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Yleiia l LeadlbK Dimtrrrnt ami
EepabliuiBS Work or the
"Bimetallic Lra-gne."
enaiiri.aa: "f ti arrEAL.I
WaaHHtiiTON, Aril 22. "There )ia
been br.ro thin muter," Mid Krpre
rnUti re (hiti'lutm, lii-publican, "from
tlie ) tlmt Coiik"- n't. t'e n'',t
powerlnl lobby in tbe intercut of the
silver-mine owner tbat I have ever
known in Wafliioirton, with powtflily
one cxccpti- n tbe tubby in the in
ij.rwrt of the bowled wlimky bill in
th lant CoiiRreim. There id no mo
nopoly in this country to-day more
abttolute than the wlver mine mo
nopoly; and thu pannaire of thin free
coiners bill, in my opinion, would
bavebern absolutely vul Helena to the
people but wonld bavo pnt tens of
millions of dollars into the bands of
the qilver bullion and mine owners.
From' tho very llrst day of this Con
irnwi this Mlver lobby has
maintained an ortnuiiJUttion here
railed the 'Bimetallic l-eaue,' and
baa l'd its headquarters in
the Pacific building on' K street, with a
literar bureau engad in turninp; out
literature in the inWireot of free coin
4a for the benefit of the silver bull
ion is . Kvery member of Coiifrrew
bus l'n literal y bombarded with
thin kind of literature ever aineu (km-gw-n
met. I am in favor of oiU 1
rights for equal dollars. Hut I am not
in favor of a bill to put millions of
dollars into the hands of the mine
"1 voted on iay own eonv etions,
and 1 believe that when tho people
understand the question they will see
has 1 do, "said llepnwntative Fisher,
the only ono of the seven Jiemoerntie
nieuibers from Michigan who voted
against the free coi nno bill, ''fiilk
about your (loulds and VanilnrbiltH,''
excluimcd Mr. Filter. ''lxokat these
silver millionaires, like Senators
llearsl, Stanford, Sharon, Fair and
Jones, and others of their stamp. Do
the eople of this country want to
pour any morn money in o tbe rollers
of these men by a free eoinnn act like
the ono wo have just defeated?"
"There was doinairnjrery and hyime
risy on the floor of tlie House when
the vote was taken on Hint bill," eon
tinned Mr Fisher "Men came to
me and said: 'You are rljrht. Wo
know we ought to vote uh you do, and
we would if we thought there was
any danger that the bill would pass.
Hut oar retention in (onres depends
to a certain extent on our supporting
this bill ; and wo nIiuII therefore vote
for it, even though we do not lielieve
it is for the interent of oureonstitni nta
, that tha hill hIiohI.1 patis.' "
' "A good many people seem to think
' Hint free eoinai means free dollars,"
said air. Fisher. "Hut they would
lud that the dollars would
(fo into the hands of tho
mine-owners, and it would be junt as
hard as ever for the laboring man to
' fret theui. These silver bulltonistM are
making a cut's -paw of the laboring
men. Tho other day 1 got a moiiHter
petition signed by Michigan Knights
of lnhor p ay ng for dee coinage.
; Where do you suppose it came froni?
It was got up, printed and sent out hy
tlie silver in i no nmnopolihts It was
mailed at lcndville, t'olo. Cannot
the laboring men see whul tliese
BioaopoliMls are after?"
,i . tlLtKR CKIlTIKH'aTKH.
' Tbvre is a strong scnt'mcnt among
. t).e men who voted, at the uiiimVtinio,
gainst coinage and against free coin
age, in favor of a bill to prov do that
the United SUtes sub-trcasurics shall
' ruooiv o on dopomt all silver bullion
from American mines and issue there
for riWor cerlifli'iites of small denomi
nations, for the market value of. the
bullion. This would give the country
t convenient paper currency,! ased on
' coin. It is not unlikely that somo
plan of this sort will he adopted at
the next session of Congress, though
probably no at this session. k.
Prtifcaatlti IM'hlti f a 1'rinuliirnt
Iran t'yllilnit.
Taw ri I,, Tkx., A pril 2:1. - The Grand
lodgsof Uuiglitsof I'ythias has been
lu wrwion here since Wednesditv
morniiw. At 1) o'clock yesterday
morning, in a room in Harris's Hotel,
W. Alexan er A bey, the retiring
Grand Chancellor of Texas, shot him
self with a pistol, the ball entering
hia breast just to the left of the heart.
There is much mystery surrounding
the afla r.and it is not certain whether
the shooting was accidental orBliicidal
' Abey is a prominent lawyer of I-ong
View, and has occupied the highest
oflioeai'i the Knights of Pythian order
in Texas. Joseph R. Clemans, who
was J Ml elected Grand .vaster of the
Fxcheqaer, was in the room at the
time of tho shooting. Clemans and
Abey lave, been warm friends for
man? yearn. Clemens says that Abey
met him yeeterdav morning and asked
whether lie (CJeOians) co..ld lend him
a good pistol, his (A bey's) was out
of order. Clemans said tnat his pis
tol was In his valise at the hotel, and
together they repaired to the room.
While Clemans w s getting his re
Tolver from his valise Al,oy
was sitting on the edge of
the bed. Clemans was suddenly
startled by tho report of a pistol,
and turning, saw Abey gasping on
tlie bed, hia weapon on the lloor. For
several years Abey has had a feud
with 1 8. Aren, County Clerk of isl
veston county, a prominent Knight
of I'ythias, who is in sttendanee at
tlie convention. The theory is that
Abey, in view of the possibility of
meeting Aren, desired to be well
armed, and that he was examining
his own weapon w en it was dis
charged. The shooting occasioned
much excitement. Abey is verv low.
and there is very little chance tor hia
recovery. Miortly uftcr he shooting
ne sent lor Aren. hut what nsssed be'
tween them at the bedside is not
known Fur a number of yes rs Abey
wan editor of the Ixingview Drmocrat,
retiring recently. There are many be
lievers in the suicide theory, but the
motivo for self th'ntruction remains
Ra-nnnrj tnr Him.
Finish the walls and ceilings with
Alabastine. You can do it; inex
pensive: try it. White and twelve
tints. Chcaiicrand lietter than paint,
juleoinine or paper. Disinfects and
prevents diseases. Beautiful sample
ard free. By druggists, hard ware
and paint dealers. $ M given away,
e. MaNcHELD CO., Meuiphia.
' HtUrl t ll-r l.vrr.
Paiii'Dti PHU, April ?3. May John
son, colored, aired twenty five years,
jiving in Y t aker's court, in the rear of
Jvo. 7(1' M. v sry street, was shot ami
Jni-tiintlj' killo livt morning by her
iornier lover, "jimm
' lor-
.'weMy s.'ven yi ;
merly lirod together u man uel wife.
Last Tuesday Burt was released from
the Rastern Penitentiary after serving
an imprisonment of two years for rob
bery. This morning ho visited tlie
woman in her room, and accused her
of being unfaithful to him. A quarrel
ensued, in the roure of which be
drew a revolver and tired five shota at
her, two of which took t (feet, one in
ber bead and the other in her arm.
Burt fled, but was hotly pursued, and
he finally sought refuge in a police
'station, where he was promptly
locked up.
Ior4 Melboara' Letter In Ike
lime Ha Iteelarm Ike Mm
re I Be HopeleMljr raialljr.
London, April 2.1. Lord Belbourne,
L'beral, in a letter to tbe Tme, at
tacks certain features of Mr. Glad
stone's borne rule bilL lie pro
nounces the measure hopelessly faulty
from tbe fact that notoneof tbeiestrio
tloDB provided except from tbe pow
ers of the proposed Irish Legislature
any matter relating to the lives, liber
ties and properties of the Queen's
Irish t-ubjsctg. The magistrates, tbe
iudges and tbe police in Ireland, says
yird Helbonrne, will be the servants
of the Dublin government.
Referring to tbe fict that Mr. Glad
stone's measure excludes from the
powers of the Irish Legislature all
ma'ters relating to the army and
navy, Lord Selbnune says there is
still no rea on why a volunteer Iric-h
army cannot be raised without pass
ing a bill. Lord Selbomne also strong
ly attacks the lnnd-pmcliCHe bill. He
asks, upon tbe ground 150,0)O,
000 will be requited to buy out
the Irish landlord, how the sharers
in the first 50,0( 0 000 provided are
to be talented, snd what position
those bnillorils who may happen to
be exc'tliied from the flrat rales will
thereafter occupy, first, with respoct to
the collect ion of their rants, and.
second, with regard to piospect of
being bought out ata'lT Does Mr.
Gladstone, he asks, expect that these
landlords will have their rents paid in
the menntime? What security is
there that any future government
after Mr. Glds? ns'a will pass an set
to add tl 0,00 '.000 to the national
debt in order to di) jus ice to the re
maining landlords of Ireland, wheD,
in the meantime, the government of
Delsnd hss pas'ed into tbe hands of
tho Nationalists snd great experi
ment which has already cott 501),
000,010 has proven failure. If tbe
question is one of public honor, jm
nee and good faitb, MviBion ought to
be made now to discharge the whole
obligation; otherwise it ia cruel
mnckery toward the landlords.
The letter concludes with tbe state
ment that the writer is not Burpieea
that Mr. Gladstone's fr onds are ad
vising him t ) drop the lind bill alto
gether. .
Attempt to Hlnw l i a Cbnrck at
.Mad rlil.
Maunid, Aifil 23. An attempt was
nmde this morning to destroy tho
Church of Han Lnis in this city. An
ixplnsive waa liced insitln one of
tho eii'rmoiiH hollow canill s which
S'snd ci eilh r side of the alt r. Tbe
cxpl"iio", inslial if Inking place
while tbe churih whs nodded, as
probably inle-'iled, ocenrnd hsfort
i he peop'e luau to arrive. The edi
fice was badly wrecked ' Two si-xtors
who wre in tbe building were badly
burned. The ontrign has prxluced
pioouiul and wlueepread fxrlttinont
si d Indignation in the city. No
trace tothe identi'y of tt'e persons en
raged in the conspiracy has yet been
Created a Stnullus la Ireland.
Galwat. April 21 The trust es of
tho exten.-ive Sinn s estate, neat Weet
nort, hsve ottered to turn over the
lands iu fee to the tenant In suras
equ d nn in the case of each holding
twelve years rent, the property 1 1 be
sold at the piesetit poor law valuation.
The otlVr hue created a sensation in
Ill Law Nail lu t'ranee.
PAi,Airll 23.-The & in of Messrs.
Driyfus concluded in 18(i0 com ract
(rthe pntchane of 2 000.CO.H ms tf
Peruvian guai.o, tbe S.iciele Generali
sed M. Prenisei a reeing to furi i-ih
the iiecessary funds on condition thai
fiey si ou d receive 40 per cent of
Hie nretlls. Uwing to the seisure by
the, Chilians of the guano ho Is a law
suit ensued be'ween tie couliai'ting
tarths. li'e Uourt oi Appeals noo-
suited the Soo ote Gem rale and M.
Premaal (n variom points, wihonf,
howevir, admlltii a all the dimmdt
of the Mess s. Drefuc, and declared
in principal that the contracting par
ties were obliged to furnish the nee?
ssry futdi to insure the execution of
the conditions. The court adjudged,
therefore, tbat the Messrs. Dreyfus
are liable for their share o' theiapl
taj, nsm.lv 15(00,000 francs, rr a
quarter of the joiut capital ; the So
cie'e Gem rle to pay anoihtr quar'er,
and M, Premael the remaining half.
Madrid, April 23. The Spanish
8 in iUry Council bus author's d the
mac ice of inoculation discovered by
Dr. Ferrsu in the event of a recur
ie,n e of cholera in Spain.
Marseilles, April 23 At a meet
ing of mer iisnts and trds held here
to-ilay resolutions were adopted de
nonncii a the impo idonof a euiUx
on cerefcln,
BRuisais, April 23. The strike in
BUKuraied by the Wittch-nikkers of
G ammo'it, in E-t F.amlers, is
S rnsding and heiomirg serious. R
in'ori'smenta of g ndaruies Lavs' been
Yiknma, Aprd 23. Dr. Frisch, the
delega e 1 1 by tlie Austiiau govern
ment to Paris to iuvts'lght snd re
poit U on M. Pastern's sys om of
treatmn for hydrophobic ii iaes,
in a public lecture has sdvis dthe
medical profession of the Empire to
td ipt the French sivat's methods.
Vibnna, April 23 The Municipal
Council of Kt y lies, by imperial or
der, ben d. so V''d. upon the charge
of cuipsbie i tlitiisl nyl gence in hav
ii'Sfn l d tj prov de the town with
fi e envims. An imienal and n u dc
iial (OinmiHsion has been ap0 uied
tosupervse the lebnildi g if the
burned por ion nf tbeciiy. The re
hmldii g will be sno nplished by
nit ans ot s municipal loin, gna auteed
hy the 8u.ti.
Pais, April 23. M. de Freyo'net
mxoniicid during a metn of the
Ct int . yeHentay ttiat. the g v r.i
m n wis anicipa ing in ihe n dev
f rs of tie (owes to tre Greece to
kiep the oi r.
It is ui deisiood that Face nil
j tin f h ( ther pow ers in I he sh im id
so ultmift'nni it B aling on Urt-ece
, ahai tl l b g h. r wsrike prepsrs'loni-,
bin wil. uf.if. to iin ihun o any
j I avnl d in .Lu tmtluu iLtoiided 10 co
KEli ilCHtb
By Mr. fiarland and r. Voang
Tiatlmnn) or Architect (la ke
una ltrrerenta!ive Dunn.
Wasiiinoton, April 23. When the
Telephone Invesiigating Committee
met to-day Architect Clark testified
that Senator Harris hail told h m that
it would bo gratifying to him (the
Senator) if young lingers were aji
pointed as electrician ol the House,
but when w itness told him of the
reason whv' the anlxiintnient should
not lie made, the Senator thanked
him for sneaking plainly about the
matter. Witness had spoken to Mr.
Young about the application (as tbat
gentleman Was a member o' the coti
mittee to which tho resolution bail
lsim referred), and he had merely
said, "well," when the matter was
explained. Witness had also talked
with Senator Garland about the
Rogers telephone, which he was anx
ious to have put in tho Capitol, and
had told him lie must apply to the
President pro tewpnrt of the Senate.
Witness had talked with Senator Har
ris and also Messrs. Stockslager, lteese
and Keenan of the Public Buildings
Committee about tho application, and
had told him that if the appointments
were made, it might produce a scandal
similar to the Credit Mobilier
allair, because four of tho eight mem
bers of tbe company were members
ofCnnvrcss. ' He hail also told Sena
tor Harris that his political or busi
ne s opponents would be surd to take
advantage of it, and that gentleman
had thanked him, saying that it had
never appeared to him in that light.
The Speaker of tho House had also
approved the witness' rejection of tho
application, when a similar explana
tion was made, to him. Tho witness
had received a letter from Dr. Hogers.
announcing that he would bo pleased
to have him accept i0,000 in tele
phone stock, but witness hud declined
the gift, because ho did not regard it
as proper for him to connect himself
with any electrical company.
was tho licit witness, and said that he
made some inquiries during the Forty
seventh Congress about the Pan-Klec-tric,
as some of his personal friends
were connected with that company.
He found that he cou d rot buy the
stock, as the company declined to sell
pending the decision of the courts of
the question of infringement. Ho
afterward learned that Kogors and
Looncy were willing to sell their
stock, but he concluded not to invest
in it. Both Senator Garland and Mr.
Yountj had advised him to invest no
money in tho stock. Senator Garland
had said tho stock was liko a lottery
ticket, and expressed the opinion that
while all other piito-ts miglit fall in a
contest with the Bell patent on the
queition of infringement, yet the Pan
Electric patents might stand on one
point, which he stated with distinct
ness, and he sustained his opinion
with n citation of an authority.
The committee then adjourned.
Tlie l'r l.ltile Ours.
We often boo children with red
eruptions on face an t hands, rough,
scaly skin, and often sores on the
head. These things iud c te a de
praved condition' of the blood. In
the growing period, children have
need of puro blood by which to bui d
tin 1 trong and healthy bodies. If Dr.
1 lerco s tioliten Medical I'iscov ry
is given, the blood is purged of its
bad elements, and the child's devel
opment will be health), and as it
should be. Scrofulous alleciions,
ri kets, fever Hores, hip-joint dis a so
or other grave maladies and sullering
are sure to result from neglect and lack
ol proper attention to such cases.
lav i Ibirty 1". ielnl.
Nxw York, April 23. The lust
stone in the pedestal on Bedloc's
Island, on which Bartholdi's c lossal
statue, "Liberty Enlightening the
World," is to bo erected, was laid yes
birdny. The statue will bu unveiled
September 3d, the anniversary of tho
day when representatives of Franco,
England, Spain and tho United States
signed the treaty of Paris, recognizing
the United Suites as an independent
The rtiniiMMl Kiimiiierinnd
A book descriptive of the summer
resorts of the Northw est will be mailed
to you tm on application to U. S. Hair.
S'lieral passe ger agent Chicago and
orthwestern railway, Chicago, III.
AUrntplnl t Ifr Harder and nlrlde.
Nkw Ori.xanr L., April 23. Wm.
C. Nessen, aged 02 years attempted to
kill his wife, aged 4i years, b.' shoot
ing her through the arm and breast,
lie then placed the muule of the re
volver in his mouth and fired, killing
himself instantly. Jealousy was the
Murder and Inn.
Chicago, III., April 21 The Daily
Knm' Springfield, III., special says the
store of Mr. Watkins, at the town of
Bolivar, was burned Wodnesdav night
and the body of the proprietor w as
discovered in tbe r ins. The theory
current is i hat tho stor-was entered
by burglars, who murdered Watkins
and fi ol tlie building to conceal their
Nroli's ttinnlHlon ol Pate
Coif l.iver Oil, with Hypopl ophifes,
in rulmoiiftry Afleiti 'i.s snd Sciofn
1'iiB Di-ensis Dr. Ira M. Lsng, New
Yoik, saya: "I hive prescribed Neon's
r.iiiuieion and used tt in my family
and am greatly p'essed with it. Have
found it very i e vio ahle in Scrofulous
iiisea. es and Pnhno'oity sflectiuna."
Mml Aee dent.
Clevkland. O, April S3 A' De
fimce, O, Heier'ck HiUnmsn, sged
tlnitr venis, went out in a Poet with
his wife snd two litt.-e children to fish
In the Au'siie tiv-r. The b-wt cp
B I -d a') oil t drty e t f om the shore,
snd li the oucni a ds were 'nwned
belore help cull reach them. The
bodies lisve hen n o ivt-red.
lb Are Mot Serrr.
There is one t!ir g nohodv ever re
grei thi-t I", the dv il'ey firet adopt
ed Prki i'h Tonic a their regular fam
ily medicine I f ri gn is so wide,
and its km d eff-t t so cure, that noth
ing else, except g cd nuising, are
nteded in a u-ett in j rity of c-see
Buv n, tiy , snd a'leiwsrd it will mt
Mill i nv t a'"- f mm n.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Ihe Origin -I ! Oi.j lifnnise.
tali m,l a,i H lh'. hfw ir' ' -
lu.luo .n. Iml..n-ii.. u I. ".
ruur sl itir -l hhbirr
n l ink tin olhr, er n flo 4c
ilnnii) t.i u lur i rllou r i i.arrri
rt-ttrt. niH.l. . Iaplli. i'ltl-
tktMfll tlrintrKl l'
!; walii.. nunitr, IOIila , ' -i'IKAltaini,ilirl
bf Uk 0. C.UOUDWIK
I ; W boltwtala Aml, IUln, Sum
Inraatlla and BlrlB Hnasara Mpeed
111 Cared fey Callenra.
I7"0K ClMDiini th Kkia and feilp of Birth
1 Uanort, lor sllayma tt hiaf, Burning
and IntamoiaU n tor enrint tha nrttroip
tdmi of Keatma. Pntia. Milk ruit. boa d
Haad, Hsroiula anl oihar inbari ad tkin and
bluod diaapat, Ciricil. tba grant Skin
Cura. and Cimcuaii HoAr, an aisiixiia 8mn
Bsautifiar, axiarna If , and ( uticui Kihol
TijiT. iba ns H I o-t Puriftar, inUrnahy,
ar infallible. Almoiutalj iiura.
Mr. and Mn. Kvarett Rtrbhini, Baber
town, Ma a , writs' "Our littla l"oy was
Urrihly afflictad wilb Scrotals, Salt Kbanm
and Eryaiilai ever lino ba waa horn, and
nolb'Uf wa aould nil him ba'ped biiu until
we triad Outicuii h laiulta, wbirh radu
II ourad him, until ban now at Uir a any
"300 1'liK NOTHIXO.M
Wm. Gordon, S7 Arliorrnn Aa., Charlaa
town, Mui., wrilcw " H ln paid about
INI to ftrit-claiR doi-tora tn oura uir haby
without ui-oet, I trial ibeCuTicva Basa-
, which eouiiiUtaly cored, altar uainf
tbtaa iukat."
-non lie i n feei n
Cbarlet Earte IHnk'e, Jeruy City Hiahti.
N. J .wrlteai " My ton. a lad of tweira
yean, waa eompleialv cured of a t-r ible
cane of tote ma by the Curious RmiDiis.
From tha top of bit head to the tolea ol hia
feet waa on mn of toabi. Kvery o'her
remedy and phyiiriaci bad been triad in
Nanh A Nath. Covint ton. Ky., write "One
of oar oua'oinert bought your Lotiguba
Rsmidiis for hit littla bor, who bad a kind
of humor in the head, to that ha wai a eolid
cab of toraa. lie wat entirely eured, and
hit father tavya be would not begrudge 1500
for tha good it bat done him,"
Bold everywhere. Prioe: CnrictiaA, SO
exntas RasoLTaiiT, tl . 0 ; Boir, eenta.
Prepared the Piitirb baco ago Cscuicii.
Co., lloaton, Mail.
Sendf(ir"nawlo'aresHln Dlaeaaea."
DA PV IlaeCutlrnra oin, an eiquia
DMD I itely ieriumedsaja Jlfnln. r.
a KintlV rlN,kTK'lll,
-Vl Mark arbe.Weakne't and Wea
Y rineti, eau-ed by overwork, dii
W J pation. ttan ling, walking or th
laj. tewing machine, cored by tba Co-
e'egant. ortrina1 rd infallible 2w.
Thin f'linoun remedy mo-t happily tneeu
the iii tnand of the una for woman apeouliar
and niHittform nfflintloni. It ia a n-meily
for WOMAN ONI.V, and for one 8eE IL
CLASS of her dl etiwu. Hit a tiieciflo for
certain dmeaiied coniiifloni of tbe womb,
and eropoeet to to control the Menslrunl
yunetion as to rem I ate alt tbe derange
tnent.1 and irregulnritiet of Woman'i
Iti proprietor! olaim for It no other medical
proiiertyt and to doubt the fact that thiff
medicine doea positively potteta auoh con
trolling and reau ating powers ia limply
to discredit the voluntary tetti . ony of thou
tanda ot living witneteti who are to day
exulting In the rottorution to sound health
and happineai.
Flmale Regulator
ii itrtptly voBotari'e cotnitound, nni ii the
liri flii 't f bU i f'i I 8oivD's And prficticiil bx
perttinv 'l.rot: J if)Hr . th benttll of
It ,1 tbe studieil prnftoriution of a lenrned
I ti y i Pt;ra whoH tneoiHlty Vtuf Wu.MAN,
an ; fff f! fain tn itt ie I'nviabieand bound
leh liit'ri'iso ul bin w -nlerlul hucoe in the
trt atiif rt Knd ru e -if jeiualo ooiiiiiWitntr.
HI MLUV known, and richly tiuiorves iti
WOMAN'S Bust Fuiend
Btx'yufce it control a oIhvb of fuintiooj the
vnri'iud diTunemoiiU which cnue more
ill heft'th thun ntl utbiTCHU.se" oomhinrnt,
urnl thu refi'iioc her irum J ting train ot
.lllicfiun which sorely etuliitter hfr lite an i
prpinntorely end her exir-ten'f;. Ob, whut a
multitude oi' living wttneci' can testily tt
chr't.t:ir ffn 'tut Wuhan, tib toyour
OOi.fi'ii-.lic thlP
It will rrtievtj y;ia ol nearly h'J ihe com
platp'f puoulinr to 'ur wx. Kelp upon it
a? your t-.iti'jiu.ird for hot It b, hai'pineitM and
Uidk tifo.
Sold by all drufori't. Soid for ottr tTpnt
iso on the Health and IlappinoM ol Wouian,
mailed frri, wh'ch given nil particular.
TUui BRADFUi .I) HKili LATvR Qi),
l ot i?H, Attirt. 'I.
isHpli;ihl KfniiHlv lorl.ivci I'tmiplaiuunTidillicaii-e
b? a tlpratifffMl oi ti'ii.i.l ronttititiitot U. l.ivei. h Vyt
rpnif, Ci'tDttipiili'in, Hiliuu-n-, Js'imlirn, Vlpndnrhi
M;i!ar'a,Hlium,ttir'n.rir., Ii rtKitlUitlii-iijwiilitpiir
m I'm V vwt. ti'rrn-f h"i tht ?'trn, t"-i illtir)
thounnruiH of tostlmonials prove Its n.ort-
1 AH1 UUUfrlUhT WIlaL TttLL VOU J t H 11 HI' U TAT KIN '
Prea dent of the Orer. LOUI-iVlLLR COU-UIKK-Jt
UKNAL t 0 , tell what
bo knjwa of i
Winter8mith'n Chill Cure.
Orfiog 0 TB Cnrtiga-Jotrgnni.,
Liuihvili., Ky.
Dr. vTiali-r'aitta, 8i 1 waive a rule 1 have
cbaerved lor many yenra, the vlue ol your
reuudy pruup'inn me to fay. In reply to
your icqurtt. what' 1 grow of y ur Chill
Cure. Ibe private aeturanoea ot ita iffi 'aoy
I hail, and the good reiulta ot itt ff0.tl i
had oheved on Mr. H. VV. Meredith, who,
for mure iban ft. teen yeira, bat been fore
man ol my i IA e, Induoed in to lent It in
my family. Ibe re uluhav been ent rely
aaiiat olnry. The firtt ete wat of two
tear' atandin, in whioh I h'lieve every
non len.edy bad been trietwiih tempo
r rr rt liel- the chilit returning prriodicHlly
ai'd with a--emingly iioreted amtriiy.
Your cure hrnke them at once and thTe ha
been ro rucu'reioe of them f r muro thRn
tig montht. '1 he other wntot a wi'der
form, and yirlited more temlily to o her
rein d;ea: hut the chi'l would retuin at in
terva a u -t 1 your medic ne wa uted. aine
whii-h tiuio, now anveral uioniht, they have
artirrlv d.t ii'earid. Krom ihe oppor'u
ni'y 1 have hml lo lud.-e, I d i n t hn-lt ue to
rxprrM io) bol it th it your Ch II Cure it a
v-.lualile trei-iflo. and ier:oruis ail ;ou
priiinn" li.r it. KeaiH i-ifully,
AHTllt'R l'KTKB A CO., Ag.Lta, UuU
il.e, Ky.
817 and 810 TST LOUIS
N. Second St,f Wfi
auinirao-nmaia oar
1 IS Notice.
M 01 10K it herfhv given, that the fovinr
11 t'n H 1 mnninti Klev.ird Km r-a 1
'ran-fr and Pii-' l'"'lni. a corro
r.iK'n vru ri ai-d i'd exi-tme udir the
lw r it,. Si.'e ot KerliiigT. h a
aoplied lor he am-r iv. of th. S..retirv ol
U .rnf ii'.n ah i.itird f-r Ih. er.ciun of a
H"rfne hn.een iha " ,v?
l l.M...,! i.nt to Ih- t rovitiuB" n it-
clur-er and th" .r";,r.." '"'
Uetaio K. ZIMWM"i.iridenl,
OTDEIW 8TEWABT, Haw Orleans.
Wholesale Srocers, Cot. Factors
Oils db 3XTctTTaEtl Stores
Ofllce. 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
L. D. MULLINH, of laU J. R. flodwtn k Co. JAS. T0KQK, lata of J. W. Oaldw.U k Ot
Cotton Factors &Commission Herchants
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Union, Memphis.
Fnlmer.f hornton & Co
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. HOG Front afreet. ; Memphis, Tenn.
And Commission Merchants,
umi Front Ht.m MemohU. Ten .
i. r. ionx:u.
-?fi"K',i , to P-i'.'i'iE2, TAILCK & C&n
Cotton Factors
ma. 300 FRGIT STHF.FiT. i t MEMPrTIB. T:xf
Cotton Factors and Wholesase Grocers
-knHi-SCOS .Frat Ht.9 Mesnplil, Tens?,
Coitot? Factors, Commission lercisante
11G Month Main Ul., &l. Lob.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
S. ROESCHluR . Agent, Memuhli, Tenn.
Hailnai la la. 8.00O HnrrrU tla mt Munaptfln Drauieh, 100,000 Me
I l..l e-
f.1 w a j
f ?J
WholMftle Dealer and Publlstaera,
ErdlDLiSliO IHI010LE30
Bole Arenta lollowlni flrta-Olaaa Initrumenti t
ialtaalaTtl HAMOII MAM IK, 1 1 ill ak WABBE1, CHI
Writ, lor C1tl,Mrr... nm. aa: 9 HKH NT.. IVHVHI
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
A'a. 5103 J?ain Street. C4joa9 Klork.- 2
IE & CO.,
Latest Novelties io Footwear
W. L. Douglas 3.00 Calt Shoes
In Button, Lao nd Conrreaa.
aj- IUiatrated Caialoaue and Prlea-Llal
Mailrd Free on ainlloiion "
fSI A Ml 0 Sin
No. 52, R. (Titnoerr Court of Hhelkr roan
tr Marj V. Prioe atai.ra. John R. Dick -ana
at aJ.
Bk virtu of an intarlTntorj deorea for
eala, entered in tha above saute on ti
8th day ol April, 18S6, M. B. 62, p. 131, I wilt
aell at public auotion, to the hinheit bidder,
in front of the Clerk and Uitttr'i otoea,
eoarthoow o Bhelbj eounty, .Memphli, Trr.
neatee.oa Mtlardnx, May 1, Itt6, ' f
with n lecal noun, the follawinr detirie
property, aituated in Memp it, bholby oua
ly, lenn.,to wit: Ueindr a houa. ad Ul
deaeribed aa fnllowa, to-wit; Becinnincat
the point en the weat aide.f Arerr t'rI
where a lin. runnief tut aad watt Lbrouah
the renter of tha partition wall between 36
and 37 very atreet eitendod to Avery aire t
will atrike tba wet line of aaid Avery atreet;
thenoa north with the wert line of Avery
atreet to Mil, V.liia 11. Berry'a auutb line;
thence weat with Alra. berry'a aouih line 144
feel: thenoe aouth parallel with Avery atreet
to a line through partiti.il wall; thenoa aaat
te tb. beginning.
Termt of bale One-third aah ; balaact ia
one and two yoarsi l arobaoer to eioewia
not, with rood ae.urity, k atiDf interwat
trom date. Thie April V, 1".
a. I. McliOWbi L, Clerk and Matter.
Pv J M Bradlr y. Deputy Clerk k Matter.
Craft A Cooper, Bolioifra. tat
No. 4714, R. D. Chanoery 0mrt of Shelby
oouxty Kute of Tenneawe va. W.T.Praw
ett at al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree ior
aale entered in the above oaaae on Um
ltt dai of February, 1, M. B. 51, pace
276, 1 will aell . t oublio auction, to tbe hicb
eat bidder, in front o the Clerk and Manter a
office, oourthnuee oi bhe by ttounty, Meui
phis, Tenn., on
Saturday, Hay 1, IHM, .
within leial houra, the following described
proverty, aituated in Memphia. bhelbyroon
tr, Tentetsee. to--witt Lot 1S, ountry Jot
511, frontinr 71 feet on the south aiue
Mothy street and rutiaunc buk b tween
prrnliel linea 148 leal.
lerma of Sale Oath, Thia April 9, 18W1.
8. 1. MollOWtLI,, Clerk and Miuui-
Ry r. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk tt Uitr.
JF.n. AC.V.llei.kell, Solicitor. at
Non-Re.ldeut Notice. '
Ko. 457, R D. In tha Chanoery Court of
fcihelby ouiinty, Tenn. State of TenneoaM
va. J. Oflilurkwell et al.
It appearing from the amended bill in thia
rauae that the defendtnta, Josephine Uotech,
ia a non-resident of Tennessee, and that tha
namee of her o lildren and tbe children
heira and deviteet of Doorio M Oottoh are
unknown and cannot bo aortained alter
diliieut iniiuiry, and th"t tiey are niin-rcni-denta
of tho btnte of Teanesiee, aol a.r.
made parlies to thia auit to valorce tai li-nt
on account of Ih -ir intero-t in lot 24 county
lot 516, nortb side of Main street, 7 i!tet;
It ia therefore ordsred, Tiiat they inajt.
tbeir appearauoe here n, at the ourt-lloua.
ot hheiby ooumy, in Veuiphia, Tenn-, on or
before the first Mond iy in M.y, 18i, and
plead, answer or demur ti oomplainant'a
amended bill and tho jx-liMons herein, or
the same will be tak.n for oonfessed aa to
them and set for hearing et wart.; and that
a copy of this order ba publiahed oca a work
for four ancotative wecka in the Memphis
Appeal. Thia M day of April, 1886.
A copy Attest:
8 I Mi DOWFLL, ClerVand Matter..
By H.F. Walah. Depu yO and M.
F. H. and C. W. lloiakell, bohcitora for
co nir laii nant. rat
Nou-liesldoiit Notice.
No. 6109, R. D. Tn the Ohancory Court of
Shelby county. Tt nn State of lennesse.
uae,oto., vs. Mary Adams tt al.
It appearing irom allrgatieaa of the bill
tworn to a this oau-e tN'it the dolendanta,
Moll Arvin ami wr'c IS.-Ile V Arvia, J R
Cbalmersand wife, Keber-oa i.'halmera, nr.
retidon's of the state of Mita eaiiipi ; and 11
B Clanin, Rn-h.l II M.naen, Corneliai A ..
Menken are retidonts of NuW Turk 8iate)that
Amlreiv Wnlla'-e and wt e, P -ttie WalliMte,
are re'identa of the ritati o Culorade: anal
that nil oi aaid defendants are noa-residenta
ot the Male of Ttnnece: and that Ihe t'laoe
of rosidnce of the tellowiittt named defond
ante are unknown tocooi.ainantHnd cannot
be atcert linoil uuon d lia-i-i'l inqui-y made,
to-wit : K K Adiima ana f'fe, Ida Alliums, W
B Adair, Jote Arnof ' B ixabeth Dunlap,
Ann J Dunlap, Letitia Dunlap, aod the ba rf
of Euclid HorUd, who e narpea are un
known and cannot ba aaoortained upon- dili
gent imiuirv inaxle;
1' ia thoiefoia ordered, That they make
their iipo'. ariino herein, at ihe Court-Unas,
ol Bhelby county, in Meniphia, Tfnn., on or
before ihe first Monday ia June, A.D., 1KH6,
and plead, ariaw.r or demur to romplain
aul's bill, or the anna will be taken for oon
fe aed aw to them and . for hearing ex parte:
snd th.it a copy of 1 his order be published
once a week tor four tuooea ive weeks in the
Memphis Appeal. Thia 2d day of April,
A.D., 1KS6.
A cony Atte't:
S I. Mo iC-WHU,, Clerk and Master.
By ii. F. Walsh, Deputy i). nnd M.
John .lohntt n. Sol, lorcomprnt. aat
Non-Kf sidcur iVotico.
No. S2y9, R. D-. 132 In tha) Chanoery Court
of Bnelby county, Tenn Stale of fonnee-
see. fir use, etc , va. W. K. Butler et al.
It appearing from the amended bill whiob ia
worn o in thia eaue that the detcndauUi,
Frank B Danoy, ia a reaideat of tbe State of
Norih Carolina, and tV J Albert is a resilient
of the FUtent Maryland, and both are non
res'dents of tho Ht-t. of fenne-aee, aaid
r-artirs have an interna' ia certain lots in the
Navy yard that ooinplamant ia aeekinv to
eolleot taxes on ;
It is therefore ordered. That they n.Ka
their appearance herein, at the Court-llouaa
ol Shelby county, in Veiup lis, Tenn., on or
beforn tie first Monday ia May, MSG, and
pltad, answer or demor te comp'aiuant'a
original and amended b lit, or tthe a tme wil)
be laken for oonti-ssed aa to tbein and set for
hearing ex parte; and ih t a copy of thia
order be publiahed once a week tor four tne
cetHve weeks in the Meiupkia Appeal. Tbii
2d day of Ap il, lsS6.
A copy At'ett: i
8 I MrDOWET,L, Clork end Master.
By II. F. Walah, D puty C. and M.
L urenre Lamb and Lee Thornton, Sola.
for r omplainant. aat
joii heeiiicnt Notice.
Do. 6067, R. D. In tb Oianoery Co art of
Shelby county. Tone. Hlate f Tennoe-
aee va. D. i. Waddy tt al.
It appearing from allex.t'.ns of the bill
in tbia ranse, which i awern to, that the)
place of reaidenoe oi th. fallowing named
defendanta ara unknown t.mulainant and
eannot be asoertaii.ed .n d lig.nt inaairy
made, to-wit: J A Brawn. R A Brown, L V
Brown, Frank Pandora, J 11 Btratton, Mn
13 D Pritchurd, W N Stalmtn ;
It ia thereiora o drr i That they make
tber arpearsnce here n, at the 'Vurt-Hoai.
of hhelby county, ia Mem.hir, Tenn., on or
before the Bret Monday in Jut e, A.D., DOC.
and plead, answer or demur to enmplain
ant'a bill, or tb. mt will be taken for oon
fetsed aa to them and aet for hearing ex
riarte ; and that a copy af ihi order be pun
ished on e a week f r four enneestive weeka
in the Memphis Appeal. This 2d day e'
April. A.D.. IWS.
A copy Attest:
8. 1. Mnio ELTi, C'erk and Master.
By II f. Walab, D puty C. and M.
John Johnaion. ciol I'T o"ipl'nt. tin
.N'on-Kigideiit itotice.
No. 61fli), R. D In the Chanoery Court of
hhe by County, Tenn. Mat. of Tennetae.,
for use, etc., va. A. A 1. wrenee ei .1.
It appearing fro n he bi 1 wh ehia sworn
to in this caute that iba de'endan a.Jsoob
and lHailore Kauiman. ninera. and Simoc
btern. rrtident of the Ute of tihio; Mami.
ard Mini ie Kauf i a . re'i'lentt if Dakota
Territory: Wra Beaiie Whi field, widow,
and one roin r ton hose name ia unknown,
heir of T K Whitheld, jr, dree 'eed, resi
dents of the Sta e of it-etii-p ; Olive and
Mary L'lham, 'es denta of tbe Stat of In
diana; Mrs H th , McKay, re-ident of tbe
htate of Alabima; Beverly I) Williams,
May E and Wi I mm U.-nd-l, minora, reai
oenta of the Sta'e ef Arai sas; J J Berry
man, B J Fe.'rwaan, Braddua Berryu an.
Will U PerMue, J. BVion K t:n'e and wii.
and t'ole, r sidenU of he 8tte of Tex
as: M T R'd r, iru tee, Ben May, trustee,
and Kd.aid M aim, ie i 'enta ol the t-U'a oi
Mi touri; Ceroli' e M Paaamere, a resident
of th. Sta'e of Ind an : DM Hoarnoy.a
retident of t' . Stale of Kentucky, and
Brown Ayrea and F V7 flraiti, executor of
theeaiatei f H U -mi b,d.0'ated, resident
ot the 6 ate of Lou siana, and all non r si
den a of the tUle of Tenneaeee, aod that
ihe re ideneet t Aan P M nx, J h Baaton
heid, Vichaet Flynn ai d J D llmrxrry are
unknown, and cat not be a-rertAintd after
dill enl inquiry, and that the name, and
r- aid nees oi the heira ot Ruf a R lurnaga,
MLS undera. J D Davit, t ut ee, Wioa
W hit. aod Agnea r-o-V' II, deoeaaed. are un
known, and c.nnol be aa -ertained after
dil gent inuuiry: this b II was filed to collect
8iat and county and taxea n crt-iin li-ta
owned by theaoove arties and other parties.
1 ia th-refure ordered, thai they ma.
theie ao, enrance h' rein, at the "nu-i-Uoute
of helny i nun ty, in Wemnhia, Tenn .. on or
before the first Monday in May, 186, nd
plead, aueaer or demur 'o cornpia nant bill,
or ihe tain- will be t' en tor ennte s d as to
ihetn, and set f r bear.ng ex purte: and
Ihataeoi.yo ihao d rbepubntb-donr-ea
we k, for f- nr ruo" sniv w rka, in th.
Me i puis Apr.!.. This 2d day of April,
1 86
A Co- y-Atte t:
b-1. WcDOW FLL, Clerk and Matter.
Jlv H. K. th. lwj uty Irrk .Dd X.
Lee . horn'on and tl. l. Jordan, tolicitcra
f&r Co do Lain an t. .at

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