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Partly Cloudy Tonight
' (Full Report on Pajjc Two.)
Lansing Appears Indignant Be
cause Possibly Inspired Re
ports Had It That Note
Satisfied This Government.
Rumor Says State Department
May Break Off Negotiations
With von Bernstorff and
Insist on Show-down. '
Germany's latest position in the
Lusitania controversy is unsatis
factory to the American Govern
ment. Out of a chaos of conflicting
statements emanating from the
State Department and German em
bassy quarters, this fact stands out
cr representing the views of he
Administration with respect to the, ''"i3 n,t ' "is "truggio. but one th.it
, . ... n ..Is the outcome of this. 1 doubt whethtr
latest communication from Berlin.
Refusing even to admit that
such a communication has been
received, Administration officials
arc highly incensed over the an
nouncement this morning that the
controversy has been virtually
settled. There is suspicion in
Government circles that friends of
the German ambassador, anxious
for an early settlement, have
assumed to declare that the new I
communication represents entirely
the views o fthc United States.
Secretary of state Lansing appeared
especially Indignant this morning. On
hi way to the Cabinet meeting he at
first brusquely refused to make any
comment. Then ho appeared to chango
his mind suddenly, and said:
"You can ay for me that the stories
piinted this morning are wholly un
founded, and consist of merest sdccu-
latlon. not justified by tho facts"
Whii t these facta arc he icfuscd to ,
, '' ' i
wei many, ii is Slatcu. lias failed again
io meet tno demands of the I'niieri
.States with respect to 'the form of dis
aowal demanded of her for the ninr
('er of tho 110 American men, women,
and children who sank with the Cunard
liner in Its death plunge
At tho present stage of the negotia
tions, it is understood, the L'cimau gov
ernment still inanifesss a deslie to Jus
tify In part at least the sinking of the
vessel with its load ol human Height.
In the opinion of the American (iovern
mont there Is, and can be, no justlllca
tlon, and Germany must abadon all er
fort at that end If she Is to leach an
understanding with the Cnlted States.
The communication from Count von
Uernstorq Is understood to hae been
leceived some time last wrel. It Is
Mild to have been tiaiiMultted to the
White House jestorday. efusing to le
gard It as a final expression fiom (Jer
n any the State Department it is be
lies ed. had Intended continuing the
.onfldentlal negotiations with the am
bassador In lew o' what manv offlciilj nre
Hi. lined to r.'S.n i as thr "Ins :rnl"
statements this moimng that u .Mttle
ment had been leached, it 's rerirfe.l
as not inijiiol.alle that the State Ue
liaitiTitiit and tho Administration ma
bo consldeiing l.irakinsr off thee con
fidential negotiations and luslstuir uin n
;i shovdown direct from Hcilln
The entire ntmohpheie in Auminlstra
tluo circles Is or.e which is uln st
Price Is Boosted to
Active Trading on
Directors' Meeting.
NEW YORK. Jan 25 Hrokeis iam
med about tho "steel post" on the stock
exchange today In trading which boost
ed the prlco of I'nlted States Steel com
mon up to ! a few hours before the
nrporatlon directors were to announce
their decision as to a dividend
During the first hour of the nuiket
fading In Steel represented a quartet
of th business transacted in the entire
.I'firket At 11 o'clock fiS.OOO shares of
Steel common had changed hands at
urites lauglng from 84 lo s,'i At that
bom the Issue was quoted at M7, a
action below the high niaik of the
moi n'nc
The most peisistent luninrn on the
'o- .ictc that the coiiior.itl.Mi would
'olato the icgular ili'i'cn,i or 1'4 per
in Other urii.i n . iojcwi,
at the ui ult M.l oilil bi pi-.s-.1
iild 'ew csim i " 1 ..I'- e in ilt. I
i end to lie tleclare'',
I'm attention of l'ie en'.'""' niMkct
w cen'e rd on Steel n minii ment
as to th ilnidend will .lot .ue made
until after the close this afternoon.
More Danger of War
With Britain Than With
Germany, Says Mann
Minority Leader in House Speech Suggests Wisdom
of Preparing Thoroughly Now For Future.
Declares Present Conflict Will Nbt
End Strife Between Nations.
There is more danger of a war with England than with Ger
many, Republican Leader Mann today declared in a ringing speech
In the House announcing he would support preparedness legislation.
He urged immediate creation of a standing army of from 250,000
to a half-million men.
"I have much more fear of a war with England then 1 have
of war with Germany,'' he declared.
Regarding preparedness details, Mann sa'd:
"It were well as an emergency' we should increase the regular
army to 250,000, 300,000 or even a half-million; we should provide
ample coast fortifications and a navy able to defend us on the seas."
Loud applause was given Mann, from
both Democrats and Republicans, ncnily
all leaders of both paitles being pre
cnt to hear Ills speech. The Republican
leader urged non-rartlsan consideration
of the question and support of the Ad
ministration. "It Is well known that I have never
been In fax or of a large standing num.
and I suppose I have been propei ly
classed as a 'llttlo navj' man. (ml
Declaring tne Kuropcan powers aro
In a life and death struggle. Mann s.ild
".Neither side pn .-s much attention to i
the demands of .-.erne trss pone :u in- i
tlon not engaged i,i 'he onn.llc'
"Xo une knows where the aggression
on either side again tl our wishes will
tl, illv leii.t no li.t ..nnltnueil "I'dr.
Schooi Board Controversy But
Incidentally Referred to At
Meeting Today.
Only two minor bill' were reported
todaj t the mefting of the House Dis
trict Committee, the delay in taking up
more important legislation being due to
the Innbllltv of subcommittees to brln
In such matters for consideration i
The school hoaid controversy vas but
Incidentally referred to at todav 's meet
ing. Cli.ilrr.ian Lloyd, of the cduca'tlcv
1 al subcommittee, announced that it
would meet Thursday afternoon to take
lP ,nc Commlssloneis' bill relating to
proposed changes in the school svsteni
Tollowlng the visit of Congressman
Page to the White House icstcrdnv.
It became probable at the Capital toil.u
that the District appioprlatlon bill nmv
lontaln several Impoitant leglslil.e
llders including those authoring the
commssionors to .Tppolnt the Iteglstnr
of Wills, the Recorder of Deeds, the
Hoard of Children's Guardians, the
Hoard of Charities, and the trustees for
the Industrial Homo School for C 1-
i ored (5li Is.
I If these changes riie curled in the
District budget. howoor. it may be
done witli the constnt of mtmbtrs of Hit
i HlHrie eommltee who hit' e been ilcla-
I til In aklng up separate measures to
bring the changes about Mr Page Is
expected to apph for a special inle to
make In order these legl.lntie ililei",
Tl.n D,nj.l,.l w ,,,!.,, clor.H In li...
nl,l Mv 1nee tl.nl lie W..K 111 mm.
pathj with the proposal of the Com
missioners to relieve the Chiet Incen
tive of the task of appointing the regts-
tei ol wins nnil the i eenrder of rleerts .
( nngicnrnnii Page, in cliaige ot tbeiCstate of Stephen .
District budget is also understood to
have iiifoi meil the lresident that iea
sonable piogiess is being made on tre
liii-trlct bill, although the House jas
learned liy expeiience that there is no
need to hurry the appropriation bill, as
It makes slow progress in the Senate
The Page subcommittee of the appro
priations Committee ma Include In the
appropriation bill legislation putting into
. ffm t ieenniineml.i tlnriB nf the totnt com
mittee lnestlg.itlng the half and lnlf
question This will depend, however,
upon whether the District committee
ran get to such legislation before the
pasi-age of the appropriation bill. Chair
man Johnson Is now at work on an in
dependent tlscal bill, but It was not
readi for submission to the District
Committee todaj.
l I s riutino meeting todnv th- Dis
trict Committee repotted two lu'Is In
trouurert b Congressman Cnilln of Vir
gin. a fine authoiizps die Conn Is-, on
ers to aeate and abandon t-'orti -first
street northwest noith of Yurni sliret
The other evempts from the ntierations
of the nubile utilities law the Wash
ington and (ld Dominion Railwsv Com
pnn evcept that portion of tbe rnptl
which Is operated within the District.
Here's Wayfor U.S.
To Prevent a War
Dr. Mary Walker Would Have
American Women Wear Ki
mono to Win Over Japanese.
The tieparedne-s hearings of tho
House N'aval Committee woie eti'.i ened
todav by an anli ' speech bv lit. M.nv
Walket. vvearln-; her tmous ttou ers.
p'ug hat, and white cotton glove'
She declared Japan Is Anient 'i onlv
potable fee. and that American vvoin"ii
should he ii-t to .Inpiiii to adorit Ihe
l'tlie l.,iii.iH. eoitiim- us an Ame.ii.aii
tjllda I isliuv
( ' .st l.lnr-i. "I'lnrltln peelil.--
I loi Inn s tiriest ruin i. ii p in i'-i'' t
r.th'i .I'l -l e 'til '..un- ibnh " ii 1 W
. m I 2' a in. 1106 X Y. avt. nw -Advt.
a paper pca e now. oven if It t otild be
entered Into, .would be oven thg begin-'
nlng of the end I think the present
coiiillet u llkclv to la.t tor many ears
before either -ldo Is deflated lliidllv the
"The part of wi-dom for us is to pre-,
pare thorotighlv for anv possible trouble.
We ought to maintain pe.it e at all haz
ards, but the time m.i come when wo
will not lie able to maintain peace,
ner.mso It is not within our power to
withstand aggression loo often. '
' It is expensive to prepare for
peace, but ve hsd rathel spend i
...111....... ... ... ..I.. ,... Ul, .1 . . .. '
nililii'iie ii. ii.uiu lliM,.ll 111(111 II, V 11 I I
i.ii trouble Lto c(.me and spend untold
I illiom If involved in no trouble ve
will g. I off .heanh. If Involved in
I oublc the money we spend lion i
would be worth manv fold what wo
would sponn after ward
' It Is mil dui to provide for posi
Ulillos as well as ceitalntles.
Rules Issued By Chief Justice
Covingion on Application of
Grievances Committee.
William Karle mbrose. c-r-r 1
Pulton. William Tl Helllv. Has'.l Hoths
clilld. I'dwaid N Hopewe'l. and John
W Patterson members of the Mistrlct
bar are required to "how c.iuf" wl"
the uhould not be disbarred in iii!c3
issued todnv b chief .Justtie Coxins
ton on thr application of the conr ilt
tee on giiealices of the court The
rules are returnable before the comt in
policial term J'obnnt v 1K
The charges r.'ed In the commltte-.
iniohe mlseondui t on the part of the
i attorneys
i tilllaiii Hai le Ambiose. in the pi o-
ceedtng.'i fot disbarment, is accused of
having bee.n oulcted on Januntv "-,
lai.'.t of eniliez7.1lii!, $I.Jii of the Llnier-
li K estate while acting as gum. Man of
the minor children of ileorge Limerick.
The aieusntlon against Creed rui-
ton is that he wa couvii ted March
I 23, lust, of embezzlement. In this
I mallei an appeal is now pending
I William H ltellly Is charged with
i being convicted on .lanuarx l'.i. 1S15,
of einbcj.lemeiit Involving $4.7.'iO, the
proiert of (he estate of V X Loch-
i boebler
j 'I he louit is informed in the pio
ceedlngs for disbarment of David
Rothschild that he Is serving a sen-
leniC OI llllie IMIS Oil HIS Ilieil ill
R'i" in n iinirue OI lorKtrj' HI1U
utteilng made in the Distiict Supreme
Court last September
Cdward X Hopewell is accused of
misconduct while administrator of the
Hall, the alleged
offense being the retention of Jo.41
belonging to the estate.
The at tion against John W Pattci -son
Is based on a charge of embez
zlement fot which he Is now serving
i ue riiies ii-siieiiiiv me court are
otiffti on union in inu couri in gen-
eral term, and the lawyers are reoulred
theiebj to stand trial upon the accusa-
tions made before the court on Kebiu -
ory 28
The House Xaval' Committee, bv a.
vote of It to 4 todav favorohlv teporlejj
an Ailmlnlslration hill to Increase the
numlni of midshipmen at the AnnapolM
Aca.lenn, allowing each Congreshman
to appoint thiee caiiilidat. s annually
instead c' tv o. ,
CongiesmiiHii t'allawav. 11. nrle Trih-I
ble. mid Hm hauan. 'little navy" men,'
voicu agamsi rne iian
President's Bride
To Sell Her Home
Dwelling Where Executive Wooed
and Won Present "First
Lady'' on Market.
W liS'jll
''ho ilwellni' win r j Pins'di-nt
v noeil and von his In id
Irs Koiih l Hi ir
till, ugh tl e ' iv i i ii i.i
!r foi sale
.ait Wilson..
urily nntl
1 1 list Coin nv. Ii.i" ofen-,1 ,he
i- i -it 1 . 'I'm ntii ih Ml et I n
Yl-.ell ' is) j) , -,! , -,, f, ,, ,
nov on t1 o main fl v.i nil 'h
lalm-d tee i,UwillMi ot ..aitu-l
cvctJ. days.
Handwriting Expert Called to
Identify "Alibi" of Victor
Brother of Death Car Driver
Declares Brother Expected
Lot of Money.
PROVIDENCE. Jan. 25 -Closing testi
mony In the Ptite's erfort to establish
the alleged cult or Vis. Elizabeth K
Mohr ns Instigator of the murder of her
hbsbsnd, Dr C. Franklin Jlolir. Is being
taken tod-iy. Hlid by night. It Is expect
ed, the decks will be cleared for the
Herbert R Hell, brother of the drtv
ei o the car In which Dr. .Mohr met his
death and Miss Emily Hirgcr was
-wounded, was the first witness today,
lie was followed by J. II Clark, a
handwriting expert Two police officers,
Inspector Ahoarn, and Captain Jlnnn
Inn nie opectcd to take the stand bc-
i inn in. .in. h iiir-i in iiiii.il lii. i.ii..
M .1.. -. l ... ... ... .Ilunli .1... Inuf
... ... .,.,, sttucture of the Bute's
Promise of Money.
Herbert R Me.ids. hi miter of the
n gro driver of the death cm, tesl"t d
to lay Ibit Victor Irovvn, one of t..e
tivo ncgre dcf ivlnts. had declire.l
shorllv after the murder of Dr. Mohr.
' I jilinj'jod the doctor and cllinan !i"t
Mis 1 -irger "
lie declared tbil be went to see his
l.tother mil "two oiper lit.c." In the
Lilalol 1"II It was brie 1 it lie swoiv,
lJi.vn told HI in lint Mn Mohr had
hlied them to kill tne doctor, with a
promise, oi ii iol oi niuii.-.
i nder cross-examination llealls no-
:!".,,t '' .L1?' U'". VAllV.i"...,,,?.V "S. .M1.
. in... v - ...... ... i. ! ... ........
ijeorgo e-rape th" "life geii'ince"
Joseph II. C'lirk, n InmiwrUltig es
peit agrln took llio stum! for lie
m.o ( !(! "tried two iloeiini t: -
en bin 1, Asiistant Attorney '. en
rol Phillip Thev were the alibi which
HcrtrurV Stevenson .-td she had sect i .
riom Urown. and n written order for
! ios belongings given to Herbert Henlls
i by Drown "They vcro written by tne
mutw hand," he svoie.
Mronn's eves flashed and he turned
iround nervoush while HeHs was on
the stand
Mis Mohr arrived In her curtained
limousine and went dlrect'v to th
courtroom She smlllnglv greeted lit r
counsel and nodded toward the press
Dr Moh-'s blood-stained clothinz. ths
sizht of which threw her Into i tumult
of sobs when it was d!splacd last week
wis brought back Into court pgnln to
da b Clerlt Robert Root, thli time In
n wlilte toverlng. except the niuidercd
pliNSlrlan s hat
Defense Is Ready
The defense li rcad.
gerald and Ix-wls laid the'r plans dur -
i lug the intei im between tne close or
court list Prlday and the opening on
Monda Kltzgerald. It is announced,
will make tbe opening address for Mrs.
Mohr. He will then begin the Introdut-
tlon of witnesses and probablj will not
I give wi to Lewis befote the middle of
net week
Lewis is to handle the Joint case
of Cecil Victor Brown and Henry Spell
min, both as to presentation and tes
timony, while John H Kdwnids, repre
senting Spellman alone, will act in an
adlsoiy capacitv ntzgeiald Is uncer
tain when he IU put Mrs. Mohr on
the stand but that sho will lake the
witness stand and tell her own slorv
her troubles with htr murdered hus
band, Dr. C Kianklln Molu, is con
sidered a foregone conclusion
Three Weks More.
A verdict v. ithin three weeks Is
llkelv. Attorney Lewis believes.
Just what the defense plans to sh
e'oarlv understood today. Atl
... i j ,
ncy Lewis places much credence in
, stoi v of an anonymous informant who
i Hnnronelied him o.. the Btreet In Boston
promising to give him
formation The former
torney General of the
hopes to have the mysterious witness
in court 'at the proper time." He will
not reveal the nature of the man's
story or the manner In which It will
altcct the defense of the negro youths
To Secure Bond Issue Not to
Exceed Three Times Capital
Stock of Company.
i .i icien i ,.,-,. .1 When ihe facts conceinlniT th. Pies
Tj sicuic a Loud Ist-.io nn to etCBtd, ,, .,.. . ,,,,..,,
JikO ij rOi nor If f-veed illici
tae cardial stock of the .-nini'.'iii)
Haltlirore end UIHo
Pled v Itn the P.ccoi
tefundlng nno ceneial nf.itiaie on
all Its propettv rights and fianehiscs to
. e.n,.,i Tiust Coin'i.inv Ot Neil
"lork'ni'tl Jni'iei N. U .lllace as tri'stot -.
! ttnnsfe. is ti ti' Itv for outsta'td-
i in, obllf i.'ions o' tbi' oimi-inv, incl nl-
li'l- nr a", isfii e of II -ei- ecu !.-nv-Sil
vi.ii .-oiiie. tl' '- coi'l brne ,,f V, lt.,
11 '..
in nui.tuils In -SO '"v
mottpif.' c vi i - i '.
und the illiii
uuioum to
Advanced Trenches Penetrated,
Paris Admits, But Foe Is
Driven Out.
Czar's Troops dressing From
Northeast Reported Within,
Three Miles of City.
PARIS, .'an. -.". German troops
penetrated advanced French trenchon
in their new offe-ruvc mowmnt near
the mouth of the isri,lli" I'n 'ii li v. p
office .idmitted tills afternoon It wa
slated tliat the enemy was later driv
en out
The renev al of the German attacks
followed a few hoius after the bom
bardment in v hlch iiinre than JU OOi)
shells were, hulled p.ga'n't the I'rcni li ,
positions. The ilniinru were flr
luld to their trenches bv a screen I
of flio from French tleld pieces and
n.achine guns, hut later emerged and '
b a despctato charre gained a fool
hold lit the advam ed Kienrh posi
tions I'tcii'-h tioops drove them out al
most imniciliatelv with a .-how er of
Land gienr.de.s tint infill ted pr. ere
I,;;:;, on "" n ,m l" ai o,n
The off-i-.Mve . an i-d cnem I mops
int,, H liell iialeis m tl'- .ingle of
I tnr ,v in-l.nim i ad and in the angb
j,, ihc X. in ille St Vaa.sa-Thelus -ojiI.
it wa n,t) admitted Tl.ese position
N .ore sub-equentl iccapturecl bj t r
lt i nch
I j no ngnung
all along this fmn-
. ontinues.
; Russian Legions Now
Within Three Miles
, Of the City of Pins'?
PKTROURAD, Jan. 2o. Russian
troops, pressing down from the north-,
west, hae appioached to within thiee
miles of the cltv of I'lnsk. according to
dispatches received here today
The Germans arcstrengthening the'i
positions along the Oginskl cinal, noith
of I'lnsl-. to meet the expected Slav
attack. The movement against Plnsk
Is an extension of the offensive lnunch-
I ed against the Austro-Germans in the
j Kovel-Sarny railroad region a few
i wcei.s ago
Pir.sk was occupied bv Merman troops
uniWr Held Marsh.il von Mackcnsen In
I the Teutonic drive following the capture
I of Warsaw The Germans halted their
ttornev s ntz-1 eastward drive at Plnsk. and Marken-'.-
i.. .!.. fon then moved upon the Ralkans
1 !j.J
have been no nievlous repoils of
a Russian advance on Plnsk
Sixteen Aviators Raid
Bulgarian Positions
Along Greek Border
SM.OXIKl. Jan 'JS - Sixteen French
aeroplanes again bombarded CJhegvei
estert"av, killing and wounding molt
thin lm. persons and causing heavy
damage to U'llg-.rlnn camps
Moie than lnj bombs weir dropped bv
in fortv-liv
I'lenrli aviators wno
ra'ded souiliei.i Serbia cities with im
tior.anl lesul's
ail.v .osterd.iv, it is
the creatist. nir .aid
nfiiearne.l It was
ever evened in he Pialrvn
Kn ru.le ho. n froniMi.iii il'-Ihe ml-i-s
mill into two ; artles cie bombai'l
ing U'-egveji and tt otl i i. i.l.i
Thoupli vU-orousl-, shelled, not a sln,l"
aeroplane was lilt
reel In Boston II lip 1 A f 1 1 OHM niH
Important in- II l!L Inlll V I 1 III U I I I
Assistant At- 111 IV WWll .A I I I M II II I
l-nited StatesJUllL, fllLUUIl UIU
Tells Kitchin Legislation Should
Be Complete Bcrore Party
Conventions Begin. j
rres.dent Wilson wants r.mgress
t .
hurry along its woik and .liljou -n t1-'
session before the national . onventioii
He Is urging the leaders to .pred up
legislation and quit foi the Miminc
about June 1
This fact became known todnv at tbe
Capitol follow 'ng the onfeience be
tween the Piesldent and Leader Kitchin,
of the lloue Demounts Piesulri'l
Wilson was iiisistnt in his conferem o
with Mi Kucli'ii thai the session end
i before the conventions
nn u i" i i i- .. .!-.
lj us la us o pifiKrnui imiu "i wir rv -
lallrcad toi'iyi"""1 bv ,uno ' OI ""'icalioutM becai-.i
der of' Deeds ' a I Iviiow n at the C.ioi.ol a Mi. w.is
caused aiuoiin o i i w.-on iois nn.i
P.epublicans It "- anticipated Hint
Filling effoits will he p-.ide to do
nwa with tllli iol . Pi"i-eedii-r
House leuleiH !s well as those on tne
Sen.ile sltl" Indicitetl that thc li.nl nv Tt)r. ;flmf, eo' respojiilent. of the Dnilv
dUnosiiioii lotliicro'; the sein iN'ews re'.'etts . Ht the I'mpeior Is suf-
Manv .ne Ui iitlcal about Hie pom-i- ferlnr fro.n mine b-oiichlUs and tlint
bililv if ciiolns the . 'i--.li cm v In I apurebcnulnn felt hec.iust of lile" -id-.1
mi. ( Ine of e ' of the Pi r-ident s attl- ( i mceil ml- The lull. T kfjiapli
tudi wl'l undon'itedlv be to fori c pre- Rome corresnoiir'ent f s Tfcji , ii
ti.u f dncs leglsl. iimn to a head nnlcli . les have ri-p'.. wind th it li in
more quvklv than ba been anticipated Josef's condition Is vcj brave.
democrats plan
fip- r" flTOr'i fWlOTTnl
IB 1 1 1 L. U I Ul sJUl--lll
Acting Chief Engineer of De
partment Opposes Sugges
tion to Abolish It.'
Oft, claN of the Tne Dcnartment
el.iri-n themselves todav stropglv
posed to the suggestion oi urn n .- (
ton Rail"-, mil Hleetrlc Comi.anv that
all lite Mops be abolished i
Acting Chief r.nclneer Janes Kclil-er
slid lie believed the losponMbllitv for
inir.sioiiH titween lire apmratus and
i el..... en I Q I Iinll 11 HOI IT O'O no V.' '"'
. . . . . i.
p W ii
! Klre Dfp.utment as would be
lhtT ease
if the railvsav companVs tggestlon
MiouM be Hiniovi.l bv the Comnils
fioneis Loss of time and added danger.
' he said, v ould result
' 'To illustrate, take Xo 1 truck house1
at Xew Jcrc avenue and M streeV
1 atl Cli'ef Kcllhor "In responding to
an alarm from the Ins at Twelfth .ind
M strcits the truck Ins to ( ros live
nr treckr nt Xew I.'rs v avenue nil
M Courtli rtreet Pevnth stieet. Xlito
and Hleventh stieets o oe lomnei..-..
to rlow down on nritiru.icliln- li of
thete trossingt would rciilt in great loss
of time.
Would Incrrns? Danger.
"The element of d..nei would lo
greatlv in re.i-o.l i'nc n uniatus
should bo ..vn the .-'eiixive r e.iit pi
wav If the r'sponxIMli'v Is iiiviiled
the drlvtr o the ntmnatus and the
motoitnan e-cl- ti-v be v 1111m" to take
a ih.ince. tlimUin.' ihe otlier fellow v ill
.slow un I iidcr the present svsteni
there ,s no onestion is to who has the
r'--hr of vv av
The re.or.ls of tie lire 'er-tment
hovv sevcul f - r n 1 ,icild nts tisuiinii
from lOllislons between Hie r'nt.iralu-.
and stieet c-irs pilot to tbe adoi lion of
the legul.ittons t rt.iirishing 1 :' Hon'
i in Julv :. l'ft No " hoe '.uiin-c
collided with a sU.et nr at Ninth and
It streets nnitlivct Chef Krank .1
vai-ner, then foreman, stinta'n. .1 a
i r t .it e of the ' t'l and a broken
wri.it M.utin J N.'arnl. .- substnute
t lettian. v.as 1 ''ol vul C K Shili i
mis periiisnentlv tiijii ed l'.iltu'.l ii
i hief S 1! lit mi v i i' i lo'omai' of No
1 tmck. Pi v.itc I K. cv in in. aun
PiU.ite U. P. Vsli were rrl.vi'slv n-
lured in s coll on between thr truck
md a cib'e en on December '9 1 "W
Early DccWon Expected.
Private C a Kcefe vv is Killed .is tne
result of n ,ollson neivveen i rut iv
. ., .r.
Xo J and ,t stieet cat at Connetli
int .iveiuie .ind M .street on l'cbruarv
T, I'OI 1
V dtii-ion in the mutei jiobibl
will be icaclie.l bv tin bo.iiu with. II
the next tt n d.iv -
BE pop ILL
Emperor Reported To Be Suffer
ing From Acute Bronchitis.
His Condition Grave.
I.DXDOV, .Ian '.'.'.- Though no con
firmation h.i been if eived from us
ti Ian sunn i's of ttimois that Hmperu.
Krsnt Josef is seilouslv ill. the Paris
and London papers todiv print repoi ts
that his condition is erlouu All these
tenoi-t einainteil from Home
Income Tax law to Raiss
$100,000,000 Additional
Revenue Planned.
An income tax law that will
raise approximate!--- $100,000,000
add'tional revenue most of U
wrung from the wealthier classes
is the Democratic answer to the
national defense problem.
Plans arc under wav today ?r
the Capitol o amend tho incom
t$. law so that the long arms oe
the taxing power shall extend dec
into the pockets of the rich ai '
delve gently into the purse ot th"
man of moderate salary. It is om
a question of time unt:l an amen I
cd income tax bill is presented .i
the White House for the signatu-j
of the President.
If there existed any doubt tint
the income tax was destined to be
come the chief revenue producer
of the Admin:s.tration at this period
of monetary need, it was removed
by. the decision of the Supreme
i Court which on yesterday upheld
the constitutionality of the income
tax in its every phase.
Congressman Cordell Hull, author of
the Income ta section of the I'nile'"-wood-Slinircns
tariff law. Is today re
ceiving the congratulations of his n1.
leagues upon the fait tint his leglsl
live cie.itlon bus v Ithstood the hlghe
test Meanwhile. Mr Hull busied lib -self
with a studv of the 'i.eome tax law
and it fuHhci- pobEil'ilities as a rev
nue pioduccr
Mr Hull Hiinounied n effct t tn
thcie Is to be n general readjustmn
of the i.itcs of the income tax nunou"
he qualified his statement bv sayl"
tlut it Is not otopoicd that the tax ob 1
be. oii- "burdensome
Th it the revenue from the income ti
.v.-". b tin ihled without the imposUI' i
of "un fnli l- burdens was confident'
issirtid bv tbe taation t xpei t of 1
W.ivs and Means Committee It Is r
r" U. uiiilc-.stood imong pai t leavS
that the amended law Is to lilt the m
who is i-it able to pav proposals i
. lev i- r mi- special taxes on be
cher' s s"--n!ene, and do'ens of artl.
in e-' tlnv use are slated , for t'
leg'sinMve dicartl
i T''e i'-ceme tn 's to sive the Dere -
er-'t. iav and the national defer
Congres m-in Clain'e Kitehln maj
tv le.olei of the House, went to t
.White 1'oiise to.lsv to talk over t'
revenue situitlon with t'ie Preside
lie left i!-e i-Hnltol n e .red to tell
President th-it the rank -.nd Hie of
ji-ulv f-ivor s revision o' 1 ie income t
l"Mi e'l.l "dl oppose -d litlonal sta
iir- an' s miloi le.i-iaitun Cat wo
i h't tho ''common people"
liitchin' Favors Tlan.
- . h.i'imui of the w .' s and Mfa'
Committee Mi Kltchi-i s an advoco
I of boot it' tl-e si,. acs of the m
i onie ti-. law Tl'o i',i cs applv to
"II incer-.es above J.M . M Ituomes be
low tint amount nnd above the excm
tlons of . iA an, i Ji i,ti would pav on
i the noriiiiil t oi l pci cent Dcm
.tuts !)tlteve ,' '. it is not only a mn
I ieT of j.o' ,. b it r.,,ii'v to inc'i -ase t
Mm VJ ,i . e the rich man lo p
,", - m ,i .1 . tense
,, VJrJutX,
p.- constitute the strongest advocates o
..!.... . ,i ..
in-ini-mii i-
There is -i lot of talk," Mi Kitcl
told friends i i ei about the bi 1
bardinent of v v, oi k and the capti
of our lug ii ' bv an invnd.ng fon
If the ailvo ..'. ot nepniedness t
men who h-- e the tug incomes and v
pinpeiiv hold' s in these cities a
.ilaimed thev shou'd be willing to p
foi I'efe-'oc "
M i un tv I c.-dci K.tchin is nil op
pom i t o' (he tic en.se propiam. but
Is vil'l": i ei i'i' along with the reqi
site ii cine Icgulation if 4he imot"
tax mil not such special taxes as vvr
enibod ed In the w n levenue bill of l.i
-es.sion 's made to pioduce the neccs
saiv i.ioiiev.
Speaker Clark Another.
Sprakei I'hamn' Clark is anothf
Democratic leader unalletablv opnos
to the levving ol additional speci
taes He informed influential Dem
.tats at the dirinei at the home
Sectetarv MeAdon l.i.tt week that I
I would not oulv fight further stan-
taes. but would lomr out into the ope
foi ihe itpe.il of thosi now on i
statute books.
Domoen'H then tinned to substlt ,
legislation and sentiment crvstallin .
tapidl.v in support of an extension of e
iiuoini- in Congiessmim Hull Is noi
iwoiklng out the details of a hill til
I will p-oiluce about JIOO.OiO.ooo moio u
) them is no hoi let about the plan
rriiike the heaviest Increases apply to I'i
I lai ei Income?
I Mr Hull sud today that these I
i (lenses would not be i n tilt a I There
' I i. nece.s.sltt le Mj'ld. fot income
rate that inn be icgartlel .is unvtl
II' mill n iv A siiiiinj, si ale
ituiea"--, u a .bfai -, ami a jrner i

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