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'_ THKPAILV DISPATCH i*eerued toinb
*h\"\ 'IX ABI>*»1B*BTB» CBNTi/SB Wjttß,
■*.iht*tr.tbe Carrier weenie. Pnoe ftw mailiat,
C a rear . • ♦*•*» f " •"' e*U*_B. it) ad v*ace.
*** T. e*t!s* *ml Friday at .f IM, in advance.
'_?TH? WKKM.V IM.vPATC.ii* issued every
r*%, ».r<i tri-..'"'! utßutortribWßg al peranr.am.
_ a.-ar*Brß(e Home Manufacture.-SF..M
*>s |\! Al T.lltlK BAKING I'UWPKR.the
1 ' ._ ersßaruiion known for n.ak'.iit
*•*: lavs rm>*aeata. without >saat. and in *ne!e
" *. ri+nnr-r, In hi. »weet and haniUoiue Lf*'
(T_ti Ibsen its, Batter, Bnokwbaal aad other
",\Sw>rakes. Poddm*. Pie*, and Paatry of asury
V,.,' pi ua.with a mmm of time, labor and ez
i*" r iftoasJUs* l_a.es 9tt\famib
M«*i. Hn.i.. H«m»k.' HthOet ,I>*».
rt. |._i -it asßßf - s ir- Havtn* ■**»*. to Bgur*
. , extent. year "SeBSflA Ha*, ins Pow
~ ... at *• If pronounce .t to !»••«»♦''_
, *rtt' n. thai ass beau seed re aw tarmly for the
mmi lei whisk it i* laasßßaseasanii
I .-•■""■ Thuma* Bmroßß.
PoßTsnol Til. March 19. H_
. Miri |!i recoraateod "geasfwj'e Basin*; Pen
■~ „„ -t sussnot *et»SBJ I ever used for
'~,„.:.»,-et Lanl Bread, H..ro.t». fte.
, ih. rmel asaeibie vase. Jean J***,
.!<>H.> W, i.ARLICK.
Mann—etarer and sole Proprietor.
-. j- Richninrid, la.
tv Kfcr,nnat.*m. RH HMATISM
BHKI'MAIIS- L'l RKi)HV -~„«-,„«,-,
pi v ■ PJSM i'mmii. Caaot. ,
[Jk-rMAI v - Innamraatonr.Janvm antra*.
■ x 11 -v. Jarrel Plumawr.
-, . . -\: .iir..n.. was.Tailor.
v ' I .-\i Saraael Perwtcw. I
v .f.MI Had It »years_. Donnelly.
prVA'l -v Had it w )ears.Stoasea laylor.
■. . - v ii „: it ii rears, A. Kitehea.
-. ; >M -M. <*
-. •■.• Had it r rears, Robert Gaalt. }
. . v.. r ?M !- ii ■••■■ . . I
- v -T • v G 3 d»««k. ,
WATIHM Had .i Bsjrejws, K. Boors.l
• , n am others, arhe t- *t.L to hfuns it MsS'
..-,-i....:v HAMPTON'S TlltC
•- i - |WTI .-;;:i.Pßr'V~Thi* TINC-
T\ kkb be found a (rssl Medietaa ior all tueir j
i. - . ' i . ,
=v_ Cal ul ret Pamr-hleteand see run*.
"Tdb. ill: i '.!.. LADD A CO., Rielunpttd;
j.,' 11,. i .....iKKKre«ler..-k«' ; ..r i .- .;»> ,»J_tbe JJ'M'
. .-. in :,. .■ , MOB .IMKb ft MOW
: . Balrimiire; and by Dnuftat* '"'"'. »»_"
pets sverrwaere. 5,"t te- bottle: wsuatttea, ]
fcVTlie Great Tltnlaia Rernrriy. end ne i
Por b <k»nor'rh'oba, and all skcret s|a ■
KAfKa.-This rreal Americfc remedy. coatoiß
ii,'- no V-" urial >>r Ba!*aai>e pn.iMrrtie*. exce.e
evervtl it heretofore oflered the publio, in its cv 1
■ , ■.- „ ren >' nt at power* . aad !
,„,, ,;,,. a w.i. t .-.'.• *stoai»hed whsatolo tl it ,
tbe - bov-e remedt v. ire '!," .i«" t" ttSßusf*. am)
.!. | »hen thej »■.'.» ocular asmnaatra
, , , ,- I« Hut tne pnipne't.r. who kai |
... • ,- rented* for twsnt) odd >oar.s. mv,
~,•,,• teas* r»f twenti imtn sKuKfimr to l#
ed tn *erfect hestts, and all other oaaeaoj
:ii ii,;.,i tobe restored, witboota sißgle
~,'... ire ito n'ritei, i'it crwe el
~>■. vhieb the ream!* mil aot cure. pr..
\e direstioßs are earned oat with prudSßoe
nartof the patient; andaaj one.Bßrehasißji
i tei bottles, an J a*ins accordingly, in ly*
■.■ ... ii iuU iii i perfect cure; and ia
: r* i..r.». will faraish Mditrrraal medioins,
to, to .'"ii plete the '.ure, threMß his
.nd 't enresnll he effected Wttbeat tnoon
ii i to the i attent. Bold Ifj
APPKRnTib a DUPUY, Drurtiale,
Ai fnts fur tne .■:•> ol
ta i --6m* Nn. Siul. liroa.l street.
»_ilarl*liorne»« ur.-AII.
; i valual le prepsratioa i* used internally and
• carea
, ...'iii,. RKADACHE.
, , KB/ MORBUS, tAKArilh.
5k j;.- ■ lilA. ' CHOLKRA*
pai.n n ;i k uvntn, pain in the bides,
, ihe.STl MACH, PA ! N' in the BREAST
.< , ■■;■ B, 'i-:. PAi.V in tne BOWELS.
N't".it is very be.neticiit 1..r s
T „i„, . . ■ «-*!*,
12, _■■ and H oentt. Sold by all
H ;. I'etersbari and Morioik.-irT3
throutbout ' ite. je H-i2m
*» Teeth I Teeth!! Teeth!!! Teeth!!!!
v » i* the time tor a - una -ire (oSenns from
nddeeayed stntnsa. aad istenntohave
. thfiii aatrasted, asroa sua so so
Call s.HHi. ,Ie Dr.TRAVERSE'S
'• . ■. ,- somewhat ..mit.'d.
. b ■ EH' •■!. oa i-"i] street, tin front
.. ii., ~:i \ 1.6. orfi.e hours from « A. M,
M . tnnii 3 lo « »nti fto9 1". M.
. ii ;di*i ssea oi all laßos.trested with
; ■ meooss, by the use of electricity.
.si mr
ttv.Notire.**Havißi purebaasd me interests!
• , rner. Mr Powel . I i lia.ll >ontiuue tbe
■- ma 'hi i, ■■- heretofors,
■ ■ i tn- aatresase *•> lil ernli) ex
Ib> the late firm, 1 solicit a . niitiiinaiins uf
■• ie oldstond. oornerof Bank and 12th
at \t-Sm
- — "~~ ~
I v \.,t,,-,.... i i the sick, afflibtod and nuiaer
Itea wbo have heretofore used lir. J. s.
...- r* MKDICINES, always sith the most un
~t remits, that some unpneoipled
■ -'• • i circulated an imitation, 'l'iio iUtct.-r
- -' ''•• <- , ni!.,e tiiu urHjiyer. W'lieli
B»ut am t ores, and bis writtensisßa
nrei the rnri ol eve,-\ iwntie nf the «et,:une
■-■ i ■ that the public- caa aeaia ebtaia
■ lien •' ..'ii have suited tneir want* ami
, • ..,, .. Hermit-
D« J. >. BtIUK'S COIIOH SYlil'P. for cmh*
- i'm- Umb* vi tbs standard rawed v,
: '' V CrRER fur pain* rhaaamtinu, chauc.
or n sea, art! tiie li i rtPKPTIC COM-
I SI l.ir '!..-i--psi.t tnitl m-er c.iiiiiiliiint*.
s Id I firut-iiiaugeaeraily aud to
■- : ll Ri. linioml, Va.
BY 11-,*ltej: ,".n, the aaest auiioyiiij; and
ll i '. n known t" lOCietl.caa never
h ■ ,-<., i the ii**„ltaol BAKER'S PRKMIU.M
forthei ''• hold upon tbs uvsr.etirup
'-.i-): ln« lii >.'id.sire ii. then the Ktomacii
•.-■ri.'ji: andinviKorate the aund
f . '■-■ ■:... t. tliii t. an plate revntotiap isetlect-
B entire tain r in in. and iii impurities are
■■ BXpsltoS. 1 tiii*e who sillier BbOOM Uae
Iters, X.id set rebel.
. '- by ail Drus*;ait* ;n the city of Richmond
■evhera in Virsiata. Order* prompt!!, fille.:
■>*iitg L. IJAKKR, proprietor. Ri.'ii'iioi d.
V*. ja2S-U •
_Oeati of Art, and Pertralta north as*.
i•- ii.o kassiue. are the PHOroGRAPBS at
■■■- • te. in oil nnd water ci.irs, exeruted "it the
i hie mil Pine Art .iallery of i.. VV. ,V|>
diaia otrei.t. Bmail and
mi lir.<tpe* copied and ealarir/ed t<> life mze. ifde
iid co In red in ml solera, srate, colors* or
'••■: i, I'ratt.ri. Also. A.MHIIO'I Vi'K.S an 1
.>• : U'ITOGRAPHS executed in tho hijihe*.
• * : ':;'• art.
I » \ lira ml Virginia Dieeeset y. «»»SOin<
J\- r niuDtjii sines, our excellent townsmrin,
N •' • 1/lKihi.. iiiKirineil lit) that he h_
I ■ ■■• ;t bail retto-er »iii wlueli he was ex
upon hia own head, whoaa toy wnaen
vv,- bsbt hid two dat a ruiice, and or.
it ice*o bald four rnontba sines a, tine crop ol
lm r tiM spTUBi! up *'ith a mowth. S<:
fd ■ Mr.KEKKtctoftheemsaoyofnisdis
• th v be ha* named it "TH XI N FALLIBLE
•K.:N,a HAIR RESTORER." Mr. E. is
- i. tun.i in e.xttriKive man sfßeta re of an
» . i is dehimeii to prove, of anxious in
• r bald patrtd friend*.— Prom Rirhmond
'rr.Du.llth, UWk
lainoas article can now be had of the pnn-
I '-• iru.ivia, Tii..*e periun* wiio dt-sire a line
'**« ol nsir. tiavr> only to umc the restoier aoeord
i rtnted direction* on the bottle. Those who
> - » i) doobUof its ctTii-acT. can hive them re
a eirh.Mr. ttnia.h] uainc the VlKliiNlA
: . • BbfiTORKR INFALLIBLE, proving that
■•.r. > tbat it ikclairaeAto b*.
•vholtsale depot ior ..rdera, MMaia st.
v ■„.,.,,.. RcHMoN!.. Nov. 11,1169.
~ N KZKKIEL. take oath oa the Holy Kble.
-ul for tiie aast 12 vearr nnd
•', ■•;.! rrii hair t.y uur.x EZKKiKL'S VI R
! v - haik restorelT
ti . . Naphtali Kzekixl.
iftu day .worn to before me. by NaphtaJi Eze
,tblra - Mayor oi JUehmoad.
*„lti*a lotninoii obaervation tbat there
- 'in.,... iu*> r#M { Ullu u fcl;i :it» jtu.i'im, Americans
-tn .-■. ii i* r.ni!,i! anions any _bsr civilized na
_ • Ihe rents.m i* 01-viou*. We take too lilUe
"»«'«*», and forget the wants »f the tH.drinthe
•"Jwaißi parinitaof luistneK*. In ail s'lcii cases,
;"' ■' ■•:"-» ear dolittleuotid. What .ere
H.._; lu f l ,uc ' l * t'-me nnd isvit-oratnr as Dr. J.
l " ' llf> world, in hisCELK
h« ATI;; '-BITTERS." The weak and nervoo.
;.; b«n*«, the exhausted toiler
•Li ;'' M t"P uoard. and the i>ro»trat«d«tudentof
. ' nuhl Ibhj- |m V , ioun( j a w „nderful re-en- r
-1,.,' ~ ,; "'{ "PJ- ' *R*7' Bad prefer it to more
I , «• ! '«t resseffieaetoua uiedicineß. But it
iii.. ' v ' b»f*e*tontoat me anvnt which is so
bhv ,". !'•'''* : ". fll ' iuca "• K " 1 » frame whi hi*
i.H'.ir'p'" :, '-'-><-}'-a- iseeusfil powerful in assistinis
V,.,,:"''!* 1 thfi most terrible formaofdisease.
n;,.,' !i 'i"t mve it » trial f
' >nan and dealers everywhere.
**w_lfll_ °" d madderfemplaluts—The
B -luuie"," M, ? ,,t ""if'rlant discovery ti.r Kidney,
'..<r* ~V Vc' , ' UiuU ' trinartOhetruciioas, Leecor
(.*,," "'"'<-s Sexual Weaknesses, PhvsieaJ
ii,ni "''.V,'." iH-oiliiT of either sez, is HARTS-
I**l. __ * i" " ,v « baea uB%l»le Ui walk, have anon
r-"4r m *£ ,h '" t"»*erful COMPOUND. It is
• V «/J;; t ' ° V>*Biart, sad is pronooneed br in Mi
hi ru V-'-, 1 . 1 ; [I'm Ste here used it, to be the beet
Ii; i_.fP*P Us. 1) ia tbs world. Larxe bottle;
Wiv'df; i- _,*S2 ent *- A frseh suprdV rust re
Hfi.veli.V" ur ,"-»"/'ut in Ote latest snd moat
K 'A at, *Ti ' w^ aM ,Ml «''«* rem to call oa HO»
--*'- »tii, ... v Shaviac. 8hsmp«»oiB«
'•' "-ie ?.i irt'i""?*' undor **• Amensan Hotel.
s rir» ~n || l( , ,f re4)t>
*"i)Mem,ti__*" <*B set tbeir vbiskere
*^na^ gg,,, to
l^ip. r mM9mVu»rtJ^J.
a— — — " ~~ r ~* ' ' ""* xr ' —" i - JC _a_at_i—s -.--:--.■ , ef., — ir __^________.____———Ban i
flirjimflnfc ftipttfr
A V V AI li* Tn b; 180 PE.
The funeral of Lord Macaolay took place at
Westminster Abbey on the 9th Instant. The
remains were Interred in the poets' corner, in
ttie midst of many of F.ngland's most distin
guished author*. Amobg the pall bearers
were the L.rd Cttaneellor, the Speitlarr ef tbe
House of Ctiinmnna, Lord John Russell, Earl
Cr»rli»le, Ac.: and aiming those present were a
great number ot gentlemen of emiuence, both
in pontics and literature. The tuneral was
esifiitinUv private, and although divested of
all jH>ni|i and ceremony wa* very impressive.
Karl Clarendon had made a speech highly
anbiaietaf ol the volunteer rille movement.—
He declared thai the movement, slihough in
it* Infancy, had produced a most salutary ef-
I-OUgbont Europe,.and he believed that
d ultimate;} render invasion Mnnueal*
ection at Reading had resulted in 'he
of another Jew, Mr. Goldsmidt, as
r of Parliament,
sh papers bad not said much in regard
'resident's message, as the document
itched London tbs day before the sieara-
J, allb lUgl a brief telegraphic snm
•.'iii Liueenstewn had been previously
Caaebsntor Guardian dues not approve
n.-tnner In which th.' President
the S.in Juan dispute. It thinks he
} have explicitly disapproved of liar
iructHiling, although rt regards tbe
rcnided itt the British Admiral as toy
ition a mi.st severe censure of llar
• prominent provincial jonrnals aoms
utility the pntise they accord thedocu-
Lnii.lon Herald's city article remarks
c message in the financial aspect was
arrii'd as of a hopeful character, espe
in reference to any deficiency which
end to an increase iv import duties.
M. Tti'uvenel. Ibe Beat Dreign minister, was
expected to read) Paris abovt tbs Bth,
Count Lallemaad bad been appointed Charge
d'Affairs ad interttn at (Constantinople. He
was fir»t Secretary under M. Tlioiivenel.
En Fans the appointment of McMahon to
the couiir.and of the army In Italy, numbering
50,000 men was regarded as a sign of warlike
pel in connection with the English
in Paris,after being opened for two
ad been sadden ly doe ad by the French
lie*, it was tielieved on account of a
rrice having been given in French for
•fit of the children of British subjects
not understand Englisl .
aris Hour market was dull, but |irices
t reduced. Wheat also was dull and
iwer for inferior. .
aris correspondent of the Times says
irap'iny had been formed to carry out
r'sxraat of the Maritime Canal of Ni
curagiia. The lands beiug dependenton theca
nal, which form a part of the concession which
ihe canal company had obtained, Sicard A: Co..
I' to turn to account the metalic depos
auds contain, to cut down timber and
dish European colonies. They had al
?nt to Nicaragua from Marseilles two
with 138 persons, consisting of engi
cheinisis, and workmen of different
It was also said that tbecompany had
engaged a number of railway laborers
ltd a railroad on the Isthmus of Rivas,
epaia.es Lake Nicaragua from the Pa
ins of reports were current as to the
relations of France and Rome, but they were
very contradictory and wholly nnreliable.
The Paris Bourse bad shown some improve
ment, but a relHp«c occurred on the loth, the
iast price was 58a. 45d. The market again
showed symptom* of improvement at the
The following dispatches indicate the course
of events in Morocco according to tbe Spanish
M a i.iun, Jan. 3—The Spanish have advanced
on the road to Tetoaa without being attacked.
Qua. Zabala had recovered from his illness.
The Spanish loss in the action at Castellogoes
w; .s seventy-three killed aud forty-eight
_APUtft, Jan. s.—Yesterday the Spanish
were attacked in the Valley Negro by 2,000
I cavalry and 2.000 in fan try. They
lerted by the Spaniards, who had
land nineteen wounded. 'The health
ops at tbe encampment of Serallo is
>, Jan. 7.—The whole army encamped
ling to the north of Negro Valley,
.ng denied through the passes witli
sitiou. In the course of the day a
f Generals was held to determine
lan of operations. It is stated that
in Africa will be considerably in
hes dated Madrid, Jan. 9, report that
eatber h;id prevented communication
with the squadron, but the storm had abated,
and communication was re-established. The
Spanish forces had again moved lorward.
The news of Count Walowski's resignation
bad produced a very painful impression on
the Pope. He called together the principal
members of the Sacred College, aud declared
to them that he weuld never fail in the mis
sion which God had entrusted bim with, but
tbat like his predecessor, Pius 7th, he would
sntfer exile, and even martyrdom, rather than
do so.
it is said that France support* the protest
of Piedmont against tfcssaustßßSnt ot foreign
ers for tbe Papal army, and particularly
against tho wholesaleintr'oductiouol Austrian
recruits into Ancona.
The theatres of Venice had been closed,
owing to political demonstrations.
Letters trom Genoa speak of tho proba
bilities of hostilities being resumed in Italy.
It was believed that the Papal troops, rein
forced by Austrian*, would enter tbe Lega
tions, and in that cans Sardinia would send a
force to the aid of the Rom >n insurgents.
The King of Naples was reported to be large
ly increasing his army.
The Pope is said to have addressed anotiier
note to all ihe Catholic powers except Sar
Rumors bad been correutof an in tent ten on
the jiart of the Pope to quit Rome, but the
Paris Patrie gives a denial to the report.
Charges were rife against Austria of disguis
ed intervention in Italy.
Le Nord directs attention to the recruiting
going on iv Vienna for the Pontifical army,
under the eyes of the Austrian Government.
An Austrian General direcis the operations.
They choose the best soldiers disbanded on ac
count of the reduction of iheir own aimy, and
| the most üble officers, whose services are now
available in consequence of peace. It is just
a« if they had formed an auxiliary corps of
j elite of their veteran troops, aud transformed
them by a mere change of uniform into ibe
army of tbe Pope.
Le Nord adds : The conduct of the Cabinet
lof Vienna on this occasion is not merely dis
■ honorable—it eutails serious dangers of peace,
aud on Austria herself, lly breaking her word
Austria tears up the preliminaries of Villa
litincH nnd the Tieaty of Zurich, aud in her
turn forces France from engagements entered
into ty Napoleon, respecting the restoration of
the flukes and their restored rights.
The Aus ir inn Government bad ordered
Prince Metiernich to declare to the French
Cabinet that ii would decline to enter into ne
gotiations on any other basis than tbe agree
ment ol Villafraiica or Treaty of Zurich.
London, Jan. 12.—The Prussian organ of the
j Ministerial Party in Prussia instill of opinion
tbat the restoration of the Dukes in Italy
would have been the moat desirable solution
of the Italian question. It, however, gives up
tbe subject as impossible, and thinks the an
nexation of these States to Sardinia by for the
next best thing.
The conference upon the question of fortify
ing the German coasts had opened at Berlin,
General Moltke presiding. Prussia had sub
mitted n system for the common defence.
A Trieste dispatch gives additional news
from China nnd India, under date of Pan ton,
November 2tith, nod Calcutta, December nh.
The treaty between tbe United States and
China had been put iv force.
Part of tbe English troops designed for ope
rations against tbe Chinese, bad already left
for tbe Nortb.
India dispatches announce that Jong Baha
dur was operating against tbe rebels in Terai.
A submarine cable bus bean saceessfully
laid down between Siagapore and Data via.
Order bad bean established at Sarawak.
Intelligence from Melbourne tn tbs 19th of
November, two daya later than tbe regular
mail advice*, are received.
„ _?!_ ********* »»d\ in barrels ranged
from _)_««. California wheat was selling nt
A »Sydney flour bad declined to £40 per
ton. Holder* of wool were demanding un ad*
flour was animated and
' selling nt xt«*._Spar tan.
The Vntrers la tbs only' paper allowed to
produced by tbe Imperial missive is generally
favorably regarded at Paris, and produced
nearly as much sensation as the pamphlet.
Tbe I ndependence Beige says that there was
no foundation for tbe statement tbat Marshal
Canroben waa to be sent on an extraordinary
tnissiou to Rome, and tbat he has already re
turned to his command at Ntncy.
The aspect tbe Italian question bas assumed
caused much rejoicing at Venice and Milan.
The Br*t Electoral' College of tbe latter place
chose Count Cavour aa ita candidate, after
previously obtaining his consent.
Aeit.atlon against ihe Concordat was in
The Austrian public openly speak of the
propriety of selling Venetia.
Employees and some government officers
have received orders not to take part in public
conversation respecting the event ot tbe times.
Lord Cowley arrived at Paris on Tuesday.
The ( lizette de France had received a Brst
warning from the Minister of the Interior.
Marseille*, 11.-letters from Constant!
nople announce that public agitation is In
cruising. It was supposed that Fuad Pacha
would soon be dismissed.
Lomxin Makkkis, Thursday, January 12.—
Breadstuff's closed firm. Sugar also firm.
Consols closed at m% tor account, and Mjj»a
98 v tor money. There were rumors of a pro
bable advance of t ), e bank rates, but so far there
has been no change.
LtvKßrooi., Thursday.—Sales of cotton to
day estimated at 8,(100"bales, including 2,51 m
bales for speculation and export. Previous
quotations are barely maintained. Bread
stuffs close dull—sales unimportant. Provi
sions close dull.
London money market.
Tbe Stock Exchange had exhibited a droop
ing tendency. On tbe 11th there was consul-,
erable heaviness, and consols were last quoted
at ttr>r»'a9Sti lor money, and lor ac
count. The other departments of the Stock
Exchange showed a tendency to depression.—
The demand for discount continued active,
but occasional transactions took place below
the Bank minimum. Attention was drawn t»
the fact that the bullion at the Hank of Eng
land was nearly £86,000 below the lowest
amount touched*throughout last year. This
is ascribed to the enormous importation and
the creation of the Indian securities. The
iuiptession had got abroad that tbe Hank won Id
probably soon raise its rate of discount. The
new Canadian loan closed at about J per cent.
premium. The applications for it were equal
to twenty-two millions sterling, nearly eight
times the amount needed.
Tbs Times'city article of last evening say:; :
"Consols to-dny declined ,'„ and several sales
were effected on the part of the public. At the
same time there is no inherent weakness in the
market from over supply of stock, and much
of tbe dullness would disappear if was
a prospect of gold arrivals during the next
few days, sufficient to meet the constantdrain
to India. Further sums continued tube with
drawn from ihe Bank, and no considerable re
ceipts are expected immediately either from
New York or Australia. Owing ts the sup
ply of money from dividends the demand for
discount has not been large, and at ihe Bank a
moderate amount of business bas also beeu
transacted. The railway market also expe
riences a li'tle heaviness, final prices of near
ly all the principal stocks being a fraction
lower tha/i yesterday. Consols closed at 95 : „ a
Wjj lor money, 96% fur account and 95*{aS5Jj
tor the new threes. The Hank has made no
change in its rate of discount.
In the London produce market sugar was
unchanged; coffee steady : tea very firm, but
transactions small; rice firm; saltpetre steady,
and tallow firm.
The Dane de Grammont has demanded to be
released from his functions as French Ambas
sador at Papal CourL
Active preparations are being made for the
completion of the Suez Canal.
Statistics op Uinitkd States Coinage.
The Directorof the Mint of the United States
at Philadelphia, James K. Snowden, Esq., in
his report to ilia Secretary of the Treasury
for tbe last fiscal year eudiug June .'loth, 1839,
The amount of bullion received at the sever
al minting estabiislimentsof the United States
during the year was as follows : Gold, #29,563,
--.'Mlikl; silver, $7,330,709 67. Total deposits,
$36,999,990 au.
Th" coinage operations of the same period
were as follows: Gold coins, $17,290,077; flue
gold bars, % 13,11 3JBeB 70; silver coins, 08,187,
--4(H); silver bars, $(>1(>,231 47 ; cent coin*. $307,
--000. Total coinage, 17, comprised
in SL\S6tyUe) pieces of all denorainatiens of
This includes ££888,091 51 of re-deposits,
bars made at one Brand) Mint having b>en
sometimes coined at another ; deducting wind),
the amount of precious metals brought into
tbe Mint and its branches duriug the year was
$34,001,095 70.
The amount of gold—the production of the
mines of the United States—deposited during
the year was $27,213,3.57 15. The silver of do
mestic production was $273,167 47, the princi
pal proportion of which was derived from
the gold deposits, being silver parted from na
tivee;old. TheLakeSuperior region has yield
ed us about $30,000 in silver. The mines of
North Carolina have produced $23,000 of the
same metal.
The law of February 21, 15.,7, lias operated
effectually in retiring from circulation Span
ish and Mexican silver.
Siuce the passage of the act referred to the
Mint has received and melted Spanish and
Mexican fractions of a dollar to the amount
of #1.020,997, of which the value of 5>516,3i 5 was
deposited in exchange for cents of tbe new
issue. For this latter purpose, also, we have
received copper coins of the former issue to
the amount in value, by tale, of $95,241.
The charge on gold coinage, and the profits
on tbe coinage-of silver, and of cents, amount
ed 10 nearly $235,01 mi Tins sum shows the
amount of money derived from the coinage
operations of the mint and its brancbesduriug
the year.
The director notices the amount of gold dol
lars issued, SlT.tHiU.Mai. as too large for tbe de
mands of circulation, and recommends the re
call uf the thick dollars for re-coinage into
other denominations.
The amount of that coinage, issued from
li-49 to 1953, was #11,092,201. Few or none of
these piece* have been exported, but a consid
erable number must have been lost, aud some
melted down by jewelers. Assuminr, at tbe
utmost, that #1 l,oot,out) are extant, the loss on
the re-coinage of this amount wonld be $55,01*0.
Thb Union Meeting at Louisville, Ky.—
We have heretofore noticed the grand banquet'
in Louisville, un tbe 24th of January, given iv
honor of tbe "congregated wisdom" of four or
five States—the Legislatures of Kentucky and
Tennessee, a delegation from the Obio Legis
lature and ihe Slate officers of Indiana. The
Louisville Journal, In. a description of the
festival, says:
The great Western Slates—the heart of the
confederacy—Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and
Indiana—have spoken iv unmistakable terms;
a voice bas gone up from the hallowed graves
of Ashland and the Hermitage; faction has
been disarmed, and but one spirit will in fu
ture auimate the liepe men sf these Stales,and
the spirit will re-echo in thundering tones: —
'•The Union, it must and shall be preserved !"
The representative men of four great Suites
hav-e proclaimed their undying devotion 10 the
Constitution, as it was bequeathed to us by
our lathers, and have branded as a traitor
every man who would lay his impious hands
upon that ark of our civil and religious liber
We anticipated great results from this meet
ing, and now, as we write, with our soul still
tn rilled by tbe impassioued* eloquence and
stirred by the noble sentiments uttered, weare
the more fully convinced that it is well tbat
tbe great States met in council together, and
that patriotism so effectually disarmed fac
tion, and showed tbe loyalty of the great
Americauheart to the laws aad tbe Constitu
God grant that onr bopes may be realized,
and tbat the 24th of January may ever here
after be remembered as tbe day when tbe West
resolved that tbe discord between tbe North
aud South ebould be arrested, and that the an- '
gry waves of sectionalism should be allayed.
U. S. Steam Fhkjatk Mississippi.—ThU. 1
frigate wbicb arrived at Boston on Friday
from Hong Kong, has been absent three years
;in tbe East Indies. The Boston Poet says :
When 20 miles from Cape Cod, and after
land had been reported, tbe starboard engine
. broke down in a heavy gale of wind. The
I vessel laid to tor twenty-four boure nnd work
ed iuto port witb tbe port engiue. About
, twelve hours after, however, tbe latter broke
' down, and bad to be spliced and braced. Tbe
wbols passage from Hong Kong to Boston, in*
eluding stoppagee, wan threw months and
twenty-six days. During tbe whole cruies
mora than* 00,000 miles bare been logged
without tbe least accident to tbe machinery,
except the one off Cape Cod.
The Mississippi bas visited all tbe ports of
Japaa open to American commerce - , tbree
tbnes, and ber officers have bad audience witb
tbe Governors of all tha principal porta nf
tbat country. TbeuflJoersot tbisship worn the
flrai Americans who over trial tod ibe capital of
Japan, Jeddo. ______
m\ ' " tmmmmutm. ' '■■' ■
■ On tbt 234 mat, AU _*t IsMsd* nf tba U*'
MosiDAT, Jan. 30, toso.
At 12 o'clock M., tbe Lieutenant Governor,
Robt. L Most-sock, Esq, resumed bis sent,
and called the Senate to order. Piesent 41
Ht Us Reported —The Committee on Boada re
ported "a bill authorizing v loan to the Dis
mal Swamp Company," and tneCjtnmitteeon
the Armory "a bill for the payment of certain
sums of money for repairs done to the State
Boring Mill."
Adverse Reports.— The following were re
ceived: From the Committee of Courts of
Justice, adverse to the resolution as to the ex
pediency of reporting bill No. 19(1 of last ses
sion concerning tbe rate of interest. From
the same committee an adverse report on tbe
resolution as to the expediency of awarding
execution by Clerks of the Circuit Courts iv
lorteited forthcoming bonds' when no defence
is made.
The Law Building.— The bill making an ap
propriation for the purchase of the Law-
Building, for the enlargement of tbe Capitol
Square, was lout several weeks since. On mo
tion of Mr. Johsson, the vote on tbe same
was reconsidered, whereupon, on his motion,
said bill was laid on the table.
Resolution Adopted.— The Senate adopted the
resolution (introduced on the 19th of Janua
ry) directing tbe Ist Auditor to place to the
credit of the flrat sureties of Enoch M. Under
wood, late sheriff of Cabell county, the sum of
•700, paid thesth March, IC>0: also tbe sum of
•1,490.11 paid the :11st day of July, 1898.
Bills Parsed.— The following bills were
passed, viz: Amending and re-enacting tiie
.I7th section of theact passed the.*«nh ot March,
l-.V*, providing for General Elections; mak
ing an'appropriation of tfeOyUUO lor the con
struction and equipment of a laundry, Ac., at
tfe Eastern Lunatic Asylum, (ayes 3<i, noes a";)
amending the Ist. :id, 4th, Cth and lltli sections
of an act passed January -iCf, WW, entitled au
act to incorporate the Southern Protection
Insurance Company of Alexandria, Va.; for
the relief of Charles A. Hoge and James Mus
grove. of Wetzel cornty, giving them permis
sion to correct, within six months, au eaor*
mous assessment of land; incorporating the
James River Insurance Company, at llow
ardsville, in the county of Albemarle; amend
ing the'Jii'h section of chapter '207 ol the Code
of Virginia, in relation to the discontinuance
of criminal prosecutions ; for the better gov
ernment of the towu of Clarkesvilie; amend
ing they'd section of chapter 157 of the Code,
so as to extend the terms of the monthly ses
sions of the Hustings Court of Richmond
city: authorizing the sale of the parsonage lot
in King-wood; incorporating the town of
Fair-view, In the county of Wayne.
Senate Business.—Tho bill to incorporate the
Mutual Life Insurance Company of Virginia,
was, on motion of Mr. Lynch, taken up, read
the third time, and ordered to its engrossment.
Tbe bill incorporatingthe Jefferson insurance
Company of Albemarle, was also ordered to
be engrossed. A large number of other bills
were advanced on the calendar, while several
were laid on the table on accountof the "thin
ness "of the Senate. The bill providing ior the
erection of the Virginia Military Academy
was taken up, and, on motion of Mr. KMhkxk.
was amended and laid on the table.
The Anti-DueUint; Law.— On motion, the Sen
ate took from the table the bill repealing tbe
act passed March 15th, MSB, entitled an act to
amend and re-enact the Ist and lid sections of
an act. passed „d of May, Ifcsi>, entitled an act
disabling any person concerned in a duel from
holding office. Being on its passage, it was re
jected—ayes !!>, noes-ii, (oue of its friends by
mistake voting no.) On motion, the vote was
reconsidered,and the bill was again laid on th"
table, with the understanding ihat it would
be called up on Wednesday.
Petitions, fr.—Tho following documents
were presented and referred : By Mr. Pantos,
the memorial of citizens of North Carolina,
asking for a modification of the vessel inspec
tion law passed 1f.30, so far as the same is ap
plicable to vessels owned, in whole or in
part, by citizens of North Carolina, so as to
include vessels owned, in whole or in part, by
citizens of Virginia ; by Mr. McKeimey, ihe
petition of John N. Hopkins tit Co., and oth
ers, citizens of Norfolk city, for ihe repeal of
the vessel inspection law, passed March, 185<>,
so §ir as ihe name is applicable to vessel*
owned, in whole or in part, by citizens of
North Carolina, or to amend said law so as to
include vessels owned, iv whole or ia part, by
citizens of Virginia; by Mr. Cogbill, the me
morial of Mrs. H. Ann Robertson and her
children, praying for the passage of a law for
their relief, nude* the provisiousof the will of
Wm. Robertson, deed ; by the same, liie peti
tien of Qea. W. Brown, and others, asking for
a charter for a free bridge across James river
at the city of Lynchburg.
Resolutions ef Inquiry into Expediency. —The
following were offered and adopted : Of print
ing 500 extra copies of the evidence taken by
the Committee ou Oysters; of amending the
charter of the town of Weilshursr: of report
ing a bill refunding to Beunet Oushwa, the
Siierift'of Berkley county, ceruiin taxes erro
neously assessed and paid by him into the
treasury: of reporting a bill providing for a
re-assessment of the lands of Norfolk county;
of anth.iriziii*, the re-assessment of the lands
of Danl L. Dickinson, of Lee county.
Sheriff of Frederick.—A message was received
from the House of Delegates that it had passed
a bMi fixing liie mode of settlement with tbe
Sheriff of Frederick county. Read aud, re
ferred to the Senate.
Washington Monument Statu;*. —The Senate
was informed by a message irom ihe House
thai it had passed an act 'appropriating asum
of money to pay for the statue* lor ihe Wash
ington Monument, and for placing the same
thereon.'' The bill appropriates ihe sum of
sfltV - .':! ill to be paid to Randolph Rogers "for
constructing statues for the Washington Mon
ument,"" in pursuance ot a contract between
ex-Gov. Wise and said Rogers. The bill was
read in the Seiaate and reierrcd to a committee.
On motion of Mr. Isuhxl, the Senate ad
Monday, Jan. 3u.
The House met at 12 o'clock. Prayer by
Rev. Mr. Mimnkuekode, of the Episcopal
South Carolina Mission — Personal Explana
tions.—Mr. Ha mio 1. v rose to a personal expla
nation, relative 10 the affair pending between
the Speaker of the House and Mr. Seddon, 01
Stafford, when the House adjourned ou Sat
urday last. He was authorized to state that
explanations, mutually satisfactory, had been
exchanged between these gentlemen, and nil
unkind expressions and feelings had been
withdrawn and removed, and the former kind
relations between these gentlemeu again re
Mr. Dickwall arose to a tiersonal expla
nation. He came here this morning with a
view to pressing the resolution he had made
on Saturday, for ihe discbarge of tbe commit
tee on the South Carolina Mission; but as it
might seem a reflection on the Speaker of the
House, he would not do so. It seemed to be
the opinion of many gentlemeu, that it would
also be construed into a reflection on tbe mem
bers of that committee. He believed wbeu he
offered his resolution merely that no good
would grow out of the committee, itnd he
need hardly say that in ofTeriugit he meant no
reflection on the Speaker or on any member
of thecommittee. While he still retained his
views as to the expediency of the committee,
he would relinquish his intention of pressing
the resolution in deference In the opiuionsof
gentlemen of more experience on this floor
Bills Reported. —Authorizing sheriffs and
collectors of certain taxes, to make out form
ef sale lor lands sold for non-pay men t of taxes,
give notice to the owner of the same, Ac.;
amending sec. 22 chap. lii» of the Code; for the
relief of Hugh Crowlev and Patrick McCune;
Senate bill concerning unlawful assemblies,
(with a recommendation that it do not pass j
authorizing tbe county of Obio to borrow
JW—.OOO; legalizing the sale of West Union
Academy, Doddridge county: increasing the
salary of the Attorney ior tbe Common wealth
in the Circuit Court of Ohio county; amend
ing an act concerning tbe Commissioners of
the Revenue; requiring the Commissioners of
the Revenue lo furtiisb the Auditor with
a list of tbe delinquent lauds in tbe new
counties; incorporating Olive Branch Lodge,
I. 0.0 F.; for the relief of Liuisa Hunier,
of Alexandria; incorporating the Jones
ville and Tennessee Turnpike Compauy;
making railroad companies liable for damages
in certain cases; amending sections io audit
of chapter .>ii oi the Code; fixing regulations
concerning licenses ; incorporating a Savings
Bank in the couuty of Marshall; incorpora
ting tbe Farmers' Savings' Baufc at Ports
mouth ; establishing a Bunk at ilarrisville, in
Ritchie eeonty; establishing an office of dis
count and deposit in Smytbe county; amend
ing tbe charter of tbe Mineral Baub aud
chaugiug its name to Bank of the Common
wealth ; fur tbs relief of T. D. Kendle: au
thorizing claimants of lands who are in pus
aeasion to bring suits in eqnity, and have de
termined wbo baa a title to and aball bold sucn
Coving ten and Ohie Railroad.—Tho bill mak
ing nn appropriation to tbs Covington and
Obio Railroad, came np aa the order of tbe
Mr. Oabsbtou spoke in favor It. He
showed tbe grant struggle which le being
made by alt sections tor tbe Western trade of
I tbis country. To secure a portion of it Eng
lnud has a railroad through Canada, for wbicb
abehae built one bridge, (tbe tubular bridge
at Montreal,) costing mors than oue.ihird uf
thswboie sum asked for tbe construction of
tbe Covington and Obio Bnl trend. Hie arnu*
fun t waa tben directed to ths condition of tbe
reasury, which he contended fully warrant*
' *d na approeriaitoa oi »i,uuu»o to tblsrbad
In giving statistics of tbe freisht which will
So oxer that road, be showed that now, even
y tbe rircultoua route of tbe Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad, Riebmond receives from Cm*
cinnati and tbs West over nine tboasand tons
of freight, and sends to Cincinnati and tbe
West over two thousand tana of coflse. One
merchant of Richmond, last year, seat to
Cincinnati fifteen thousand bones of tobacco.
How much greater, if tbis road wen built,
would tbis trade be. Ia a political point of
view tbis road would units us witb tbe North*
western States uf tbis Union—a union wbicb
would outlast even tbe union of tbe Confede
racy. The speaker's remarks were interrupt
ed by the order of tbe day being passed, Mr.
Chapman giving notice that tbe friends of tbe
bill would expect a vote on it to-morrow.
Adterse Reports were received to the compen
sation of school commissioners out of tbe
county treasuries; to tbe petitien of Robert
C. Garey; to making tbe killing of horses and
cattle a felony; to amending see. 3d of chap.
35 of the Code.
Bills Passed.— Appropriating'#lS,7i3 to pay
for statues on tbe Washington monument, and
Sl,out for placing. [This bill ia for tbe relief
of the sculptor who bas tbe work in charge,
who being out of money, waa represented by
the advocate of the bill as having "fallen into
tbe bauds of the money changers."] A bill ex
tending tbe time for the payment of the reve
nue of Frederick county into the treasury by
the sheriff thereof: Senate bill ior the re
lief of the securities of SamT H. Qnarle , late
sheriff ol Bedford county, (with au amend
Resolutianh of Inquiry. —By Mr. Kee, of
building a turnpike from a point in Hardy to
another point iv the same county : by Air.
Hunt, of establishing an election precinct at
Vienua. iv Fairfax county; by Mr. Rives, of
abolishing the oiliceof Brigade Inspector ; by
Mr. Welch, of incorporating tbe Manmng
ville Coal and Oil Company, in Kauuwiia
county; by Mr. Garrett, of authorizing com
missioners in chaucery to take acknowledg
ment of deeds and other writings.
The Wheeling Minds.—The Senat-« bill pro
viding for the pTvment by tbe State of interest
on certain guaranteed railroad bonds given by
the city of Wheeling, came upas unfinished
business. Tbe bill provides further that tbe city
of Wheeling immediately reimburse the Staie
•r that the liens on the property of the city of
Wheeling be put in force.
Mr. Bakbouu ottered a substitute which
provides for the payment of the interest,
<»i5,00u,) but dees not require tbe city of
Wheeling to refund to the State directly, or
base the mortgages on her property foreclosed.
The substitute was adopted, and the bill theu
Ou motion, the House adjourned.
The SnoK Dealers op Ltmn.—A corres
pondent of the New York Herald, writing
from Lynn, Mass., gives the following infor
mation :
Without the least possible motive or desire
to exaggerate, or to misrepresent the present
state of things, I confidently etate, deriving
my information from undonbted authority,
that the principal movers in tbe exciting meet
ings in this place en the subject oi tbe John
Brown raid, w «re those most largely indebted
to the South for their daily bread. As an in
stance of the extent to which some of these
crazy individuals have manifested their bit
ter actional spirit, I will state that on the day
that John Brown was hanged, Harrison New
hall, one of the richrst and most extensive
shoo manufacturers, and whose trade is ex
clusively with the South, tolled the bell of the
First Methodist Church nearly the entire day.
It would be unjust to individualize tbis case,
and I will mention the names ol bis coilaboru
teurs, all shoe manufacturers, who rally
around and support the actions of this man,
viz: N. E. Waldron, Isaac Newhall, Jr.,&
Co., Bancroft k Purrington, J. C. Vennard,
Paul Newhall & Sons, BiitTum ft Lovejoy
Brown ft Chase. W. P. Pavne, (.'. Johuso:», Jr.
&. sou, B. C. ft C. Buffnm, P. B. Kavve.ll ft Co.
The latter is a rabid Garrisonian. There are
others in the shoe trade equally as culpable in
ttiis traitorous work, but 1 merely send you
the names of the chief agitators of the " nig
ger" question.
Thk Mormuxs.—A Genoa, Carson Valley,
Utah Territory, correspondent cf the San
Francisco Herald, writes:
"Judge Oradlebangh left yesterday for Wash
ington, by way ol California; he is in pursuit
of his favorite purpose, the noblest that ever
actuated any man, tbe exteimination, at least
politically, of the Mormons. His plan is to
have tbe representation in the Utah Legisla.
ture in proportion to the legal vote, which is
to be ascertained by a commissioner appointed
for the purpose. The Judge informs me that
the entire Mormon population of Eastern
Utah, does not exceed 35,(H 0, of whom nt more
than B.IHKI are entitled to vote. The Geniile
population of Eastern Utah, he estimates at
U.MM voters, that of Western Utah, he pnts
down nt 3,1iu0 voters, and there is an absolute
certainty of an increase of fifteen or twenty,
thousand in ihe Spring. He hopes to outvote
the Mormons at the eiection next year. A Gen
tile Legislature once secured, tbe capital
would be removed to Eastern Utah, the Church
charter would be abolished, as well as that
powerful instrument of the devil, the Emigrant
Aid Association. Brigham Young would be
deprived of the power to marry and divorce at
pleasure, and an act would bepassed author
izing apostate Mor_ons to bring suit against
Brigham for their share of the Church fund,
the property of which amounts now to mil
lions ot dollars."
• , m
What ib not Gknerally Known, bit is
Now Oct.—Miss Adah I»aacs Menken, the
clever young actress who was recently elected
tbe captain of a military company in Dayton.
Ohio, is the wileof.Tohn Heeuan. The lady
was exceedingly anxious to accompany her
husband in bis professional trip across the
water, hut he objected to it for various rea
sons. She will sail for Englnud, however, so
as to j"in her husband at the earliest possible
moment after his tight with Say ere. Mrs. Hee
nnn has attained considerable celebrity in her
profession, and is said to possess much talent.
The foregoing paragraph was originally pub
lished in a New York paper.exteusively copied,
and by some contradicted. The paper alluded
to, says, on Saturday last:
We made tbe announcement originally upon
the authority of ihe lady herself, and have
since received a communication over her own
signature, in which she reiterates the state
ment thatsheis the wife of Mr. He-nan, and
further adds that she "is proud of bearing that
relation to the bravest man iv the world."—
Mrs. Heenau is now stopping at the house of
her father-in-law, at West Troy, and after
fulfilling a lew theatrical engagements this
winter, will leave for England in March, in
company with him, for the purpose of joining
her husband.
Commkuctor thk Umtbd Statss .—From
the official returns completed a: Washington,
we compile the following, which will show
the total foreign imports and expoTts at all tbe
ports of the United Suites for tbe fiscal year
ending June 311, 1*59:
impost* roK tub ysabs 18S8'9.
Dutiable noods U—* p*7 oil
Free good* w . 73 jkb _t
specie iind bullion. 7 4:14.799
Total import* for tlievear. n335.765.150
.Domestic produce $278,392 040
Foreign pr<.dure.and merchandize 1«.6i.i9,i)7l
Domestic specie and bullion. iffiT N'2 30S
Foreign 6 355 105—65.887.4Z1
Total exports to forei<n port* QIS6 7S» 452
Thus it will be seen that the expor.s exceed
the imports by The total imports
lor the corresponding period of liis Agra $-f2,*
61.1,150. and the total exports s„o,;-j.lfii. The
total imports for lPjo—ten years ago—were
517d,!3V.:?, Bnd the exports •151,«»,7'i0.
asm p
Sap Evert-.—A singular and truly afflictive
casualty occurred at Olmstead, Cuyahoga,
couuty, Ohio, a few days ago. A bright little
lad, three or four years of age, son of Mr.
Briggs, wishing to see the men dress hogs, his
mother put on bis cloak, and his father lifted
him up iv tbe branches of an apple-tree, where
be could look on and be out of the way. Tbe
lad was perched near by his father, and direct
ly over where persons frequently p;t»*e.l in
briugitig hot water, tJcc. Nothing unusual was
observed, but when aftersomc time, the lhtb
er lifted down his little son, to bis horror be
found him dead ! Tbs cloak bad caught ou a
limb and strangled tbe child. Tbe almost dis
tracted parents could not believe tbeir darling
dead, and strove for a long time to restore ani
mation, but in vain.
DiW> A buoad—The Florence correspondent
of tbe Newark Mercury writes; "Our Ame
rican circle bas just burled another member,
tbe third daring this season, Mr.Qeorge Barn
ford, of the Civil Engineer Corps, and a brother
of Col. Bam ford, of tbe array. Mr. M. canto
bere n year or two since, suffering from a pa
ralytic stroke, to visit hi* nater, Mrs Derby
About a mouth since his mind became aliena
ted, and be died on tbe 15th December. Tbe
funeral wan attended by a large company of
bis countrymeu, on Tuesday last"
Nkbbask-a a Statu—From tbe Nebraska
Republican, of tbe 11 th lnat., are learn tbat tbe
Mil tor neonventlou to adopt a State cooeti*
tailon,ureparatory to tbe admieeioo ef Me*
breaks Into tbe Union as a State, bas run til
both House.l of the Territorial Legislatureaad
been signed It/tne Governor. " •
Married under Prek>a*tien.. —Ob flbiurd«r '
night but, two aervauU belonging to a Wealthy .
gentleman, in Jefferson Ward, were to be mSr- ,
tied, and as the master bad given bis full con*
Bent, n large crowd ett etns assembled to wit*
neea the ceremony, and to partake of tbe
sumptuous least already prepared. After
waiting nntil tbe paHeace ef ail were asarly
threadbare the sable minister arrived, buried
to bis ears in snow-white linen, and announced
bie readiness to perform tbe ceremony.—
Soon thereafter tbs loving pair, dressed to
death, were ushered into tbe room, followed
by their attendants; and the preacher rising,
with a mammoth volume In hie had, proceed
ed to read tbe ceremony. Sambo and Dinah
were all attention, aad Use audience were aa
qn iet as death, unti l the preacher read, "if any
one has aught to ray wby these person* should
not be joined In wedlock, - ' etc., when he was
suddenly interrupted by aery on tbronter
circle of "I forbid tbe bans," the crowd at tbe
same rime opening an aisle through which
a woman hastily ruebed. "Fur what you
forbid de bans, hey I" "For dis reason,"
shouted tbe infuriated and wronged wo
man, at the same time exhibiting a young i
Sambo, aome few months old, which she ,
declared to be the effspring of tbe gay
Lothario's false promises. Finding tbat «the ,
woman could not be induced to withdraw ber
objections, the sooty parson hastily retired,
followed by some few of his personal friends,
and confusion and disappointment was to be
seen on every face. Suddenly, as if stung by
1 a hornet, a thought crossed the mind of Sam
bo, and acting upon it, tie dispatched a messen
ger lor his young master, inviting him to come
in and read the ceremony, declaring that he
bad no faith in marriage*-by negro preachers,
aud that he greatly preferred a white parson.
:In a short time the messenger returned with
the master, who performed tbe ceremony with
all tbe grace and dignity ef an older parson,
making the two but one, and saving from dis
appointment the scores of friends that bad as
sembled for congratulation and reasting.—
Whether the officiating clergyman bad license
for the occasion, we are not prepared to say;
but certain it is, that he understands the duties
and performs -.hem in admirable style.
Fail* Prettncts.— Oar notice on Saturday last
of the means resorted to by a lady to raise the
wind, has brought to light another female ope
rator, and may possibly lend to the detection
and punishment of some of tbis gang of vol
unteers who are robbing the charitable by so
liciting contributions upou tbe false pretence
of benevolence. The young lady who sought
aid for the Duval street Fair did not obtain it,
as we at first understood, simply because the
person npjlied to knew something of the ar
rangements of that church. That she did im
pose upon others, however, there seems to be
no doubt. We have before us a note from au
intelligent and oenevoleut friend, who says he
was called npon one day last week' by a
smootb->ongue woman to contribute to tbe
Female Orphan Asylum, aad that he readily
gave what he could spare. Tbe same woman
called ou another gentleman and received |IU
for the Asylum ; and as everybody seems dis
posed to aid the orphans, it la not at all im
probable that she made a handsome raise at
their expense. The President of The " Asylum
Board " says no collectors bare as yet been
appointed, and their collections will not be
commenced until spring; so tbat all who have
given the cunning beggar, have merely fur
nistied her that much to waste In dress, or,
possibly, in a worse manner. Impositions
uport the charitable are so frequent that we
advise onr readers ngainst giving to man, wo
man or child, for asyloms, funerals, churches,
fairs, or anything else, unless they know the
parties to whom they give; and, as a farther
means of protection, all benevolent associa
tions, when they appoint collector.-*, Ought to
furnish their names to the public. In the
meantime, let the late beggar be hnuteil upa.id
made to disgorge, or suffer the consequences.
Oas Statue.— At H o'clock to-day the people
of this city are invited to meet on the Dock,
near 2nd street, to receive and escort to Me
chanics' Institute Hall tbe marble statue,
prepared for the ladles of Virginia, and which
is said to be a beautiful work oi art. Tbe
Committee of Arrangements, on behalf of the
Directory, ate to meet at the Hall of the In
stitute at 10 o'clock, from which place they
will repair to the schooner Danville, where
tbs statue is now ready fordeliverv. We need
not .-ay a word to induce our readers to take
part in any act that has for its object
the honoring ot the memory of Henry
Clay. His life-long service iti behalf of
his country, bis statesmanship i.nd bis elo
quence, are but parts and parcels of tbe
history of this Union, and as such are known
to all'who read. Witb his death all party
prejudices were buried, aud meu of every
section joined with one accord in j.raisis of
his lofiy patriotism and devotion to our coun
try. Hnt whilst his history and hisfamenre
tbe possesions of every State ia the Confede
racy, fact that he was a Virginian by t.nih
renders his memory even more sacred to our
people, and will induce them to j. iv, as one
man, iv doing honor to him wbo dccl .red that
he would rather be right than be President.
The ira.*'>i«iffcß .Ifonurmrrif.—lt has been sug
gested, as considerable time will elapse betore
the remainirgstatnes are placed in position on
the above monument, tbat the authoritiesbav
ing it in charge would do well to preserve it
from any chance sf mutilation either by acci
dent or design, by causing it to be enclosed
around the base with a neat and cheap wood
en paiiing, which while it would not obstruct
the view either of the Pater Pa.!no., or his
revolutionary compatriots, or the monument
itself, would effectually preserve the latter
from such chance mutilation as the breaking
and chipping off of portions of the omnim-n
--tat part* of the steps, cornices, Ac, which to a
limited exrenlhasalready been done. Tbe plan
of the monument contemplates, when it shall
have been finally completed, the erectiou of a
magniflcent iron surrounding nt tbe cost ol
several thousands of dollars. It is neither
necessary, or would it be proper to place it iv
position now, whan a necessity would some
time or other occur rendering its temporary
removal at least requisite for tbe purpose ot
adding the statues contracted for by the State
with Mr. Randolph Rogers. If tbe fence is
added, as we have suggested, it would be as
well, previous to putting it up, to cause the
most exposed portions of ibegrantte compos
ing the work in question, m be thoroughly
washed and scrubbed dowu.
Hiring Free Nrgrots —The practice of bring
ing free negro children from ether court tie* to
this city and hiring them out as slaves, is one
that ought to be broken up, inasmuch as k
enables tbat class of person* to gain a limited
residence here, when they could do bo by no
other means. Free negroes have no right to
remain in Richmond more than sixty days,
bnleea granted permission by the Huctlags
Court: and no one has a right toempioy a free
negro who has not his proper register. If n
oitixen of Richmond has a free ucgro in his
employ, he has no right to give that negro a
pass ; and if the negro ban such a pass, and is
arrested, he is liable to punishment. Our citi
zens are deeply interested in the enforcement
of the law agaiust free negroes coming to the
city to reside, and should be particular never
to employ one of them improperly.
Serious Accident.— A. man named John Dab.
nby, employed in lnying stone in the Mar
shall street culvert, between ?th nnd Btb,met
wiih a serious accident yesterday morning.—
Whilst he was encaged in the pit, tbe "ten
ders" rolled up a large block of granite, aud
not supposing that any of the masons were in
the way, tumbled it over tbe embankment.—
Unfortunately for Dabney he happened to be
directlr in the line of the descent, and tbs
stone catching him in the fall, fractured tbs
bone in one of hi. legs, lie was promptly re*
moved to his residence, where Dr. F. Trent
was called in and rendered the necessary sur
gical aid. Dabney is said to be an industrious,
hard-working man, and having n family de
pendent upon him, will feel tbe less of time
the acc.deu t bas occasioned, severely.
A Btll Towtr is necessary for the lire depart.
ment, unless some other plan, better than tbs
one under which the Brigade is now acting,
can bs found ior giving them notice of tbe lo*
cation of dree. When the bell strikes one, the
llreineu know tbat it is somewhere in Jeffer
son Ward, but ac to its particular location
they can form ao idea, and if the ffre I* Inside
of n building, they may pass it by without
knowing it. Some of tbe firemen have sug
gested a "tower," but the great difficulty is to ,
find a central location for it. Tbe Brigade, i
thus far, has proved quite efficient, but tbe
difficulty oi knowing precisely where tbe fire [
Is when tbe alarm is given, to oae tbat ought!
to be remedied, if possible. . j
Severely Injured— Yesterday moral ag, a ne- I
gxo woman iv the employ of F- Fettu. corner t
r. f d* d __ ? r ?__ ,r i ,, v WM *Wa%_
* ud . •££'* h, J«"* a »V * norss attached to s
e S_ V** bom » v 8 *«o»i was hitched to oae
of Mr.Briggs' bread carlo, aad taking fright
_*w * ******* P»*t©f Urn city, run a*. In bta
flight he attempted to run into Mr. P.'a yard,!
and in doing »o -ran over the uegru woman, {
kuockingber asnaetoaeat tbe time,nnd entUna:»
n frightful gash in tbe back part of ber bead.
Squaring Aeeeeentt—Two hucksters in the [
Second Market took a abort bout at fisticuffs
yesterday, one of them drawing tbe claret
from tbs oiher'e band, but before either bed
time to wiu a victory, peaeemj—era put tn
___. tfJs^-J-sTX'a
fbnee, bnt owing te the absence of wltieeees
t tbe investigative was postponed uutil to-day. ;
. TMMeW* **o*ewTBRTIBIN*.
t -nw rr. 1 tnrTTfitn. »rf_ ll eeja_*»f o»*th.. •*_,
trine*?* jtriTJ|*!ns*v2j^n■ -'• ».»
■_ i_rsrt_m**a_ nibMed *abl fadM. W.i i
be shsrred toseeto sot eeenre ef affifljSe fof v.
erst toeortnto. esalfnasntolßTesjaSj eeattnuanas.
IbAtl. stWart-Thle dtovTlßg outer
«m_b deiermlnei tn- burp'ey ttoe Ibtenet
which baa aeon excited to hshalf ol tbe drama
tn Richmond, by tbe prod nnttonofnlnyewbleb
euunot fail »o be screptable. Tbs Siena n l so
»*dy of "Money,* written' w»a*srHtff\ ia na*
nonaeed tor to-alga t, end Me. Mnrtll.p' ana*
_&r__JS* ,w •* *a*i''«i nUIH. ha la
a ° w,4 &«- *« be amen, tbs test to the pro
sis «w__^jarwss
which no one can gaas mm uu_o__l
-*^ov\ h bV;{^\o«^ , _^ «■•
satire or tne pi*ee, to nberidaa'* eflßDbati_llv
grant - Scboal tor Scaofini.* t" itXutßi
duplicity of manki ad with toiling fores aad
tbua teaches a moral lassos, wbicb, sues seeu
ts not soon forgotten. We hops tbe bonne will
be crowded.
We ere gratified to noHee tbat Mrs.Fblllipß
tbe favorite, r"r eexcellen t, of tha theatre, will
apiamr to-night, in the part of Clara Dtmg oat.
The absence of tbi* estimable lady Irom tbe
sißgefor a few weeks past baa been a- aearee
of regret to tbo pnblto, and we Ihel aasnrsd
tbat ber re-app*.araa«e will be beturday wel
comed. ... *,
■ et I. !_
Southern Rights*-*A moating of tin Math*
era Rights Association of Aaseliaeonnty waa
held at the Court-Honae, ou Tbursday but,
when tbe following conditiona of memberehip
were adopted:
Tbe membere of tbis AaaneuUion etodge theai
selvr* tn use all their influeoen aad natreenae in
such manner aa will best secure, lor the oonaume
iion vi tueseoßleof Virain<a.tkeaaßetinrttaaofar
tic es of Southern rnaoufaotiuoaadsoudsMneortod
bom abroad direct to the South. Tor articles of
Northern aruwth or au\auf*eta re aad rones 'assort -
ed by the Northers people or thrtaii h thaMertbera
States; and to encourage and prefer merohsetaea
.rased in the sale of Son them and foreiga «ooda
imported direct, to those aeliiag needs procured
from or through the Northern State*.
The members of this Association farther pisdcs
themselves, as far ss prsctioabts, to snrehsss
their supplies, including wearing apparel tor
themselves aad families, of Sontbern gam. or
food* imported bj our own aaerehaata dieeqtto ths
The following resolution was also adopted:
Resolved. That it laexpediestaadpiwfartor ths
State or Virginia tn respond to tbe laritntton of
tbe State nf South Carolina, ooromuntoetM to her
Gommisßiorer in person, and aupdißt eetnmie
sioners on behalf of our State to uteet aadeenfar
with snch other coinimstionere as mar be appoint
ed to represent ths other Southern States.
Tht Turners' Association —Ths pel ft it J— liccu
of the German Turners' Association, at tbs
Theatre, lent Friday night, astonished many in
the audience, and certainly pleased att. We
should bass noticed them ia our beat Issue.but
the crowded state of our coleaaae forbade It.
As Igyranasts, they compare favorably witb
any tbat we have ever seen, ana tbeir flan
athletic figures formed a subject ef compli
mentary remark. Tbe Tanners will glee n
masquerade on the 6th, at Moaucelto Hull,
which, judging from the preparations, will be
the bust affair nf the kindutbbt ever took place
Accident on a Railroad.—Wo understand tbnt
a painful soeideat occurred oa tbe Richmond
and York River Railroad, at ~Dispe*eV sta
tion, yesterday afternoon. A negro aann, em
ployed on tbe material train, whilst sitting
on tbs front track, with his feet bunging over,
waa canght by another conch and bad t»th bta
legs crashed ia tbe rooet shocking numuer —
The negro bad been warned agaiust aiuing ao
carelessly on the train, and bat a short tims
had been forced to change bla position, bat af
terwards resumed it, and thnabnd his legs cat
off*. The accident may probably cost Mm
his life. _
Fleet Footed.— We understand thut on Statur
day last, a man named £«ra_*n Daitvr/ not
more than twenty years ol age, n resident of
this city, ran five miles oil tbe Fair Grounds
track in the short tims of thirty minnlee and
one second and a half. When the fhct Is con
sidered that Daily waa natraiasd, tttm lent ia
certainly a remarkable one, bliew di
Busy Time Oeorriug.- To-rnorrbw the : Com
missioner* of tbe Kevenaa nrw to commence
their labor*, and those ia tbe city will endea
vor to pnll through with all puesibledieuatob.
Tbe work is anything; btlt pleasant, when
faitbfully performed, aud therefore It b} tbnt
many of them neb an increase of pay. "
Making Clothes.— A firm in tbiscity is about
to contract for a central location, on wbicb
they intend to erect a the etory bnildtog for
maniifncuring men'a and boys' apparel. ftueh
an establishme-nt, whan fully ander wur, will
givß employment to two or three hundred per
sona. •'•-' • '
teamen's Bethel— Fifty seamea attended ths
Bethel on Sunday night last, to bear asermou
by tbe Chaplain, and most of them appeared
to be greatly interested In .the discourse —
When .the new Bethel is erected, tbsnndlenes
will doubtless increase, aud great'good any
be r-tTecled to the merchant marine. ~ 7 .
Fire.— The alarm of lire, between 1 "and l»
o'clock last night, was cauied by tbe baratog
of a *malt stable, in the rear ef Mr. Joba
William*' residence, on sth street, north oi
Leigh. Lo»e trifling. Ibe Firs Brigade weye
promptly on tbe ground, and dM good eerriee
with tbeir apparatus. -..•.!
Unlawful Assembly—Thej police, on Sunday,
arrested two parties of negroes, sngsged In
playing cards and drinking whiskey, aad
carried them to tbe cage, wbers tbeV were
kept until yesterday morning, WbeutbsMayor
o<-d«red them striped jackets tor Utedr bad sua
duet . ..... - i
Diclling Burned—Via UDderstaad tbnt tbe
new dwelling of Dr. Cole, on ths Williams*
burg road, about six miles from-ibis city, la
Henrico county, wee set on fire and* burned
to the ground, last Suturou* night. Dr. O.i
loss, it is estimated, will not fall about at
98,500. iit , ~.-,
Mayor's Court— Fife negroe»_atl for ttflvtot
offences—were before tbe Mayor jreetaedOah
and punished. The police have very little,
criminal baainess to attend tooow.a-days.but
the enforcement ot tbe city entiaancee nt a job'
not easily performed.
The Steamer Sehulrz, commended by ofr es
timable friend, Capt. D. J. 11l 11.' arrived last
evening from Cbiekahominy rrree, witb a
large number of passsngero nnd fall freight.
She leaves here on Wednesday mayain^.
TnnLKtiisLATivu Exctraaroaf.—Tbe Leaie*
laturea of Kentucky, Tennessee* and Ohio, and
the military of Day ton, Columbus aad Spring*
Held, Ohio, arrived at Cincinnati on Friday.
Tbe guest* were received at tbe depot by an
immense crowd of citizens and a procession waa
binned, and mure tied to Pikes Opera Reffee, *
where the reception took plane. Tbe etreste
on tbe lines of march were densely Ihtouond.
The liospitalities of tbe city were teudered to
the visitors by Mayor Bistttrk and epeecben
were made by Judge Stow. _o». Magoffln of
Kentucky, Lieut-Qov. Newmaa of Teuaeeusf,
Gov. Dennlsou of Ohio, and otbera.
Tha great*et eu thusiasm prevailed, aad tbs
Opera House was crowded to Itsgreatest capa
city. The crowd ia tbs aeignborbood of tbe '
building was tbe greatest oner witßiiead tn >
Cincianatl, and tbe efforts of tbe entire pulton i
force were almost powerless to force n neasaaa) ,
for the procession. It appeared aa Hlbe wbols'
city bad turned out to.welcome tin gnntta. '
Notw. Law Sl-'it.-> raibsr noTal btweain
I* at present ta progress In Wew Orlenne. Tan i
Plain utr is the St. Orpbaa aTjlwui.
and thedebudent A. Magnler, foNtprWUtr ot '
a hnt store. He, it ssema. eousnattoea nrfflk
other batters not tb open bin stage na «_§•>
i days, uader a penalty of StOO fornMaTnAiMn
-ibe money ao forfeited to fttte tEfblbresald
asylum, liutin ibecounssof tIMMt Meunnrr
forgot bla agreement, and openert bin ntore lee '
six Suitdars in succesalon. And nam tbe nan* ii
lum sues Magnler for rWenasje
Dbatu or a Litbuaut L_DT—Mto. Ulan
Lee Folleu.wtoowofFroLaitolton, uf Hoe*
lea. died ou Tbnrsday last, of tynane toW.—
Her htißband was professor of kiaton to __-
yard Uaiversiiy, nad was lost by tW buralag
of tbe steamer Larxlngtou an Long hUnni
S>uod. She wasalsdyolblnbUtofneyatMatn
meuts and culture. Foe? aesuMl ram abn
edited -Tbe Child's Friend? aid Mtbbsbed
•'Selectiona fromFeastou,* and a fEMTen
; Uiled the'*Well-Sosnt Hour.** i*™?.;Tr. ,
1 •' '-..... «^ T ,.. _. T] ngtrntdh I I * ' 4
j Lo! tub Foots, hrotAy.-Veuseren are beiag
prea»ed iv the Legulature ,
der tbat atetie may bs taken tsiiaiiil tbe
| Wiiiusbac» lodtaeefrem abiae yamnts toea*
'■tien. Tbe whites waetlbetrlnMh , • "'-
I AceorsHag tn tbe Tfehemtegol|et»Jd ||mMt.
, lowiag » tbe asanlt ef n meent tTasjea of jEt. t
( CbirluMaw JtoSoa twttSi '
j *b_.ea, l,l«; cMldrw.d^^ l t_- t 4»»»X
Tnerenreabontdve itiaiiiililaii' TflitlglL
faadtsexee. .^,.
--■ I ik*d * ■**•■ - 9sWm%lEßEWm\*Wta> *,*f* _*l , Bann_l wK
i Oreen, Feluaad
Dicalnaee, Jr. and CetovAlMn-atolU. e-ba>
1 Joraaß, cn_r*aal witb UmmuA «| JtonaanSV..
I Burrh. arses eons!eded >nfcgu_LßOTgaff
> (Vs.) Ce»rJ j o jge, WBXara
» tbeir being anjndswl tbirty-uiae hmbes ccc€
aud ordereel to heenM enlnMfee MMbbottoS
fonbwitb. J»to,lt JUB vm f\ a,U jle}'
w.»» crowned with a triamnnnl wrea_T -

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