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" ,,
rp YsT
NO. lo4.
tenovei from the Princi
;pifcftty of the Arnold
And Suspended from
Service for Three
To Teach in Another
District When Sen
tence Is Up.
"Warning to All Treih-
m to Oboyttbo
' And ts Abstain tram Gruilty and
tin Sad of Merchandise
in Sctnol,
The-Board Tf Education hearkened
to the voice. fat-Mom, and hiis re
moved Mix. Braddlo Bradford from
the prlneipalshlp of the Arnold
For her conduct wlillo holding
that important altera the Honrd of
Education has tnispended ihcr from
the DtiirfJo erT4co tor (three mouths,
and has directed Unit ut tho oxpl ra
tion of Iter Msnteuco itho woman lie
transferred to another district.
Tilts is as dt should he.
The good tuamo of tho public
schools of Chicago demanded that
80HHJ Midi action ho taken.
niKhtall of the aiieinbors wcrc pres
ent except Mr. Chalmers, who Is In
Europe, ;uwl Mr. Cnmicrmi, -who is In
' Mrs. Bradford, Mr. Bradford, nnd
several woaion yimpnthly.ers viewed
tho scetio from the hack benches.
Motions and countcr.motlons, with
almost a down divisions, .were Im
portant features tf .ithe proceedings.
Mrs. Flower, Mr. Beebo, Miss Jinrt,
nnd Mr. Rose-ritual lulvocated the
cause of the accused .principal. Mr.
Rcvcll, Mr. Trade, Mr. Ilrenun, and
Mr. Boldenwcck took the wldu of the
When the Mihject oumo up-early in
tho evening there was a dlslnclini-
tlon to net, and the question was de
ferred until the regular business was
transacted. President McLaren tailed
attention to the rule requiring oxecu-
"tlvo session. Through 'the hilluonco
of the, able and, talented Mr. Jtoscn-
thai, this rule was suspended, and
l.thc reporters and spectators re
Tlie able and talented Mr. Rosen
thal moved to strike out nil reler-
encc do tho subject of dismissal from
tho .majority report against Jfcrs.
.Bradford. It Jarred on his feelings,
10 to
kweck .promptly moved
lontliulls motion on the
the Hoard took Mr.
jcn.week's advice In preference to
Rosenthal's, as ithe following
rote will show:
For Tabling Brcnan, Badcnoch,
Revel), Boldenwcck, Gunderson,
Duggnu, Cusuck, Halle, Dluthordt,
Goet?, aud Trudo 11.
Against Hurt, ltosentlutl, Flower,
IVanw-r, Heebe, Mallette, and Mc
Laren 7.
The main question was then tukeu
At tills Juncturesevoral "petitions,"
gotten up by Mrs. Bradford und her
friends, were presented and deposited
In the unromantie pigeon-holes of
tho clerk's desk without reading.
A feeling of genuine pity euiue
Ir many when Mr. Beebo, who has
Irn himself lop-Bided running
Dund to newspaper oltlcos, took the
I: Hit famous expression of Uotlanco
made the gas Jets blink, but l) ho
was not 'liappy.
Frovn'thc Inside recess of Msvapa
clous tailor-made coat Mr. Beebo
took out ten rolls of wall paper, worth
at least 1 cents a roll.
On the reverse of the vall paper
Mr. Becho had written a speech.
Mr. Bcclte read his speech.
It was the same speech which had
boon printed In sundry -nllegcd dallies
devoted to the Bradford Interests.
Efforts were made to choke Mr.
'Bccbc off, In the Interest of his
hcaltli, at Intervals of half an hour.
They were unavailing.
Mr. Bijcbc tlnlshcd his speech. It
was a long one, and charged one of
Mm. Bradford's pupils with having
oaten icecream once upon a time!
Awful boy!
Mr. Boldciiwcdk made a sensible
and manly spcci'h, based upon the
evidence of citizens aud teachers, In
favor of Mrs. Bradford's removal.
Mr. Brcnau -spoke against Mrs.
Bradford In a calm, dispassionate
manner that carried conviction with
It, especially when he quoted the
strong evidence against the principal.
Tho handsome and talented Mr.
Rosenthal, -who Is becoming quite
prollclent as a speaker, desired to add
to his histrionic fame by reading
some selections from Tiik Kaoi.l'.
While It is true that Mr. Rosenthal
is not personally an admirer of Tiik
Eaolk, It is also true that when it
comes to an article of real merit his
appreciation of truth rises above his
He had found an article In Tin:
Eaoi.i-: Just suited to his style of
declamation, and having given the
noccsarylme to practice, Mr. Rosen-
thai was about to please the audience
by reading it In his well-known dra
matic style.
But fate ruled otherwise.
Mr. Rosenthal was ciuclly called
dow u.
He did not read, and the god of
eloquence Is In mourning.
But Mr. Rosenthal made a speech
Just the same.
Koine pleasant Interruptions by
Mr. Trade gave Mr. RoenlhaI an
opportunity to cause laughter.
Mr. Trudo reviewed the testimony
and pointed out thestiong, uucolored
evidence given against tho school
principal by the teacheis, none of
whom weru actuated by malice or
envy. Ho emphasized tho fact that
the evidence clearly pioved that Mrs.
Bradford had uod her position to
further the salo of patent medicines
and merchandize.
Mr. He veil took the same ground
against Mrs. Bradfoid.
After much parllmeutlary sparring,
Mr. Bevell offered the following leso
lutlon as a substltuc tor tho whole
question, and it was adopted:
Resolved, That Mrs. Itradford bo
suspended for a perloi of three
mouths, and when reinstated she
shall be sent to somo other school.
This was the vote on tho resolu
tion: Yeas Brcnan, Warner, Gunderson,
Gootz, McLaren, Miss Burt, Bevell,
Gusuck, Mallette, lladcuoch, Mrs.
Flower, Hallo, Trudo Bl.
Kays Rosenthal, Beebo, Boldou
week, Jlluthardt, Duggau 1.
So the Arnold School will know
Mrs. .Hnuldle Bradford no inoie.
CoNSiminiNO the wido advertise
jnent which tho transportation of
twenty million dollars in gold coin
from fc'uu Francisco to Washington
City has received, tho train bearing
the immensely precious burden may
he said toihmo proceeded very fortu
nately, un taking into account Its
strong guardiuf .armed men. It might
not have been a very dllmuilt work
by a large und wcll-organlaed band to
wreck and rub Alio train. Jl would
seem that couveyauco of the treasure
could have been conducted with
greater savrecy, luit successful accom
plishment will prevent criticism.
' Mkkchantb of Zaucsvllle, Ohio,
cufc rates with so lusty a slush that
cotwets, llrst sold at a cent aplec,
were thrown Into the streets, where
ladle, for thus they uia designated
In the dispatches, scrambled after
them, to the loss of dignity and tho
sore rending of garb. It must have
been an edifying spectacle, and each
lady having mended her ralnment
torn in the heat of tho controversy,
should .nut on a charity cornet and
hasten in a; congratulatory spirit to
shako hands with herself.
so nun.
Jaok Frost Will
Knock Out
Besides, It Takes Time
to Make It Epi
demic. A Timely Statement from
tho Stato Board of
Dr. B. M. (irlitlu, Chairman of the
Illinois Board of Health, and Dr. F.
W. RoMly. Secretary, were In com
munication with the New York
health olllclals until a late hour
Tliuisday. As a result of the In
formation obtained the following
statement vas authorized:
"While the Intelligence or live
deaths fiom Asiatic cholera among
residents not immigrants of New
York City, one of tlioso eight days
ago, was a most unpleasant surprise
to Western hcaltli olllclals, still there
is nothing In the situation to cause
panic or even excitement. The de
lay in admitting the existence of the
disease was natuial, but it docs not
appear that any precaution has
been neglected on this account.
From the II r.-t suspicion the cases
have lieeu t rented as though it was
known thai they were genuine chol
era. Premises have been disinfected,
inmates kept (iuiliirstrlclsurvolllaneo.,
and the most rigid care has Itccn ex
ercised, in Its own interests New
York cannot afford to haveany spread
from these cases nor loom others
which may he now lea-ouahly antici
pated before tho advent of cold
weather. As to any Immediate
danger to the couutiy from these
sporadic, cases there are Uicmj facts to
lu considered:
"1. The cases have oceuirod among
a clas of people not likely to start au
exodus from tho localities and so to
spicad the infection.
'"2. As alieady recited, reliance
may be placed on the natural Interest
of New York to make every cffoi t to
pievcnt any spicad.
".I. Kvoiy day brings us nearer
the season when cholera, at least In
this country, Is chocked by low tem
perature. "1. The history of tho disease on
this continent shows thut, while it
has repeatedly effected a foothold on
the mainland in tho fall of the year,
It has never been until icpealed in
troductions that it lias spread as au
epidemic. In tho epidemic of 1S.V1
It took eighteen months after the
llrst cases on the mainland to o licet
a lodgment aud become epidemic.
"."i. The sanitary defenses of the
country were never mi well oigaulmi
to battle with and suppress au epi
demic of any preventable disease.
"The practical deduction Irom these
considerations Is that, as already
said, there Is no occasion for even ex
citement. What remains, as the
lesson of the situation, Is that every
community and commonwealth should
realize in practical cil'ort that Its im
munity from the cholera, as from
other preventable disease, rests with
itself. It must work out Its own
salvation aud not rely upon any
vicarious protection of quarantine.
Every source of tilth, or pollution or
water, soil, or air, must receive
prompt aud effective attention, and
not only must municipalities exert
themselves but every house
holder for himself must put
his own house aud premises
In order. X'o cleanly city, town or
village with a proper disposal of ex
.reta and with a puro water supply
noed apprehend u visitation of chol
era. In all human probability thcro
remains from now until next spring
in which to perfect tho work of sani
tation already well under way
throughout tho length and breadth
of Illinois. With tho present warn
ing tho municipality which fulls to
The Democratic Leader.
utilize these Intervening months will
Ih culpably, criminally derelict In an
obvious aud Imperative duty. The
Illinois State Board repeals there is
no occasion for nauic there Ir everv
occasion lor a general cleaning up."
Tin: name of Daniel Dougherty
must now lie added to the long list of
distinguished men whom death has
claimed as its victims during tho
present year. Mr. Dougherty was a
groat lawyer and a magnetic orator.
Ills grandest triumphs were -achieved
as an advocate addressing a Jury.
There tho owor of his remarkable
eloquence had full play, and his ap
peals were materially aided in their
effectiveness by his extraordinary
knowledge of human nature. It has
been said of him that before he began
to speak he made It' a point 'to ac
quaint himself Intimately with the
character of every man in tho Jury
box his iolltlcs, religion, national
ity, 4i ml other distinguishing traits
an'l Vi1k hobbies, weaknesses, .and ec
centricities, as well, If he had them.
Mr. Dougherty's career at the bar
was highly successful. In iolltlcs he
was a doctrinaire Democrat, but he
never sought nor hold public olllce.
Ills speech placing General Hancock
In nomination I'm- President or the
I'nlted States, made at tho National
Democratic Convention in Cincin
nati In 1880, was a superb orat trial
effort, which attracted wide atten
tion aud elicited much deserved
praise. He also nominated (1 rover
Cleveland for tho Presidency at tho
St. Louis convention In ISSS.
Kviiitv day piles fresh proof that
women ate In the race. A Chicago
glil want to Le a Jockey.
Whim: the Chinese residents of
this country ate protesting against
the Indignity of being compelled to
have their photographs taken as a
means of idcntillcallou, their atten
tion should lie kindly called to a late
wrinkle of ilio World's Fair manage
ment at Chicago. Newspaper men
who desire to bo present at the dedi
cation of that institution mo to bo
requested to furnish the management
with twoof their photographs, one to
lie pasted on the ticket and tho other
to be kept in a gallery for purposes of
comparison. In view of tills rather
remarkable requirement tho Celestial
seems to have only about half tho
lusts for a kick that the Journalist
A Si'A.viAiti) wants to introduce
bull-baltlr.g to the World's Fair
visitors next year, lie piomiscsiraro
slKiitaud instances the tact that dur
ing tho piogress of the Bails exposb
tiou live hull-flghtlug ampltlieaters
were in operation and pimcd rare
attractions. But why stop at bull
balling? Let us have bear-baiting,
lat-kllllng, chicken mains, badger
drawing, aud dog lighting. Think
what crowds could Ik; drawn to the
Fair were such a varied programme
as this offered for tho dally delecta
tion of visitors. By all means give
us Imll-baltlug.
Mils. L. C. Pam'iiai., who is a re
porter on a Chicago paper, leigued in
sanity so admirably that Judges aud
doctors wcro deluded into sending
her to an asylum as a raving maniac.
This was Just what she wanted, and
it enabled her to got into the myste
ries of Insuno treatment, write It up
and expose tho nefarious doings of
tho olllclals. Of course, they will
now plead that she was mad as a
March hare and only imagined tho
things she writes about.
A Toiionto lawyer, said to be one
of tho rebels of 1M7, seems to think
the United States are still In their
swaddling clothes. He is so wrathy
over the President's relallatroy meas
ure that he wants the Canadian mil
itia thoroughly organized and oquliv
pod to repel the threatened Invasion
or "American paid desperadoes."
After frantically recalling the action
of the brave Canadians who sprang
to arms In 181 L, he closes his absurd
ebullition by shouting that "Britons
nnd Canadians cannot be slaves." No,
but some of them can be "heap dam
phools," it appears.
A plain American cltlen, whoso
courage has already been demon
strated during a term In the regular
army, has proved It to be actual
heroism by marrying the daughter of
the late Sitting Bull. The young
lady Is an heiress, having boon In
formally dowered with the paternal
blankets, complexion, and temper.
She once saved her husband's lite,
but to cause him to regret this
tboughtruliiess she has only to live
up to the traditions or the Bull
TiiKitK Is sometimes coiistiiuiioii.il
warrant for hanging a man. If there
is any such warrant for telling him
to get ready for tho noose, putting
the death watch over him, building
his scaffold, and then undoing it all
wlththeslmpleresiiltof being enabled
to do It again, kuowedge of the ract
has been withheld from common peo
ple. It can hardly be concealed some
where in the clause that refers In a
deprecatory way to " ruel aud un
usual" punishment.
So.vi: objections are stm heard to
the law prohibiting the hideous mu
tilation of horses known as "docking."
It would really be Interesting to learn
fiom the peiturbcd mutilators any
excuse tor cutting off a horse's tail
that could not be equally well used
to sustain the righteousness and wis
dom of also cutting or his ears and
those ot his owner.
M. .1. Williamson- Is the latest man
to attempt tho passage or the desert
a root aud alone. Pinning ills faith
to Piovldeuce and a bottle of water,
he started. When round his dusty
tongue had angered a hole Into the
sand, and his sold, Just poising tor
(light, was with dilllculiy persuaded
to tarry. Tho terrors or the desert
do not like to be bluffed.
Ni:au Astoria, Ga., thcro is a tour
acre deposit or ancient clam shells,
aud tho bed is such a thick one that
it would appear as If all tho clam
bakes of prehistoric times hud been
held there. Tho only drawback to
such a conclusion Is that neither
bottles nor corkscrews wcio found
Bksi hunts of Naples have proved
that they have in them the stuff of
which American citizens are made
At a i econt celebration there enough
peoplo were killed and maimed by
llreworks to have given eclat to a
Fourth of July in tills cjuntry.
Slit Jons-WniTTAKi'it Km. is. Ivni..
1 --....,
and who was Lord Mayor of London
ten years ago, is about to visit the
United States, and us bo lias llven n
- , . .. ...... ,..... ,.
solemn assurance that he will not
write up the country ho may count
upon a hearty welcome.
Mu. Gladstonk has declared that
ho cannot make a good after-dinner
speech. Mr. Gladstone should re
eolvo a graceful assurunco that
Chiiuncey M. Depew is not u good
hand at chopping down trees.
It Is said tho European govern
ments aro preparing to make u con
certed movement for tho suppression
of anarchy. Tho Chicago plan Is
recommended as ono that has many
good points ubout it.
Republican and Demo
Some Striking Discrep
ancies Between
The Way an Old Sport
and Betting Man
Sizes It Up.
Politicians arc llgurlngon the re
sult In Cook County.
This Is the way they figure It at
Republican headquarters:
Altcclil :i,mii
llntrl'cii 'f
HICI'lKMH 'J.!''
I.nrlim-r lM.i
.linlu-ps I.H.I to II.IKI
('iminilsfliiiU'rs irlty ritaniliilt
('i)iiinililoui'rH (count ryi b)
I'rrKldtnt I'niintv llnnnl 5,(411
This Is the way the Dcmnciats are
A I U-i'M l.'.H.i
Clrvctninl :imo
Clinic .-,,K(i
Orltlln ;,i
.Itiilixcs r,ni
City ('(muuUi'lnticri' tu.ii.t
l'nlclnt CuMiity llnnnl s,n.
A wise man who bets a gloat deal
of money on elections, and who lui".
been very succcssiul, Mild:
"I am not a politician; 1 am a pro
fessional betting man, aud 1 bet on
racts. as near as 1 can ascertain thorn,
Both parlies are wild In their guesses
I believe that the Democratic osi
inato as to Aitgeld comes the neatest
to being correct of any of them.
Aitgeld will get a laigoi vote fiom
the German Lutherans thlsyoar than.
Palmer got fiom them In lsss. He
will ictaln all of Palmer's la! or
strength. 1 Hgure Altgcld's majoilty
at at least 1 2.000 in Cook County. Hut
tills does not moan the ret ot thc
ticket by any moans, This Is a curi
ous county. Palmer carried it in
isss by 8,000 majority. Cleveland did
not carry It at all. Mote than that,
the whole Democratic county ticket
was beaten out of sight In isss'.
"But for that matter It has always
been beaten in Presidential ycais. I
think tho betting 011 tho county
tickets Is at evens Just now. Here Is
the way I place It:
"Aitgeld to win by lo.oco In tho
"Harrison aud Cleveland and' tho
county tickets stand nil.
"Democratic Judge-, to win by lioim
:i,ooo to it.coo.
"Democratic City Commissioners t,
win by :,0j0.
"Democratic President County
Itoard to win by :i,ooi),
"I may be away off, but these aio
my llgurcs at dat?."
Tin: Prison Commissioners ot alfi
the States will send to Chicago,
measurements and descriptions of
professional criminals who have lccn.
discharged from their various ieni
tontlurlcs since I Sim. The object ot.
tho law is to assist in piotcctlng vis
itors from tho hordool thieves that.
will naturally gravitate towarl Chi
cago dining the Columbian Kaposi
tlon, and to promoto the work ol.
identification when any rogue Is ar
rested. Ono of tho featuics of tlw
criminal side of the Exposition wilt
ho a national bureau of Identification.
Rogues are not going to have piano
sailing during tho Exposition by long
Fuaxcih .1. Kki.lv, of Pittsburg,,
lias tho reputation of being the tallest
newspaper man in America. Mr.
Kelly Is almost seven fret high. Ho
lms seen llfoln many different phases,
having served in the British army,
squatted In Australia, and traveled,
twice around tho world. His flrsO
experience in America consisted in,
running a locomotive out or New
York. Subsequently ho acted im
press ugent to tho Irish cricket team,
and then drifted Into nowspuper

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