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Our X?vy.
-We make some very, interesting . extracts
* from u London (March 28) letter to the Newj
York. Times : . . .
A whole il.-ct ..? prfji ri .*.?"??3 rapidly as pos,
sible, ostensibly for 1 hi? Emperor ol Ch\nnJ
Every body'knows they are intended to'open?j
the' Confederate ports. Everybody knowsjg
that the Confederate loan was raised to pui-sjj
chase (.heir'outnt. This was the reason'why f$
eighteen millions-nearly' g 100,000,000-waaf
wanted. This was the reason why; the ?'stocks
went lip to livo per cent premium, though ta-a
ken ht eighty, and put on the market ?tj
The simple truth of the matter ii?, that witbJ
the'active*sympathy of tbe'upper classes,"'andi
the wneutrality.' of tbe-Government, a strong-j
party of English capitalists, cotton "specula-j!
tors, ship-builders and merchants, bnvetakenf
hp the cause of the South in earnest, and Sj
mean to put it through. They have embark-H
ed their millions, ana do not mean to losejs
them. The Government cannot interfere 10T
prevent it, and has no* disposition to do sb.e
As Lord Palmerston said last night, if they g
attempted to amend the law, they might raa-ceg
it worse. The Government will be neutral
It .may even pass over the seizure of the Po
terhoff by Captain Wilke*. They will let the|
North buy all the "hardware" in Birmingham.
But they neither cati uor will prevent thej
departure of a single one of the fourteen:
steamers which Mr. Bright says ar? dttinyf
out for the Confed?rate Government. Englani: '
as a Government, is not at war with you.l
but English capitalists and manufacturers are,j
and I do not see bow it is to be helped.
The interest, you must grant, is a veryj
strong one. Look at the millions of capital'
rusting away io Lancashire ; look at the great?
cotton manufacturing interest which has en-j
circled the world; at the closed cotton ports,J
the dragging war which shows no sign of J
termination, the starving populations, already!
beginning to break out into riot and disorder.!
You talk of war. They ask nothing bett->r.1
The more you threaten, the less likely ihek
Government will be to interf?re with theirg
projects. A war, they think, wo?ld Booti?
settle the. matter. You will take Canada. ?
"Well, it was but the other day that Mr. Glad |j
stone was for getting rid of that troublesome"!
province on any terms. You will send oui
privateers. If you do your ports will be block:
aded, and all others closed against them, so
that privateering will not be profitable. Ships
will go armed with thu Armstrong guns, or
be guarded by tner.-of-wnr steamers. That is
the way Englishmen feel They are growing
so irritated aud disgusted with the war that
thev ar? ready for anything that will put an j
end to it.
Lord Harlington, in an election speech this?
week, stated the whole case, lie had juMg
come from America, where he had travejlec
in both sections, and he w-is out and otu
Southern, and declared that no union could
be restored, nor could the South be Conque
ed. This opinion was never so Grin as at this
moment, is it strange that strong efforts
should be mad*-to hasten a resuit in which
faith is so general ?
If the statements publicly made, ami ap
pareutly based pn good authority, are to bi
pelipyed, the Confederates, within a month,
will ha\e at sea one of the nio3t formidable
d^ets that ever steamed out upon the Atlan
tic. The steamers uew preparing will he a.
fleet, ns strong, and as powerful as British^
machinists eau malte them. You have not^
begun to fortify the Northern ports a day t -o
soon, f cannot tell when tu-j blow will fall ;
I onlv know that the Confederates here are
In radiant jubilation. They care nothing
about Vicksburg or Charleston. They ex
pect to go home in " ninety days." They cai ejj
nothing for the new Union movement in thee
tyorth. Tjaey care not for re-Cognition. Tin P
money market has recogni'f-d them-that Lsg
enough. Jf cotton i* uot king, it is at least al
^acd subject, and bas given them a loan ol?
$15,000,000, wit^ the pfjerof sis t'mes a.-J
arneb. Tpat is glory enough.
The Fall of Fripe?.
The healthy iufluenco of tbe Tax Bil', which]
has just become a law, is already making it?
aelf felt in the provision market. Since the!
leadiug features of the tax have obtained pub
licity, the decline of prices, in Hour, rice and}
other articles of food, has been steady and!
unmistakeable. A variety of reasons arnj
given to account for the fall ; some ?attribu
ting it to the sudden contraction of the cur j
rency by the recent fundingof so many mill-l
ions of our redundant currency in C mfederatej
bonds; and others alleging as a cause, thej
restrictions lately imposed upon inter-Stste!
shipments for the purposes of speculation.!
Both these circumstances, doubtless, have'
contributed, in a measure, to bril?-* ok~~' *''
reduction of prices ; but the agency that bas'
been mainly instrumental in effecting th* we!-'
come chango l>, !n fact, the new Confederate]
tax. '
At no tim ?, we feel convinced, hus there
existed any real scarcity of food in the South-1
ern States. But in every community, be-!
?idesand distinct from the speculators and'
extortioners, there have been timi 1 capiial
i?ta( who, investing their fuuds in an accumu
lation of provisions, and refusing to sell, rath
er with a!view to security than profit, havo
yirtually withdrawn fro'n tho market a very
large proportion of its natural supplies. An
artificial scarcity has beou produced, while, ia
truth, there was abundaaee in the land.
But, during the last three weeks, prices
have reached their acn.e, and there isa rea
son to believe that the decline which has be
gun is not yet ended. The new wheat and
corn crops promise to be the heaviest ever
known in the South, and will, ere long, be
pressing 'u-?o the market. Thc policy of im
porting provisions in large quantities has al
ready been inaugurated, the well known
Charleston firm, waose enterprise and tact bas
already, in other respects, conferred incalcu
lable benefits upon ibo country, taking ?the
lead in this last and most important dtvcl
opemeut of the blockade trade.
With the prospect of this early and active
competition in the market, and with thu cer
tainty of the heavy tax upon hoarded produce
wbioh must be paid early in the sommer, il
is not strange tnat_kolderg should everywhere
be cautiously relaxing t heir grasp upon thoii
accumulated supplies. Nor need we be sur
prised to find that, as those supplies, so lon;
withV'ld, are wisely yielded to the demand
there occurs sacha tumble ia the price 0
food, as will add new nervo to the arms n
our soldiers in the field, and BCDd joy nm
thankfulness to the heat ts of the whole peo
pie.-Charleston Mercury 28th.
TIME OUT.-The Fredericksburg correspoti
dent of the Bichmond Enquirer says, ou th
23d, u The Yanks contininilly remind . ou
flicket that their times will soon be tip. On
ellow halloed across n ght bejore last an
?aid, ' Good bye, obi fellow. This is roy las
night on picktt. Our times are up in* ni 11
days, and then we are going home.' Our bn
responded by askim- ltira ii the conscript tu
did not get him ? His reply was, 'damn tl
conscrjfflt act-that's played out over here.'
snscruf ac
g*^r^ruo ;
New York 7/eruiV, speaking of tl
small losses on both sides at Chari*a/t->n, say:
'. The results were ns decisivo for this fight ?
though thoro had been thousands tdain-us deci
iro as were'the battles of Mnrfreosboro' and Fret
, , . . - ' Nassau. -
.. The ivM-r^spnndant of tbe Courier. writingS
from Nassau uu che 18th, gives the< following?
indications of popular darkey sentiment ina
that place, and ?vf the feeling;of .the llabuue-|
ros toward na. g
On the 15 h instant the Yankee' steamship!
Vanderbilt, Rear Admiral "Wilkes, from Ha-2
?vana, steamed up to Nassau a'nd sent a boat S
:?shor? with dispatches for the Yankee Con-iu1.1
?Thf 'most ludicrous scene took- place on the J
"arrival of the small boat attme.of the wharves.9
[The fences and cotton bales nronud were cov-g
(ered with.a swarm of Nassau negroes who re-??
?i.ei ved the Yankees with jeers, taunts and ?
groans.. Blank amazement pictured itself on<k
?the faces of " the crew, while tho officer lute
?cotnmand was evidently nervous and non-J
'plussed. During the stay of the boat at the*
j wharf, the darkies indulged in such cynical*
j-reflec lions as these : 'Golly, how def d' put?
[out if de 2C0 was iu-sight.' 'I wonder If dey'e^
?beard from -Charleston-?' ' If Cap'n Maffit was*'
j here-he'd sink dem in two minutes.' *? ^
I A big negro on a entr?n bale, surrounded SJ
jbv satellites, pave a stentorian version "of thej?
j Yankee naliouai air ol' ".fohn Brown Hes ni
(mouldering in the grave," only he altered^
[names and phrases to snit his disgust for h is jg
[Northern auditors He a'so produced *'Dii-^
V and ihe " Bonnie l?iue Flag." ?Yheh^hel
'officer' returned and the- Km pu-bed (df.^j
cheers were given for Jeff. Davis, and 1 breeze
tremendous gran3 for old Abe Lincoln. The tg
Yaukees retorted notaword. When tho sung
rose the next day the Vanderbilt had disap-?
pearod-gone to Charleston, it is sai l. Theil
ebony outbreak in favor of *' Dixie" was eu-l?
direly spontaneous ra
????We learn from Havanna that tlie steamer?
.Ruby, commanded by Capt- Peat, formerly of J
ithe nero, has arrived there safely, ufter an ad &
?venture with the Yankees. The Ruby was g
?obliged to put into Matanza* in consequence
(of heavy weather. While there the Federa li
[cruiser Sonora came in : nd anchored so ncarf
?her that lhere was scarcely room for the two]
'vessels to swing clear of each other. Capt.
jPt-at beim; determined to test tho intentions
f. ?f hi?s neighbor^ threw some shavings, ete.,Sj
(into his furnace, and made a smoke, whereVjw
?pon tbe Federal got up Nteam. beat his mens
rto qoaiters, and rau out his guns. fa
j Capt. .Peat applied to the Spanish Admirai?
?for -protection, and was assured that he shouldgj
{not be molested while he was within Spanish**
?jurisdiction. The liri (?ah war. steamer Ari-*
jadne,just then, arriving, look charge td theS
?Ruby, and in broad daylight Convoyed her tow
jfJnvaima. The affair created muc h indigna-?;
j'ion among the Britni 'and Spaniards, andg
[mitch impotent wrath among the Yankees infcj
[Matanza-*. I a:?i informed that the Captain g
[of the Ariadne callee on Admiral Wilkes, iriE
(Havana, and told bim that bc would sink anyP
j F. deral cruiser that should molest a liri tish ?
mer. haut steamer in neutral waters. ?
SUMTF.lt. ?
Female Highway Robbery,
The Macon Ga., Tdegroph, of the 22d, gi'vosS
?ihe following account of a most flagrant high g
wa}' robbery committed by females in Mun-9
roe county, on Friday la>t. lt i* said thatg
these females were not able to plead poverty S
jr necessity as an exeu-e for '.heir acts, bulg
wherthir they could or not, it is time such ex-IS
|h i bi ti ons of lawlessnr-ss were put down wilh a??
istrong hand. The Telegraph say-' : jg
\ A factory at. Seven Islands, in Batts coin-?*
jjry, had loaded a wagon with seven bales off
^manufactured gooijs, and dispatched it byj?
^Iheir cu-tomary driver, a trusty old negro, log
jj Forsyth, for transportation upon the Macon
j Western Railroad. The wagon arrived ai fe
S Forsyth in due time with r?nlj threebalcsa-idw
Sthe driver's sto?y, (which tin e is uo reas
ato doubt, as ho identified many of the parties^
rand it is also sustained by circum-tantial evi-2
gdence.) isas follow?: When the wagon liada
(progressed about seven miks on its journey, il??
?was stopped by a line of twenty eight women 8
Jtlrawii up acmes the ro:id-thu itio-t t f tLt;m^
Banned willi knives and pistols, stud .in thea
|;liicket close to Ihe scene of action sat a man g
?upon a stump, also armed with a double-bar &
Sreiled gun Tdiewoiptji; called upon the ne-g
Igro to halt. Upon the peril of his life, and thens
^inmediately commenced discharging the load*'
of the wagon-cutting upen thc bales, and u-p
-OOH as ':!iey had taken ivs many pieces off
cloth as they could carry away, made of]', jj*
leaving .[itu to proceed ur} his journey withg
the three bales left.
ft Florida.
8 TUE CHURCH BDUNISG.-A letter from!
H Jackson v?-le, Fia , cives an account of the j
gscene whifd) followed the barbarous, buriiin;
Softhe Catholic Church thers by the .stlij
pMiiine regiment, fresh ?run the bind of con
Svtjnt burning mobs a:id ' Iliac' inquisition com-?
Kmittees. lt says: ?
3 The two Irish companies having been ser.t?
Bout of the way on purp-isc the Maine regiment jj
Smarched un to the Church, at>d after glutliues
RthHr beact-> minds hw'
aa - ." cCruting thc liousel
, koi (Joi, cutting ami debasing iho sacred sym.-j
sbols of Religion, set tiro tb the building, de-j
i'ntroying everything. The clergyman's dwell-;
^?ing shared tho same fate. Nought was res-;
peeled, nothing saved.
The news of thoso outrages having roache I .
?tbe Irish companies, they tushed to the scene
gof wanton destruction, but too lalo to f-ave.j
ji^Many actually wept because ol'their inability
?to do any good. Then, tilled with hate ar;
?the doers of this mischief, and unmindful ofj
?the disparity of numbers, they turned upon,
.|the Down Kisters, when a herc J street fi^htj
^ensued, which could only be quelled by ' the!
/ordering out of the entire Yankee force, whose.
Jjunited efforts were necessary lo disarm^ the
?two companies.
?j The Irishmen were carried on board the
Si gunboats in irons, still d?liant, and swearing
?yet to wreak an ample vengeance upon the
josiah sided sons of Maine. An Irish officer as
Tuured me he and his men were amply punish
Ked for fraternizing and fighting wUb such
eUjOStards as these Yankees', '.nd although now
Stn a minority, they would yet land where oth
ger Irish troops would hear their story, and
?the fight would be renewed Tiutil satisfaction
S was had.
Skies Rrightening.
There are cheering indications of an iin
'proved degree of conlidence in Confederate
jrrency. This is appareru; in the decline in
prices in ?ill our principle markctsof the lead
ing articles as well at in the decline id gtdr]
and silver as well as bank bills. The tax bill
.vhich has just passed, is working out tbest
ood results, and we incline to thiuk the gooc
as but just begun. The bill will withdmw
n amount of curreucv nearly equal to tba
paid out, which will increa.su confidence it
Confederate securities anti induce liberal in
cstments in bond?. The tithing feature o
the tax will supply the army with food with
out resorting to seizing, and thus remove th?
iccasdon lor spectil 'lion or hoarding. Th
result will be, that tile industry of the coun
ry will move forward in its Intimate chan
nels, confidence will be restored, inlialc'
prices will subside-jxcept on articles of IHN
ury smuggled through thc blockade, whic
.iiunot be too high-ar. 1 as thu value of lb
money that wlil bein circulation will l e Irrgt
ly a|ipr ciated. no one will be injured hy th
tiX, for the amount of money left, after pa]
i ig thc tax wiil he really worth more than lb
w.iole sum would hnve been had not the tn
been levied. This is the vie<v we take ol' i
and therefore wc hope no one Will grumble ;
the tax, but accept it as a positive benditi
well as a necessity.
g?~ L'aukcu accouuU tell us that Liucoln sr
thu lieut must return to Charleston, General lia
er co-operating with the land forcea.
I Latest From Europ<
' T*e Ktoarner Persia, with tvr
'date?! from Europe, has arrived a
j. T.he English Government was.'
in efl" ?ris .ostensibly, directed sgt
ting out ol rebel war vesseii int
the Kingdom. Although tho Ale;
seized by the officers of ouatoms i
'previous to.the sailing of the. Juc
?of men still continued at work on
I her ready for sea. We leam by
that these men had been turued ol
?by the Government officials, who
full possession of her, previous
investigation as to her history at:
lion. '.
j It is said tho Cabinet had1 also
commission in Liverpool to rfpcrl
circumstances connected with the
' The Japan, or Virginia, was bui
barton, nut Greenock, and ran .ot
Clyd^o rm the 3d of .April. The or
arn-s6 arrived from London on tba
day of her departure. The Enjrlji
ment having inquired of the Mcssr;
to two gunboats being built in tnt
lishiiieut for the Confederate-", have
mally assured by that firm that the
".f the Emperor ol China.
The rebe! loan had rallied, in En
was again at a premium, with an "
business" done in Liverpool on- the
The loan was regularly dealt in on
Bourse at a premium.
? Tliere is nothing new with respe
Federal loon in England. The Lui
.lld bints that the Union agenta fe
'undertaking would r.ot be BUCCessfu
?gland; ami they were qpnsrqnently
?to seek to raise the required amour
j laud, and adds :
i Through this moans-it is antitip?
{will receive some applications from
latid if the sums should not be com
jibe bonds, when issued and arrang*
|a more convenient opportunity be in
?into the English market Any trans
?the kind at thc present juncture won
?tho slightest' degree be pnpular, and
jrepresentatives'of tho .Washington
?ties haye already ascertained. It .i
Itionable even in Holland, favorable ?
{Capitalists are known to be to cheap
[Oin securities, if any large mount i
?placed. Thc prospects of the oporati
if O ."bfl gonerally discouraging.
. It is reported that able-bodied yoi
pire leaving Ireland to the number of
ht week. Thc English journal.-, .ire v
v.-re upon this, and so are tr.e official
papers say these men go with the hor
ji?mutely liberating Ireland front K
j-vith the help of Americans. The ms
[beenalluded to In Parliament by Loi
?mees ton.
j Tho Polish insurrection is still in gi
jtivity and vigor. The Czar bas onere*
feral atnuesty to r.!l thc Pides who re
?their allegiance by the 1 .'iibof May. E
j France. ;u?d Austria h?:ve sent notts
j Russiau Government. All were com
[friendly terms, but all containing au it
fido wanting to the Russian Govtr
?Sweden is -aid to lavor the Poles. Nu
'inquired, it is said, if Italy could take
?under certain circumstances, and has
?ed a reply that the King could furnish
J The Herald fays Napoleon rccepil
.clarad than he poiild see ito present cot
?a'.ions inducing any recognition of thc
IDavij Government, and the Tlurald any
cognition of lue rebellious South is now
uut of the question."
The London Titnes says nothing furth
transpired with.regard to 'the proposed
tiations for the Federal loan, but. it is pr
ed il any parties are found asking to
'tain it, they will tit !cu.st wr.it tq if?ccrtt
?.ho-prt'diciiuns bnjdght'by tlio bust un
[conclusive victories over thc South
Iachieved within a forlnigbt, catt bc lui li I i
will also be wei! to b arn IbeciTccI ul't-Iu
SCription on tho first of Ajar, and alsr
(answer ol tue vyash?ugtoi? Government i
ali'air ol' the Peter'hoff.
J'KKNMEKT.-The Secretary of tho Tie"
has submitted to ?jungrat$ bis eyljinati
?lhe. appropriations necessary tor ibu su
of the Government from July 1st to Di
lier 31?t, JSu'o. and ihay have been pas.-t
the House. Thc estimate- are'as follow!
(Lagislat'te. 2SI.0
?xeeutfre s-dary of jVesbloni, .'.-3. Ubi:
Creat^ry Department. 22,7-11,4
War Department......... 314,313,5
N'avy Departiucut...... ti, 14S.4
Sttto Department. j~,o
2 Depart uK-nl <?( Justu-i;. ?
? H.ist Ofilue Departm?ut . 112,?:
aMUecliaaoous. lu,u
\ T'-J-.$300,537,7
-? *
SiiAKD.-The New York H or.V, in spvakii
Sthfl li^ht at Charleston, makes the folloi
fljalliisiun to (jeueral Beauregard:
i? One result of t?iis Cnarleston liibt wi
pto ?estore Beauregard to the favor of
?aSoutbern,people. True, he is boast fal,
fjtjstic&l, untruthful and (tauting in tact,
She is certainly the most marvellomi engi
?of modern times. Ry his genius and pr'
.-"".Monal skill he has erected batteries in Chai
j?ton hurbor that would,sink all thc VAK
?llcets of the world, did they come under
Jgand he has succeeded, moreover, in drr
t?fback in disgrace the most impenetrable ii
""("clad ileet afloat. There is no denying r
Bthis man bas done, unpalatable though it t
pbe to the Northern people.
DISTRICT.-The following is a letter ta
Ktrotn the person of an Ohio cavalryman, <
inured at Danville, lt is from tue brothe
j*Jthe prisoner, and is post marked Ash Ilk
? Bill Davis has been at home two weeks.
-S-dou't know whether ho has a parole or i
$1 had entertained the h?pe of seeing ;
*scon. You are perfectly aware of what ;
?R are fighting for, and I would ask, is thatw
ulyou enlisted for? lt isnptj then ther
fnothing compulsory or binding to make j
stay. You enlisted for the sole purpo e
'^defending our government and its insti
-Scions. Rut sinco thc 22d of September
Ijji?progratiinic is changed ; changed to win
iSTo ad-J infernal ci usalo again-1 the
institutions of slavery. 1 know you did i
i^onter tor that, and 1 know you do not ent
'jgtaiu such principles. Where, then, woi
".fifth re bo any dishonor in leaving the servi
> jj? whore you was deceived a< to i ti true callii
??But enough of this, for you are well post
'Sit seems, from the latest news, thnt the ct
.S.-cription or draft bill has passed ; but
'.jgdon't regard it as amounting to anything,
^Sthey can't make us go.*'
-t? TURNIPS you Hop Citot.t?!t;..-An intel
iggent writer in the Petersburg (Va.) Expn
: Bsays that turnips are a sure preventive Ol t
hjw?holera in hogs. Col. Wyatt says that
Cggiviug his bogs this vegetable food, not-o
! gtimt w::s well at the limo took thu disea
?.i?iKir bas he had a case of it amongst thc
'-Jrsince; whereas before they were sickeni
c^and ilying every d.?y from it. It, thcrel'oi
\^the farmers, as soon as they discover this t?
I,Entile disaster amongst their swine, will gi
i!j|]theiu turnips, tops anti all, they will save ?
isgthat have not been seized -.villi it. The spre;
Roi it wiil be t!iu3 effectually and certain
Wstopptd. which is surely a desideratum
r?2times liku these, when it is so iiiiportant
a-Skeep up and iucrease tho supply of ba?
Bland lard.
I Death and Immortally. j
Tell UP, 0 Death ! why ?lues thy touch awakon .(
Such shrinking awe within tho trembling heart ?i
Why, wheu beloved ones from our ??zo are takei,'
Do we with sorrow weep from them to part? ' ]
Is it wo mourn that from 'this world of sadness !
Our oherlshed4ones aro early oalled away, .
To that fair home where all ls Joy and /rladnes?,j
And night ls banished by eternal day ?
Were they with us as some precious treasure,
j Lent hy a Father to His children's care ?
Doth He not pr?o our Jewels above mcasuro,
When Ho would cboi.p; them ia His crovra to}
wear ? g
.Will they not grace tho glorious realms of Heaven,*
j Far better Ihaa thia darkened world below ? ?
Js not their struggle o'er, the victory given, I
j Shall not Iheir^pirifs joy "forever know ? . |
Let us think of them as in quiet slumber, ' jj
Within the church-yard's sweat and solemn?
?hade, f
|Whcro Test in glorious hope a countless number, jjj
I. O'er Sin and Death through Christ victorious j
i made. |
' . . . . \
There is n hope that we may fondly cherish, I
I To meet ero long before Jehovah's throno, j!
Door oni-s for whom our love can never perish, f
I And though tn Heaven, wo ttill muy call our
own. . $
iThough on each brow a glorious crown bo gleaming,?
! Though changed each face, and clothed witbj
J .radiance bright?
Yet from the heart shall Love's wann rays bet
J To meet and recognize each form ot l\?ht.
Oh ! joy, mortal knowledge pest thc power,
I When thoso !or.g ported sholl unite ag:iin,
Where all is pcice, norrlouds of sorr-Jw lower,
j And fill thc weary heart with tears and pain.
Then let us hope, with bumble faith Lelioviug,
I Th-? viii ?if flesh shall soon bo drawn aside,
And all the loveliness of Heaven revealing,
God to Dis perfect rcs: our souls shall guide.
About Women.
D'lsiruli, speaking of therefined and charm
big women, says :
? u It ii an acquaintance which, when habit |
ual, exercises a grcit influence over ihc tom
[of the mind, even if il tloca not produce any {j
.moro violent effects, lt refines the tu-ste."r
.'quickens the perception, and gives, as i??
[wer?, ii grttce and flexibility to the intellect.*!
^Somewhere else the tame writer remarks thatp
j" men are us much stimulated to mutual ef-|
?fort by the t.ympaihy cf thc gentler sex, asp
?by the desire nf power or fame. Womel
[are moro -dtsposotl to appreciate worth titid
intellectual superiority] than meaj ur at least,t
'they ate an often caj/ivated by the noble
'manifostations o? gcuiis, as by the fascina
?non of maiint'rs and tie charms ot' parson.'
I Ami Sidney smith mys : "Among men ol
sense ami liberal politeness, a woman who
'has successfully cultivated her mind, without
[diminishing lin; gentleness a: 1 propriety of
?ber manners, is i-Jways sure to meet with a
respect and admiratioi bordering upon cu
I Again, anuther writer observes that, "Of
all other views a man may, intime, grow
?tired, but in the couiitt?ift?ce of women therog
.is a variety which sets veariness at defiance."
Tue divine right ol U'uuty,'' says Junius
l' iu the only divino tight a tuan tan acknowl
edge, and u ntvtty wu rijan the only tyrant lie
is nul. authorized to rcsill,"..
Condition ot 'i'htn^s.
j We recently ?net a highly intelligent friend*
who, from the iarlic-st/'stnges cf the revolu-f
?lion, has taken a most despooling view ol'?
'public air-ir-s. FinJiug ltira in ;i nu ?ru gluorayjf
?m.) ul lhati was tutu! {.ve.ii vy.Ub him, wo veu-H
!tt:r*d un in'r-rrogaory with the view of a>-?
ie?rtaiiiiiig whetherso discerning a man, event
jia thu greatest digression, could despair of*
'our cans?!. "Whit," we asked, "do you>
..think is tq ho tin rpur.lt of thia, struggle
'pun the enemy reilly succeed in his dp.sii.nsjj
jagaiimt ns?" " I nive no fear ol thar," wasjg
?the reply, providel we can remain a united?
jpeople. and aro wiling to mako the sacrifices ?
. necessary to succ?s." Our friend was righ?.g
j Where does the hslory of tb,? world show ag
?qnit?tl people pissessing hali' the miiiiK-rs?
kiid resources whitll wo are able to commands:
Iwho have been co.quered?
j It is a gratiiyinj fact that uniop, in as high!
ja degree as it is rusonablo to expect, wheres
{millions of people ire concerned, has prcvail-j?
Jeil from the very finning of actual hostili-a
Itios. We have iud ''''^?nct-S 0( opinion re-|
"""" mg the onscipt law, seizures, aili '.'t^er*.
Sp'rnminent iiuestiow. The ruling of Govern-^
lois and th* rulingof Courts has epr?etituesg
Jhoen discordant "fhero bas been, too. som eg
lexci'ed debate as h the limits of State right-*
?and tho e of the Gnfederate Government-|
^awakening some' ??lousy beUveen the two.S
ST ben,, too. the cabers of defunct parties.g
'fjthoo-ih smothered wdoi ?he '. deceitful ush ?
*es," have occusioruly Hamed ?ut as they havel
&bt-cn fanned by tote wind o? controversy.!
r^li?t thr- d ishing viiwi which have been i-x-f
gjnresscd argue no se iois division. Such fri?
3tion must be looked^auagoyernmsiit wheroS
^freedom of speech ls tut restrained by thc!
[Ul'ear of a bast ile. Oldmrties are thoroughly!
jsdepvd amongst us. Thtgrand contest whichs
#we are waging against ur enemies has swal-(
f?luwed up all miuor tlputes. Arni il thef.
Bmeraories of "Lang S\V cannot be erased^
?from our hearts, and wfcel a political at-Jj
retraction towards those vith whom in ofherjj
ifdays we have been assoated, these recollcc js
gtious aro uot serong eqigh to dismember usg
?wbeu c cotnmou foe i i-hundenug on our?:
g borders. |
fjj It may be doubled, jwever, whether tim.?
^country is as fully awn! a3 it should be to|
S the other condition ofuccess ppecified by li
nour friend. Our peoplhnvc ni ve some sac-;
grifiees, and t hey may (willing to submit to!
?more. Hut we are as :t, as a people, very|
,rff:i.r from being on a wt footing throughout^
??Jotir entire scale of livii. There are multi-.^
St?des who have not yemade up their minds?
^Zto forego the costly luffics which are drain-5
.?giii^ the country ol' itsiecie and other vaia *:
??ables. Yankee csilicj and other foreign^
'i*iabries are purchase') an price which tnu.st|
.^eventually impoverts'j ty nation which per-n
insists in such extravsrsces. W^o must re-^
-!&Holve that not one dca' shall be sent out of;
Ig?e country f.?t anyt'nj which it is possible j
,^for us to produce at")oe by tho exercise nf.j
i|a proper industry. 0 iadeprMidence. though'
.^acknowledged by alae world, can only be5
?nominal, unless wo ira to rely more upon*'
c'jjour owu resources, be war has made us aj
r*tnanufactiiriug peoplo an extent which wei
p?cou!d not have reaoi in a cenlury under'
f^i:ur late re:ime. Ic us restrict our block-^
-^p.de runners to thosd'ticles which are ab?"?-n
swulc'y indispensable thc prosecution of thc^
egwar, and which camly be had from for-j
n^eigti'Ts, and we shnlimulate yet morepow-i'
egerfttliy our dotnestiedustry. In this work^
ii every body must cp<:rate. Tfffe plea "1;
ii-gean afford to pay jh prices for imjajrled'
gWgootls," cannot be d when tho nation is j
i,T8truggling for fife. > one, at such a timc^
r-ge?n afford to be exvugant. Tho cuntry?
e'- needs every dollar ii eli he eau sparc bc-;
ll "youd a necessary ponai provision. A? the j
?I men of the lirst reution "pledged their;
ly'.."fortunes and their red honor'1 in support,
iii j of their ptinciples, us of this revolution be :
to ?willing to make thiicri?ce, und ourcnemy^j
will hurl his hosts mat us in vaiu.-Cbron-j
icio &*Sentinel.
<4 Xi m i ii CAHOMNA.-Guvo" -or Vaacc bas is-?
?ancd a proclamation forhiddi.ifr all persons,*
j for tho ?paco of thirty days from the dite
??irereof, fiotu exporting any rf t;ie fo'lowing :
?nrtioles beyond the Ii mi :s >f tiny State, to wit:j.
i Any aalt, bacon, pork, hetf, corn, meal, flour,.'
I wheat, .potatoes, shoes, leather,, h id ea, cotton*
Iclof h, and yarn and woolen cloth.
S From thia prohibidos the following persons";;
fare to be exempted : All Quartermaster* and j
S Commissary Agent* of the Confed?rale Gov-g
jpernment, of auy Stated of th? Confederacy,*!
?exhibiting proper evidence of their officials
^character, Alao, all agents for any county,|
^district, town or corporation, of other States,?
jwho shall oxhibit satisfactory proof bf their-!
(fngency for the purchase of such articles for?
?sucb county, di.-trict, town or corporation, forj??
^public use. or for distribution at cost and?
^transportation, and not for resale or profit.g
I'A-lao, nil person*, whether residents or non-p
presidents of thc State, who may purchase any!
i$r,f said articles for their private use, of which.!
?before they are removed, their oath, before aa
[{justice of the peate, may be taken as CT?-E
?jdence. The exception is to extend to salli
jSmade by non-residents on the sea Coo** atnlp
Sin their own works, and to cargoes entering ?18
sport of this State front abroad;
Any of said articles that may be stopped
St? Iraiixilu front our borders are to be confis
liCHterl to the use of the S'aie. The Colone!),
lof Miii'ja throughout the State ure eijiiued
ito see that this proclamation is enforced:
xippian, ol' the lyth, gives'n most striking,
.and, probably, very true account of tho naturt
?and objects of tho war in the West. )Ve re
print it entire :
I Twenty-two L?ndr?djoules lay OD (he leveelj
glast week, advertised for sale on government^
account. This ?otton had been stolen from
the captured 'cnitorv cir seized in the band.
of those tradinc con'rajry lo. the trade regula
lions. T?\ci.i, thousand bales were expected
fruin lidien ajftrk., during thc month of Jan
uary. Very many cotton raisers who avciLd
themselves ol' thc facilities afforded fri seil
[jthcir colton to th?? Yankee traders at Mein'
Jphis, esme up with large'shipments of cot
on, tonk the oath of allegiance to Lincoln
old their Cotton ?for greenbacks, nud the.i
bought Confederate money, with greenbacks
at a discount upon {fur currency o! sixty cenb
fon the dollar; that is ratii'g greenbacks a',
par, they exchanged fo.- Confederate notes a
forty cents on the dollar
A very considerable stock of cotton Imf*
Sheen shipped to the North and many produ
g irs huv'e eagerly availed themselves of Yan
3i-:vc permission to sell their cotton to theil
?masters and their country's foes. When tin
jjrailrnuds were lirst opened .from Memphis in
thc in* 'rior, their freighting capacities wen
Itaxed to the utmost to transport cotton free!;,
idl'ered for sale. So much for the high pain
3 Hism of a largo Dumber of cotton pioducerr
jwilbia the Federal lines.
?Yanks arc shipping the Virginia negroes, win
|!iave fallen into their hands, tu St. Domingo
ji):\cn lhere, starvation and d/fca'-'B i" tU??.L hui
Sportilcntial climate, will soon rid the North
jem Abolitionists of all trouble ubi-ut poo
jye.s len lay confirmed ' a-i Generais, Satnue
?Cooper, Robert E. Lee, .JoUniitot! and G. T l
| Beauregard ; as nLtjor-Geiierals .iubtl A
Briarly and Uuac Trimble; asBrigadier-Genci
?als, VVilliatn Smith (ex-Govcrnor). and I'rinti
fCamjllits Poligimc.-Rjelitnond Examiner
m^y^r ... , ... j
State of Soutii Carolina}
, t?t'QMPUfA'iFf.
j J > Y '. Y. v.?UiSuK, Hsqi, Urdinary of Edge
l i.) HOM District.
j Whereas, Jessa Patcher halb applied ti
Jtne fur hullers of Administration, KU ell ant
?singular thc go ids a?il chatties, rights ?ml ere .ii
.of Hubert Slttcbor late of Ih? District, aforesaid,
j 'lucie are, tbereforo, to cite and admonish all
(and si.igulur, the kindred uni! creditors of the sail
[deceased, to be uu>l appear beforu mu, ut our ncx lt
[Ordinary's Court for the said District, to be holdti jj?
'at Kdgelichl Court House, uu the L';;h day of .Ma;. R
Juett, tu show canso, it ?ny, why thu said admin "
iistriitjiii; shield nut bc granted.
} Ul vee under my hand and seul, this 20th d^ty o
jAprd, in the year of our Lord one tbmiaam
'eight hundred and sixty-threu, aud in the eighty
Iseveuth year of the Independence of t?. Carolina.
W. F. DURISOE, o.E.n.
Muy fl 2t 10
jState of South Carolina,
ZD^ v;- f- DUliXSCB, E?tj., Crdm?j cf Edge
\S3 field District.
\ LrtRtlun backer ha? applied to tu.
:tur Letters of Administration, on all und alaguitu
atlio goods un<l chatties, rights and credits ot
fi. L. Tucker, lute of tho District aforesaid dee'd
I These ure, therefore, to cito and a-JmoLi??1 z*
land .-iugular, tho kindred an?? creditors of tb?
bald dee eased, *o be and nppenr before ute, ut om
|nest Ordinary's Court Tor the buhl District, to b
Iboldun nt Edgeteld Court'House, on thc lSthiln;
?of May ?nat., tb show' cause, if un^, why th
cs.dd adniiuiStralion should not be granted.
I (liven umier uiy baud und seal, this 4th day otg
jMay in the yeur of our Lord one tbunsaodg
jeight hundreSj?uid sixty-three, and in the eighty
sseveiitb vear i? thc Indepcndunco of S. Carotins
W. F. DUltlt?OE, o.E.D.
May C 2t M
3 . .
lypjAVIKQ accepted the Agoncy of un cXtcnsivi
? O. SALT W.ORKS, I will Le ublo to furubtj
J; s A L'1' iu large or suiali.quan'tities, and will bi
?goverued hy the luxvest market price in llaiuburj
Sor Augusta.
?. S. EOWE1?S, Agent.
^ Ilamliiirg, Mar ".U Sui ll!
feegroes Wanted.!
!^^7K wrsi1 to purchase FIFTY LIKELY \
\ 7 V YOUNG NEGROES, andar? prepared^
Btu pay tho HiOilE?T CASH PltlCKS.
\ Wc have on hand a LIKELY WOMAN WITH
?FOUK ClIIliDiiliN which we will bo pleased t
'(sell or exchange fur othor Negroes. .
Jan 2S tf 4
I Deserted
TTTa.UOM Co. I, 7th S. C. Regt., D. P. WEST, n
\MS private of Co. I, 7th 8. C. Regt, (a Conscript;
Sand native of Spartunburg District S. C., (Cannon
|Storo P. 0. his address,) about 21 years of agc,
tb Feet, G inchoshigh, fair complexion, freckle-faced,
Sbluo eyes and auburn bair, having deserted said jj
|Comp!iny, the arrest and delivery of him to the ?
fsame will be rewardod according to tho provisiuii j
Ornada in the act pHBsotl by Ccugros^.
Llout. Comd'g Co. J, 7th S. C. Regt. |
April Q lm 14 j
??)" We have been authorxicd by thc friends ofjj
"W. F. DURISOE, Esq., to announce him a Candi-*
?(dates fur re-election to thc office of Ordinary ofjj
sEdgcfield District, at the ensuing oluction. jj
S April 15, *to 15
)f A LL persons having claims against tho Estate]
jr XJL of Willis Whittle, sr., dee'd., aro requ?8tcd3
-to present them duly attested aocordint; to law. t
I A. WHITTLE, ) .,, S
i Mar 4 ?im* 0 f
WE WILL taite Confederate nrmey in pity-?!
ment l'or all debts due the Pinn of Ham-1
? mond i Laik, or to either of ne individually. ?
Hamburg, April 20th lu IG |
J COLUJIUIA, ApriMS, rS03. ?
^'?TTTHEREAS, the pr?sent supply of provisions*"
j VT in this Stat? is needed for the subsistence";
?of the people thereof and the soldiers of the Con
jfederucy therein : And whereas, it is deetued im
"(portant to prevent thu exportation of tho SUUKS
'for speculation ;
j Now therefore I, MILLEDGE K, BONHAM,;*
jOiiVi-rnor of South Caroliua, by virtue of th?-'
ijpower vusted in me under the Constitution of tliir-j
?State, do :ssue this, my Proclamation, and forbi-ij
fall persons, for the spai-o uf thirty days froui thi>
?d?t?/from exporting beyond tho'limits of thi.j
SStito, any salt, bacon, pork, beef, ?-urn, nival
"wheat, H.mr, rice, p-.-as, or potatoes. The follow-!
mg persons ure excepted, viz: Quartermaster."
^Commissaries, nitd other ?gents of ino Confedi-r
a*o Govern nient purchii>in?r provisions for th
army, who must exhibit satisfactory evidence o
their official chsractor and authority: person.-j
irotu other Slates who purchase for their own pri
vate usu und consumption and not fur resale, wh<
jjjhall mukc oath to that effect before the next nmg
??irate previous to the removal of the articles pur
ch nie?!; which oath tho magistrate shall preservt
?nd furni.-ii for the use of the Solicitor of th?
JCircuit wb'eo required': agents,of countios,iowa*
?evrporalWns,'and 8?Idiers' Hoards ot" BO.MC OI
other Slates who exhibit satisfactory proof of t hoi
ruithority to purchases such provisions in licha!!' o
-jicb couuti?s, lowus, corporufio|i8 or Soldier
tDr.ards.of Relief tor public mc or for di;tribu I
jtion nt eosts aadch-irges, and not -for resalo nj
Snit mono by nonresidents and cargoes enter
?rig our ports from abroad aro also excepted.
It is enjoined upon nll'sheriffs, magistrates nm
coostables, und nil goo.i eil-zer.s ar?! appealed t'>
to ni?l in thu enforcement of this Proclamation
and also of the Act of the General Assembly, cn
titled." Au Act tu enforce any Prorlam-ttion o
ho Governor prohibiting tho exportation of pro
visions," ratified the tenth day of April, A. 1
Given under my hand end tho seal of tb
State, at Columbia, this eighteenth day u
[? ?.] April. A.D. one thousand eitrht hundre
" und sixty-three. AI. L. BONHAM.
WM. R. HUNTT, Secretary of State.
Aprill 22 _4t 16 '
[interesting to Teachers.
-o-- I
Edgefield Female Institute !
|gTN con;eipionce of the death of the late Princi
si pal and Proprietor, Joust R. GWALTSBT, tbf
'?R RENT. .
Tho J OT embraces five acre?, near the conti
.f the Villag-.', and within three ht-ndrcd yards o
bree Cbnrcbv*. Thc IMPROYRMENTS are n:
lew-erected in 1360. The Main Building has
ront of seventy-two fcot, with handsome flute
tolmans. . The centre bus drdepth of eighty feoi
?iringa HALL forty-two feet by sixty. Tber
ire Rooms enough for School purposes, for th
Principal's family! aiid for Twenty Boarder
Tho plan coutejiiplates th' addition of Win
.honld it be lound necessary.
Edgefiald Villaire is near the centre of one o
ho lurgest ai d wealthiest Districts in tho Stan
ind oilers mtitiY inducements to the onu-rprisini
Teacher. As there is ti? other School of the kin
it ihe District, il is confidently believed that th
viii continua to reeefve ample patronage,.if nude
imper management. 'J ho into Dr. Wu. h. JOHN
UN wno vciy suci'esil'iil ben-, as a Taucher, f<
ilt*rtKban twenty yoars.
Thero H;i>_mr4Hij?eessi.;:-.u of Ibo Sehool. Th
imlcrsigned will co n i i iIu^itltNst" ?UJ ge m m. t for h
ir?tner's family till next July/ HeSs^ihe gl?
o sand Catalogues lp those wishing iutoiVm^iji
?r tn c?irre?p?nrt ~with th<?*c wno niay "deidre ti
?purchaso or rent. Address
Kdgelleld, S. 0.
Feb ll ?,t C
?O??HEBN l???ES H0?E1,
W'E have bought tho entire interest of tl
fermer Proprietor, Mr. JOHN L. HAR
md intend tu keen a lirst class House.
Augusta, Oa., Feb 10 3m ?
150 Broad St., Augusta, Ga.,
irirr?iii mirri) un TDIVI
given tn the Repairing of VfATCHEi
,\L,UCKS ano\ JEWELRY. Rivery effort will L
uadc tu keep an EJJ cxtousivc Stu?k of
To suit ovary defect of vision.
Thc balance of my Stock of CLOCKS, FANC}
JiJOuDS. PLATED WAKE, Ac, will te sold low
Augusta, J^n 20 tf 3
Tax Collector's Notice.
?WILL attend nt tho times and places hereir.
after mentioned, to collect tho State und Di.
.riet Tax fucthe year commencing the first da.
.r October, JS?2:
Wednesday, 2(1 th April.
Thursday, 3i)th ".
Liberty Hill,
White House,
J. M. Talbert's,
Pleasant L ine,
fohn Choatham's,
Red Hill,
Edward Howie'*,
Woodlawn P. O.,
A. Morgan's,
Hamburg, '
? ?rhiteman's S. II.
I Col lier's,
aEd-e:ield C. H.,
Wedac&diiy, 6th
Thursday, 7th
Sn turdny,
Wednesday,! 3th
Thursday, 14th
?th .'
a Dom's Mills,
JJ S. S my ly V,
After which time my books will close for tie
.resent year.
Tax Payers, must make their returns in thc tim
ibove nnmcd or they will Le suljcet la double tax
Free Negroes nut now nor having been in th
Confederate service aro subject to Tax,-thu*
from the aires nf 15 to AO your*.
Tax Payers nro hereby notified thnt the Con
Sll-iler-itu Bills nf tho Hover it Ludwig plate, d?t<
?Septeml>or 2>1, lcil,-of thu denomination of $2''
?b; li ami $100, will not bc taken for Xaxcs, nsth.\
were called in last your, ur.d tho plate bavin,
been counterfeited there is some discount on tin
onuino bills unloss rctnrned tb. the propor un
Sthoritie.i. Other Confed?rale money will be goor
for Tuxes. THEO. DEAN, T.C.E.D.
Mar 17 tf "ll
have now ou hand a large Stock ol BED
?tl ROOM FURNITURE, in Sets of from a t.
:12 pieces, M'illogan v, Ennraelod ?nd Fancy Paint
lcd. Amati lot of PARLOR FURNITURE I
{CHAIRS,.a few MATTRA88ES, and all article?!
(usually kept in tho Furniture lino, most of
f And will bo sold low for good papor when thrj
'cash is unt oonveniont.
Burial Cases!
I keep constantly un u full stuck of Mahogany
Octagon Led COFFINS. Also, Covered Raise Led
COFFINS, plain but neatly trimmed, ut $20.
S?so of Hoarse $5 per day, or trip not ovor a day.
|l wiil continuo to keep a supply on hnnd reaiij
Kfor delivery. J. M. WITT,
jj MarlO tf 10
I Caution,
g A LL persons arc hereby cautioned against tres-?
r?%. passing un wy land lying in aud near the^
rcorporate limits of Edgefield village. Any ono?
-caught tn.--passing thbrcon, in any respectwh?t-?
(Soevor, wUl bo dtiall with to tho lull extent of thu .
i Apr 20, at 10 I
For Sherill.
A. P. WEST, ?-. . -,
For Tax Collector.
C. M. MAY, . .
For Clerk.
Medical Notice.
[?lt. J. F. t? RIFF I IV will BtMsod to Pro
fl 9 fessinnnl rails in thi* Village und it* ivmtedi
.ue rieini/v. Resilience next to Mr. S. P. Wilde's.
Kdgefield C. H., FebJ0___3m?fl
Dentistry I
.Tall. II. PARKER will be in bis <,?ce
LF regularly each day during sale-day we?k;
.ut alter then be wiil only be lhere occasionally,
j tf his Professional engagements throughout the
I District demand much of his attention.
Es?"Having to pay the highest Cash prices for
? Dentistry materials, be nil! hereafter work ONLY
Sept 10 tf 38
TUE Subscriber offers fi>r sale privately tho
I fennings, deu'd., in Edgilield District, containing
| Situate on Stevens' Creek, on the Road leading
'rniii Augusta to Calhoun's Mills, 28 in 1rs tmm
Vugusln, und bounded by bimi* of Dr. J. ?f. Cart?
edge, Mrs. Cartledge. C. L. Blair and others.
There ore on ibo place a comfortable Dwelling
louse an i nil necehHiiry outbuildings. There are
hevonty-fivc acres ol' gund bottom laud, ai d thirty
'lores of land sown iu Whent, and about forty in
.nts. Th? pince is well watered and timbered and
? in a high state of cultivation.
if a purchiisor '-an be found soon, I wi'l sell
'ith thu phire Seventy-five Head of Sheep, Mack
f Cattle. Ae.
Dr. J. J. Cartledge or the Subscriber will take
'leasure in showitig the place to any one desirous
f purchasing an excellent plantation.
I ^EsT-Tcrms easy.
? W. D. JENNINGS, Ex'or.
Mar 4_ti_9_
?State of South/ Carolina,
J. D. R. Miller. Adni'or Applicant, "|
vs- . , . \.
n?nrv Miller and others. Defendants. J
WHEREAS, J. D. Ri Miller. Administrator nf
the Estate of Elizabeth F. Miller, dre'd.,
?as applied to mc, by petition in writing, praying
bat a part of the proceeds of tho Real Estate i-f
:io said Elizabeth F. Miller, dee'd.. may be paid
vcr to him, to satisfy debf.? against said Estate ;
nd it appearing to my satisf'ac'ion that Sion Mil
irand the children of Nnncy McCarty, deceased,
names unknown,.) Defendants in tbisyTHSc, reside
"yoiid-tho limits of this Hinte. They are there
ore n qoiml to^appear at the Court ol ( rd in ai y '
o be holden nt Kdgefield C. H., for Edgcfleld Db
rict.-on Saturday the 23d May, A. D., 1863, to
now cause, if any th'y cati, why a portion of Oie
.rnceed* of the salt of the Real Estate of Elita
>cth F. Miller, dee'd., sold- hy me tor, Partition
nd division, should n?t-he paid over t? the said
'. D. H. Miller? Administrator, to liquidate-the
t-bls against said Es'ate, or their consent to tb?
time will bc.cntep-d af record.
H i Ven nuder tay hand and seal, th'.s the 23d
ay of February, A. D. IS?3. '
W. F. DU RISO E,0. E. D.
JFeb^2.riEl63., - '^ ^',^rni m mw
Che State of South Carolina,*
ft%Y W. F. DURLSOE, Esquire, Ordinary of
IO Edgelield Distriet.
Whereas, Burdett Curley bas applied to me
or Letter! nf Administration, ai h the will ail?
exe.I, on all and singular the goods and elua
tes, rieht.? and cre.lii? of Cynthia Corl?y bite of
he District afor?eaid, dee'd.
These are, therefore, to cite and admonish all
aid singular, the kindred and creditor* of ?h%
aid deceased, lo bc and appear before inc., mt our
.ext Ordinary's Court for the said DiK.\f*e/, t? bo
olden ut Edgelield C. il. on the I \t?>, J*y ol May
ext, to show cause, if any, why ti^saidadwhiie
rntiou should not bo granted.
Given undor my bund an d teal, thistwenty-ser
nth day of April in ta>e year of our Lord on? thoa
and eight hundred and aixty-three. ant. in the
ighty-sevenih yean of, th? Independence of the
>Ute of South Carolina.
W. F. DURlSOE.O. E. Di
April 20 2t . 17
State cf South Caroliiiaj
tg>Y W. F. DITRISOE, ?sq., Qsdinarr ol EVfge
|D field DisUivd.
Whereon, t\. T. Ling-foul has applied to ma
.r LetCPVsof Administration, on all and singular
j 'ie goods and ohattles, rights and credits of S. E,
dieely late nf the District aforesaid, dee'd.
Theso aro, therefore, to cite and admonish all
ind singular, the kindred end creditors of tas? said
leceasod, to be and appear before me, at our next
Ordinary's Court for the said District,;io ke holde?
?A Edgelield C. H., on the 9th day of May neat,
o show cause, if any, why the said administration
hould not bo granted.
Given under my haad and seal, this 25th day of
\pril in the.yenr of our Lord one. thousand eight
?undred and sixty-three, and in the 87th year of
he Independence of South Carolina.
W. F. DURISOE, o.n.P.
April 2ft. T?3._2t 17
I 4 LL persons indebted to the Estate of Jumes
I-3L C. Henderson, dee'd., are requested to meka
ay merit by the 1st day of October. JfWW, and
hose having demands against said Est* ta are re
quested to present them forthwith, as I desire to
dake a final settlement on that day.
L. CORLEY, Adm'r.
Oat 1,1862, ly 49
['A LL persons indebted to the E?L?to of John E.
I CM. Gwaltncy, dee'd., aro requested to make pey?
uent as eur y ns possible Those having clnimi
-gainst the Estate will present them, properly
tto-ted, to Dr. A. <?. Tongue, niv ant homed
..gent. LUCY GWALTNKY, Ex'or.
Dec 8. 1S62. IT 41*
"7" N?T?C?T"
ALL persons having dalma against tlx Estate
of Dr. J. Harwood Burt, dee'd., are notified
o prosent them, properly attested, as the under
.igned is prepared to pay ?the sumo. Those in?
lebtcd tv said Estate are requested to ?etti? prompt
y. W. M. BURT, Ex'or.
Jan ii_ tf S
Notice to Creditor?.
John E. Kirri", et al, ) Bill fcrrVrtHrun,
vi Account. Seule
G. A. Addison. f men k Ac,
W. ft. Harris, Ea'Ofg. rt lt. J .
BY Yirtuo of jsn order o? th? Coori in thhf
cause, nil persons having tlemahda against
tho Trust Estate of Wm. Harris, d?c'd., ?fe re
lulrcd to present nfttl hf ove their dVmandn before'
mo on or bef?te . the 15th day of May test of
else payment of their demands will ba barred,
Z. W. CARWILE, O.M.*..*
Mar 9, ISM. ?Ot 19
ALL persons having dem an cf* against tho Es
tate of William E. Middleton,- Att'd., are re
tpieated to present them- to the undersigned, and
those indebted to rai?l Eatate are requested to
moho immediate payment.
Mar 4 9m* ?
und get one Bottle of DR. MARTA IN'8"
Dec 2 4t 48

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