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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 07, 1856, Image 4

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-, Election ofBanks.
WAsIuNO[OLq '!h 2. Pe
liy rule hais been a opted by a
Cor. bs withd awin hr naime as mn
the noininee of the Ditmocratic caiuctus. W
B nks has been elected $pekii kr by
Olhe loll..winig vote: llanks 103, Aiken w,!
10o. Full, U. amianpbeil 4. Weils 1. Cu
Oil imotion l Mr. Cn;.man, at re.so- e
tion wits aidupted decieAlmg %Ir. Baik lb
peaiker- I the
Mr. BUnks was then conducted to the the
Chair by elessis. Aikeni, Fuller and
CImpbell, and, after a hpleechit im him,
the I bouse aId jOuraned.
.....- in
Southern C.mmeroial Convention.
luion nosdD [. Fb. 2.
The Commercial Conivenuton adopted
a resotllution d laring tiliat tie etAlabiash ba
. 010e0Lo l a lin e o f ti S i c la S S s te nm e t s , to
sitil t'etwteen Liverpool ind some South
nrfl po0t, Wtas highly aamapot nt, and re
coimmended thal Southean Legisiatures
should Ube eLfor1a to plocuae vesusls
Awlenl convenienit.
Iis nade at strong speech ia favur oi
ilnteinal impruotements.
Fiom Washington. d<
WAb1nworoN. Feb 2.
Orders havo b.-en sent by Uoe.n
menL to Penisatcotla, for ihe ste. mer Ful
ton to proceed iII sarch of the bark
A mnehia, wh iach sailed froam Port at P, inno
f..r New York, on Deceam ber 2, ban g i
beena seized on account, of he supp'osed a
onnection w it a lillibu-itering expedi- al
tiu. Siae hats not smnce bueen heard .l ci
-- F
Now York Market. a'
NEw Youc, Feb. 2.
Cotton is firm. To day's stles reaich-|
ed 2,000 biles. Flou is lower. State
is (uoted at $787; OQio at id 50, aind
8.Putierna at ;8 dl perm bbi. "u heat is B
dull amid haas d.clined 6 a 8 cents per
btuislel. clrn is quiet. Spit its 'urplen
Lino is firm. Iae is iri. FreignaEs
are caler.
- it
Charleston Market.
CHARGSRToN, Febl. 2. a,
The cotto nu mit ket to dayt3 wis active, ""
with bales o 3,330 bales, at a ull range 01 t,
prices, 18
Additional by the Arabia.
BA-rSTo , Ftb. 2.
Thle Arahii lings ielbgence uha
Mtouravieff wais ndvanuitng wit,hin theie
honrs maien (of i -r-oum.
Omar l'ichaa's troops had begun to
anive at Tiebiz ode. l1na had ten, -
lred s res igttatijmn, bu tihe Suilt ama
rf inwd t. aaeept i,. T t e is so.ne u italk
hile bying . \l..st. 44 . . .nd P I
kitwilh uws tat the Iz Li a hau d clm n
chud' peoa.
Tlhe docuk at Seb seaopo hcaive been
~fluiay aesi o ttid. d
SMarried, on W Inaday, 3otha January, by
-1A ithRe. E P) Palumeer, WILLIA M McNA ULL,
Sto Mhs M R Y MELt.N.p t M DO WE L L,
iaughterg he lte Aughtery McDowell, all
Mirried,on the 17th ult., by the Rev. T. W. .
Cuooper, Mr. JACOII M. F 44TERl, ot Ala. for
.chausito Miss ANN C. CRANKFIELD, uf Ma a
t on counaty, East Fiorida, all lfoi-meray of Fair- anc
- .~~Idititrict, 6. C. du
'Wried, era the 24th uit., by the Reuc. C. B.
* ~ ~ * . w.' RiOIERIS'8N, to Mia AI.
&rLADNEY, all of Jackson e'.reek. m
e4's later news, quoting Cotton at ett a jdI
eaxpo, w f.Isa ks of th week of 58,001) ba les.
'tWe d a favqprablo effect upon our
;,And at the close of business it had ad.
to jo. I'Sule. of Ihe week i10 batles, at
ces t'aligtn ftloim 7 to9j , ets.
IAcoN.--rl'irev is t),t a modeat1te aptiply of
tm onl hand, still prIce. huvor a 'dowI ward
Aencmy -we wow quote ;$og ruumia 12 to 1: ;
In2 Sidea I J, and Shoulders 10 cenats 5eV
lb ia
vaon.-The 'demand for Corn is not id to
last week. and pricen have i-I.acceeded a little. P
1 now quota 75 to 8g conte per buheitll. r
"oVa.-Thei. in a goed supily in our a
rket. though prices continue about the isame. h
D trOW quoto cokilmOn to siperlinae $4 to
, and extral brandi $o to .94 po-r hibl.
iCA.-ihere has been litte oll'rinig this
tk : prices have receded a hattle ; they aw -
omiand 75 to 81) cents per bushel.
)Ars. 'I tie supply cumtinues light. and prl
range froa 56 to 66 cents per busaet 'it 32
I'ODD-a -Th-re tis benti a good mupply oni of
Ina rket this week, thomlut' Pi naS airo about or
same, via: $1 to per humired. t W
Cotn.mA, Feb. 5. 'I'
rhere was in little done iII coaon yesterday, A
at it it d ifficult to Irive quotations W th anly
cree ofi accurnaey, still we Ithaik <botle given
our report oatr 8amtha'lmy amny btiAnkou as tha
ueral ruling rates. 71 to 9 ceeite.
Charleston Market.
CH A Rk.-rToN, eb. 2
rite sales thi, m01 iing amanounted to 2,111
lvs. at 41 to 91 cemnts. i
$15 Reward, mi
A N A W A Y nal m e subim-her ,t
.1b1mmn !m tail 0t 1ed .ala- . tm N a. a dei
to gOY narkned ARMISTEAD. .11a, is rb.tit aci
uter.n p or ihateen eear t of age, blak com- iA
'Xion, ourt ea fet hee or eighint 1.id b vo
rih, a dent onl otne mide of bis notte, antd one,, sav
tit of the third itla er of the lemft hmind off.- ime
is thought that ie I s about Winerboro, at
lich plao hie was purchased.
Fifteen D-Allrs reward will be paid f'or the
liverv of* said BOY in anoyjail whentce I may
t niilli.
Feb 7 61 x3t
Daivid Cr hv lolled beAore4 Me,
:3 B'A Iaytnr 19U)L, iaut' te g.
yars 'old, thirteen and three incaches
gi, main and tall roam hied, wit li sono collar
d ermarks, a white spot onl his ri. lit
u Car Appnised at seventy-five tihititrI. Al
dae owner ca1 i get her by rmalin at David al
I'lmlh' nar Ie reomtI's Ferry, ol aroind ivr, i
atri;ld miatricl, S. C., prove. the propri-ty At
d paying charres, - q
WIIma a ROi rrat. f a
Feb? a i 7 _-_a 5 xIaI I114 nm
aIrlie state m if tta lam dttati- tla i.
F A IIl . LD 1) iT
G. W WOODIt R ruire, at'tinarb
flif Fairjield D~istrict.
N l Y hal apph. d to me for Letveer;
411atlsetb on, d a llaind slam nl e the emoli,' rl
d 'ntd , rigli I%. d vrojilts .I i f ugh it
dey at of tM e District alor, sum, d- dla
used: .- thll
TheveoaretIherefrue I!Io citeva,.daitdmoll 4h, ' via
imeltgemur,te dmme;ncrerttojo tudl At
ddecearemd, to be antd :sjppe.. b;,- .rv mo, at J4)
r nleaxOr linary's Court, f or 11it a id asistriot. G I
bt~ holdlen af Viti. Id Cojurt i ms -1h
;h day of Ri . m-I, to 1 .w 1 .
ly thle said admsisustrationl l toAld
livrn un~der rn fkr ' d tildel hste As
dily 4iI''- b., In ihea yetr of a on dAMl
ongelfus-toid eighit huindred and rAbl
emoil m lte eighthitir year 11 -.
im1Aofl DeKithiJlodge,
hWlv A 'd s
Feb 7- -
[LL piarsonmm whoma knowmv thmsel miam
im an v 'vyn v indmtitam am aen, e- I
Blacksmitmh work or thterwise, are regt~nast.
ltocall at-th, 'totraa" (wtaere theay will Iiimd
ir aireounts still astnding tapen amgainstia a hmemm
I maka imnaimediatmse aamle~mentm as toanger imn. Fra
gecec sWitnot be glvman. Mu
:#r Jn fnure Ilacksm1'h work Inc
at be paid foiii n. cash, omr if chaargedl, at dmae Ba
mat ratea', mast het pruainpaly meatt at the expi.
Ion of the yeair.
Pair Notice. -
~lIH OPIsN ACCOUNT'S duim. 'f j
hmia firum of MCaarmie'k &L lrirmn. 1
in mny handsa for collection, anal uida im-~ list
Jiatealy settled, I ato instructed tom sume itdi. S9m
mateatly. er a
8. R. STIR LING. dait
itnh114 xlmnI2. A
LL personms hmving dhemandsl againsit
L ite Eatitt* of 3. 11. PwsearIT willi
rier them In duly attested q hI F. Olbaon ace
amI lateiseo receive tt ai1ndtmhodela* eaml
ted lit4( Ua ayent to ao
~ ~ pat
0-the lahl insiamt, thrin.
- . ( ae , , - o ni N . A . P - y
Na irr lihree 'aiindre'ml dlairs, .lalted 24th
a. I il me imn 1. A lulkes. endori by
1. mvin. loir moe uti drud amid ll't v.si'x
arei ia.l i J iMar y . '14, p ivitle ist o(
II try, 1135 ; onl' ! i A. limi ..ugh, for
enty v e n. tld hnir a. aid ixiy-ti x 4tn1..4,
i ist ol .inatuary, 1.1 " onewltoi'ai'ouit oni it.
ltiaiomr.h for filly.t waohavs wmor k ; lid at
e an1d P,)octbok coit it iog sixteen Od
aild -eventy-fivo cenIteL4 it) loney. All per
H tore iotwarmed ruiln iradiig for ally of
iave notie. Ae-y deliveriag tle- saimne to
wall be liberally iiuwridid.
an 24 49 x3
salo of Valuablo lands.
S Triite' #- S emmlI Roseboriutigh,
I t 1ar fir sib- m ir..el ii l. N l).
bre hiuintdiredl ei hitlimy ('9i0) itres, imire
lela, siitumed I em Duitehami m's 're- k, about,
. naled liadt 11 h.1i frim iigqway Deput.-.
ey ure't uNed, .:ri ad cuitonl hanths. .
emsna : A ci ciit of aevei tor eight yeare.
plly to It. (j. DAVIS,
mR ignay.
4mn 24 49 at[
Hbad Quartetf41
CnosuyvV ., Jan. 20, 1356.
11lEEl w%.II t 4vlll be al tnonneh at
-:111 b "'- m. n tt ter-grottine,
hin the 2411h it, . of Smuth t'a r..limait
litia. uaa ptay 7th t'ay o Al IMtch, ior
j.'S. to i hli nees ew ccs:e ii by ithe
gitlimis of lIna Clne U. Ii. Ni.
toil N ijior \ . lierbert. ie1411 Captlatin
iiagaid witi extextitimn of iw motive i r
., ad4 tihtay cqtair ed to L 4,41 ,aid electiln
-or inag to lit ii. MIatX'rS tm ImI, et the.
v folhaij i ihe mecialitaitimer groumd
in eii y e is i mtku tir remui unider
I to 1l4ga octral Edward Tatylur
thwiOth there
ily urdrr '4 Ge AVLOR
Col- 0 1 0 gat. of s. U. m
hiln 24 4tr
1 "IAKES lhii me:h ad of informiniig
L. I I uI sto* u'1air1 s i1111.14 11d the Ii he iin
na..ral, tWatt le will still conltinaue to carry on
Stone Cuting Euiness,
11 i uarries, one mile Souith of W ismiion,
thet- oloihin Rloa.d, where hev is p~repared ito
iil ied.rs flir Frmti for biibliegs. Steps,
iua Sills, Wiidyw Sills .Iiiii miemai, -e1e1 .
ia'gn fr 9illeasI . 11-t nmill iuii fri
ai neur, .11ill stohes, amll dinii' at the i 'tst
ti v. udii.hay the bet witri:enn, ani' Ioweir
in tle saai qiuatlity ol work canu be dune
L'all iimi see rr yoermf hIt foita yo ido wore.
li mers4.1. m41i t I WemimbooI, will bit promlipt
attendeld to.
R. lN . SPUlRRItF.t
Jailla *6 199 t~um'
-Ili', ubsm-riber vill nlleiml si the ilil.
-' km imm phe's nili ote fl-twii
ye. to rec ive ie Taes ant 'ax-returniu filw
' iscal year. coemmutcing lot uct., i,55.
ltri U's Store. Imiutisdv, 5th Feth.. 1356,
dh '(llt Grove, Thi.r,tlaa 711h Feb.
1. Jerminaih (ockrell's, riday. Slit Feb.
pt. Thlamimames S'ii 's. Satirchy, 9th Feb.
tyii' t mor ,it ilinekhad, hunday. i i it Feb.
Omwii's Iupper Store, 'u, siaty, 120h Feb.
ate rvill. Ilm, ''ednesmtlity, 1311 Feb.
Ior."s Ferry. 'luirmy 14th Feib.
!rlint Youn.;'s. Fridaiy, rr5il Feb.
tamill -111. S m ior ihty, ith FAb.
N ()'Nt il ' Store, aili'lay. I tIt Feb.
1 1)n D.-pot. Tuesday,.Xv 19th FeIb.
it A. M''amriit'a, 20i Fb.
mniledy'R. (Itrowm'i P 0) Tr., 21st Febm.
atanit'it. 'riday 22d Fl.
igewtay. 'uesdmay, 26ti FIb.
11.at1c1 an rtylor's, Wedinstday. 27th Feb.
rri In's Sture, Titurtadtay, 2ith leb.
it itt Witinsboro tiuring Couri :
lte!r whi4h lime, mao rturn will be racemved.
vCPn therefor, Jill takeo nutice, anud
.1N4L K ffait~f Y
Tr. C. F. D).
%if 17 44 x5
vttlruilg and bioy buaooI
1& 1ils. OUEA R,...Tucunasl
'~Ihliycear wvill lit dliv ied intom tw'o S..
mionl'ii om five imith-- I'ch-c'i-thie fi rm
comatmenace Jamnucnry 2dm 1856-thec uieennd,
2d of' June0.
Nit'ften tidumig the mnanths of Novemnber
I De'cember.
gratphcy........... ..............$l0 00
'nd Iistomry................... ......S 00
y' of' the abv w~t' ithii Ancit'mm ills.
ttmry, Ancilenmt Geogeraphly. Hotmaiy.
.Plmiltoaophey, ltiiemrie, Astronimty,
Obemaistry.... .............,...... 00
......................... ..........i 00t
sti thei Pianoee........... ...........210 00
'. ................2 00
s' ( lame............,......20~ 00
r p. exclu itvme ol Watiiig .10 00t
Iov 'I 347 tr
>od a for the Plantera
[h the rice of Iron!!
plete n'ucc'aar liii V' (iweedcsi i t'tmam.
, lpii 4mandJ Hinrse-sh"o.e, Round
arte andm IRoda lmron . &., wich they of
it greallyj red iwed priot;& Trnmm ucctitim 0
lirt. ' AGjN"SW & FIsilien,
p 20 86
It Is the Faot, s
jitl AT everyii one1 here knows' tim
aunt mfust cma focrwardl itand't ->ame up ist
EmtorHankable' paiper, amnd nmothainag eli wi
I am moat ushme.d to tell mya7 frk.pada ths
imaans art liitettd, and lhmpe te ~~Iymi.
asc with met, andi finti the L 4ey a're
ted is theinl smIctridJ cht forwa .o. I am
Ipelledile mday frend knaow doI thned
eoy, cannaoi cart' onl nmmss with
a or utdtes. M theat not,
'uitjat~o hemnand mry
~ ~ r condsidor
Groceries and Provisions.
111'. Smbsieribers are iow recivins
I. tO ~ere~e~.e~e, t tc~ ' ( iO('1It||.;
ted PilOVIS10N ev vire-roil for salu fin thi
mn arket -ceomikk i i at , teree of:
SUGAs. C.--1 s. IfIe esec, Sutgar litosmi
-4y' up. M ekeri inl bit airi hible. und kits
rteotn, Itice, Curt nr &.,.
'Til- alttenttionl 1 webi.-chaeui fi rereetI
Rally IvitedP4 toh WeI t*ttI erk whicb % i!l 1.
4oldI I t '9W aS the s inteac 'rtice eant be hlit
ovi fro mln CihatrileStonc r.m4^1viswhere
Juta 31 AC,'EW & FJI'Rt.
Bacon, Pot Atoos, &C,
Sntit lba. Lf it Lird
25 bhiii. Attret r and Pitik Eye Puttioes.
200 doz. Fi val Gaird4ien sed.
Just recelved anti for s" 4', ebienp WrA''
t t. l i A t r
1, I will Cotaotinence to oe-Il imly goods i'o
I itiret tiiks ttuy ro4toin .e tir the pal
tru itie I hive rece'ived, .t, it would bI -4 i t,
sell ithem- got (it th v.unal termns, bIt et
tnenils alre linmitedl, anti an covinevii,pim tIh
little expet iece I h1.ve, Ithat ith: e h Systeel
is the best for both buyeraittid seller.
* 11. Me M A.<I'Eit.
Dce 29 lZ I r
D. Ltud-'rda1e,
r AKEKS tli, cc-ion to assiure hi
F 0'ri'tcids 11tnd p1 r ,-s, -1' hi% .jij er
uppreciation of their libc.,e lity, and to resp, ue
itity invite its cootin Ie> .
Iie ia iwiay retci ill,; wI. q is. h i ht A<
cat by it coeinpete-nt 111e,1iitiihrul ItLa'eet, Io
ke-p IIWwtay kinl iuttici i t'ry genetcral cIoell I
u ch irteiles of abnost .jpery kinl, is Ii
cklotitry requoir a.
IliP Sttck mectnbace: Ladies fathiontible Dreg
Goodsc, lTirain, itet.-ti ieIst el vi
hiai kets, Keraevy, I'linna i M cIc 41 n1el forv to,.
Bineldy Meets C6ie.1Ii1e. Shies, ih.iit ,Capt
liitrdware,etware. Coeilery, GiasA. Ste at
Wolmden. Ware, Confeetieitrice, .ehool Ilook
and Statiotary. Drug ind t iceiines, besidt
Groceriea which are alwava, caish. &c., &e.
ila nec 1% Aitihs in.tIce 1 c111 ep1 a I tee theo,.,
w oil) owe him, and tII ie k i.-me 1t1,1 to overl.,l
thn sacered injunction, "'a that /eul L. or oweest "
Jin 31 196 xtf
Just Rcc.ivod.
O MlEIL frishi Polatim, Gent
.-0 ir. I 111,, very cfew. At-,
6(IW c h.., sttperior Iloer. a fiet' let of Checs
itl a Iresh s iiupply of La.1eith' Greni ecet
Jt ma 1) LA U t)MI DALiC
CI "~II C e, i-wribr inow remaw 'vitt
pret-ity i I su jley of GROi.
Ril-S, Consiineg of -
SUG %R,+
LtA C .
i4IQUORS, &er.,
W hich he will RO-ii nai loC wr ('11:11a .1ee tany otle
Set i1 hose inl the District. Aly riecid wil
please give mie a c tall, and obelig -
Their most obettict,
A. D. 1ILLIAllD.
Wisbtro, S. C.
A tigUst bilh, 1335.
Aug I0 ttt if
Located Three MidowJest of Wincns
bo4 -
(lin a netigidurhood nioled fela herlh and moredi
ly.) cind fJuraished will& Wlosophical and Ce
mical Appiratus, anid otf convernics-ce tecca
aery to 'aid ine imparlit' thof6iteghness of in
airuelion .tlidenaf 1
.JOiN P. SiH URLi Y ejpl.
R. Y. 11 McMil LI e 7 .' 6 A:Iei tant.
Mr'. Mc Aleekinc, is rece ed~ by tihe la
eeity ect 8. U. C.eile'ge- ii h~ttt fo mci lew
5tetaron* and predeL htims o ",u1thy of i rc
ceenaemeedtoin, J. it. 8.
I E e~oxe'r,'it~- oh i i. tti itt whi
hett rcesuamed't oni thet tqseeond Mienmci
cin Januaiery nc xt.
TRkIMS Palli SES.%ioN OF -T'l~ IMOT's
Horlingrdi ine the caily ni eh.- Pr ieencil, i
ttlui-c iitietn in thi e o ir 11h nteh - , t i ri
tn teitanee--b65.--ji nlot--$25 Do.i te, io.
eltinge~ Tueitiont itn htehigher- be eh.-aii
ine acicacet, ci7t,-if nots pae'n .c utv'we, .liti
WVinduniig, $ i pee ten-nthl tteid wi tuetetl
bcettieg in , e l bt.. h e u adi t el wil inroitt i
is~ o'wn il.sigts, shieet,p ' eN. .be c-pcerad,
t es , antl ic arfiecs ;o'r toen t, *r it fi eure ielhc
tejr biten, wciii te chacrgcedhim li hardintg rai
aclso be hadet ine eigtht of the - Ice-c Ituet, aet liev
Mr. Fe-her's ande liev. Air ..<ges
'Jbrmus for day Schali, e per %e-csin
nele miaece, g iJ hi
The itboe'e, witih Aroilthine'fe, 'aghanisl
Ge taenanar andce G.-egr.,phcy L
'Te eabeove, wcith'. Anciet'm li4.tta-r,'Te
Claies, amnd Matc~het-tntic4O 20,0'
Fi rewvoee tier Seicoleeteen,,,
Pei ooephty andt ('che.teery, cache, $10 extra,
A tiucudent wil ice reeived aot tns riuet, amnd
ichar-ged aecotrdinitg to te aov~co-c-ei, froun the
ttne tne entere, to the' enti of the0ic *eession, beit e
dcicuttione w i be ma-ede wi~ot eave befiore
athe e~nd oi' it. 12~ lae
dtig onc&#'mr MondayI
ig oh. th~ third Mondtay
ipsnzetcng on, the first
enlding on Ui6 flrat day of
JAB. lI, iIION, A. &J.,
tics an< Jlilscry -~*
3. WOODlThAVIh)ON, ro of
-Acre the.
a .)
Ncw Store.
rCI j' 'If Sal as ribetrs a0101'1. an.!
1 n11nne.- 1 he t iti aJz i-h tot' 1 1 tfI id
ntql it-lj-,in.r DitrictII th %, Ithe b ve u enedt theo
k stre of Mir 0. Wtowari, S(si4*1( tmor
isut it or Court lfou--o.
Tl 4!ir Stoect conitA 4or L~a io-' * 1 1'4 l )IDE .
&H . v tec the wY )I ii - :. VL h ht.. PA. .k,
Ihr e-1h And enqlh onily. C..lI and b-e#-9win
eed.% 0 1. F~ & i. F-V Y .
Jin 31 201 tlx3
At, and Eocow Cost.
IllE Sub)-crtheir itemns toi:ikiniv :I
chn ins ilm ngo :1,1d will
positively beginl from this day, to sill all his
t nV X 0OF G 00 7 S.
1 kn -ost; Now for all to get bar
Nov. 15 170 tf
--N~cy a v! S alpha crv d-erip.
A toi) titl in all - -1mh :, I
th-k. woubill 141tilt , 11o,14in wth
it) l. litimits of the pn stra i he eloOr1t
buyirni tIl I atk, it ta tall fraret itnst antd
is the pblic in) generaal. I at 'ovincea
that tiey will buy Good to th re Iatia
I woutlsl jilutinv wi faetsion I -ery ex
if' es'ie ()> I. N o UROCL ialh a%
SGaor;ia Plaitn, ati Kreiys of aolor
uold prcH;imakets, graky anid ;t also
i ate hIunil y bed l tak a'nd h agri
Shtai& es atla. I lis.1 a tail (Caps atnd; buarai,
in tact ivery art' ile (aI prices) that u Coul
, Ilot refuto. A call is solicited.
I would respectfully cull your ntattiniti to
Iay arupply of DltlCSS GOODi, such tas blilck
anad Colored Silks, fliturether kelt plin Silks,
Pophi,'Cashinrea , Debagre, for travehing al
riathati latl ;ta iurail CIhmtta r.., Debsitns, ait re
arttn-kable low pricest-; Raw Silk-a, Merrit-s at
all pricesA ; Cohoriis ad cowed Alpartas; at-isa
Murtning ati half Mouiasr liess i Gowls of
-viry style; very h.indsie assorttn-tnt (it
- Opera Flaitittelv for Naiyues, Ginrintns aiil
llirt-riitac Pritl , (loaks 'a1nd Taluats of latat
e Fash ionta
t A t,S ,
BONNETS, Rho.iGlovi. Artifltala,
Trinoninlg, laaodre fe.ry ee.-ripti,-n;
Iaigo, every art licle that hohe I y relstiir 'I
- husekeping.
l:thAing for GAtlam .
I Viouild inIa-ltioln tIott I will lsirae l thehirr-At
ltti Itassi-titowint o1 4, lat I II N ; her
bron rit itoi thi-s natt . . - o -i. torti
tatiing (;I vty bit tatt4 ati.-ist fsthi n art
ainil titt I iit ansh l (i tat t i ta -.re ath -e
n1110 substaIaIlI l eluit of Cl t tlan I ant c4.411
litilnt h1%7 w ll Ib . suit.. b th in - ilsa aat prices.
I [mvva . , jit recew -i the st ftil (of
r its -ntl shtes f-r toltics ainl G -tee
and1. ('h11l0-ren thlat h16, .vIer beenI blouciht into
thi.s n ii k t, aitti I tlittte-r nayself to s.y tle
cheap111 t.
Tralk. Valisantid ('.arput liags, flltm and.
('a ps itn etiuless viari-ty, Crck.-'y, Gltae
waare, Tin ware, Ilar wart. Coopeirwtasn.
A titwe patternt or bst C.ItrI-'l nt Il UG(S.
All the ahove guos lttave tbeeenareftilly
sIaect it weih rignu-d tit iurtihity at d chep.
tws cainii-d. ait I thitk they eauat
tail to tit those Who artt silltili'ut tat con.
ia-tat sth miA -tIve. will ptlraing thirt ssuiiippliea
ini Winnsboro All I a-ek is at caill t-, culn.
i the Inat-l skeptical tlat it is a faet adts
t huanbug.OL
Sept 20 151 * ttr
.a i (t q I -a. 1 lux
* .i iarol iitay other G oo', ^wI"eh wl(
.tie )wi at Chil stin priutish.or op
tual ar-dit eittt es-s.
Cail eii rty andi g..: itm fitr-t chiice, as thrse
Goaaiuts tavae jult aee, reenavedl irasat thn Nauthl.
SetH 29 tt
. IIh tisah'rttiedta have cionaua
mi a satne-tl asa.ui Stss rvair ,
1111. I D V.)M IF G(JCLIS,
As wea boiihtl imider thes atnost flavorabale acir
eIn5ttastanucues. we lI sitar ouritiilvs tthat wei tcan
ta-ll -is law tis tany) hosae thi ide ofaa. arletaiIaison.
Caliat haiisuite -2ents, crnei alonlg aill and
buty a stck ail giitla lair Fall.
Call aor' the cai tto rts.
Seipt 27 32 tf
VN bsnaha *WK A lai aalaOaK~iU[ a 1G1
cash is paidl dtown.
Thea sueroats ntiitin or ta-fIcs' I~trhorn ndta
-uweant HON N I. T tad TI .ll &tia. andh lii.
Ptianc Carset's, with a4 graret-lan atny thetr
p wats. which will be sotl lower' Ihat tsar.
The' accond addsiion of egntleman's ready
a' re'ssly to rado~ f ' subsc'riberaat Ne wtar
1u0to. a.
166 (f O~aIAt
trs! Razors 1
It.fnye enaguageal Rflasr
OCphlrataii Mjiilute~inry.
a ~~ones, an rea'erebv intformed'n
handa sandl are no0w read sy
r . A ~ are casaes ay be' hasd by
g eatri rij's~ baer. Toamaa 8500
May 29st
~ ~ ~ u&VE'ad foirealh
be o
JUS9T raeivaed a i nx~t
OLASS, to whiach wi' linvt
Caatatriis atnd lldears. de'a li
a cleatr brillitant light would dlo wel~f qall And
examne our atock.
OI1E "ubscqrhiber have. juniist
ia'.relh aatiipty oh s the i aO li
C's~a superio'r TiEAS, which ton strengt
dehca of flavor are uniivaled. -
Nov 1 f($
n 15ta et. kind e pfIabre
l~t the -
Nyl $4 sup,
G*rand Arrival of Wiod&
I I colre Bu.. -1K
( I oie 13bri~l. is Ih.
;11k. Ofit- 14 Illutne ''
.6 44 or - of.1,44. I
C'Iorut m444i1. B la k pac 41m,
(.ilit' W 14 ,4111 I 4 . 44 44444 (ji (I ill's,
Fii 4tt bt ript- Silk 1lilit.o
4, 1 1 4)4,41 Pi d~ tit41 th I t 4'w. stylus.
rIiii Ilr44w14, il! 44( and 4IVu(4 VEi:. I.~
iPlam ihIek 14 1444,.
Fulacy cutoatd V414'et,
A Iarfrt' Sal vail14'41 tit. tv4 fS, 41 Sill
I , C. E's.
I 14444t4444, A11teI~st'. alli44 Lughti 41 LA CES mttid
HoI('04444, I~a"l84. J.4Ict!' (.4,414444 and4 Sleves.
1414,J.1'.1444 14444(4 44444ttol 1Ve.14,'44'4444 Ed44iiag..
F'4''I4 13114 1(44 )144,, (1;.4441 )SENlsS
P1"v t4,11 hill,44I . 4vit-cc. Colla444 .4I4r4 (4444 svi4
IFit-11,Al Em.il.. 444441 .1e V I 441lias 1,444, Sci4.44(
P I 61444 Eiilj. I''utioll 1'14..)4444'1144'4
Of ('Very k illd1, (4u4i itym4444 price4,
A 1VXall4d'4,4' K il , G 4 4 d it1 Wityli 4444 lilt fill@.
(IA)uT IISI, &C.
La~lio Marl~k, 11r4)4vii mid44 G 44 vii (1.'11,
k1.~ I~44 I4 ER)t44 K'FA11AI ,Es
1444'G.J44'il PVilq '441hc I'4(I itiJs.444,~~ 1'is
K:-rst y-4, Lindws4y, (4444
N ,4 to Malk. its, c(4I4.442( find( wV144c,
m14,4wmiitii, lurk iti ,of a every cks
A.14dit le 4 Sewed ( 11mi(144.
('D )TI' I I N (i- I I vns) &c.
A lilt(-44 -r4it-le C*,,44 1444 1 ) 14. 4 4
C'1141,14,( v'li eC44 I ,I4,41 V4,'4444
144''44444k , 4'ai .1.441 4 satlle4 illis4,
41or d 44( itli i1 ('1 4144are
Black :md 4.44(1(4 4rci IK4e-mth1, N 444144144444 Kn4ow~
Alst- , 44 . fitw'sil 4 De (44 11:14'c1, 414
1)..q 444444444k4n4s1)1,4,4 141(4,
,,Iy I.., ,4Vt 444 44411i. 4444(4 %v4, are*4 i44
ill 4not4 -0 awaVy dI 1444i4'(4444(
'til "lOlt E
%V lush he "00141 at "1114c
or two, Ve, N4 -V I ,or&&.
tof' thoooE, Po rapidly
11w1u1c'h are ver itomilbr
4.1 ('444444 444!444uof, and4 a Irt'4'
414 '~hIG4.iKWio will be 541is
te 0c 11 k"antI titkcoRa'poop at it.
Ret~ eotaiv tbu R Hula lit ah,.v
ebscriber, devirous of chang. J
I .nr1.g ilivestentil, will uf~r lis
Atite at Winnsboro, on VEDINESDAy, tlie
l3th Feb. utry next, A
A TIACT OF LAND known 4s the olt,
place, containing
490 ACRES.
itn the fork of the lester and Rocky Mount
A small TRACT adjoinilng the above, known
forme-ly as the .unnigain place, cuu.
127 ACRES.
TIese places are 4) well knownthat more par.
Stiular decriptioti is deemed unneeccesar --
The Nott lier contains a ifortable d welfing
Iuic, und buitable plautatiou out- buildihge,
60 or 70 Lik ly Negroes,
Consisting prinicipally of boys and girls.
Fifteen Mules and
Horses, Corn, Vodder,
7rnis.-A l 3m33ndr t wenty dollaresveh I
for the mules, VW &,Z iretil it j one 4 r,
w ithinterest Fromn day oIt ii aide. For the IandiI
an4d negroc. it credit with itterest of 4ne4 and
two years. Purchas'ers it -ive-l bantikablo lotes,
ia t least twoun t-' en6rs"re
J AM31Es (,A T II'ART.
(:1- Coltunhia Times uand Catolinian atni
Clester sttidard insert weekly until day of
Jan1 19 196 t1ix3
Scott's Little Giant Corn and
Cob 1il.
r1IIE hilten -on (fiPh a11tofrs, Fair-ers
i ed -tek-ree.drm is re-'iv-e nltiflv
aolled it) his Mill, as the nost importatit arti.
cle of alho- kiql nvow in use44.
Thes. Mljls are guaranteed ithe most posti
Soperly utIsed ;tand No 2 is was ratited to griiti
in husblIs of fted per hour with one llerse, at.
oflredat lite l fw riceo $55. all complete' fotr
at3 achiiing the tc% n N.. 3, at $65, grinds 15
bushels per hotur a i (t onie hore.
AGNEW & FISlER, Agents.
Sept 10 __ 117 tt
Wagonand Smith Shops,
WAGONS, with
Wo~od orteron) X11-s,
3i14nde1, Its tirder, or
repsarurd tit iteIi b.%t
V 414311aterio I, 3und( 11inish
-%I silort noutice.
110R8EN-81 10EING, mnd platita.
ion work, by experit-inced Hmitihm,.
JanI 15 1~94 ly
taIma" ge, I3muuiays anid fIar'm1eaa
At lower prices than has ever
.. oefore been oflered in this nar
kcet, at tihe sub1scrbter's old stan-.
SCome4 antd see before you pur.
N.H1.-Rl epai ring (done at4 short nlotie
Atch 19 14(1 ly
"M~onsieur Tonson Come Again."
:'2 Then Subhscribier inforin3 hiis
.fr'in4dt* and33 thme tratve 'inl p4ublie,
.I - - thatt he has resumed the charge of this
hoine llOTELK untder favorable auspi3ces. InI
reased4( exS eri ence enatbles in, to provide for
he43 wants and34 'omftiorts of tall who malty favor
h333 ill) thecir ptrona41ge; andt lie has~ efected
n3IIranI1rementsI m4 this andtt other muarkets for
furn4ihinar his taible ad houtise generally, with
the regnlidiIes of1 a firost rate liotel.
11y 3t' prestA3l Railroadl schednie, phassengers
ity thet dotwni trainl will stop at tis house5 for ant
maaervatl anilicnt toine l4. eisurelIy, and3 they
and0 "the rettt of mjanZkind"' will 3always findl a
bipt thunmer. Buch i as lhe htopes will gratifyan
llii 1Har 1s furiahrdtd willh the best of every
:Er Persons indebted to the
sturibe'r iil lenst4o com13e forward and settle
innm14tt ditely,' C illhr b~y Iitiin or note, to ena ible
4:4m to enrry out the14 a I veobje'ct. J F 0.
Attr 14 ' I5 sttf
Perfumnory, H dkfExtract,oto
A S.\A LL. Ilo t 1' 1lll'(UMEtRY
It the4. Drug Sto3re otf W. E1. A IKE1N, M. D.,
L.1l BN'S I ,. LN Dl,
U IN R L AIN'i' TiOl by. 1' P3OWDER,&.e.
In future we shall endea .,r to4 keep the above
3Cteninet French articled, together ithl an ats
tortitmnt 44fs hav3ing and Toilet Soaps, Crcains
lair Oils, Polmmlades, etc. etc.
July I9 2 tr
dCod-Live'r Oil Canldy, remed(ic'a for,comImn
joughs, Coltfs, hoarseness, etc. For ealea t h
)rug totre of W. E. IlKEN!. -
Dec 22 184 if'
I D'OZ. s.upe'rior Xkloughtonl Wltne BIT
,No l,-berchaants Row
Wlnnsebaro, 8. 4).
_Sept 12 150 _____
Uu Ojia?
L. Luanp " C ;apenter'. "
'ltanno.r's " JSweet
Dud Laiver Oil, (Getrotain *itd Clark.)
For' siain ut thte Drug Store' of
Api19 -;9
DJr. neberts' Ghoii li2Etre ..r1
INTENSEI pinf of' t o. eloA I obeurA
duIng~V'I minley, sandeIr ce'rtain sair.
:otatece wbtrw fiere is so reason'to so
ts Its caube, any d~ieturbance of the digestt
kuncthon fron th b'dqalyger undoog4
r3fth food.
It ifeeqitat)f'aicAi deity te~sj~W t
riptis anoff neI subht agres., st'4.$S fl
ifteteE hfani'~ a

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