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freight Traiai Sent Oat With Urn a
Crews-Flibt at East M.
hr. Lotus, Mo , April 1. Gov l! t'i
aidOglesby and J. W. Vancf, acj.i
tantReneia', aniv.-d in Exit St. Louis
last venirg. fvxm after the Gov
ernor'! arrival he received a delegi
tion ot (be Koictita o( Labor who
represented their tide r( the trouble
to bim. Tbey teld the Governor that
they were wiWog to resume work
n bet their Rrievstres shall have been
adjusted, and deprecated all acta ol
-violence. They explained the t:p
page of tie "Vandalia traia after the
adjatsnt-jreneial had been told that
all trains ronld be moved withont in
terference with the statement tbey
bad roi had lolTJcient time to notify
Mist at! road men of the promise they
hid glva. Tbey said that tho com
panlra Wt-re will'ng to pay the wages
asked fieni Individnally but refused
to deal i'h the Knights Of Labor, and
they eon Id not understand why, II the
companies icoenitsd the Brotherhood
of L'Htomotive Kofciaeera and that of
"the firemen, they should refuse to deal
with them, and that yesterday morn
ing they cflxred to conple np train
on the Chicago, Builincton and'
Qalncy railtoad, which had been cot
In two, bot ttieir services were re
futed. All they had done was to per
anade the men not to inn their trains
and bad not Intimidated them.
Later in the even'ng, opn being
. aiked if be bad ordered oat the
troepi ta protect railroad property in
Kiel 8C Loir's, be replied: "No, sir;
there have not been any orders Issued
for the State militia."
"Have you determined whether
yon will order them out? There is a
report in Ht. Louis that tbey were all
under orders at JSprinftfield and other
points of the State; that extra trains
were wailing in readiness, and 20,000
rounds of ammunition had been dis
tributed." "No, sir; I have not made np my
mind. It is a serious thing to order
them on', no matter how much care
and precaution might be taken. If
one or two men were ahot It would
cioite a ttrribl excitement in the
8a'o. and no one ronld tell what the
effect wonld be. II I order lhm not
it will be to execute the ehttritl's
orders. He has grear. powers, and,
perhaps dies not rt-al'xs how great
they tra. anil be must exert every
effort in hi power to protect the rail
road Deiore lie cans on the Governor."
Contrary (o the general x?ctal!on
that the Kxecntivn Committer of Dis
trict Apembly 101 wouli denipna'c
the hour tf 10 o'clock this morning as
the timet when the striking KuigtiUot
Libor should ro to work, no order to
that fleet was Issued, and nt 10 o'clock
the strike still continues. None of ti e
strikers have applied this morning ti
the MiMourl Pacifio clllclals for work,
and they say that thoy will ni t r!o so
until ordered by their Executive Com
of PUlfiit Assembly No. HtlfeO, the
members of which include the Mis
souri Pao(lc shopmen and mechanics,
appointed a committee to call upon
Master Mechauio Uartlett and ascer
tain what men he would re-employ.
The committee has not yet had a con
ference with Mr. Uartlitt, and neither
the demands of the committee nor the
lane of Mr. JJartlett are oilluially
nowo. A member of the eommiitaa.
however, said this morning that they
wonld demand that all the man, with
out exception, who struck,-shall he
re-employed.. - Mr. Bartlett was seen,
and ia reply to an inquiry aa i to
wbatmem he would take bask, replied
that he would exercise his own judg
ment in the matter that none of those
who had destroyed the company's
property weuid , lis re-em plnj-ed, and
that the number whom he should take
back would be determined by the
number tf men actually needed, which
was to', iny that competent men who
had been engaged during the strike
wonld not bediDchnrgedt ) make room
for the strikers. The final settlement,
therefore, of the M rike on the Miwotiri
racilli railroad seems hp, far from set
tlement as ever, for the Executive
Coraaiitne of Assembly No. 101 have
determined to appoint no arbitration
committee to confer with Mr. lloxie
until a I the former employes ot ttio
road shall betaken hack.
A special from Ilsnninn', Mo., to
the IHt-lH!pnlrh says: According to
the agreement, freight trsllic ou (he
MiBSouri Fanillo railroad at this place
was reenrced this morning withont
any hindrance. All the Knlghlaef
Labor went hack t" work, with the
undemanding, however, that they
did bo sul jret to a call from their
District Assembly to quit.
... The l't-Dispatch tit, Joseph (Mo.)
special sUt-w that the Missouri Pacitio
freight agf nt at tl at poiut Is receiving
all clasee of freight f r all points on
the Missouri PaciBc railrrad. All the !
ragular freight trains are rnnniug on
schedule time and all the strikers have 1
gone back to work.
Fred Howard, the s'riker who at
eaulted a Missouii Peillo engimer
because be refused to leave bis engine
upon a request ol the Knights of Labor
to do so was lined $100 and coils to
day in the Criminal Court. Thomas
Hans w ai fined in the same court $10
aqdcoits for using threatening and
abusive language in addressing a non
striker. t ...
at Tnrneri Hall this morning greatly
decreased the number of strikers con
gregated around the Relay depot and
. the railroad vards jn this city, and the
,. officials of the Vandalia road thought
tbey would take advantage of thia by
.sending out a freight train. One was
accordingly made up, but upon ftut
ing from the yards the engine was ap
proached by a number o! strikers who
pemueoVd the engineer -to desert bis
jwet. The engine was then detached
from the train and ran back to the
round-bouse. At the same time a
freight train was made np on the Illi
nois and Kt Louis tracks, and was
about to start out when several strikers
requested the engineer to abandon his
ngine. - This be refused to do and tba
train departed without further inter
three upon the Miisonri Pacific and
three npon the Iron Moon a'n rail
road, w r started out of this city to
day No police protection was re
quired by the officials of either load,
ud no hindrance of any kind was of
fered by the striken at ap ptrnt
along tba root leading, out of tbia
" Tbe following baa just been issued
by tbe Knights ti Labor :
Sr. Loch, Ho., April 1. ISM.
Ttk PsUlet
As showing the sincerity rf therall-
vra.l pn.nln.i. In triAir tlpstmant ftf
' the Ki Ights of Labor, we reepett fully
, iitate that pursuant to the order of our
I L..A wo ,1,1. A. ,
sent crannittee to the managers of fie
several lailroadi offering to return the
men to work, and in no instance
would tbey bs received or treat
ed with, each rllicial in turn
either re'ueina; them a hearing cr
evadirg Ibem with speri ua subter
Iniies tor dirmt 'anew-n cr refusing
them employment. Mr. Hoxie baa
agreed tii rert-Ks a committee of em
ployes to adjnat any grievance which
may exitt He r.-fuses neraonally and
through kis subordinates to recognfzs
any of as aa emi lover, tnl refuses to
rccmy any hot duqU u i be calls em
ployes. In srort, a'ler nimseii and
Mr. Ucn'.d bava conveyed the impres
sion to the world thkt tbey are waling
to wt'le ttiev rtliise to stttie.
Now, we appeal to candid and cof
fering y o olic on whom ia falling a'l tbe
weight of this great conflict1, if we
have not been deceived enouiih. Dow
much ia long-suffering labor ta bear?
This great strike never would have
been bad Mr. Hoxie condescended
months ag) to bear our complaints.
We do n n claim to be more than hu
man. It should not be expected of
ns to bi more than , human. In tbis
country position makes no . man king
or i Uve, and Imperious refusal on the
part of one citizen to confer with other
citissDS with-wrom'beraay have bus!
nesa conne t;ona. when such refural
begets reat business and social revo
lution, is not only a mistake but a
crime against the public Mr. Qould
is invoking tbe law against little crlm
inala who are made desperate by bis
policy of duplicity and oppression,
and yet a terrorized pobllo does not
Invoke the law against tbe arch-criminal
of tbe land. If we cannot be al
lowed ti go to work, the strike must
go on.
By order of the
Diatrhit Aiiamhliaa 101, 3 and 17,
A special d!sparch from Desoto, Mo.,
ttites that seven strikers were arrested
there to day by Bheriff Hurtger, under
warrants isued a me instance ol tbe
ta I road company, charging the men
with interfering with the running of
trains, lelony aim conpira iy. Nearly
lif v warrants have been sworn out for
the arrest cf men at tint point on aim
liar cnarges.
A bint nion to-day several repre
sent itlves ol the MeirhanU Ki
change, headed by Mr. D. R. Francis,
Mayor i'f the city, csllet on .Gov.
Ogleoby at the Martell Houfc, in East
Kt Iiuls. Hpeecbea were made set
ting forth the situation, the delay to
commerce, the injury to the tity, the
lawlen ai ti of tbe strikers, etc., and
urging npon him the neceeet y fur
call I UK out the militia at once to re
st ire order and efl-'Ot the resumption
of trelght t'aflin. The Governor re
11 e l that, while he knew the au
tnoritiesof Ka;t St. Louis were un
able t cope with the situation, tbe
county of Nt. Clair was large and
populous, and that ths powers cf the
Hheriff were very great, 'l't ee had
not been exhttueted, and until tbey
were he o uld not, under the law, call
on the military for aid. He greatly
r.'gretted the sitnatlon of affaire, but
did n it fend authmtand to take more
forcible measures at present. If,
however, he should be actually
obliged to bring Boldiers here they
would come for active service and
resolute work; theio would be no
nonsense nor child's play about it.
The KlinAlion M fenal Ml, LenU,'
.East 8t. Louis, III April I. Owing
ta tho absence of any definite orders
from their Executive Committee rsto
the exact time when they shall return
1o work, tlte strike of the yardmen
and switchmen in this city still con
tinues. ' The Blrikersjhave asembled
in great numbers this morning in the
railroad yards and aiound tbe Rolay
depnt, hut 1)0 serious disturbances are
reported. They have expressed their
Intention cf not resorting to violence,
however greet the provocation, and
will pursue the fame course as that of
vesterday in the attempt to render
freight traffic an impossibility by per
suading the engini era to desert ttieir
poets. In view of this determination
the mcersty of calling upon the
militia to protect the railroad property
is not row seriously considered. The
prestn eof the Depnty United Ktaes
inatHlials has a restraining influence
upon the ni-wt ihiiionstratwo memheis
of the crowd, ami thn efforts of the
VVabu-h roml, which is under conin-1
of thn United StUea (Joint, to aUit
cut freight trains, are iot interfered
with. Hie knowledge that the Gov
ernor of the KUUti ami Adjtitaut-tien-eialVanieare
wa'chlng their ev;ry
nnvenient, in order to determine
whether or not it snail ha necesrarv to
cull out the militia, alro restrains the
strikers from violence, and the crowds
are in consequence unusually ordeily
Iepite thn continuance of the
strike npsrt this side of the rive-, a
c msiderahie number of new switch-
m?n and yardmen have been em
ployed to fill tbe places made vacant
by the strikers, and all appearances
this rooming indicate a snntdv re
sumption cf freight traffic by the dif-
lerent road, bwilcn eoKinea are now
running hick ward and forward in the
yards preparatory to starting out
freight tra ns. None of the switch
engineeis have as yet been prevailed
upon to leave their engines, and if the
regular freight engineers shall be
equally faithful in performing their
uuvy mere is no doubt but that
freight fatlic on the roads hers will
be at least partially resumed to-day.
1 ' '. OOV. ODLKSBY,
after breakfasting this mornlrg, pro
reeded ta the Relay depo. where the
largest number ol strikers were assem
bled and addressed them tome well
chosen remarks, bearing upon the
strike. He cautioned them against re
sorting to violence In anv form and in
formed them that the laws must be
obeyed and enforced; that if the
county autberities were not equal to
the task of preserving the rilroed
property there was a power still
stronger, which would be called npon
to prevent its destrnct'on. The Gov
ernor invited them to meet at Turner's
Hall at 11 o'clock, where he desired to
talk with them upon the general situ
ation. One of the crowd intimated
that tueb a meeting would be accept
able to them, provided the strikeis
could lave a chance to "talk back"
and present their side of the care. To
this the Governor agreed, and the
strikers appointed one of their num
ber to act ai spokesman for them. The
men aieenthusiasticover the proposed
meeting snd are gathering in larte
numbers at the hall.
nonr at tor kkrrt wharves.
While arrangements we'e being
made at the Relay depot for this meet
ing a far different scene was being en
acted npon one of tb ferry wharves.
A BU Louis coal dealerr, relying upon
tbe promise of the tt'ikers that ef
fjiti by teamsters Xt raise tbe coal
blockade would not to interfered
with, bad ssnt a number of men with
the ic teams to transfer fue! from this
side of tbe river. 8everal strikers,
however, nude an attack upnn the
men to prevent them from loidingthe
wagons. . The teamsters resitted, and
a ccneral fiifht ensued. Kcives were
drawn, and it looked as if serious re
sults would follow, bnt at the appear
ance of several United PUtes deputy
trarshals ths strikers tlsd without
having received or in flirted any Tery
ssvere injuries. The teamsters re
tnred to fet Louis without the coal,
fearing farther violence from tbe
increased stesdily at the hall unlil
their number reached (MX) men, await
ing tbe arrival of the Goveiaor.
Jur'gs Meseick appeared before them
at 12:30 o'clock and informed them
that, owing to tbe great pressure of
the most important bueintm, it would
be impossible for the Governor to
meet thsm unlil 2 o'clock this altar
noon, to which hoar the meeting ad
journed. Think Everjtnlag Will Be Harino
Pitts bubo. Pa- Amil 1 Messrs.
Turner, Bailey and Hayes ol the Ex
ecutive iJosrd.Kntgbteol l.abor.paisad
through this city this mornins en
route to St. Louis. They stated that
they were going to carrv out the direc
tions ol Grand Master Workman row
derlr. and thought evervthlno wcuid
be harmonious. They also referred to
the street csr strike in thin city, and
stid that Master Workman Evans was
oiog all right and would be allowed
to arrange ma ters without interfer
ence. -
Het Tet RelHr-aed Wark M Kaa
Kansas City, Mo., April 1. Though
the strikers as a body have not yet re
turned to w ork, the Missouri Pacific
freight business is proffressins1 more
actively to-day. The freight depot
was reopened today, and freight
is Deing received as usual. Kive
freight trains were sent east without
guards, though a police force is still
stat oned in tbe yards. An attempt
was made this morning t J derail a pas
senger train aa it passed the Cypress
yards by throwing the switch. It re
sulted 'n running tbe engine on a sid
ing and damaging it slightly by a col
lision with a freight car. The mis
creant wa recognized but escaped.
He ia saidtob;a Knight of Labor,
I A A ... ... '
uui not one oi ine strikers.
Whfltt thflfnir Patitnwni&' tramrnnt l.lnAn.
lln rojs'ljr oweet o'er mjr rafeun-nt
tjnv rnbina come In the early gloom
With a (tlvorj flood of melody.
The? come with tht ariringtida'i Itrst, faint
And nln with a joy that is their', atone;
"'." ' bl the dawn ot day.
And this royal tree it the rohin's throne.
'n..,,,".0,",rt,',1", "" th""' way and tins
While ihoirred breads iwell with the notes
And outh crnwf alad white thoir voioe ring
nHuiuuiviiii.inDT iruiina same son o-ioer.
Mn MorruM in Mr Jnl'lligmvur.
The Confeaslow of I s-Alilermnii '
D. Walie.
New York, April 1. Ex-Alderman
Charles 11. Waito linn been arrested.
At 9 o'clock thia morning Inspector
Byrnes, armed with a warrant issued
by Judge Cowing, was, in company
with Detective Philip Reilly ol the
IhHtrict Attorney's ollice, in waiting
nt tho Grand Ceutrul iUxit for Waite.
When thn train on which tho ox-Alderman
had come from Knsox, on Ike
Champlain.Mrew into the depot, In
speetor Byrnes stepped np to him and
said: ''Mr. WniUywe want to see
you." The ex-Alderman, who wiw not
in the least disconcerted, seemed to
underHtand the purtiort of their mis-
siein even before the warrant wan pro
duced and he wiw informed that he
was under arrest.
It is generally believed that Waite
is the man that wrote the nnnh
talked-of letter to Judge Gildersleeve.
TI... ....,! .. !...! l.
invtiiivi.1 ,-ii-tti,-ft iinirii roiiHiei nut ion
in and around the Citv Hull, nml it U
said that detectives art on the track of
every one of the Aldermen of the
board of list, and should anv attempt
to leave Hie city he made, they w ill ut
once ho arrested.
An evening paper publishes an in
terview with Judge Gildersleeve, in
which the judge says Waite iH the
man t hut wrote the letter offering to
tell nil he knew about the Bromlwav
franchise briberv.
District Attorney Martine now-stout-
ly e'enies Hint ex-Aldcruinn Waite was
nrrcNted, nor would he admit that n
warrant was issued forlnm.
"Have you seen the ex-Aldetuan to
lay ?" wiw asked.
"I have had an interview with him."
"Will you give the nature of tho in
"Certainly not."
"Whs it in the nature of a confer
ence 7
'1 can't say."
Mo you intend arresting him within
a few dava?"
"I should say not."
Tho District Attorney refused re
mrtem admission to "'aite. It is a
fact that Waite was met at the depot
by Police !nsector Byrnes and taen
at once to Mr. Martine's office, where
a long conference was held. Waite is
now closeted with Byrnes, nnd it is
said that he is making u detailed con
fession. It is thought that he is not
under actual arrest, but is being held
as a witne s.
The Otmrnrrrial .idirrti'nr publishes
a three column interview with ex-
Alderman Waite, ralling.it his confes
sion. Itiesiilislaneeof Waito s state
ment is that as a reward for his ser
vices in scouring the election of Kirk
as presuli'iit ol tlie Itoant of AMernien
In IsSt, he was given the urivileire of
appointing tho railroad committee.
Mo apwiuteil such men as he knew
he could easily "control" and who
knew Jim Richmond. Thuy voted on
the franchise bill just as hi.' directed.
The alderman elm ins that he did nil
this out of pure friendship for Jim
Richmond, who was Sharp's right
band bower in the deal, and that he
(Waite) never got a dollar from any
body. He 1 1 miu-s numbers of aldermen
who he thinks did receive money, but
he makes no positive, st-tement.
Waite finally acknowledged that his
interest in getting the Broadway fran
chise hill through was stimulated by
te promise of the tire inmmiKnioncr
ship. Will laasiarai. the t:i(hl-!laar
t. L-iis, Mo., April 1. Hill A
Fiitx. emokine t ihttco a.anufactnrers
of this tity, will inaugurate the eight
hour Byatem in their 'a.trv next
Monday, the oth of April. This ac
tion ia volunt tiy v.n tbe part of the
company, mid t0 enrreeponding re
duction ia wages will be made.
A Fact That Initio Greed for Gain
tke Tl blte People Do Not Stop
to Think Of.
Ts th. Editora f tbe Appeal : 1
Pine Bi.it, Aits., March 31.-In
continuation of my correspondence,
showing the. iilarmiiig increase of the
negro jiopalation in the Arkansas bot
toms, with Pine Bluff aa the capitol
and future great munic ipality of this
race, I ask to Hiibuiitsoine few statistic)
gathered from the records of the two
departments, of State and of Public
Instruction, in Arkansas. There
arc four or five counties in wlu'ch this
fearful aggregation of the negro is com
manding the attention of thoughtful
citizens, but lest I make the letter too
lengthy I have selected two counties
fr statistical information, and from
these you may learn all. The vote for
iovernor in .leflerson county, 1832 and
18M, U as follows: .
IKS'.' 7K!l
1W wry
Iu Deshea county
1SS2 452
Total white vote in 182 and 1884,
10S8: total negro vote. Tim- thi f.,r
Jefl'erson county. For IVshea coun
ty total wluto vote in 1882 and 1884
817; total negro vote. S '48. Tnt.i
Ul.il,. U.lu 1... .
" me m o cuu iuies in
1 882-1884, aw,; total negro vote for
same ciau-s, au. This shows an in
crease in the negro vote in these two
counting, over tin. litn
- -- " -v. ,vvd, mi nu
years reckoning, the Btartling number
n 4 Wit, . , 7
with tins black mtww, lor reasons of
turn uwii. uui not in Hamnont nurn-
IkTS to ioril. flit intntrrMit r.( ,1...
- V HID uui s
dump or to rescue them from the
oblivion tliftt must necessarily over
whelm them in statistics and in facts
of the aliovn nntitm
How tuking the school statistics for
uir same couniies, we find the en
rolled population as fo lows!
For Jcit'erson county
For Peshn county
1880. 3
18S4 "
.. 745
,. Ih53
.. 577
Total white school population of
oeiiuinun (-nniiy irom .1 up to 1HM4
.iiiHMiiun m ooi; total negro enroll
ment for the same years, 20,133. or 13.
110 more mimn.i tlia i.'i.;..a t..i
, - ....... niiuvn. 1UUU
White zschool nomihlt inn nt ll,.l,.,
county from 1880 to 1KH4 amounts to
ii-i.i; iuiui negro school population
amounts to 50ri7, or an increase over
tho whites of 3022. The total increase
in scnooi population of the negroes
over the whites in the two counties
lor uiu years aforesaid is 18,038.
As before stated this is a safe index
of tho increase in Arkansas, Lincoln
nnd Chicot counties.
NOW. sitlCO thpKli ntmpi.a lit,.... l.,w.n
tiled two years ago nt the State Capitol,
me incrcaeu nas ueen larger. 1 know
of over two hundred negroes who
have been brought Into Jefl'erson
county within the last twelve months.
If the record was generally and carefully
taken throughout thecounty, the new
comers niMOiitr ttm.iiix.i-. .......
as voters, would amount to 600. A
negro emigration agent from South
Carolina n-na hi.M nr. ,nn... .nL
- .....v. .w ..iKiijr nrrn
nvn. who Rnil that ha ,.1n..wl i,:a
- i-i -j .... j . i v v v. . 1 1 in nt it
SOn over 500 faruilies of negroes from
ine arounas in tnese bottoms, and
that next year he would come with
oinrw mure.
NOW. if tltn flVinvn QTiltic,tiia naan ne
sulhcient to appall tho heart of a vir.
man, then "airs from heaven or blasts
from hell" would not intimidate him.
Thfi flirt ittv fill r Tvanntn m nr. .
scious of their own situation, andrthey
never nauso to think alwut the sub
ject. Negro labor furnishes a largo
area for speculation, and in the greed
for acquisition tho pnlofoco Inever
stops to think of the future, or to
forecast tho inevitable and the irre
pressible. And just here permit me to
remark that it is nil well enough for
men who knnur liltln rxttlm ...i.n
.. ,,, .....uv........,,,, nnu
never see him or deal with him in the
country, or in his aggressiveness, to
denounce the fierceness of those who
after long submission to oppresivness
nun Known immune natures. nn,l
Whose lil'eil iin1 irhi.oa lintn... n.. nn
...... .......i i.vii.La uic us
those upon tho confines of civiliza
;.... ; .....n i. . i
iiwii, ii in m il t-iiuiigii ior denuncia
tions t.O fllll mutti tlw .a. i,..,i ..-i.....
they see no remedy at law, but tko
the matter in their ow n hands, bo
cause, those who spealt thus of them,
1 l:..i . .i 1 . I
miiiw nine oi me great causes anil
springs to action that, lio within.
These things arc likely tooccur at any
time when' the domination of the ne
irro becomes intnWnlila
ample, the balance of power in the
municipality ot fine lilull has been
...... ... .. ...uiu mi iv-ii jrr, umj no
act of legislation occurs without his
suiiciinu, aiiriougn ine wuitcs have a
majority in tho board. lie holds the
balance of power in this county and
he wields it over judge, grand jury
flnil atmvirr tnviw-a a...l ..11 " ,1.. ....
...... ..... i .. , m itii.i ii. iit UUI
defy indictment by any grand jury,
although the Prtn-KagU of our town,
over a year ago, succeeded in expos
ing h s malfeasance in ollice. 1 am
t.il.l tw that l.n n l. l,n,l l
....... ...... ..x in ...i f.iiu l.l.ll.l III
nearly two-thirds of the men who are
arraigned for violating the law in this
county. These things are grow
ing worse, and what the end
is to he, I tremble to eoniee-
tlirt. ' Thn ul.it.. ..nl.'llrti.na .. r. .1
...... .... . , . .i..iiv,..iniin null
currying tradesmen, and the two-hit
t .1 tt" I'll ro nm tl,ulii,.v rn 4l... ....nwn
...a,..n, .... I'liniiuiK uu kill? iii'iv,
to a prominence whoso summit will
prove tho accursedness of Anglo
Saxon folly. Tho everlasting disposi
tion to prove to thealioininable negro
philists of the North that the negro
is a pabulum very ' acceptable
at all times to Southern gullets, like
wise urges many whites to tho verge
of an equality that is disgusting. They
may think the line of demarcation is;
reudv, at command, to individualize
itself, but it will be too Into to seek to
establish the boundary when onr own
feet have obliterated it by tramping
across it financially, politically or re
ligiously, with the pscudo styled
brotber-iu-black. The white man, tho
Southern white man, must find his
nltimnte home and salvation in the
Atlantic and (iolfStacs, and in the
bottoms of the Arkansas and Missis
sippi will be the home cf tho negro.
Keep up the bulwarks in those, States.
. cot. JOtlV.
-nKAFNEMt-IuCAVBES and 01 HK.t;
r- who waa dof twntT-iiihaTar..
fmri l.nolnt th aoud KMru(
to d k with no bftifllt. Ccaao snom.ria
thn nootbt. an I tine thn hnndradaoi
oihara -am prooara. A plain, simple and
niwMftit homo IrantmKit. ddra T. 8.
PAOK.Ha Km! th St..Ww Tori Ci't.I-
SalMcrlbe for IheAppewK
Day and Night
During an acute attack of Bronchitis, a
ceaseless tickling in the throat, and an
exhausting, dry, hacking cougb, afflict
the sufferer. Sleep is baulsbed, and great
prostratloa follows. This disease Is also
attended with Iloaneneas, and sometime
Loss of Voice. It ia liable to become
chronic, involve tbe lungs, and teriuiuato
fatally. AVer's Cherry Pectoral afford
speedy relief and cure In caaci of lirou
ehltla. It controls tbe disposition to
cough, and Induce refreshing sleep.
I have been a practicing physician fol
twenty-four years, and, for' the pat
twelve, have surt. red from annual attack
of Bronchitis. After exnauatiug all tbe
nsual remedies
Without Relief,
I tried Ayer Cherry Pectoral. It helped
me immediately, and effected a speedy
cure. O. Stoveiul, M. Tn Carrollton, JIUa.
Aycr' Cherry Pectoral Is decidedly tba
beat remedy, wlthlu my knowledge, for
chronic llroncliltiH, and.all lung diseases,
JI. A. Hust, M. I)., South Purls, Me.
I was attacked, last winter, with a severe
Cold, which, from exposure, grew worse
and finally settled on mv Lungs. By
night sweats I was reduced almost to a
skeleton. My CJouijli was incesnant, ami I
frequently spit blood. My pliysiclun told
me to give, up biislneiN. or 1 would not
live a month. After taking various reiue
dies withont relief, I wa liually
Cured By Using
two bottles of Aycr'a Cherry Pectoral. I
am now In perfect health, and able td
resuirfe business, after having been pro
nounced Incurnble with Consinnptlou.
6. P. Henderson, Saulsbuigli, lVnu.
For years I was In a decline. I hnd
weak lungs, and suffered from Bronchitis
and Catarrh. Ayer5 Cherry Pectoral re
stored me to health, and I have bceii for a
long time comparatively vigorous. Ju
case of a sudden cold I alwavs resort to'
the Pectoral, and And speedy relief.
Edward E. Curtis, Rutland, Vt.
Two years ago I suffered from a severs
Bronchitis. The physician attending me
became fearful that tbe disease would ter
minate In Pneumonia. After trying vari
ous medicines, without benefit, he finally
prescribed Aver' Cherry Pectoral, which
relieved me at once. I continued to take
this medicine a short time, and waa cured.
Ernest Colton, Loganaport, Ind.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Frpud by Dr. J. C. Ayer fc Co., Low.ll, Ifaa.
Sold by all Drugfi.u. Pric 1; all bolt.M.S,
Diseases are Prevalent all over tbe
I am a native of Fngland, and whtl I
waa in that country I contracted a tcrriol
blood potson, and for two years was oniler
treatment as an out-door patient at Notting
ham Ilosoital, England, out was notenraa.
I suffered the moat atronisint Bains n my
bones, and was covered with sores all over
my b"dy and limbs I had v.-rtiso and deaf-ne-',
with partial lois or sight, levere pain
in my bead and eyes, eto., which nearly ran
me craiy 1 lost all hop in that country,
and sailed fur America, and was treated at
Roosevelt in this city, as well as by a prom
inent physician in New York havicg no con
nection with the hospitals.
I saw the advertisement of Swift's Specific
and 1 doiermined to dive it a trial as a )at
resort. I had given np all hop of being
eured, as I had son tbrongh th hands ot
th best medical men in Nottingham and
New York. I took rix bottles of S. 8. 8.,
and I can any with prat Joy that tbey hava
cured me entirely. 1 am aa sound and well
as I ever was in my lite.
New York City, June 12, 1883.
Ts the life, and be is wise who remembera It..
But in March of Unt er (ISM), X contracted
bleod poison, and being- in Savannah, (la.,
at. the time, I went into the hospital there
for treatment. I suffered virr much from
rheuuiKtism at the sum time. I did not
ret wall under the treatment there, nor waa
1 cured ny any et tno usual means. 1 have
now taken seven bntt es of Kwift Bpeoifio
and am sound and well, ltdrovsthe po:son
on inrougD nous on in skin.
Jersey City, N. J.. August 7, 18.16.
Two years ago I contracted blood no-son
After taking preaorip'ions from the best
physicians nor and at Dallas, 1 concluded
to visit Hot Springs, and on reaching Texsr
kana a doctor recommended me to trv Swill's
Specido, assuring me that it would benefit
me mora man not springs. Although th
had produced treat holes in my back and
e'eedt, and bad removed all th hair off my
head, set I bean to improve in a week's
time, and th sores began to heal, and were
entirely gone inside of eight weeks.
WILL JUNES. Porter Union Pass, Depot.
Ciseo, Tsstic, July 13, 1885.
Treatise on lllnnd anii Skin TlI)iaiiAH'iYiAlleil
fre. Tu Swirt Rpaoirio Co..
Drawers. Atlanta!),. N. Y., 157 W". St.
assortment ot samnles for Soring and
Summer wear, which f have just revived
from tba Clothinc-Crder Itepattmentof
This houne does thn larrevt Mail. Order
Clothing DuiinnF in the world, l'ioneer r&
working out thn idea, it has won ft great suc
cess by scrupulous osro iu filling the ordori
of unseen customers.
the P c?ent seavon marks a new era ir
this department of heir business, th mean
Ingol which is even bettor service, execu
tive and mechanical. This, with the low
prices, large chnioe of materials, and ample
guarnnte of complete satisfaction, should
give me a first ola.ui en your orders.
15 West Court trct
A book ot W pages,
ihe best book tor
anadve- tintr to con
sult, be he peri-
ncea or otherwise
I uni.l.i II... J
l.r n '.ipr - rniu ,.iiu..vf v ...w ...- v. "
, . . i .. Tl.. .B.iiauahfiw.nti in a .a r .1
. 1 ..i;n.i., ,K ,, r.f -.1
one dollar, finds in it the information t.- re
quires.whil lor him wbo will invest on
hui Urea thousand dollars in advertising, a
acheua Isl a licated which will meet his
every re inl.euient, or can b msd to do so
ny (lignt channel easily amveu ai mr rorr
innhdAnca. On hundred and firtr-thre
ditions have been issued. Sent, postpaid,
to any address tor ten cflJ. Apply to UKO.
VEKTIBIMU JJURa.AU, 10 pproosst. trrint
Ina Hons Squar . N'w York.
Gas Consumers
FOR all gas consumed on and afUr th 1st
of April, rroximo, by cu-tomers of this
Company, th prion will be Two Dollars and
Piny Uents per tnousana cudic reel, oat
where the bills ar paid within th first five
KntitiMaa rf&va at ach month a Disoount ot
Fifty Cent per thousand feet will be mad.
making a net price 01 i n u wi.uano pi
thousand cubic fet.
By K. ENSLEY, Prasident.
T si.. i: .
' vi.a. I.KIHIi PWIVMIII ,
, Hcmphis, Tnn.r March 4, 1886.
nEtLTn l WEALTH. Da. K. C.
W Niiti a mb Dana TasiTMireT.
guarantad specific for HysUria, Dissi-
ness, tonvulsion-e, rits, inervoas ntom-
gia. Headache, WervC'S prostrauon, causoa
by th os ol alcohol or tobaoeoi Vtak
fulness, Mental DepressinB, Softening of th
Brain, resulting in insanity and Ics 'lngt
misery, , decay and death; Prsmaturs)
Asa, itarrenoess, juoss oi r
.- Involuntary Loss and bprmatoi-
rha, caa. by oifer-xrtioa t th brain,
self-abus oreverindulgwac. aUoh box con
tains on month's treatment. 11 a bos. ol
six boxs for 15, seni b mail prepaid, on
receiptor pric. We guairntc Six Box;
to our any oas. With each order raeid
by as for six box, accompanied with ".
w will tend th purchaser cor wrtttss
guarartee to refund th money if th treat
ment eio -ot esecv a curw. uow.inuw
Usuedonlvbva HKNttEKX O0.. Dnu-
rist. M.mnlili. T.s. .
aeraoaia seeking Government Em
ployment in any ot th departments .1
Washington, or any other positions undt
theliovemment, I will send lull initrnctioa ;
as to how to lrwd to obtain tbe earn,
and Blamk rsrmi r Appllcaime on
receipt ot On Dollar. Aaams JOHB
St. isVJBtiU, JLck-B IBM, thietaexw.
Trnattte'a Sale.
HAVING been aoeointod trvstss andar
th powers eoatained in tk trait deed
mad y 6arah L. Inat and George U. Dent,
securing th payment of a not for lliou by
them mad September 14, Mi, due on year
after date, deianlt having been mad ia th
Payment thereof, at th iiUst of to holder
ol said no . I will, on
Mnnalay, itprll S. 1SSJS.
at 12 e'.oek m., at tb southwest corner I
Main and Madison streets, in th Taxing
District of Sbely county. Term., sell th
following described trscts of land: Tbe first
brg-oniug at Carr and HcLemore'e oorner
on Greer s licet thenee east 11.40 chains to
Greer s BE corner thence north 10 chains to
Greer NE corner: tknc cast 8 chains to
fradshaw's SK corner: 'hence sou h 3.79
chains to McLemore and Carr'lSW corner
of li-sor entry i tbe nee east 13 chains;
thenc north 10 chaiss to Wm. and Gideon
Pillow's line; thenc east 18.60: th-nce south
50 chains; tnenoe west 47. DO cbains to Carr
and klcLemore's line; thence north 13.79
chains to the bginnii!f,ooolainlnglU9 acres,
more or less, it being tn same tract of land
conveyed to Daniel Hughes by James E.
1-elts hy dead of August 12, 1816, recoided in
book 26, pag 35.
Also, lot in of th Borland subdivision of
lots, fronting 60 leet on the east aide of Bor
land avenue, and running back between
parallel lines 170 feet to an alter.
Also, part of lot 9 of same subdivision, on
the south boundary lie ot lot Hi, eighty feet
from the southwest corner of same, and run
ning south at right antics with said bound
ary 1 in nine feet and six inches; th-nce at
right angles east sixteen leet so as to run dl
reollv over tbe center cf tbe mouth of ths
cittern ; thenc at right angles nine feet nd
six inches tn the south hi uniiary l.ne of said
property, with all improvements toereon,
and being th sam property conveyed to J.
h. DillaM, trustee, by S. L and G. G. Dent,
re-ordad in book 145, page22, of th raoord
of bhelby county.
Terms of bale Cash. Title believed to b
good, but I sell only as trustee.
L. If. KSTffi. Ja.. Trust.
INTo. B14 ZbXAlxx
Has just reoelved a largs stock of th
latest style f
for Pants, which w wil' mfike to order at
much less than the nsual prices. W will
make a good all-wool pan s for Call
and examine our goods. Also, complete
for th coming season at tur usual low
I rices.
A Valuable Patent.
Daassj'B (Hforae) S orai and Pc Plata,
a A VINO perfected my Invention, I wish
o plan it befor th public aspecislly
mHcufaoiurcrs. As a Corn Planter, it is a
perfect socoesa oixns th drill, distributes
th sed ancirately, unin ured, and covers
th sam, thereby on maa performing th
work of three. Thas bare been used in
thia section tor over dotcn years with per
fect satisfaction, uan five respoisibl tosti
monials. Address
JOHN 11. DANCY.Daoovvllle,
llavwoori count. Tnnw
tfS Sfsullajon Btnr)t. JlciasshU, ToxiB.
AFULIi stook of Woodsn and MsUHIc
Casts and Caskets. IJnriai Robes, etc,
always on hand. Orders by Telegraph or Tel-
5'-r, : . v. -yy ; Vrl
Sstablislied 186S.
256 and 258 Front
w-'-ff LI-jj.im .fill
U'1r.K(T'V'-rp Y',K& M-
. W' tjaw.. - 11 mm . I s'alasiwajl
. "A
yMaBsaayajMwsxMaas vmwtwmmmimmTmmimmmmmimmi hi
m ii Pfiowin p. fin
tiler Tarfl al f
Doom, Nash, minds MonldlngH, all ktudts ot Door and
Wlndax FrnmeK, Urnokeds KcrolLMork, IloiiKb and
Iretcied Lumber, Nh ingle, I.a(li, War Tanka.
All kJnda ol Wood Work IIxcuied at SUttrt Xotloc
Nos. 157 to 173 Washington. St. Memphis. Tftnn.
:! J. ir- ; . e - -).t- - - ' '
HAVTNO withdrawn from th Woodruff Oliver Carriag aad Hard wars Company. w
have accepted th Agency of soma of th Beat lanafarlurers la tb Iissltsxl.
NIMtoa.and ar now receiving a full assortment of CARRIAUK8. BUftOIRS, WAIK1N8,
HARNESS and SADDLKRY ( also, a large stock of th improved TENNKS.SES WAGONlj.
All goods ar new, and built expressly for this market, and will be sold at very low prioa.
OQiee and Halearooni, .Mo. 209 Maia street. Warehoaae, Ko. 2U9 Front street
A. WOOBlt'FF. J. K. OLITI1. . . : P. t. WOOBBVrP.'
! !l
M. O. Fearce & Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission F.lerclrte,
Cti Warbosu-BM. 88 sussl tS, Catoxe ir.
debange National Bank
BOatroLla, TA., Vtb. IS, 18M.
PROPOSALS will be received at this offao
until Saturday, Uaroh tf. lhi, for th
purchaa.of th hereinafter mentioned prop
erty ia its entirety, and in for pieces or
parcels of the same reference being had te
descriptive lieu of said property which
lists, slating terms of sale, will be furnished
npoa application to th undersigned. Th
right to reject any and all bids is reserved ;
Thy extensive and valuable property lo
eaied in Norfolk and P rtsmouth, Va.,'
known as tbe "Sesboard Cottan Compress
Company of Norfolk. Va.," consisting of:
1. Ihsraaraisf, which, among other priv
ilnses, authorises the s toraire of cotton and .
olhr mrchandis. and th issu of negoti
able receipts therefor.
2. Its plant, which eonsisU f thre (3 -first-class
improve- cotton compresses; tw .
(i) steam tugs; thro (3) traniparUtia
bsrges. All the adjuncts necessary to a wel
equipped establishment of this oharaeter.
its fir proof warehouses, seven (7) in num
ber, of capacity for storage f 24,(XIS bale
uncompressed cotton.
Its four 4) frame warehouses (metal roc fay
capacity, many thousands tons of fertili
se rs, salt, eto.
, Iu whsrves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at th sam time ten sea
going, steam or sailing vessels. Tn srei of
the warehouse and dock property in Ports
mouth is about acres, togetaer with all its
o her property, which is fully described ia
th lists above referred tn.
WM. U. PKTER8. Becivr.
I V ear
IM a Ha.UN37
For 15 years at 17 Court PUco, now at
i MarketStrcet, T nmmh 7f
uet. Third and Fourth. UUlUuliiiU,iiJ
& t-iaftjtaftt Hoornkf -t4 Ictrollr twHU pbjoiM mw) tM
(' uivMiful, hit prtcuo fl prow
SperatAtorrkea mva Impoiajic7v
if lb mult uiaMf-ftbtiM In jotttl), awTaJ tcmm ta aa
Arar ntn, or otqar Woim, tw D rod tide I aang) ah I
ofip Itwts NerToeiBos?xB, btnlta.l KmiawJUtka, iu
luua by drwatrri). DlttMiM of Utfet, DaaMUvw MaT-; 7b
4liKjjy, PitupleMoa Yof vaj UHocsit- ix'Twd
amaux tmytop or DBtu,p
" iiuias mm mymvr.iM, iiipaiT-rn SKej
liLEET, tStrtcuirt, linifaiiia, Htnis. ItMUmil
.'U-H atuj iither pfiTnt, IImm-x? qaraki td,
n is eir-.Mriaf'M mm! phj gioa wba psvn ipwfAl tHfatat
' OSjrtAtB ClftM Of tlltmasM, VD I trflSadoc MviaiSaUala &!).
tif, aVNimira ml ikiil Fbyai temi (Uwwtu tbbt fM orts-m
snBMad prsot to my oar turn k i iuxmwalri v
-("it tbe citjr tor tfMiokoat, mttx4iMa oma bt mu mMsij
tad mity by Ball t nprtm uywlMn,
Otvpitf QntraAt4m4, lm U Cmm
CousuitAMtant (-srsoBaJhr r by K(aw ftvs toA tjV
?awrfM nwtbim u anrri ipiMian atmi nnM-tiTt.
f to ptfti la an? wemru m&,ttriwm
0) uts. PtaouM ra-vtl tr tuk AiOnm m alwsv
a'tDo hour frxa B A. tLttf f. M. juiliji, 1 1 4 1 tJT
NOTICE is hereby girta U the holders of
tVi.OOOrhalby County Bonds, maturing
April, 1&H6, to present th sam for payment,
at th Manhattan Saving Bank and Trust
Company, in Memphis, Tenn.
8. H. DUN8C0VB,
Board of Funding Commissioners of Shelby
county. Tenners e.
Memphis, Tenn.. March fll, 1886.
Notice Is Hereby Hirea,
THAT th annual meeting of tk stock
holders of th Chesapeake, 0hit
and Southwestern Raiirwsd Company
for th election of Directors antl
such other business as may com before tba
meeting, will be held at th ofiu of tbo
Company, in th city of Memphis (called tba
Taxing District ot Hhelby County), Tenn..
on th t II day t April, 1MM6, at 12
o'clock noon of that day, and that th leas
from that Company to th Newport News and
Mississippi Valley Company will be sub
mitted to th stockholds-s for their consent
thereto and approval thereof. Transfer
books will be closed from March iftth t
April 6, 1886.
By order of the President and Board !
Dirnctnrs. ISAAC K. esATRS. Secretory.
TV 33
St., Memphis. Tenn.
1 imp STOCK, OILS,
x Mater (oolerc, Batb-Tnbg.
sgsnls W. u. Fiilit-r's)
Wrought ISteel Kanges.
Send lor Illustrated Catalogue.
257 Wain SLMemphis

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