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Established 1835.
J. L. ??.IEIS - . . . EDITOR
ONE Y??R * - - - - $1.50
SIX "MONTHS - - - - .75
Shop Early!
.Again 'Ave--urge our readers to be
rin their shopping campaign early.
rou will gain a point of vantage by
>eing the first upon the field. Early
afboppois not only have first selec
tion of the very full stocks but re
trieve better service from the clerks
merchants before the rush that
usually exists- just prior to Christ
inas day. You can further your ow:
interests and these of the clerks and
merchants also by heeding the ad
moui lion to EB CP EARLY.
Our Christmas Edition.
,. The Advertiser greets its readers
this week with the biggest and
best-and we say this with becom
ng modesty-Christmas edition
ver published in the State in a
own of Edg?fi eld's size. We send
ont twenty pages of reading matter
and Holiday advertisements, every
: line of which our readers can peruse
?.with pleasure and profit. This, of
c ourse, is not a large paper when
?... compared with-the great dailies, but
for a weekly, located in a town of
little more than two thousand popu
lation, it is a feat in ncwspapenlom
worthy of more than passing not ice.
When we pen - these words we do
not wish to be understood as "blow
ing our own horn," but simply
call the attention of our readers to
thfs special edition in a way that
will cause them to stop and take
notice of what can and is being
done right here in Edgefield.
... Tell your friends who do not read
The Advertiser about our Christmas
Hon. Wm. Jennings .Bryan Fav
ors Prohibition.
In discussing-the liquor question
in the Commoner Mr. Bryan says the I
liquor dealers, recognizing that their ?
Ivory obvious pecuniary interest |
would lessen the weight of any ar
-"g?ment they might publ icly advance,
ara making their fight under covi
of organizations purporting to rep- j
resent those who use liquor. Many |
well-meaning men have been misled
into believing that every attempt to
: lessen the evils of intemperance is
a "fanatical attack" cn "personal
It is time the phrase ''personal lib
erty" were defined.
What is meant bv "personal liber
Does it mean that a person has a
i right to drink in any quantity, at
any time, and in any place, no mat
. ter what injury he may inflict upon
} others? If not, with whom rests ?
the right to fix limitations?
? drunken man is a menace to the \
k rlives and property of those about
him; have his neighbors no right to
protect themselves?
A drunkard robs his _wife and
ichildren and he may finally make
?/bis family and himself a charge upon |
societv; has society no right to pro
tect ?Cself?
The saloon is next-of-kin to the
brothel and the gambling hall; it is
a rendezvous, for the criminal ele
ment; and i,he willing tool of the
corrupt poliician; has not the body
politic a right to protect itself from
the demoralization which the saloon
The right to drink does not neces
sarily include the right to demand
the establishment of a saloon. The
right to drink is sufficiently protect
ed by any arrangement that permits
the reasonable use of liquor under
reasonable conditions; and it must
be remembered that the right oo
drink, like any other right, can be
forfeited. Nothing is more sacred
than the right to life, ?md yet one
may forfeit his right to life if he
uses it in such a way as to threaten
the life of another. So, the man
' who drinks to excess may forfeit the
right to drink, even the moderate
drinker may - forfeit the right to
drink in moderation if, not content
.with reasonable regulation, he insists
that liquor shall ba sold under condi
tions that constitute a menace to the I
home and the state.
The man who desires to drink
. moderately ought to join with those
who seek to reduce the evils of drink
to the lowest possible point, instead
of allying himself with those who
" ignore the evils of intemperance and
resist every effort put forth for the
protection of society.-Orangeburg
Times and Democrat.
7 Public Roads Good.
The writer bas recently driven
over sixty odd miles of the public
roads of the county, and we have
never seen them in better condi
tion-not even in midsummer.
Were it possible to have the ruts
and holes filled in the low, places
where water collects we believe they
would continue to be in fairly good
order, even after the rainy season.
Thc supervisor and his road work
ing force deserve credit for the
splendid condition of the public
highways at this season.
Honor Roll.
The following: is* the honor roll,
of lue primary grades of t!ie Parks
ville graded school for the month
ending December 3rd.
First grade: Nona TIarvley, Amy
Blackwell, Nanni- Lou Sweezy.
Walter Dorn.
Second grade.;- ("arrio Dorn,
Carver Talbert.
Third grade: Jessie Harvley,
Mary Blackwell.
Fourth grade: Marie Blackwell.
Cathlene Parks, Rosada Talbert,
Martha Bell, Joe Conner Bussey
Joe Johnson, Ward Robertson: .. .
The .Bank of Greenwood?:
The officers of the Bank of Green;
wood reflect the Greenwood alert
ness and enterprise by seizing
this opportunity to place their
splendid statement before our read
eis. This vciy stior.g institution-is
not only an henpr to Greenwood but
to the entire state. Mr. J. K. Durst
is president and Mr. Jas. C. Self is
the cashier, loth are foi mer. Edge
field men of whom the old mother
county is justly very proud
Ckai ming Little Host.
The elegant home of Hon. and
Mrs. J. Wm. Thurmond in south
Edenfield presented a very gay
and merry scene Monday afternoon,
when nearly a half a hundred little
folks of the town assembled in res
ponse to invitations from Master:
Strom Thurmond who celebrated
his seventh birthday in very be
coming style. Many indoor and out
door games were participated in by
the light hearted little folksjwho are
now enjoying their halcyon days.Af
ter the gay little company bi came
surfeited on fun making they were
invited to partake of delicious re
freshments. Many tokens of affec
I tion and esteem were presented to
tue genial little host.
Death of Mrs. Harling.
It was with deep regret that we
learned of the death ol* Mrs. Whit
Harling Monday. She bad been in '
Atlanta several months for medical
treatment and Mr. Hai ling was on
his way to visit ber when he reviv
ed a telegram at Edge/told Monday
morning announcing her death. The
interment took place al Melvendree
Tuesday. Before her marriage Mrs.
Harling was Miss Mattie Turner
She united with M clichd ree church
in early life and was a very active,
consecrated Christian woman. Mrs.
Harling leaves a devoted husband
and three affectionate children, a
daughter and two sons.
D. N. Dorn.
The mercantile business at Parks- i
ville of the late L. F. Dorn has been 1
purchased by Mr. D. X. Dorn and j
he is now conducting a cost sale in i
order to close out the ?10.000 stock
in thirty days. The prices given in '
his advertisement in this issue will .
show that he is offering some great i
bargains. Everything must be solo
in thirty days regardless of cost.
J. E. Hart.
Santa Clanse can make a large l
portion of his purchases at the dry ;
goods establishment of Mr. J. E.
Hart. What the old gentleman pur- ,
chasps there will add to the comfort ?
of the horne, and will not be.so
transitory and fleeting as other ar
ticles that will be ?purchased else
where. Selections are easy at the
Hart store.
Farmers Met in Court House.
The County Farmers' Union con
vened in the court house on Mon
day, the meeting being presided i
over by the president, Hon. VV. R.
Parks, than whom there is no citi- .
zen in South Carolina more loyal to
the farmers'interests. The following
unions were represented:
Harmony: J M Swearingen, J M ,
Wright, S E Morgan, G M Smith,
H W Dobey and W F Stillwell.
Parksville: W R Parke.
Meeting Street: J F Pavne.
White Town: E M Whatley, J
M Miner and G S Cartledge. \
The following officers were elect* ,
ed to serve for the ensuing year: W ,
R Parks, president; S E Morgan,
vice-president; G W Smith, secreta
ry: J M Swearingen, doorkeeper; G '
S Cartledge, conductor: Rev. J T
Littlejohn, chaplain and J M
Wright, business agent.
The next meeting of thc County |
Union will be held Monday. Janua
ry 10th, 1910. !
__ i
No Mistake About lt.
"Didn't some idiot propose tn you
before our marriage?"
"Then von ought to have married
"That's just what I did."
Alone in a Saw Mill at Midnight
unmindful of dampness, drafts, .
storms or cold, W J Atkins worked
as night watchman, at Banner
Springs, Tenn. Such exposure gave i
him a severe cold that settled on his
lungs. At last he had to give up <
work. He tried many remedies but 1
all failed till he used Dr. King's :
New Discovery. "After using one
bottle" he writes, I weut back to
work as well as ever. Severe colds,
stubborn coughs, inflamed throats
and sore lungs, hemorrhages, croup
and whooping cough get quick re
lief and prompt eu.e from this
glorious medicine. 50c and 81.00.
Trial bottle free, guaranteed by G
L Penn ?fe Son, Penn & Holstein,
successors to G L Penn & Son.
Delightful Birthday Party.
Wishing to contribute to the
happiness of their swei-L little three1
year-old daughter. Elizabeth. 3!r.
:ind 'MTS. B. E. Tim mem an gave hiv
a birthday party Saturday nfter
noon. Invitation* -.. ere .som, ?i>ut 10
a great number ot! uer little fronds.
All ol' them gathered in eager ex
pectation of pa?o.Qg a pleasant af
ternoon; ?ind not one went away dis
appoint 'd. Nothing was left undone
that woula add to the success ol'
the occasion. Before the little guests
departed', elegant refreshments were
served,-4ht?- color---scheme of the
decorations being minutely and
very beautifully curried out in serv
ing th? refreshment*. All pro
nouncer! JSlmtoth to hp a most
charming little hostess.
Public Sales.
Thc sales hy tho"blaster in Equity
on Monday were as follows:
Hathaway vs. Corley, 180 acres.
81,850; Vy A Strom, 2B5 acres, A S
Tompkins, attorney, ??,300.
The three tracts ol' the Talley
land were bought by thc Edgeficld
Real Estate and Investment Co., 81
lores, 8425; 74 acres, ?555, and Ou
acres, $1,000.
Cobb vs. Brown, 1G6 acres, W M
Zeigler, 8l.00*;89 aeres,.T NV Morgan,
87U5. ' .. .
Bank of Oilliston vs. Scott, 150
acres, W W Acorns, 811,100.
Checks Under $1 Legal.
Thc solicitor of the Treasuiy De
partment has quieted the fears ol
'many bankers throughout the coun
try by deciding that there was
nothing in the language of section
170 of thc new penal code forbid
ding the use of bank checks for
sinus loss than sj in tii? transaction
of business. The language has been
in the federal statutes for about for
ty years and the solicitor found that
in transplanting it into the paw
code no change whatever was made
in the wording.-Southern Hanker.
Do You Get Up
With a Lame Back?
Kidney Trouble Mates You Miserable.
Almost everyone knows of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and
bladder jremedy, he
r? cause of its remark
Hi able health restoring
h. properties. Swamp
. Root fulfills almost
^5 every wish ht ovcr
j"j?J? coming rheumatism,
??I ll pain in the back, kia
'm heys, liver, -bladder
^{j and every part of thc
urinary passage. It
corrects inability lo
hold water and scalding pain in passing-it,
Dr bad effects following use of liquor, wine
ar beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often !
through the day. ar.-.I to get np many
times durin?- the night.
Swamp-Root is not recommended for
everything but if you have kidney-, liver
or bladder trouble, it will be found just
the remedy you need. It ha? been thor
oughly tested in private practice, and has
proved so successful that a special ar
rangement has been made by which all
readeis of tb! i paper, who have not al
ready tried it, may have a sample bottle
sent free by mail, also a book telling
more about Swamp-Root, and how to
findoutif you have kid
ney or bladder trouble.
When writingmention
reading this generous
offer in this paper and
send your address to
Dr. Kilmer Ci Co., jiuuie CBTO^HOM.
Binghamton, N. Y. The regular fifty-cent
and one-dollar size bottles are sold by
all druggists. Don't make any mistake
but remember the name, Swamp-Root,
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the ad
dress, Binghamton, N. Y., on every bottle.
Fresh prunes, citron, figs, oat
meal, shredded wheat, postum and
many other nice tilings.
B. Timmons.,
The standard of the former old
firm of the best shoes in the county
is being more than kept up by us
as we are carrying the same line of
shoes and also others.
Rives Bros.
Take up the old matting in your
home and put fresh, new matting
down. We have a large assort rn en
to select from.
Rich Men's Gifts are Poor
beside this: "I want to go on
record as saying that I regard Elec
tric Bitters as one of the greatest
[rifts that God has made to woman,
writes Mrs. O Rhinevault, of Vestal
Center, N. Y., "I can never forget
what it has done for me." This
glorious medicine gives a woman
bouyant spirits, vigor ol'body and
jubilant health. It quickly cures
nervousness, sleeplessness, melan
choly, headache, backache, fainting
and dizzy spells, soon builds up the
weak, ailing and sickly. Try them
50c at W E Ly nell & Co., Penn &
Holstein, successors ti? 6 L Penn
& Son,
Wc have a lot of $1.00 and 81.50
shirts which we are closing out at
iflc They are big values and many
other things at reduced prices. F.
G. Mertins, tailor, clothier and
furnisher, Augusta, Ga. S?-l Broad st
Our Christmas novelty in season
able and serviceable presents arc
now coming in and will be rcadffc
for inspection this week.
Hives Rros.
We re-cover umbrellas while you
wait. F. G. Mertins, the' tailor?
clothier and furnisher. Augusta,
^NLY a few days more and the
Yuletide spirit. To give, to receive
will be on us. Have you paused to
think how quickly these few days will
pass. If so do your holiday shopping
i| early, while the stocks are complete,
fresh and clean.
? For nearly ten years we have con
ducted business in the Comer Store,
and never has an article been mis
represented by us (knowingly.)
Many items or seasonable merchandise suitable for the Christmas
tokens can be found among our offerings
Dainty black silk hose and liste thread sox. Splendid silk petticoats,
ladies and childrens sweaters in red, blue, white and oxford.
Elegant Fur muffs, and neck pieces. Handkerchiefs made of Sliur linen with embroidered Initials. Bed room slippers and
ff elegant dress shoes for men, ladies and children together with many other items of merit that make presents suitable to the seasons charm
'Tis our purpose to serve you profitably and well. lly.\?? cxAy hiving will give surer satisfaction in every way
I . Respectfully, " ?? '
In Clothing
WING to the very mild winter, we find that we are overstocked
with clothing formen and boys In order to reduce our stock we
will make a big reduction in price For two weeks, beginning Dec 11th
and ending Dec 24th Ours is a one-price store, all goods being
marked in pl?in figures, so you can see for yourself what bargains
you are securing Here are a FEW Prices.
3 is
12 50
All 1250
Ali 15
17 50
We are alfo making a great reduction on odd pants. Get our prices before buying. No goods will be
charged at these prices. Call early and get the cream of our clothing stock
PVlPictmSIC QVfiiBnnPPC*WE ^aVe many thingS suitable for Christmas gifts. Large or
VIII io Lill ?to kJllUpJJCl ? ders placed to meet the holiday demands in gent's furnishings *
Dorn & Mims.
We hope our shoes made up by
uich manufacturers that are reliable
uni when we sell you shoes we can
[ell you what they are made of and
ive stand behind every pair we sell
is we do not handle jobbers line of
di oes.
Rives Bros.
T will pay you to visit the largest stove and bicycle house
in Dixie and see our select stock of Stovet, Ranges, r'w,*es, |
Enamel ware, Cutlery and household Articles, als' Sporting
Goods Department, Bicycles, Tires, Automobile Supplies, Best
Our new $20 Bicycle is good. Agents for the gi cat Excelsior Stoves, 36
years in This market. Remember everything we sell is guaranteed the best.
We can sure save you money. Send in your mail orders
mn r

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