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Interest Increased by Manner in
Which Lessons Have Been
' Defined.
Demonstration Will Show Eas
iest and Most Effective
Methods for Kitchen.
Interpol In tho free eooklnc chnnt and
food show The Time Is preparing to
Rive everv day next week nt the Arcade
Auditorium has been espcctall.v nroused
bv the mnnner In which the scientific
conking lessons lnve been defined bv
those In charge Mr nnd Mrs.
Sherwood P Snvder. of the West
field Domestic Science nnd llouse
liold Appliance Exposition, who
have been secured by The Times nnd
thi McClure publications to conduct
these lcc'uies nnd demonstrations, wish
to Impress upon the housewife tint
their unrk Is c entitle In the true sense
of the word. Scientific means useful
knowledge acquired bv observation and (
practice, thev state Thus the women
' who hae discovered the most efficient
h to clmn their kitchen sinks have
discovered the most scientific vva of
doing It
Drudgery Eliminated.
fclentilic, therefoie, means the most
efficient whv of doing the vvoik of the
household and the value of the lectures
nnrt demonstrations lies In the fact that
the lectureis and elenionstratoi s have
been trained to obsei ve household meth
ods and lnve vvotked out a practical
vrnv to solve all home pioblems so that
household diuclgerv Is eliminated
The lectmes lv Mr Snvder at cooiJng
classes in other cities have been largel
nttended I'nllke m.inv cooking etemon
stratlons nothing Is left to the inns na
tion of the Mud ence Kveiv thing enter
ing into the recipe Is shown to the
class ind enlnined The ml ng, bak
ing, and care of the article aftet cook
ing Is rarefullv e plained There cook
ing demonsti ation" aie conducted in full
Vlevv of the class in a model iitclien
on the stnee The kitchen Is in blue
nnd white 1 1 1 ti et. and eciuinped with all
the latest time and laboi saving cle-
The bakinir contest winners will be
lewarded with prizes of ,i substantial
character, tanging from an automatic
cook stove, a kitchen cabinet or a
vacuum r leaner to a bnrrel of fl-iir or a
case of spires The Judging Is done bv
Mr, nnd .Mis Snvder Afterwaid the
entries aie turned over to a committee
ft oni he Associated Chatltics nnd the
articles sold, the money being a :,ift
from The Times to fui titer the work of
that association In other cities sums
langlus from $oO up have been secured.
Free "Moies" Too.
The educational motion picti'ies at
night, which aie also free, will give
c vet v one an oppoi tunitv of seeing how
the nationally known foods are pre
nrccl Some J'p.ci") feet of film will be
shown, there being a ehnnuc of pro
prim cmcIi night ne of the newer ai
i iWilfons for the motion picture ontei
t ilnment Is a tvvo-ieel recent re'ease en
tlt'ed Tun to New Yotk itl John
oigh" The storv Is Interesting mil
chows the eseilmg adventures of the
bieid man in tlie big city Asic.e ftom
the- ed national pictures new nels of
1'ilsht lomedles vv'll be shovvn'fi orri tlnin
to tune cine of lb" best and newest is
.1 ipi-ent release i tiled 'The Hnbv ' in
whtc.li lie featwi-cl Hosetnai v Thehy
and 1Ihii lejcis, two popul ir -.tus
The stoiv Is s.cd to be Intenseh funny.
Warburg Tells Credit Men What
Business Must Do to Pre
serve Stability.
JvTTV YOHK, .Ian 2fi. The United
States, maintaining its eieditor posi
tion, will be so meatlv strengthened
lis compared with the nations of
Vurope that it will nlmost inevitably
become the world's hanker, regard
e.ss of the outcome of the wai, ae
c irding to Paul M Warburg-, of the
1 ederal Reserve I'oatd, who spoke on
"Some, ncopomie Pioblems of the
I'av,' at the midwinter meeting nnd
dinner of the Vevv oik Ciedit Mens
.Association nt the Hotel .stor. It
outlined what the hankois and busi
ness men of this ecuinliv must do in
prescivo i, p stahllit nf American
Pnanres. Qhere weie l.Oi'O me.mber
p' escnt
The speaker pointed out that be
tween countries of faiily pfunl
credits low interest intes would liave
the tendency (.f chiving gold to thnl
center where it could eain the high
est irtui n
Ullilp eehncnrrcnl nnmUlintii! lnvA
fo the Pliscnt elestlelV"d the pciwc I
,.t inCicst intes In liiect Hip flow of
I i Id. ' .said Mi Vathuic "sooner or
1. t i nniiual I iw - nf . i cm nunc s will
tiealn a-eil tb'n srl.es and we 111111,
fin iicct that nwinf in the n
ta'mri in cuiicniv eMiited in almost
fviiv cnuiitiv iiivnlviil in the wai
ilr dcinincl fm out gold vvill he v ei v
1 n and cb ti 1 mined We irav then
1 11 e in iihm c ii n v et v lai ;e .sums nf
I 1 li but we trust sn diec mil cciin.se
n In hi able In cnntlnl this outflow
and l"t this talc plai e within I cieat-11-
di tiiibaincs ,n our own cccitiunuc
life '
Hold In Reserves.
The I'nited States. .Mr Warburg as
peited, must "keep its powder drj" bv
holding In rcseive the essential strength
of the I'ederul reset vo banks, not onlv
to meet anv possible cl. am 01 cmcrgcncv ,
1 ut also, so far at. possible., to offer a
therk to inflation
Ho maintained that this countrv must
Rieatlv nniease the electee of its con
tiol over its current gold supplv. as
cembling as far us possible even the
cold can led in the pockeis of the pub
lic that It must take .-aie pot to de
ttrov at this time the basis of Its fu
ture lending pnwei, and th it all foieign
Jc a s during the wai silo. lid he of 1 .m
rnHi bin n dmat'nii m that conticd
tji this country s fold might bo kept la
Ha. jJjt jF BBk. iKysvHL. "s w3 'sMfjtsj? ir -mFij 'v tSHkISHJB. HfVBBfVHHBHBHHHHHHB I
B i.'i.' V H Vr 'ilbbbbbbbbvsSBhbbbbhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
w- mt jiiV. B .... W Bs h id. ?P?Bbbbbb VmBKBbbbbbbbbbbbbbbBbbbbbbbBbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
y .k. Ai Y f--' U BH H -.f fflfj y JaHBBBBBBBBBlBBBBBPJBBBBsligBBBBBBl
i!tf JncU BMbbbi KE bbbbbI iHf &fJZ-'SBK!BKM
vlwt 1 4 BBbbbbBI Km BBBBiH BBBBBB "j SwHBKKl
fltt lkI Ibbbbbb! bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH bbbbb iWwml - JHkIHHI
& JB BBc!K Sti&ZBmM yfc!BBBBB 13BBfflPF$TB fEBKKl
MmmmMutguum Bs BBBV BbbbbBBI BBl Bl f'V fv&bi?$Km Si u jBB
& jmk wHbi SbbbI BBbbbbbBj BBBk BM " ?y 'IIBr BBmBinBBBBBBBBBBBBMf'-
I tKKk w n9xfLBBl P -""-.? &vf' VwsBNb BJ'jBSBBBBBBBK
Bt BBBPx nKBAWOi wj1'i'.i)i 'BBBBBBBBBBBBMbia.
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBli$'Bp" bbbbbbbbbbmbbbuk i " mbbmBBIIbbbBbbbbbI i
From left to right MLLE. VAIXN'TIXE KACHOl'I.A, who was declared the preltiest Rirl in Moscow; DKRHi: I)K DI VAULKFF, the fa
mous impresario, who founded the ballet, and .MLLK. U'HtlV TCHEUMCHOWA, one of the pnncipuJs in the ballet. All arrived in
New York for their first American engagement, aboard the French liner La I'avette.
casp theie hhoiild later lie need to use It.
"That vvill give us a stmtegle posi
tion nt tlie end of the war.' nld .Mi
Vniburg, "1.0 stiong that we shall be
able effectively to face ihe various du
ties thnt win confiont 11s, not cmlv to
ward our own iciuntrj., b ,t toward the
wotld at large If .1 polli of geneial
conservation, such as I have outlined,
can be sv stematicallv maintained,
tbeiebv securing the strength of ojr
banking position, we shall in due couixe
leap oui tewards
Be Not Afraid; (!o Ahead.
"I believe that we mav a with rea
sonable assurance to the businss
n en and manufac tin ei a dealing with
out own local lesuiremeuts "He not
afiaid, and go ahead' If we are ptu
dent and avoid both b. inking and In
dustrial inflation, if we use this period
of affluence and unepce'ed protection
to inciease our effic lenc and complete
oui organization, 1 do not see whv we
should not calmly tiust In our ability
nnd intelligence in meetl.ig nn emeig
eiK the future :na have in stole fui
It will be for the American business
man and Investoi to decide to what de
cree the I'm ted States shall become a
nation of world bankers Our great
prosperity should not make us forget
those oportunltles almost bevond meas
ure lving at out door and which, on
account of our recent ptospeillv we
should not be gulllv of neglecting "
Kducaled to Reserve Act.
The Kedeial reserve act according to
Mr Warburg, could never have been
passp,i had not the enlire country been
gradually educated to It It has helped
to strengthen the financial condition of
the I tilled States to such an extent that
he described panics, until lecentlv re
garded as inevitable as 'phenomena of
the past lip pointed out that the
presenr maximum lending powei of the
Federal resenvp banks on a gold basis
of 4i) per cent was annul ji,Y0Oc rmO.
wbllp the total loins unci Investments
bv national and Spite hanks and ttust
companies was apportionately 5J2,(jO.
OimiiOO Successfully to lulus about the .sp--bliltv
of Interest rates said Mr War
buig 'two tb'njs aie nc cestarv Ilr st,
judicious withholding and In lum iu
dlcious emplovmint bv Pederal reserve
banks of tlifii lrndin-' powei and sec
ond recognition bv Innkcr nnd business
man that the nieasme of success to he
achieved bv the Federal reserve system
will, to n certain extent, depend upon
the degtee of their co-opeiatlon with
the policy of the Federal reserve
banks "
Col. Archibald Hopkins Chosen
Chairman at Special Meet
ing of Organization.
Tiibiites to tlie life and work of the
late Prof Hem ml T Jannev. w li
wis a member of I be bond of int'U
nseis ol the Asm elated Charities for
thlitv voais was -iii at a speilil
meeting of the bcni 1 Inst r ,gbt Col
tchibald Hopkins was elected cha 1 -man
of tin boaid to h'.ccetd liuf
,Hniie, who ln-i'i that 1 oallion 101
ivvcntv-onc .vchm
ll addition to President Cm mi H
nudolph of the tocletv, those pieseit
weie John ,lo iliimii, lltuneii '(.p.
nines. William II Halilviii Lincst P
Hicknell, J Philip Heiiiiiann, I r
(?eoige AI Kober. llenrv Ii F Alac
far land. Atlas Helen Nicolav Mrs.
Chailes "W Ulc'.iirdson, Pr Hham
C Hives. Hr. Willard S Small, Alias
I'lotence P. Mot'.. id P.ev John in
Schalck. jr. Oeoige S v i,on, J. .
l'aust, and W'altc r S. I irord.
Trainmen Have Ball.
The annual ball of Columbia Lodge,
No 4S4. Hrotherlrood of Railroad Train
men, was held last night al National
Hides Armnrv
The committee on nnanc' merits In
cluded I) S ALAlahon chairman, Haw
I'v T'oomc, J AlcCauk), and J. S.
House Is Sold Out For
A Tamer Ballet Russe
Features Objected to by Police Eliminated, Though
Director Serge de Diaghileff Calls Interference
"A Most Idiotic Affair."
NHW VOP.K. .Inn K - More thsn ordi
nary Intel est centered about the per
formance of the Serge cle Diaghileff Hal
let Husse at the Centurv Opera House
last evening The big house was sold
out long before the dools were opened,
and hundreds of persons were turned
awav Thev all wnnteel to e e whether
the ballet el. lector would tairv out the
Instiuctions of the police and Chief
. . .1 .. ... .....n .1..., nmr
laitiraie .eec.vcujcj in in' ........ .
e'Imlnate .several ut Mie aiicgeci ouiet;- , ,
tionable featutes of ' L'Xpies M'di U tin
1 aiitio " vvliich was the offetliU'
All Diaglilleff declined beloiehatul to
sav whether he had made nn changes
"Walt and see.' waa his onlv comment
The audience waited and disc ove-i 'd '
that the features objected to bad been
eliminated Heprestntatlv es of the po
llen department, the Paikhursr hoc lei
and the Socletv for the Pic-v -ntion of
ice who were present appealed to be
lieve that the conditions had been satis
factonlv met
A I lei the peifoimance there was a
big domonstratlon bv tno audience and
several huge boucpiets weie showeiecl
on Leon Massine. the ptlnelpai dancei
Lversbod was satrsfied. although the
ballet director could not lefiain from
saving that he thought the interference
from the police "a most idiotic atfau. '
Conference Before McAdoo.
Next to Diaghlleff's monocle -which
woiked itself in and out of his eye ac
coidlng to the otatc of his lempei a
inlluenie of which repot lets wero
that the leinpc 1 was v ei y unseiu, d
the' must inleresting thing at vester
day moinlng's conference before Magis
trate MCAeloo to settle the moial status
of Ihe ballet, was the conv eisatlonal
deseriptlon of the dances, against the
Influence of which reporters
we ru
guarded bv being kept
outside, and
ftom which one of the
women critics
fled to the street
with the explanation
that she leallv must telephone at once.
It was a ioit of collaboiated descrip
tion one gathered fiom the lemaiks ot
lawyers and other persons who took
patt aftei It was all over. Some, in
cluding the woman ciltlc who fled,
didn't think the ballets were veiv vety
bad. but llowatd Clark Haiber, of the
Societv foi the Prevention of Crime,
and John Sumner w bo succeeded An
thony Comstock as secretary of the .so
ciety foi th'1 Suppression of Vice, cle
scilbed some sinuous details as ex
ceedingly vivid To all of whicti Mr
Diaghlleff's monocle, as the conversa
tion was translated to him bobbed In
and out of his ejes in remonsliatice.
Those At Conference.
He.sldes .Mi Diachileff there were at
the cnnfeienee John Hroun business
manrger of the .Metropolitan Opera
Company Alfred Scliusbcrc attornev
foi the companj Dcpulv Police Com
missioner Dunham who refened the
case to Mr Afc eloo after the censors
reported. Mrs Clarence Hums and Allss
No iinvv rdge If
llels la jour laiiiulrv.
V r prolong the life
of .vour collars b the use of 20th
( enlurv Miielelnrrj nnd 'VIrlliocts.
I.rl n cull for Mm tlrln "rek.
14th and Park Road, Phone Col. 3527
"' lO1"" lf Wniiism
Helen Hoffman who didn't see anvthing,
oblc e lion ,l,e In the m r fur man, e I.e.
cause thev weie so Interested In tin
urn, P of the ehmceis net clier He v - '
nobis an ntlornev and hIco one of thf'i.i.K ... ,tni, ,.. 1.. 1 . .... ,
e-ensors V Anders,,,, ,, fi i-nd of
Aavor Allt. hel an, .Magistrate House
" mV tnffi.. il;in'1 Andcrsoy did
-nine inter pieting
.,1 lJr1",,"''' "; conference bv
T .'mmrn lit- ..ic ,j,,n UIUI lll
ope 1 a ecnnpnnv had no Intention of do
lug anvthing that might offenci pub
e niorals. and that tliev wete willing
do ntivthimr defined npcc.m to
make the ballets Inoffensive 'Ihe two
dances in uuestion wen- L Am cx-Alldl
el nn Pauni and "Schehera7ade ' Not
onlv the dances themselves hut the de -si
ilptions of them in ihe pioctams came
under the censure of the critics
The programs describe In some detail
the .sensations of the faun as he is
aroused ficun a revori" on the tocks bv
the coming of a band of nvmnhs who
dance around him until his wooing
diives them awav in flight cine leaves
a veil which the faun lakes to his rock
and falls upon It was acieed th.it Hie
animal-like postmes of the- faun and
his handling of the veil should be
An OrRy Depicted.
In ' Schehera -ide ' an etpv tikes
places In the haien. ctuiing absences
of the Sultan nmori the inmates and
negio slaves Tin ult.in ledums, "a
sinistet u ic!,i cllail of silence." ns the
prnt'ni.i announce" "It js p mat in i
c e nt entrance His vengeance is sv.ilt.
,,pcl we sce evervihing tnicaigli a ci!
nf bloo,i Ml arc ii,naciul Sunn
e,l th' pawing
bv "c nsots of the
as it
J'ille c.
V ill
n ite.I.
.Vli Seligshei g said after tlie confer
ence that he thought the performance
could be so toned down that the aitktic
effect would not suffer Commissioner
I Minim m said there was never the
slightest belief that the opera etiicctois
wished to present nnv thing objection
able, and It was because of tlie clivei
sltv of opinion among the persons lie
hnel requested to sic the ballets which
led him to present the case lo Alagls.
trate AIcAdoo and give the open com
panv an oppoitunllv to collect on)
bald features of the performance
'vs for Mi Dlighileff his indignation
knew no bounds
It scenis a bit abnormal after 1
1 "
pliived the faun 1 n
picic'i lins teivc hi
for 111 11 ce t 1 i 1 11
"f l.ni,! ind and tin
' to time to star t
s ild 'I his pei-
liefore the Queen
impetot of Ier-
iiiianv. nnd rhiv nothing In it tt)
"'i' ' to Lvcivthing cm be Immoral
'ci in., 1 t nccoid n, lo the attitude of
the- nubile '
Midyear Graduation
Exercises at "Tech"
M.dvear grirluates at AIcKlnlev
Manual Training .. hnol he-Id class
night ri irises last evening rn the
si lined nudltnnum Adolph V. (Juele,
piesid.ni (,f the cliss cleliveied the
adclM ss of w e b nine
'Ihe cliu llMotv Wis reaej bv
Lri.est D Pdurl the address to the
uiic'e 1 ci aduatew mndn h Hiclu-
e.i T til... .,,.1 .1 ...1 .. ... .
,,., , ..ntrlbut len.s to the pioga n
,volp r)nss .., r nnhlns'n V,pf"
fins farultv .-..Mres. Prni, ,al Frank
Daniel . lass p, l,,n r F Tbmck-
nic.iton and selections bv the school
,1111 11 u h.i Tl.nii mi. f.ll....,l
I he grnnn ues are
Doris IsIpIIp
Vshfeirel lulia
Andei son Fr i ne es V
(-,,, rou cstello Anne Mvitle r.van
Matilda Kallieiine Cerber Dorothv
Louise Krene Louise Larrnbee Alai
garet Matv Smith Cei triple Muriel
Swingle lohn Kennedv Aite-heson,
Ceor ge IMwin Hlaridfcnd, .Insepli Reg
inald Povd ("lav l'vans Hrooks, Jos.
eph Frederick Chase William Liv
ingstone Christian. William Prnold de
Vault Llnelsev Pettlt Desnev. Hiidolnh
Alfreel Puist. doph F.lbert Oinle.
Chailes Clarence lleltman Jr. Kelvin
Chase Kuinler Donald Douglas La
repnd. Tboni'is Michael Lannigan.
Ilandolpli Osgemc! la vv i. John I'dwln
l.indei, William llenrv Martin Lu
ceee Charles CU hseni eiter . Hal rv
I How, loin Povntnn I'harles Meriill
llandall VMliiir 'icrtlev Hieltrlev.
Kinesl Pnuglis Unbelts Jacob Hoh
eMs Cecil ire John Hohncl Krnest C.
Kdwaiel liiippert, t'lirence A'lriarr
Smith 1i , Ilarnld rthui now Fred
eric 1, Robinson .tO"fliis, lMward Car
rier Tavlnr Cleon Francis Throck-
ipmiton. lohn 1 l.i 1 r is l or k and Char lea
James Nn IhiImhi
Favors Security Plans.
epi.rt fMrti ii, Ii n iii,i,wil rtt Cl.n V rm '
elcsci lb. ci j j.p-Auiip i,s passel a resolutlorr favor
be eli.nl- ,nK (ho I)lan of ( Niltloni spcnrltv
I.earue for unltinir the effcuts of va
linus iirepnreclness or tra nlz r t Ions un
ci, r a committee of national defense.
The V,u i Lecguo is expected to take
simtlai action
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
AJwayi bears
Signature of
A Demonstration
Ti v it in Venn own home conv In, e
vcuiiclf tliat it i- not onlv a tune and
labin shim, but that it mean.-, teal
eiunomv, as w e'L
Rental, $2.00 Per Month
Pavmcnts to apply on pin chase, if
desired Telephone u- foi that dem
onstration light now it will not ob
ligate jou.
Carroll Electric Co.
514 12th Street N. W.
Phone Main 7320
North Capitol and Eckington
Citizens' Association Adopts
Prohibition Resolution.
Tho North Capitol nnd KclclnRton
('lUzons' Association hint nlchL wentKl
on record as. favoring absolute pro
hibition In the Ulsttlct. On motion
of the Jtev'. H. K. Hruncinge the "dry"
resolution was adopted by a vote of
Hi to 7, its a substitute fot the teeom-
I litendation of the executive committee
j that ConKiess provide for tho mb-
mission of the liquut question to a
1 1 elercnditm vote
I A lecnimr.cndntlon of the executive
committee thnt the government of
tho public schools be continued by
th lioaid of IMtuatlon, and that Ilia
I oarcl he Riven additional povveis in
the selection cf silts and the nam
tn? of choola was adopted tinanl-
Ildvvard K Coll.iduv president, and
1 ill turn AUK Clayton, former otesl
I ot-nt of the Federation of t'ltlzens'
I Associations, addressed the meeting
en the ptitposes jf Ihe central hociy.
II ne aim of the federation. All t'lay-
ton said, is to btlnt about an amal
t,ama'lion under one head ot the street
1 lallvvays in the Olstrli t
j Perlslon as to whether It will affiliate
I with the general bodv probably will be
I reached by the association at Its next
omtnlttees were named bv Helden At.
I3I. acting president, as follows.
l.xec utlve Ur Kclgar IJ Thompson.
Selden AI. IJIv, lMvvnid Koulke, Herman
K Bum. Albert K Ale Dowell. William
I! Henderson, A. O Tlnglev, A Coulter
AW rrbershlp ('. A How man. U J.
Waltrs, I. Wnlter Sharp J U Yonklev,
t (J Perrv, A II .laegc r. P II Wnlsh.
1 Hallways -W. O Henderson. Julius K,
V. J. Hughes, and A. V.
1 Pi ess-Albert
. l"lr nee .jay F.
I) Spangler, It 1,
Hancroft, and Charles
1. Iverrr
j Streets, sidewalks, and lights Her
I man K Hlau, Charles e;crsdorff, A (J
'luiglev, j Armstrong. . 1. Alalltz,
I F Finn and T. II Hall
Sewers and water 11 S Altekhnm. S
T Farmer, II J Hedfield, IZ. S. Hruce.
I and F H AicClvern
1 Fire and pollee r nold I, Hurd .1 S
iCniridon J Loveless, v J Itl..ell.
and It J Alawhinntv
j choo's and hc-hoiilhcnises-Martin Sol
1 en Seldon I: Llv S. M I.eltrell, A I .
I spangler, Irwin H Linton, and Al G
1 Phoemis
I Cltv llmjts Itev h 1; Hiundage, c
1 II ;odbold, Louis Krauss, and John F
1 feheehan.
Pinks nnd parking John R Kitk-
wood. V A Tajlor lleorge Truesdell,
1" S Hruce, and James F. Thomas
Mall facilities Solon I Kemon F.
11 Iitch. M J Hvnn, Al S Wright,
and Walter A Sherwln
Public lienlth Dr c K. Ferguson,
eir Carl .Mess, )r C Al liter. Dr
t harles i: Hlce, I)r Stuart Al Angelo,
and Lr W L M linger
Tlie following were admitted to mem
bership II C Wheelei. C F .Mullen,
1. Hoeks, John AV Tbom-is, Ilr It It
Head AI K Pitman. 11 P. Walker, .1
It Clssel, John K Hognn, Chailes H
Scliulte. Charles )'ConrrU. H K Mid-
! dleton. Al Davidson, Johir T Sthrott
arrd 11 Helnap
Mrs. Sevellon A. Brown
To Be Buried Tomorrow
Funeral services for Airs Sevellon A.
Hrovvn, who died jesterdav at her home
in this cltv will be held at 3 o clock to
morrow at St Alargaret's Hpiscopal
Church Hurlal will be In Oak Hill
Airs Hrovvn who was a life-long tes -
dent o( Wasliington was the daughter,
of Seth Ledvard Phelps. )resldent of.
the tlrst Hoard of Commissioners of
the District Her late husband was for
venrs chief clerk of the Department of
State She was bom Fehruatv 1 ls.V
Thiee sons and two daughters survive
her Airs Charles H. Hiadlev Sevellon
ledvard Hi own and Iedvard Mavntidier
Hrovvn of this clt Mi Ceorge L.
Huntress, jr. of Winchester Mass,
and Phelps Hrown. of Springfield, Ala.ss
Grace Church Dance.
The ladles of Grace Episcopal pirish,
Georgetown will give nn enter ta'nment
nnd dance In the parish hill Fridav
even'iir at S o'clock. Refreshments will
be served
Sale of
Office Furniture
Double and Single Desks in Oak
Mahogany and Mahogany finish. Type
writer Desks and Tabled.
Revolving and Arm Chairs, Stools, &c.
At 1-3 Off and
All Odd Pieces at
Commissioner of Education
Claxton Also Favors Military
Training for Students.
J-ecretary of the Interior Lane nnd
C'ommls-slonei of Falucatlon 13. I. Clax
ton liavo Indorsed the plan for mili
tary orranl;.atlon and training cnm.ia In
high schools now being xvorkeel out In
Washington schools by .Lieut. E. 'A.
Steever. V. J. A.
Tho p'ar for leorgnnlr.aMon 'of tho
high school cadets licte was cleseribeil
by Tho 'limes, and later It wis told
how the War Department was planning
to extend the fcanre plan to other clt'es,
after It has been vvorsed out, here.
Haltimoie und 1 hlladclphlu ha"o el
ready adopted Hie plan, and negotia
tion nre under wa: with other cities
Attention is called tc the Steever plan
by Secretin Lane In a letter to Sen
ium AlcCumber, leportlng nn ind In
dorsing his bill iir.vldlntr for the -stnh-llshinent
and rriannr meit ty the .cc
leinry of War of training camps fir
high school vclinteer cadet corps f-ec-tetarv
Lnrre hays be believe, sueh a
plan would attract manv thousands of
bovs In public nnd privnie schools, lint
the camp Hie anil di 111 wnild he valu
able, and that lln' gi'iieral educatleml
discipline of the ctiiii would b good
Thcj Sleever rep.at Is Pncvvn as rhe.
A.voming plan beeni sp n hxs been put
irrte- ffiett in tnat State.
Team Hits Woman.
Airs. Alarlon AValker, seventv-nln". of
"O Al street northwest, is suffering to
day from Injuries as the resup of hav
ing been knock' d clown bv a team late
esterdav Iti New York avenue, near
Sixth street
If You Gould Only
Be a Stomach
You'd Go to Bed Rather Sore at the
Work You'd Hae to Do.
Stuart's Djspepsia Tablets go Into
our stomach just like food Thev f
ease up the stomachs work and help1
It to obtain the rest It needs
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be In everv drug store, as they are, un
less demanded afler trial by stomach
s-es-(l lsre
If iMi't l'nlr lo 0eriTork Vonr
Slomacli no el Vol llrfuse to Clp It
tbe help of smart's Dyspep.-la Tiihlrtn.
No more are thev a doubtful eiualitv
Thev have passp( a rigid examination
, , ,ii In,inner of stoma, h aire! elicesrive
tests, and thcj have been awaided the
diploma of American natronage.
bluarl s Dv spepsia Tablets are for salo
al all druggists at Vie a box
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Cltv State
at Cos
a Dig Reduction.
F St. N.W.

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