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V~oL IIb] ~~ORO,~. ~ STLI ,.JUNE 3,1Mi 62.
y Gilflard, Desportes & Co.
t Winnsboro,'S. C., at $6.00 per an
num, i.n advance.
INo, AT $3.00 Pi ANNUM.
"Thoro thowleked ceaso from troubling.
'4hnd there the wearyteat rest," Job mt: 17.
TOlli Toll! Toll!
.Though thypalo ki'9 sOhe with a burning
Work I Work I Work !
With a, heavy heart and a rei4ry brain.
Weep! Weep! WeqpI
. All alobb art thou- let thy tears flow on;
Mourn! Mourn I M urt I
For .hy heart's f.ndest ido 'are gone-all.
- Throb! Throb! . hrab I
11IWly throb, -ushed heart. There are
foes atound;
P*y i Pray I Pray!
. Th, % rmuring thought in thy soul be
Rest! RestI Rest!
'Thou shAlt toil .no more-Angels kiss thy
lome! Ifomo! Home!
There thy loved ones dwell. Thou shalt loll
no more.
Ara entombed with the past, never more to
Are enshrined in thy heart-thelr eternal
home. -'1-TIU.
lny 13, .180.
Bill Arp Is called Beforo tIe Recoustr4e
tion Committee.
.'o the Editor of the _elroppliax
MR. EDITOn: N1urder will out, and
so will evidence. 1aing seen Dan'
Rice's testimony before the Destru
tion Conmittee, I have felt sorter
sliglted, because no mention aint
beone made of inine.. I suppose it has
been suppremed, but I am not to be
hid out of obscurity. Our -country is
the special jury, and. by.,and-by this
businos will go up before it on ap
peal. The record.nustgo up fair and
complete, aud thorofore I'll tako o4na
sion to make publio what I swore to
I said a good deal more than I oati put
down, Mr. Editor, and at timos my
languige was considered impudent,
but they thought that was all the bet
tor for their side, for it illuArated-the
robellious spirit-I hard one of 'en
say : "Let him go on-the rmling pas
sion strong in death. He's good
State's evidenco.t
.,hen I was.put.on - the sta)d, old
unutwell swore me most fiercely and
sole Omnily to speak tho truth, the whole
truth, anid nothing- but the trthm, and
I observed that 1e was then enter
tainming abot:a quart of double rooti
tied, and -it Jeoked like it had soured
-onm his stomach. Old Blow was settin
off ont one side, with a memnoandum
book, getting ready t1o ,noto down
somo garblpdextact."
Old Iron-works *as Chairman'm, atid
when he nodded his- Repubian head,
old Iloutwell, says h'e "Your name
is A.rp; I believe, sir 1"
"So-called," says t
"You reside in tihe State of Gor
gia, do you 1"
"I can't say exactly," says t "
.livo in Rome, right in the fofk of two
Injun rivers."
"In tihe State ot Georgia '1" says ho,
"In a stale of uncmertality abouts
~that," says I. "We don't 'know
whether Georgis. ts a State or not. I
would like for you to '4$ae yourself,
-if you knoiy. . The state of the 'oun
tryroquires tat this matter sliould
be settled, and I will ,proceed to
"Never mind, sir," says he. "How
,old are you, Mr. Arp Ti"
"That depends on oircu~mstanoe,"
says I. "I don't know heOther to
count the last five y'ears or not; Dur
oug the war, your folks sid tha a
9tato couldn't secede, but thatwhle
ho was in a state of rebellion' she
ceasod to Ohist. Now, you Way we
vea, out and we simaat ot hanr antit
1870. A man's. a t'h got 9methin
to d,o with his'rights, And if we are
not to vote, I don't think we ought to
count the time. That's.aboyt ao ntr
as'Ilcan'co*e-to the ago;q1r.0
"Well, o," say6 heA "irq you fi.
millar witkAe politloA seAtiniental.of
the citizens. of your Sate11' '
"Got no.4'tizoiis yet,. oir, that we
ki):w of.- I will thank you to speakof
us as 'pdople."
"Well, sir," says he, qil humor.
your obstinacy. Are the people of
your State"
"Don't speak of it as a Stdte, sir
if you please. im on oath now, and
you. nust excuse Muo for being particu
lar. Call it a 'section.' "
"Mr. Arp, are the People of your
section sufficiently humbled and re
pentant to come back into the Union
ou such terms as we may think proper
to impose 1" '
"Not much they ain't," says .I
don't think they are pr.pared for It
yet. They wouldn't voluhiarily gd It
blind ainst 7our hand. hy say
the dea wasn t fair, and' o vo narV
ed the .cards and stole ihe6 tr',n4,;
but, at. the same time, they doft Cear'o
a darn what you do. They have }O.,
c ome indiffrent, and don't care noth
it) about your Guy Fawkes busineAs.
I moan no respect to ydu, gentlemen,
but I was swore to tel,l 'a whole
truth. Our people alit a nbtkin you
only out of curiosity. They don't e.,
poet anything decent, orhonorablo,6r
noble, from you, and they'vo one to
work diggin, and plowin and antin,
and raisin boy children."
Right here the' an,w'h a1
randun scratched dQh g"U4r I
tract, and old Bou da
"'m statin facts,o says i. YQ
muit draw your own infernc6s,- The
are raising by childrin An
about thatl Any treason,?, gin t a
man raise boy childron 1' qr'aps
you'd like to ancU4 the Const14i9;
and stop'it. Old: Phara i tared
stop,it among the Israe# tes' uk t
didn't lay.: He finally oaugi tho
dropsy In the R,ed Sea. 'We are'rais
in boy ahildi'en for ihe fun of it.
They are a -good thing td h4V6 in the
house, as Mrs. Toodles would 'say.
"Mr.. Arp, are not the foolink of
your people very bitt'r to-wardithe
"I beg your paio, sir, but u'l
have t Apit thb qusstion, *e ' 1
have ,to split the ins*r. OUr peop
have a very high regard for 'honorable
men, brave uten, hoblo-hearted' men,
and there'6 a heap of 'em North, sIt,.
and there's a heap of, wido*s and or
phans there we are sorry fre ; but'as.
fo.- this year radical party, they look
upon -'eni like' they were byinas a
a scratchin u the dead for a livin.
It's as n1atu hatp 'om as it is to
kill a"s1a14 " s Uttorly , impossile
for me to te tl' strougth,!andlokgth,.
and higt, depth APd broadth of t4.eir
contempt for tai.paVty. They 4owk
upon a radical as-aa-as-.we ,as a
begger o% Uorsebsok- b4*sr4 ail..
in roiund a dead eag.-a sukO dog
ersepin up to the.tail of a. do&4,liou.
'the talk about hiri. 15rownlow , to
abuse 'em; to use language', 9!k%'a,
like.ho did: a few years pgo when -he
poke agaiRst ';ye' If they o:hir
Jrownlow he'll spatter tenps hell) deub
'em All over, and.3lin. 'am, *nd alqb%,
ber on, ?em about ,&right, j qpd, 1 ,VO
stiok, for the poro. arp ,opsnan at~ tir
meotals spongy. I'd, like sto .teps o
eboujtte,r ro as and .hear
himself. .jt would, be hn a
squirt-gun full of cow-4 bave'
tion?" . . . , .
"That's. autolat, sir' says,pid
Bloutwoll. .0Ef it was i tb tr pover
to do sow woulq your peoplq ron&w "the
fight V'
"Not unless they could, h0M th
agreq' to 'handla off." -Evokth~en th*e'
wouldn't ihe no. Oght, for we op'*det
"$ 4do eari A ponthe
"Theysay i's - er air-'a 4npt
xst b nature is pras
tib. ~ol'aie 0 atz equal.
That ini i i 4I i 'Ath, b t
it's always !beeni a.:" t201al lie,
Th9rells 8r* .OKmWY Aowhere.
J Qm htip Walk to
and hed * i it gv to.me.
Theie's rabn 0*at % 'en that
vote me, and te aded UP up,
stop by step, froln mysort Mr. Da
vis and Mr. Stopjggig, and -soen. Lap,
and Howell Cobb,. - B ll, and
theiirort, for,the& iighbps in
the nation ; and ln it'goes
fron mo down doiW, do\v 'wn the ni
gers, and the Rep9blica and o
radicals, and that's as 1pw hey .
There aint no lity, a. you ca1 t
mak, one. W ote niggoTs
cedin. I'll yPR 'Lip, a Ti 's
'head cbnter., A041 vote 'out forty,
and th'o first tjing ypu ow we'll.
elect sevbn big, blaA ni., iiggra.
to Congr6em. W 1 do it' ertam-.
seven of 'em eighteen e to strong,.
with African nusk. The' her robol
StAtes wil do. the , .i ,nd:
you'll have aboist. , tj 4 draw
Pe4ts with, and Jon ian al eI k o u
fegq impon, yovr d,ek. td'e6t r%d
sway lies arid vormin, 1n41 e AM
pooned at the saino'shop. 44 the fair.
sexes can 4et togather In gtl.lorlee,
in4 mix , odori and ' 1i eir s6ent
abtromincuoi. W 11 give you a
tu - ben;t of your c%vll jights bill,
iee if we don't.' ! u on-id by
ur cards. W6 are bid , tir t he.
V are Payi .ou.t a Id'yonr du
408 and -back ratj'94op tiQ44n -
Dences, and.your Iikl%b. ie.pej,e ald
i your la W-"kv havm y
i ,ikn~,e ~J4Are Mji~ 64
ibuldn ?1t px*o e peao
$41 'sl9r' W a etgbot two
eaf6 tgo; ".aicso yo i'l bo seilla the
and for th'0land tax, and yoxio try-'
if yotir best to Ulay the devil geoeral
bitt god'll Catehit in the loUg rin.
o if d6n. Talk *bolit Fe.
lant.' When tio ood m6n of the
N6rth hnd the o2 all got t6goiher
h6y01l. walk oVO the track so fast t'ha.
fouwon'th'ao timu to get 6ut of the
way. You'11"ub de'info obscurity,
nd yoI eifldu iwill deny that their
ladid 1ei kivdF eo06hgilA' id such a, party.
4Txous me, entlowen, but Pih a lit-'
bot w 1 41t1" aqYW$6dY fQ J alr.
a weAd and
toil' Pr'otection tarIffs for Philsylv*-.
4ia and five' n a pound tai on SouthW.
bin Cotton- -t'Its average worth
and your ?Oi will 1nanagd sone way
dt other tsteal'tho' other 'alf.' My
advice to you is to qidt this foolislhncss
aid boin'to traVel the only, road to
Old Blow couldn't keep up with his
garbled 6xtraots.
, ,What inh pho President so pop
lar at the South tf
"Contrast, 8k-centrqst. .Io iuore.
he ain't liks your. party, ie, more
Popular hq. is. ie . ulq t u
about rkvgli,I vkoiy ,i$ o
,t him alon. but yoo, . AyI pno
Ohat soluetimes . e 4on' 1 d
himmelf. XIU oil i n0' lar:
a while whq rbis, .proclai
tion restored 44 wit oi1 WeR, wo,
or not. 3ut do You o . on a -
peach him. &Vd I.WI riPig
to. a foou... 44,,y e b
pelgware in q we41and, t PV 11;
mambers bq ),ero *k seats a~d
Jthey'.Ilook %oun4 ats .~ poiItogl
wgec)k and i and .Indor said
ptoalage that's bep going 91 Med
Wheepinh:Wedep ,ee opetRi~i
wuld tife i'eb1 a de'
y follow~ Ge
Union ,a
Sherman 1"
"Sorry you in'itioned hn: Weid
have ,to hiro'hikihi I idokon, Es at camP.
fiddler, an4,t 1 .hikdi Sing uaH1 7o
lumbia", by firolle$lt as a wa1'11n to
the boys hol nan It is to burn cties
ind 'wns and make war upon
fenceless women and children,,
air, our boys wouldett fi#l8.4 ndor n
*t this Omo the mat wifht ' nie
mok-anduinput down soine more gar
bled extracts.
4"Do ou think, Mr. Arp, that if the
Sonth aould ever hold the balance of
power, they would pay for their ne
,groes 1"
"I can't say, sir. But I don't thnk
thboOuthf has lost anything 'hat
way., Wo got their labor .hoforo tlo
war 6'- their vittels and clothes md
doctor'abills, and we get it nw tQr
about the- sane. It's alfsettled down
that way aidt6ybq.i, Btiroat doitMient
help it.I .k. . ditenq is in the
distribu; u", Some of -1#vWon't own
a inany a# o - e to, bu;t everybody
has got a 1 or or 'two now, and
they'll-all vdte 'em' or tu rn 'eni off.
A nigger that wouiadh6t-yola* I told
liia, shouldent black 3u6. boots."
t- tthis tiut the ,committee looked
at o anlot1jer, pidorpin to be bothered
andstiis'1ed. Ga-rbled extracts
were pi aowitNith. a vinA.
Meo)6dtwoll says,lke, '"Mr. Chair
mai, I 'think, sir, we are about
through wi,th the :witliess. I thiuk,
sir, i testimony settles the question
ad' to wVat we ought to do- with South
ern traitork."
The ohairMan give me a Republi
Ota 46d' and remarked, "yes, sir, I
Piwq dp. The #oowirels burnt
Btr Anp.
Or. Davis' ison bIte-Etracts fron O'le
Diary of the. Post Srgion-Thrillin.j
Scents and Ilidont;
The NeW Yor' 1#rld. of:the 46th, do
Votes bvei. , fourtsi golumbs to. extraots
rroinl the ij story of Mr, bavis' prison life at,
Fortress %Ionroe, written by the post sur
geoq. We lake snoe extracts from the
World as our space will permit:
'A, 21, *1866.-Thd Procebtion into the
ffr was under this imdq4I%te inspection of
Major Ge eral lalleck and CAOrles A.
I)aa,, then Assistint 'Secretary 'bf War;
Qebsil Priead, . the Miahiga'no.valey,
who. imsmediately trected the-eapture, being
the ofioer in command of th-e guard from
the vessel to the fort. First eate Major
Gencral Miles holding the arm of Mr.* a
4, who was dressed In a suit of plain Con
S*#ate grey, with a grey slouched lint
Otl*Rys thill, aAn now lookitg touch. wasted
And very agrd. I ediately t e
came Colahol Prlahard acconipanying Mr.
Clay, with a guard of soldiers in their rear.
'lhust.hey passed throtigh files of men in
blue from the Enifteo's Landing to the
Water.lauery Posterut; and on arriving at
th coasetnate whialt l1ad beqn, fitted up into
cells for tHoir inuarbe'rai Ion, Mr. Divii was
shown imto casemae No. 2 and .Olay into
No.4, gwards of goliors beitg stationed in
the acili numberd one, three and flie, upon
ath side o them. 'they- entered; the
Ievy d'oors longod be.hind them. *nd in
that elang ias rung the fnal knell of the
1601,1le, but now extibat'rebellion.
Dqsig ush,diqt his- inner tell by.Gn.
.rql Milies. and e twp doors leading there.
into fN-em tlie gilard..'ounm being' faitened,
HMr.'Davis, k)fier eurieyiog the premises for
sotae moments, ant looting out through, tiiI
embtoaurs Withl sudh thoughts passing ovier.
-hia-lined)and expreiye fioo 1e manu.y im
jlq;ed pddeuly p Atj biTsef In a chair
pToigbh'l. , on Li0p5, ai aske
Eae of then soittis pqdiug op ad 'down
"within his oehi this signdk iegt, qutipb
"Which way does.th omubrasuro facuf"
'* The oldier wae sileats
1used*ed tthls of. the.two paci.g'den
a tfinter., cbegs, the
SA*droui kthesoldier, as5 if t1iitst
jiad been de~ pa~Jad not, heard hilni, the
prisoner a*t' e ,piled hl inquiry.
- lint-theoecoUd sodiewa remaiaed s: ent as
ti gp laiseys o nly
iWasfrbidebu'4o s1#iak.
', .Vpifjpid .- y lqi, tharowiny,l
I1e.nds up and brqakiug into a blit I .iga
aft'#Iit h%. dml bodidthiden tatig1
.psur dioiblin%elA ad t?4en, riala fr'opi
Lir, ite egmgdp a ibaek agd forth
Ordinary advet'tisAments, occupying not
more than ten lines,. (one square,) will be
Insert0d in TH, NEWS, at $1.00 for the
first iqscrtion and :71k cents for each ettb
sequiodt insertion..
LeArger advertisemeas, when no contract
is made, will be eWVged in exact propor
tion.e '
for announcilg It ondidatp to any office
of profit, honor or trust, $10.00.
Marriage, Obituary Niotlaes, &eti, will be
charged the samo as idyirtisements, whenk
over ten liaes;-apd Must be paid for *Aon
handed in, or'they )ll hot lpipohr.
before the embratire, .now looking at the
silent sentry across the moant, .ad anon4t
the two silently paoing soldieguwho wero %
his companions Ii tho cosemal.
' is sole reading matter,;, a 'l-ible and'a
prayet- book, his only companiias those tio
silent guards, his only' food the ordinary
atiods of bread-and beef served out to th
iets of the garrl4on"-thus passed the
I day and night of, the er-Presiden's
Ott e morning of the 23d of May, t Yt
bitterer trial was in store for theAdikk
spirit-a trial severer, probably, It
ever in moderp times been fntie
any oo Who land Oijoyed such'
This morulnin Jetrerson Davis was' iaced
It was while all the swarming -S of
the armies of the Potonmao, the 't%nesseo
itand Georgia-over' two hundred thousa-ii
bronzed and laurelled .veterans-wero pro
paring for the Urand 'Review of- the next
inorning, in which, passing in endlets suo
cession before the mansion of the Presi.
dent, Ihe conquering military power ofthe
nation wa%s to lay down i14 arins at ilia f(eet
of'the-civil authority, th, tIla following
scene was enacted at Fort Mji*oe:
Captain Jerome 1. 'Pillow, of the Third
Penntsylvania artillery, enteved ' &1ison
er's cell, follow.bd by the blakasItot the
fort and his asslstdt, the lattor carrying In
his hands some heavy and liarahly-rattling
shrikles. As they entered, Mr. Ivis was
reolining on his bed, feverish and weary
after a sleepless night, the food placed near
to him the preceding day still lying un.
touched on its tin plate near his bedside.
"Well,' aid Mr. Dvis, as they entered,
slightly raising his head.
"I have ani npleadant duty to perfordi,
sir,,' said Captaio Titlow; and as be spoko
the seVior 41auk-aith took the shackigs
from his fo lltanc
Davis leaped instantly from his recum
beWattitude, a filsh passing ovei his fado
toi'i'moment, and then his countenandu
growing livid, and rigid as death.
lie gasped, for breath, clutching bis
throt with tho thin fingers of his rig t
hand, and then recovering himself slowly
nittion and-then to shrink with terror, Ias
he glanced from the captain's faco to the
shacklos--li said slowly and with a labor
ing chest :
"My Cod! You cannot have been sent,p
Iron me V
-Snch arq my orders, sir," replied- the
offiaer, beckoning- tihe bla4untith to tLp
proach, who stopped forward, unlookld /i#
iiailock and proparing the 10ter4 todo thei'r
o.1lico: Thesb fetters wero a' heavy Irob,
pi'obably five-eighthis of an nol in thik
no,s, am connected together bf a chain , bf
likti weight. I believe they are now in tlO
poss'ession of Major--deneral Miles, aid Nill,
form an'!ntbresting relic.
'T.Vis is too itionstrous," groaned the
prison er; glaring hurriedly round the room,
as it' fo- some weapon, or means of self-des
tru6tioz.. "I, domnand, Captain, that you lot
ms see the comaithding offidier. Can he
pretend t.t ideh shackles are required to
secure the Btfb custody'of a ieak old nii%.,
so guarded aod in sutb% a fort as this ?"
"It could serve no purpose," replied Cap
(*Ili Titlow ; ."his orders are from Wash
iugt4n, anti Wile are fromt him."
.lunt. he atiAeIg'aph," intei-posed Mr.
1)avis, eaigery ; " te ialis be some mis
take. No sich oxtago as you threaten tuo
with Is on record- .rt the' history of nations.
llog lim to telegrtph,'i aid delay until he an-.
. "NMy orders are petNemptory," 'aidi the
ollicer-, '"anid admui of no delay. For your.
own sake let mte advise you' to submit with
patience. -As a soldier, Mr. Davisi you
know,, must execute orders."
"These are niot, or oys for .ashAr,
ab~outed thle prisoiner,; osing all coq?aiol of
himself. "They ai'e or-ders for~ a alr
for a hangman, 'which 'no soldier'wessirig a
sword shoai accept I' Itell youi the .orld
will ring with this diegrAo. 'Thes wai is
ever; the. Sonth Is otquered(; I have no
longer any country buit. Auneripa, agd sit ia
for thu honor' of Amines, as for my own
honor and life, thant p lead agaunst,this do
grgdalflions , 101%y ! kiti fl)e !' lie eleld pas
sionately, throwkng his armns -wIde open and
exposing 'his breast, "'-ather than'infiiet on .
ma, and on -seg pople throught a thilt ln.
suilt woass thien dea-th." ;. '-i.d
"D)o youir duty blacksmith," siho ofI-'
cet', w&llllttg tokatids'the eni'rasure as l'f
hot oar-ing to' witnaess the perfornishee.
"It only gives menreased pain on all sides to.
pa'otract. this.initeryiow,"
pi these words the blackuinltlt advanced
(b te shackles, an4'seeing that'the pis..
6he.rhadl otie foot upon the chair. near hie
t',adside, his r-igh.t hand-eating otd the i stak
4rdM, tihe bi'awney meohauio matde an at
tempt.t1 slip one of (lbe shaokles over the
anklu so''iged; but, as If wlith .the vee
arenie an 4 trength,.whioh fireey can im
part, e'ven to.thti weacest- Invild Mt, D)a*is
syddenly soised his usteadilant anid hut-led
hitIn half-way toross th'o roost.
On4this, Cap~taii'Sitlow urned, and see
~g thatt r. Da.isJ)a .hqqko4 uegaing theo
Sall i ir further resi nice begata 19-re
nbonate. tlbintiar aIhV rief, qloar lanA

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