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eo-sportes, Will -iams & Co. Proprietors. A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, hnquiry, Industry and Literature.Lem--3 0prAnmI dac
VOL i11] W1N N SBO 1010, S.* C. W EDJ 1)N E SD)AY MOR '.1 NI-.N G, J.ULY11.[5
.. - -- I- - . - .'. - . --. - . . . . - -- ...- .,
IS l'tn~ si I.: V.1IIIK y BtY
Terms.-Tit Illn.u. is pubishel Week
ly in ithe Town of Wvinnsboro, at, S3.00 in
varrabiy in iwiance.
G ' All Intn isieit, advertiseinents to be
paid in a ilvance4.
Obittary Notices anil Tributes S1.00 I-r
Selected Poetry.
By .tl, nlear ninrgin of I he plen sn ut si reams,
in pure ani pale and pearly glow,
low al'ter row,
Like virgins wrapt in ley dreinms
That oante and go
iehold tie lillies waving to and fro.
They sing their whispering sotigs to God
Touching, with snow crowred diadem,
Hlis garilnent's hern:
Thiy sitg as knowing they are kiown,
lEin h l1:11 ta lt stei
Chatits its lusiumiah i tat. lie cares for them.
They nh 11not, Ithey have not. any care;
All light withouti, they lit) i ot, sin
All love wit hin.
They spread white bosoms to the summer
llt :
All peace they Wil,
A iw never grieve, and neither spoil nor
Their low-voiceid music ripples thro' the
Like songs tiat float upon tie breezo
Fro in tistt Sent ;
No royal kitg was yet. arrnyei
liko on tihese
Throncl on th. reatlt of day In inuiu'tg
And the night drops ilown so soft and still,
A ni h, -ling clolds toget lier creep,
'The) '10 not weep,
Utt. b wtl, unel close, mid wait. at will,
lit .nilenlce deep,
Lull'd byi night's patient arns they lie and
Couldt ye but (ench this meekness to my
In itt 1int a goni revealed,
In rest ia shiel ;
I Should lhenl kin'ow the bert ter pItrt.
Ant whent to yeld
And how to trust-ye lillies of tlie field.
[Froma the Fiel'. and Fiesitle.]
Melanthe--Or The Broken
[co xcomm u.] '
4 It wais evenling~ againl, anld a. few
n1iths fromli the above date. Carpia
ges dreVCw uip inl froit. of the Splendid
m. ntansion of the Burlton1, an(d f0oImts of
ligh t lo ness alighted, and passed
up to the parlour. leaning on the arni
of mIanhood ann1 nobility. It was to
he a gay ev enintg, the birth-night of
Melanthe, Soon all were gathered,
m1'ih souind of music ant song float
ed I ( Ot 1venilig air.. Simmuor was
nearN at its close, July was passing
into September. Their d well ing stood
in a retired court, apart from the noise
ind bustle of the city's dilt. Large
olm troes grew inl front, and t sweet
flowe'r garden senit its thoutsand per-.
fumets to thte play'ful wiinds. A sum.t
met' hiouso coverod with vintes, thto ele.
mnatis, the jossamtino,. and thie bright
woodbino, formed a sweet ret'reat
whlere Melanthe spent ninny brood ing
htour's. The last, imoon of summer ntow
sh~1ed its glorious lightt over every tree
and shrub and flow~er, and thto inteirior
of this little.-faitry grotto wats fleeked
wth lightts and shadows. Otte by one
teguests passoed in, along thtosor'petn
tine walk rotund the suniter hioutse.
At last camo Di'. Ilurton who broutghit
in with him ta str'anger', and1( still noat ai
str auqer, for a pafir' of' quli~ck eyes fell
on hiis fae and figure, and M elanhe
wh Io sat itloito itt hoer retreat nmusing,
Cire shne joinmed to throng in the dr'aw.
* i' ng.rom, know lie was ito stranger te
her.. .elanithe went in directly te
h Ier d r'ossing t'ootm, tand with faltoring
htands foutnd a thtousandl tr'ifling things
to atrrango in hter' toilet, whten all win
really nriranged in thne miost beautiful
order' ; but shie dr'eadedl thyat drawing
room ; she dreaded her htusband's eye
whe~tn Ito should bring the stranger te
be itroducoed to hier ; most of all she(
ithoughtt with to keenest agony of an
cotunberinig the gazo of Arthur, for this
wats lie.
'Itnmediatcly aftor their parting thta
Sntght, hte hiad left for Columnbia, beinE
Scalled thero sudldenmly on business.
They we're to have , been married ii
*;two tmnthis; at thto expIration of
soenu weeks lie returned home, and
on visiting tho cottage at G--1, wat
surprised by finding it closed and all
silent of the grave, but for thme notot
of the warbling birds a nid thie sighting
* ~windCs. The nearest neighbor wat
~two miles distant. Tfhoro lie reined
Sin his horso, and what was his chagrin
his astonishimentt andl mortificeatioi
to hear fromi the little child that mct
"Miss Ilamtilton, sir, and liar moth,
orrare gonoe away. She is married.'
(us she married you inust be mise
taken arc you not?"
"Ne o, sir ; but we dont't know wh<
thtmrr'ied-someo rich maii, though
Ihnli eve. T loed~ to ecn her nns<
here walking. Did yon know her,
sir ?"
"Oh ! ycs," said Arthur, and with a
licart full of misery ho left.
In the city he had many friends,
aliong whom %wis Dr. Burton's cousin, I
Iron. W. T. Burton. Through Iihim
ie had, on this evoning of the fete,
beenu made acqlaiinted wit h the doctor.
lie Iad heard of' him often-had licard
his con1sinl speak or his ml arringo to a
young and handomei lady, but he never
heard who tihe was.
Tihns we see how lie Came to be one
of I le guests oin lelanthes birti
night. Anld as they had not met
(those foid lovers) since they parted
oil that memorable Iight, you may
see good reason for agitation oi her
part. It is n(o light thing to encount
ter the eye o f'one we love and kinow
they thiik us false.
Slowly and lesitatiigly she walked
down to the parlour where so many
were already assembled-where her
proud hlusband's Cyc had long watch.
ed her coming, and felt vexed at her
long tarrying in defiance of the rules
of politeness. Here she gained morC
copilosui0, as we, in some trying crisis,
Cft despair of even retaining our
senses. Though paler than ever, liar
smile was bright, and shte was the con
tre of admiration.
"Dear Melantlic you look pale
what kopt you whon I was looking for
you so long.
It was liar husband who spoke to
her, but she scarcely answered, or
on1ly replied, flit is nothing." There
was no kind sympathy ill her soul,
(gen tle though it was) for him.
"This is my wife, Mr. Staniy.''
T.his was the nomuent she had nerved
herself for, but composure suddenly
aigaiin deserted her. Iier brain reel
ed, :ho raised her eyes t) is face, and
oh ! that look, how sorrowful, how re
proachIful, how calmi n,-and yet worse
thant ill other glances to bear, was
the the look of old affection, mingled
with those other looks, which seemed
to long to hold lir to his heart as of
old, but yet no never could. do so
aga in. It was too much ; her sight
failed her, and she sank fainting on
the floor-nono noticed Arthur; till
eyes were ott her ; lo passed out, and
was soon inl the retirement of his room,
where he wept like a child over tho
bitter disappointment which crushed
his spirit. Mlantho was borne to her
chamber. She soon recovered from
her swoon, but was ill all that night,
and for many days and nights after.
The husband whispered "It is too
much excitement we must live more
quietly." To which she fcobly assent
sented. Sometimos the fevor racked
her brain and her mind wandered.
It was one night when lie sat alone
by her, holding her hand, that he
hear.d her pronounco the namo of
Arthur Stanley, and raving w-ildly
about the evening they parted, and
their mocting on that fatal night. Site
told him (Arthur) how dear lie was
to liar still, how that James Burton
she had never loved. Oh ! what words
for husband's cars ! Now he knew
why he could never fathoniher soul.
She had never once spoken to him as
she addressed Arthur in her ravings.
No wish of hers was left uncared, for,
Dr. Burton never failed int kindest
attention to her who was still his wife.
lBut the "dow of afl'ection was gonec,
anid jealously and the darker paission
took its place on that once noble
31elanithie reeovered, though pale
and~ wvan. Grief was impossible to heo
concealed. Her husband strove 110
more to readi her boart; he felt ini the
delicncy of his nature that it was nev
er meant for him to road, and he nev
cer again strove to unclasp) the lid
which fate had closed to him.
If we can form tin idea of it all, we
may feel someting of the hoeaviness
of two wedded hiearts which never beat
together. Theirs wore such ; anid they
walked their different paths with non11
to elio) the feelings that play within
their hbreasts, with remiorse and regret
where only light and love should
Arthur11 Stanley married, but it was
ntot for love, and soon he left his young
brido, a sorrowing, heart-broken wvid.
ow. A few months, and his earthly
career closed, and we trust lhe fond
in that land1( where right is, that 1 felon
had never been false, that bohr heart
was not at fault.
It is no light thing, in thise world of' cre,
'J'o sing the dirge or thie young and fair.
A few months miore,-time has pass
ed heavily. Who wvould hear houts
reounted which brought only deeper
and darkor gloom ? Mehantho pale
and gentle as an anigel, holds in her
arms her little infant Jamies. Beside
her couch the father standls sorrowful
ly, but more tenderly titan for many,
miany hottrs and ,months past ; and as
she commends her babe to himii, and
to its God, a husband's love and ten-.
der'ness overcomes all other feelings,
and he takes hecr head upon his bosonm
where it hasn not lain for so long, and
they weep together. Oh 1 saered hour
of redonciliation, to long estranged
hearts I Well miightt the angels huave
hovered over the scene and b orno the
story to their Mauker's throne. As
the little bright eyed babe clasped its
moithter's curlIs, atnd looked in her face,
a tear fell on tha t tiny han, fm. well
MIeIalaithe knew sie m1u11t leave it in
Lhis dreary world, without a mother's
W hat were Mrs. I [;mito-is folings
through ali these clanging scenes ?
Whiat. were her thoiglts, s ise stood
besido her child's death-bed, and felt
that, site had laid her a sacrifice on the
nitar of her avarice ? Mdaihe died !
I ler bhile ('ees were li ed oi I llaven in
sRO.le rrayer. Theni commminiig her
ithsbanld, helr childI matil hII other to
that G oI who ever i (ars (arnestt prayer
Rile crossed over to that land w here our
direams are-( neve4r vain.
Hirps of heaven awake sort. music,
For it Spirit dra:iweth n r ;-:
G lntcing into depihth eternal,
She begim thy sitratins to hear
Iaip of' ieaven. yott swe:t et chord awake,
And the sveet. stiaiger spirit. to your choirs
What may bo Expected.
We a re no ad mirers, says t Ie /honir,
f iEx-Goveriir Joe Browii. of (,' cur
gia, so far as his political. antecedents
go. But, at the preselit timtue, we
tiliuk lie has taken the right position
in counseling prompt and general
conformity with the reconstruction
Acts of Congress. lie says, in a
letter, that when tie Southerin Statei
are re-admitted into the Union, lie
expects to afliliato with whatever
progressive national party that shows
the greatest, inc(linatioln to stand by prin
ciples and deal justly by us--a party
with the most power to aid in restoring
prosperity to the l 1 South and to the whole
country. 'I'he wa r, as h0 say, has
forever settled tho old issues upoi which
tihe country was divided, anl therefore,
We olIght, inl ilakin, future selections,
to be goverited by nlone of tho predilec
tions or prejudices of the past.
Of' the tinportaneo of the Southern
peoplo acting iunder the recoinstrucion
A i t, al tihe deloorable consec rinces
chat, would ensue, should the Soutitherli
States refue t0 adopt its terms and pro.
v isionts, Ie says very forcibly :
"cShould the people reject a conven.
tioni, when Congress again meets, it will
do one of t wo things, saying nothing for
the present about confiscation. It will
either disfranchise all who vote against
a convent ion or all who voluntarily
engaged in tie robollion- What, would
theit follow ? The commanding geieral
would be directed to make another en
rolinent of the freedmen and the few
white men not disfranchised, and the
question of reconstruction would be re
ferred ' back to them. They would
accept promptly, aid form a cotistitut.iol
for the State and elect, State oflicers and
members of Congress, an(d upon that
organllization the Stato would be adimit
ted into Congzrcss by her representa
tives. Tho present propositioin leaves
probably eight, to niie-.citihs of the
white iien still voters. The next, will
not probably leave the ballot in tho
hands of more than one or two-tenths of
the white meni of the Slate."
And that this would be the result of
non-action, 1no seisible naln can doubt,
for a moment. Already we have the
indication of the spirit anti termper of
Congress in the call for a July session,
in consequence of the A tt orney-G ene
ral's opiinion ; and it is not at, all unliko.
ly that, if a quortn be present next
Wed hnesday, the first act will be to
'iboish the existing provisonial State
Goverunments, and mnake the generals
comnmantling the distr'ict s supreme. not
only as executivo agents of Congress,
but as hihv.makcers. T1hme Presidet, wvill
be entitely strippetd of' thle powver of
interference, so far as Congress cain
effect that object, and tItm Suth will
hav no b1 hranchl of thle GlentraI Governl
mencit to shield or protect hecr. This is
a gltomy conteimplam tin. 1iet, 11s hiopo
that it may not be realhzed, and that the
peopile of the South will show U> tlhe
wor'ld that, manhi~iiood andi trmte moral5
coulrage which, insatead of tdespairing,
only prompt~s to grealter efforts to throw
off the inlenhbis of adversity, with strong
arms anld willing hearts.
Tm Cmncus 0OoNE h-Judge 0----,
of Atlanta, was advooating tile pas
sage of a law to wipe out all indebted
ness and to citable the people to hoegin
a tow, andu was v'ery earneitst lin hillu
pot (If whloleSlO repudiat tin, whenI a
young lawyer, ver'y mod~testly, drew
htis attentionl to theo fact that tile Coin
stitutionl for'bidls the passage of arny
law which imlpairs the validity of con
tracts. The Judge after regarding
htis young frieond for so0osecnds
with evident compassion remnarkedl,
"My friend, your talk about the Con
stitution and valid ity of Contracts re
minds me of a par'cel of boys ridinug
stick horses inI a circums, atfter tile cir
cus is g.one." Th~e young attorney
made no r'eply, andl the Jutdge rentmin
ed muster of' the situationl.
Iowv -ro S-r'or -rita FI.owv OF 1lL.00).
-1 Iousehoopers, mechanics aind oth
ers, in hiandlintg knives antd other
sharp instrumeitt, fr'equen thy receive
serele cuts, from whicht blood flows
profusoly, and oft-times endangers
life itself. Blood may be miado to
cease to flow, as follows :Take fino
dust of tea and bind it close to the
wound-at all timies aIccessible an~d
easily to be obtainetd. After thme
blood has censed to flow laudannin
may b)0 advantageously applied to thle
Canada is to celebrate thme 1st of July as
The Iirst Anniversary of Anierican Iude
pondonoo in Olarloston, S. U.
Wo have before us says tlie CharlestonAil
News. i copy of (ie South Carolina a
Alericeaa ('steratl Or'zele, dated Thtirsday,
Jily 16i. 1777. It is voluine 20, nhimabe*
UiK. and was printed in Charleston, by It.
Wells & Son, at the old printuing house,
great stationery and book store. The
quiriiiut. stylo anlld Antigated appenlraelle of
tle ,aper at once attract attelition, bit it is
cie-Ily valuable because it contains an ae.
coint or the firbt celebration of the 4th of
fily as a national anttivorsary. The ir.
ticle is so interesting that. we republish it
entire, and our readers oan compare tle
layings anid doings of ye ollen time with
those of the present daiy -
"Last Friday, .July 1, being the first an
niversary or that memorable Mra, Amseri.
can Independency, was ushered in withl tle
ringing of bells and a geueral display of
he American colors on all the foros and
shipping. The Ciarleston militia and ar-.
tillery woro reviewed by his Fxcellenkcy the
President, his Ilionor the Vice-President,
the lionorable Meimbjers of tie Privy C'oun
cil, &c. At I o'clock the great, guns of the
different forls (Fort Moultrio begilniing)
were fired to (he number oit sovenly-six,
nlluding to tI he year 1776, when (lie thirteen
Uniited Siltes enalncipated themselves fAoi
ithe lIrtish yoke. An elegai.t entertain
ment. was given by th President to such or
the memburs of the Legilatire as were in
town, to 11 clergy, eivil find military otli.
CerS, and i4 Ituiiaber of01 other gentlemiens.
After dinner, lie following thirtecn toasts
were given, encli accompanied by thirteei
dischatrges from the field pieces belonging
to Captaini Urimball's Artillery Company,
vaz :
1st. Tihe Free Tndependent and Sovereign
Stes ot America.
2i. Tihe Great Council of America-May
wisloim preside ini all of its deliberations.
31d. General Wislhington.
ll. The Amierican Army and Navy.
May they be viclorions and invincible.
't)hi. 'rte Nations in Friundship or Alli
ance with America.
(ith. Ihe American Ambassadors at For
eign Courts.
7Ith. The 4ilh of July.
8th. The memiiory of oflicors and soldiers
who have bravely fallen in defence of Amer
9th South Carolina.
thk. M ny only those Americtias enjoy
freedon who are rendy to die for its de
I lit. Liberty Triuimphant..
121 I. Confusion, Shatne and Disgrnce to
the lnemiies-M sy the foes to .Aerica
(slaves to tyranny) humbly fIll befioe her.
13th. May the rising States of Americ
reach tle 11miiiit. of human. power and
gisaideur anad enjoy every ble qing
In the evening there were e. amlitions
and fire-wg~ks and tho whol. .;oil
Cluded i i l iut the leist acaident or listur
In the samo paper are several proclania
tions from his 'xcellency .)no. ut lledge,
fle Govern or of tle State, which roeall for
ibly the stiring times tlirough which we
have jut. iassed. Tie (/zette wais os -f
the first pnlpers priltl in Charleston, andi
its time tninal colaians connin may
names that. are famitilini-, al0d others who
have all passed away ill tile ninety years Ill
terims. between the 1st celebration of tie
4th aind to-day.
A Iloutitta aii ItEM1Ni5OcsNl8 or 'rur.0 WAR.
-Ou- ci izens will reneniber that, in tie
early part of tile wiar, -two) cit izens of our
county, Gabriel Close and Black Triplelt,
were arrested by a squad of Col. Morgan's
Illinois regiment, which was stationed at.
Westcn: They were arrested at.Mrs. Kuy.
kondall's near this caty, charged with being
bushwhallckers. Whether tie charge was
true or false, we know not. Securely
guarded and bound,the prisoncrs were starat.
ed to Weston. At. lcu creek 1.ridge tho
sqlnad halted, nil determined to murder ihn
two men. The ficnds in humni; shape, who
disgraced the uniform (hey wore, told tueir
victimas the result of their deliberations, and
proceeded to carry into execution their hel
lish designs. The hound and helpless vie:
timis wvere toldl to run for thecir lives. Trip
let t refused, anal wals shot., thie mules~C af
the guns and pistols being so close thant is
hanir. aeard ansd flesh were haorribily busrned
by t he piowiler, un1til ho was scarcelyrecog
ii zable. Close made an attemapt so run,
but miired in tho treacherous lied of thea
creek, whlere the brutail soldiery deliberate
ly tired chsarge after char'ge inito haisebody,
isf tr which t hey thlrust their bayonets
thirosngh ihis head. Not contenit withI this
m1onst rouis barbarism, theay then dlabbled
thei- hands in thea blood of theo miurderedl
mien, aind wrote, in great, unconath letters,
0on eh enld of (lie bridge, in chaaraceters of
blood, (lao let ter's, "U. S."' Th'e hsorriblo
let ters are still there. Every traveler be
tweeon Weston andl Plate city will nlotico the
terrible, bloody tletters staring at thaem
from either approach to time bridge. Kinad
hands o'ten .atlemnpted to obliterate tis
awful sign of blood and murder, but to-day
it is na piain as when it was first made by
the brustal wretches. Time anal thae cle
mnents refuse to destroy the letters.
Th'Ie memiory of Morgan, (lae commnrander
of the regiment, is faithafully preserved by
lihe people of this- county. lIe burined this
ow'n, andl laid in a'ses our court biouin.
In the cernier-stoune of the ne0w house, just
about finishaed, is placed a parchmeaint reC
cording this fact. Wherever lie goes Godl's
wrath will follow him, and futusro genai
tioiis will speak thae name of Jnmoes 0. Moi
ganl wIth a shsuddor.--Plate (Mho.) Rcr'ille.
(lay Lussao has proved thatt iiilk hept.
from thie air is preserved for a long time
perfeet ly good. Profiting by thais experi
enee, says the Lonadon Mechianes Magnuniih,
Mr. Mabrun warms milk in a moderate
temper'atuire in a tin vessel, furnisheud with
a ttube of leadl, to expel tlae air ; then then
tuabe is comlpressed, and the orifice is closed
withI solder.' When (lae milk is used at the
end of several mlonibs, it, will be found
desirable to sttirtip wit hI it, (lae orens m which
is formed Onl the upper part, of (lae ligniid.
Mr. Maur'un, having laId thIs process betor o
the Academy of Soiencoes for theIr examina
tIon, thacecomamitteo report that milk thius
preserved aftoer'slx months st ill p(5.sesses
all (lie propriecies of fresh milk. A prize
of lificeni hundred francs has been wyarded
to Mr. Mabr'un.
Thei MadIson, Ga., News, Is iifl'rmed of
thae mielahchaoly deatha, from thie bIte of a
rattlesnake, of a young man named John
Rtivers, whicha occurred ha Put nata countty.
Younag Ilivers was gathecring strawb)orries
In his~ fathler'n patch, on hais hands and~
knecs, whlen the venomnous repti11o sprnag
andl struck him on the neok. A phaysiciani
was sant for at once, biut before ho arrived
(he yon nun a (lead.
Te Ihipping Po't in .tith 4 :n* u Wsj
in radical esfi ;3ation ait h ru .u -bi.
ltian, brutal nlgenley. 11,11, lte "s;auev For
11hv goose" is not "sauce fr1 thw "!an h:e.
ilk I his iistance. We cipy f'on tlwt O haii(,
Rtepuiclem of lthe 22d till., oft :a .l-te all.
ministered hy our gumdians in a m hite "m"
it Fort Sedgwick:
A gentleman who was1 nl eyc witneisz.
writes us an necoitia, whih't Is Ioo lenghi y
for us to prublish in Full, of fitm 1.a:t.
rons punishment by flogging iniitl. bly it
ilit 'ary oflicial iipo n it eil izni at l'ort S -
wick onl the 13th inst. A mnan nai-4ellln
dtricks, inl a (tte of great deiti ve m
lothioll4Oui disease, whol hail niiitt'I i hl I li
Vicinity at few days, before f~rom New York.
was induced by soie' :iOl~iers, di.1 in
cition cloohes, fnndwernned hemii
selves to lie citizens, to I'umy foi ilitii al
tLe of whiskey. The case iuie to ith
knowledge of one Liet. lIitz. of I'. F oi'
thlo 30th infiainry, Who replorted it it, Ire%.
Lt' Col. It. 1. Dodge, commani ing t)he rei
COl. Dodge ordered lItfehiiks In be ar
resteid, anld I flogging .f' one huuitrel tL h
es to be adminisivret it- I;i. Lieut. I.ant
took oharge of I he execuntio of I he enh'u.
lendrichs was slripped :tii then I fait enid
to a rough crosis whlich ll 14 1el en const une ..
ed and phaeed upright. in the grunn"l. .\
lrivate soldier wias then plited on eah si e
of him, each nmedi Wihth a Phut d kno itd
rope. Illrcks here rQletani n -ert o
that he didl now the meni for ' whn he
bought to be soldier., but Ilieved ihe io
be ctizI'eins as they relreselIed IIiito:eveS
(to bo. ILieut. L~antz mr-lered tiw p;i
m1eit to proceed, aol aftiir : t L'
(fI rst one tit thle subtliers and I h( il 11v"!
bringing tlie kiiotiei role (Iew n1 wit cli his
might 4mnoni the quivering Ih-I.) li' bhi
poutrel down the Icily %f ih \ei- .i
stL'einios, andi hi., fle-.4 hunl- g n in
Al lon1gth spe.!aders, 1"p411n'witn p.. 1
draicks liom had! spnere i duing t he li --
giOg, and who cleWd their e"eS n i t it
shut out the hrrid i iglt a lu i a!wo io m.
selves ideal' to his Pie_'ciing elis of pl',1 ap
ItenIed I o t01he I AIIutenat 1I Ito --; op 1he pa-Ini
ishituent , and,4 he dtid --, and I l-IaIhit-: wiV:t
peritlit-t to dirag hillavlf an ty its hlv l hie
conlh to the iearesi -i l hill. wl re hue wi.
nolnd an hour o1. two0 aftlerw:jrds' l lf'r t
the most intense agc-ny of bo00y andi pjirij.
faQv'on roRn I I !(It, liV- N O\- F: ra N vr
P'oot !-tIn his an1'Iwer to the e. unica
(tit Irion tle (!o illiittleo f Ilb, ('i y ('oin.
ci1 on Ihe bliet or ih ior liceinecS, t;e.
ral Sickles snve :
- 1, as is sugret e.l, the1 re-t:iction inl,
posed byti IPar. VI. ire-ities a nI I - ip i I a
Vor. of, innikeiep r.'. it is a grievi . n ithin
ile Control f i he 1m11 ci1:di
for it, may he nt'n i t cie hi i ie " T 1 .
military inter -fie til i b!i'i' i ti on - --
tueia ti2ih lijiei'p -ri ila i:. iis l, ;hiit
rooml. T'1 hia remins a matter flo inuilei.
pill regulat ion."
It. will bel sen by referenvce to Mhe pro
eedings f 1'any 'onnih on yweuuusry Af.
tenoon hilat it y have :nliti. i n thiis hin.
and deiierminedt to to grei l y i Ii
I.l. bar roos , w rotr ihertlie e tit F.il in.
toxieting liqpuor. in ,ii antitie i lo s I lhim
onl gallon. 'I his i n.- tion w oppol i .1 bll y
some membho of' louncil tin fthe gro-und
that ir the mutnicipal anthoriies did nil
grant liee ito 'ei inan-k e'lri Ito have bar et
room , the ililary authortiel s wo fu-l, n-li
hat on en hes i nla ir gt It 1inerative leu.i
tsi of granting liqnor li ensis in aheir
hands, they Would never give it 1up ' so .m'ug
as3 we were under military coiAl. In v iwt -i.
of tlie gnoltion above, however, isi oh.
jecion Alls io the grund, for vii iiral
Sickles Cannot hitle]hu-tii.iutl e to) l tran :iri Io t
hoitse ee I" lit Chrle tel o or t h
oaills flokoe, without leting in had11 fit(il to
wee( ,nedy (ho i 'ly governmient.
T he reiu o f I his ot hine' i' eion of Ith1e
military awd Civil thorities is 1as a t r
Ilnn in Car" clIeston ti. ho t ie mi:iiy Ile l..
ing ho the wan of nn ounld e of hlii awl
may just have money eniongh Io payi Air it,
ennnot, buy it ith out a vinhun of I he law,
whie e man who lihve money enongh ieo
bury a gallon, iny carry it homoe%ill dkep
drunk s long t heir money holds out, atm
ye.re bei o breachiuow ofeItng regu'a
sonvce teye'on I the cars 'l' eing
who as fnomo abord,1 eli usiha ity
tscreamedh I i oli tlpakyo Titene a cilr(0en
or~i~i aloke of se tdu ie loeictt ilyut
gtO,'t mid nGods 1)0h rCedtel's are/pon us !" An..
Theyi force ae ingt ii !"Theyr'~g3 hapen .
edil to ccupy a fortiwrd enlwich was1 badlyei
shtedil t andsier lowlyhpmhurtt Whenour
itormat'h clie out fthins he ou nd
twon ite gfat ton tec groundoi ant rin asi~
nif hihat aud break.ii or Oneng aoue
wi'hyhe o to hO~~ repied iks ie
conscide r a ey ottnwa t io l,n
arieb frai of o b ing thrown Ci ow' h tnek
wheneverlt u'hei'y rit in h Ccrsvi oel ofbing''
throigthcnr. Tru'uly aepsii guiiiit ye con..t
gutardi and nedls, nod acouscr .Nuasspeille n
aTnwi It fishi h Tu'. '..-Whilute I hiropegnu
egier rok ongthed ai pieiga loi
rCei to maO ee tiriwycneo weekIti utnti
Fra.c~e aItalyt willericanoniele il are
ste ealy buaher sl(J~owly pntuavln
Bprt o the Grknh Moueantal eloosnoin
lorde hat competem atik ti thI raiwycneto e-i
ft. Wnhen itllhs of euei the i o andl winu-k
dnaetiut nti makig tmore.rc. o
froe Troto ilo Cnsion.e rks or o-i
grsing orll)of prducn the st. enit
whrob mean'os of oia walter io n the il
Derna l riivertbnur a Is opr'ed and'iii foced
thprougnhe irol pihit ort thi'nl -l(n0 uit, io
a pint whered it liep kinI'u ontat oItei'n a
pow er 0 the p in furnhises~ ~tc the r
men wihfehnr.Teavnc.hog
Leiter f i .Ih .,
We la w' -n ' t "1111-ie ed. nyl fie New1
wI III iou' j.L~~~~i'ILA L-i 11' !rL1IL ., 4'\-i' IL .
I ILI 4LjI '. . to lh ob -hih.ielo igix
'. a I e , u I I a y : y Wh -,
wil It hele pa viie i. I.s si 'bt I niw hul;, il
til h lLpire . of1 1"121,L:
It 10 101: .!.mN1: , il rV.T
I L P I ieI d l aFn :14fA, er thi1 L L day from
Newv ( rlean,. -ill well : no do:tih:, b',It a~
Iiv %i Lg. If we h'al l owniv' thie I.i llI ' f'ar .
WO conh'l hlive i )-% i.Le.1 - ith pro
(o- n I tie Ir i p.
- " .' .i, - ii Li': I hIi v iiI (IL i " it.
.\hI ILL e piI o rly ofI (Il :i - h h i.n
Cails to furni-h i : 'I. LI h ,
Ina1.4 i.iL en '1' I Lith I ever 'b'h 1bL.
\\iL 4. wer L reI L .. .1 ti le L : 'I-u 1with'l
t heiILI n o l lil ie: i - .
n i-hi nesini el' til. .
Nl'14 TLL I IV l )w , 1,11 4.*, !w
I ! I I '-LIIIt.111, 1 i. l
in , on i t I1n11n11 e4 , .1111l it a inmolIIinaioi
th l - LIII a II A L iew o 1114 cily. W e
are inihet uN ii e v n-!, hIL i li -. i ',
l lill I I wt ]:l' I V!44 4'
ak o to 1.;1y fOrt v eenN!- per d1i-.
'I hie wrek~vlo 1iir i !! 111T ~ . 11
I cI.I Ii II % N c 11 LI1 ILL)1 v I % oL I ..i I.y - 1
11Lne, hea l hy loL kin it-. r l", w. Ile 11 L LL )
he t hr n h v ry: i -.it i nt ii! 1 .L
:t!IAI I'l . o uL-i .1 il ! !IO Te ,n In.
Iw('LI I v, I I Ill' ro.L .y l:I,
I'i':I'' M r. it4 Il . oCc A !a lL . I~ [I r . KIiv
w ; I L o11 4 I :.! - Li L ..o C :v o 1 r F liI4.
SiI~tLIL eLIitl:lLto
Two nil Mr \ni h.it !1 I 1: . fr l . I Ionh
a'Ll 1:1141 i Wi 1 1. I lL i Wih Il (hL1.V IWN e1
T!-wre ;tIih I- Ivizviri:itli'i Ho t o ev- .r
Cl 'Ao'r I Ni ILliy orn4 aoreI Il n L I s uid.. -I
eii in pr. li : 0tr:. !0heV. I <3I L vr . isllI
(IeId byL .\LL Gt erSIICLL el . 'L. ILiri.'L' ,-alLi
w.1 g i e , a I' h e 110 3.
t of l! . Ia I' mC y'swL nvit.
:nm tHre h"unwvr OAiK, Wh.ih of be
Thierl ilt a nlhI- Lil I line l.tNew ork:
1.l The iv ,to o!- '": of Iw- snn h
Site in 11th It~ L hhi e t :' ;h !I: i>ero.- ill to
Li~ u110 in11 ltw diiilLL'I e ltVlii o ho
-ilr l :- IL.:: II O i h a lluer oil (1113
i lc l l piy i 'X, -i h e ra rti,il , .iv .
I hi, lollir eI . ln imnLetinI rlof e I ence to .1
o iut ur e 'L o t .n :
come ny 1 iI I LI h te ar enterin i
' i's LLI Iolue of aI'U lirlLs wichIuL .b
IL ThIl C 0% il l . olsi' ) If tle g 1:0 w two s .
b e i nirt e. n i . 'l , a li! ( f, Io m n l e ly
u d pt w~1 iI. . e eu!IN LlI I., As h ul
4 tra liIni ILrtr . tie 1-1en l uksll 1 44 bamilot
I i. i N",v 14' ,l'il: 1 i I'Ll COIII,-l ii. A411 1I'1,
(ho te i l1tiyin CLO -t r w rice il 7l e
CiL L I ro b billiy ii ar wtih' i tr. . (
t 1ClIIolll.dobILwr e 1bokOl1
tIlLn h oh-I af.. . llat) , C. le lpl
l. Tiv snai~Roi. n il. Ie a a e ) a,
I- n i o fa : . Iv I-I 1,e 1 f-3 i ll
Privhte I - i i l e jP n wellIht 1110 lII 11,
27th inO evi VrI ii i t wohri i th Ird u
I~ ~~~~~~~I .i -It- o0 Pit1C,4111(ih .-fbI1)lO .~1
oi ain In hpre befOre co (1 ciity can
- the iblwi (i alis1t14 e f o h n h
i'iv a 4.1 Wltrfl(t To b y CeIpan t.C , )'hCSouth
oly him avll I I ch01 II I- Ill 114 n I llnC il
411,1111 I hen i on ty. , Itri S I n n n
WL'.iva 1 J b Jun1et.il IIt, lCopn 1 , C !!atnytong
l.'r11 i ), WI 1ii Iimonton, Coi) .anyuI to, onth
.1. l'rivat l hn' 1.:en, Compaiinn y I, 2tli h
91' ti~lil 4 Dobsonke , C'Ipany g ,it oldo
13outh t'i na.1'' IO l~'IICL1v.
(JorreponIdence of th PhIon,
WVASIINmero, Jilly, 1, 1807.-Thero
abeen a great eal of cautcussing ail
comt1parig of opmions among the Re,
ublicansin ICongis; and from what
I canlearni, it is pret-ty obvious what
dhey wil do tlhii session.
Th sssion will bo very short, and
Collinied allmost cxcluisi vely to tho
o l ulject of reconst rtin-ti. The ses
Sit not a,!' A morc tlan tel or lihLeen.
Cn:n will derhu-ro all1 the olices'
lwit-.1 widee the'. t:ate Goents void,
withint a ver y sholrI period, say tweniite
the l. hu, gov Inr4, jinige- and all
"Ither offloices gooverbon~d. The coml.
manding general will have thle p~ower. of
appoiiient, i nd 1 ny iappoint newI perl
SOns. or continue "it, inlemnlbents inl
Olico . BYih it. is itend to dig uIp
th StaIt1e (1ovI-eIimIets tile root, 1aid
put al ii nloe or Onict, at the
Ililt oi le id of the lilublical
pal t y, so far as it, i.. po!Side to find men
i lta:e olhes. wiit h Iepulilical opitions.
It i- tupendous b id to love of olicoe
:th. A:I the fllliee?, from the highe"st;
to the l)west, arro to lit vacated, and
tn1 re:ly for oveillatioll by all good
I eublician, without parLicular refer
iene to color.
in addition to this proVisionvacatinig
ofliet-, addi ttional power will be given to
Ih lr boards to reject applicanit
Thero will b no col niscaltion. The
I'l! who are clatnoring for this mensuro
cvainot com nand the necessary strength
to carv it iln Cong-ri-ss. i- aflir.s con,1
'iin <1,1.ii10i the South for L hO ietX
l'w month, :iul representation froi tho
milh i.,s admit ted to Conigres, the con.
i cationt project, will be at ann oad.-.
wo ii hoit b is restored to it s politi
c 1 ight11u inl Congl.ress, thle necessary
two-thirdi e:illmot. lee foind to pass m eas
tIles over the iEAocit ie veto, anld this
Ve'Ild setic colifi-cationl for the pres
T'w inipe-mtelonellt iisinoss is being
w*artO, lressel b)y a few violent Ilen,
butt tIe ('ongIpress ae-C not willing to tako
it 1). The J1utd4ciary Conmittee will
rpirt ont tihe sub lject, and t1o tuatter
witl gio (er to (te next Se.isionl.
; ,11 of the conservative olmber.@
. e s . do not. leaitato to exiriSs)
th.eu ree at. the Presidt lL's giving tia
pretext for the asembltt01ing of Congress.
.lN ay of th Presidet't 1Political attp
portersI ilh k to is greatly deficient i
t , .) pelrsol Of c1onseqltelce, wltoso
1pinion is worth - nytin seems to
ha vo any iiltenco at the W leitu
I lo; I :;C.
Tho Republicans nro snttgino for
Varirying Virginia, as th e whites hav.,
blln negligent. about registering, whilo
the blacks havo beel wido awako oil
the subjb Tis citiLioll of affairs iln
V irgillia illakes toin very hopeft Of 1o
citiro South.
NOtiiii-ttH MiN as RMENt A ESeTA.
TIVE. OP oT1ln CoNSTiT-NumcIqs.
The fC lowinig letter, nidressed to
the \ilitary Governor of Louisiantall
explaitns itself :
ExJWttrivi: MANsroN,
WAsuIxUToN, Nov. 21, 1864.
iD;t Siit Dr. Kennedy, bearer of
this., has some approbonsion that leader.
ii oillicers, not citLizens of Laouisiana, may
be st- up ta- caindieiates (or Coingress ini
iat. Siast i. i lilmy view, th ere could to
n10 possible1 object int such ant electio.
We do not particir ly need tinbera
tf C'ongresl firoim ithois Sitates to (enabl
iis to get a long wihhi li-gi-edtati here.
What s . we do want, is ilh c-ouchltsivye cvi.
deitce that, resp~ietablle citizensl of Loii;
inna tre wvillinig to bie miembers of Cor.
gr-ess, and11 swear to suippoit the Contst.
Lultion, aindl thit oter respectale citi
zenls there0 are willing to v'ote for thelnl
antd se-nd thiemi. TIo sentd a pairel of
Northternt mtein here as Represeniltati veP,
(-lect ed, as wouldl ho undeerstonod, (andi
perhatp-- really 1sot~e) lit the po'tt, of Ithe
batyonit eltouh b d isgraceful1 and ont.
raegoust~ ande were0 I IL membel~r of (Con
cress here, I wioild v ote againtst, aditt
Youris, very ti-illy,
I fon. G7i. F. SuIEI.vKv.
pa ratively' few atre aw~are of tim or iit
of thto termi of "Old Dominion"' which
ias so long tend so generially beent appli
(d to0 V irgiia. It originated thuts.:
Duarinig the Priot~octoratec of itromw~ell t.h -
colony of Virginia r-efused to acknowl
edge lhtis anthor-ity, anid declared itselfC
indepentdenit. Shlori ly aifter, wh~ont Crone
well threaCftened-( t o send ai fleet and arm-,
tto teduco Virgii to subjection, th'i*
a larmijed V irg'ainiants sontI a rmossenger- e
Charles If, whol wvas then an exile iee
Ie'Ilande, invriting imi to return in thi
shuip with theO me~senger attd ho Kmig of
V irgintia. Charles nacpted tie inville
tim, aind oni th0 evo of ombatnrka
Lion, lhe was called to thto thtrone
of England. As soon as lhe was filk
se-atedi on htis throne, in gratitfido for theen
loyatlty of Vir-ginia, Iho cautsed her cou.
of armes to bo quanrtered with those of
I~ingland, Ireland and dcoland, ntnd rid
itndependcenit memiibor- of thto -Empiro---a
dlistinict portjin of tho "Oild Dlominion '
-fenco atoao thto origin of thl- torn,
Copeer coins of Virginia was, issed (iVt)1
as hato as the re-igni of Gortge 11l, w~-hi
boro ott oneO siide thle coat, of ar-jns of
Entgli ind Scaitd n11nn1 Virginia.

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