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Heidelberg's Fire Hundredth Anni.
Tersory Ihe Situation at Bel
fast No t 8.
Losdon, Ausa t 3 The incoming
and ontgoitig miuittars have gone to
O-iborae Caitln to eea the Queen. The
' latter ill snrreader the seals of office
nd the new ministers will be intrust
ed with them.
Tb Situation at Beirut.
EKLFAfrr, August 3. The Mayor of
Brtlfftst has sent a circular letter to fie
differeLt ru?ei trtfs of the city, ask
ins them to actively xrt thair in
fluence to promote a bttter feeling
anion? the Deople toward the police,
bo that there may be co-operation be
tween the latter and the populace for
the nrevention of disorder and the
oppression of lawlessness. Crowds
of men ore aswtfcb ed in different
pir's of tin city evidently beut on
fighting the polio.
Balacd to Hnlgbtbood.
Dublin. Ananst 3. The Earl of Ab
erdeen.'ex-Vicfrry of Ireland, has bad
Thomas F. Brady, inspector of Irish
fi;herifp, knighted in recognition of
the whilom of his administration of
t'je New York Sun and o her fun'
raided for the relief of the ttarving
rsnermen cn tns west coast ot lreiauu
during the p st winteraod spting.
Lord Aberdeeu'a Farewell Levee.
Dublin, Augnst 3. The farewell
levee given by the Earl of Aberdn
and his wife kt Dublin Castle today
was a Heeded by a larae number of
numbers of the Irish National League,
Tceetreaisof ihe city ate profusely
and beautifu'ly decorated in tone r of
the departing viceroy and an enor
mous crowd of people U assembling
from ell parts cf the country to tender
the Aberdeens a reusing ovation when
tney tate twal leave.
Mi Men ratall Ipjored.
Lokixw, August 3. An explosion
of coal gas occurrnd in the hold of the
Jiorwegian bark Tt tM fct Cardiff to
day. Six mt n were fatally injured.
Hlnlstera la Conference.
Pa rib, Augnst 3 The Figaro an
nouices Ihnt arrangements are bHng
made for a conference between M. ae
Fieycinet bimIM. de Giers.the French
and Kosaian Al nistera for Foreign At
lairs respectively.
Tbe Western India Cotton Crop.
London, AnguH 3. The cotton crop
of Weetarn India is expected to be
the largest ever recorded.
Bonlancer I
In an Awkward
.Pabip, Anguat 3. Gen. Boulanger's
position is oecoming awkward. He
has published a statement ia which
be denies that one and admits tbat
the other letter is gennine, wherein
he tbankad the Due do Aumale. It
is rumond tbat if he persists in his
denial, the Due de Cbartrts will chal
Jenge bim to a duel. The Ftancaite
detonnees the denial as a subterfuge
unworthy of the commander of the
army, he Pane aka whether it ia
possible to keep Boulargar at the
head of themilit-ry. Gen. Boulargar
nas admit ea tnat ce wrote tno letters
thanking ibe Due de Aumle for pro
posing his prorutt on to the rank of
arretted lor a Heavy Embeaale.
Begun, AnciiBt 3. The Tagtblatt
raya that Hot Weuiger, chief cuahir-r
iiauen state railways attJarisrube.nas
been ancsted for embtzz'ement of
enormous sums from the lairoad
Abbo Ll-ni's Funeral.
Bayrkutu, Aug'iflt 3. The Crown
Prince Jtrrc't-.m-k Wi liam, cf timm
ny, arrivid ht iV;jreuth and will at
tend the fiM-rl r.t Li zt.
ItUmnrrk at Uaatcln,
Gabtbim, Au.'iist 3. Prince and
I rirro,8 Uipuinriiit Lave arrived here
The Trirca m.t Kmperor William at
a 9otres la.l ev.nii g
Heldrlbfvu'M Five Hnndredth An
uiwerfiarjr. HsfDBLDKRd, Angu-st 3 Every hotel
uri'i inn as tar es Aiannntim :s
crowded wuh v nit t-, who lwe come
lo toLe part in lb live hundredth au
n'verry cf the f "ni dation of Utid.d
bcrg University. The rrorarume for
the week is es follows: Tuesday
Solemn Siirvica; ice-p ion of deputa
tions; in tiie evm.il g a fete at the
Cantl. Wcd-uecdav A banquet and
tijrchlight prrcHsi -n cf ttudents in
hworof thn Grand Duke of Ba:lon.
Thurfxliy-Ai.il u cemont of honor
ary degrs'Hd ennferred upon f ireigners.
Friday ll:B'crical corttge. Saturday
Theatriial po fo manctmml ball.
Tiie visiting deim-atious which ara
lipro to pa;t-cipat4 in the celebration
of the SOO.h ai nivrrary of Heidelberg
Univeri-ity, Rth"rud in the Fest Halle
lift Light imd lialened to au addref s of
welcome by iho Buromostor nn be
half cf tin rity. Tncre weie 5000 rer
bops pnsent. Yi. ornui cheers were
given fiir Kmperor William and thn
Grand Dako cf Baden, lbs Choral
Union garg tlif jubilee swan song, the
words of which were wri.ten by
SchefM end the mm-ic by Achmer,
who directed I he singing. A hymn by
the poet Wolff was alto rendered. The
deputies representing foreign univer
sities helJ a mee'iogand elected M
teller, preeident of the French Iusti
tute, to act as general spokesman for
the deputat on during the f stiv tie.
The down Piince Frederick
Willism opened the celebration last
night. In bis address to th ao.
semblaee of present and former mem-
ber of the great ins ituUon the Prince
congraini"iea tr em npoa tneir noi-n
i i j i.
eir notn'S-
sioncf a snare in the glorious record
of Heidelberg. Tte nnivereify had,
be said, main t lined, through maty
ici a tuce), me loremost position iu
securing religi us liberty and the
right of scientific inquiry, which
Heidelberg porseseed ton'ght, to'
gether with every quarter of the
world. The un versiiy bad also led
in the woik of fostering faith intne
principle of rational onity, which was
at present Germany's sa'egnjrd and
strenkth. "Now that this unity has
been regained," continued the Prince,
"the maintenance of the ancient vir
tues of car rdc call for tbe exercise of
greater prndene?, self denial and
aplritual diw plUe, in order to tri
mote the hrjuiy development of lib
eral spirt of the iieti nul lif of tbe
German people." The addref s of tbe
Ciown Prir.ce wjs received with great
The Typbold ver at Plttabnrg;.
PiTTcBobq, Pa., Angus' 3. Twenty
seven r.ew cjses cf typhoid fevc on
the South Side have ben repo ted to
the B ard f Uea th since Sunday,
Ten of the Sisters of St. Joseph's Con
vent, attacli-d t-. St. Michael's Church,'
are at tit. Francis Hospital, having
been taken ther at varicus times dur
ing the week. Toe mother cupeiior
tea in a bo ma wai linen to trie cos
pit il atuiday. It is thcoght tbat they
aw affected with typhoid fevi-r. though
only one case is serious. There ra
forty-five nuus at the convent wbo
cime from Johnston and other pluces
to attocd thn annual retrat. The
Kev. Father Frederick, of Oincinrati,
a forinrr pastor of the church, has
been attending to their spiritual
Joskfh Murphy is at Mootehead
Mlle. Rukv sails from France for
this country August 1 1th.
-Mowiska will scon vtcit her son
Frank, who u a civil engineer in
Katk Claxton will opm her season
in BostonAugU9t 30th, in rri-na-
V . J. Florbncb has rurrhased a
fonr act domed; by Gill and Melburn,
entit'ed Flirt.
John S. Clabke will soon return to
this country under the management
of Dan Frohman.
LtwBBNCE Babbett is prepaiing to
revive Menzi at the fctar Theater in
September next.
Olives Doco Bybom is entertaining
himself and a good many of his friends
at Long Branch.
Lotta has a magnificeiit new hons?
at Lake Hopatcong, N. J., and Will
ociupy it in August.
Joseph jErrEitsos begins a starring
tour of twenty weeks' duration on
' Auguat 30.h, in Denver.
Maubici Babryhokb and W. Ham
ilton Ball will bs moabers of Modjes
kas company this seaam.
Henry Wertfieimkr does not man
age Minne Maddern next season as he
has so industriously circulated.
Emily Kean wilt lie the leading
lady nxt season of Charles A. Gard
ner's A'arf, the Peddler Company.
Fbed "vVardb will o)n the season
at ihe Wicd or Tueaife August lGth,
ajipearicg in a round of Lukesperean
The McCaull Opsra Company return
to Wal ack's Tneatre next week in
FMa, which will bs jiven with the
original cast.
Buoc Heron has bten engaged as
leading lndy for Clara Morris next
eeacon. Henry Miller wi P be the
leading man.
Roland Reed is stil on view at the
Bijou Opera House. His leading fe
male Eupport is not up to the murk,
otherwise the cast is a good one.
Miss Alberta Gai latin, the beauti
ful Virginian, is doing the mermaid
act at the Atlantic Bigblandf, N. J,
8he should be a success, es she pos
sesses all the physicalquahficatloDS.
Thomas W. Keknh) the tragedian,
fills engagements next S'aion in
Cleveland, Chicago, St. Luuis, Louis
ville, NashvilK Pittebarg, C ncinnati,
Philadelphia, Boston icd New York,
"Tom, ths Penman,' is produced by
A. M. Palmer's compi ny in Chicago,
has proved such a dittjnet euccessthat
it will probably be thejopening play of
the next Madison Squire Theater sea
son. Annie Pixlky's combany for next
season will include M. 0. Daly, Daven
port Bebus, Edgar Silden, Hardie
Vernon, Robert Fieher, F. Redmon,
Miss Loura Booth, Maj Faudre and
Mlle. Rhea has canceled ber en
gazement to appear at the Union
Square Theater next season. She baa
a date at the New Windsor and will
play a brief engagement thete during
the' season.
Gi's William opens bis s?aon Au
guet 30th in Columbus, O. M. John
H. Kobo, h s maiaer. lias lifet re-
turned (mid Brant Rock, Ala6s , and ia
making the final arrangements lor th
tour ot his fctar.
J. W. Mohrishky will ba tha active
businers manaoi of tin S endant
Ttirater next dearon. 'lh opera of
The Maid and Moomhinert, which
ontins 1 16 Boas-Mi Anjiost 14th, will, lie
lays, run 100 nights.
Mitw Emma Thu8by is at Enw, im
proving her beslt'a by menna o! tlie
waters of that 'a nous recort, and cal
tivfit ng ln-r voice under the direction
of Mr. F. E. Biistot, the well known
sinking teanrot JNhw xort
"Harbor Lights," S'ms and P.t
tit's la vbt fUixi sslul London m-!o
drnxa will be produced August 0 h
at the Boston Vtusum. If it proves
c -pta'vo to American laws M b rs.
Fieoch & Saayer will put it on tho
Mbhcbdbs," the tTO-a;t n'av whir
mr, i.wience Larrnt rouuc.'a ino.'p
lemner, in prefy mra 10 pc ss-;i-a lit:
ary mt rit, ma u cer mlv pet a r?.
IP cttnl niaung, aa X. U. A Id rich, the
autrjor, is wi ieiv known as a writer ol
very great ao hty,
A ni'miikr of p'nf.'fs'ona's. including
Stodj iMarkye, Howard 1'nu.l, Jos'p'i
J. oik 8nrt t rfil Krvto". wcra enttr
tainei nf ji iuno ls.irs K broast " on
thWild We-t grounds tbe other day.
xNatfl Sal b lry did tho honors in bis
u-uul graceful ftle.
Marcps Mayhr, who hue an interest
in the f ortt'comirig tours in this coun
try cf Patti. Be'nhardt and Fortesnus.
nis tone to Mancheet-ir-by te-Sa
He returns in a dav or two. and then
cm be f inndath snew cilice in the
btar I beater building.
The niyht of August 10th will be i
busy one in New York, three proui
netit tueaipre opening tiieir s asoo
wi'b new attrac i ins; the Biiou Ooera
House wi'h Soldiert and Swetllteartt the
M.dison 8quire with lit Id by the Enemy
and the Standard with The Maid and
Ihe MoowhintT.
Arthur Rehan's com ntm v in Nancv
a: u wu, judging tri m the names, be
!,s Pl!flJ good looks as in eUbo ate
, , Aul"DK Aireany eng-gea are
Miss Carr e Turner. Ethel Brandon.
Char line Weidman, M s. Clara Fisher
Maede'-, llenrv Hotto, Harold Rusaell
ana frank Uarlyle.
Thb Maid and tub Moonssineb,"
a new comic opya, by n yt and Solo
mon, will positive y be produced at
toe e-ancurci Theater Anjrat 10th,
with Lillhn Rms I'.Tony Hart, John
Brandt. Armand the teuorand Jaties
Ra-ichfle in the cist. After its New
xork run it will tour the country.
Notwithstanding the fact that
Maploeon will not visit this country
next sea on, the American public will
not be without grand Italian op ri
S'g. Angelo. for many years tbe C lo
nm'a chief aid, wi 1 direct an o gu za
tioo of about nine'y persons, wi'h
Mile Valiia ai pr m donna. Moder
ate (rices will be i ha gad.
They Are Hot Sirry.
There in one luinir nonndv ror ra.
gret that is, the day they first adopt-
III P.. V 1ft. I1 : .L . I
II j AU,I,,;"0 tneir regular iam
lly medicine. Its ranirn in mn mriHo
and its good effects bo sure, that noth
ing else, except good nursing, atl
needed in a great majority of casefi
Bay it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise rom us. I
Terrible Affray at a Picnic in Which
Two Lives Were Lost 'Jensa
titinal Arrestx.
Philapelphia, Pa., August 3. A
special from rJezeiton,Pa.,savs: N'?eco
pec, a little tUton aont eix'een
miles from this p.'ac?, ws the sceno if
a terrible tragedy on Sundav evening.
A party of Italians and llungaiians
engaged at lumbering on the reonsyl
vania railroad went down to Nesron 'C
Saturday to attend a wedding, asd tha
whole crowd got on a spiee. The
stupor that resul'ed cntiuiu'd tmtil
sundown on Sunday, wbou one of the
Hungarians named Kolewski picked
a ngni witn tnstnre Italians, wtio
bid crept into a barn to sleep off the
drunk. Kolewski doliberatsly
whipped out a he.ivy revolver and
shot two of the Italians through the
neau, men tnrowiog it as.d, eeueu
an axe handle lyirg in a corner and
pounded tne tmra ita lan s beau to a
jelly. The threa victims of the Hun
gauan'a malice died within a half an
hoar after the first shot. The barn
shows tbat there was an awful tttug
g'e. blood bBing sptttered a l aroui d.
Kolewski took to the m.uutains and
is still at largo.
A terrible A Dray at a Picnic.
St. Louis, Mo , Augutt 3 A special
from Book held, Mo , say : At a pic
nic given at the Meyer S.thcolhcii e.
Saturday, nine mila north of this
city, a terrible affray orrurred, in
which two men lost their lives. Tho
farmers for miles around had gathered
at this p Int to spend the day in hurra
le;s amusement, and one, J u In liar
ner, t'ok advantage of tbe gathering
to make s .ms mor.ey, establishing a
booth for, the talo cf baer with ut
complying with the ne -eesary formal
ity of procuring a liceufe. Several
heads of families present called on
Chancy Hague, conetihle of Grant
viile towosuip. to suppress the nui
sano. Mr. Hague pieced Garner
under arrest, and putting a deputy in
charge of tbe booth started off the
giounds with his prisoner, when Ed
ward, a bro her of John Garner, ran
np with an ax in his hand and struck
the cons ablo a blow on tho neck, sv
ering the wind pipe, and cutting
through tbe collar bona down into the
lung. Tet Fogeity, who ran np to
Hague's assistance, received a blow
from the ax in his left side, cutting
through tbe ribs and a mcet reveling
tho body in twain. Before the horri
fied bystanders could regdn their
presence of mind Garner darted into
tbe woods, brandishing bis ax, ai d ea
yet has nbt besn captured. Great ex
citement prevails, and should the mur
derer be caught he will undoubtedly
be lynched.
They Captured the Wrong; Han.
St. Louis, Mo., Augt 3. Ex-United
States Marshal John R Tanner was
arrested last evening in East St. Louis
on a charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses. Tbe ex-marahal was
on his way to Chicago. on the Cuicaso
and Alton express train, when two
men appro iched bim and told him
they wanted bim. Mr. Tanner thought
they weie burglars and broko away
fom them, when a lively scramble en
sued. He was finally over ome, and
after being handcuffed was led to the
police Btation, wbera the above chajye
was entered against him. He pro
tested his innocence and summoned a
friund, who vouched for his good char
acter and expla ni'd to the olliceroiha'
they bad arrested the w-ong person,
theritthtone being a man who had
given a firm nf lawteis the egm y of a
Chicago commercial en'e jir se fo'
ou. uo leipgragning to Uliicag) it
was found that no such nutnrntis as
the agent represented exwte.l, and tlm
arrest followed. After leing con
vinced that they had captured the
w'ong man Mr. Tanner was r lo.iBo.1.
He ;s a Republican i an-iid.to for S'tu e
Trea-urer, and bis d- tent oii la-t n;u'it
will, ho cays, teiLitly intorfrro w t'i
hie plan?, as it. new ex-Hates the t r. uii
ii g of bevoral voiy imporn ni er gag. -meuts.
Just what aci n tho M.-nnal
will take in thy matter is na known,
but he will ibed.u.e proceedings o!
eotrie sort againit tbe au-.horiti' e.
luiporlunt Arrema at t'hlcnico.
CnicAoo, III., August 3 An im
n itUnt a"eft was made today bv Pm
ketton's National D t-'civa A.-in y u
tho cs'tiife of Thomas rinnin aim,
David Sh.n,hn aad No.ih S Thrnij)
son, wbo are tlMi'ged with being jm
p ioi'.ed 'ii fie robbery of sime$l'),0t)
woith ofi-txmi)8 whi'h wtr- etden
trun tlm MiurK-arKilis pos ofDi'e thn
i.lgot of July Kt;i. The mba S Miea
ii oal fratii'ent Iho rase is the f ct
t int Slia a' an, who is s.idto hav.i
been th tint man tint received tlm
stin p is K,)p- visor of tho Srut'i
Town of Clii n o, and is un ler very
heavy olli iai bund for Li- go 'd u ii
dnct in ( Hie-?. It -rms tluv, imiu- dint-ly
afler the robbery George li. K d
der, tbe O iel Ijvpec or I r the
Po tofli e D partruent in tins d
vision, jut the ma t into W.
A. Pinkeit n's ha-ids. A si.ort
time ago tho lutter learned thht
largo sumbHra o stimps had be-iii
pdVMtly offered to a number of Chi
cg i me-chan's. im t, ww k Mr. S E.
urancian, oi jo. n wab.isn avenue,
w,-s appriacneu Dy a mai named
frank Wicks, whom be he d fonm r'y
Known as acommns'on me-c antheie.
Wicka wanted him totakoceveia! thou
sand dollars .worth of stamps, a;d
finally a bargain was sink ami tb'i
rate of payment fixed at 60 ( en s on
tne SI. Mr. uraocMl informed link
erton ot Ihe sua r, ana a trap was sot
for Wicks. Yes'e day tne latter, air
eompinled by Th mpion rf the C.nn
ty Infirmary, ar ived at Mr Oiand ill's
p ace of bu-ineffl, ar d in the Dreence
of the digoiB'd Pinke'ton men count
ed out over J41W worth cf stamDS
They were promptly a'Msted ai d
taken to Piokert n a office, wher
Tnompson made t' e eatpri-rfrig atpte
ment that he had received the i-tumps
trom erjananan.ioe cou'n lown Hnpur
visor. When the latt r was ano-itd
and q'lf stioried, he stated that he re
ceived the rttmps to smiI on commis
sion from Thrmaa S nc air, who is a
man worth over -0,0 0, b'H .whose
pat record hs been very bid. and
who ia known to the detectivis as a
'handler" of thieves. Inonucare wa
mpluat-d in te rob erv of he
Union Iron and Htel C mpafy; four
years ago, ihn tns rate wjs i racked
and some 12,000tikrn. In this cue
he was releaced on a suspended sen
tence on sccount rf hia hither's posi
tion and his vouth. All the ra ti
are under arrest, and nppea ed bef r
Commissioner Hynsf is: fternoon.
. m
Deatrejed by an Incendiary Fir.
Indiana poLi". Id , Augns 2. The
Aetna' epecial from Blnoinington, I I.,
sast'at at 11 o'c'ock las n t;lit;n
rendiary fire wjs s uited n rho"k
fidkm r t aagon i"ip joiet svill,
r-m II town noith of the e i n t ie
Lou eviiie, New Albany and Chicago
I ulroad, which destroyed more than
h f tho business hou ej in the p'sce
hef re its p rot re 68 was stayed. The
lr-s-P' are amil1, agvregating only
llll.ptK), with ri iusurauce of i(n.iX).
Shook A Faalkner loss 15000, witli
$1500 iiiMirance. There was po ap
paratus for righting fire in the village.
Propoaetl Aaaeadntrnt to tbe Vroi
ala t'anMtllutlon.
Atlanta, Ga., Angnet 3. There
will be two constitutional amend
ments votud on at tne Mate election
iu October, one of which is of geneia'
ir.terc s'.as it is likely to place maimed
too federate solmeri on apvimanent
pension list, ice amenament is as
lo'lows: That the last Bintenco of
article 7, section 1, paa,.Toph 1, of
the corstitntii n of 1877) te and the
same is hereby amended by adding
thereto at tie end of said sentence
tbe following words: "Ard to make
suitable provision itr such Confeder
ate scldiers as may have l.een per
manently injured in such service."
So that srid sentence when so amend'
ed shall read as follows: "To supply
the soldii-r who loft a limb or limbs
in the military service of the Confed
erate States witn suitauie artificial
limbs dunng lifa, and to make suit'
able provision for such conftdeta'.e
soldiers ai may have been permanent
ly injured in such seryxa." I nder the
Ust clause of the proposed amend
ment tbe JftiiHiaturo wiulif be at
liberty to establish a penshn liet.
There is no oppoMtion wl atever iu
the S:ate to the pre jned aiii"iidou'nt.
A. P.
Wllllama alerted totbel'lare
Now Held by lleamt.
Sac-bamknto, Cal., August 3. Both
hotist-a of the Ltg tKturd met at 1
o'c o:'k this morning, and itumed'a'ely
priiceetlea to elect a unitfU Mat-ss n
a'or to fill the vacarcy caus-td by the
teati ot Senator miller, a d A. 1'.
Williams, who was ncmiua ed at a Re
publican caucus a few hours b fure.
was nominated by a decisive ruajoiity
ot the votes ot the House. Tt e Vox
carats nominated Senator Hexist. Ttie
vote td botu houses tJOJ: Wuliams,
70; Heart, 24.
i'-Teparftd with Pacini regard to Deoltii.! 1
No Aiumonla, ijitue or A lum.
chicaco. t. toum ,
rRffPARED cy
pirTSiHimij pa.
fnin.trfnit? re mud- in ,1 Lno'. Mn.
Forty Years a Miffm cr from
" yOR FOrlTY VKAK8 I hare loon a vic
tim to OArAKRtl -t!triw-fur: ''R t tha time
a unrtcrer from EX' H Ui'f IN' PINS
THiLS. Ttie tliinhurven wuro nu oCuniv
tbat L honi'itto to tuemion it,fi-Rit lor tho
uoaA it tuny do aonie 'thor puHerer. 1 hava
ft'nt a younv inrtune trom uir euvuni'i
during my fo;-ty yoarc of . ui'erinir to obtain
relinf trom the doctors. I huve triud pitrcnt
lneliciDol -overy .r,e 1 could If urn ol Irouj
the tour enrnern of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (f7 yra of aire) have met
with a remo'ty that baa cured me entirely-
made me a new man. I w, unci Impound!,
nd now wei(tb 144. I ueed thirteen bottlei
of tbe medioitie, and the ml? ror-et t have
in, that beinc in the humble wa in of liie I
mav nut have influence ui nrevail en a 1 ca
tarrh anderera to an whut hu cuied me
Guinn's Pioneer Blood Kenewer,
" No. 267 Second utreet, Macon, (ia.1
" Mr. Ilenry Chevea. the writer of tha
ahove. formerly of i-hwford county, now of
Maeon, 1., menu the oonidence or a.l In
tereitedin oaterrh. v. . A 11- KF.
" Ei-Mayor of Maoon."
Gulan's Pioneer Ulood Konewer.
Corel alt Blood and Hkin Diaeaaeii. Rkenm
tim, SoTotala, Old Borea. A perfect Spring
It not in yonr market, it will be forwarded
on reoeiplel prioa. bmall bottlei, II, large,
fl 75.
Essay on Blood tat Bkln Dlteuaa mailed
Maeon, Ooorala,
o 4$
r WLLBOR'9 MltfPOTTNl) Off1
jittbeGleM"le tritel Theareat
popnlarity of 'wiinor' U'mpouna or vou
Llver O" and L'nie" hi induced iniu un
Drinniiiled vrron to tto'uiit o palm off a
simple art'de of Iheir own manutaoture;
bat env perann who ii mflerinr from Cougfai.
Cold" or Conu i'it'On. ehtnld be careiul
hte thry nur 'haae thn bttiela- 'he re-
aulte of III ue are ire bit re"uinueodationi.
and the prop.iefir b-a ample tviteaeenn
file of itare I aucnraa in ,almorary com
pla nu. Tbe Pi o-i hte -( Lime powaaea a
moct na'velou" h-Mig imw-r aa combined
with tbe Pure Cod Liver Oil bv Vr Wiibor
It il eae-lhed hJ tne med.ciil fatuity. Sold
by A B. VTn,aoa, Che., in I, Bolton, and
di ngglsts.
Ullvril. 6
The most wonderful Pain-Curcr tho world has ever
known. Its cifects are instantaneous.
Children Cry for
FOUNDRY & JLVCIIINE DfiPXlUOto 174 Adams Nt., Memphir
Saw-Hllla, ?rP;!Sl' jfMuiSiV 'v!'-
Orlat- Hllla
t'runta A
Hn I III Imk
V tiu'hTM M ABM I mil
tflocceiiora in thil lcpartinent to JOHN M AN0UUK.)
atarWrita na for information on ANY HUNG in either line.
L. D. MVLLIN8. of laU J. R. Godwin A Co. JAS. YONOE, lateol J. W. Caldwell A '
Cotton Factors &Commission llorchanls,
No. I Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Tnlon, Wflinphls.
1 -.TH' aT'AaairV
. j , o.;t.
nr t, .ir
S. S.
W V ' a.
3?ff .E!s4aS5 c& CJo
(ttl'll'rj-JaoK.S TO KSriH, lOAN A !.)
WI iiteale Grocers iwA CMm Facion
twos. II 1-2 and 13 Union
B ftnafi
i P
Doors, Sash, Blinds, molding, tnmbs
liHlh and 8biiu;I(!tf, Flooring, CciliRft (jodar PoHti.
39 Union St., Memphis, Tenn.
W. A.
AMITII, Proprlotor.
' .
- ' T.. I I SOI
J. H. IK V.
1 'lijV'r-'"''''''
tV. HWKT4,
Lata of Moachatu Ji liorton.
Late of J.b. bay A Son.
360-362 front Street
Pitcher's Castoria.
Bar Iran,
nailer Iraa
oop, Rna4
JliMit la-oat
DEPT. 2iIG and 2iI8 Second St.
Chickasaw bcoworb
JOHN t. ItAMU l f'O., PROPK'S,
OS Second St. yoiupMa. Tet.
1 iii;Iiioh, fSoiltTH, Nhviii11Is
Itrntllwrtl 4 'oirii Kiitl 11 heai Mill k
Col I on I'tn-Hf C'otton Uttf.
Nlsnniufr, l iillfy , Me.
41. IM V
-We are orrpared to fill order.
uotico. for the oele rated Mwlrl l'aia
H nmciii. l'oll,. We oarry In atook ov)
Two Hundred Aaortail ' -a. a.
y-xn,l ft.r 'tHlnno ami Prlce-H't.
Street Memphis, Tcnn.
':. ' ,. . ' ' " if -
- TIM , Tr-1!J."l
gAKtirARTuaaa nr
IV. A. NiuHIi'm I'nt. Ncpurator.
F.aitlt,' Eclipse llolli-r (Jinn,
Plalu 10 Inch f'ln, and
Price at Factory. l and 110.
-All klnda of Klni Repaired. Hnacial
Diaoount to tne 'lrade.-
and Kwa rnwi w , i.mrm irai
J. W. HA II. it Y.
Lata of Hllv Oovingtoi
Memoliia Tenn.
1 V v W V
"ni.L be rpeneJ Jane let. Thil noted
V watering-place ii aituated lix mile
Unm .Ulna Furnace, on th. Naahville and
Tuxcalooaa railroad, in Hickman county
Tcnn. Hack will meet all traina at Aitna
and will convey gaeatt to aprinna at a very
low rate.
Honrtl, i Per Month ; 91 Per Daw.
hx-lil Untrn lo rarulllew. 4
We invite all who wiah to apend the rooit
pleajtant in un of their Uvea to come to
Veaverdnui, eKi erially aeekera of pieaaura
and health. Good water and pure air in
Ill'nni.ENTOS BKN.,
. Mvcryraen, Centrevllle, Tens.
K. A. Da AN JPrup'jrenijlaJlotel.
,7, , KnckbridKe Co., Va. High ap in tha
irgima mountains. Pictureaque anrrnnnd
lna,etenaiveand beautilully ahaded lawn.
Gai, electrlo belli, and all modern improve
ment!. Two daily m .ill, poit, telegraph and
eipreia olficca on the iiremiaea. Table tha
very best. Luxuriously furniahed rooma;
ui erb band of muaic. Send for illuatratoel
ianiihlet. Chargoa mmlerate. Open for vif
itora. June ISth. Wiitrrt: Alum. Cknluktm
and rrmtnnr, R. T. U ll.U' .SON.Miin'gT.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
TERMS for the aeaaon or 1886, betinniaa
June lat, reduced to M) rer cent., bat
the higheat ataadard of excellence main
tained. ti.nd for llluatrated dcicriptive pamuhlet
and terma.
FN. P1KK, Manai(.r.
Among the Northern Lakra
of Wlaconaln, Minneaota and Iowu, are hun
dredi of delightlul place! where one cn paaa
the aummer month! in quiet real and enjoy,
ment, and return home at the end nf tha
heated term completely rejuvenated. Kaeh
recurring aeaion brlnga to Uconomowoe,
Waukeahn, Heaver Dam, Frontenac, Oko
boji, Minnctonka, White Hear, and in nu
merable other charming localities with re
uiantio nnniea, thouaundi of nur beat peoplo
whole winter riomel are on either aide vl Ma
Ion and Dixon'a line. Klcgance and com
fort, at a moilcrnto coat, can be rradilyub
tained. A Hat of aummer homai, with all
neceaaary In form a ion pertaining therein, ia
being dletributed by the Chkuiio, ii,wao
(a and ST. I'ai l Raii.wat, and will beaoat
free upon applicatl, n by letter to A. V. 11.
Car ix ntcr. General Paaaeiger Agent, Mil
waukee, Wia.
White Cliff Mineral Springs,
Monroe f'enntv. TaaaeaiM
CITlIATKUon top ofChilhowee Mountain
Kj IUHKI feot above aea level. Good water.
fiver a good roadi diatance alxt.cn inil.a.
inipiii.ru wnioo in noici, connecting wita
other line at Athena. Trrm, reaaonabler
ftiiu n iruin, it.ir. lor lanillieB. X OT C rOtl-
lara, giving analyals of watera, etc., addreM
proprietor, T. A. MAG1LL,
v hire mm Upringa. Tenn.
Crab Orchard Springs,
LINCOLN COUNTY, KY. The excellence
of the ouif Ine, and ancommodationa ehar
aterlatlc of thil hotol during the paat tlnaa
year l, ahall be fully maintained Ihia aeaaoa. i
Kxcuraion ticketa to the tipringa by the la.
and N Hallway nro a-ond via liuiavlll. I,lk
going and returning, to proofed ou urit train
aucceeding arrival In Louisville.
w T. IIHM'. I're-'t. .1. (1. KINIl.Hup't.
No. H. P. Chancery Conrt of BhehVa
vuuuijr. nwtie ui Aeanviave, etc., ve Da
rah Armatrona et al.
BY virtue ol an Interlocutory decree for
aali. entered in the above iudhmi tha.
4th day tl June, 1HM, M. B. , it,
I will aell, at publio auction, to the high
eat hiddor, in front o' the Clerk ana Uw
ter'a oUce, oourthoui. ol bhelby oounty
Memphia, Tenn., on
Natordnjr, Anajnet 7, lama,
within leg' houra, the following deecrinad
preperty, eituntcd in bhelby oounty, X.a
neaaee, to wit l A cerlain lot beginning at a
atake on tha weit aide of Ninth atreet 1!
feet north of the north aide of Cam I ,
atreeti thence weat and parallel with Ca
llnaitreet 1W feet to a itake; thenoe north.
25 feet to an alley; thence eaat 11H f"'tte
wcat aide ot Ninth atr.oti thenoe aoatu 25
lent to the beainnina.
Terma ot Hale On a credit of aix
note with aecurlty rcuuirod : lien retained;
redemption narreii. tnia Jul, it, iww.
b. J. MnllUtVKl.L, Ulerkand MaeUr.
By 11. F. Wulah, Deputy Clerk and Maater.
Y. II. A O. W.
lieiakell and iloba John-
aton, Kolicitora.
No. WJK), H. D.-Chimoer-f Conrt of HhMkr
rounty- htuto oi Aonnewioe v. JoDuiiu
lMnlnnev et ui.
BY virtue of to lnr.ociitn ttewm) (or
Halo eant4) rod in tbi ahoy ouu" ua th
'AH'n i-i JanuMrv, lMVt. M. 1.. Al. i .?
.'rU, I will -a I ni cul'li .un tlon, U thn dik-
t ulddar, in Ironi ol I he ;irK una JWUr
o ill oo, ronrthouiie Oi tholjjy ouUut, Muia-l-Uii,
Tenn.t on
within IokaI hourn, tho Mlowioc dottprid
linnorty, eituiileJ in blielbjr county, Ttum.
to wit:
i;it hiilf of lot f(, fonntry lot front-
Iru i-U) tnut on tho south iio or .Vituiout) nt,
2U foot wont of -Urlfiii.f. ptrret, by u titth ot
I IH's feet. t h am roiorty o Jol.ar.iin Mtv
huney nml ollmrn.
I'urt ol lot 41. lilnck f7, (rontitxr :t7 loot on
the weft Mdn of Orlrnnn nt r t ivt toot nrtb
of Linden stroet by u depth ot iuv, 6d
r -fimiicrty ot tbe 1) uQ Cil h. and L. Ai
lot'iiVion. ijot r. block iit. front n x n-ft on t Mcitn
dido of tlu'h Htroot 4r. feot muth of Vano
mn nt liy a di-th ( lti7S fret, hold n" prog
eny o Hnuiuul J. bot luiid, &! i n Utr I'rtrlter
an 1 nt lierH.
tot 11. ot Jonrti iiiiltilivHinn of in'.N ,U and
XI Iunn'H truot, IV ntinp M ti'ot on tho rmrth
ide of horiiiu ntrot Iwi lent ennt ot lirown
Itretit by a depth on tho nuM lua nf li.'o fut
(.o l on tho oaitt lino o nti tont. Mil at
roirrty't .(oKoi'Irrei miflJ' ho lo!ly.
I'lin ol bin 'k 'ii, Ihi'in'K Hiibil'Vi-tiit, fi-ont-
in 4(1 (cot on tho on ft ido oi A aufftitf piiet
1h loot -north of Uoltoho hvoihiu by a dnptk
of ''I' 'nt. bold ai rnitjrty ni Kofet. X'nWy
ttid othero.
I,art b i vk r. Dunn cub't vt- in. rronunr
IVi ieot on tbo weft fi'Io ot W alnut mr ot 2IAi
trot "otith f the Mrinohi.' and Churlojttofi
K:iilroad and runninu ban' .ri i ict in deuth.
ISt ldntpr irt ot . jii-i'h H.llutnin.
rart nt o untry lor 4.s, oi'irirnurnr on rne
uth nit'e of I'luo'nrafMl roti'l or 'hnr'if tun
Avnnuo 4V N et (nun the norlhr i"t f.ri-(-r of
Int.') II -rdafiti) h onbdivision W 1J toot
to Court r(nit: tbrncn S Sii E Ul (net;
thence -T2 ' )' M font to tlm .'ia-riitiroorH ri id
orth 2V W ft(Heet to tbe befiMiiuis. roltl M
th t nriu'orty ot II. i 'oil.
Fart of ltd irt, rountrv lo M , Tooiiiia IIU
feot on the wti'tfl ot J"i o avcnu n rth-
n-ent rirrer of u Si- met alb'V n .-ti ot Urna-
ford etreet Mil word, bv d 't'l . r il 'ooL.
Btildniitlie j.roprrlyot MiohtM-l l-'iUir t Uot,
i'art of inttta lor hml r d n.i 'nnt
Ini 'gJTi fort tin ill""-mil Mil oof -Ihuh aveooe
'fM leet wnxt o' htinlan itro t, K b wrJ, br
a ovpthof 'J10 foil. ttf Ido irnortr
of W. F. Iba-loy.
To mil ol Snl-0n acrod;tofi t hi 'inh;
noiu h'Hriitft lntrit, whh i or y. m
o,U'rfd ''fit riti.-iiaJd, rotioi(luu h irul.
t i o'HjA KT.t, PI-tV m d V-t.T.
IiV J. J' Col"iiiiii. Ib'iM.iy C. Hi.d
K. II.. kC. W. kel'.H.Ii.-1'o p.
i I'n in . I mini r.n it hIHIKW irraj
lotit nwr prhit4.il, now pckO
irtatftilN (ier .:, 1 1 1 ii'V
nl Htyliwof xMtlvfli l.ll.ratry
DphIiji. Tfthlori. rhnit-PK,
riiff Srifr Book Caies. Lounxea.
ladiei' Fancy l)eiks.&o
rinMt iioiHiw una nowimm
(, u-. al.. I I iWlalia
"London" Trouser stretcher
I'atcntod In Ku'onc and Uni
ted bta'ea. Ar-nl lav
I ntlx I la"" for oelebratev
John Hamilton 1 Co. Btrnch
r. Tlei baaaiiiar "Ml o
lAort-N retorei pantaloona to
or g'nal ihape. Only patented
Stretcher combiningicrrw r d
in combination Willi nlanpa.
I All olliera iuirinK.o,.n,i9.
Original and on lr -aviira
t.xi ra lecurely pacitea. r'iw.
i.... A .... wrtt,l in every oltv
tl w MTina itW A t it , H.nM.n.a.
lAIAAIirit AliKNXO.Tlcii ana W,aan.
WANTt-U ,0'le ''TIIB Crill.!. i
tl Lrf " rcroduotion y rt;-.J ia
cent, P.U- One enthaainH ftinaUaS
of i;74 people; one ):i In avlliai e, of ilH
new agent M6 in Hidaya; "t- - -?
live wekis on. Ill in S dur ' two diffjraw
tl.1...1tgP.ri.nco ...A. -
HI liearhot n tf Chic fO
i i '.-i i

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