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lV NUMBER 151.
it Lupins
Ottoman Government Coun
cil Is Sitting to Confer.
Said to Be Contemplating
Stfing for Peace.
Kaiser's Son, August, Lets Others
Rule White He Designs Dresses
am. KiiiiET
Former Governor in Speech
Last Night Here Declares
He Is Still Republican But
Will Vote Bull Moose
k i
wly''liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHlflft ) 2sr!isn.
200,000 TURKS IN
News Received at Sofia with
with Feeling of Relief But
No Noisy Demonstration
Follows Receipt of Defeat
lONDON. Oct. 31: The four day's
fcatlle at Thrace ended in a triumph
of the .Bulgarian commander chief
Savoff, whose skillful strategy prob
ably brought to a close one of be
shortest and most remarkable wirs
on record. The great Turkish army,
estimated at more than 200.000 men
was defeated and went In retreat.
Constantinople Is believed to be at
the mercy or the Uctorlous Bulgarian
army and the council, sitting at the
Porto is discussing the advisability of
suing for peace. Such is the news that
imes from Constantinople.
Only a fortnight since Turkey de
clared war. The first week the cam
paign closed with the dramatic fill
of Kirk Killseh, fully revealing lor
the first time the disorganization at
Had Morale and tbo Ineffecient com
missariat of the Turkish army.
Army is Defeated
Today tliat army was defeated and
routed within fifty miles of Constanti
nople and possibly its retreat within
canltol line defenses rut ntr O..U- tl,o
briefest and vaguest accounts of bat-j
uco.uri treeneu lor-tne war especiel
ly is remarkable In that not a single
war correspondent Is allowed to the
fiont except In the case of the little
Montenegran campaign against Scutari.
SOFIA, Oct 31 News of 4hc de
feat of the Turk sh army was received
here late tonight with a feeling of
great relief, but no noisy demonstra
tions. Confidence of the success of
the fllllf-ftf-f nn nmta to .(..... ...:.
-o -.. u. mu to UllAtTU W ' 11 ,
great anxiety because of the lack ot I
iicwu in mo last two nays. t'eople are
looking forward to Bulgaria becon.
ing the great power or the Balkans
as Turkey formerly was. The news
of the capture of Nazlm Pasha's head
quarters at Tichorlu is availed. Lit
tle Is heard from the Bulgarian left
BERLIN. Oct. 31 Danger of ami
foreign disturbances and perhaps mas
sacres in Constantinople and Salontki.
following tile Turkish defeats, and in
gress into those cities of the (Jem or
alizod Turkish forces, is now attract
ing the attention of the powers. Pro
tecUve measures in this connection
now are under discussion in the Ger
man foreign office, and It is stated
3ernuny will send vessels to inte?
vene. If it is found necessary. Such
intervention it Is pointed oat, will tc
purely non-political.
PARIS. Oct. 31. In view of the
danger threatening foreigners in be
Turkish cities, the Fecond division
flying squadron of the French fleet
is ordered to sail from Toulon to
night at full speted for the Syrian
lous news is received from the front.
The council of ministers Is still sit
ting at Porte. It Is believed, the
ministers arc d!scassing the questipn
of concluding' peeoo with Balkan
ATHENS. Oct. SI. Admiral Coun
toHritte, in command of the Greek
squadron n Aepon, announced the
Isttdi of Tnases and Sobros were
occupied and the Greek flag had been
raised. Tbasra was a dependency ot
Turkey oF the south coast of Thrace.
It has an area ot 150 square miles
and a population or about 12,00,
mostly Greeks.
SOFIA, Oct 31.-The Bulgarian
array is vigorously pursuing the
Turs, who are retreating in disor
der In a panic on feral, Tlhorchlu.
Many gHBb and a large quantity of
aramn4tti was oatared. Aivall.
near I.le Ttargs Mara, was tmrned.
All the Christian Inhabitants, accord
ing to the nuttnriatHi, were massacred.
NEW HAVEN. Conn., Oct 31 -Unless
all signs fall. Yale will have
a i-owerful, almost irresistible scoring
machine for its final games. Foot
ball of the old-fashioned type will be
the rulo fiom now on. the coaches
feeling certain that the team is one
of great power and can be depended
upon for short but steady gains
through the old reliable tyie of pla;
So all fancy plays are to be abandon
ed. Fulll-ack lefty Flynn's capabilities
as a punter and runner in an open
C. and A. Mining Co. Rep
resentative Attends Con
ference Held by Ore
Returning from Phoenix yesterday
where he went to attend the confer
ence held by the mining men of the
state and the members of the state
tax commission, fapt. Greenway
stated list nlfht that tho meeting
as a most agreeable one and one
whiih. he believed would be. helpful
n getting legislation which would
put the assessment of mines on a
lixoi" basis and that would be satis
factory alike to the state officials,
the people and thosa who own ot
control the mining- industry of the
stale. - -
Visit State Fair.
After the conference was over re
tarding mine taxation Capt. Ureen-w-ij
and others who attended, vis
ited the state fair and all were
ideased at Its succesp.
Capt Greenway and Dr. rticketts
went .n ac automobile from Phoenix
to the Ajo mountains south of Gila
Bend where the C. & A is at work
with diiraond drills developing a
propert he)d thtwe under a bond.
Ctpt. (iiwmay was reticent about
'he result o! this wo'k. but said that
it is being continued vigorously
Mike Cu"le. who has charge of the
detplopment work on the Ajo prop
rt. acrompanipd Caiit. Greenway on
bi3 r-tnr" here.
SALEM. Mas3. Oct 31 That the
bullet which ended the life of Anna
Lop.zzo was if foreign make and
could not have been llred from a re
volver of American manufacture and
that Jo3. Caruso confessed to a de
tective whom he thought to be a
friend that he stabbed a policeman
during the same riot and that offi
cials of the industrial Workers or the
WTorId "advised violence and disre
gard of law" In industrial disputes,
were features of the closing testi
mony offered by the commonwealtn
today at the trial of Ettor, Glovannii
tl and Caruso for the Lopizzo murder.
Though the commonwealth did not
rest its case. District AUlrney Atwill
declared he would use no more wit
nesses and the court adjourned toi
tho day while the prosecutor was read
ing the Jury a pamphlet alleged to have
been written by Vincent SL John of
Chicago, general secretary of the In
dustrial Workers of the World. The
pamphlet was lound at the Lawrence
strike headquarters and admitted in
evidence by Judge Qulnn, despite the
objection of the defense. It outlined
the history of the Industrial Workers,
their aims and methods.
NOGALES, Oct 31: After an all
day search by the Sheriffs posse surf
a squad of soldiers, no trace was
found up to tonight of Andrew Yes
bit, private In troop D; of the Fourth
U. S. cavalry, who killed Francisca
Grikjalva, a Mexican woman, last
night and perhaps fatally wounded
two Yaqui Indians. The latter were
section men who came to the assist
ance of the woman when she was at
tacked by the trooper. He shot both.
EL PASO. Oct 31: Eugene ChaHn
of Arizona, prohibition candidate for
piesldcnt, spoke here today. He de
clared that Yllson will carry fort7
states, P-Oosevelt five and Taft three
and Debs and myself others." Also
he said the local option and the local
prohibition is "not worth the hoot."
field will round out the team s at
tack to Just the extent needed
Gene Phllbln is proving one of the
best ground gainers on the squad.
He was sent to left half this tall
when Walter Camp Jr., was kept
from practice because of neuritis.
Philbin has made good, and is no
a strong asset to the Eli backficld.
The quarterback situation seems to
I be clearing with Wheeler the leading
contender for the position. He made
'a good showing in Saturday's game
with Washington and Jefferson
Guy Rowan Trying Out His
Machine Thrown from
Vehicle Against Post
and Neck Broken
TETZLAFF makes mark
PHOENIX. Oct 31: Guy Rowan,
S5 yerfrs old, while trying ont his mot
orcycle for the races this afternoon
Instantly was killed on the fair
grounds track this morning at 11.30
o'clock, when his machine skidded
and crashed Into a fence. Rowan was
thtovrn thirty feet against a post, his
neck was broken and the bick of his
head torn away.
In the fifty mile race this afternoon
Heinzman who was driving a Cino oar
entered by Barney Oldfield crashed in
to a fence bat he was not badly hurt
"The fifty mile rzca- was", won by
Teztlaff In a "Flat, time 51:30.' Earl
ier in the day Tetzlaff lowered tho
Phoenix track record from 52 1-3 to
r.l 4-5. defeating the Cino and Prince
Henrv Uenz in the time trials.
Todav s attendance uas 14.000,
breaking all records for Phoenix. :a f
Prices of Shares Fall, But
Industrials and Harri
man Stocks Most Ac
tive in Wall Street
NEW YORK, Oct. 31: Foreign and
domestic monetary conditions served
to keep today stock market in a state
of apathy and general restraint. The
undertone here was greater in the
latter part of the session, however,
and fairly steady.
In the final hour prices fell away as
money rose. The precarious condition
of the money situation abroad la ex
emplified by the advance in the Paris
bank rates from 3 1-2 to 4 per cent,
the highest since the panic of 1907.
The showing of the bank of England
is not of the most encouraging char
acter, the liability reserves falling al
most two per cent from last week.
Money discount rates were firmer 'n
London and a rumor of the advauce
bank rate received credence here at
the opening prices of stocks ran up in
advance one point or more, a few
stocks or the H'H. Union Pacific, Read
ing and Steel were most active, with
Amalgamated Copper and American
Smelter in much better request than
When call loans rose to eight and a
half per cent in the final hour, bus
iness became dull almost to stagna
tion, with most gains edged to trac
tions. London was a moderate buy
er here, taking Steel, Erics and some
copper returns.
The Harriman roads for September
amount to few statements Issiml.
Union Pacific showed net gain of
$256.001 Southern Pacific $286,009.
Bonds steady. Total sales, par va'ue
WASHINGTON, Oct. 31: A special
train has been provided for by Ser
geant at Arms Randall, of the senate,
to carry the senators, members of the
house ana 'justices ot the supreme
court tr the U- S. to Utica, to pay the
last tribute of official Washington to
vice rieaiuenv ouerwu. xxxe train
will be made up In New York and will
leave there at 8:30 Saturday mornlrf;
for Utica. Carl Hayden of Arizona
is on the committee.
Question "$hall the People
Rule" Formed the Basis of
Discussion of Speaker toi
which Crowds Listened
Declaring that he is a republican
that he was born the same year the
republican parts was born and that .
he nad consistently and -continually
supported that part all his life up I
to the present campaign. Ex-Govern- I
or Joseph H. Klbbey last night fiinh
or declared his intention to vote for '
Col. Theodore Roosevelt, because, as
he said. Theodore Roosevelt was he
enc man who had set his fare
against pclltlcal bosses.
Tariff Is Passed By. j
The speaker staled that It was '
not iris purpose to discuss the tariff. '
the trusts or any other of the prom
inent issues, ns to his mind, all these
questions wore of secondary Import
ance to the vita! question "Shall the
people rule
He declared that the government
ot this country had fallen into the
hands of the political bosses of both
the republican and democratic par
ties and intimated 'hat until these
bosses were dislodged but little
could' be expected In the matter or
destroying ovcynment evils which
the bosns had created. He spoke
af the formation; or this government
a a reprcsentjfuve government and
for raanv rears it proved that people
couPi POMrn thcmse.ves and was
admrd, bur that in late years the
boss had gained control and that
the people ad not been consult!,
but had blindly followed tne self-con
htltuted leaders.
People Assert Tnemselves.
But now, he declared, the people
b,e become aroused and are deter
mined to assert themselves bv means
of tl.e plan of direct legislation, the
I'ltiatite. leferendum and recall and
i hit anyone could sce that they were
Joternvned to eliminate the old boss
ex and take the governmental reins
iito their own hands. The principle
uf direct legislation, he declared, lias
rome to stay and he advised care in
(ts ure
Go. Kibbey declared that Hon.
"harnp Clark was the choice of the
democrats of Arizcna and of the na
tion as ther presld'itlal candidate;
be declared that Roosevelt was the
choice of the republicans of Arizona
and nt the nation, but that the old
boosts defeated both.
Continuing In his assault on the
losea the speaker declared that
fheodrre Roosevelt "was a man whom
'he people who are tired of iwlitical
bossism, could salely follow.
Bosses Deceive People.
He spoke of ho-v often the people
had been deceived and duiied by
promises made b the old bosses, cit
ing the republican nalonal conven
tlon In 19u nt an illustration when
the promise was maue for a revision
of the tariff and then told that the
revision was upward instead of hon
estly dovi ii ward.
The speaker dwelt on the "special
Interests." not the honest business
concern, no matter how wealthy, but
the corporation that undertook to
use the government for its own
selfish purposes. He spoke of th6
charge that these 'interests had con
tributed to the Roosevelt campaign
'.n 10H, saying that this was the)
custt.m of tho time, but what evils
existed twenty years ago would not
Ijp permitted when the people are
sufficiently aroused to take public
matters Into their own hands.
Elames the People.
He blamed th people themselves
for tho iiowor that had been left In
tne hands of the booses and cited
lhat in Phoeuix today lesr than one
third trl the people are sufficiently
jntc-ested in a proposed new rorm of
city government o register as a
nullification for voting for or against
Speaking of tiie story of E. H. Har
riman preventing Roosevelt front ap
jointing b. A. Fowier as governor
r( Arizona, Gov. Kibbey declared
that Roosevelt was not .nfluenced by
Harriman in that setter, saying the
reason that Fowler was not named
was lecaite Governor Brodle and
Judge Kent could not agree on him
because of conflicting political Inter
ests. Still a Republican.
,.In concluding Governor Kibbey
attain declared hat he is a republi
can and raid, be bad not nuit the
republican party or Joined any oth
or party, declaring that he did not
know if ho everwould Join another
Prince August William
Emperor William s fourth sou.
Prince August William, lets otheri
rule while be directs his attention to
the deslglng of women's dresses, do
mestic furniture and fittings. It Is
his hobby.
At an exhibition lately opened in
ately ODened In
the Hohen?ollern art gallarles at Hi. - -
Former Prosecutor and Cen
sor of Morals in Lds An
geles Still Faces Court
LOS NGELE5. Oct. 31. Guy Ed
die, the suspended city prosecutor
unu municipal court censor Is ex-i
iiirr-tieu an uin cuarget or naving
ronir railed to the delinquency ol
'.Irs Alma Jo
ones, colored, by judge
he luvenlie court todav.
Wilbur In th
rh rttirt itiloH lif Inonflinlutt .-i I
dnce was had to warrant holding
Eddie, who took the stand in his own '
behnlr and denied Mrs. Jones' state-
ments. Eddie's trial on a similar
Charge, preferred by Mrs. Alice N"
Phelps, white, is set for November 20
exart nitnre of the latest advices at '
he battle line at Thrace was not I
nado knov n. but last evening the ;
government 'ecelvcd the following '
dispatch fom N'azim Pasha war
minister pnd commander of the
Turkish forces- "Our eastern army,'
was engaged the latt four days In
E5?"?!-? T"h !?eGr Z
VWr Or ay-corps TcentrateS
nt I.uln imrgar. to the north offering
forces bet'veen Lnle Ilurgas and
vigorous resistance to the enemy ad
vancing In this direction The cit
adel at Adrianople is still holding
oiit. Our rores in the neighborhood
of Visa is making a successful ad
vance." 1
Still earlier official advices stated
tho Rulgnr'an rorce of 30.000 men
had concentrated at Istrandla mount
ain where itbe "retreat or the BhI
gariaHS had been cut off."
WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. Taft
reiched tit White House today, re
turning from a motor trip to Dalti
inore. partr, but that he was supporting
loo-sevelt because In his success he
felt that the day of bossism would
lie ended in this country.
Gov. Kibney was introduced by E
C. Hicks, secretary of the local
Bull Moose and before the meeting
tho Calumtt & Arizona band rend
ered some excellent music
Tired of Political Besses.
Governor Kibbey all through his
swech made It plain that be was
tired of the political bosses
thoso whe remember how In
ho was steam-rollered in the
son convention and In Chicago
same year, and again how he
steam-rollered last spring In
name manner, will agiee that he has , First Presbyterian church and will be
some Justification for his antipathy. ! attended by President Taft. members
There was probably two hundred of the cabinet, senators, representu
at tne meeting and the cold no tives, foreign diplomats and govern
doubt kept many nway. ment officials.
of Germany, and wife.
lln the Prince displays a number ot
photographs of ladles and gentlemen
of the Jlcrlln court clad lu cc ti mes
designed by himself and fashioned
under his supervision.
Tho accompanying picture Is one
. of the most rwpm thai 1. 1 Lou. -
' ken of Prince August and his wife
Colonel Did Not Seer- Fa
tigued After His Ta'l:
Last "Vigli t
OYSTER DAY. Oct. 31. Apparent
'r none tlie worse for his exertions
last nlcht
Colonel Roosevelt was at
ork today. Although it was ' iast
' f?!,,n,sh' ,whcn he reached homo rrom
sw Wk' ho "hi lie felt refreshed
! b'l lo s" "n'k to ''a1i.so Square
"""7' . " ' . """r iurci a jrauy
in behalf of the state progressive
rirket He is not down for a speech,
but i.rohaMy he will make a short
NEW YORK, Oct 31. Gov. Wil
son, speaking tonight before an audi-
3' -' "- "
W1'- "' '
at 9
o clock, after speaking before an en
thusiastic nudhnco at the IJroioc.
WINon stood for an hour and three i
minutes on the platform wait ng for I
the demonstration to end. The out- j
burst defied the utmost efforts to
quc'l It. Tho governor's motions for
quipt only caused renewed cheers
and chants: "We want Wilson" aBd
they shook the hall He sioke ox.
temporanecusly and declared thu
progressive party "wherever It could
capture a regular republican was
regular ard wherever it could r.ot
was lrrecular." He said the n'bw
party had not come from the demo
CHICAGO. Oct. 31: Declaring In
formation came to him in his capacity
as attorney under confidential privi
lege, under the ruling of eourts. Cyrus
Bentley, former counsel for the Me
Cormick Harvester company, decrta
cd today to answer questions resett
ing conferences hold In Now York
prior to the organization of the Inter
national Harvester company.
UTICA, Oct 31: Arrangements for
the funeral of Vice President James
S. Sherman were practically complet
ed today. Services will be held Sat-
urday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
Hockin, Who Took Con
victed Dynamiter's Place
at Ironworkers Headquar
ters Tells Things Learned
Labor Leaders at San Fran
cisco Arc Said to Have
Sent Strange Man to In
dianapolis to Inspect.
IN1JI VNAPOUS. Oct. 31. That
lohn J. McNamara, the contCcted
ii-. namlter. since his imprisonment ill
the penltpntiary at San Quentln, Cal..
I has plotted to -get" William J.
j Hums detective, and also to -get"
j Walter Irew, wlio worked up the ev
l ulonce nua'mn him, was the sr.b-
-tauce of tho testimony In the "dy
"arriie cfwpiracy" tral today.
The story as related on tho witness
-tand was that Herbert S. Hockin,
vent to San Quentin last spring and
that McNamara while in conversa
tion with him through tho bars of
the cell said- "I would like to see
them get Rums and Drew." It turth
er was related that Hockin con
fessed to the incident and charged ba
heard labor leaders in San Frauclco
repeat McNamara's wishes.
Package Iden'ified.
As tend' ng. to sustain tho story a
pacljizo was produced in court and
identitied as having been taken from
the check room at the Vnion station
in Indianapolis last May and when
opened before tho Jury, the jiackago
was found to contain forty feet ot
fuse. a parcel of dynamite caps and
an alnrm i-lock. The package, was
..rap, ed in a San Krancisro paver
'taiin? the date of April 13. 1912.
Edard J. IJrernan. agent of tho
rtment of justice, testified to the
related to him by Hncl.' n.
Mrf-rnan ysid on May 27 last he was
railed into the district attorney's of
Ilce at Indianaiio'is and there Hrck
m confTWil to him in snhstance ns
follows -
Hockin Goes to Frisco.
"Hockin has gone to San Quentin
und talke' to McNaroara. McNamara
s-id 'I'd Hke to sco them get Bums
and Hrow.' "
Hockin tNM went to San Francisco
.-.p i met niaf Tveitmoe. a promin
ent labor leader. Tvc tmoe urged
Hockin to rempin ir San Francisco
another la
wn- leader coulil ne called from I.os
Angelas. To this HoHsin consented.
When goiNg to the station to return
to Indianapolis. Tveitmoe, Johannsen.
ii man named Lewis and A. E. Yoell
accompanied him. Johannsen saying
on the wav. ' Mac (meanin? McNa-
i marai is arixious for us to get Barns
and Drew "
Johannsen then added to tho
j statement of Hockin "After you re-
, turn to Iidlanapolls. a strange man
nill appear on the scene and you
x ill know him when he says, "I am
Arrow, not Darrow." When he says
those -oords you will know he Is the
tight man."
Tip Is Tien.
'Hockin did return to Indianapolis,
e short time latr and was called to
the telephone bv a aan who said:
T am Arrow, not Harrow." Later
he met hp stmncer aftd -procured?
a good description of him. The man
Irought a rai-kage which he left at
the Ironworkers headgtiarters.
"A fov days later Walter Davis, a
member of the local ironworkers'
union of New York, come In. Hockin
jtav'e him a packa-vs saying 'take
that out of here am" get rid of it.
"Davis returned with a check from
the union stntion. Hockin then took
the check to district Attorney Mill
er. l.ater Fred Sherman, an Iron
worker or trial, came in and asked
for the cr-eek. Hoek'n pretended to
Imr-e lost it. At another time Sher
man retHrncd and said: 'Say that
.-nan sayfl ye're 3 liar and a crock,"
meanta'g Hockin Jtad not lost the
U. S. Mars'-! Schmidt produced
tho p-KBkag-'' and opered it In court.
He saW the check for It was deliv
ered to him by District Attorney
EL PASO. Oct 31: Ah attempt of
tho Mexican poverHment to W I'
cual Onweo sr., in jail forty days wore
without trial was frustrated today by
Judge A. M. Walthal of the loeal dis
trict court. Senor Oroeco already ha
served forty days as a result of fee
procedure proscribed by the Interna
tional extrwHthm treaty. Oreeeo wa
freed teday hr the expiration of tin
alloted. Cenesl Lorente ef Mexfeo.
who caused a detention of the pefKtte
extradition offered no proofs to the
federal cotirt of the murder ohaie
made by the Mexican government.

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