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On Knglhsu walnut tree In South- 5
J e-s California has paid taxes (or thi 5
J last seven years on $S,000 worth of
5 property. See J. A. Smith at Frank J
J Graft J
2 rr.- M,1lln nt. I-OMITA OfC ?
ideal for walnuts, berries, of a,ij
j kinds, vegetables and poultry. Lo-
catcd within six blocks of the harbor J
I when completed. Call at the corner;
i of Main street and Subway. J
combs !
Committee Begins Wo.k By
Ex cnininsc GlavTs and L's-
te--ing to an Attorney
Outline Case.
Chess Experts Who Are
Winning Hard Games
Members of Committee Ask
Many Questions As to Evi
dence and the Purpose.
McswyTcr ' i.''i-w yj"gOT-.3mmaaBarTtaam
fssssr JBraKB -f -HRiB
.aim Have Now Reached Ev
ery Crevice Under the City
and Men Worfc in Vain
to Stop the Flood.
WASIDNGTONJan. 2C.-Rcp- I 91 I L I 111 81 8 3 8 LlfSB
rcsentattve Fowler of New Jer- ' "w " " v ,,,,s" fc I B
pRincrorri champion- ctceis. rHA3r. ?kom 'wrt to
An3ER,cr.i,.T:rBMAirr;Et.'R.T,SK.s-'STa. pcto. a ntu
WASHINGTON. Jan. 26. The Ita!
linger-Pinchot congressional Inquiry
cgan Its public sessions today Willi
Louis II. Glavis. chief accuser of Sec-j
retary Balllnger on the witness stand j
As the result of many interruptions,
and the final decision of tho committee
to Instist that Glavis counsel make'
an opening statement of the specific!
charges against Secretary Balllnger I
the witness did not get far in his nar
rative. There wag an opportunity.
however, to draw some conclusions
as to the preliminary lineup of the
In his enthusiasm over the actual
beginning of the inquiry, uni as the
result of a tendency to argue his views
of th testimony to be adduced, spec
ial counsel for Glavis, Louis D. Bran
dels of Boston, hud some difficulty iu
reduces his statement to a brief re
cital of tho charges, but finally he
summed up the case for tho prosecu
tion in fhls wafi.That prior to
entering tho government service In
01! SHE, IS
Coal Miners Agree, Through
Their Leaders, to Demand
New Scale When Present
One Expires.
Jndlanapona, Ind, January 26.
A general strike of miners In the
Vaeaf nnasu anal fLaJdLa .if :hj f?Kttjll
anv capacity. R. A. Balllnger aeted "" " "-- "
as attorney in drawing up ait agree-( States and Canada v. IV be calk rf ie
nienl In escrow and deeds in the Wll- mln operators of all or any district
son coal company cases la Lewis lefuie to sign contracts granting an
count. Washington, these cases being increase in wage, according to the
an alles?d fraud upon the land laws j declaration today of many tenders In
Halliaavrs name am not appear mia convention of the United
the cot it lecords of the case;
Workers of America.
Bill Proposed Calls Forth Pro
test Addressed to Senate
By Men' of Lower Rank
Throughout Country.
People Frantic With Fear
Charge the Disaster to Ap
proach of Halley's Comet.
ludiiog i as commissioner of tlie land' president Lewis in discussing tbe
oTice in 1&97 did not show due dlU- J preposition with some of the leaders
sence n investigating alleged frauds lBmt e entire delegate body should
t ounce A with the- Cunningham coaijg,, to Toledo next week for a wage
l'nd r i.titTiR m Alaska: that he list MntaM. wi.ii i.uvut.trtt in Ohio.
kjowfcrisje of all the circumstances I ,,.,-, .-j western 1'eunsylvauia.' effect of the bill, if it becomes taw.
claims and that. In ',, t-,. ,-,, coatraets sbc.'d not will be that 20 per cent of me iie.i-
DBN'VKR. Jan. 26. In violation at
the same execullro order, tho doSaace
of which caused the removal of For
ester Plnchot, army officers through
out the country, including a number
now on duty at army headquarters in
Denver, have prepared a circular let
ter addressed to the United State
senators and others, in which is a
protest against the provisions of ilw
army eliminating bill to be Introduced
in the present congress.
Seldom has proposed legtelauoii for
tlu imr nrovoked such aenerhl lu-
diKnation atrtong army officers. Th
siiiour'iing thes
s.Iite .
..nd 1
l'AKIS, Jan. 2ft The snowstorm
has ceased and the' weather Is moder
ating, but the Seine Is still rising.
Paris is like a doomed city, holding
its breath in terror. Half the city
is in darkness. In gloom, galloping
orderlies are bearing instructions that
can no longer be sent by telephone.
The army, police, nreinen and soldiers
gle the nppearanco of a city fighting
for life. Every minute brings graver
dangers. New areas are being In-
ucJiatcd, quays are collapsing, ynvu
ing chasms appear in the streets.
The water of the Seine has invaded
the entire labyrinth of underground
Paris. it threatens destruction ev
erywhere. Already tfce damage Is
olficialiy estimated at 200,000,009
francs, and etery hout adds millions
more. The catastrophe promises to
exceed the limit of a national dlsab
ter and become International. The
death roll in growing at a frightful
rate, and when the 3Iderutc wmch
now appears inevitable, breaks, it will
run into the thousands. Scarlet fev
er has appeared among the refugees
in Ivry.
Among the Miperstitlous there is
talk that the destruction of l'aris is
the result of the approach of Halley's
comet. Thousands of laborers and
soldieis are working like mad to
build ceme it walls to hold back the
current that pours over the quoys
Into the streets. There Is ten feet of
water in the subway station at St.
I jzarre. and the sinking of the square
threatens to carry down the adjacent
sey. one of the original insurgents
introduced a resolution prdvld-
ing for the reorganization of the
rules committee and the removal
of Cannon fiom the committee.
The resolution alms ut the house
organization, and would shear
ihe speaker of a great portion
of his power
The resolution provides that "
on February 7, the housp elect
fivo additional members to the
4 committee on nilos, four republi-
cans and one democrat. Norris
of Nebraska, one of the leaders
v of the republican Insurgents,
4 bald that the Insurgents were 4
solidly behind the principles of
the Kowler resolution.
Recent Combine of Interests of
Each Now Expected to Lead
to Amalgamation of Both
In Near Future.
Great Crowd Watches Review Bulletin
Board Where Returns Are Shown By
Magic Lantern, and People Express Ap
proval of the Result by Cheers and Good
Natured Banter No Disorder.
Ue entered one of tn' bdgaeu 6 yany district union until tenants now in aiervfo will Jb .
diately retired, since that percentage
of officers under the rank of captain
already are more than 34 years of age.
To protect themselves from so seri
ous a breach of discipline, the offieen:
(who have prepared the letter sign It
only as 'some ol tnohe wno win i:e
- after laing the land oee nH onUlned from the mine ojwa
.e becoming secretary of the (ors unjfom, lnCreae in wags.
th?. he ordered these, Duncan McDonald, president rf tre
o te clear l.sted" for patent IHlmh district and one of the ui.'
inebtigalion. and that they iwu leaders heart!!- enlo.-i J Ltwis
would jJ"- gi"e to patent if Glavis thi annooncetl idan to maKe the
and oners had not intervened. strike general if a strike should li
li - n-.t am one act. but a scries deemed necessary in any district
of act - . nd rirc-nmsunees." declared Franej. peehan. president of the West-
DracdPMs adding that It waa for tu- PrB penn8yivania district, said hi-, con-
committee to determine whether xne vJctjon -R that the organizations
"lands that should be held for the shouid lssue dn nitlmatuui that a strike
leneflt of posterity, are in safe bands." in ... -HstricU would be called in
Tib stating what is distinctly a Aprll ,f an increase tn wages of more
fact, about which there can lie no fhan ten per was not granted, j
quesUon," said Brandeis. "In Jani-, pre6llent iwis mtraJuced a rcso
ary. 1W8." he conUnued. "u"t,:8 j imion that the miners should con
heard Bellinger had ordered the Cun- Umle at work unU, after Ulo eT.n,.
uingham claims to be "clear listed , tJojj Qf the resent wage contra....
for patent. He at once telegraph.-d, JIard 31 Md unt a new
asking that action be suspended. Hot . xl!rnMl or .rike wag nej.
said he had just obtained possession. strike BIRTHDAY OF CORNELIUS BLISS
of Cunninghams Journal, which bore' convention. A plan was NEW YORK. Jan. IC.-Corneliur IL
concusJve evidence of fraud. "e-adol)ted for - working agreement b- Ilss, former Secretary' of the Inte
rnet Governor Moore ami Clarence aIedfot w ,, the VVst-'rior and for a number of years trcav
. -. ,. tween the coal miners and the Vest-.' , t. ..,,, tiPTniMican Com-
Z T M-r that Tutr "l,C G " f M'"T T3K bVaTed T.S"seventy-seventh
.1 ac ion the land would have enc th Ves e PedLR,lUo,, 8ha", birthday today. Mr. nils., Is not.
re-enter the American Federation of among tlie great financiers and cap-
pate ...... Ii.alvnr nnd jrenerallv looks to a final ,nic nf Indnstrv who believe in keep-
,o nrac'tit Tunningham and ' amalgamation of the organized metal Ing in harness until tho end. Though
l. r..-SvtTlnfS,d coal miners of Xorth America. .still as robust and vigorous as man.
SEATTLE. Jan. !0 United State
District Judge Hanford decided Unlay
that title to 1021 acres of valuable
coal lands in Lewis county, c'ainietl
bv P. C Richardson and several
members of the R. A. Wilson family of
Seattle, reverts to the government.
tm i the laml referred to by I- R.
mavie tn M testimony before the
Ilallinger-Plnchot committee.
PARIS. Jtfn. 27 At X o'clock thi
morning the water r rising ranMly
and has reached within a few inches
John D. Ryan and J. P. Morgan
Are Leading Figures in
the Huge Combine.
NEW YORK. Jan. 5 With the
merger of the ISutte projiertles and
tfce recent merger at the Cuggenbeim
'Copper interests. It is now expected
in financial circles that the Ilutte and
Guggenheim interests will consolidate,
and the result be one gigantic corpo.--
tiou controlling virtually the entire
copper output of the United States,
and influencing the world's market.
The .nerger of the Uutte properties
will ijciude the Amalgamated Coppe
Company. Anaconda Copper Comptui
Boston and Montana. Butte and Bos
ton. Washoe. Trenton and other sub
sidiaries of the Amalgamated com
pany. North ltutte and Ilutte Coali
tion. Amalgamated formerly ownco
Total Vote By Precincts
Wet Dry S
j Tool ;
j Willcox rM 79 5
Howie ' M fi 5
tM n .. ...,.. ... ...... ... ... ... ... r mtX . 7
J San Simon 3 I J
I Dos Cabezaa 9 zi S
s Cochise , ., 7 j ;
I Johnson , , .. 1C G s
3enson , go Cn
; Dragoon .- 4 11
J Pearce 9 1C J;
5 El Dorado ...k .' Jd-J
J Wilgus ; ft... 8 7 J
Paradise .....w . .....t.., ... 5
Uacker : - - r . - - , - """Ji!3Hfe$iift&y j - 5
; Whitewater Wj-rtsjgflaHSl ... ' J
Z Courtland ii'fwfcfyfo.r 30 ; 7JU 5
; Warren .-.. AlSaffiSg:-JJ.., ,.. citV 5 5.
Gleeson ...VV.lv4&gr?5r r.C.i.. 2 ' ;
? st. David .j.,.,. ;.-. r.fe LV,' '- 9 - 1 5
5 CurUs ..... sZ4J& 13 5
J ?alrbaak ... ... .. .. -jj -
J Kt. Huachuca jg -,j J
J West Huachuca J
J Hereford V..'".'..!;". 15 u j
j Xaco si 39 s
Herschell " " ln 5
5 Plrtlevllie '.'."..'.".. '.'. '.'. jei 7j J
; Lowo11 a, i8B 137 ?
Carrs Canon .-j, Cto Ejerpn i
J Dowlas t.r-.::;. OT ?
5 Tombstone .' .". ,. . M. ... J. 1S2 "L j
J TotaU ' - 3445 13K 5fi,
J Total vote in county, 3077. f
i Wet majorty, tllS. JX ,i
of the parapet of Qaay louvre. The about 5; I(er cent ot Anaconda stock.
mher claimants had received mfn;
...... . . -hq. flolrl 9PP11IS WITil
doing. Cunningham said he 1-1 r"""18
copies of .11 paper, and b othit .f y ,'en .. lnterrupted Mr. Madison.
in inem to pre em iuc wuua tiuih w
Senator Sutherland of Utah inter
rupted: "You don't claim Ralllngor
acted corruptly as commissioner, but
made improper use of information
-Tfcflfs not all," rennlled Brandeis.
"TlM tr that he acted at all 'w'tn.
rr o continuance, of nc cm-
Tint consistent with the Wgi-
111' o' an officer of the go
. rn
"Then," interrupted
"you do claim Balllnger acted corruptly?"
Brandeis launched his reply with the acHve head ,or thc past
me show of feeling: "I haven t
a man of younger years, he is taking
steps to relieve himself of all busi
ness cares and spend the remainder
of his days in quIeL On July 1 ho
will retire from the firm of Bliss,
Fabyan and Co., the great dry goods
commission house of which he has
flood threatened momentarily to In
undlate the sculpture gallery, where is
kept the Venus De Mllo and other
priceless treasures. The danger of
the Louvre h Increased by the pres
ent big sewer, which. It is feared,
will burst. Masons were assembled
hurriedly and are working at nign
pressure by light of gas lamps buili
Ing a concrete wall to keep out thc
The subway station at Bercy col
lapsed with a terrific roar. Yellow
water boiled through the chasm and
swept all before It. Forty houses In
the vicinity are abandoned. I.ate dis
patches from the provinces bring no
hope that the floods have reached
the crest. Tributaries of the Seine
are beginning to show a tendency to
fall. The Rhine and Saone rivers,
however are still rising. Reports of
villages submerged . and people with
out food are reaching Paris.
At Sevres the famous government
porcelain factory Is surrounded b
water. At 2 o'clock the walls of tho
D'Orsia railway station gave way un
der enornous pressure and a vast vol
ume of water- pours under the roau
wai. o
but it is believed to have greatly in
creased its holdings since the merge-
plan has been under way. In WaJ
street It is commonly understood that
John D. Ryan will head the greatir
copper amalgamation. J. P. Morgpn
& Co. will promote the consolidation.
It Is officially announced that a
special meeting of stockholders of the
Anaconda Mining Company has been
called for March 23, to vote upon the
proposition to increase the capital
stock of the company from 1,200,000
to 6,000,000 shares of $23 per share.
The issue is for acquirement of proi
erty of other companies located In
the Butte district, the statement says.
some siiub ui j7iif,. - -., venrs
used the word corruptly." he exciain.-J p-
;ak, .
who t
ou UTf aware,
let- '
rf "
ed. "I desired to bring ractB berate
the committee. I deem it a matt-r
of great solemnity, and It Is for this
committee to determine whether ibe
great trut holding this land for 'he
benefit of the peopp, awl future gen
erations is in safe hands. We make
no charge except charge of facts. It 1
for job, then, to determine what the
safety and honor of the coon try de
mands." Senators Xetaon. Root and Suther
land and Representatives Olmstead
..1 Ms,Henn aura thn most active Of
nainan - 1 " -"' -
... ! !. .w.mfcntlfnomin 4n fllvfnc? thO Wit
k before Ma. as eommis- w WW..-...- "--. ..-
, I
- von claim he acted ewTup'
!.roprl?" aak-il 9nter'auc
- mnroperly; rtl witaoot
vrd to the later -bt or the ?ov-
wblle coaa '!., Jl"
,d improper r'urv.ard h
, ...Invment fi ..11 cwirian
... t-..-
SALT LAKE CITY. Utah, Jan. 25.
The good roads movement in the in
trmontaln countrv is promised a
CHICAGO. Jan. 26. Cattle market
steady, 10 cents lower. Receipts 19.
000. Beeves $1.00 to $7.40; Texas
steers $3.75 to $4.80; Western steers
$4.00 to $5.90; Blockers and feeders
$3.00 to $5.20; cows pnd heifers. $2 1 1
to $3.40; calves $7.00 to $7.25. Sheen
market 3 to 10 cents lower. Receipts
groat impetus as a result of the In-hs,000. Natives $3-90 to $3.86; western
eerstnte convention wntcn oegan i,, n fo 15.00 : vearlings C.8o to
t.ve Olmstead, "that Battr-"
denies all ta?"
,lied Brandies, "and
and his attorney with questions.
jpted R. -!Many times they referred to Secretary
noHincers denials ana sougni- ciiiiaua.
lions of -what they considered dis
crepancies in statements. Democratic
three davs' session here today. Dale-
gates are In attendance from Colo
rado. Idaho. Utah and Wyoming. It
is proposed to adopt a system for
the construction of interstate high
ways that will be particularly adapted
to the toiograph!caL climatic and oth
er requirements of this section or the
WASHINGTON, Jan. 26. (Special).
Governor Sloan loft "for home this
members were not much in evidence
$7.75. iambs, native, $6.00 to $6.10,
western $6.00 to $S.40.
DENVER, Jan. 26. Denver Am
most probable selection as the place
of holding the next international bal
loon races during the coming sum
mer, according to Cortlandt.F. Bishop,
president of the Aero Club of Amorici,
who arrived today. He also said
there whb excellent prospects of Dan
ver getting International aviation
NEW YORK. Jan. 26. Step were
taken today to effect the expected
merger of principal copper producers
of the country Into a gigantic corpora'
tlon. In Wall street another billion
company is frequently mentioned, but
the more conservative believe the n
nal capitalization will be $300,000,000
It was announced this afternoon that
the directors of Anaconda will meet
March 23, and pass a projiositlon to
Increase the capital stock from from
$30,000,000 to $130,000,000 for the
"purpose of acquiring property of
other companies In the Butte district."
Following the merger of Butte
projiertles, which include Amalga
mated, Anaconda. Boston, Montana,
Butte. Washoe, Trenton and other
rub3idartes. Xorth Butte and Butte
Coalition, and It is expected the new
Auacon-le will metze with the Gug
genheitn. Hagfia and other copper interests.
TRENTON. Jan. 2& Utah Copps
Sled an amended certificate .today in-
crwulng its capital from seven and
a half millions to twenty-five million
dollars. Tho Increase followed the
dissolution or the injunction restrain
ing Utnh from consolidating with tae
Ixwwin Copper company,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 26. The Mann
"white slave" bill was passed by the
house today by a viva voce vote,
Cochiso county luts passed upon the
question of prohibit'on nnd the verdict
Is against prohibition by an over
whelming majority.
Tho returns from alt the country
precincts and Incorporated cities
within the county with the exception
of a few small, soatering precincts in
remote sections show that the "wet"'
majority will be more than nine hun
With the exception of a few misguid
ed individuals who permitted their
fanatical ideas to warp their bettet
Judgment, thecampaignwasconducted-
ed In a clean and dignified manner.
There is no mistaking the sentiment
expressed at the ik11s jestordaj'J It
was emphatically against prohibition.
Tho victory for the "wets" does not
mean, however, an endorsement for
the saloons of Cochise county as at
present conducted, but should rather
be construed to mean a declaration in
favor of strict regulation, early clos
ing and the abolishment of the "dive."
In Bisbee this regulation will be
made an Issue at an early date nnd thc
citizens who voted "wet" yesterday
will be found foremost in the movement.
Reports from all over the county In-1
dlcate that orderly elections were held.
From no precinct comes reports of
disorder. In Bisbee and Lowell the
liquor dealers strictly observed the law
and all front and rear entrances wete
The "dry" precincts in Cochise
Cochise county, so far as the returns
have been received are Warren, Glea-
son. SL David, Naco, Willcox. Don Ca
bezas and Dragoon. t
The heavy "wet" vote In Do-iglas
camo In the nature of a surprise on
account of the reports which had ix-en
received from there during the past
ten days. Tho vote In Bisliee agplnst
prohibition was grento; than conser
vative estimates prior to Wsidnesdhy.
Tho returns' so far received show a to
tal vote cast in the county of 3977.
The wet vote is 2446 and tlie dry
ote 1C32. giving a nmiorit; of QIC
against prohibition.
Thq precincts yet to lie heard rem
are Pttradlsq; Pool, UwclSer. White
water, Ijisii and Wet Huachuca.
In these precincts a touii .clu of 136
will probably be cast wlt" a milorily
in favor of prohibition ranging be
tween IS and 2f.
When the iolls in the Warren Dis
trict were thrown open yesterday
morning at 8 o'clock, thc final grappkj
between the wets and drys for control
oftthe situation was on in grim ear-
nest, and 010 of the fiercest bottlw
eer waged continued front the time
the booth doors swung wide iium last
evening at 3 o'clock, when the final
vote was casts and the counting up
At all three polling places in Bisbee
a line was waiting, anxious to deposit
the little siirw of paper that were ui
tell the tale. Most of them weri
business men. The miners, save for
some who were laid off on account of
It being ejection day, voted after tnoy
came off shift in the afternoon, when
the greatest rush at the jioilins
places occurred.
Early upon the scene of action
were automobiles, both of the Palato
Livery Co. and Dobson & Corbelt,
ns well as those of private individuals
to convey the voters to tho iolla
places. Each auto bore a sign,
"Vote for Personal Liberty," which
was the slogan of the wets all day.
Conspicuous also was the free car
for transiwrtation between Warren.
Lowell and Bihbee, which ran all
day. It bore a sign 'This car free
to voters," also a banner on each
side, "Vote against prohibition."
The aut03 buzzed about Incessantly
between the different booths and to
I.owell aud return. Each machine
contained a worker, aside from this
chauffeur, who called at residences,
picked people up on the street, and
otherwise made citizens understand
that it was their duty to get busy
with be ballot.
Workers for both sides were upon
the scene promptly at S o'clock. Rev.
E. D. Raley, Rev. W. E. Spicer and
J. H. Briggs, Jr, apiieared for a time
to be doing It all for the antis.
Soon the cards of the wets beaan
to appear.. The nastelmarrie wr
stuck In the hatband and read, "Vote
Against Prohibition." They wo:o
grabbed at eagerly by everybody, and
on some headpieces nothing whatcrir
but cards could lie teen. Partles t,r
citizens trooped up and down limn
street. Brewery avenue and in the
vicinity of the polling places, disturb
ntlBK them broadcast and snouttn?
iur luetr cause.
Then came the pMWbs. Their
badge was the white ribbons, but Mm
emMems were few and mr between.
Mast of those who pleaded gnftty
to voting dry preferred not to ad-
VattlfiA flkA tmut lwi II
....., ... .,.,. 1Dm. lBy sneuid bo
jumpeu at tne start-orr.
At the poUs. both at Itisboe a1
Lowell, but HtUo challenging wa
done, this entirely by the drys". So
far as known, the loss of votes s3 tho
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