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WILLIAMS & DAVIS, Ptoprietors.] A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquly, Industry aWd Literature. [TERMS---$3,00 Per Annum in Advance
A I, I F IF, lj D E I11 A L
W I L L I I fit S S " A V I S.
Terms.--.Th-o,fi'RA hD ir'tublihed Week
t, in the To of Winftsioto, at, $3.00
fnihilbly if 1adodaneeI .
A tipripsltnl. 6ivertisements t'o be
'A I./) IN A 1) VA NCR.
hiitary Notlices ail T\'lbutes $1.00
per i nkire'.
Po01liill MOWr's
(en. Kermhaw speak's a't Wih.As'ro
'on Friday, the 23rd.
Thlrough J'idge Minekey's iiAiin.
ence (says the Reporter) the radicals
have noninoil Mr. AtdCi'on-, an
honest 1axl:j)vr. for County Coiin'iS.
'sioner of Uhester.
The. up colotyy is sblaze with c
ttukinFw for Kcr.haw, MeOo\'nn
aind the Independent ticket. S ev'erz
II leading colored men in Greenville
have 'edged their support to Icr
sNw. Th'e ball rolls on.
'The conservatives of Mariii, al.
thougli hving a clear majority of
two huidred votes, have given the
colored It.depondent repbtibli
V1,11i.s a platc oi their tieket. Th'llis
i's he i i ining policy beanise it is
the true one.
The NeVA and Coui'ie'r .d vises all
'ctoervntIVes to support Albkey for
Vongvress against loweOis erbature,
IHutttz. It says that Mackey, though
a si:mon ti pe republican, has never
licen charged with dishonesty, and
that lltitz alnd 1owen are W'otoHolus
ly corrupt.
A pelp'c's Kithe.t has b-en n'in'a
ted int Ker.haw J. A. Chosnut(col.
bred) has boon nominated for the
house, W. 1). Tranthant, of olr stanch
- contempornry, the Conideni Jourial,
has beenl noniminated for the Legi.la
ture. rid T. II. Cla1kke, Isq.i 's
County Commiksioner.
The worst used iy M n in the
country is Congres,onn1an Iayes, of
Alu b. nl ,. It. will bb remembered
that he "aturtled' thtd nhr'h with a
fearful litt (,f assnFbittint ions inhd oth
er otrtiges. We netell not tell our
readers that they were a bundle of
faischoods, ntnnufactured for political
Iirpses. .But Fiayes liah recently
been convicted in ithe house of his
friends. The New York Tribune
t.ent a life-long republican to inivesti
gate his statements, ahd Nubhi a rid -
dling is lie g!ives Hlayes NVas never
I elore experience;1 by mortal man.
ie takes the outrages, one after on
other, and shows that they ate, to
use his own *ords, willful lies. lie
itAys, in e-melusion : lIn the majori
ty of the eases, M r. Iltayes knew his
Oa,tdments were lies when lie wrotb
them. Suitose a member of con.
gre s, representing a district in the
tvest that was begging and imploring
.ituuigrants to settle among thten and
to invest their capital, shogld put.
lish suchit a pack of lies about his
constittients, frighten people away,
tind induce the president to send the
army to preserve order where there
~tas no disorter-in t.hor't, by his
sl anders injuire their' business siid
give [the i b ad unme thtobgfiout
tlte country-What trealmient would
hie hiave a right th e4ipect when he
teturntedl home ? WoUld fitly on1e
llame tle people ori brand thtem as
rebel.3 atnd kuhlux if they 'ostracised1
him ?'
A French itivenition 6ofisidi ib
sending a plan br typographical
sketcht by telegraph. Over thte plazh
or map is placed a semti-circular plate
cf gla.4 graduated. da the centre is
a radial a rm, also graduatoted, Nhltiebl
earriCs on a slideq a piece of mina
with a blade poinit. A fixed tye
piece fs' adjusted; and, looking
thtdughi this, the mticn point is eait
ried succ6ssfully over hil the poitnts
of the plan to he reproduced; and
the polai coordinates of eth notefl.
The inmbers thus obtained are
trnnismiitted lby telegt:tph, and thecy
are laid dlowni by tho zYeeivor, who
uses a s'mnilar ariranigemnit.
'Thle Rlevenue Ind(ustr'iell6 Anys
that tlhe d inger sigrnal, invented some
time ago by 31l. a. Jart ique and L,x
f'orced, is tiltendy being sni~edsfully
used on some of [lie fretnch railroads.
In' this c)ntrivance a whistle is ar
rangzed on the locomotive so that
it will when otnce openied,' Oonfi'nue
coun d intg unttil sIhuit by lie engineer.
TFhe same device which turns the
disk sign-aI, so as to show the danger
side, is extended to transmit a dur
rent of electricity to a little projec
tion between the rails. When the
engine passes over this spot, a mietal
lie brush hanging between its wheels
strike's on [lhe project'ion and sweeps
over it, at the pamne timle transmittitig
fhe current to an eleetro magnet
which pulls [lie whtistle open. The
latter, by continit'ously sounding,
warns [lie engirieer.
From theo Ohio returns it would
appear that the Northern people da
not place all their conflcdene in the
Southtern "outrages'' that occur so
regularly jtust belore oleot.inn time.
Upoil -be Ot ftNioll of Ills First Baby.
It was his first baby, and Ie sat
dow'n to think about it, With a copy
of 'Dow'ees'on Children' spread out
before him.
Hfaving Iefre'ed Limself with the
phenoinena of oioup, scarlet fever
aUkd measles, he closed the volume
and sighed.
'Poor devil.' Thtit wais his judg.
ment on himself 'l'oor devil.'
Thel lV ,tipped, his mo'rning
go -b a4bo6t liltlh-, hind wmnt and rest.
ed Iiis oose ugaiubt the window
It was hilning oUt?ld*, hdd didn't
'sen to Hill particul'ry funnhi,"Y
Illive Silkp,' said he to liimself,
'at 25 eents per onnce bottle ; soldki,
$,25 a pair ; relays of par5go'rie,
40 cents a relay ; liuen,'80 beiNt pr
yard, and Ud buly khuws how many
3aids isgoing to take before I'm
througti With It ' nurse, $20 a
ii'onth ; 'dcetbr twleQ a day, at $3 a
Tlhen lie heard a yeli and Vbhed
upt staih, exaetinag to'in\l the ba by
The door was su'tfed too in his
ftce, and he itie0i'erd gloo(ninigly
bavk to the .sititg 'rouim.
I't secmt"d gloomier th-an 'ever.
'Whu't (lid I do it for ?' le miul
Inured, while tile rain beat 'a re
proachful rataiplan on the Window
lIe thought, he would go robia to
the club, and then he thought he
When a man is for the first time
u father instinict telli Lim to dodge
old con pations. It is better for himi
to 'tread the wine-pi-ebs' alone.
But how to .et away froin the
CeasClesn stir and Histles of females
going in and out doors and up and
do%n t tairs ?
lie wasniervous, and fNlt like a
man sitting on the raggb1 edge or ro
L,ikewise he reeilled the saying of
Isa iaI. 'In th.it day seven woien
.4hall taike hold of one nian.'
But it sebuied to hin as if seVdht.y
women had taken possession of hi's
hou:u at;d penned one man up in one
cornet' of it.
It occurred to him te sing a hymn
-but then the baby might be asleep
and his inbtructious were t kbep as
quiet as possible. Andstill the rain
fell. and the di ipping branches toss
ed to aird fro with every passing
g st. Wan thNie over such a dreary
d;y I Was ever the problem, 'What
shall I dG with myself I' so utterlly
unshivable I
But it'is the duty of a mian of
genius to rise superior to eicui.
Jittlt 'thihis behd before the
tempest bf 1ttifuah events ; great ones
turn thitt bmpi-st tb t lefr purpose.
Soreabons the midd with his fit-t
baby ; and, whtin hih house ceases to
bt- his castle and burses and nature
cofhbine to make it hih prison, he
ttfrns to atid finds nepenthe and
occiphtlon in whittlli Limbif a
freoh supply t toothpic s.
A lillionirc Wonies ai iauper.
We flidh in one of our exoharnges a
sketch of one lotneis Liaoroix, a
French octoroon, who; bcfare the
wvar, wits the fashi8inable tailor of
New Orlheans. lHe became a million
aire, unid rdtir6d froifi buiness. Tihe
star dimtinishied his revenues, and then
came tile carpet'-bagge'ta, wviose tax
bills became larger and lai-ger every
year At loo th hstxsamounted
to $ ,00. IS culdnotpay them,
and( his pro'perty was sold and gob
lld up by the ravenous carpet-bag
gers. Tihe millionairo is nIow a
lN-S'enator Sawyer, late of Southi
Carolina, hut now of New Y~ork city
is a defaulter for a l(frge sum. lie
owed the -large balance while lie
was aAbsaant tieretary of the t reas
ury. The fact was then known in
the cepartment, hut no litfl' inatter
like that iii ever thro'wn' foio against
a mian in official oir6les now-a-days.
lie ela ims that he can account fur
the baltnee, bitt as he continues to
postpone a settlement on one pretence
ad~d anot'rer. his eraium is glowing
denaker. lie .ian at l6ast subhstarttis'te
a claim to as miudh Virttre as the
rest of his crowdl.
[ At/an (a C'on stiulion.
A iS unpublished romance of Alex
andor D)umas the father is known ?'b
exist, atnd it map nliorfly be given to
pub)liL, Jt hay a peculiar history.
17unWas,- tiotugh he received a great
deal of money, never retained rmudhi
Arnd lie wished late i life 16 pro
vi'de for a third dhild, a'n illegiti
mate daugritdr, wh6' was likely to
he left penniless in case of his dda'th.
H'e wrote tihis romtlhee, therefore,
for her fdrtune, and cert'ai'nly she
is well pirovided for.
When one is in the not of' t'ipping
his hat to a lady whmom lhe ,suppofes
to be an acquaintance, it requires
some tact to make her- believe is only
scratching his head as be discovers
.LIic lady is a stranSer.
TlM k111ulct .11siness.
hlen Attorney Gneril AVilli ims
gave up the famolqus land; ulo which
brought his overwhelmini ambit ion
to grief, it was supposed that ir. d ue
course of time MlI other Overnment
oflicials who were sporting land.ome
equipages at the public expense
would follow his example. 8ince
last winter attention has several
times been called to this matter, but
there are a number of 1b igh oflicials
who continue to defy public opinion
drawing monvy friom the Treasury to
keep up carriages for their families.
No less a person thian Senato.t Conk.
ling, of New York, lis ;gmarked
that Senators have as mu1h riglht to
keep carriages at the public expense
as any of the department (fliciads.
This i0# seemsu to be rapidly com
ing in favoi and several miemberi
of both Itobses now say that they
are determined either that the de
partment officials shall stop this
pratice ol that Congressmen .0hall
enjoy thlo stme privileges.
T1h1 ibteresting suggestion ha
heen madle by a wi iter in Nature,
fiat the white telescopin appearatice
inl mllally parts of thoC.o1110011's surface,
-o strikingly resembling snow, may,
In f.et, he a coaling of satlt Oil extinct
'volcanoes of that sabilite, The da.
zling snow-%%hite (flect, so familiar
ill tile aipClranlice (if the lilliar Iloull
tuinls, is collilented lpol, amd it i;
th-ought a blvw to this well-hncwl
but hitherto unekplained phcnome
11011, is fuli.ished by sontO of the
more re'cent eruptions of Mtint
\res-uvns. In thisinstaneo a crush
ofcry.ftals of salt, very deline, was
forihed oVer tile enitire surface of the
lava on cooliiig, the effect yf whlic!l
in tile %kill, leiig quite 'i milar to the
whiteness -of ome portions of the
moon viewed by the tele.,cope.
The Mlissing. )IIII.
The dis-ippearance of Mr. S. San
ter, of Augusta, is still wrapped in
nystery. We hea, rd, yesterday, th.t
his pistol had beci founi ci the ri' ur
banlc, near Warren's Spriiig. It is
thought p,robable tihat his bmly will
he found in the catnal thii morning
when the wrter is drawn o1f. We
understand that Sauter, while walk.
ing a0lo11g the CaalIl banlk, last W ed.
nesday.. fired offoic chamber of his
pistol, and was heard to say, "That's
all right. Now, the others will do
for me.
[ hroa e' ulnd S?Iinel ]
In view of the various unarow
gauge railroads projected in thi
State. and of the (pie:-tion in thr
public ind whetier narrow gan,,e
railroads Call be m:lle1, a prlt:LicalI s.C
CRs, it is intert S.iig to learn that
tile nari dii gange ehgines built, and
now in progress inl the United Statcs
duirng tile present year, amount to
twenty per cent of 1:e whole locomo
tive busiiness-a ramirkabl fte
when we cofl-ider the siortness of
the time since the Iartow gaugc idea
was first developed.
fatt-;l 4;m ic ide.
On Wdnesday iaftelnoon last a
dlifhttilty oiccurrod ablout four iles
above thiis t owni, near thie S pantan-l
burg road, bet ween W. Ii. K e'en and
John IIawkins, about theO division of
lhe erop tlhay haltd jointly wor ket'd, in
whiebic K oon wtas k ille IIwith aii stone
thrown by llawkins. ilaswkins had
not been arrested when our paper
went to presst
A London girl, who ndveutised
recently for a hn sbandl, reg nest edl her
hlost of to rrespondenl~its5 to lbe Pretet.
in the plit at the 1)rnsy3 Lantle Th~eater
on the followiig eveinig, die0s.ed in
a blue coat, whii te panlt s. eeai; nald
scarlet coat; and immediately o(n thle
coneltision of the first act to standit
upon tho behes, flouIrishI a whiite(
haiddkerebaief ill 0one htand, andt aipp'y
a glass to thle rightt eye withI 'hie
other. W hen the cartain fell, fifiy
meni, fren# giddy youith to giddier old1
age, stood up inl the preseribehd tuni
form; atnd bejanr SeO eye glatss' andl
bankilerchi'e i t)i formanc, i.nid co:e
vi,lsiNoie of Ilanghter from a Ilrge por
ti'6n (if the~ spectators, whlo were inl
the seCret.
Ala ria .iheriman anld Lienot. Fit 'e
are saf'ely miarried . We a re glad of
it, Masri a id unil oubted ly a n ice
girl, and we hope Fita~h will prove
a good provider and stay home11 at
nights. We cai''t see, thongh, why
Fitch shonld have allowed these re.
porter's to go mieusin'g around and
tielli'ng what elothes bliR wife bad to
ed'mmence hiourdkeeping with. 'Toe
mere fadt that she was Gen. Shier.
man's daughter don't lend any addi
tional attraction to Alaria's clothes.
They iwill have to lbe watshed the
sameo as if shue was an ordinary wormh
like the rest of us.
[( T'nPso ( lli.)Jora.
A Sunday.school schiolar being
askedl what became of mn wh'lo do
ceive their fellow-men, promptly
exclaimed. "They go to Europe."
speciil lisputilch ihe News und 'ourier,
C'o'r:u'inI., October aI.- News was
received at (tie Independent. Iepub)
lican headquartors to day (if a l rge
meeting at Chester, at whicl about
,even hu1n1dred per'oi WeVr e preseit.
Yeslerday the Bond iting h:l a mnee
ing them it which the :n(tendanpe
did not amount to ono hundred. The
country may be saf'eAy put down for
the IJidep'end'oit ticket.
A letter received froal Birawell
says 'that they have ft lr' a large
"tilt fromn the .twslio.Wanbi1rlatin
iing, aUd that, thi lt r ill' .11p '
port, the lI dpI Iiendent State t ivkt.
A letter from Aiii-i btates that
thero will b3 a lIArge tilas moiltg
at OranitekiA, ol t"riday, the 211,
at which bot I parties niiA let in.
vited to speak. Tha se"thient in
favur of the Independent iovement.
is incrensing, antid it is generill';
thought tha.i Elliott hai rehiigled his
seat in Congrets for nothing. liu
election to. the Legislature is regar
ded as exticijely dolltfil.
Ne-v fro i Chera w gives the grati
fying inteligence of the rapid spread
fIt public senitimiieit ill favor (A
Independent tielcat. M.any of tihe
leaditig Col,red ien have abandoved
tie carpet bag Iting, and are joining i
Ile Retorm minovenent. The Iette r
further adds thant, of the 1,500 votes
in the county, the Green and Iela,
ticket to dnay could poll 1,ot)0.
''here will be i In.1uI n,eoling for I
.oint di.,cussion ill Cnie el tho
27Lh, provided 0.0 It,ig don't fail to
some out, Mij.>r D.lany and other
independent RepublCAican speikers
will be oil hand.
The mauss ineting advertied k)
take place in Charlestoll eil the :;.
i.talit, has been postpoed1011 b3 tihe
exeltive Colilittee of the lde
lpiildent Republicans until the Ilig"It
if Novenber ' 2nl, when it is proi'
un to hav ia grand toruhlight priees
siol lId Imiass mleeting.
A all bas beei i.sIed by the
1)is'oep dioce.-0 of lowa for i
ilpecial convention, to bc hel d1 on
\V ednesday, Decemil,er 9, 187.1, to
elect, a bi.hop. Tvenity-two 'clericl
and1u1 29 lay votes will be rc.tired for
a chice. . Among those spokenl of
are ilie Rtcv. k. It. PLio, pro.
fessor of eelesiasticl hi-toury in
G ris %ol d coilege, D.venpot t ; Rev.
)r. I) Kovei of' Bacinw", Wiecnii sin;
It -v. r) i. Po It er, I' G raco ch m
Nex York ; and the Rev. .NI e rs.
'Iv. iof Ciiigi;, anid iellwaihe
of lI ok.uk.
The Blue llidpw l1tialrold.
('ni nr.ewrox, October 22.-TIeIn
1Blue Ridge lailroad, including 33
iniles is finished. The road is in ia.
Mung order in Sjuth (a-oun Punill
the property and franeisc.s of the
collpaIy inl Souith Car1olinla were
sold to-day in banlkruptey W-lihnnght
by ex-G overnor Sctott f.r $55,000 inl
the intere.t of tile first iortgage
N. P1. flanks fleard From;
BO.wros, October 22.-The meet.
ing at Btunker l11ll, to-day, num'ber,
Ibnarks for Congres:. lIe aIdvo(entecd
bectter' execUu iono tihe hitws, and( the
euii aiitionl of a betteCr sent ienit to
ward the South.
If the Limes aire hard d'ori your lvi.
per, hut do not shorte'i your' allow.
anice for ih i.skey or' tobalicco. A
good paper inI a fnmily iq a great
comafott to (I re wife and1( children,
liut thiat is ( no feasn whly y'ou
ihould piovidec thleml with a wee'kly
luixury ait the < xpenic of' a daily
Tihie annuae ol neoro t of thle WVest ern
Telegi'apiei Comilpi ay inie i Cels. alon dg
wii.h the growth of its I usiie.s, anl
Iincreafse of its u.se fidn iess to thle pu.il
hie. There are d8more telegrapha
offices ii of>cration thlan t here werei
a year' ago, andit 5,800( miieis of' po les
and~ 21,'2(;4 miles of wire hiav: been
added. Purcnhase andit len.01e fi 11o
however, incl uded iln these figurces.
France is endeav ioting to resumne
specit) e ai C meni t .Go v< ri' nent, has
coAiiInenced'( to p:iy out golId in smaoill
ianitie.it". Gold andi silver aire saidi
to be veriy aibundanit. at presenti, andi
as thle lhtrvests hae, been I good, it is
expected1 thfat heavy ihjipeiits of
bullion into the coty ill conftiniue
to be miadl.e fiom abcoadI.
Ana Eng i-,huan wtivho died thei
other day becltcat hed fifty year.':
subscription to t he London T'imes0 to
one of his kinsmleni, and lhe ordered
the whole fifty years to be paid in
'Jefferson h)as is, who is deeply in
terestedl ini 'thie prgress of direct
trade and imm IIigrat ion between tihe
South and Europe, in connection with
the Loiidon and 3lissis.sippi Valley
Societies, addressed aI hrnge asseimbly
of 0Grangers cin those subejects, on- the
1st. instant, at llumboldt, Tonn
. Theo noe Tiltoll's ldet daughter
letliec, has assued a teacher
8ip iu. a pub'lic school inl Brooklyn
Almo. Theirs, who is over sevenlty
ye Ir- of :i e , w eaitrs .:i uI.ty little hats
th-it would le youthitlul for a woIaI
of' thirty.
Cirls, as yox value your lives,
dion't get np and get breakfast in the
Mo1nin,g;. A yoiulcy ladty atteipted
it one day LtA woek, awil w.-i burn
ed to death. Si.ow this to your
fil:u n: as8.
Mir. CCorgelianerolt, laevini con.
lu ldI L.is -hist(ory of the United
States'' to the cloS of' rVvolutia v
pe'ric I. will .ow *rite a history of the
iormatio of the volistitutioln inl ia
<Cries ot additional voluiies.
G eri.l. Hl'n ianl 8:y13 -r4 nieed1
be no di Mputo a ho t Ilis religious
fithi, ffor it caln bo given In a few
wvoIds. Says he: "I believe (liit it
people ly011*' au-t lialf as well as they
Iknov God WI forgive the baI
L'rd il'oln flids followerq in higI
1;o-ty. Lady Victoria Kiirwan. a
'i:.r of th'e kte lar<lii A ofI is.
ilg, has a lso gonie over to R o me.
i'his lady was forimleily a nltid of
onior, andI as I girl was a gre:it. fa ..
VoI i.e of the 1ueen. ho had held
her as an infant it !he baptism.
A c:it Show has just bieen held at
the Cr ysta n Il'alace, SYdeniha11m, Eig.
land. iThere were 287 intriesi, the
(Ital nn1b0 r of eats b-inl 35u1. They
re emihdis liv.ing UNxc'wdiligly
.e.iut ifiul, alnd the how of ij(tel' as
6.,ilijily s leildiii. The heaviest. eat
'xhibited eighed fifteei and three
'11.iAls pmlnd'.
A ve,;l thy ave tie Imerelmlit is re
rted as livin. said : "fI at Iway Ns
*eel'iiapy when I an advertising, totr
len I lnow th't, waking or sleepling,
[ have a stronlg, thiugh silent, orator
vorhing for me ; one who never lires,
icver sleols, Iever akes I.istakes,
Iind who is u.i tain to enter the hou.e
bold from wliell: if' at all1, Iy trade
It is reported that the cmiisvaries -
n1 modern civilvaiti(;nl are going to
run a railroad right through Nubia.
''ii is to be regir-1,ted, more1*0 partie.
it of Coleridge's
"Aby.siiaiii Miaid," who inight, be
I :ngiiig around the neighbot howl
wilh her dhil-imer, :nd evt-wii .1ly
;uhjeeted to :no,muh ."sparkuing1 's
a forget all ihuit Momint, AbNora and
1-ieblefirt, who is stopping at
Geneva, lately tookt a cab in the
streCt for a,drive to 'reAny, in the
iubu rhbs. The driver not iowing
his ipassenger aid( without Voimniual
eatiing With him Went by 1 Short cut
whict took him aero:-s a piece of
French soil. flesaid to himle a in1
o111 lt 0t..r ftey p ed the froni tior,
"AI,ow, sir, you ait in itiour own coun.
trI-%." Roeblefort got out mifely but
biadly frighteied.
Pcof,le in Pais are required to
take care of their iiildreii. lley
Ul'oper writcs : ''\ little chil', the
O Tring of a pibri coup;le resid iog in
oine of the inoir stret ruhnn ii' inot
of' thle Aleiine .Jusepi'iie, wit ~
playing til t ie iiiiddIe of the street~
wi ais ki w aked do All ando run1 over' by a
j.as.'iig etrriige andl instanttly ki.hled.
!i'i heir '2rro for' the loss of i heir' child,
hundtlredi frantcs for' not hiaviing kept
the ('hild21out oif the reet.'"
Wa lshinigt on gonip beg in i to lbe
both11 pl'it a nd1( splicy) with te
appruolach of sithle seaison"' thiere. Thie
tha.t this ill hue a g'ay witer, judig
ing f,01m thle f:r,realioi;s going ton
all1 over thet city'. Nearily all of Ilhe
fine res;iideces beg un a yealr ego itre'
c,niplehted, and a iii soon hie oeenpji
a'I. It is predriefed that:i 'o'., master
( :ineral .Jc.'ell's ho al will he the miost
popu,lai' of' nov in Washliin gion. Ai rs.
andi the t1lisse. ,dew'ela are not ini thi.i
eUnlttry ye't. so the liadies haIve iali
IlaHenl tn love witht thle pstLmaster
gi'in'ra, I.1e is jiust as hiai,dsome and
necea,ble, t hey sty, its a wiomtan.
lie i<' not tall 12nd( 1s tiite portly,
lIIis fignre mo;kes ito d tl'i'eoce, hut
it i.s his flueey a hite haiirs, clear rusy
c,>mpleOxion, merry, twainklIing eyes
atnd perIfect white teet h that do the
mii-chi ef'.
'The Waishiungtoni Caroi2ielo devo'ite
i's editori. Il'in'e to Sioutheitrn Oii
shape of imore putblic docuenOts
b ut jiud1iciouisly iavoids wastinrg its
space upon such an unimuportat
mactter as the result of the electionis
in Ohio ar d Indinaa.
Miss Mlattie Woodsont, or Vicks
burg, decsorves a statdo. She~ is
uincteen years of ago, and a first-claass
farmer. She has this year plaunted
andu' rnadds a good crop of cotton, and
hias already picked'anid cold one balo
at a good price, whsile three colored
laboVers upon the Ba.no plaec have
not ginnnici a bale.
25 to 50c. a piece.
Sash Ribbons
25 cents a yard.
Needle Cases.
A INDS 01y
Bloacili llflo slplim,
V1.1Y ity'MT O'
0 .A. L- I: 0 Ol
1.C) cent:3 a yard.
'lothing ana Hats,
LIandecher QM~Cop
oct 9
W 14 havelit jus reeived coin
pl-te lin's of, the( followingr
nods)(d viz:
Boots ana Shoes.
A L4argeC1 L of' hladdles an d
Together with,
I atrl \Yll 'e, ( roCe ries alld
T wonti y lIarrels of as
. Uoi ;t or1oY. T &. 8 .
1b. MA CA ULAY & CO.
Oatton Buyoe and Uolumiss8ionl MeIr
Ii IN NSJI() t, 8..X, & CHA UCLOTTE'N. C.
~.) IIlIA M a<dvances miarle on cnotigni.
.JmentL of Cooti to~ ho solul lhere or in
New York. Our ollico in Charioit Ie above
bjestore of It. M. Miller & Mns.~ All
oI1 igiOn1ts will receivo promptly per.
sent.22-Ima AACA UJA~ & CO.
\V %v inw ofei'r for the inspootion of
tlh Publio. our FAI,' and WINTEM
STM ,:' of goods, unstirpais.ed
inl var-it-y, 1pin l i Iy lknd
Irice b y suy Flik
every bl ought
t 1 1h i H
Whi itn nd Grey ltiinkels, 1, 1t), 11, and I2
41111I 'lles.
('rib and ('rilnle Illankels, Whito, IRed and
l Piece enhed iiviltumespun, all grades,
very enlap.
C) Vnles Birow;1 1nd( 80n, Islanll mes1cpunl.
1 Ilre CIeic( llollms1u1111.
Ied Tickinlgi and t'1t1on lanne of al0
() Pieces Wool l.se at very low prices,
A hi-:11t ikl lilne of
"11:1 I u1141
Table Dallilsk
anld Towveling
llosiery and
Uloves ofrall
0 ood an4,;or 1men of slationcry anld
l1anlk Iooks.
Noliotis inl great. vir iet ),
Fine nssorl ment or'
Mli, lovq, Youths 11n1 Children's *
Shirts and Cravats. 'nymdClhig
hnie. Gentleienlland Misses
"N3 D E lItESTS.!
-l.AI-GE ASSO3TM1ENT1' 0111
Crockery ond ghls ware, Fugal,'Coffco,
.a TIll s, p. Cnlc:1 &C.
Special alltemnun is enlled .((joour Mtock of
il s 12 -vc !icco 31 n%ts.j
Witch have b11eon se leaf vd wlilh catru, and
g1laranliellf to please, We oilly
ulmlerat a few leading Ine.
Ourlmeck is vompleto ill al other de
patrlmeils. (1o -d sla sn wvil pleatsulr0)
lUnd prices unsurpass
Withers & Dwight.
eel 1
iL~1A * RI A 11.
Fo lt TI lIE
I ani making a SPP(CATTIrY
Cigal-8, Ill(. GIlal11tee it Goo(.
Smnoke for
( i.\4 N A i 1) linm4-s-mall, Rizes
t rafas Straphs, New Mless Niacker,
el1, Chieese, li'cuits and14 Cakes, Eniglhii
Pickotles, lFrechl Nrine4tiI, P'otted I amr and
Tonag4ue, Dur,1kee's 8ances nod Selory Salt.
Al-o 1Irikec 's4 Mus141I'rd, Cayenno and
W44hi te P eppers, Ciinnmou, (G1ingor and
8juie 1411 up ill 14onH1 tin cansi, Stovnl1 &
111l ' IPride of' A ugusta11'' Pl1oiar, New
Caurolinnr lil'1e, Vi rgiin 'anld N. C. Tobacco,
all aliIies, Segars from 8 to 15 eti.,
Fr eshi (andlie's,
Keroxeno (il,
Wh('lile W4ine VineF~nr,
81ierl rp Ryrps
Canned Salmon, Lcbsterp,
.(.- ysters, Ponchoso, Pineapp1o
P'earlUrist, &o. Also a Ine Assortment o
All1 of which will be sold as low as any
hou4co2 In to lown) for (1he OASII by
aept 19) Agent.
,Lprisindebled to me ror St ong
j..ani Sen I- owl (Gunnos, nre heoreby
noitiied (hnt their ngote and neoons areo
d1u4 1st November.nexl, nnd( (hnt no ex
Iension' lof 01 IimoI' 1ch grant ed'4. Tlhose iietl
I ling theire not1 es be fore mnanir y, will ha~
allowed n1 libernl discou))t .
ocL3 Ameuil

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