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A Ibrnt, I riila , Iff I. 3, I HlK.
Corn Wanted.
We wish to j'urcliaee " or Hit bushels
Corn, new crop, and, as all the fuuU aie
not dead yet. will ,y for it in either
'fennc-sici', Georgiu, South CVohnu, or
Confederate money, just n the ni ty ni;iy
N. B. If our friend in the KTiyb '''
tritt whoowen us aouietbing If" than two
hundred bushels, on account of ntbaerip
tion.and other valuable consideration!.,
don't nend it in at nn early day, we shull
alwaye thiuk he ought to. We re a man
of patience and long iiiflering, tut we
don't like to seo a fellow net gunner too
Job Work.
In conacijuence of the eieknesa of one
of our workmen, we are couipulled to dis
appoint two or three friends about eoinu
Job Work that bus been in the office se
veral weeks. Very sorry; tut cun't help
It. Have every thing right again in a few
Horrible Murder.
Mr. J icon Womack, on old citizen of
Meigi county, near theMcMinn line, was
tnurdercd by two of hi slave on Tues
day of lust week. There wus no other
waite person on the farm at the lime;
but it appears from' the atntenictiU of
some of the slaves, Una on Tuesday af
ternoon Mr. Woinaek attempted to cor-
rect one of the negroes for aouie misde
meanor the negro resisted, knocked his
master down, and jumped upon him. He
called to another boy, who was within
healing, to come and take his assailant
off. The boy ran up, but, instead of as-'
aisting his master, handed a knife to the
other n-gro, with which he immediately
cut the struggling man's throat from ear
to ear, and mangled him in a
manner. The body was taken by the ne
groes to the creek, sunk and covered with
drift and logs where it was found on
the day following, through the disclosures
of ft third negro who was privy to the
concealment. One of the negroes engag
ed in tho killing, we loam made his es
cape and is still at large; the other was
arrested by the neighbors, and, as soon as
the facts were made sufficiently cleart
was hung by them on a tree near where
the crime was committed. ,
Mr. Womaok was some sixty years of
age, and owned considerable property.
The Revenue.
A bill hiis been reported from the Com
mittee of Ways and Means, in the Con
federate Congress, which proposes a tax
of one-fifth of the income of every person in
the Confederate States during the year
The Knoxville liiyitter says it is a good
measure We say it is not only not good,
but that tho member from Tennessee
who votes for it will get liberty to stay at
home the baluiico of his life, unhurt hon
ed by publics cares.
SHr Lincoln' Proclamation change
the whole character of the contest, and
renders the war on the part of the North
solely and avowedly for the Abolition of
Slavery and the Establishment of Negro
Equality. We don't; care if a man owns
a hundred nigger, if ho continues to
cling to the Lincoln government and
hopes and desires its success, he is just as
good au Aboltionist, and practically as
much in favor ol Negro Equality, as Wen
dell Philips, (lurrison, Greeley, or any of
the run-mud fanatics of the ultra school.
We now want to seo how many of tho
East Tennessee sympathisers will gulp
Honest Abe's Free Nigger Proclamation.
Jgy Should the discriminating and ap
preciative reader discover more than an
average amount of atlio in the editorial
department this week, he will please at
tribute the agreeable fact to that recent
trip of ours in the direction of tho Vir
ginia Suit Wells. There are more things
in heaven and earth than tire dreamt of
in some people's philosophy.
SsiF The following exchanged Tennes
seans died on the passage- down tho Mis
sissippi to Vickshui'g: Henry Simmons,
Co. G, J. IV Fowlkes, Co. II, and B. Kid
dle, Co. K, 40th Tennessee Regiment.
Tho Atlanta Murkots.
lly tho following, from the ton'eJerwy
of Tuesday, it will be seen that prices are
pretty steep at tho Ilailroad City:
'J'ie Mark!. There was less activity in
our market yesterday than Friday, but 110
decline in prices, except sugar and Hour.
Cotton goods ami milt still' at previous
prices. Flour J.'io to SJ4 per barrel dull
tale. Sugar is unsettled some (inferior
frades) having .told as low (is 40 cents.
'hia deelino is probably but temporary.
. Thr is great demand lor lither, and
very little to b hail, which will bring a!
most any price that may be asked. Solo
and harness leather have brought as hi:h
ns ?2 to ?2,fiU per pound. Common rus
set shoes ore selling at ?7,f0 per pair; kip
$1) to ?I0; men's boots 320 to &'.0. Wo
noticed some fine soli huts sold yesterday
at f 20 a piece.
Tho same paper of Thursday morning,
quotes Virginia Salt at $05 to?70 per sack,
and Liverpool at $100 per sack.
Nashville and Chattanooga Road.
Tho following prog rap 1 1 appears in the
robel of Wednesday.
Ilo ma MuniEEBORc. Tha train 011
tho Nashville Kail road will go as far as
Murfrecwboro,' to day and in future will
make regular daily trips to that point
We are happy in once more being in dai
1 intercourse witu tins patriotic
gloriov" AJlUooity.
Hem Titr.r Come. We notice an
influx of strung faces in town, all anx
ious Jewish looking fellows, and boutid
for Midclbu Tennessee. Augusta (0.) and
Charleston (S. C.) are well represented. It
it no hard matter to guess what they are
after the Iravingsot the Yankee; which
they will bring here or take home, and'
ll' for five or sin prices. Our advice to
our friewla in Middle Tennessee is to
hang every man up that propose to buy
more than enough for one family.
fllaj" Three hundred and sity Union
non from Tierpont's domir.iepr fo'nnd
OfntraLonng a darss-noe
A Cull for a Public Meeting of the I
Citizens of McMmn County. ,
Inasmuch as heretofore there has been a dif-ft-r-u
e of ,- ii.iuii suione: the viiizeus of M Minu
county upon the su'.njct of tbt pre, cut war, J
by the I'niuJ Siatis Uot-nni,iiil agaiini the ;
I .nic of tiit Government of Cuufi-dtral j
t.ut,s, sup.r...auccU ,,...,. ; ,, 22d.) "Mi.ti De!,,i. (of Lvuisvilie)
iy, 07 a v , . . , , . ,il)Ud ordered ' business susin-nded.
obiecu of the wr. 1ml tbe undersea fesling 1 ' . 1
UJ"LU" l ' , ,. . (ten. Nelson had Ordered the women und
I.-, .... ll...re -lioulj not !. end poi.-illv ii not,
but one opinion and delcrimiiaiiou auioug u., nJ
Ibut if, 1,ol I""!'1" 'f tbe ConOakrult
Ftaie bouM reit st all bsiants and to ibu lt
iii-miiy- the li.uit uuw maidfi-strd ly lh'1
I uiH'J OmiitiiiuuuI to Mjt,jiiirio the -
of tba Cu'u.ltTaU; fital; anJ fuilb. r 1 hIut
iog tbat it U lbs ilaty ur all Uiiii, Jue t U tu
tbcuisclves a to ea-li other utid to the Govern
ment, to make a jubiic tiuini!i-titliun of their
foeliugf. to that private uud iubliu cot.ude'jce
UJUT ue rc,muu uuu e-ii.'ii?uej lu Iiguru to me
loMilt)' of all men; therefore, it in requested ll.nt
the citienfl o! JIMiinn county ia-ei at tne t. ourt-
huiito in Aiheua, on the nret Monday of October,
ISti?, to consider of the jre!ent eoudition of the
country, and to e a publie eAiiroion of their
feelinge and iutruiioni in regard to the latue.
T. Mim Van Pvke,
Win. H. Uulh-w,
Alex. Cleuu,
M. V. lilee,
lieoro A. Caldwell,
aiu. 1'. It ins,
Juo. I.. Bitdgei,
l.ta'tui Konley,
John iloyl,
llaaiel llorton,
A. aJcKeldin,
Wui. Oiorce,
W .iluid
Allen ltoone,
Xlios. A. Cleaga,
J. '. Dcntun,
J. M Mann,
Weflej (Ju.lol),
A. t'uidwell,
X. M. t.'roekelt,
J. A. ZviKler,
J. .M. Alexander,
Andrew Mcltobeits,
J net Triplott,
W. E. Coleman,
J. II. Ueed,
J. W. lllttekwcll,
W. P. Carmatk,
E. Rrown,
S. l. Kobertf,
J. T. l.aue,
S. .MeKiuzcy,
W. H. Smidei),
It. M. Hla.le,
J. H. .Neal,
C. I.. Hire,
I. U. liurkflule,
Teuuion Lambert,
Thomas Everton,
W. C. Vaughan,
Wa D. lirowder,
Corselius Drown
ltuyn CrawfurJ, "
II. Woolt,
A. M. Brett.
J. C. t'arloek,
J. T. Davis,
It. Canircll,
C. B. Ncwuinn,
Wm. Mooro,
S. h. ItijTg.t,
II. L. Moore,
Lll Unn,
J. II. Hale,
A. W. Areh.T,
Chnrlen Land, '
John C. ltiee,
T. Lawson.
Jlonry Matluek,
N. M. (Irobb,
. W. U. Long.
C. Iilmikitii-hip,
S. F. Oettjf, .
James .l..Vc-Viun,
W. Q. Horton,
A. J. Nave,
Y. L. Iiiifl'orty,
A. fiwatlord,
J. II. Ware,
John Brandon,
W. T. Hevn.dds,
I). W. .lir.e,
William C"ok
(I. M. .1eCiilley,
P. II. Howell,
(lideiin Cate,
J. P. KiBf.
J. W. .(.AtTrcy,
Win. Rudd,
John Bose,
Cliarles Hiekcrson,
J. R. Bridtren,
Jonn 1. Peters, "
I,. B. Ili.r-t.
Thos. B. JayOeM,
Win. Iiorsoy,
.V. P. Jaruagin.
N. Duckworth.
M lilt II . Ill 11111,
A. A. Newman,
A. C. Kobesn,
0. A. Jordan,
J. IS. Taylor,
V. M. (ieure,
John Crawford,
C. Iiong,
T. Sail
1. L. (iaiuble,
0. I.. KinR,
J. C. t'alhoun,
Wm. H. Howard,
C. M. Keith.
H. C. Jarkson,
Matt M. I.owrv,
Vi . M. Cate.
Janiun It. Itidcr,
1. V. tlraiit,
John Swecnev,
V, I. Bryan,
Wm. L. Atleo,
S. Hexter,
William Woft.
Martin Clayton,
C. Zimmerniun,
II. L. Monro,
Jarrett Stow,
From the Potomac.
(From the Richmond Kii'iuircr, of the 2jih.
The late events on the Potomac, since
the capture of Harper's Ferry, may be
etuted thu:
On Thursday, the 16th, Leo whose
forces were concentrating at fShnrpsburg,
was confronted by MuClullan who had
fojjowed hiui thither fnnn Boonsljpro'.the
duy before. On Tuenlay evening a light
and harmless cannonade occured lasting
a few hours. On the noxt day the great
battle of Sharpsburg, was fought, lasting
until night. Some of General Lee's forees
arrived during the action, . portion of
them at an advanced hour. The close
of tho battle left us in possession of the
field; and on tho next morning it was
discovered that MeOlellan hud retreated.
Gen. Lee held the field all day Thurs
day, caring lor the wounded and the
dead.' He then crossed tho Poioiiinc,
which was only about two mile distant,
and took position at or near Shepards
town. We think ho thus moved nearly
or quite his whole army.
The general of the enemy ascertaining
his w ithdrawal to the south side, began
what they call their pursuit. Perhaps
deceived to some extent by the stories
with whioh they deceive their people,
they even ventured to throw over a force
of ten thousand men to press the flight, of
the "disorganize Confederates. How
this expedition fared, on Saturday last,
let the telegram in another column tell!
Another chastisement, swift and sudden
and severe lias fallen upon tho enemy
fiom tho hand of Jackson.
General Lee's present position we do
not knowwhether he is si ill on the
South sulo or whether he has crossed his
army to tho other. But he has his plans,
and himself and his army, crowned with
fame of new exploits, are in tho highest
spirits. We will not even guessnt his pains
lest it might suggest tho right idea to the
enemy. .
But surely Gen. Lee can be cheerfully
trusted to mango the operations confided
to him. That he will do this to the best
advantage, may well be inferred from his
brilliant career, from the campaign on
the (.'liiikaliominy to this hour. II is
plans have been admirably conceived
udmirably concealed from the enemy,
ami admirably executed. To tho enemy
he must seem like a cross eyed man, nev
er striking where he seems to be looking.
- Heout-fneruled MoClelKft on the
Otrtf-kalioiTimy 00 tnsili a fool of Pope
from the Jlapidan to .Mmiassaa ho las
disgraced McC'lellan again, by the cap
ture of llftrper'a Ferry with nearly twelve
thousand prisoners, right before his eyes,
while McClellan thought h was about to
si ike at Harrisburg or Washington.
While ho has managed well. Ids ofiicers
and soldiers have executed like heroes,
and continued suocesa bus gladdened the
heart ot thn country.
Geii, Lee Ins thilted his late position
by a few miles. Ho is, it may be. sti 1 1 011
tins DfttlK ot tne i otoniac msteuu ol llie
oilier. In the feelings of nonio there is a I
vasl tlifjereneo in the t'vo positions.
I i
dillerrnee, in fact, is an hour' march.
For ourselves w aro perfectly content in
the conviction that it is strategy that put
our h en iv where it is, the march follow
ing as it did on the heals of a victory.
What the strategy is, wo could only guess;
limiiapa Burnside imagined something of
it .Sunday, when .lankson was ttun-
derjrij in his rear, and racing with him
for the fotomno crossing.
Lot our people, therefore, lie composed
and patient and cheerful. Rot reals are
often simulated. They nro like the
croaob before tho spring of the lion.
Tjcy may be but the running start of the
leaner. Let us be confiding where con
fidence has boon so tvcll earned. So long
as General Lee ia ehenrful and content,
and his army in good spirits, we shall see
in these facta abundant reason why we
should be to likewise.
Mixsp IIcstiaT. There is a woman
in Iowawho iabler.sft.'i (!'i with f. v tus
bstidsall living
Morii.b. Sept. 21. via Seimtoliia. S. pi.
27. The (.'lii-iitre i",,.s of the d toll
Tains a lip.iu-hi from Louieville the '-'-'cl-linnitf'a
foiv.s. .W,"W Mrmc.iie n'uru-i
l,t IloV"v1"''" '-:""ievui(l.; en ivnitu
for lJjldlown, (Nii'son ebuiitv) which
rt.iiliol IiWi that ven.iiL'. I M
fhtluri-i) to prepare to leave,
en. It-lb-
11, .-"ii haj 1 i.i. -.i a proclamation ciili.ng
the 1 ili'-lis to io n, under Xelixm. The
hilit r had issued 11 audit tohL-i td-opa
cxhori i 11 15 I hem to give a mady weh oine '
to t tie n bcl hordes now invading Ken
lucky. '
Cincinnati dates to the 22 I report that '
city anum in a blaze of excitement. Ilrai;,' ,
was doubtless within ten miles ot Louis- .
Ville. ;
lUicll Had not reached Munfordsviile. ;
i J.
movements weie severely comment-
upon. Uen. n right hud jirst return- ;
i j , (ri r . ;Mrt
He reg nils the 1 ii
iill'h lent to dc !c in! .
, foito theie as
tbe city, and credits the report Unit
Bragg will make a dash 011 Lotiisvilie.
" -The SfCfsionists urn contideiit that
Biai.'g will break through the Federal !
column and take tho city, und that lie :
has not less than 50,000 old troops. He j
holds MuldrougVs Hill, 2" miles fropi ;
Louisville, and can check Buoll's route, i
and delay him four days. Meantime, j
Brogg expects to capture the city. Tlw,
attack a expected to be made on j
Wednesday lust. .
Intelligence hu been rceivod iliht
Gen. Huny Heth. with 15,000 rinjn, aod j
i-ain-infm re at Ktrgle -tYoek, m-Sr t.'vli- I
thiana. Humphrey Marshall, with 12,.
000 men and 40 cannon, were moving
Xoith Irotu Pan, and Kirby Smith, with
Kl OHO men mid 111 cannon am m-ivii.o
North from Lexington. John Morgua ; ali 10 'he probability of this re-
with 2,500 cavalry is scouting from ' l""1 the '! that tho largo number of
Bridges' Station to within ten miles of 'eu''1 Hsps who have betu gathered in
the fortifications. i f Cincinnati have now lelt that
' l is believed that simullaneouslv with j a ction, and at last accounts were moving
Bragg' attack on Louisville, Kirby Siinth ' direction. Tho enemy are galh
with -10,000 men and over 100 cannon, 1 large number of troops in the
will attack Cincinnati, Covington, and J "f Kentucky, niany of thoni have
Newport. ! hereloloie been ucting as Union home
Washington dales to the 21st, gays, I r'1;'1- In some instances whole com-
nothinirolhcial has been received to-diiv
from thenrmr in Maryland. A inhale
dispatch says there is no douot that 011
Ihursilay and I' inlay, the lSlh and Lull,
a large portion of the rebel nriny crossed
into Virginia, and immediately com
menced fortifying with a view to cover
their retreat. Another authority says
that a considerable body of rebels yet re
main on tho Maryland side, and are busy
UniinoM), Sept. 2S. Northern dates
to tlic25ih have been received. Lincoln
has issued a proclamation declaring that
all uiders and abetters of the rebellion,
end all persons discouraging enlistments
shall be subject to Martial Law, and li
able to be tried by Coiut Martial, without
benfit of the writ of JJul-eM On-put.
Lincoln was serenaded on Wednesday
night, and miule a speech, declaring that
ho had issued his emancipation procla
mation after full deliberation, and under
a solemn sense of its heavy responsibility.
A convention of Northern Governors
sixteen present held at Altoona. Blair,
CO., Pa., 011 Wednesday, the rejection of
tho proposition for the removal of Mo
Clelhiu was finally decided on. An ap
proval of the President's proclamation
and urging a more vigorous prostiulion
of tho war, was agreed to. ,
In-New York on Wednesday, exchange
was 131. Gold 1PJ, Cotton
McRPUtEsiioRu' Sept. 28. A gentleman
..froi'l .Gel. BrHU- 5 .Jil iuy lepoi d.ls.L.
cragg an u ninnn iiivi lorincl a junction
and were within twenty miles' of Louis,
Gpn. Marshall was at Bisine Sun. on
the Ohio river, twenty miles below Cin
cinnati, and has stopped the navigation
of the Ohio river.
Buell waR on Green river.
The fifty-third Kentucky regiment hail
been mustered into the Confederate ser
vice. The enemy's forces nt Louisville are
sai 1 to be sixty thousand new levies.
('11 nANnoe,A. Sept. 27. Yankee cav
alry captured and paroled four hundred
of our sick soldiers on the 25th inst., at
Glasgow, Ky. They had been left in the
hospital by Gen. Bigg's army.
The people of Nushville, both citizens
and soldiers, are near starvation. No
stores or provisions can reach them from
the North.
The place is completely invested by our
cavalry. Tho Yankees are still fortify
ing. Port Hudson", Lit., Sept. .'llf Gentle
men arrived to-day from New Oilcans
says it was reported there that the Con
federatesteamei' "2(.'0" was nft'lho mouth
of the Mississippi river, and had captur
ed an outward bound vessel, having 0s
pnsseimerb General Phelps and Commo
dore Porter. They were transferred to
the "2'JO," and placed in confinement.
KiciiJioND, Sept. o0. In the Senate the
House bill repealing the law authorizing
Ihe commutation of soldiers' clothih.tr,
and requiring tho Secretary of War to
furnish clothing in kind, whs passed; al
so, Senate, bill to organize Military Court!
toaiteini tne army in the held.
I he bill
relative to ravtisan Ranaei 1
i .
which Was passed yesterday, was recon
sidered and amended so as to nutharize
the President to receive regiments, fcn,,
embracing "conscripts organized iti tk"
States West of the Mississippi.
FRKtirRiciisut'Rn, Va., Oot. 1. The
Baltimore of .Sept. '-"J. quotes gold Ui I
nw iim-k on Hturuv al liiis; esfhungi
Io2jlol3.il. It says Buell in ill Louis-
vilhi, fortifying, und JSmgg's pickets are i
twelve miles oil'.
A Mild but ErrrciTAL Ik m up v. The
Kichinond Dispatch makes a suestion to !
tho Indies of the South, worthy of their
consideration. It says: "As contemptible j
and traitorous us tho deserters are, the
military loafers and humbugs who, on '
one pretense or another, are dangling '
about hotels, mid showing off in imhlie
,,i . ., . ., , ,
1 in ooniiiiD rt-
troaU in the rural districts. The .ladies
might do soino servioo to the State in
bunialiing these holiday heroes with their
fans, or giving them a leave of absence
fiom their presence till they had fuliilled
their duties to their country In their com
mands. If suoh an admonition should
not prove ellioient, the provost marshal
should be authorised to swing each of
them to the nearest lamp-pott or tree""
1 ILxlU" PM.l.mMl.l
Tbe undeMiahed propose to raise a Company of
Infantry for tbe Confederate aw-vice, fin tbe term I
Ol inrae tub,, us siiraij m. war. a wmnu mi ;
pioaaeu u any pariim wi.uinj vujoiu aio vompe- mem n ( Knii one commanded by a sooil
ny would oome forward and enroll their names, 1 Colonel. John C. Vaughn, and If you bare any
m tk'H may be the last and only ehauoo they will pride abwt you, you will not allow yourselves io
have before tba Conscript oatchaa them. All he conserlnisd. t want none hut good IVIilli.f
persons wtshinn tajoin iid Company will apply men. I will send a Llonlenant from my Compa
to or address tbe undersigned, oa Fork Creek, or I ny to MeMinn to ronely and muster In reoroin,
J.C, II ALL, Gall's Ferry, Monroe eminty, Tenu. I and If you deilre to tela my Counany you caa
W. W. ClilUBB, tt-" ti I'm t Cslioun. "
List Ltnf is h M less.
Northern Kewf.
Gen. Grant lias ordered 1000 negroes to
be impressed at Louisville, Ky., to work
011 the defences of that city. The Chi
cago". 7h7hJ .;-.;. that city is filled with re
fuges liviiu there. A letur dated Lou-i-v
ill. Sept. 22. fay ': a
Ail t'oitiitiunifulioi. .ith Munfonls
viiio and licimly is now ui otT, us the
enemy, under Gen. Bragg, are occupying
that place, and have extended their line
of .i k.'iii., in this direction si.far its
. , 1 i-i 1
Sl.i ..iriUl I .,1 I ti.i li.itv 4 u ! , r li rnnrlidii
this place coneeri iug the lioajticii Blid
- ' ..v ..v
lllovelileills of our Km e is necessarily
Very tnt-ugic and ull-nlll.n:loiy, anJ the
onlv thing h it for tho put lie. to do is to
nail enxiouslv for the deiiouenienl. Tho
rju,n I.. I.- , : ,1.. 1
ascertained, a correct list of the rebel ur- I
it y in flout of the city, which is known
ns the S-coiid In-pertinent of the South
west, and of hich M ijor-tiercral Bragg
is styled the CotiiUiande-in-t 'hiel':
First 1'oki-s u'Armce. Majtr-.ieneral
Wm. S. ilur hie, eoniiuatidiiv Fir-t'Divis-ion,
Brigadier-iiciierid .S. 1!. BuekiiiT:
S'eond Ilnisiiin, Brigadier-Gener.d lil
liaid, Third Illusion, Brigadier General
Siroxu Coin's tt'ARMKr. Mijor-Gen-eral
L. Polk, ciimnniudiiig. First Divis
ion, Miijor-tieneral Clieaihani; Second
nivision, Biigudier-Gcncral S. nderson;
Third I'ivison, Brigadier-General George
Tlu-i is the rebel army as it now stands,
und w hich is composed of about a tPty
thousaiitl men: but, if reports be tvuo,
there is to be another and a third corps
added, of which Major-General Kirby
!4siiU-hi tu bilmo4mmwiiM!,ail WIMVal
it to le composed ol the several ctivipioiiB
of thn following ofliceis, namely: Gen
erals Heath. Ledbetler, Bains, Ilevnnld',
I Churchill. Claiborne; and Muxey
I imino-; lutve turiierl themselves, anil the
! - tntea Stales arms which ha i- been en-
had- been
trusted to them, over to the rebels.
lit Kl.l.'s IXKFKIl'lF.NCl".
Tl. 3 Ti i'jtine says:
There is reason to hope thai the Gov
ernment has under consideration the
question of appointing a successor to Gen.
Buell, if not also to that of assig ning one
General to Ihe command of all the West.
THE St UliE.M;l:lt Of IIAIII'KII S IfcllllY.
Gen. White, and Cols. Ford, Trimble
and ll'l'tassey, who were acting Briga
diers at Harper's Ferry, have been car
lied to Washington under arrest, toawait
investigation of all circumstances attend
ing the surrender.
The T. iiune says:
The indignation among small army offi
cers of a certain class on account of the
President's proclamation, is very great.
Instead of finding vent in resignation, as
was threatened, it takes the direction of
iibnse of the colored people. Many,
without the slightest provocation, have
been knocked down and beaten.
In ueeordiinoo with tienerul Order Xo. 0, of Ins
Lxeollency, Oov. llurris, I have proneeileil to ap
point the 1'dloiving prions to take und make an
enrollment for the county of .Monroe, at oirecterl
in said Order, sod that tlu-y proi-ed iinnii'diiitoly
and report aii iiro,'H-d in swid Order, to tilt:
1st tnslrlet Saml P.. JJnlnes.
ltd " J osi j.t Walker. . ,
3d ' ' lleo. Mnntgninory. '
4th " Wm. V. Jones.
Stb " I'.iul A. Ilartsil).
firli " Ths. Klephoiis.
7ih " A. Btukoly.
8th " (loo. W. Williams.
9th " J. II. L. Cunninitbam.
IO1I1 " Kowlon It; Montgomery,
lllh " John K. Key.
12th " livn. L. Ilinilerson.
13th " I'einllol'in Isl, ill.
1 Ith " W. It. Presnoll.
ISth " Henry Ilradley.
Kiih " llenr'v Iioni.lii.ii.
17th " Ooo. W. Miivo.
ISih llavi.l K. lledj.. xk.
l'.llll " Auslin I'rv.
2Dth Ji. Kirklnml.
T!. E. CKIFI'ITU, Chairman 1,1-0
Fept. 23, le'2.
ItKAny'ns 2n Hattai.io.n Tkns. Cavat.rv, I
Camps near Cumberland Uap, Sept lsflL'. j
Two Cavalry Companies Wanted,
To cuHtlo tho 2d liattalion Tennessee Cavalry
tu Itnsimenlal ori;niiiznlinn. Cnplains who
have Compiinies lmele up can get into a good
regiment by applying immediately. Also, vol
unteers wonted to till tbo existing Compiinies to
the maximum allowed by law. Come on, boys,
and avoid tho conscript.
II. W. Mi KfONZn:. 1,1. Colonel.
Oot 3, Isti2 4t
HEAllQUAKTKliS: 1 s. eA htm i:st 11. Tcs.,)
Office Provost Marshal, V
Knoxville, Sept. 27di, IsrtSi J
lly aulborily of Mujnr (Junorul Samuel Jones,
Coinmnuding Ihe Department of Kttst Teni,essce,
the following persons hava bet n appointed depu
ty Provost .Marshals for the listriets following,
to Will
1st list. Johnson, Curler nnj Sullivan dipt.
A. T,. Cnnim'.n, lllouiilvillo.
2.1 Dist. Wadiingloii nnd flreono Capt. A.
A. Hlnir. Jouesboro'.
3d Dist, JoH'orson, Ornlogrr, Sevirr and Coiko
'r- Wr". MeCnmphMl, Mnrristnwn. "
.1,1. lii-, ll..-. uin- il. ri;t
Cnpt. Walter It. Krans, Tniuwell,
ftlh Dist. -Cnmplioll.Snott and Fentress dipt,
J. D. Thomas. Jiiekboro'.
fllh Dist. Knox, Cnion, Anderson and Mor
gon r.t, W. W. P'trlnqrfletrl, Knoxville.
Tth Hist.-BIuunt, Monroe aud Itoaue Capt,
W. i. Kicks, Loudon.
th DI.-MoMina, Polk and Ilradley Caft.
M.'Pnrmark, Athens.
dill DisU Meigs, Uboa and Blcdsoe-rCapl. V.
K" 'vi'le, Washington
ldth Di"1, Hamilton. Mnrlou and fcquatchle
Capt. C. W. Pocdon, t'liattsnoopa.
Colonel aud Provost Mnrfbal.
Oct.1, l'f.2
Knoxville, Auir. lsD2. )
Mr. II. F. J m i I ti , of Sweetwater, has been fur
nishing Ciolhiiiu f-.r tho (Joverniiicnt Ibo pil
year, in coiMldcrnble amounts, and bns nrrancd
with mo to eontiinio lo fiiruiali Cloihins; nt my
olllce this your. Ilo has permisiiun lo purcHnse
leans, Llnsnv and Hocks, In any county iu East
Tennessee Hint he may wih. The appointment
of Aeenls for corlnin districts was not designed
lo prevent fnnlrnftnrt from purchasing. Mr.
Hmllh is al liberty to purchase wherever bo may
flud Iho goodi. JAMES LOVE II,
Major and (unrlernmter.
I desire nil tbo Jeans that can be spin, d, lo
make Into Clothes for the soldiers, for which I
will pay lih.Tallv. H. p. SMITH.
Sweetwater, Sept. 29, lStt2-4t-7.H
Who Would be a Conscript 1
llKABQt AnTrni Sn Tss. Voi s.,
, , . September 15. 11(12.
T'lh loiei; V,n .Vclnin nH Rrmtlrv:
There sro, no d"ol,t, nmiir of you who. .
count of your families, have been obliged to re.
Dust you (io into the army, I now re.iuost a num
l.r ot eon (fity f.uirj who have ever been itood
nouimTU IrjCU, to lolu Diy Company
r... ii i
'-a'a'l r. "V, H Isnn Vols
ornct r.ixr.riTiNii dk.partjct.i
Kaoinlle, Taao.
Ad i-e-sons Table t" MintNrirtie-n andsr the Ael
of Cor'rv- hi'orored A.ril )li, lSdl, will be al
lowed un I u i:ir .'lh of Oelolrr Ij fxluattwa 10
any n.ini, n!r e"uiiauy iio lu tbe "erTira cf ll.
(. kOK'tflat Mates.
S.ith cr(tu will prptnt tbeiuelre ia tfc? ttt
ril rii vtlict r witltiu tun dtxriol of rouuty l
lneh II..-J U i..e. auJ 1 broiiJ al vlut.
or bv iimruim liiaiiiselves at this ofca Uiv
ill'be enrolled bom.
The ear .llin otfu-ers will oiaks vat the aumll
ment of voluuleri in dujdieate, and fumih tbl
o:n--e nn ro.i, a3 o.,u ai lliej va a.m iieiM.
... . ...
T,w, . ... I
I ,:', r,,,,. ,1,. ...e, i,!r hlj a..an,i,..n .n.l I
j enrollioent duly fipu-d and crrtided, and dlrt- t j
tjia roluuioer to report null the sam al this J- 1
j tie. I nder the column of "remarka" on lbs e- i
I ta'' '"' "' "o eon aN, ajirt
reitiiiieiit to rLlia I he ToJunloer de.'.h-ej to M at-
On iire.-oulio the descri,tiv list to tnr Quar
I teimasier. the rolnntevr will be furuudtad with
J tftiniortalin to Knoivillo.
The' enrreotness of all enrollments wHl b rtl
I lied Iit tba earollinir oltisar.
I K. D, liLAKK. I.ieul. Col. C. 8. A.
1 Snp't Knrolling Xrj'6
I F,-yl 20, IK'2-It
! Saltpetre. f
Orriei: .'. ?. Xnne Mimso EratiT, )
j Knoxville, Temi.
1 Tersons eDs;ifod in the nmnufactiire of r-alu
i petre for the use of the Confederate Plates llov
eraineut are exeunt by law fioai military duly.
The li.iieiniiient is now l aying 7i ooius per
1,011 ud lor nitre, rcdaetioiis lieinn ins le lor all im
purities over 10 percent., delivered at a Ilailroad
station, the shipper drawing tbe money upon pre
tont&tjoa of thn Ilailroad or Express agent's re
ceipt. Those wi.-biur to en-ae In the business will
addreaa th anilerslKne-t at this jdss?, - wlU
enler into coutracls and f.inn-h any mf itnostta
desired. H. U, I'LJU-LK." ..
1 )Wti."ewjt:tN"$ M.-l'ttTfc
Sopt 26, Wliia A
Saltvii 1 K, V.i., P
pt. 13, 18fi2.-J
We have not time to answor the numerous let
tors received in refereneu to tho supply of gait,
nor thn iiinuuicriit,, questions of individuals ap
plying in person heuee, we publi-h this card.
For want of Kettles to supply Kurnaces already
ereotod, wo will have no Kilt ready for shipment
before the mid Ilo of Outobor. After that, time,
should there bo a full supply of brine, wo will
make seven hundred bushels of Salt per day.
Persons from Tennessee who visit the Works
cpcelinjr to pet Salt, only suhjoet themselves to
disappointment, troulde and expense, and ns to
annoyance. So soon as we hare Salt for distri
bution, the eouiintinily will be advised, and ar
runjreinenls mndo for its delivery at convenient
points oil the line of tho Itail P.oads.
Sept 10 -1m
Fourth Bound of Qurterly Meet
ings on Athens District, v.,
Kingston " Pvatt's Chanel. " is
Athens Station. fet. IJ
Funcriil of .1. W. Lonir. at Wcslcrann. ' Oot. f
Auz. 14. 1Sfi2 J. ATKIKR, P . E
On Ilia 2.11b ult..bv ltov. 51. A. f HSS, Mr. JurfK
F. NoHVELL tO iliss ItACBLL Davis, all of thi!
At tho residence of tho bride's father, Monroe
county, on the 2Mb tilt., by ltev. W. A. Nelson,"
.Mr. 1). E. IIariiis to Miss Sib C. Booaht. .'.
At the residence of the bride's father, near
Athens, on tho 1st inst., by Rev. Ooo. A. Cald
well. Col. J.vo. N. Dt'NN, of Cleveland, to Miss
Sai.ixa Alexanher.
sos of tho subscriber, near Athens,
last Friday night, a large well
grown one year old -C01.T last
Soring, gray or roan eolor. Any
information given will be thankfully received,
aud ail trouble paid for. i
Albons. Oct. 3, 18(12 tf 7 X"
bouao, Aluoua, 3111b
August last, a Jurgo Dm k
lied anil Whit .S),.ierf
ilihK Com, wiiU'a large
bell on. I think fbatsho
is trying tu find her wvy
back to Roatio county, by way of Loudon, from
whence the was brought last January. Any In
formation concerning her will be liberally reward
ed bv the owner. J. W. MASK.
Athens, Oct 3, lS02-2t-732 "
IX Mi MI.W COl'XTY, TUX.V., 4 miles East
of Calhoun, 4 miles South of Kiceville, and
,11 miles South-wosl of Alliens, on Kustsnnlleo
Creek, oonlainiiig -ONE THOUSAND ACRES,
more or less bolivcon two and three hundred
acres cleared, and a quantity of good Iiaud to
clear; well watered, conveyed in iron pipes con
venient to (he Dwelling, which Is large and well
arranged for conveniences; good ttarn and out
buildings: six good Springs nn the Karin; Creek
running through sororul of the fields; good stone
dam, good tlrist Mill, thrco run of sionoi, two
for wheat nnd one for corn; good Saw Mill for
sawing timber and one for sawing marble; CuriN
ing .Muoiiine; ami us goon a Mill Meat as any in
tho Confederacy. For particulars, address me al
Calhoun, Tcnn., or call on me on the glace. I
will divide the place or toll all together.
Oct 3, I8i'2-1in'-732
A Lot of Good Mules for Sale,
rpim fiunsrniiiKii has for sale a
lot of Hood YiMing Mule. Anyone wish
ing in pureluso wonlit do well in apply to inm
immediately, jt tho mouth of Ooorni river. Polk
county. ,J. ALEAA.M4lt.Ib
Sept. 2(1. ISI12.
INGS, at tho Athens Foundry.
Sept 2n, 162
for Corn, Hnv, Wheat, Flour. Bacon and
BuuC, delivered at Snltvitle, Va., in any ouMMrry.
Saltville, Va Sept. M, 1M2-li.-::il
, v. , "i T , . "l. I.SI iipl
Administrator's Notice.- i
f tato of Jane h. Mollerniott, ueoeaseit, are
benbv noilfiod to ooran forward and settle iit
nnrc, nnd a 1 1 having claims aeuinst said esluto
will present Ihem properly aulheutiealed, Ihtt the
business may be wound up.
8. A. MtbEUMOTT, Adui'r.
Sept 2S, 112-.'lt 7.11
Circuit Court, MoMinn Connty, Tonn.
f I'ctitirn tu Sell Lmiil. .
W. 11. Howard and others, bolrs of James Bleed,
deceuiod,- t
" r.
J. C. Steed and others.
plen, lines that Henry Steed, and I). A.
Lomv and wile, and John M. Cloinnnison and
wife, nro noii residents of the Slale of Toiuusssoe,
Il is ordered that publication be made for four
suceeshe weeks In Iho Alliens Post, a newspa
per published In the town of Athens, Tennessee,
requiring said non-residents to be and nnpoar at
tbo next term of tbe Clrrtil! C'oirt, to bo tield for
MrMinn county, on tbo first Monday oCJIovem
her noil, then and lucre lo plead, answer br de
mur to complainant's petition, or ihe samo will be
taken as cotifossed and set for hesrlm os mrim,
flap! 1 W 4t -prs foe $i 731
Blue Stono,
good l"l of No. 1 Blue Stone, by
,e,,t 19, sill H. K. REELE1I,
I email lot of prime Molasses, at a hirrh price,
,j rliwil 10, B. K. Kftur.R.
teed lot of Qunwr, bf
on (li.mimitu siek. tlo a w d
. I slra-ly cnluy meat lm , S.,a r'naij
bi'VB'H wifkiuen. CLEAviS A BRETT
I'J. l-S-.'-.M 7-0
k- Featheu WaAted.
1 or (food M-W 1 ,4llM.!saa pay lux
j F''"- K- KEKIKK.
J lpt 1. 12
Milton L. Phillips,
J. W. Gibn a and W. L. Don.
V.. M. Newun,
i. W. Olbsou aud W. L. 1ii.
. L. Ds,
Milton I. Philitps, K. M. Xewtea aad Jo. W.
Ihe cases, at August term, ISf 2, I (ill sell,
nn the 1st .foiii!sv ol October exUt the C'nart
bouseti.. r in Allivos, fur cash In baud, without
Iti righl of r drioi Hon, the follnwiiig l.luds, ae
tho l.an la of the said W, L. It on. situate In
the c niuly uf M.'Miun, Siateol I.nueisee, anil
beaioded au I descril ed as follows, lo wit; On tbe
feuta by the Lands of William McKeiuy, on tbe
Weal by tbe Liuds of Jan. Rogers, on Ihe North,
by f-'Lands of James Parkison, and on tue
Kii-l by the Lands uf 1). aud JJ. Farkison
it Iwiog a part of tbo ,'l.ld and 34ih svelions, lo
tbe Ud range, West of ihe Meridian, 3d Town
ship, lliwassee DiiHriet known as the "Sliger
ulaci." Ferra ee'i'nlmng nhomi two buudrej
j;,,,. JNO. L. IIHllHlES. V, t" M.
) Sept. 1 3, lso2-t.ls-prs feu ? ll,2-7 2'4-
State of Tennessee, Rhea Countj.
David -M. JUU.lv,
X u tins- cue. that tbe J. I w. Juo I, Jason J. Pal-
met bus ie',1 tbe-Sialc of Tenoenaic, or lo eo-
;,l biiiixi'lf that 1I1A iirdinarv lirocosa of law
t.ai,c,t ie served mm him, and his efforts behig
atuiebeu, 11 is thereloro orUi rt.l mat puiillcation
be uiado iu the Athens 1'ost, published in Athens,
Tennessee, for f.mr weeks, requiring tho defend
ant t appear before me, at iny house, iu tb 1st
Civil I'isirict, Khea enunly, Tcuuossee, on the
2uih day of October, ls02, and make defence to
conuilaiuaut's claim, or the same will be taken as
confessed aud set for hearing rr pnrtr,
1 J, I', (ur liira county.
, Sept. 12, 18C2 4t-pr fee ifo.OO 72
A. 11. McFall, )
vs. Attatkmeut.
Jason J. Palmer. 1
iu this ease, that tho delendant.Jason J, Pal
mer, has loft the Slate of Tennessee, or ao con
ceals himself that the ordinary process of law
cannot bu served upon him, and bis effoeta hav
ing been attached, It Is therefore ordered that
publication be made in the Athens Post, publish
ed in Athens, Tennessee, for four weeks, requiring
the defendant to nppear before me, at my house,
In Ihe 1st Civil Iilriol, Rhea county, Tcmiesr.re,
on the 20th day of October, 1M'2, and make de
fence to complainant's claim, or tbe samo will be
taken as confessed and set for hearing tx partt.
, - J. '. t'ltr Ultra conaty.
' ScpL 12, H02 It prs fee $5,00 729
State of Tennessee, Monroe county.
J. U. Caruiiobacl, for the use uf 0. P. Canuichool,
,T. R. Dvkoand Felix A (ley.
tho defendants are indebted to the plaintilf by
note, and that said defendants resido out of the
S'ale, and Ibu plainlifT having, on the 4 1 11 day of
August, s(12, obtained aq original attaCbmcnt
from me, an acting Justice o'' the Peace for Mon,
roo county, which has been levied on tbe property
of said defendants, it s therefore ordered by me
that publication bo made for four consecutive
weeks in the Athens Post, requiring said defend
ants to appear before mo, at my residence, ia
Mmlisonville, Tennesson, on Saturday, tbe 13th
day of October uext, and defend said suit, or tba
same will be proceeded with rr smrfe.
JOHN CA1A80K, r:
Sept 12. tAi'2-4t-pr tut i-72B
State of Tennessee, Rhea County.
W.J. J. J.Abel,
es. V .ttnrmcnl.
U. W. Rice. )
in this" cause, that the defendant, R. W, Bice,
has absconded himself, so that the ordinary' pro
cess of law cannot bo 'served upon him, it ia
therefore ordered that publication be made In the
Alliens Post, for four consocutivo Weeks, re
quiring Ihe said defendant in appoBr at my offioe,
on tho lstk day of February next, Ibcn aid thero
to answer, plead or demur to said atlaehuient
and proceedings, or the cause will bo tried r parte.
,7. '. for Kkra cowiify.
'. Sept. 12, 1862-4t-prs fee $'5,00-725
just received and for sulo, by
Aug 29, IS02 A. C. ROBESON.
just roeeK-ed and for sale by
Aug 22, lS'i S. K. REEDER.
XX. si
SlIHA 11 lust received and forsnlcby
Aiijr 22, 103 S. K. REKDEK
J. Likely Yoiivy Negroes f,.r sale Hoys and
Saoolwalor, Tenu., Auir 22, IHtl2tf 726
Dulriot, Mi.Minn couniy, Trim., hereby
iu vile the nllention of all lovers of Ed:cntiou
to Ihe fact of our determinallon to establish
Hlch School at Uoghill, 12 milej Bouth-enst of
Athens, that our sons and daughters niny be the
better prepared for urfuliiess, al ler the dark cloud
of a bloody Revolution shall havo blown away.
Wo aeed not argue the nocerfily of Educalinf
note, or alludo to tho danger of postponini the
mutler till tho War is over tbat may be too late.
Our children niny ((raw up and bo compelled to
prove! In ignorance through life, if we wait for
the sliip of State to anchor in tbo haveu of peace.
Parents aud Guardians throughout the country
an) inviiod to join us lu the good wojk. These
are the inducements!
We have secured the servlcce of P'of. W. A.
Xr.i.sos, who la well known iit lower ?iat Ten
nussue as a sueeestul mtiuaUir, atid who bas la
his possession many raluabie recommendation
iroui liic highest sources, ceiufvinjj liin ability is
his profession.
, Itntcs of Tulllon are romarksl ly low. The
entire course In English, Latin and Greek, taught.
The eiornf, as well us tho meiilof deportment, will
rotoive striet attenlion.
Roar. ling can bo obtained convenient to tbe
School, al low figures. There are a number of
Dormitories at proper distance from tho School,
so that boys who choose can either board them
selves, or, bachelor. School to begin the First
Monday, in October, IH02, and continue too
month. ' Mm DI8TRICT.
Aug?!, lSd2-tf-:26
1 f Letio r, Feather., Ilutlir, Tallow, ltaoon,
Tlcef Cat Ilo, Mule Colts, Wheat, Corn, or anything
the fanner may have lo dispose of. Persona
wishing fn purchase Salt for suiting their Pork
this fall will do well to call soon, ou
Aug IS, 'Hil2-lf Fountain Hill, Tonn.
j Nadisonville, Tenn.
' Incorporated December 5, 1825.
i CALENDARTOll 1802-1
Winter Session commences Monday, Heps, 16.
Winter Session closes Frlibry, Januer'.S1.
Hummer Hnsslou eonunences Mondny, Feb. i.
Annual Coinmeiweinont Fritlay night, June 20.
Annual Culmination, Juna 1 and 2a.
union as bnrotofora Primary Class ti.btl per
sesslen; all others 111. Diplomas j. Fur fur
ther particulars ejiply to.
n. M. UAl.siEB, Principal.
Aug 14, l8o2-tf-72i
sma!! lot of Hinds, well tseorte-I.
ii.'uirJMW. i. K, REEDtB.

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