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c The Great Destroyer.
Eon. Richmond P. Robson.
War Destroys; it will snuff out
life and it will maim, but alcohol
poison will not only snuff out life
and maim ten thousand times more
than war, but in addition, it will
actually invert and reverse the very
processes of nature, the very pur
poses of the universe-, it will de- j
Mature takes a peculiar attitude
toward degeneracy-an attitude
that would almost appear ruthless
and uncompromising. Nature is
trying, in all.forms of life,to produce
a higher and nobler type, and she
employs two general laws for her
parp?se. One is to have the family
adaptitself to overcome more and
more the obstacles of the law of
environment. The other is the
great law of heredity, b- which
through the mating of pareuts-or
natural selection-nature will trans
mit to the offspring, those cells
that are associated with the line of
evolution stronger than the cells
that were in the parent. It is as
though, in the line of evolution,
the strength of both parents will be
added; and that means, that follow
ing the line of evolution, each gen
eration will be higher and nobler
than the previous. That is what
naturels trying to do.
But woe to the offspring if the
parents do things which tend to de
stroy the very cells that nature is
trying to transmit, and in that case,
nature will visit the results in the
most appalling manner upon the
Xhe Life of Total Abstinence the Only
Rational Life.
In other words, a man or woman
who proposes to be a temperate
drinker, should do so with eyes
wide-open. I wish, particularly, to
leave this conclusion with this great
body of noble women because some
times the very name of your great
organization is misapplied, and be
cause there is a wide-spread impres
sion throughout this country and
throughout the world, that the
harm which comes from alcohol is
due to the abuse of it. There are
00 macy who actually pride them
selves upon its temperate use, and
there are many who simply advo
cate total abstinence because, for
sooth, alcoholic drinking might
cause their brother to fall; as if,
in itself, independently, it were not
evil or wrong. Here is nature's
?muwerv ?
There is not much difference, be
fore nature, between the temperate,
regular drinker, and the heavy
drinker. The temperate, regular
drinker has enough of the poison in
his system to produce the degenera
ting jesuits.
You know when the Brit sh found,
in tho Boer War, that their men
.could not measure up to the require
ments, that they bad degenerated
since the time of the Crimean
War; Parliament ordered a search
ing investigation. That is the
origin of most of the statistics I
have cited.
Great scientists took up this in
vestigation. They located ten large
families in which both parents were
alcoholic, and ten living in the
same conditions, who were teetota
lers. The ten families of alcoholics
had fifty-seven children. Of these
fifty-seven children ten were de
formed, 6?x were epileptic, six were
idiotic, and only ten were normal,
oran even seventeen percent. Of
the ten families of teetotalers there
were sixty-one children, and alli
these were normal except eleven
and five-tenths percent, and they
were not seriously abnormal. Of
the children, eighty-eight and five
tenths per cent were normal in the
one case, and only seventeen per
cent in the other.
Drink liad absolutely wiped out
normality in seventy-one and five
tenths per cent of the offsprir g.
Can you not see the terriffie effect?
Porto Rico's New Wonder.
From far away Porto Rico come
reports of a wonderful new discov
ery that is believed will vastly bene
fit the people. Ramon T Marchan,
of Barceloneta, writes1 "Dr. King's
New Discoveiy is doing splendid
work here. It cured rae about five
times of terrible coughs and colds,
also my brother of a severe cold in
his chest and more than 20 others,
who used it on my advice. We hope j
this great medicine will yet be sold
in every drug store in Porto Rico."
For throat and lung troubles it has
no equal. A trial wiil convince you
of its merit. 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free. Guaranteed 'by Penn *fe
Holstein, W E Lynch & Co.
Oh, thank you," said a lady to a
laborer who gave her his seat in a
crowded car; thank you very much.
"That's all right mum," was the
cheerful, rejoinder. As the lady
seated herself be added: "Some men
.Hirer get up unless a woman's young
an' pretty, but you see, mum, it
sakes no difference to me."
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina-County
of Edgefield-Court of Common
Mrs. S. B. Burton-Plaintiff
Against-S. Z. Seigler and the Far
mers Bank-Defendants.
Pursuant to the decree in this
cause I will offer for sale at public
out-cry to the highest bidder, be
fore the Court Houae, Town of
Edgefield and State of South Caro
lina on sales day in December 1912,
the ?ame being the 2nd day of said
month,1 between the legal hours of
sale the following described realty
All that tract of land situate in
Mos?'township, in the County of
Edgefield and State aforesaid, con
taining One Hundred acres, more or
less, and bounded on the North by
lands of Nick Griffis; on the East
by lands of Nick or T. J. Griffu,
on the West by lands of T. P. Mor
gan and Martintown road, and on
the South by R. A. Turner and
Samuel Cheatham.
Terms of Sale. One half of the
purchase money cash; balance on a
credit of one year, with interest
from date of sale or all cash at pur
chasers option, if any there be, to
be secured by the bond of the pur
chaser and a mortgage ol the prem
ises, said bond and mortgage pro
viding for the payment of ten per
cent attorneys fet if it should be
necessary to collect same by law.
If the purchaser fails to comply
with the terras of the 6ale, the Mas
ter will within one hour, resell
same on the same day at the risk of
the former purchaser, unless sat
isfactory arrangement can be made
with the Master.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
S. M. Smith,
Master E. C. S. C.
Nov. 7, 1912.
Round Trip Excursion Rates
Via Southern Railway Pre
mier Carrier of the South
to Edgefield S. C.
Washington,. D. C. and return
$17.3U. Account United Daugh
ters of the Confederacy, Nov.
12-16, 1918. Tickets sold Nov.
8-14, 1912, inclusive with final
limit returning Dec. 1, 1912.
Atlanta, Ga., and return $6.35. Ac
count National Commercial As
sociation. Tickets sold Nov. 30
to Dec. 1, 1912 inclusive with fi
nal limit returning Dec. 10, 1912.
New Orleans, La. andreturn $20.35
Account Farmers' National Con
gress of the United States. Tick
ets sold Nov. 5, 6 and 7, 1912,
with filial limit returning Nov.
14,1912. Extension until Dec.
15 on application and payment
fee of one dollar.
Jacksonville, Fla., and return
$13.15. Account Southern Med
ical Association Nov. 12-14,
$13.15, 1912. Tickets sold Nov.
9, 10 and ll, 1912, with final '
?raitreturniijg Nov. 18, 1912.
Extension until Dec. 15, on ap
plication and fee of one dollar
before Dec. 15.
Atlanta, Ga. and Return $8.35.
Account Southern Appalachian
Good Roads Association Nov.
20-21, 1912. Tickets sold Nov.
18 and 19 1912 with final limit
returning Nov. 23, 1912.
Louisville, Ky. and return $4.45.
Account Southern Educational
Association, Nov. 28-30, 1912.
Tickets sold Nov. 2?-27, 1912
with final limit returning Dec. 3,
Augus'a, Ga. and return $1.55. Ac
count Second Annual Corn Fes
tival, December 27, 1912. Tick
ets sold December 2 to 6, 1912
Southern Railway dining car ser
vice and Pullman sleeping car ser
vice on through trains. Conve
nient local service. For detailed
information, sleeping car reserva-?
tions etc., call on ticket agents, or,
A. H. Acker, TPA., Augusta, Ga.,
W. E. McGee, APA., Columbia,'
S. C.. H. F. Cary, APA. Washing
injrton, D. C., S. H. Hardwick,
PTA., Washington, D. C.
Messrs. Rives Bros. as usual have
been having a big coat snit sale for
ladies the first of September and
this year they had such a success
with the large line that their for
mer big assorted sales brought the
trade this year without the aid of
printer's ink and they have now a
second lot that wil' be in and will
let you hear from them.-Adv
Another Shipment.
Just received a shipment of cut
glass recently purchased in New
York. Ail new patterns and de
signs, at remarkably low prices.
Penn cfc Holstein.
November Weddings.
A large assortment of sterling
silver just received for November
Penn & Holstein.
Whose Fault?
If you do not get value received for your money. If
you get inferior goods for which you pay as much as
we charge you for the good kind, you can blame only
yourself. Our 20 years experience in the grocery
business and our ''square deal" policy is worth some
thing to the prospective b?fyer and all we ask is a trial.
"We can deliver the goods." Groceries and feed for
man and beast.
Augusta, Ga.
Office and salesroom 863 Broad Warehouse Ga. Railroad
P. S. Mr. M. Gary Satcher is with as and will be glad to see his friends
e'sjf? \\|
And find the market if ?Vx\\
unfavorable for your
produce? The farmer ,u"",k
who has a telephone in his home can telephone
first. The useless trips thus saved are worth the
cost of service.
Under the plan of the Bell System the service
costs but a trifle; the farmer owns the instrument
and the equipment.
Write to nearest Bell Telephone
Manager for pamphlet, or address
Farmers' Line Department
The old Time Quality,
Made of the Best Material. It
Stands the Test of Time.
Edgefield Fru?
All kinds of fruits,
drinks, cigars, tobacc
Next to I
Edgefield, S. C.
Augusta ]
The up-to-date mill
house, with a full and cor
ers and all trimmings n
Hats ranging $2 to
and misses hats latest st'
Dry goods in everythi
Goods store.
Clothing for men, bo;
and furnishing goods at
Remember the place.
916-918 BJ
Fair Wee]
Next week is fair wee!
extend to the huudreds c
tution to visit our store ai
headquarters. Leave you
and feel at home at our s
"We have the largest st
tions, Shoes Clothing, e
shown, and will be please
and make you close prie
Men's Inhumanity to Man.
Some men, when they are arrested
n a serious charge, are sent to jail
thers, like one in New York, fare
?ucL worse. The magistrate told his
.ife to take him home and tell him
hat she thought of him. - Rochester
lemocrat and Chronicle.
Harness on hand here for every
parp?se. Light driving harness,
ivork harness, saddle harness. In
fact, you cannot have a harness
ieed we cannot satisfy and in all
jases of a quality far superior to
ind in many case? cheaper than the
catalog house stuff.
Wilson &
it Restaurant
, confectionaries, soft
os, etc.
Bee Hive.
, Proprietor.
inery and dry goods
nplete line of hnt fealh
ecessary for a fine hat.
$15 ench. Children's
1 les and all colors,
ng in a tiist-class Dry
ra and children. Shoes
the lowest prices.
Bee Hive
tc in Edgefield and we
if visitors a cordial invi
id make it your shopping
ir packages with us and
ock ot Dry Goods, No
te, that Ave have ever
d to show you the goods
es. Come to see us next
Town Owns Herring Brook.
Brewster, Mass., owns a herring
brook, and at the town meeting every
year, following an old custom, a com
mittee Is elected by ballot to catch the
fish and dispose of them. The pro
ceeds are turned Into the town treaa
all permanent success. The great
and increasing demand for carriages
wai built upon it. Genuine merit
in design, material, workmanship
and finish make our carriages merit
your approval.

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