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y6 I
I,oBlKTfllf ,Xfw Orleans and Texag K'j
In EfectNoverriber 22, 18.
lemphli ,
a ton ftouire.....
ew Orleans.....
booth. I North.
i.nl. ...
VlrW.turi .....
4:U0 p.m Il:) .m
6:4 p. ml :44 .m
:S p.m n:) a.m
1 :() e.nr 2:M a.m
2:42 a.m 12. -IS a.m
:'. a.mi ::) p'm
:21 a.m 8:42 p.m
9:30 p.ml 5:: p.m
6:00 p a
i:Vi a m
8:45 p.m 11:10 a. in
7:15 p.ml T;3t a.m
0:40 a.m
l2:i2no r
A-WKh all lines entering Memphti.
B-With M. j N. W. K. B. tor fi.l.na
Vlfor Greenville anil Huntington, and ill
ATiir'i point.
H-',lllV f, ll .nil V DID D.M J-
K-With NftJ. ic.B.U. for .atchei ani
jf For i'oinli on the Dranch.
6 With Ituiran for lU.i.n R.ra
A With railroadi diverging for Florida and
I'oaii point.
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Carton all tralni.
j An. m. nun v. r. andu..M.
M. BUKK K, General Sup't.
en-pert Newa aad Mlnalaetppl Val.
ley. Tralni move al lollowt: No. I (tail
tin daily) leavee at 11 :. a.m. No. 2 leavei
ai 11:40 pm. dully, tit. Louia fait line
leavei daily at :! p.m. Mo. 7 (fast lina
daily) arrive at 1:90 p.m. Mail and ex-
Rress arrival daily at 8:"a.m. St. Louil
Jt line arrive! daily at 9:0 a.m.
Nemnbla, fltrmlngbant and Atlaa
tle Hollv Spring! Route Tralnt mora at
fellows: No. 1 leavei Memphis dally at 3:45
I m.t arrival at Holly Springs at 6:30 p.m. i
lio. 2 leavei inly rWiugi daily at (1:00
a.m.. arrival at Memphli at II il5 a.m. t No
I Inm Memphis daily at ,7:30 p.m., arrives
at Holly Springs at 1 1 :5y p.m.; No. 6 leavei
t Hi.rlnii daily at 3:30 a.m., arrival at
aniphti at 8:36 a.m.
HlMlaalnnl anal Tranrnre. Fait
man train leavei aimy at :.io p.m. i arrive
at 0:46 a.m. Loon I freight leavei at 6:40
a.m. arrival at 4:30 p.m. ireight truim
Boa. f and 6 run tri weekly. No. fi leaves
euempnn mouaaf , Wednesday and rrlday .
Hrmphla and Little Kork. Tralni
nova aa toiiows (central itand rd time):
Ma. 1 leavei daily at 6.r p.m, ; arrnai at
imp. in. ko. 3 leaves atn:no a.m. j arrive
at:fHJa.m. No. ft (freight) leavea Hopeneld
dally (except bunday) at 6:00 a.m.i arrival
at f :iu p.m.
Memphia and 4'harlealon Tralni
move ai toiinwi: jurnugh eipreii leavei
daily at 10:211 p.m. hail and express leavei
daily at 9:1(1 a in. iSoioerville accommoda
tion lovea daily, except hundiiy, at 4 :30
p.m. I nrougn expreaa arrive d.iily at 5:2
a.m. Mall and eiprefi arrive! daily at 4:55
S.m. Somerville accommo.lutioo arrival
aily, except Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Lontavllle and Naahvllla Triilni
ova aa follow! : Kat mail arrive daily at
4;3ra.m.: leave! at I0:u p.m. : mail leave,
dm y at 9:t a.m. Drown. ville aooommo
datlom leavei daily, except Sundny, at 6:00
p.m.t mall arrive! daily at bM p.m.
JJrownivilla icooinmodaMon arrive! dailyi
iceptSandav, at8:4Ua.m. (itandurd time).
nlf Homo-(Kaiui 'lly, NnrtnaT
Jflil and nomplnlal-Tralm leave M. and
T. depot aa fol owl: No. 4, Knna ( lly ei
vreia, leavei at 10:46 a.m.i No. 8, Kaniai
City exirei, arrival at 8:30 p.m. No. 2.
Kaniaa City mail, leavei at 8:00 p.m. t No. 1,
Kaniaa City mall, arrival at 8:48 a.m. No.
t. boaii and Chicaio eiprei. leavei at
trt) p.m.) No 1, Ht. Louli andhlcaoex
X'p'r'lVlTlH" l,:ii- nl' I affect Sunday,
nicnts for board at Kulrih Pprin
will apply at tlie omnn s hxchange,
JmlfK Jinitiiie Hunter left for
JuckHon c(i'nlay. He will shake
the liaml of the ntw jmlge bffcre he
(ieorire McKnich, colored, fell
from an ire hare at the foot of Trezc
vant Mri'ct, Sunday evening, and was
Hie Miigiiw oi Labor picnic,
jiay m, prolines to ie a big success
Ihe various cominittces are deter
mined it Mmll he H).
The fhildreu at the Linden street
S'iiool are gefuif; up a petition asiing
uiiu mi' ivo iiHit-nour recisses ue
merged into one at noon.
Trennurer Green s benefit at the
Memphis Theater next week p oniists
to be largely attended. TU Jtacior of
Alcantara will o proauced.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Uiurch of the Good Shepherd will
give a select service at the residence
of Mr. rrcd brooks, V1 l ourth street.
i iiursuHy evening.
Licenses to marry were issued
yesterday to Henry W. James and
Lillio Lee Kchabel, E. Montidonico
and Orrlia Jtotto, W. VV. Taylor and
Mollie Fontaine. Honrv Cnio ami
Lnla Davis. Ham nton Hull and I lia
Wnnaa from "roe Mikado."
Iho Yonng Men's Hebrear Associi
tion will give the closing entertain
ment of their aeaenn this eveninir t
their bail, and t!)e ful owinn invitiDg
programme bfs been nrrii ged :
Solo A W'anderini Min't'el Nanki Poo
N.o Vonna Van, l'epair Pb-Iiiih
Cliorui-Behold the Lord High Kiecutiin-r
A tl
Son and Chorai-Taken from a CountvJr.il
. Ko-Ko
Solo- I've I've (lot Them on the Ut..Ko Ke
were iou .Not t, Ko-Ko Plighled?
r. l'uui'Vuiu and Naaki-Poo
v'Tieua maur'sni.
Yom- Yum, kat iha. Nankl Poo.Pooh-Bih
Ti io llere'i all'w-do-iio
, . Vam-Vum, Ku-Ko and Naikl Poo
holo A lluaiane Mikado Mikado
1usiauuA.norus-lb.a uriminal Uriea.
L n L n .1 U...1. 1).L
Recitation and fon;-Alone and lot Altve-
... . katisha and Ko Ko
riniie oont and Lhuru AII
The cast will be as follows:
The Mikado Mr. J. Griffith
Nankl-Poo........... Mr. 0. li. Kiopeile
i" rar u. v. liutton
Pooh-rlah..... ... Mr. F. V. Andenon
IDB-lDm M:ua V.nA.
'?ha Mi.. M. C. Hiiifeld
nuiicai Director, crul. un I'D, Wiukier.
The entertiinment will conclude
'tin a hod. ine committees u-11 ha
as ioiiows:
J W I. iiIr. K
J X1 t'l.leiuan, Teno
5 L lfvii, Mill
11 U Kilo, fenn
M KO.IIe, Mi a
J Q l't k, lonn
6 T Bales .ViUb
K M li inell. Mini
B Harris A w, Ark
J H Stilford, Miai
v A Pe unen, t cb
. WaBHlROTOK, D.C.,1
la.m., April 28, 1H86.
Indications for Memphis and vicin
ity: Stationary temperature and rain.
Bl ae sun, red star.
For Tennmut and 0w Ohio Vatlty:
Variable wind; Im al raiim; Mglur Itm
peraturf. Bawaaroloaleal ateporl.
Time. iiar. Ther. Wind. W'ther
7.-00 a.m. L9.00i) 5IS.0 N.E. FaU
11 K a.m. Jt.8S8 (15.0 K. Oloudv
:00 p.m. LD.82(l 71.(1 E. Cloudy
7:00 p.m. S9.773 62.0 E. Cloudy
10:00 p.m.M 782 63.0 S.E. Cloudy
Krception Commute. E. E. Bapkar !
t.T ,1. . . U II fL. t! . 1 n
i say, air. I'uvai," cried a voice ""ma, ixe oaineuon, Bm Alook,
the tall candidate for Criminal A Sternbsw.
tioyr Uommutte.$. A. Myers, P. A.
fiane, ii. a. oo'Ui03S.
The I'aaluo Hnalcale.
rrt n . . .
ice uermin ijasino. a c ub com.
posed of the cream of our German
citizen, bava inaugurated the policy
of throwina open the doors of thair
meeting rooms at lrast once a week to
me lauy mends ol its members and
ecteitiioing them with music, both
vccai ana inntrurriental. r:citition
na o-cer n.erary enterraiuments.
isst night the rooms were crowded
With lovely and tdHoantlv nttlrerl !.
dies, who seemed highly plta;ed with
the entertainment jrovulnil fnr then:
The following programme was admiri-
my rencered:
Piano Solo The Dream ...Kalkbrenner
Alto Solo Ilenreat Thou .'. Tito Mattel
. MUi Mario Uitzfeld.
Dual Solo Thi Monk Moyerbeer
Soprano Solo-Birda in Dreamland Fleen...
:; r- ..C. A. Whito
Piano Solo The llciirar
wurinii jnin.ifii JiitMfelit und I'utiel and
ifici'rtrii. w i-ni(triiin anil ifoi.
Vocal liu.teite-What Wilt Th'ou Mo'ra.Abt
. Cailno Liedertalel.
uun-vnn my jjark. Miiaei Mario
TUpilnn. C.I.. n . ..
KuciUtion The r'irt Settler' Story
vv m. uarleton
Soprano 6o:o Ehren on the Rhine
............... VV m. llutchiion
Mia Lula Goeiiol.
Pk f i i .i i
80,6 A.WA: .R-K "clUlioaby Mis, Z
pnsea ner iriendi by her rare nna'i-
ti es as an elocutionist. Thnrnrh Imr
selection was Ion?, her rendition of it
was so artistic and hr in thit tV,
buuibul-s iibtaneu wito Dreathless
Interest to the Vfirv end of har n
After the nroeramme had hnn Hia.
posea oi tue ladies were Invited to an
adjoining room, whera ice (ream and
otner raire hmenti awaited them.
Court honors nassed down a rorridnr
oi tno Court-House yesterdav.
wen: ne inquired, turning round,
'Is you a candidate for AttornevJ ien
cral of do IJartlett Court, boss?" Due
iiouco oi lunerai win he given.
It is understood that the Execn.
live Committee has decided to hold
primaries in the ci v from 5 to 9
o i clock p.m. instead of'7 to li.and that
uiey are in lavor of s leeting other
IJiiiccs man saioons. Mioul 1 the com
unuee niaKO hucii au announcement
at once ana oinclully, "the country is
At an election for vestrymen, held
at the Church of the Good Shepherd
i..vnunj evening, me louowing gen
tlemen were elected : John Cilbbins,
senior warden ; F. J. Att wood, junior
warden; G. T. Iiassett, U. F. Don
nelly, I". H. Freidel, Dr. 8 J. Morri
son, r,. ai. 1'enick and ;ira W. Trout;
ivcnuaii, secretary and treus-
Memphis Cominandery No. 4, K.
j ., uuh eieiu-nino lollowing riiii ers:
iiugn u. C'ullen, li. C; Paul T.
v right, generahsmmo; Milton II.
i rice, captain-general; Rev. Geo.
w into, prelate; Kohert M. Drake, H.
W.; V. It. Pollard, J. W. ; Win. M.
isrooks, treasurer; T.J. Uarchus, re
corder; W. J. Hrown, 8. II.; C. M.
Jjy, bw. li. ; J. F. Sellers, warden.
Caeion'a Hotel.
Europe plan. Knlared and refurniahed.
l'ticei accord id g to iiz, and loca
tion of rootui.
A Mi"s,.A.r,k J w McfnilouKh, Ark
M ,IV'n, l?P A K.rr. Tonn
1 P 1 jrnr. faun (I P W-in,un T.
II Carlun, III
J Mar.lmll, Aoir
Mr. f K Ker, Misi
II II Irby, Tenn
J T Hums, N V
r xoimei i. lti
W Jlilk'r, Mini
Rr L'noncy, Tenn
h Kimlfl. Miai
J Stafford, Miu
V !.... ir:
j. , u . .'".ui'o uurii, nnre
if a '""""" nnr w Moi,uirk, Mill
K R Ji hn-ton. Tenn T F Ka-er. Ark
a r ot rn-h, Ai .i Mia. tlla Wei li. Miia
S Ii.Williama. Mo J II ttafford A. Ten
B Lindsay, Olaioow Cnna Brown, Tenn
& Ham. lern I M all.,way. Tonn
M 8 Jay, Tenn H B Llodsey. Miar
A J Mouro, Ark, M f jtownsend, Ark
Paabodjr Hotel.
BatM2 50 and M per day, aceor inc to
in and location of room Special
tatei made.
K N Duo'ap, Mii t) VV Curtii, Mo
Miu B al'era, Tenn I Hammer, III
J J UatM. Tenn J A Brown, k
u O Downing, Man Oil Lehman, Ky
H DIoinlinnon.Ark
WIBurr, (la
C M liopkini. N Y
L K Motonnell, N Y
II B Shaw, Tenn
P J Llinaa. Mi
ty ji ureer, mo
W h Koberti, Miu
Y C Rapperty. (ia
J N Jnaitiinn. P
8 R Urockway, 111
A. B eonnntn.
Late of Good bar A Co., Memphii.
LaU of Goodbax Jc I o., Memphif.
O W Bennett, N Y
H K Palmer, Tenn
W PA.ten, N Y
E S C.llo. Mn
W C Buit in. Tenn
W H Ulaoghter, La
If Banki, Ark
H Amler.ton, Tenn
M llnll.TVnn
L While. Ky
A Newby, Ark
J W Cutrtr, Mill
u Btraux, Uhio
Mr. Brockway.Tenn 8 0 K rhard.on, Ga
Vv J Kohmon, Tenn B Lon, Tenn
A, W'i1"1, T.6nn J 11 J'"iea, ir, Ala
W KJackion, Alu W B William,; Ky
H J liu-by, Tenn
W 11 Knm. Mn
Ij Human Aw, Ky
u j jauiiion, i
JBBfclloy. K
M D Howell
, Mo
Tub J
in nrwin. r
1 ;.H Arm iiteadif, Tonn
"on em JlC, Ky
B O Jnck:n,N 0
iv tfio.airy, ieon
it j nt
v.rtK Mi..
Mi U Ilrewjter. Ga H N I... ;.. '
W II Person, Mini W 11 VYilam, Ark
The New Uaynao.
Ratei, 2 50 to S4 per dy, according to loca
tion of room.
D B I owl., Mo
A B Mpecht, N Y
li it Lainh, ina
KJHoeaf. Ark
J A Moore. Ill
S Uwen, Pa
A Alenarnler. Ala
K F Rjnkiii, Tenn
(i x Korkwell, Mo
t'o.'s Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A lull assortment rnnafnntlv
Miiiiii ai, mo louowing stands con
trolled by us: Gayoso Hotel stand,
Peubody Hotel Btand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. i, samkiow a co.
Maximum temnoratur. 71. (1.
Minimum temperature, 55.0.
' Kaiofall, .00.
Ozone, 11 a.m., 1.
All observations are taken on 75"
meridian time.which is one hour faster
than local time.
la the VoUoa Rogloa.
Signal Sirtics. U. 6. Abht. 1
April 27, 1886-5 p.m.
Division of tolegraras end repoits for
the benefit of commerce and agricul
ture. Cotton region bulletin for the
twenty-four hours ending April 27th,
6 o clock p.m.
Grand Junction...
Brownsville -..
Dyereburg. ...
Holly Springs
Means .
a 0 B a B B
72 55
69 54
72 53
70 55
70 57
72 69
6!) 84
6!) 55
CO 48
(19 67
74 48
73 61
77 48
75 34
75 48
70 411
72 64
70 53
72 66
1305 98(i
72 f.2
Dr. J. If. NtlTTALL. nn old nniilnn
of Memphis. d:ed at St. Lohim lnat
I'R. W. 1. ARRINtlTON. tlin nnniilur
dentist, has returned from Miinn
and is at the Gayoso.
J. II. Oivsn. a nmminnnt. .Iriuriai
of ltrownsvillu, attended the marringe
last evening at Calvary.
E. II. Tavi-or, editorof the Browns
ville Statct and Bee. was in tlin nir
last eveninir to attend the
his brother, Dr. W. W. Taylor.
.Th s man v friends of Samuel Marks
of 24 Bradford street will regret to
learn that two of his children, Minnie
nd Harry, are down with diphtheria.
IvKGIRTKKBD at U0 (illVOBn- Ron
.eb. ward and G. W. Ageo, Littl
Koclt; nr. V. A. 1 ulliam am Dr II
C. Buchanan, Okolona, and L. lever
ing ana wile. nt. Ixmuh.
1 1 K
DISTRICTS. ;: " 2 -
a B B a B 6
J ' o 3 a
Wilmington 88 (il
Charlnion 84 5S
AueUfU 83 68
SavKiinah 80 61
Atlanta 75 67
Mnntirouieiy 68 65
Mobile 07 48
New Oilcans...... 74 ()
Galveston 73 57
Vick8bnrg 65 f,()
Little Kock 71 4-.)
Memphis 72 62
Sums 400 670
Means 75 66
Breaks in the levees usually mean
lireaks in weak firms.
No business was transacted in the
Criminal Court yustenlay.
Colnan's lK-nefit will take place at
the Baseball Park, Friday, April 30th.
U. L. Jones was ves'erday ap
pointed adniitiistrat r of the estate of
Kiehurd Jones.
In the Circuit Court yenterdav
John Gardner filed a bill asking for
divorce from his wife.
I Ww(j, after the German, bv Mrs.
A. L Winter; .V. Xuho'nt and 2'ltt Font-r.
f ir y.ay at MuiiHford's.
Petition for divorrn was filed in
theCi ftiit Court yesterday bv John,
against Sallie Butler tiardner.
The formal opening of the Man
ual Training Department of Lemoyne
Inst.tuu; taites place to-niht.
P.irti's wihbing to make arrangc-
Kobert W. Spencer to Leah A. Wil
son, 14 acres in Fourteenth Civil Dis
inn, lor.K).
W. A. Collier to Martin Hampton
lots 2(1, 27 and 30, Stephen's subdi
vision,! Walker avenue, 60x136, each
ior tiou.
Libert Taylor to M. K Conawnv
trustee, tosocuro Wm.L. Vance in the
sum oi J100, part of lot 17, block It),
L!l. -4'- -..1. .!:...' ' 1
N. W. Sneers, ir.. J. E. Handle. W
I. Cole, II. J. Lynn and J. A. Om
berg applied for a charter of incorpo
ration by the name and style of
"Sneers Wadding Company."
Julius INagol and wife to H. Bens
mm, trustee, to necure the tierman
Ame'ican Buildinn nnd Ixian Aaaocia
tion lu the sum of 10l0, south, 23x
j icei ot lot on, front street, bo
tween Exchange and Market streets
Sam G. Yates and w.fo to J. Kauf
man, north half ol lot 34, block 2,
cast side of Park street, Woodruff's
suDdiviHion, 50x401 feet, for $212 60,
Havk used Tongaline in facial neu
ralgia, neuralgia of the heart, and
chronic rheumatism ; secured relief in
rach ease, and also in one most obsti
nate case, where other remedies
0. B. PEtTIJOuN, M. D.,
Indianapolii, Ind,
The aiaifcat Privilege
W ill not bo disposed rf as advertised
before, but will be sold openly to the
openly to th
, May 3d, at ;
lik'ticst bidder Mondav
o clock p.m., sharp, at No. 34 Adams
F. W. MOKWS, Chairman
Kolld Silverware at Hulfonl
California Beedlings, at Specht's.
Mnlford, Jeweler, 204 Main, so
IociU orders from the country.
Binqtie Glace
At Frtecht'a ice-4'renin narli.ra Satur
days, Sundays and Mondays, with pure
cream, custard cream aiid sherbets
balance of week.
In order to introduce tba Alahama
Splint Ccal in this market, it will be
delivered at SOo per barrel in city lira-
us. 41 iiajj no pnperior.
Telephone 659.
Old Gold ant I Nllver
rakon as cab, Mulford's' 294 Main.
J Km I Mir at Laaomanlna'ia,,
four rianibliiir.
lilKfltittro of the river is tlm rhinf
topic 01 conversation on 'Change now.
Thb statistical position of cotton ia
now better than it haB been for years.
litEBicepties who doubt the proba
bility of an early ndvance in cotton,
are growing thinner day by day.
Cl-bino prices of May options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, $8 07
l4trd, fi.Oo:.' Clear rib sides, file.
Corn, 37jc. Wheat, 78Jc. Oats, 29jjc.
Visitohh on 'Change yesterday : F.
R. King, Leighton, Ala. ; Henry Levy,
Holly Sprinirs. Miss. : Jon Stemheraoi-
Brownsville, Tenn. ; Abie Sternberifer.
Brownsvillo, Tenn. ; Dr. B. F. John
son, lies Arc, Ark., and Wm. Bryan,
Aiorf inveii, vi.
Atiaa II Kankin.China Ur W Arring'ton, Tenn
H J toiler. Me A B Wilnia, Musi
JVt A Holtx, Pa
C d Johmon, Ky
CM Ri.nenfliia, Ark
T Tvlor. La
J N Cooke, Ala
J 11 llrawtor, Conn
M C router, la
c T riu,n,.h..ii t...
AltAnilnrunnA'w Ml.. IT t.. .,;.. V
Mr SOrutcliaold.AliiMiaai'ru'ttfhfield, Ala
h 11 Utlrin. A In II A i
J K bnureui-e, Tenn W White, 'j'orn
I L Pride, Tonn F R King. Tenn
Col A D dwvnn.TnnnO (! A...a... 1
Ji' Ro8eiibroiigh,MiiT Wilkerson iw, Miia
I, Levering Aw, Mo A T Anderaon, Tex
o.wkVi". JJNunnall., Ala
n t p rlfolJS' Tonn I S Tonn
C T Baker, Tonn T P Colo, Tenn
P MonrmiiiArv. T.nn S l W.a... -1.
v iV IlU,l,l v'v' ll A "uted, Ark
P H Kelly, N Y A A Greer, Mo
Mn F T Conn. I, a Mi., m... u:n w
lr Pnlliam Mies Dr Bnolianan. All.,
II li trenoh, Ohio JF Wing. Tonn
W H Orider, Ky WW Wood, Ky
Dnflv'a European Hotel.
0ljAner.?f Ada and Mainitreeti. Roomi,
uoo, iuo ana i per aay : American Plan,
per oay.
Kint-nlna. Ha.lui.vnn 1 - IT 1.1 '
J. M. DUFFY (10 year with Penbndv llnt.n
N.Ooker.Tenn J Gainer, Tenn
Ml-a K Louffhnane.Tn W ltiB.n TA..
S ! Mtntih. Gil Mra Brown, Mich
? ,L li'V ".' M ',eh.. T Cowehns, Ark
J 1 Motiirland, Mo P fllenann. Ark
1 P Williams jr. Tenn
Albright, Tenn
C H Guthrie. Tonn
h W Hoaomnn, 111
Mra EM Andiowa Ton
J N llarriainnn. Ky
M J Parker, N 0
, W. . LOVE, J. C.
Latoot Warren, Love Jr. Co., BU Louli.
Lata of Colciwater,
307 & 3C9 Main and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
vitx, no. a iixuxi sijx::t.
are sow
oe made by any competing market.
n o nsye laui u si v E control in this market of the fol-
lowing lines ci CDSrOM-MADE Goods, all ofwhishwe
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
. George Hooker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Shortell'a Bovs'. Yontha' MiBa' nuuA.-
Solar Tip Shoes. '
l. M. Harris A Co.'s Philndtlphis made Children's Shoes.
Also. L. W. Ntita A Hn.'a Ki
, - . f vpwa-w aMU A lUX OUUCO
toe Det BroaratiH muHft in iha llnitnA Wfofao K-tr.
handled by Gcodbar & Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippondorf. Dittmann A Co. line of Trli aa anil
Missas' Kid. Goat and Calf CUSTOM finnrl. vvni n.
SIVELY. nnder tha Factory Brands.
following Specialties under our
We also control the
own brands, viz :
rnuTAJH"? t Co-'8 Men'fl "ined Call
TOM-MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
MAHFRf. n ? C2- Men'8 N'K- CaU CUSTOM.
MADL Bals, Button and ConKrees.
Tr? "feiHT6 flF&.die' Kid A Gt CUB-TOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
lar1"1168' 8reme trom the best ee-'
Ucted Curacoa KidandTampico Gnat S'ock. and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flexible Inner Sole
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
The Water Exnlodina and
Carrying Destruction
Along the Banks.
J Lynch. Ark
It M reward. Tenn
T B Garrett. Ark
F M Ward. Mi,
T II Stannill. N ll
T M Andrew, Tenn
v tvaiier, Alaai
Limits, do you wish shoes
for yourselves or children
fully 60 per cent be'ow value t
Call at B. Lowenstein & Bros.
She ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth pago.
Kalsomiwnq telephone 609, A. Mc
Neil. Lemons nnd Bananas a stwcialty.
JOUNbON A GUINNK, 252 Front.
MsmphibStainkd Glass Wobks, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Send a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
Watuow's Bitnmen Concrete Is abso
lute proof against dampness, seepage
and rats. Telephone 938.
IIavi you a damp, unhealthy cel
lar T Watton's Bitumen Cnnerata will
make it dry and wholesome. Tele-
phone 938.
SSND to Memphis Flora Hnmnanv
for list and price-current of plants.
Have largest stock in town. Come out
ana see ior yourself. South gate Elm
wood Cemetery.
Thi Herbal Chill Cnre. tba Kari
tonloand antt-perlodlo known. A eertain
" " for ohilla. Prtoe 11 per bot-
on, .lauiie ior oirouiari. Any ref
erence alien. Addreaa John 0. Rnoker,
Lrnonbort. va.
Fine Watch repairing at Mulford's,
npre ana Carriage at W. E. Ed.
wards et Drw,' Stable-the onlv
plare la the cliv tbat has thrm.
Telrpbsna Orders promptly attend,
d t. Telrphoaee Naa SS and 798.
Order Mealnat Mullortrw.
loapea and Carrlaaea at W. K.
Edwarda A- Broa. Biable the aaly
plana la Ibe elly (hat haa them.
Telephone Orders promptlw attend
d la. Telephaaea Kim. ee and 703.
Says Specht's pure cream in the finest
in the city or United States.
KIouoKrum Ifnuglex; MuIfortL
IlHre Yonr Freueh Clocks
Pat in order at Mulford's, 294 Main.
Notice to Travelers and Shippers.
Mrnrsta, Tin., April 16, 1866.
Until further notice trains hetuenn
Memphis and Madison will be discon
tinued. Steamers w 11 leave dai y from
foot of Poplar street, at 6 o'clock p.m..
eonnoiting at Madison with tra ns for
Little Kock and all points West.
Freight for Mndison and points beyond
must be delivered at wharfboat. at
foot of Poplar street, before 2 o'clock
pm. Steamer Coahoma will leave
this evening, and s earner E. W. Colo
to-morrow evening, rudolph fink,
General Manacer.
do to KnilMla-e i.aaomamliio for
your rinmblua- and Waa-rllttuv,
W E Turner.!: w.Tnnn I! s kikki. 'mi..
AASoarp, Misa H W Parker. Tenn
A Johnion, Ark J E Ptsoy, Ark
W ' I IjAiiirv. Tnnn TUD...I... T
J P Slough: N N L Si.hel AwT'MuJ
0 llarru, Mo T Norrii, Mo
11 William, Kt.
Clarendon Hotel.
Ko. M BnH A4 f . .1 ! .
a fi unr, uay ooara per
J W Wooley.Mo Ed Fmmen. Ind
Jee llenderaon. NT It M n...:Al. u v
" Jonnann, Miu
v u wv."' M1" M;ae Maya. Miai
gH Wbite.MiH F M Harriaon, Tex
H Dorland, Pa R Q Greer. Kat
Mn Greer, Ka; C B Murroll. Tenn
Mra MoVane, Ark Mn Quinn. Ark
i,pti?' Ark JH Walker. Tenn
T L VVruht, Miu J A Moore, Va
APhmith, Mo CKohn, Mo
M B U illoipix, Mo C K Rather, Mo
J M Galewood, Tex.
Cincinmaii, April 27. Night River
14 feet 7 inches on the gauge and fall
ing. Weather clear and cool.
Nbw Orlxans, April 27. Night
nrnvsa; inomas enenock. Uincinnati,
Departed: City of New Orleans, St.
Cairo, April 27. Night River 40
feet 9 inches on the gauge and falling.
Weatber Cloudy and eonl. Nnarrivala
or departures of regular packet.
LOUISVILLI. April 27 Niohf.Ri-
falling, with 7 feet 2 innhaa in tha
canal and 6 feet on the falls. Business
dull. Weather clear and nleaannt
Vicxsbubo. April 27 Kioht Ar
rived : Arkamas Citv. St. Tinia. De
parted: Leathers, New Orleans. River
rifen 2-10 inch. Waal Vicvraininn oil
IHlUlilg Ul
St. Louis, Anrll 27 NiohtPico.
fell 2 inches, and now stands 21 feet 6
inches on the gauge. Weather clear
and warmer. No arrivals of rejnhr
panels, departed: Uty of Cairo,
v ii.nniMII K.
BST The sight of a river on fire has
not been seen in the vicinity of
Memphis, but it is certain that the
Greatest Bargains in Clothing are to
be found at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street.
It is now time to think of Spring
Clothing. Ponder well where you
can buy it to the greatest advantage.
Who can afford to sell it the cheap
est? Where ought the greatest bar
gains to be obtained? These are
questions that should be considered
by every buyer.
Read the Answers in the Stars.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors can
sell you Clothing at ilalf Cost, be
cause we buy Clothing at Half Price
Tho Misfit Clothing Parlors buy
nothictc that they do not secure
at what represents a great sacrifice
to the tailors who made the gar
ments. Low buying is the secret of
selling low. The Misfit Parlors sell
low because they buy low.
The Flowers that Bloom la the Spring
The spring flowers will soon be
t. T. ...
nere. i repare to dress to receive
them. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
Stacks of New Suits,
Tiles ot Business Suits,
Tons of New Pants,
Beautiful Spring Overcoats.
OT Evwry Xaieaoirli3tlotaL.
James M. Goodbar Wm. 1 Clark Inseni J. Carrlneton I franU j
tn.Tolieala.oci lOOO.l
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
ityloi ny any honie in thiior any other city. In addition to a oompiete line of Eaetern
madeeoodi. inolud.n :th; L..BM.1 .U B..OI1BA K A BK(lVwehandui
! Jjtl! andieleot itook of Cuitom-inade floodi for Men, Women, Miaaes and Chifdren. We
ffrry,i.,,umb,,r,of th b.?,t .m,Ji"'.in ,h eountry, in ever variety nd etiln, and amon
HoL'avJH:" kJ"w? H'01 Calf Boota and Shoe, m.nufaotured W eo. Hock"? for ol"
c'll f foi5Jd.? ' "T eaowj lino of Ladiea' and Minea' Cuatem Kid.Soat and
Sji'.k' ,mn.ufaet", by krippendorf. Dittman A Co. We invite the trade to examine
our itock before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything we aell to irive aauatacSon"
mioiiBtH A CO.
Strike the Iron While It's Hot,
In order to move eer Immenae itook we
make tha following offer:
good Straw Hate at 25o. J5e 60c and 75
Eura Fine Straw Hata at. 41. It 9V ll e
ouiau niriiw uonneu, ait ooiori fiOo
naira w lue orim iiata, for country .5c
Beautiful Roaei, all colon, per doien...
Violeta. Der dosen
rlultercupi, per dot en
tarnation finki, t
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
218 Main St,, Sfemphiet, Tenn
Wlaklne; to Retire from Baajneaa
wv vuvr aanr r.nllre
tv vented In m
noe ot me eiiate ol w . It. lloUon, de
Exorllcnt'o nnd Cnh
Are the a, rets nt Mn'ford's success.
Je l Mempnla rinral I'ampaBJ
for plaata and nlealr or Ikeoa,
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of the authorit
truatoe of the eitate ol
reaseu, aa tha lucceaeor in ornoe of t;. K.
bmith. trnatee. by decree of the bupreme
V, '"onewee in eaae ol L. A. lunnon
vi. h. M. Apperaon and otheri, I, Tavid C.
Mauihter. truatee aeaforea id, will offer for
aaie, at public outcry, at the eourthouae
door, in the city of Memphie. and lell to the
higbpit and beat bidder, commencing
promptly at 13 o'olock m., on
aatnrdajr, the let Day or May, ISM,
Ihe following deaorlbed real eitate, to-wit:
Tha eaat half of lot 6. in block St, on the
plan of the city of Memphia, on the north
west corner of Linden and Driver etreeti, in
end city, havlee a Iront nf 80 feet, more or
leaa, on the north ide of Linden atreet, and
running beck between parallel linea about
00 Icet; the frmtof ihe laid lot being lnl
leet, leai rne-half of Driver a tree t, taken off
toe east tide thereof, leaving about HO feet
front, totrnthar Wilh tha lmnra,M..I. Mnn-
ai'ting of a two-atory briek dwelling.
The itorahouae now neennUil kik. M
penn A Co., No. Front itreet. and o.
6 Jefforiun itreet, renting lor 11000 per' an
Ke idene. No. M Conrt .fMt
f per month, having a front of SO feet 4
nchea, hy a depth of H8S feet, formerly eo
cupied by P. C. Bethel, deceased.
House and lot n north aide of Union
'?; fronting 35 feet, and running hack to
O'd l-nion ateeet, known aa No. 374 Union,
renting or J0 per month.
t!"Vn" na ,0.t ?.?'7't ldt Orleem itreet,
WS feet front by IM leet deep, known ai lot
ni. p .uuuii
No. 6 ot .1
ALo. lot No 7, aamo luhdiviiion. liJVJxlW.
liot o8 of W. R. Marna'i aiibdivi.ion,
on Cow Iiland road, containing 11 T8-1U0
Ternn-One-third caa1-, the balance In li
tnontba, with inlereai, aecured by lien. The
tit ee are per ot. but I aell onlyaa uuatee.
ruitlicrinforina'ion can be Stained from
the undrraigned, 1). C. PLAlli) HTaK,
Trn-teeel'e W.H, Bolwn, dee'4.
R. 0. Jordan, Attorney.
First in quality; lowest in prices;
nothing but real, reliable olothing;
every garment carefully made.
. 5c
ner rl M.n 1
Elegant Bunche- of Flowera........'.7....25o
Kxtra Fine Rnnnh.a nf en.
Impirted Frenoh Flowera froml"'.'4i"to $5
UatrlcU 'a l,e (3 In banco) lor 3Se
gruiu, iieavei, mem, all kinda of ma
terial to make Artificial Floweri.
Bridal and llfonrning Ontflts
The Finest Aatortmont of D0LL3 in tha oity.
Hata Reahaped, t'eatbera Cleaned.
aiyea ana Curled.
GOLDEN HAIR WASH by the imall or
large quantity.
We Make a Specialty of Millinery,
Employing the beat handa in the city, give
our whole attention to it, and wedefyoom-
iren.mu in iiiui une.
Sweet Pickles, Etc.
Blntled Frnlt Plealed Orangea,
StnO-ed Frnlt Pickled Cecumben,
SlnrTed Froll Pickled Peppers,
Blaaed Frail Pickled Mangoee,
aweea pica lea, .
Crom Black well'a Cnow-Cbow aad
Jllzed Pleklea,
Plain Cnenmber Pleklea by theall.
Other brands of Plain and Mixed
Pleklea la Glass aad Ollvea.
Corner Second and Beale Sts,
lad Ice Cream Mannfaetorers.
Bat. I". XJ aTx IiIP
French Chemical Works
58 Jefferson Street.
FLA VUH8. which lie nfln. .t I
price of escenia aaxllon, f any kind of
flavor. Oualitv and nnrit. ,n,...l.. Tu
Cream manufacturer! will find- all kinds of
Aitracu and Urait Colorings at a very low
Opp. Conrt Square.
fians, Ammunition, Fishing; Tackle
and Uaae-Uall Hoods. '
934 Hata Street, Memphia, Teaa;
Manufacturing and Repairing of Oosi a
Real Estate Dealers
Office, 264 Seoond Street.
Cor. Second and Ooara,
Tazea Paid. Rnt. nnii...j ...
wwuwu.vu w.u.l vm
ftaT-The Wide-awake
Price Clothiers.
All alterations, to insure a per"
feet fit, made free of charge, by a
First-classi Tailor
XNTo. 13X4 ZVIaiKk St.,
Hai juit received a large itook ef tha
latest itylee of
for Panti, which we wil' make to order at
much less than the uanal price!. We will
make a good all-wool pant a for Call
and examine our lomls. Alan, a complete
lor the coming aeason at our mual low
pricea. ,
Ureal Li0W I V for the rjpring Hata have made their
aranc, ana niKin tu.,, me
TIKH. ha! the Largeat Stock in the
cuy. iney comprise aiu trie L.a eat novel
ties: thev are of tha Beat Standard RranH..
in all colora and knda. trom the little bahv'a
kat to the old arandpa's Young men's light
coiorei Dernys trom at oo up to IS so. we
ten a Derby for Wi i. ixld every were for (4
a aa.ao nerb for as.oo.
A tS.OO Derby for it SO.
A aa.0 Derby for 3.00.
Ladies eaneciaMy invited to examine one
large iiocg el tnuapn louiv iiu.
Martin Cohen,
THE HATTfclt, 219 MAIN ST.
Frank Schumann,
I)kAt N KMM Iu CAl'SKS and 01 H K.c
cne who was deaf tv.enlf-eiuht year
..r,a'ei I v most of tha noted !pecialntl
te d y with no benefit. Craao BmaiLn i
tnree months, and linoe then hundred! ol
flth.n ht..m.K... , i : i i
.. , ' i'i . . f, ii.iu, impivuiu
S'STv?" gaa treatment. udreai I.
loa.unaaiiiuttjl,. Xorktityj
Importeri and dealer! In Sana. Amn.n
nliloa and FlKliitiir TaehJa, itnlldera
Hardware, .lecirle Heila and Aa
Dunclalera for Hotels anil H..i...
Mala eMwet. neinnhla. ta.ii i-i '
inppliei alwayi on hand.fcRepairin neatly
Boiler Works.
SHEA & McCABTHT.Propr's,
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
2a Mrl i "vy al.te IroaV
J. F. H0LST &BR0.,
(buocsbbobs to o. h. holbt a bbo.
afJi 'A y, t': -r !V V'jU.l
Importer and Dealer In
Oeaa, Ii.hlnr Tawhle and Mnoria.
naea'ahnppllea w Special attention
gven to AI AMFACILKlNtl and KK.
. .' fM1. Caiketa and Burial Robee alwayi oa
Uain 01 Jieiupoin, Xeno : iield; f wiegrapa promiitlj
Funeral DirectorSa
AyJJI,l!.,li "np'te itock of Wood and
Mullic Casei i and CaskaU, Oioth-Ccv

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