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BOX U ARC 1111
ma- wear bloomers if she
likes, but at present the ladies
who follow the Paris fashions
will wear skirts.
Wo hare a line of very superior
Navy Blue and lilick bkilts ana plain
HrilUanllno lined throughout made
Aery full three eouellcs in the back
excclltutly made stiffened
Since the fall of man in the
Garden of Eden lovely woman
has tried to make the best of mat
ters by wearing- as pretty clothes
as possible.
The Ttlack and Nnvy Bluo Serge Box
Suits, that we are selling at 90 Id,
are pretty enough, for the daintiest
of Kio's daughters.
It is woman's riyht anil privi
lege to make herelf look pretty.
Thoso Mazer bergo fault?, with rip
plo back a ml full stlrlrj, that wo are
ting only fb (Jo for, will make almost
any woinau look pretty.
Any woman who sees lierselfinone
of our bilk. Valts in the new fall
styles will full In loro iiiU her own
appearance. They are simply loTely
crushed collar and belt grent vari
ety of colors and stripes hloube ef
fects full frotit. Only
Ten per cent off all Chil
dren's Reefers from
98c up sizes, 4 to 12.
Bon Marche,
314 and 310 7th St.
Ool. John Warren Succumbs to In
juries Received in a Fire.
Sentenced to Twenty Your' IinprlMin-
ini'iit In Ireland for Aiding Iteliel-
llon M'n tsl Four Tears.
Boston, Sept. 1 1. Pol. John Warren, who
was Injured liy the falling of a stone from
the Masonic Temple a few (lays ago, tiled
It was largely due to Col. Warren's In
sistence upon his rights as an American
citizen when captured by the British gov
ernment during tlie Fenian invastonitit
IrcLiiHl in 1807 that the two naturalization
treaties iiiocJainieil In 1870 and 1871,
were concluded lielween tills country and
Great I'.nt.iln.
Col. Warren was one of a numlier of
rnemliers of the Fenian Hrotherhood, who,
Tn 18G7, sailed from Sandy Hook with
Jack JIcl, and succeeded In effecting land
ings In Ireland.
Twenty-seven of the liarty ivcto cap
tared and among thco two v."ere tried for
having formed part-nf amirmcd expedition
destined to aid a rebellion In Ireland. Col.
Warren was one of these.
On his trial lie took his stand on his
American citizenship. He claimed to lie
tried as an alim,.aiid, the bench refusing,
he abandoned all legal defense, directs
his counsel to wilhdmw from Hie case,
and put it iiifiii the government to main
lain tlie honor and vindicate the laws of
America by alforJIng him protection.
Alter serving nearly four jears of his
twenty jears sentence Col. Warren got
out of Chatham prison and relumed to
lion un and has lived here since.
He was connected Willi the New York
Tress for some jears, and later published
the first Irish national newspaper In
tills country, the Fenian Spirit, In 1804,
also the Municipal Record and Trades
Advocate, and last, the Irish Republican,
In lioston
Col Warren was an officer in Gen.
Meagher's Irish Ilrlgade. He held the
rank of general In tlie Irish revolutionary
brotherhood. "
Would yon m'11 iinytlllni:? Try a
Time-. Want "Ad."
Secretary Johnson's Protest Against
Granting a Whisky Concession.
Management of the Atlanta Expnsl-
tlon Hauled Over the Coahs Tlio
lVrmlt YVIII Canxe Trouble.
J. E. Johnson, secretary of the Atlanta
Exposition Commission for t ho colored
people of the D!tilct or Columbia, has
wiilten ail open letter to the exposition au
thorities in Atlanta, investing against tlie
granting of a concession for the sale of
(.heap whisky In the negroes' building at
the exposition. .Mr. Johnson snysin part.
"Tlie enllie commission haung in (Large
the exhibit of the coloicel people from the
city of Washington are surprised and cii.i
crlncd to l rn that after all of Its work
to procure for your o.iostlon a good dis
play, the articles collected must be placed
In the exposition groggcry. Vou should
liaeadvf-ed us long since If Midi weiotlie
alms and objects of jour company. Why
did you noth.ncthU whlsky-giuzlirg annex
placed in some of the other buildings?
"The wholetnnn.igonicnt must havoknown
that where jou trowd together, as it is
hoped to do at Atlanta, thousands of colored
people of all classes In a cheap barroom,
trouble is liouml to ensue, perhaps ill the
shape of murders or ljiuhings. If this
concession must stand, then you ought not
loepect the wlilleand colored press of the
country to induce our people to go to lliti
exposition .
"tin the contrary, every respeilable ami
influential newspaper will vigorously
advise tliu colored people to remain away,"
Seriously Injured Jiitorimlly.
Sir. H. T. Welch, of No. 031 A street
northeast, was knocked down and run over
by Oj, wagon at the corner of Eleventh
street and I'cnnsylvanla avenue, sustain,
lug contusion of the stomach and other In
juries. He was examined at the Emergency
Hospital and then sent to his home. His
Injuries are of a serious nature anil he was
unconscious most of last night.
lucre-lined Meeraue Hate.
Berlin, Sept. 1 1. The Hamburg lloersi u
Imlle announces that all of the trans-Atlantic
steamship companies which Joined the ool
announced two days ago, hac decided to
raise steerage rates 25 per cent after Mon
Remarkably Low Prices
In Children's,. Boy's, and Misses'
School Shoes.
Infants' Children's Boy's Misses'
Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes
25c 50c 75c 75c
to to to to
65c 98c. $1.48 $1.23
LIS "810" Seventh St. NW. t
Clairvoyant Lawrence Imposed
Upon a Number of People.
AIm) He Was an Adept In the Art of
"Conning" Men and Women A
l'romlnent Citizen Lot Money nnd
n Woman n Itlns; Worth 9110 by
Ills Operation Folic WnntHlm.
"Bogus Clalrvoynnt Lawrence.
Trot. Lawrence, the "Great Clairvoyant
of the West," who was until Friday after
noon located at No. 220 C etreet north west,
Has accepted the invitationof ihelocal police
department to Beck other nndmore congenial
climes, and be has left behind him a number
of jieuons who would like tolocntetbcclimes.
The professorcame to Washington ten days
ago, and after securing the rooms at No. 220
C street, be began to advertise his merits as a
seer into the future, and immediately se
cured a large number of patrons. Heturned
iiit to be a much better confidence man tban
js a seer, however ,acd his patrons arc
tfcing for him.
tafternoon a prominent gentleman
walked into police headquarters and con
fided to DctcctUe Carter that he had
been swindled out of 510.
nc had visited the genial professor In
search of a few chunks of futurity and was
very much impressed with the facts related
to him by that gentleman.
During the conversation tlie professor told
the visitor that he would be very successful
in almost an thing he undertook, and
finally persuaded him to go halves on a $20
lottery ticket. The visitor deposited $10
and went away. After several ineffectual
attempts to get some returns for his $10,
he reported the matter to the police. .
T1.l4 w I !-. fairtnv r-ollnil t t li Tinned nnil '
requested the professor to walk up to police
headquarters with him. Lawrence readily
complied, and when be got there promised
Inspector Holllnbcrger that he would im
mediately pull up stakes and depart.
He returned to his rooms, and when he
got there found a lady waiting for him,
also looking for a "Magic Talisman," and
before she had been there long he succeeded
In getting her to Urne her diamond ring
with him, promising to supply tier witli one
in the place of it next day. The ring was
wortli $110. Next day the professor was
away, and the lady also confided her trouble
to the police.
Detective Carter went to the house but
found only a young lady clerk, who had
not been paid her salary. The professor
bad disappeared.
It was ascertained, however, that while
here Lawrence had visited No. 222 In
diana avenue and bad been living there as
Mr. Wallace, with a tall blonde lady who
answered to the name of Mn. Wallace.
Mrs. Wallace bad also departed and left
no traces behind.
It Is thought that the two people have
gone to Baltimore, and a warrant will be
sworn out in the police court Monday
for bis arrest In the ring c?ase.
Big Delegation Has Gone to Attend
the Knoxville Encampment.
Dr. J. H.Xeely Will Hen Candidate for
the Com manderslilii of the Order.
' They Will Arrive. To-dny.
Itented mcycleund Bloomer.
Quite a good deal of mirth was created
about 7 o'clock last night on Eleventh
street, above M northwest, by a pretty
miss on a bicycle clad in very tightly- fit
ting bloomers with a vast rent in the part
that overlooked the last wheel.
Policeman "nandsonic Harry" Button
was patxoliDg his beat on Eleventh street
when he beard a shout below him from
among half a dozen small boys. "Eat
her up, bloomers," and "Sew up yeT
-trousers," cried the boys as the bicycle
carrying the young lady, attired In golf
cap, blue coat, and bloomers rolled past.
The fair rider was seemingly oblivious of
the sensation she -was causing and rode on
out of eight.
The attendance at the fourteenth annual
encampment of the Sons of Veterans at
Knoxville, Term., September 10 to 10, prom
ises to equal that of any other encampment
held uylhe order since its organization.
The Washington delegation left yesterday
afternoon at 3:-15 o'clock. The trip will be
up the Shenandoah to Luray, where a stop
over will be made to visit tlie cave. This
morning they will pass through the mount
tains of North Carolina and East Tennessee
by way of Bristol. Tf.ey willarrive at 4:-J5
p. m. to-day.
Dr. John K. Neely, a prominent physician
of Washington, will be presented for commander-in-chief
of the order. He is very
popular with the Sous, and bis chances of
election are considered very favorable.
Among those In the Washington delega
tion were C. S. .Davis, delegate at large;
J. B. Wilson and F. T. F. Johnson, delegates;
Past Commanders Miles W. Koss, John It.
Neely, E. U. Campbell and Otto L. Suess,
Mrs. C. S. Davis, Frank A. White, E. W.
7teld, Walter Fisher, A. Itichnrdson, J. L.
Newman, Cnpt. J Myers, W. Sabln, Miss
Kale Webber, president of the Ladies' Aid
Society; Miss Almira V Brown and Mrs.
The encampment will inUude the Ladies'
Aid Society, an auxiliary totheSous.simllar
to that of the Woman's Itelicf Corps of
the Grand Army of theKepublle.
There are in this District eight camps,
Gens. John A. Logan, Fhil Kearney, George
H. Thomas, John C. Fremont, Lieut. W. 11.
Cushing, nnd Cnpt. W. B. King, composed of
white sons; Andrew Callioux, Gen. Russell
A. Alger, and Frank A. While, composed
of colored sons.
The Washington Sons belong to the divi
sion of Maryland, which takes in the
States of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia,
North Carolina, South Carolina, and the
District of Columbia.
Ponnced Upon reuke.
James A. Tcake, a carpenter, wasIocked
up in No. 2 police station last evening
on "the charge of having 6tolcn a hair clip
per from Robert E. Lee, of Eleventh and R
streets northwest. Pcake was serving a
sentence In the Marlboro prison for larceny
and when his term expired jesterday a
Maryland constable brought the prisoner"
to this city and turned him over to tlie
Second precinct police
Farrell, the Alleged Double,"
Proves He Was Not the Man.
Tlio AetorV CuiitiM'l Demanded a Jury
Trial mid llln Client Cao lloiidx.
Ili'UM's ThlnkN tlio Matter Will
Xcicr Co Any Further Mrs. Cnnty
Will Try to l'reient Jt Ionising-
The case of AI. Keees, the comedian and
banjo plajcr, and proprietor of Ihoehow at
Kernuii'H Theater the past week, who was
arrested Friday night, charged with as
sault ai'd attempted larceny, from the per
son, and granted a continuance In the jiolice
court jrftorclny, has been the chief topic
of conversation about town.
When tirfj case was called in court j ester
day Mre. Dennis J. Canity, the prosecuting
wlun.Es, and Mrs. J. J. Corrlden, the lady
who accompanied her whi-utheal tempt was
made lo match her pockelbook, were in
cimrj, ready toproceeil.liillIJiwyerCamplK'lI
Carrington, foMlic defense, asked for a jury
trial, in order, lie said, to secure additional
The case was one of the most remark
able, be said, that ever tame under his
observation, and ho was confident that
the Innocence or bis client could beproM-n.
He regarded it as a case of mistaken
identity, and desired time to substantiate
bis beiler.
A local sporting man, who has had
several tilts sitti the poller, by the name
of Michael Farrell, was said to be a
"dead rlngir" for Reeves, and he thought
it could lie proven that lie attempted to
steal the pocketliook Instead of tlie actor.
Farrell, however, when he learned that
he had been connected with the case,
went to police headquarters yesterday, ac
companied by Tom Walsh, Bob Council
and Hlte Peckham, and explained bis
whereabouts at the time or the affair to
Inspector Holllnbcrger. His statements
were substantiated by bis friends, some
of whom were with him during the en
tire evening. He was not held.
Farrell's likeness to Reeves, loo, has
liecu exaggerated Helsaiuanwhonandsl
according to the measurements on record
in the police department, six feet one inch
In his stockings, while Reeves Is not more
than fie feet ten Inches. Farrell has a
smooth face, but there is i o resemblance in
his features to Reeves . . ,
The actor dttla red last night that he did
not think tlie case wotUd ever come up
after he left town. He reitcruted his former
statements as to his whereabouts and
movements at the tlme'llrs. Canty says
an attempt was made to snatch her jmcW
book, ai.d says that tlie ladies and the
messenger boy have simply made a very
serious mistake ,
He says that at 8:13 cicIock he left
Manager Kcrnan at the door of the theater
and went down to the Academy of Music,
and. at 8.30 after walking- iIpTCintli street
to E and riding back on a f.ir he was at
the corner of Pennsylvania avenue andNinth
street in the hands of. a iiollccman, thus
showing that he could not possibly have
had lime to have assaulted Mre. Canty on II
street. v,r '
During his "act" last night Reeves fa
cetiously remarked:
"I dreamt lust night that I snatched a
pocket book "
Ho was not allowecLto continue, the audi;
euee responding as one man with a roar
of applause.
Mrs. Canty and Mrs. Corridon arc both
positive in their identification of Reeves as
the man who attempted to rob the former,
and Harry Preston, the messenger boy,
is equally positive that" Reeves Is the man
he saw board the Ninth street car at I
Mrs. Canty says that sho was impressed
with the face of the man whoas.tultedIir,
and as soon as she saw Reeves at the sta
tion house, before she was told that he
was the prisoner, she exclaimed, "That Is
the man."
Mrs. Canty declares that so far as she
Is concerned she has no Intention of allow
ing the case lo drop, nnd as soon as it Is
called again she will appear against Reeve.
She said that after he let go her arm
she pursued him for half a square and
saw blm turn tip Ninth street towards I
street, and then she collapsed. Ilut being
brought face to face with the man so soon
alter I he affair, she is positive that she
Is not mistaken in her identification.
Reeves renewed his bond of $300 in the
police court jesterday and the case will
probably come up again the latter part of
the month. So far the comedian has
brought no evidence to rebut the state
ments of the two ladies and the messenger,
boy save his own statement of his whereabouts.
ArroMod for an Attempted Felonious
AhMUilt tin Molllc K. Lotelt.
George Washington Huuley, a colored
laborer, fifty-one years of age, was ar
about 12.30 o'clock this morning by Po
licemen Hnuser and Willlnghani, or the
Eighth precinct, charged Willi attempted fe
lonious assault on Mollie E. Lovctt, white,
residing at No. 2109 Philes street north
west. Policeman Hauler met the woman near
the corner of Seventh andi'omeroy streets,
and she asked him to direct her how to
reach her street, as she was slightly con.
fuscd in the dark. The policeman gave her
the desired directions, and Himley, who was
standing near and overhritrd the con
versation, stepped up and volunteered his
services to show her the-wayt
She accepted his offer 'and the two
started off together.' Hunleytliowever, In
stead of going In the direction of her
street took her down rimeroy towards
Sixth. The policeman tiycame suspicious,
and turning to anothej negro who was
near asked the man's name.
It was given to blm ,&nJhc ran down
an alley, cutting Ihe twoiOff, and waiting
behind a tree box at lfce. corner. Just as
they came up he heard Mrs. Lovett say:
"Go away and let me a4lonef"
The negro did not reply. Bid when she
repeated her remark he:threw her down In
the gutter. The policeman rati out, and
Hunley darted away, running through the
parking opposite Freedman's Hospital.
He ran into a vacant shanty.und in thedark
the officer lost sight of him.
FoliccmanUauser returned to where Jie
had left his partner, WiUingham. and tlio
two went Jo the negro's bouse and caught
lim just a.s he was getting into bed.
After some trouble Hunley was placed under
arrest and locked up at No. 8 station-house.
. .
Arrested for Larceny. v
Susanna Jackson, colored, was arrested
and locked up In No. 3 station by Police
man O'Bryan last nlghUfor larceny from
the person of Henry Burns and profanity.
It was claimed that the woman took
$1.25 from the pocket of Henry Burns,
of No. 1025 Twentieth street northwest,
and when the policeman attempted to
place her under arrest 'she tried to- strike
blm -with a brick. Another woman Im
plicated in the larceny escaped.
Daily Bargains.
Furniture at
new prices
Perhaps your house lacks per
fection in not having a Side
board like this made in Antique
Quartered Oak swell front
French bevel glass high polish
finish perfectly made. Price
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Strong, well-made Porch
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down to
A large selection of Tapestry Brussels; also a fine stock of
Moquette, Axminsters, Velvets, and Body Brussels. A full and
complete line of Art Squares in all the different grades.
Wash. B. Williams
7th and D Sts. N. W.
Bicycle Hncers Injured a Man.
James Meunee, of No. 931 E street north
west, was hurt last night by a reckless
and unknown bicyclist, who, with a com
panion, was racing down Pennsylvania
avenue. At the corner of Four-and-a-half
street they encountered Mr. Mennee, nnd
one of ,the raters struck him a terrific
blow in the abdomen, knocking him down.
The bicyclist quickly Jumped up, and gctliug
on his wheel, which was not injured)
rode rapidly away, leaving his hat and"
lamp, which had come off In the collision.
Mr. Mennee was taken home.
Interior view of the Merchant Tailor's lisfit Clothing Parlors,
$07 Seventh St. N. W., just,opened.
A Weil-Known Jeweler.
A remarkable Instance of the success
of energy, push, and advertising Is that
of C. H. Davison, the F street Jeweler.
There is prolubly no one In Washington
who does not know his store and himself,
for both have been very prominently before
ij V wllllbp4f mil
the public during, the past year. Mr.
Davison is the youngest and the most
successful of the new generation of Wash
ington merchants. His motto "I want
to be the Jeweler who comes into your
mind first." lias assuredly been lived np
toand carried out. ,
A hundred thousand pairs of eyes
will see your Want "Ad" it it's lo
The Time.
jjtegal gag?
j. Jrr f"1 -t y&r&u

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