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ho Room to Doubt tbe Suece of the
Latter Suodjra.8 a Verj
Strong Mali.
Sam vole, Tens., June 18. The
i:o;)ol)iii'iin Ctnveution hai wet,
n initiated nJ adjournod. I do net
think they have much Lope of elect
ing ny oiib ol her Suoreme JuiWs.
i;.it Tenrefwe wm quite di'Batutii
with tbe 8nod(ra9 norainatiin, but
tbey will Biipport him. They will,
however, insist moH BtrennouBly on
haioR the candidate for Uavernor.
It seema to me the ibe plan for them
would be to auk for the Senator to be
elected nut winter. All of the ran
diJates inentionod for the Senate thus
fur are from Middle Tennessee, nod
theteare five or fix of them. East
Tennessee could well aflVrJ to Rive up
the Governor in order to get the Sena
tor. It ie a much more valuible office
and 'aU three time long. Kant
TcPiieeare his had no Hrna'i.r imca
Andrew Johnson died. Mr. .Snodgrass
in rs much an Kaflt Tennerseesn as was
hig competitor, II. 11. Irperpoll. If
tlu-y can sot the Senator, and by pur
BU'im the proper eoume thfjr can dj
o, it will be much bett 'r thin 1 aung
the caniidato f r Goverror. There
are m manv uimlidates for the Senate
it Middle Tennessee, if E.nt Tunm-J-"
will unite she ctn Rt't the
Helm tor. Tbis is her true policy.
The U publican caniiidi'te for Gov
ernor is t'iM stroneot man they have,
and the Democrats mii't 1)9 wtte in
the gc'eciion of thuir cand.'dati. It
will bo very dant;er.llH to sehct a can
didate opposed to nationul education,
and one inui-t be selected thut has
Btrengtb. in West, Middle and East
Tenneppee. Many think K. F. 1 ouncv,
Hbelby's csndi'late, Is the runn. lie
Iips strong frifiids in tbis part t,f the
Hiate, wliBie lifl li veil for eo many
year, ard the actioa of SI.elby onnty
shows his otrunjjlli in the West. He
war bwi in Knst Tenuiwt"1, and I am
informed hts hos'soi friends end flip
porters there. li s thanes tor the
nomination are as g.'od es thoie of
any man I know, if not ro'ter. TIih
whole Democratic judicial ticket will
be elee'ed in this county, and in this
CLancery District M. K. Priest is w.t
tli t favorlio of a great nmuy tor Attor
ney Gctier.il, but ho will defeat Frank
Deid bully, so say the beat informed.
The dolejates from this county tu the
Ilepublii an Couveutinn are very much
dissatisfied at the Rubniipsion of the
liipior plank in their platform, and
sy it will injure their party very
Alfa UMHl Mna, ton! Ho t'nn'l Be
NashvillH Amirictm: The secind act
of the political drama, which is cjme
dy to the country at large, hut a
tragedy to the g. o. p., has been played,
arid the curtain rung down, with the
Hon. A. A. Taylor bowing giacefully
before the f no' lights. Mr. Taylor and
his friends have now no'hing further
to do but to wait for tne Domorraiic
Convention to name the man who will
be the next Governor of Tennessee..
An to who thnt may be, we, of course,
do not proposo t hazard any surmise,
and we do not suppose it is a ma'ter
of any very srrious consequence to
Mr, iaylor or the g. o. p. In any
event Mr. Taylor's duom, so far as this
canvBHS is concerned, is fouled, lu
saying this, we, of cnurrto, do not
mean to undur estimate Mr. Taylor's
strength or ability, lie is quite an
able and arcomplisbed gentleman. Ko
far as his political uualitli-aiioiR
are concerned, lie la rwonirwy
well Informed on the public ques
tions of the day without being n
very deep or profound student of poli
tic, Is pers mally mw of integrity
and high character a great deal bet
ter man in every way than many of
his party iu Tennessee who have re
ceived more of its honors and emolu
ments than Mr. Taylor. As a randi
didate, Mr. Tavlor has a considerable
personal popularity among those with
whom he has associated, and we do
not know of any ugly thiegs for which
he (s personally ecconntable. Mr.
Taylor did not make tho KepubliciU
party, and has always heretofore been
denied tho privilege of helping to
Make its lecord. As a public B"enker,
Mr Taylor bat an eay flow of lan
guage, bis diction being pol shed mid
elegiiut, snd bis delivery gracolul and
atlraitv. But he lacks the tire and
euriicslnufH of mnt:er which makes
the impressive jsneakor before n popu
lar audience, ami the krcnnerH and
)uickuefs of a skilled debater.
lna Wnnla Hit' Koiiiluullun.
Brownsville .SVic mi J lite: The
announcement of thellou. 1'. T. GIahs
as a candidate for ra-tleulion to Con
g'erswillbo found elsewhere. Mnj.
tilifs says in a letter to the SluUt ami
lire: "I will not leave niv duties to
enter the race. I w.U a'jide the will
of the pMipl." Such a noble soiti
lnent mill Blill add to the popularity tf
the distinguished guntleninn, who bad
lather have a sansa of duty well per
formed than any honors that could be
bestowed upon him. At some future
time wo will take ple.wire in review
ing his line record in Congress; Butlico
it now to ray he hss made a uiot-t ire
ful, laborious and faithful public ctll
c!al and his claims upou his party tie-
serve serious cw.tidi ration in the
coining contest.
A I'lntlliiillnmia riHirorm.
Nashville ('iiion: The lb-publican
i latlorin is a series of platitudinous
atih phrase. It t'ust holds the
Democratic party ie?pors ble furevi-ry
evil that lias befallen u iinl ,nd, anil
then it abuses the hae system, us if
the KfptihlicAiis did not leiis the
pr'son when they controlled theSiale.
!.,. were exiiocted as a mater o!
curs.-, nod thty will have the usual
effect upon the public mind. Men
who know anvt'iing will Bmile, and
the balance will not comprehend
them, h makes two issues ouieide of
there national aid to rdueat'on and
protfetive tariir. Tho ell' ri to make
the Republican pnrtv the sole chain
pton of national aid is Bhr.nvd. If this
could be clearly established, and
it c:ul be showu, as they claim,
that the Democratic party opposes
i-oimliT education, it would be the
beet card tin V have plaved since the
it . i . i - - , . i
war. jiappi'v, xoe crutui una boowu
bvconcluive ptoof that Thomas .1
fereon originated it. and thnt the
DeinccrAtic ail ininisttation have spent
over $JiW,OdO,tktO in aid of it, ami that
tue present bibs are dirictly traceable
to Ih'Ciee'nt c inspiraucn ami sugges
tion, until it is in every senM pure
tbermtc'iroe of Democratic polit y a'ul
effort. The Republicans shall not
crush the Denuicratic purtv with any
hiicli wcnstri us and s'auiiom lie mi
ll's? t.ifl I nu n oltice in binned down.
On the tiirill t'.e ilaifurui is liiu-t ex-e.-!v
iu the terms of the Democritt'e
platform at Caicago it does nt lav-T
protrc ion per te, but w thut us.ng
log t';e wi'd "iucider.ta 11 it cltarl.
p. cans it. It thus brazciily fctcps in'o
another Democratic potion in Tart
and ieeks to drive the Democrats over
to free trad". A little bunkum, soms
sneaking abuse, a profuse attempt to
stuff the Dish, the laborers and the
piohibitiotiiB', and i's winds up w th
out havir g Bid much wcrth noticing.
aihvi!:e Bnumr: The Ainrrkmx
undertake in a c lumn article this
niornirjg to show that the Eat Ten
tv saee recalcitrants, who insist that
Judge fenodgra: s was not the choice of
the Eas em divi i jn, don't know what
they are taking ibont, and re.illy
don't know whi t ':er they bad a chiice.
That it a UMtion for the Amrrican
and the East Tennesseans to eetde be
tween tht-m, but it does appear that
tin .4rrierim undertake to prove too
much when it tries to show that In
gersoll was not tb chcite of the ma
jority of the K.st Tcnneisee delegates
over Sncdrafs.
Nashville Banner: The Dibrell men
will not be likely ti give up (he firfbt
without a struggle. Same of them
say Gen. Dibrell is the moet available
man; for the canvats, and that the
party will make a big mistake if it ex
prcta to fiddle through the campaign
with Bob Taylor. But there a-e eouie
other candidate for the nomination
in Kist Tennessee.
Tbe UntniiM Republican for
Nainvllle Banner. The Tennesoee
ReimbHcaus appear to be for B a ne
and Lngua as the Presidential ticket
in 188S, bu'. L-gan doow't feeni to be
very etiiliunisstic for Blaine, and
Blaine's regard for Logan lacks eomo
of tho elements of I e ml em ess.
John Allru.
Cbattunooga 7ins: Col. John Al
len, JioarHlary of tat, is a viworous,
wide awake thmgli not a "kid"
Democta', albeit he is yet lingering in
the nnholy st no of bacbelordom, and
is in for a wi le awake campaign. It
is said that a fnir damsel on whrm
John's foml tieait has for sime time
lingered has promised to many the
next Governor of Tennfssee pro
vidod it is John. You will see John
lmstlhg lively.
Tbe iml Dtmurrnllc Mnjorlly.
CbalUiniMjja Timt: Unless some
unforween division shoald arise in
the Democratic parly after its nomi
nation for Governor lit-B been made,
Mr. Taylor will lack anysrhere from
;iO,0at to 50,000 votes of reaching the
goal of hie ambition.
jt -
Lett' lrrel.
Bijwnaville &latn and ltee: His
frienr's not only here but all over the
State will deeply regret G-n. Lta'B
dtfeat for a p'ues on the Supreme
Bench? He was wholly worthy of tbe
distingnlshed honor, and if he had been
nominated be would have rell-ctcd
creoitnpon the judiciary. There is not
a gentleman iu Tennesiee of higln-r
character or one who is in '.re capable
to occupy a p'ureoo our Sunieme
Bench titan Gen. Lea, or a gentleman
who has more personal popularitv,
and, therefore, bis defeat comes with
a profound sene of legre'.
"llulV Brolhrr.
Nashville Union: The best thing
that can be said of the nominee for
Governor is that he is Bob Taylor's
brother. He is a bice geutlemni, they
Bay, and of come ability. That is all.
AuM;n rf Knox gave the case away
when he said All was nominated to
keep the Deiin crjts from naming
Bob-. They are afraid of Bob. We do
not .)tnow of anything meaner that
Col. 'ftiylor bus done than to disgrace
his bother by joining the Ucpubli
I'orlrrlli ll.
PtinW-litrmxnUi . J. M. Portsrtlcld
of lecalnr county was nominated for
A ttorneyGcurl at Henderson on
Totsiiay. Four hntidred and seventy
six hallots were had. Mudieon c miry
made tbe bteuk for 1 o'torHelil.
7VrrV Dcmonil: A caadidate for
otlioa. lode up to a house
n McNairy county the other
day and asked for tbe head of the
family. "He's down in the field,"
said the hitter's wife, "burying our
do?." "Wbat killed the dog?" asked
the oilicc-seeker. "He killed himself
barking at candidates. You needn't
hurry ofl, itranger" yelled the good
lady us tbe wouUl-be ollicc-holderioilo
a wiry in a gallop.
I fthiml belilnii bis elbow chair,
W hand ronu nftl on his linir
HiUrwhiiKu iilvt-r in itcmror lo ui
rl'U.. ll .1.. ....I I -..l.l U .
J.ll'VII fill KltW N'M.l (111 VIII III i-.iuiii uv ,
Anil my oyen ul iirnwn
bunk Inn Jrrlir iluwn
On Joiin, uiy Juhu I
Th fl ro I i k ti ' let! Inutrti nml wurins,
Wriipi u both in it rmlily nrin
.lubn, at he titii in Hie licnrtli-Khtw red.
M ultb my hnn.l on hi ' ilear uU head
hni-irohnc ui both,
V . Like riiu iif trutb,
Me nd my John.
Hi f rm hnn tout its early trii-e,
U' li.. ..K i.:. l:...1i. f
" i i ii . m. iu.. .u u i niuuij iituv .
HU brow ii do longer iraooth and fair.
rcr tim
me hn loll his autoitmiiB there;
Hut a noble erne,
In nit Iuthik erea
la John, tuy John !
"My love," he saya, and lifta hia handu,
Itmwncil li y I lie aun ul other lands.
la a tunder f ap on mine to lay.
"lliw tuna- am wna our weddinv day?"
1 amiie tnrouib my leara,
- And lay, "Veam and yeara,
'- My Juliu, dear John."
Weav bo more, the ll'ellk-ht atowa:
lliitbof ui inue, on what who knows?
My nanda drop down in mute carois
bat-h Uirob ot iny heart is a wish to bless
, With my life's best worth
f - The heart and the h- arth
Ot John, my John I
Mlistrp Nnlmllere.
8t. Pai l Minn., June 18. Twomen
fi'Hn New Yoik naiuid Collins were
arrHtitl at Kergns Fal s Iat night by
detectives To-day it is alleged that
the men have been operating for
romo in intlis in Mtnmsita under tbe
nrmnamK of J. B. Carry A Co., and
Hiuveeded in ewindling a large number
of people. In May it is claimed that
they bought a large amount of goods
from a C'hiiago firm, bad them ship
ped to Red Wing and then rt shipped
tlH'in to several stnaT towns, intend
ing to follow them, and as they paid
r.oMiing for them all they so'd would
be clear profit. The detective who
arrested them raid t'ey were known
all.over New York having made their
hcadnnsrlers at Tar.-ytown.
la tho Itfstr Old Uny.
V'e tlifler in creed and politit, but
we are a unit ail the mine on the da
Birableuesa of a tine head rf hair. If
you mourn the loss of this b leaning
and oriiament. a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Balsam will make you
ioo hr you ilia in the dear .-lit ttavs.
It in woith tryi'ur. rh only star.durd
50 ifitu n.i ih inr th hair.
uuiliia ril lllir it Nloruij'rialii.
i.n i- ii lk. iY.jnne in Al'era
sormv all-nig!. t eia-ion tie Dene
i nt'ic convent on at Lebanon, Ky
ii- mi'-A'tM joFor.ii bailiour tor jn 'ge
oi tue Miper. r t.0iiit.
frul(t.rnv lor tt 'Ahm1."
During the I .ant Presidential Elec
tloa With Which to Tempt Tatu
mauj to Defeat Clevelaud.
New York Hralh The shot which
Cjlonel Georgs Bliss fireJ yesterday,
in his Herald interview, at Mr. John
J. O'Brien, the Republican bss in
this city, not only hts brought down
the bird it was aimed at, but baa hit
bigger game ro less apeison 'ban the
late Republican Presidential candi
date, Mr. James G. Blaine.
Colonel Bliss charg-i, in brief, that
on fcubdey, NovemW 2, 18S4, tao
days before the Presidential elsction,
Jay Gould paid "a Urge mm, $5,000
to f 100,000," to John J. O'Brien, "un
der some assurance that it was to be
used upon Demociats" of the Tam
many variety to help defeat Mr.
Cleveland and to elect Mr. Blaine on
the Tii's;!ay following, and that
O'Brien pocketed the monty and
thcrev-y Mr. Blaine nvssed
the PieMdency. Obviously such
a charge from such a source
requires an answer from Mr. O'Brien.
But even more it demands on answer
from Mr. Blaiii", for tbe fai t that on
Sunday, November 2r), 1884, he was
recretly clOBtttd for four hours with
Mr. Gould ra'ses a prtsuniption of
knowledae on hia own part. If Gould
paidOBrien tbe sum named I rt e
purpose alleged on the dav specified,
no sane person will uoubt that the
payment and its purpose wereeuhj'cts
of 'that conference. Tho New l oik
Tribune's enthusiastic edito.Ul address
to counrry Republican the next more
irg.er.tit ed "tm t Tbis C.ty," is an
other corroborating cirt omsiai:ce not
to be overlooked.
Investigations and explanations also
are in order from Tsminanv. Co.
B'isschargrs thn. "a high oilictr of
ihe police force" was "a paity to the
airreement" between Gould and
O'Bii.n, and "claimed to represent
Mr. Kelly." Who was this "high
otlicer of the police force?" Ui.lo;S
the agreement considerably aut-idatad
tie payment, he fcmely could Lava
been Puliee Commirsioner Sidney P.
Nichols, for on November 2, 18S4,
Nichols had been dead marly two
weeks. At the time of his dea h he
was thai. man ot the Tammany Gen
eral Committes and member of th
Deuiocra'ic SUto Committee, end
O'Brien was a clerk of his Police
Bonr.l. This would attract strong
tuspfcion to him but for the fuel of bis
death on October 20. But if m.t
Nichols, who was tbe man? Tarn
insny ought to Identify bim and pil
l.iry iiiin with Blaine and Guild an i
O'Brien, In justice to itself aud in duty
to tho public.
Fuithor spniifljpitions of the man
ner in which Gould exp'cted O'Brien
toapply tho $50,01)0 or U-100.COO during
the torty eight hours before the elec
tion are alto due to tbe public horn
everybody wbo csn throw light. Was
it intended that the Republican elec
toral ticket should be bunched with
the Tammany ballots? If that wai
the intention, who among the Tain
mniiy workers ware the nun believed
to be tanable of such an infamous job?
What Was their ass sed price?
The iiioie this scandal is corsidered
(and it is one of tbe biggest scandals
tna ever has happened in Americaa
palitiuo and it is bound to grow upon
popular af.ention) the more the pu'jlic
is getting impretsoil with a couviclion
that the swindle O'Brien perpetrated
on Gould if there wai such a swindle
is by to u cans tbeniCBt important
feature ol it. On the huts al.eged by
(Jul. BlUathey me asking one another
whether Gould consnuetl to unbo
Blaine iuto tho Prtsidency and
whether B.'aine was not a conscious
and willing partner in tbe plot.
Tub Richmond Whiamya the South
is carrying too much "dead popula
tion" and that the large percentage of
shiftless, inactive, non-productive
population is a drawback and a dead
weight on tier live, lodus nous popu
lation. Tub Rome Courier comments in de
servedly severe tones on the asriduity
with which the Savannah News and
Columbus Enquirer Sun maintain their
seats upon the fence; it ia one of the
novelties of the present Citmpa gn in
The bill for the relief of Gen. Fltz
John Porter will come up in the Sen
ate in a low days We nnrerely be
lieve that all unprr judiced men who
have intelligently studied tbe rasa de
sire that Gen. Porter shall bs re'i'.ved
of the odium of bis sentence.
Paof. Chandler, of Columb;a Col-
lego, and Prof. Morton, of Holokeu
Institute, were bcfoie the Senate Ag
licultu'al Committee WidiuBdav on
tbe oleomargarine bill. Their testi
mony was to the eBoct that oleomar
garine is bir.ter, and that there is to
dill'erence betwet n the tw. cotnmoj-
it es.
Tub Ntw York Star, in view t.f the
fact that tho p irtraitsof pioniinent
persons (women as well as men) are
ofteu biought into second use as por
traits ot disreputable characters, sug
gests thn' "it ia all nit time to enact
law forbidding papers to print por
traits of private individual without
their consent.
Tu at eminent authoritv on m itical
bric-a-brac, Mr. George Alfred Town-
send, has made tbe happy dLcowry
that Mr. Gladstone is in reality only a
feeble imitator of Mr. Blaine, and
that the Knglish Premier has grad
ual'y worked away from the opinions
which he originally held to the very
ground occupied by Mr. Blaine when
a boy. The f rce of cheek can no
farther go.
Thb Republican defotit in Oregon is
fnrnishing the friends r f Maj. Bacon,
r.f Georgia, a text from which to
preach sundry sermors against the
tolly of nominating Gen. Gordon for
Governor of that State. It wes a ring
nrmioation, they say, which lost the
Ktite of Oregon to the Ro.)utilifne.
Gen. Gordon's nomination would bea
ring nomination, and the vo'ers are
advised to remember Oregon and be
ware. Tub Philadelphia In'uirtr admits
that three giants are likely to contend
for the Democ atic nomioatim for
Gr.vernorof Pennsylvania. Tteyare
Kx Senator Wallace, Lieut -Gov.
Chiiincey Black and Kx-Gov. Androw
G. Curtin. We congra'u'a'e the De
mocracy cf Pennsylvania on the pos
sesion of such splendid material.
Any one of tin s: three is fit for lbs
Governorship of any State in the
Thk New Y'ork Oimnurcidf liul elin
aslis, What do info mean when they
l-.i.k ot I'tig.iioBS ilepreesion I and an
:-wer,"Here are reci rds of ac;n-l pav
n e.as ttirough banks for live mcn'hs
of t e iircsi-iit vear. The amount naid
t' ioiuh tvertv-seven clea-ing boues
s !ii,2.,4.(X'0,OijO,nrainit il! 01,(1HV
tOO lat year What s-rt of depiee
siun ia that wlich involve the pay
ment cf f 12 for every $100 pa d
during the net five months cf Ins:
Thb Federal Cjngress is now di-;-cus'ing
the rvpicty of increasing the
salaritwof D.iliict judgia fmu !t300
to I jOOO. Tl-e Hon. John Randolph
Tucker o! rugiLia, in the report
which he eibiti tod, sfcid: "Tnat is
the best tepad outlay of the money
if the peisle which induces tbe
largest ability to a ek the bench, and
frees judicia iif from tbe tares of
family acd lomu. which oi-t-aut fiom
puolio dut aud, above all, which
will make the judge truly independ
ent of all bfiuenois to disturb the
balance of bi jndgeaent and unfit him
to be an inmrtlal arbiter between til
men and al intsiests of society,"
A. 0. U. W.
Clecllca al Offirera ot tbe ttastrein
1 !.
Minnkapoj?, Minn., Jane 18. This
afiernoou tie Grand Lodge, Anc'ent
Older of Vtited Workmen, visited
Minnehaha and St. Paul by special
train, had ride about tbe la'tsr city
atd a baoqiet in tbe evening. Tbe
following (thesis have been electsd:
Supteme Jtaster Woikmao, Geo. W.
Badgeraw, Tor 'tto, On'.; Supreme
Foreman, V. II. Jordan, Oaaland,
Cat.; Suprene Oveis-er, C. M. Mas
teis, Sparte, Wis.; Supreme Re;orcer,
M. W. Siceit, Mtadvillb; Supreme
Receiver, J H. Henhurt, MM&dyiile,
Pa ; Suprece Guide, W. R. Graham,
Cedar FllH,Ia. ; Suprems Watchman,
John A. Ciild, Portland, O.e. ; Sn-
tremeTru-teefor three years, D. B.
oomis, Bufal'j, N. Y.; Supreme Md
ical Kxamiier, Hugh Dohtrty, M D.,
Boston, Alan.
Mrs. Hioinpaou'a I'nneral.
New Yoik, June 18. The funeral
of the late Mrs Wintield B. Th ,nip
son, the yr tng br'de who Wis t hot an J
killed by lnr bu bmd in the Sturte
vaut Houaeon Taesdiiy, took place to
day from her parents' residence in this
city. It vas hrgely attended by
friends, and the stieet was filled with
people. Tin Rev. Dr. Elder conducted
the service!. The interment toss in
tbe Cemetery of tie Evergreens.
Young Taompsan is (-till ahvo, but
no hope is eiter ained that he will re
cover. Hit father, the Kev. Dr.
Thompson, ind hia brother who ar
rived from Kansas Cttv yesterday,
cal ed a iiie hospital this inoriiir.g to
eee the wotnded man.
-THE s
Thta medicine, combining Iron with pore
rcci-tatile tonics, quickly and completely
V'urra lTp iln, I ,.1'Rratlnn, WrnkncM,
uiiurr illniid, .Ulwria,ChlUand Fever,
jnd Nrurnltni.
li Is an uiii iilinu rrncdy for Diseases of the
Kidney Hint I.lrtT.
it la inviilualile fur Plscnws peculiar to
Women, ami all w!;o lend sedentary lives.
It does iiolltij'ire tti teeth, cause headache.or
priiilnee eivistipation othrr Iron medicinfi tlo.
lteiirlchesa id purifies the blood, stimulate!
the appetite, a.ds tho assimilation of food, re
lieves llearttii i n and notching, and strength
ens the musi los and nerves.
For Intermittent Fevers, Lassitude, 186115)
Hue.-:-- An.. I baa no equal. '
ftf-Tb iVtiulrie baa above trade mark aft"
cn-jcd rswunca on wrapjier. Take no otliei.
.atiMij Mows chsiical co, BiLTiaoaa, su
This fnmnns remedy most hannily meets
thedamand of the quo for woman's peculiar
and maltiform afflictions. It is a remedy
for WOMAN ONLY, and for one SPECIAL
CLASS of her diseases. It is a siieciflo fur
oertain diseased conditions of the womb,
and proposal to so oontrol the Menstrual
Function as to regulate all the derange
ments and irregularities of Woman's
Its proprietors claim for It no other medical
property; and to doubt the faot that thil
meuioine does positively possess suoh oon
trollina and regulating powers is limply
to discredit the voluntary testimony of thou
sands ol living witnesers who are to-day
exulting in the restoration to sound health
and happiness.
Female Regulator
is strictly a vetetable compound, and ia th
product of medical science and practical ei-
per'.enoe direeied toward me oenent oi
It Ii the studied prescription of a learned
physician, whos specialty was WOMAN,
and whose fame bacame enriableand bound
less because ol his wonderful succesi in th
treatment and cur of female complaints.
REMEDY known, and richly deserve! its
Woman's Best Friend
Because It controls a elass of funotioni th
various derangements ol which cause more
ill health than all other eauses combined,
and thus rescues her from a long train of
afflictions which sorely embitter her life and
prematurely end her existence. Oh, what
multitude of living witnesses can testily to
iu charming effects I Wok-aa. take to your
eonfidenc this
It will relieve you ot nearly all th eom
plain's peculiar to your tax. Kely upon it
as your sateguard for hoalth, happinoss and
long life.
Sold by all druggists. Send for our treat
ise on tha Uenlth and Happiness ot Woman,
mailed free, which gives all particulars.
Boi.2S, Atlanta. Q.
President of the Great LOUIS VILr.S C0U-
KlbK-JUUiUNAlj CO., teas mat
h knows of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Orricaor THiCoraigi-JouR!AL,
hi 018VILLB. KT.
aive a rule 1 hav
observed for many years, the value ol your
remady prompting me to say, in reply to
your request, what I knov of your Chill
Cure. The private assuranesi of its efficacy
I had, and the good results t us enecu l
had observed on Mr. R. W. Meredith, who,
for mure than fifteen years, bid been fore
man of my office, induced me to test it in
my family. The results have ben entirely
satisfactory. The first oase wm of two
years' standing, in which I. belisv every
known reuiody bad been tried wit" tempo
rary relief the chills returning twr odieally
and with seemingly iuoreased stvrrity.
Your cure broke them at once, and ttwre has
been no recurrence of them for mor than
sii months. The other case was ol a milder
fi rm, and yii-'ded more readily to ether
remedies; but the chills would return at in
ter air until your medicine was used, sine
whi -h time, now several months, they hav
eriirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity 1 hav bad to judge, I do not hesitatato
eii ress my belief Hint your Chill Cure is
v.i'ual'le specific, and performs all yoa
Pr mi... for it. K"V.K'.WkMA1..
AP.Tlll'R TETKR 4 CO., Agents, Louis
ville, Ky.
FiS'iral Ip s
Sore Eyes
The eves are always In sympathy with
the body, and ajurd an excellent index
of Its condition. M'ln n tbe eyes become
weak, and tbe lids Inflamed and sore, It is
an evidence that the system bus become
disordered by Scrofula, fir which Ayer's
Sursaporilla is the best known remedy.
Scrofula, which produced a painful In
flammation in in y eyes caiiM-d me much
niHi-riiii; for a ni'miln-r uf years. Ilr the
uilviee of a pliyaiciiiu 1 commenced hiking
Ayer'a Siir.Mii'iarlMa. After Usinir this
niedicluu a suurt time I wua coniplelcly
My eyes arc now In a spleruMd condition,
and I nm as well and nmns u ever.
Min. William Uue, Concord, N. II.
For a number of years I was troubled
Willi a humor in my eyes, and was unable
lo obtain any relief unlH I commenced
usin; Ayer'a'Sarsupiirillu. This ini-ilielne
has tllreteil a complete eure, and I believe
it to be the best of blood purifiers.
C. K. L'pton, Nushuu, N. Ii.
From childhood, and until within a few
months, I. buve been alllieted with Weak
and Sore Eyes. 1 have used for these
complaints, with beneficial results, Ayer's
SursHparilla, and consider It a ureiit lilood
purifier. Mrs. C. l'uillipa, Glover, VI.
I suffered for a year tflth influninin
tion in my left eye. 'Three ulcers formed
on tho bull, depriving me of siirlit. ami
causinir rent pain. After trying many
other remedies, to no purpose, f was finally
induced to use Ayer's m'sapurillu, and,
By Taking
threo bottles of tills medicine, have been
entirely cured. My si'ht bus been re
stored, and there ia'no siu'ii of inlliiiiiina
tion, sore, or ulcer in mv eye. Keudal
T. Howen, Suirar Tree ltidye. Oliio.
My iliuiliter, ten years old, was afflicted
Willi Scrofulous Sore Kyes. Huriiur the
last two vears she never saw llhl of any
kind, l'livsicians or the highest standing
exerted their skill, but Willi no permanent
success, tin tho recoiiiuieiiilalion of a
friend I purchased a bottle, of Ayer's Sar
saparilla, which my dim-liter eoinmenced
taking. Before biio had used Ihe third
bottle her sight was restored, and she can
now look steadily at a brilliant light with
out pain. Her cure is complete. W. K.
Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer St Co., Lowell, Mas.
Sold by all Druggists. Price $1 ; six bottles, A
No. 17 Jefferson Mn-et,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established in 1860.1
I R. J0HN80N is acknowledged by all par--L'
ties interested as by far tho most suc
cessful physician in thetreatmentof private
or secret disoasei. Quick, permanent ourel
guaranteed in every ease, male or fetr-ale.
Kocent cases of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
cured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindranoe from
business. Secondary Syphilis, the last ves
tige eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
timo. Sufferers from impotency or loss of
sexual powers restor eto iree vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of e-abuse and excessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physioal and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Diseases of Women, and
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
without the use of causticor the knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cine! sent by express to all parts of the
rWorkingmen cured at half th usual
rates. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to 9
o'clock p.m. I). R. JOHNSON. M.I.
Private Select School of High Grade for
a limited number of YOUNG LADIIS,
Located at Woodland. In view of 8t Loaln, The
entire apioiiitmiiU of the place render it an BUS
sunt niiui. OruHniMsd 1K71. For YMtni all rooms
have ben taken early. Oourne of Inxtrnotion ia
very tborouuh. Muhio: V' oral and Instrumental,
liautiuatfrw: Auclmit and Mtxlern. Art: Paiotinil
and IrawinK. Board of InHtruction: Seven, all
hiuhlrqualilied for their repmtivedeiarimenta.
To Mrctire room application oiunt le niudeearlj.
Tot OatHlotiiifw addrea the Frinolal,
B, T. BLEWCTT, LL.D., Jennlnge, Mo.
Opens 1st September, 1S8. Closes June, 1887.
Unsurpassed location, buildings, grounds,
appointments. Full corps teachers; unri
valed advantages in Music, Languages, Klo
cution, Art, Book-Keeping, Physioal Cul
ture. Boir I, etc, with full English Course,
84.10 per entire cessi m. For full partiou
ars apply to principal for catalogue.
wam .New rHii. i iiu-ti rat a vJtiHioK lrrro
4T.."S tinMil vr nrintt!. now nuulr.
iHS'" h"!lJ?A rpretHnte o?r New.OritfV
Deuel, Taoies, unairi,
Book Casai. tonnffet.
letter Presses, Cabinet
ladies' Fancy Desks, &o
t ineMt uoooa ana vommt
fHtwii nntirHiiteed. Oataloa
free. PoHtuce c Ho porteia.
And Iron Roofing.
( ,,,,';"V,::I
rire. Wind. Wsttrr and f ithlnlna;
proof Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rates,
oall en or address
438 A 440 Main it., and 21 A 23 Mulberry it.,
Headquarters for Iron Feno and Cresting,
Ualvaniied Iron Cornice, Tin Hoof? A 'toves.
Indlsputedlflthe BROAD of ..hgfii
P.tost Perfect Cooking Stove
H. WETTER &. CO., Agents,
Memphis Tetin.
cc V
0. 0. HEM.
Tholesalc Grocers & Cotton Factors.
tf t Front Street, Memphi, Tenn.
Cotton consigned to ui will hT our careful ttentlon. W errr t ail tlmei a wU-
selecud itock ol
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Winss, Liquorsjobacco & Cigart,
And will Mil mm Low mm tba Lowest.
EC Fearce & Co
Cotton Facte: 3 & Commission Herch'ta,
I'elioa WareNansr-Ww
Itrlukley, Ark.,
Doom, Sufili, Blinds', Dregied Floorlne, lilln?, Weather-Boarding
Cypresu Mliiuglei, liHtbr, Etc.
HrOur facilities are unsurpassed by any sawmill in the South for filiing orders promptly.
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Step Lumber and Cypress Shingles a specialty! also, framing
Lumber of all dimension!. We make th Wholesale Businesi a ipeoial feature. Order!
olicited and promptly filled.
No. 124 JefiPerson Street Memphis. Tennessee.
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
So. ,iaa Mialii Hirei, rtTowo niirk.
Nllll In tho nsnrket,
nieut f
Oils cfi? nXTctxrctl Stores
OIHce, 349 Front Street. Memphis, Tenn.
l. D. MULUNS, oi late J. R. Godwin A Co. JAB. YONOE, late ol J. W. Caldwell & 0
Cotton Factors Commission EHerchants
No. 1 IIoward'H llow. Cor. FYont and lTnion. MemphiH.
11 IM
ox xvsa-yr york.
lilt II ARD A. McCCI.UY, : : x : : President.
8arrader Value Issdoraed on
lVTo. 2 Cotton Exchange Itulldlng, fyfeiiiphtw.
I fill?
cce8or to ruuTfcK, lAitiur. at
Cotton Factors J
- 0
ma Deposits rtoeivei in irnui oi SI and
annually. .
e buy and sell local investment
trnslees, and, in general, axeouie any
r V issa drafts. In sums t "nit paTi-basprs, on all parts of bnrnpe.
rVi have a commodious Vault for tbe dex..sit or Valuable!, which is St the lervic el
our customers, 're of . Ura-.
. P. 1IAIUE, rresJileBt. EVI. KOLDSMITU, Tlr e-Preilent.
K. L. W00DS0M
H. i11tfl. (IbIob Hri.
Maunfaclnrer el
wllh n fnll nesiorl'
Xew aiitl
t Harness.
Li I.
PoIlclM. No Forfeiture. Cbeapeat
tbe World.
TVt.H Examiner.
m am a mail
vpward, and interest allowed on lime Seal-
. . ... lr
nonus uu ccarui.s urnerany, pay taxes, ast at
nnanciai oasmeFs reqairmi a til a ja respomib
' L

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