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BOftD IS Mil
Does Sprint in Canyon at 64
to Help Customer to
f Advantage of a
FJoint in Trade
businesSest EVER
-If jjjMJ bad hiked about over the
wjfcet for a matter of forty-five years,
lagging Sfflr Sample" cases aud
trunks,, euperfeucing the agonies 01
ll'JItl"" iWitWi TP" rora i,ontana
totsJco3n4J,JtJgflj-fir to tjie Pacific,
ami tljijir lpcjaeniaj In Uie way of any
out sort of accommodation from a roll
of blanKeUf to a steam heated room In
the Brown Palac or a ditto with a
bath at the old Palace in Frisco, to
say nothing of other side Issues. In
the way of all sorts and conditions
of provender,,, with broken hours of
s!vp-a. mcrepBtdes line regulated by
the vrhin&teal hours of arrival and
departure, .'Otttainfc bad yon hacked
through this nne of action, do you
think thnt at tbe sue of CI ioa wonle.
liavo tie singer If ft to sprint op Tomb-
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kglslature was convened although the
galleries ero fairly well filled. It
vtt all too apparently a cut and dried
affair and Pnoenlx and hex citizens
ore getting used to legislatures.
Then, too, there, w;as lacking; tbe
usual Influx of outside Phoenix men
of protntnsuce who in previous years
have found It convenient to be on
hand when legisiatutos met. The mem
bers made calls at nearly all of tai
Mate olllces whloh to the every day
isitor It could be seen were alt
"fixed up" evidently for the purpose
bf making a good Impression on the
lawmakers. About ten oclock the first
steps in tne program of beginning the
.Session were underway.
Tonight about the only specially in
Jerested ones In Um comings and go
ings of the solons are the numerous
attaches who seek enligbtment from
all imaginable quarters as to Just
what part, if any, they will be called
to .play in the game of law-making for
the commonwealth of Arizona.
Free Hand Given. .
PHOENIX. Feb. 3. When Governor
Hunt leeued his call for the legisla
tive session it was his idea that the
legislators should be given a fret
reUrn. Up wnulrl nnt nu htn tv,ual, n
jKone eanyoa a quarter of a mile at an executive to lllalt them ln ,hefr
i swift Jog to ask a man who bad gtv- worc nccnUse bome j,articular sub
vn you a swwlj order as to some little 'j wa8 mentioned In his coll by no
mm,i ju jip ju(. i - means was indicative or.ii desire on
-niRht seem ito his advantage, ana, tne ,,art or the g0vernor that a JaB
sprint bacfc-W 8stch the street cir w lhe subject should be enacted.
W were. Imsplng. to your train on? Thosa moam,res in which he was es
gomqthinc of a .sentence, that, 1n ijaUy- interred- Gowrnor Hunt
Kolnt M fohty. but not a markerJ dwrit wJtl, iu mt9aaso to lhe Ieg
-tor the iBngevlty "that persists withMatute hichtrits with sixt-five
,re spirit orlfeA. Slocum, veterat bub.tecti and la about thirty thousand
travellni; man, -"iHso says he h us words In length.
b'oMg today when it eomes to bttstltm,
business aud giving his customers ah! x.r How Deadlock Ended.
be can as hp, -was when he first took Ordinary measles cam-a near costing
'the road neaily half a century back. the aatft o Arizona a good many thou
sMr. SociM3 lsr for a few dajs. Ug,,,, do)jars reeison of tne anuction
diolt8f a portion .o the efttput 0 Representative Cocke of Slancoga
of sprout (-pottery and dfshwar co4.nty wltn of ,he malady
, plants baok to Ohio and PenpHania Tbe democrafa &? u,e house divlded
that dtsttlbutf tnetr proaucij an ove. evenly, fifteen Vote on a side in the
JtlW worm.-, tie says uuioi ia suuu speakership conteet between Rejirc
(Nt he Bvoc knew it to be better, ontive Unn9y awi Uraduer.. On ao
.here In Hwbee. and he has been na- mnnt.tit.th mocioo rv.i.-, r.i,i i
ealnK along eVrr,oncr I" a whHr he ,ireseBt and Jt looked. Tor a time
.lhe last twntv years. hlse here In tlt -the dewdlock ou!d keep tbo
uie state ae is-miso iina.iiB iih 'jfcouse or representatives from trans
ery satisfactory shape, lwt there JM acting any business until he coula
' only one Blsbee, says Sir. Slocum, aud j take hfe Mat
it W the me town in lite ana Busmeea
"r lh state. g
aver II-lfewjfMpcico and up In Xe
Vftda, llrooum says there has been
ili-cided Improvement the last several
ni0Btlw.,lcHreetl- itmceal-'e to better
conditions in association with the mln
itHE industry, tte. Ulsbee's ruunlnt
mate In general spirit, says tbfs vis
itor, Is also coming up rapidly from
,the-tepreseien -wlrfch it suffered for a
eoosWerahlu period. California is tht
dtfly'qule't section In his territory, he
concluded at the end of the Inter
view '"te -'Review- reporter had with,
him yestertlay afternoon after wit
nessing hislnetaW sprint in the can
Jon. The Callfornians have yet to rallj
from the dflreage done by recent ex
ceptional "weatHer, but they are atom
th Job and In a tew months more
will have a normul pulse once more.
the English red was still like the red
flag to the bull in the case of as good
an Irishman as hi was.
To passion the question of the eligi
bility of several of tbe members ot
the legislature who have lxeu drawing
a salary from the state since the last
legislative uexion. which Is In viola
tion of th6 spirit of tbe state constitu
tion of their serving as members of
the, fleglslatre. a committee, ot flvi
were appointed in the house today
consisting of Representatives Ura
ham. Whipple, Kerr, ltabbitt, and Lew
is. It is understood the attorney
general has held none of the members
are disqualified trom serving, but it
was deemed advisable to have action
taken on the subject by the legisla
tors. Harmony n Senate.
The members of. the senate howe-i
their usual disposition to work and
the organization of that body occu
pied a very few minute. President
(.'unniil called the senate to ordor
and following the prayer by theChap
lain and tbe choosing of the more im
portant attaches, the calendar wn
called aud the senate was in working
State Treasurer Reports
The report of State Treasurer John
hon was received and referred to the
rinance committee, together with a
letter and a proiosed bill alTectlng tho
work of his office. A letter was also
transmitted to the senate and also
to the house from Public Examiner, W.
M. Punkett accompanied by n cop
cf a proposed Din, a new insurance
code for the state. The bill Is some
what similar to the proposed Insurs
ance code of last session and was sug
gested to the public examiner by num
erous situations be encountered ln his
examination of Arizona Insurance
companies. It seems probable that be
fore the close of the session an in
surance cede in some form will to
enacted Into law. Tbe present bill afi
fects companies carrying ori all
branches of Insurance from plate glasa
and burglary to old line life.
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.ninor city supplies. More than a doz
en persons were present at the meet
ing to urge various matters.
Alter much discussion ot regulation
of pool rooms, the city attorney was
Instructed to frame an amendment to
the prebent ordinance which shall
provide that all pool rooms close a.
1 a. m., tho same time as the saloons.
Another important provision is that
Taking into consideration the. great
cost to the state ot the delay in. get
ting organized and ready to transact
business. Representative JJraune J minors will not be allowed In pool
withdrew from the speakership con- 11)3 between 9 p. m. and C a. m. VI-
teet in favor of IJhney and "made pos
sible tne election of the Yavapai rep
resentative It was generally under-J $5n or one month'in 1all, or both. The
stood, although no one could speak
with authority, that Cocke would sup-J at the next meeting of tbe council.
port Linney. were he present, but
nevertheless, Bradner's action was
considered a generous one
A Disturbed Irishman
When the Janitors of th house of
representatives made ready the desks
of ths members, thy placed upon tne
top of each desk a flaming red blotter.
The color was offensive to'Kepresea
tative Lynch of Graham, who declared
that while he had been away from
the old sod for a good many years.
olation ot this amendment will be a
misdemeanor, punishable by a One ot
amendment will be up (or ratification
The practicability of building a
modern disposal plant will be taken
up immediately. Mayor Williams ap
pointed Adermen Overlock. Hennessy
and Jones to look into tbe matter and
report at the next session. The com
mittee will confer with Warren, Lo
well aud county authorities and by
sharing the expense the coat toPach
vill be comparatively small. A dis
posal plant could be erected. It is es
timated, for abot 110.000. The mat
ter was brought to the attention of
the council by H. I- Grenard, who
suggested ertction of a garbage lu
tnnerator. A light was asked on Quality hill,
back of the Doylo residence. Investi
gation was ordered. Thirty petition
ers a3kcd that ttvps 'oo erected on
Launury hill from the Low is to thd
Squire property, l'ofencd to the
street committee. - j
John Caiie asked that SQ feet of
stairs be jfat in to connecfTiW Prop
erty with a' city 'street. Ordered In
vestigated. I). Oatero asked a refund
on taxes on four fractional lots. Af
ter investigation the request was de
nied. Petition for u light on Walsu
avenue at Opera .drjve, was refctreU
to committee. ;
A committee Was iuqwiatcd to wait
upon lira. Lpyd, Tpmbstone canyon,
about right of way for a sewer line.
The clt also decided to purchase' tv
small section of 'BOVtr line no in.
City hall root repairs were ordered.
A wagon, together with other ma
terial needed by City Sealer Quick,
will be ordered by the finance com
mittee. Street Supervisor Wright re
mitted ?50 of the flOO given him for
expenses on his recent trip to Phoe
nix, where he went to purchase horses
for the citj. The finance; committee
will look after awarding of city in
surance, t-oou to be renewed. A com
mittee will Walt upon the Warren
Street railway Co and ask an "owl"
car, to le run up the canyon at 1.30
a. m. to accommodate miners com
mg off shut.
The streot committee will make an
estimate of the cost of Installing a
cement water way on O. K. trail. C
UrooKs appeared before the council
and stated that he would, without ex
pense to the city, look after the level
ing of the street after the water way
lad been put in. The city clerk was
instructed to write for prices on
three now metal, dump carts, which
wnl soon be needed by the city.
C. II. Malcolm has asked that tha
city install a 40 foot retaining wall
at his property, tne old wall having
been removed when extension of tha
canyon road was made. Referred td
ccmmlttee. Wllllaimspauldlng, of th
Loyal Order of Moose, asked that 4
plot in Evergrcn cemetery be set
, aside for the lodge, the plots to be
iiald for as needed. Oranted. ' Mr
Owen requested use of certain city
retaining walls for advertising pur
poses. Granted, tho reni to fie de
cided later.'
W. H. Cooper .wrote that Tie would
commence civil (proceedings against
the city unless a $75 claim was paid.
H.( had never presented his claim and
the council decided it should be paid
on demand. The -money Is due on
property Cooper allowed the city to
use in the intension of the Tomb
stone canyon road.
A Miller Manufacturing Co.. water
'meter tester was bought' for $859.50
and will be a pan of City Sealer
Quick's apparatus'.
The council passed tho sanitary or
dinance. Specifies that every house
holder shall be responsible for the
sanitary condition of his property.
Real Battle Scenes Taken on
the Firing Line at the Bat
tle of l.ulle Burgas
Tho immense irowds that attended
the Royal Theatre lost night witness
ed a real treat in lhe form of real
battle scenes which were taken on
the battle field at tne battle of Lulle
Hurgas, tho greatest and most disas
trous battle that has thus far te?n
fought in the great Balkan war.
Thero have been many battle scenes
shown In tho production of historical
pictures but this is the first picture
of a real battle over seen In theWa-;
ren district. This noted battle was a
victory for the Ilalkans and the lait
scene shows the Turks In hasty :e
treat going directly toward the spot
where the Camera man was located
and as the shells are dropped close
on tho heels of tho fleeing Turks 'he:
picture onds abruptly showing that
the picture man too realized his dan
ger and beat a hasty retreat out cf
the line of fire. In viewing these
thrilling and realistic scenes one can
realize the danger ever Imminent n
the production ot pictures of this k nd
as the camera must be located eloe
to the field of action In order to ob
tiln good views of the movements
which aro as a rule very rapid an!
difficult to record owing to the 1 git
which is not always favorable for the'
These views will be shown again
today and tomorrow and are weil
worth seeing.
I SS fgiiBLiijai f ffr ff " 'w K I
was introaiiced in the legislature to
day prohjbitliig women from wearing
dresses buttoning In the back, unlesa
the buttons be as large as a dollar.
The 1111 provides a tme or xi to 53.
with a Jail sentence for persistent ofc
fenses. ,
New Embroideries Way Under Price
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Ttic Rrcat tonic and stmrulatir ? prc.nert-e- oj ?unny
Brook have had much t" ! toward nakinjr us lite largesl dtsiilltn or
fine old sehisiey in Ike uorU For nearly 50 years Suony Brook has
proved of real value to tio who now and then require an energy
builder. When energy U. lacking efficiency is lacking. Hare, old and
mellow whiskey like Sunny Brook, acts as a great up-buiklen and
makes lite worth living.
Sunny Brook is Bottled in Bond every bottle is sealed
with the Government Stamp showing that the contents are genuine,
straight natural whiskey, V. S. Standard (100) proof. Tlra stamp
however, onK assure purity, but not quality. Anv whiev lJo.tled In
Bond s genuine '-tralght vhke-, but not all straight whKktes i are gooa
-whiskies. Whtu vou select Sunny Brook 'Hie Pure Food V nikey
then you know that in adc.Moa to the assurance of Absolute Krnty
by the mater cozmmtHt en thl CSobt rot '. fa .? ;. uaraatec ef Unezcaltd tJuolUJ
by tlie irgct dittillera of tin thUmy in th world
WASHINGTON, I). C, Peb. 4.
"Loan sharks'" in tho capital, credit
ed with doing an enormous business
among government -clerks, received a
blow today when President Taft
dgned the "loan shark" bill limiting
their charges. a'.M) those of pawa
brckcrs, to one per cent per month.
The passage of the bill has bt-ci
fought for years ln congiess and
money lender appealed 'personally
to the president to veto it.
iNEW YORK, Feb. 4. V S Com
missioner Shields has set Feb 23 for
the examination of Miguel Garza
Adalpe, a civil engineer of Chihuahua,
Mexico, wanted at San Antonio, Tec
as, to answer Indictments charging
violation of the neutrality law. The
Indictment charges Adilpe and Franc
is Gazman with having provided for
J and equipped a military expedition
last year from tnis country, in aia ot
Mexican revolutionists.
Alleged Cof.fleciioii wit Swindling
B;nk Is Cause
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ttrr-?j& s2rrz ?
PARIS Feb i. J. Pirii C.ibnjv.
SpanUh ambassador to France re
signeu Ms post today, owing to his
connection with the South Span.feh
Agricultural bank, of which French
judicial authorities" are conducting- an
Investigation. It is alleged the bank
obtained large sums of money from
Investors on false statements ln a
Senor Caballero declares he In
ltes the fullest inquiry and accepts
responsibility for any of his acts.
C'Mjnt Kamanoues, the Spanish prem.
!cr, accepted tho resignation after a
long Interview with Cawfllero.
NEW YORK, Feb. 4. Copper quiet.
Electrolytic 1C.50. Tin weak, lead
steady. Slielter easy. Antimony uom-
mill. Iron unchanged. London cop
per weak. Copper arrivals, 1300 tons.
TRENTON. N. J.. Feb. 1. The sen.
ate ratified today tbe amendment of
the federal constitution authorising
congreiM to impose an income tax.
The house had previously ratilled tlie
MADISON. Feb. . Two year"
war fare between the Wisconsin wo
men suffrage aeeociaUon and the po
litical equality leafeue ended today.
when representative of both met here
and by urmnlrooos vote decided tt
unite force. The resolution for a
Hilton was presented by Mtee Zob
Nagel Has Records From Venezuela
neiay xo rreem
Secretar;, Nagel is prepared to de
fend bis cou:-se hi oraermc the de
portation of Clprhno Castro. Ct
lifted copies of some of tho evidence
upon which Castro was Indicted In
Venezuela for alleged connect.on
with the killing of General Paretex.
have been forwaried to TT. S. Attorn
ey Wise, in New York, far use at
hearing of the writ of habeaus t-or-pus
The secretary's action is based ou
telegraph communication from Cara
cas to the state department. The
-certified data received, tnemdes. n
is understood, copies of seme or tbe
official records of Yenezewla while
Castro was president
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' The Dest' tlaugh l-Mediclge. ?
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General Dklributors TUCSON. ARIZ.
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Lo. Artl-. Sta Fneiico
With the arrest '8terda mornlnj?
of a Mexican, known onl a ' loa'
the deaf," the police bel eve that tno
chicken thefts that have been so
numerous of late, will eeaee. The ar
rest waB made early yesterday morn
ing by Officers Brooks.
According to report Jose la deaf -to
everything except the cackle of a
chicken, which melodious sound he
can hear when a couple of blocks dis
tant. Tha police say that Jose would
spot a well teuented chicken coop
and. when dusk was falling, would go
to the coop and remove a few of the
fattest occupants. Theie he wouP'
take to the various restaurants :n
the city and sell.
Tbe police first got on the trail at
Jose when a half a dozen pullets we-e
sold to the aze restuaranL The pro
prietor had ais suspicions that lira
Mrds were perhaps only teiiMrarIy
tbe property of Jose aad notified the
police. Since then a keen witek has
been kept and nslted i tbe arreat
yesterday mornlnjt Tbe eae will
come up in the Justice court th'S
Urfklnfc the America by rait 1B be
of-jpeat mbM lS-tanoeriiu; rhe yeajn
pfspaganda awoiur tbe diCerat een-
tr'ee of ttewth n4 Seth Ajmriea in
tbe aptotye, ot ?Awlrev 0)HnMf4
TM wfea'aaJd kjrparnraie t a mavt
! today it life WarriwenPaa Ainrt
tcaa Railway committee, of -w.'c be
is a. member. Reports on tbe i akin
of the Americas by railroad -pe9F
read aad shewed progress fcewg ma
with tha project.
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Kidney- Preparation
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ajra for the womanly system, by R.Y.
Pierce. M. D., and liaa been sold ever
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