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To Vnntiihntotra and t orrepoaMl-
Co-amnnicatloaf tor pabllratton nnit be
written on oae aide or tbe pare only, and,
with ll other mattera ponneotod with the
editorial department, rhoald be aidraed i
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BuBina lettera t timid ba addreel t
M C. 0L.LiWT,t Wail Second l treat.
Memphia, Twnn.
WEDNESDAY. t DEC. 29, 1880.
fi f.n r.
The popular Hntchincons used to
elnp : "There's a good time coming,
bcya, a good time coming," and it
really looks m if that time is closely
approf.ching. Tha Harper party from
the Eait has just bad a hearty ovation
all over the South, end now a South
erner has r.rouaed transports of friend
ship and good feeling in the Eit-t.
The rctwslon was the m;btlng el lio
New England Society, an annual occa
sion for giving utterance to thcss sen
t inctUi of warm patriotism that are
eomr; touts regarded aa an almost ex
c'nsirely Euito.n powssion. Among
the guests was Mr. II. W. Grady,
editor of the Atlanta Contlilutim, aiid
h showed tha Now Knglaud
-anaorably that, this day, as
pure patriotism ai ever
beat in Northern heait, and is sincere
a love lor the Union as their own love
for the country and the country's flag,
xhts in the South, stimulates its en
ergies, oheers its hopes, and steels its
resolution. As the flaw ol genuine
eicquenca reached the ears of the
aodienea, and the glow of enthusiasm
animated Li own countenance, the
co leet spirit among thoie Northerners,
usaa'.ly lets ardant thao onrtelves,
caught the vivifying infliecoe, felt
the impulse of Southern Ore nolntil
allng upon a Southern tongue, and
ringing applause, thrilling and vi
brating with generous emotions, broke
forth unbounded and fervid as if a
touch of the Southern sun had cast its
animating ray upon every object, and
aroused with its eager glow a corre
sponding flame in every heart. Those
men learned from Southern lip that
reverses and trials have aroused among
Sonthsrn people a pitch of dovotion to
;mntry and flag only those can
feel who cams S3 near losing tha old
'an anil atrlnneL Than urn hear fl.
both North and South, that have baen
torn too ruthlessly, aflectlons rent too
remorselessly to forget the bloody
chasm of the put; but tha autumn is
spreading its brown leaves over the
scare of memory, and soon the genera
lion that wis active in the bitterness
of the war and its antecedents will
rest benoath the branches, danuled of
past animosities, while tha young, uu
trained in hate, will a id to the glory
ol the Union the aohlevemants of the
new Smth. To the good time com
ing, tho era of felthful and uodyltg
friendship between Sju'Ji and North,
the vivid oratory of Mr. Gndy has
cmttihuted lu no alight nor unim
portant degree.
Ihe women hava won another vie
t iry. Miss Bosnia White, sister of
F.x-Oougrostjmun While, of Louisville,
applied for a certifloato to di'ponan
medicines as a pliarmai 1st, and was
denied by the S ato Board of Fhar
in toy. She was a grt.danto of the
t-cuool of Pharmacy of M;chigan Uni
versity, and hud a diploma, which she
presented, pai J her fer, and ollWed to
undergo the nana) examination by the
board, but wi refused. Hue obtained
a writ of maadamns from tho Louis
ville Liw and Equity Ootnt. An
appeal was lakon, and after throe
yeira' delay a decision has been ren
al mod in her fay or. Tha Judge, in or
dering the ieauo of the certificate,
It I rrallfyinr ts nee Amerlran woman
eoinina to tlia front In lboe hmorable pur
11, l. Tha hiitorr of niriilaallnn IB
rvorr rcunUr owk ihit it k merely kept
.ie with tha advancement of 111 wnuian.
he llriliinln'a wl o wm burned with bta
dud budy ; tha Mohammedan woman ia a
!ara fi r the nun i the huatand of tlia Knf -Imh
wife l'irmr!y bml a rlnht tr chsjtua
br, anil, h a notion of law, ber local iden
tity wa (lompletolr abaorbsd ill lliui. We
i -o li'uvln'f in irkariea bihind ui, and It la
pritiiiy in tlint tUeie in itlori a ra now a Ion
.ty In tlio aat.
Tfcis is a g eat triumnh for the wo
men of tho cjuotty, as plurmHoy is
(vis of th se ca liDgs peculiarly adapt
i d for the delicate manipulation of
w.nnen. Thij victory means a larger
li.' . tar women, a widur oatlook and a
mbhir civiliziition. In savors! of the
ftt'ci women re combatting ihe law
which mukei th i father the legal own
er of the baby. Worann gives birth to
the child, nursaj it and allevUtei its
f utlciriiigi, while the father is ti her
sleeping or carting the detested nui
ean'.'o. ftut in most of the Ststos
whenever tie father desires it he can
Uks from the mothor's loving arm
t ue child be doei not want and is in
cspiblo of taUng care of, and ia forced
li hire an unfeeling naise, wh se
kinduess is inspire! by avarioi. Kreu
in Ma)3chTi8Blti the huibtnd has tha
Tsole custody of ihi child the law
ful guaidian, ths exclusive con
tnl. Ha takes tha child from
tli mother whenever it suits his
riprics or whim, aud places it ia
charge of utrang jrj. Ia order to g"t
xuutrjl of tb) chill the muit flrt
prouk u; the family home and ineti
tute a suit for divorce. Then Bhe m ty
epply to the court, and the jnd,ce mny,
at his dlecration, g va h r the cUild,
iir hs may g'va it to the l.n luu l.
Thareisco'.hin; to prevent the fdthnr
from tending the child away from t je
in jiher to anotlisr Stute orti a foreign
country legal powur which h
b3 repeatedly I xaroised. Tha fear
of losing their children keeps many
women from separating with brutal
hasband. Ths father has even the
power of appointing a guardian o'.bir
than tbo mother by wilL The mother
has no such power so long as her hus
band ij alive. The law very gradoun'y
grunt the mother tho society of her
father!' as children, but others have
the custody of them, thiough the
orders and desires of ths court. Tbi
crimination ii an ou'nge on mothers,
and it ii DoKsu'prltiDg t) see them
clamoring for hi repeal of a law
which makm it O'Bible for the father
to snatch the Infant tram her arms.
That truth is etringtr than fiction,
that cold fact ran present features nor i
vivid tt an imagination can create, is
often aeeerted, and is an ss u'ed truth.
New York, to we gather from the New
Yjrk World, bas recent'y furciahed an
Ins'ante ths character d awing
Dickens, with his galkry of ttrangs
odditico, navor equated. A year ago
lst wet k, aa ill drorsed, stooping old
man was eeen to f ill in the New York
Ci y Hall Tark upon the icy fl igs. He
was carried to Chambers Strtet Hos
pital, the neck of the tiht femur hav
ing been tihaltiredjhy the fall. He
was t id that he must submit tu treat
ment or die, but l.e insitted on heir g
(at en to LU homo, be could afford to
Incur no (i pease. J lie rutgnon, on
exanufontion, (out d no ahirt beneath
his buttoned up, shiny co it, no stock
ing within the f-togy tihoes. Theamn
iotisttd that lis hurt wceonly aeprnln,
and utterly obstlnat he wue bpi t
t) a little cramp d attic, foul with dirt
and undtstuibsd dnst and cobwtba,
An iron bed , a straw mattrese, a hair-
leas trunk without a key, a broken
chair nod heaps of dust covered pa
p rj, were tho so'e futritnre. Suffer
ing excestive anguish here the patient
wa loft, rooking that he had escaped
hopltal expeiue, and declaring his
hurt was tn'y a opraln, and here be
was nex found dead upon his mat
treea. This wretched outcast wai no
leas a torsjn than Jainos Ilonry
Puirip, highly educated, a fine writer.
a mori charming tonvcrsalionHlbt, a
patelonalo lovtr cf muEic, and the
owner of thousands of dollars. He
was graudson of Robert Treat Paine,
one of the rigners of the Declaration
of Indopsndecce. Thon ho was a
miser, svs (be render he heaped
money together, but would not ess it,
and appeared indifferent as to
whst became of it. lie was born
in 1812 in the Paine mansion, Bos
ton; his father wai owner of
lands that became more valuable every
year. At Bohool Paine wus hated for
his mranncs, and though a bright
scholar he was a tloven. He appeared
to care nothing about being shunned,
and kept alona. Later on bis wonder
ful tirn for mueio showed itself by
jmt and sparkling oritirisms in the
Bjston I'ott. lie a'so very eklllfully
died tho financial depart men, ltut
he was all this time not dabbling in
stocks, but lending at usurious rates
to those who did, and bo had tho
menuuoss ti color his financial reports
eo as to favor whore the interests of
his tonus lay. As a monoy lenucr he
wts a poiftict Hbylock and evt ry ye.tr
hu Riovr richer. His proceedings
scme&lmrs ohaved the law to ol rife
ly that he found it well to leave
Uji ton fur New York. There he got
I ltd tr iuble by kepiug noUs and ool
lateral of a broker who died in his
debt. He was arrested, end Laban H.
Uooulior, executor of the estate, so
keouly pUMticd him that he brought
him to terme. Paine tock Mr. lloecher
to a large htowa stone houce on Fifth
avonue, where he entered into a finely
furnlubeJ room, dirty, siedy and woe
begone as Painu's babilimenls were.
Hero he acted as one at home without
quuMioo, yet of that grand houee and
his connection with it, absolutely
nothing Is known today. Tains was
rati con t to a wonder, and no one
knows what his affairs were. Here
Paine brought before Mr. lleecher a
lare mass of bonds, and counted out
to him fifty -ell of $1000 each, leaving,
Mr. lieochar believed, $1,000,000 be
hind. So Paine went on, acting the
bjRgnr, sponging where he conld
for food, wearing only such
garments as were given him in
c limit. He mnst have been a miser,
the reader is euro, but here comes a
filiaoge wonder. In 1881 a lodger in
a neighboring room searched Paiue's
truuk, which was never locked, and
carrkd off a misa of bank notes as
thick as two fiets. Paine calmly men
tioned the loss, but never showed a
sign cf grieving after the money, and
could not oven tell how much tbeie
was in tho big roll. Seventeen yesrs
ao Paint) placed in Mr, Cblckering's
hand a handkerchief with billa in it,
neklng him to keep it in his safe.
There the money ly unsought and
uilr.quirnd after by its owner. After
his death Mr. Cbicksring gave it to
the proper parties. He had never
opened it. It contained 1-100,000.
About the man's person, trunk aud
room theie is moral certainty that
vast sums were accumulated. (Shoals
got into ths room before friends un
derstood the clroamstasoes, and the
thousands kept there are the prey of
thieves. The heirs claim the $400,
0JO and the rest, bat there is
a c'nituant under a will that
cannot be produced, and lawsuits will
niako inroads on what r.jmiins. The
nun's passion ft r music was wonder
ful; it would even Induct him to at
tend ths cor cert of Jenny Llnd, Paitt
and ottnr, but hia finely wr t'en crit
icisms on them and upon musical sub
jects often repa'd his ont'ay. He a'
tended churcnea where the cho rs are
c'ji iie, hid away iu hia seedy clothing
in some obscur cor tit r. As a cod ver
B.tional'St he charmed all with whom
hecmaln con act. What are we to
tlinik ol a mind sj anoma'onsT Vic
lor Hugo, even in hia "QiHsimod i,"
n ver rep.chcd the btrange and many
rd'd nnturo of Mr. James Henry
In 8aa Frano'tco Prevented by a
Determined light and the Dis
covery of Dynamite
Saw I'bakchoo, OAL.,"Dfcember 28.
A senat ooa ddvelopment ia the
street car trouble occurred today on
the Geirv street line. An oiler who
tlfSTeni'ed a manhole in the coarse" of
his duties on the road Dear Vannts
avenue found to dynamite cartri Jgcs
with fuse at'aihed in the tunnel
t iroiigh vt hie i the cable runs under
the track. Farttier s arch was made
and two more of thiss ilwttuciive
a;eots were found. I. isbeliBVrd that
tns c-rtii lues were placed in tbe tun
nel Htnttay i i jh' in radines to he
exn'oded yesterday morning when the
assault wis male on the employes rf
tbe road, and that tbe presence of the
police and the de'ermiued tig! t they
made) prevented a cODsnmma
ton of ths dasta dly scheme.
Toe amount of dynamite Bicetufl
under the tra k was ei'iliuie .t
njt only to blow up the loadbed and
any car whii h might hav.e been over
it, but would have cauied iinme-.He
ramags to pr jperty iu tbe v'cinity.
Tiie ma t r has be.eu placi d iu the
hands ot tho mitl.orilie. Animpoit
aat evtnt bearing on the pre'ent r. u
ble between tbe Nuttvr and Geary
street csb e compnni.'s and their em
ployes has jnatben made pub.i ;. It
was a cor.ferD(!H bttWven tlie reprc
eontitives of tbe r.'.i'riail ctmia iies
on one ld and Mtyor I!rt'e.t and
the Po i ieComin'ta cne'sontheotl e .
The Coiutuisti. nes poiuted or,t tbe
heavy coat e.ntit'ed on tbe city in pro
tectii g tbe ro, (l?, the tinpioteclod enn
tlitioaof a large part of (hecitvand the
heavy da lit b imp teed upon the police
by tbe present condition of tbing-i.
Mayor ltitt ett enggm.ed that eome
comprmtiisa ho efldt ltd through a joint
commit ee cf artilirat on. The etie t
car reprceent.Htivcs, however, refused
to agree to any onlside interftrsr ce to
bring about a comiirnm s?, and ths
conference a lj turned wiihou ao
omplinhing B'jythicg. It is estimated
that the loss to the roe da as they are
now operated ia 1701) a day to tho Sut
ter street and $500 a day to ihe Gea y
street line, at d it ia stated thit botu
companies will bting euit ogiiust the
city for tbe recovery of tbe amount.
Tha DlfTereneea Mottled.
Rkadino, Pa , Decmbnr 28 In
consequenca of the settlement of the
troubles between the f uiiaueipiua ana
Reading ruilrsad otliciali and tbe r
employes morn than four thounnd
cdbI carj, which have been lying on
hidings between poiutJ north of Read
ing and Philadelphia, wejra movid this
evening. Many coal trains aro now
on their way to Port Richnv nd, while
others are going to ths mines. All
the crews who struck, or have been
idle in consequence of tlie ttnke, have
been notified 1 1 report for duty at
once. Ihe employes eot'Siuer the
settlement a big victory for them.
Arbitration Honrtf In Beialon.
Titt. nuaa. Pa.. December 23. The
arbitration board, eppointed by tbe
proprietors of t ie Jvlgar I'bompson
Hteoi Works and their employes to at
range a scale of wig?a for tbe ensuing
year, la now In cera on. it is under
stood that the wort mei have asked for
tbe reetoration ot toe wageK of 18S4.
and it is generally believed ttmt the
reauest will bs granted. Nenrlv 4.000
men are employed ' the works, and
the sflelr) a'lopturt will etr. ct t'to work
me n in timilar L'epr.r.me.nis thruug'i
out the country.
Ilflrucl Mttttled.
Pmr.ADKr.i'iiiA, Pa , Decomber 28.
Tno comDi'ttee repn eentmg tho Btnk
ing Port R'chmnnd errip'oyes of Ihe
Kwc.ding reiad bad afutlher confer nee
this inorniiig witn (ieue.rt Manager
McLeod, and uiHiit its conclusion the
latter annoiintetl that everything had
bt en rett ed B ttij'ae'.O'ily to all con
cerned. The committee, however,
nma net! in the building a id drew up
artiuii'B of agreement, wintm they will
submit to ttie olll eisof tha company
for their tignature. They say that
the underetaiiiiing with tbe General
Mmagcr was simply a verbal one, and
that they must have the agreement in
d finite tortus bebre cuhtuiiting it to
tbe me ting of employes this after
noon for their approval. In the ui 'en
time MBter Workman Kelly bas tele
graphed to the men along the line
t irn a settlement bas been rtvAched.
OIUcIhIs of tbe company admit that
tbe train dispatcher aud their fore
man, avalnst whom the men had pre
tested, had been assigned to other da
lles. G nersl Superintendent SwiRert,
in sp taking of tbe ina ttir afterwards
eatel that ihe demands of the men
were Jut t and reasonable, and for that
reason had beeu readily granted.
Wtule no great evils ex'eUd there
were a number t.f petty injuries which
the men submitted to which were not
known to the company, and which
wcie going on without their consent.
Tim Jury Completed,
Kansas Cnv, Mo., December 28.
The trial of George Hamilton, one of
tbe six Knights of Labor charged with
wrecking a Missouri Pacilic tiain and
killing two rueu during the great
s riko, war rojumed in the Dihtrict
Court at Wyandotte today, and tbe
selection of a jury waa completed.
About 10 ) persons were examined be
fori ih i Juty was obttdned. The lait
man of the twelve acoepted by both
aides ia a Knight of Labor, as shown
by his examination, and the State's
acoeptanrte of him canted some sur
prise. Tbe prosecuting attorney will
make the opening address tomorrow,
and the Hint expects to havx its evi
dence all in by Thursday. The trial
will probably last a week or ten days.
sr. Louis tuoubess.
A Mchema to Hive Her Additional
Railroad Ontleta.
Sr. Louis. Mo., December 28. The
f7,'of IVwocmt this morning says: One
of the most important projects of the
yer, in to far as St. Louis is con
cerned, Is a project which is now be
ing rerfected for giving a new outlet
to new Knulaud points, wi h St, Louis
as ihe center of distribution. What
work has been done in the matter has
onlv recently attracted mooelal attpn.
tlon, and even then the true inward
ness of tbe scheme w as net suspected
by railroad men. Reference ha here
t fore been made to the St. Louie, Dan
ville, and Northeastern in connecbn
with an enteroriee umKir the direction
and c mtrol of H. W. IWkw itb, birg a
line from near Kidnil. III., to an inlr.
section with tha I. lino s Central at
inscolair Atcoia.in the uio Stale.
For a time it man trenttrallv helii vHLl
that the two projBcU wtre under the
earns rairagviuunt ana ining cepi
separata, and when completed consol
idated into ons a; stem, but It hi now
knnan tbat thn arn whnilv Hi.tiiipt
and eep.j-iite enterprises, conducted
by different IntereeU. Th first la a
reorganization of the old Michigan,
Indiana and St. Louie, covering the
territory from 8tnrg:s, Mich., to Dan
ville, Jll., while the latter is substan
tially an extension of tbe Grape Creek
division cf ano'her corporation from
tbe vicinity r.f Sidell either by way
of the old gritted roadbed of the da
f .met Dan vil 'e.Tapeol a and Wes'ern, or
Vermillion, E'lgar, Champaign nnd
DouirUe, and of CatnRrgo to a pMnton
the Iuiuoia Cea ral at either Tnicola
or Areola Tbe p oject is being per
fected in the int.re-et of the Grand
Trunk, which is fee'ing its way cau
tiously in the dirttitioa of St. Louis,
and within sixty dya, it is claimed,
will demonstrate that it means bu i
cese, end will have a line into Ht.
Louie by the !a tcr part of 1887. Tbe
proprsbd route is almost an air line,
and i projected to iua from Bi tle
(.'reek, .Mich., diagjnallv aortsj thi
corner ( f the FUte of Itdians, and,
etrikirg Dinviile, Su'divan, Pana ai.il
TnKcola, III., giving direjt connection
with Sr. Louis.
Krupliatlrally JUrnlea tbe Nerlons
CtaarKa Mnilo Aicali.t III in.
Phii.adblpbia, Pa., Derabor 28.
-In tbe tri. 1 cf the Kv. Waldo Mes
earDP, cbarg d by Mrs. Coulbtoa with
criiiiinal at-s ulr, tbe defonttant tea i
fled in hia own her alf tcdny. He de
c'aroJ that is was a ca o of conspiracy ;
that. Wr. O u'sfon bad forced her nt
tentions upon him ever since rhe had
been arnemher of hia church ; tbat she
alleged that h r hasband had made
her conepire aaintt ancthfir wrnan,
Hud un difl tent orrttasioiis haJ s..i 1 to
liim lha'. ber liunhand wjb a thief, a
forgnr and a liar ; tin t Mr. Oouls on
desired a llter of witlulruwal from
the church; that Mr-i. C uiltitin bad
irnnortuuce the wilucBi to grant it,
which he, accp'ing her verninn of her
bnsland'a character, had refuaed to
give; Hint oa the day of the alleged
a Bun It he went to (JcnV.n's, at Mrs.
(J u'b'o'j'b request, to havea final talk
about t. e l.-tter; ibut be ajaiu refuted
to grsnt it, whttreupon Mrs. Couleton
euddenly t irew her arms around him
ai d called for her buabaod; that aim
ultineonBly be aud saveral others
rushed inio the room, overpowered
bim and bauded hi in over to the po
lice, and that they, by their rough
handling, broke Btiver tl buttons from
his vest and otherwise disarranged his
clothing. He emphatically denied the
alUgathm of assault.
Tbnt Took rinee In New Orleans
Nnv Oni.KAXS, La., Docember 28.
Thu weather was cloudy but pleasant
and the tr ait in lilr coaditlon, .
Bint Bars. Five-eighths of a mile.
Won by lUttie Carlisle by half a
lengtn; Ujnarsi second, feacock
third, bent- g Annie Woodonck, Twi
light and Ltwls. lime 1:06.
Second Race Five-eighths of a mile.
Guluare on by a length; Little Joe
second, Kill Uwens ilurJ, beating bred
Davis. Tme 1:06J.
Ihird Race. Thiee-quartors of a
mil.i. R. -voice won by tnree lengths;
Mi3s Dalv eejond, Jim Brenmn third,
beating Eavoy and Bjrbiro. Time
Fourth Race. Oae mil", so'ling. As
ceola won by alergth: Berlin second,
(J teen iner third beaticg Watch
'HI in. Time -1:48.
Uollday I'reiHuta, l!nlforl',ai.
Harvard's Endowment Increased bj
I 8100,000.
B')6to, Mai-s., December 28. Har
vard Collo.e receive-i some $100,000
from ttie wi t of John H A. Witilums,
which ws 11 ed in tho ullolk County
Probate (J ourt tndsy. The estate is
lett in triis', and alter the bequest of
B'lverul.Ugaciej, when the residue sba l
hnvo reaciit d J-10i),0()() it H to be given
to the prtisidt nt and followtt of Har
vard (JollegK. Tlie earn of SJ00.C00 is
to be set epart and known ne tbe
Abra.iatt VVillmtiis fund, in mom iry
of tbe ieRiator's father and grjnu
f tlh 'r, the lftitr bjiug a m-jrabor e.f
tbo cla Sol 1744 The fund of 4H0,
Ol'O ia to be used in aiding needy and
weiitoriius siudente, who aro to con
sider HUCh uid M dftits of honor, aud
a.to f or lie li rary of the college.
lultlu. Kiui sat Mnlford'a.
Atneiioan hocloly of Kaliiraliatn
PuiLApkLPuiA, Pa , December 28
The Atce ican Society of Naturaiibti
began itd tilth snuual meeting here
this morning. A paper was lead by
the president, U. K. Gibeit, of the
United 8 ates Coafct Survey. It was
devoted to tbe consideration of tho
graphic methods for tluding the equa
tions for determining ruin and thun
der Btorma, etc. Prof. E. B. Wilson,
professor cf biology at Bryn Mnwr,
addressed the society upon tbe subject
of moulds and thfir relations to bac
teria. At trie afternoon eeaaion Dr. C.
A. Oliver rend a paper on color blind
teas, and Prof. Hyatt, of B letoD, read
another on the method of instructing
large classes with epenimens.
Clold 1't'nn at Btiilfortrn.
Meuteueed la Death.
St. Lccis, Mo , December 28. Al
fred Blnnt, a negro, who murdered his
wife ih South Ht. Lmla lait May by
cutting her throat with a butcher
knife and baching heir head with a
bati'l e , r.n 1 Jttiry Pane's, who shot
and killed Samuel Kobnsome months
ago, both of whom were recently con
viitidol murder, were sentenced to
day by Judge 'oriuile, of thoCritniaal
Court, to be banged on the 11th of
February next.
Multurd'B, atUl Main.
Flltaea llouilrod Children Blade
Wasiiisqton, December 28. The
celebrations by the Central aud Hist
Waehingtn Ubrietmas Clubs were
held toetay, and the philanthropic ef
forts of the c irrmittee wera rewarded
with perfect tucces'. Happiness was
bestowed upon nearly 1500 children,
and tha festivities were mcst heartily
entered into by both benefactors and
benefioiatiee. The celebrations com
pared in all respects favorably wiih
those of preceding years.
Fine Jewelry t rvmifora'av
Ihej Are Hal Sorrjr.
There is one thing; nobody ever re
gretsthat la, the day they first adopt
ed Parker'n Tonic as their regular fain
ilv medicine. Its range is so wide
and lis good ed'ectn so sure, that notb
ing else, except good nursing, ar
needed in a sreat maiority oi cases
Buv it. try it, and afterward it will not
require any praiw from na.
('barter Filed for llae Memphl and
HnahTtlie aaauroAU.
KarhVii.lk. Tknu.. December 28.
Olmrtors oi incorporation were fl'ed
here teday for two new railroads, ths
Memphis and N ishvilla and the Teu
neeeee Midland, the first rnuning from
Mompl is to Nashville snd the eecond
from Memphis to the Virgiuia Statd
line iu llaucetk county, Teun.
' $5000 FEB TKiR.
A Liberal Sabwrlptloa .Started by
CapU Lemon It Will Reach
$100,000 Faoernl Ar
raagements. WisnmoTos, Dfcember 21 Capt
George K. Lemon, of tbe Kalionul
Tribune. thU morning e'arled a enb
sciiption fund for the benetl'. t f Mis.
Logun with tlOOO, aud sent invitations
to hundreds of Gaa. Logan's friends
and ad miters tbronghout tbe country
asking them to contibuto. The Weit
ern Union Telegtaph Company ten
dered the free uee of its wires icr
trantmitting eubscriptiOD. Tbe ie
sporses are new corning in rapidly,
and $.003 subscriptions have been te
ee'ved from Sanat r Sawyer, the Hon.
Wiiiiam Wa'ter Puelps, John B.
Drake of Chicago, Gov. Alger of
Michigan, George M. Pallma and
0 hers. The receipts in five hcuis
trim tbe time the subscription was
etarted amounted to $10,000. All per
sons desiring to comribu'e should
telegraph George E Lemon, Citizona'
National Bank, Washington, D. C,
abating the amount cf their subscrip
tion, and B?nd ch'ckj or drafts at once
to the order of J. A. Crtswedl, preei
tlet tof the Citiz W National Bank,
Waibiowion, D. O.
Tbe fjrmal anr.oineement ot the
arrange ment and tbe completion
of too details await! and de
pends upon tlie definite selection by
the tlixao people of a suitable soot
for the to iii b i f the patriot. Mrs.
Logan has expressed a wish that the
place shall be oiie which will cover
sclT.r from tbe ercroitchuiei-ti of com
merce and population. herefers to the
hite of the Douglass moDumnt, which,
when selected, waa remote from popu
lation, is row surrounded by Btoam
railroidi) and dwelling) lioutos, aa an
exjmple of what ahe wishes to avoid.
A suitable spot, Bhe thinks, will be
1 mud near tha entrance to Soula
Mrs. Logan's Feuklon Burial Ar
rauiceuieuta. The Evening Star eays: "Among
members of the Houee who vieited
tbe Capitol yesterday and today the
suggestion was pa sed around that a
liberal pension uhou'd be granted to
the widow of Gem. Login, en I it met
wl h hearty approval on every hand.
Democrats manifested as much eager
ness cs Repabiicars io joiu iu provid
ing for the widow. The hearty .naa
ner in which tbe suggestion ba j been
taken hold of renders it quite certain
that among the flr9t ccta of Congress
will be to pssi a pei sion bill 'or Mrs.
Logan. Icissgrel tbat there would
be eminent propriety in Rranting a
liberal pension, baei upon Gea. L
gau's military services. Some mem
bers are of the or i ion that the pen
sion should bs $5000 per year. This ia
the sum granted to widows of Presi
dents, and though G.tf. Login did not
ocenpy aa cflioe so cxilted us that, he
was tbe recjgniz d head representa
tive of the voluntosr so'diery. It is
hard y probable tbat a pension of
lees than $2500 will b s voted, if thu
expressions of Oongr?simen up in that
subject may be taken as a criterion
wl Ui regard to the porsion As there ia
no civil penrion list tbe proposition
for the relief of Mr. Logan considers
only tbe military servic' S of her hus
band. It is claimed that no violence
wi 1 be done to tti9 letter or the spirit
of i be law in granting her a ponsinn,
as Gjn. Logan was a tufferer up to t i j
death from the effects of his army ex
p riance. In fact, it is esieitad that
the rheumatism, which was the pri
mary ca':83 of his dea'b, waa con
tracted by exposure in the army."
The Houee Funeral Committee 1 as
not been made up. A list of the mem
bers now in the tity was Bent lo Mr?.
L gan for ber to eilect from. Tt has
not yet been returned to tha Speaker.
As soon as tbe list ie returned he will
make a formal anuoancomont of the
Th chairman ship of the Sannte
Committee on Military Affairs, which
Gen. Ixiiisn his held for years, will
probably ro to S 'tator tewed.
Tbe Senate Chamber has been
draped in mourning for Senator Logan,
and the chair so long occupied by thu
latt-r is a niaB cf black.
Tuere is a movemnt on foot to have
the ex Confederate soldiers represent
ed in the funeral procession that will
follow the remains of Sonator Logan.
Many of tbe ex-Cjufederates have ex
praised a desire to participate, and it
ii probable that a piace will be pro
vided for them in the prorea3ion.
During the afternoon telegrams were
received from Chicago throwing a
meisure of doubt upon the arrange
ments tuppo3od to have ben a rendy
practically concluded for the funeral.
The park commissioners telegraphed
tbat after consultation with thoir at
torney they were reluctantly led to
the conclusion tbat they lacked au
thority to set apart a piace for the
burial in the public park, but that au
thority, tbey eay, would doubtless qe
granted st once by the Legislature,
which convenes next week. Iu tbe
meantime the citizens' comuiitteB ot
Chicago snggested o:hor arrangements
which cnuld be perfected witnout de
lay. Upon receipt of tha ab ive men
tioned telegiams it wes decided that
the funeral of Ge'u. Logan will take
place in the ho:ito chamber next Fri
day and thf.t the remains will bs
placed in a vault at Oak Hill cemetery
here until tbe place of final burial is
Tbe Onlv I.egner or Mra. I.ogrtB,
"I lie Ureal Conaplrncr."
Nw York, December 28 Toe pub
lishers of Gen. Logau's book,. The
Great Conspiracy, received a hiiert
day from W. B. Taylor, tbe private
and confidential secretary of Gen. Lo
gan, in which be says tbat tbe receipts
from tha rale of tbat bok will bj
about tha only legacy left to Mrs. Lo
gan, and pupgeetiog tbat .'f this fact
conld be made known to the public
''the patriotic impulses ( a grste'ul
people might, through this channel,
place her beyond want," "Knowing
Mrs. Logan's circumstances as well as
I do," adds tha secretary, "I beg of
you to take immediate steps to place
this matter before tre public."
Fnneral tuminltiee.
Wasbinqtos, Drtjemner28. Tbefol
lowing is ths conemittee appointed by
Senator Shermai to take charge of tbe
remains of 8?ator Logan: Senators
Cullom, Stanford, Oockrell, Allison,
Bei k, Hawiey, Voorhees, Hamptoa
and Mandeiron.
A Meaaai Frana fhll fherldaa.
WABniiraroN, Dec. 23. Among the
hundreds of ineeeage of condolecce
eent Mrs. Logau ia the following:
W AtmiKCTOM, D. C, Docamber 27, IKS',
Mra. Jjhn A. Wan:
Dab M aham Tbs Milllary Older
of tbe Loyal L glon of ths Uuitmi
States desire s me to express to you i s
sincere oympa'by and condolenct ia
this hour of your great tronble. In
the death cf your ihuatriouj husband,
w 1
tSri beuitst aud ltct 31
saurHcuu lor lircoiarN niia rrieeH.
R. DCDI.FT VRtT.SFR.PreKldent, tl. WII.K VRvsr, vifv-prexldenl.
K. J. tSLACU, 1'ka.liler. W.T1.I1 tiUIFFlAU, Toller.
U. A UA.vtll.l'N, JNO. OVERTON, J., W. F. TAVl.On, R. B. bSoWDUN,
awDepns'ta roeetvei frim SO nnnta npwurd. ami lnterct alltwel on amo acmi-annn-ally.
W ill Bur and Sell Losul Seeurilits, act aa Trustee, Kncairar, atp , f. r Oori-orationa or
Inaiviitunla. Cm bee ime Guird an, AdiiinUtrntur. to. Huv uA Sell Kxchrmiia. Epecial
attention paid to Coilait!ona. Slouey run l"i lrwj out at lime, when denited
tor In vtni6Dt iu Real Kata'a or fthorwiin. Have a oomrnnd out Vaalt tor tho Deposit ot
ValuabUa for tlia bencDt of lli aalur 'ntouiera, Ireeol oharve. Hu'o Licixuit Btiei lor
rent. Mavinra eapeciully aolioitud. A Uopoatlory of tlio Stite of fi-nueaaeo.
Plaque! Plaque!
re-Tha beat KICK HI. 18 a R in the market Warranted pora
llnvrtUA iillor. 8113 Vrr Xlionvanil to Deirra ami;.
theLoyl Legion has lest ono of its
most dietineuiibed soldiers and a
highly esteemed companion. Veiy
Lieutenant General, Coniinauder ia Chief.
Tbe Funeral Ceremony.
Washington, Ddconr.b.ir 28.-Th
dy r.t Calumet place hes been cne of
comparative quiet. Mr?. Lngau has
remained iu htr room almost cotitio
ually, tufiering comewh'it from a
s.-nue of wearies, of which hitherto
she taJ hjrdly b-oo cons.iuue, though
otheiwisa p'uyeica'ly well. She bin
been represented ia tbe parlo-s tin
heietcioie, by her sju and Maj.
Tucker, while adczeo or more cf tbe
nearer personal friends of the family,
both ladies aud gv-ntleimn, bavo been
in constant attendance for counsel
and aeiiisULce. Details r.f Grand Atmy
men march in, ard soldiers have per
formed the form.il ties of guard.
Early thi- morning a lorg telgr,.m,
signed cflicially by the City Clerk of
Cbirao, was received by Mrs. I.og.n,
embodying a rei.olu.ioa ed ptoJ
by the Ci'y Council at a tueet
icg held laet evenitg, in which
a formal requeet is made tbat
tho btiral place of the desd pa'riot e
selected in tbe city upon w-ich he
has c mf tired to much honor. D.ui.-ig
tt.e day corre'tpondeace wai alni;et
continually in progress between S.'na
tor t.'utlom, lepresanting the Illiros
delegation, and tbe anthorltiei in Chi
C3gi f r the purpose ol lettcbirg a
detintte underatandiog with regard to
tlie Bite to bt set npirt for the tomb
and nntmuunt. Un'ilthis afeemcoi
litilo douot was cntertaioed that ev
erything would ho f.rrRng'i?d sneadily,
end thit sfct-r the funeral eorviers, to
be he'd in the Capitol Frid'.y, tbe re
mains would ba taken to Ouicago for
interment. Tj;8 agr.-oaient seemed
to la. k nothing but the forrnaliiy if
resolutions ot aawnt by the
Park Comtiisiroaera, rend te
Senste committee wan annonuted
and the Sergtant-at-Atms bgn
tha preliminaries of hie arrnngineuts
according ta tho plan. About 1 o'c oci,
however, a te!eram from the Park
Commirsioaere wa rwived a'icoiiiic
ing that upon cintmUutitiz th"ir at
tcrneys, grave doubt v ba t boen ra!sd
ps to their powor, x eA und:r au
ttiority of a epscal act of the L'ui'la
turn to s-t apHtt a site in a public
p rk, and g va a guirart'e tbat it
shouid be reserved in perpetuity for
tbe resting placa of tho General, how
ever rr.uco the membiis of thet'om
miBeion might pers mally dos're to do
sa. Th-y hid little dou1 1 tbat the
Legislature, when it coaveoes, would
tike the neccesiry step to meet Mr.
Ligm.'s w shes, hut baing aware of
the ddsfraV'i'ity of conculing th
matter without delay, they suggeetetd
and formally tendered the place at the
head of ths grand boulevard a sp
ciotii reeervati?n just at the
er.trtice to the South Park aud
a sightly spot lor the proposed
monument. Teey also ptoposed to
chance the name of the thoroughfare
to Logan boulevard. This proposi
tion, t .gother with otbersfrom various
authcrbiesin Chicago ruggesting other
poUions of the ci'y, worn taken into
ooneidritiou by the mrm'eers of the
Illinois delegation wbi h were at
hand, and at the Bame time the propD
eition rf burial in tho grounds of the
Sjldio'a' Homo, near this city, origi
nally favored by Mrs. Logan, was ro
vjved and further dLcwssd. G.n.
Mheridao, jepreaonting th9 B)ardot
ComnieBoner of the Homo, was con
tused, end cxprrssad donbti of ths
power of the board to act in the ab
sence of Congressional authoritv.
Mrs. Logan naturally wiehes thai the
selection madi ehould be one which
thou d leave no question of title to
bo Fettled hereafter, and that
the (pot ehould bs one where, in the
fullness of time, ber own final re; ting
plact might ba made beside that of
ber husband. A the logxl point3 in
volved in the propositions were each
as teemed impossible to speed a settle
ment, and tha'. as the time bad ome
when soma definite nndrretintiing
with regard to the fuaeial amnge
menta ehould be reached acd toe
formal announcement made, it was
dec ded to advise that tbe remains ba
t 'ken to tbe rotunda of the Capitol on
Thursday, there to Meioetate, watched
over by its guards of honor from
ro u of that day un.il noon of
Friday, during which time tbe public
should bs given an opportunity to
pay its last tribute of respect; that at
nooa on Friday tbe f .nural services
be held in the S ma'e Chamber, after
wh'ch the body shonld be escorted to
Rji k Creek O.-metery and temporarily
placfd iu a vault, to remaia uutll the
lioul resting ph.es shall bo selected
and tha tiin prepared, Mr. Lojan
bavinu aigi.ififld her aaie it to theee
arrargomentr, the Congresiional Com
mittee entered upm the du'y. Tbe
comm t'te is a5 follows: Senators Cul
lom, SUufo"!, Cockroll, AdLon, B?ck,
Hanley, Vcorhe'-S, Hamptoa and
MaoJi-rson. Its firet forinul meeting
wiil teke place at 10 o'clock tomorrow
SPlllIL;il iu Ike Market.
oroiix brothp-hs & no.
et tha room of the Snata Committee
on Appropriations, but alresdv a few
of the do'ai.'a t ave been formally de
cidod upon.
The following have been selected as
pal bearers: Gen. Simon Cameron
the IIoo. Ricc je Conklin r, the Hon.
Kobt T. Liucoln, Mr. C. H. Ard ews,
of Youngstown, O. ; Col. Fred D.
Grant, Gi-n. Lucius Fa'rchild, Mr. M.
Leg ?tf, of Cleveland ; Gov Jeremiah
Ruek, of Wlm'Oin ; Gei. W. T Stier
mn, G;n. W. F. Vile, Gon. John C.
liltcb and Dr. Cbas McMillan, of tbe
Loval Legion.
The f Jilowing dispatch was received
here this evoniug:
Madisoh, Wis, Peoember2S.
Special Ordar No. li
The commander-in-chief is informed
that the r timing rf our comrade, John
A. Login, wiil lie in state from next
Thursday noon until Fiiday noon,
when ths fuce.nl ceremonies will take
place ia ,th Uniteii Suites Senate
chamber at Wafhing'on, D. O. Ii is
expected end hoped th.it nil comrades
of the Grand Army who can do so
will attend tbe fiim"al. B order of
FaANK W. Oaki.it, Aist. Aojl. Geo.
Geo. Fairohild will arrive in Wash
ington on Tnu ed-jy evening. S3
From Ihe V. H. Urnnt Pt G. A. B.
Philadelphia, Pa., December 28.
At h meeting c f Geo. U. S. Grant Post
No. 5, Grar.d Atuiy of tbe Kepubiic,
this evening it was ro'olvcd'lo tend
the f jilowing telegram :
To Uon. Luciui Fairchitd, Madieoa, Wig.:
Gen. Grant Post No. 5, Philadel
phia, earneHtiy lecmn mends ycur call
ing on tbe ( rand Army tf the Kepub
iic to pay off the murtgr.go on Comiade
John A. Lo tan'd tioutes ead. Post No.
5 wiil chenrfnl y ont.nbuie iti ehaie.
J. niHNRY UORCKf, Cumaiandor.
Taoite Mlio Will Olliolnte la the
Wahuinoton, Decembrr 28. Tbe
Ee. Dr. Newman in to ho cfllciating
clergyman, abided by Dr. Butler,
chap'ain of the Hens-.tfl ; Bishop Fowler
and the K v. Dr. O H. Tiffany. The
trat efer oi the remeics from Calumet
Plato to the Capitol e:n Thuritay
morning will take place with as little
ceremony as is consistent .with tbo jr
prietiea of an occasion of ench gravity.
The ptoces-ion fr m the Capitol to tbe
c metery on Friday, however, will
afford an opportunity for civic and
military organizitions, committees
und cit'una to testily their
reepert to the memory of
the datd. Th.9 fletai's of tbe arrange
meiits have not b.ien concluded, but
will b'e announced in due time by tbe
committee ttirongh Its executive
officer, tbe Sergeant-at Arms of the
Senate, who will have irumedUta
charge of tbe entire nroteedinge. The
family of Gen. LigRn extend en invi
tation to tbe various societies xnili
tiry, rocial and Ma-onic of which
Gan. L -gaa was a member to attend
the funtral or to seud delegations
from their bodies for tbat. purpose.
Among such Buddies arc the Grand
Army of the Republic, tha Miners'
Co no in arj dory of ths Lojal Legion, the
Vitaiaa Union Le-igne, the Union
Veteran Club; the Union Lragne Club
of Chicigj, t.e Chevalier Bajard
Commautinry of Kn gbta Templitr aud
tbe Oriental Onuit.trv.
What I Tlinuiiht f ftr. Newman.
WAsniNowN, Dpcembt-r 28. If the
arrangomoots are ift in the hans cf
the Rjv. Dr.. Newman, ai is the pres
ent purpose, tbey are likely ti be of
tbe gaudy character wblcb that gen
tleman aff-icti. He made a grand
laugtiing a o k of Goo. Graut's funeral,
aud may be relied uocn to do the
tame with that t f Gtn Logan.
Gen liotuu1 VaJAt
Utica, N. Y., Detiimher 2& The
or.itr for the caaket for the lota Gen,
John A. Logan was received by an
undertaking firm of Oneida from
Wat-hingtou this aftewnooa. It ia to
ba of Spanish red cadar, co-vered with
broadcloth and beatily draped with
the same, the drapery to ba trimmed
with silk fringe and tassels. This cas
ket wi't inctoae a fu'l K!ai air tight
copper caie, whicb w.h be tufted
throughout with cream tinted ea ia
and lucre will be a uiilow of tbe tama
material. The top tif the case will
open full length aud will a's3 be tufted
with cream satin, the whole to bain
closad in a polished red redar outaide
with gold plated trimmings.
Tlie Prraldent'a Health..
Washington, Det:emoer 2S. Ool
Lamontthis inoruing sar.t the toliowa
ing messaga tj tho m tubers of the
"Tne Pres daat is feeling better,
but there berng no business calling
for iaimdia!e a'tnttiou, directs me
to say tint tiieie wld be no Cabinet
meeliug tode-.y."
Wa can recomuosd our realnrs to
use Dr. Bui 'b rough Byrnp in all cases
of cauhs, coldi, eti.
Monogram Ubvogle, Bf ulford.

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