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St. Johnsbury Caledonian. volume (St. Johnsbury, Vt.) 1867-1919, November 20, 1868, Image 1

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ST. J()1IXS1HTIY. VT., F1UDAY. N( ) V. 20. 1 (8.
A'OLl'ME 32--X01T.ER LG34.
I. STOXiC & C'O., Iropriitiir..
i'1'xtdoor North of CourtHouse.
., o-ie (epy pr aiiimni $2.50
li.-l'v lil alv.nce $2.00
PAVI5 & liKADFOlID. Pitljlisliei-s.
viMe in adeiu.ee :it the otlife
Ire) ,
v. fc
rr1 jnrihar
M !tl IliAllttlll
irft. .
vt. sloltHsbuvu Ut.5tnc$.$ (T;mls.
1 1 i .i
a n i r
.MannfMtur r of
ii:ns. ai ciii'iTU w.vr.ns
:r in iti 1..-. Ili.ll.iu Wan-, V.nLi-v Nu
lt , Ui'lr.-d t , M. .lo!tnliur. Vt.
l'KAI.i:i; IN IUIil.-. l.i.Mlll n ANI) ini.
M. -I. luul.urv C nfo. Vt.
ir i i .ni:i n l-i i: i i:ai r ; u.ixuv.
il.- .tv .-. l. I lin. tv and I f, -i7i- I'ln tcinnpli"
II. II. r aud tluap r hm . !-. v ii.-ro.
DR. J.
t: r I. k : t i
il ii h..ufo, - -
- Opiwpite Frt Iclit Iopot.
u a r. n i:
s s m . k i: i: .
M. .lolm-l.'
i m ai;i s r.
! II Y I I A S,
Lil -nd Strc.t, : doi
rial aatlntion jd
noitb t:
i to tli
ror lin.I Pt
tn-itmrnt cf
ini.. ( MK am i n:f: makim.
Illiw- ItiiiMini.-. I:. It. Stn.t.
I'lius i.r.AM.R aii i:i.iAiiii:u
r 'rrs lcf at fir-t b .nse ai-OTu l'nin -fbttI
r..initlv atttudt-d -; l i
III I l.T.
I ifflr
f li
l.l t.J
n a l i: i i: i. - i i. s a i. " ii x ,
! (il.MlltAI. HIIY CiMlK.-s,
E E R R Y &
m.I .l.-alerp in
l.i.Ml:l. IIANCi: A'.IACY.
" . r.t.i II.llA r;e eb.-iVSiore.
1 , vi Fv : i:i:i:, sinwt mii.
I -i -it l-J, e u-.-r D.-lot.
S. T. BROOKS, M. D..
i -1 - i a n a s n si niir.ox.
' . r id ne ,M i n S're. tp.nppo-ite tb. IlftterT
iVtitJccUnncous; c'ltnls.
i i 1 1 1: s r. v A r i. A w,
! n, .... Vmilin.t.
i.vrv am t - il v-ixi.ni: at l.A'.v,
Mrlnd - rall-, Vt.
n.'i tand. - - I.vi
am oi Nst:i.i.on
C.E0. C. & GEO. V.
! l.y'ndoli.'Vt.
- I UM ACf.NT,
: it ii. - - V.nnont.
.Miiiiiilnrttire f
' . r-lONFf-, AM I.KNIF.NT1.
ii'.ltfii, - - - Vermont.
S. F.
I.K l'.NSKI)
..-ry d.p. upth.n f.,r botd, at
j t) YV O V I1 1' i f o ,
M ulitvj tl.au auy n liera- il-ein tl.e 1'niie
.1. T.
St. .lobnpluirv. '
New 7 Octave
)f vari.il- I--U. - ai.1
p.i.i-s. f. l iale at MI
.s-odd ir.iV
m. .-ioiiiiAi:n.
r II nn- r. MII .-r'- Pii-ioj
" .-r..J..liri-l u-, sipt
G A M B E L L ' S
i f-- Tl.n l-,,l.:
iyitJuyS r.lDohinc in
C-" Use.
"t. Jolin-litiry Centre, VI.
Match llhn.
An honept nmn a iiiiii witbont prttanpe.
aiedet Imt brave -tlicnli filcnt, full of pcn'O ;
His lishte-t fanriea ar tQliptintLil fubi,
And l.ip heet lhccK!,: train-Uto lliciiifrlrea in acln.
N. fep of dotibt nl Ftrnrt hia pteady Rare,
No raRne, dlni r-haJow looinltlR tlirnuch the liaie,
Hut all rtands out, clear, rbarp and n 11 difincd,
Ilefore tho carne- challenRe of hU mind -
A miufl tht, iu KKinning, nn tlie CI..K
Kxp'orea, eompirep, eiphp, cimpep, eGmprehend,
And with a force iepi11tfip a the tidua
Shcpee lo resaiu" vvhatever it .leeide:
A elear, Cfl biain, aell lial.inc, d and ccmpact,
Tha- in tn-day di-eimp to-tiierioiv 'p rot,
An.l, fruitf il In rwour.c. to all ita neids
Meaurea 'he i.ccnr tbat nrort eome in dcid':
A e-ilniano' lofty coarape tbat ran rov
Witb dirtf periK h.-pit.;; a,miii-t hope ;
l'atin.rc that tirta not, an.l :in i-oo irilU
1'eiiacl jw, rtuMicrn, and iH.'r-iii'nt ptiH,
Tlirtt t'anilit cn 8wcro from it nc Enn.l deisn
To fight it ont and conqnor "en tliid i!ne;'
i'roni evin dlpj-ter i itin: full cr.cci bF,
A( in Ihi lontlicta of ' Tlio Wilil ril.w,"
And m tkinp all thlnp; ti lii 1 urjn fC ht nd
Till "Avrcma'ox'" 1 rinj;- thu t;Ior.cn- ud :
Si.cli utf thv tMita tliat tuaik cnr rlirx-n inan
Note bim, O nwrifl ' and iuit(h biiu, if you can 1"
Ovrr thc Hivci:
Utr thc rii-cr tlioy lcrlcon t.t m-
I. .vfd un- nln.'v.' ccsed to ihe fuitlier 9id;
Tbe Rle-wi of Ibcir hno j roLr a I f.,
II. it thelr Tolct'rt aro drounrd iu tbe nifclngtld-'.
'liierwV oi.e witli iIorI.': of p:iiny jtld.
Aud ovcjthc r.fl.f tlon of Hoatrn'- onn Ma-
Ilc cror-id in thc tnilibt pray and r..ld,
And tho p-lo n.i-t liid froui in..rti.l icvr.
Ve paw not Ihe uDi;eI tbat n:ct bim tliere:
Tbe Kite uf tbf ity iro ould not w
OTcr tlie riicr, rcr the rlnr,
M brot b. r ptand w jltia to tvelcome ine I
i T.r llio ririr tbo laiatn an pile
i'arrifd auo'.b.r tbt 1ioii. h'.Id pet;
llir LroTrn curli watdin the ientle -hI.'
I)t.ri!oi: Minnio! IpeoL.rct!
Shi. cro -pcI i.n bf r Wom bi r .iin.pl. d bin.;-,
An I f.-arKviiIy cnterrd the pbantcn Inrk.
We rratrhi .1 it fli.it- from the dlr. r p and?,
An.l all onr punhiiu- irroir ftran?ly djrk.
W'f Ln.iw -he is -aV mi tlie ntber pi.lf,
Wlu re all tbe r inpon.rd an.l ati,-eli J-e :
(ier tbe rier. tbe iny-tic liier,
i3y cbiidiiood-. idol i? wai ine f.r nc.
Tor none re-.nrn froui tb' 6e rluiet J.ore.
Vho cro nltb ll e lioitman col.l an.l pilo:
Vc he-j- the dip ef tbe -n:d.-n . arj,
Aud calrb a tlinipso of Ibe -U(.y pail,
And lo! tliey baie pa-"ed fr -m onr ytaniIlGlleJ
They eiop? tho pttram -iad an- gone frr a o;
We inay net puudtr tbe .il apart
Ttatbi.'esfr.monr m-Iob lli" trit'a of d ly.
Wi- only know tbat thrlr l ari n more
iail irith n- o're life'd ptonni pe-i ;
Yt pmewlien , I knon , on thc u-.p . a fbore,
'Ibey uatch, and lieelcn. an-l ualt f.ir in-.
And I i! and tblak, ivh n tbe -iinet' frold
li tlifhice liier, and bill. an.l ho-e,
I rlull onc p an.l by Ibo waler e. 1 1.
An.l li-t t..r the pnnnd of the l oi'm .n' oar :
I rball jvatch for a leam of th. tiappinc p til :
1 fhall li- a: the a- it n i:a the Pt-and ;
I rhall pp from i-ih' nilh ll.e N.atniju pale.
To th.- I et er phore cf Ihe rj.irlt lan.t :
I rball knoiv tbe 1. ird irlio luc p ne Ii. fore,
An.l j iilully pit.t uill -li ni.' in le
IVh, n oer tl.e nver, th. ni. Ic imr,
'I be AiiKel of IL atii pli-ill cairy me.
We are -ittin;: on thc roeks lienoalh
the Ih-o.uhvay Ilou-e at : ihe
urf roliiug up to our very feet. the moon
m.tkinir a brij;lit pathway aerns-i tbe
water". and the eool evenin btveye play
in ou iur brows ; so delieiou-i alter the
inlenip lii.nl ol'lhe Auus-t day.
l'hil had ju-t !irrieil that alternnon.
and my lieart had wanned atie-h to the
eoiiijiauiou of old dity-. l'hil iiad b.-en
a jr.ieat traveler sinee tbo-e d.iy bad
M-en all that was worlh .-eiin in the ol 1
worid and the neu had heen the fon iu
eone.-iiondeiit nf some o our le.tdiitu
journal-, aml had skelcb.-d bis epeii-
enee in a stle peculiarly bis own bor
lowinj; neitber from tlu- Ilippant witli-i-i-ni-ofon"
cl.iss of wriiers, nor the
-oleinn, owl-like wi-dom of otbrs. Weary
and worn, he had thrown tiway the pil
grim's .-tall" for a brief t-ea-tm, :ind had
aeeented an olliee in Ihe oo-t olliee de-
partnient in Wa-hini:ton in faet, hi-iiuMite-?
lay in the dead lelter olliee.
His quiek and aetive mind eaiifiht, at
onee, the delieienees of the .-yslem. and
he labored lor a whole year to forward a
plan to reniedy them. Iu tlii- time,inaiiy
very sorious ineidents eame to bi- knou
ledire, m which iinliv iduals had .-ull'ere 1
deeply Iroin the lo of 1 tters. aVnd on
ibis nitilit be lound a retidv li-tener to a
-lory wliieh had exeitcd hi sympalhj.
md which he had traeed, Hep by .-!ep.
uiitil its lina'.e. As near :i I eau reeol
lect them, I shall :ivc lhem iu bis own
word-; althotih my readers inu-t .-uli'er
a los- in the abiem-e of IMiiT-s deep, im-
pas-ioned toues, aud tbe eloipienee, not
only uf his voiee, but of the ;teat brown
ye-, whieh i ven by nioonlih: spoke to
ine of cai nest, mten-e teeling.
"About tbe year 18 Ki, a family,nain
1 L'E-tivmue, reiuoved from Canada to
Vork, aml touk up their abode in a street
of s-oinewbat aii.-toeiaey preten-ion'-.
The lather, a you inay gue.-s by the
uaine, was ot I-reneh origin. Ihe
mother was an Knglis-h woinan. l!oth
were deeply imburd with the pride ol
iiicc-'ry, iinil no l.s with nationa! pnde.
The very iiamc of an Amerieau produ-
ed in them feelin- of di-u-t that inade
il-clf otlen-ively -lble to every per.-ou
that kneiY them. Oradually the lriendU
no-pitalilv wbiob our people so :ener.illy
extcnded to straniieis was chilled and
weakened by the presiimption and arro
Vince of the.-e foreij;ner-, and tbey wer?
tluown back on theinehes for society.
"To one lneinber of the boii-ehohl,
hovvever, it wa- impo.-ible to ftel re-
pugiiance. Alaue l.'l-.-traiigc was at
ood as the was beautiftil. Slie was tbe
nidy child ol ber parenis, p-.irtaking ot
none of their arrojranee, but, likoa svveet
and -imple wild llower a .-be was. giv
injr out the perfuiuc and richne-s of her
nature to all around her. Maric wa-
barely eighteen when her parents settled
in New York. With the eonliding na
ture o! youtb, she soon gave ber bet af
lectious to one who had cagerly .-ought
them. dobu I Iolland was the son ot a
New York merehaut a man who, troin
Miiall beginnings, wtn now uipenno-t in
hi- cirele. Ile had trained his.son in his
own lnisincss, and another year was to
-ee .lolm".- name liguring as a partner
in the long fctanding lirm of Holland oc
''He had met Marie L'Kstrange at the
houe of a friend, and was strutk with
her unaffected sitnplicity of nianncr, so
dillerent to tbe idea be had formed of the
Kreneh frivolity and mannerisui he had
known in others.
"Tbe iVclin of nttr.iclitin wn- iiiutu:il '
?I:irio sliari-il linni.- of ber fallicr's piyjii-
ilit-e npiin-t tbo Aiiiciicans and lit-r !
boart w.i at oncc FiiiTcndered, witbout
ri-prvatnni. Tbi' liarK--t lliiiij: to do,
va-t'or .lulin Holland to a.-k tbu proud '
l-'ii-iK-iiniiin fur 1 1 i ilaiiiilitcr : Imt it niii-t
bc ilonc. II- liad ttn intiiilivc kuowl-'
edp' ol ibe pM'jmlici' nl II-iranu: l)tit
Matie tva lirhiy north tu-kiii'i i'or, and,
tlnt, nfter all. ln uas roallv tbp
i-pi:il of ber fatbor in birth. blood and
bierdui. be lnildly caine up to ihe niaik tlie readiii. liat i- it "? Ah, I knotr.
and tlemand tbe b.ind ol' hi- dangb-, Jly mhi is dead ! he i- dead !'
ter. " 'Cilni yinirsclf, Louia,' said Mr.
"Havi: y u ever feen a Krent hman. Molland. Mobn N liing and well, lor
Karl. wheii nmrdin.tie w;lt' ron-e-1 anht I know. titit miiiio bae pei-oii
ipii'iK-c ba- bepii liroubt down. bis elf- ba- tnubieeil bim, and rent tbe sbaft
ioM wniindi-.l. aml h's Miperioritv ijnor- liome lo poor IMaria'.-' lieart witii a nia
ed .' Ile imt a lion or ii tip-r, attack- Iignity worthy of a iicnd.'
ed in bw dcii, and nolily rcseiili:ig UU in- " 'Traduced Jolin. Wiiy, hu-'baiid,
puit-r-; imr i m ii a eiier.m-. I '-e dnii,
li:tiki;c oiu in- indigalioii at v.liat bi
in-i .ii-i rei'i.iiiz.' :i:in iu-ult.
"Ile i only a m nkiy. wbcs' witle
and inipotent rajji- kpend- it-ell in rima
ee?, Imlicroii- aml uplr,
niirtb and eouleiiipt in
exeitin only
tbe bebolder.
r.tiine-t a- iiollami lelt 1111111 piirpo-e.
i:e e.aild but iwperienre soint' of tbi-'
ii i-Iitijr ot i iinlernpt whi-n l.i.-!nuie.
1 " . 1 " ' ' - ' -i
nuunced a liuiuen exeeralion upou lan-
ki e iii-o!t nee, itnd unlered bim out of tbe receivinjr at Ieast uue of thein in the 1 L'l-trause, be found it enipty an.l a
Iiiiii-.-. cour.-e of their life. lany a one I have eard at llio window Miufym tiiat it wst-
"IluM.iud went away: but in hi- read, while in the dead letter olliee. and to be .-old. Ilo ib-iianvd nmv nl' any
beart of hrarts hi; rei-tere.l iin 0:1th. was always devoully tliankful Ihat a luturo reeor.eiliatiim. Ilo went home.
Ihat Iroidi-nee ei iniliinjr. he uould blunder, umuichere, bad prcTented thc I pneked away everytbiiij; th it could ru
iiiake 1 nie hi-! ui:'e de.-piie her futhur. ' per-on tioui reeeit ing it glad, to.i, that nund him of bis lot huipine.-.. and
oppii-iti.ni tur ouee malice had failed ol its inark. ebang. d his fleeping room lo a di-lant
Ii iin t im: now. ICail, to tell hm Hut I am forgettiu tlii letter to Marie. pat t of the bou-e.
ho impa--i-d bi- iurpe-e. Il is enouIi To be bricf, tbe per.-on writin it deelar- "Meanlime. IK-tran.' had retiiove'i
o a that one wet. raii.y iiinnun. when ed that .lohn I Iolland had bten uufailh- (o Cinada. He w.is kind eiiougli to
all tbe houre Mipiiu-ed Mnric.-'ill .-leep- lul to hi- wife that he had carrir-d out Marie, hut r-he l'ivw eery d.ty mnro and
iiij:. tin re wa a ue.ldm in a 1 hureli mit a per-un with him to -lyndon, aud that nuuv wreH-lnd. One day h'-r lalher
t.ir Y. uili: onhv Iw.i wilm 'e-i to the Ihe two had a little ehild 011 board wbo wa btonht home dead. Ile bad lieen
ei itiin ny, and .M:.rie IK-irange wa- tbe ealled them lather aud inotber. Tben .-trii-ken dnwii by a carriae an.l tramplfd
liri.le. fiillowed a 111a - of evidem e which, had bpnpath tbe feet of ihe bor-e. Afler
'Ti-:in-ii-ii:tetl into the boii-ehold ot the s-tory, beeu told in eourt, by aceredil- bi-s de.ttb M irie Iouked over hi-piper-,
:' e II.iIl:ind. tlu- briilii.-lile tlowed on ed witne.-e--, wmild have heen tullieieiit to and, in d.nn m, .-ae f mnd tbe oriiual
1-ke boaie t-ahn. .-till river iinrulMed bv bla-I .lohn Hulland's bitberio tmblemirb- ilrttfl of tbat terriMe letter. IIe.ien
. ...1 . 1 ,... ...... ,1... 1 .1" ...I ........ r..- ....1.. 1 .. 1 i...t r...ii;....-
1 ... 1 11 1 ,
m. nl 1 i.w mit the (III I- st.-.'!i:iiit I .et In-
...( .1 .. ,.-..,.1 r-il,.ri .(" ,..,l"..,... ..I .1...,
i . .
irue : v !-r - it- ntai u-
--.ii-. iiu.i.iiui n.-ni -o lonireu inr a
-laivblt-r tlir.iuh her marriod lile.
.iiid now sbe wa-expi iieneini; :i dolilil
iinkiiouu lh-!oi'.'. .lobn"- uile! .N'n
rvt'ii a ii:i'..'l.iii- iiitiiil. -he tliouh:, be
i.alt .i- d.-ni- a thi new relatimi.
i)t' emiiM-. IK-imnjiP w:i- fiir't.ui-.
Ile h.tiiuted the Mptaie wbere ihe Ilo!-
lainl'-Iited. a:.d Moie be would have
;ii-! itililer a ' iin. dead or aiive. even il
heis.-lf. .Marie
-..ttly. wlien .-'.e he.ir-I of l.i-ihieaieniti"-'.
and only chin t' e el
.lohn and to .101111.- f.ithi r aud miilhi
Tli" snpp ied a want whieh she had al--..
a -ktiou ii :he w.mt ol" true sMiii:t
lh;.. Her pare.it loved her alter their
l.:.-hi.m . 1ml it : tiof real love. that
-.-vks :i.e b.ippii.e- of ils objeet. Kar
t'run: it I b-v were t.vo wnrldlv. tun
1 nd nl .-I
u re.ii ii
I . tiiid too eager to make an
. i 1'. . I ain thtn lik" re.d love
ii. n-u-hip.
:i tin .-prkle i ou the eup
!i -wer is iu ii-ltillest blo
; e -!..; ol' onr life -hine- lnijj.te-t
i Ihe lime to tremble aud be
T. e!i it i- that the sbadovv
pa e- over morltils. Then tbe stai - die
out o tlu -ky. the llower f:ule amldr.ip-it-
le.ive-. tne toant i- da-hed fiom the
-up. lnu liiinu lue s.ul aml iie.-ii)mlin. j
but I lt.ne -1 i too miieh of life not to
know ihat i: '- not given to u lo enj iy
happine s U n '
1 had inver seeii l'hil -o deeply
thotighlful a- on Ibi- night. It seeined
a- it ihe -een t- that had eome to him in .
l.i- receut ex!ieriepee, thoub beloniiig i
tlier-. h.id bee-. ineorporated into his ',
own beiug I lo inet mv g!aiu-e of -vmpa-
thv and suiiicd f.imtlv. In a few 1110-,
im nt- he ui m on: j letter. If I were wiiting Ibis story, 1
"No ihhibt ou .11 e thinking. Karl. j Karl, I shonld pr.ih ibly keep tbis a inys-
that one wii'i like ine, ha- foi.-.tkeii aliiterylobo unfolded at the very last, nl- ,
home tie- of'pareuts brothci s and si-ter-, tliough mo-t any leader of commou in- ;
aml waml. leil iirouml the earth alone,
inu-t have l.iig.itii-n or lo-t tbe sweelne-.-'
of 1 ho-e lie.-. ii.it, believe my words
old frietid. l'hil Dudlev- ba- it be.irl Mill, '
and it beal- lor otber-" woes. I'.-haw :
I.et me pa-- to tiie real soriviw tbat eatne
upon poor .'.Iaiie Holland.
"Somc im p vied tutii in Mr. llol-
iand's bu-ine-s niade it neee.-sarv for
i-nher hiui-ell .-r .lohn to go to r.urope.
Theie w.i- but a -hort time now to the I
-ailiii'r ol tlu- -,i .inier : but belore it '
eame, M'r. Holland beeatne too ill for i
himsell lo atteud the voyage, and John
wa- olibi d lo go. Ile was lo retuin a1-'
-0011 :is j.o ible. an 1. ai'tcra long di-eus- !
-ion a- lo vv hether Matie -hould aeeom-j
pany iiiiu. it was deeided that for the
-.ike ol an e iiher ri itini iliat be would i
vvi-h lo uiake with her :t- a ('oiiipauion.
be liad l tli r leave her b.-bind. .Maiie ,
i-oii-'enied to the arrangL-iiiuiit with
istial sweolne-s, and thev titirled.
l'iie siv week- rolled awav. It wa-
liaidly po ible to expect that hc could
have traiisacled his bu-ine-s in time for
ihe eonnng leamer: hut .Marie wasreal
tv di-apiointed when ln- did not eome. 'I
-hall surely h.ivc a lelter," she said, a.--he
wiped away a tear. I!ut no letter
eatne lroni .lohn. Une wa.- biougbt to
ber. but she tbrew it a.-'nle when she
-aw tliat it was not in his hnndwritiug.
An hour alter she iiieked it from the
e.trpet, and di.-eovercd, to her dijinay.
Ihat it bore Ihe L'nidon postinark.
What it eould it ineau .' Was .lolm dead,
md wa-a -tranger.- hantl sendiug her
the dl-eadlul newr .'
'.Mr-. ll'illaud, singing fcoftly to ber
ell. uiieon-i iou.- ol" all trmible, lojked
iuio the room. M iry washolding an open
letter m her ti'.-iiiblin ' h.iuJ, while her
laee w:w blain-hed to .-iiow-white, and
her te.ule eve.-were lixed and stony,
like tho-c of :i slalue.
"A tla-k ol suuie perfuinc .-iood on
the table a-iin-t whieh Marie Icaned.
.Mr-. Hoilaud bithcd her lace aml haiul
uiitil she lo-t that terrible look. She
asked not ;i word. Marie should tell her
when shc grew better ; but all tbe while
ibe inutber'- heart foreboded that the
letu-r b -re new.- of John's death. Ilut
why .b-l tbey write to Maue ' It would,
have been only natuial that Mr. Holland I
.shoulil liave rt-ceivL'il tlio letter bcaring
uc nows. IJtit Mrs. Holland avhs too
inucli inovcil to tbink over probabilities
ninv. Mnrii-'s stato ilcniandcd instaut
bi-lp, nnil !-lie vvas tliankful wben shc
bcard Mr. Ilolland's Ptcp approacbiii'i.
Ilo took Maric in bi.- arni- and laid lier
on ber own bt-d, and tlnm Mrs. Holland
jjavi bim the lettor tbat bad tbtis shaken
tbu poor youii wifo.
" 'Wlait i it '.' a-kctl the inotber, as i
hc niarktd tbe pale facc grow palcr nt
-lolm never liail an ciiL-iny in tlie worlil.
It eannot be. Let mo see the letter.'
"It was oue of that fpeeies wbieh
malice alone conld over 1'ave invcnted
an anonymiiin one. ly lieavcn, Ivarl, I 1
coulit bear anytlimg Detler tuan one ol
Ibo-e miie tbat tab you in the dark. i
Dtallthe ilialnilical inventioiis to tor-
turu tpiiet, uitii-pectiu people witb,
Ihese an- tbe wiekedest. And yct tbey
'.1 1 1 1 1 -.i
thou--anil. 1 do heneve. c-eapes without
. m -ii 1 1 -1 1 . I
'Mfinp .niL- nn iltfarpat fln i!
...I. I .....,.,. I M.. M!l 1 iTl, '
i - i-
a word ol truth in thi, beheve me. No
mau imr woman nvuii; woiuo il.tre to nl-
ti. a naine to tbij lal-ehood. Ueatret.
.luhn Ilolland's wile nevur needblu-.li
for h?r bu-b.Mid. wbalever raay corne."
"Ibit lr p iko tu deaf ear-s. M irie.
.-ntle aud lemler s a little child all lier
life bjfore. wa-t goaded now into u jeal-
ou- rnw ihai -a perfeetlv anonizinjx to
tbe p.iieul-' to witness. All hrr love for
.lolm se.-ined titrned lo biirnitn' liHtred.
ri. d It wa- Irane that one so habittiHlly
li-h mild and plaeable fhoul 1 be rn tr.ms
r to f.irined as she vva. S'ip pven deeUred
her delermination of leaving the hon-:a
and returning to tbat of her fatbor. al-
ihoiiih all iiitereoiir.p lietweeti herself
and bim eeaed on her marriaee day.
Never would she live witli him anothrr
".MiH-rable indeid were Mr. nml Mrs.
Holland. Sueh a terrible thin2 to bap-
oen in their peaeeable fatnilv. What
enemy e iul.l have done tbi- ? For you
-ee. Karl. tbey helipved iu .lolm IIol-
land a ihey ihd iu the stui il-ell. And
ihe ftr-t "hadow between them and Ma- ,
ne wa- this : and, altbough tbey tr.'ated
her kindly. still tbey eould imt loryut
ihat -h-had been willing to believe au
in,. in. !.,.rto,l i'iU..I, (V..I.1 nn nnL- .,.-
and iherefore woi thh souree.
Aml now another trouble ceiz.'d tbe
unlmppy p trents. Jielnre the time when
the nrxt -te.uner iniht be expeeie-1, ,
.Marie had earried out her resohition of
leaving ihi ir hoti-e lor ber f.itber's.
Nothing eould imluee her to remain tiniil (
he t-ame aml gave bim a chanee to elear i
"I.'IC-traiiL'e nict bis daunhler with n '
prim .--mile, whieh, had she been as eleariIe read it wiih emotioii. 1 otiered to
-i-'hted as uii.i!, in'hiht have enli"hli'iied
her a- to tbe writer or inslig.itor of the
telhenee eotihl easilv gue. Ihat J-
ir.uo was the oniy enemy that .lohn
I Iolland had iu thc worid, and it was
easv lor him lo devi.e way? and ineans
to injunt Iiiiii. A neh inan like Ih--
tratiQe would hnd no dilhctillv- in lindin i
one who would write any culumny he
intght dtetate. Aud so the ha.ie ileed i
was done. and more tlitin one lieart was
inade wretehed. I
"The -tetmer arrivcd in two vvecks" I
more, nnd witb it eatne .lohn. Ile lluii"
lum--elf into the lirst carriago he eould
lind, iniia!ient to be at home onee more.
The time whieh, in rcality was so brief,
seemed abno.-t endlcss to him. He had
pietured to hini-elf Marie wntehing for
liiin at the window, or running down
riairs to ineet him ; but, to his stirpri-e,
uo sueh plea-aut rcceptiou awaitdd hita.
He entered the house and tnade his wav
tj tlie little room wbere his wife aml
inoiher had ahvavs sat in the inorning.
M.irie was not there. and his mother inet
him with nn air of singularrestraint that
ularmcd aml cunfotinded him.
" 'aVre you not glad to see me, moth
er ?' he asked. 'Why do you look at
tne so strangcly, nnd wbere is Marie
I miist go to her this instaut.'
"He ran up-tairs. Kor thc life of her
Mrs. Holland could not arouac courage
enougli to Mny his steps. Ile went to
Maiic's ehainber. All thc gifts were
there. Thc toilct. the burcau, even tbe
bed, were strevvn with them. You can
fnintly itnagine hovv the poor fellow miist
have felt. He caino down again to his
mother. fsjmething had happencd
-omethin" dreadful, he was sure.
1- slie dead, inotber?' he asked, his
poor, pale, (uivering lips attesting to the
truo love be bore her.
" 'No, .lohn, Marie is living and well,
for auglit I know, but she is not hero.'
"Her '.ongtie refu-el to tcll him the
ttile ; but atter Marie had gone, she had
lound thc diabolical letter that liad cau-
j ed :dl the mi-ery, lying twi-ted upon the
. Hoor, and she now produced it for John's
" 'Aml she Ixilievcs this, mother V he
j asked, as a spasm of intense pain crossed
bis face.
" 'I think she does, John.
gouo to ber futUer,'
She has
"'Iollit-r I nofd not nsk yim if vou
belictc tlii inftiiiRius Iu1. Aml O, liow
coulil Jlario ? AWil, 1 iniirt io to licr,
vllcrcver i-Iie i". It tvill be implensitnt
to !-eo Mr. :iml 3Ir.-. Iiistntne, but I
sliall 'iiid cl.-iini iny tviii-.
" lolin, po. I bt-iit've it iyour
iluty to fcu hcr mitl provail nn liurtO
comc Iniine. Jielievi! tlie lelter s 1 011
know I lo not : but ilo not bl.inu' M.tnc
too lmihlv. It was a tcriibl
lilow to
lier youn and trti'titig lieart.'
But uothiii" foultl ever have .-bnken
in- eontidenee in ber, niotber,' saidJohn,
mournlully, as he ttirned away from ihe
"L'K-Irangc ncver tlid tbing by
balves. Hi wily euniiing bad ai.--trd
to i'w tbo fact ol .lobn's uilt dpeply iu
the miud of Marie : aHd he pcrf uadiil i
her tbnt a meetirg betweL-n thein would j
he fnntle aud even wron. Slie per
niitied ber latber to siy tbat s-ho eould
not incet bim iimk-r auy circuinstancc-
whatever: and ,Inhn, well nyli di.-tr.x-t-I
ed witli unet aml a rauc tefloij; ol re-
venjre tow.ini .-oiiie one, he know not
wboin, wcnt home to bi deolate cliam-
her, aml pa-ed the niuht in an aony
tbat inay not !e i!ecrilKd.
"Afler tbat lime, be inade nmnerou-
A . "".i '1 r
vain. Onec. 011 "uiiiir to tbe lioue ot
. 1 . -. 1 .-.T !
..-..i-.. i..n - ... --1W t elt It w:t- her :ll 1-
V. ....... 1. II I... ,;;...!;..,. (.. I.n,-
i t i t -l ii
hu-lnnd ru-bed upon her iniinl. an.l .-he i
wrnie iiiiii a nun u-o letier, epiaiuiu
huw ic had been deeetved and iinplor-
ini: h'n fiPtivene-. Her elo.-in word-
w r . It you e in forjrive me. write at
.m e. i. -t m . be yonr ife onee more
vour pentteiil. bumili'.itid wii -. It you
do mit an-wer, I .-li.ill know t'.i.tl y.itt
wiil imI reeeie me to our hetrl. Iut
( ). .Iniin. think of what I have -ul5.-r d.
and inrd.Mi -..mr wreieln d .Marie
.-r niade il- appearanee at ibe dead let
ter olliee I reai.'inli. r tl-at. i milrarv l
mvu-ual eu-tom. I i-.-id it ihrotmh." ! '
-truek wiiii the -ad. tiltuuit hiipele--
str.tin ot entreatv vvhieh it br. allud.
, ... .. ' t ,i . t ., .i ,
'Six monlb-. and th.it i.-tter, the very
..nilliM.nt nt'tleit woinail'- witli. lel.l '
never reaehed the han.l for whieh it wa?
.! I...I Yl...f hri.l I.. ..n -,-,. -if.
ter it. What prayer.? and -upplieation
h:ul ari-eu to the nreal white tiirene. that I
it niight toueh tbe luart nf .Inbu II. 1-
"Ilappily. I was oing to New Yoik
ihe verv next dav. and. th.iii"h iuarlyl
all mv lime would be oivtiiied witli ol-l
tiei:tl bu-iue. . I shoiiM limt a ninmeut to j
dehver th.it lelter into .lolm 1 loliand'r-
....... I I
'l"be evenin of that d.iv i'nuii.I me in i
bi-lire-euee. It w.i- in the Iilirary tbat !
the .-ervatit cnmlui-Ieil me : and thep.ue.
- hruuken lijnte silting Ihere wa-, 1 lelt
a tired. the bu-band of that jiieadin
"Jle eould not ini.-t.-.ke me. SouI
hi- are above all petly .-u-pieion-.
and he knew I bad -iunibleil uiion bi-
-ecret wilho-it a tlioii'htnl vvr.ui- doiuir.
denait in-tantlv : but he d. tained me.
-To vnn. Mr. I 'udlev," be said leelintilv. i '
! wish lo tell the whole snd -,ory, -iuee!
you have shoiv u -ueh genuine interest in i
'what vou alreadv know. You will
rieve.'l know. to lind that vour gener- i
ous iuteutiou- eau never be lullnled.
"lie ihen lo!d me ihe lale I have toldofyMi "ne i' tbose -tiek-. whieh are a!l
you the Ia-t. tbe .-:uhle-t of all. 'This j
I'verv dav." he eoiuinue-I. ! have reeeived !
:l letter ftoni C'auad.i. writteu by a I'riend :
of Maiie. Ile sl.ile.- that she wrote inel
tuonih sinee. expla'tiiin all and a-k- I
,i; ,nv fornivenes- : Ihat. roivivins; in i
w-..i- she h.-nl I'.uleil I'roiii ilavinil.iv 1
tint il la-t week elo-ed tbe strugnle. 1 do
llot niouru ber dealh. Mr. Unllty. fur I I
. hall soon mect her. but I "lieve ihat her i
lile should have been so daik.' I
A violent IU of eoughing sueeeeded I
his i.iiioiioii. and. vv bea he leiiiovet!
baudkerehief fiom hi- moiith. I saw that
it was eovered with hhnnl I rang for a
-ervant, and took mv leave ot .lohn Hol
land, leeling thal he wa- not lar from tlie
eternal cilv. I read of his death a few
weeks afler. At la-t. ihen, the bride-
'ro:iu has lound hi- bride.
"It eiunot be, Karl. tbat Ihe-e griefs
aud sorrows and mi-take- Ihat we siilli-r
here below are not rinhteil in the worid
beyond tbe stars. I eould not belitve iu
in ii heaven, if 1 should lo?o iny simple
faith that thu wrong shall be inade rigbt
above. U'he moon has set, Karl : let ns
go in."'
1 roe early the next morning to bid
l'hilhp Dudley farewell. It was tbe Ia.-t
lime I ever saw him. He kuow.-now
whether his beatitiful faith is true : lor
his earthly waiiderings aie over. "I
a-ked for him life andtJod gave him
long life for ever and ever."
In tlie la-t siekne-sof old Toiu llcntou,
has lihv.-ieian, to piolong his dajs, opeu-
ed his abodmen aud took out his bowels
while he vvas oon-eiou- and pioeeded lo
cleaTi them. At one plaee tbey lound
some grapc skins; tbey found bits ol
wood whieh he u-cd to chew ab-tr.ictedly
while writini! or re.iding. '"Look on
gentleinen," said the old man i'eebly ; "I
d.ire say you will lind Congressioii.il
Globes next."
John II. Surratt was discbargcd Kri-
tlav, and the l,Surratt C.ise" cnded. The
Di-lrict Attor.icv'stippeal f'roin tbe pre-
,ious dicision ot Judge Wvhe, diycharging
the prisouer, was diaunssed.
ICiffit f Sijrtern.
Lord Shafte.-Imry reeently ?tated in a
publie nipctinjr in I.'mdyn. tlu.t from
per-mal ob-ervation lie liad a-cerlaiiie-1
tbat of tbe adult male eriininai of tbat
eily nearly ail had lallen into a eouie nl
erime belweeu the ae of eibt aud
tecn ear-: and that ifa yoimj; inan
Iived an honp.-tlife np to twinty yeai.- il
aj;e, tbere were fotty-nine eb.int-es in bi
favor, and only one aaiti.-t him, as to an
hoimrabiu liie tberealter.
Thu-i it is iu tbepby-ical worid. Ilalf
of all who arc burn, die uniler twcn.y
year-of atre, while four-iiflh- ofail wbo
reaeh that at? and die hel'ore another
"corc," owe their de.ith lo eau-es of
di-eae whieh w re orifrinated in iheir
'lein-." Il:ia er.ivl'ul impiiry, it uill
be a-eeitained that iu nearly all e.t-e- ihe
I eau-es of inoral and preinatiire ihysie.il
de.ilh are preity nn:eli one aml the -auiP.
and are laid between tbe apes of 'eigbt
and -ixteen year-." This i- a faet of
' -tarlliug itnpoi t to fathi r- aml inolhi.-.
aml show- a f. ari'ul re-p-iii-il)ility. C'ei
I tainly a paretit -hotild -eeure, aml e,:r
I eie.- ab-olule i-.nilrol over the ehild tintil
-ixteeu : it eannot b; a dillieult inatter to
do thi, exeept in very r.ne ea:-es, and n
that eoutr.il i- not ui-eiv aiitl clli' ient's
exwi-ed, it 11111-t be the p.irent'
. . . . . , 1 .
I'ault :
it i owinjr to parental iu leet or r.-mi
ne-'-. Henee tbe ral t'mree ot iiiuety
I eight jn-r eeni. uf the erime ofa e uinli v
I -m-b a- Kn-Iaud or the l-'nited Sial.-.
I lies at the door of the p.tren!-'. Ii i- i
j fearlul ivlleet"'on : e tV'.uv i. bef .r.- the
mimK ol the lalher- a'nl ninther.- ofour
! land, aml thirel'.te it. lo ! thoimht nl
j iu wi-dniii, ri iiiarkini only a- totheeail
t -eed- ot binbiy di- -.im'. th.it tla-y iire ne;n -I
ly in every t a-e -own ln twei n Minduwn
I an I bed-lini'. ali-enee li-:n t! fim'!
eirele, in the ftipply ol s-peiniimj-moiu-;.
j ncver earued liy tbe ?peti.li-r. openin the
doors ot' -oiifeeti.-i ies, -,oda-lountaiu-.
j be.-r, aiiii tobaeeo.an 1 uiue. of the eirru-.
j the n. ;:ri inin-tre!, tlu re-taui.ii.t ftii.l ti.r
danee : thenf.illiiw th" Sn id iv et iii- ' .i.
the S'jnday diive. wit!. e.t-v trati-itin i
to the eo niianv ol ibo?- iio-e wa j U-.i.I
. 1 - . .
down to the i'i ot ii. pny-ieal aud
miirat ruiu
Fiiitn 'e'uht to -ixl-- u !"'
ears are ihe i!e-tin;e . '
, ehildr. ti lixed. in t-irty-ni.'e i"ie out o.
lilly! Iied ny tho parent '. l,'i even
la'her nml vvery liioilier 'oieuiiilv ow :
1 "Iy ("od'-! in Ip l'!l ti til dailin'
' de-tiny Tir oud hy iimkiiig hou- ni.ii.
; atiiaetive Ihen the r-ti -el-. ' iuiTf.uu. -
iml or' IUaltli.
auiiti t! 1
A !.' ASI Cunii'.. Tl.
.I:i arnit-
s -leivv that of a'.l eau-e
St.tte none are' Iruitltil a-
eriuie in the
Thi- the re.ider con-i-le --
I natural enouii h i- n-it nipji-ired. Ii'vev -
" ,. , ' ."' . , '
rent. ' the i-iiiiiiiial- t .Ua nehiHeit -
. . .
' l" 1"
i centa'-e nt thc oritne- p.in li.- tr:. '.!,
I diive.lv. we arp tni.l. to the n-e .if I
i u
liiiurps are !iom' arju.n-ni- (or
tbp jirnhilii:ioiiit. Wl ::evvr we itiav
- iv about tb.- p':te:i al w..tkinso. pr
hiliition. we have yet to --e -ati-f.ieioi v
re-uli- eome from it P i- ab-mr-1 t-
argue that the sale of iiipi r i- -omethin
with whieh the pno'ie h.tve no more
rialit lo iiilerterelb.in with the 5:ile n!
other go.nls W iih --nih ojiir.
tlu- 1
. belore 11, Ihe publie b:i a very deei-le.l
r'''' '
.tke .o.v mea-ttre- it inay llui:..
I'"'!'1 r M,t 1"
the tt'.-.the nt Inpior.
Kveiv in in who has a smi has a richt ii
proteet ib i! son as:iiiit bad itiiiuetiee-
a- -ir. it : ti n.itor.il rijat a- the lion
has to pioleet i.is otili Ir "ii injury. It
i- proer losie to -av that the man in-
irinse-ou the lilierS ot -oei.-tv. or t
lionon the libertyof the tore.-t. Tbe
ipi. Mion to lie deeided i n.t. ha- the
publie a ryht to snppte-- the 'leat cati-e
I'ritne. but Imw -hall i: do
etl'eetuallv !.e,r Vork .!..
"J "
i? Himloo priest ealli-d ia all the
inetnlier.- ol ti larue fatnilv, one of whoni
wa- l.u.iwn lo have e. it'initte.1 a tlu-lt.
aml tlui .-niilie- .i i.em: "i:io eaeii
of exaeth cipial leugtli. pat them iitn! -i-
vour pillows to-ni!.t : i do not at pre--
p"' kiiow tlie ilieu.ler. !ml vott niti-
relurii Ihe snek to tne to morrnw tnor-
I'in.L'. and the ono bei-mgitn; to the thiei
will have grown an im-ii nt the ni-jht.
I he laniil v lel ircd lo n--t. but beioieh"'
went to slcep the man v. Iio had e.un-
miltnl tlie ibelt. ibii.ktnj to outwit the
!riest. eunninsly e.it ol "an ineh from hi-
stiek. iinnly believin-i thal it would bv
"H'aiis attaui the lentjli ol the othor-
hi-M'V the next nioroiii--'. i lie slteii were
retiirned. aml bv eniniaring thein th
piie-l wa-in-tantly ab!e to pileh upon th
ollender, lo hi-great surp: i-e ttnd di-mny
tsr "Dariiel Web-ter." remarked old
('ol. (Jmnpp-. a- he tiinimed a pud ol
niggerhead and fa-Iened il .-ceurely be
tween two deeayed teeth in ibe lefi side
ofbis in uth. "Dirnel Webs'er was a
gieat inan. There w.i'n't mithin' mean
about him. I'vc hearn him talk, but
twa'n'l' his talk so tnm-h .-is bi- ginero-ity
tbat luek me. Ile had a kimler eareh
vvay like. that kept him from gettin' rich.
I le ncver seemed io think what tbin-eo-t.
I was a-eomin' up the Ilud-on
rivcr alonr; with hitn onee. and in the
moriiin, D.irnel AVpb-ter aml ine wa
vvashin' our face- an-1 sliekin our h:t"r iu
the eabin, he took out ti tootb-bru-h and
bru-hpil his teeth. I didn't see no other
tooth brti-h iirotind. so I borrowed hi-'n.
And afler I u-ed it I baml.'d it baek to
him, nnd what do jou think? Why,
O.irnel W"b.-ier ju-t slnng tliat toolh-
bru-h riht inttr the riv. r And I -"po-i
next dav be went atnl h.uijjit him a new
one. T'-at's all l.e eaie 1 nb.mt lnoii'y'.
There ain't no seeh men as Uiinel Web--ler
living now," conclu.led the C'olonel
mcditativply. :is he -p?rlHl a streaui ol
tobaeco jtiiei! in tbe liieplace at tlu
olher eml of the room.
Iak-achu-ie'ts has one mile of railwav
to pv-erv si sipjare mile- of territoiv.
Coimeetieiit one to seven. lihoile I-lainl
one to elev. n. New II. u -i..i,iiv
f.iurteen, V. rne..it on t.. - v. ut.- n, w in.
Maim- h.is oui to everv -ixiy-two -iiuai.
1 miles ot territory.
Til" Futf uf fic Ajiostlrs.
All tbe app(rth wprpa--atilted by tbe
enemie of their Mn-ter. Thpy were
ealled to seal their doetrinee witli their
blood : and nobly did ihey bearthe trial.
Sehmn.'ieher ays :
"St. Matthew uli'ercd martyrdom by
beinjr s-Iain witb a word :tt a di-lant eity
iu Kthiopia.
St. Mark expired at Alexandria. afler
iruin heen cniell diaiiged tiirouyh the
-treets of that eity.
St. I.uke was Imiured upon an olivc
liee iu thc ela-ie land of (Jreeee.
St. .lohn wa- put in a cauldron of boil
ing oil : Imt estaped diatb in a miracu-lnu-
inanner, aml wa? afn-rward-- b.ini.-li-ed
to I'atmo-.
St. l'eler va erueilied at Kome. -witb
bi-i head downward.
St. .laines the Greater was behe.ided
at .leru-alem.
St. .lame- ihe I.e.-s was ihrown from :i
lofty pinnacle of the temple and tben
bealen lodeath with a I'uller's club.
St. nai tholouiew was ilayed alive.
St. Andrew wa- hound to a ero.
wheuee he preached to his per.-eeutor.-uutil
he died.
Ss. Thomas was rtin broni;Ii tiie body
wiih a lanco at Coroinandel, in the K-i-t
St. .Imle wa- shot to deatlt witb nr
lows. St. .Matthias was lir.-t ?toned. and
tben bjheaded.
St. Iiarnaba- of tbo fJentiles wa
stoned to death by the .lew.- at Silouiea.
St. I'aul. alter variotis torture and
p iseeutiou, wa-at Icnjrllt beheaded at
i'otne bv the I-inperor Nero."
Sucli wa- the late of the apo-tle-, nc
eording to traditioual 'tateinent.- : and.
ttiouh we eannot aulhentieate them all.
we at Ieast know tbat the hatreil of tln
world to the-c nieii and their teaehinu.-wa-
Millieient to remler the :iccoiints noi
ery iinpropahle.
A jiuing entleman atnl lady of Xert
A'diany. Ind., liavc ma.ie a novel bet on
tle- pre-iden!ial oKvlion. If Crant is
vk't'teil the yuims man arees to inam
the Li.lv. and if Saymour :.s eleeted tbe
y.iu'i,! l.tdy i- to ntarrj- the geiitleman.
Tlie liet i.- a poud one liir the young lady.
' Ilead- I win. tail- oti lo.-e."
i A I'rovidence hod carrier receiving a
, taiily aeees- of entiiii-ia-m AVednesday
:in- rii-Mni. t .uila:illv -houted : "ThiM
i el.i-.r.-for (lineral S .vmotir '." "i'ltitr-
d S lymotir" cxe'ia!iin-.i hi- oonir.nle at
'"I' '!"l''''r.".itid piav what iver
wa-ne generai oi ; -uie. s.iys imi
ri -U, "aii-I dnltt't he eoiuiiiamlat tiie great
i i .: in New Y-ik .'"
fmn, V)imcv. niul itrhcn.
Jfi uue Ivv tlonsrs.
We aro jnt begiiuiiiiL: to learn what
wa dotibtlt one rt tbe kmd dcsign ot
I'rovidenee in catleriiig .-o many ery-tal
lake- over New Kngliiiid. With cverv
7ero itight a crop of iec i raised upon
them whieh adds thou-auda to the re
sourees of tlii.- bleak country. and in-erea-cs
tbe eotnlort of million.- in thi
and otber l.tnd.-. Thi- ernp i- rni-oii
wiiiiout piowing. smvintr or any eultiva-
tion. and only ueed to be harvested. and
is nwreover so abundiiit that not one
inilliontb part i evor si-eured.
Mttny would avail tlu in-e've- of thi
Itixtiry. wi-re it not for the impro-Mon.
that iee hoti-e- are eoitiplieateil aml ex-ien-ive.
Tbey can be inade as cimpli
i"alor.,,"' :l :,I. -'""1"'
! ' iaju-t as g.nid, and a little better.
' t.ir all practiral purpose. 'I'h.j lir-t iee
houcP we built, some twenty year- sinee.
was pl.-ire.l maler gronnd ten feet deep.
and laid up lojr liou-e fa-hiim with che-t-ntit
faiilings. bewn einht inehes sipiare
It a fttrrowed out. lined aml lilled lie
lwe. n the liniog and logs with liue ehar
eoal. The roof was aNo lined aml lilled
between the lining and shingle with
-travv. inaking an exivllent iende7voti
fer the bumble-bpe. Notvv ith-tamlin"
all thes-.' ftxing-. this bou-e kept ire only
.lerablv well, and alter the lirst o:
i S-p-
, . . ,,
lemlHT thc iee verv coollv give out.
Chestnut is a verv go I titnber to la-t
in the giotind, but we have never seen
any limber that ean loug endure tlu
eombiuiil aetion ol" inoi.-ttiie. air aml
dirt. and atter a lew ye;-rs the ehe-tnul
iee housc began !o t-avc in. Living in
the vieitiity ofa marble ipiarry, vve de-
termined to have a Iioii.-e tbat would not
rol. and so built the vvalls ofstune, liuin
aml lilling as betore. eiilniging the bor
ili-rs bowever, as vve were sati-lied ;
laige tnass of iee keep- better than a
sinall one. Thi- answered a good ptir
pose. and kejit iee l'roin one winter to
another, but u tlemand for iee springius
up ainong our neighbors, we rai-ed thi
mot six lect, tilneiiiii -ills on the stone
wall.- and studding aml boarding the part
above ground. We found tbe iee kept
ju-t u- well above ground as below. The
m jiket ftr iee increa-iiig, vve la:t winter
stovved away some forty tons in a barn
paeking it in a bay sixtecn feet f-quare,
jmd fiud tbat it keep- even lietter than in
llio iee house. Any onc who has an old
-bed or wood bou-e has all the e enlial
!or an ice-hoii e. A eorner of the shed
may be rougb boardcd at a trilling cx
pense, and will an-wcr every purpo-e of
a biindied dollar iee hou.-e. A spaee
len feet ,-quare and eight feet higb will
hold twenty Ion-', ti sullieieney lor any
ordinary fatnily. No pains need be tak-L-.
lo double luanl the side. Tlie iee
mav wate some with -o little prolection.
t . Imt with a lilenty of saw du-t to fall
d.iwn ihe -uK a-it inelt-, it i soon pro-
u-i by abreal woik.i- -eeurely
Oen Jackson, behmd hu eottou bags.
Thc grcat seerels iu preerving iee are
to pack it well, cover it with au nbiiml
anpc of saw ilust, and give it good vpii
tilntion. If the house is ten feet sipiaie
it will be foiiinl veiy eonvcnietit to saw
the eakes of icp two feet stpiare, as tlu v
will thu.- pack away without any wa-t -spaee,
aml in like tnanucr with any
sized hou-e, ihe eakes shmdd bc sawed
so as jti-t lo lill it, if any seams oeeur
between tho eakes tbey miist be well
lilled witb pounded iee, so a to prevent
all eireulation of air in the inlerior aml
make tbe wiiole ma-s of iee as netir mii
solid eake as po-i-ihle. To con-olidate
the etikes. we have .-otnetime- thrown on
a few pail- of water with eaeh laveroi
iee, but this is not ossential if the inter
stiees are well lilled.
For a covering we have never found
any non eomluelor so, good as saw du-t.
A sprinkliug of thi- shiiuld tilso he plaee.1
on the ground, beforc thc iee is put in.
to prevent the heat of the earth from at
feeting the ice. Saw du-t is neat. eheap.
porous and doe- not decay and becom
miisty, so readily a- straw. If the du-t
i- not ea-ilv- obtained. rye straw answer
a good purposc, but thc fornipr i- both
eheapcr and more ellieietit. ICvery farm
er must have notieed bow the snow an 1
iee are pre-erved in his woodyard, iin.br
the -aw du-t, sometimes into .Iune. This
lact jirovcs that no great .-kill i- reiii-t-in
keoping ice, very po ibly an awninz
to keep oll'thesuu and warm rain-. wiih
a plenty of aw ibi-t to prevent the :u --e
of heat. will niHwer every purpo-e
of an e'aborate hou-e. Certain il i-. vv.
have seen it well pre-erved under an or
diiwy shed with the rmle-t sidiug. The
biber the ro'.f and tbe purertbc eireula
limi of air above Ihe iee the better.
One word a to refiigerator-. About
a-1 inucli moiic-y has been wa?ted on
thee a- thc iee hou-cs. When we built
our tir.-t ice hoti'e. we bought a compli
cated refrigerator. thinkingit a neressarv
eoneomitant. in whieh to -tore ineat.
fruit. .e. With all the pare pos-ibleth
tiiht retrigeraior would beeoine tiiu'iv
and we found the iee huu-e itsolf wa.- the
be-t reli igeralor. If de-irable to have
iee in the hou-e. a c.immon dry-good-b.i
:m-wei-i everv iurtio-e of a rol'rijer-
itor. A etibie too: of iee (."iO lb-.) pl.u e 1
in sueh a hox uud .-urrouiided with ,-aw
du-t will keej) a lon litne tintl li-ii and
ll -Ii wc iind to kiei bcller in sueli a
bos. than in a elor-e one.
I'i.e w hole proees "T r-toring aud keep-
iirj iee i-therelore. a ve-v simiile aioi
hea) one and we liope to -ee everv lain-
ny enjoymg tlie iiixury ol an ice lun in
'tiininer. a- well :is a coal biu in winier
I'he iee miy not be .-o great a neeeiiy
i- Ihe eoal. but it will be I'ouiid a gieat
oiiihut. )a the dairy fartn, iee m.iy
be ealleii a neee-.-ary. aml iu tbe tran
portation of niilk. ineat and li-h, it i- a
G i:ix r.n: 1Ioi:-i:.-. Ilorses at dtl
'erent. sea-ons of the year. reipiire dill'er
nt gr.iin fo nl. C irn is good for wi.ii. r
u-e, but too beating for summcr feedinj
I'he i-taple gttiin for hor-es ainong fariu-
eis and livery men i- oat-, but tliose th it
have neil barley anJ rye ground togeih
r. prefer it to eoni or wheat, for th
reason that il i iess liable to founder.
iml eonlams nearly :i mticli nulriineiit
a either.
aVn exj erieneed hor.-eman says : '-I
have rai-ed a great many eoll", aud have
inade brecding trottmg hor-es a stu-U,
aml in all my ccporieuee I have foun l
uothing eipial to b.itley meal to make a
inare give niilk. I have found it to no
disadvantage to a niare's getting witb
loal, and not any while she wa' so. O.its
.ire a better food for colls from weanitv
time until ihey go to woik.
J'ye is a d.ingerous graiu to feed alone
it is moio liable to foundpr than otber
rain : but to mix with short-, or gritid
-vith o:tt-, and feed wiih out bay or
-Iraw, it niakcs an exeiilleiit feed. Iu--tead
of its beiug a preventivo to preg
.laney in mare-, it i- au advantage, 1
nvn and keep for serviec ono of thelinest
iml most promi-ing young trotting stal
lious in Oliio. I iilways reeoinmended
leeding the inare boiled rye, blood warm,
to get ber iu season. Thivo iuarts,
threo times a day, is good feeding. This
di-covery inay bo of great valuc to breed-er-,
and -ave an etiormous sight of
trouble. Oltio l-'ariner.
Tur. I'otato Maxia. 'I'he jiotato
mania, whieh seems to have takcn hold
ofallela e-, the mechanic, mautifactii
rer, merehant, and geutleman of lei-ure,
as well as thc more slow and plodding
i.iriner, inerea.-es r.ilher tli.ui diiniui-bes.
We haven't inuch faith in. speculations,
mj far a- bentlilting the ngriculttiral fom
iminity is concerncd, but iu this ease it
-eem- tnore probable that it will be of
ullituate benelit, as it is likely to stimii
late thc prodiiction of new aud valuablo
varieties. Within thc l.i-t few weeks
.Mr. l!res-ee's No. 1 ha- -old at extraor
dtnary priees, aml the folljwing aro tho
ligures :
Sixteen pottitoes brought ."rSio.
Twelve potatoes brought SOJo.
One potato brought 5"."i().
One was traded for a good cow valucd
at !i00. UwMUead.

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