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Saturday Horning, September 29, 1866.
* T. P. Sti)Ka, Esq., is the
sole agent for this iaperin Charleston
o:' Mr. JAS. II. SMITH, formerly
of this place, but now residing in
Charlotte, N. - C. is our authorized
agent for the NEws.
Mr. SMITH can be found at the
'mes office.
Strange Advice.
1 i advised by some not .to plant
cottow'because a heavy tax is now laid
by .the General Government upon
eveTy .pp44 made in the South. This
is very much akin to that advice
which prevailed to sonic extent before
the war, ai to the pdrchasoof goods.
Here is our advice, and to-give it
is just as if we were t6 sit on the
banks of the Niagara and advise the
Waters of'that stream to tumble over
the Falls. But here it is, and not to
give it or rather to advise. against it,
is repeating the command of the fool
ish king, when seated in his throne,
upo% the sea-beach, he commanded the
tides to cease their flow when they
reached hischali--of-state.
To timi merchants-buy where you
can bug the cheapest.
To the planters-plant whatever
will pay most.
To everybody and his son-study
your own interest.
The South,
* The destiny of the South is the fate
of Fairfield District. While we have
no desire to screen the worst as
pects of the current of events as it
flows by, it is advisable that a digni
fled composure characterize us unaer
the really ominous clowd now growing
darker and darker above our-political
horizon. - Let us push oi a; though the
utmost prosper.ity awaited us. It is
worse than childish to fold our arms
- and 'growl over the rudeness "With
wIich we have been treated, or put on
' ong face of mclaIcholy at what
scems to be in store for us. Let us
rather go on just as if there was not a
Rotdical outside of the Chinese wall.
Six years of hard times must not be
lost as a school of experience..
lotios to Diabled Soldiers.
The >llowing*ntains the iustruce
tiong to the Tax Collector,- and to its
- equiroments we call the attention of
all whom it may concern.
"I am required to furnish the Gov
ernor of the State, at an early day,
With a list of all.citizens of the Dis
triot who were permanently disabled
in the late war; either-in Confederate
or State service. I therefore respect
fully request all such to come forward
and register their names in Winns
bo'ro,on a list to be found at the store
of DuBose gleston & CO., on or be
fore the 4th Monday in- Octobei- next,
and in each ease be particular in spe
cifying the nature of your disability,
if you have lost a limb state svhethel' it
is an arm or a log.*
Rt. H. JENNrNGs.
A Bill to Secure Advances for Agricultu
ral Purposes.
Ssc, I. Be t. pnac,ted by the S&nate
and House of Representaitives, W>w mnc
and sittin'g in General ,Assembly, and jy
the authority of the same,' T hat i f any
personor persons, shall make any ad
vance or advances, either in money or
supplies, to any persm or persons who
are engaged oral're,about to engag~e in
the cultivation of thersoil. the person dr'
persons so idiA stth ad vance or ad
vanices shall bee8ntitlid to a'lien on the
crop ivhich may bo naio' during the
*year to the extent2of iwh ad vanice or
advances; Pr'oz.ided, An agreement in
writing shall be entered into .before any
such- advance is nide to ihis effect, in
wvhiich *half he sp'cifieed the -amount to
be~ adl vaned, e in which 'a linmit shall
be fixed besyonid hiel' - the 'advances4 if
*made from 'ioxae to time, during the year,
-.alpwlnos go, which agreenent'shall bea
recorded in-the offRe'of the Register of
-Mesn, Oo'nvegances for the District in
'which the person to whom ihe'advances
areIhmtde resides, 'within sixty days f?orr
* jts date.'Tht b.pro
Smw 2.9 ht-i tepro making
such adv'anie shall make an affidavit
beforeany purs6n competent to Admis.
,ioter an oath, that the person to whom
such advances have been made is about
to'i8ell or disp'se of bis crops, or in any
other way is about to jefeat the lien
hereinbefore provired, for, accompanied
with a statenient ofthb amount then
(e, it ohall be lawful for him to isdue
his warrant. directed to any .9f th,e Sher
iffs of this State, requiritg,!nim to seize
the said crop. amid, after due notice,- sell
the same for cash, and pay over the nett
proceceds thereof, or so much thereof as
may be neclssary in. exitngnialiment of
the amotnt then due: Provided, how
ever, Thatif the person to %Vom such.
advances have been wade shall, within
thirty days after such sale las been
made, give notice in viting' to the
-Sheriff, accompanied wilh affidavitto
this.effect, that the amount claimed is
not justly die. that then it shall be the
duty of the said Sheriff to hold :the pro.
ceed, of such sale, snbject to the deci
sion of t lie Court. upoi an issue which
shall be mule up and set down for trial
at the next, suicceding torim of the Court
of Common Pl-as from the District in
which the person to whom such ad vances
iave been made resides, in which the
person 'making such -advauces shall be
the actor.
the following predietions of the Cin
cinnati Enquir& may prove correct;
btit doubt it:
"A gain of twenty-five members of
Congress will make a majority in the
next House against the Jacobins.
They will be secured., Two will be
gaine,d in Connecticut, seven. or cigiK
in New York, one in New Jersey, six
in Pennsylvania, two or three in Mary
land, Ohio will increase ,ber repre
sentation nine or ten.at lea'st, and In
ditina will add three or four to the
list. In Kentucy, wye sholl gain two
-perhaps three. Illinois is booked
for four or five, Vk iseonsin for two and
Michigan for two. In Missouri, there
will be a' gain of five or six. This
makes forty-five, or twenty more' than.
Is requfired. The House, under this
computation, would stand: Preson
anti-Jacobins, 45; to elect as gains,
45; Southeru cxclulcd members, 50.
Total 140.
"This would leave the Jacobins 101
ineibers, who wouild be in a glorious
minority of .39. A n:ujority against
then in the next House, according 'to
the present aspect of affairs, is-a cer
PED.-The Cincjnnati. Gazette, a Radical .pa.
per, gives the following account. ofp& distur
bance at Warren, In-Ohio, whit.e Mr. Villani
digham was speaking there some days ngo:
)Vhen the disturbance ceased, Vallandig
ham said, much excited, "I have borne that.
insult and outrage for twenty minutes; I
don't Intend to shbmit to it any longer;"
at the same time shaking his fist in the di
rection of the hooting. "It' there are not
enough democrats in the crowd," he conthi
tied. "to take these men and clean them
out, I will not speak anoihpr word." Cries
of "move them," . "kick them out !" &c.,
arose on all sides, and a general rush was
made for the disturbers ; and for a few min
utes there was sonie shdrp fighting, ending
in a complete route of the soldier boys, as
they proved to be.
Vallandigham resumed, saying lie had
never but twice before advised his friends
to resist molestation of their meetings. lie
said if Deioerats disturbed Republican
meetings they deserted to be. punished on
the spot; and the rule ought to work both
The boys, it seems, had only retired for a
council of war; for in fift.een minutes they
returned and renewed1 their offensive de
monstrations. *Again they wgre driven
back, and again returned during which ma.
noaurring many were knocked down and
dragged out, in many cases thteir own mt.,n
suffering as badly as the , soldiers, for no
one could tell friAfd from foe. Only one
pistol shot was fired, biy whom is not known.
Fortunately no one Was killed.
.HATS OFF I--We just now ~had a
visit from five glorioi maimed veter
ans, P. C. Seagle,.R. Gilbert4 Johji 8.
Sraith, A: Sain and John Justide, all
frdi Lincoln county, on their iway to
Raleigh, to avail.*themselves of the
State's liberality, and Gov. Worth's
considerateness, to ,procoird a leg
apiece. They were -mn Gonerid Rob
bert D. Johnson's Brigade, and urnder
the lead-.of that brave anid dashing of
fieer faced' danger in every battle in
Virginia, until compelled by loss of
limb to retire. It wats sad to see, but
g lorious to hear, these niaimod and
b attle scarred 1$roes reconnt, their
marches, and roneouriters with the foe
-and how painful it is to know that
such blood was spilled, amnd such sacri
flees made, and sueh hardships endur
ed with'esneti a result? :Oh I how bit
ter to feel that an outrnged and op.
pressed land is the.lfoine for such be
roer "in heat and hand
With the .proud eondloIishtess ,of
duty' iobly perfortted, theso men tire.
now quiletly pu'wiMg the even tenor
of their way1 air bcomes~ ood citizens
.---agnd having taken the oath 'of- alle
giance to -the Government, who Ci
doubt their. dejity to it?. This. sim
ple acquiescence of thaso brave and
trite men-will 'weigh worp with the
holorablet than the conbilled oths of
all the Radicals in -the land.-Char.
ulNos.-& few days,ago Mich'ael L.
Sullivant sold his farm of 22,000 acres,
lying six to ten mile.s sonth of 'this
place, to Mr. Alexander, of Morgan
county, for seventeen dollars por acre
or three hundred an'd Aeventy-four
thousand dollars, cash. Mr. Aloi:an-.
der also bought the stock, grain, hay
and farming utensils oit the place of
Mr. Sullivant, which made the whole
amount of purchaso money nearly or
quite five hundred thousand dollars.
Mr. Sullivant has yet a "place" of
forty-five thousand acres in Jroquois
county, besides old land. Mr. Alex
ander will "stock" tihe "farnil' inme
diately with three thousand or more
head of cattle. ti will ship five
hundred head peri week to market from
this poin. We fari".out here, and
do business generally on a.largo scale.
-flomer (Caij)ion, county) Journal.
KKow.-.--The Treasury Departmcnt
will iot recognize as 4"full value torn
greenbacks. If any part of tho bill
islost, a discount is inade in propor
tion to the missing portion. Take.an
evample : One-forth of a five-dollar
greenback is torn off, the value of the
note is worth btt $3 75. A fifty dol
lar greenback in thd same cond4ion
is worth $37.50. Tihe names of tile
signers any be legibly written itpon
the face of a bill, but that will not
-avail anything if at portion of the noto'
is lost.
Wou-ld the note'or "promise to pay"
of a private citizen depreciato for the
same reason \
Yoatc. -Tihe correspondent - of the . Balti
more Transcript writes the following of dis7
tinguished Southerners who. arrIved in New
York to attend ihe Conservative Union
iteeting, which achieved success on Mon Jay
It is a noticeable fact that Sontherti
thinkers and ortors are again attetining
that preslige which lite barbarouns events of
the war for a time interrupted. The letters
uttorances and delivery of the Southerners
are ineeded tn photogralih in indue atrocity
the mnednac*ty ol tihe 11(adical liars and
Soithern renegades r' th6 lirownlow ilk.
The conurht and devotion of tihe Soth to
tine caluseof tho Confedera"y. while it was
a cau1s6.- are acepted'here-as proof. by till
magnlaninonmn, that they accept in good
fiiI'th.'o new situpition. * New York ina re.
ceived this week, with warm- welcome..Dr.
Palmer, of New Orleans'; Ju:ge 1,arsona,
of Alabama; Judige Ethltiry. of Texas ; Seu
ator McCall, of Fsorida, afid other ,pro'mi.
nent'ex-tebels, if you pletse. "To tell you
the trutb,-the more of a febel a man has
been, the more we est3en hIn, so Instino
tive is tine admirittion fot" snen who have
stood by their seption w1h6ittater'or heel.
tation, e'ven to the end. Conimend to me a
Confederate as tine Southern .Unlonlst of to
MotAn COURAoE IN Evai-at Law'
[lave the courage to discharge a debt while
you have the money in your pocket. -
Have the courage to do without . that
which you do not need,, however much yot%
eyes may covet it.
L Have tine courage to speak your mind,
when it im necessary to do so, and to hold
your tongue whoid It, is prudent you should
do so.
Have the courage to speak to a friend In
a ''seedy c01at," even -though you are in
comnpany with a rich one, and richnly attir
.Have the courage to mage a :will and a
just one.
Have the courage to tell a man why you
will not, lead him your money.
Have tihe counrage to "'cut" tine met
agreeable acquarintance yeu have, when you
are cotnvinced that he labbe principle. * A
friend shounld hear with a friend's infirmities,
but not with his vlces.'
lHave the courage to show your respect,
for honesty, In whatever guise it appears ;
and your contempt for diehonesty and dtu
plicity by whomsoever exhibited.
Have the cburage to wear your old elothes
until-you can pay'for new*ones.
Hfave the coerage to obey -your Maker, at
the risk'of being rndiculed by man.'.
Have the courange to ptefer. eomufort, and
proprIety to fasion In all things.
Iilave the 'co'nrage to acknowledge your
Ignorance, rather than to seek credit for
kne wiedge unnd-er false pretenoes.
Have tine courage to provide .entertain
ment for your friends within your mecana,
niot .beyond.
Have tIhe courage to'take a good'paper.
andto pay for it, annually In advance.
ItiED - A special to. the Philadelphia
Ledger from Washingto,i sage- ,Thudow
W eed, (who is really thneactli anid con
trolling' editor of the Nat York Times,)
who has beety ere Ou a- .pltical mis.
sion, Wlntch is be)ieved ti have fpr its
object a modfIcn'tiomi #f the Freaidential
policy, so as to,-secure #he early -repre\
sent.ationaof the South in Congress.
through the adoption of the Constation.
ateilment, retnrned to Now Vorit to.
night. ..fl
NEw Y Sptember 26.-Cotton
sttong-29Op 'haf1s Upland sold at
371; Orldans, 39jo. Flour firmer,
at $11 95a,16 00. Lard dull at 16ja
From Washington.
IVV 1INGTON, depteuilineWIfi-The
Now trk Evenihg Exness denies toe
rejport-that General Dix has been ap
pointed Minister to France, and sa y
that he qualified to.;aY' As Naval I.
ccr of that Port, and gave scourity.
The report of Dix's appointmnot as
Minister to France, was derived 'froji
the 8tate Department,,
0enjeuary Anniversary of- American Me
Ntw YORK, Septoinboi'
Conetary anulversary of the Auerican
Idethodisim was. a large meeting last
evening,at which subsuriptions amount
ing to over six huidrod thousand- dol
lars was raised to aid in establishing
and endowing a college.
%The steamer City of London and
Hansa brought upwards of one million
Forty thousand tons of Coal were
sold to-day qt' $4.10a0.0 per ton.
This is a considerable declinc."
Pittsburg Radioal Oonvontion.
PITTSBURG', o1 teinbet 27.-The
proceedings of the Convention yester
day were attended with several ainus
ing speeches +di'uling the President,
which was liWtened to with favor.
Resolutions wore proposed pertinent to
the President, General Butler made
a characteristic speech, and General
Wells.'nounced the Cleveland Con
vontion as niado up from stragglers
of the army. Adespatch was receiv
ed from General.-Freniont which iijbt
with three cheers for him. Butler
was the'. lion of the Convention.
Among the resolutions offered by .Cpl.
leight was one asking Congress .to
direct tho*Pesiden*t to r9movo from
the late rebel States all aris iind mu
nitions-of war not noeded for the
present use there, was adopted, with
one vote'in the negativo,. being the
first vote cast of this nature - in' 'the
Convention it created quite A densa
tion. 'Resol'tious also ondors'ig the
Constitutioial amenadient ani a se
ries of the wildest terms evei' granted
to a subdued.people. That the Presi
dent has no right to a policy, as
against thoelogislativb department of
the govornnilent.
General Butler in his remarks: said
as soon -as the- committees have shown
a desire to be 'received back in an
humble way for the clemeney hold out
to them, becaupe it was for men who
have erred to be humble wheD they
acknowledge their mtake be receiv
ed, but not until then.' Mr. Davis is
of no m.eans til #d?bt man in the
Southern Confederacy, but lie chose
to have the place of. a representative
man, lie played.. for an. enipire and
staked his life on the result, and lot
him pay the, forfeit. (Applause.) Let
ib be known for all'time that no man
shall plot against the Union in thO
halls ' Congress of the"Opited States.
(Ap'laso.) - General Lee left the
army of the Onited - ftatei and went
to Virginia-and~ was at the head of
tihe rebel forods of Virginia before his
State seceded, and. earfied lier out at
point of theo bayonet.'
Now, gentJlemen, we had an Arnold,
and be escaped punishmngnt,' but he
did not benmain here. Weo have, as it
scems to me an eq'ually 'guilty traltor.
The c1tetion to be decided in this in.
stance is, -whether h)is syd'render as
a prisoner of,..war~ when he' was'eaptur
ad; shiall avail him against the folds
of;his flag, to take sahmvice omitbe side
of the' oenies Qf his couintry. (Oril.
;ofjano,.n. - gin
I terbor aginsay, wood'make
an erath ple of this man,ao at g? solde
hereafter should evqr.bg on einst
the flag of hi#.~ cqinty. -( d
cheers.) Now, thon, fellow- soldirs,
~what shall be dione with the soldior
who deserts -his flag,'&nd tak'eh wi n
him the scorns pf4i , po1ngI1dOr
(Cries 'of hang him I --shooting as too
good for~ him.). Who deserts' fot'
thme purpose of t.aking commnand, 6r
-bribed by- a higheir Uopinsand. fit haI'
army of the enemiga, of .hiig goinUtry."
R IA.--The *himidipq$ulaiop of th e Colo
ny of Liberia/MA $, Is~ e$ibngtid at
74,000, of>, *j .i op a aid'to ye
ciiie. vae oo polled 'a
al3ponnteda 4090 000;,OO; thudimporfe
20900 , hernclip MtI Tes of4
Mgrdl .Market.
Nle Owin 'rarkntttein the
4mir'arko"tf bea,ot-a. N We lope
it i1qnt' entirtl corret'
Honor--Scarc. - Old stek ethasiet
ed and the new%v will- bo a -complete fl
Virtuo-oid owh iarIy consum
ed. Toung growthi,-.prospects- Very
Honvsty--No.e in tnarket.
PiatriotiAinm-First qutlity scarce;
noni to be -disposed or. gecoid quality
easily boighe on speculation at 100 per
cont discounit.
Prudence-AAl,n th'e' hands -of oglJ
. .Modesty--Stock.. badly damaged,'
Noie for sale.
Vice-Market' oVrt6dched.
ruliteness-clheap. Holders 0w
ling td dipose ofstock A'present Yates.
Scandal--one a twhwesale., Dealt
in chiefly by hawkers and peddlers at
i'-alon--Nono genuine' on hatd..
Stock getri'1ly adulterated. Very
few mlvestniAuits'.
Love-None offereu--.-"rt. for
Talent-,9carce article. Sold exclu
sively for 1eqs.
Consistency-'-Out of. fashion.
and liouldors,
* Pearl Starch.
-Twi.ne, &a.
Consisting of the following brand,
Hickmond Pride,
, Piny Woods,
' Big Lick,
A tine assortmont of B-ier Root Pipes.
A large assortiont of.fine brands.
Terms cash. sept 29-If
. . AND
having bought all in
terest in thisIl
Furniture Store and Shop,
lately under charge of A. W. Ladd, Agent,
respectfully informs the
that he is prephred to do all work In his line
All Arilides and Jobs must be-pAid for
before leavIng the Shop
Lumb?r takep in.exi ange fol- work.
A liberal patroniage most respeatfully so.
lieheed. - D. 11. MeCHEIGHT.
-sopt 2%-t -
P0 ?T D
!I0, T1ABL antiNAI1S;,
pp21g - ..10%

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