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.,.sc4. Al--8 Oenawals-Onlee,
01 WaikVpm Agt 15, 1862. )
reguur i nijr win, no jv general
nic1' . of sbs?nr-e to accept the rank
.i : volant'.
.'lVe 4t: . raffUCOnU K nf nnl t,,wr.
miuim':!i5Gnea nm-ers ana privates
Vtf w . . .. wtuuiiooruo lu
L& en' nnejianWi will not be ttd ministered
rThC'1 'ffit own will; it mint in nil
' g-,fc on hU part, .for will any
" honor be received. Bat
etf)Wry naroles given, to avoid arrest.
.u, Uea ment, or expulsion, are voluu
?Tntr lVMTlud cannot b regarded as com.
4 r on8 guilty of violating such oath
tfflCnni.bei -ceordine; to the law,
ifSe'fJi tbe United States and the gen-
Til Te . t h ,,r is, in certain cases, the
JEVerrfoo of private -property for the
" T--rtation, ana osner nses m me
w . .
r.ifaniat be di-tingnished from pillage ;
of property fortius purpose. is
77 .Sr-llv taken from the enemy, or
rr.wSJ of enemas ootr, in.taB
irs0 ,, rtv ana muse De useu ana
L heroes pWw proprii,'. wd Article of Wax
and must be used and
,Wunted for "JS f death for pillage or plan,
aafhoriaes tne P""' -. an thorize severe punish -ds-.
- other art.cwier wfao shaU ,el eTn.
menu tut any eft' mi)iUry stores, or who
beaste. V'a,te or misapplioatioa of spy audi
(haHparroit W w najty the same whether
"V see" be' committed in our own or in an
rBvy.'n Deity public or private, taken f
Zn taken be clafmen as
wp receipts mart be given to such claimants
pn.r'alenU. Officers will beheld strictly ae
cri,Ubte for aU property take by themor by their
SSSSty'Sd it masTbe returned for, the name as
Lubr!:'rWarrsent out for pro?
Jins or other stores, the commanding offioeW
hoatv will be held accountable for the conduct
eNris eommsnd, and will make a true; report of all
Tl No officer or soldier will, without authority,
, ki. .lrtr or ranks, to tako private property.
l r to enter a private house for that purpose. All
ueh acts are punishable with" death, ana an officer
who permits them is equally as guilty as the actual
VHCommanding officers of armies and corps
will be he! responsible rthe execution of tneee
or4eia tneir respective commands.
W command of Mnjor General Halleck,
' Gtnerat-ia-ChuT of the Army i
Attittant Adjutant GtneriU.
Head -Quarters, 1
Departm. nt of North Carolina,
Newberne, Nov. 29, 1863 )
gar James Means, is hereby appointed Super
iutsadaat of all the Blacks in this Department. The
oliwfcof the different Departments having blacks
thir r.hanre. will report to him ; and he will
hn obeyed and rexpe'sted in all matters connected j
il iC mwFflu Iti this 'jommand.
Rv command of Mai. Gen. J. G. Poster,
Assistant Adjutant General.
In accordance with the above Order, all those
who employ Blacks in the wubUe service in this
Department will report to me, monthly, their names,
enrslofment, number of days woidt, with dates, and
rate of pay, beginning with December.
Office MetCfttf street, corner -of New street.
JAMES MEANS, Superhsade t ot Blacks.
Newberne, Dec. 10. 18o2.
An export dnty of five per cent, on all cotton and
hides, and on an naval stores, ana on an wooa ana
lumber, shipped from any port in thbj Department
will be charged from this date.
ttagiera of vessels carrying any of the articles
above named, must exhibit their freight list to the
several Chief Quarter-Mate s, at these ports, be
fore they can obtain a clearance.
The amounts due for the dut y , will be paid to said
2uarter-Masters, or in their absence to the Provost
arahal, ucbl further orders.
Ah orders heretofore issued in relation to export
dutiss, are annulled, by order of Maj. Gen. Foster.
Bt order of Governor Stanly.
Prwvost Marshal.
Particular Notice.
On and after this date all persona are forbid bring
iog to thia city for sale, any Tar, Pitch. Ro in, Tur
pontine, Cotton. Shingles or Wood, without a writ
ten Dermit Irom the owners thef eof. which permit
niiwt he countersigned by fcbe-Provost Marshal, who
w.ll ascertain before countersigning whether the
owners of said articles are loyal. And all traders
are hereby enjoined not to purchase or sell any ot
the above' art icles in violation of this order.
By command of Gov. Edward Stanly :
Provost Marshal.
Deoartment of North Carolina
New Berne. Sent. 12, 1862
Aftnr t.bn lSt.b ikvof Seutember only 2 clerks in
eaoh of the Department Offiees will be allowed to
commute their rations at 75 cents per day.
All other detailed men will, after that date, either
draw their rations or commute them at the cost of
the ration at this post.
Each mess of 6 detailed men will be allowed one
oont raband as cook, whose pay will be eight dol
lars per month.
, By comiaand of Mai. Gen. J. G- Foster t
Assistant Adjutant General.
Deoartment of North Carolina
MewBerne, November 21 1862
S62. J
Hereafter no negroes will be allowed to cut Wood
within the limits of this Department, without a
written permission from His Excellency, Edward
Stanly, Military Governor, or from the owners of
the-land on which such wood is cut, except such
negroes are employed by the Quarter Masters De
pai intent to cot wood for the use of the Troops in
this Command.
By command of Maj. Gen. J. G Foster.
Asst. Adjt. General.
Head Quarters,
Orpartrekt or North Carolina
New Berne, November 28, 18b
Special notice dated Nov. 18th , reheving Captain
Daniel Measinger from duty, as Iuapeotorof titles
to Tar.' Turpentine, Cotton, and other Merchandise,
havSni been issued under ' misapprehension, ie
hereby revoked. Captain MesaiUfrer will continue
to perform tne auties connected wmi inai umuo
heretofore. L!.":'.
By command of Mni. Gen. J.G. Foster,
Atasistant Adjutant General.
DarAsmtBsrr of North Carolina,
Nwherne. Nov. 17. 1862.
Thti;n Tir.Kin r.f this tiiwn. is hereby appointed
inspecter ofTar and Turpentine, and is to be respect
ed as sueh.
n i HiitVtnrivnd trt .tmrcffl ten cents per barrel
fur invn-rinn
All persona are forbiddeu to sell any Tar or Tur
p:ntiue, without having each bairel inspected by
Military Governor of North Carolina,
BIW HEUNE, sept. IKJd.. YHtU.
Cent. Dnnitel Mexsinger. A. Q. M., l hereby ap-
point e to mvsswfaw
titles of property to be
shipped from t ttis pert,
win be obeyed aad re.
spcted sccorawgiy.
By command of Maj. Gen. ostejr,
Kouthakd llorrMAK. Asst. Adj. wen
Military Governor of N. Carolina
New Berne. June 36. 1862.
T. J. G. Tmli. will from the date of thw order as-
su me chat-Re of all vacant and abandoned butld
inifin STewbern, with power to assign, to lease, and
rent the same.
By command of
J. Lvhax Yak Buarx, Military Secretary.
Kkadobabtv, 1
Department Nrth Carolina, V
New Berne, Oct. 18, 186s?. )
All persons, prisoner of war to the United States,
now on parole in this department, desirous of lesv
iir the lines of the TJ. S. forces will report then
lame at these Headr.narters immediately.
By command of Mar. Oca- J - Fostv.k,
Assistant Adjutant Geacral.
11 AfKJUABTltBS, )
Department North Carolina,
New hern, Oct. 15 , 18 U. J
All officers, men and citizens ere strictly forbid
den to go on board of any of the eteamera arriving
at this port by means of boats or otherwise, until
the vessel is properly secured to the wharf.
The Provost Marshal will see that this order is
implicitly obe ed and that no one except persons
connected with these Headquarters aad with the
office of Capt. Slaght, A. Q. M., will be allowed to
go on board under any pretext whatever.
By command of Mnj Gen.Fo tub,
Assistant Adjutant General.
Circular Order.
Department North Carolina,
Newberne, N. C. Sept. 26. 1862
The great and unnecessary waste of gas in the
quarters occupied by tne officers ana men ot tins
The expense of making gas, is, of course, large,
ana paia, mainly, by tne uoverrmnt.
Soldiers in quarters, are subject to the same
rules as to lights, as if in camp, and Company Com
manders 'will see that they are strictly carried out.
Officers are euioinea to see that a little waste as
poasiblo takes place , in their respective quarters.
By order of Msj, Gen. J. G. Foster.
Department of North C irolina
New Berne, Sept. 24, 1S62
Captain Daniel Messinger, A. Q. Mr., is hereby
ordered to investigate and. examine into the ship
ments from this point of cotton, dec., since- the oc
cupation of New JJerne by our torces.
He will endeavor to discover who have shipped,
and how, cotton seized by the U. S. Government,
and sent away without proper autnority.
AH officers of the army will afford Capt. Messiu
ger any facility in the discharge of this duty.
By command of Maj. Gen. J. G- Foster ,
Lieut, and Acting Ass't Adj t General.
Head Ql abtees, )
Department of North Carolina,
Newborn, Sept. 16, 1862. )
The firing of cannon or musketry at this port for
practice, w hereby discontinued except uy special
order from these Headquarters.
By command of Mbj. Gen. Foster t
Ats't Adj't Gen.
Department of North Carolina,
New Bern, Aug. 3d, 1862.
All Vessels are forbidden to leave any port in this
Department and take any person of color who did
not arrive on the vessel, or who haa not a pass from
the General or other officer commanding, or irom
the Military Governor. .
All vessels of every description violating this or
der will be liable to confiscation and her master will
be severely punished.
No vessel shall have any port ro this Department
until the master sall take an oath that be has not
any such person on board and will not allow any
sueh person to come or remain on board "
It is the duty of the Harbor master or other per
son thereunto appointed to read a copy of this order
to every master of a vessel after she shall be ready
to sail and-wethat the oath above mentioned has
been taken. . ,
Tf jn Ha tha dniv of tbe master of every vessel
iL.r;tt,n ror.nrt. riurrni? every voyaee of
ik Af-avarv ncrsnn on board said vessel flu
nnc said voy afre, except soldiera w service, and to
preserve said report till called for by the Provost
Marshal or other officer autnonzu 1'"3
Bv command of Mai General J. G. oster:
Ass't Adj't Gen.
Headquarters, Department of N.C. ?
New Berne. Juue 12. 1862
Dr. J. G. Tull, is hereby appointed City Inspec
ts e Wow Twnn wit.li nower to assess and collect.
rents and $ras rates, and will be obeyed and respect-
ea acco.-amgiy.
By command of Gov. Stanly :
J. LYMAN VAN BUREN, Military Secretary
Department or North Carolina
OirAitTERiiASTeRs Dkp-artment,
Newbern, Sept. 26, 1862
862. )
.Gru.'7 MnHrf t,n (liinnunics Quarters in. town.
1 The gas must be turned off" from all burners in
Company quarters, at tbe proper hour for the ex
lichta nrid but oue lisrnt will be
;fKfli,Bii inrinfc the liitht. and that tuined
2 Company officers will see that this order is
cairied out. and that all diligence is used ro econo
mizing gas. ... -,,
3 Officers auartered ro town win uoi ubo auy
burners nor continue lights later tUau is abso
iute necessary, in their own quarters.
By oommana ot ami wen. u.w.,
JAS. C. SLAGHT, Capt. and A. Q
Important Order
Department of North Carolina,
XKew Uerne, Apruzo, iov. j
.in oftr tli a of this order shall, with
in the limits to which the Union Arms may extend
in this Department, utter one woi u goiuv v..
" .VWo TTnited States, will be at once ar-
Bl UUICUl -c , - . . .1-
aiua v rnnniM. i. il muai us umuuimj
ih this I it'tinrrineuL is unuer aioiu
Law aad treason expressed or imphed, will meet
with a speedy punishment. . ,
fr.i. vf;i:...., finvoiniir nf New Berne is charged
With the atrict execution of this order, within the
bounds of his control.
Bv command of Major General Barneidet
Ass't Adj't General.
- .
Provost Marshal's Orrica,
Newbern, Jan. 12, 186J.
Hereafter, no citizen will be allowed to purchase
spirituous htir ors, witnout a pe iiwi uo
Nothing can be shipped from this Port except by
Wh'lst every facility will be aff.-ded to persons
- . . . . . I thia ml anil of
entraged in legitimate ousneso id 'j, -'" -
Urtnrtinn in nrices. or monopoly )t such
articles as may be necessary to the comfort of. the
troops, will deprive the offender of his license to
aell. Any trader refusing to accept m payment
United States Treasury Notes will be reported to
the Provost Marshal.
a ii Mrna i.nv injr filth or rubbish of any kind
in their y ards or lute, will at oaee deposit the same
in a barrel or box in tue Bums
Owners aad occupants of Bouses aad Stores , will
t. K.1.1 oirintiv ranMOJiible for tbe condition o the
aidewaiks in front of their buddings, and must it
.w ti, .t airlor rubbish is deposited m tbe
Gutters, which must be kept free, to prevent the
accumulation of water in the streets.
Provost Marsaai.
TT an been establish od at the foot of Pollock street
r l,nHii,r nf nil kinds Of DtodUCe ttlt If,
broneht into this City Tor sale ; and in order to pre-
vent monopoly, no perioD ui va
8(all mDy of sue ri produce or provwions. .very
. ni k. .ii..i() tit i lianren feir and reasoaabte
price, under the supervision of tbe Conned of Ad
tlii Corn d'Arutee. Bio ooais Will
u. a i.nrl at other nlace in this City.for
tl. ale of Droduee or provisions. Any notation oi
! .i.: . ;;i u utt h host and contents to con-
i I II 19 MI ww W ... Www, www . FW. ,
t - . ;n ti.A tw.r.ffit of the llosnital. This older
I will go into effect on Monday next, the thirtieth day
Provost Marshal
BIw- .
-a fresh ateciimeut at
Provost Marshal's OfTcn-l
Newbern, Jan. 12, 1863 S
The dnties of the sentinels, in addition to the
duties laid down in the Armv Resalatiow. will be
to preserve order within the limits of their beats.
to see that no property is injured, no houses entered
without proner authoritv. no citizen abused or in-
salted ; that no soldier passes bis post without a
pass tram tbe Colonel of bis regiment; that no sai
lor passes his nost with -nt a nase from the captain
of bis ship, and that, alter dark, neither soldier
nor sailor be allowed to pass.
very soldier or sailor found in tne streets arter
dark, will be arrested, the Sergeant of the guard
called, and the offender banded over to him, to be
conducted to the Guard House. All disorderly per
sons at any time, will be arrested and handed over
to the Sergeant of the Guard.
In case of any disorderly or riotous persons re
fusing to obey the orders of the sentinel, tbe senti
nel shall use his arms, if tbe offender cannot be se
cured in any other way. To resist or assault a sen
tinel, is one of the gravest of military offences, and
will nhuwt. tl ritKntsr to vre rrHnishment.
Commissioned Officers do not require a pass, but"
no one will be recognized as an officer, witnout ot
uniform, and the shoulder straps, which indicate his
rank. Gold lace on the sleeve of a naval officer fat
an evidence of rank as an officer.
No officer of the Guard or Sentinel has authority
to release from arrest any Prisoner of the Provost
Guard. The non-commissioned Officer or Sentinel
in charge of Prisoners will be held responsible for
any escapes.
No pass for a soldier or sai'or is good, except it be
countersigned by tbe commanding officer of his
j regiment or vessel. Any soldier or sailor without
a pass properly countersigned, will be arrestea ana
confined in the Guard House.
No person is allowed to sell spirituous liquors to
soldiers, sailors or negroes, upon any pretext what
ever An attempt to evade this order will be treat
ed with the same severity as an open violation of
it. Any person selling to a Commissioned Officer,
upon an order purporting to come from him, will be
held responsible for the genuineness of the order
All Sutlers are prohibited from selling Liquors by
the glass to any Commissioned, non-comm:ssioned
officer, or private soldier, sailor or citizen. Any
violation of this order wilt subject the party offend
ing to a heavy fine as well as forfeiture of bis privi
lege to keep a Store in tbe city of Newbern.
No parcel can be sent by Express except by a
special permit from the Provost Marshal.
No person shall water a horse or mule within
fifty feet ot a pump.
No person shall wash at a pump, or clean fish,
or deposit filth of any kind, at or nar a pump
Citizens will be allowed to pass and repass in the
city during good behavior until nine o 'elooa ir, m..
After nine o'clock no pass is eood except a special
one from the Provost Marshal, os from Head Quar
ters, f
Tbe Provost Marshal, is instructed to allow no
one from without our lines to land in this city, unless
tney come here to trade ; and all such persons must
be made tfflsud at some given point, and no where
else. A guard of several men must be placed there,
and those DeoDle be allowed no communication with
the cir.zens of Newbern except in tbe presence of 1
one of the guard ; and they mast not be allowed to
go about the city, if they want to trade at tne
stores, a party of them can go at a time, under
charge of a guard. These orders must be strictly
carried out.
A II persons arriving in tbts eity to trade will lmme
diatelv reoort themselves at the office of tbe Pro
vost Marshal; and no boats are allowed to land at
any whaif or dock, except those at the toot ot roi
lock street. All strangers found in the city, who
liave not reported as above ordered, will be arrested
and dealt with summarily.
All persons are forbid hitching Horses to any of
tbe Trees in the City, and all the Seutitels are in
structed to seize all animals that are iouna in
violation of this order.
All persons are forbid firing guns, pistols, or can
non, m any ot tne streets, lanes, alleys, or tots
within this city, JNo nreworKs win oe burns or
fired unless by a special permitof the Provost Mar
Whereas many non-commissioned officers and
privates who are upon detached sei vice, clerks,
teamsters and orderlies, are in the habit of
leaving off their proper uniforms and appearing in
officers undress, or citizen's apparel, very- much to
the prejudice of good order and discipline or tne
service, it is hereby obpvrkp,
That alt such persons at once appear in tneir
proper uniforms, or they will be arretted and pun
ished. ....
All negroes are forbidden to wear tne button oi
the Army end all officers are hereoy emomed to
see that their servants comply with this regulation.
Hereafter no fences, or parts of fences, in this
town, sh all be removed without, the written order of
Capt. Daniel Messinger. Div. Qr. Master.
Fast driving (by officers or men) is strictly pro
hibited within the limits of tbe city. Senariea will
arrest all violating this order.
Hereafter dead horses must oe taaen Dy tne Jtteg-;m(-nt.
Batterv. &.C.. to which they belong, at least
oue mile from town and at once buried the grave
to be not less than six teet deep.
Regiments, u at ten e, &C, wm at once r,aae tne
loisged to their respective commands, and at present
lying unburled. .... .
n.j.oaanrv stens to OU1V SU:u ucou uuidct c.d i.c-
tjommanuing uiih.bi wu w -
prompt carrying out of this order.
Uy order oi siaj. ui.n. .. x. . kj .
f Com. 18th Army Corps.
Provokt Marshal.
Hkadqttarters, 1
Department of North Carolina,
New Berne. Sept. 24, 1862. )
No vehicles whatever will be allowed to pass
over the R. R Bridge, without a pass from these
Headquarters, or the Provost Marshal.
By commana oi maj. wren. v. vj- -airt ,
Acting Assistant Adjutant General.
Headquarters, I
18th Army Corps,
New Berne, Jan. 21, 1863. )
w narmnn PTfPnt ofHcers and men of the Army
and Navy of the United States being entitled, by
tne .StegUIOWOUS, ".O COI hio unui ... v.
SOn sutler or otherwise, to wear any portion of the
unitorm of any branch of the United States service
in this Department, except by special permit from
fhaa rft.nrlnufirt.ers.
. thor urTir.H. It IS tiereOV proniDlieo. ioi any pci-
No person is allowed to buy uniforms, or parts of
umionuB, uiou&oM vi n"r
sailors. . ..
Tt u not slk-.wed to sell citizen s ciotiune to enusi
ed men of thu Army and Navy, except undercloth
ing. Any violation of tnis oraer win oe
Tbe Provost Marshal is charged with tbe strict
enforcement ot this order.
By command of Maj.-Oen. J. w. foster,
Asst. Adjt. Gen.
17. . NUlilTABY B tlLBOAD.
On and aif- Deo. 1st trains will leave as follows ,
eoura south.
Leave Newbern ......9 A- M.
" Croatan -9.4U
Havelock 10
Newport - 10-25
Newport Barracks ...10.35
Carolina City .......U
Arrive Morehead H.15
Leave Morehsad 100 P. M.
CaroUnaCity IJ5
Newport Barracks 1.40
Kewport l.-jO
" Havelock -.15
Croat a". . .... ....2.115
Newbern ...3.15
Unit nm mJ-
an frl nlea on this Road will be void after
Mo-tl ly ratines wtu oe -wen- on - ' "
date, to a- perseas e-iUed to peraasne-t tt-seuorta-tiun,'
to be obtained only at tbis Office, sad of Ue
Assistant Quarter-master at Morebead. No Fcrsox
will be allowed to travel on the Road ithut a pass
or ticket. This rule will -f riy here d to
Kewbero, Dee. 1, if.
OOUWUIUI. .jr.- . , . . .
I 3be step, and then another,
And the longest walk is ended
One stitch, and then another,
1 And tbe tbe largest sent is mended.
One brick upon another,
And the highest wall is made ;
One flake upon another,
And the deepest snow is laid.
So the little coral-workers,
By their slow but constant motion,
Have built those pretty islands
In tbe distant, dark bine ocean ;
And the noblest undertakings
Man's wisdom hath conceived,
By oft-repeated efforts
Have been patiently achieved.
Then do not look disheartened
O'er the work yon have to do,
And say that such a mighty task
You never can get through ;
Bat just endeavor day by day,
Another point to gam
And soon the mountain which yon feared
Will prove to be a plain.
"Borne was not build ed in a day,"
Tbe ancient proverb teaches;
And nature, by her trees and flowers,
The samo sweet sermon preaches.
Think not of far off duties,
But of duties which are near
Avm! baring once begun the work,
Resolve to persevere.
TnE Murder at East Sandwich. Mr. Isaiah
T. Wright of East Sandwich, was shot dead by
some unknown person on Saturday evening
last, while on his way heme from the residence
of his brother, where he had spent the even
ing. A few moments after he left his brother's
house, a report of a pistol or gun was heard
by the inmates, who immediately went out to
ascertain the cause, but, it being quite dark,
discovered nothing, and returned to the bouse.
A few moments after, the wife of the murdered
man called at the house, and inquired alter the
whereabouts of her husband, saying she had
heard the report of a gun ; upon which, getting
somewhat alarmed, a search was made, which
resulted in the finding of Mr. Wright mortally
wounded, within a few rods of his owh door.
On coming up to him he exclaimed, " My
God!" and also made some other exclamation
which was not understood. The ball entered
the lower portion of tbe body and passed up
ward, grazing the heart, and must have been
fired by some one reclining on the ground.
The whole affair is shrouded in mystery, and
no clue has as yet been discovered as to the
perpetrator of the deed. The murder was not
committed for money, as Mr. Wright's pocket
book and gold watch was undisturbed. Com
ner GUjpman held an inquest on the body Jiun
day, but nothing new was elicited. The de
ceased was about 45 years of age, and is said
to have been a very quiet, inoffensive man.
Tbe excitement in East Sandwich and neigh
boring villages on Sunday was most intense,
and was scarcely ever paralleled. Barnstable
Four Davs Without Food. Eli F Sheets,
confined in the Beaver jail. Pa., under sentence
of death, for the murder of John Ansley. ceased
eating on Saturday, the 20tb, at noon, and up to
noon on Christmas day he had tasted nothing.
Tbe jailor became apprehensive that Sheet's ob
ject was to starve himself to death, but this he
denied, alleging that he could not eat. A variety
of food was set before him. but ha persistently
refused everything excepting a mere taste of roast
apple He was falling very rapiaiy, aca on
Chrietmas morniotr a physician was called in to
see him. The doctor gave it as his opinion that
death would ensue in forty eignt noma, u ne
continued to refuse nourishment.
About noon on Christmas he was prevailed
upon to take a little gruel, the physicians pro
hibiting bim from taking anyming out very
weak diet, and that in the smallest quantity at a
time. If be continues to eat he will soon regain
his health, hut if he should take another notion
nnd abstain for a few davs longer, be will not
receive tne orlices ot an execunoner. ma ueam
. . . . . - TT Z .5 v ! .
warrant had not been received, but it was signed
hv the government several davs since. He
appears very despondent and gloomy, and spends
mucn ot nis time in reaaing nis diuib. ucn.oo
that he murdered Ansley. but has intimated that
he knew who committed tbe deed. Ha retuses
t.n ttl who th cruiltv oartv is. and hence his
Ani hf niit mak little or uo impression. His
execution is fixed for the JOth of April next
The Fortifications nt Port Hudson.
A Baton Rouge orrespondent of the Boston
Traveller, saya t
Information has beon received, that the farmers
in tbis vicinity, at Clinton and other places be
tween here and Fort Hudson, are ouuuing iorvm
cations of all kinds around their plantations and
upon tbe roads, and many of them nave loop
boles made in their bouses and barns to aid in
i-Ahulliner anv attemot to advance noon Port Hud
son. which is twenty-two miles from here. The
rebel foree at tbe latter place is variously csmua
ed from eight to fifteen thousand, and some of
ii;r Tt tiw-htino- material is concentrated there.
Tbe earthworks erected by the planters and their
slaves are supplied with light neia pieces, ana 11
is leported that for two miles around Port Hud-
mermined with powder a
torpedoes The rebels believe mis ptace, u u
others we have captured, to be impregnable,
either from river or land attack, and tuey place
great reliance on it? strength in preventing our
n. flt irnirinir on Vicksbure. Tney have one
immense no mounted on one oi tneir wt-no. i
W , - L:.L . L. A faaw I
which baa never oeen nrea, ana wums wwj
to fire least it should esplode. This monster
they prefer to keep muzzled till our fleet ap-
V- . . . . 1', TT T,
The seoessionis-fl wno nea irom " r
upon the news of oor approach, are at work with
the inhabitants of Clinton and Jackson, buiidinfir
earthworks. On the river the rebels have batter
ies five miles long, to defend Port Hudson. All
accounts seem te warrant tbe general belief that
a desperate battle will be fongbt at tbis point.
The hilly situation of tbe country around Pert
Hudson gives to it vn rivalled advantage in the
shape of natural fortifications. Notwithstanding
all this, though I dislike to prognosticate open
such uncertain events, yet I feel convinced, from
the nature and extent of the preparation that
are now being made, that a Union defeat hero is
impossible. It may be a dear bought vietory.
bnt it cannot, under the guidance of such tried
aad skilful leaders, result in anything but a
Man and wife are like a pair ot s-fsesrs. so
long as they together, but they beeoaee -aggers
as soon as they are disunited.
Facts from History. We are indebted to Boeon
tevSpvtet, aad to Tig iron tit can-0- balto,
aierenatilc V aileres 1st the United State.
The statistics of failures for the year past, pab
- - ------- . po i
S?1" 0 I
mm & Uo., New York, are received. The
net of failures in Massachusetts, exclusive of
Boston, was fll ; liabilities f 1,042,800. In Boa
ton, 130; liabilities $2,013,000. Whole number
of failures in 1863, exclusive of British North
American Provinces, 1653; liabilities $3,049,300
Whole number in British Provinces 988, with
liabilities of $ :,292.588.
The Circular presents the number of failures,
with amount of liabilities in eaeh year including
1857 to present date. It appears that the liabili
ties of failed concerns in Boston for years 1858,
1859 and I860 ranted in amount from 4.178.925
in '56 to $4,956,760 in last named year, bat in
1857 in consequence of the monetary crisis tney
were $41,010,000. And again in 1861. increased
by the rebellion, they rose to $18,317,161, and
have fallen during the past vear under influence
of low rate of interest and rising market for
merchandize to $2,013,000.
Perhaps the most interesting fact exhibited by
.these tables at the present lime is that the failures
ie the British Provinces correspond in relative
amount of liabilities vary nearly to those of oar
country in each yearbeing upwards $8,000,000
in 1857, a little over $4,000,000 onJy. in each of
tbe three following years, but in 1861 $6,500,000
(about) and the past year a little more than
$3,000,000. No better illustration could be afford
ed of the intimate business relations of bar
Majesty's neighboring colonies with the United
States. Boston Daily Advertiser.
Astronomical Disco vtBiEs i 186& Fit
planets and four comets have been discovered
during the past year. Mr. Safford of Cam,
bridge, Mass., first recognized as a planet
Fcronia, though it had been seen in 18601
April 8th, Mr. Tuttle of Cambridge discovered
Clytie. The third planet, not yet named, was
discovered on the 22d of September by Dr.
Peters of Hamilton College Observatory. On
the 25th, Mr. Parker of New York discovered
the fourth, which is not yet named. On tbe
22d of October, Dr. D' Arrest of Copenhagen
discovered Freya. Four of the five were dis
covered in this country.
The first comet was discovered by M.
Schmidt of Athens, Greece, on the 2d of July.
The second comet was discovered July 18th,
by Mr. Tuttle. Dr. Drubns of Leipsic discov
ered one comet on the last day of November
and another on the first day of December.
Mr. Tuttle has made eleven discoveries, a
greater number than has been made by any
living observer, or by any man except Messier,
the French astronomer. Mr. Tuttle is now
serving in the ranks of a Massachusetts regi
ment in North Carolina. He is said to be as
expert with a rifle as with a telescope. We
gather tbe above facts from a communication
in tbe Boston Courier.
Martial Law in Mobile. Prom tbe way
the Mobile Tribune talks of the operations of
Gen. Bragg'8 martial law in that city, it does
not appear that it is deeply in love with them.
It says :
" The sanctity of a private room, we are
told, is not secure from invasion, so that the
order of the reat Bragg shall be rigidly en
forced. He determines what tbe citizen shall
drink, when be shall drink, and who shall
give him drink. He should go further, and
say what he shall eat, where be shall eat, and
who shall sell it to him. All thin kind oi thing
makes 'martial law a humbug and a nuisance.
AH through this war we have been cursed
with petty tyranny. Odious customs have
been thrust upon us, and their non-observance
made criminal or penal, thus making us feel
si ill more the realities and hardships of war.
We are weary of these little tyrannies. It
is full time that they should have an end, and
... . .t . j ! j. r ir r:i:.....
we trust mat me ena is nut iar ou. -simaiY
despotism extended to the mere citizen is tbe
most odious ot .despotisms, and some oi tne
despots should remember that there are men
who will follow mem lor years witn tne aeter
ruination and ventreance of a Nemesis, for
wanton encroachments on inalienable rigbts."
Adventnaree of a Scoundrel.
A fellow arrived at St. John, N. B., a few days
aex, in a vessel on which he bad sought psssage
from Boston, claiming to be a British subject
When tbe vessel had proceeded some distance to
sea he revealed himself an a deserter from the
Federal army. He said that he firrt enlisted in
Portland, where his family resides,.) andreceiv
inc his bounty, he succeeded in having his name
placed on the hospital list, and afterwards escap
ed to Boston, where be again enlisted, receiviag
a bounty of $-35, and vanished He imme
diately hired on board an English steamer and
made a trip to England and returned, when be
left the vessel and tried his fortune at another
enlistment, received another bounty, and made
bis exit by tbis vessel, bound to St. John.
The craft was obliged to enter Portland, when
he left hei to visit his rife and ehildren. but re
turned piior to her departure, and arrived with
lul Hi . st John. He said that bis family
had and were receiving three dollars per week
vm thft State during tasabeOTce. snd in case of
the s-spensioir -T this provision, be should send
for them te come and reside in his new-found
i The, -mr were so interested in bis ex-
British waters, he was
fathered and shaved with and iron hoop, all of
which he bore with admirable sing frotd.Mta
seemed not ill pleased with tbe ceremonies which
Welcomed his transition from the country be had
so basely deserted and ro-nea,
A Kebel Cnse-err
A Winchester. Vs., corresponds!! of tbe Phila
delphia Inquirer writes :
tm kAt H-ad nn. It is very dffi
.,. V. L Tw-Tthin. to eat in this God forsaken
wW berets . V-vey-rd which de-srve. a
. : Tt te about sixty or seven'.y
two and a half feet apart, extending the whole
toneth. There are some twelve or fifteen hnn
drel aUves, each with a littfat board at tbe bead
beariSTtbe nTme of bim who sleep. WaU
I long trench, two feet wide and about fbar feet
deeo is dug, a man wrapped la his blanket u
WdPi"tb.ichi.ft Jbta J-g
i. 'n-fri Unath mxul rftlMd OD m ilUlCi " .
level of l he ground, ss graves are. Ttoe n -laid
with bis bead at the fee of
on tUl tbe trench is filled 1 j? y5
aod filled in Uke manner. Jt J
these tiencbe- Each one con ai". .J1
bJ:A? ?LJJZ:. wL bsv. foughk tbeir last
as IB Mwwmm w ,
W1U sns-
bsJtle.and now sleep tbeir last steep.
eorrs-n-ndefit with Gen. Bank-' army on tbe
oco-Tef tbe re occupation of Baton Bongs,
encountered a group of darkies in the suburb.
He says he asked one of them if there were any
abolitionists in Baton Bongs. V" '
- He mas'r, de rebels tooks dem ail em.
Indeed wka do they do with them T"
" Dey shoots 'em ,s!ap, mas'r.'
So 1 suppose. Too knew what an abolition
ist is. don't you f" ,
-Yes mas'r; what de sojerg call catridges.
That suflated.
An Jahitmm trmm
From the Xuktt2le Unto.
From copy of the Richmond (Va.,) En
qutrer, dated December 13th, it appears that
a coniresewy fetew going en km nonw xmm
between that journal and tbe Raleigh N.
Standard, another rebel joon The gj
copies an editorial which auneared in th :
aru ui me ism, wnicn contains accusaiKma
against the Jef Davis dynasty, and some ,
confessions in regard to the "oW Govern
ment," meaning the Federal Unio jlttfe
every honest Secessionist should ponder oh
seriously. " The Standard, published at the)
a -c Ttwt. ... .
capital ot itonu. Carolina, ueaarea uiax in
Union MM feMb. Devi, fac
capital of North Carolina, declares that the
uon. " beJore moon csuse wss ivsn."
they saw that they were about to lose the
spoils of office, which they bad enjoyed a
many years. Here is tbe article j read aad
preserve it : ?a4
Tbe Richmond Bnettirer has recentlir
tea! two long articles to us, in which it
aooe us greAt injusoce. Ve do not propose
to-day to reply at any length to the Enquirer,
as our space is occupied by subjects which
require more immediate attention.
The Enquirer labors through two coin mop
in reply to our article on tbe 28th November,
but it b no means meets the notnts we made
in that article. It admits, both "by its silence
ia regard to our statements on tbe subject, and
its unfounded charge that the conservatives of
tbis State are solely influenced by tbe love of
office, the fact that the adminfB4jtffeffi of Air.
Davis is strictly partisan in its character, and
mat ne is wielding tor a faction a great gov
rnent which ought to be administered bv
for the people. Tne "beef Patrick H
incident which- the Ennirrj introduces for
tbe purpose of showing that the great mass of
tbe people ofTrorth Carolina are mltacnced by
their regard for the spoils, is alike state and
inappropriate ; but it amounts to the admis
sion that the Enquirer and' its faction, are in.
possession of tbe "beef," which they intend to
retain at all hazards. They labored to break
down the old Qotemment bmawtt tkB&mne they
were about to lose the "beef" and they would
wreck the new one, before they would fart with
the carcase upon which the vulture hate set
tied. Their motto was ditideand destroy;
and their motto now is, consolidate, and rule
or ruin. Hence they are Destructives, and
those who oppose them, and who would sajve
the new Government, ii ihsj QWiW tO HTK
the old, are Conservative-.
We tell the Enquirer that we still walk the
soil and breathe the air of freedom ; and that
we are not to be influenced in our course to
the slightest extent by the blaosments o M-e
frowns of power. i wjj0
We hear a great deal on tbiR subject about
the importance of avoiding a conflict with the
Confederate Government. This comes for tho
most part from gentlemen who were not at all
scrupulous about bringing about a conflict
with the old government, ana tearing U Ootcn
before good cause were given for doing so.
Tne Kicfamend JSnquvrer makes a flounder
ing but most unsuccessful effort to refute these
facts. The testimony is overwhelming that
the Southern leaders rebelled not because tho
people were wronged, but because they bad
been defeated in a fair constitutional election.
and they could not brook the thought that
cotton aristocrats should obey tne great us-
mocracy of tbe United States. Mr. Cobb said
that M Southern gentlemen would notUte under
a President toko had come up from the rani
of the people, as Abe Lincoln had dime." OS
no : they would sooner plunge- tbe nation in a
horrible war, and slaughter the white citizens
of the South by- thousands that .they migHT
organize another Government Will the people
of the South be led any longer by these Heartless-aspirants
for office and power, when a lead
ing rebel journal tells them that these aspirants
incited a rebellion without good reason ? Aro
they so blindly devoted to JcfE Davis and
Gov; Harris that, they will sacrifice Ufe and
liberty, and enslave thoir children, to give
those corrupt demagogues fat offices? Suppose
tbe Southern Confederacy could be eatabliahed i?
as it never can what then? How ionyk
would it be before some defeated wndidatfi for
the Presidency would gather an army and raS!(
another rebellion, and another civil war T Will
the people be made mere puppets forevefyj-,
allow themselves to be used as the playthings
of Judah Benjamin and John 0. Breckinridge t
Are we to have a rebellion at every election,
as they do in Mexico? Must one hundred
tKninnnd industrious n on -slaveholders leave
their homes, sleep on tbe cold ground, half-
clad, all winter; live on scanty moo, ana w
slaughtered like sheep, because seme Don oar yJ
a cotton plantation, who owns two or three
huudred negroes, has been beaten for tho
Presidency. Unless the South returns lo ins
rinhm. there is nothing in the future for her
but secession, rebellion and civil war.
Fort Sumter Said to be
ih a Naw York Sunday MercufM pubHabes
a letter, purporting to base- been written by
an officer ot tbe revenue cutter Bibb, giving
an account of a secret reconnoiienng expeui
.. . . - i. t.wk.- wftrfoFT rowi-ilred tn
lion in iD rreswu ii -...v..
the mb vt the rebels Hare phrted Use
mit&idp! nf tort teu niter wm neavy ,tmw wm
railroad iron. The stcy, wb-lher true or noi,
iicuxiyuw, The v rUcr says: . -'jfifi?
avoid being dashed sgarrts -Hi,- I now conW
see, by oce-skMal turn toyfc
as 1 b4 swpeeted at ftrMb W Ma W1
encased in a suit of iron armor. Parallel bars
of railroad irbft lasM-ed this iron coating.
neroenrBcalarly, from the base to t ppr
line. Tbe port holes were
i i iii iiiia mi ib SSBM
ing acute angles at every side. This
.i.t ff., . vprv eeriona resistance
io tbe
400-poundefrf, even when tbe inany injgles
presented m mn aw
sena uw- -F""t z .' i
like so many peas. The cever pe--.--.-!?
Jl-iJStl notbeen idfe since bis occupa
tion of thWi port, and it is to bim that we 0W
tbis formidable arrangement.
On the l
be ridge of mountains in
Portugal call
rr eat eat tent a
are two nses sf
wbf-b w-M'teV-
ehitrdr reaaarkabvc tn
iw that
calm when llf JtlbiiiWiill Tt when '5 '
-t-mv Tt u therefore, orobable that they
have a subterranean cornrflUnicatkm with tbe
ocean ; sod this seems to be continncd by the
nieces of ships tbey throw up tboo
Klw. fro-Tth. sea. TU
ordinary bike in that country, which, before a
storm IS saiu to rna- f.
aSsTth-t may be heard a dtt-ance of -era
S&S An6 we are also bskNU n poof or
tain calied Fervancals abo- twenty -four wOm
from Comby, that absorbs not oolr wood, but
the lightest bodies thrown into it, such aa
ir feather, etc. which Bin- t fhs
----, r .
and are never seen wwvssjk
which petrifies wood, or rstbar eawta it
with a case of atone ; but the most remark
ible circumstance is, that in summer it throws
.n -t-' Mmih to turn wCvet-1 tniUs. and Ok
, winter is perfectly dry
"T - " a .
Oiua whfek erery
Secessionist Should ft etui.
nan ,
nd deptrt es
? a

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