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fimke and comehce.
CMou Stcaily-MidUHng, 8 So
slca Yesterday, 500
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent.
Local securities dull.
The cotton market closed steady;
middling steady, ,c. Sales, 500 bales.
At New Ycrkyeetsrday spots closed
quiet; middling, 9 9-16c.
A leading New York cotton circular
savs: "All hinds remained under
condition oi perplexity, and there was
ao market beyond the transferring or
selling of a few orftracts on local go
oount. Unloading of long options ap
peared mott in favor, and under this
a couple cf points were lost, with the
close dull and time. Liverpool opened
somewhat slack, but the main disturb
ing factor appeared to be in private
advices wportirg a ttill further shunt
aga in silver, and the fears of the re
salt thereof unon business relations
At New Orleans epots were qu'et;
middliDg, 9 310c; futures steady; Au
gust, !.ll9.13o.
At Liver, ool a f iir bminess was re
potted in spots ; middlinsr, 5 5-163 ; fu
tnres quiet; August, 513J4d.
In the geuorai market hog products
are weak aoii lower; mess pork, $11 25.
tigs in fair demand at 1001 lie.
One car iks bran, 35 pkfts bacon, 498
pkgs boots and shoes, 730 sks colfee,
1 tar cotton seed, 159 pkgi dry
goods, 37 pks eggs, 378 brls flour, 40
bales hay, 6 heaJ sheep, 4 head cattle,
1 head horses and mules, 240 kgs nails,
5 cars cat, 1 car pork sides, 111 brls
sugar, 200 jAgi tobacco.
The following . -ws the amount of
grain received, withu-awn and in store
by regular elevators, a reported to
the Merchants' Exchange today:
Corn received, 1718; withdrawn, 1472
bu; in store, 3034 bu. Oats received,
1726 : withdrawn, none ; in store, 6807
bu. Wheat received, none ; withdrawn,
none ; in store, 8190 bu.
9 Madisen St., Mcmphln, Tenn.,
Money In !vl demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing House ruport is as fol
lews: CLKAR1KOS.
Tuesday, Angast 3d, Jl 80. 098 54;
thus fir tun week, J302.G74 06; eauie
time laet wet'k. f 29,684 ; sflme time
1S85, $320,3'5 68; same tme lttoi,
$301,088 88.
Tue-iday, Auuot 3.1, $01,907 87;
thns far tin week, $-7,782 11; tame
time lait weuk, :F85,018 79; same time
1885, $98,003 23; sami time 1884,
542,280 70.
New Y?-tt. fi'ght on ell points, par
bnytni?, 1 promm.-n Su'lliLg; Now
Kfiiland demi-vl, i (liBCOuat buying;
New England eig.-.t, J disnonr.t; New
OrleAUH.J d.':o.iiitbayi:iB',par Bailing.
Baikol Ormw.U(i bid, 149 a.ked
First Sati-r.V "150 bid, 15a caked
O'rman Bif.ik 1&2 bid, 190 asked
State Nation-.) 145 bid, 150 aBked
TTnion nud P':intfirs15H hid. 153 aiked
Mercantile Huk.....l35 b d, 137J asked
Blafl City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid asked
Horn a . 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 anbed
Phoenix 98 bid, 100 aaked
Planters 107 hid, ... aeked
Vanderbiii 25 bid, 28 a3ked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. R.R.share9..36 bid, ... asked
M.A'f. R.K. flhrs...-....45 bid. 50 asked
M. & O. consols. 7S...119 bid, ... asked
M.& L. R. iHt m. 8S...105 bid, ...-asked
MiB3.&T.K.R.cs,A,...n6 bid, 118 asked
Mias.&T.R.R.ca.B...104 bid, 106 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. sor. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Shelbv Oo. 6? 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Disk 4, Cs, 97 bid, 98 asked
Tar. Dist. 6i 104 bid, 105 asked
Mom. Gaa bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water honds...97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid. 65 asked
Am.Cot. Oil trwtv..32 bid, 33!a6ked
Pioneer Cotl on Mills 25 hid, 30 asked
Mem.8tor.0om. Co..l00 bid. 103 asked
Mom. Qas nto. k .75 bid, 80 asked
Nkw York, August 3. Money on
ciUleasv. ranirini! fiem 2 toti per cent,
Prime mercantile paper 4&X Sterling
exchange dull at 484 J for CO day bills
and 485 for demand.
Bonds Oiavernment bonds were
dull and unchanged. State bonds
were dull bnt strong for the issues
dealt in. Railroad bonds were dull
snd Bouera'lv firm. Sales. $1,309,800
Texas & Pacific Rics (coupon oft).
S593.00O, and the East Tennessee, in
coines $400,000. Tne first mentiuned
thouirh firm in the earlrtradinc. af
terward dc;liDod, and ate 4 per cant,
lower tonight, at 61 i. Ttie gensral
liBt 6ymrntMa?d somewhat with the
trading in etotks, and notional losses
are more numerous tonight than' for
some da vs paet.
Stocks The feature of the news to-
Hav was the publication of the Flerfi'
ing-Olcott plan for the reorgan'zation
of the Texai and Pacific. No agree
ment cauld be made with the WisUr
CommitU'?, snd the stock gave way
sharply after the first slight advance
in the earlv morniog. The news from
the corn belt was favorable today, and
nnder this influence. WltQ the en
couraging utterances of the Chicago
peop'e, the grangers were held nrm
against tne large oueriDgs oi bikmj,
Amone the Vanderbilt stocks Michi'
f,n Central was prominent for its
stremrlh durine the fwenoon, but
save way later. There was a flurry in
money toward the close, the price
running up to 6 per cent;, wbich de
pressed prices slightly. The market
was heavv in the early dealings, but
the exceptional strength in Omaha,
Central Pacific. Union Pacihc ana
Canada Southern rallied tha remain
der of the list, and the early losses
were generally recovered, but before
noon the market bad become dull and
Hetlfn), with a heavy undertone, and
this state cf affair a continued until the
close, which ws rather heavy. The
best prices were mane in tue first nan
hour, and the lowest in the last ball
bonr. Tbe net result c f the day's busi
ness is a decline in almost everything
on the active list.
The total saUs of stocks todav were
232,538 sharee, i Deluding Car adaSout h
ero,6355; Delaware. Lackawanna and
Western, J 2,500; Jine, &310; h.anss
and Texas, 2:155; Lake Shore, 5785;
Louisville and Ntshvi le, 3900; Mich
igan Central, ; Noittiwts'ern, 16,t
6O0; New York Ctn'rol, 5799; Pa
cific Mail, 5005; St. Taul, 29.
070; St. Paul and Or: aha, 20,840;
Union Pacific, 23,735; We:tern Union,
5 050; Northern Pacific preferred,
3i70. Closing quotations:
U. S. Sa. 100. eonp, lSi'a.
coup, 111. Pacific 6i ol 1. 126.
La. stamps, it, 79 Missouri, 6i, 100V4.
Cent. Pu. W. U- In. k K.tt.lsU.l20.
Den AK.U. v .lu,wn.rit seconas.
UL'lT a.n North. Pae.
in.niB.'l.r 11- 11')
North, fao. zas,jii. rreBtern con.,
N.West.deb. 6i. llOH.St.L.S.F.O.n.M, W
St. Paul, lok. St.P.,C. A WW),,
TVP. land rnti,35.T,P..R.a. excou. 6i
U. P. 1U, JJ6K. W..t bhore. li?n.
Tenn.fis, let'mt, 106. Tenn. &s, set uit, 102.
Tenn. 3s, set' uit, 80!4.
Adams BxprM.112.Morrii4 B.,oM.,lU.
Allegheny van... gn a y-i ;e-
AAT. H.,pfd., 8,
a ittn A 1. II..
II.. Of. . VBnirw, T'l.'nt,
nor. ., pin., o;s
Northern Pac, itS'i.
Northern P. viA.,61.
C. t N. W., 114J4- .
American Kx., 109.
B.C. R.
Canada Pao., W.
Canada Sou., 4u.
Central Paoifio, UK
Chesapeake 40 ,9.
0. 4 0.,ltpfd, 17.
C. AN.W,.itd.,141
i. a. a. n ,, piu..i-s.
V V f'.nriil. 110'4.
N. Y. C. 4 St. L.. Wi.
N.Y.C 43t.Li..p.,Z!rt
Ohio Central, .
Ohio 4 Mies.. 21!.
O. 4 Mim..tfd., 9
Ontario 4 West.. 19.
. Oregon NaT., 1086.
Oregon Tram., 8.
Oregon Imp., 20.
Paoifio Mail, tT.
Panama, 98.
u.a h U.K.
C. 4 U.i pld., ii.
C. & A., Wy4
C. 4 A , pld., 150.
13. a ., i:'4.
St. L. AN.O.,-
C.St.li.A P., H'4.
M. li. a r, p.,o.
8. 4 0 . 28.
Del. 4 ilua, W
L, i W 129-7-g. Pitteburg. 1SS.
4 Klo U., 4. rnutnan r. u., ioo;'.
Krie. S i.
Keadinv. 25
brie pfa., 7fiM.
EaetTonn., b.
Eaat Tenn. pld. H.
Hook Island, 127.
Ki I,. rl. v.. 2TiTi.
L.4 8.K.,p..6:
ti;hoi h, .fn.. a. M. A St. P..93J4
'ort yvayne, iiJt.
Rt T. Jb H h . lat n.
H. 4 St. Jo., pfd.i
CM. 4 St. P..P.12 J4.
Harlem, m.
Houston 4 I., 3fi
Illinois Con., llSHVi.
Ind., B. 4 W.. 18.
fit. P. .M.AM
St. P. A Oinnha. i
St.Paul40.pfd.. 111.
Texas racifia, IS.
Union Paoifio, fiT'i.
TT O V. ....... A'i
Kansas 4 1 ., a -.
ake Jfi. A W., 12.'4.
W..SI. L. 4 P., 17S-,
Lon. 4 Nash., V.
Lou. AW. A., ao
W. F. Ex.. 127. .
4 C. first pld , -.W. U. Tel., 60.
A O. nfd.. . Colorado Coal, 30
Mem. A Char., 36. Homestake, 2fl'4.
Mioh.Cen., 81a. Iron Silver, 150.
M., L. S.4 W-, 8. Onurio. 311.
Min. '4 St. i!, 2V4. Quioksilvcr.pfd, M'A.
Min. 4 St. ii.ptd.4i)4.Boutii racino, .
Missouri Pacifio,il24.Sutro. 10.
Mobile 4 Ohio. 15.
London, August 3. Consols, 101 7-16
for hotn monev ana trie account.
Bar silver, 42d per ounce. me
amount of bullion gone into the Bunk
of England ou balance today is xw,
Paris. Aueust 3. Three per cent.
rentes, 821 77 ja for the account.
Bkklin. Au2ut 3. The statement of
the Imperial Bank of Germany shows
decrease in enacie ol j.l'ju,ouu
New Orleans, La., August3. Clear-
ines of the banke, $859,762.
Baltimore, Md., August 3. B ulk
clearings, $2,003,909; balances, $315,-
Philadelphia. Pa., August 3.
Bank clearina, fl0,S95,70'2; baV.noes,
$1,705,185. ,
Cdicaod, III., August 3. The bank
clearing? were- $12,840,000, eg inst
$11,826,000 yetterday.
"New York, August 3. Clearing
hotve statement Exchanges, $90,9115,-
915; balance?, $6,957,912.
Boston, Mass., August 3. C ca--
irghoiifOEtiteraent Exchanges, $13,
57,052 ; balances, $1,532,705.
St. Ltois. Mo., Angust 3. Bank
clorins, $3,811,699; balance", 5408,
559. Exehaugs on New Yoik easier
nt50c discount.
The local rotten market opened
steady, an-i clopel steady; middling,
die. Stilus, SOObtlea, all to epiuners.
Ordinary 78
Good Ordinary,
iow Middling...
Good Middling.
Middling Fair 10
7(i 8J
Fair. Nom.
Dusty 78J
Stains, ting) 8'a9
corros sttijment.
Meuphib, AuRuit3, mm.
Stock Sept. 1, 1885 1,392
Received to-day 7
Received previously. ..544,251 545,050
Shipped to-day 41
Shipped previously.. ..539,863
Home consumption to
date 135
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week........
Since September 1st
M. and O. R. R
C, O. & S. W. R. R
VVagons and other sources
Thus far this week 2.100
Thus far last week 2,8S7
Since September 1st 539,904
C, O. & S. W. R. R 41
Total 41
New York spots opened quiet and
closed qniet. Bales, isi'j Daies.
Quotations were as follows:
Yosterdav. Monday.
rdinary 6 15-10 6 15-16
Good ordinary. 8 5-16 8 5 16
Low middiinsr. 91 91
Middling 9 9 16 9 916
Good middling 10 1-10 10 1-16
Middling fair-.lOJ 10J
Fair -..115 HI
New York futures opened quiet and
clossd dull. ale3, 34,100 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Moaday.
August 9.42(S 9.43 9.44 9 40
September ...9.38(3) 9 40(4 9.41
October 0.28(3) 9.29 9.30(4 9.31
November...9.2c 9.27 ' 9.28 9.29
Docember...9.28(i 9.29 9 30(5 9.31
January ..37A 9.38 9.39$ 9.40
Febrnary 9.44(5) 9.48 9.49
March 9.54(2 9.65 9.57fi) 9.58
April 9.64 9.65 9.67 9.68
Mav 9.73(5i 9.74 9 77(4 9.78
June 9.83 9.87(2. 9.
July ,
The New Orleans spot market opened
dull, and closed quiet; mm
ding, 9 3-lOc. Salea, 150 bales. Quota
tions were as follows:
Yesterday. Monday
Ordinary 7
Good ordinary 8i
Low middling 8 11-16 8 11-16
Middling ...9 3-16 9 3-10
Good middling...9 1516 9 16-16
The New Orleans futire market
opened quiet, and closed steady.
Sales, 14000 bales. Quotitions were as
follows :
l eeterday. Monday.
August 911(4 9.13
8eptmber..8 90 a 8 91
October....-8 79(a 8 80
8 9:
November -8.760 8.77
December 8 81 (r) 8.82
January 8.92
8 79i
8 94 -a) 8.95
9.00 9.07
Kebraary....oa(a) .u
March 9.15f4 9.16
April .9.27 9.28
May 9.39;d 8.40
9.30(4 9 31
9 42 9.43
9.54 9.55
(o 8 93
(S 8.83
8 80
Roc. Prices Stock.
20 9 1-16 4,078
257 9 3 16 10,941
8 9 3,630
97 8J 3,103
17 9J 3,440
9 303
2 93 3,113
9 12,293
9 9-10 158,040
57 98 ' 6,310
1 9 8,672
9 13,888
23 9
N Orleans.
nom 1.
nom 1
New York
St. Louis..
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886... 150
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.... 405
R'ts U. S,
p'rte 4 davs
Ex. Qr. Br
R'ts Sept. 1
For gn ifjX
I; crease in receipts this year,
At noon: Liverpool reported fair
business in epots. Sales, 10,000 bales,
of which American 8400 bales. Re
ceipts, 19,000 bales, cf which American
10,200 balee.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4 jd ; good ordinary, 4 13-10d ;
low middling, 5Jd; good middling, 5
9-10d; middling uplandB, 5 5-10d;
middling Orleans, 53 J.
Manchester cloths dull and little do
ing: yarns quiet and unchanged.
The prices are given in pence and 64(7i,
tltut: 4 63 means 4 63 64d; and 6 01
meant 5 l-64d.l
At noon : Liverpool futures were
quiet; August, 5 14d; Aogust-Soptam.
br, 5 145 15,1 ; September-October,
5 lOd ; October-November, ; November-December,
6 06d ; Dscemher
Jannarv, ; January-February,
6 07d; Februery-Marcb, ; Septem
ber, .
At 2 p.m: Liverpool futures were
steady; August, 5 14d sailers;
August-September, 5 14d sellers;
Soptstnber-October, 5 lOd buyers; October-November,
6 07d seliois; No-vernier-December,
6 OOd salleis; De
cember January, 5 06d sellers ; Jan
uary-February, 5 07d value; Ftsbnmiy-
March, 5 OOd value; saptenwer, 0 Hd
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiut; August, 5 13d buyers; August
September, 5 13 J buyers; September
October, 5 09d buyers; October-November,
5 OOd eello'rs ; November-December,
5 05d sailers; December-Jan
uary, u Wil buiinrs ; uaiiuni y-rrui nai y,
5 05(1 buyeis; Februaiy-Murch, 6 07 d
buyers; September, & llil seileiB.
Corn Wuito. 50.t: mixed, 47c, from
storo; from levee or depot, white, 45o;
mixed, 43n; in eacks, in round lots,
white, 49(50c; mixed, 4()(47c.
Hay Choice, from store, (atysoa;
pnmo,70c ; praine,r)0fl ; round lota irom
lavoe or depot, choice, $12(M2 50;
prime, $1112; prairie, $7fi)7 50.
oats Wnite, 39c; mixeci, tic,
from store; rouad lota from lovee on
track while, sacked, 25g)30a; misod,
Barked, 33J34c.
Uran From Btrc.0j('i(H) por cwt. ;
round lots from lovee, $10 25 per ton.
Hkans Navv. SI 7o;ii2; medium,
$1 50; German millet, $1 20()1 40.
Corn-meal Standard. $2 50; pearl,
$350fiom store, 5c chrappr from mill,
levee or track ; roller, $2 (;.
Kick Louifliana, 44;j(ic; Carolina,
Oatmbal In Iialt-bArrolB, 3'i,3 so
from store.
Flocr Fiom store, triple extra,
$3 25; family, $4; choice, 4 25; fancy,
$4 50; extra fancy, $4 75; patents,
$5 25(?'5 60; in car lots, triblo ettra,
nominal; family, $3 3ii(n)3 50; cuotcs,
$3 753 90; fancy, $4 0o4 15; pxlra
funny, $4 35(3)4 60; patents, $5(S)5 15.
Urackkd vvukat la tiait-Darreia,
$4 2 from store.
Homint and Grits rrom sioro,
$3 15(0)3 25.
Ckackbrs Soda, ex'.ra, 4c; soaa,
treble extra. 4Jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cram crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger Bnaps, extrs,
5c; ginger snaps, troble extra, 6c; as
snrted lumblea, 9o.
Kansas City, Mo., August 3.
Wheat (Uiet; No. 2, rod, cash, 59
bid. 001c asked: Sriwember, Oljc;
Cora lower; No. 2, cw,h, 40c; AugiiHt,
; September, 4je ; uc.ODer, iojc.
Oats stronger, 20Jc,
St. Jjorm, Mo., Aunust 3. Flour
steady; XXX, $2 252 3o; family,
$2 40(i)2 W; choice, $2 90(313 10;
fancy, $3 wyz ov; extra tancy, .i wiy
3 80 ; patents, $44 25. Wheat active,
but weak and lower; the market
opened firm and Jc higher, but
weakened later and fell off 1 Jc, rallied
and closed firm, though J3c lower
than yesterday; No. 2 red, cash,75jj(''
75fc; Augu:-t, 75J(S)76Sc, closing at
7'i; September, 77i78c, closing at
77io; Oitiber, 79Jfe79jc, closing st
79 jc. Cera weak and lower; the mar
ket opened easier on report of rain in
corn growing States, and closed weak
and ljUc lower thaa yesterday;
No.-2 mixed, cash, 40r; September,
41(3)42c, cloeing at .4lo; October,
42(2)43c, closing at 42c Oas .very
dull buttinn; No. 2 mixed, cash, 24
20jc ; August, 20jc ; September, 27J s ;
October, 20c. Rye stfady, 51c. Bar
leyno market. Hay fairly active and
firm; prairie, $7(39C0; timothy, $10
(5)12. . Flaxseed steady; $1 10. Bran
eay, 57c. Cornmeal firm, $2 35.
Receipts Flour, 4000 bils; wheat,
111,000 bu; coin, ,12,000 bu; oat",
41,000 bu; rye, noils; barley, none.
Shipments Flour, 4000 brls; wheat,
9000 bu ; corn, 1000 bu ; cats, COCO
bu ; rye, none ; barley1, none.
OHiCyJ(o, Ill, August 3. There
was a strong feeling fn .wheat at the
opening, the market starting Jc hiher
at 774c for September. There were
very lew outside orders and thecable
advices favored the bears. Twding
became dull ts the session ad v need,
and offerings became very free tr. wards
the close, September breaking off to
76Jc and closing at 76. Tbeoterings
in the corn pit were-larged. inllienced
by reports of rain in the- West, and an
apparent desire to reaVze, under which
prices declined He, tien improved fc,
fluctuated and close lo lower ' than
yesterday. Oata won in good demand,
ruled firm and cloud a shads hiuter.
Flour quiet and wchanued VVhsat
weaker,(closing Jctower. Sales ranged;
Augnst, lWf iitc ep'
tember.76l(77i().:lo8ed 76c; Octo
ber, 78(tfc, rosea veje. Ko.
2, spring, 74c; No. 2 red,
70jc. Corn active, settled and lower;
cash, 43143c; '.August, 4:iJ44jc,
cloeed 432c; Septemlier, 44t45ic,
closed 44 6-16c; Octiber, 45i46Jc,
closed 451c Oats s'ronner; cash, 27j
27Jc; August, 271278c, closed 27c;
September, 8jyv. c.o-ea . io
16c; October, 2tj'32l)Jc, cloeed 291c
Rye dull ; No. 2, 62c. Barley steady ;
No. 2. 62jc Flaxseed firmer; No. 1,
$1 13j. Receipts Flour, 10,000 brls;
wheat. 132,003 bu; corn, 203,000 bu;
cats, 164 000 bu ; rye, 8000 bu ; barley,
15.0 .0 bu. Shipments F our, 40OO
brls; wheat, 8.000 bu; corn, 158 000
bu; oa's, 104,0tH)bu; rye, none; bar
ley, 2000 bu
Bottkb Creamery, 2023c; dairy,
Cuke-si Cream, 11c.
Hoa Products Mess pork, fll 25;
Bumr cured hms, 12J12jc; break
fast bacon, 8J10c; clear side pork,
74c; clearj rib Bide pork, 6J6Jc;
long clear pnrk, 6jc: pork shoul
ders, 6Jc. Bacon Clear rib side,
7J78c Lard llerces, bgc;
barrels, 7c; kegs. 6jc;
7ic; half-pails, 7c; 601b
6Jc; 20-lb tins, c; 10lb
71c; 5-lb tins, 7c; 31b
7jc; choice kettle, tierces,
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, 9c;
lambs, $2 503 50.
St. Locis, Mo., August 3. Provis
ions very dull, weak and generally
lower. Pork 25c lower It $10 25.
Lsrd easier, $6 50. Bulk mea's about
nnebanired: loose lota lone clear.
$6 25; sbo:t ribs, $0 35; short clear,
$6 50; boxed lots long clear, $0 37;
short ribi, $0 60; short clear, $t! 62.
Bacnn easier; long clear, $0 95(3)7;
short ribs. $0 95(3)7 : short clear, $7 20.
Hams firm at 124()i;Jc. isutter quiet
and fteady; creamtry, lQi)-0c; Ualry,
10(a)15c. Eggs nrm at tc.
Chicago, III., August 3. Mess pork
active, weak and lower; cash, $9 75;
Aucust, $9 75(3)9 85, closed at $9 75 ;
SoDtember. $9 75(5)10 15, closed at
$9 80(3)9 824: October. $9 10 15,
closed at $9 909 92. Lard fairly
active and easy; cish, $0 90fri8 92 ;
September. $6 9217. closed at $0 924
(3)6 95; October, $6 076 75, closed
at $6 07(3)6 70. Short rib sides weaker ;
cash, $ 6 17. Boxed meats qniet; dry
salted shoulders, $6 100 15; short
clear sides. $6 556 70. Oa the Pro
duce Exchange, " butter ruled easy;
creamorv, 1318c; dairy, 12(3)15c,
Eggs, 910c.
Co ff kb Oommon,0(5)Qjc; ordinary,
9101c; prime Bio, 10llc; choice
to -fancy, lljizjc; oia government,
24(3)25c; Ceylon,
Soap 34(5)54o per pound,
Sugar Pure white, 6Jc ; off white,
68a: vollow. 64(3)CSc; open kettle,5(3)
Blc; refined A, 6Jc; granulated, 7(5)
71c; powdered, 7c; cut loat, 77o.
Salt $1 25 per barrel; racks, fine,
$1 45(3)1 60; coarse, $1 15l 20; pock
ets, bloached, 2(n)7c; car-ioaua irom
levee or depot. 5c cheaper.
Candies S'.-Ve, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and ban . 7 3(3)81 c.
Candlb-Fui1 weight, 810c.
Canned Goodh. Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples. $1 35(5)1 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 351 65; seconds,
$1 10(3)1 15; tomatoes, z ip, stanuaru,
$1 25(5)1 35;9-lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries, i 35(5)1 40: raspberries,
$1 15I 25; blackberries, $1(5)
1 5; greengages, $1 60(5)1 76;
pears, -'(2)3 ; plums, $1
1 70 : asparagus, $2 60(4 ; groon corn,
$1(5)1 35; green peas, $1 55(i)165; cove
eyatoi-s, lull weight, I-in, fiM)i iu;
ove oyatsrs, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75(5)
1 85; covd oys'ers, light woight, 1-lb,
65c; cove1 oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Es;;le, $7 75; Siviws, $.
Molashus Louisianu, cominon to
fair, 185i25i:; prime to choice, 30(3)40c ;
sviup, a3)40c; common to fuir, 20(3)
2fic; prisie to choice, 30(3)33c; coutrif
u?al, fancy, 3234c
Tosacco Common, 11-inch, 25(5)
30c; otSr grades and stylos, 35(3i85c.
Snaff Garrotl'B, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per c8o ; R. R., $9 50
li) 2
Nkw Orlrans, I-a August 3. Cof
fee easier; Rio cnigoes, common to
p'imo, 7J105c. Ri'.'e st.'ady.
Nun Orleans, La., August 3. Cot
tnneeel products (trong; prims crude
oi), dflivered, 245425c; summer yel
low oL, 3i(533c; ctke and meal, long
ton, f. o. b., $19 50(5)20.
Nw York, Augnot 3. Coffee spot
fuir Rio dull at 9 jc; options ashado
lower; pales, 13,750 bngs; August,
7.05s; September and October, 7.70;
Novembtr, 7.707ic; December,
7(3)7 80c;Janiary, 7.80(3)7.85c. Sngur
dull and wsak; refined dull; white
extra C, S&Uiaejci cut loaf and
cruBhed,05-10($()jcj grauulated,i l-16c.
Molas3es steadyy wittra heavy black
strap, 12c. Rice ifcuady and quiet.
HO08EUOI.ll MtrrLIF.S.
Applrs Dried api'wi, 2J3c per
pound from store. D d peaches, 3
(3)31c from store. '. '
Vegktablbs Onions, li 6 from
store; $2 60(5)2 60 Irom -lo?ee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 75(5)3 ptr crate.
Garlic, 40(5)00o per 100. Tarnips, 50c
per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, nomi
nal, $0. Lemons, $3(5)8 50 per
box. Bananas, $1(5)2 per bunch.
Cocoannls, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7c; Tennessee, fanners' stock,
34c; roasted, 2c higher; shelled,
10c. Almonds, 1820c.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75 ; California, ; Impsrial,
$3 504.
Picklbb In Jars, pints, 95c; quarts
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75; gallons
$3 75 ;loose, barrels, $0 ; half-barrels,
$3 I; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
ha ! barrels, $6. t
Potatoes New, $1 25. i
Cider New York, $0 50 per bariel
and $3 60 per half-barrel ; Vinegar, It
15c per gallon. !
Pecans Texas, 8(5)10a for small to
medium, 1014c for large; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c ; Naples, 18c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Poultry Chickens, ft 00 2 00;
dd hens, $2 25(5)2 50.
Game Game fioh, ll(5U2c.
Eggs Scarce at ll12c.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4,60(5)6; No. 2, $3 2.5(5)3 50; No. 3.
$3753; 10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c ; No. 2,
70c; 16-lb, No. 3. 50c. Dry hernn,;s,
family, 30c per box.
Seed Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton ; wagon at mills, $8.
Car-load lots. Prime crude C. S.
oil, 2225c; off crude. 16(Sj20c;
prime summer yellow C.S.Oil,33()34o ;
off summer yellow C. S. oil, 32(333c;
Miner's summer yellow O. S. oil, 33(5)
34c ; Choice cooking summer yellow,
3435c: prime cotton seed meal, (f. o.
b.) $13 7514.
Less than car-load Iota. Prime
summer yellow C. 8. oil, 2830c;
choice cooking summer yellow, 30
(5)33c. ;
Bagging Flag, 79c. Ties, $1 10
1 15.
s Nails $2 25(5)2 50.
.atPB Dry flint, 12,018c; dry
salt, 10(5)12c ; groon 8ftlt,7J8c ; green,
6(5Hh;; door skins, 15(5)l7c. Beeswax
dull at 200i21c ; tallow, 3c)3c.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 60(5)6; rye, $1 75(ii)6; domes
tic, 90c(5)$l 50.
St. Louis, Mo., August 3. Whisky
steady, $1 07.
Chicago, III., August 3. Whisky
steady, $1 12.
Cincinnati, O., August 3 Whieky
firm. Sales of 059 barrels of finished
goods on a basis of $1 07.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland. O., August 3. Petrole
um steady . w., 110, 7c.
Pittsburg, Pa. Auguit 3. Petrole
um dull but steady. Opened at 058.
advanced to 60, and then ragged to 6b j
at 1 o'clock this afternoon.
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed
cattle, 900 to 1050 pounds, none re
ceived ; good, none received; choice
grass fed, 33Jc; good, 3(5)3ic; fair
to medium, 2(5)2c; acallawags, 1
Hogs Cholee, 8ja4c; good, 3
SJe; common, 30331.
Sheep Choice, 3J(3).ic ; medium, ZJ
(5)t!c; common, $1(5)1 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 5c.
Kansas City, Mo., August 3. Tho
IJvtfilock Indicator reports: Cattle
Receipts, 24S0 head ; shipments, 1002
head; market generally onsier and
slow ; stockers and feeders were steady ;
good to choice, $3 90(5)4 40; common
to medium, $3 40(53 80; stockers,
$2 4O0iv2 75; fesdere, $2 80(5)330; cows,
$16002 75; gra-a Texanrsteers, $2 60
(-i)3 30. Hos ReoelpU, 8599 head;
shipments, 251 head; the market
opened strong and a sh&da higher,
cloeing weak ; good to choice, $4 80(5)5;
common to medium, $4 60(5)4 75;
skips and pigs, $4 05(;4 40. Sheep-
Receipts. 36 head; shipment", none;
market Bteady ; good to chnice,;$2 40
3 ; common to medium, $1 50(t2 25.
Chicago, III., Auguet 3. The Drov
ers' Journal reports: Cattle Receipts,
7700 bead; shipments, lZUUheau; mar
ket weak; common lower; shipping
steers. 950 to 1500 lbs, $3 50(5)4 00;
Btockersand feeders more active, $2 25
(3)3 00; cows, bulls and mixed, $3 60('
3 75: bulk, -J out)-' u; tnrongn
Toxas cattle lower ; cows, $2 10(5)2 00;
steers. $2 00(i)3 50; Western rangers a
shade lower, l 07 ; Montana Texas,
1028 lbs.. $3 35 ; 57 Oft-gon, ll 85 IDs.,
$3 35 ; 10 Oregon cows, 1023 lbs., $2 76 ;
094 Montana Texas, 956 ti 980 lbs.,
$3 75. Hogs Receipts, 18,000 head;
shipmen's. 3000 head; market steady,
closing weak; rough and mixed, $4 20
4 90; packing and shipping, $4 85(3)
5 20; light weights, $4 15(5)5; skips,
$2 60 I 10. Sheop Receipts, 2400
head; shipments, 20,) head; market
sternly; natives, $1 o(nH; western,
$2o0(5)3 40; Texaus, $1 7o(ij3; lambs,
per head, $3Qi)5.
New York, August 3. The txpsrts
of domestic cottons the past week
weie 0701 package?, milking (it the
expired pori ion of the year a total of
145,218 packages, egiinBt l.'ll.OSO for
the fame timo last year, 97,555 in 1884
and 98,703 iu 1883 and 90,309 in 1882.
In the citton eon -in department there
was a very good general mquity, the
nominal el H'ks end h'gher values
having quickened the demand, with
very i! km results. Agents rave no
vanced the pricsa of Hill 36-inch
bleached and Exetor A, 30 inch and
do. S, ri brown cott ine, each Jc.
To nil w lio aro sufloring from the arrnrs nn
lndidnrctions of ynutb norvons wonknons,
eiiriy deoay, loss of manhood, eto., I will
solid n reoii'O tlmt will cur you, KKKE Ol
Ch AKOlC. 'i his rat remedy was dlscovor-
ti br a uiiigioimry in Mouth Auiorira, Bund
alC-addre.md onvcloi'O to ths He". J;i4fh
Non-KcHident Notice.
Circuit Court of Shelby oounty. Torinose
l'.lnlo Moody vb. tyiinaiu Mooiiy.
It appmrinK le t.bo Court that on tho 5th
day of March, 1XHH, tbo etillom r, Klsio
Moody, tiled her rolilion in this Court
nai n I thi said Uilliiira Moodv: and that
on the Kill day of March, UM, a sub
ronato answer wss issued ngaiiiiit said de
Inniixnt hy tbo Clerk ol this Court requiring
him to anpo.ir in i lie cause and make de
lons. wbii-0 was idisoed iu the hands of the
iiherilT of Shelby county and bj him re
turned Mnrch 1(J, IHHii, defendant not to lie
found in bis county: and thereupon on the
5th day of April. lHfsi, an alias suuiinoni)
was ismied conniiandiiiK the .--ber iff to sum
mon snid defendant to appear ,n the cause
on the third Monday in May, poni. to answnr
the potition of the said Klsie Moour, and the
Sheriff, having made return on ths 17th ut
May, OVOt, that n'ter diligent search mnde
the defendant, William Moody, wit not to
bo f.iund in his county :
It is thoreforo ordered, adjudged and de
creet, That puhllcatio-n onoe a week, for
lour consecutive weeas. ii maue in tue ,uuui
iibis Appeal, a newspaper punnnieu in nnei.
lit oonntv. reuuiring the said William Mood
to ronHlly he and npiar In this canso on
th n third Monday In September next,thei and
there to answer the potition of the said Klsie
Mood, or the same will no taken as oon
fessed and the cans will he tried ex parte.
A copy attest: JuHKHil I HL, Clerk,
Jy Geo. J. Campbell, Deouty Clerk.
ames (lallaiihef, Atfyftir pl'ff, tue
Non-Uetldent Notl:e.
Vo. fllT), R. D In the Chancery Court ol
Shelby Coonty.Tenn. 'fhoKupreme Lodge
of the AncientOrder of United Workmen
vs. A. W. Johhstnn et al.
It appearing Irom the bill which is sworn
to in this cause that the defendants. John K.
Woodlock, W. Woodlock and MaKgie Wood
lock, are non residents of th BmteofTen
ssoe, and that the residence of the defend-
(nt boo Woodlock, Is unknown aod oanuot
e ascertained after diligent imjairy:
It is therefore ordered, 1'hat said four de
fendants last above named make their ap
pearance herein, at tho t'ourthouseof Shelby
county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or before
the first Monday in riepteiaber, IMi, and
plead, answer or domur t complainant's
bill, or the same will be taken for confessed
as to thein. said John It. Woodlock, W,
Woodlock, Mag-trio Woodlock and heo Wood
lock, and set for hearing cx parte; and that
a copy of this order be published onoe a
week, for four successivo weeks, in the
Memphis Daily Appeal. This 1Mb day of
July, ISHtt. A oopy-iittent:
H.I. McDUWEMj, Clerk and Master.
By II. P. Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
John Krltroll, Hl, tor coinpl't'. ttic
ffl in y "? 'if 'Oiifl u
Vet. Th-.rd nd fourth.
. rC'lr1y J"-t,1 Kflt tualt'iM phTiir-ian aod ;
o.t wf.tUl, a- Ills' (irtvrt- win
rnsi all fnrilJB
UAL msl
boriiifctorrhuw mna, iniputxiu ,
t-ri-i "f wf nutu In jouib, iui viciMt lit an
.'Tw jwrn. or Ur ru. n! pru&urtni mvaev; ti. 4
me t-fli-.' NritmU(.'n. iSruiUiti Vn hA'iut iwi
t'i lir .trfim). I'imne'i of iMgtit. Iffx.U'- ten;, rif
-alri fMfiiikiwn I Jlfwiofa tit ttocicir s.'yttraiM
1 -tr "f it ol ictifcl pw. iu . rvndtnaf
oanimilrKiifi riifi!:ntr, i aorwuht. atxt prtn
vnii.icur.-rf. SYPHILIS fntil?
ti-rjf rrv a'-ifj frino il iu-ui, Ooaorrbnt
GLT- ,'clr. Orchitis', tiM, 'U u(rUrt
Vl, i tid 'rtbor pnra,(4 dlum qutokr ruiW.
Jtttirtf nt tbat .(jt kUnwt-ryi-laUttiMr
sruin of illtmn, D1 tmtltii Uwoaaiidt iuir
.lj. icqalrw fTt-at iklil Phrti.'Uafl kuwviiiiUiU rsvctoTji
.TntvsBnd crrv)D lo my nr Vbi It Is nvtiDrBt 4
UI tbf nit ftr irwktrot, aMhrlnM fm. & MtU ytifMMl$
'utd MfdT by us II or nprtw uijwi.r.
Care Guarasteod la mil Cmmtm
Js.osuJtatlituf trtrallv m h Vttr ftt jA lD1ta4
1 turM rwnuMi stud wfTMpoodBi ncU wafl4ifluai.
Of 100 rMt aMlt i siy aasMt, wiier mim, sw un
f.lili ?ratj. nh.ula Md by ail. iditraw u .t,M
VAo. bvu-i turn H A. St. to. f. M. SODl.H.Iir
BBOOlal.TN.N. T.-Boardon th Hill
Mrs. 11. O. Howard, 2rs Washlngtoi
Park. Kooms large: location delightful i
Conrentent to cars lo Manhattan lleach,
eonsy Island, Long Beach and Central Park I
ho to Kfw York places of immoniat. .
Friars Point ....Jahis L, 5 p.m.
White Klver Chickasaw, 5 p.m.
Osceola ...Cuahoua, S p.m.
Vioksburg Citt or Victssuxo, 12 m.
Arkansas City T ill S. 11 1 va, 5 p. m.
Tiptonvllle (lAveso.5 p.m.
Et. Louis Cirrnr Caikii, 6 p.m.
Cincinnati Ohio, 6 p.m.
ArrivnU. James W. Gall. Cincin'
nati ; Uhiclusaw, Wliita river.
X(Tjarftri. Jnie8 V. Uall, Uincin-
nati ; Kd Foeter, St. Francis river; H.
L. lobb, Arkansas river.
Hoots in 1 ort, Chickafiaw.
liuat) ue Down. Cjahoma, City ol
Now Orleans and City of Vicksburg.
Boats Ihte C'u. Jftirifs I., Ultv ol
Baton Roage and Paris C. Brown.
HeoolpU Ytirij,
Chickafiaw 17 pkira merchandise.
James W. GaQ 50 pkgs miecel
laneoiis Ireitilihs.
Tnr Anitinr I .Inn ntnamnr CAiv nt
New Orleans. Capt. A. j. Carter, Is
due down today, bound (or New Or
leans. TimCityof Vicklmrn, Capt. Dan
A bin. in the Ani'lior L no imi-kot to
day at 12 o'clock (or Vii-kebtiri; and
the bonds. George Walton is lior
Tub Chickapaw, Ctipt. K. C. l'ostnl,
is tbo packet this evoninit at 5 o'clock
for nil points on White river. C. M.
I'oh'hI ami John Childrc-s ate bur
Tug James Lee, Capt. TIkh. CiiiKRftt,
is the packet this evening at 6
o'clock for lloluna, Friars I'oint nud
all wnv landings. Will AHhlurd is in
hir ollicp.
Tint Coalnma, Capt. Henry Cooper,
is the picket this evening at 5
o'clock fir 03ceola and tbo upper
bondH. Wm. ISiiiithor is in climga o(
her otlice.
Tin O. Lino steamer Paris C.Brown,
Capt. J. 8 Patterson, is due up tidny,
bound (or Cincinnati and all interme
diate! points on the Ohio river. Chi is
G. Young is in charge ol ber olllce.
The Will 8. JLsvs. Capt. W. W
Baker, in place o( the Kate Adams, ts
the United States mail packet lliurs
day evening at 5 o'clock (or Helena,
Arkansas City and all way landings.
W. U. lilanksr lias charge ol norottice
Tub Ohio, Onpt. M. M. Psmn, is the
packet Thursday evcnlnc at i o clock
lor Cincinnati and all intermedinte
points on theOliio river. Harry Proc
tor and Harry Best are her clerks.
The Ohio will give cheap r.ttcs to all
points North and Kafct.
BrsiNKcs quiet generally.
Wbathkr clear and cooler.
No cotton received by river yentor
day. Tub H. L. Cobb cltnrc 1 lust evonlng
lor Arkitnaaa river wit a fair (rip,
Tub ChickitHw arrived yasteruiiy
m iming from White river aud returns
this evening.
the Hleainer J. W. Gull' (or tule, as she
Is too small (or the Memphis ami tin
cinnati tritdo. bhu is 'SX leet long, 'M
loot Imam, ! feet hnld, 3 hollers, cylin
ders H incheB nod ti feet etroke.
Tns Jniiies W. Gad arrived yen-
tertlny morning from Cincinnati with
l5r,0 packages freight for this place,
and rotunud liwt evening with 70
bales cotton, 50 InhiB raga, 1(H) hit'es
but ing, 10 tons old iiou, lot suutlrits.
Cincinnati Times Shir, ol Monday,
swya: Capt. Ibb Wis diine down on
the Fleetwood yesterday, bringing a
bnrgo containing lumber and material
for repairs on the disabled Ohio, He
oIho brought down live or six tt'lill
tionul (MrpeiitM. Cap. Wise left
yesterday evening f,ir lionie. Pilot
Julius Carroll was at the pi'ot wheel
whim the rctident occurred, and says
that (lie eleclrie light from tho Fleet
wood, l)ing at the wharf, obstructed
bis vinw of the propt r channel. She
Vint ell' all riul.t and proceeded on hnr
w.iy last iiight. Capt. Ilol) Wise citmo
ii from KwiiigSun this morning, hav
ing si'iiti the Ohio oil" at uiidiiiglitwlth
a tiew wheel and in good elmpa nllo
Okkii-b Kihnal Hbkvkk, U. H. A., 1
Mkmpmib, August 3, 1 p.m. f
The following observations are taken
nt all stations named nt 75 meridian
time, which is one hour (aster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Kise I Fall
Feet. lOthfl
lOths lOths
Chattanooga ..
Fort Smith
La Crosse
Little Itock
New Orleans..
St. Louis
St. Paul
iHsiKer l.lsifv-Koot and tenths of a foot
above tero of gauge:
Cairo, 40 foot. Chattanooga, S3 feet.
Cincinnati,. 'ill. Dayenport, lf.
Dulmiiuo, hi. rort Smith, ti.
Keiikuk.lt. Helena, .
La Crnsse. 'M Leavenworth, 20
Little Rock, 2!. Louisville, !iS.
Memphis, M. New Orleans, Kt.2.
Nashville, III. Pittsburg, !.
Omaha, W. Bt. Paul, 7.
St. Louis, :a. Vicksburg, 41.
Shrevopurt, Yankton. '1A.
Vickshcbg, August 2. Noon De
parted: Paris C. Brown, Cincinnati.
PiTraBtiK, August 3. Noon River
5 (et-t 5 inches on the gAuge and sta
tionary. Weather clear ant) cool.
Whkbuno.W.Va., AuRiist 3. Noon
Itiver 7 feet 3, incheB on tho gauge
and rising. Weather clear and pleas
ant. EvANhVii-LK, Ind., AugtiHt 3. Noon
rising, with 7 (eetl inch on the gauge.
Departed: Buckeye State, Cincinnati,
10 a.m.
Cincinnati, AuguBt 3. Noon River
10 leet 2 incheB on the gauge and ris
ing. Weather clear and warm ; ther
mometer 72.
Lovjirvilli, Angust2. Noon Rivet
stationary, with 5 feet 10 inches in the
canal and 3 (eet 8 inches on the (alia.
Business brisk. Weather clear and
Cairo, August 3. Noon River 10
(eet 2inches on the gauge and (ailing.
Weather clear and warm. Arrived:
H. F. Frisbie and tow, St. Louis, 0
p.m.; Henry Lou re y and barges, New
Orleans, 6 a.m.; City of Vicksburg, St.
LouuijOa.m. Departed: City ol New
Orleans, New Orleats, 1 a.m.; Henry
i-oureyaou oar-gen, . iyjuis, Va.nl.;
it. r. frisDie ana nw, Metaphis, 10
Memphis & Clncinnaal Co.
Bxoursslou 3 1 a toast
, t
Commencing . .fPW TW Elegant
May 1st. .--"f. Irsauier.
Buckeye State, Otilo k Jas W. fJoA
Thl iCompany will sell KOrlN0 TED ,
TICKKT.l from Memphis U UourTiTe,
Cineinnati. anil all Kastera (Sities,
greatly KeiluoeJ Rates. . .
r Tickets include Heals and Stato-rootM.
Return tickets good on any boat In UM lio.
Kaoh boat oarries a Vine hiring Bttaa.
Mondays and Tkandayi at 6 VM
Tot Information Inqnlre of C. B RU9
PKLL, Agent, la MaJIson itraot, Memphut,
Tenn. R. W. W ISK. Hop't.
Ht. IhsI stl Now Orloasia Anrhr
l.lue-l'.N. IfnU-FOU VICKaUURH.
City of Vicksburg,
!)' Able master. tSeuaSS2
Will leave the Elevator T1UB DAY, Aug.
4th, at 'i m. For Ireight or jasa apply
C. (,. Hi.i . Pn. Ag't. Al HTOKM. I
HI. I.imiIm nii.l New ssrlfniia Am-lior
l.lutv-II.N. Mitll-CAIKO X til. LOU IS.
Vlty 1 Cairo,
Lightnor moster, asSsfccrJSSai
Will leave tbe Klevasur TUU HSJAi.. Aug.
Mh, at 6 p.m. fur isoight nr i-inuc apply
('. I.. llAi,lPa-s AVu Al BlullM. -i p't.
For Osceola. Hales Po'nt, Carutbemvilie,
tiaynso anil Tiptnnville Tha new sUia:uer
W. P. Hall master I It. 0. Mi-Uell...okr.
Will leave as ahoyo, nnJ all msiy i.o.ats,
KVbllY WON I) A) ami TUUHrUU at 5
p.m. KorlrciKhtiir I'aisnirwjijjpU-iwi h,nf,l
Rtrsrtil,s'irls I'olui rwnS . ,,., .
aaa siaeoinlik H''iuikl a'.rilai .
for Helens. iJisoiUiit. t'v'iyrs V. -j -. at)
Wy Lan-Hnif--dteau
.lames lti
J. U. Cooper, tua.iU)7...J. W. ti u,u.iw -.
Will leave s. atovo in rvery ;ti? . .
WEUlsKI-nM'aut! I'Wlt -A V. at ! c
VI - 1
For RaudoUh. lMt(. if"i! .'.
E. T. Clnggfitt...iuastr I I'j'itt 1 i ti . ,. i r-- r't
Leaves Kvcrv M iNi-AV, t i, v, - ,
anil FltlllAV if ft n. 'Inn h ; ' i i
linoroservo the vmhl to pis. nl i i .
tlio c iptitin nuiy 'Ii'iiiii uii'. ii 'i
IWn.lt.tm st. .1.4 r'" ' ''
Mt'inpliisA; White Hi.! 1 l.i
ror t'liirendwn, lievufll-. H.-I'.,
Arc, Aniruslii, .-enrciy. Nti n,
port, Ihitssvllle "ml a 1 l i
still, i iiit ii tf . , ,n
F. C. IVstal " T-V :.:
Will leave liVtltV Vi i.i).M.lAY t p -.u.
aiTSS II III HTt KSt ff- .,)-.
Alhort II. liniiih mnvicr
Will lonvo hVKltV MVll'lllfAV at .' p.m.
Through rates givon tn all point. Frmgkt
cnnsignoil to the Memphis niiil Whim Uiver
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will bi
forwarded promptly. Vor goneral luioriua
tion apply at olllce, No. H Ma lison St., or'.;
Cull Telephone M. M, O l.HWH, Ait'r.
Mi:.nniis & white kivku rE
Freddie Robinson,
M. It. Ilnrr Blaster
For Helena, Terrene, He Vails BlarT, Des Are,
A Uk-usta, Kcarcr, Newport and Batesvillt.
Will leave as above SATURDAY at 6 p.m.
ThrouKh rates to all points. Freight oon
signed to Milt Harry Line, Mem hi. will b
promptly lorwarded. V. V. PKASK.
Tli it Sl.Francia Hlv(irTrani.vurta!,l(it
Co. 'i Fine Hidu-W heel V. K. Mall Mtoa:r.ei
(I. K. Jo; Mr master,
at S o'olco.v, fur Marlauoa. tha Cnt-dlT. and
In-.o,-,:.; 'i t in:- lings on it. Kranp.s-river.
T!ic f..B 'fi '-vo; t!, ri.ht to pnM sJ
lundinr" !,.-t'i"'i-i.-i-iis c. J AM. LI"..-,, Jr.,
Mi')'.iilila and V l-liHhu!f I'r.ekcl Vnm
p.inv IJ..S. Mail Line.
1'or lielooa, I'onmriiiHi terrene and Arkan
sas t-'tty The cloguut piinaonunr sUiuer
M. U. Chook... master I W. (J. Li
Leaves Mutnphis
KVKHY MONDAY and i'liliHt
iHAY, al S
all landings
For general
,4 Mji'lllol
11, Agent,
lephnne ilS.
f. n., reserving the right lo pass
heciiptaia maydeoiu unsafe,
information apply at office, tin
street. K. WALWOUT
JOHN CAHH. Puss'r Aaent.Te'
Arkansas Hivcr Pk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, X
K. B. Smith.... master, WWltS
Leaves Memi hit Every TtlKKI) A i , t ft p.a
U. 0. LOW K, Agent,
Office, No. 3 Madlsnn st. Telephone Nn. SI,
la bis aennoui anlntlnn of the aola
ttblo matter In a mineral carta
found In Choctaw county, Ala.,
near the famoua lllndon mineral
prinaj. Thl earth had grreat lo
cal celebrity na " llosjera Esuth,"
from the nnrue ol the diacorcrer
pf the bed or mine, now owned kf
tbe Acid Iron l.'arth f'otnpan-, of
mobile, Ala.
1'or Dypcpala,nll derang-ensenta
of the Ulgeatlve Organs and tha
I.Iyer, Kit In Dlsvaeca, tula, Burn,
Scald and Hrulera. AflU I HO
KAItTII la a epeclflo. Hkeiima
tleiu and other chronlo dlaeaae
yield to Its curative power wltb
oat fall.
Entirely Ire Irom Alcohol or any drug whst
irsr, ACIO IR0R EARTH fully deeervas UM
words embrtcsd In Iff Iradamark, "NATJMUrt
PWR REMEDY." lee free pamphlet, to
bad of all Drugglsti.
At Wholwiale by Van Tleot d-t.ro.
Pennyroyal Fills.
. . a a dkoal w aUta tai I aassi
TD6 WTtKIUM f , 17aT
AH yoor lsmngtat for "CUIeliesiter'a
Knaliinand Uke no other, or Inclose 4g
I'VitAua .Vp'ubr ako.c.ooBWjj
wlselaaale . . "

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