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SA.TURDAY, SEPT. lf> 1<>00
?They've sung tho *ong of the girl In plnk,
And the song of the k?H in white,
But the slnger. are few who have praised
tha true
Goddess of lave and Mght;
Tha household fairy whom we all know,
And knowlng her love her better so?
Tha girl ln the garment of calico.
Dainty and aweet and brlght.
The bloom of her cheeks. th. light ln her
Are her beauty and tltle of health;
And day after day ln a modest way
Her neatness 1. better than wealth.
Old-fashloned? Yes, and we wlsh her so,
For Ju.t 11 ke her mother ln calico,
With the gentle tralts of the years ago,
She'. taken our heurtj by stealth.
?o. ln a nectar ?f raaaa 1 pledjce
Our dear girl. ln plnk. and in white;
To their eyes and thclr hair and their ways
I offer my homage to-nlght;
Y.t, deep ln my heart I feel and know.
A loftier feellr.g contlnues to grow
For th. girl ln the wrapper of calico,
Dainty and sweet and brlpht.
?John H. Braceland, in N. V. Sun.
The Truth About Tobias
IT TOOK Hanora quite a time to find
out tha truth about Tobias. Not
that Tobiae could ordinarily be eon
aidered a mysterioua individual. In
deed, he was precisely the rcverse.
From tha cool dawn hour in whieh
he arose to go forth and driva the
team for Twi.t & T.ifTeta, of whieh
firm he was trusted collector, until his
return at 6:30 to th. modest flat where
|is aister?and supper?awaited him,
his life was a clean and commonplace
page, spread wide for every casual oi*
interested glance. His nights, if lesa
exposed to the are lights of public
acrutiny, might as well have been ao.
For, after eating heartily of the food
Hanora had prepared, and refexring to
tha same in admiring terms, he was
wont to remove his shoes aa unneces
aary impedimenta, placa hia feet in
their well-darned hose upon the chair
"beyant." light his pipe, drink the aol
itary bottle of beer whieh Hanora per
mitted him, and read the mighty accu
mulation of both morning and evening
papers until the autocratie epinatcr
who ruled his nbode suggested "a
decatle." and turmd the iamp low bj
wav of a gentle but quite sutlicient
Tobias was 40- plus five. He had a
briekdust skin, p.i'.c bfOWB, a pujrna
cious nose, and a BSatla ftf gaeh smldru.
aTBafaalBaj. aposaajetie radiaaee it ex
plained his love for his fellow-men in
general and for Hanora in particular.
Jndeed. bis was the only love that had
ever oome llanoru's way. She had never
been guilty of that form of highway
robbery known as coquetry. Not that
Bhe was un&ophisticated. She knew
that a woman quick of perception and
adroit of nnger may appropriate the
purse of one who walks her way and
auffers incarceration. Aml she knew
also that one who possesses herself of
an unappropriated innseuline heart not
onlj- goea free in the sight of the law,
but glories if she will in her-guile and in
the magnitude of her deeds. Whether
the bonds of inopportunity had ahaek
led Hanora R\an or whethor she had
preferred maiden triumph to the ex
tiltation of matronhood deponent aay
eth not. Anyhow, to get baek to the
truth about Tobias. On one memorable
niidsummer eve he devoured lenaon
pie without protest. Hanora knew he
loati-ed lemnn pie. On the following
Baonttef he meekly ate the Freaeh
toast she set before him, instead of
his regulation potato and rasher. This
was her second test. For Tobias had
franklv declared only two weeks bjm
that he would eat no more Frenrh, or
Flemish. or?no, begorrah?Boer toast.
that was made of stale brearf dipped in
,egg and fried! So there! She began
to feel suspieious. He was a good
brother, but alarmingly docile when
present ed with \ iands for whieh he pos
eessed an aversion.
She waa like the pnrrot whieh its
owner doelared "aaid little but done a
devil of a heap of thinkin*!" She
thought a good deal in thosedays. When
Tobias auBjgeated hringing a friend
home with him to dinner she thought
more than ever, albeit she possibh aaid
"To be bringin' a man here for a
male!" quoth ahe. "What kind of a
inan might he be, now, Tobias?"
"Sthraight as they make >m!"
prompt'.y reapondedTobiaa. "Hedrives
the *ruah' boa. He'a a food wan. Be'?!
relish one of your raspberry rolls?
that he would, Hanora!" Whereat
Hanora blushed in a wintry sunset
aort of way and said he might bring his
He did bring his friend. And?to
tell the truth?Hanora looked exoeed
ingly well. She had given her blaek
silk skirt a "dip." whatevertbat myste?
rioua phraseology may mean. And
she wore with this a shirt waist of
softeat lawn, whieh she had bought at
quite an nbsurd fisriire because it was
one of the smallest sizes. This she
had duly and delicately laundered. Not
"The hou?chold art was the only dower
Bhe would bring for a glft to him she wed."
But the household art ehone up in
resplendence on that particular night.
Never, thought treacherous Tobiaa,
with a glow at his heart, had any man
sueh a sister, an<l if it were not for
the?here he hroke off in an agony of
deception whieh made him temporarily
oblivious of the merits of the rasp?
berry roll.
"You ain't eat a bite!" avowed
Tobiaa made a aweeping gesture
acroaa hia Adam's apple. "Clear to
herel" he declared, with delicioue
After rupper they went into the par
lOC* J&MPOta played pn tha orgaji?
yes. and sangT too, in a sweetTthiu
little voiee. She sang "The Meeting
of the Waters" and "The Kerry Danc
ing** and the "Wenring of the Green."
No rag time for Hanora.
"JShe's a jewel)'* commented Den
nis Maguire, addressing Tobias Ryan,
when they purted on the sidewalk.
"Aiu't?ain't"?titnidly. "there any
wan a-coortin*!"
"N'ivir a wan!" returned Tobias.
Ba felt so guilty upon his return
he could hardh make the proper re
sponses to the "decade" whieh Hanora
was "giving out." He did not come
home uutil teu o'clock tho following
night ?nor yet the next. He explained
his abseuce by mysterious allusiona
to "caueuses" and "primaries." there
by soothing Hanora and stultifying
lis conscieuee. lt was not until Han
?ra found a rose in the buttonhole of
Iiis eoat one morning and a little lace
trimined handkerchief in his poeket
that her direst doubts were aroused.
But even these Tobias explained away.
"Sure tbe flower eost nothin', Han?
ora. 'Twaa from a bush 1 was pass
in', And the handkerchief was on the
sidewalk. I thought belike you could
make use of it."
11a was rapidly becoming a beauti
fUl liar.
A week later ha refused to go out
with Hanora and Dennis on account
of tha night being damp. He had
rheumatism, he said. So hia siater
and hia friend went to the theater
and Tobias settled himself to the com
poaition of a long and fervent letter,
the accomplishment of whieh neces
sitated frequent reference to the poek?
et dietionary he had bought for this
purpose. To make a long story short
?and it waa not such a long story
when all was said?Hanora married
Dennis Maguire. Tobias was desolate
?discon.olata. Ha might go to llva
witb them. Dennis had won a treas
ure. Yes, he might go to live with
them after awhile. For the present
ha would take his meals at a reatau
rant until sure what could ba dona
witb the furniture?and ao on.
All through her wedding journey,
whieh last.d full three weeka, it
troubled Mra. Maguire to determine
what waa the matter with Tobiaa
She told her new made lord all about
??i AM ins sistkr." sin-: said.
his evcnmtr iihsences, his mild acccpt
aneo of ?iataetefaj \iands, his abrupt
and BJBkSNjf hospitalitv toward Dennis?
avajB about the roae and handkerchief.
It was BjOt until she had returned to
Chicago and went out to the ihit
where had been passed her yeara of
matuie inaidenhood tuat she reallv
dlajooveted the trtath about Tobias.
'?'?"' Ihe lat into whieh sl.e let her
self with her latchket was altered,
deeorated, illuinined. There were eur
talsva of roay BwlajaoMaa at the win
dows. 1 here were a lot of flow.rs OB
the tahle. A canttiy sang in a gild.d
cage. and?what is thatV A parasol
in the eorner?a hat on the scwing
machine! Sueh n frivolous hat?nll
ehiafoa and daisies! Hanora turned
quite faint. Could Tobia.
"O." oried a radiaut little ereature
flntterit.g oi,t of one of the I'nlluiau
car npartmeuts whieh BtTtaj as be<I
roouis in the niodren Hat, "I did not
know aajrOBM was here. Take this
ehair. Vou are Mrs. I.areh. I know.
Tobiaa said the wife of his friend in
the .shipping department would call.
We are not rmJXj fuiiy settled yet.
Our wedding was quite a surprise to
our friends, but really we had been
considering it for some time. I was
in the ribbons. \,iu know. nnd beeame
acqiininted with Mr. K\an while at the
store. But it seems he had an old
tnain sister living with him, and hav
ing a girl's natural distaste for re'la
tions-in-law - though douhtless some
of them are kind enoiigh, I suggested
to Tobias that it would he better to
mai rv her off if possible before?whv
?what-" f
For Mrs. Dennis Maguire had ris.-n
in aghnst and stately diseomposure.
"I am his sister," .she said.
"Dear, O dear! [*ga so sorry! I
didn't know?nor suspeet? I wish I
had kept still! Take off your things!
6tay to supper! There?there! You're
sweet as you ean be?and I'll love vou
if \.?u let me?indeed. I will."?fjbi
cago Tribune.
<iltt to i n.iiji- from Ka?ialan?.
The pieee of pl?te subsoribed for by
29,O00 Kussians to be given to Gen.
Cronje is surmounted by a picturesque
group representing a mounted Boer
vedette, with rifie on thigh, standing
on the lookout on the summit of a
6teep eragmade of ablockof porphyry.
The base of this- biock ishollowed out
and showe a woman kneeling behind
cover and firing a rifle. A young boy
half hides behind the woman. The
Rtand is oval in form, measuring28 by
21 inches, and is of solid silver, richly
enameled. The whole piece is three
feet in height.
Oor Annstal AVater Snpplr.
The average annual total of water
whieh falls as rain or suow in the
United Statesis 1,407 cubicmile*. Thia
amount of rain would more than twice
fill I>ake Ontario. To raise this water
to the clouds from whlch it fell would
require tha work of 500,000,000 horsea
working ten hour* a day throughout
the year.
A Thoroaa-hlired.
"Yes, Bhe's well bred. There'a no
doubt about that."
"She haa alwaya aeemed to be."
"Why, her little brother tellg me
that ahe eats her pie with a fork even
when only members of the family are
preaent."?Chicago fimes-Herald.
Ldttieflow**. Uttta Bawi r. adaat with beauty
as thy (!??? i.
StndinK fraKrunt laeataae heavenward ln
the qulet twtlltrht liour.
Full of tetadar fragiie ki .. ? -. awaaf ol odor
atut <>r :
Like a aaeawa] i>i *aVta*aaav*a rurity aal in an
e.irlhly place.
^'f pi">r aaortaaa nm.-h aaay kaara treaa the
tiata v\ i,i< a aia-a .md bum,
In thy p. t.illt.l alt.ir kindl.d. aa wtthin-i
sacred urn,
For they apaak of pood aad Qjcat, prlaaa at
beauty ea th.- so.!.
MarkhiK with 1I.iy.hs iipht and color
where Hia klndly footst. ps trod.
How thy wllling heart dlstills seent the
world with fragrance fills.
Though no eyb but Qod'a may see thee ln
the fastne!?s of thy hllla;
Or ln some neglected gltn hldden from the
oyea of mon,
But thy worahlp ln but ??eatei and com
pleter oftered then.
Modest, bcnutlful and shy, often born to
bluxh and dle,
Or ln cruBhed and bruised forgetfulness un
heeded there to Ita
Neyer murmur or eomplalnt though thy
frajjrant breath fcrow faint.
But a mournful reeignatlon as beconi's aa
humble satnt.
All the hllls are dlademed, all the vales and
foreatn gemmfd,
All the meadows with thy beauty well
adorned and wl.lely hemmed.
Thou a thlng- of heaverdy birth springing
upward from the earth,
Whera thy gentlo umila lllumes Ita illa and
mltlgatea Ita dearth.
Much may mortals learn from thee of arhat
ia and is to be,
If the eyes are rlghtly focused by a aplrtt
tralned to see;
May be angels. too, may know everj' flowet
whieh bloomed below,
That they rlm the cryatal rivera whlch by
heavenly manslons flow.
Greatest fiame of Poker
THE two men approached the card
tablc reluctantly, without that
eagerness ihowo by most persons about
to ait into a game of poker. These men
aeemed burdened almoKt by the famoua
"weight of centuries" that M. Millet
and Mr. Markhara exploited with ao
much aorrow and proiit. After they
had sat down, they did not take up any
pack of cards. Though there were no
cards on the table, they began to bet.
aadly.aaif theirhearts wera not in what
should nave been a plcasure to both.
though a profit to only one.
"I rajse yon one cent," sighed John
Oxheart, the third of that name. And
hia friend said, gloomily:
"I see you and go you one better."
*'I ralse you the limit,*' remarked
Oxhtart, and George Flint the third
again replied:
*'I aec your raise and raise you all
the way."
So the game went on until ten beti
had been madf* In one corner of tha
room sat an intelligcnt stenographer,
who in an old-fashioned notebook had
been tnking down eaeh bet as it waa
made. lle now closed the notebook.
lataj it on the table, and retired.
Thirty-six years ago t'ol. John Ox?
heart. of the Ninety-seventh Yirginia
fell at the head of his men on that
bloody field of -. Ercry student of
American history knows full well the
battle to whk-h the writer refers. I'.y
hia side fell Lieut. Col. Flint. Theii
deatha ended the first act of the coin
1'ilv that became almost a tragedy.
Kight years earlier, in 1656, these two
galiant \ irgiuia men had met at a
frieadly faiaa of eut-throat aaatatr.
Their eamea rxpreeaed their oharae"
tara When aot rroabled atr tkwartedi
taOthlaa* COUld be moie lovablc than
these t?n *reatle*ae*a. Bu1 ereaa them
in an.Mhin^. kowever littlc tha Uttlef
tbe better?and Ibej beiaine wild
animuis. Thoaaaada aad Ihovaaada oi
slaves hjd Iheea gent.nnen stiurk
i!?i\\ i). naalxaed, dyiaaj, evea dead, arbea
angered by baaa? trivial fault. Kaeh
liatl on!) one BOB survhing out of
large faaalUea, the wlvee aad other ehll*
dren haxing in both lainilies die?l of de
eltae aaperindacec i>,\ 111 tiratmctit.
Yet theaa Iwa featleaaea were lovlag
and reapected a\eighbora.
So, to while away a drajja-Cna* hour,
they sat down toplaj poker. The Iiin
it waa fne eeata; sim|)ie aahaded chil?
dren of nature. tliev ?iid not niake the
limit toahifrh. They played merely for
emaeeatent* the money in the game al
feeted them not. So they began. After
an hour or BO, when .Maj. Oxheart had
about eijfht eeata of t'ol. Flint's money
(they liaii not thee their taal aoilitary
titles) it was the major's turn to bet.
He bet the limit; and the raptain aaw
him and raised the limit. Two or three
breathleaa minutes pa^^ed dariac
whieh eaeh in turn aaw his friend's
raise. and raised it. There must have
been $1.58 ou the board.
The major evidently took in ill part
the pertinacity of his friend.
"'Veh betteh dro]? out. (Jeorge," he
said. "1've got yeh kilt."
*'l won't dropoutyet awhile. m'Ii,-' b*B>
swered Flint. "lt'll take moh'n yeh
have to kill me."
"Don't yeh reply to me in tha' tone
O* voice, seh!" cried the major, an
grily. "1*111 wohuin'yeb fo'you'health,
"l thaak yoa, seh," aaawered Flint.
aareaatieaUy; "l'm aaht'aly everlaal
ingl\ obligatt?i to yeh, seh; but I can
stay j'ou' hand out."
The major swore a great oath that
be could and would beat theoaptaia'a
hand. and both friends glared augnly
at eaeh other across the table. They
stood like that for so long that the
hotel keeper, aroused at the unwonted
quiet, entered the room to see what was
tbe matter. He ealled help; the two
friends, who had become almost cata
leptic, were taken apart, and trouble
was averted for the time. But Capt.
Flint bade the tavern keeper to seal
hia hand of cards in a package, an ?
saw it done before he left the hote".
Maj. Oxheart saw his hand sealed in a
aimilar package.
A few days later the two frlenda
tnet again, and after some talk re
turned to the game. The hands, atill
sealed up, were produced by the hotel
keeper, and the game began where it
had left off. Disagreement again broke
up the game, and again the boniface,
Col. Carter, took charge of the hands,
aealing them in aecond euvelopea. So
for flve years the game went on, never
finiahed, and at eaeh aeparation Col.
Carter sealed the hands in additional
The war lnterrupted the friendly
eonfest, But not for ioog. Agatn ana
egain. as thance permitted. (Ol. Ox
heart and I.ieut. Col. Flint would get
the paekages from (Ipii. ( arter and
beyin the never ending game. VYhen
tien. (arter fell at the liead of his men
on that fatal day with whieh every
reaiier, ete.. he had strength to turn
over the paekages to his adjutant.
Taking them from the bOBJOBB of lus
dress coat?he alaraya aaore full aad*
form in battle he fave them to \i.ij.
Tolliver and bade him enre for th.-ui
with his lifeV btood. Then the gal
lant spiii'Mn-ui ;,,,,! snldier dted.
When Oxhcart and Flint arerc found
dead. CoL Tollive* (he had been pro
moted) gave the paekages to Ihe rep
resentative of the belra Col. Jonea
Knraughty-Darby. who plneed them in
a safe depeadt raolt. I ader the eir
euinstaiiees. it w.is on!y natural that
the two lieirs should be represented
by one peraoa. (ol. Knraughtv -Darby
related the faets in the ease t<f the
two young men and left it to their
conseienees to lead them to do what
should be done. He knew well what
they would do. They went on with
the game! The same rules stood;
they began where their fnthers had
left off. The proajreaa made was lit?
tle and slow, for their altered circum
atances kept them apart much of tha
In time they married and had sons;
to the eldest son each man told the
story of the great game; and it ia
these men, grandsons of the original
"players, that earried on the game.
Every week if they could get together
they met and made ten bets. Neither
faltered, though both knew'that when
the end should come one of them
would be ruined for life. But still
they played on.
After the stenographer had gone
they sat down idly at the tablc and
called for refreshments. They were
still diseussing the market, for they
were partners, one llving in this eity,
tha other in Chicago, when a cry of
fire rang through the hotel. They es
caped with their lives, not remember
ing until too late that on the table
lay the record book in whieh were put
down every het that they, their fath
era and their grandfathers had mada
on the long-dealt hands. Their first
feeling was one of dismay. Then,
aimultaneosly, over each man s faca
came a look of relief, of joy.
"Hurrah!" they shouted together,
and in the open street they fell on
each other's necks and wept. The rec
ords destroyed, how could they con
tiuue the game?
George Flint telegraphed at once to
Tolliver Knruughty, of Kuraughty &
Carter, esquires.of Richmond, who soon
appeared in the city with a parcel?
the two paekages containing the
hands over whieh so many thousand
bets had been made. Solemnly, as if
at the reading of a will, the paekages
were opened. F.aeh was marked on
I the onter covering with the name of
' it.s hohlcr.
"This was my grandfather's," said
Oxheart, with a qalver in his voice.
*'M> graadfather beM tiiis," said
Flint. BOftly, caressingly.
The lawyer went on with hia work
in silenee. lt was almost like unroll
ing a niummy to take olT one by ono
the n;an\ enxelopts i ri whieh these
haadfl arere wrapped. At last Mr. Ku
raVBjhti BtOpped and raad from the
envelope eaopeaed ia his hand:
"l uo not know whieh of these
hands helonged to whieh of those
fools. so i have marked this one for
Flint. and the other for Oxheart. Dor
sey ( arter," and then followed the
date, that of the seeond meeting of
UkB original players. The two grand?
sons looked at each other aileatly,
then th?\ both said: "<Jo on."
ln the other paekage Mr. tCaranajhty
found h similar note.
??Gentlemen," he aaid, "ahall I open
the last envelopear**
"No." said both Flint III. and Ox
h?art ill. together. The lawyer held
the two envelopes in the fire until
they were destroyed.
"Now," said he, "ean we get deeent
whiaky in this beni__hted town?"?
N. V. Sun.
Slmilnr llut Din.r.iit.
Mi N i (> j > ls there any truth in the
rumor that yoar effectiona are en
Miss Plypp N'one whaiever. I BBB,
thongh. (."hieago Kvening News.
\\ ?r?e Thnu I teleiM.
There seems to be as little exeuse
for some people as there is for w.-.ds
and bugs; and they are as hard to
lt'-1 rid of. AtohJaoB Globe.
tiray'a I.I?k> .
"I ur.derstand," remarked the un
scrupulous poet, "that you were pleased
to say I us*.'d a great deal of gray mat
ter in composing my elegiac poem on
?The Ruatic Grnveyard?* "
"Not eaiactly," replied the editor. "1
said you used a great deal of Gray a
matter."?Philadelphia Press.
The Irony of Fate.
Lounder?Jerry, who is that dried
up, consumptive little fellow who re
quirea ao much a-ttention and seems to
hava ao much monay to spend?
Athletlo Attendant (at eanitarlum)
?Don't talk ao loud. Ha'll hear ye.
He'a a xich mannyfacturer of health
fooda.?Chicago Tribuna?.
Not a Bfaalelaa.
Mrs. Johnsingr?Can't stay long,
Mra. Saew; 1 juat come to see ef yo'
wouldn't join da mission band.
Mrs. Suow?Fo* de lan' aakes,
honey, doan come to me, I can't even
play oa a mouf-orgau.?Woman.
Joumak .. -
Aa Aftprniath uf Oullnu.
Mr. Newtltwed You icnaetbtwf. dar
'.ing. do yoa not. the d. light ful lahiltf
\\e had last aeanmer.al Laketa <
afra Newlliwed lt ? <:?
fiald. that v<.ii ftral tol<! nie 01 youi
love, deareat.
Mr. Kawillwed Tme, aareetheart 5
are were troUtag for piekereL \\. an i ?
ao aaccetaaial as oaaal ia kooklna
the fish.
afra Newlliwed \.>. keartarowa
Bai we caaerkf on. just theaaaae.
Mr. Newillwei i),, u,n reaaeaaber,
Winifieii. tha kind of taeklc ?i
llllgei ?
afra, Newlliwed Perfeetly, Spooa
booka. To*a n Topiea.
Woalrin'i Morrj lllui.
"Of eoatraa if you waai to <ro into
polities tbat'a \uiir ov n lookout." said
ahe wise ritizen."l?iit I think it la fool
ish for a man who is ordinaiily sne
e.ssful in any other lino. Voii know
they aaj polttiea makea attaage bed
"Oh, that won't worry me in the
least," returned the ambitious man
promptly. "Why, I was a commercial
traveler with a route that took in
small toaraa ia the west for seven
years."?Chieago Post.
The Seeret Out.
He had something to tell her. and, lest II
should miss,
In a delicate way lt was done;
This precious heart aecret was told in a
80 the klss and the seeret were one.
"3ut she gave it right back, though sh?
wanted it so,
And the fervent impression was deep; ?
And, with face pressing closer, she whls
pered qulte low:
"O, Alonzo, it's too good to keep!"
?Brooklyn Life.
Iniaa-lnary Lonaxevlty.
That lf marrled you'll live longer
Than lf slngle may be true;
The belief grows strong and stronger
It will longer seera to you.
The Only War ciear.
They had eloped and things had not
panned out right.
"We haven't any money, and I want
to go back to papa," sobbed the hero
ine of the adventure.
"Rring me the wings, then!" he
"The wings?" she asked, fearing for
his reason.
"les; the wings of love!? he an?
swered. "They must have been all
W? eame on. 1 expect you'll find them
in that grlp!"?Indianapoits Sun.
The trtny In Indla.
In India the military programme for
the year includes the rearmament of
the native army and voluntcera with
the magazine rlfle, rearmament of
mounted batteries and the reorganiza
tion of horse, field and mountain bat?
teries. Military faetorie* are to be
improved and apparatua provided for
the making of lyddite. Experiments
will be made with war balloona, and
the ambulance and hospital scrvlees
will be improved.?Baltimore Amer?
Bewarr of Ointmenta /or Catarrh that
CoLtain Meroury,
aa meroury wttl aurely daatroy the
aena*> of miixI) and o<mpletel> deranr"
the whole a>atem when enterinc i;
through th- muoou? *urfa<-ea Hueh
artielea -honld nev?*r be u?nd except
on pr?-aarip*ions from raputab e pbyei
eiana, as thn Uatnage they willHoi
ten fold to the good you can por-aibly
derivs 'nm them. Hall's (Catarrh
'"*ure, mamifite-Tured by F. J. Cheney
& Oo , Toledo, O . eoi.taira no mcrcti
ry. and is tak?n internally. aeting di
reotly upon thphlood and mucous au*
faoeB of thn ?.yatetn In buving Hall's
Oaiai 1 h t'ure be aure you get the g?-n
uine. it ii? taken intemally and ia
made in Toledo Ohin, by F. J. Cheney
<& l"o._ Tea?imonalB free.
JCtaT*Said by Druggiata, prise 75c.
per bottl*.
'tirsi Familv Piil? are the *r? ?
T *<a r
ICurly r. . >.^._ .S. ......;lit By
.;!.?? ..??? k> i> .vrrr.u i !?::.?.r.-.ir'.v-i
flWa I'lUiilNAL-CorYKIUtlTEL
roi? traaaarrtai aafc aoaiaea t.? td?- saq
propKraiii.ii ln ttia worl? th.it autkaa alaau
att^iuiit n- aliown nb,>v?. Ia aoartahe* tbrm. y
1> . aaaa 1 ln 1 1-wiii fnuuiu- iiet aad umk.- '
tn-ow. ^old ??< : 40 v a*.-* aadaaed to iriouaa...i?
Warraatad harmlra*. Tartimootata fraa ?? .??
que?t. 1- ??? t Braiiaratioa ^>^i aoid'.>r
atratarhteuin^ kiiilcw hAir. lt*?-ara oc It.ilfati.r.a
ii.t ut Orlaitml t?^..,?i,,-,: Ok Mnrr??
aaihu tri-nu::i. i" "ar futlii t.i k.-iii ihe hairpliabla
i?n.I boHutitul. A loUat rteressity f?.r ladli-a ?jtd
j.-iiiti, ?.,,; i; .-.,,t!v )>??? -riinii"!. The preat aa
. . ? : iii.. k..? ...iir ia th.it Dj Ita
ua* yoa eaa ttralaTbte-i 10111-<>?n hair nt huma
O^ini^ to IU (uparior -utrl iHatniK1 <iualitv it i? ttm
in..Mt ?.-..ii .i.i.-?: n i~ .. ,t |i, -iiii.? r.ir anyt.0.1.
t.i ,.ro?luc?) a pr. unrai iuuf.iuuI to >t. J?'ull or<
tioni. with n.T-vbotti. i"ii:i> .".?) .fnt:. 8oM
dculeri. ..r aend 'l* 851.44? T\.?tal o, iCxi-r.
Money Or<i.-i [or 3 bottUa,expraaa pn'rt w?
your aataa sat udilreaa pUiu.< to
OZONtypn ox ma now ua.
7O V%mIN.sO Avc. t li'MlfO, 114
To Repair
cles v ?
i^^? * ?/???*./?. ?^?
nreata, and TradcMarkaohtainea* and all Patri
baaine?aconda^rdforajorjeNAT? rxca_
"Or-iciiiOa?o?.rtu b Paiiar Orr,.-j?
wecin??rurf o??.ntir'e -"' n tbtwa
rroie \V%^/>-,nji .,
mode<. itraariaa <w p.ir^> ar.t-i baatvu,
ynatv v\, ,,i.4., _? au?M^tj^ j* aoa M? '
? et^rve 'Hir acc n ?' ?!.)?? taj ^fcir:,t ia -?jtav
f* "ij.?i.n ?t. ??? .. t Mitatx Fateo*i? watV
??? ia umi '. ?. aoC iuaatya
Ofa Ntint Orr:. ?, ?uhi*?ton. O
?HV nMOM 8 ? O ' <>F YOUTB
RKKBFIOI L ? C< No i i Kioa
tu'>r<- ?*??- .,, <? ?. cSi e>r-d O??to
b-r 18. 1KW9 i tni.r. h< .r.- nf the
H"t*?t aiul mo* eh H'aV*'" oltiha in
khlaataa* Pafa ? ? i ? x K?>n fita,
Kit" -'.er.. fi - a-?l D?a?"? B-neHrs.
Cbolce Groceries Wiiies
Liqnors & Cigars.
16io E. Franklln, St.,
(Near Old Market.)
Richmond, - - Virginia.
The Castalo Honse
702 E. BROAD ST.
Haviag remodeled my bar, and hav*
ing an up-to-date plaee, I am prepared
to aerve my friend a and the publio at
the same old itand.
Ctiotce Wines, Llqtfors arjd
Meals At All Hours,
New 'Phone. 1261. Wm. Oaatalo. Prop
??? a
H. F. Jonathan,
Fisb Ojsters & Prodace
-s^, vv>*^
120 N. 17th St., Richmond, Va
Ordera will reeeive prompt attentioc
Phone 157.
A. Hayes,
Oftlc ana Wara-Btaaaas
537 North Second St
Reaidenee: 725 N. 2nd 8t.
Firat-Olaaa Hacka and OaeketBefai)
deBcriptions. I have a apare rooin foz
bodies when the family have not.auit
able place. All Oouutry ordera are
ejiven Speoial Attention Yourapecial
s'.tentioa ia ealled to the newatyla Oak
^aaketa Oall and see me and yon
??hall ba vraited on fciudly
Ne?r 'Phone 1198.
Zy* N. 2d St., - Richmond, Va
Steam Ice-Cream Manufactory
tajo Oe-a'o aade dai y o??th Winter
and St.mm-i. an?: w?- 'an auafal ? you
wi?l. ?nj quaeiity at atl tinir-a "ifsl
actlui. g.-u ?H?,-u daeejia.1 aMrf'r
iven to II irdnn. ?f p^
Send in your name and the Plinkt
will be aent you. It ia only 1.50 per
The iistingui^hed * B^Vtariet readt
your life from the Uradle to the Gr^ve
Advice on marriaee. Jove, buaineaa
enemiea, health apellg and luck. 3end
Htampc fur circular* or one dollar
Loek of hair and date of birth for life
670 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
0-18 4t.
Ben9volQnt lnYeatment
And P.ellef Asscclatlon
Ohartered by Legialature of Virginia.
Maim Orrics: 34 W Lkioh St.
8iek and Death Beneflte Paid. Thoae
who do not keep a regular Bar.k Ae
eonnt, the plan of this Aseociation
takes ita plaee.
MONEY LOANED to members on
CURITIE3 on amall weskly paymente
Interest Paid on all Depoaita. For
further information apply at the main
offiee._ JPaP^AOKNTS waxtbd.
""RevTo. C. Coleman, Preaident
Prof J. H, Blackwell,See'y A Manager
Sbcurity, Industfzax Mu
Haa been a great benen ito their
aiek membera, alao their death bene
tahave helped many.
Hnjtling and polite agenta wanted
Maeonia Hall 611 Eaat Olav St.
Wm. Ibaac Johbbob, President,
J. B. Jornaa, Viea-Freaident,
B. P. VasTBamTAU., Seeretary,
M. T, Jaax-OBB, Traaaorer,
Of oab N, Baown Manarer
. ?>bbt ean be foond attbi Ptol
' .,. a*jea every Saturday:
Bbacmobjt, Tbxab
Vm Arehibald,
B- waaa Hill, Va.
i Aahbarn.
Ba.'aTLav, Va.
N-.no Rtddiek
Boa-rua. Mabb.
William L. Reed 156 Oamhrlalf e 8?,
mr? AnnOoUinsUlU Northampton M
Kd ? aid *oote, 184 Northamptoa, a,
HAL.ilMOaJb Mj>
P D. Iiaekwell JOB Blthmond. Bt,
OLAHcavu.a.a, Tbnb
Miner Baaet
W L Jobnaob,
1'amhuidob, Mabb
?'?' O Oreedie. 78 Pieaaaat St.
Oljitob Foaea, Va,
*' ? Thomaa.
Dbmopolib, Va.
Juhn W Anderaor,
Fdi.tow, Va.
Thomaa Pea-e. Htate Bt.
Fakmvillb, Va
P B Hairaton.
W. M. Bard 176 W. Priae VI] /
Ha-jbbhill, Mabb
Mra L A Bailey, 24 Dadley taa
iSolomt n Philipi
LvBOHBtaa, Va.
Ohaa. Murgan, 709 Taylor 8t,
Mt. Hopb, W Va
R. H. Thomaa
Nobtole, Va.,
John De Bona, 886 Ohurah Bt.
Niwpobt aawa Va
1. L. Brown 2131 Madiaoc Bt.
Wayne Orudup,1222 31at St
Naw Yoaa N. Y?
FrederiekJ Brown. 4076 Park iva
W H. Allen, 142 Golumbue Averiet*
fJeo H. Waahington. 458 7th "
Wm Johnaon, 242 w 47th 8t
John Wtlliama. 988 Waahiugten
W. A. Kenney. 1788 8rd Ave.
Ed.V. Neaxing
Phituabblphia Fa..
Jamea Aooooe, 206 8. tth St.
E P Maokena, 1116 Pine St
Jamea E Warwiok, 254 S 11th St
Mart n Riot 1218 Pine St
E. J Kohler, 1040 Pine 8t.
J. A. Stokea, Broad a Flta water ?*
Oharlea Stewerd 1240 Rodman St.
Lively Oentral A Lanndry Biayala O
507 Soutb 11th Street
Pbtbsbbubg. Va.
Joa Jarrett, 701 High Pearl Bt
W. J. Ellia,
Nelaon Bouae. Market Bt
Palbbtimb. Tkxab.
H. B Barrett.
Job. Evana, BCain Otfije 8rd Ava.
A. A. Charlea, 6834 ially St.
opbb. N. O
Lenox Gaylord.
Riohmobb, Va ,
w. H. white, 501 vf. Lelgh 8*
Ubbaba, Va.
W. D. Harri*
W. B. Moore. 8 Molbery St,
Waco ,TaxAa
Southern Berald.
Wibbtob.N C.
Samael Toiiver
Wabhibotob, D
E KCooper 30- 4*^ -lr
Atlantic Goast Ltoa
**~oaod\Ue ln KOVct Jaonary i?, 1HWj
.8:00 A. M., allj. Ainrra ?'?cer?rarir ?-ai
A. M , Nofolk H:a7 ? M -tas*
o*lvai P.rtoralurg, *?~'er.ra6d
I luffolfc Va.
B:0B A. M,. ? atly. ^mvM Peteratura tja
... a.. ..eldou li 4iA.ii WZ
icltea?li> ? jBP. a., C aiicatoa
U 30 P. M .Z^Taauah ia 5< A a
Jaeasouvihr 7.S A. lu PorY
TtmtMi 6 20 P M. Coti;ec!B at
Wlaoo with r?o 47, emvina
i oldaboro' 3:10 P. a.. Wi!rr tna-.
ton 6:44 Puliman *;ief^rr New
York to JackaouTlhe
U 44) | L a. Daily exoept unday. Arrlvsa
PeUrsburg ii;t6 p. M. --.opa
Maachenter. Drewry'a iZutfZ
I.MP. M., Daily. Local. "rrlves Petera
? -I0P. a., Daliy. except *;uadai. Ilrrlvti
8:40? P. M..and KiMjky aouni.B?j
t. a.. oiakea ali lnterroedUW
6;4*;p. a.. Daily Arrlvea retersbarw T tl
P. M Coui ect% ai.u Korfoik and
Weatem for No.fotk and inier
medi*tr poxnm: kmporla ?Ji
loonnect* with "J. ani D for
au.iioe8 u? net? aataoeta and
uawretcevilie). WeldoaS.a8 P- M
t ??2*at*I.l"*w1-,:i* a- m- ?????BBaa
7.0a A. M JacksonvtJle liAt.
a , Port X- mp? 0:4S p a
nbw i.twa T.?' kiDDia
ukohui* poia-^,Svia?
ta??:,u s,:,? = M.7aacon ? /
a., Atlanta U:i5 p. M., Puilaiaa
Sleepera New York to Wllmlna
^.?,xi;!-*rlrLtoa'. J*?k?"nTine.
PortTampa, Miaml -ttgu?ia anc
a-.ou t.H Ually. Arrlves Petembura 8-K
P a..weldon.ll:sop g %??
locf' "U,P'J betweeu Pwterabora
and Wei:on. Arrtrea Lynch"
burg 2:15 x , M , aoanoke Va
4;?0 A a.. Brlatol Va. J0:40 a'
M Connect* at Emcaria for
l>aavllle.Va..amvm?6*^6A M
Paliman nleeVer itlchtncnd to
10:00 P. M., ".Daily. exoept Sunday NHW
Arrlvea Charlaston T:4? A a
?VV?n*Ji 8:01 * m" J???8onvtUa
1P a.,bt. augustlne-i:30 P a
TampaB&O P. M. mmt
M P. a., Dayv- Arrlvea Peterabargjliaa
Traina Arrive Sichmond.
8;18 A. a., ally.from Jackaonvllle, Savaa
nah, Charlea?on, AtlanU. aaooa
,,..?- Auguau.allpolntssouth.
7:10. A a. Daliy, exo?pt Mondar fr.->m St
Augustlne, JacKsoavlile " avaa".
aab aad Unari?aton
8:16 a. M, Daily. except ^anday. from a*.
lanu, Atfaens, aalelgh, Handar
? t- a at t?I ,*,Lr *ch bu rg in d "?? w??? ?
8.J7A. a., Daily, exoept "^unday. Petera
barg local.
8:00. a., Sunday oaly, from Atlanta
Atbena RalMgh, Henderson'
n.,?am* ^y??h^rK.?n3 the West.
11.10 A.M., Daily,except unday, from GoMto
boro'andlntermedlata statioaa.
,_ . M Norfolk ana urTolk. *"
H.-OO A M .anday only. From Norfolk. Sat
. __ _ ? <olk,and Petersburg,
1:.? P. M. Daily, except "unday from Pa
terabarg, ?
6 55 P. H., Daily. Tr-om Norfolk. Zaffolk
and Potersburg. *"
t:S6 P. a., Daily. rrom Mlaml, Port Ta*a
pa, Jaokaoavllie, Zarannab
Charlea ten. Wllmlngiun. laolda-'
e.M? w SPro'*?nd all polnta oaib.
8.66 P M.. Dftily. From Peterabnrg, L-me
bura;, and Woat.
J. R KBNLT. T- M ^ralo aanaaaaa
General Manager mauiaaa-%
Aeaaral Pasaenger. Agent.
At?nrne?-at Law and Nota**y Pi blla.
Abrtraet of 1.1^ Otfl ??. Titb- to
roperiy oarefuUy eaaaiined r.y atal
pattsutjjn giaaa to*atjoa opther caat
ert in relation praa tof 4

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