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(Established IHK).)
Published livery Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .?LOO
fllx .Months.
Three Months.?M
Advertising Kates Konsoimblo.
Ry Stork, Shelor, ll uglis & Sholor.
Communications ol a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodgos or churches, aro
Charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
nolie's will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
Bindi mailors.
And Push ll Along as Fast as Possi
ble (<> Real tho Roll Weevil.
Editor Keoweo Courier:
(Please publish my advice and sug
gestion io the farmers:
All righi, boys Here wo go "over
tin; lop"
We want to take advathlage of lae
boll weevil Ibis time. So let's plant
plenty of seed, plant them near Ibo !
Bur face, and, whatever you do. when
tho cotton begins to crack the crust
tm tho surfaco of Hu- ground, pul
four snake-head toot li on your culti
\ loi mid straddle I he row. Tba t will
ci your coi ion to thank you, and
j: .1 s; ". "\V itch lye grow, idease.'
tA d. IM ? "?i will i\ iii i lie mean
est, thickest, ugliest coat of grass ol'
ill) tit it old, rowdy Kind that you
li .? over tile slumps, and then .some
ci . oats ii because it's so green and
filio iloe: n'l have to lower her head
to gol ii.
Ymir colton only asks you to give
it ii fair chance, and ii will pay you
ia return, lt will bo proud of you,
omi you will ho proud ot' it.
Now, to go over the top, wo must
leave the coi um thick in tho drill.
Chop it oui tho width of the hoe with
two oi' throe stalks in hills. The wee
vils will not take time to crawl
through tho cluster and will go on to
thal man's field that bas the thin
Maud and skills in his rows. There
tliey will stick np their long snodor
voocinymymodor and motion for Co.
A, ll, and C and the machine gnni
company that (hoy have found tho
Weak Hank. And Company A will,
take thal row, Company H this one.!
< mipany C thc.i one. and i lie machine
gun company will cut down most all
the vest. You will only have the'
Est ?i ll .? to hide from the collector, fer
tili'/cr man, cash, feed and mobile
Hoys, this is a time to be on tho
lookout. 'Never before have you
found so many boll weevils at this
Benson ol* the year. You can lind
them crawling every day- -all around
the house and elsewhere. They are
ready to go to it. So it's up to us to
make it hard for thom.
lt' the editor does not mind, I
would like to call attention to this
experiment nt Clemson College, lt
Will show yon that thick in the drill
pays.. .1. il. W.
Thiel; Spacing of Cot (on Pays.
Experiments conducted hy tho S.
C. Exporlmont Station, donison Col
lege, ?a 1921, showed conclusively
that it pays to plant cotton much
closer Ulan bas boon the general prac
tice. Tho yield of seed colton in tho
tests conducted decreased in almost
direct proportion to the spacing of
tho plants, as .ay be seen from a ta
ble given hereafter, the plots not
thinned at all giving tho highest
Rows varying from 3 to I x/? feet
wero used and plants wore spaced lu
the rows as follows: Not thinned at
ell, 8 inches, 12 Inches and 24 Inches.
'1 ie yields, in pounds of seed cotton,
Wore as follows:
i-Spacing in Row-,
Row Not
"Width. Thinned. 3 In. 12 in. 24 In.
3 feet .,.,1 102 1 035 1 0 1 ? 72.")
3 \{? feet ..ins:? sr.s 7 l :>, 664
4 feet- 872 827 817 ."-18
4 1-2 foot.. 1052 Gin; Gin! 390
A study of tho figures In this table
reveals tho fact Hint tho plot in which
(he rows mid the spacing were the
closest gave the best yield of cotton,
ond thal the plot in which the rows
nod the spacing wee thc widest gave
the lowest yield, in every case Ibo
plots which wore not thinned at all
gave higher vie!.ls (han the plots in
Which the spacing was s Inches; tho
8-inch spacing gave higher yields
than (ho, i2 in. ;, spacing, except m
the 4^-?ool row, whom tho yields
Were tho same; and tho 12-inch spac
ing gaye much higher yields than tho ?
24-Inch spacing.
Tho tests wore on fairly good,
though not very fertile land, typical
of the Piedmont section. Tho Clem
son Col logo agronomists who con
ducted the tests think that on land
which would make moro than a bale
of cotton to tho aero tho rows should
bo 3V6 lo -1 luut apart and tho plants
not moro than 10 to 12 inches apart
in the row for highest yields.
A. B. Bryan.
Clemson Colloge, S. C.
Tho Treacherous Drug Cannot Bo
Trusted, and Next Boso
May Start Trouble.
Calomel is dangerous, lt may sal
iva to you and make you suffer fear
fully from soreness of gums, tender
ness of Jaws and tooth, swollen
tongue, and excossivo saliva drib
bling from tho mouth. Don't trust
calomel, lt is mercury; quicksilver.
If you feel bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, just go
to your druggist and get a bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone for a few cents,
which is a harmless vegetable sub
stitute for dangerous calomel. Take
a spoonful, and if it doesn't start
your liver and straighten you up
hotter and quicker than nasty calo
mel, and without making you sick,
you just go back and get your money.
If you tjiike calomel to-day you'll
1)0 sick and nauseated to-morrow;
besides. It may salivato you, whilo if
you take Dodson's Liver Tono you
will wake up feeling groat. No salts
necessary. Give lt to tho children
because lt is perfectly harmless and
cannot salivate.-adv.
Voung Dodge Convicted.
Kalamazoo, Mich.. April 1 fl-.lohn
Duval Dodge, Detroit manufacturer's
: >n, and Hex Karie, n Kalamazoo nr
chitect, were convicted in court here
late to-day of illegally holding, trans
I porting and furnishing booze. Tho
{.Corneys at once bled notice of np
pt.il and sentence was withheld.
I Dodge and Karie are liable lo sen
i lencos ol one year's Imprisonment or
$1,000 fine and cost cf tho trial, or
Tho charges resulted from a motor
ride here on (he night of March ll,
when they invited three young wo
men into thoir car and drove them,
against their will, into tho country.
During tho ride the three girls said
that they wore offered booze.
Miss Emeline Kawkernaak.a West
ern Normal School student, becom
ing alarmed, leaped from the car and
was seriously hurt. The others were
Ethel Clemens, a normal student,
and Sue Stegenda.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops tho Cough and Headache and works off the
Cold. L. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
Royal Baking Powder Changes Hoads
Following tile resignation of Wil
lis L. Garey as president of thc Royal
Baking Powder Company, William
Zeigler, Jr., was unanimously elected
to that office at a meeting of tho
board of directors on April 3d. Mr.
Zoigler, Jr., who is a largo stock
holder in the company, has long ta
ken an active interest in its affairs.
Fisk Premier Tread
30 x 3M-$10.85
Non-Skid Fabric
30 x 3'/, - 11.85
Extra-Ply Red-Top
30x3K - 17.85
Six-Ply Non-Skid
Clincher Cord
30x3>;- 17.85
Six-Ply Non-Skid
Cord Straight Side
30 x VA- 19.85
THE lower prices on Fit
ing to you because they
higher priced tires can gi\
other tires will show you ]
and lower priced throughot
There's a Fisk Tire of c>
for car, truck ot
Till. Wari H
Tim? to
Trying Hard to Undermlno Prohibi
tion (ind Destroy S. A, Morale.
Columbia, April 19.-Editor Kco
weo Courier: Tho attontion of your
readers is called to tho dosporate at
tempt ol' tho opponents of national
prohibition to break down tho in?r
alo of ibo splendid Salvation Anny.
Xew York city has a $500,000 drive
on for their work. Tho chairman ol'
tho committee, Jamos Spoyer, ls the
hoad of the banking linn of Speyer
& Company. Mr. Spoyer is also one
of the vice ptv Jdents of the Associa
tion Aguinst the Prohibition Amend
When tho newspaper reporters in
formed Commander Evangeline
Booth that Mr. Speyer was a "wet,"
sho said: "Mr. Speyer ls an old and
esteemed friend of tho Army, but 1
tbink ho will havo to change bis
views if ho is to continue as chair
man ol' our drive. Our stand with re
spect to prohibition is what lt bas
always boen--absolutely tec-total."
iBccnilSO of this consistent attitude
tb.e "wets" are trying lo punish ber.
She refuses to recode, and will stand
regardless of costs. lOne of New
York's great politicians, who has tbe
power to do what he says, has prac
tically threatened to withdraw ibo
Salvation Army's permission to soli
cit funds in the streets, on the ground
that this utterance of Miss Booth is
"politics." Miss Booth's address is
120 West 14th street, New York City.
We cannot and must not forget the
splendid work of this organization
during tho war days. Then they sac
rificed and rendered glorious service
for ibo brave men at homo and on
foreign Holds. The thirty organiza
tions that are opposed to national
prohibition are certainly desperate
when they resort to such measures.
I.et every ex-service man that ap
preciates the services tho Salvation
Army rendered during the great
World War send encouragement lo
Commander Booth. Fair play must
win. E. M. Lightfoot,
Supt. S. C. Anti-Saloon League.
Has an Improved Sprayer.
Cheraw, April 19.-Ono of Che
raw's best citizens has the invention
habit, j. M. Braslngton has invented
and is manufacturing hore in Cho
raw a number of agricultural ma
chines of undoubted value to tho
farmer. The boll weevil got into Mr.
Brasington's head, so to speak, and
hatched out a boll weevil extermina
tor. Tho feature of this machine is
that it has force pumps which spray
water upon tho cotton plants to hold
tho calcium arsenate, which the same
machine also dusts upon the plants.
Thc machine is horse-drawn and may
bo used in daytime-a decided ad
vantage over thoso that are used only
at. night, after the dew falls. There
is already a great demand for these
A pilo of gold loaf ono inch high
would contain 3 00,000 sheets if all
were hammered as thin as possible.
The English wheat crop in 19 20
realized only $155,000,000, wlhljJe
tho poultry produce was worth moro
than $250,000,000.
.i o.?.?t?j>t. Non-Skid Cord
Re-tire? 36x5 -51.50
?k Cord Tires are interest
? buy more tire value than
re you. Comparison with
Fisk are bigger, stronger,
it tlie range of sizes.
'.tra value in every size,
f speed wagon
.j? *|? ?j? .!? ?j? ?i? ?j. ?j? ?j? ?|? ?i? ?j? ?j? ?|?
?J? ?|? ?I* >j? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J* ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
(By Beulah Powell,
Westminster, S. C., Rt. 5.)
Tho wind was blowing a gale, and
tho sleet was coming down vory fast,
a3 Martha Jones sulked in tho corner
on tho lounge. She had planned to
attond tho big ball gamo that after
noon and was compelled to stay in
doors because of tho bad weather.
"I boliovo there is bad weather
every timo 'I plan to go somewhere
and have a little fun," she said to
her aunt, who was sitting by tho Uro,
quietly knitting.
"No, no, Martha; not so bad as
that! Tho weather doesn't seem so
bad when ono's time is occupied,"
said tho aunt.
Martha still sulked.
Tho aunt continued: "Why do you
not make somo gifts for tho littlo
children at tho orphanage? You
know Christmas will be hero soon."
"Pshaw! Tho orphans don't inter
est me in tho least. How absurd of
you to suggest such a tiling, Aunt
"1 suggested it because I thought
you would enjoy doing something for
the littlo orphans," her aunt said,
"Enjoy lt! No, 1 wouldn't enjoy
it. if 1 had my way I'd not have an
orphanage In this town," stormed
Martha to her aunt.
Just then their conversation was
interrupted by a loud knock on the
door. Martha, upon going to the
door, saw ono of tho most pitiable
spectacles that eyes over rested on,
for there stood one of the most rag
ged and dirty little boys.
"Please, ma'am," bo said, "could
n't you give mo a biscuit or soinc
; liing to oat? 1 haven't had anything
to eat sineo yesterday morning."
"Where is ymir home?" nsked Mar
tha, her voice more gent?o than when
she had spoken to her aunt.
"Daddy and mamma are both
dead." ho said, as ibo (oars bogan to
lind their way down his little pale
and pinched face.
Martha's heart was moved, and she
gave the lil tie fellow a good dinner,
then carried him to the orphanage.
When she returned home she said to
her aunt, "I'll never say such things
about tho orphans ngain; and I don't
think tho weather is so bad after
"I am glad to hear you talk thal
way," her aunt answered.
It is much better to be cheerful
than to sulk when you can't get all
things your way.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Take Aspirin only as told in each
package of genuine Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Thon you will bo following
tho directions and dosage worked out
by physicians during 21 years, and
proved safo by millions. Take no
chances with substitutes. If you seo
tho Bayer Cross on tablets, you can
tako thom without fear for colds,
headache, neuralgia, rheumatism,
earache, toothache, lumbago and for
pain. ^Handy tin boxes of twelve tab
lets cost few cents. Druggists also
soil larger packages. Aspirin is tho
trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoacoticacidestor of Salicylicacld.
Frosh Eggs for Mn Uro Year.
Clemson College, April 18.-Dur
ing April and May, whon eggs aro
plentiful, of higher duality, and tho
market price is vory low, is tho best
time io preserve eggs, according to
N. R. Mehrhof, extension poultry spe
cialist, who suggests that only tho
strictly frosh eggs should bo pre
served; that dirty eggs or eggs that
have been washed, should not bo
used; that washed eggs will not koop
because tho protectivo coating has
been removed by tho washing, and
dirty eggs will become tainted in fla
vor, and that infertile oggs aro bet
ter than fertile oggs for preserving.
Tho water glass method ls ono of
the most satisfactory methods to
I uso. Tho commercial wator glass,
which can bo bought at any drug
storo, ls used in the following pro
portion: 1 quart of wator glass to 10
quarts of pure wator.
Water that has boen boiled and
thou cooled is preferable. Tho mix
turo should bo stirred until tho in
gredients are thoroughly mlxod.
A clean st ono jar is tho most suit
ablo container. Tho eggs should bo
placed in tho water glass so that
those at tho top aro covored by at
least two inches of tho liquid. The
Jar had host bo covorod in order to
provont evaporation, and it should
bo storod in a cool placo.
Interesting Experience of a Texas
Women Knew About Card
Much Sicklies:
Navasota, Texas.-Mrs. W. M. Peden,
of this place, relates the following interest
ing account of how she recovered her
strength, having realized that she was
actually losing her health:
..Health ls the greatest thing in the
world, and when you feel that gradually
slipping away from you, you certainly sit
up and take notice. That ls what 1 did
some time ago when 1 found myself in a
very nervous, run-down condition of
heal tli. I was so tired and felt so lifeless
I could hardly go at all. *
"I was just no account for work. I
would get a bucket of waler and would j
feel so weak I would have to set it down
before I felt like I could lift it to the shelf.
In this condition, of course, to do even I
my housework was a task almost Im-J
possible to accomplish.
"1 was . . . nervous and easily upset.
Progressive Farm?
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Couri<
$1.00 year,
Either paper well \
Price of Both. (
Of l?eavoixlam Baptist, Association on 1
April 2Uth ami SOtll.
Following is the program of tho
annual meeting of tho Sunday School
Convention of the Boa verdant Baptist
Association, lo he held with Return
Baptist church on Saturday and Sun
day, April 29th and 30th, 1922:
10 a. m.-'Devotional services, by
Rev. W. M. Thompson.
10.15 a. m.-Enrollment of dele
gates and three-minuto verbal reports
of their Sunday schools.
10.30 a. m.-'Report of superinten
dents of various departments, begin
ning with tho Cradle Roll Depart
Ila. m.-'Evangelism in tho Sun
day school, by Dr. Ira E. D. Andrews.
11.30 a. m.-. Sunday school ad
dress, by our State worker.
12.10 p. m.-Announcements and
adjournment for dinner.
'1.15 p. m.-Song service.
1.2 0 p. m.-Tho best method for
enlisting our young people in Sunday
school and church work, h.y Rev. J.
W. Willis.
1.50 p. m.-What ls tho problem
in your Sunday school? Genoral dis
cussion, led by Rev. R. TT. Jones.
2.4 0 p. m.-Miscellaneous business
and adjournment.
10 a. m.-Sunday school.
10.45 a. m. - Crucial Hour with
Southern Baptists, by Rev L. W.
Langston and State worker.
12.30 p. m.-Miscellaneous busi
ness and adjournment.
Wo aro requested by Return church
to extend a special invitation to all
the churches of tho Boavordam Asso
ciation, and hopo each church will he
represented. Dinner on tho grounds
Saturday only. K. W. Marett,
Secretary to Committoo.
Better Than Pills
for Liver Ills.
Mw\ to tone and strengthen
th? organs of digestion and
elimination. Improve appetite?
etop eiok headaohae, relievo hil
ioueneee, eorreot constipation.
Thoy ?ot promptly, pleasantly,
mildly, yet thoroughly.
Tomorrow Alright
Cot a ^*352S^?aV Vour
26?. BOX "^-11/ Drualat
Walhalla, S. O.
Lady Who Declares That if More
ui They Would Ba Spared
9 and Worry.
I couldn't rest well at night and was. . .
just lifeless.
"1 heard of Cardui and alter reading I
I decided 1 had some female trouble that
I was pulling me down. I sent for Cardui
' and began it . .
"Ina very short while after I began the
Cardui Home Treatment I saw an Im
provement and it wasn't long until I was
all right-good appetite, splendid rest,
and much strenget so that I easily did my
house work.
"Later 1 took a bottle of Cardui as a
tonic. 1 can recommend Cardui and glad
ly do so, for if more women knew, it
would save a great deal of worry and
Thc enthusiastic praise of thousands ol
other women who have found Cardui
helpful should convince you that it H
worth trying. All druggists sell lt.
J. 78
For 12 Months
worth Combination
)rder yours now.
Tobo Hold at Westminster Methodist
Church, April 30th.
Following is tho program of tho
Moth od 1st fifth-Sunday group meet
10.00 a. tn.-Demonstrating work
of beginners' department in Sunday
school. Mrs. A. W. Barr.
I.0.20 a. m.-Sunday school.
II. 00 a. m.-Sermon. Rev. A. W.
12.00 m.-'Dinner.
2.30 p. m.-Devotional. Rev. D.
A. Jeffcoat.
j 2.50 p. m.-Graded Literature In
j tho Sunday School. Fred Patterson.
I 3.30 p. m.-Relation of Parents
I to Sunday School. E. Timmorman.
i 3.5 0 p. m.-The Epworth 'League,
j (Speaker to bo supplied.)
i 4.20 p. m.-Woman's Work of
I tho Church. Mrs. M. Crlttendon.
4.4 0 p. m.-Adjournment.
8.00 p. m.-Sermon. Rev. G. W.
This group ls known as Walhalla
Group, and is composed of tho fol
lowing chnrges: Walhalla, Walhalla
Circuit, Westminster and Townville.
Tho pastors and laymen of theso four
charges aro expected to attend each
and overy one of theso meetings.
*I* *I* *I* *I* *!* *I* *!* *i* *!* *p *I* ?2* ?I*
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
ty J. R. BARDE, ty
ty Attornoy-at-Luw, ty
ty WALHALLA, S. C. ty
ty State & Federal Court Pracitco. ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty ty
ty E. Iv. II ERN DON, ty
ty Attoraey-nt^Lnw, ty
ty Phono No. Ol, Walhall?, S. 0.4?
ty ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty J. P. Cnroy, J. W. Sholor, ty
ty 1'lckons, S. C. W. O. Hughs, .J*
ty Attorneys nnd Counsellors, .J.
ty WALHALLA, 8. C. ty
ty Slat? & Federal Court Pracitco. ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
and Metal Shingles.
Walhalla, S. C.

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