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Irish Home Rule Picnic
To Raie Fundi for Aid of
Parliamentary Klection Expense Fund
Admia'lon. BO
DOU A lame black Newfoundland bitch.
Tho finder will bo rewarded by roturn-
ini hf-r to No. A Krhrnr strwt.
Jnn REWARD Friday
aiaht. Jul 2d.
' frnm Chelsea, one iron-graMARK,
6 years old : works well, lelt I Bit "O"
alittl. Hi-mrn mare to W, C. IAVIS. C. P.
10LT Wednesday. June 30, one bay oolt
ILn... Blrft 1 vn. short mane, about
13'4 bands, spare onut. nemrn Yancn,
BAY MARK MULB From C. F. Smith,
Horn Lake Landinc, one bay mare aula,
bout eigbt years old, niteen nanus uigu
mane recently trimmed. Bring to F. A
. Joiift k Co.'s startle and be rewanlfd.
REMOVAL Prior to removing into hi
new store. II. Q. HOLLENBER0 wiU
Jill Pianm. Orirann. Guitars. Violins. Ban
jos, and everything in this line at less than
cost. Ju(t come and see. No trouble to show
goods, and the prices will be sure to please
tnote wno are minting Bargains.
EC. A. address F. A., in strict confi
. denre, No. 1 Broadway, New ork.
ITSTPII'MS Bnilt anil ranaired and war-
J ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor ana one
la"r; Telephone SS. THOS. ClJ BBINd.
Kjihim tiA.nainn fvnn immediately.
Apply to F. W. Royster i Co.. 2tf7 Second t.
1st, furnished or unfurnished, at log
Hernando treet; references.
"MICE COTTAGE Three rooms, on Col-
Xl lege street, near soutn gate nimwoou
Apply at 36 Union st. JOS. LKNOW.
rPHE now and nioe Wilton Cottage, on
A. Waldran avenue, and other residences
L B. EATON. 12 Wadiion.
OOMS With privilege of cooking stove
o. iiU H n den street.
Y RESIDENCE 409 Vance street, from
the 1st or September. APpiy to
DR. OVKKALL, 381 Main st
0OM8 A suit of rooms in Masonic Tem
Apply to BUN F. PRICK.
TTOI.'SES 318 Pon
OUSES 318 Poplar street and 1116 Ala-
n bauia street. Inquire of
eet. Inquire ot
JCHN REED, 320 Poplar st.
T? OOMS Furnished, single or en suite
L V 138 Madison st. Kelerences require,
"COTTAGE With seven rooms, near street
S car line, at ai per monvn. nvvr w
H. F. DIX. 297 Second st
STOREHOUSE No. 9 Union street, with
kj new eotton-rooin, t0x35 feet.
"OESIDENCE For three or i'x months
rv m MaiiUnM in 1h nit of Fort Smith
Ark., with or without furniture. Briok
imiiB with kn rnnmi. in the most desirable
part of the city Wood well of water and
hydrant in the yard; houne furnished with
gas; near str:et-car line; every convenience
of a Horn. Address R
Fort Smith, Ark.
HOUSE A new aouoie-tenemeni uouse.'
rooms on each side: nicely finished
larae yard: in fact, all conveniences, on
Koss avenue. Good cistern. Apply to Mi
K. QiiinlnTl.WMnnBti.asft.
TTnilKKKKRPRR An educattd. refine
rl rlii.liitian luriv to take eharce of awid
ower's house; one who understands the
nf .mall chitilien. and willing to assist
in housework and sewing; must be very
kind and amiable disposition, aooui inirty
airht to f.rtv-five years old. no children
musttive very best reference, state salary
expected, which maft be light; a good home
to the nglit one. Aaareea
S.. Appeal office
y0UNO MAN With thorough knowledge
BUSINESS, this office.
At .352 Vnnce street.
SITUATION By an in'elligent yonnglndy
nf anml fnmilv an a Uovarnoss: aood ref-
erence. Addreaa H. L., Ai'penl ollice.
SITUATION By a young man: had expe
rience in cilice and salesroom of general
merchandise establitbment and telephone
business. Address A., this ollice.
HOUSE With six to eight rooms.
Address 177 Union s
ONE OR TWO M EN To work on a farm;
white preferred. 290 POPLAR ST.
TO RENT A HOUSE-Of five to six rooms,
or part of bouse, if no children; must
be good neighborhood.
AUtiroKB ,
P. O. BOX 209.
MAN COOK White or colored, who can
take charge ot fimt-oiass restaurant ; no
ether need apply. Also, four No. 1 waiters.
J. M.NEWMAN, 19 Jefferson st. .
fJTVERYBODY To call and see the cele
Jli brated iyppy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
ADDRESS of young lady who said good
bye to young gent on horseback, last
'Sunday, at south gate Elinwood Address
FRANK, this office. .
EAMS'IRESS Immediately, a good seam
stress or dressmaker to eo out. Address
WALTER, this office.
wholesale grocery business. Nona other
need apply. Address
X. Y. 7,., Appeal office..
fERYBODY To spend th. summer at
Oravson Spring. Ky. ot catalogues
and particulars call at ticket office of L'hesa
peake and Ohio route, under Peahndy Hotel.
ITUATI0N By a white woman as cook.
K. m., tnis oince.
'M URSK UlKb White preferred.
iX At 106 Adams street.
J enoed hands need apply; work in the
next thirty day. for II 50.A WEggoNi
213 Main sreet.
ADY AOENTS For Mrs. Campbell'!
New " Tilter "-a TilUr, Bustle, lloon
kirt and Underskirt combined. Hoops can
be removed and skirt laundried. Adiusta
bleto any site. Very fashionable, and sells
iort2to every well-dressed ltdy as soon as
shown. Agents double their money. Also,
full line of new furnishing goods for ladies
and chiidten. Address, with stamp, E. H.
CAMPBELL k CO., No. 484 West Randolph
Street, Chicago, III.
bath privileges: will cay a good prioe
for something nice. For an Interview, ad
dress, care this paper, AUKMLCnAfl.
Controlling good European correspond
ence, for a PARTNER; all Eastern and
Southern oonnectionf made; business East
past season ten thousand bales; location best
town in Mississippi. References required
and riven. Address S. B. S.,
car Hermitage Club, Nashville. Tenn.
3 STONE CUtTBRS On building work;
will pay good wages to No. 1 men : none
others need apply. F.QUIGLEY,
432 Main street.
flflMHv nnt. IPl oi IUIJ.
1st of July,
. witb or wiiooar. ooaro. Auarais
oat board
J., Appeal offio.
CLASSES In embroidery and art needle
work are now being formed under th
upervision of Mrs. Samuel May. All the
newest styles of decorative fancy work and
material. Stamping and embroidery to order
MAN to take an offic and represent
manufacturer; l0 pr week; all
-capital required. Address, with stamp, Bog
TO ffst Acton. Mas.
gALESMEN-Ia vry StaU in thy IJlIob
to represent a PAINT MAHUIACTUR-
BraoiALTia thatar popular and asy sell
ing. Oan b handle alos or iBeonnouoa
with other goods.
kiArm TtIB WM. B.
OLD GOLD A gILVjR-Foreesh pri
change. MULF ORD. Jeweler. 2W4 Main
&1UUU dress at one. DR. 6C0TT 8
ELECTRIG GOODS, 842 Broadway, New
fork. The only gen Bin,
A GKNTS la every section of the eouniry
J. for two New Books, just ready. BrsotAL
Tiaaito men of xpriano capable of ail
ing a large territory. StaU axperieno, age
and territory wanUd. CABSKLL ACO.
(iiraiud), 822 Broadway. N. I., and 40 Dear
Vf a sir, Chicago,
Absolutely Pure.
m.1. mJm m vmr wrlei. A marvel of
purity, tcrengtn ana wnonsomeuese. m
economical than the ordinary kinds, and
cannot be sold in competition wUh the
multitude ot low test, snort wenovaiun- ui
i,wio Pownra On.. W Wll t .NewYcrv
hn.nhatfl DOWaerB. 30M oihwwhtih, I"""
T-vnnM Cln AlA.nnt front room, first floor
JTv furnished or unfurnished, suitable for
two: and one Iront room, feoona noor, lur-
nithed, suitable for one. bo"rd.
T fiiW A nicnlv furnished front room
I V eouthern exposure: trst-riaat table
board. Apply at i) Madinon strwt.
ROWMS With or
-ittiont board; terms
nnftW aran front. rnf.BQ With bal
tx con ni one large back room with
larg dre; g-rcom, and (.then as good as
can be found in the city. TA
IO L X lJ i a .
JAMES HOUSE-Cor. Seooad and Ad-
&m..t.. Room and board so per weea
Day board 3 60 per week.
T300M Furnished room, with or without
JV hoard, at liauonrt strwt. i
' mna p.u,. fnrnnthiui or anfnrnlshed
1 with or without board, at 137 Madison st.
mWO large nnfurnlshed rooms, with or
X without board, at 69 Madlsol gtreot, eor
ner Third.
A good, well-bred buggy horse
XI Applvto.
M. L. MEACHAM. 9 Union st
T OT-60xlOO feetCheap-
North Bide Mad
JJ ison, half a square
east ot Lauderdale,
A nnlv to
W. GARRISON, 287 Main street
At. float t.n tmtke room
for new lot. A.UIT.FKLD, 233 Second
n brick store, centrally located, on Bed nd
avenue,' between 'Iwenty-drst and iweg iy.
. A Int 'JiTll1 (nut. ThiS I I IP'
erty is worth today ISO 0, but can behadl or
a tew days only at tuu. no peiier mn ii
ment ean he made than this. Rents wt 11
We also offer lot on Eighth avenue and Sei
ntMntH vtrMiit. Roiith Birmingham. lOOxr
fut with imtirovAmenta. mntina forS40per
month ttnly ftiMO. This proierty has never
been offered bMore, and will not remain on
the market. For the most profitable invest
ments that can be made in the South, buy
Birmingham, Ala , real estate, aa thousands
will testify. v. u. umibi w.i agi ,
Postoffioe Box 422, Birmingham, Ala
ClUiNUriUilUWUlvI rre'l esviuu.u.u. vu
I a paying basis. Other business to look
after. EIUj"pAjj CO., 136 Main it.
"A-PAYINft GROCERy-Owner wants to
XX move awayj is MAtuoira oi.
TWO COWS With young oalvai, ohaap, at
SQ2 linndardala strast
(1 1'INE Jorsoy Bulls, at a bargain. Ad-
dress Jnsen uoouman, nernanao,
rpKANSFKR BOAT As she lies at hiula
L Rock, Ark., the transfer boat IIAROLV
B., 115 foet Ions; lon,26 foot wido, 8 feat
hold; good engine and fire-box boiler: oan
he altered into afetryboatat small oostt Is
In good condition, and will be sold cheap.
Apply to Little Rock and fort Smith R. W.
Co., Little Rock, Ark. .
IX SECOND-HANI) r-!ANUti-At.r0.75,
SIOU. 8I. aioo casn or insiaiiincnu.
Also, one Chickorin
ig Biiuare "ranu.
Iwil Main street.
Hj Vanco street-corner lot. Addresi
L., Appeal office.
"DIANO A fine iino, mu.'t be sold at
.17 once. Cnll at 19 Desoto stroot
ROCKKIKS, KTO. Having concluded
I" to quit the grocery part of our business
our entire stock ol Urooeries, Fixtures,
Drays and Mules are for sale. Anyone wish
ing to go into the wholesale grocery business
oan secure a bargain by cal'ing on
No. 2H8 Front street.
J B W. BARBEK, Anhlai.d City, Tenn.
CI IH in WILL BUY a new business lor
rZUU the State of Tennessee, Ala
bama, Missouri or Louisiana, to make large
oasb profits at once; a monopoly fully pro
tected. Parties wishlnir a good business ad
dress MANUFACTURE!!. this office.
Crops anal the Heavy Bal
The Candidates Slovlna;.
IIenninq, Tbnn., July 3. -It has
been raining hers for several days, so
much that farmers are bad y be
hind with their woik, and it will take
several days of nice weather to put
crops in good condition. However,
today is a beautiful, bright July morn
ing, and everybody seems to be busy
and all nature' to be enjoying the beau
tiful snnlight.as it comes in transparent
waves noieelensly down from above.
Bo mild does it shine this morning
that it seems like the first approach tf
spring. Our fields are now laden with
shocks of golden grain. Ere long tha
hum of the thrashing machines will
be heard in our midst, and the crop
will be harvested and stowed away for
future use. The corn crop in some
sections of the county has been
worked too wet. Oats are fine ; but a
small portion of the clover crop hti
been saved, owing to the wet weather.
Notwithstinding the amount of rain
we have had, candidates have circu
lated freely, and we are fearful that a
host of them who are ceeking office
have lost a great deal of time that
could have been better employed.
w. 0. M.
The bears lock tired.
Tin cents for middling cotton in
New York ia now only a question of
a few weeks, possibly befoie August
comes in.
Closing piices of Auiust options at
Ciicago yesterday: Pork, $10 22 J j
Lard, f 605; clear rib sides, $6 30; Corn,
38o. Wheat, 801c, Oats28,c.
Visitobi on 'change yesterday, Miss
Linda Paul, Nashville; Miss Lotta
Barke, city; H. W. Baylers, Oakwood,
Tenn. ; J. O. Scott, AtlanU.Ga. ; A. EL
Gibson, Knoiville; W. R. Manees,
Walnut Bend ; Theo. W. Plumb ft w
Advice to Mothers,,
Mrs. Winalow'a Soothing rap
should always be nsedwhencai l.an
are cutting teeth. It relieveatl le
snflereraatonce; it produce natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as "bright as button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhrea. whether arising from
teething or other causes, .Twenty-
five cents a bottle.
Tll&OlGH THE 1IF.1I.
Puts a Ballet In Hie Brain
The Canse of the Deed
A little after 1 o'clock yesterday
evening James Anderson, a clerk in
Knox a tlruu store, on tnei:corner 01
Mill and Sixth street', Cheleea, com
mitted snicide by shooting himself
hrnuirh the held. The causes which
led to the tragic event are shrouded in
mystery, and all the circums'ances
ITtounUing mite it a coioroi aaa-
una gloont, ine young man wno
) jdialy t i:k his life has been
i AiIdj' or Ir.Kjaox about a year,
i IcXJi tklJ.i me performed his
cues so thoroughly and intelligently
and his manner was withal so pleasant
and agreeable that be gained
of all 1th wl om he c jne in contact.
Dr. Knox had aluiobt as much auec
tion for him as if he hat been a
brother, and his family, with whom
he was daily thrown into contac",
rhnriahed for him the warmest friend'
shiD. He did not drink or play cards,
and there was notning in dis Deaavior
r . . ... . r . - i .
at any t me which could have excited
pRnMire. 11 a lilo was tuat ci a cievar,
exemplary yaun(j man. Yesterday
moimng he la said to have received a
letter, which muBt nave disiurueu
i i.
him. thouuh who it was
it contained is unknow
.... 4 .f,,i
could not be iound. During the
"u u . i tua
moroirg, Dr. Knox relates, his man
ner was .
Ha asked the doctor why men com-
mit'ed suicide, and what way was the
easiest and quickest. Dr. Knox re-
n ipil that the moment a man de'or-
mined to commit suicide, he stepped
fiom sanity into lunacy. He paid very
little attention to what the young man
had 1o Hy at the time, however,
though every word of the conversa
tion has since been strongly impressed
nnnn h!s mind. Anderson com'
plained of being a trifle sick in the
forenoon and Dr. W. B. Winston gave
him a prescription, the
being thoee of a chill. H d'd not
compound the prescription, ajs it was
afterward found on the counter. A
little after 1 o'clock he left the d ug
afore and went into the stoieroom in
the rear. A woman named Laura
(imv. whom he naastd. noticed noth
ing peculiar is his manner, but shortly
after heweutl nto the storeroom heard
a noise whi:h sounded like the explo
ainn r.f a firecracker. Dr. Knox, also,
heard the ootind and hastened to the
storeroom, whera he found the young
man lying upon his eide, the blood
gushing from a wound in his right
lemple, and a smoking revolver lying
inatiintane.1U4. JUBtlCB DUttenDUrg
was summoned t) hold an inquest, but
wero brought out. The neighbors
ttf tlia jinnnlnainn thai, it was
a love affair, knowing that he had
been constant in his atte ntione to one
of the young ladies of the neighbor-
hood, and tnat ne nau receiveu loi
ter in the morning. There is nothing,
however.ina letter found in his pjclfr
nt in Iniliciita that his suicide was
Aa in UUAAai nAtrt.inn. The note.
" " - r ,.
u-rittnn in a mod. round nand.in leau
pencil.on white unsizod paper, euch
as is used lor wrapping, is given vn-
batim below:
Da. Kkox Telegraph my falb.tr if
be wants the remain sont home; if
not, ydu can throw them in the bayou
or anywhere you plea?e. To you I
leave my bcoka and pill coater. If
anybody wants to know why I did
this it is none of their business. I
am under many obligations to you
aud Mrs. Knox for the many kind
Tiasana shown me. and Mr. aud Mis.
CroBson, and last, but not least, Mirjs
Mattie. I am doing you a dirty,
mean trick in doing this, but it can't
h hftlDad. But I am not crazy. Youis
tA tha anri. U.M
The snicide was a native of Oxford,
Miaa.. whare his Darenta now reside.
A telegram was received from his
father yesterday evening requfsting
that tue remains ne seni io mm.
Waaled to KdDlnce the Mvo Cilia
Which IntVat the Clly.
There is a human howl all over the
city atminst the dog nuisance and the
ernnara! desire is to see more dog but-
tons distnDiueu. ioaw inuiviuuma
value Uobb as pets, friends and com-.
nanlrmu: some maintain them as
guardians of life and property: others
a naaful auxiliaries n me utnu m
iiiini nnrta of Enrona doers are used as
draught animals and beasts ot ouraeu,
cBitam Indian tribes eat dogs; among
- . - .. ,
some lavage nations the dog is wor-
in ntt er lands , (Toes are
looked upon as materialized souls of
the depaited; the Supreme Court of
the elate oi aiaine noias mat uok" al
wild beasts, fern naturae, and as such
may be lawfully made war upon and
exterminated ; city dog catchers reaard
dogs as the legitimate plunder of high
wav robbery at 30 cents apiece ; and
the tound man reckons up their
value when after drowning they are
sold to tho offal gatherers; fashionable
lo.lipa warr small or lares dotrs. iuat as
they assn aa or put away new styles
nfheada-er: Dr. John Brown made
use of a d a as the subject of a lltorary
effort wr ch as such things go is
immoital circus clowns train troops
of trick d gs; blind men are led about
by does o beg; some dogs are life
preserve! , rescuing human beings
from wab ry graves; Damascus dogs
are rjrotecled as scavengers; in Lon
don dogs ore cut np alive by vivisec
tionists; tha "best dog in the world
is used ch efly for brag; and, again, in
every part oi tne world tnere aie aoga
which are good for nothing save
drowning in a bucket before their
eyes are o, en to give them a gk'mpse
oi me wor a.
TriSamstaby EaoiNiKRbaa just
published a very valuable' work en
titled "8tun Heating Prablems, or
Onaatiora. irunrera and x)aecriDtlons
Relatini ta Steam Hcatiofc and feteam
Fitting, ol ids up of arUbles that have
appearei . is tna MgmerjUom time iu
time. mid ba difGcult to find io
any lan oaf s a work more compre
hensive than this, which will be fonnd
to answer almost every question con
caraina ateam heatite that miaht oc
cur to the non-profaseional or profes
ainnal. To hotel kaeDers and manu
facturers, as well at to practical plumb
era, we commend this work as one
worthy of caretal atudy. Mansford
will order it.
Thi New York Chronicls his placed
tha commercial world under many
obligations for useful statistical com
pilations that in book form have a
permanent value for the thoughtful
and intelligent merchant. Not the
least of these ii the "Chronicle Fire
Tables for 18S0." which is a record of
the fire losses in the Unitad Mates try
risks, States and rinses durirg 18So,
with exhibits of the monthly, annual
and apirreeat? tre lo.sts in the United
fc'tates during eleven years 1875-85
aud much otht r valuable and interf.st
iDg infjrmnt;on for ti'e nnderwritets,
information that they cannot we'l be
without if they want to conduct their
hiiRineta intellicently and Euecestfully.
Order of the Chronicle, 33 Pine stree',
Usnsas City (inrvsj-Aa Arkansai
EBterprlae Price of Labor
Cleaeral Kelts,
For several months past and en-
cineerinB cor 08 of the Kansas City,
SpringtiMd and Memphis railroad have
boen ecgiged in correcung a curvey
made four years ago of a brauch of the
above named road fiom Willow
Spring", in Howell county, to Poplar
Bluff, in ButUr county, traveling ihe
adilitionel' counties of Shannon and
Carter. President Neitleton, aftur re-
raivinc the ter.ort ol lus chiel en
gineer, stated that the work would bo
verv COHIV. ami mat nam oi way
mnntha trantod free flf C06t. The
citizens of Van Buren met and
resolutions pledging the in
tluencB of those assembled to the
work of secuunB the right of way, and
proralsinir their fulL and heatty co-
operatioa with the company in any
Rtsns tendinir to make the construc
tion ol tue prancn roaa iu;b ex pensive,
as well as a reality of the near iuturo.
The mooting appointed Mostj. O, W.
Lpl'. J..K. Bhort and J. is. wiu-e as a
committee to adjust the matter of
right of way with the citizans living on
the projected line inuarter county.
A Ttisrkana Xulerprlae.
An enterprise recently inaugurated
at Texarkana, Ark., and now asuming
considerable propoitions, is tne uaie
flitv Lumber Company, jvhich ha
inu romt)ktt)d an immense sawmill
- i , .. u m.Iw nml a .a nnn ArAil.
UJJJUfllHJ iHO KltJ , J uwn 1 J
ing as B leeuer R Droau gauge raurunu,
which ia to extend twenty-three miles
in th interior, touching Red liver, lis
objective point, and paseing through
th mrwt tertile and thickly settled
sections of Northeast Texas. Eight
mik-s of the naht of way and nve
mik of tlie roadbed have been com
pleted, and, with the large force of
labtrers now at work, it is confidently
Bxnw-teil ta hava the road in operation
before Deoamber. This new depart-
iiro. with the construct on ot tne lex-
arkana Ksllroad to White Oak Bhoals,
whers the 1 proposed road to Fort
Smith Ark.,, h) to be intoiBected, will
prove in imnense a Wantage to Texar-
kans, Texas, aad greatly to expedite
t le boom that la now on.
I Sonihfirn Rallronda
Larre aniounWof money are coming
into the South to ce invested in man
nfacturinDr eiitonrise8. At OhatU-
nnipa and BirmingDam mere are now
beio eBlabiiBhed some of the m
extoBBive iron works in the count
nTtitna vs iron worn In the COlintr
rithnr ruilrnaila are boine pushed
diiforent parts of th South, and word
cornea tnat tne einigrauon in nun m-
intion of ate ha bea unproceaeniea
A onnd monv millions of Northern
KUIU .1. M . J -
i(i r onina into tha South iust
capital are going into the South just
now an(j tuat 8ect:on may look for
mor4 pV0BpercUrj times and a greater
expenditure of money. ' Aud there in
neud far It, tco
, Foor'a M mianl.v v
Messrs. II. V. aud II. W. Poor, pub
t .1 oor. pub-
of Kaitrottdi,
lishtrs cf Poor Manual
announce that tboy have now
for di'livoty the firet number ol I'onrn
Directory ot Hallway Ojlinals and Hail-
uai JJirerUm, anew worn, wnicn neie-
after will he published annually in
March. The value ol the Directory to
all the industrial interests ol tho
count) y is evident, from the above
brief summBry of its contents. It is a
comprehensive guide to the personnel
of our railways as -is the Manual to
their financial condition. The new
Directory will supplement the iiatmaf
with much information not given in
that work, yet which is needed by
every interest connected with rail
ways, and by many others who wiBh
to have before them the names con
tained in the above comprehensive
A Beautiful Work.
The Rome. Watertown and Oren
burg IUilroad Company has issued a
very handsome work, entitle 1 "Itoutes
and Kates lor summer lours, wnicn
deBCiibcj truthfully and illuBtrates ac
rnratelv the wild and beautiful coun-
trv throuch which that line -and its
connecting lines pass, as well as the
Thousand Islands and the valley of
I I ifl Pil.. LHWrHULH. 11U UU b Wl lHO
the tit. Lawrence. o part ol this
b attractions for the
"' ,hlin5thflt of Northern New
York, the Province of Quebec and
the maritime provinc&a. The Adiron
dacks and the Lake George country
are very much as nature left them
and where improvements are found
they are generally made with the
rate good taste so characteristic of
our Northern countrymen. K'ght or
ten weeks conld not be more profitably
spent than in a tour along the Rome,
Watertown and Ogdensburg raiiroaa,
and down the St. Lawrence to Quebec.
Visions of loveliness ol granueur ana
macnillcence alternate with rapid suc
cession, and the traveler carries away
a memory ot a panorama nor, bihb
where to he excelled. Send to the
company for a copy of this superb
book, which is distributed tree.
Demand for Labor,
The competition between the con
tractors now at work on the Georgia
Pacific, west from Birmingham, Ala.,
an1 thnca Afl tha Mamuhis. Birmina-
ham and Atlantic, running through
IlUllV DIriUKO, UAICD , o wiiw.a '
iiamind for lahoreri. In order to Be
rn ra mora men the latter raised the
arale of wares to SI 25 a day. The
Georgia Pacihc promptly mei ine au
vance. T.nannoRa'a nerfome. Edenis
T.nndhorir'a rtarfnme. Alpine Violet.
Lnndbora'a perfume, Lily oi the
x.nndDOrg periume, jnarcuai imi
' .. . . vt
Aa They Cannot Poaalbly
make a norooi plaster havinf aiTthint Ilk
eamp lo'lowers of th DbarmacuUeal pro
th matlieinal anailliei oi jjvd.ud
and iv them Barnes whieh resembl In
.I.., ..r ,h ..rulni. ana. whan ear-
fession proaaoa ions oi wurvniv. i-m,
tessl speken, sound like it. For eiaaipl,
or "Burton's.1
VL'm -..rnastlv eantion th
pnbli acainsi in wn' i
Ther ar absolutely useless as remedies for
disease. To b lur they jr eheap, but
plain nslit is cheaper, and Just as iea-
oiom. Ask lor Bensonj, waicn in .pii,
i ..Jili., ih.i'ThrMan i" trad'
mark, and th word Capein," which it
cut In th ctttar ot la reaaia,
Uhaao Jonn aruaaisu wnmnor 709 " 1
rioasls stvled r' Capsicmm," " Capsloln, I J
Capsleine" or " Capuoin plters, pr- .
faoed som.tlra.s with the nam "Jtenton s
To Savannah The Memphis Nine
(Joes to Columbia, S. C , to Play
Exhibition (James.
Tin Columbia Hods, the champion
amateur clud of Tennessee, will play
tho Athletics at the new baseball park
today. A good game may be expect
ed. Game will be called at 4 o'clock
p.m. The follow! is the batting
Columbia Reth.
Fell, p.
Cione, c.
Fullivao, p.
w are, c.
Howard, 8. s.
Canehatt, 1 b.
Maloughney, s. 8.
Welsh, 1 b.
Taylor, 2 b.
Kyan, . b.
Iiwleaa, 3 b.
Lynch, 1. f .
Ciiflin, c. f.
Dunnegin, r. f.
Alanton, 3 u,
l'endur, 1. 1.
Petty, c. f.
Hilliard, r. f.
Ravaaaab va. I tiaitaaooK.
rsrioiiLTO rat arriAL.1
Nash villi, Tinn., July 6. Savan
nah defeated Chattanooga by score
of fifteen to three this alternoon
Moriarity and (iillen were battery lor
ravnnnau, null ivoui nuu miuuMu
f . 1 T - . 1 U . n n . I
McCluna for Chattnooga. Base hita,
Savannah 17 ; ChatUnooga, 4. Krrorp,
Savannah, 3; Chattanooga, ft. score:
Pavannah 4 6 0 1 4 0 0 0 1-15
ChatUnooga 1 10001000:!
Loaicne Uamra Today.
Ati.antas at rJavannah.
OuTTANootiAB at Charleston.
Nabiivilijcs at Macon.
II a ar bit II Nle.
Chicago, 6 ; Boston, !.
Dbtkoit, t); New York, 3.
St. Louis, lj Philadolphi, 8.
Kansas City, 10; Washington, 4.
Siirbvb and Tug Arundel have been
sold to Savannah for $500.
Tna Bluff Citys will play the Co
lumbia Reds tomorrow. They seem
to think that they are a stronger club
than the Athletics.
Mike Fell, pitcher of the old Mom-
phis Reds and Kckfords, will pitch to
day for the Athlutica, and Crane, his
old catcher, will bo his backstop.
Jkrry Denny, third biseman of the
St, Louis League baseball team, has
been fined $150 and indefinitely sus
pended for drunkenness and ungen-
tlemanly behavior.
OwiNti to the disbanding of the
Ammstaclub the Memphis club will
have no encasements this week. The
nine left Nashville last night for Co
lumbia, S.O., to play exhibit ion games,
No Memphian is particularly Borry
over tho demise of the Augusta club,
when it is remembered that Augusta
wrw ono of the c lue that votod
atrainat Memphis coming into the
The Augusta Club has disbanded.
SutolilT noes to Savannah, Marr and
Phillips to Charleston. Sylvester to
Lmiisville and Hogan to Atlanta,
Holacher hilks of retiring from the
The Courthouse Besball Club will
visit Collierville Thursday, to play the
crack club of that town. They will be
accompanied by n large delegation of
office seekers and wire pullers. Tho
d-.-vi.I neonle of Colliorvillo are can
t;oned to look out for thorn. They arc
a soon crowd.
i . . . .
Tint recent acouieition ot Ilia fllera
phis nine, Shea of Now Orleans, is not
only a good fielder and a snigger win;
n.a lint lint in a Hciontlilu DOXPr aiHl
a plucky fighter. It ia reported that
tie got into a nine uupieisnnineeB at
Atlanta with thosj renowned touuliB.
u)ln(J and utcont ftIui though they
ij-u, jmpej on i,i,n ftt onco he had
-nililll .'illlv in wining; nn t ie 50r
with them. It 1ms been noticed sines
then that Furcell is as mock ns a lamb
and as silent as Dundon when Bhea in
around. Hurrah for Kheu.
Another Ula Isay at CUIenao.
Chicago, July l. Tbo weather was
very warm, tne tracK nisi ami me ai
tendance largo.
One mile. Gov. BatedlS), Flowers;
Wyandotte Chief (108), Arnold; John
Alexander (m), Jfuuer; uoo risner
(108), Tompkins; Joe Lodge (10.r),
Htringham; Kevenge (118), htoval;
Lew Clark (108), L. Jones; Ilattoo
(1011), Weaver; Annawan (108), W.
Jietting Hob Fisher, f 10(1 ; Kevenge,
$75; John Alexander, 75; field,
Bob Fisher at once took a lean 01
two lcniitbs, with Wyandotte chiel
second. Low Clark third. There was
no change for seven-eighths ol a mi 10,
when Ilattoo took second place. Hob
Fisher was never headed and won
easily by three lengths: Ilattoo second
two lengths In front of Gov. Bate, third.
Time 142 j. Mutual paid I'M) 80.
Mile and an eighth. Spalding (118),
West: Honedale (107). Stoval; Hilar-
ity (115), Arnold; Kad ttone (103),
Tompkins; Joquita (100), O'Uaraj
Exile (1UB), Aeuy: iariar yw), rui
ler; Punka (107), Covington.
Be ttiao, Joq uita ,$75 ; tipakling, f 0 ;
Exile, $;i5 j field, $100.
Hilarity, followed Dy itou otone ana
Honedale close together, made the
running for seven-eighths of a mile.
Spalding then came through, took the
lead, was not beaded, and won handily
by one length; Joqulta second, Hope-
dale tniru. nme 1 :oo. nwiun
paid $18 60.
TheKenwoodjHtake, five-eighths of
a mile. Wallace (106), Kelly; Vin
cent (105), Arnold; Ban Bowman
(107), Hathaway; Kight Away (105),
O'Hara; Pendannia (105), Miller;
Steve Jerome (110), Covington; Jau-
(110, Cooper; Uarey (lid),
Fuller; Jim Goie (113), L. Jones;
Lombard (102), West; Poteen, (117),
Stoval. Non-starters: Laredo, Mod
esty and Duke of Bonbam.
letting. Jim Gore, $100; Poteen,
$46; Bight Away, $37: field, $125.
Carey, Wallace and Pendennla were
in front at tha bead of the bunch,
which was very close together. Fil
tering the stretch, Jim Gore took the
lead followed by Kight Away and
Carey. Gore was not headed and won
handily by one length ; Kight Away
second. Carey third. Time 1 :02.
Mutuala paid $14.
foubth ac.
One mile. Mamie Hnnt (106),
O'Hara; Ada D (106), Fuller; John
Katar (108). Watson: Luna Brown
013), Kelley; Porter Ashe (118); L.
ones; Hcotlana leaa num. uvvidk-
Sir Joseph (111). West; Kins
Bob (1081. Arnold.
BtUing. Sir Joseph, $100; Mamie
Hunt, $75; Ada D $70; field, $125.
Kins Bob lad bv one length. Scot
land Lass second, Porter Ashe third.
There was no change to the lower
turn when Bit Joseph moved np with
the three in front. In the stretch
Ada D cunt up with a rush, followed
by Sir Joseph and Minnie Hunt. Ada
I) won very easily oy tnrae longuis:
Sir Joseph second, Mamie Hunt a bad
third. Time 1:411. Mutuala paid
Ono mile and one-sixtenth. Bea-
constield (ICO), Carrillo; Leman (117),
T. Kelly ; JinvDoug'as (120), Duffy.:
lUlting. Jim Douglas, $100; Bea
constield, t'.'o; Leman, $15.
Parsing the stand Beaconstinid went
to the front, was never heided aod
won easily by three lengths; Jim
Doug'ns second, Leman a bad third.
Time 1 :4!. Mutuala paid $L'4 '.U
The Illinois Humane Society threat
en) to interfere with tha hurdle races
and steeple chsses which are being
given at Washington Park. "Frequent
complaints wbit U have come t3 us in
regard to cruelty to lacing horses,"
said tha President. ''Eeems to warrant
oui interference under the State laws
for the prevention of cmelty to ani
mals. This treatment of horses at
Washington Park seems to be on tho
increixe instead of declining, in keep
ini? with public tubtlment. 1 am
tirmly of tho opinion that this specie!
of racing must be stopped. I have
already eiven instructions to two of
mir nttit'era to attend the coming exhl
bitions of this character, and where
the facta will justify it, arrest one or
mira of the parties concerned and
their vinorous prosecution will surely
Monmonlh Park Kacea.
Monmouth Pabk. N. J.Firtt lia-.
Handicap. sHvan-elghthl of a mile.
Grenader won Dv tliree lengins; i.anM.
Inwna tiwond. Portland third. Time
Second Ricf.Tor two year oltls,
tliren-o natters of a mile. The Mac
roon illlv won by half a length, Ittllala
eecontl, Rnsalind third. Time 1 :lfij.
Third Knee. Handicap lor inreo
yosr olds, one mile. Rock and Rye won
by head; Attorney socond, Millie
third. Time 1:4111.
1-Vmrih A'niy. Shrewsbury handi
ran. for all sues, one and a half miles,
Tom Martin won by alx long'.hs; Kast
Lynn second.Tenhooker nurd, i.me
Kith Rue. For three vcar olds and
upwards, selling race, one mile and
one pinhth. Adonis won by two
lengtha; Joe Mitchell second, Phi
Aw n t.h ni. Time i obi.
Sixth A'do. Handicap, lor ail ages,
one mile and a fourth, over hurdles,
Sandoval won by a length ; Baham
second, Worth third. Time 2:33.
An Eablblt That Prove W Are
Mtlll Kleailllj Marvhlsia on the
Koail to Prosperity.
"The past two weeks," according to
111U JnillUIUlV 0IUIltfllw'o juwf.,
for July 3. "have witnessed the organ
liation of many Important business
enternriBes throunhout tue foutn,
Ono is the eatablisbmentby the Roane
Iron Company of Bessemer Hteol
Works at Chattanooga to turn out 160
tons of rails a day ; tho other is tho
sinning of a contract to complete tho
Binnlnahitm and Shotlield IUilroad
and to build a 100 ton furnace at tl
lattnr nlaco. In addition ta these
there have been a large number of
other enterprises oriranlzed. At New
port News, a., tho tidowater trmi
nils of the Ckesapakeand Ohio Kail
wav. arranaemeulj have been com
nleted for tho construction of a d
dock t' at will involve the expenditure
of probably $500,000, and nny result
n tho eauoiianmeiii mere 01 an im
mense iron buip mmuing vara, a
$100,000 company has been organized
tit Calera, Ala., to build an iron fur-
11 ace and charcoal works. At Oliatu
nooitn the Lookout rolling mill will
invest $:i,),00O in building wrought
iron nice worcs. Amone other lm-
pirtaut entorprises reported during
the past two weeks mere in Aianauuk
a knitting factory, three large saw
mills, a cotton compress, a cheesa fac
tory and coke works; in Arkansas, a
$20,000 lumber mill, a $10,000 stave
factory, two smelters, one 01 liny tons
capacity; a large gold mining com
pany, a waior works company, a iur
ii'iture factory, a sawmill, a planing
mill and cooperage factory ; in Florida.
a canning lactory, a siuu.uuu gas anu
electric hi(ht company, two sawmills,
planing mill and brickworks; in
Georgia, a paper mill, extensive Im
provements to a cotton mill, u grist
mill, a shingle mill.staveiuill and saw
mill ; in Kentucky, cokeworks, a $50,
000 eoal mining company, a $10,000
tobacco factory and $50,000 put into
new atone oniirnes: in Louisiana, a
$50,000 mininncompany and a ricemill ;
. . ' : s?K ruin ..... nFnvua
in 1VI IHBlnsipf'i, ffiu,wiu wtiri iiuim
and brickworks; in North Carolina,
a shoe factory, cotton mill, gristmill
and a $10 (XX) furniture factory; in
South Carolini,P20,000 improvements
made to one cotton mill, ami aoout
the shnie, or more, to another, $:IO,000
to $40,000 in fertilizer works, a furni
ture factory, two flourmills, and the
rebuilding oi a sash and door factory
anil turpentine distilleries; in Tennes
see, a marble quanying company, a
dynamite factory, an ice factory,
broom factory, cotton batting mill, a
tlourmill and several sawmills; in
Texas, a $100,000 oil and cotton com
pany, a $160,000 flourmill and elevator,
a compress, a water pipe foundry and
two water works companies; in Vir
ginia, a atone quarry, a gold mine and
the rebuilding of two mills; and in
West Virginia a $5000 sawmill, $12,000
gasworks and cokeworks, and a $1,000,
000 company which will probably
build a cotton gin factory either in
Atlanta or ChatUnooga.
Katlt-dge Ss ajtgonmralno M
Mm. A. W. Brock aw. of Groton,
Brown county, Dak., used Allcock's
Plasters for fifteen years completely
cured of irregulaiity by using two
PlaaUra across the small of the back
for seven days each month also
fonnd them very rflicaoioos in Kidney
troubles cured of a dull, heavy pain
and pressure at the base of the brain
by wearing an Allcock's Porous Plaster
at the Daci 01 mutoi.
SnbAcribe lor the "Appeal."
Mcotl'a EaaalaloB Pare
Cod Liver Oil, with hypophoephltes,
almost a specific tor consumption.
The thousands ol testimonials we have
received from sufferers who have been
permanently cured by Scott's Emulsion
satisfies ns that it will care consump
tion in its early stages, and alleviate 11
not cure in its latter stages.
Angostura Bittbbs are indorsed by
all the leading physicians and etiem
lata for their nnritv and wholesome
nets. Beware of counterfeits, and ask
vnnr anrocar and drncrftiat for the aenu
Ine article, prepared by Dr. J. G. B.
Biegert & Sons.
At Its Session TIiIh Afternoon Tho
lloiirs for Prl:narie Date
of Couvetitlou.
The ruet-tinar of the Demccratin
Executive Committee, which Is called
fori this afternoon at 3 o'clock will
be an imp Jitunt one, its object being
to consider the advisability of chang
ing tne date ol the convention, tome
of the members express a desire to
ueieriotne wienei ot tne canuiaats
in tho matter. While the majority of
the' candidates are believed to be in
favor of advancing the date, it la
ifilcult to understand what right
they have to dVtate and an
adiuitsion that theirKwlBhee are to
govern would be a confusion that the
campaign is to be managed, not in the
interest ot tne pany as a-wnoie, out
for the bonetit of the ollin seek
ers. The supposition is thu tha
Democratic Kxecutive Committee ia to
manage the campaign in the inter
of the Democracy, and not in the in
terest of a few individuals in its
ranks. If that wero not the case, and
the committee is to become the mere
mouthpiece of tho candidates, wny
nave it conitiuueu at an, ui u ""i.
lot ths aspirant! for ollice get together
and form a committee and run the
machine to suit themselves-.' Careful
nnuiry, i'however, gives strength to
tbo belief that such is not the spirit
of the ' committee as a
whole, but merely of a minority
of its merurcrs perhaps the same)
minority as that which is said to
.r . ... . 1 . -' 1 ..... :
have uxeuiue oruer 01 uub.
neaaft?r a receipt not to be found
in the proceedings of any con
vention of the past. It would oe
unjuet to arraign the committee as a
. . 1 1 '..I. 1 .I- . -....If.. ..w
wnoie, ami wnicn iihh uuu u-ur r
callent work so far, for the acts of the
sellHli few.
It is ucnerally conceded that the
Democrats will win by a large major
ity if a good ticket Is chosen,
and it naturally follows that
tho result of the primaries will
be an indication of the result of the
convention. Then, if representative
men are cho;en as delegates to the
convention, a ticket which shall rep
resent the Doet elements 01 society
will bo chosen by the convention.
And arguing in that way it goes with
out saying that tha real fight will be
made at the piimailes. II this Is true,
and it is generally admitted to be, the
cimmitteo will use every means in iU
power to bring ; out good men
at the primary election. In no way
can this end be better reached than
by fixing the houra for holding the
primaries to that it will be perfectly
convenient for nvorybody to attend
them. The time fixed, (i to 8 o'clock,
is not believed to be aullicient, better
judgment suf sting at least an hour
longer, and making the hours say from
6 to 8 o'clock,
si'Aca nrrwiKN primariis and ion-
The question is frequently asked by
the nninitiaieil why so much time
shou'd elapse between tho selection of
delegates and the holding of the Con
vention, A machino mun who was
asked that question yesterday didn't
seem to know much about It, scratched
bis head a minute and replied that he
supposed it was in order to give tho
cnndldntes time to gat around among
the boys and talk over things,
A man who is not on the
inside gives it rh hit opinion that a
much better result could be expected
of a convenjiju 0 (ioiogiuel fresh from
theiWinlo, full of the purpose for
which they nail Deen cuoseu aim ii o
from influences which might be
brought to bear upon them if sti Melon
timo wiw given for "the boys to get
around, you know." If the committee
today cannot find a better reason than
that given by the machine man It is
likely they will tlx tho datonf holding
the convention for the next day or the
dBy after the primaries, which would
put the date 01 the convention ahont
the l llh or 1Mb.
Those who urge the committee to
advance tho dale of the convention
give an excellent reason for it. It is
human nature, they say, to feel de
feat ; tbo greater the Btruggie ana 1110
greater the ansurance nf buccohi. the
more depressing tne eneci 01 lauuru.
Each candlila'e will have a certain
number of warm friendB, who, in the
event of hi defeat, will take
it at 11 rat as peraonal to tneui-
soIvob. As good Democrats and
true, they will in time rally to the
support of the nominees, whoever
they may be, aa oninuaiasiicaiiy as u
they had been successful in their own
particular desires. But it takes time,
the more the better, and if thiee weeks
can be had to smooth out the
wrinkles, instead of two, 83 much the
better. Perfect harmony and an en
thusiastic fight is necessary to defeat
tho ticket which the itauicais nope 10
foist on Hholby county.
For a reason, of which tho insiders
are doubtless wen awaro, aramey
stock is reported to have jumped up
away above par in tho last two days.
He has been gaining steadily for a
month or more, in spite of the vicious
and wholly groundless yarns which
have been ineidiously circulated by
his enemies. A moie upright, sturdy,
vigorous, manly character is not to oe
found in the lonn lirt of candidates.
and, should he get the nomination, a
renewed luster win oe given 10 iu
bonfires which the Democrat will
light on the hilltops.
pon't want baynu.
The white members of the Repub
lican party, and all ot the more decent
colored men, are outspoken in their
opposition to Haynes, the Republican
nominee for Attorney General. They
are as anxious to seenre the services
of a man who will stand firm upon
the law aad order platform as any in
the Democratic party could be. It la
a well known fact that there
are plenty of Republicans In the
city who scratch freely in county
elections, and these are all candid in
their determination to euppoit the
nominee of the Democratic party II
be ia a man whom they believe will
see the law executed. They will not
only tote but ute their influence,
wkinh amonnta to a treat deal iust
hnw moch may be Buotsed by those,. rf rf , $
who know now pumic we "tv- x
bfanswere in their hands laetfttB.P'"
lav. Aaoneof them said Saturday . & '
"It is virtue against vice, WtST
Democrats nominate uwe 1 wiij.;pr
get 111a po'itic ami vow trA"A '
1 n vana byo nntn in tii vam vamvo u .
No pearls do Aaten swiromar; .
like thoee in bqtytWhai.aijint 1,
hum nv mp rnatHifwvmynjP, -a
a a .1 . ft u .SL. W. w. i. W W
IM AflfaalriPhtlaVali
. r ' s X ."La A,
- fli o si v . Vitr . t
,0 '
i. -
n rl . A 1 -

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