 Hold avenue, iteit to Welle
rargo KxiireMi oinee. bee nie nerore you
liny or eell
l.'Mi'l 1 ,iie . u h; it itml i...a, li.ii 111.- ."!)
To ijiiil t 'lii.-.u i a1- Iv 1 1 ! loieM.r n. linn;
rie! If. lull ol l.li.1 ri ' -rv .i jiij I l ifor, tuLt Mo'lii
Jliu). tliu wiiiiil.-r u ..r.ii r. tti.il ii.uu.-h w. itU iin-D
alrui.g All OrL: ii.ii, Mt ui II. Curuuarau
ce.u IliM'hh't aii'l a.uiipie fre& AiliJr.-a
buirlltig Keaie.lv Ca, Cbliauo or New Yora
Cieep Hetea to rilirlnuMtl.
Kor til- uieetiug of the Ii. A. K. tli kelH
will he eold on Se'teuiler 1 and 2 to
('luciunatl and return fr li.r.'i. They
will lie k'kxI fr return until rienteiulier
l.t, willed limit limy he extend until
Ofloher 2, l'Ji. llieywill lie for run
tiuuoue iiaMeaire onl ill Imth dlreetione
W. B. TlillX.
Ank our wmpner fUHlmnere how they
like our kihhIh. They Hill tell you they
are all nutil aud "awfully t'heap." Ihey
are cheaper uow than ever. Koeeuwald
An experience of year enuhle J. L.
Hell & Co. to furnlxh juel what their cus
tomers want- Urderd eolicited; free de
livery. Competition in priced linporMihle.
Iron't auk how we do it. Yuu do the
ilikliikt at the LlKKent etore. (ioldeu
Kule lry (ioode MJiiipany.
The Hulphur hot mimjikh Ih the Ideul
luouulalll renort within a duy'e ride ot
thle city, fall at W . L. Trimtile A Co.',
ou uortb Hecoud etreet, for partlculare.
Lailiee', MIhW and children's uniHlin
and Camlirlc underwear uow on epecial
eale at (ioldeu Hole l'ry (iotHle Company
Lfcteet novel llee In iximpadour and Hide
OOUlhrl. ItOHi'UWuld llrotliers.
Trunks and teletenpe valisee cheaper
than the cheupeet, Kutrelle'e.
Albuquerque. New Mexico,
SEPT. 27 to OCT. 1, 1898.
Greatly Reduced Rates on tho Railroads.
t T , , ff, T. N. WILKEItSON, President.
A. .1. CUAWFOltl), Kecretury.
-Saloon 4
(ari'tmaoea to a. ka iar acco)
On Mountain Road Near the Citj
A moat nVliirlitfiil rr'rl, where all klnda of
drink, ami tiKHn. are aerved. I'lrnty of ahadc
for viaitor.. C ivr ua a trial.
H. H. Warkentin
Albuqmrqiie Bowling Parlors!
Coruei Klrnt Bt. and Cotpr Are.
The flnrtrt I'nwltnt Allrftln thp AnathWMt.
Nic i.rt to pf-nil th veDLti(.
HaliHtn iUMbei.
Tne Hew Chicago
19 one of the rjloext reeorVi In the
city, aud le auuulled with the
beet and Uueet llijuon.
UEISCH ti EETZLER, Proprietors.
Buleudld Lodging Koonm bj the day,
week or month.
809 Wat Railroad Avenu.
Very Finest Wines,
Liquors and Clears
Thli Htreet and fljerat Aveaae.
Atlantic Boor Halll
Cool Kac Btrn on dnoht tha BnaM Natlvt
Win and Mm vary beat of Bral-claaa
Llqaora. Ultt oa a nil.
ah boad Atskitb, ALaoooaaona.
1 TTOK N K Y-AT-I.aW. Koom 10, Crom
L well blink. Albutiurraue, N. H.
J' Uon and Water Supply, e lamlnatlona and
Keporta. Mnpa, plana ana r.ttmalea. Correa-
tuiiiilenre Siilk iteil. KiMm le. Armljo block,
tor. Urd St. and kallrnail avenue.
a to e p. m. rni l. ntarmp, aa. v., oaici
bunm, e to 10 a. in., anrl 1 u and 7 to p. m
1 aa elevator at Wlillnry a.
Armljo building Corner ot Kalirnad aveun.
and 1 lilru. rlreet. Uitnra, !):& to 11 a. m. 1
In 8 p. tn. Special attention flv.o to ebtool'
and ritneaa. a nf woman.
AKCllITKCT-Klana, aDarlflcatlnna and
tltnalea flirnt.hed (or ail Claaaea or build.
In and arcbitectnial woik. Ottlcai I0B Waal
I. l.rnaa avenue.
KK1CK and realilanra. No. 412 Waat HnM
avenue. Telniih.ineNn.atf. OAi.-a h.ttm
nipm.m.l i :io tn b ;au aun 7 to a p. m.
H. Kaaterday. M. D. J. S. haatrfday, M. D
w. n. ho I' a, m.
I 'KIC K Hi il HS-Ur.lll B a. m. and rrnm
1 BO to 8:80 al.il (rnm 7 to I p. m. Clftc.
ana re.ia. nre, o uoia avenue, auua
guerqua, N. M.
E. J. Al(r, It. U, ,
IV lirna'. (lllue bmirei M a. m. to la BO
p. m.i 1 :0 p. in. to a p. m. Auto. Tel. Mo.
tod, Appoiiititiente maile by mall.
TTOKNhY-AT-LAW, Albngnerqne, N
M. Wmnpt attention alven to all bualneei
peruinlna to the profeMlon. Will practice In
all cnorta nl the territory aud belnte tlie United
iMlem tana orucc.
4 TTOKNKY-AT-I.AW. Onice. room 7,
i N. T. Armilu binlilin. Will practice lo
a.1 tue courta ot tne terrnory.
VTTOHNKYS-AT LAW. Albriguerqne, N.
M. oriicn, room. D and 8, lual KaliooaJ
uana ouuuiiitf.
H. W. I). II U IT AN
VTTOKNKY-AT-LAW, Albuguerijne, N
at. I nine. rirM National bank bulldlna
TTOHNKY-AT-LAW. nima t and 8. N
T. Arlnhn butldlfiK, Albuguergue, N. M.
noKNhY AT-LAW OfMre over Hob
1 rruiin'i nitM-ery etnre. Albuguerque, N. M
iihi.,.,.,., e,,,,, u,ui.-.j, I LaEiaJ
.'nr. IU 1, I,. .,, I )r.n.p.0k
V Blull,.ul ..f tl,. hW.l. .Ml, a.f ,a ... mtW
nrb..lll,. Tl.rt tl. It tiw ..km, nor ....... 1-....
Rra"T. pimp!. PmrrniA
VIbm ron. . wll in.il Menu. Ir..., or lull hot fo.
aa, aW4 ttf Unmm ta. aofcAakO ca eaua. ia.
Kur Hale.
The ealoou and llxtures, cotinlntlug of
pool ttthlcH, etc , with license for gaiub
lintf and selllnK ll'iuors, for sale, Kor
particulars call ou K. Valeutlul, at the
Cochltl naloou, corner Third etreet and
Copper aveuue.
The Uv. W. I). Coelley, of HtiM-kIrld(je.
(ia., while attending to his paetoritl du
ties at Klleuwood, that state, was at
tucketl t y cholera morbus. He eays: "Ky
chance I liHipeued to gul bold ot a bottle
of Chttiiilierluiu m Colic, Cholera and 1'lar
rhoe Keiuedy, and I think It was the
means ot having my life. It relieved ine
at once. Kor sale by all ilruKKlnts.
Nu-Tii ItAe rr viriy Centa.
I iuar iiil-N ,1 l..,,M4, iiiii ll r'.re. miIii-i vealt
dicii .liuii, biuol LMire. boc 11. AUUrug...ta
Cool and comforuble dining; cars on
Hanta Ke route are obtulued by use of
i electric rune.
Korty cents seven feet cloth shade with
fringe at Kutrelle'a.
Suiifeona Ofllre and tMlilrncr over port.
nflica. (Jld Telepliene We. New Tileplinn
1HU. Mra. MaInn Hlalinp, al 1 nftli a hmira,
TO 23 E II 10 LTD A.T
JOHIICA 8. RAYN0LD9 Prealdent
M. W. KI.OlllNOY Vice -President
A. A. KKKN Cashier
KKANK UcKKK AeelHtantCaeliler
'he Bank of Commerce
UatAU i ruKxuaa miai aud UMTjaa LirrrBBA or pumnt.
ellaJia Aaaeeata a4 CeTae. ee DneKlrrl Bvaay aTaaalUat
OaMa lah rBala Baaktmai
I. Oraao, rraeldeal J. C. Baldbidcb, Lnmbar, W. C, Lsoaaao, Caui'.al at
B. r. BGBorraa, Vlce-PralJent. A. Kiaaaaaa, Bleemann Hroe., Wool.
. S.BTaiOBi.aa, Caahlar. A. M. Btkcawaix. Uroaa, Blackw.ll A Co.. Uroaar
U. I. Kaiaaoa. AaalrUnt Caablar. W. A. MAtwaLL, Wbolenle Dnn let.
Depository for Atchisou, Topeka k Kant Fe K&iiwa.
the ST.
Finest Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Etc.
2s.x3zvro jzsvinrwr ktioht.
ISO Wat Railroad At. Albaaacrra.
uThe fletropole"
The Best and Finest Liquor and
Served to
Student of Dr. Phillip Rieord of Franeo.
A enra (aaianleed In every caae nndrrtaaeD when a enre ta prartlrabla aod poaaibla
lnmwrltea, aire! anil atrlctnra eticeilHr cured with lit. etlctird'a f'renrh Kemedlre. Ueceot
caaeaiermanentlrcardwiiiim lUKkK UAVS. NO CUUhHH. SANDALWOOD OIL nor
CtjHilliA aecd Hiermalirrli(iea. ermln.tl Itieae., nlcht emlaalnna, InMimnla, deapondenry ,
raillr-tlly cured. Klrnrd'a metlitid practiced In 11. Wtirld a llnapltal. Carta, ateference: Over
au.OOO patlenta attcceeelullr cured wlttiln the lat nine yeara. Can refer lo patlenta cared, wy
permleelun, lnveatl(ate. Ortlce BU7 Heventeentb aueel, near Champa. Deavar, Cola,
kiiallali, Itranch, lierman Polleli, Kaaelan and Bohemian apuaen. Ouaawllaalaa aod Oa
nlearlea e Citrreeponrlenre anllelllKll
Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works
R. P. HALL. ProprUtei'
Iron and Braaa Caaliiiai Ora, Coal and Lumbar Oarai Dbaftlna;, PuJItya, Grata Bart
Babbit MaUl i Oolnmna and Iron rronta for BulMinftij Riavlra oa
Mlnluf and Mill Uachitwry a rjpeolalt.
Hcidquarter for Dumond C Soap, Curtice Bros. Canned Goods.
KAnsAS Gty Baking Powder, Sulphur, Wool Sax, Stoneware
Housvh at Albuquerque, Kant Las Vegas and
UlorietA. 'ew Mexico.
I.7 10 W ar.
Batalna Nepraaauraoa
e.v.i.tt y llipiar Back.
Heinle I Nound.r.lr.pa
.Ilk Coailort. I Never eleven
Imported French And Italian Goods.
Solo Agents for San Antonio Lime.
New TdephoLe 217. 218, 216
Dcpjsitory for the Santa Fe
rrtfific and the Atchison,
Torek a and Santa Fe Knil
roail Coinimnies.
Authorlx,1 Capital $500,000 Ot
Paid up Capital. Burpltu
and Prollta tin.000.00
in Alfcaquerque, B. H
UIjUIJ uouuh.
Gram, Imported And Domeitlc,
Ail Patrons.
atrletly riinnrlentlal
Railroad Avenue.
Talsphons ICS. llbaqnenjae, 1. 1.

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