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Word From White House That
Extravagance Is Banned
Causes Sadness.
President's Program for Na
tional Defense Threatened by
Dissatisfied Congressmen.
Legislate! a who lme nlway if
ponded nimbly lo th ciy 'rally
round the poll; btincl, hojs." nif a
dlsconsclnte lot toduy. The nlr nbniit
tho Capitol Is filled with gloom Reims
nnd grouches ntu prevalent on tho
Word hap coma from tho Whitf
House that there .s to lie no distribu
tion of "pork" at this session.
The attitude of the Administration
lias brought about a situation which
thrcalena a bis revolt in Condom,
und the pi mpect Is that the 1'iesl
dent will And himself fared with a
l-ondltlon wherein tbe piepiirdneii
program will be indanp rcil by Insist
ence of members that if thete H lo
be no "poik" thcie wilt he no lar.e
sums voted for army and navj ex
pansion. Wilson Gios His Views.
Congressman Claude Kltchln. the
majority leadei. talked with the 1'ies
ldent osteiduy about the legislative
situation. During that talk Mi.
Kltchln recehed a dlstlnet Impres
sion that all "poik bairels" mllrd up
to the White House door would bo
shunted into the cellai and thete
Consequent lv, In fulthfulU lepoitinu
the Piesldcnt's Mews on Mich mptte-s
ns a tarilt commission an antl-dump-lnic
clause, early adjournment and
revenue lcKislatlnn, Mi Klttliln was
obliged to Impait the mlotinatlon that
tho President liadn t included In hit
program the so-called "pork barrel"
In fact, the matorlty leader luouht
back to the Capitol the hint that U'e
President would not stand tor aj om
nibus public buildings bill under nnv
circumstances, and that the river nnd
harbor bill must be confined to tn
maintenance of existing prolects Uot 1
the Public Buildings and Rivers and
Harbors Committees were at woik on
good-sized bills.
May Kill Good Roads Hill.
The House passed, onl esterda. tho
Shackelfoid bill appropriating J.kU.ix")
for "good roads." This lubor nppe.irs
to havo been in vain, because the Presi
dent is not tlkel to accept a wood roads
bill, embarking upon a new held or
Federal expenditures, when he has
turned down such old leKliliitlw stunu
bs as public buildings and iHers and
indications are that the koo1 roads
bill, stilt over to the Senate todav. will
never paei that body, denpito all tlio
lervld orator uttered In Its behalt in
the lower chambei and the alleged
pressing need for Kedeial contributions
to roads in the rural cnmmuniiie
In tact, there Is very little "porn"
for distribution at the Capitol these
days, and it's election ear. too. An
empty-handed group of legislators will
go homo for the primal les during the
Will Go to Hull House
To Continue Studies
Porter Charlton Is Due
Back in New York Today
NEW YORK. .Ian. 2fi -Porter Charl
ton, joung Anieiican bank clerk, who
killed his beautiful actres-biide while
hone mooning In an Italian villa, was
due to leach New York today aboaid
the liner Ameilca.
Charlton wan convicted in Coino on
October 25, 1I)1j. and entenced to six
years nnd eight months' Impilsnnmcnt
A war pat don and the fact lb it he
already had spent many months iu jail
reduced his sentence, and he was re
leased in No ember.
Concerts Today
By Fifth Cavalry Orchestra,
Commencing at 8 o'clock, This
Evening, In the Administration
Building, at Fort Mycr.
W. J. CAIN, Chief Musician.
March. "Golden Rod" . Hose
Overture, "Zampa . 1 In old
' O, Dry Those Tears"
TciPMi-Del Uiego
"When My Ship Comes
Home Dorcl
(Miss hT-pnhine (louhl
Brand selection, "Uchoes 1'ioni
the Metiopolitan Opci.i Hou.e
(a) Song.
(M Song,
(al Characteristic.
Flowers '
(b) CliarHyteristic,
Waltz. "Rosalie
Selection. "Adele
Finale, "Meiry Whirl
V Blcn
Lcmbei g
Orchestral Concert by the U. S.
Soldiers' Homo Band, at
Stanley Hall at b':45
March. The Naval Parade' ,len
Ovirtuie, "'Plantation Jubllei
Ids I In the Candle Light' Hiovvn
.Seleiton, ".Songs Fiom the Old
Folk-- . l.uke
IntioiUuing Maiihlug 'I Inn
itoihii ".Soldlei.s' r.irewell "
' Mo ing Huil," ' Did UuKen
Buck, t " "Hen Holt ' Did
Hiatk loe, ' 'When Uu and I
Wert nimi; Maggh," 'Tiaini
Tramp Tianip ' "Ro Ucd hi the
Cradle of the Deep,' '.Sunt
and l.n ' Marvlanil M
Marvland ' ' lul Hefoie tin
llattle Mothei. "When lohnnv
Conies Maicliing Home," "Auld
I.ang hv lie
'hlues. i h ii.ii It iMti , "Hong
kong (Son,; llllilieth
Valse llcitation. ' Millicent ' re-
tjut'fitedi Jit Kro
Tango D,trk Hts' Moiet
Finale The Jokei I dko
"The Star-spangled Hanner "
iv' 'vs cH
jr VF , 'ami &
$ &' '
Miss Elsie Hill Will Soon Take
Up Residence at the Hull
Plate Printers Elect Three
Delegates to Convention
John J. Oovlny, I 1. Kjan, and
llobei il Junes have ieen elected by
the mcinbei.s of Plate I i Intel?' Local,
No .', in icptcfii'iit them at ihe con
vention of the Mai viand tate and
I'i'-triet of Columbia JVdcietlon of
l.aboi, to be held In nnapoll.s th
week of Mareh fi "'he election took
place last night Mr I ' l' ir presi
nent of the union, Mr. Ran the
oillior of Ihe Plate Punter, "nnd Mi
Jm.es one of the leading membeiti of
the union.
The latt convention of the Mil viand
State and District of Columbia i'eri
eiation of Laboi wast hold in thin
Mln Elsie HIM, teacher at Central
High School, nnd prominent an a uf
frage worker under the Congressional
Union, will leave Washington short
ly on a leave of absence of one year
from tho schools, to take up her resi
dence at the Hull House, Chicago, and
while away she will study history an.1
Miss Hill, a daughter of former
Congressman Kbenezer Hill, of Con
necticut, headed the movement to
have Washington school teachers or
ganized Into a union
According to the course of study she
will pursue during her leave of ab
sence, granted her In accord with
tin rule permitting' teachers to take
such leave for purposes of study, she
will stuJy history and civics with k
view to mapping out a course that
night be used In the high schools
Though nq additional civics work
has been authorized In the high
schools beyond that already done lit
connection wlfh history classes. Su
perintendent K. L. Thurston said to
day he favored a greater attention
to the subject, especially to that
branch of It which helpeJ pupils form
a better Idea of the community in
which they live.
Government Refuses to
Pay For Periodicals
The Pulled States board of mediation
and conciliation cannot purchase two
rallwav publications for use at tho
headquarters of tho board In this cltv.
hecaueo such publications are periodi
cals, under a decision by Comptroller
of the Treasury Warwick today.
Tbe board appealed to the Comptroller
from a decision of the auditor disallow
ing payment for the publications In
Tho Comptroller held that while the
publications might be invaluable to the
work of the board and necessary In the
performance of Its functions, that the
law on tho subleet was specllle, for
bidding the purchase of periodicals at
(lovernment expense, and that relief
would have to be sought from Congress
Storm of Protest From U.,S. and
Sweden Cools Ardor, Papers
IXJKDON, Jin. 2fi The Uiltlxh gov
ernment has virtually decided to 'stand
pat" on its present tratio regulations
and will mako no announcement of a
blockade of the entire (Set man coast
In PHrllament this afternoon, the ma
jority of well-Informed parliamentary
writers agreed todav. Only a few
papers cling to tho belief that tho cabi
net will nnnoiinco a radical change ot
Tho not thrown about Ocrmnny by
tho existing regulations may bo tight
ened In some respects. Hut it la the
genwal belief of the London newspapers
that tho cabinet has decided against
anv revolutionary change In policy.
The storm of protest raised In tho
t'nlted States and In Sweden, somo ot
the papers broadly hinted, has cooled
the ardor of advocates of tho blockade,
If it has not had its effect upon the
government. The newspapers gave
prominent dlsplav to tho warlike utter
ances of the Swedish premier In tils
Klksdag speech yesterday, and the
Daily Telegraph and tho Dallv .News
cautioned 'tho government against any
action likely to involve Great Urltaln
with neutrals.
Girl Dies Dancing.
MIDHLLTOW.V, X Y . Jan 2fi Miss
Anna MePurthj, tvvent.v v cars old,
well known In society, fell dead while
dancing. Aceoidfug to members of
her famllv. Miss McCarth developed
heart ilincnso two vi-ars ago anil her
phj Hlclan. cautioned her not to exert
herself. '
Will of David Riordan
Is Filed for Probate
Pioperty in L and Pioice streetn
noitbw.'st is left to th children of
David rtlordan in hln will filed for pro
bate today In the office of the res
iMer of wills. The widow Is left th-
piopertv at 135 Second street norti
mst and the residue of the estate
after cettaln properties au bequeath) d
to the children. The children include
Thomas Joseph iliortlnn. Not a Beatr -
rtlordan. Anna Frances Klordau, Jennlo
C. Pumphrey. Johanna Auldrldje.
David Ixiuls Riordan and Mary Klle'i
Riordan. Mrs. Riordan Is made
NEW YORK. Jin K-Tho State re
payment of IVoiIm and Markets Ins re
ceived from Chicago what It believes to
bo authoritative Infoiinatlon tint tho
beef packers. Included in the ro-c ailed
"Heif tn st," have bought 'lp IO.OiiOI
pounds of cold storage toiiltrv In in al
leged schemo to corner the market
This amount, equivalent to !.rK) ear
loads, Ih In addition to tin usual ttik
of fro.en roullry the paikers Mi r i
away tftch vear
It is sulti that thev have piid m h sh
as J1 cents a pound fr.i ioa.tln' d i k
ens lb centx for broili and Is mm
for cflra heavies, which ar eonsiikred
mo"t unusual pi Ices The pi Ices uro
f-Hld to be 20 pel tent higher thin pints
paid last jeai. and it Is understood I'm
when the lime for profit tnim nines
the paekert. c roct tr clear from -.13
to id per t-cnt
'Ihe PMiPotod fCoof) It Is ild 1- i.ne
of the highest thmH m il-i lit -i
pro eeted
If the scheme ns -1' tli n 1 In Hi. 1
vices fiom Chiiato. is t-iiried out to
its natural com lusion - tn. It is i-ud
lo api 1 'irRi'l to inis'lng hit ns
tin pi lee of a ren-t'ng rhiikin ,i
pound next iiinmi i muv lip tn the
neighbn hiioil rf 4" eent.s. This vh not
he cheerful news foi tin worn in ulo
sets tin t e Sunday dinner bu, it v ill
h Jo ful tidlngtt for tin w tten . ' i K
en taWr. who will be in n i n , t i
make some monev if the piclris im
ner the market and stnd up priced
Three Cigarette Faults
to Avoid
First, avoid cigarettes that
don't just suit your own taste.
Second, avoid those that
bother your throat or tongue.
Third, avoid those that
make you "feel mean' after
smoking all you want.
If Fatimas, for instance,
seem to you to be guilty on
any one of those three counts,
we say, avoid Fatimas.
We mean what we say
for, when it comes to the fasro,
Fatimas can't possibly please
everybody no cigarette can
do that. But Fatimas do please
more men than any other ciga
rette costing over 5 c.
That's one reason why you
should rry them.
Another reason is because
they are so SENSIBLE so
free from any after-feeling."
TATIMA yni th Only Cirfr
Atrmrdmd th Grand Prito, tho htih-
sf award gmn to an) ctAaretta at
i th Panamt-Paotfic latcmuieoti E'
A Sensible Cigarette
mZZS2'S"V .
.. M. .1
In Huff She Takes
"Poms1' From Show
Miss Marian Kennedy Resents
Award of Blue Ribbon to
Another's Puppy.
NKW YORK, Jan 2G. Disappointed at
not receiving the blue ribbon. Miss
Marian Kennedy, daughter of Mr. nnd
Mrs. II. Van Rensselaer Kennedy, tuck
ed two of her pet Pomeranians under
her aim and left the 8lxth Annual
Bench 8how of the American Pomer
anian Club In the Winter Garden of tho
Hotel McAlpin
Thnt It Is against the rule of the
American Kennel Club to take ex
hibiting dogs home before the end of
the nIiow without speilal permission did
not Inlluenie Miss Kenneth Hhe saltl
she was "perfectly furious. '
John Blnnntt, who matte his first ap
pearance as a Judge of special! shows
yestertlav, gave the blue rll ion to a
ten-month old puppv, Dainty Hlack
"That little blnck puppv can't eoVn
pare with my tlHrllngs,"" Miss Kennedy
ttdd a sympathetic group of friends.
Prince Henry Rustics
Freight Near Eton
LONDON. Jan. 8 8 (bv mall) -Eton,
the aristocratic bovs' school, near Wind
sor.' loaned 300 of Its boys lo help rustlo
ft eight In a rallwav yard at Dldcot
Junction during the shortage of adult
labor. King George's third son. Princo
Henry, Is one of the workers, and has
managed to get his lingers pinched
twice. Oxford students pre also working
Daughters Will Divide
Jewels Left by Mother
In the will of Rosa Wallach, tiled for
probate todiv, Jewels find personal
adornments -sri1 left to her daughters
Kmlly Neville Wallach. Mary Alexan
der Mitchell and Rosa Douglas The
balance of lite personal propel ty is to
ho divided between the daughters anil
the following sons, Marshall llrown
Wallach, Rlchaid Wallach and Robert
Robins Wnllach. J Rosier Dulany and
Woodbury Hlalr aio named as trustees
lo hold the balance of the estate In
trust for live jenrs, being Instructed to
pay the net Income to the children In
parts to be determined by them The
fact that the daughters are reslduarv
legatees under the will of their uncle,
Jesse Ilrovvn, Is to guide the trustees In
determining their portion of the estate
J Rozler Dulany Is nntned cjteciJtrj
ex v
G & 1 1th
Ask For Mrs. Montgomery
New York Representative of Pictorial Review Patterns
A spring dress, perfect fitting and ultra stylish, at a nominal price, is possible
and certain, if you will consult Mrs. Montgomery. She will be here all day tomor
rowt in the Pattern Department, on street floor.
With a Pictorial Review Pattern and instructions bv Mrs. Montgomery the vis
itor is ready to profit by this sale of silk and be assured" a perfect fitting and ultra
stylish dress at a nominal price. Take elevator to second floor.
Lot 1 at
Values to $2.50 Yard.
A0 and 44-inch Wide Silks, includ
ing many exclusive and rich effects in
pompadour and Dresden figures, be
imc much used for both evening and
street gowns, waists, and linings.
Lot 2 at
Values to $4.00 Yard.
40 and 44-inch Wide Novelty Silks
as used in the latest Parisian Suits and
Coats. Mrs. Montgomery wilPadvise
you of them and the quantity of ma
terials needed.
Lot 3 at
Standard at $5 Yard.
Included are 40-inch Wide Silk
Chi (Ton Velvets in the scarce and
wanted shades of taupe, gray, wistaria,
browns, navy, etc.
Lot 4 at
Values to $1.75 Yard.
Richly Brocaded and Novelty Silks
used in imported waists, as trimmings
on Paris gowns and for artistic fancy
work. On Second Floor.'
-Si5 'SkPSsTL. MJ-?tt?M
U MWmim 1111
n K jTI TT
111 V''K,, I I I I 111
Three of the new Spring mod
els are pictured here. Many
others, of course.
A pleasure and pride to show
them a fashion lesson for our
visitors and an experience for us.
You would know of the new styles
and we would learn of your opin
ion of our selections. Prices grad
ually rise from $17.95 to $65.00.
Modest Spring Dresses, of al!
wool serge are here for as little as
$6.50. At $ 16.9b are dainty Crepe
de Chine Dresses with Georgette
Crepe bodice artistically embroiu
ered. Other Silk Dresses up to
The Palais Royal
G Street
S-H-H-r-H- -i-M-H-H-
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