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Absolutely Pura
Thou HruHW Kdltor
W. T. IM'muwHT, Una. Mgr. and City JM
AsarwM atari Prass AfUrnoon Telrfrrams.
OOk'lal Paper ot Bernalillo Con . ty.
lAfgHNi city and County ("lronlatloii
The LtrgMil w Motloo Circulation
Utrtrmt Nurth Artsnna Otrcnlatlni
ALBl'Ql'KKQl'K, OCT. 6. I
For iH'lt'gat to Congress,
The regular annual mission confer
f no of the Methodist Kplscojuil ehurcb
will tuse. at Sllter C tjr to morrow.
Notice was received lu ths local Wells-
Fargu siure ifllea that ttis company
had opened i flirt al Ilarana, Matansas,
Santiago and Ueufuego.
Wi.s8 Willie Kills Las besn offered
tlm local- tdliorxhlp of th ttacranieato
Cliisf, putilMied at Alsuio liordo, N.V
00 the Kl Po & Northeastern railroad.
TutHE lu to be an early winter In Ber
nalillo county thl fall. It will com
mence with a eerrre etorm around the
headquarter of the democratic ticket out
later than NoTember 8.
Ir the eon of Jeeee Jamee torne out to
be a chip of the old block, uo one can be
greatly eur prided. It will merely goto
ahow that the old saying about "what's
bred in the bone" baa aeubetantlal baels.
ilEHCHANTU who keep abreaet wjth the
times, by keep: ng a i-tock of the latest
eeaeo liable goods.' u the papers aa a
means of arresting your attentlou.
Watch The Citizen's dUplay adTertiee
mente (or the lateet and bent of erery
thing. The exports of cotton to Japan from
the Uuited States hare Increased from
82,000,000 pounds In lh7, to 100,000,000
pounds in 1HUH, a fact which emphasises
the Importance of the projected traus
PaclQe steamer line, which will depend
npon cotton largely for Its freightage.
The clerk of the school board ban In
struetioui to lumilute suit aalnnt those
who, after be.utf Uotitlrd.fall to pay their
poll Ui. The cleik gave In a IihI yrster
day. and anked that the; be publlHhed.
The uon payrr ought not to get mad
when he sees his name lu public print,
for the schools inuit go ou regardless of
bis feelings.
The anuual reuulun of the Black
Bauge Pioneers will take lice at llllln
boro ou ralurday. October ti, 1878. The
program Includes a graud barbacue,
speaking, sluglng, sports of ail kinds,
graud bail In theeveulug and everything
lu the way of enjoyment. A cordial In
vitation to attend la extended.
Some time ago The Citizen suggested
that lb territory of New Mexico was
greatly In need of a reform school, aud
tn this important subject the KJdy Cur
rent contains the lollowlug timely hint:
The territory needs a reform school for
the boys wuoee parents seem Incompetent
to bnug tueni up properly, while wt
nave normal schools, mecliaulcal colleges
ud luiliury luHlitules lu the territory,
no provuiiuu is made lor the boys who an
bound to nil our proton later in life II
not lake.! lu baud at preeeiit. Kddy hae
a elans of boy who go about breaking
glass In vacant buildings. These boys
should be puulehed, aud a reform
school Is a necessity. A boy
w 10 will break more glass with oue rock
thau he could earn money to pay tor In
a year certainly deeerves puuishment.
'Ibere Is loo much expended on Oovh
whoee parents are able to briug Ihem up
as they should go, su I too little ou the
other class. If oue or two of our normal
schools could bs transformed Into a r
tormatory for boys It would be a gr at
bleesiug to the people of the territory.
ttataxr wis Lots,
Kyes of not only our own eouulry but
of the entire world have been oeued by
the success of the receut popular war
loan. It was a dlntiuct Innovation lu the
Culled Btales, aud evsu for all the world,
for while public securities have thus
been tinted ou the eoutlueut of Kurope,
notably lu Krauce, there has never been
such a wholesale reepouse to tbs request
for subscribers. Aanlelant Secretary ot
the Treasury Vauderllp writes for the
September Koruui an extremely enter
taining article ou lessons ot our war
After remarking that It was no un
eommou thiug to receive a thousand dot
lar bill la au uureglslered letter, he says
"over oue hundred mllliou dollar lu
checks drafts aud certiorate ot deposit
were received from subscriber for the
five hundred dollar aud smaller bond
while the 2 per ceut deposit on the sub
scription for the larger amounts were
wholly lu the shape of oerllund checks.
About tlUtt.6)0,UiU of the 2oo,0o0,00o
bonds Issued will be paid for by mean of
bank paper aud eertlocate of deposit
"Cuder the provisions of the law every
subscription mads by a syndicate, cor
poration or association was rejected, the
Drefereuo being given to ludlvldutl.
The entire loau was absorbed by Individ
ual tilers tor amount loss than I4.MJ.
"Hulf of the loan, more Uiau 1 100,000,
3 , has gone to S'ki.OOO people, each if
whi-m "ubrrlh1 IVH) or l. Th nnm.
her of je.-MH x wh.i siniied tot the, Unl
rear'ieil Hifi.OUi; s'id it they mere nui
tered It 1 1 military rank they wmiM out
numb rl y klmt loo.imn nnr rniy of
regular and toll n'eers enllsti d for the
SpsnNh Anr'rn war. Mainline- at
rt, aid" by Mi", tliey i.nuld fn-m 1 1 vie
1$) nitlM I n( lin that would rarh
rirxr fri- t'ui' at I's honls. (H int
d tia t aa? Imi'i, or f r un Aa-dili g on
t i'.i la telptita. II id 1 II tli-K Intermit
pre ented iheir etilxeriplion with the
eiirie iry attache! It won d he r-qwred
lhr llniM ih rh held In Ui faults of
ih V (V nation tl banks of th country.
8-nie Idea of the eii-rnioin total of fl,
4. . t m i. m (.nlwrlll by fit- SJOOU)
p-'rsnns n.iiy be gain d by a ninprlno
with the amount of money In circulation
la th lulted Mates on August I, MM.
Oil IhHl date the amount of money of ell
kinds In circulation dm tl.lkiu.lusuio.
If the Uuited State had accepted In cur
rency all the Hitwcriptlou oiwln, the
trmtnury would hare abwirbwl vtn
nluthe of all the money lu circulation.
Iiiihi cur Mw ktii
Kaiime ity. (t. 6. rattle K
viiiwt, ll.MU hed. Malkvt, bmt flrui,
oilier Blow, lower
NatIT atceM, ;l i.)d&:t5; I1 "twr-,
'iKiU4U; leiiw Cvi-. i - t3 36; na-.n-cw
and li. IIimm, j iX'a lio; n'M'k
-r mid fee-ieiB, ttullit, $.i
3 23.
.ihiM'ti Hen-iptu, 8'i. Murket. 0 tu.
Lauilw, (I ("Kio.lu; nniUoiiK, 13.3 tf MO.
I btrniro, Oi'l t.lltn Herelpi;
15.KK) lined. .Vi.rk(t, Hlow, bmt lcad,
oln ti weak.
8.-re, f4 ,fr5 "IV; cow end h' lfr-,
i.li4,7n; lein eteer. :l 1H;1 tfo.
Weetcliie, t-i 6 (dl.o0; HtockMIn and Iwd
erx. 1 !04 mi.
8litp iwcflpto, 17,000. Market, aWedy.
.Nuitvm, 2.IWI Ho; wecW rim,
44 4."i; IuiuI h, .l.iuill (Kl.
From the Optic,
Mrs. Human Romero ajid eon returned
(rum Albuquerque, where she had btn-u
vli.itlng h-r iMtieiite.
Wiret tMilla Hubbell left lint evening for
Pajarlto, N. U , where elie hss sccepted a
poAitlou as teacher lu (be public school,
for the coming wlntor.
Jack Burnett, dey chef at the IIad
quarters reeUuraut. who attendi-d the
tatr at Albuquerque, has returned aud
again donned the white cap and apron.
A eaee of ernallpoi Is now and then re
ported lu dldereut parte of the county,
jut from the efTortt made by the county
v.nimlteionern to have all children vac
cinated, and by reaeon of the general en
'orremeiit of the quarautlue law, there Is
o caiiee for alarm that the dleeaae will
become anything like the eplil- uilc thai
l-Ued the cotin'y and terrlt-iry In lVii.
1 lie Optic understand that the Idea of
iiiakliig an actn I territorial fair of the
me annually held for some years at Al-
iuqiieri)iie, la (ruining ground In the
niude of many people A part of the
idea la to have the fair rotate betweeu
he three cities, Albuquerque, Las Vega
mil Santa Ke. This la certainly a good
iiUKewtiiin and will bear preening and
The whletles Mew and the nre hell
a riff, aoundlng the alarm of Ore at about
12 o'clock Hnnday night, arousing large
lumber of theeitlaetis of Laa Vevaa frmii
belr Deaceful slumbers The lire wat
located some two miles south of lha city
ud proved to be the building rontalnlne
he cylinders and boilers for the treating
f ties, the eame being a portion of the
Me preserving works A e t of wool wa
lao deetroyeil. The total Iohs of build
nra and machinery amounts to abmit
17 ono. Work will begiu at once Mr re
'ilaclng the machinery aud building.
In the meantime, awaiting completion
the full force of employes will be laid
mw Tins; saHvicc.
Che faata re Kalined Isaugarateit
oa Oci.ibr S.
Couiiusui'lng October t the Southern
Jitltforuta railroad will put In operation
its new time service, which r. quires ail
Hie following claseea of employes to
jarry standard watches aud to have ex
n't time: C mductors, switch engine men
ardmasters, engine men aud foremuu ol
iwncb engine.
Time eiyual will be sent dally at 10 a
ii , "central" time, from the uieeler clock
if the neeteru I uiou lelenraph Coin
any, Bt. Louis, where they ocmpuie
lime dally with the WaehiUKtou, 1. C,
lulled Htates nival olwervaloi y, to all
elivrupu slatlous ou the mad. Ih
4lKnals are aiitomatlo eliH'k beat, re
peated over the eompauy's wires by the
uiaeter clock.
II. o Montgomery, who baa been ap-
ixdoted general walch aud cliK'k lu
pector for the enure nanta re Hynieiu,
urtved here vesterdsv from Topeka.
with bis aselntaute. In au Interview
with au Kxprens reporter, air. Montgom
ery said they would commence, tuiiurdl
ately to put all clock aud watches ol
hs company' city cilli e in correct ruu
nlni order. All watches ars tested In
:hree positions peudant tip, face up aud
'see down. All watches ar required to
perform witlilu a limit of error not ex
seeling six seconds Irom oue position to
mother, lu a twenty four hour 1st.
For iiiHtance, a watch ruuntng three
4ecoud fact in the tlrel poeltlou.three sec
onds slow In tbeaecond poMltlon aud three
-weoud fast In the third position, would
be paesrd Into service, the extreme varia
tion being six second. A greater varia
tion would condemn It.
Mr. Montgomery will maks a tour of
nepectlnu once a year to every place on
the entire road where standard time is
kept. Kmploye will lie obliged to see
bat their watches are within six seoouds
if Ntaudard time every day.
With these regulation m tnot. Mr.
Montgomery says that accidents due to
Incorrect lime (aud a good proportion of
railroad dirantersare due In thl) will lie
reduced to a mluliuuiu.- Lu Angeles
Hallroad Muut
The Santa Ke Paclilc railway now ha
forty-two euglue lu service.
Lyman M tilted, who was with the
Hough Biders, has returned to his home
at Sau Marclal, where he Is agalu at
work tiring an euglue.
Work on an aldltloti to th carpenter
department of the H.iula Ke Paclll 1 shops
wa beguu yesterday. It will aivviumo-
date the planing mill machinery
Kvery employe ot th Santa Ke Pacific
railaay shops has been ordered to get
vaccluated. The pain ot refusal Is a dis
charge from the company's service.
(ieorge Brown, ot Dagge'.t, Cal , where
be was emyluysd as a sectiici baud, was
removed to th Santa Ke PaciUo ho
pita! yesterday hs hiving sustained .1
broken leg.
The new Cut I la engine which i I !'
future furnlnn the power al the loca:
shops was given its lultial trial to day.
an automatic air compressor aud a new
73-tuch borlug mill are added improve
meul tu lbs shops a well.
Kuglue No. 24 of the Santa Ke which
he uudergou a complete overhauling
I again ou duty. Kuglue No. 121, which
wa tu the wreck at St Joseph, Is again
ready for the road, while euglue i.llHs
was brought lu from San Marclal tor re
pair. hll- I O I . 1 ' J I ,!.
1'uaraiiUMil o Ouiso nauil ruia make ek
Biea .trwu Wowil puiw. buu, . Ail uruggiaui
the Flrrmta of TbU iliy Froft Ihem
tclTct Frlnctt at fcntcrulolnf .
In tli Ir recrption at.d banquet to the
lv uah til ler in the Aiuiot; hail la
mgiil, the lire C- mpauiee oi Altmq leiq ,e
Covered Ineiu-elvee wiin liiifailog giory
Aa splrudld ein.-rlainer the niemoera ol
the companies are wilhoiit peers. I he
plans for laet liiaht's enteriaiuuieut had
beru pkiiiiully ciiiceiveit and were ad
mirably executed, l oe Kougli Kider a
weli an the many other gue-in ol the lire
laddies were given a Warm welcome, ami
loe absence ot formality made every oue
feel al home aud lu the beel po-dilou to
o Jo j him-elf.
I he armory waa elat orstely decoralnl
with fl ig aud streamers of red, white
auu blue, and the tables, fairly gloaming
umler their imid of delloinu. solid ami
liquid ri frerhmenia, were adotned wuh
au abundance of beautiful cut 0 ere,
the gei.erous gift of Mrs. Ivee, ilie fl iilel.
h. Kuppe, a the chief of the lire de
parture I, Called the g therllig to order
ai.d in rod i. ied lion. ii. H. Kergu u a
the biel epeaker en the pioKrain, ah
re.poi.il. d to tlie loast, I lie) KoIimIi
niiloi He paid an ei- qiieul inlmte lo
their guliautry and Courage and enid
thai by their heio'.C actli IH tin J hwl
leudeied liivaluuole service In Hi, ler-nl-iy
by baulHhiiig the inl-ci n p'lon
aimliexi.ied lu the ea-t in r gaidio
,he rliaiai-U-r of the people of New ex
lii. Hill patlug nil ea Way lo i ll
iinod. lie el.ligil d Krank Kooth, wlioiu
ne lefeir.d In i a "g'adllnte of the
Alhiiqneique lire depnriiueul," and liny
M.deny. Iiih if Vtl.iui save tip tiii-u
jouiig iiv.s f.r their count it.
Hie Mutely t'omn:y y i irielt next
rai the Hough Hid- ih' b 'i.g to liucky
O i-ill aud weie lou ily encored.
II in. run. N. l,kr-)ii thn r-spiud
ed to the tosal "Our Navy" and did urn
pie Justice to Ms nitject, declaring the
Ami-rlcan sailor to lie l ie greale.il pea
;hler the world hi rver seeu.
i. H. hnapp followed with a fligeolet
solo, accniu pail led by K Uolto ou the
burp, which took the crowd by storm
neveial colored troop from the fitiuone
Muth and T nth regiment came In al
this Juncture and were gtveu a rou ng
li u. Nelll H. Field wa the next epe iE-
er and he responded t the toast "1 the
w ar Ovel r lie did not IhliiR ll wa ami
red rred to the possibility ot hrsuce and
ilerniKi.y becking up Hpaiu lu a refiiMal
to scceoe to the demands of the lulled
States in regard to the diepoxltlon of the
Philippine. Kvcu If this did not occur
lid hpalll yield'd DoKeslon or these
l-lands, hs did not think the
war would be over until Ibis
country had eHlablMied a freegoveiu
iiieut In all or the new poHhelou. lu
(Mentally, Mr. Kb-ld paid hi respect to
he colored troopers present. "I u-ed to
think that there were some clvllixed
people lucapiible of self-government,"
ald he, "aud that the negro should not
be allowed to vole. .Vow I think he has
as gissl a right to vole as I have, for the
(Un ii who Is g'x d enough to stand behind
the guns Is good enough tor the highee-
houor Hinci the republic can bes'ow.
fins sentiment was loudly applauded, a-t
were also the other poluts lu Mr. Kleld's
able aildree.
owing to the unavoidable abence of
Judge Crump ck-r and Mayor Claucy,
boih of whom were dowu ou the program
(or respoiiHee. Chiet Kup(ie fa' led upon
Lieutenant W. K Dame lo make an liu
r niptu reeiHiiine to the loaat, "Hie
Ladies, (lod Blee Them, Kipecially the
Ladle ot the Soldlei' Belief Society."
ilr. Dams wa equal to the ooeaxliin, and
told of the great service which t wo
men of the Ited Cross had reudered the
.ck soldiers In Culw; also the klud treat
tueul they had received at the baud of
relief societies after returning to this
I here waa another flageolet solo an )
then Hon O N. Marrou was Introduced
to respond to the toast. The Volunteer
Klrsiuen." Ills encomium upon the
dreiu.u of this City met with a hearty
reenou-e from all who were present aud
enioylng their gi-iierou hoepilality.
This concluded the Hint put of the
i-vi-nlng's progiaiu, aud the more sou
ilsiitisl pait toib wed. Kveryon par
I- ok of the chulce refrishiuenn oft red
Heveial troops of the Seventh cma rv,
hlch have beeti stationed lu the d0 r
ut poet In Ar;x ma, passed through the
Ity last night on their way to limit
ville, Ala., preparlory to winter service
ill t li ba I hey reinaihid lu the city for
ibout one tiniir, and lu thai lime they
were brought lo the armory aud treated
to the many good things there ou tup.
I lie? greatly appreciated the treatment
which waa air -r ed them, and they will
no doubt ctrry the fame of the Albuquer
que lire department Into fur off Cuba.
The Hough Itidet preeent were) liar
Held H ighes. Oti (1 i ner, II. K. Mi-r
man, r rank (filler, Dick Kichard. Im
H'enni'my, I'lnl Baker, C. O. II pplng.
Kred. Kornoff. James Black. W. K. Dun,
"lluxky" King. Arthur Uueaell, William
Mattocks, Charles Kenner, William Kar
ley, Albert Rogers aud W. S. Trayuur.
Vsllow Jaosdise Car4.
Suffering htimauity should be supplied
with every means posslule for Its relief.
It Is with plnsHiire we publish the follow
ing: "This Is to certify that I waa a ter
rible sufferer from yellow jaundice for
over six months, and was treated by
some of the bent physicians in our city,
and all to no avail. Dr. Hell, our drug
gist, recommended Klectric Bitter, and
after taking two bottles, I wa eutirely
cured. I now take great pleasure In
recommending them to any person Rtlf
ferlng from thl terrible malady. I am
gratefully. your. M A lb-gartv, l.exlng
toil, Ky." Sold by J. H. O'Kielly & Co.
I Written lor The Cltiien.)
The cilone) iliey lov,d atotKl tuidi.t IiIh men,
Hi. .oldiei. a i
Ili a- work w un we'i done.
All around tlicill .inih-d
ttir. Long la?' d
In the vtt-.t .lionr the .ctting mil
Beautiful Hiid t.or m-enu-d the evening llg I,
A. Hie hdrtiing ei id a peart-ful inglit.
"I am proud," he aaul, "to have known you
And to have lieen your coimtiMudcr;
(if nil the iioliiin, in tiiiM (ir land
To me none tail e'er tie giauiler.
Vou have ever miihuI ny your country true.
And gloiy trouglit lu uur led, white and blue.
And now we come to the parting of ways.
M V men may vou ever remain
A- iHitlilul anil hruva aa you've proved to I;
In tin. Kir we Imve lull with Simiu.
r iglitmg Mill tuvi-ly the buttle, of life.
Coiiqui-iiug evr, though hut lai ttir .trde. "
'Then ilh a .mile and twinkling eyvi
"I'd like to cirrect a nn.t.ke.
Hktors we bid oue anotli. r good bye,
And clH.p lind. n,r a dual .hdkr,
I tril.l Vuu will all remember Ii tr u a
fian J uau and lite .kiriui.li wr had lb it dny.
''Now people are prat. Ins the run 1 niadu
( u that hill a bleak lie. k .peed;
Ani I a i.h to .ay tbry iniHtrtke, my friend.,
hela ta-lonir. the liruike ol Unit deed;
You were liainpluig the heel, ol my buiie i
1 had to .krdaddle like fun or be p w,ed!"
The eomm.nder thu. .tomt amld.t In. inell,
1 he rsildiei. whi,Mf love lie bad won.
All around tbt-m deepened the I.Und green,
lu the wei Mink the M-ttllig uu
klule lieautilill .(111 (t- tile even'ng light,
T he haibiiiger fan of a prairlul maht
i.'Hyij la biouU leii.
t1i.ni I I nd tiienna a (Y.iu aLin, Xu
is aiuy Huluiut it. I sMiiiela, ( .mil) I'atJiar-tii-
ilisu uur IihhmI and lo-i-p it clean, h)
itiriiiig up tin- ,uy hver and dnwngali iin
nuntiia Horn the body. 11, kui tu day to
liani.li pni,ii a, toil., Llottiica, dlui kUcada,
and lliat an klv hllious completion by taking
( aisari ts, beauty (or leu tenia. All diug
giats, sati.faction guaranteed, loe, iSc, AOc,
U.aib of a Bulillar.
Private Walter Kllmore.of Company 0,
Klrst territorial reglmeut of lulled
States volunteer Infantry, died at the
poit hiaipltal at W hipple barrack last
Thursday, ot Uphold fever. Kllmore
cam from Trinidad, Colo., to cullst lu
Company O. at ent Ke. and when the
r.'Biin. nl w trsTiMrrd fmm Whipple
barr"k to ( amp Hamilton, at Lxing
tnn. Ki wa left behind on dci-oiint if
lllne. The) rema'n were interred at
the poet.
ril.telrt Itenahtlran Nominee.
At their district cotiven'ion, held In
Oil City l"t Halurd -y night, the south
ern county republican delegates r.i'tnl
PStel Hon. J. A. tnchels, of liratit
c -lint jr. for ih" council from the Klghth
district, which I comp osed of Oram and
Dmi Ana r. mi lie.
Hon. I'aLIn Meiendree, of Imna Ans,
wa iiomliiHtid lor the council from the
Kinlh dlNtrli.f. which I rr imnMed nf I. In
I .ln I I... k',(.1 i:r,t lb,n. At, a
ViJ r W. H. II l.lewellyn.nf liona Ana
couiik.wss m ni'nat.d for repreeentatlve
fr in Orant and Isiiia Ana counties.
Mear Aiirhetnan t l.lewellm need nt
Inirmiiie Ion to the people of their conn
tl . Mr Vlelendris is M t well known.
He Is an old t ins r"liViit of ).n Ana
county an-l ha served aa prubate Judge
of thai county.
At 7o'clm-k t:ii inornl g. Bev B K,
i.awn-r j uu-n in nmrriage air neorg
HsvWHrd. of Oullup. N. M., snd Mlw (
Loiil Hhniii'in, of (hi city Theylmik,
ih Hanta Ke train for Denver oil their j
we dii g t ur, l-efore retiirn'r-g to their I
home lu N"W M.'ilo-i, Trinidad Chrou
l.awh-r J iiu-d In nmrriage Mr Oeorge
tnt sale.
soma p'n'ertf
1 hnv
In "is Bi ti
( era Vul ey near Pan
Mill ev I Clie.it', or tr d
l.-e, 11., that I
for prop, ry in
v buqu"ni
Yr d rci
. IV Venlco. Ci r (artii'ii
J. liti 'i lid. Mhnqiieiqiie,
S. M , In care of Dtinnhoe II ,i.lvai Com
Mnnumeiil lo l.nrMyetta.
(i ivertmr O ero hi r civet a h't'er
fr mi Ki id i - ii 1 1 il v . IVi k, r-,mtiuii'i.ir
g nt'i I for tti lulled Sue to the
Pari xp el I ill, null. Ill ig u plan for the
Securing i f lilnd for Iim pili pone of
erecting n iiioniniieiit to th (ii-un-ry i f
Oehi-ial l.i,f ie.te, wh i o r mains linW
occuppy ii to t.1 'en d g.ave ii an obscure
0 ii i ti ry ot Pari, mm tic V w Mexican.
Ki.r (hi piiip-Ho a -p-end i . 'in in i lift i n
has b.-en fii'iue ' to si-cure the teces-siy
funds thruil;ll t'i agency of Hie ich- ols
of Aiu-rlcrf, a id C I r"p(wd t-i build
and c m, I -'e ih ui i-.ti'ti.-ii. In time r
iiuvellli g and de llcntloi- July 4, HI m, st
the ParK exp wllioii. ITi I t'er i alo
an hppolutmeiit of (invornor o ero a an
h i. -rary vice preddent of the special
C'liiiiiilvlnti to take charge of the woik
of the iMuiUii-elou id New Mexico.
The executive c until tee. In whose j
chitrgi the work of rals'lig the neceeary
fiitnls mi l electing the nioiitiiuent will
be placed, Is Ci uipoeed of some I f the '
nioet prominent nu n In the l inted j
States, among others being Secretatyof!
State Day, Archlil-liop Ireland, Key.
Kdwetd Kverelt Hale ami Dr. VY. T.
Hairl, I'nllid Stnles coinmUsloner of
The olij -ot the connnl slnu has lo view I
Is one that will api eil to th patriotium
of every American, and s'i eo.ni as fur
ther piirtlcnliirs are rec lied by Governor
Otero concerning the collee'.lon ot
subscriptions, the general public will be
He aiett's A ru Ira Sal va.
The l est salve lu the woi id for Cuts,
Hiuleee, rt'iree, Clccrs, .-alt Klieum, Ki'.
sore, letter, I 'happed Hands, Cbllblulur,
Corn, and ail Skin Krupilona, aud posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required,
ll 1 gu Utiuleed to give perfect eati-fac
tlou or uiouey reluuded. Price 2o cente
per box. Kor sale by J. II. O'ltellly &
ilo , Druggists
Called tu Cuba.
After stopping for au hour aud a
half In this city laet night the special
train carrying Troops (I and 11 of the
K'ghilng Seveiiih coTitlriticd ea t. Tie
Iron ; came lu from Kurt Apache ar
riving here sb ut 10:8 1 p. m. They are
hi'iiml lor lluuievllle, Alia., where they
will go into cnuip pr p -.ret ry to going
to t'dtia for wiuifi's caiuii.ticu The
Kighling Siv, nth ri g ut lit gets its title
from the m iny successful buttle il hue
fought with Indian.
Major Hayes wis lu C muiHiid of coiu
par.le 0 and 11, the oilier lUcirs being
Ci.p:aiii Dtignu and l.iui'.eunntN Murphy
aud Milchell.
The Mlrriibanf Haldii...
No niedicul nil j ct hiia caiiHul more
iliscu-ainn than the siali menl by a fam
ous phi. run ll, ut he ha discovered the
nnirobe which chiinis baldness. There
a-e oiher eciciitots who claim that there
is mi such thing a a uncrbbe ot this
kind I uue slime uiu-t settle th ques
tion, i whs long ago setlbd thai llos
tetter's Htniiiach Bitters Is a standard
reui'dy 'or ths cnuimuii ailments nf
mankind. It Is a true curs for dyppia
and mil g-Mloii, a true medicine tor the
weak anil ueivoii, a true strengthener
and sppetlxer. People who take It feel
happier, sleep w. under sud look better
than those ho don't. Nearly ever? die
ease that l.lllicts the human family can
be overcome with HoMetter's Stomach
UKMOtHlTIC simixrcH.
Hocoiuio coffiTY.
The t'eiiiucra ic convention of Sis-orro
county Weed lu iiuinli atlou the follow
ing county ticket: sherifT. Krank C. Sol
man, hati Marclal; collector and treas
urer, J.iha Halu, Magilnliins;county Com-iiilasioners-Klret
dh trlct, Meltclo A po
ll n-ca, Sim Antonio; S-c nid district, W.
I'huves, Sublual; Thlul district, W. W.
Jnii s. School superliitehdeut, to be fillwl
by Independent repuhl t-a i; ass.ssor, M.
A. Plus; probate cleik, K L. Korttine;
probate judge, Macedonio Armijo, Sab'
niitl ; c iuuml, L. Ch ives, Polvadera; rep
riM-u' alive, Benj Sanches, Polvadera.
LINCOLN coin rv.
The dcims-ralH of Llucolu county have
Humiliate the following county ticket:
Prubate ju Ige, Jose Cordova; probate
cl tk, Arnold Hldgeway; sheriff, Peter
llurleaoii; treasurer, Kuiil Kntx, assessor,
T. K. Kleuiingi county superlutendeut ot
schools, Johu Kluiball; county CJinmis
sinners, 1 hoe. W. Henley, M. Cruuiu and
J. W. Nations. The republican county
ticket Is a follows: SI ertll, I). Perca
treasurer, K. Micliaells: asseeeor, B. K
Uuinm; pri balii judge, W . K Blauchard
probate cleik, Isldoio Analla; county su
P'liuteinli n'. of school, I'. M. flute
county enuiuilsMlouer. Alfredo (liilitiles.
B. I lure and bstalancu ranches.
It. (ireen. the father of the gallant
young Hough Hlder, Clay (ireen, of
Tfuip K, who laid down his life while
storming Sau Juan heights, has beeu lu
the city fur the past few day attending
the meeting of Masons. Mr. (ireen Is In
the hotel business at Cerrlllos aul re
turued home last night.
This morning's train conveyed Hevs
Bobluson, of Albuqueique; Hlnuock, of
Baton, and liirchiusoii, of Springer, to
Silver City, where they go to attend the
annual Melhodlst conference.
The pastor of the Methodist Kplscopal
church at Sau Manual, Kev, Dr. Sulher
laud, Is lu the city to day.
.Ta know
of nothing better to tear the
lining of your throat and
lung. It Is better than wet
feel to cstise bronchitis and
pneumonia. Only keep It
up long enoiiRli and you
will succeed In reducing your
weight, losing your appetite,
bringing on a slow fever and
making everything exactly
right for the germs of con
sumption. Sop coughing and you
will get well.
M afYrTMTfc IB
RfjM li fill
VLlMWLl U '!
aaiiay4 m
curei coughs of every kind.
An ordinary cough dissp-
sumption are completely
Ask your druggist for one
Dr. Ayer's
Cherry Pcctorcl
It will aid the action of the
Cherry Pectoral.
Tlic surpluM of a life
assurance company indi
cati s not only its financial
but also IU
profit-paying- ability.
Dividends to policy hold
ers can only be paid
from Surplus. The
Equitable Society has the
largest Surplus of any
life company in the
"Strongent In the World.'
ll' a l TPn ro DAninnncT !
TTnL.iL.lv is, rnanuuaii
(lenrral Manayrr.
New Mexico and Arixons Department.
Al.Btyt-XHui x, N. M.
r.l.V'H CREAM BAI.M I. a rxMltlTapnra.
Apply Into th mwin'a, li I. qsl kly alwurhad. so
taint, at llrn-rt.f. nr It mail ; .amp's tile, by man.
axx Aiitui ii un, oa narrva bl, ow I uracil jr.
k. r if.
Mineral Lodge No. 4
Knights ot Pythias All
1 iueiliiHrs sis resjueauni lo ue
WW present at their Castle Hall
i . ... i.
ou (inlil avenue at 7:30o'clock
ti-nlglit. Visitors welcomed.
0. W. STHONIi, C. C,
M.Il. Sai.in. K.ot K.&S.
nr I'dwn c li ( Ntrgri'li.
iriic cwr . Hi -it Ipr.nnn furftcr
(' fmi, iirutt-'itK rl nn1 man
I he Wi-atern Headquarters
f i pcara In a sinp.le night. The
racking coughs of bronchitia
J are soon completely maa
ll tered. And, if not too far
U alone, the coughs of con
I If ynn ! imf ffimpliilB wtt- I
v-r nit 4 !tlre ih ) al mlM4.
M m-l I'') yt ran DAtlit nhtMin. 1
H wrl'n n frtlT. V-iii wilt rf-f i 1
B rnmrt rrptf tritit mf Im of ffrMt 1
fl itt" In (. A-l'Iri-'t. 1
...Philadelphia Dental Association...
Seventy Offices la th Unites States.
1 lie only olllce on the Ground
All work guitra teed.
Beautiful Set. of Teeth.
rtlo.oo up
(il 11.11, iilui
(II. I) and I'l.ATINA
a.uo "
I 7(1
t 6o
When Teeth are ordered
Crown ami llritlne
im done lit the most approved manner at prices consistunt with rlKST
Cl.Ana W'tlMK
10 GRI D AVE. aa
Vital sU air given
W. B
The Rest Styles
The Best Looking
The Best Wearing
PRICES will always be
Wtolesale LIqnof acd f Igar Cfa'ers,
B T)A..eT....R
Bottltd in Bond.
We I ainlle everything In our I n. A
c niplel illiistriit -il price II t t fr-e
npon Bppl en ion. THK I.OWKsr
PnK KU 1.1(1(111 HOI HK In the West.
in sotTii fihst stri:i:t,
ALIil'UCKKul'K, N. M.
COIiERT & RICE. Prop's
On Mountain Road Near the City
A tnoat drliirhtful rrwirt. wlirr nil kinds of
drink B anil cianra ar rrvni. Flrnty o( hftdt
fur viailiirt). (nvt tw trial.
H. H. Warkentin
Albnqcerque Bowling Parlors!
Corotrii Klrat St. tnd Copper
Thtflnert Bowline Alley In lb HatnthwMl.
Ntc ttlmc to aprnd the tvtnlog.
MaliMin ttttacbtMl.
AH one of the uioesl resort) in the
city, and is supplied with the
best and Unset liquors.
HEISCH ft BETZLEB. Procrletors.
Patron mid friend are cordially
invited to visit "1 he Klk."
802 NVwat Ksitirowd Avanna
Very Finest Vines,
Liquors and Cigars
ru id Hreei and fljeraa Aveaae.
Atlantic Beor Halll
Cool Kaa Baas on draohl ttaa Bassl Nat!
Wins and th verr best ol OiM-elass
Llqaora. Ulv as sail,
Self bhinlng Stove Pollah.
Sotnetlilng New. Hit no Kijuul.
No Mixing No Cust. No f moll.
Large size Box by mall 10 cents.
Manufactured mid for sale by
G.E. DENNY, Albuquerque.
Kor siile by dealers.
Honest Good
Ste Me
Before You
Buy or Sell.
The Favorite.
Secreltri latml Bulldlo( Isioclitloa.
IrSea at J. CI. e.Mriitt.'. I.aaabar Vf
AU kinds of Fresh and Sa
Meats. .. . .
Steam Sausage Factory.
TlllltD ST UK El.
Seventy Office la the United States,
Floor, in the city, no stairs to climb.
Prices are a l riglitr well, I guess, yes.
I AmulHon of Silver SI. DM up
I Hons or l.urtipcrlia 1.00
Clcanina Teeth loo
txtiactiiiki bo
no charse for extracting'.
lor tlie t'alul a h. .Iracliii- ut leetll
CA.RRETT. D. M D . Manatjep.
- ' "
found at OUR STORE.
Just Received!
Gentlemen's Rubber Hunt
ing and Knee Hoots, Rubber
Overshoes for everybedy,
RUIiHER (iOOI)S are ad
vani'ing; it will pay you to
supply your wants early.
Santa Fo, Now Mexico.
For Particulars Apply to
Hol for
Is Hndnraed by
Agent lor New Mfxico.
Also Agent for the bet flf'ILDINO and LOW A-WrOCUriON,
KS1 AULIblihD lebtl.
Academy of "Our
rosiit't'Trn bt tr
Th tOth Academic Term Will Open MomUy, Sept. fith. 1898.
Thl Armlpmv la alttiatril In iniMl fltlrMhlt lorntfnn In tin rltv m fumitna fir It hBll,iil
n1 avrff it.ilf r I mt.it e I'll txitldniii m fiirinshir.l thmiiulKiiit with mixl. r r..nvaiiisn. .ei m.
cludinif ntfatn he il, ht nnl cohl water, bat hi, Ac.
lhri-mrrif iuntriH tinn ci MnpriM rvrrv hranrh contributing to A thorough nd refined
education. Miihk ari Art rvceivtj apeciAl 4ttetiliiMi.
fit PHtmpntTi n, a. Mr .
Whitcomb Springs
Eighteen miles east of Albuquerque, N. M.
Open AAl tlie Year.
Good accomodations at reasonable rales. The followine is the
analysis of one of the various springs at the Resort:
sodium chloride, grains per gallon 1937
Calcium sulphate, grains per gallon ' 14360
Calcium carbonate, grains per gallon 8.1806
Magnesium carbonate, grains per gallon 1.5 188
Water delivered in the city.
for the springs every Wednesday
Order slate at O. W. Strong's, corner Second street and Copper
avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
H. G. WHITCOMB. Proprietor.
Good Goods
i aulrWRta7Ts 1
ill iaiui 11 11 1" 1 1 1 a.
Railroad Avenue. Albtiqueroue. N. M.
b. putni:y,
"Old Reliable"
Wholesale Grocer!
Oar Lata a aceolaltv
Farm and
Naftva and
f hieago
ttnUdlnc Paper
f iwayala Btwik
First St. and Lead
mestic Coal in uit. Yard
opposite Freight Office
A. J, CRAWFORD, Agent.
New Telephone No. 164-.
Old Telephone No 25.
Leave ordcraTrimble'i stables
Mellnl & Kakin. Ill south Klrst street,
tor jour wines, liquors ami cigar.
1 ajaHlWV ,
25c 50c 1122
Famous Stages Leave
iTFor the Resort.
Mtrery Feed and Sales Stables.
Ht'KStoan purtof thsclty for onlr !5o.
Old Telnphnne No . New Telephone No. 114
, COPPER I YEHUE, Bel. Second and Third St!
, ' i . "--jv'r
Lady of Light.
and Health Hesoil,
1 1.3371
Conveyance leaves Albuquerque
and Saturday morning.
complete Stock of the
Douglas (Shoes jnd Slippers.
dies' Hut-ton aud
T ill All
C5iioes 01 au
at Low Prices.
Oaerlas lha Latrwaal aa
Moat MaUnaleellUxik of
-.staple : groceries:
Ta be fnuac) Boalkwaat
Freight Wagons 1
j ( t ALRUQUEROtlE. N. M
UirJ, Doori
IllBdi, Plutir,
llni, Cirnio
Iim Ptlnti.lt
Ave., Albuqueroue
riaiT STaaar.
Bit, LING BR08., PsorairrosJ.
vVpJilinkT Cakes a Specialty!
Wa rWr Palronacs, and wa
OaaraaU Firat-Claaa Baklof.
Tal.sm.li mrieraarillclisd and Promptly Pilled
New novelties lu silks, dress (fowls,
Jackets, euws, collarette, fur garuisuw
anil all kinds new giants just rsoslvsd at
(iolileii Kule Dry floods l o.

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