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i I.
Wednesday, Thursday, Hatnrday and
Monday, Aug. 11-12-14-10.
trflimi failed rrnmntlT at 4 o'clnrV p.m.
To Xjittlo HooU,
la Hemphla and Little Bock K. R.,
TRAIN will laaT Lnuiavilla and Naah
Tllle Dapot aataraav. 14aa f Balaaa,
at 8 o'clock p.m.. and returnlnf leave
Little Rack at I p.m. Sunday. Thii Bxour
sion party will be io char; of tha Pa4tor,
the Her. CKOR'iB DARDIS. and all the
o -lorad (Honda ol the Choroh are reaoeotfally
inrited to attend. Grand Camp Ueetim bow
conrenint at Littla RocK.
BAY MARK MULK-Prom C. P. Smith,
Horn Lake Landing, one bay mare mule,
bout eight yean old, filteen hand! high;
mane recently trimmed. Bring to P. A.
Jonas A Co-'a stahla and he rewarded.
Ai u maaison street.
ROOMS AND BOARD Newly furnished
room, with bnad. at 4i Market itreet.
BEAUTIFUL front rooma, ainale or en
auitei furnished or unfurnished, with or
without board ; otaer rooma, 104-1U6 Court at.
ROMS With or withont board; terma
reasonable. 140 MADlSON ST.
ROOMS One large front room with bal
cony and one large back room with
larg dressing-ream, and tthera aigoodai
cnbetoundinthecity. ijyioy BT.
OOM Furnished room, with or without
board, at Hi) i.onrt straot.
ft NICE Rooma, furnished or unfurnished,
U with or without hoard, at 137 Madison a'.
GOOD CO"K Apply to
J. D. QiqCEY.238S Front at.
I- ADIE3 To work for me at home or to
-J travel; something entirely new; for la
dies only; tl daily easily made; no photo,
no painting; pnrticulra free.
MitBi U. LIL1LC, not 41.5, tinicap, in.
)ARTN ER With 1600 or $700 to go in the
grocery business. Address
J. A., thii office.
SILENT PARTNER With $3000 eapital,
to invest in a paying manufacturing
buaineaa having a monopoly of the United
Statea. Object, business too large for present
capital. Adrireaa MONOPOLY,
Letter Carrier No. 6, Memphis, Tenn.
00MS-By rellab'e parties rooma for
light honaeKeepiDg. Aaareaa j.n.
FIRtT-CLASI White Farm Hand and
Wife for a first-class larm in a healthy
' neighborhood. The man to do general farm
work and his wife to cook, wash and milk;
' first-class wages paid monthly, and none but
Irst olaaa experienced persons will be re
ceived ; referencea required. Either Ameri
cans or foreigners will he received. Apply
at No. 11 Adams street, Memphis, Tenn., w
gALESMEN In every State in the U'ion
to represent a PAINT MANUPAOTUR
O ESTABLISHMENT having several
SrioiALTiES thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in connection
with other goods. Addreaa THE WM. B.
Holiday Novelties for lall and winter
' trade: steady employment; $9.00 per week
free. Address New England Decorative
Works, 1 rearl Street, Boston, Haas., r. U
'Box 5078, .
Bookkeeper and Cotton Man; beatref-
erencea. Address V. r., this omce
.Tf A rrr OR ISOOO To loan on mod aa
Ct)rtUUU ourity, rent notes or indorse
ments, or collateral. Aaareas
P. O. BOX No. 44.
1 LBS- FEATHERS HUheat cash
J.V-" ' J priee paid oy uses , minpaii
MEN AND WOMEN Needing profitable
employment; 475 aalary ana expenses.
'Good staple. Everybody buys, Addreaa.
with stamp, Converse Mfg. Co., 125 Quincy
street, Chicago.
TTVERYBODY To spend th. summer at
" urayaon npring', ivy. cor eataiognea
and particulara eall at ticket office of Cheaa-
reaKQ ana inio route, nnoer reaooay noiei
iext thirty daia for II 60.
243 Main areet.
LD GOLD A SILVER For cash or ez
change. M U LFUKU, Jeweler, Kmwam
OluUU dress at onoe, DR. SCOTT'S
ELECTRIG GOODS, 842 Broadway, New
Vftrr. 'I he ooiv ven nlno
OOM Lane well furnished front bed
room, at 81 Linden street.
"'EW 8-1 OOM HOUSE No. 112 Jones av
JJN enuo. Also, two new houses, south side
Poplar, east ol unlnp, will be finished by
. ... . i . r, r. nutv
ist oepteinaer. Jvvi9 tu v. v. iimr.
3f9 Front street
ADAM8 STREET One room on lower
floor, 22x45. mitolei for otlic-e or store.
FFICES-213 Main street, corner Joffor-
son. DR. J. x. n 111114
ROOMS Single or en suite,
At 93 Madison street.
RESIDENCE With 8 rooms, in thorough
repair, east side Orleans at , near Selina
road. Apply to Mrs. Chaa. Jones, 673 Vance.
EAT COTTAGE-65 Fourth atreet.
TORE BOUSE From 1-t September, one
lourBiorx muiu s'reei Binrenuuia.
SMALL UOTEL-(New) with 20 elegant
rooms, all well ventilated, will be ready
for occupancy September 1st. Parties ap
plying must have money enongh to furnish
It. vocation unexcelled. Address
W. E. BERRY A CO., Box 422,
Birmingham, Ala.
XJ with aide and rear entrances, Nos. 3C3
and 306 Main street. Poaaession October lat,
or sooner, it required.
Offices and Btore-rooma. No. 282 Seoond at.
Bleeplni -rooms Two large rooms, No. 38
Kadisou street.
Booms for light housekeeping, No. 376 Pop
lr street, over drug stoe. Arply to
38 Madieon street.
HOUSES On and near Walker avenue,
on Elmwood atreet oar line, froni the
1st September, several houses, fretm two to
-eight rooms. In rood repair.
Alao, CHOK E OFFICE on second-story
' old Cotton Exchange, corner Madison and
rront streets. Apply at J union atreet.
atreet. Apply o Mrs. M. W. HANNAH,
oo ropiar street.
XZiO Apply to T.O. Park or P. B. Jones.
vauaeroui insurance company.
URNISHED ROOMS-Wlthout board.
j' atreet; ootton-room ana omce; terms
moderate. Arpiyto
ROOMS-With privilege of bath.
4.V-I ana 4f5 Shelby street.
0USE No. 162 Robinson street, 6 rooms,
m gooa 'CI1.T1 ui.vern water.
M Y ERS A SN EKD, 310 Seeond at.
OFFICES The desirable front offices on
mmi Anne of 42 Madison street, arilntn-
ing Cotton Exchange. MENKEN A UO.
U1TE OF ROOMS On firat floor,
URNISHED ROOMS At 56 Monroe St.,
one square from reaooay uotei.
0USE Of seven rooms.
Apnlr at ili Madison street.
IANOS, Organs, Guitars, Banjos and
loans, all styles ana prices.
HOICK'S, 389 Main street.
OOMS A suit of rooms in Masonic Tern
le. Apply to nun . rnivs.
OOMS Furnished, single or en suite, at
138 Madison St. References required
QTOREHOUBE No. Union street, with
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel ot
parity, strength and wk lnomeneis. More
economical than the o diaur; kinds, and
eannot be sold la eonpetition wilh the
multitude ot low test, s tort weight aluns or
phosphate powders. Holt only can. RoTil
BlJ!n Pownvn Pn..W WIl t..WwTefli.
mulley cow, one yiliow steer. A libe-
CISTERNS Built an! repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Pirl
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
layer. Telephone 8X8. THOS. CUBBINS.
SETTER Return my lemon and white Bet
ter bitoh " Floreni-e," known by most
M.mnhi, .nnrtamen. and missinir ainoe July
15th, to 408 Vance street, and receive reward.
i n. iisv a i- i .
BOILER One latge steam hol er andat
tanhmonii ooaiDlete. This boiler iamade
of 60.000 pound iroo,6-16th inch thickness,
ana one ot tue nest ever mane in lenneiBoo.
u. v. oiiA j u u i r- iv,
Chairman County Court,
By D. O'Donnell, Courthouse Engineer.
mill ana rin. two-storv building, with
60-horse engine and Hiler, at Batesville,
Miss. Address J. li. PLtilVHttn,
patesvnie, mitt.
nnm.A WN srooK FARM- In the stud
nn IhArnn.hhped Rnnninv Horse! fee.
$20. One Trotting Horse; fee, $10. One Jer
sey Bull; e2-'" f OiLB au norsea,
3 Milch Cows, K head Butcher Cattle, Pea
socks and Newfoundland Pups. Horses on
pasture, $5 per month! Texas horses. 10c per
day. Telephone JOSEPH BURNEY, 852. .
ljNGINK tiO-Horse Power Atlas Engine,
I 'J with Holier, Bmoge-siacg ana ore 'ou
ing completes in perfsot running order)
will be sold at a bargain. Apply to
t. Z. BABan.1 x, JQO oeoona at.
GIN A good E. Carter (60) aaw gin in
fine running order and ready for work.
Prioe tftO, Apply at George B. Metoalf'a,
Howard s Kow.
J Now stored at BBCORD ooe.
J7 set at a bargain; also, three good Milch
VOWS. Apply at lin union atreet
TTPR1GHT PIANO Good as new, cheap
t lor oaeu, wi wm ,u
Aoaress n oo, ii'i'i viuvq
Jk. nearly new, tor ''''"',
( r ,,V7Tr,U CHOW!'
O BOILkRSandlniinea in good order, anc
Zi all kind. aAond.haad maohinerv. at S
oo uniUJDiaaa,
GABAY'S, A'gtandCom. Merch't. Memphis
r OT-60x160 feet-Cheap North side Mad-
JLJ iton, hair a aqaare east ot xauatraaie,
Graded. Apply to
8. W. QARRTSON. t7 Main street. .
Young & Brother,
Booksellers tutd Stationers.
S IS Main St fiIeuiplils,Teni
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' Materials,
la mm aejmeoae IsxUosi f the
Bble matter la a mineral earth
femna In Choctaw canaty, Alau,
ear the laraone Blaaea mineral
rln(w. Thle earth had sjreat Ia
cat celebrity as ' Raajere Earth,"
from the name of the dlecewcrer
f the bed er mine, new owned mj
the Acid Iron Earth Company, of
mobile, Ala.
For Dyeperela,all daraDgemsau
of the DIsjeatlTe Org-ana and the
Uwer, Skin Dleoaaee, Cute, Borne.
Scalda and Brnieee, ACID IRON
EARTH I a epeclflc. Rheumav
tlam and fiber chronlo dleeaeee
wield to Its curative power wlth
oat fall.
Entirely free Iron) Aleohol or any drug what
rer, ACID IRR EARTH fully deserves the
words embraosd In Kg trademark, "RATORI'I
PWI REMEDY." lee free pamphlet, to be
bad of all Druffllsls.
At Wliolewnle by Van Vleol Alfo.
Cr)I,Lr.K or
This Schecl offers to Medical btudenU un
surpassed clinical and other advent-.;::.
Bend for a cntalntue to Da. THOMAS 01'lK,
Pai, 17 Howard elrrft.
Edgeworth ltoardivg and Day
SCHOOL for Young Ladies and Little Girla.
Mrs. H. P.LKFKBVRB. Principal, o. B
t'ritnkllnNlreet, Hitlilmor. Md. The
vnth school year will begin oa Thursday,
grplfmbrr a, I1H6.
To Rk1 Estate Owners aid Ag-fnts.
PARTIES having sidewalks t put dowa
will And it ti thair Intarait to aoolr to
W. B. LOCK BY, 32 Madiaoa, or shop, Mt
Berona. voninctor ror Stewart s uraao
lithle Parenenu. Telephoie XSi.
- V u s li
And g
mJLm B I J
R D j
L oiil
Blrrainehaa Jogt Now Iatereat-
lug- Point A Natchi Item
Other Notes.
lirioiAL to tii Arrixi,.l
Baltimore, Birmingham and Gall rail
road scheme, for which a charter wts
received here yesterday, bas an im
pressive look of business about it.
Nearly all of the prominent merchants
and capitalists of this place ire in it.
Among tne more conspicuous are Uol.
Enoch Ensler, president of the Pratt
Coal and Iron Company; Mr. H. F.
LtobardelabeD, president ol the Debar
delaben Coal and Iron Company, and
several widely known furnace man
agers. The leaders in the project all
say they mean to build the road, and
in as little time as potsible. The pro
posed line above here goes to Gadsden
by way of Cababa and Wills valleys,
thence to Dalton, Ga.t the eastern
terminu, whe e the company will be
in an advantageous position with ref
erence to the important projected line
ol tne Bali l more ana Ulno road couth
wett from Baltimore. There is talk
here that the Kist Tennessee people
have got control of the Mobile and
Grand Trunk, which is to be extended
this way. and will probably bond to
Selma instead of Birmingham. In that
case the Baltimore, Birmingham and
Golf will doubtless go on below here
to join the Grand Trunk at the point
of deflection toward Selma. The gen
tlemen inteieted say there will be no
trouble about getting money for the
It is again rumored here that the
Kansas City and Memphis and the
Birmingham and Atlantic companies
have struck a trade.
Important Hlaalaalppt Project.
A telegram to the Appeal from
Natchez, Misp., dated yesterday, cays:
The company proposing to build the
great north and eouth railroad to New
Orleans arrived here yesterday. Today
they proceeded to organize the com
pany in Mississippi under a charter to
the New Orleans and Nortbwes'.ern
railroad granted in 1884. The organ
ization was made as follows: Gen. J.
U. Rice, of Fort Scott, president; Col.
L. L. Bush, Lancaster, Pa., vice presi
dent; H. W, Bush, of Penna, sec
retary; J.M.Lambert, assistant sec
retary ; C. F. Drake, Fort Sco'.t, treas
urer. H. M. Whitman was choeen
c'liet engineer, and Col. A. Harris, ot
Fort Scott, attorney ; K. P. Laoneau,
Natchez, assistant eecretary. The
members of ih syndicate then crossed
the river to Vidalia, La., and filed a
charter for Louisiana end organized
the company in Louisiana under the
name of the New Orleans, Natchea
and Fort Scott railroad, electing Col
L L. Bosh president, Gen. J. II. Rice
vice president, II. W. Brjsh secretary,
Isaac Lowenburg, Natchez, assistant
secretary; Charts Nelson, Fort Scott,
treasurer; H. W. Whitan engineer,
Col. A. Harris general attorney.
Large de'egations are here from Hot
Springs, Ark: Bastrop, L;Kayvilie,
Winnabo'O, Columbia, Concord, Clin
ton and Baton Rouge, La., and Wood-
ville, Miss. Wonderful interest is
manifested. An excursion on the
river nnder the auspices of a commit
tee was a treat to all. Tonight this
city will spread a banquet for 300
tutsts never surpassed in tnebou u.
laalaalppl Valley.
Rumors are rife in railway circles,
savs the New Orleans Times Democrat,
in connection with the rapid develop
ment ol the Mississippi Valley railway
system, in various and in some cases
antagonist c interests. It is said that
there is go?d reason to believe that
Mr. Jay Gould does not much like the
extension of the Kansas City and Foit
Scott l'ne to Birmingham, and that he
bas determined to project a counter
movement in the same direction. This
may or may not be true, but it is sug
gestive that a number of prominent
people, usua ly identified with the
schemes of the railway king, have
been looking carefully into the re
sources and traffic possibilities of the
country between Mempnis and isirm
ineham for tome time past
A million and a half dollais of En
glish money have been put into the
scheme to build the line between Bir
mingham and Sht-flield, accordirg to
report, and it is believed and specu
lated upon that a huge syndicate has
been organized in New York aad bcs
ton to establish steelworks in connec
tion with that enterprise and the
Pratt Coal, Coke and Iron Company.
The combined effei toi theee proposed
edventures appea-s 10 bo to sot the
American laiiaay world wild for
fci. utbern extensions end aiiianc s,
and it is a safe prediction that the fut
ure causes of war between trunk lines
will be the Mississ'ppi Valley rather
than the Western trade. The Penn
sylvania Company is credited with a
determination to get down cur way on
an independent basis, and pretty near
ly every first claes railway interest
seems bent upon reaching the sunny
waters of the Gulf bvl hook or by
crook. All this, of coarse, is nataral
enough. There is nothing plainer to
the minds of railway strategists than
that the Mississippi Valley, both on
account of its own wonderful develop
ment and its natural position in rela
tion to the coming South and North
trade of the hemisphere, and the fu
ture American trade with the Pacific
via the Isthmus of Tehauntepec, mast
necessarily become the richest field for
traffic operations in the world,
Consolidated Bond.
laraciAb to tis apmal.I
Montoomibv. Ala.. Ana-net 10.
The stockholders ol the Selma and
North Alabama railroad, of the Louis
ville and Nashville system, met today
and n solved to issue $10,000,000 con
solidated bonds, running fifty years at
5 per cent, interest, taking op the
present bonded indebtedness. on which
6 and 7 per cent, intdreet is paid. The
increase of about $3,000,0C0 bonded.is
to be used in enabling the company to
farther improve the road, making it
second to none in the country. The
road does an excellent bnsiness and is
eolendidly managed. Vice President
Qqarries, of tbe Louisville and Nash
ville, and President Slosss of the Sel
ma and No th Alabama, have gine to
Ball Peraoaals.
W. J. Bbbq, general travelingpasnen
ger iigiut of tbe Chestpeake and Ohio
railroad, arrived in the city yesterday.
Col. H. W. Fuller, general passen
ger and ticket agent of the Chesapeake
and Ohio railroad, arrived in tbe city
yesterday and is stoppicg at Ihe
A Correction.
To the Editors of the Appeal i
I notice in the Apmal of yesterday
a reproduction of an alleged Interview
with me at White Sulphur Spring,
W. Va. I wish to aay that, while it it
in the main cornet, there is this in
accuracy: In speaking of the wis bee of
Southern Democrats to place a Repre
sentative Southern man on the next
national ticket at a candidate for Vice
President, I mentioned the names of
four gentlemen who I thought would
receive tbe enthusiastic support of the
people Secretary Ltmar, Senator
Harris, Gen. Gordon and Gen. Lee.
I did not, however, ex pre any opin
ion as to the relative popularity of
these gentlemen, or as to which would
receive the strongest negro support.
On those questions I have formulated
no opinion, and have not heard them
discussed. J. b. boot he.
Sardis, Mi's.. August 9.
Proceeds Forwarded to the Kev. Dr.
nariea u'Mciiiy.
The following correspondence ex
plains itself:
MgDr-Hts, Tax., August 3, 1886.
Dr. Charlea O'Reilly, Treasurer of Land
teagua, uevoii, miou. .
Diab Sir It has become our plea
arable dnty to forward to you the sum
of $1X34 92, which please find inclosed
in New York exchange, as the net
proceeds of the borne rule picnic given
in this city on Wednesday, July 14.
1886, by the citizens of Memphis in aid
ot tbe Parliamentary election expense
fund. We would be pleased to have
vou acknowledge receipt of inclosure.
S'ery respec Jullv,
Tbiasitxk's Omca )
Irish National Lm or Awbkii-a, -DaTHOiT,
Mn'H, August 6, IStW. )
Mosra. Jnmea Rellly. John Colert and
Wm. Cunningham, Committee, Memphis,
Gentlemen Your esteemed letter
of the 3d instant is at hand with New
York exchange for !KS4 VI, which I
have placed in the Parliamentary fund
as proceeds of tbe home rule picnic in
your city Ju"y 14th. While returning
many and most cordial thanks to all
citizens whese aid contributed to such
successful result, I am gratified to in
form you the generous aid given our
organization in all seciions of the
country enab'ed me to cable titO.000
today to tne honorable trimevi abroad,
Very faithfully yours,
Treasurer Irish National League ef America,
Teu Dollar Flnee Blanketed bjr
freajldeut Ilnddra.
President Hadden was in a state of
mind bordering on lunacy all day yes
terday, and by ihe time he closed bis
office he was a fit subject for an insane
asylum. Some time ago the Hoard of
Henlih ordered the removal of Schil
ling's stockyard, in the northern part
of th 9 city. The matter was delayed
for six months to give plenty of tin e,
and when the premises were finally
cleared thev were lelt in a filthy con
dition. Orders ti clean up were served
in succession on Overton A Grosvenor,
who own the propei ty; Leo Grant and
tbe Lou'sviiie and wasnvuie railroad,
who rent from them, and on Schilling,
who subrents Itrom Grant, lbeyac
knowledged that the place was in a
vile condition, but shirked therespon
sibilily. Accordingly fines of $10 each
were imposed, rney caned at neaa
quarters, one at a time, daring the
day. each one armed with a diagram
of the premises and an argument an
hour long. President Hadden stood
by his colors, and if the fines are not
paid today declares he will order a
mittimus in eacn case.
Their Arrival I.aat Nlsrht- eetlng
at tne cxenanare.
A larse number of merchants resid
ins alonn the line of the Batesville and
Brinkley Railroad arrived in the city
last night and are quartered at tne
Peabody. Those regietered at that
hottlery la t night were as follows:
L Thallielm, Newport S M Jones, Riverside
J Wlluater, Klvereide J a Dent, niversiae
H R I)nt. Riverside J Shearer. Devine
V Jamison, Lit Rock II E M alone, Auvergne
R M Laird, Aurergne O Clements, Auvergne
R Rnalea. !) Viw R J Hvrd. (IraB
T A liufford, (Jrnys W W Folsom, Augusta
V Jones, lupelo v v Angola, uoiona
M;..LAnirAr.Cilona Miss A Angela. Colona
WThompson.Ltllock A Mnyberry, Oot Plant
H Halinger.CotPlant H C Lynch.Cot'n Plant
M JCollins.Cot Plant W K Hpiry. Cot Plant
AUennenbergCPIantO Meehan, Cot'n Plant
M lienderson.CPlimt l Jamison, Cot Plant
A Uurk' tt. Cot Plant W T Eohola, Cot Plant
ABrown, Cot'n Plant DC York.Cotton Plant
JvanHonkoe.Nowp't I) Poll. Newport
Ul'riedlandor.N'p'rtOapt Hurley, Nowport
M W Heron, Newport t) W Weast, Newpo-t
W M Bailey, Newport W 1, Hams, Newport
Tl tl n I It.. ....liar Kaaimr,
W Johnkin, Newport WD (Vnwford, Newport
A V Owena, .Newport J K w uinans.nowpori
J Mortonsen.Nowp't RAndersen.Jucksonp't
At 10 o'clock this morning thev will
be welcomed at the Cot'on Exchange
liv a romrnittec!of citizens, ar d tomor
row afternoon will be driven about the
city ia carriages tothe principal points
oi interest.
John H. Leslie has gone to Pat in
Bay. O.
I; A 11 .1 . W TIiii.ard and family
lelt vesterdav morning lor Moreneau
City, a. V.
W R Rit i na oonn to Chicairo
From there, after a few days, he goes
to Columbia, Dak.
P H Stum b mnmhnr of the firm of
H. E. Mead A Uo , uaycon, u., is sick
at the Peabody Hotel.
Fbancis Fentress, of Bolivar, was
in the city yesterday, returning irora
a triD to Springfield, Mo.
lTin ia rnllnrl tn the card of
Justice W. H. Hughey, who has
opened an omce at ojo jnain Btreei,
South Memphis lie is a first class
man, and all bus'ness sent to bim will
receive prompt and lauoiai aiun ion
M V.uhl C Tuck an. who has
been for many years principal of the
M.mnhii Vomalfl Seminary, has
bought the bouse on Linden street
where tne taugni lasi yer, xum pur
chase will give permanency to one of
i), a mnmt. ilinrnuuh and D'oeresslve
schools in tbe city. Mrs. Tucker Is
still renewing ner sirtngtu in me on
lubinus climate Ol Minnesota.
"Immediate K el I of."
MiMPHiR, TtS., August 10, 18i
AM Iron Earth Comnany:
Gkntlbmin For several months
pst the little daunhter ot one oi my
lady acquaintances baa been suffering
severely from indig'st'on. Recently
I advised her to use Extract Acid Iron
Earth, the new natural remedy. She
a: a .t nrormnntil Immediate re
lief, and now, af'.er the cwtinued use
of the remedy lor several days, toe in
digestion is entirely cured. Kespect-
''j, A. BHEET8. 18 Mulberry street.
The ViMlIng Merchanta.
Among the sights that will proba
bly interest the visiting Arkansts
merchants is Sol Coleman's cigar pal
ace, at 306 Main street. He will keep
open house all day, and cordially in.
vitea the guts'a of the city to yartake
of bis hospitality. The finest brands
of imported and native cigars will be
placed at their disposal upon the
osu tl termi.
The Savannahs Will Tackle the Lo
cals Today and knoufr Will
Warm Them l'p.
Tbe Macona put up a local amateur
named Brady to pitch yesterday. The
Browns got onto him in the fiist, sec
ond and third innings, and knocked
out nine runs. After that Brady held
them down without a run nntil tbe
ninth inning, when they poanded him
for five more. Brynan, who occupied
the box for the Memphis nine, was
very effective, striking out nine men
and retiring the visitors without a hit
nntil tbe eighth inning, after which
he allowed five hits and two runs. If
he can do as well against the Savan-
rah club a handsome cbromo awaits
Tbe following it the official score :
MEMPHIS. A.n. R. B.H. P.O. A. K.
Graham, o. f 6 2 3 3 0 0
Sneed.3d b 6.13130
Broughton, r. f ... 6 12 0 10
Andrews. 1st b... 5 0 1 14 1 0
Black, 1. f 5 2 1 0 0 0
Fusndbach, c 5 2 3 6 2 0
Manning, 2d b... 5 3 1 2 2 0
rhelan, s.s 5 2 2 0 3 0
Prynau, p 5 13 13 0
Total ..48 14 1!) 27 15 0
MACON. A B R, B.H. P.O. A. I.
Stearns, 3d b 4 112 6 1
Brady, p 4 0 0 0 2 0
Walsh, e. t 4 0 2 0 1 1
Heinzman, r. f... 4 0 0 0 5 1
lichen, 1st b 3 0 0 14 0 1
Crogan, c. f :t 1 1 0 0 1
Geies, 2d b :! 0 1 7 2 0
Lutenborg,l.f.... 3 0 0 1 0 0
Terrell, c 3 0 0 3 1 0
Total 31 2 5 27 17 5
sooaa bv inningh.
Memphis 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 5-14
Macon 0 0000001 12
Summary: Earned runs Memphis,
6: Macon. 1. Two base hits Sueed,
Broughton, FuBselbacb, Manning, and
Htearns. rawed balls usselbacti, l ;
Terrell, 2. Wild pitches Grady, 1.
First base on balls -By Graly, 2.
Struck out By Brynan, !): by Grady,
1. Doable plays Geis alone; An
drews and Manning. Umpire Mer
Atlnnta Agsla Wipes Ihe Dlaaaoad
Wlin inaanvme.
Namiivili., Tbun., Augnet 10. The
Atlantaa scored their third victory
over the home club this afternoon, and
rgain demonstrated their superiorly
a ball players. They had everything
their own way, scoring six runs in the
first inning and one in the second by
bunching their hits and miserable er
rors by Beard and Hillery. Dandnn
was In tbe box, andaucceedod in bold
irnr the visitors down very effectively
alter tbe first two innings. aConway s
curves were a puzzle to the grays, and
they only found tbe ball for six single
hits. Score by innings:
Nashville 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0-2
Atlanta 6 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 8
Summary: Two base hits Cline, 1 ;
Shaffer, 1. Three base bits Lyons, 1.
Firtt base on balls By Conway, 2 ; by
Dnndon. 1. Flistbasson being hit by
pitcher By Dundon, 1. Struck out
By Dundon, 1. Passed balls By
Mapper, 1. Double plays Lynch,
Cline and Strieker. Umpire Mc-
Quaid. Scorer Cheatham. Time of
game 1 :50.
Louisville. 16: Brooklyn 0. Eirned
runs Louisville, 13. Two base hits-
Mack, 1. Three base hits Cross, 1 ;
White, 1. Home run Kerins.
Double plays Werrick and Kerinn,
Hecker, Mack and Kerins.
Cincinnati, 14; Baltimore, 7. Earned
runs Cincinnati, 4: Baltimore, 3
Two beHe hits Carpenter, Mullane,
Jones, Baldwin. Three base bits
Mannirg, Moldoon, Jones. Base hits
Cincinnati, 15; Baltimore, 10. Errors
Cincinnati, 3; Baltimore, f. um
pire Macullar.
Pittsbnrg. 14: Athletics, 7. Earned
runs Pittshmg, K; Athletics, 5. Two
boso hits Urown, 1; Kuohno, l; tiei
vin. 1 : O'Brien, 1; Coleman, 1: At
kinson. I. Three base bite Brown, I;
Shoniberg, 1; Galvin, I. First baee
hits Pittsburg, 17; Athletics, is.
Errors Pittsburg, 1 ; Athletics, f,
Umpire Kelly.
Washington, 0; St. Loirs, 3. Earned
runs Washington, 3; bt. .Lou's, J
Two base hit Shaw, 1. First baehits
Washington, 8; St. Louis, 7. Er-
rorj Washington, 0; tit. xjius, .
Umpire GaMney.
Detroit, 7; New "York. 10. Earned
runs Detroit, 2: New York, 8. Two
bate hits Eaterbrook, 1. Three base
hits Getzein.l; Connor,; Gillrspie.
1; Ee'erbrookjl Gerhardt, 1. Passed
halls Ganaell, 1. Errors Detroit, 3;
New York, 3. Umpire raimer.
Kansas City, 3; Bos'on, 7. Earned
runs Kansas City, 2; Boston, 4
Two base hits Horn ang, 1 ; Poorman,
1 ; Rjwe, 1. Firtt base hita Kansas
City. 10; Boston, 15. Errors Kaosis
City, 6; Boston, 6. Umpire tllick.
Philadelphia, 2 ; Chicago, 3. Eirned
rans Philadelphia, 1; Chicago, 1.
Two base hite Ferguson, 1; Anson, 1;
Pfeffer, 1 ; McCorsnick, 1. Three base
hit Irwin, 1. f irst bae bits-rniia-delbhia.
6: Chicairo. 7. Errois Phil
adelphia, 2; Chicago, 7. Umpire-
Go out today and see Memphis
knock U Day out oi the box.
Barney Graham will probably be
able to give the locals a fw points
about getting on to Shreve'a delivery.
Tur. Memnhis P!ckuDB defeated tbe
Walker Avenue 8 ars Sunday by a
score of 3 to J. Seven Inninfjs were
Hub Collins, the best second bi
man in the South, will be on deck to
day. Wben he last showed up here
he covered right field.
M km this plsysd without an error
yesterday. If she can repeat that per-
lormance touay i tiers win w uiuuru-
ing in the ueorgia city by tne sea.
Thi eves of Nashville. Charleston
Macon Atlanta and Savannah will be
turned towards Memnh is today. Boys,
yon are expected to make a good
Ft ELDa will hold down the initial bag
for Savannah today. Daring his last
visit here he distinguished himself by
knocking the ball over light field fence.
Bet be don't do it today.
Thi Savannah clab will croes bate
with the'Browna today, and there will
doabtle's be a close and exciting gsme. '
KnoufI and Broughton will be tbe lo
cal battery, and O'Day and Gillen or
Shreve and Arundel will occupy the
Dointa for the vmtrrj. Knouff Is in
splendid trim, and the Georgians will
have te hit harder than they ever did
before if tbey expect to win this after
noon. We do not believe there is any
reason to expect that the Stvannah
club can w in today's game. Onr bat
ters bave never bad much difficulty
in gauging either O'Day or Shrove,
while tbe visitors, on the other hand,
bave not been very successful in bat
ting Knoufl. Everything points to a
victory for the home nine, and a large
crowd will doubtless be in attendance.
Thi Sivannah club is no stronger
todar than when last It played heie,
and the locals bad to trouble in win
ning three out of four guinea. Mem
phis, oa the other band, bae been ma
terially strengthened. McSorley at
third, Manning at ' second, were
not with us beiore, ana Dotn are valu
able acquisitions.
An exchaneeeavs: The feat of Cob-
ley, the Haverhill pitcher, of allowing
but twenty-teven men to go tothe bat,
and of tbe team making no error, nas
been equaled. On June 12, 18H0,
Richmond, the loft banded pitcher ol
the Worcester, retired the Cleve-
lands in order. They d.d not see tirat
base on a hit or an error. Ward, then
nitchor of tbe Providence, accom
plished this feat as well on June 17,
1880, on'y five days afU r the above,
when the Buflalos went out i a one,
two, three order. Galvin accomplished
it in 1875 and Ed Kent in 1S71. Val
entine accoiiinliehed the li-nt attribut
ed to Conley in 1882, while pitching
for the Metropolitans.
Ihe t'hlrnao Kiscea.
IT If f , - A t1t Tii A ni-nat 10 Annthi-r
VHI, " - , -' ,
good day a rport aud uig crowu at
Wahington Patk today.
fi-ip.f K.iM rums n lATinra ri a
mile. Entries: Hattie Hi nnett. Ech
elon, Gristlier, Caddy, D inovan, Tain
() hantrr. Nam rowers. AtH . juiraiev.
rnnciiwe. i.ea aim miau. i sn ma
took a lead of two lengths, Sim Pow
ers second, anchet e tuiru. xnere
was nn nlianca ii.l.n tlm atri-tuh. when
Fatieiiette went to the front, followed
Kw llnnn.n If. U'Ufl f IIMIWH 11
these two to the end, Donovan win
ning by a nsca; nanctietie seconu,
Vccista a poor third. Timo l:l(lj.
MtitualspidU8 70.
Sfcomi JVaoi. One mile. Fnlries:
Emma Manley, Dish Pat, Frouie
Louise, TopSawver, Fred Wooley, Vie,
Dawn of Day, Uncle Dan, rriucaes.
n.n.r, nf Tint, mill, tiio tunntni? at a
length in front; Topt-awyer second,
Fronie Louibo third, xnere was no
l. intn Ih. at,itih- uhfre Toll
Sawyer quit; Irish Pat joined Daw a
ol xJay anu mere was hciiku ia iu
the finish, Irish Pat winning by half a
length; Dawn rf Day awond, Fred
Wooley third. Time 1:44J. Mutu
a;spaid37 70.
ITiird Jiac. Mile and an e ghth.
Starters: Jim Gray, Shadow, Mera, J.
H. Fenton, Guenn and Surprise. J.
H. F'enton, Surprise and Guenn, as
named, ran ball a length apart to the
lower tarn, where Guenn went to the
fr.nf, followed by Jim Gray. On the
stretch Jim Gray took tbe lead and
won bv a Unnth ; Gnenn second, Llera
third. Tlme-l:6.rl. Mutuals paid
J8 30.
Fourth Ract. Three-quarters of a
mile. Starters: Orvld, Illnda, Littrell,
Alimony, Allegheny, raragon, uaiaipa
and Sailor Boy. Orvld at once took
a lead ol several lengths, Catalita a
length, and Hinda showing in front
of the bunch tunoa soon iooa inu
second place in the stretch. She went
to the front and won easily by one
length; Orvld second, Alimony third,
two lengths off. Time 1:I6. Mu
tuals pa d $17 70.
Fifth Race. One mile and a balf.
Starters: Idle Pat, Mamie Hunt, Pun
ka. Idle Pat made the running for
one mile, with Mamie Hunt second,
l unka then went to the front and
won in a gallop by two lengths; Ma
mie Hunt BKond. Idle Pat a poor
third. Tinie-2:38j. Mutuals paid
J (1 70.
Krlra lace. Three-quarters 01 n
,;iu Klartma: KinnlllV. ModefctV,
Claude Brannon, Acariil, Waukesha,
Ddlla Ueaeh, itico, iauy iingieuow,
Skolnlnff. Mountain Range. Moun'aln
Range led, closely followed by Acaria,
Delia Beach aud Modesty. At tho
end ot half a mile Mountiin Rsngo
i.,,.i i.m iiiniiiiia tin, livat of it. Mod
esty took second place in the stretch.
and, gntrg to tue ironi, won t-uj
by two lengths; Mountain Rtnge sec
I.dH a Innulli in fmnt ol Finalitv
and'Watikcwha, a dead lient lor third
ilato. Time lsiuj. wuiuius paiu
17 80. ,
ttonmonlh Park Kactia.
MnNuniiTii Park. N. J . August 10.
Find Hare. Handicap, for al ages;
one mile and one-eixteenth. Ferona
won by a head : Longslop second, i,y
Monopole third. Time 1 :52J.
rSccoiwf Roc. August stakes, for two
year olds; three quarteis of a mile.
Santa Rita won by a neck ; Louise sec
ond, Oriflamrae third. Time lslOJ.
Thiui Rtut . West End Hotel stakes,
for throe year old fillies; one mile and
a half. Dewdrop won by a neck ; Pre
closa atcond, Pure Bye third. Time
Fourth Race. Mile ana a unarier.
War Esgle won by a length ; Spring
field SK jnd, Heel and Toe third. Time
-2:13f. i i '
Fifth A'rtce. Selling parse for three
year olds an 1 upward, three quarters
of a mile. Marsh liedon won by a
length; Ben Thompson second, wueen
Esther third. Time 1:10.
MrA llace. llnrdla race, short
coorae. Fkiaador won by a length;
. r , it !1 TIma
Bally second, xocara uuru. nim-
aratoaa Kae .
Sabatooa, N. Y., August lO.-f irsj
Race. Parse $400, for maideos of all
ages, ihree quarters oi a mue. iMm
Lirne won ; xamDouretw seconu, x e
cone third. Time-l:ltiJ.
s,nmd Race Purse 1600. One mile
and 5' 0 yards. Barnum first, Aretino
second, tree rvniani. tniia. xiuie
Third Rwt. furlongs, for two
year olds. Laredo tirat, Lizzie Krenps
lecond, Grisette third. Time 1:02,.
Fourth Race. One mile.eweepstakes.
Falconer first, Petticoat second, Little
Minn'e third. Time-1:43
Fifth Race. Handicap steeplechase
two niuea and one quarter, xtouria
Cochran first. Abraham second, xtu
ceplialus third. Time 4:2:t.
Don't Neglect tho Opportunity.
Tbe visiting merchants from Arkan
sas will today have an opportunity to
test for themselves the efficacy ol the
now lar famed remedy for indigestion
known as Ko-Ko Tulu. No better
remedial agent agent for cases of dys
pep ia baa ever been discovered,
while as a preventive ol fla'ulenceand
other disagreeable symptoms accom
panying indigestion it bai no equal,
especially in point ol palatability.
Don't fail to eWe Ko Ko Tula a trial.
Five cents a package. For sale at
fruit standi, drag store, confectionery
establishments aad grocery store.
To Attend the Unberoatorlal Coavea
tloa The CongretuloBal Race
Certificates Issued.
Sev.ral sleepers leaving the Louis
ville and Nashville depot at 11 o'clock
last night were well filled with tbe re
mainder of the Shelby county delega
tion tothe Gubernatorial Convention,
which meets at Nashville today. The
deleg Hon is 100 strong and mere
than ha f hold proxies, so that tbe
publication of the list chosen at tbe
mass meetiug would not be a reliable
guide. It is safe to say, however, that
ihey will stay with Col. R, F. Looney
as long as his name is before the con
vention. A large number of the
delegates who were Interviewed
last night expressed that d termina
tion, and in nearly every case added
that their second choice was Gen.
Dibrell. The noble Spartan has bun
dreds of staunch friends heie, and if
Shelby cannot get her first choice the
indirations are she will ineist upon
her second in a way that will make
the rod shake. There will be about
lilOO men in the convention, and if the
otfcer counties in the State send as
good tit zsrs as Shelby the conven
tion will re one of the hes: which
ever met iu theSUte.
The date for holding the convention
to nominate a Democratic cm iidite
for Oongreee, for the Tei.th Dtt iit,
hes not yet been fixed by the Oi-npres-sioual
Committee, but it will probably
take p'a:e during the latter pait of
this month. Tbe 'our counties in tne
district, T ptoti, lkrdi-man, Fayette
and Shelby, have betn pretty 'well
(MtivsBieti, and interest ia acive in
Bpileof theahs rbing nMure of h.n
week's i outl et. The outaide cour t'.es
are poeitively panting fcr Ihe trav,
and everyone of iln-ui will eei:d in
big dentations f-r Piielan. lie 1-m
made few mistakes, his caLVina be
ing cendne'ed in a et'aiglitf rnri,
candid and O'eu aai', whi-'h
has set u red him d'vctrd frierds oa
every hand. Tipto I has a nml.r it,
c' a roil for hlra, Fnye tn is ready to i'o
i, and he satms io he as s roiw -n
llurdemsn a in ei her of tl o o tj
counties In Miilbv,a .il in th-- tv
eepecially, Mr I'll-lun in v ys org.
His friends do not c'nim n -h i ,
but ail tlii i r tl i :.i i n s rn in lnn f
til ntminatirii. That sec-iiid, th-
Demociacy of the Tenlh can r f
smed of a ringing cat va an,: o i
ous victory. The Ho.i. Z ui ,. i-r
will be ruure lad y teuton ih u m
hrotser wss a a cud dve'fnr v un-y
Clerk in Tipton tt Ti ur day.
Coronet C'o'enian yserdayl--ti:dier-tilicatoi
ot elec ion tothe CI- racni tne
Criminal Circuit and County C u ts,
Trus ee, Regist- r and Sheun" lert-11-d
crplesol thn re'urnaweie for
warded to tbe Secietary of Sttteat
Nashvil'e, who will, upon r,c ipt, for
ward cer.lllcates t the Judges of Ihe
Courts and tho Attorney General, who
are State ollleere. This is the manner
prescribed by the code.
Tbe following communication ap
peared in the Nashville Union tl yes
terday :
To tha Union!
N ash vii i, s, Tana., August 9. At
the meeting of delegates upon yester
day, selected to represent this county
in the Gubernatorial Convention, Mr.
C. L, Ridley, the temporary chairman
of such meeting, either upon hia own
knowledge or information from others,
made use of the following statement
in support of his resolution for tbe
unit rule: 'The Shelby delegation
will come here with forty-five votea
for Gen. Dibrell and the rest for Mr.
Looney ; but they will come sa a unit."
Whence did the gentloman get his in
formation? How many delegates from
Shelby bave exprtsiod such senti
ments? Truly we should judge from
the boldness of tbe aisertfon and from
lis plain and unvarnished statement
that the gentleman was on most inti
mate terms with every member ftom
I pionounce thUHott'on untrue In
every particular, uud I would sy Mr.
Ridley's informtr, If thla ia the way
he obtained the iDf-irmatittVtinado a
statement utterly without foundation.
Thorn never wan within the political
annals of Shelby a more unanimous
convention, which met wilh but a
Bingle idea and end in viow, lo press
fnraard to tho very end the claims
of our Col. Looney to the Governor's
There was one single and individual
gentleman w ho attended cur conven
tion in Shelby with the avowed desire
to become a delegate in the ictorcsts
of Gen. Dibrell. That gentleman was
defeated in hia own ward, and ever
since he expressed the desire, or out
of mere courtesy to him, was placed
npon the list ol delega es from the
county at large. Aud, finally, we
would like to state that Shelby naver
disunited, will appear in tbe arena 150
strong with one resolve, to lUht by tho
side of our gallant Col, Looney tothe
end. SHKI.BV.
Sale of (Jaeensware Store.
Tbe large and splendid itock of
china, glass and queenswaro; .belong
ing to tbe late C. N. Erlcb, of Mem
phis, Tenn., is for sale. This is one of
tbe moat valuah'e stocks cf goads now
for sale In tbeSoutb. It embraces ev
ery variety of goods usually kept by
such large dealers. An account of tho
stock ia now being taken. It will - be
sold upon reaaonable terms. Address
MHS. KL1SK E1UUU, Mampma, xonn.
Brown s Iron
Tha qwmtlon has jrnihahlr baan askad Ihnnnaxta
of tttnfla. "How can Brown's Ima Bitten, cilia 7
thlnat" Wall, It iliwnn't. But It ao on anjr dimaaj
f.w wlilcb a rpuUhl phraloian w.wW pnril IB
Fhralolaaa rauottulM Iron aa ilia bat m total!
aaont known to tha prr,fa.lon, ami lnqulrj ol any
ImuIihc ohainloal Mm will unatautlata laaaasarwoa
tlut thai ara mora urvparatliaia ol iron tlian of aof
othar anliataao In raadwlna Tha aoiwa .
Inalfalj Uiat ln la acknowMami t '
Important laot- in iiiia-afiMral luinlit-al nraoltca. It la,
hoirarar, a iwmarilalila a.-t, lhaSprli . H
arr "f II It W N'H I It O Pf B I TTK It -4 ao pyrt-et.
1 sallalaauirr iron xnbintki 1um1.w l)tt louna.
baadaoba. 01 prodooa oirtipatlm ll ehi-r IrwB)
mrdlclnra.it.. HKUW'N'M IKON HITTKItH
rurra Iwtlaratian. nillou.nraa, Wrakaaa,
llraprpaia. Jlllw. ! an Fnt-ra,
Tired rllD.-ai rnl IK-billtyvFala lata
Hlilr, Rsu-kor l.lmba,llradarbfaad Mrarml.
finlr all toaaaallmanta Iron kt piaauribad dailr.
mlnata, iJkaall nthar tbornarb njllujna. It aota
alowbr. Whan takao t tna lira maphaa of
ItatMint la ruBwati nnarrr. TlierouaokwthaB baooiaa
nnaa, tha dictation tap 1 as, Iha ra-wala ara artita.
In wnw tha aflaot la osualh- ipon rapid and aiaiknd.
Tha la baain at anna lo brtihtan; tba ain Ikan
up ; haalthj aoba- onaua to aha ahar-lm ; awrrousnaaa
daappaan; fuaotkaial dWanaMnanla baaM nta.
to anmiUad far tha ehJl lUwMmhar Brow a 'a tria
PHMralalhaON(.Y " aJioua a at m.
pulaoa, mrilv aad bnvffU rtummJ .
t Oaaalna b Trada Mack aad araaaad rat
aa wrappwr. TAKB N( tfTHKJl-

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