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Cotton Qalet liddlior, 8 5 8e
Sales Tcsterdaj-, 1500
Money in fair demand at 8 jxjt wnt.
Local mv urities Bteady, with tke ex
ception of the stock of the Memphis
(inflight Company, wlii-i;li in going
lagging at 72. The local ronton mar
ket reniai.ru quiet and (VpenBed, and
waiting more hopeful developments
from the outwido, whicji Kil to come.
It begins to look as if Wvmc who failed
to avail tlicniselves, ef last week's
boom to realiie are likely to get left.
New York nils agu'in weak yesterday,
and the futare market closed 2 to 4
points lower than Wednesday. Liv
erpool ppolH were quoted dull, in buy
ers' favor; futures steady, quotations
vnehangitl. Kew Orleans presented
the most demoralizing feature of all,
closing dull and easy and I lower on
spots without apparent cause. Sales
here ysterday l.r00 bales on a basis
of 8Jc ior middling. Receipts yester
day S-10 bales, stock llil.UO'.t bales.'
Total receipts this reason 502,C2!,
against 4 0:1, 167 bales last year, an in
crease of K,4ti2 bales. Receij)ts at all
United States ports yesterday 8.Vi2
bales, against 51 75 last year. No fea
tun's of interest in the general market.
Three brls ai)plcs, 1 brl peas, 21 pkgs
butter, K5 pkgs bacon, 511 pkgs Imots
and shoes, 4129 bn corn, 2 ears cotton-
-seed, 58:5 sks cotton-seed, 8 pkgs dry
goods, 142 pkgs eggs, 005 brls flour, 540
bales hay, 17 hd hogs, !H) lid horses
and mules, 640 pkgs lard, ((, 00 ft
lumber, 125 brls meul,f5 brls molasses,
2400 bu oats, 3 brls onions, 25 brls po
tatoes, 3 cars ork sides, 71 brls sugar
and 404 pkgs touaeco.
9 -Madlfon St., Semiihig, lean.,
asT-CorrtHipontlrnce solicited. Infor
mation cheerfully fnrDWtictt.-t
Money in (ttyid demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing Llouse report ia at fol
lows :
Thursday, March lltb. f235 607 03
thus far this week, SI, 187,134 12;same
time MHt week, i.o4M,3ti( 0o; fane
time 1885, fl,5:!l,2CO 01); B.m9 time
1884, J9G2 2'j2 27.
Tburedav, March 11 lb. $8(1.45)3 -89
thus far tuis wok. i 308,244 27; same
time )at. week, $2 0,20) 38; samet rne
188 18),052 58; tame time 1884
$192,147 45
New Ynrk WBhl on all poirti. i dia-
count buying, j premium eellintr ; New
f.nnlaca (letnHijil, 4 discount buvinc
New Ens'aad sigta, discount. New
Unease, i Uiscourt buying, pursalliBg.
Bank of Commerce... MS hid, lSOanked
Fimt National 138 bid, 142 fk?d
German Bank 192 biil,200at?ked
State Nationel 137 bid, 141 asked
Union and Planterc.148 bid, 1P0 asked
Mercantile Bank... .132J bid, i:t5skd
.. 70 bid, 75 aeked
-100 bid, ... asked
...80 bid, 85 nbed
.101 bid, 105 asked
..98 bid, 100 arbed
102 bid, 104 asked
..20 bid, 21 aeked
.100 bid, ... asked
...25 bid, ... a-,ked
Memphis City..
Tenn.ceitf, D and E..83J bid, 87j askod
Tenn. wte. f er. C 97 bid, 99 asked
Khelby Co. bondp..;041 bid, 100 aeke'l
fchelbv Co. vU S bid, 99 asked
Tax. Pitt. 4, 0j 92 bid, 92 if asked
Tax. Dist. (is Iu0? bid, 101 ij Helred
Mem Htor. loin. Lc.lOa bid, 110 a.ked
Mem. Gas ftick 72aaked
Mem. Gas bond 106 bid, ... aektd
Mem. Wafer ro.ide...9 j bid. ... anked
Hananpr Oil Works bid, 50 askt-d
City Oil Work- . bid, 45 at ksd
1 ioneer UoUjji Miila12 bid,
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 25 bid
Mem.City Ky.bonde..i02bid, 103 asked
New Yoiik. March 1 1- Monov on
call easy atllf2per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 4 a 5. Sterling ex
change dull but steady at 487 for
.sixty tiays ana 4Wj tor demand.
Bonds Government hondB were dull
and steaily. State bonds were neg-
, lected. itailroad bonds were quiet.
'.The total sales were S2.127..00O.
. Stocks The stock market continues
tto rule very dull and with changes
-of only small fractions. This morning
tine marKci was generally aHMnue low
er, and in ttie early dealings in many
-flases further small declines ere es
tablished, but from that time it was
Jirjn to strong. In the Uwt hour prices
.were about steady until near the close,
wuen mere was another small rally
and the final figures were from f to I
liigher for all the active stocks. Among
me iwiii-uvij snares me .vautsnes
mure very strong, gaining 1 for the
.summon and 1 j for the preferred, and
St. Paul and Dulutb is up lj. The
exception to the general rule was
"Western. Union, which opened j low
er, declined j on comparatively large
transactions, then became steady and
slowly rallied to 08 3 and closed low
er, with a net loss of 1 per eont. It
was said this afternoon that the Htrike
in tke Southwestern system would
end in the next forty-eight
hours, and the statement was
supposed to csnie from inside sources.
There were alav rumors that the Head
ing reorganization scheme would be
given the public this afternoon, Wit
no knowledge ,of this was known to
the representatives of the syndicate
Siere. There are indications that the
-tanscontiaental ght will be settled
at Jin early date, but nothing definite
fn regard to any of these matters was
kiiwn before 3 o'clock. North western
earnings for the first week of March
show a loss of 15,WX) compared with
the saie time last year.
Total sales of stock to-day were
279,255 shares, including Delaware,
Ijukawanna and Western, 33,150;
Kric, 12,110; Kansas atid Texas, 5710;
Lake Shore, 25,483; Js'ortlnvestern,
57(H); Tacific Jtail, 18,tU0; Reading,
72,850; St Paul, 19,125; Union Pa.
citic, 10,130; Wabiish and Paciiic,:195; !
Western Union, 31,920; Northern J
Closing quo-. 1
V. 8. 3, 10ni.
Kw 4Si, llfii.
Pacific 6 oi 13S.r,
C. P. firU, 115S- T.P. Ud srU. 3d.
Eric ecoDds, lifS- T. P. Km (i. div.. 5L
L'h k Wilke., 112. V. P. firfU, 7.
Looiman eon.. lb. U. P lan mot. 106
MiMoari (, 14- V. P. . (mai, U7.S.
Bl. Jo'tph. irginia 6t, U.
Ht.P.4 S.C.nw,129. Vi. ei-m. Js.
Tana. , old, 6',-. V. ro. def., .
lenn. 6a, Dew, baii.
Adamt Kirrn, 146. Narhville & C, 4!4.
Alleibenr ten., -Alton
if. 11.. 42.
I. J . Central, w.
Nor. A W.. pfd. A"..
Nurtharn Pae.,
Northern P..p:d, S7.
N. Y. C. k St. L., S-'4.
N. Y.C.AM L . p.,18.
CAN. W..MSi.
A. . T. H., plJ.'.O.
Aiuericiin Kx.. 1(6.
B. .U. K. k N.. 6).
Canada Pae., 6Vn.
CDa.la Sou . 43-.
Central Paolfio.
I'.iU. W.. nfd. 140.
Cbei-eke ACIii-N. V. Cenlral, llni,
C. k 0., lit pfd, 1HS- Ohio Central, P.
C. k O., M l Id. 12)4. Ohio k Miu.. 24 S
C. k A., 142. O. k Mix.. .fd, HO.
C. A., Pld, 1V. OnUrio k Km., V.
C k Q.. liti'4. Oreiion Nav., KKi.
C. St. L. 4 N. O.. Orein Trann., 3PM
U.,t-t. h. ft Y., 12. Orejsnn Imp., ae'i
C.bt.L. 4r.p.
Pacific Mail. .V-
U., a. k U ,34.
C. A C, S2.
lel. AIlod..l03S.
Ixsl., L. k W., Hi)1,,
Den. k KioU.,16.
Vrie, 2T;.
Kni. pld, C2
Kaet Tenn., S.
Kat Tenn. pnl, 0.
1'ort Wavne. 149'.-.
Panama. KS. -Pei
ria. 1). ft E., 20V4.
Pittbur, l.'xl.
Pullman P. C.,133.
Keailinir. 311' v
Kock Inland, 12AS.
K. L. 4S. F.,2iJ.
St. li. 4S. V., p., 44';.
St. L.4S.C latp..luu.
lUnnifal A St. Jo. 0 M.ftSt
v. .i. ft M, v..
ft St. H . ii..l 4.
m. k st. jo pia,
Harlem, 217.
hoast .ti i r., M
Illinois Cen., U"H
lnd. 11. 4 w..7!i,.
Kanem k T , 2S'i.
Luke K. ft 12.
Lske Shore, ST7
i nu. k Kf b , 427-.
Lou. 4 X. A., :i'i.
M. k 0., 1-t pld,
M. k C 2d pld, -Mem.
4 Char., 3Ti.
M i(;h. Central, 7:t.
&t. y. M. k M , 117.
i-t P. 4 Oiuiha, :(i'4.
St. P. 4 O., pfH,l(t2?;.
Terns l'Hfifio, 11'.
UvioD I'acilie, 4
I'. S. K.pretf. (V.
W.,St. L. P.,11.
W.,St. L.4P.P..2UM.
W. 4K. Kx..lH.
W. I". Tel.,681-,
Colorado Coal, ai':
llotuetake, 17.
Iron Silver. ISO.
Ontario, 2.
Ullii'k.ilvor. R
Min 4 M. L., IS
M. 4 ,-t. L., pfd,4;.guirks lver pld, 22.
M:.. i.ti ...l I.
.'ii'i. t u . ivt 4 r-ouiu. racinc,
Mobile 4 0.,14'i. butio, IS.
Morris k K., odd, 133.
liONiiox, March 11. The aniouiit of
bullion withdrawn from the Rank of
Kngland on balance to-dav istl5,0(H).
The. bullion in the Hank of Kngland
decreased 97,000 during the piist
week. The projmrtion of the Rank of
Kngland reserve to liability is now 4ij
per cent.
P.miis, March 11. Three Iht cent,
rentes, 82f. 5c. for the account. The
weekly statement of the Rank of
France shows an increase of 17,404,000
francs gold, and a decrease of l,li73,
000 francs silver.
Nkw Oiiieans, March 11. Ikiak
clearings, f 2,037,500.
Nkw York, March 11. Exchanges,
J.SH,5Sti,957; balances, $5,371,002.
Uosto.v, Mass., March 11. Kx
changes, 4 1 1 ,800,292 ; balances, $1,452,
9H5. Piin.Ai)Ei.i'iiiA,PA.,March 11. Bank
clearuigs, 1 8,805,793; balances, $1,259,
810. Baltimork, Mi., March 11. Rank
clearances, 1 1,03(1,573; balances, $178,
203. CiircAtio, Iix., March II. The
associated bank clearings to-dav were
East Tennessee, Virginia nud
(Jeorgia Railroad Company.
THE holders of the Income Bnnd nnd
Preferred and Common H'ock of the
East 'J'onneseeo, Virginia nnd (Jooriria Rail
road Co in pa y, and if tl.o Consoli'iuted
lionds of said company, who ore not in ac
cord with the past und present insnfliremeiit.
are hereby rtquc'ted to im eilietely ena
their pi et flico addresses and the amount of
th-ir hond4 and stock to tee undcreiened
Measure' nre beirnr taken to protect all in
terests, and to secure an e.juitable reorvnni
tHtion of said company, in opiosition to
th Plan of t- so-called Consolidated land
holders Committee. Those who dosiro to
participate in such measures should do so
without dclnv.
hOliKRT h. MILKS, Socretsry.
, 40 Wall sitieet, Aow York City.
Approved r
P. W. (1AI.LAUDET 4 CO .
0. F. r Ku IlllN(i II AM 4 CO.
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and closed quiet; middling, Hjc.
Sales, 1500 bales including 150 bales
AVedncsday evening -of which '950
to exporters and 550 to spinners.
Yesterday. Pay before.
... 7J
(rood ordinary
Low middling
(iood middling ,
Middling fair...
... i
... 84
... 85
... 9
0:i(,t 8
0 (, 8
.Stains and tinges...
Main-ills, March 11, ISSo.
Stock Sept. 1, 1S85 ,;;92
Received to day 810
Received previously. ,.01,789'
f 04,021
Slrpi)ed to-day 2,713
Shijipcd previously.. ..:'.06,049
Stock. running account
Thus far this week ,
Thus far last week ,
Since September 1st ,
M. and C. R. R
M. and T. R.R
L.ind N. R. R ;
M. and L. 11. 11. R :
C, O. and 8. W. R. R
K. C, , S. and M. R. R
M S. and li. 11. R
. 0,240
. 7,420
Ciigoiis ami other sources. 10
Total 840
Time far.this week 11,111
Thug far last week 7.170
Since Septcmlicr 1st 309,302
M. and C.3J.R ,
Lotiirille & Nashville R. R...
C, O.tuidS.AV"
L., A.U.andT. R. R
M.S.and 1I.KE..
Steamers North
Total w
New York snots owned ouiet. and
closed steady. Sales, ;t4l bales. Ciuo
tations were as follows:
Yesterday. Dav before.
Ordinary Hi 63
3ood ordinary... 71 72
tow middliug... 8r
4Vidiiling 91 !ii
U-Kxl middling. 9 O 10 9 9-10
Middling fair...,.l01 101
I'uvr 10i 11 i
Nsw York futures oivned ouiet. and
closed barely steady and 2 to 4 points
lower tl'aa venter Jay. JSales, 08,600
bales. The closim? Quotations w we as
follows as comitaivxl with the day be
fore : '
Yesterday. Dav liefo?.
March 8.99 9 00 9 02 913
April. 9 07(a) 9.0S 9.10$ 9.11
May 9 Wik 9 19 9 20Ti 9.21
June 9 28 9.29 9 3'! 9 31
July 9 30(a) 9 37 9.38'a)
A ugust . 9 44 9 45 9 40 -a
September... 8.20 9 27 9 30 d) 9.31
October 9 11 9 12 9 14(5) 9.15
November... 9 07 9.08 9 08 9.09
December... 9.10 9.11 9.11(51 9.12
January 9.17 9.19 9.19 9 21
The New Orleans spot market opened
Pacific preferred, 6321. .
dull aad easy, and cloned quiet and c
lower. SaU, 4250 bales.
Orlinary. 7 1 id
1ood orilinary... 7 ll-li
Iw mililling ... 8 1-10
Middling 8 9-10
Good middling 9
lny iK'fore.
7 310
7 13 16
8 3 It
8 11-16
The New Orleans future market
opened quint, and closed steady a' d 7
to 12 points lower than yesterday. Sales,
35.500 Imlett. The closing quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday. Pay befoie.
March 8 48 8.50 8 60 nom.
... 8 5S(u) 8tl2 8 64
.... 8.0S 8.09 8 75 8.76
... 8 81(a) 8.82 8 88 8 H
.. 8 94 9 02(.T 9.03
October ...
lVcemlier .
8 9H 8.99 9 C5 9 ( 0
8.74 8.76 8.81 8.8
8 65 8 67 8 73rt 8 75
8.60(a) 8 62 8 67 8 08
8.61 8 63 8 68 8 70
. iRriws
N ( rh'aus.
Nfw York
liostou ....
St. Louis...
Augusta. .
2,932 8 11-10
48 8
1 037:811
SO!) 84
-45 is
0."!l !l
454 Sj
Receipts at ports, this d;)v, 188ti. 8!52
Receipts at ports, this day, 1S85. 5,175
R'ts U. S.
ports, od's 4s,7;;n :i.-,,:t.-,i
l.x. (it. llr 41,307 :iti,429
Stock 938.087 744.571
K'ts Sept. 1,4.024,160 4,440,051
ror gn r.
Increase of receipts this year. ..177,515
The I.ivcqxiol spot market at noon
was reported dull in buyers' favor.
Sales, 8000 bales, of which American
0!HK) bales. Receipts, 4,500 bales, of
which American 4500 bales.
The following are the closing quota
tions : Orilinary, 4Jd; good ordinary,
4Jd; low middling, 4 ll-10d; god
middliiiL', 5Jd; middling uplands,
4;d; middling Orleans, 4 15-10d.
The prim air yiivn in prnee nl (Mint,
thus: 4 63 timim 4 63 0l., und 0 01
)HC(JH 5 l-CJ.l '
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet. Quotations were as follows:
March,-; March-April, 4 53d; April
May, 4 55d; Mav-Jtine, 4 574 58d;
June-July, 4(04 01d; July-August,
4 624 03d ; August-September, 5 01
5 02d; Scpti'inbcr-Octobcr, ; Sep
tember, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady; March, 4 54d buyers; March
April, 4 54d buyers; Apri'l-Mav, 4 50(1
buyers; May-June, 4 574 58d buy
ers; June-July, 4 Obi buyers; Julv
A ugust, 5d sellers; August-September,
5 0.3d sellers; SeptemlMT-Octobcr,
5 02il s llcrs; September, .
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures closed
firm and steady at unchanged quota
tions compared with day before ; March
4 54d buyers; March-April, 4 5 Id buy
ers; April-May, 4 50d buyers; Ma v
Jinic, 4 59d buyers; June-July, 4 02d
value; Julv-Aiigust, 5d buyers; Au-gust-Septcudier,
5 03d buyers; September-)
Ictobcr, 5 02d value.
The following is the record of the
bids nnd oilers at the Call Hoard of
the Merchants' Kxchaugu yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 41c o. t. bid, 42c
asked; March, 4t)3c bill, 41 Je asked;
April,41 c bill, 42c asked ; May, 42c bid,
4:ije asked. No. 2, spot, 31,'je asked;
March, 38Je bid, K9je asked; April,
39c o. t. bid, 39Jc asked ; May, 10 cars
sold at 40 .'c and 30 at 40 lc.
?o. 2, snot, 33Jc bid, 34 Jc asked;
March, 33Jc bid ; April, 33Je iiid; May,
.wc lllll.
Spot, $15 asked ; . March, $14 bid,
$15 asked; April, $14 bid, $15 asked;
.May, ! .'. asked.
Spot, Jl 90 bid; March, $1 H) bid,
2 asked ; April, ?1 95 bid ; May, $2 10
bid, 2 20 aske l.
Corn White, 47c; mixed, 40c, from
store; irom lavee or depot, white, 44a;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, white, 42s;
mixed, 40 !
Hay Choice, from store, 8c; prime,
offlisuc; plains, DIM; round Iota from
ievee or diqiot, choice, fl4!4 50;
prime, frill 13 50; prairio,J88 50.
Oats VVnite, 40a ; mixed, 38 Jc,
from store; round lo!a fio'n levea on
track white, sacked, 30c; mixed,
secKeii, Mia.
Rkan Fiom store, 85c per cwt
roucd loti from levee, $14 7515 per
Bkass Navy, $1 7f2; medium,
Rick Louisana, 453c; Carolinn,
(jatmkal in utu-Darrei!,
from store.
Corn mba i. Slandard. $2 152 25:
near), 33 25 from store; 5c cheaper
irom mm, levea or tracs.
Flocb Fiom store, double extra, ;
triple extra. ; family, $44 25;
choice, $4 254 40; fancy, $4 755;
ext' fancy, 5 255 75; patent $0
iatii 2o round lots irom levee or track.
10c cheaper; car loti choice, $4 25
4 40;family,J3 603 95; fancy, $4 00
4 uo; extia fancy, 4 80g5 Oo; pat
ents, So 455 70.
Hominy ahd Grits Fiom store,
$2 753.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 50 from store.
Crack iR8 Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, ljc; lemon cream crack
eia, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Ac; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted jumbles, 0c
Kassas Cjiry,Mo.,March 11. Wbnt
stronger; No. 2 cosh, 73 J ; April, 75c
bid, 75c asked: May, 77Jc bid, 77Jc
asked. Corn quiet ; cash, 27c bid, 28 Jc
asked; April, i'Djc; May, 31c bid, 31 gc
aeked. Oats cash, 28c asked.
Pt. Loins, Mo., March 11. Flonr
quiet and ftRady; XXX, 3315;
family, $3 2-'3 33 ; choice, $3 80
3 98;lanc, $1304 40; extra fancy,
$4 .84 9J; patenti, $5 0Sa 40.
Wheat quiet and steady; the market
opened firm and was well sustained
to the .close, finishing slightly over
yesterday's prices; No. 2 red, cash,
919lc; May, 9ifa.94c, closing at
94c; June, 942c; July, SSJs. Corn
dull and aimoet entirely neglected;
prices, however, ruled rm; No 2
mixed, cash, 35333; March, 3jj
bid; May, 3GJ(S!36Jc, closing at 362c;
June, 6 Jc bid. Oats very dull but
steady, closing about Jc over yester
day; No. 2 mixvJ, caih, 31c; March,
SOJc; May, 31 fe. Rye neglected.
Barley dub and nnchangfed ; American,
(JO 80c; Canadian, 8097c. Hay
steady; prairie ecarce nud higher, f3cj) ;
8; timothy, $1114. Flaxseed un
changed. Bran firm; 65c at mill;
60c on east track. Corn meal
qui', $1 950T-2. Receipts Flour,
1000 Drls; wha', 30c0 bn; corn, 65,
000ba;ohi. 11,000 ru; rye, 1000 buj
biley, 10.COO ba. Shipments Flour,
8(H) tins; wtift. mw bu; corn, iUl,
000 ba; cats, 9000 bu; rye, 1000 bu;
bailey, none.
Ajttnxxm Btnird. Wheat Jc higher.
Coru a i bade :oer. ()is Jc lower.
Cmcitio, March 11. Wheat wis
quiet but tinner to-day under the in
fluence cf the government report pub
'listud yeitrday, and the receipt of
diepa'cbes Baying tlmt the crop in
Kaneas and Indiana was damaged.
There was little dieporiiion to sell, aid
the principsl'buyerg were "shorts."
Outside rrici8 of the r"ay were net
maimalned, but clofini: tiguresshowed
an antauce cf Jc over yesterday. The
amoutt 03 pastane on the ocean last
week increased 8?,000 bushels. Re
ceipts at eleven points to-day were
171,000 bushels, and the shipments
150,100 bushels. May tales were be
tween 84285jc, c'o.ing at 85 MBj,
and dc-ve oped no chaigd in the after
neon. Corn ai dull and trading
coutiued to lb May option. Receipts
wtrjfiir. Oir.iiDgd were not large,
and the few buyers in the pit had to
bid the market up Jc to get any c. rn.
After they wete tilled up the market
sugRfd, audileda 1 o'clock t in
S'.de tiuresi. Mav s;ld at 40J40;f,
and closed at 4CJ& Wheat ruled a
shade firmer. Sales raug, d: March,
iiS0Sc, coiedst 8i)J;; May, 84;
85c, Jclosed at SSI-IOl"; June, 86i
Sil ; closed at 0 5 lOc: No. 2 spring,
80J(;i 821c; No. 3spriiig, 7173c. Flour
ouiel and nnchsnired. Cjrn dull but
firm: cash. 37J37jc; March, 37jc;
May and Jum, 4L'i(i403o, closed at
40 3 10c. Oita tbm;casti, 29Jc; March,
29c; May, 32132;ie, closed at 321c
Ryu dull ; No. 2, 68jc. Barley dub ;
No. 2. 00(i. Flaxseed firm; No. 1,
$1 111 11. Receipts Flour. 8C0J
brls ; wheat 10,000 bu ; corn, 35,000 bu ;
oats, 97,000 bn ; rye, 20,000 bu ; barlev,
44.UX) bu. S omenta Flour, 13,000
bils: wheat, 21,00.) bu; corn, 730UO
bu ; oats, U7.0C0 tu; rye, 2000 bu ; bar
ley, 7000 bu.
4Vrrnoon Hoard. The market! were
ail dull and clotted unchanged.
lU'TTKii-Creamery, 3337e; dairy,
22n20c; butterine, H'itMtk'; country,
12.i'n ISc, according to condition.
Chkksk I'rimo Hats, 7(n8c; New
York factory, e'e; full cream, I2121c;
Y. A., 1212.'.c.
Mkss 1'okk Old, $10 5010 75 per
banvl; new ill 75 per barrel; sugar
cured hams, packed, 10c; breakfast
baeon,7.J10c ; clear rib liaeon, 0j0c.
Ri'tK 1'oiiK Clear sides, 0c; clear
rib sides, 535:c; long clear, 5j'c;
shoulders, 3; I jc.
Lurd-Tierces, (He; half-barrels,
0;0jc; kegs, OjOle; buckets, (,,
;e; hnlf-huekets, 7('7Jc; 50-lb tins,
OlCi'OJe; 20-11. tins, 0j(-Oe; 10-lb tins,
0;( 7c; 5-lb tins,0jc; 3-lb tins, 0J7c;
choice kettle, tieriK's, life.
I'iiksii Mkats Reef -(iood Knnsas
City steers, heavy, 8c ; light, 77c;
cows and heifers, Ojr; mutton, fc;
lambs, ; porli (ic.
Rics-i-KKT-Rrls, $8g..St0; hulf-brls,
Cincinnati, O, Mi-ch 11. I'ork
evy, $10 f(). Lird firm; curroni
miike, 5.90a. Bulk meats pfsier;
shoulders, o Jc ; short rib, 5 40c. Bacon
eipy ; ehonUlers, 4Jc: short rib, O.ldc;
Bhmt c ear, (ic. Kigs, HJc. Cheeso
nnchaneed. Butter dull niil un
changed. Chicaoo, III., March 1 1. Mess pork
Steady; cash, $10 05; Mcv, $10 17J
10 2 1, c'osfd at $10 2010 22J ; June,
10 2510 30, closed Ht $10 2 10 27j.
Lard ettadier; cash, (!:; May, 602
0 05c ; Jims, 0 1 7J(i.)0c. Boxed nm'nts
itdy; dry salted shoulders, 3 90
4c; short rib sidec, 5 32J5.35; short
clear sides, 6 85!25.70i!. " Butter tinn;
creamery, 23;:2c; . daiiy, 1624c.
Eggs stearfy, 12j13c.
St. Louis, Mo., March 11, Bulk pro
visions dull. I'ork, $10 65. Jard
fUady, 6.85,9oc. Hulk meats lcose
lots, long clear, 5.30c; short ribr,
6.45c; short, clear, 5 60c; boxed lots
lmgclear, 5gc; short ribs,' 5jc; short
char, ble. Baconachade easier; long
clear, 6o; tibort ribs, 5.82 Jc: short
clear, 6.95c. Hams quiet, 8jllo.
Butter quiet and shady; creamery, 25
30c; duiry, 182(ic. Egs weak, lOjc
S.iap 3J5Jo per pound.
C kcke lommon, 7JC7jc; ordina
ry, 0g;")c; prime Rio, 910c; choice
to fancy, HJl3j(!; old government,
2.".('t;25 ; Ceylon, 20c.
fcUQAii Kastera yellow, ClOJi;
pure w c. white. C'ir; off white, OA
6jc; yi-llow clsriuVd, 1Jfljc; open kel-
ile, e(ir;)ic; rttined A. 7eitlc; crann
hted, 77c; powdered, 7j ; cut loaf,
SAi.T-fl 201 30 per barrel; packs,
fine, $!)(); arse, $1 10: pockets.
blmihed, 257c; car-loarls from lvee
or der.ot, 6k flier per.
Moi.assks Lnuisiana, common to
fair, 327c ; prime to choice, 3!)40c ;
syrup, 21' 10c; common to fair 23
28c; prime to choice, 3033c.
TciiAa-o Common, 11 -inch, 27fl)
30c; other gndes and styles, 2C(Ii;28c
Snnff Gamtt's, $10 8 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., J9 50.
Candies sticks, all sites, in boxer,
pails and barrels, 738c.
Candlss Full weight, 10llc.
Canned Goods. Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples. $1 351 65; peaches,
2-lb. Btamlard, $1 3:1 60; seconds,
$1 151 25; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
ft 10; 3 lb, $125; strawberrier, $1 40
1 00; raspberries, $1 15(citl 25; black
berries, $11 15: greengages, $160
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 GO
1 70; asparagus, $2 604 ; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $12 25; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb, fll 10;
cove oystei, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 65; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oytters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
New Yobk, March 11. Coffee spot
fair Rio strong, 8jn; options firm
and sctivs; sales, 36,750 hags; March,
7.157.20c; April to June, 7.10
7.15c; July and August, 7.15c; Sep
tember, 7.20c; December, 71c. Su
gar dull; refined dull. Molasses
htavy and lower; sales at 19c for 60
Ai'I'I.ks Apples, 12 50: from
store ; $2(52 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 34e per
pound from store. lried peaches, 3
4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $2 25C.2 50 from
store; I22 25 jut car-load from levee
or deiiot.
EfiETAm.Ks Oiin'iis. $2 7a'33 from
store; $2 5()2 00 (nun levee or depot.
4'abbnge, i 50.'a 3 50 JH-r crate. K rant,
Itarrels, .),' ; half-kirrels, $2 253 :).
Grlic, 4000c Kr HK).
FauiT 0anires. Louisiana, none; :
Florids, none; Messica, $33 50 per
box. Lemons, $3(a 3 50 per box. Ba
nanas. $12 100 pec bunch. CV.oa-
tint, tin. lOA Pjatinla Virninia
HUM). 9 X pVl . J. 4 HID . ' '
6e; Tenneesee, farmer's stock, 34c;
roasted, 2jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18203.
PiCKtES-In jar, pints, 90c; quart",
tl 50; talf-nallonf, f3 60; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, $0; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
halt-barrels, 0.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lar
eis. $2 75; California, ; Imperial.
$3 504.
Walncts French, 12C : Naples, 15c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filbert, 12c.
Cideb Missouri, $7(.. 7 60 per bar
rel and $44 50 per hail barrel; Vine
gar, 1 Km 10c pr ga Ion.
Poultby Turkevs, per doz n, $s
12 ; geese, $34 ; docks, $2 50 ; chick
ens, good demand. $2(n ;i; dressed tur
keys, scarce, 1214c per pound.
Tea ass Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 1014ctor large; Arkaosas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5; No. ?, J3 25; No. 3. $2 75; 10 lb
kit. No. , 80c; No. 2, 70c: 15-lb. No.
3, 60c. Dry herrings, family, 3Jc per
Game Venison, whole, 35f, sad
dles, 6e; bear, oVS?; wild turkeys,
50(A75c; ducks, $1 502 50; iquirrels,
7.5c; quails, 75c(AM ; prairie chickens,
$5 ; game fish, 08c.
Kilos Firm at 11c.
Baooino-Jute, 9Jllc; thx, 10(.i
lOJc, according to weight. Tics, $1 20
1 25.
' Nails $2 453 70.
4'OIT4)N-t:i:i oil., T'
Skkd Deli vered a'. de;iot and wharf,
$8 pr ton;on liank of river (f. o. b.
boat), $0; wagon at mill, fs Meal
Prime (f. o. U.,) $1515 25 per ton.
Lead U'u . car-bad bts, $15 60::ilii.
From store, 9do per sack. ("Aki
Nominal; $10 per ton. Oil -In car
bad lots, prime, crude C. 8. oil, 2J
23o; prime summer yell iw 20j27c;
eH'-iitniiier yellow, 2520a; miiirrs',
27."i!)c; choice cooking summer yel
low, ,2.s2ilc.
HIOSKV, IIS. l"MOItH, vvv,
Wiiiskv Straight r eky Umir
bon,$l 00ri0;rve,$l .domestic,
!Hk-($l 50.
Chicaoo, March 11. Whiskystemlv,
$1 10. 3
St. 1.01'is, March 1 1. Whisky stcidy
$110. '
Cincinnati, March 11. Wiiiskv
linn at 1 10. Sales of 1033 biurefs
tinished goods on this basis.
Coai, Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, I Ic per gallon.
Clivkland, O., March 11. Petro
leum steady e.w., 110, 7 jc.
Pittbih-ko, Pa., March 11. Petro
leum excited and irregular; National
Transit certificates openeil ut 80Jfl and
closed at 78Jc; highest price, 80ilc;
lova;t, 772o.
1IOKSIN A Kit ni'l.KN.
llolisi:s-iiid diiving, $150 225;
good saddle, I IOa.3tK);pltign,!3580j
good mares, $85 1 10.
Mci.es -I Ij to 15, $I10I35; 15 to
15.J, $I25(.M 40; 15J to 10, J 140(-''.I75.
Good dcmaiiil; supply fair.
Cati'IE Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 44Je; gid,3i
4c; choice grass-fed, Jj(i 3jc; good, 3
'ie; fair to medium,'2J2Jc; n-
liiiui, I ('2c.
Iloiis Choice,. ."3le; good, 3J
3jc; eoiiiiniin, 3(i;3e,
SiiKKi'-l'hiiicc, 4VUc; medium, 3
(ii,3J!; cotHinon, (I1 50,
Cincinnati, O, March 11. lings
firm; common and I ght, $3 456 25;
packing and butchere1, $41 25; re
ceipts, 1478 he.id; shipments, 825
I caJ.
CuicAtio, III., M.irch 11. The lfro
vr' Journal reports : Cattle receipts,
8200 head ; shipments, 2300 head ; mnr
ket ahout eteady ; shipping steeis, 950
to 1519 pounds, J3 900 30; ttockwrs
and feeders, $."4 05; cows, bulls and
mixed, j3 uo. Hogs receipti, 19,
000 head ; sliipmont?, 7500 head : mar
ket slow and 5a lower; rough and
mixed, IJ 8o(4 2a; packinii and sliin
ping, $1 204 50; light, $3 704 25;
ekipa, $33 75. Sheep receipts, 3500
head; shipments 1820 he Ad: market
steady ; natives, i 35 75 ; Texans, $2 60
Kansas City, Mo., March 11. The
Live Stork Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts, 1374 head; shipments, none;
snipping slow ; butchers 5l0c lower ;
leeders lairly active; choice fancy
$ Of 5 15; good to choise, $1 00(i5;
common to medium, 4(t)4cO; s'ock
ers and feeders, f 3 404 20 ; cows, $2 40
3 30. Hogs receipt , 3098 head;
shipments, 2002 head ; choice sternly,
others 5c lower; good to choice, $1
4 !; common to medium, j.'i (K")
3 9l); skips and pigs, $23 50. Sheep
receipt', 441 iitatt; shipments, 127
hpad; niHiko' steady ; good to choicp.
$1 5(iVl !U; comiuo;i to medium,
$3 Oil 3 75
lew Turk Pry JnndH Murkrt
New Ychk, March 11. The jibliing
trade lias hcen if unl in all defHti
n:eu's, but tlie ileum ml of stents has
been iriegu'ii", slil1, througb many
modcraiB Aunts and forwarding o(
previous orders, the rales are f good
Noti-Rcsident Notice.
No. fi!MR, R.D.-In the Chancery Court of
Khelby county, Tenn. C X. Quinlard,
Truntue, va. W. V. Ilea! Inn ad et al.
It ftpitearinr from amenileil bill aworn to
int thii oaupo that the ilefendant, Janiei
Martin lleiitoman. li a resident of Sunflower
county, HtHte of MtMiMip!, and a non-reii-dentof
the htata of Tenneseee:
It In therefor ordered. That he make
bla appearance herein, at the oourthouae
ot Hhelby county, in Memphii.Tenn., on or
before the flrat Monday In April, lHHii.
and plead, aoiwer or demur tooouiplninant
bill, or the lame will betaken for oonfeoed
aa to him and wt for hearln ei parte:
and that a eopy of this order be pablinbed
onca awcek, for four eucceeftiv weeka,ia the
Meinphil Ap eal. Tbia Februaiy 1H, laao.
A copy attedt :
8. I. MoUOWELL. Clerk ana Meater.
By U. F. Walib, Deputy Clerk and Matter.
M. B. Treievaat. bo), for eompl'nt. frl
TruHlec'ai Sale.
UNDER and by rlrlue of a certain deed
of trust eiecuted October 6, 1874, br T,
H.IMairee and Mary K Magee, of record in
I be Kniiiter'a office of Hhelby county, Tenn.,
in Book No. lul, oa pine 67ft, and an order
of tbe Chaneery Court of hhelby couoly,
'lenn . entend October IV. 1KH2 (M. 11. .Hi,
rage 312), in came of Ueo. K. Duncan va. 1.
I. Miuee et al., No 4403, K. D., defau t
bavlna been made In the payment of the in
debtedueaa aecured thereunder, and at the
requettof the bene ciary, I dill, on
Tburaday, iNtta day of flarcb, 1HHB,
at 12m., sell to the blithest bidder, for ca-h,
at rulilio ovlory, io front of my office, No.
12 Madiion s reet, Meiuphis, Tenn., the fol
lowing described realnstate situattd in ribel
by county. Tenn , to-wit: Beioa: part of lot
No. 4, ol tno subdivision of the lands of the
estate of Benlamin Duncan, dieeased.and
boo tided as follows: Dogiooioa at a stake in
the south line of the original tract 53 chains
4H links east from tne sou(hwest corner ol
said tract; thence east 15 obains '& links to a
stake; thence north 33.20 chains toastitlte;
theno went 15 OS chains to a stake; tbeno
south :i1.2!i chains to the beginning, contain
ing? 6 fly (50) acres, except about 8 acres of
the abore tract conveyed by Duncan to
Henry Will:ams by deed dated June 1, 1874,
to which reference ia made tor full descrip
tion by metes and bounds , leaving about 23
acres to be sold. Tbe equity of redemption
and right of renurchaaa waived. The title to
said land is supposed to be good, but shall
sell and convey only as trustee without war
ranty. Th.s rebruarv 24,
Taller 4 Carroll, Attorneys.
TlEAFNEftM-Itj CAUSES and C!' TtK.ty
cne who was deaf twentrnht yeal .
'' r-etcd by most ol the noted specialists of
thi 4 y with no benefit. Ccaan HiaaiLf in
three months, and sine then hundreds of
others by sain process. A plain, simple and
successful home treatment. d'ir.e T. 8.
PAUK.lic Uat th bu, New York CAj J
Friars Polnt..Cotaoat, 5 p.m.
Osceola ...Diaa'Aoaaa, 6 p.m.
Cincinnati. ...-Ohio, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati .....N- Makv Hoi stun, 10 a.m.
White River VrSuiT, 5 p.m.
Arkansas Rlrer.K. W. Cola, 5 p.m.
Vicksburg Cm of Caisn, (i p.m.
St. Louis.. Arkansas Cirr, 6 p.m.
New Orleans. ...Ani . fin.vta, 4 p.m.
nou:i:n r Tin: i.i: i t:.
.lrrtiuij Kate Adams, Arkansas
City ; Guyoio, Tiptonvil.ej Ohio, Cin
cinnati. Drpartuni Kate Adams, Arkansas
City; Uayoso, TiptonviiU.
Boatt in Port. Ohio.
Boatt Ihie Down. De au Adams and
City of 1'iovidence.
Boat Dur I 'p. Coahoma, PeSmet,
K. W. Cole, Belle Memphis, New Mary
Houston and Hone Macready.
Hecrlpla Yralcrdny.
Ohio 3t)0 tons miscellaneous
Kute Adams 1F8 b.'S cotton, 755 sks
seed and 32 pkgs sundries.
tiavo'O (M bales cotton, 54.1 ska
corn, L'l hd stock and 5S i kg sundries
I I TI'KB M rMtmiN.
Tun City t f Providence is due down
for Vicksburg.
Tub llig Helena, Capt. Alf Cirissom,
is tlio next regular packet for New Or
It a is.
Tub lian Adsni", Capt. Henry
Cooper, is the packet this evening at
5 o'clock for Odcfolo and the up
per hendi. Wiil ISmithcr is !n het
Tub Coahoma, Capt. Thus. Claggett,
is the packet l liii evening at 5 o'clock,
for Helena, Kr-a-s l'.'iut and all way
landings. Will Asbford lies charge of
ber ollice.
Tub K. W. Cole, Capt Ed Nowland,
is tbe packet to-morrow evening at 6
o'clock for all points on Arkansas
river. James N. Thompson and Kufus
Foster are ber clerks.
Tub Anchor Line packets to-mor-tow
are: City of Cairo f r Vickshnrg,
0 o'clock p.m.! Annin F. Silver for
New Orleans, 4 o'clock p.m., arp the
Arkansas City, (i o'clock p.m., for t.
Tub O. Line steamer New Mary
Houston, Capt Lew Kates, will pars
up this morning at 10 o'clock for Cin
cinnati and nil intermediate pointuon
the Ohio river, .lames Alexander is
In ber ollice.
Tub Ohio, Capt. M. M. Deem, is tbe
packet this evening at 5 o'clock, for
Cairo, Louisville, Cincinnati and all
way laudings on the Ohio river.
Harry l';o.:tor and Harry Host are her
clerks. The Ohio will give cheap
rat is to all points North nnd East.
Tub DeRmet, Capt. Milt K. Harry,
is the packet to-morrow evening at 5
o'clock for all points on White river,
going through to Newport and mak
ing connections with packets for upper
White and Hlack rivers. Albert Mc
Ghee and Hugh Smith are tier clerks.
ji;M;itli. m:ms,
Ecsinkss quiet.
VVgATiinicloiidy and cold, with light
Mai John 1). Auauh was ia the city
1U( KiiTii verterdny by river 2'2(l bales
cotton and 7".r) sacks seed.
Tub Future City snd barges pnpsud
up yenterday morning for Ht. Louis.
Tub Oakland and liarjca uacsod
down yeterday morning f jr New Or
leans. Tub river hern stands 21 feet on the
gauge, a (all of 8 tenths In ttio last
twenty-four hours.
Tn ( Oli io, Capt. M. M . I .em, a rrl ved
yesterday evening from Uucinim'i.
with :t(K) tons miscellaneous freight
for this place, and returns again this
Tub Charles P. Chouteau arrived at
New Orleans Tuesday from tMs placo
with 3105 hales of cotton, 1811 sacks
of seed. 1K)H sacks of oil-meal and 4171
sacks of oil-cake and sundries.
Tub fjayoso arrived yesterday morn
ing from Tiptnnville with OH bales of
cotton, 54.1 ia ki of corn, 21 head of
rtock aud5H packages of sundries, and
returned again last evening with fair
Tub Kate Adams arrived yesterday
morning from Arkansas City with 15H
bales of cotton, 755 sacks of semi and
32 packages of sundries, and returned
u,(ain last evening with a fair trip,
height and passengers.
Mai. Join D.Ada mi lias sold his
inlciett in the Woodson NuvUaMon
Company, navigating the Arkansas
river, tit'opt. L. 1. Dake. The lat
ter Iikh heirn elected pres'tlimt and I'hil
Puilcr direi t'jr in place of Miij. Ailumn
Caits. J. I). Kandam, and Napoleon
McNeely, with the tug Hilly Kilby,
Wedne' day, succeeded in laying the
cnhle itfrriiis the river, running from
Fort Pickering. This wai laid for the
Baltimore nnd Ohio Telegraph Com
pany, nnd makes four in all now crow
ing the river to West Memphis.
Okpick Sionai. Skhvk k, U. S. A., )
Mkmi'ihh, March 11, 1 p.m. j
Tl.., (,.n..,..;..i.u.,r..i;.. ,.,...i..i,..
at ill! stations named at 75Q meridian
time, which is one hour foster than
HI I. A!
Ab've Ixiw
Water. Change.
lii.se Fall
Feet. lOtbs lOths lOths
Cairo 25 4 it
Chattanooga ... 5 4 1
Cincinnati 12 'J U
Fort Smith 9 2 4
Helena 31 7 11
ii Crosso 1
Leavenworth... 7 7 3
Little Itock 7 3 1
IOiiisvillc 4 ((
Memphis 21 S
Nashville 7 6 4
New Orleans... 12 9 1
Pittsburg 2 0 5
St. Louis 1ft 4
St. Paul
Shreveport 15 1
Vicksburg 37 H 4
I EvANsviLLB,March 11 Noon River
falling, with 13 feet 7 Inches on tbe
Pittsboro. March 11. Noon River
falling with 2 feet 11 inches on the
gauge. Weather clear and pleasant.
Louisvillb, March 1 1 Noon River
falling, with 6 feet 10 inches in the
canal and 4 ieet 8 inches on the falla.
Wtu'.her fair. Business good.
Cikcimrati. March 11 Noon River
falling, with 12 feet 8 inches on tbe
(range. Weather clear; thermometer
42. Arrived : Thomas Sherlock, New
Caibo. March 11. Noon River 25
feet 7 inches on the gauge and falling.
Weather cloudy and cold. Arrived:
City of Providence, St. Louis, a.m.;
Oolden Crown, Cincinnati, 5 a.m.;
City of Vicksburg, Vicksburg, 11 a.m.
De-parted : I ity of Providence, Vicks
burg, midnight.
fct.l.vnt and Hew SSrlrnnaj Anchor
Llnt-I'. H. Mall-tOH NKW OHLKANo.
Annie P. Silver,
Wm. 11. Thompson. ...master.
Wtilleave the hllevaior HATI KDAl, March
1 ft h. at 4 p.m. Hut freight or passage apply
V. I.. Hut.. Puss. Act. AI ST'iK M. Sup't.
M. I.inla nml Kpw sirl-ais Asicnor
Lmhtner master, , ?W!a
Will leave the KlevatorSAf fJHIMi, March
Vlth, a 6p.tn. For Ireight or pR'siuro Mpply
C. I.. Hm, 1'nM.Ae't, AH STnHVt Sno't.
Nt. Lonls and New Orleaaa Anchor
Line-V.H. Maill-CAIUO k UT. LOUIS.
Arkansas City, frfTt,
IlroU-kl . .. master. w'?J
111 leave tlm Kl...lnp S ATI' H 1 1 A V . l .,...
Will leave the KlevatorSATl'KDAi . Marcb
i.ttn, at n p.m. f or treu
0. I.. Itt i.. Art.
1:1th, at p.m. i'or freight or i nHc,e wly
A l K I I'M I . Mip t.
j t
Southern Trannportiition Co. O. Line For
Cuiro, Louisville and Cincinnati titr.
New Mary Houston. -i'.s
Lew Knte manter.
Will leave KK1DAV, March 12th. at 10 a.m. .
Fr treight ar pnumie apply to C. li. KUH
t K 1,1,, Avcnt, ii Mudifon at. Xtilephone .7.
J a tH K 1 1, if ai i a ss e n TAtn n t .
iMeiitpiits utnl ( luciiinuti Packet Co
I'llH l.nlltVll.l.i A ( IXCI.NWATI.
M. M. Pee ti, master, SaitSlria
Will leavx FRIDAY, March lilh, at li p.m.
For freisht or pasaaie apply to 0. U. KU8
M5LL, Agent. No. 12 Mitinsun st. Telethons
No. 2.7. JilllN t'AKR, earsanser Agent.
Ktenmer IIHAN1TK hTAl'K lullows, iea
ItH Tuesilav. Mnrrh IHth
For Osoeola, Kales I'olnt. Caruthersville,
Uayoso anl Tiptnnville The new stenmer
O Alt OHO, j t
W. P. Hall master J. D. Fuller ...olerk,
will leave aa above, ana all war points, ,
KVKRY MONDAY and TUl'BiillAY at i
p in. For freight or pinnage apt ly on board.
ajteitilalN, rlnra llTat nsia Urmpime
saistl SSaaoIa, afaickei t'omikiesiy.
For Helena. Oltndilp, Jt'riars Point and all
War Landings-bteamor
Coalioma, r'tfZZj :
. T, Cistott ..oiMter I l'latt : boons... wk
Will leaT aa above on every MOffilAY,
WKDNKbDAV and FIUDAV. at I) o'clock.
For Randolph, Fulton. Osoeola and. Way
Landlnt a riteamer
J. II. Cooper, master. ...J. W. Hmithen, clerk
Lovm asavery MONOAV. W I.D. fcnu AY '
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The hoU of this
lino reorve tbe rigtit to pass all landlnta
tho Ptptuin may deem nusalo, Offloe, No. S
M..li.nn. .1 A VI KM l.KK, .la.,Sni.''.
1 a
Mmnplila aud Vlcknbnrg racket Com
iany U.S. Mall Line.
For Helena. Honoordla, Terrene and Arkan
sas City The alogant passenger (leaner
M. K. Check... maator I W. U. Blauaac.oierk '
Leavea Memphis
t.ni.,reservlng the right to pass all landinga I
theoapta'n luaydeeiu unsafe. For general
Inlormalion apply at otfine, No, 4 Madison '
slreet. K. WALWOHTll. Agent.
ItlllN OA H R. l'ans'r Asent. Telephone aW.
MemnlilH& White lUvpr I'ktCo .
V. H. 31 AIR. XiIlMI.. ' i
K. 0, l'oitaI...uiAStar I 0. M.Ii ona;. ...... l;'c;1i
-n. -
s i.ivriMtun, (Invnllw Itlntr, On Are,
Ai'Khatn .KiM'liftifrifmrl mikI Nan-ya
Lt'.aVlCj MFMl'iil;U"vory WKDNK L'Mf,
'. 'ip.ni. Tlironxh ratrs to all pointi.
FreuUt ooni,;ned to " 'lomphis uad Vnlt '.
itiver "ocliot Ci uipany" " ii !arorsrJtd
pr.tut'tly it. t, I.OWR, Agent,
N. .1 Mndlsnn st. 'L'eletihnne No. M.
l' St.FrnncIs KlTorTrpirortAflo
t'o.'s tii.i-vy Deal H.3. M.U B-ms
Rene Macready, .-."7
0. K. Joplln master,
at & o'clock, for Marianne, tha 0ot-0ff, and
Intarmadiate landings on et. Franoia river.
The captain reservos tha right U all
landings ha deems unsafe. JAH. LKK, Jr.,
PililTi(a.Ua lllllce. No. 4 Msdlson st
Arkanbas Itivcr Pk't Co.
K. 1). Kinith.... master. 'aC:aaa i
Leaves Mumphia livery TUESDAY, al6 p.m
Str, E. W. COLE,
Kd Nowland.. mastrr. w
Leaves Memphis Every SATURDAY, at! p.m
For freight or passage apply tn
11. C. 1.0WK, Agont,
nfflcc, No a Mtiti.on St.. Tclonhime No. S3.
MciuiiIiIh, W Mite ii lllnc !c Ptvc- "iicKtit
For llnlena, DoValls HlulT, Dos Hon Arf
gusta, Newport nnd llateaville. The net
and clcuant sidnwhoel passenger steani.:
Milt llarrir ui.iKier
Will Irnve KVKKY 8ATUUDAY utfto'olc ;
p.iu. Tiiroupfh ri.toatoall p.iints. Froia.
consigned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, wii
be promptly iorwufil'd. W.J. P. DOVL
Ollice V Madison "t. Telephone
.Ikhhb U. FaisaLia, Fassenger Agent. Tel.
eitlmne2 7.
Trustee's Sale.
NDEK and by virtue ot two tru't deeds
executed bv 1. L. Feriru on and 11. C.
IlatniiNiin to the undersigned a trustens. on
January 4. 1KH4, and May 11. IWi, resieot
Ive'y, and duly recorded In Uie ofllce of ths
Clerk of tbe Circuit Court of Mississippi
countr. Ark., in Record Hook 12, pages 4:0,
etc., and Record Hook of Trust Deeds, vol.
A, pages 275, eto., default In the payment of
the indebtedness tlieroby secured having
been made, at therei.uoatof thebenefloiajiaa
therein, we will, aa such trustees, on
Wnlnriulsiy, March 10, HM,
at the storehouse upon the plantation known
as "Nudena," in Mississippi county, Ark.,
and being on the Missiisipol river, proceed
to sell to the highe.t bidder, tor cash, tha
following personal property, te-wlti Four
4-horse wagons, eight twohorte wag-ma,
seventy-one mules, aix lets wagon harness,
seven sets harners, one 40-hnrse power en
gine and boiler, two So-iaw Milburn double
roller gins and (in stands, two feeder, and
condensers, one Coalman cotton press, ona
grist-mill with appurtenances, belting,
shafting and pulleys, three horses, two
colts, one mule colt, four mares, four seta of
gear; also, all plows, scrapers. h ea, axea
and all other farming utensils and imple
ments! and also, all cattlo, stork hogs and
other mules and stock, and all rropsor corn,
cotton, cotton-seed, hay, fodder and other
products now on or belongingt tha planta
tions known as "Nodeoa, the "Kllia
place" and the "Lanier place" in said
county, run and operated by saiJ Ferguson
k llampson during tbe year 19&. And
under said deed, on
Nntnrdnjr, March. 90, 1S6.
in front of the court-houie door In Osceola,
Mississippi county. Ark., we will sell to the
bighiMt bidder, for cash, tha following de
scribed reul estate, namely, all bsing in said
county and State: Tha plantation known
as the "Kllia place" at Ferguson k llamp
son s Landing in ilend (5, Mississippi river,
and described as follows; W i, sec. 1:), S!
acres eut of fc sec. 24. and part W S see.
24, b' S of sec. 2 and B H V , sec iV in
township 11 north, ranae Idea t. Ala.;, , S
V sec. 2, RIO acres, W KK '. H. Jl
acres, in township 11 north, range 10 ast:
and the 8 fr S of N W fr sao. (south of
Little river) in township 13 north, rang J
oust, containing H.iff acres. Al. o, b Ir S or
bKfrVi seo. at .(east of.bayou), township IS
north, range 10 east, W.W a.-ros. Also, tha
N fr S of sec 1U Iwe.t of Biy L ake) co nlai a.
ing 20-111 of an acre; and the th H of W
W of sec. IS, both in township 11 north,
range In tut, the lat described containin
40 acres. . . ..... , .
tiaid sales will begin at tha time and pi act
staled, and will continue from day to day
until cnuii lctcd. All nshls of redemptioa.
and eieinoiions are waived. Ss e absolute.
Trni cash. D. H. rOMON,
lermsiasu. F. POMTOiK.
oj- a MONTH and BOARD for 3 Ut
QUtl ifout gMen or Ladies, in each coun
tr Addi'S '
P. W. ilKULEK k CO rbiladeIp:aPa

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