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Rutland herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1823-1847, May 17, 1836, Image 3

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iiimmjimi. unurm, mi mm i iiliil.'jj.jl- - '- . - ta a. t i
V H J. It ( T L A N 0 H i: ft I. D
thk rrnuf '""'RV
the lt tvf April, b) ' 'T'ir. .:! - O.HI.
Tbare tre tl lh. i ..-' ! I ' 1tt l II
r,fOfM. abet t.r''" tod nr "" "f
public rhtrtcter, v-ti t the '.-''( win. her.
ti-Tiptatr lb -oer...'i.'n f iergff pr
t.f money 4 af the rb !') f thew
bl)U fifl) f'tf ctlM !!. M fuW . .fur
Fni wiv, mtlj My we ia -C '
DOLLARS. Th'-H' li.U )'!" ' - f "
Ik: nature j rb at ' the aopport f i tciumem.
mrr HM"f","rm' f "i'" ifit, turn- ;:;-.-..pn-lion.
I'iortdi war. n appropriate), improve-
roeeta ',f bnW. i.' r.al r-.d. aavy yard la 8
(rolim. mil l.i rr-!i..n of pU MiMtHg. j 4jp of Ptnitt v Ul.uptn ll compltml of I be Cow
Rhode UUr.4 bnjflf ..rrrv..Khry trny, UgkU ; trul JUnV 'of Albtnjr. and tltKrfrtxn Iht (bcU
hout, lght-tMM. h-ri. bwy, Mtvajr of , deteloird m the inttijtti..n, ordered bjr I be Se
men, l.mbi.m, fcw i" lonen, prtrteeuoo of weelem t upon I he r.implin ol Lewie Breet, that
froniicr, tfmotior V l tl. moatlw ef kbotr., . i,.,, y. rUbop, Member of the 4eMt from the
ln, Ue. intriae imfirtu of iht ' , Sewjtoriel theirict, hit been iruiUjr f morel
tm.(;lifn f ntetf, r cliff or WtebingtON, Alee- JM 4&c,t niMuodac!, rendering bun sewoftbr ol
dru. anJ (inorjeloti, k. el ii Ihii hokji Tbrrefuie,
lndcpiid(it of ibe tbi.Ti meotumntf bilH. in j
wliif h Ui ilidinel b r introduced, proposed to
lit tppmptitlrd, tBd ubicb in ihf segrngslo ntnoonl
lo the tfureiniwrf mm of itrir tupnly eifbt iml.
Iioot rf ilolUri.ibnrearc t rol mtay nther Wilt of
t nublic ntliire tlloentber. in bicli tbo Pllc 1
uir to to tppnpr!ed urn not nnmwl ; elt (
for the loctctff of (be Kngiofrr rorpf ; fui pnltinjr '
inlo r.emi tbc vefl inordinary mid on ".ho
rtfk; lo rxieml ibe roroliitionsry pennorii lu nil
who vre thrff montht. and to llo widou of all !
ilefrtrd pinne. iVr. ; fr llieuiey of certain
iler r.ail, Ur. ; l peiii'n the wid w and or-
ditn of iiiil.tia kiilrd or drin "frvice, fcf.J
ri-rorniiiPit the IJrn rl lnd I IJlUe: fmiM.1or of
dutiei on fMa burnt at lb fire in K. York; for
ptitcbetf of the wck of Ibe Portland and Irfiuhi
wllc canal: for adding three regimcnta lo the army
lor paying the VwAiont militia who served at I'latla
luirrj; f .r i ttabl thinjj new office of eurveynra gen
eral of t lie pnblii landu, dc.
Tlno billo, in addition to tho which call for
the appropriilinn of nearly twenty eight million of
dollart, if paaaed and pot inlo operation, woold e
t tbtir.li demand upon the Treaanry, either imtnedi
nto or rx-nodirally, nhen oni!ed, for at leaal twenty
inillioiu more. Tbeae latter may be aaid to be
aoiiiQHlia! ciiiitmpenl and uncertain in amounl.
Hut tberr nre other elaitna which are of a more
ecriem rmrarier, nu in prewoi P""1"'". ,
e pc itie and immediate cUlmi upon tbe Treaanry, ;
and for not an unimportant amount. We refer In j
the Indian Treaties with tbe Creek nation and j
ither v ostein tribe . j
The lirtt will require five miilionf i hundred j
tiiouitand duller.., i.ml ie Utter fomein-ng anort ol a
DOLLARS to be lak-n f -mi the Treaaury im
mediately oiler they arn tatinetl.
In all tbe bill to which we have rnforrcd, railing
for apectfic appropriation! of money, thc.ro i not a
ample dollar embraced of an rxIrnunUnmy charac
ter, with the .jsccpti'iti nf oiio appropriation, appli
cable principally to navy ynrdr. NOT A DOL
nil-: sdrim.u.j unvnNUE.
i ,,tiv ..oil iinderatOMil that the loading
Jacki-on men tt Wellington are becoming tired of ; thai be waa concerned in robbing tho Hank, and m
Ibn fant inrrea.ni" aurplu revenue, and thai they ; formation to that eflet t w forwarded to the Police
arc willing to bive it ooW to tin Sitx tritiiwl , oftlm city, who soon nreertained that be lindeomo
rrirrrl in the proMrtiin contemphted by Mr t here, but could for uome time find no further trace
Clay' bill with th" iimlorKiatiding that it it to bo i of bun.' A few days bark, howover, a carman wa.
rufunded in caac of a foreign war. Feeml daya j .iio..'red, w ho, about tho timo of tho robbery, bad
ago wo aw a letter from Washington to thia cf- carried leverul truiiki for a man anawenng Ib-l!'
feet' but tbo communication being private, we were descriptioii, from tbe 1'rovidenco Steamboat to
not 'then antbortxed to make uae of the mlelbgcncc. Ilarlnem. Having oblaineil thia clue, "Old Ilnyi"'
Indeed we hau renton to belwvo tlwt a comprom- am) bis on Ilenjainin and Air Hmitingdon, who
ise lo tl.u cifecl baa been concerted by the leading were the officers that made the diacovory, recon
member of both H't.'ul lrtto in Cin6re. If noitred the town of Ilailaen. and atcorlained that
eo a bill will pnibiblv bu anon framed, embracing tbe objoct of their coareh bad there IimwIimI bim.i.'ll,
tht'a object, and psi.l. Thie will atwwer tlic pur- ! and waa fitting up hi ro.idonee in a alyle becoming
rof-c of Mr Clay bill, and if auch a meaaure can a nun who bad mean and waa determined lo live
obtain th- unction nf tho IWdent, it will be fur- ! roapeelably. Having tuceed-d thu fur. (he three
tunalt. for the counlrv. Uy n dialribution of the j above-mentioned ofceera repaired to Harlaem on
1 1 mv market would aoon be Saturday Iai, uod look Hell inu ctiatody. and
relieved and a new impulse bo given lo every
t.ranch of bueiiHt. Ve ahould prefer Mr Clay'a
lull, but any equal distribution would bo better than
to have the turp'.oa accumulate to the I rsaeury.
Col. Cent.
Ihe I'nittil nerf .Wrrfce.- The Wahig-
. r Thnrlir eomaini a treaty with the
Kcpobhc of .Mexico, tbe raiMScation of whicb.it ap-
iare, ere exchanged no longer ago than the 20th
instant. The object of thi trualy M lo revive u
rriiAli'ln nriiliaiiMl in ihfl lrMtV neeotiited with
.Mexico in 1S23, ami ratified in" 1S32, for aacer -
i.i ..l n.,hiLT Dm. houudarr line between th
Territory of Moaico (Tetis in pert) awl tlw United
Staler, ljach party u to appoint a comn.iMioaer
and Hurtc) or for that pornoee. and both Covern-
mcnta bolemly engage to provide any f.irce lhal
may be nccemry t protect ibe Cummiraiouer
and .Sutv-yor incarrjmg the object of the Tienty
It i. a leinarUbleeircumUaiKe that tbe ratifi-
cttioiiac,ftbi tetocwalola treaty of liu.il thia
ao'.emn pledge of amity, with Mefico, hmild be
cxcbaned at ibe lerv rmtmenl when frieade of the
Admun'tration, ayo, and pretiy high otfked under
the (oiernojont t.. are arming bodie of men, and
encouraging tltam to marcb uU the larntory which
the (Jovorumeot i by treaty reeogidaing aa with
in the undoubled haute ot Mexico. A.iffeiKiJ -tttligmtf
The turt4n taonay ia tbe Deeofite Hank con-
tinuea t tmetmns. II)' l liew rtn-.na. .t-
j. .
;ng to a utatiavtl (4 we nocretary in mu
t,.il,r. sM,.t. tk. .auaai ta Lbe alfiliatod Haaka to
ibe credit of ibe Tmaaier of the U. Stata w
A "0 1.0-J I. aad ibe aatoaat lo tbe ciedlt f peb-
.c ot&eer. J 3.477,551; BttkiiM; a loul aaneaia ot
pobhc aoMiei ol ibuty-Mt o.idioa aeaea hundred
and teteott-onc i..ouad doliara ia Ibe Depuaite
lUaVt, aubtart to lite tlxuiuu aad uocvnirulled
pleaaure of the Preanicat of lb Uuited Bute ,to
the particular IUaki wba rftaJI M the advantage
or tbeae depoa;, the aatouU ot wWb ta oa
-r . a aV . I r . lav a.
inalancea far exeaatW ta wawa eauauw m iti aw.
It it poMible that Caaaj" caa umi t-taaag
and lc.ie.ng thing ia tbit rtrtc t-.Vaft-al a-
Ytik Htm-
yf;,, txi
I r - i
ll itr'l 1
i . lift of wn ! Mr.
ft t rM. -
When-aa , npr-tr. fninth tetrnne,V tat't. 1 t
ibct'oramr.tee u intettig atn.n aj'poiated on ihe6 h
d of IVbruarr Utt, udou the rnniiiot ot it
( "ini )! Uim i V.ttin ti ' ' i1'. K"'"'
i,.,,,..., .,i"il, ftcutie I1..11 lli' Ml ii' t.t.
I I 'fi', lilt lirfl RWl'.'J I)' in fl end ofli "I
ffircioit, rtudi ring lnw uno,;in oft net in I o
bud: Therefore,
JIM, Tawt lh mU Jjt C. An Vr le and
h m hereby nxnuM.
Whereat it tpfMart frmM !imirukni by
I Ike rommitlw oiintnrliftlion tunoitttA on lh lflib
Itteoh!, Tbei the mil Itmur If. JWkoe betnd
be l berebv i:rru.i.m.
Dhtrrrt and Dttitntthn. At tlie poiwo nlilfld
wiMilioot oIohIdl' on TufHey ovenine', a nuiiibtr
of riitlionii otooriotl Inn wwtnon. tunned llollnii
IIotltrtor, whtwe mentiTK "d airs itHlienlol Iter
tiarinp oiioi' neen bi'lter ily,lij bom in Iht trma
sn mfant n fow inontha old, nd on piihur ride wa
attended by a tou and ilnngtitor, ibe firmer ix and
( l,f yftm, andlbn latter fim yeam of aye. The
attention of tbe cifxrnt bad been atlrarled to ber
tm her children at tbe wharf foot ofllartWy hlrwel
by the extUtnedoa of Ibe b'y, who vehrtniently
creained, "Mother,! mother! don't throw little
bobby overboard and Ihoae who txiard it, on look
ing lo ibe apul whence the crv proceeded, ob.cr toil
the boy clinging with all tin might ro the arma of
hit mother, who by hi rxertionaprevenlid her from
throwing her infant inlo Ibe river! Hho and ber
children were forthniih taken in charge by the
tilixeoamd broeghi o the poliru olSce, where the
elated alio wat a ttranger hero, without home,
meant, or friend), except bor li tie onea, that the
and they had no place lo lay their heada, end had
no food during tbe day, pare a doter. cracknra be
leen lliem, bich the had begged at & bakery;
and that it wae ber intention, prompted by utter
despair, at the time aiie a prevented by ber lit-
lie boy. H. have thrown her child into tbe water
anrl ln, jt (rom fllMher want, and herself
rrfim lll0 ajrmiy of 0eejn u ,larve. she and her
children were" immediately handed oter to the
commiaiiouere of the alnm-liouae, ivho oxtended
t0 ,,, i,0 charitiea ofthat inRtttution, and ruliev-
erf li)f0) from ,neir ji,lfW6j0!r dcetitution. .V. ).
&'ri ,
Ilttwrry op lite mnnry rlolen from tie Hunk of
VriWirtuv. It will be iiiCoHt-ctod that thu Hank
of 1'rovidenco, Rhodo Ulind, wau lately broken
into and rnbbod of bills ninl Kpecio to tbe amount
; of lJlSO.000, fur the rocovory of which a reward
; of $10,000 was offurod by the II ink. Iuiiiu'ilmle
j ly after tbo robbery a man named Jim n3 lit.II, ulian
l.nnliey, n rarprritnr who lnoil lo rixjntuovu",'ei..i-
ilonly lnft it without notifying Ii.h inlontion lo any
I of hH neighbor, nnd carried away nil bin ofl'ecu
! with him. A Lnidley bad bornu but an iudillur
! out cbaraeler, this citcumatniiCB of Ida leaving
Providence in n manner he d-d. excilud u)icion
j -vrole to Proridence. teqiicaUng the think to aond
! one of Ua agenla here; and on .eceipt of the letter
aom of the Director immediately came lo thia
' Alttiough the olhcer naa aucceeneu in arrtraung
tilldlev. tliev touuJ no pan in me properly wiiii
j him, nor could they diecover what be had done, with
it. and ho un hi part weu.ed determined to brave
j out the mailer, nod employed Mr Wiley a hia
t eouneel. To the latter gentleman he coofidtntially
' imparl e.1 a full hiatory of tbe tranaactiou and how
: In had diipoaed of the aioney, and Mr Wiley aaw
: plainly thai, even ifljiidley abould be oonvieted,
the Hunk woulii be iKilbing the better id" ll, a lite
, money waa o dipoed of a to leave nu chance of
it recovery, nnlew Laid ley hiuwelf eonaented to il,
Under tbeee circumttanrea Mr Wiley t bought it
adwaable for lb Hank to accept a cotppromiae
' proposed by lb priaouer, by which be waa to re,
' tore the properly on eonrltleration that the Hank
would not proaecute him for the robbery. Thia
offer waa acceded toby tbe Director of I hat llank
and Ibe pra-ner then gave Mr Wiley matruction
which eotbled biro, in th couree of Wcdoeaday,
to collect from a great vancty of place where it
I waa oVportted, J 118,000 of ibe money, and by
thi time Mr Wiley ha probably recovered, if not
j the totu balance, at leaal thu greater proportion
of it.
i As far zs tbe Proiideace I'.nk was concerned,
lofcoarro no farther proceeding will be u ken
again; the (giaooer, but. unfortuaatcly for buti,
! thw waa not the ouly robbery he w i concern.! in.
Mr CwoltaVe. id" tbe Ilotoi Police, had rotM Uaie
.i :r .;.. ,A tlu, I'.il.iiM tJSuns hi thi.
- k"""
. city, that Roll bad be) coacerned ia ruMnag the
. UoeHoa Railroad otVce of -1.000, nod when U
aaeaMnailT on tbe potM of ew-arag from tbe
baaaU of jattiea, ta crmeeanoac of lb beak oeelii.-
"g to proaecute bun,-! wa claimed a a fugilirt
from jtiauce, on accueoi of lb Railroad rubbery,
anJ hat betn fully eomto'.tledtror that tffei.. .
.N. J'. Jomr e CVnaatnrc.
JUrrkl rrmti. The iMtaanckfirtdand) Time.
ptibhahM taw r.omd taieUeular lb MfJenag ot
1 taw crew u mw . r- -1-3- - ;i".
' wbie cautdi a aajaa't or, ilmU I'
"r aaaaage r. m Ht. Jbn, .. 11. home. -
T AW )V Xittf.. la the N-
' n VI 1,,'ai :,t M". V.r a
IVtnm ibr iij i.i io ifHi'fr ' '' H t i"- .
lieW-n ib were lalken off" by Ibe rlie ir
n ' t . On , ten i' 1 . -i
i : . t. . ( re r ' ' ' t -i -
f -do-i to a in..' rmtrtalril 'i .. -
1 . , x.t'f t . ; i c i f t.tf eie (oiijrma.ii i. ..
'cr n i i ti"ti)tK- ) trwl l qnnrle r olali ii'tn ( i '
Tti. ir .fi tittr Vn! (rtifenl, ami Iho
iifrrett br-ing tr-iifd lo the AHgrtiori, Ibe hot
'if- i'h! I1 'r " Vrlit'! !rnt
mi ! r in.
, .Mi n S ' f l, M.i
llrVr. 'rnk tir 1 fCt. fii I nf rniliir
nmrm!. I'-r nranl rrf cut a n ty, when IS
l. tint nii;., ri urn In hrr rtivk ; :,io Diril
v tc nlinnf, ijipd'd to tttf Ixi'ii iifoii(l in j
t'n f.iiTtnlIf. Ail ll pr.nuionr. I ompvit, lmli
ht'i been alum-.! under tbe poop rrt a.ifil out.
f!nt!ri f r ficiU'-ii i-.tat dct'it ,m n ofi-nic
Mnce, 4lt1mrin.g il.,'t1 andrrtn'iff ii mii r, pr. m;
ted at latl Ihf mcI.mii i-m nt t K-ir la! i. r thai
of cMtinfr l.iit f r n i ti'u iiiViebl .i (ii-nhtod
eaten. I lie lirt ..t I. I .n the I ; ttm boy, a
fine youth of hftten )-ar wld and aOeiuard
Bother Ud and a man auln-icd. on ni:rh ibey aob
ieted fivodayn. The fourth lot bad been mat it
fell on tbn male, and the unrtiirix day .he day of
the inornini; on wb.cli hi fine WuulJ bno toen
aealed by death, the Angonoia toliuved them. On
HndiiiL', their appearance nar nioet dirtrparjiif,
Tin' coptuin oayo lit) una, Ikii happily lu ievod in
Ibe act of fating th liur rim brains ol laa appiuii
ticn ll.iHZor Cam. .7aV.
T 1 (ltiO( Sper, A young lady in Iondon, who
una handfomc nnd bad a fortune of tlv
land poutidr, while islm wa buying uniiw other
ainall tbmgi from a yoong chop loept-r, ilh whom
hif bad auine trifling acq imniancn, took n peire
i-fri mdorn' ce, nud out of mere gaiety and fioli
went haalily out uithout paying kim fur it. Tiic
-hop keeper who had a good hted for aiociiUliiin,
followed and aeisrd her, and charged her uith the
l!iff; and in a ceriniir arnl peremptory manner,
md to her, 'Miaa, you may take your ehoiee.eithor
to go with mo before n magiitrato nud eufltir tbe
penalty uf tbe law for etealmg my lace, or go be
fote a clergyman nnO marry me.' After a al'orl
pauae, (and who could bbime her?) the chose I lib
KrglUh date to April 1. Outrage and rob
bnrie totitinuo in Ireland. Twenty four limiae
were burnt in London, March 16, including tho
VVeatero nvehangeand llnrlington Arcade, and n
fine gallary of ptcttircp, for one only ofw'ii'h the
proprietor !ia.l been ofTcred .03.000. A 1'iO gun
hip was burnt in the harbor ofTmilon, Msu'h
It ianow said the Minitdore of Churlc X., Polignnc
and the other, ate to bu roleaaed from prtwm and
huniahed. Tbe great iiietin of Irish Reform has
been carried in the Hunan ol Common by '200 to
101. Sr-AiN. Gen. Cordova had defeated the
CarlUt.i. The iioeon bad opened I ho Oortes with a
ueet:li. Memliiabel, the Pniiio Aliniiter.ttill tu
tains hi popularity.
On Tuesday lnat faoys a 1'rencli paper) tho
Treatuary parsed into tins hatidt nf M. llotliH -hibl.
lbs film of I3,100,Ci(!0 fitincea, .ri2 contimes.beiug
the iiutuleinente, fallen due upon tho American
clfiinir. Tiiuiu reniaiiu lu he p.iid but twi more
''' iid. which w ill bo duo oii-'ttre 2't or
ruary, 19:i7,and ilio an 'tifre iimnry'ttfiW.at which
Intel piirif.d will bo o.uinei, together with ilf ititor
et, tbo debt of $U.ri,01)0,000 fraucen, Ahieh Iiiih
been near briny. ig on u collision between America
and Franco.
Cjnur'H. In tho :;nl on .Imninv the 'Jili imt. Mr
Wcb!e, from thu Couin.itte nu I'trinnca, nporlatl the
Army Appropriitioo I'dl with tv.'u amcndnienti which
wcra aji.-etl to, ami ino u'.n lis iinmiru w aa i con a
third liaia alid patuil, Tim 0neral AppiopriatiiHl
11.11 wai i.;aiii ruocno I f.om tbn Home, with thair lon-
aurreuie in all the anitHliuenti exoapt o.ia, Irom wb cii
the Senate ri cedtd.
Mr. I'reaton oreitotnl a inpiiinrlal from a nnaibf-r of
nitircns ntirmuluil in riittatlt'lphm oo me limr ol I !
recuiiiuirndinc aa curly recojtntiun ol trio mac;iuJeuuo
jfihatn .niilry.
A laauSulioo oujioI "J" Air Vi riHter.on t nimy, ending
no thu Stcrttanr ol .Var for infarnialioii concerning the
c titi-at-U for t!ie remuv.il of the liruek lud'ain.wat taken
iii, iiad agreed to.
'I be Senate, on motion af Mr L'rntoc;aok up the bill
froto th'' othor llou(0.uthori7;iig tla 1'irnJeul of
U. Slatea loupcepl tbe rvife ol roluutaers, and lo
ra.te an additiaual ragimuil if utjuouj or luuUjtt'U
r diiuen.
i'i, t. n ... ,iMdJi in in limit the rut mlier ol
vt-laotaera to b ri-ol at 10KH) nicu, and lo cvufnm i
(hen tu repllu.e Indian luratMuii.
lutha Doom of Rnreeotative, Mr. Everett, by an
nni'iinua ct.i taut, uBerid a .etoluliiiii, which ! o on day
callingou tb l'ridut for bifuraiatiuo nlniio to the
Mexifao bouatlary lha luui qucliou ul the in
IiucIm t" rui.lilary i other olfic.-ra on tbe ajbjeut of
tbe dfeoct n ilia wettura fruuti.r.
The debate waa ouMinueJ on the rtf.lutUn of lhn
Kentucky liiWlure on tS dirtr.butioo f the pruetad
of land aalct, ualil ta eapiralii n ol tbe lo ur.
The Armir Aonr .Driatiuu Jldl. raturntd frjrn the Se-
into wit;, an atnoudoteul wa cuniJrd, auJ lha atnautl
aurut uttt 1 tu.
Cmnrrat. in tha fiaeale on TueJay 10th. tbe Nary
AprooruiiioB bill raturoed (root u.a ii'u-a, wi
ctt tbt part of theprvititHr the uth Sea Lxj.1....
ii eapedilioo whK nutetli t dhcrolum of lb Pie-
uj.,naui aatt'iuuiauu it in
..J''- .
1 au... fH tk. T'raaiilaUl Wf rMKlTeQnaonilVjSHC
I.:.!... ll.. t.l,lu.l.nlrril luO. pruilad. UO BlOliiiU
Uf Mr Clay lb bill to authorit the AUtruy Uei.il
fto;Ulthe:jiaaof.'Kbt .uala rH( iwj'.r uiueou-;
Jtutit'd, That tbe Prwidtrit oflhe United State b
rMuul voetHBiuuiiwat l tni Hook, if. iu hit opiuiuu
it ibati iwt be inctapti!'' tb thu public iuUrtt,lh
lutUudiooi whwh Uve bn lratatuitlxt from limelu
Iiaic. tbaae th tat da) of Jeouarv, IK3&, t th Rt pre-
lecl.U'rtof Ut V. Slal iioruiKt t Aletioo,
itbv to tbe tuodnn bta tbi two wal.om, ua
refauive totbc iHUag o foot, "ditar. cipediUMO' If
r aawtserra-WTj IIVH 1H a . i IUIU CAIMUItfU 1 IU 1-'") WiB . lit I I
WtofJJZZlfZanmttoiA d.jnl .May iut. heig allowed by : tl
treaty of ludemuity i adUeo pad. whit meiM.e wa ; f,.t, , I., ,i,,.r. t :
ui.Uoo lt Uk i," '" " it dt.tv Air.) Mill's m Wellington! un the 30ili U'alkiiiiT Shoea and Slins firat ntinlllv oi
ibe Ho-reof Repr'-.thcudlowaig . ! nnd elcien hruid Straw HonnctH ; I'lorcnto
HUoofl.ioloolh.precadiSdybyMrUrll,u' a. j NICHOLAS COOK, '$Comm'- limid do., A'.c. kc.
" . . . . ..... .i.t., ,te.iUuii on tue isew.
imsammtina r- , -
rct; au4 U c n. "T"
f.r !. . I. ,.u
""' b . p... -1 bu.gi 1 o m. u
lhtIo Geierauw.lt. r;. -.-11 tuate; atalatt u-
i ... ... . . A Ut t.aVtaCllllsa aTataaaoailAf
jayWCtHB 1141
. ' . .1.. . t. - .. . I .. Mm
KHueet. i Umi aU aadw al "-tr.
U laa. Jiwrr cr 'rJTlj!.
?a:N.-f., S - .
rituniul t Ib wot.
. ; I I i' t.
In (brand f, t-r . tl-IVt., Mr Iee TVaaaa.
i I' 4 IUcM iVrker f Iba tWeatf pUe-.
ll, , l Mr ! Hwattt, fiaj f
.' . Oread ?!cjalt.,f lheliar tdaee.
! . Li i Ittih ittet Mr .) lfclfe.jr. M
rwt;i. i. ...at Jdart u C.QlMloamaflk tsrutt
In Uttlri ..f.. 3P tart. Mr PraeMte II. WbeeW. I
Mm Ut-iii l- .je-fMv, beta of II - III Mr G. L.
Sat (taut I . M i4 lar flatawarr, n4h i B.
ta Wio l. t.B h mtt. Mr Nathaa Walker 14 Mm Mi
w rt E 'Larued.
Ii llutiayiatJlhtMt.Mr.. O. WrCeiabfiJaf
"i . , "i Janet lev t.irt.
.i rill fiA 11th In!. Air i .tin tlhrelr, a r'Wlii.
( o..ii d.rr(ii)d 76 Prvtr,n m di'M. ( an rt
lu l.lirf lulieiv, TJI till. MllnK IVI I t,'il J,. I
I'timim mJCne un ttftmkd, tit.
J." nin T ""H1'""',!', I
: - . .
I hl..o V.-a 30
I . rayMtrill-,'J6ih ult, Mrt llrlwy Gould, It.
lb O iitftird, QtH iu-l llr Altai WliitiirT.
In WhllMtghtiin, April iKteh, Mr .Nrwnwn llotvim, "3.
'ii UST received nnd lor le by JAMKS IAU-
t KI'I I, dr. at tit Mime ar .o.uii .,1',
I)eiiiihi.' Il.iis'l, a si"'t viH'ty l new nnd
a:;lc'rd with rate fiuni the luteal import Jliini,
amonj whicti are the fo'luw lug, lo wii :
lllnrk, Ultte, llrown. Olive, O-ten, DmLent rk
and iii xeil IIIUIA DuLO 1 US; 5lripd anil (n
lYorstetl, Valencii and Mi iioo S II A V h$ :
white nml yellow TLANNKLSj Floor CIntha:
, til. v iiiu Jtuun I uainiuwi I iw .rfi'iHin.
IVncli Dlffliuft; me...ioCI.tbs iM. xicai.rui.ved,
lloen OaiMiriere. Mole-kin, Riighiuu and I'u.-k
tktn rtiric, inniiii :;, ai.il t ariont other ftooc't
lor Rttmmer wear ; Silk, Valencia, Cotlon, o!rtr
teilU, (Jaalimerett and Velvet VE3TINUS; a
gi'Bt vaiiety of Iloai.ry anil Jlove; India Rub
ber Asron ; Wor-bd, t iitlou .Hid I hum inuutr
'ZOO l'ices o American Englidi mut
i I iUN I S, (cheapi-r Shan evei ;) P.um,
Moiirninu nnd colored Gine'ixnn ; (".niiluic
Alulinfi; Thread and Coiion I,ncc; l'.obiiiuti d .
I'laid, roloie.l and black SH.KR, of rverv dn
eiiption; Pongee, Wel; ink nml wbi'to Cmp's;
U'ghoin, Tu,can and Straw IIONNETI'S;
ShBlleytlf, bir oteej r-il i anil J aliliy ivei; j
Flugg, Pongee ami Plaid 1 1 indUfs. anil Cravat ; ,
Slock ; Linen (Mftibric. (in. Ilandkla.; (?olioii ',
uud LiiH't: Shiii'i ".antid Sheelitign; Cotton, Lin- j
en nnd U'oiMed tfclging and lnerltii(r j JMahl I
Ouiiiiiuie.i nml other lttbitu; Attiticiiil K!ower; ;
Ik'imnii, Siially, Ciape and Si.k I'nncy SitttVl.3 .
nnd Hal ilUN.; nil ktmh ol -rmlors triiiimiiig ot
iiilti iidi iini.) tit) iiiinii ui Mi-'t-5i.ii" rs ' ' . ... ,
the boat ipiality ; Silk and Cmton Umtir-llim ; j nrltcles, too iittinerotif to detail in nn ttdvt r
I'atusols; Cotimi Yarn; liiilticl.iii 'S ; .Silk mid , tisojnent, will bu bold Hither cheitper for
Fiji HAT'S i; Diipers ; Linen T.ible 'Jloil.s ; ' cttslt or gnoil crf-'dit, tlittn cnit ho litiil nt tiny
0...1... i i.t, .t u,,i.Mfcf - Lndlcs. J.id mid I oftlm "cttuAf aToni;s" in this Statu. Most
ftlorncco Mtoci atul Slip : Kill nnil oictotco
Skin"!, At.. Set. Sec.
r. .
f I Ali iJWARli k CUTI.KKV ;
Also: A pi inn: tot of llrtigps tnil MeiiiciiitM,
which will bostild tit. ustwlly lo , Mini l'liviri.iii
it. purlicular, will mi c inuney by culling anil ex
amining, fur the.riMhvs.
(all but irt,,oitt) to wit : LOAF iu.il IS.'SOWN
iiOUCIIONC, r. n:?..,
HYSO. ami IcS T35A8.
Cuflee, llicc, IVpptr nn4 Spire, Keg od lo.
llawins uiuger, Salurh'.us, lifiiiousanil Orange-;
Kut; Sptioi Cdiidic-. ami Oil; Cod
iln A e.Sri
Jfuh, picult'ii
iSliet' ami chewing TCACC0 j !o, ont
Case ul ML'SKl.TS I r l7fiining.
The aboie flood i wilt be aold at a very tmall
advniiie lium cot, m.d tuoij kiud ol 1'ioduce
received in payment fur iheaame.
Riillnnd. Ma) 17, 18.56. " 51
niunihnionrra' IVoUee.
J E 'he tuo.ctibf it, being fippoinlcd by tbt
TT Hun. Probate Court lor tn Dimiel ol
ilulUiid, commUuitiieru to rcct it, uxamine an i
! adjust all claim and dimandt ol all neraon
j againe! Ibe ctlate Ol
lal-of Walhiigfuid in told
n taid dttinct, jieccatri', rcp
ii iid aHo til c(alm end de-
."" tntoitui. , aunamii.il cwa
.oU..iL, ,.1. .I.. i.I .. ,U.ut il.nrulo -ti.e 4.kr m....tlt
: "iu vuniv 'ot . ," wv ""o.viw
hereby give liotli e thai we w III allelid to ilie bu
A "J G T I O T .
Ikon wilibina! lo Ukt il iob 1
A N l pkou winbing lo uktf a jul mi Ul rornl
ihrit it to be built in t.hretn.buy, kadiug
ff&H lut;(Mj lu Vii,dr. ia have an import"
. o , .. dweJ,ug boua ill flliafii. .
1 ' ...... -1 .....,,,. ..... Vf ..
. ,, , , .. . ,. ,,; r,.rfl
the motirt uali 1.1 Itie af fri tklf, atafl If-
a J at
mwudcf on tl lt O'jtobcr mxi 1 goui euri.y
WW ' .... JvZfc U lh-
' -a aaaa auan r nBjaB?
. , ...,a . .1 a. a. J rl dii tnla4 Malt, al
! A ltj$E$ DBlUai, Om.
! Sbrtury, WTm, IP
; l,UjM H I
I" 1 '
Miie til our tai'l ai.int..lu.enl l ISC liouae of . v,i,i,n . ..,r, .vnll' IC11 nml Moroi io
Dalod at W iituford. Una I'll Ojr nl May I 1 A J YAlil'. U. 1 l,lMi ;
A. I). IKS'. ' I
-. 'huh I
4 i nar). ,
' linn
' . I I.. C)mrl
r5IJIi nilwciilH ri lmr? rrmcl n rnpurl
lWPhip for rrin yilift ott thr Mr rrniilllo
lHiiiioa in Ku(innl, in li e name of
HO!)M-:s A HM.MOItK,
mmI untr ufler In tlirir (rinnda nntl ciiatnmrr
tt larjjoijMortMirnt of FHigliuh, Frvitt-h, ltttlin
4rH Afncrifftri
ronaisitng ii pml f llio Mlm. iitt; tiii-(i :
Illiifk, IMttrt, lUowti. ami FhIm-v rolorni
jCi.OTUS nntl CASMIMKHIJSj U hilr uiul
IUoivii l.tiicti Drilling; riinnnnnt ; ( tuiliniti
i" i. '..,. i... . in. it. .ii i
.; . titti'inttit t , unit- i m iiiiiik , iiimiiii
(.'na-iiiiorn ; Krnimrtt ; Hliio.k J,ti.iiig, ntiil
Hr111.lm7.nr, will, tt cn-.tt tnri. lv nl Smnmrr
I tivnnm mm v t i- i t it i ii vii 1 1 1 r f l f l 1 1 t it ,
Mt.r.i!ills hiuI Vnloimin VIWTI.(?S ; ('nlt-
ciios; (liiiglttitns ; 1'roiifl. Mttklins ; I'lt iu lt
('tilicoea rttttl I'ntiiluicn ; l.inrn Ciiinlitir ;
Cnmbrir Muslin; colort'ii C'itiiitni(-: Mnic
iioriiilift, WotKlnl rmil Collnii S. ,S;
' 1 i ntulk !.; I Iiik, llntnlnnn. roiigff,
Mniliuss nnd
Cotton Flucu lliiiiiikfk; ninrk
Silk frit t ma; Mirtnk-a ; ( "rivnls fur Lndics ;
It.n! Mii-liii; I'mur-' 1 Si"., J . k'.iu tt,
mid Mull do. ; l.H'.tn ( :itilirir Iliuolkls;
I, nc of, i ilginjj.J, Inn rl.iifj. lliiliiriijll I.m i j
white ltl.u k nml prrcn Illoiulf (iatir.o 'nlN ;
Blonda Lnc.o do. Qnillinfto nnd IMiiinus ; tt
lnrgn ojtanrlinciil l.ndica Kid nnd Si IK (Hiimr;
CJtnl lemon do.; l.inrn nnd ('ctt'in do ; Ilo
nicrj; I'nntsolii ; Utnlnellti ; Ittdin Hiihlu r
Aprons; n j;rcnl vnnt'iy ol l,nilirn I ititiiti,
: . , , . , - . ,,, ,. . . ,
?lf'T n"'.1 Lcffliom I A I S. l.iS.l....nrtl.li:
Kiinpo; wiRsrs io ; rnimirni ntiu ;m!U titii.i ;
Hcud IJays j While llhtck nnd Pink t'liipi;
a mkI nbsurttnotit oi plain nml rolnn I SiIKm
furdreasca unil l)otin-t; ArtifiniuN; I'm.gip,
Ci.titon I'lnnm-lj lUmsin JJinpcr; Hiids l'e
In. Kusvia Sshci-tnur. Aniorn-un Mio. ihil-,.
Shi. titn;i. Tir Liiisfi. H p. , Clu t Ks, ( '.,((. ,n
y(U11( vddinjr, JtaUin;:, Wtc-kins, &.c. iV f
KwcimU, Knjrlish. nnd A iprrirnn lilON ;
Nail llod; Nn.li; Eniili-li, ii rinnn, Ann i
iciin nml Cnul S I HKI.; Putty, ilif, l'tnni
and Oil ; litrsjo iptnntitv ol rnnrso nnd lino
f? LT, vorv low; (Irimi Stonus, 'J'nr, S-'ln rl
Lund, Mackerel, ('rdfth, Knltiioti, kc. ilic
A liSO it very clcmnnt nsiuirtnient of
The ithovc tvith it i: rent vnriotv of other
i ..r C(IUI1irv r r t it 1 1 1-
e ret'civt'tt in poy
Hutluml.M-ty 10, l.30.
1)000 ,!m' l'"1'''1 WOOL wmiIimI, fl.r winch
ii lair ; rice will bo pan! m Com!, and pan ('mil.
21 H. h (I.
GIs'S t'.fl 8K ha- rc.-ei-
J ved, nml otii rn for ude nil Ot'eiM o iir-noit
ment of teasonnhlti
Among '.vhinli will In; found, llliick, Ditto,
IJrown Olivo, (Jreeti, Aduhiid, Dr.ih nml
Oxford mixed MHO A l)-f 'LOTUS ; Hindi,
Huge, Lavrudor, Jlrnb and fniicy ulriped
ICA'SSIMEISKS ; J'lnin nml Fum y Mnped
i Sutlinetla ; I.inen Drillint' ; Din'itml mid
foncy tin ; plain nnd tw-illcil Siortiicnt; v cl-
vet. Hilk on.J Miiiai'tllfK VKSTINCiS, tu
KCther with J'addin, Cunv;in, .Sttentts,
NauUecn, and n piroat Mtti'ily of Tatlorw
lrinimiiiK ol a snjierior ipialily. 4000
Vnrdii CnlicoCH, of new aril learnt pittr rn-.;
liiiKlibh Printa; 1'rench Mtiniin; Kti;.'lnli
Ginuhams Irtalt Lint-ns ; l.nwna, ('HtnliritM,
m, l,at'C,Lc. &c. Itiiitation and ri
al Merino SHAWLS ; White nnd eolorid
fikittH (Sroaaf 'loth ; it preat varietj of Mo
fiery, 0 loves, &c.
Mlncli Italian 5 Hlacli and colored f!ro do
Kaplf, Sarsnetts, colored Florence, Si-rtffi,
illock nnd colored Itulinn Crape, Hewing
! Silk, Shawl mid ItandkfH., raw Bilk do ,
Muyy nnd initiiiniiiin ILiiinlilt., Illimk I I'D
M j.,,. 'PnrT..i...l f iSarniiiir.t llil.-
w. ' -
Rhcttinf. Tickinjf. Matting, U iekin;
The ahove Hood v. ill be totd at prm
a.niiHiiul cat 111 9t' lift B11 aTaf ia VA r i tall U - I 1 1 1 1 I V
invited l cull and cawwiim.
' H.tll.t.r'. Mttar It. I h.U).
j . , 'JZf, " ,
r?"t ifReubeciibm ia eottaiaati ietioe-1
X, dttHNM id Mteaatk Bouk tci,
Uu: lead, May IT. V.TV,

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