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Jo l.oulrlkuiora
One vr - -Hg "J
ttm OKKtk.. J J
Jkree mmthi
tne month - 1
rnoHh" 1 W)
0 !' 1 2
ac nol W
and 4'rreapoud-
Cormnnicatien tor publication must be
w.ituin on ne lulo of ti e page only, and,
wta all other mattflrs eonnected with the
t litorial departaiet-t, should do addresred :
To tbi Kurroior I'm Ari-HAI., Memphis,
Tens. , .
Ye cannot, at a rolo.undertaKe to return
articles not tound suitable tor publication.
0 ir mail book are kept by posloflioe, ead
ot by individual Darnel.
w inilmt letteri and eemmnaioatlona upon
tub ecu of general Interest, but suob luuft
always oa aooompeiied by tne name and
addre" of the enter, ar a t narenteo of nil
good faith and responsibility. No notice
ran betaken of amnyoiou eoininonioe
tinn. Specimen copies font free of charse.
Business letters should be addressed!
la ordering paper changed irom one post
rltee to another, the name of both post-
oftices should he Wan ,
M. C. Gam.awat.1. Second street,
J V. ith. 211
generation that is now aMa their
place have grown up under different
influence?, have diflorent ambitions
and trails at what has hecome anti
quated and is r-nsnitablo ti present
circnuns!anc s. One of the rerultp, a
result rich In piom'fe for th9 future,
is the cbanae uotf d by the Ohtrrver.
ihi. Tnn.
OCT. 2!, lHHli.
I KitlOC'lCiTIC; TIC K I :t.
toil uovuuKOtt,
ROBERT L. TAVLOK, of Washington.
JAMBS l'HKLAN, nf Shelby.
W. L. CLAl'P.
R. A. ODI.l'M.
WOllllN or WAKrWNU
A lafe connBellor new withholds
unpleasant truths, and the Democrat
who allures his party into the beliof
that Shelby county is rate sings the
anna- ol the siren. We tell the Democ
racy of Shelby that without woik
aelive and unceasin worlf, until the
close of the polls on Tuos!ay, instead
of ewryina the county by ono-lmlf
the majority of tlie August election,
the K'pnbiicans will carry it as they
have often done in State and Con
jesiional elections. The Hepnblicaus
are as busy as bees. In evory nook
and corner of the county they are
working with the indaatry ol aeavers,
and it is evident that a full Republi
can vote will bo polled. Inevsry
Anoint election business men turn
out and vote to place honest men in
ofllcs juiltfi's, clerks, sherifli), attor
ney gcneials, trustees men who will
enfoies the law in the interest of good
government, in the interest of econ
omy and the taxpayers of the county.
The consequence is tbe Democratic
majority ranges from "J00O to 5000.
But in elections involving the canvass
lor Gunitrereman and caudidates for
the l.nisUHue those same business
men take no interest, Beem to feel no
concern, and the result is mon are elect
ed to Congress who have no influence
with the administration or ttie mo
cratio majority In thellonaeof It 'pre
sentatives, and men are elected to the
Legislature who make a farce of lcgts-
lation.a mockery of law and o.der, by
vacating their aaals and hiding like
the culprits they art, when Democrats
introduce legislation to which they are
opposed. The duty of business men
does not stop with the performance of
duty in a county election. Evory
good tiitir.en in Shelby county must
surely feel and see and know that the
varied interests ol this Congressional
District will be subserved by the elec
tion of James Thelan to Gougruts.
He knows, too, that the Democratic
candidates for the Legislature can be
more efficient in securing needful
legislation than the Republicans. It
is is important to secure the passage
of good laws as it is to have honest
officials to execute them, and it is
earnestly hoped that the business
men of Memphis and Shelby
county who turned out on
the 5th of August lat and swelled the
Democratic majority to abont 6000, will
i secare the election of Thelan and the
entire Legis'ative ticket by similar
discharge of duty. Democrats of
Shelby 1 we are no alarmist, but we
tell you defeat is certain unless yoa
turn out and wjrk as you did in the
. contest three monthi ago. It is not by
attending meetings, hurrahing over
speeches and contributing money to
pay the expenses of the canvass and
calling yourselves Democrats that you
show youraelves Democrats. The real
tf Bt is to vote and work on the day
of the election. All elsa is vain, for i
is alone the vote that counts and
proves'faith by woiks.
I Kli.NI.
Th country is racoveiinu from the
extreme point of depre-Bion, and if
nothing ii;teifre the demand rising
fr )in the general low state of s'ocks
will set ell our shops, millr, furnects
and maaufactoiiesof every description
buei'y at work, every wheel and every
tsol tarnint ont supplies In abun-
dancd. When the era of depression
set in there wai everywhere a groat
outcry about "overproduction and
the accumulation of go:da in the
hands of manufacturers, snd it was
shown, (specially in certain dapart-
mcnts, thst the labor and mschineiy
in the country is on a ecitle that.when
fully employed, turns out far more
rouh material than the United Stae5
can consume. Will not the same re
sult follow when reviving trada has
fiiiei out the stocks o! the wholessle
and rotad dealers, and when the flush
of rtviving dtnimd is over? If sr,
then wu muBt, either let a portion of
our machinery and olhtr adjuncts
of manufacture lie idl, and
have a cjrre.ipor.ding proportion of
IhIkk left unemployed, or we must open
new niarkuU for our manufactures by
means of foroign trade. To dotliis o
must reform our very ill-conbtructed
tariff. This reform the Republicans
declare they will not make. The
trade of ttie country may be ruined,
tind labor be driven to despeiation
from privations, but the sacred tariff,
like an ugly Indian idol, must bo kept
reverentially uuchangod, spite of its
deformity and Injustice. To tlio Demo
cratic party we must therefore look,
and it is best t ) begin to look at it
now, not wait until "bad times" once
more bring the disorder that is bound
to arise when women and children are
crying fir the food the unemployed
toilers have not the means of giving
them. That party speuks in no timid
tones upon this suVjsct. The Demo
cratic Campaiijn Book of 18HU is clear
upon this point. It sjvs tho iirat cen
tury of our Republic was given to tho
evolution of constitutional govern
ment, but the second century must
consider international, and espa
dally international aud commercial
questions. 1's liberal tariff policy
mnst inaugurals a new depsrturo
toward more liberal trade, and manu
factures must not be restricted to
Cri.OOO.OOO consumers at home, but
have an outlot to the 2,000,000,000
consumers outside. From Jefferson 8
inaugural addiets to ils platform in
1884, the Democratic party have al
ways claimed for the American peo
ple full liberty to trade wherever It
wjb their interest ti do bo. The book
we refer to proclaims that now foreign
markets ara ot.e of tho most pressing
demands cf the day that It is die-
graceful that of the $5,000,COO,000
va'ue we annually manufacture but
percent, are sold in foroign mar
koto that restrictions to trade with
the vast couutry south of our own
should be removed, and that Eng
land, Germany and Frauce should
not have all of it but the miserable
one-sixth of the whole we now pos
aess. With a policy like tbe one here
declared, the country would not only
have employment fcr evory wheel
and every tool and every working
man, but mote factories, foundries
and shops would add to the wealth of
the country, and an increased popula
Hon would find demand for all ita
enemy and employment for all its
skill and abllitv.
The Subject of Marriage and Divorce
au J Report nt 1uu Sext t'on
Tcutioa Adjournei.
Cuicaoo, III, October 28. Tha
ProtUnt Episcopal Convention ad
joiimrd tl is afternoon.
The Rev. Dr. Fianklin, of New
JeisB, offered a resolution that,
Oaing tuwiiru me itnuiinuwii '
American civilization sttai ked at iti
roots, and for the etability o the
churcb, eocial purity and order, nat
ural good moia's and advancement for
the g ory of the Lord Jeaus Christ,
this house will not abandon the sub
ject ol marriage and divorce until leg
ishv Ion be effected in full accordance
with tbe law ol God, and that a com
mittee be appointed.to consist of three
pieabyteis, one of whom thall
be president, aud two laymen
to consider doring the next three
years what legis afon is necessary and
report to trie next CDnvenuon.
Tbe resolution was auopieo. anu iuo
president appointed fho following
comnntue: Tne pie:iant ana tne
Rev. D.s. Franklin and Uray ana
Metsrs. Gilbert and Barker.
A mesfa;e was rrcaived from the
II use ol B;shopi iiicsiuge No. 00
which was in favor of tne appoint
ment cf a drpu'ation onsutirg of two
l!ieh pp, two clergymen and two lay
men to vis t the Provincial Synod of
Canada. The message was ennenned
io.and thepre.id. ntappoinu iheKsv.
Dra. Haiwood a .d SprinKlerow and
Mtssis. l'ince and Fairbmka oa the
deputation. Mefsaie 94 ' was in
favor of apppoinling St. Andrew's
day as au apptopriate day for making
an annual inlercess on lor all Curia
titm missions and missionaries. It
was corcuired in. Tbe convention
then adoeted a resolution clavgirg
the da'e of holding the fes'ival of the
TransBiiuration fioin January 18ih to
August 0th.
Owing to a misunderstanding the
Deputies did not meet the Bishops at
Grace Church, where it WrS prop' sod
to hold the clcsing cervices. Alter
waiting at Cential Miuic Hall two
hours ihe Rev. Morgan Dix, president
of the House of Deputies, referred in
pointed language to the strange com
plecatlon, and after the benediction
declared the House adjourned sins
At Gr.?r!0 Church, owlnir t.) post
ponements growing out of a mieundtr-
s'anumg witn ine uepunen, mero i
onlv a small attendance. The pastoral
nf Bishnns was re td onlv to bishops
nu attending laity, non oi ineucuxo
f Douutios buirg prssent. The
salient feature of tbe pastoral is the
iH'Urntitm thst the church mil1 1 take
iirher. ttroriter and more ttennlte
grouuu in regard to me euuea
Hon of the voutitr. The pas
toral strongly condemns the policy,
which, because of its inability
to agree upon the fundamental religion
to tie taugbl in puouo scnoois, uus
lanaed into berev: that these achools
can best do their proper work when
giving no religious teachings what-
Mr. F. Walsh, lay delegate to str.e
convention frour California, died sud
dnnlv this evening at his hotel from
heart disease, tin two uaugnters
were with him at the time of hie
death, -
A tluSlealliie Marrlnaeat tbe Has.-
Thomas Allen, who failed to appear as
a witnees at the proper time.
Sam Cannon, colored, Wis yesterday
convicted of petty larceny and got six
George Houstrn, colored, charged
wi.h ansault end ba tery, was dis
charged. Calendar today: Frank Mrri
weather, RobeH J. Power3, H- C.
Shearer, Ella Si!t, Foituue Dow,
Charles Ross.
Deason and Tr ee, two co'orsd men
chaigad with bringing stden g;ods
into lie State, wi re at q uilted.
FliELiS AT I103IE.
bancerj C'ouri Elicit, Judge.
Additional calendar for November
1st: 31)4"), Mo'gm vs Dickons; 717,
Baker vs Martin; 3822, Appcrson vs
Maon; 3923, Cubbi- e vs Iliekey :
4027, Organ vs Overtnn; 4225, Bond
vs Bowling; 43iil, Sisters ol Z on vs
Dickenson ; 4430, Feehan vs Byrnes ;
4455, Stwall vs Helden ; 4407, Dicken
son vs Gren ; 3080, Wallace vs Green
law; 3815, Mitchell vs Mitchell; 3822,
A p person vs Masm; 4014, Street vs
Bowers; 4CIS1, Brown vs Miller; 4342,
Steel vs Hoist ; 4419, State vs Cole;
4452, Folwell va 'JVnues-iee Building
Associa'ion; 4408, Cinone vs McKen
na; 4498, Vanpr vs Riy.
Tub dates of killing frosts at Mem
phis during tbe put five years are as
follows: 1882, November 13th; 1883,
'Novembar 2d; 18S4, Octobi-r 2 lib.;
1335, O.tobir 2LM; 188(3, Octobe: 23ih.
A TiaHGUAM was received fom New
Orleans yestefilny, bv a member of the
Cotton Exchange, ofForiug to b.t any
uartof $!)000 t.i.-.t the ntxt cotton
croo wi 1 not to-cn O.vtw.uuu Dales,
snd $ 00 to $10 1 that it will not reath
67,00,000 bilej.
YiHiToia cnViiarge yfs'.ert'ay: P.
H. King, Sigonrney, Ja. ; ill. S'eplieu
son, Ctucago; lion. Za -h f oylor, Tip
ton countv. Ja:nfs Plielun, Memphis ;
Wm. Blanks snd K. R. Johnscm.
Trez ivsnt. Term : Peier R ghtuor, New
York; Tbeo. W. L tton.jwnicasjo; ue v.
T. W. Dye, Cra vfoid, Miss.; J. W.
Small, Baulutt, Tonn.j Emel M. Alle-
weil, Syracure, N. Y. ; miss uiar v.
Arnold, city.
The Poututoc (Mlsi ) Obifrver, roler-.
ring to a ttatement that half the eot'on
crop grown this year In the South is
the product of whits labor, says:
"Few people who have not personally
witneesrd the marked changes that
have taken place down in Dixie can
understand what this means. In the
o'd data, 'btfo' the wah,' tho white
Southern man who worked had no
standing among Li) neighbor, but to
day th'i whits man who does no,
wo: k is tho tabooed one. Thli change
did not follow the war clcsely; it is
result of a new spirit that
declared it-self within the
balf-dozen years." The fact
stated by our Pontotoc contempo
rary . Is a niont gratifying one,
ar.il one of no little Importance, lor it
:s no', a matter of mere temporary oc
currence but one of immense influence
upon the future. The time since
when tho change has takon p'aco is
no'able, and Is rea lily accounted for.
The pc-reiation that exitteil when the
war br, ke ou'. is pnssing away. Spite
of what g-od lense snd n hVctivc In
telligence might U'ge, the influence of
early Induing, loi g existing habits,
pr jiidicrs and manner ol living CJuld
BOt te entirtiy txtoruiintted. The
Prohibition and autl-prohibitlon are
earsestly discussed just now. Tha
prohibitionists are working with an
earnestness tkat manifests their sin
cerlty, and with an array of facta on
their side facta supplied by the inter
ested portion ot their opponents that
ia truly appalling. The conscientious
among their opponents give fall con
eideretlon to those facts, while not ex
eluding others of equal importance,
They especially urge that public opin
Ion must bi won ia support of pro
hibitive laws bsfors those laws can be
successful in banishing intemperance
Most of these favor the high HceJeV
plan, which has been so successful in
restricting the number of drinking
saloons, and so regulating what re
main as to reduce the amount ot in
temperance. Illlnoi. for instance, ia
proving its value. There the law per
mits the imposition of high license,
aud also allows entire prohibition
where the population demands it. The
Chicago TWstm has recently made an
investigation as to the working of tb
system, which shows tbat in seve
ral counties not an open saloon can
bs found, while in twenty-five coun
ties the ru'e is virtually prohibitory,
license towns being the exception
and in a large number ot others the
prohibition towns are lu a majority,
Prohibition reigns over two-thlids of
the State and Is still gaining ground
Where saloons are permitted the
license is high, reaching in some cases
to $1800 and $2000. This plan and
prohibition present a ground on which
bath prohibitlonsts and high license
men can compromise and act united
ly. Under this plan districts dosiring
prohibition could enforce local option
Where prohibition could not bs en
forced, high Iicsnse would, reduce
evi's that tha present license plan
does not sflWt. The combination of
ilij two methods Is ingenious, and it
would not be turprieinn if it should
come to be widely adopted.
Mit. Ciimu.ih Rmit, 'watchmaker
and jowtlur, Baltimore and Mount
stienlH, Ha't nioro, Md ( lndor.-es Sal
vati .a Oil (ot "rheumnUc troubles."
A Tlnmlj Explanation.
To the Editors of the Appeal;
An adverthtniert which sppfared
n your ctlumns last week offering for'
rent "to responsible businefs women
some firft class rooms in the Women's
Exchange Building, No. 308 Second
B'reet, lias be.-n so m sunuerstooa tnac
we beg the privilege of an explana'ion.
I'arties able to p.iy lUtl value anu give
oroner security therefor, was what the
phrazirjg above quiled w:ib intended
to exore's. in puiely business mat
ters tbe Exchange mu -t be just to its
own engagements, and however kind
ly disposed toward mote urgently
recommended as tenants who "de
serve" such quarters, tannot afford to
let rooms except for lull "slue. The
ladies have been tin any grieve to re
fuss so many worthy applicants. The
rooms are nnctsinriiy held until the
mis'aken impr sunn es to eligible ten
ants can be itispel'ed.
well Ilonae.
Nahhvillk. Tknn.. October 28. A
clandestine marriage at the Maxwell
House lost night is creating a good
deal of excitement amorig the society
people of Nashville. The pariiculars
of tbe affair are that a Miss Murray, t
beautilul young lady of Shelbyvillo,
baa linen a nunil at the Nashville Col-
ana for Younir Ladle, and witn tne
written concent of her parents has been
riTfiivinn visits from Mr. E l L. i an
cev. also of Shelbyville. Mr. Yan-
cev was devoted in his attentions to
tha nrettv M 83 Murrv and viBited hor
freouentiv. Last nigui ne caueu at
the college in a carriage, and under
the plea that he wished to take miss
Murry to a party the lady was placed
in his charge. The young couple
drove ta the Maxwell House and
were immediately united in marriage
by a minister who was in waiting
Both parties stand very high in
Bhelbvvllle society. The bride will
not return to her studies, of course,
Tbe Nashville papers -s ill contain
nothing of the matter in the morning,
Docnaaenta s-mtlted oa Which lo
base a Motion for New Trial.
Cuicaoo, III., October 28. The
oonnsel for the seven condemned an
archists submitted to Judge Gary th
morning a voluminous document up
on which another motion for new trial
will be based. Tbe papers were pre
sented to tne uourt witnout lormamy,
and few were aware of the fact. They
are for tbe Court's private considera
tion, and although their full
text is withheld from publication it is
understood that tbe defense submits
the discovery in the rinth edition of
Wharton'i Criminal Law, which seta
forth that any person advising crime
in general terms is not necessarily an
accessory. Tuis Is at variance with
Judge Gary's ruling and, as stated
the prosecution will claim is not in
accordance with the statutes of Illi
nois, which prevail over all rulings
and court opinions.
Ilnnll Court Ka tea. Judge.
' Jury calendar for October 20th
Not. 0129, W. C. Schwalmeyer et al,
vs l. Beusick; H!, Taxing District
vs W. A. Blcktord; 153. Taxing Dis
trictvs H.Dow; 9187, Theo. Read vs
a. a. McLemore; 8759, w. u urow
aon vs J no. a. am; 87UJ, b. iiv
cenoso vs Herb era A Frick ; 880!, W,
A. Smith vs M. G. Darmody; 6930,
W. 8. Robinson vs Williams & Co,
9010, Walter JUavls vs Memphis an
Arkansas Uify Packet Co.; 901
Amelia Johnson vs Tom Brown
9108. R.J. Black vj Ed. Stack; 6114
Hoitholer; 7797, Sam. Funk et al. vs
W. 11. llerrsn.
In T. U. Hellmann vs Kansas City
and Memphis Kail road Uompany th
jury returned a verdict for $187 75
against defeudant.
The jury in the case of M. Sheridan
vs J. 11. S.afford et al. returnsd a ver
dict for the defendants yesterday
Criminal Court-Duboar, J niter.
C. Ksseler wc.a released from cus
tody ou a writ of habeas corpus and
placed nndt-r a bond of f 150 to an
swer to a charge of cruelty to ani
mals. The boud was aigued by
Thomas Burrott.
An ettai'hment was ordered for
Diterm nation Everywhere Express
ed to Vo to tlie Polls ttLd
Work for the Ticket.
The appolntrrent c-f bitter and un-
tonprnmieicf Henub.iian rina lead
ers s deputy election supervisors has
cr ated a st;r among Democrats all
over the district and with ita deter
mination to elect tbe antire ticket in
spile of the plcin'y apparent game of
tne negro Dosses. Geneialbuperviscr
nirtss acted, of course, in an impar
tial manner, selecting such deputies
as the Executive C immit'ees cf the
two parties recommended. Tha
Democrats chose coneeivative.
the Republicins vindictively partisan
men, and tha common expression on
the streets yesterday was that such a
spirit at the c'.css of a canvass con
ducted with eo much moderation on
both sides, deserved to be severely re
buked. Tbe ellect will be to arouse
the Democracy as it has cot been
aroused for years, and ihoee who were
inclined to put Mr. i'nelun a major
ity at lees than 10C0 before,
do not hesiiate to double those figures
now. The gallant champion was
warmly greeted on his return tD the
city ye?trdsy, and wherever be went
received coid'al assurances cf hearly
support. It is thoroughly unders'ocd
that if tho Democrats would win next
Tuesday they must not only vote but
they rnuot wort, aud work hard, for
the ticrxt, and u ia now likely tin, t
every bu:iLejs hc.u eol consequence
will neclosBd ontlmtday. The Execu
tive Committ'e is thoroughly in earn
est and is giving Mr. Phlan and tbe
Legiiilative ticket its tarnett support.
That victory is assured cannot now be
doubted by anyone who will take a
moment to consider tbe effect that the
spirit dhp'ayed by the Republicans
in the selection oi supervisors is likely
to have upon loyal Democrats.
Reopens October 4, 1886.
PUPILS prepared for "The Art Students'
League,'' of New lork. or any other
firat clan art aohool they may desire to enter
HI Heroic Work at the Wrecked
M,Mto(theiliMiivuichauiictiniikuiu ";'rwi"
ally oaiistMl liy a iluorduriid condition rf tlm LIVER.
For nil oomplainta nl thin kind, aurta u luryidity !
t-e Lnor. Hill,mnoa, Nnrvoun lypopu.. Inilwei
till. Irri-KUlimtyol Hie IfowulB, Conalipatiou i lutu-l-
cv Emctatioin and burniug t the btoinai-n
(Miui-'tuuna oallsd Ilrartbuni), Miasma. Wnlana.
llluo.ly Hm.Obilk aud tov.ir. llreakbone
l-:iliaustion before or alU-r town, (JMroric Ul-ir-rhcBa.
L..M1 ot Aipotit, HeaUacta, lonl Brealh.
dmil Fains. Backache, ., Ac. 8T
AURANTII i Invaluable. It to I
f,r all disaa-. Imt will CURE all
not a panacea
Sr. Paul, Minn., Oc'obor 28. T"ue
Milwaukee train bringing those saved
from the Rio wreck reached herj at
0:20 tonight Among the passongors
were lisnop Whipple and wife, ot
Faiibjult. Apart from, the great fa
tigue and nervoui pr-s'ratio'i the
Bishop was uainjured. IIu describes
the wreck ss the moat terrible sight
ho ever witceaced. Tlieir per
sonal baggage wa? destroyed. Capt.
John Ames, of NcrthCeld, wai in tbe
sleeper, and he says Bishop Whipple
worked heroically to save the pas
sengers imprisoned in the wreck, and
brought out ttio children of Mra.
Suherer, of Winona, but could not
liberate her. Alter comparing notes
with other pitsengars, ho thinks
there were lif.een to twenty-, hree
passengers in the day coach, of whom
only three eecaptd.
17 nil rtlsAKAB OI
.-haniwa the lunipTexma from a aur. yellow tinge,
to a ruddy, healthy color. It entirely reiuoies l,.w.
Kbaimy bpiritn. It ia one of the ! liroiii
i or sale by all Dminet. Prkie $ 1 .00 per botllo.
n. f. STADICER. Proprietor,
40 80. FRONT ST., Phlladelph a, Pa.
Thk November Magazine of Ameri
can History has a supeib frontispiece,
the verv finest of any of the msga-
jiines of the month ; it is the notible
portrait (a1 most unknown in this
com try) of inv. Thomps Pownalr,
from ihe cehbret?d Ixird Orford
painting, in Kogland. It is accom
panied by an admiiable study if tbe
versatile characler, fcta'esuianship,
and works nf the remarkable Powcall
as tbe lesdiiiK Article of the number,
by Robert Lud ow Fowler. The sec
ond article of the number,
Ttie llermit?gv' a North Caro
lina home of great sge, belongs
to the popular B-rlea of "His
toric liomec, lor which this maga
zine is famed. Then we have a suc
cession of brkht snd interesting pa
pers "The Firat Anarchist," by Ar
thur uudiey vinton; "uaduocxs
Defeat." bv T. J. CliBoman. A.M
"Viririhia's Conquest of the North
western Terntory," byJ O. Welle ; "Wie
Hnlit at Charleston in 1800," by A. w ,
(Mason: "From Cedar Mountain to
Chantiby," Ihe third paper in tbe val
uable civil war s'udies oi uen. lb;
"Gn. Pope Again," a sharp criticism
on Pone" article in tbe Century, by Col
Allen. Stonewall Jackson's chief of
ordnance in the camoaigns under re
view; 'Manierv Corbin." a poem, by
George Houston; and the several
departments filled with ohoice and
varied rradint.
Thi Eclectic for Novembar bungs
with it its usually well selected re
sume of the best foreign periodical
literature, ins place of honor is given
to a paper on "Russia and England,"
now the burnina problem of foreign
fiolitics, whioh sheds light on the sub
ect. Andrew Lang's Interesting paper
on "Egyptian Divine Myths" is a sug
gestive contribution lo an Important
branch of study ; and tbe long and
stietrestlve article on "Revolution and
Evolution," by the Russian philoso
pher and scientist, Leon Metchnikoff,
will bs read with attention by those
inteiested if one of tha greatest ques
tions of the day. Prof. Freeman's
"Prospects of Heme Rule" is marked
by the grea . English historian s tnor-nup-hness
and iudicial care. The num
ber ia tich in purely literary articles.
There is a capital analysis of Mr
Swinburne as a poet, and a no less en
tertaining piper on a great French
man, but little known in America,
Paul Louis Courier. St. George Mivart
gives us an interesting account of
Austrian Monasteries, and there is a
frnnb snd readab e sketch of tbe con
ditions of life and labor in "Rural
Tncanv. A capital article on Heine,
and a no less suggestive paper on Cole
ridge, win please students oi litera
ture. Tbe ghost story, "Coincidences,"
from that sturdy veteran ol the n.ng-
Hah monthlits. Blackwood . is nn
usually strong in its combination of
mvsterv and adventure. The half
dosen short papers are on current top
ics of inter-st-Oar
Sapid Traneltorj Kalatce
Brief aa It ia at the lonteat, li liable te be
materially enrtailod by oar own indltore-
tioni. The djipeptlo eat what they ahonld
not, the bllioui drink ooS.ee in eiceir, and
the rheumatic, neuralito and eoniamptlve
sit ia draught!, (et wet (eet and remain in
damp olothea, and then wonder when 111 how
they became lo. To penoni with a tendency
to nanralata. we recommend a dally at of
linaietter'a elomaoh Bitten, and alwaja a
wlneflaeiful after anaroidable expoture In
rt . ... n otherwise inclement weather. Ef
ficient protection adorded by thia leaant
afeauard. wnion uiuunet a cental iow
throunh the iytui, inviaoratei at d tonot it,
ntal nnrva tranniitlit. FeTer and
'a true, biliouinen, conattpation, dypepia
and renal duorder. are anyone the maladiea
whioh It renediei and rrerenu.
Oar Ilatir'a t'lral Trar,"
by Marion Harland, with other valua
hie information; forty-eight page book
Hunt ma on rent-int of 2 cent stamp,
Address R"ed A Carnrick, Mircantile
Eachange Building, New York City.
Tbe St. Lonlo Ilr , Itown the Lit
tie Kiii-k lemn.
Litti-b Rock, Ark., Oc'ober 2S
Upwards of 100 pereons apcembltid at
Arsociation rark this niternoou to
witnexa the eani ol ba 1 between tbe
chbrnnion team cf iho world, th bt,
Louis browns and the Little kock
club. The homo team won the toss
and went to the hat at 3 o'clock, but
were put out in oue, two, three order,
not a man roachinz fiistbasn. The
Browns scored three runs in the first
inuing, nothing in the recond and
third, four :n tbe lonrth, two in tne
filth, one iu the sixth, and were goose
eeeed in the seventh end eighth, ia
the second inuing the home team
scored two runs, were goose epged in
the next five, but sot in two runs in
the eitrhth and ona in tne ninth, mak
ing tbe store stand 10 to 6 in favor of
the lirowuu. uotn teams were in
cood tiim and their nlavinz was ex
cellent. Tomorrow they play the last
Tbe Race at Washington.
Washington, October 28 National
Jockev Club races., track heavy.
First Race Saven-eiahths ot amue.
Error won bv two lengths; Big Had
second. BeBie third. Time 1 :46J
Second Jiace fanacoast staaes tor
three year olds, mile and an eighth
Adam D. won by a length ; Beesie sec
ond. Euros third. Time 2:01.
Third Race Selline. one mile
EJgefield won by a length; Boas sec-
find. Jeacia third, lime I'.ibi.
Fourth Kact Handicap, muo ana
an e'ghtri. liaraum won Dy two
lengths; Telie Doe secjed, Pericles
third. Time 2:00.
Fifth Rice. Five furlongs Uleaner
won bv two lensths; Mamie Hunt
second, Hopeful third. Time 1:03J,
Killed hf a Railroad Train.
Chattahoooa, Tknn., October 28.
An old negro named Booker Stone
was struck by the incoming Memphis
train near this city today ana Eiuea,
Non-Resident Notice.
No KPl In the Chancery Court of Bholby
county, lenn. a. u. ciow uuu omen i.
lrone uoeletet at.
T, ann..rln. frnm nfTldavlt in thlS CRUSO
that the defendant, Irene (loclet and Henry
Bonner, her auardian, and Harry G. Myr-
ver, are residents oi me dihw oi iiunu
Una: and that Joferh H. Bell ii a resident
ot the State of Arkannas, and all non-residents
uf the State of Tennessee :
It is thorefore ordered, That thev make
their appearance herein, at the courthouse of
Shelby county, in Memphis, Tonnepe,on or
bclora iuo urei jyionuay in ueeouioor, 10,,
and plead, answor or domur to complainant
bill, or tne famo win oe maea iur cuuihscu
ae to them and tet for hearing ex parte; and
tha' a copy of this order be published once a
weok, lor lour succewve weoks, in the Mom
phis Appeal. This 27th day of Oetober, 18S6.
A copy Artr-fli :
S. I. McDUWELL, Clerk and Mastor.
By B. t. Colomnn. Deputy C. and M.
Oliston & Weakley, Sols, for comiil'nt. fri
Absolutely Pure
This tmwrl.r neyer varlea. A marvel oi
nnniw. .trj.nth and wholeomenes. More
eoonomlcal than the ordinary kinds, anc
....... k. ...i i i. ,mt,tllion with the niul
lim.l. nf l..- tat. abort weight alum or
i,Vi.i.bat nnnrltn. SlM.D OMI.T I CiSS
lmi Wall i-treet. ew lot
WANTED r''arV"
nivu.v ,..i,,m,. li KeT.J J. Vin
eent, ii.il. One a?ebt has sold f0 tn a towi
. erti ...i.. n.r: in l ui of 7iM! on
si-woelt:i ona in in 3 days at two diff.'ent
tlBtei. K, iperict.es not "ce7,- ,dlil"
Hi dearborn strtat. ChicafO.
Tbat Defy all Otner Bemcdlea Bpced.
ilj ured by Cnllenra.
HUMILIATING Eruption!, Itching and
Burning Skin' Tottures, Loathsome
Rores, and every species of Itching, Scaly,
Pimply, Inherited, Scrofulous and Conta
gion Uistases of the Blood, Skin and Scalp,
with Loss of Hair, from infancy t old age,
are positively cored by Ct'riona, the great
Skin Cure, and Cu'iri-Ka r-oar-, an exquisite
Skin Beautifier, externally, and Cutici'SA
HuaoLVKNT, the new Blood l'urifier, inter
I hare been afflicted since last March with
a Skin uuesse the doctors called Kcxemat
My fce was covered with scabs and sores,
and the itchingand burning were almost un
bearable. Seeing your Citiooba Kkmbiiiks
so highly reoommended, concluded to give
them a trial, using the t-'i'TicoRa and Cim
cuai Soap externally, and Hobolvknt inter
nally, for lour months. I call myself cured.
In gratitude for which I make this ruhlie
Itnteiueiit. Mas. CLAilA A. Jt KEDErUCK,
Broad Broo'a, Conn.
1 was fcffllotod with Eoiema en the Scalp,
Face, Kars and Neck, which the druggist,
where I got your remelies. pronounced one
ol the worst cases tbat had oome under his
notice. Ho advised me to try your Cdticura
IUmkiiiks, and after five days' use my scalp
and part of my face were entirely oured, and
1 hope in another week to have my ears,
neck, and the other part of iny aoe cured.
120 E. Fourth street, New York.
Ci'Tirt'R stands at tlie head of itsclats,
especially is this the case W'th the Cuticvr
Soap. Have had an unusually good sale this
summer, owning to the prevalence of an ag
gravated form of Itch through some locali
ties in the country. In which the Cdticira
KtUKiiisa proved satisfactory.
W. L. U ARDIGG, Druggist.
Uniontown. K.
Are sold by all druggist. Price: Ccticcra,
SO cents: Rksiilvknt. 81. CO; Soap, 25 cenU.
Send for " How to Cure Skin Diseases."
RCftltTIFY the Complexion and Skin by
PCrtU using the Ct'Tici'RA Soap.
Aching Sides andBack, Hip and
Kidney Pains, Rheumatic, Sciat
ic. Neurnlgic. Sharp and Shooting
Pains, rt-llr-Vfd In mlaote by the
Cuili'iirn Autl rin I'lH.sler. Cannot
fail. At druggists, a cents rotter Drug
and Chemical Co., Ho)ton. Mns.
aVB-rAI'lTAt. PBI.E, H7n.O00.-vo
Ticaeia only 03. Miureo 1st pruior.
Louisiana Stats Lottery Co.
:rfiu that we ttipertriM tie
arranaementt or alt the Monthly and Var
terlv JJrawinai of the Louisiana, Mate Lottery
tAHiipiinv. and in pron manage and Conlrel
( limiting themnrlvti, and tkat Iht i inii are
rninrfurfcd with Itvncrtv. fnineti, and tn ffood
faith toward all partite, and we authorKe the
Voiiipnny to nne ihi ientflitii.1 wi j,i.-,,i:m
of our tigitaturtt attached, in its antr!i-menti,"
Pre..minnt in every
HANAN SHOE rial bicomi
hiffhsr oualilv. U
1h rcogrwed s1and'd
lor fmo waif imong dtscrimmating gentiemtn.
A MaiiMilh Rralitfl and Coiiwlencc
ill drop petty predjudice cardesRly picked up
ksai Ihe door. ?tiun arr lnvuca
hen truth knr
to try one pair
f " Hunan's" shoes. We know
the result: every man who wnnts thebtst and
6 nest ankle in the nurket will become a perpet-
l Jlanein man.
Gans, AmninnltlOD, Ftshlns; Tackle
and Mnortsmens' Bnnpiieg.
M4 Mala Htratie, SlmiDaila, Texani
4 annfaiitnvln and RaDairifla ef Anna
Bpeoialty. Largest Stock. Best assortment.
liliiAX. ESTATE.
No. 6251, R. D. Chancery Coart of Shelby
county Ida Stewart vs. ueorgia can oiew
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree fpi
sale entered in the above oause on the
lHth day of October. 18Hn, M. B. 64, pan
4S8.I will sell, at publlo aaotion, to the
highest bidder, In front ot the Clerk and
Master s ottioe, oourmouee oi Doeisj ouuui
Mempnis, loon., on
BatnrHay, November IS, 18S8,
within legal hoars, the following described
property, situated In the town of Arlington
Ifnrmerlv Wirh. nanntl. Shelby ooanty. l
neaee. to-witi Beginning at a stake f4 feet
lrom tne eenterot tne iiouisvnio ana n"
vllle Rillroad. on the south side of said rail
road and on the west aide of Greenlee atreeti
running thenee with said railroad aonttt
west 8 chains and 91 links torn stake on Jack
aon street; thenoe with Jaekson i tree t south
.ui a !,! 12 links to a stake on Jack-
ton and Walker streets; thenee with Walker
treet northeast S chains annu ities u
stake on Oreen lee street ; then ee with Greea
Im .treat itnrtl,at S ahainl and 42 links K
the besinning containing 3 aoroi, more or
'tihi r n.inn.haH cash: balanee In
twelvemonths: not bearing interest, wi
approved security, required; lien retained,
This October 1, 1SSS. , ....
S, I. MoDOWKLL, Clerk and Maata
ByT. B. Caldwell, Deputy C. and Hi.
Craft k Cooper, Sola, for eompl'nt.
Wirt". Nirti asd Brais Tbeatkiht,
a guaranieel speelfio for Hysteria, Disal-
DB8. voavulSlOU.B. 'Ill A. ei.ou. u.ui.1-
gia. Boadache, Nonrcvs Prostration, oansed
by. the ne of alcohol or tobacco; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Se'tening of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea. tngto
misery, deoay and death; Prematuru ' d
Age, barrenness, Loss of Power In either
e-At Involuntary Losses and r'perroator-
rhea, cus-i J by ovor-exertion ol the Drain
elf-ttb'jse crov riodulssnce. Kach box oon
tains ona mcnth's treatment. II a box, 0
nig boim tnr ari. anni i:v riittl tireliaid. OH
Receipt of nrice. Wo eur.TPtitce Six Boxes
to cure any case. With each ord r receive
hv nftforir.i hove., acciirrin.iiad with It.
we will lend tee purchaser our written
cucTT-r ttie to refund the money It the treat
ment doe "ot effect a eu-e. Guarantees
Issued only h A.. KKNF.tV.I v'O.i VTUt
gilts, Memphis, lenn.
Oomiulfcajlouei .
We. the undereianed, Banlee and B anker i.
mil pay all Pruee dratrn in The iouwiana
State Lotteriee which may be presented al oar
J. H MlI.F.SBT,Pre. I .a. Nat'l Bank.
J.W.KILBKETH,Prc.SInte Kat'l Bk
A. BALDWIN, rrea. H. O. Nat. Bk.
Incorporated In 1868 for twenty-fire years
by the Legislature for Kdaoattonal and
Charitable purposes with a capital of 81,-
000,000 to which a reserve fund of over (650,
OuO has sinoe been added.
By an overwneiming popular vov u
franchise was made a part of the present State
Constitution, adopted Deoember 3a, A, I).
The onfir Lottery ever voted on and endorua
by the people of any State,
11 never ecaiee or poswf.
Its Brand Blnala Bameef Draw
Ina-a tak place snoaithly, aatd te
Extraordinary Drawings regularly
every Three Month laatead or semi
BBBiially bereiofare.
A Hf w r IS! iirroa Ii nil I a
mv a a-aan'S'S'KF.. trr.BVKNTH GRAND
Or atUMU, rriw uaK.ano, tyawan
November S, lssa ISSth JMenthly Drawing.
100.000 Tleketa at Elve lNallaraKack,
fraetlone, la Flftka, la
proper uoxt. -
1 Capital prise....-.-..-. 8 T?.?lo
1 Capital prise...
1 Capital prise..
S Prisei of loOOO...
5 Prises of 2000...
10 Prises of 1000..,
20 Prises ot BOO..,
100 Prises oi 200..,
800 Prises of 100..
Kim Prlie. of 50..
1000 Prises of
9 Approximation prises of 8750....
Approximation prise of 600..-
9 Approximation prises of So0.....
1967 Prlies, amonntlngto........--i'0'
Application for rate to elnbaahould ba
made only te tu ouioe i """
ior'further Information write clearly,
giving full addrei;. POOTAL SOTIS g,.
pres. Money Order, or New fork Exchange
In ordinary letter. Cnrrenoy by Eipress (a
oar expense), addressed
H. A. DAtiraia,
New Orleasu, La.
wasnsnarion. a., v..
or at B Wee I toan n.. aiwiiuii, m.mm
Make P. O. Money Orders parable
and address Registered Letters to
New Orlenna. l.a.
war J REtVTOetED. Kern.
dence, causing Premature Deoy, Nervou;
Debility, Lost Manhood, eto. having tried
in vain every known remedy, aae discovered
a simple self.eure, whioh he witlsend FRaK
of hi fellow sufferers. Address
Post Ofllce Box 8m. New York City.
Non Resident Notleo.
No. 5&39-In the Chancery Court of Shelby
county. Tenn. State of Tennessee vs.
Thomas Boyle et al.
It appearing from the Sheriff 'irelnrn ia
this euse that the defendant, Mary Mor
risey, John Morrisey and Alice O'Neal, are
not to be found In his oountv ; .
It ia therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance hen in, at the courthouse
nf Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before tne first Monday in December. lnW,
and plead, atisweror demur to complainant a
bill, or the same will be taken for oonfessed
as to them and set for hearing ex parte; and
that acopy of this order be published once a
week, for four successive weeks, in tha
Memphis Appsal. This Utn day ol October.
lsso. A oopy attest:
S. I. MoDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By T. It. Caldwell, Deputy C and M.
F. 11. A C. W. Ueiskell, Solicitors for cont
ain ant. fT1 .
WHO are In favor of organising a Switch
mans' Aid Association ol No-th Amor
lea will meet at MIKli O'NML's, No. 11
Kansas avenue, Octoljer ,1th. aK ft

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