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KXCLUNu'E 14 l'KEMir.M.
Cotton Quiet 71 Ju'linp, 8 5 8c
Salts Yrstcrdaj, 15C0
Money iu good demand at H x.t
rent. Loral gcruritiva (steady, with
tin- exception of tho Mock of the
Memphis Gaslight Company, which is
5"ing bogging at 72. A block of $0,
000 of tho bonds of the Pioneer Oil
Mills was auctioned off at tho comer
of Main and Madison street yesterday
Ur. V. F. Taylor bought :W,000 at 'JO,
and $10,000 at i0. Mr. K. 15. Snowden
bought $!0,000at 00. Tho cotton mar
ket in drifting back to the condition of
c-Hjiectancy which characterized it
about, two weeks ago. Nobody seeing
inclined to take any decided jsisition
l to the future courso oi tho market,
and beyond a general sentiment that
cotton in cheap at present figures, no
one seems inclined to hazard an
opinion. Tho New York market,
which to, after all, the polar star by
which all cotton operators steer their
course, was rather weak yesterday,
and whilo spots were quoted quiet
and unchanged, futures were rather
weak and drooping. Tin; mar
ki-t opened barely steady and
clo.-cd G to 8 points lower than Tues
day, in the absence of any heavy bain
mering by the bears. Tho sales were
only 171,000 bales; March, IUW 9.1:i
New Orleans was quoted quiet and
easy, quotations for spots unchanged ;
futures steady but to 24 points
lower than Monday. The Liverpool
Hpot market closed dull in buyers' fa
vor and l-10d lower, middling, 4jd;
futures firm and 1-C4d to 2-tlhl lower
on near months, but steady on deferred
deliveries, March, 4-54d. .Sales here
yesterday, 1500 bales on a basis of Sjc
for middling. Receipt", 1221 bales,
Stock, 130,532 bales. Total receipts
this season, 501,78!) bales, against 402,'
8211 bales same time last year, an in-
crease of 09,160 bales. Receipts at all
I'nited States ports yesterday, 7il!W
bales, against e4.Y7 bales last year. In
the general market wo note a firmer
feeling in eggs at lie, and a scarcity in
turkeys, which sell at to $12 per
dozen for live, -and 12 to $14 for
Ten nktrs bacon, 15 pkgs boots and
shoes, 2717 bu corn, 5 pkgs cheese, 0
sks colleo, 2 cars cotton-seed, 014 sks
cotton-seed, 100 brls cotton-seed oil, 20
pkgs dry goods, 40 pkgs eggs, 1087 brls
Hour, ( JO bales nav, t Ixl tings, 01
hd cattle, 118,' 00 ft lumber, 14 pkgs
liquore, 275 oris meal, 42 oris molasses,
U0 bu oats, t brls onions, cars pork
sides, .'i(M pkgs tobacco and "(KI bu
9 Madison t., Memphis, Tenn.,
vt'orrMpondence solicited. Infor-
mMliiin ebeerfalljr furaliilipl.-k
Money in good demand at 8 per cent,
The Clearing House report is ai fol,
Wednesday, March lOtb. $202,153 78 ;
tlius tar tnis week. S!H)l.52t 10: name
time list week, $04,580 ISO; tame time
J40,bUi 02; SMiie time ISSi,
7W,731 01.
Wednesday, March 10th, $!i:t,384 29;
thus far this wo k. 1221,750 .18; same
time lait week,$2:;9,824 62; same t!me
188', U6.631 43; same time 1S84,
I28,029 4&.
II CHAN (it.
New York B'glit. on all point), J dis
count buying, j premiumee'ling; New
Knglard demand, J discount buying;
New Kn-i'aid eight, J discount; New
Orleate, discoutt buying, p.ir selling.
Kan k of Commerce... 148 bid, 150 asked
First Natiornl 138 bid, 1 IL'sfkifd
German Bank 102J bid, 200 asked
Sta'.o Nationkl 137 bid, 14 laiiked
Union and Plam.er?..148 bid, If 0 aked
Mercautilo Uank....l32J bid, ll!5 asked
Homo 70 bid, 75 asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Ptoples 80 bid, 85 aked
Planters 101 bid, 105 asked
?nusnix 98 bid, 100 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 104 asked
Vanderbilt 20 bid, 21 asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Arlington- 25 bid, ... a -iked
Tenn.ceitf, D and E..83 bid, 871 united
Tenn. wt aer, 0 07 bid, 99 J asked
Shelby Cosbondr..l041 bid, 10tiJ asked
Shelby Co.wU. 98 bid, P!U asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 63 92 bid, 2f aked
Taz.Pist.6e lOOj bid, 10U asked
Mem 8tor. Com. Co..l05 bid, 110 aited
Mem. Gas itock. 72 aaked
Mem. Om bond 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Waer hoods. .."6 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid, 50 asked
City Oil Works hid, 45 af ked
Pioneer Cotton Mills -12 bid
Am. Cot. Oil trusts... ..25 bid
Mem.City Ky.bond-102 bid, 103 asked
Nw. York, March 10. -Money on
call easy at, Vjyi per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 4-5. Sierling ex
change uneh&ngtjd.
Bonds Jo vern men t bonds were dull
and firm. State bonds were dull and
heavy. For the first time in a long
while the railway bond market shows
a decline Hales were $2,521,000. The
largest trading was in Erie second
consols, ex-June coupons, Northern
Pacific seconds and Oregon Transcon
tinental firsts. The declines were not
Stocks What with the strike on the
Southwestern system of roads and
rumors of similar strikes elsewhere,
the continuation of tin fight among
the transcontinental! lines, with lower
raos reported, and rumors about the
Western Union dividend being passed,
Wall street did not take a very roseate
view of tho general stock situation.
First priceswere generally I to J lower,
andtherc was a drooping tendency un
til 1 o'clock, with only slight reactions.
Lowest prices were generally made at
about 1 o'clock, and with vague, but
somewhat better reports regarding the
general situation, especially as relates
to transcontinental affairs, the
market became linn and slowly recov
ered the earlier losses. In the last
hour, in many cases, the highest prices
of the day were reached, but the range
of fluctuations was limited to a little
over 1 per cent, for most of the active
stocks, and the changesthiseveningas
compared with yesterday, are aout
equally divided between small gains
and losses. A notable exception is
Canadian Pacific, which lost 1 J. The
market closed about stead v. The re
port of St. Paul earnings for the first
week of March shows tin increase over
the same week last year of $14,09::,and .
tho stock to-night is unchanged, while
Northwestern is down J. After open
ing at !'J and selling as low as twj,
Western Union closed at !!, a net
advance of . Union Pacific was weak
on unfavorable showing of earnings
for January, but recovered most of the
Total sales of stocks to-day were
310,914 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 55,950;
Delaware and Hudson, 5195; Erie,
27,312; Kansas and Texas, 9140; Lake
Shore, 13,700; Northwestern, IVOOO;
New Jersey Central, 7:HMJ; New York
Central, 3198; Pacific Mail, 12,555;
Heading, (13,575; St. Paul, 19,570;
Union Pacific, 14.(100; Western Union,
22,050; Northern Pacific preferred,
5920; Oregon Transcontinental, 4552.
Closing quotations:
V. 8. Sa, Wi. New 4. 127'-4.
New 4S, Ui. Pacific On of IM, 126',
C. P. nr-t. 115. I.P. Imd r rant", :.
Krieaecnnda. 101. T. P. Kio O. rtiv., 5.!.
l.e'h k W ilkes., ll-"4.l . 1'. fir.ti, 117.',.
Louiainni con,, sti. ( .1 land ftrant. 1(0'4
Miv-iiuri llf'i. V. 1'. t. luml, lii-i.
St. .Iu n il. 1'il. Virinia 1j. il.
. V. k s.C. finf.VSH V,. con., cx-ia. c,t,9.
Ti'iin. At, old, 6'J Vu. coa. del.,
ieuu. lit, new, Vj.
A,l ia. KTP, Hi. afhville Jr C. V.
tile bony tVn , - X. J. Central,
Alton .T. U ,4 i. .Nur. A V., pfd. '.t!i.
A. A. T. ll.. ifd,'.l. Xortliern I'eo , & .
Amen.' in Kx.. Ko. Noruicrn P.,pid, MK.
b., c. K. & JS.. Hi. . V. (J. ic St. L., 7',.
( anacU 1'ac, t)i'. N.Y.C.A St L, . 1.,M.
Cnad t(ou., C. A N. W., 1 .
Centml Pnoific. SiH. I'.iK.W., ,d, 140.
Chri-penke & 0., V. Central, Kir a.
C. A 0., 1st td, Wi. Ohio Central, l'v
C. A O., 24 Ud. l:. Ohio A Mi.. 2t.
C. A A., 142. 0. it Alius., eld, ID.
C. A.. I'ld, 1r;. Untario & Went . ls'i.
C , 11. A Q. !:.. Oregon NaT., WW.
C.St. 1j. A N. 0., Oregon Trans., &
C, St. L. 4 P., 12H. Oregon Imp., k4.
C.,8t.L. 4 P.. p., 82. l'acilioMail,51H.
C, 8. k 0 , .14. Panama, ti.
C. A C. ri2. Peoria, I. k K., 207i.
Pel. k Hud,, lrtl'-k Piltiburir, 152.
Uol., L. A .,12S'J. Pullman P. C.,132.
ln. A Rio G., In. P.eudinir. 29-,.
Krie,2T'i. Kock Ialand, 12S'.
Krie, Ida, 62 M. L. A W. F., Wi.
KmtlViin., 3',. Kt. L. A S. P., P.,h'i.
K;i-tTcnn. pni. bt. L.A S.IT. 1st p.. 1(K).
Poit Wayne, 149l4. C. M. A M. P. , W'J.
Hanniial A St. Jo. C M. A St. P., p., 12.1
H. A St. Jo pfd, - St. P. M. A M., 117.
Harlem, 219. J-1 P. A Omaha, :!'..
Honati.D A T., 29. St. P. A 0.. pfd.
Illinois Cen., HI ''4. Texas Pacific, .
Iud. II. A .,27'. lmon Paiitio, 4 1.
Kanann A T . I . S. KireM. bj.
bake K A W., 12. W St. L. P., If'',.
Lake Shore, 67'-,; W.,S. L. A P. P..1!'.
1 ou. A Na.h , tl'i. W. A K. V.x.. lltf.
Lou. A K. A., 35!i. W. U. Tel.,S'J.
M. A C. 1-t Ild, Colorado Coal. 'IV i.
M. A C, 2d pfd, Ilomentake, ".
Mem. A Char., Iron Silver,
Mich. Central, 71. Ontario, 2?.
Min. A St. L., IS. Quinkfiiver, iVL
,M. A .-t. L., I'd . 17,' 4. liu i e k b 1 ver pld, 22. .
Min. Put . li S!i. South. Pacific,
Mobile A 0., )'!. bulio, IU.
Morriti A H., offd, 138.
London, March 10. Consols, IH0 15
10 for money and 101 for the ac
count. United States bonds 4s, 129J.
P.vitis, March 10. Three per cent,
rentes, S2f. 2Jc. for the account.
Nkw Yiuik, March 10. KxchaiiL'es,
!Hi,liU.1,l IS ; balances, $5,:!1,S,89;!.
Hostov, Mass., March 10. Kx
changes, U,S29,9'.ili; balances, $1,154,
429. lii 1 1. a iki 1-11 1 , Pa., March 10. Hank
clearings, ;S,4(iS,0,",5; balances, f l,:ll(),
7,'!5. P.Ai.riMoitK, Mn., March 10. Hank
clearances, Jl,S54,9ti4; bnlnnces, J2!Ki,
315. Ciiicauo, 1 1,1,., March 10. The
associated bank clearings today were
Jt,17 1,000, against t'VM.OOO yester
day. St. Loris, Mo., March 10. Hank
clearings, $2,124,893 : balances, $248,
140. Dxchangi) on New York easy at
50 cents discount.
The local cotton market, opened
qlliet, and closed qniet; middling, 8c.
Sales, 1500 bnh, of which 700 to ex
porters and 800 to spinners.
Yesterday. Day before.
(iood ordinary..,
IOW middling .8
Middling 8
( iood middling flj
MiiKlliiiL' fair 9j
Kair N0111.
Dusty KfeS
Stains and tinires 7J(")8
MtMnim, Match 10, lbfti.
Stock Sei it. 1.188.5 1,:192
Keceived to day 1,221
Received jn'vionsly...t00,50S f 0,".,!Sl
Slrpped to-dav l,7t :t
Shipped jircviouKly,...:J4,88K ISTn;,G49
Stink, running acittont Pttl,5:!2
Thus far tliis week 5, 4(H)
Thus far last week fi,344
Since September IsV 501,789
M.andC. K.K 101
M. and T. It. K 3 "5
L. and N. It. 1! 108
M. and L. R. It. IU .:. 173
C, O. and K. W. R. K 04
L., N. O. and T. R. If- 134
K.O , S. and M. R. K - 89
M 8. and ii. It. K. 38
Steamers 119
Wagons and other soum 10
Total.... .1221
Thus far this week 8 398
Thus far last week 5,340
Since September 1st. 3tif,ti49
M. and C. K. II ." 7.'6
C, O. and S. W 289
Steamers North 738
Now York
spots opened easy, and
Sales, 489 bales, tjuota-
closed quiet.
tions were as follows:
1 ay before.
9 9-10
Ordinary 0J
Good ordinary... 7 J
Ixw middling... 8
Mi.ldling 91
Good middling- 9 9 li
Middling fair... .,10
Pair lUt
New York futures oocned weak, and
closed barely steady, and 6 to 8 poinU
lower. Sales, 171,100 bales. The closing
quotations were as lollows, as com
pared with the day before:
Yesterday. Day before.
March 9 02W. 9 t It
9.1C(Ti 9 1
April t.liX" 9.11
9 17(ft 918
9 27(J 9 28
9 37(.i) 9.38
9.4ti(i 9 4(5
9 o.'v'i, 9 54
9 3G(. 9.37
9 20(.i) 9 21
9 15fS) 9.10
9.1S(-i) 9.19
9.20() 9.27
Mav 9 20er9.21
June 9:Vf;, 91
Julv 9.:i,s t
August - 9 40 'n
September... 9 :io m 9 31
October 9 14 9.'5
NovemlKT... 9 OSfi) 9 09
December... O.llCii 9.12'
January 9.19(a) 9 21
The New Orleans sjiot market opened
easr. and closed quitt and eKf.y.
Sales, t'750 bales. ,
Yesterday. Dav lvefm.
Ordinary - 7 3 irt "73 ltt
GihkI onlinarv... 7 13-10 7 l:Mt
Iiw middling.... 8 8-H 8 :?-lti
Middling 8 11-10 8 11-1H
Good middling. lj PJ
The New Orleans future market
opened sti-ady st di cline, and closed
steady ard 23 to 24 points lower than
MorJny. Sales, 38,;0 bales. The
closing quotations were us follows:
Yesterday. Sat unlay.
March 80(1 mm. 8 75 110111.
April - 8 02 8 04 8 SO'a) 8 SS
Mav 8 7-V3) 8.7(1 8.99.'. 9.01
Julie 8 N8' 8 (-9 9 13 a) 9.14
Julv 92(o 9f3 9 2!3) 9 27
A niust 9 1'5(..) 9(6 9 27 9 3
September..- 8.81(.rt 8.8J 9.04 t 9.a5
OctolK-r 8 73' 8 75 8 98 9ti
November..- 8 67o4 8 0S 8 9ki4 8 92
DecemU-r ... 8 6;a) 8 70 8 92 8 92
Tone. Hec. I Prices I Stock.
N Orleans.
New York
St. Louis...
Augusta. .
nom 1
quii t
2.0:i8 811-l(i
1 408,811-10
79 8j
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880. 7.9:19
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 0,457
K'ts U. S
ports. 5 d't
22 977
48 OL'5
855 433
4,440 004
Kx. Gt. lir
For'gn Kx.
4,015,81 44
(,172 887
Increase of receipts this year
The Liverpool soot market at noon
was reported dull in buyers' favor.
Sales, 8000 bales, of which. American
0800 bales. Receipts, 1 1,000 bales, of
w hich American 9000 bales.
At 2 o'clock ). lit. middling had de
clined l-10d to 45.1.
The following are the closing quota
tions: Ordinary, 4d; good ordinary,
4d; low middling, 4 11 -Hid; good
middling, 5jd; middling uiilands,
4;d; middling Orleans, 4 15-10l.
Thf prices tire giren in jx iwt ami 6Uh,
lluw: 4 03 mi un 4 03 till., and 5 01
vii idh 6 1-04 1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
dull at 3-04d decline, limitations were
as follows: March, ; March
April, 4 55(,r4 54d; April-May, 4 5S(,r
4 55d; May-June, 4 0oW,4 581 ; June
July, 4 (Wool OOd; Julv-Angust,5 02
4 Olid ; Augnst-Scptctnlicr, 5 (I3!a 5 (I2d ;
Septemlicr-October, ; September,
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
weak; March, 4 53d seller; March
April, 4 53d sellers; April-May, 4 55d
sellers; Mav-Juiic, 458,1 sellers; June
July, 4 OO.fsellers; July-August, 4 02d
buyers; August-September, 5 Old
buyers; September-October, 5d value;
September, .
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures closed
firm and l-(ild to 2 Old lower than
Tuesday on near months; March,
4 54d buyers; March-April, 4 5 Id buy
ers; April-May, 4 60d buyers; May
June, 4 59d buyers; June-July, 4 02d
value; Jiily-Aiigust, 5d buyers; Au-gust-Scptembor,
5 03d buyers; Sep
li'inbei -Oi'tober, 5 02d sellcrii.
Tho following is the record of the
bids and offers at the Call Hoard of
tho Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 4).te bid, 4Hc
asked; March. 40 Jn bitl, 41 Je asked;
April, 41c bid, 42c asked; May, 44c
asked. No. 2, spot, 38c bid, 39c asked ;
March, 3Se but, 39c asked; May, 41c
No. 2, spot, 34c o. t. bid, 35c asked ;
March, 33jc bid, 35c asked ; April, 35e
asked ; May, 31c bid, 35e asked.
Spot, $15 asked; April, $14 bid;
May, $15 25 asked.
bkeadsti rrt.
Cokn White, 47c, mixed, 4(tc, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c.
II a y Choice, from store, 81C ; prime,
75(3S0c; piairie, 50u; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, il4(c)H 50;
prime, $13(.i13 GO; prairie, $88 60.
Oats While, 40i;; mixed, 38Jo,
from etoie : round lots fi out levee on
track white, sacked, 30 J c; mixed,
sacked, 354c
I3ban Fioui store, &rw per ewt ;
round lota from levee, $15(aU5 25 per
Bkans Navy, ?l 7"i(o)2; medium,
$1 00X)1 75.
Rich Loulsana, 4o; Carolina,
OATMHAL-Iabalf-birreU, $33 25
from store.
. CoHNMBAfc-Standiird, $'2 15(f)2 25;
pearl, 3i) 3 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from millTlevea or track.
b'vov a Fi oat store, doable extra, j
triple extra. ; family, $4(-M 25 j
choice, $4 25(5,4 40; fancy, $4 75i
extra fancy, $5 25di5 75; patents $0
(t)0 25; round Jots f rom levee or track,
10c cheaper ; car lot choice, $4 25(a)
4 40; family, $3 fjOC" 95; fncy, $t 00
75; exta fney, f4 80 5 0,5 ; pat
enrs, $5 455 70.
Hominy ako Gbim Fiom store,
fj 753.
Cbackkd Whmat In half-barrela,
(3 50 from store.
Ckackup.s Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4 ic ; lemon cream crack
eia, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 71c; ginger snaps, extra,
5c ; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Locisvili.k, Kv., March 10. Grain
s'eaJy. Wheat No. 2 longberry
nominal; No. 2 red, 95c. Cirn new
mixed, 3Sc: white, :9b. Oats new
No. 2 mixed, 33j.
NkwOklkavs, La., MarcH 10. Fiour
quiet but steady. Corn dull; white,
4e; yollow, 4fki. (Mts firm at 3!) .
Co .nines! sttady at $2 20. Hay quiet
but steady; prime, $15 5018. Rice
Steady and b'rm at 35jc.
Kansas City, Mo., March 10.
Wheat qniet and weak; cifh, 72c hid,
73d asked; April, 74c bid, 76lc asked;
May, 77c bid, 77c asked. Corn quiet
and weak ; cash. 27 Je bid, 2Sc asked ;
April, 28ic bid, 293c asked; May, 39jj
bid, 31c hiked. Oats nominal; no quo
tali ins,
Cincinnati. O., March 10. Flour
easier; family, $4 104 30: fancy,
$4 35viH 00. W heat easier ; No. 2 red,
92Avii95c. Receipt", 7500 bu.; ship
ments, 12,000 bu. Corn dull; No. 2
mixed, 38c. Oats firm; No. 2 mixed,
38c Rye firm ; No. 2, 05c. barley
quitt, steady and unchanged.
St. Louis, Mo., March 10. Flour
dull and unchanged. Wheat doll
and lower; the market opened fa3y,
aad declined steadily, closing Qlc
i l,-r than yes.er.1ay; Nj.; i-wi, rr,
90J:.i9ic. nomu ai: .M .y, l 4 3
cling at 93ivi93ji'; .lu.ie, 94rj).
rloeing at 94c, itomiii",' ; July, b7'.,)
S8J . closii g i-t 67Jj hid. Coru da 1
and lotr, wilh tin trtirx pritic
ja'ly in M v delivery; No 2 inix.J i,
rash, 3";fi':;itjc: Matcii, 3 J; Antii,
:.; Mav, J(iJ:3'J;, ! -si at 3
3'.ijj. 0.:s o'nll m,d t-'eady; No. 2
tinxid, tah, 30' Ma'-h, :;0J Mai,
3IJc. Rvh steady, 00 '. It r cy ln!, nml
nouiiiinily unt!ini;-d H.iy qui. t hut
firm : tiranirt 'tMice ami I. -her, $ (j 8 ;
timothy, $1114 lir.m dull. t;j s
Cor.tmeal, 51 9,:f2 I- ei;its F.onr,
20C0 brls; worn', 10UI bu; c-irn. (,tl,
OOJhu: oa', 91,00 bu; rye, lOiObu;
barley, 5t;00 bu. Sl i men's Fiour,
30,0 litis; whest, 4000 Ou ; corn, 02,
000 bn; ra's, 30J0 bu; rye, 1000 bu;
bflilev,2. (K) bu.
vtVtrnexHi ird. Wheat
higUer. Corn easy and Jc .'oner. Oats
Cnii'Aoo, Mreh 10 Wheat was a
little more att'vn in aspecuhttve nay,
and prices wns irregular bat weaker
and lower. Tlire waa a good deal c f
un!ca ling, bet the demand about kept
pace with the oirrit'i:s, and at the
close there wps a fair deiree of
strength, eltbouuh prices closed ,Ju
lower than ft 1 o'll'X'k yesteidav.
War news and stronfer cables gave
buds a lit is encouragf nieiit, but tins
weather, big it cka and labor trottbhs
made the bears bold. May opened at
81 ie, then Bold no to 81 jc, and after
watd tenched 841c, fimiliy closing on
the regular boAid at 81 9 10 -. At nil
poinln the receiiits to-d.iy were 129 0 0
tiiishels and the nhipments 02 00,1
btiBtie!; the ttatemtiit of the Djeart
mentof Agiiununre making the total
whmt supply 53,0i 0 to 0 biibhels Ws
tliau hut year, sn.t Way up to 8lji: in
the sfternron. closing in tho h 1 tit
trading tit 84 111 He. lorn was weaker
at l broke Trading was larger and
more general than t T a week pat-t.
RfCtipts were f.tir. A large operator
sold about 75 000 bushtld, and pro
duced the decline in May fnin 40jt;
to 39 J c, acd at the 1 o'clock close thut
figure was bid, a Js decline from yts
terday. Shoits wnie the largest buy
ers, and absorbed all tliBoflrfrings. Near
futures ware neglected aud nominal.
Tho market ruld alii tie Btrongnrin
the afternoon. Flour steady and un
changed. Wheat weaker, closing jlc
under yesterday, tales ranged;
Msrch, 79B80ii', c'oed at 79j ; Mav,
84(84Jc, closed at 84Jc; June, &58fa
80jc, closed at 85jo: No. 2 spring. 7!J
fe82c; No. 3 spring, 7l72jc. Cirn
easier and lower; cash, 37(5-371' ;
March, 37(37id, cloi-ed at 37 I 10c;
May and June, S9JW4 1?, closed at
39 5-lOc. Oats dull a 'id slow; rush,
29lo; Marob, 29c; Mav, 32 3-10(?321e;
c'oied at 32 3-loi. Rye dull; N,. 2,
b)i. Rirley dull; No. 2, 00c. R-p
ceipts-Flour, 20,000 brls; wheat. 33,
000 bu; corn, 205,000 bu; oaffl. 123,000
bujrye, 2000 bu; barlev, 25,000 bu.
Shipments Fiour, 10,0(10 brls; wheal,
12,(1)0 bn; torn, 89 000 bu ; oati,
68.000 bu; rve, 2000 bu; bailey, 22,
0C0 bu.
4(irioon Hoard. The murkets all
raldsua ly; the following were the
closing prices fjr May delivery:
Whent, 81 11-lGc; forn, 4')g.
Rt'TTKit Creamery, ."i:!((tl37c ; dairy,
22a2ik!; butterine, ll'n.lOc; eonnlry,
12'a 18c, according to condition.
Chkksu -Prime Hals, 7o8c; New
York factorv,8c; full cieain, 12fnl2Jc;
Y. A., 1212!c.
Mkks PoitK-Old, $10 50vil0 75 per
barrel; new jU75 per barrel; suirar
cured hams, packed, 10c; breakfast
bacon,! .'.fnUOc ; clear no liacon,(;ft)tl.U'
lit I K 1'oitK Cleiir Hides, 0c; clear
rib sides, o5(5 jc; long clear, fiijc;
shoulders. 3iK; Uc
I jinl - Tierces, Him (Uc ; half-bai'iels,
OJfel'ic; kegs, ti;(a(ijc; buckets, CcJti)
(!;e; half-buckets, 7(7Jc; 50-lb lius,
(iJ(S)02c; 20-lh tins. Ojijc; 10-lb tins,
OJO'wc; o-lb tins,(i;c; tins, Oif-iwc;
choice kettle, tierces, (We.
FitKsii Meats -lleef Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, No; light, 7(i7Ac;
cows and heifers, Oijc; mutton, 7c;
lambs, ; pork 0 .
I'los-KKKT Itrls, iSvJ.SfO; half-btls,
f33 25.
Ii0t;isviXic, Ky., March 10. Pro
visions quiei anil uneuuageij.
New Orleans, La., March 10. Hog
products in light demand, but holders
firm. Pork, $11. Lard, 5jc. Balk
moats shoulders, 3.90c; long clear
and e'ear rib, 8Jc. Bacon shoulders,
4c; long clear, (ic; clear rib, OJc,
Hams, 99c.
Cimcinnati. 0., March 10 Pork
dull and lower, $10 CO. bird ffoak
and lower, 52c. bulk meats quiet,
shoulders, 3jc; short rib, fi 45c.
Bacon quiet and unchanged. K.qis
Urmer, llju. Cheese ttnady and nn
cbangd. Butter iiuietaod unchanged.
St. Lot!is,Mo ,March 10. Provisions
dull but generally steady. Pork,
$10' 05. Laid taiier, Cbic. Bulk
mfa's lcoje lots, long clear, 5.30,-!;
short ribe, 6.45c; short cloar, 5 00c;
boxed lotseatiiir; longclear. 5jc; short
ril-p, O4C; short cltar,6io. Baionquiet
and easier; long clear, 5jc; slioit
ribf, die; short clear, Oc. Hams
steady ,8 JfSiUJc. Batter steady; cream
ery, 25(230c; dairy, 182tic. Eak
higher, 11c. ' ,
Chicago, Iia., March 10. Provis
ions opened quite active and continued
bo f ir an hour, but- there was good
deal of unloading, which had tha ef
fect of lowering prices. The next hour
trading was at a standstill, bat Just
before the close activity set in, when
prices aeain reduced and at tho ad
journment of the session showed de
cline of IS ( "ic on tnwi pork and
21ji'oi-25c on Inrd and slioit rib sides.
Mess pork active and wtakr cash,
$10 0V410 10; March, $10 OofoJO 07,;
May, $10 16(M0 30, closed at $1017
10 20. Lard quiet; 2j(5c lower;
cash, 5 97A(!!; May, 602j(a)05c,
closed at ti02jc; June, e.t71(a)0Jc,
closed at 0.07 J(n6. 10c. Boxed meats
Steady; dry salted shoulders, 3.9O0i)
4c; short rib sides, 5 32J5.35c; short
clear sides, 5.O5ft-V70c. Butter firm
er; creamery, 25(31 c; daily, 14021c.
Kggs steady, 13c
Afternoon Boiml. Markets all ruled
steady. Closing (jactations, May de
ll rery: Pork,$tO 22J. Lard, .02js.
S.jap 3J(Si5 V: pe? pound.
Okkee Common, 7(7ic; oidina
ry, 991c; priais Kio, 9(10c; choice
to fancy, 11 j(gt3 e; old government,
23(i;25; Ceylon, iifc.
buOAB Kastera yellow, 0J0Jc;
pare w. a. white, 6e; off white, ttj
Ojc; yellow clarit.ed,8il(a6Jc;open kei
ilB,f)53c; rtlmad A, 7f)7Jc; granu
lated, 77Jc; pcwilered, 7J ; cut loaf,
Salt $ I 20f' I M per barrel ; sacks,
fine, $1 60; rs, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 25(5)' ; car-loads from levee
or depot, 6c chi . per.
Moi.asskh 1 c lirfana, common to
fair, 23(5i27c; runs to choice, 33ci40c;
syrup, 20(-! 10c; tmmon to fair, 23
28c; prime to fi oice, 30v"',33c.
Tcbaccj Co ,imon, 11 -inch, 27(S
30c; other grM and styles, 2iT 28c.
HnnfT-Garrn' s, $10 8i per case;
Ralph's, $10 2V per esse; R. R., $9 60.
Candik? ticks, all sites, in boxes,
pails and barrels. 7J(rf!8Jc.
Cadl8-Fu11 ieight. 10j(?,llc.
Canned Gopih, Itc. rrices per do-
n: Pin-sppiv. $; ;i." 1 (,;, practat",
2 1b. standard, $13 (. I ,'il; eecontU,
$1 l"iG'l 25; tomatoes, 2- h, standird,
$1 10; 31t,$l3; srA l errie-, $1 40
( tl fi ); rsp,,errio!',$l r(j 1 25; black
berrien, il'i' 1 15- trreer.e g-s, $1 (0( 0
1 75; pears, $22 25; tdn'me, $1 tWi
1 70; asparagus, $'.'w);, 1 ; ereu corn,
$1(.i13j; green pem, $!(, 25; cove
ojstcrs, full weight, 1-lh, l(,til 10;
c.n-e oyster?, f ill weight, 21b, $1 75(i)
1 8's cove nyst.vF, bjilit weight, l-ll,
05c; covfl oytt-tp, lint t wt-Uht, 2-lh,
$1 ; condmised uii!k Crown, $5 90;
Kside, $7 75; Su ite, JO.
Baltim.irk, Mn, Mitch i) Coffee
firmer; lwio 1 arg jes, oidinary to fair,
Nkw York, March 10. Ccffe spil
fair Kii fitmer, 8c; optioio steady
snd fiiirly active; No. 7 U'O, enot,
7.1 5j; safef, 2 1,000 I a s; March, May
and Jane, 7.10c; July to Septemlier,
4 IDC; Aovcmoer, (..U;1; December,
7 20aj71c. Sucar dud and weak;
fair It good retinitis', 6(i "Jc; refiuwd
qaiet and weak ; t tf A, .5Jo ; stsni ard
A, ojc: yellow, 4j(o5c: giaaulated,
0 5 1i;.t jc; extia C, 5jc
Nw Orlcans, March 10. Cofli'e
quiet but firm, OKJOjc. Husar dull;
opec-lettl. choice, 6 l-10u; priiue,4;c;
fully fair, 4.;; centrifugal gtanulated,
6 3 Kin; choice white, 0c; off white,
5 1510c; choice yellow clarified, 6c;
otl'ywlluw clarified, 6Jti)5jc; secoiius,
4r?5Js. Molaesea quiet but linn;
opeii-xottle, mod prime to strictly
prime, 21(,i22i;; prims, 20c; teu
t'ifiigils prime to itriclly prime,
Ki,'.0c; fair to goodfair, I4(ii)15c.
iioi'si.iii.i m rri.itN.
Aci'iKs Apples, $2 50'.c3 from
store; $2 2 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 3(,t 4e per
pound from store, lined peaches, 3y
Ic from store.
Pot a runs - Potatoes, 2 2V-i 2 50 lioin
store; 12(ii2 25 per car-load I'rtini levee
or depot.
Vkiiktaiii fx Onions, $2 75 'S3 from
sloixi; $2 50(ii2 till fnun levee or depot.
Cabbage, $.i 50 o 3 50 per crate. Kraut,
barrels, .V 0 ; half-barrels, $2 25 & 3 50.
tiailic, 40f(ilc per 100.
Fai'iT O.anges, Lontsiara, none;
Florid, none; Mt-rsii a, $3(nvj 60 per
box. Lemons, $3(a 3 50 per box. bit
nnnm. $l(i2 100 per bunch. Cotoa
nute, $4 per 100, Peannts Virginia,
0c; Tennessee, farmer's (tuck, 3(ii;4c;
roaftd, t c higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 1820c.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, j Imperial,
$3 50(H.
1'icKLKS-In j rs, pirt, 90c; qnarts,
$150; bslf-sallonr, $2 60; pu'lons,
$3 75; lo)B8, ban els, $0; lm I -barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
bali-bHrrelf, $0.
Walnuts French, 12c : Naples, I0.1 ;
Qrenohles, 15o. Filberts, 12c.
Ciukk Misennri, $."(n7 tO pnr bar
rel and $l(it)l 50 per half barrel; Vins
giir, lU.iiltij ptr ga Ion.
Poultry Tu rkevs, perdeifn, $8(,i)
12 ; geese, $3()4 ; ducks, $2 50 ; chick
ens, good ilemand. $2(i.3; dressed tur
keys, oraree, 1214c psr pound.
Pecans Texas, 810c for rmall to
medium, KV.i Mofor large; Arkanaes,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrel, No. I,
$5; No. 2, $3 25; No. 3, $2 75; 101b
kit. No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb, No.
3,ti0c. Dry he'tring?, family, 30c per
Uamk Venison, whole, 3(;5c, sad
dles, (l(ci;8 v, bear, (i(,i,8,:; wl d turkoys,
50751'.; ducks,! 6tsJ?,2 60;fquirrels,
75c; quails, 75rf'0H ; piaiie chickens,
$5; game riah, 0('i)8c.
Kilos Firm at 11c.
lltUCilNU AN It TI1.H.
Baouinii Jute, 9j(llc; Ihx, 10(i
10J, according to weight. Ties, $1 20
dDl 25.
' Naiw-$2 45QV.2 70.
4 l TUX-EF.M OIL, KI4'.
Seed Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. 0. b.
boat), $0; wsgan st mills, $S Meal
Prime (f. o. b.,) $15(3115 25 per ton.
Lesstlnia car-load bis, $15 501U.
From store, !H)c per sack. Care
Nominal; $10 per ton. Oil In car
load lots, prime, crude C. 8. oil, 22(a)
23c; prime summer yellow 2027c;
off-summer yellow, 2520c; miners',
27().'!()c; choice cooking summer yel
low, 282itc.
wiiinhv, wisi. i.iqroHM, 1:1c,
WmsKV Straight Kentucky Itour
bon, $1 00(3;0; rve,$l 75(0; tlomestic,
90cg$l 50.
Ciiicaoo, March 10. Whisky stem I v,
$1 10.
Sr. U)l'is, March 10. Whisky sleidv
$1 10.
Cincinnati, March 10. Whisky
steady at 1 10. Sales of 873 barrels
finished goods on this basis.
Coal Oil Prime while, wholesale
lots, 1 Ic per gallon.
Ci.kVKLANo, ()., March 1(1. Petro
leum 8.W-, J 10", 73 !.
PiTTaiit'KU, Pa March (). I'elio
leumdull but steady; National Transit
cert lirufcH opened at 80o and clotted
it 80ic; highest price, 80i'c; lowstt,
11 h in ami m i iH.
u(;,.,l ilrlviili' I. MlCn.' '.'.':
uimmI sa(ldle.l lO'i:ilKI:t)luw.$:W.i8ll;
good marcs, $85(fil 10.
Mi'l.Ks-l4j to id, 1 1 HK'0 :; i')M)
151 I-'.V,M40: 15 Ut 10. H40f3175.
(jootl deninnd; supply fair.
1.1 V HTOCK. ;
Catti.k Choice to extra Corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 44o; good, Rifja
4c; cholcn gram-led, a(ti:iie; goou, .1
3Jc; fair to medium, 2J($2$:; com
mon, lj('l)2C. i
IIckis Choice, :i4c: goou, .fj(ii)
3Jc; common, 3(;.3e.
StiKKf thoico, will'; medium, ,j
3jc; common, $l(ftil 60.
8t. Louis. Mo March 10. Cattls
receipts, 1200 bead; fhlpmenta, 200
bead: market active ana nrm, on ail
grades of ft cattle; goad to choice
shipping, $4 t0(r 40: common to me
dium. J4t4 7;; ootcnerj- steers, i i
($4 50; cows and heifers, $2 25
:t 75; itocxers ana Kuners, j.i.aji -u.
How receipts. 4-oo neao ; snipments.
1500 bead; market active and a shade
higher on light; batchers' selections.
$4 25r14 45; mixed packing, $3 HOt-i)
4 20: iabt. $3 90;4 li. Kbeep re
ceipts, U(8 head; shipments, 900 heal;
market steady, ;t bms: u-
Kansas City. Mo March 10. The
Live, Stock lndir.aior reports: Cattle
receinta. 1863 bead; shipments, 1098
head; prime 5e higher; others quiet;
choice fancy, $i 0(i;6 15; good to
choice, $1 00(5; cemtnon to medium,
$4('i4 60; stockers and feeders, $3 40(.
4 20; cows, $2 4X3 30. Hogs re
ceipt', 4501 bead; shipments, 1400
head; market slow and 5c lower;
good to choice, $1(A4 15; common to
medium, $3 05(3 95; skips and pigs,
i20;J 50. Sheep receipt., 1921 head;
shipments, none; market steady;
good to choice, $ I 25(i4 90; common
to medium, $2 00(i4.
Chicago, III., March 10. The Dro
veri' Jaurwil reports: Cattle receipts,
0000 head ; shipments, 1800 head; mar
ket trjng ; shipping stews, 030 to 1500
pounds, $3 SKK'0 25; ttockersand feed
ers, $3(34 10; cows, bulls and mixed,
$1 7504 20; bulk, $3 10vj 3 30; through
Texai ( e, $3 2 i(:'2 50. Hogs re
ceipt", j7,00; head; sniptno-, ,M)
head ; market strong n.l mfve; roash
and mixed. $3 !HK i 4 .".0 ; packing and
hliippinir, $4 25f. 4 65; linht, $175
4 skips, $3(,i3 75. Sheep rect-Spta,
4HH) head ; shipments HH'O he l; tuar
ktt steady : natives, J305 7 ; Tuans,
$2 5(0i 4 25.
New fork Wrjr liwHlt Mttrkrl.
New York, March 10. Thf re is a
very go-d trade at j,ct irL' liaiids but
of commission hoti, s tl e inquiry has
been more irregular, yet many inod
enite takings in connection witli de
liveries on previous i-lit;:igeiiieiitH ar-i
absorbing a large quantity of goods
and retiirninL' food :iles.
Ml. Irftnla aud Nrworlenna tartar
l.l-ll.f.Hitl-FOH VlCktililiRli.
City of Providence, atrssi
Will leave th tlrTati.r TIIUK8UA1 . Mairh
11th, m d p.m. )or treiaht or j-aiini;e apply
O. 1.. II l I . Pa. r'. A HTOMM. 8ni."t
Nt. Lout anil New Orlennw Aarhnr
l.ln-l.n. Mitll-UAIKO k UT. LOUIS.
Belle Memphis,
flen. Baker niniti r Jiiia liifti
Will leave the Klevator Till 118 DA t , Maroh
lllli, at tl i.iu. For freiiht or iaxrate apply
V. L. lll l.. Pn'f. Art. Af) 8TOKM, Siip't.
Southern Trnnfportatl"ti Co. O. bine Kor
Cairo, Louisville and Cincinnati Str.
New Mary Houston. -il,
Lew Katn mit'ter.
Will leave c'KIDA'V, Mr,-h 1'Jth, at 10 a.m.
Kur freight or ,ite apply to 0. II Itl'rt
tiKI.L, Aent, Vit Mailinon at. Tulephone -7.
Jassa 11. FatiKi.i)i, l'aMinr Airent.
Memphis aul t Inchiiiuli I'lickel lo
HK I.UI ivii.i.i: A I IXNAl l.
Mix itllld Ma.
M. M. Poem, tnnder, r1vuerf
Will leave FK1DAV , .Mur.-h 12th, at li p.m.
For freiiht or pim'Hue apply to i'. II. KIIS
HK1.L, Airent. No I'J MaiJiaon et. Telerluiue
Ho. JOHN t'AHK, Va-.-nmer Agent.
tileatner (I KAM I K dTAl'K tillowa, leav
loif Tiirwilny. Murrh lith
Kor Uironla, Iialoa fotnt. Carothenvtlle,
Uajom ami Tiptonvllla Tha new ftenmei
W. P. Uall maaUr I J. D. Falier.....elerk,
will leave a above, ami all war Pulnti,
KVliHV tiiOisUAV and TIll KSUAY at
p m. For (reiaht or puMaae apply on hoard.
MeuMHla,t rlnre li'olul l Driuiitkia
nl Owrala Pnrkrt 4'iiDinjr,
For Helena. Ulondale, Kria'i l'olnt and all
Wt Lanillm atenmor
Uonliom, itiffib
uoiii...ui rk
V'Oi leave a above on every MoWOAY,
WKPMiV-DAV and K KID AY', at 5 o'oloi k.
Far llandolpb, Fulton. Oionola and W ay
Lianatrti iStauier
J. It. Cooter, mauler.... J.W. fonltheri.Flerk
iiRV avary WO.NOAV. IVKUinaabAY
and FRIDAY at S p.m. The bonta of tu
line reaorvo Ilia right to pana all lamlinii
the iiotuln myil"i unRt'e, Office, o. 3
4lw. JAMK.M I WM. ,t..Hnr';
Mcinplilf aud Vlckhliurg racket Com
pany U S.Mai I Line.
For Helena, t'ononrdia, Terrene and Atkan
ia utly Tho eluiaut pannengor iteau er
M. R.L'hlr...matwl W. V. Btauaer...ulerk
l,oavo MemiMa
p. oi., reiervinc therlaht to paiia nil lundinaa
the ritptivn muydvom nniiute. For anneral
Intoriuatioa apply at oftlne, No, 4 Minlion
Itreot. K. WAbWOKTll. A.-ent.
.11)11 M OA'tlt, Pn.n'r Avenl. I'elephonn VI'VV
Meiniliis& Hlilto lllv. r L'kt.Co
K. C. Pcital..iuantr I 0. M.i bftal.....olr)
I'lnre.'ittou, Ivlia Itlntr, Xift Are.
; A f, a-iistit, J-linor( anil NMro7.
ItKAVrV.: ' . K M I" li I li a very W K DK 1 A K
atr m. Tbrouifh rata to all potnta.
Freith' nalanad to " Memnhli and V) nt e
mver Packet t'i mpany" ol b lorwardi d
remptly. li.U LOW H, Agent,
N'v S Mil.on t. Tolenhoe No. A?.
Tim S. Francis River TransiiorUtlon
Co.'a Ttna til te-W heel 1'. H. M fen
Rene Macready, r.vrzt
0. K. Joplln .....m tnai-ter, .
at 5 o'clock, for Marianne, the Cut-Off, aad
InUrmediaie landlnvtea bt. Kranoli river
The oaptain reaervea the riaht to pan all
landinaa h deeina nnaafe. JAS. LEK, Jr.,
Hntvlo''! OftVe. Kn, 4 Madi.nn at.
Arkansas River Pk't Co.
E. 1). Smith ...metier, eSjli
Leavea Momphii KiryTUi:8LA V, at 5 p.m
Str, E. W. LE,.
Kd Nowland . tnaitrr. WaS?a
Leavea Meuiphia EeirSATl'ilOA ,t . p.m
Kor fruliht or paarnvo apply to
II. C. l.uWK, Aaent,
OflVe, No 3 Madt.on t. 'I'elpphone No. M.
Memihis,Uhite A Kiarli Kiver I'a. kel
For Helena, DeValla II In It. Una Ilea Arr
fuata, ewport and llateaville. lha ne
aud elecant ai'lewheel paaaennar i"'0
JleHafl&.Tv zEa
Mill Harrv ,. iiuaier
Will lesve KVERYKATIKDAY at io'ol,.,
p.m. Thruuah rn to nil poiiitn. Kreia,.
oonaianed to Atilt Harry Line, Mempliia.wil
he promptly forwar)d. Vy.J. P litaYL
Offl -e Maidaoa at Telephone 3SS.
Jaaaa B. FaaaaLiK, Faaaeorar Aaent. Tel
TrnHtee'a Hale.
UNDKRand by virtue of two truatdeeda
eieouted by 1). L. Fer(uun and 11. C.
Jlatnpaon to the utider-inJ aa trut, on
anaar4, 1SSA, and May 11, 1HH5, reaped
lie'r, and duly rerorded In Lb offio of the
Clerk of the t'lrouit Court of Mlaaiaaippl
oounty. Ark., In He-iord Ilojik 12,pae4 4'U,
elo., and Kerord Book of Truat Peeda, vol.
A , pair '-: eto., dnlault in the payment of
the indebtodneaa thereby ae-ared having
been aia.ie. at tberequeatof the beneficiaries
therein, we will, ai aui-h tmataoi, on
WfNtBeaadajr, nrnli I, 1HM.
at the atorehouae upon the plantation kuewa
an "Ni'dene," in Mlaniafippi eounty, Ark.,
and beinir on the Miaai.aippi rivor, prooeed
to aell to the hirhoit bidder, tor eaab, the
tollowlng peraonal property, to-wit: Four
4 burae waiona, aik-ht two-hor- watroua,
aeventy-one uulea, ait aeta waaon harnraa,
aeven aeta barnefa, one 40-horae poworea
alne and boiler, two DH-aaw .Mil burn double
roller aina and (In atanda, two feodera and
flondenaera, one Coalman cotton prnaa, one
grut-ruill with appurtenaDt-ea, beltina,
ahnftlna aad pulloj", tore" boraoa, two
eolta, one mule colt, four in iroa, four aeta ol
tear; alao. all plowa, acrapore, hooa, azea
and all other furmlnf utenaila and imple
nenta; andalao, all cattlv, "took hoea and
other ruulna and to'-k, and all crtif eoru,
eetUB. KOtton-aeed. hay, foddor and other
product now on or hr,inini:l th planta
tiona known aa "Mwli-na, ' tho "Kllia
plaoa" and the "Lanier i-Uii-o" in aaid
county, run and operated by caul ritraunun
k liampaon during the year 1H'. Ana
under laid deed, on
Nntnrdaj, Mnrrb ieo. tnnn.
In front of the court-home dor in Oaceula,
Miaaixippi county, Ark., we will acll to the
biahrxt bidder, lor oaah. the followma de
aenbed real eatate, ntonely. all beina in anid
oountyand r-'tato: The plantation known
aa the "Kllia place" at Feryuaoa A Hamp
i.aM.iin in Itml 1. At i-iiiaaipoi river,
and deaenbed aa follow! W S, aec. IS, 37Si
acroa ut of E )l tf il. and part W S iec.
114, H of aeo. 21, and K S W ' aec. I,, in
townanip 1 1 norm, rnn i'i .. -
i, ..,,.,,,, I) north, mnao l'leit t. Alao,
i.. f cji ,,.. V NK !
acrea.in townahip II north, ranae lii e:at:
and the 8 fr of N W fr (aouth ol
Little rear) it towmkip 13 n.irlb, ratiaa
cant, rontainina h.iC a, r,n. A.fi, u Ir , ol
tlUfr'i ec. i'l.leiut of hayoui, townahip 15
north, ranire M enat, R'-H acre. Alao, th
N fr . ol .e- in (o I of iY Loko) contain
ing 2W-1HH of an ui-re: ami the ' of 1
'iofaec. lf, both in township 11 north,
ranao Iben't, the la-t described cotitnintni
Bai'd'a'al" will beiin st the time and vlaci
atatcd, and will continue from dy to das
until com i Ictid. Ail ru hM of re lemi tio
and eeiu"liona are waived.. Sale absolute.
Termach. U, H. 0.1 ON.
wrE4.aia.K4 la.itl"
Arkana City.. Kara Aoaaa, 4 p.m.
Vickbur .CtTy or PaoviDiani, 6 a.m.
Ti,tonville.....(laynao 6 D-m.
St. Loui ..!!:. i a Maaraia, 4 a.m.
F riari Point. ....CiiiHuai, S p.m.
Cincinnati t H H. r p.m.
0cela ..tln Antaa, S p.m
White Hiver llaSaar, .A p.tc.
Araanrua Kiver.Ii. W. t'oi a, S p.m.
MOV 1 v t.XTH I' Til i: I F r.K.
.lr;ini. 1'iiria ( lirown, New Or
leaiiK; City tif Vickcluir', Vickrthur;
1'ily a if St. 1 Aititrt, St. Iaiuih; (Joahnni:',
l-'riant I'oint; lh-an Ailaina, (areola.
Voirtiirm. I'ilv of St. lmin, Nevy
tlrlcatiK; I'ity til' Vii knlmrK, Hi. Iiuh;
I'ariHt'. ItrovMi, I'incinnati ; l liiika
xaw, Whitti liiver; C'oahoina, I riiirn
I'niiit; )can Ailaiim, t Mr-iHalti.
Itittth dw down. (iayimo, lhin ami
I'ily nf I'roviilciiiN).
HiiiIm due !. Kate AdauiM, llelhi
Mciniiis anil Mary HiiiihUni.
Krrelpla Teelcralny.
I'ily nf VickahurK hahw rtitton.
Kiniiin-r l'l luip aecd-cuttrtn and
'.M mK accil.
I'ltria 1'. l'.rown 42 lulu tnolanHt, SO
casi-N claii't, OS pkfn incrclmiuliaie anal
lot levee iltilnler.
I'l'iiliiHiia -IIO halcH ci'tton, W hupt
hcciI cnltMti, :i 17 Hkn hcciI, 2 Inl atnek
iiihl 71 k ira rtiimlt'icH.
lb mi AihiniH '.'O halcH cotton, 4
luiys Kee.l-cottnn, lit) hka neeil, ,'tl) akrt
coin, s Inl niulcK ami b'4 (iks miii
ll'ie. t I I I' li K MOV KYI I NN.
Tin: I-!. V. (Inlo, ('apt. I'',il. Now
laini, is the Siituiilay packet for all
poini.snii Arkansas river.
Tin: le Siuet, t'lipt. Milt It. Harry,
in the Siitunlay packet for all ioiiiU
on White ami lllit, k rivers.
Tin: l.ee Line tiacketd to-innmivj
evening are the ( iiiihonia for I'rinni
I'oint an, I lieim Ailaiim for Osceola.
Tim Itclle Memphis, ('apt. (ieo.
linker, is the Anchor line jmckct tliis
evening at O o'clock fur ('turn ami St.
Louis. AI. Siiupson is her clerk.
Tiik (iayoso, t'aptain W. 1'. Hall, ia
the packet this evcninifnt fi o'clock for
Hales I'liint, Tiitotiville ami nil way
lamliiiirs. Jessie I. Wall in in her
Tiik Cily of Proviilciiee, Captain
(ieo. Carvell, is the Anchor Line
imckiM this evening at II o'clock for
Vickshni'o;aiiil the lienils. Trank IVr
kiiisaiul Shi Wheeler are her clerks.
Tin: Ohio, ('apt. M, M. lWin, is the
packet l''tiilay eveniim at ."i o'clock (or
Cincinnati ami all interitieiliate pointa
on the Ohio river. Harry Proctor anil
I lim y 1'cst Hie her clerks. The Ohio
"ill give cheap rules to all points
Ninth ami Mast.
Tiik Kale Ailnnis, ('upturn Mark It.
Cheek, is the I 'liiti il Sluice mail pack
et I his evening at 5 o'clock for lleleiiil,
Arkansas City ami all way landings.
W. C. Blanker hits charge other ollice,
assisleil hv la'W IVice, Morris (inns
ami .1. C, Wveoir.
aiM it ai. ivi:a.
Iiimm-ss fair.
Wk vtiikii clear ami colli.
Tn R Chickasaw cleareil on time last
evening for White river,
Tiik l.en Line hleniiiers. were in ami
out ou time ycsti'iitay, wi CM -fair tPtS-.
Tint rivr here stands 'Jl feet ami ?T
tenths ou the gauge, a fall of ft truths
in the Inst - I hours.
Kiti Kii'Ts hy river ycMterday, l,r)H
hales of cotton, 47 hags of secd-cuUmi
ami lol sacks of seed.
Tiik S. I.. Wood, with tow of
ctniity coal barges, paascil up Tuewluy
night for the Ohio river,
Tiik City of Viekshiirg pasm-il up
Tuesday night (or St. LouiiL Shu put
nil' here HO IuiIcm nf cotton,
TiiKCity of St. JouiH paswsl down
Tuesday night for Now Orleans with a
dig trip. She added horn 10 tuna of
sundries. ' ,'' ' ''' l-
Tiik JatnoH W. (iiifr wa dohtved.hut
got away vesterday morning for Cin
cinnati wfi!i I'.VX) hulen o( cotton, ft
hales of rags, MOO wicks' of (otton-wed
inettl and L'.'id harrelM of oil.
Tiikrk i some talk of tnoving the
wharfhoutat llopetleld tin to a point
justhelow Mound ('ity, TliC MemphiH
ami Utile Kock railroad folks ant
having that, point surveyed with a
view of Iniiltling a new inclino thert.
Tin: mail cuiifract between Vicka
htirg and ArkaiiKis City has heen let
lo Mohile pattiesat $19,000 per annum,
service to begin on July 1st, thruo
times per week. It is probable, that
the contract will he sub-let to the
Anchor I, inc.
Tiik Paris C. Itrown passed up yes
terday morning from New Orleans for
Cincinnati, w ith fiOO tons of freight for
the Ohio j-ivcr. She discharged lierts
100 packageH of freight and a lot of
levee plunder. She added here 'tfi
hales of rut ton.
Omen Skinal Skrvick, U. C. A.,
,M km I'll in, March 10, 1 pjn.
Tin) following obftomtiona art) taken
a) all station named at 7.V meridian
tune, which in om hour fairtor than
A IV vo Low I .
WaU-f Chango.
: RLwIFidl
Fwt. lOths 10Uii 10th
Cniro... !W .1 - 10
(Miattanwiga ... 5 f) It
Cincinnati. ...... f - H
Kort Smith X K
Keokuk -
Helena 1
a Crosse- -
leavenworth... H - -
Little liock 7 4
!ouisvilh 7 4
Memphis 21 H H
New Orleans .. l.t 1
Pittsburg 4 4
St. IxJtiis 10 . 4
St. Paul -
Sbreveport l,r I !S
Vickshurg ....... J 'J , 5
K v a Nf, v i Li.ii, M a rch.'l 0 X otm Ui ve r
still f illing.
Whuelino, March 10. Nojn Rivr
ft lent o inches on tb cango and fall
ing. Weatlirr cloudy and cold.
PrmjnviBa, March UV Noou River
falling with 3 feet 4 inches on tha
gauge. Weather clear and wild.
Cixnsx ati, March 10-Noon Kiver
(aiiiiig. with Ki feet 0 inches on tha
paiijte. Weather c!atii:ii thermom
eter uU1.
Lot'isviLiK. March 10 Noon Rivi
falling, with 7 h?tt 1 inch in the canal
aud 4 (set 1 1 inches on lh lull. Wca' ti
er cloudy and mild, Bnsinfpa trod.
Dauarted: United States itiamer Lily,
Curo; Thomas Sherlock aud Buckeya
8 at), Cincitiuati.

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