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. VFEB. g ?022?
New Series No. 940. - Volume LXXL - No. K.
Live Church Bemires Servirons of Coli?
Sa secreted Pastor--Personals.
. Cbnerbss, Jan, l7.-^Speclal: The
marriage of Miss Maude Cleland and
Henry Hewe ??st jonday evening at
6 o'clock vas quite a sur'prl?e to
many of their friends here, they
went to tho home of tlie bride's pus
tor, I<,ov.Goo. Smith, of Westminster,
* where th? ceremony- waff performed
by Tlev.. ?niit^' Af teVt??' ceremony
tho young couple returned to the
.ruji?me of the bride's father, where
they enjoyed^ a sumptuous wedding.
Supper. The groom is a iJon of JmB
Nettle 'IJesse, of this -'community, and
is a'prosperous young farmer. Tho
bride is the daughter of L. A. Ole*
land, of Westminster. Both the bride,
and groom are popular young people
and are receiving .the hearty good
wishes and .congratulations- of their
hosts of friends. Since their mnrit
age they have been at the homo of
. the groom, and we hope they will
decido to make their homo perma
nently tn this community.
Mrs. TS AV. 'Byrd, of this commu
nity, is spending a few days with he:
sister, Mrs. .M. Duncan',, of Walhalla.
At the regular ohurch. conference
Saturday afternoon ReV\ L.H/Raihes
was unanimously called to the^pas
torate of the Ooneross Baptist church
and will enter upon his labors here
on noxt Saturday and will continuo
tb preach at'Coneross on the fourth
" Sunday In each month and on the
Saturday before at 3 p. m. It is re
gretted very much that we could lot
secure 'Rev. Raines for more time,
but his time is all taken up. He <s
the beloved principal of the Long
Creek Academy/ afld ie doing splen
did work fOr^the (Baptists there. He
needs no introduction'' to our church
and community, as he was our pas
tor a few years ago, and everybody
who knows him r?alis?e that he ls a
man filled with' the ?plrjt and tries
hard to do the will of God and to
impress godliness upon those (with
whom he comes in contact by his
daily life. Mr. (Raines has ? warm
wo leo me back to our church and to
our community.
Coneross has been without a pas
tor almost a year and We are glad ta
claim: 'Rev. Rallies, a&aih, Wo 'are
;wh during'?tir shepherd's ab
v sence. Wo still' hold our1 regular ser
vices and Saturday conferences, our
Thursday evening prayer meetings,
Sunday scl.ojl, B.Y.P.U., Woman's
Missionary 1 ociety, Young Woman's
Auxiliary, Girls' ?Auxiliary, Royal
Amaba8sador and Sunbenm Band.
Wo extend a cordial invitation to all
to attend any and all of these meet
Miss Lettie Barker Is spending this
week with her sister, iMrs C. E. Du
Bosei of. Laurens.
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Davis and
daughter, Willie Mae, wore week-en 1
guests of Mrs. Nettle 'Hesse, of this
H. H. Duncan entertained his
friends, B. Glenn Dowls and Augus
tine Schlock, of Fair Play, Saturday
night and Sunday.
John A Adair moved from here to
near Carnesville, Ga., last week and
will live with his son, 'Marvin Adair,
and family there-, (Marvin Adair was
a recent visitor to this community.
Mrs. Sue M. Hunslnger spent a few
days last week with relatives at West
Union and Bounty Land, returning
home Friday.
Mr. and IMrs. Her Kelley, of Now
-Hope, were recent guests of Mrs.
Kelley's brother, Grady Smith, of
this community.
Walter Shorlff and wifo spent Sat
urday and Sunday with relatives at
" (Mr. and -Mrs. J. S. Abbott and son
Colle wero welcome guests of J. Ii.
Julian and wife, of the Return sec
tion, the past week-end.
The Y. W. A. enjoyed a meeting
with Mrs. J. P. GaiiKbrell, an aged
mdy of our church, recently. Tho
meeting seemed to be greatly enjoy
ed by the aged lady also.
Several onjoyed tho convention at
Poplar Springs yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. J. P. Armstrong and children
were visitors of the former's mother,
.Mrs. S. M. Hunslnger, rocently.
Dead Body of Woman 'Found.
Wilson, N. C., Jan. H.-*Fo11oW
lng instructions received In an un
signed letter, a deputy sheriff last
night found the body of Mrs. Milos
Pearsall in the back yard of hor homo
about five milos east of this city, it
was learned to-night. Tho woman
was shot through tho heart about ?
days ago, according to the coronor.
(Miles Pearsall,husband of the dead
woman, and another man1 and wo
man who had lived with tho Pear
sails, are missing. A horse and mule,
shut up in a barn, and a cow Hod
outside, were nearly dead of starva
tion when found. A pile of wearing
apparel, moat, bay and corn was
found in tho yard, according to tho
deputy. A sonrcli for - Pearsall and
.the other man and tho woman bas
been begun.
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R? M. Ribble Has Passed to Illa Ile?
ward-Other Seneca News.
?Seneca, Jan. fl.%ii-Spacial | Dr.
and Mrs. "E. C. Doylojfleft Thursday
morning last for a, jnon^'s trip and
will visit various Diflnts in. the "Land
of Plowers." '\
.Mr. and Mrs. J3 C. Perrift left last
week for Ora'ng?b?rg, where\ Mr.Per
rln will .CO'tfttnue his work in connec
tion v^ith . tile'' State Highway Com
mission in Qraiigenurg county, hav
iiij?. cb ni ploted his work for the com
mission in Oconeo.
.K, iMr's. Jphn Edwards was hostess to
Oii?e-a-W.?ok. Club at the last meet
?n$:vS^?w ia full attendance of thd
meWb?r's^?d JO., few visitors. At tho
conOlusipnc^f^he program Mrs. Eds?
wards sptyjpQ'i? delicious chicken sal-'
nd c?iirsji';;v'with coffee, followed li*
mints. She was rtBsisied by Mrs. Ll
A. Edwards and Mrs. Frank Alexan
der. Thetfclub will meet with Mrs.
Ruby Harper to-morrow (Thursday)
'Mrs. Leslie Stribllng, secretary of
tho South Carolina Synodical, was in
Columbia a ??\y. days last week at
tending u mid-winter session of the
executive committee of the Synodi
cal, the Bession being held at tho
Colonia 'Hotel. The outstanding top
ics of discussion wore: Planning for
the first State-wide conference for
the young people of the Pr?sbyterian
church and the spring meetings of
the various Presbyteries. The young
people's conference will be held June
9-16 in Clinton and promises to be
very large. Extensive plans are al
ready being made, and speakers from
all sections of the country will be
scoured for the occasion.
Death Of U. M. Ti ibbie.
.R. 'M. Tribble, aged 69 years, one
of Seneca's representative citizens,
paused away at his homo here about
3 o'clock Sunday morning, after an
illness of more than a year. Mr
Tribble. was truly a friend of man,
a consistent member of the (Baptist
church, and lie lived the Christian
life he professed. Being a lover ot a
quiet home life, it wah there he spent
moat of his time, even in the years
of health, with his family. During
h ia Lori^lH^ess ho was patient ar|d
sjfraifP^iffiniiiiVoted wife and only
son, Burt, were his constant attend
ants, anticipating his needs and com
forts. 'Beside his-wire (who was Miss
Lizzie Yarbrotigh before marriage)
and his son Burt, ho leaves several
brothers and sisters to mourn his
death, to whom is extended tho pro
found sympathy of a host of friends.
After a brief service nt the grave on
Sunday afternoon, conducted by l.is
pastor, Rev. J. W. Willis, the body
was lowered In the gravo beside his
son, George, who preceded him to
tho grave over eight years ago.
Oil Stove Explodes in Rath Room.
Anderson,.Jan. 14.-The full com
plement of the fire company was call
ed out to-day when it was found that
there was a fire at Anderson College.
P, was not needed, however, for tho
fire was confined to a bath room in
which an oil stove had been placed,
and probably had exploded. There
wag some damage to the bath room,
but the fire did not spread, as the
company arrived at once and extin
guished the flames.
A trap has been invented to catch
rats coming ashore on a ship's haw
Gentlemen BURLEY
The perfect blend of the three
perfect cigarette tobacco*
in one perfect cigarette
j one-eleven
Personal Notes of Interest-Citizens
? Moving Back-Impt'oVoniontH. <
./ . ;.. -
Bounty Land. Jan. 16.-Special:
Mrs. Robert McDonald spent? from
Friday until Sunday with relatives
in Belton.
S. A. Davis^was in Greenwood last
week on business.
Mrs. 'E. E. Vernor is in Greenville
for a few days.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Hay
den Coe has been quito ill of pneu
monia for several days, and great
anxiety is experienced .by-his parents
aiid the many friondB of the family
on account of the precariousness of
his condition. We hope for. early
Sui favorable change in his case.
jF;.Mrs. Marcus iMoDo.nald..\and Mrs.
;??Se Hubbard are. both,-gjfc',the sick
list; .this week, and their nfjtVny friends
hopb ?for their early recuperation.
Mr$; S. N. Hughs is supplying tho
position ns principal In the Richland
^school during the illness of,. il'tt?o
Charles Coe, Mrs. Wamie^^^ing
In charge c this poBitlonj*
"Ge.oVge Jones, of walhalla, was in
the community a short while las4
week?v?n 'business. Although his
business (that of soiling Fords) dil
not meet with the success ho had
hopedrfor, we were glad to see .Ulm
back In hie boyhood comm uni ty ftnd
to be familiarly greeted a's "Miss
Ella" by an old school pupil.
We are Riad to learn that ?Mr. lind
Mrs. T. O. Berry have moved from
Cherry's back into this vIclnity^Mr.
Berry having purchased a part of
the Frank Xiumpkln place. ?^'H? is
having acme marked improvements
made in the way of building addi
tional rooms to the house/ aijd .who?
completed the building will bo quite.
is rind U?molylp-, appear^.
Commodious and -comely
' wm
and Mrs. D. H\>MoKie Saturday even
ing. ?
Mr. and Mrs. iHenry Duncan have
moved "back into this community re
cently, having lived last year In Lib
Mrs. 'Mnttie McDonald, who hus
ibeen spending a fortnight with Mr.
and Mrs. J. N. .McDonald, has re
turned to her home In Richland.
Mrs. >W. H. Hughs entertained a
spend-the-day party last Thursday,
the guests being Mr. and (Mrs. Bob
Davis, Mrs. Julia Shanklln and Mrs.
C. E. Gainbrell. Mrs. Hughs is" a
most genial hostess and the day was
enjoyably spent.
Joo Sanders will operate a saw
mill on Mi'B. Julia Shnnklln's place
in a few days. This will be good
news to all who contemplate having
repairs done on their premises.
We are glad to report an improve
ment in Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ballen
gor's condition, although they are
still far from being well.
Mr. and Mrs. Swift Marett spent
the week-end at tho home of M. E.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Shanklln, of
Franklin, N. C., have boen visiting
in the community. Mrs. Shanklln
will remain a few days with her par
ents, (Hon. and Mrs. E. E. Verner.
Jefferson MOMahan and David
Strlbllng, of Clemson College, were
nt home for tho week-end.
A. G. Shanklln is having ropalrs
made on one of his tenant houses
Tho Jlock Springs 'Missionary So
ciety held Its regular monthly meet
ing at the homo of Mrs. Mattie Mc
Donald Sunday afternoon. We have
not heard from this meeting, but ns
a capablo and Interesting hostess
(Mrs. McDonald ls hard lo beat, and
wo feol sure that the record of this
mooting will go down Into the an
nals of tho society as one of its most
enjoyable and best.
Hoard of Honor Mooting Jan. 21.
The Oconee County Board of Hon
or will meet on Saturday, Jan. 21,
1922, for the purpose of receiving
applications for pensions and the
transaction, of any other business.
Persons now on tho roll need not
apply unless they have reached the
age of eighty (80) years or have bo
coma blind or helpless since last Jan
uary (1921.) V. F. Martin,
Judge of Probate and x-olflcio Clerk.
-For Salo-High class hard and
soft brick. Arthur Brown, Walhalla.
S. C.-ndv.-43-tf.
lt izote of Walhalla Taken
Death Yesterday.
*?'f?)ann IB no more,
tanding^'ln th? store of Ai.
?aih :pilre?t,. yesterday ; atn
ttt'f4 bl?lock, he suddenly
?md ^x?^^hysici?ns, who
?edly. .shmmonedk reached
found thut life was exr
metfts^bojore his death
O^nverslug with friends
B(ujtrim?fl?er, and nothing to
* thy .fo'rni''of illness was ob
>y. aiiSr> qno. (Mr. . "Kaufmann
id'M)y;aii ,a^rAck of apoplexy
it'll was.lfiajt.rAn tni?e?us.
r5r>Hlm"Mn^^06 . a-native of
liaV^iaY"ijK berni born here on
"i-tyf?&?ttd he was, therefore,
?^'.y?fl^H'o * -wa* ? son ot
R i?liff.jijid^iporotlioa Kauf
Wh o'. ?OTfip on gr t ho original
W^lhtoV^c?nTi here as
\ pulir? ?QertoajpM?olonization
.He?w?6'.:^'?u?l?enlly identl
bt?pWpaWjutGroHts herb, bti
^."^^??f?esit^roper ty, p,w li
te, \t&ton? dntl owning "large
^v;f^rTu^lnnd? in the county
.r^f?^s^Ph'tioJ? he /was
Sr 'alad.^allder, and manjy of,.|
m? ^^Svmti??B buildings, lu
lo, aside'fr^m 'those.which Jf?
J^er?>mtU him, pr under;
^ctldn.'^ejoentTy he nad be-sri
oci^vV property owner-.of,
.1,?h?vlng*p?t nfi.rA number
vb u ?1 c?i n g e. a nd; o t h o r b u s i ti e a a
|^d. n?VVn^^;!done % great, deal
e%%K vyi??rk in'^the^fty of1
eht ?idewalkfr in" . tf?rit of j
?mwfit?^M^ cooperation I
.^ielp'ai authorities
tths -LMerMy church,
in?i^^.'.^^W?.t.- Johits
JlSs iHe /^M*>be\ greatly
-Tan, and M
to/be lifer
WWW -lhe idea
^?n^ ;to
tiohs favorable to.thls class of worki
.Mr. Kaufmann was never married.
He is svirvlved by one brother, Ru
dolph 'F. Kaufmann, and one sister,
Miss Lena Kaufmann, both of Wal
halla, and the following nephews and
nieces: John R. and George Kauf
mann, Misses Dora, Lola, Elsie, Julia
and Frances Kaufmann, all of Wal
halla, the latter being at present a
student at Winthrop College, Rock
Hill. Tho bereaved ones have the
sympathy; ot many in their sorrow,
and there are hundreds here and
elsewhere in the State who will learn
of Mr. Kaufmann'? death with great
rogret. *
Funeral services and interment
will be held 'his (Wednesday) after
noon, the Interment to be made In
St. John's Lutheran cemetery. The
haur had not been definitely fixed a*
tho timo of going to press.
New Ministry-It ls Felt that Crisis
of Crave Consequence Averted.
Paris, Jan. 15. - Raymond Poin
care, who succeeds Aristide Briand
as promier of France, completed his
ministry to-day and presented their
names to President Mlllerand. Tho
President has accepted the designa
tions. The cabinet is as follows:
.Premier and 'Minister of Foreign
Affairs-'Raymond Poincare.
Vice Premier. >Minister of Justice
and for Alsace-Lorraine-Louis Bnr
thou. -
Minister of War and Pensions
Andre Maginot.
'Minister of Marine-M. Raibertl.
Minister of 'Finance-Charles De
(Minister of Interior-M. 'Maunoury
(Minister of Education-iLeon Be
.Minister of Public Works-HM. I.
Trocnuer. _
Minister of Agriculture - Henry
Minister of Colonies-Albert Sar
rau t.
(M. Maginot will take up the du
ties of this ofTlce until 'M. 'Sarruut,
who h: ln.Washlngton, is heard from)
Minister of Commorce - Lucien*
Minister of Liberated Regions->M.
?Minister of Labor->M. Peyronnet.
Minister of Health-M. Strauss.
<It ls felt that the acceptance by
tho President of tho new caibinet ha;
averted a threatened crisis.
It has boon proved that when dark
rooms have been colored with yellow
paint or papor tho inhabitants havo
become sickly or delicate.
} We haye a large ste
Sec thc New Low Pricest
30x3, m , $ 9.80 h
30x3i, ? . J4.90 ?
32 x 3\t . , J9.15 w
Wc have most all otl
corresponding prices.
?. '. ''ev. .? - \ .
..Oldsmobile J
Notes from/ t$o Fair Play .Section.
d Tho Election of Officer*. '
Fair .Play; Jan/ V^^^p?cial: The
Home. DemonstV^ii?n Olujb |&e?d' a
very Interestitig^eetlng ^Skf0% 11
with Mrs. B?jtie^rfifirrl?;iS;(^D^tes9.
The election pjt officers was^Jljrfit in
order, -and tho following ladles wero
declared . leaders for 1922.: Mrs;, Ed
gar Aieai;^, president; (Mrs. L. (B. Mar
git, first Vice president; Mrs. J. L.
?Sheldon, second vice president; Mrs.
Geo. L. Harr|s',(secretary;.(Mrs. M. E.
Harris, treasurer.. '. r-. "
. Tho olu,D wlil iorm itself., intern,
association thiB year for th? purpOBe
?i^ising purebred 'Barred.. Rook
have fields of onions for marketing
purposes. The ladies believe in di
versified farming and will do their
bit to help the men beat the boll
The School Improvement Associa
tion was reorganized with iMrs. L.
?M. Glymph as president; 'Mrs. Ray
ford Harris, vice president; 'Mrs. T.
U. .Mitchel, secretary and treasurer.
Tho following committees were op
pointed: Business, iMrs. W. G. Mays,
Mrs. S. L. Leathers, Mrs. Wallace
Glymph; social, Mrs. T. U. Mitchell,
Mrs. J. L. 'Sheldon, i.Mlss Thompson.
There will be a community parly
given for the benefit of the associa
tion when the weather ls moro fa
We understand that J. Laurens
Sheldon has put in an order for a
pair of pure-bred Poland .China pigs
and has built a substantial five-acre
lot for grazing purposes. T. U. Mit
chell and others have also purchased
the pure-bred hogs and will use this
as a sido line in, farming.
The high school has added an
other teacher to the faculty-Miss
Mary Gaines, of Westminster. This
makes the sixth teacher. Our school
is in good condition and is doing ex
cellent work, with an enrollment of
about 200. The many friends of oVir
former teacher, Miss Thode, of Wal
halla, sympathize deeply with her in
the death of her father.
. Mrs. D. McClanahan, of Ware
Shoals, was a recent guest of Mrs. L.
B. Marett.
Mrs. Dora Harbin, of Westmin
ster, has moved into our community
and ls making her home with her
fnther, B. H. Glymph.
iMrs. Lucy King is* on an extended
visit to relatives in Columbia.
Joe Lee, who has been spending
some time hero, has gone North on
an extended trip, visiting frlneds.
The many friends of little Louise
Glymph are very sorry to learn thal
she is sick, suffering from an attack
of bronchitis.
Mrs. Dora Trlbble, of Lavonla,
Ga., was a spend-the-day guest In
tho homo of her brother, Dr. W. C.
'Mays, Wednesday.
?j? .j? ?j. .j. ?I? -I? ?j. ?I? ?I*
?j? ?j? ?j. ?j? ?j? *|? ?|? ?j* ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j?
Mark it downl
Mayor Jas. (M. <Moss reports a clean
sQieot for tho week-not a bond for
foiled, not a trial, not a plea of gull
ty. Not oven an arrest
Not a blot on tho 'blotter!
>ck ?ni&d States Tires.
* 32 x4,V. i $25.40
?* 33 x4, ? ? . 24.85
* 34 x 4, . ? ? 27.35
?er sizes up ito 40 .x 8 at
: ' . you Nfc??' .
lot mo show yon. My prices are
away down.
It will bo a pleasure to UH your
Remember: Brown Has lit or
Brown Gets lt 1
How to Increase Membership^ Will bo
a Subject for ?encot Meeting.
Seneca, Jan. 16.-Special: The
program io?, the Oconeq County Sun
day School Superintendents' "Confer
ence to be held nt the 'Baptist church
in Seneca on Wednesday, Jan. 25,
has been 'completed and everything
is ready for the meeting. Among
tho subjects that will be considered
are "How to Increase Membership
and Attendance," "How to Make tho
Sunday School Program Interesting
and Helpful," "How to Secure Traln
I od Teachers," and "How to Lend tho
i PupIlB to Christ."
State Superintendent Leon C.
Palmer announces that all necessary
supplies, cards, charts, record blank?
and literature for putting Into effect
these new plans will be furnished .
free to each superintendent attend
ing tho conference.
Beginning promptly at ll a. m.,
tho conferenco will go right to work
and every moment will be filled until
adjourning time, 3.30 p. m.
tt-Months^Old Baby Barred.
New York, Jan. IB.-A ruling by
immigration officials at Ellis Island
admitting Mrs. Dionisio Zalewnska,
a resident of Chicago for eloven
years, and three of her children, but
excluding her three-months-old ln
I fant, born in Poland, because tho
j immigration quota for Poland had
I been oxceeded, has rallied several
welfare organizations ip her aid. Her
appoais for the toaby having failed,
? the distracted mother had to go to
; Ellis Island with the four children
from the steamship Moga nt ic, which
' brought them Saturday. Persons m
I tcrested In the case expect to obtain
her release at once. j >
W. M. Brown,

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