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By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? ??? ?? ?? ?? & ??
Efird's Third Anniversary Sale,
?AT?EPA? ?CiWMWfl 30? TO
WB?ifniei?Airf MOT? !?.
Ten Days of True Values at
Prices Cut to the Quick.
Our Anniversary Sale is to be the greatest sale
in the Piedmont this year if low prices can make big
It will pay you to come to Anderson to buy your
Fall and Winter Goods, but if you can not get nere,
Order what you want by mail and your order will be
promptly filled.
Efird's Department Store,
At Anderson, S. C. g
??????????????? ???????? *Sr????@?
. i|?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???
Car Cement_
Just arrived. Also Genuine
Beaver Board on hand.
Saie of Hosiery
Ladies9 Full Fashion Silk Hose.
from Now Until Further Notice, from
9 to 4 O'clocK, -(Saturdays 9 tc 12.)
One-Half of What You Are Now Paying.
Sale at Our Mill.
Walhalla, S. C.
Highest Market Price Paid for Cotton.
Also have ample warehouse facilities for
storing cotton. See me if you want to
cither sell or store.
Office in Moss A, Ansel's Store.
Walhalla, S. G
Sept. 27, J 920.-39-tf.
Number of Cases Disposed Of-Tvuo' ,
Dills from thu Grand Jury.
The Court of General Sessions for
Oconee convened Monday,, Judge
Gary presiding. Monday and yeateY- f
day the Court was at work continu-A
ously and worked with a viow to
disposing of as much of the criminal
business on the docket as possible.
The new Solicitor, Leon W. Har
ris, Esq., of Anderson, was at his
post, and lt is evident from his work
that he ls going to prove all that the
public can wish In the matter of giv
ing careful and painstaking thought
and labor in the matter of seeing
that violators of the law arc given
adequate punishment where he can
justly convict. Mr. Harris ls an Oco
neean by birth, and he has a host of
warm friends in our county.
Stenographer Clyde Smith was, as
usual, at his post, ready at all times
to record accurately the proceedings
of the various trials.
True Bills Returned.
The grand jury has returned the
true bills in the following cases:
State vs. F. C. Summerall-mur
State vs. Dora Walker-disposing
of property under lien.
State vs. W. M. Sutiles and Ansel
Fuller-violation of prohibition law.
State vs. Hayne Stevens-viola
tion of prohibition law.
State vs. Gus Smith-violation of
prohibition law.
State vs. Geo. Edwards-violation
of prohibition law.
State vs. M. T. Long-failure to
support wife and child.
State vs. Miles Craft and Otto Har
State vs. Joe Evans-larceny.
State vs. Clarence Mulwee-r^vlola
tion of prohibition low.
State vs. Gus Smith-violation of
prohibition law.
State vs. John Stephens-assault
and battery with intent to kill and
carrying concealed weapons.
State vs. Arthur Cox-assault and'
battery with intent to kill and,carry
ing concealed weapons. j??
Cases Tried and Disposed Q?>*
The folkrwhig oijfi?e haye jUBO^
prohibition law. Not guilty.
State va. Chris. Alexander-viola
tion of prohibition law. Nol prossCd.
State vs. Cub Wall and J. W. Phil
lips. (Rule to show cause.) Con
State vs. Dock Fretwell and Gus
Collins-violation of dispensary law.
Nol prossed.
State vs. Solomon Perry-violation
of prohibition law. Not guilty.
State vs. W. M. Suttles and Ansel
Fuller-violation of prohibition law.
State vs. Miles Craft and Otis Har
rison-larceny. Continued.
State vs. Ceo.^Edwards-violation
of prohibition law. Continued.
State vs. John Williams-house
breaking and larceny. Continued.
State vs. Sam Newell-assault and
battery with Intent to kill and carry
ing concealed weapons. Guilty of as
sault and battery of a high and ag
gravated ' nature. Sentenced to five
months on the county chain gang or
like period In State penitentiary, or
pay fine of $250.
State vs. O. L. Scarborough-vio
lation prohibition law. Nol prossed.
State vs. Jack Hughs-violation of
prohibition law. Pleaded guilty. Sen
tenced to three months on county
chain gang, or like period In State
penitentiary, or pay fine of $100.
State vs. Joe Evans-larceny. Do
fondant pleaded guilty. Sentenced to
threo months on county chain gang
or Uko period In State penitentiary.
State vs. Clarence Mulwee-viola
tion of prohibition law. Pleaded
guilty. Sentenced to three months
on county chain gang, or pay fine of
$100. Upon payment of $50 rest of
sentence suspended during good be
State vs. Arthur Cox-assault and
battery with intent to kill and carry
ing concealed weapons. Continued.
State vs. Frank Shod, Hen Thrift,
Paul Cox and DeWitt Powell-man
ufacturing intoxicating liquors. Nol
prossed as to DoWitt Powell.
Stale vs. F. C. Suinmerail-mur
der. Not guilty.
Stato vs. Dora Walker-disposing
of nroporty under lion. Continued.
State vs. John Stephens-assault
and battery with intent to kill and
carrying concealed weapons. Contin
Stato vs. Will Harrison-murder.
Gullly-recommended to mercy of
the Court. Sentenced to Ufo Impris
onment in State penitentiary.
Court Adjourned.
Tuesday afternoon tho jurors wero
all dismissed and Court was adjourn
ed sine dio. Solicitor Harris was able
to get off on tho evening train and
Judge Gary loft this morning ot 7.10
S. 0. Ginning* 278,100 Halos Short.
Tho cotton ginning report for tho
Stato of South Carolina shows that,
up to Oct. 18, of tho 1920 crop, thoro
had been ginned 502,127 bnlos. Tho
chillings up to tho same dato in 1919
totalled 8I0-.587, thus showing tho
glnuings In this Stato to bo, for tho
prosent season, 278,400 bales short
of last year.
lave- for immediate delivery
small Saw Mills, complete,
lo for Tractor Power or any
?rn Engine. Those Mills aro
and can bo bought on long,
'rms. Kvery farmer who
iy timber land should own
Farm Saw Mill. Lumber
:k sale proposition and at a
A few Second-lland Automo
bilen at bargains--Fords, Dodges,
Nash Six, Nash Truck, Maxwell.
Como in and see these bargains.
I'Vjr the noxt few days I can
uso a few Hig Young Horses and
Mule?, but they must bo young. I
will trade any of tho above mer
chandise for Mules or Horses.
1 also have a few Samson Trac
tors on hand that I will trude for
Coed Young Mules that have pion?
ty of weight. Hotter hurry if you
want a Samson Tractor. I sold
three to-day-Nov. 1st. Tho other
Tractor men will not consider trad
ing for your Mules.
lome to see me and save money by doing business
in a mutual way.
RTHUR BROWN, Walhalla.
SBP.S:-Have a Few Good Farms to Rent-Will Make Bale Cotton to the Acre.
Big "Family" R?unie
Officers' and Tcachei
Mass Meeting (A11E
225 P
at Sunday Sci
Federated Women's Clubs Held an
Interesting Session-Personals.
Seneca, Nov. 2.-Special: Dr. J.
It. Heller attended the State Fair
last week.
Mrs. Jorcean, of Atlanta, is visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F, M.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Runion were
recent visitors to the Gate City.
After a visit of two weeks with
friends hero, Mrs. A. P. McClair re
turned to her home in Atlanta Sat
The regular monthly meeting of
the Wizard of Tamasseo D. A. R.
chapter will be held with Mrs. I. E.
Wallace Wednesday, tho 17th, at 4
o'clock p. m.
Mrs. J. Eustice Hopkins, Mrs. J. H.
Burgess and Mrs. E. A. Hines repre
sent the Church of the Ascension at
tho convocation which is in session
In Greenville this week.
Hoyt Lea spent the week-end with
his sister, Mrs. Eugene Runion, re
turning to Atlanta Saturday after
Tho Once-a-Weok Club will bo en
tertained Thursday afternoon by Miss
Mamie Burgess.
Misses Mary and Sara Murray, of
Charlotte, were week-end guests of
their cousin, Miss Sara Verner.
Hoyt Porter, of Toccoa, Is tho new
baggage master at the depot, having
succeeded Rab Cross, who has boen
transferred to Mayesvillo, Ga.
Miss Jessie Lawrence spent tho
week-end with frionds In Central.
After an extended visit to hor
parents, Mr. nod Mrs. G. W. Gignil
lint, Mrs. B. V. .Adams loft for her
home at Florence last Sunday. She
was accompanied by ber husband,
who joinod her boro Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. p. Holleman spent
last Sunday In Mayesvillo. Ga.
Chas. Pinson, of Greenwood, wns
a week-end visltor'ln the city.
Among a number of Hallowo'on
social events of the post week was a
delightful party given at the hospit
able homo of Dr. and Mrs. D. P.
Thomson Frlady evening. Tho deco
rations of tho homo woro In keeping
spooks, hobgoblins and black cats
were much in ovldonco.
Miss Sf. Clair Hopkins entertained
about two dozen of hor young friends
at a Hallowo'en party Friday even
ing at her homo on North Fair Play
Dr. W. R. Doyle hos given tho
contract for a bungalow to bo built
In the 300 block on South Townvlllo
Edgar A. Hines, Jr., a student at
Portor Military Instituto, ls rocolv
Week &
r 7-14th,
<\f s. c
>n and Church Social,
.s' Banquet*
departments of Church,'
tool, Nov. 14.
lng congratulations over the honor
confer? ed on him hy recently hoing
elected editor of tho "Porter Grits."
A few friends wore invited to the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. P" L. Nim
mons Sunday afternoon for tho chris
tening of their baby, Mary. The ser
vico was performed by Rev. Guy
Frazer, rector of tho Episcopal
church. Mrs. Eustice Hopkins and
Mrs. E. A. Hines stood as god-moth
ers for the child.
The Northwestern Division of tho
Federation of Women's Clubs mot in
Seneca on Oct. 26th, the business
sessions being hold at the home of
Mrs. E. C. Doyle. Mrs. B. A. Mor
gan, of Greenville, vice president of
the district, called the meeting co
order at 10 o'clock and presided
throughout over both morning and
afternoon sessions. A cordial wel
come was given thc convention by
Mrs. Denipey Ada/fs. She referred io
tho hostess club, tho Once-n-Weok
Club, ns being the mother of the
State Federation, which was born 22
yours ago, anti Hie beloved Mrs. M.
L. Coleman, of our town, as being
the first president* of the State Fed
eration of Women's Clubs. A beauti
ful memorial to Mrs. ({pieman was
rend by Mrs. E. A. Hines, president
of tho Onco-n-Wook Club.
Mrs. Rufus Kant, State president
of tho Federation, was present, and
gave n splendid address on "Length
en tho Cord und Strengthen tho
Stake." Mrs. Pant was un inspira
tion nnd power for tho conference.
All tho various doparments gavo in
teresting reports. The women were
deeply concerned in all tho questions
of tho day and the meeting ls capa
ble of great results. There wore 2 2
delegates registered (und ns many
from tho local club), representing
six counties. A delicious threo-courso
luncheon was served at tho beautiful
homo of Mrs. B. A. Lowery. The
floral decorations carried out the
hostess club colors-yellow and
white. Tho convention adjourned to
meet with Anderson in 1921.
Four Dead in Auto Smash.
Asheville, N. C., Nov. 1.-W. S. T.
Rinehart, of Marion, who was In
jured in a collision between a train
and an automobile at Old Fort yes
terday, died in a hospital hore this
morning, bringing the total dead to
four, and throe others injured. Ono
of tho Injured ls not expected to ro
The 1 trgest translation bureau in
the City of Mexico is owned and man
aged by a woman, Miss Erminia Bod
?J< ?J. .J. . ?J. ?J? ??. -J? ?J? ?J? c J? ?J? ?J?
*I* *I* *I* *I* *I* *I* * I* *l* *I* *I* 'I* *I" *I*
Apple Grove Orchards Win.
Apple Grove Orchards, owned by
D. E. Good, near Walhalla, won again
this year the most prominent placo
In the "King of Emits" exhibits at
tho State Fair. Three different vari
eties-Stayman Winesap, Ben Davis
and Shockloy-of flvo box?s each,
were on display, with both the blue
and red ribbons pinned on tho exhi
bit, while the single box of Stayman
Wlnesaps won the prize for tho best
individual box. These three prizes
netted $60 in cash prizes also.
"Oh, I didn't know apples like
these could be grown in South Caro
lina," some were heard to exclaim..
Yes, they can be grown here tn the
flgyiglgstains just dB well
tion to gvbSv them and * give* them
care and pruning, spraying and culti
vation-or about one-half tho atten
tion wo give to cotton.
More Pig Club Prizes.
W. H. McJunkin, a Duroc brooder
of tho South Union section, offors a
line young Duroc pit) as a prize in the
Pig Club, and J. B. Douthit, of Pen
dleton, a Poland-China brooder, of
fers a Poland-China pig to tho boy
or girl winning in the Pig Club con
test. These will he offered to Ute two
Pig Club members who mako tho
best ?coro in tho county, lotjtlng
them decide which brood they will
take. Mr. Douthit is ono of the fore
most breeders in the State and has a
wonderful selection of Poland-Chi
nas, while Mr. McJunkin has proba
bly the host Du roes In tho county,,
and some of the host in the State.
Geo. lt. Briggs, County Agent.
- FOB -
Harding Said to Be Assured of 275
Votes in the Electoral College.
Reports from the election in tho
nation indirato a sweeping victory
for tho Republian Presidential noni
inect, Warren G. Harding, of Ohio.
Not only is a Republican victory
assured for l*resident, but Congres
sional and Senatorial elections Indi
cate material gains in Congress for
tho Republicans that will give them
a safe majority in tho Legislativo
branch of the government.
In tho Presidential election Hard
ing is conceded to have carried (ho
following States:
Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illi
nois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachu
setts, Michigan, Nebraska, New
Hampshire, Now Jersey, Now York,
Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Khodo
Island, Vermont, Washington, Wis
consin and Wyoming.
M. 1<\ Ansel Elected J dugo.
Nows comoB from Greonvlllo coun
ty that tho now County Court propo
sition has boen endorsed by tho poo
plo hy a voto of about ton to ono.
It will bo of interest to Oconeoans
to note that Ex-Govornor Martin F.
Ansel, "a former Walhalla boy," has
boon olectod as Judgo of tho now
County Court. Ile will bo commis
sioned and tho court constituted as
soon as it can bo legally done.

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