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THE ALDF:lLf lifXT j
dnesduy lorning January 11, 1874.
'1i,tal papers assort that because
k. ia colored majority in Louis.
.z, a conservativo viotory is impos
t'le. it n ight just as well be
-jzued that boo-muse the colored ma.
rity in South Carolina is 30,000, it
Is only by fraud and intimidation
a t Chauiberlain's majority reached
ly 11,000. Do they give the
(Cd people no credit for desiring
cc and prosperity, instead of race
'Ality and radical stealing I
i%t 13utl.r said in Congress the
y that he had given peace to
. en ce ard would like to
a V,r again. Nothing prevents.
%usetts 'has repudiated him,
y is clear for hiin to carpet
'o his old stamping grounds. If
CoVIs, we wager that there will be
- tld tpoon thief planted under
- Anisies before tho summor is end.
'tie of the best signs of a desire
real reform that bas been given
the. present administration is
und in t he recent cirenlar promul.
gated by the executive department
reqiu-ng .. county Auditors and
T.easurers to file suffizient bonds.
The werthlessnes- of official bonds
throughout the State hans long been
a erN ing evil, and its correction long
detinuded at the hands of the exeu.
tive. It is unfortunate that a very
large proportion of those who succeed
in getting oflice from the radical party
in South Ca-olina lack both financial
to ponsibility and personal integrity,
llowever deplorable this way be, it
muu11t to a great extent continue, as
long as fidelity to party is made the
chief and iii many instances the only
e-itcriou of fitness for public place.
.o being the case, it is but sin
ple justice to the tax-payers that the
cutodians of the public funds shoult
give utaple security against loss t<
tho treasury-whither sich loss re.
s1ult from accident, ma11lfeasance o
ud. We trut that the governoi
14nd the comptroller-gencral will en
force their recent order both in iti
lotter and in its spirit.
The Union-llorald cont:,ins thi
General Sheridan has sent the fol,
lowinag dlispatchi to Secretary lBelknap
IIth )unA Itn:s l hi.iTA ny DIVIStoN.
N 1-:w Oura1:A Ns, .Janu ary 5, 1875
\l'ar WFashaington 1.. U.
I think the terrorism now existinj
in Mhississippi rind Arkansas could be
enttire'ly reamoved and1 confidence ant
aideailing established by the arresi
-a li of thes ringleaders of the
un;:d white leaguers. If congres:
mi pass a hill d eclarinig thena
bi. ndJitti, they could be tried b
military comission. This banditti
who nurdered meni here on 'the 1 4th
of last Se'ptembcr, anid also mere re
cently at V icksburg, M iss., should
iii justice to law iad order, and th<
pec anid prosperity of this Southers
parJt of the country, be puniihed. I
is p)')sible that if the Pres.iden
would issue a proclamation declarini
thbem banditti, that no0 further aetio1
rce I he taken, except that whie
(nId devolve upon 11o.
Liieutenant-General U. S. A
This is the vilest dispatch that ha
* ~been .sent o'ver the wires. Si
it. is it that Vice President Wilsoi
onrounees it a eanerrd, saying "Thi
* 1paUtcht was Inanufactured here
$ het iidan could riot have written sue]
afoolish dispatch." Eudeavore ar<
* inde in WV ai-hington to shielt
eridani froma the consequence of hil
I) r.t'iI stupidity. And yet thn
l'nionl-Il erald 1 callIs imn "the right
n'auI ~in the right plaice."' If maun
are su:~i n men airc put in such places,
rhe radical patrty and tihe Union.
I eratld will be as deaid as herrings in
t wo y eas s.
Chamberlain and Kellogg.
In y leasirg co'ntr:st to the infa..
monis cou0duct of the usurper Kellogg
Comies the re-port Of a conference be
tween Govern1or Chabenrainand a
lOtalittee frm Edgefield ini refer.
ernce to tihe arming of the militia.
It appears that Ned Trennant recent
ly tched his tuilitia company to
Edge jioid (. 1I., and took back the
State arms they had previously do.
hivered up, arnd con:mecncedI drilling
seineolys Aeoamanittee of citizens
['a: 'i, 1aEIn. M. (' lutler,ned se.
Mr. Pelham of the P"nsix, waited
upon Gov. Chamberlain, stating the
above facts, and asking in the cause
o that the arms be relfrned.
They disclaimed any feeling of hos,
tility, and feared th.t the arming
of the militia might provoke some
Judge Carpenter showed that
there existed thority for mill
tia companiea;to retain their arms,
and that it was unadvisable, in view
of the past, for them to parade fre
Gov. Chamberlain thanked the
committee for their 6ourtesy and
diseretion. He was desirous of pro.
moting harmony in Edgefield, and
agreed that It was contrary to good.
law and good policy for bands of
men to keep in their houses the arms
and ammunition of the State. II1
would issue an order for their re
turn to the proper authorities. He
would send a responsibl and capable
person to examine into the condi,.
tion of Edgefiold, In the meanwhile
counseling all parties to a faithful
observance of the peace.
The committee retired well pleas.
ed with the result of ther visit.
Gov. Chamberlain has struck. ,the
right chord. The proud spirited
oitizens of South Carolina cannot
be won by threats ; but a few words
of kindness, a few acts of justice,
after all the outrage they have suf
fered, cannot fail to win their esteem
and good will. If Gov. Chamberlain
continue to aot with justice and
fairness lie will .ind no obstacles to
the caupe of good government
thrown in his path by the Conspva..
Another step In Omarism.
Another step has been taken by
the President in is way to the third
term. Ilis interference in Louisi
ana affairs is the first scene in the
second act of the drama which is
now deeply intoresting the people
of the United States. The first
scenes were enacted during the era
of radical supremacy. From thi.
opening of the second act. exoiting
events may be expected, probably
terminating in a thrilling oatastro.
phe. The radical party from a
combination of causes has been hope.
lessly wrooked, and can expect noth
ing from a fair election. Ite'policy is
now to assume the -aggressivo and
by threats and force, and reuklesi
4kcts, to bully the people. The
a: tetaec ewitiirssed recently in Lou:.
iila iM a speciien of what we ma)
As polities now stand, the demo
crats have a large majority in the
electoral col!ege, and with tht
prestige of victory they will doubt.
less hold their own in 1879. No,
this majority is made up largely of
the votes of the Southern States,
these aggregating 115. In the Northa
the democrats have at present 130
Sand the radicals 75 votes. As I8.1
votes are necesbary for a choice, th<
South will control the next election,
Now the Southaern states have beer
in a muddle ever since recon.-true.
tion and if this confusion continuE
till 1876, both parties will clain
several of these states, and the re
suIt cannot be foretold. South
.Carolina, Florida, A labama, Mtia,
siasippi, Louisiana and Arkansas casi
-13 votes, and these make a differenge
of 86 votes in the general result
if any of these states cast a demio
t oratie majority, as all but Souti
Carolina and M~issiusippi probably
b will. GJrant will suffer his hiench
nien to swear that fraud and Intimida
tioin are practised and then, upon theiu
-oaths wiill send his tools with Unitei
s States tr.'ops, to uphold fraudulene
a returning boards, who will declar~
radical majorities. If necessar
Georgia and North Carolina wil
be included. Grant will then main
tain his seat, unless ejected bj
This can be accomplished only by
a continuanos of anarchy in the South
and this will be contin'iod by Fede
al interference in State polities.
This programme assures that Grant
will be nominated by the radical
party, Of this there can he but
little doubt. Hfe is necessary to the
party, in fact, the party itself. It is
a dead body only preserved, by his
mesmeric infirenee. Under the
touch of Blair e or Morton or kray
other republican, it will crumble to
dust. Thle radicals fear Grant, wans
bate hiw. Buat. he is there only hope,
because he has the audacity and the
nerve to inaugorate and execute
daring violatlocsi,of the oonatitution
and in these only, In setting a.side
the will of the people, and manufalo
turing fraudulent returns after the
fashion of N'apoleon, rests the sole
chance for suecess with the radical
If the demaerat, do nat in 18a1
gain MO(r4einy .'the Nort~
the 8qt4O:-'vtrap1es, there
a eente4te Jeleotion.. AnX
it e e u'i'b\p$4i whether, 'a
demokstll"Ay will pubmit 4 d. *
feat, or weI10 hey -WIlRIent fore. I
wrkh force, df
sword Jeoidi-dishe-vili of tho-Ii4i
lot. - "
We are drifteg-: upbe toublous
timnes.: Thpebly 4esither,
do apt (9'er0eive tbw dangei er ls
are Audiffirent to .' TheIr past
conuie shows that -t4 79r,;t6p a
nothing in maintaining poder. It
resti with the people to geofde
whether their annoyanpewll -bd
f%tber endure.d, jr Arbether,. they.
will bf.forgibly ejected-athither re
sh1If ive'a-diotatorqhip, drl te I
iioanfo/m ofgoep n. -
A D1otatoi fSb Louisiana.
Prerident Grant s.acms. determined
to carry out ti; threat'he is' roported
to have na4not long. ipce .agaiust
the o'oniervative citliens'of Louisiana
--that when he nXt aedt apyone
there "he Would send one that : would
hurt." G'enqfal Pil 1heridan, than
whom no federal oer epjqy a
irr f.ti orneltY, tyranny
and general hatred for the Suth.ein
people, Is stted to have In his pox
session ord4s, by' the sudden.
mulgation of which ie can taki
oharge of the entire state of Louisia.
na and carry out, his devilish - hatred
to his heart's oon'ent. lie is IQ
structed, in -aso of any disturbance,
to regard the partiolpnts-by which,
of ooues, GraM means the Conser
vative whites-as enemies of the Unit.
ed States, entitled to no quarer I .In
other wordl General Sheridan is to
be. the Bolm arbiter of matters -in
Louhians,and, in casehe*a,&es at,.ie
is to show'no quuter to th' .opl.
We suppose this .will. be ver con
jeuial employ ment for the man who
could make a brutal and oward!*
boast.of having converted the fertile
and lovely Valley of Virginia i.t
a d reary waple P'erh aps heaspi re
to e thp owpIer pf 13e4et Butler in
-byranny-add -in that. 44starlly treat
went of-the weak, had inpocent Jot
whi6h the-latter ha won such. wide.
preladae. .oiiaphao 'holies. o
equal 4lajor Lewis Merrill inl his
spirit of enterprise, and obtain frou
the fraudulently 6leoted~ legislature
of Louisia6a a handsome rewkrd- fut
his cmineqtly.,patriotic and 4ttikiugI
disinterested course. There was a
tiuo inl the bietory of this great
country when there was a high-toned
pirit among the army officers that
mould have .oaused them, instinotive.
ly it would seem, to shrink from s
p.articipaation in work intended sole'9
:or the accomplishmuent of partisan
ends. But in this respect, as ine
many othere, there h.as been g-e:ss
progrees, and Merrills and Sheridan.
and Terrys are now the favorites at
the war department and with tbt
We earnestly hope that the peo
ple of Ljouisiana, oppressed and out
raged as they have been for the past
six years, will be able to bear for
awhilo longer the weight of trouble
and tyranny under which they groan,
and tltus show to the aorld the high
est and noblesbpphase of courage-ti t
of controlling their Inmpulses under
trials and teentptations the sorest per
haps that a people hare ever been
called upon to endure.
As for President Grant,no one but
-Lhe blind partisan and the truckling
time-server can antertain sentiment,
- other than those of the profounsdesr
contempt for the weakness lhe has
oontinually manifested in dealing
with the Louisiana complications
While the passire policy pursued by
congress has greatly tended to ham
per sad embarrasi his action ins the
promises, yet there can b.e no doubt
that with an impartial spirit of in
quiry into the state of affaire, and. s
Idesire to subordinate tho feelings and
aspirations of the p irtisan to the
duties of the .abiet msagir.'te of a
great people, he mil at have made
statemients and; bugtes-iiuns to con.
gre.-s that migNt hsav resulted in a
speeJy an1 p soiiGo termination of the
present diflioul ice lIgt .Grant l,
a self-aeoking politician, and perhaps
nothmng better- can ho expected of
Ino. : tie fancies "SigorIden because
the gehe.ral'wJl carry out -all the
oppression wheilh the Radicals pur
pose indlicting on - the South *bes.
ever a pretext offers. iIe fanoie;. A
hini,' too, beouidae it Is just such men5
R:'lal h mre ittpr piog .o, othe ~
R dolpar&y desire.to deal with tlse
Southern peoplem--uen who will sink *
every, oo'sieruatle,w of, , .umanity, 5
justie,ad a dtg tegard fo' consti. '
tutional litirty ha6% b.$ng(e gurppae
of pr9ppEng up the &umMing. rm,ains e
of .Iaditsuah1 ataans of anpenl a
io" #Ih .tAyeao of
;a nely :bOita .
'o'he hrer at ibh drow g
6 :s oa 1hing Jill no e SPo h
T 6 frrond Abn .0e *'Any
mouths elapse, forever submerged
meath..h T'snrwave of popular
1 re4 *Nq%RqJ bor
0epis6ple of.-A o~.AhitkvlMR
'rsd ani ther grievous gq%Bq at
he imand of President Grant. The
3tato hotse was onteted and the
rjeOiplature, after having: regulaily
>rganined, dispersed . by Fedetal
bayonets. This out!age is without
11 precedent in A merican hilstoy, abd
Wide- a parallel in the foreibl'a did.
ton.of parliari.tQ byto at ri
and desportia Cromwell. . The w I Ie
aktion stands aghast at this specta.
ole. Itepublicais and Domocri4ts
slike denounce it. It as'ka , d
gerous stride towards a centralized
Jespotian". Grant, having discovered
by the unmilslikable expression of
publie sentime'nt at the polls, that
be will not be permitted to cajole
the .psties into granting'.hiw a
hirther lease of powere seems intent
upon bul1jint%or thrAsting him
self .upo.n 'f by aheer brute foice.
IIe cyqnotte4 with the South before
theelections, l4ut the recent deno
4ratie victory heving chuFed this
eoction to look elsewbere for pence
and repote, ho l.as aued the
role of a fierce and implacable
tyrant. Sine. lie cannot prove a
I v*r, he Is determined to prove a
villait. Having been detected in
hisrw 0gist L UiSiana he now
stin at bayj hoping to,- bully and
fight out of.hia unepviablO pobitiOn,
and to bury.the daimning truth by a
br#je;bijtion ?Lover whilmning
dwer, 'Chis est outatrage was pro.
meditated. For weeks federal
troops have been poluring into' Now
Orleani, heaving helpless women and
ol.ldren on the fiont ier .exposod to
6iagdaulta of the .murderous tav
q0 Gei Enory wL'o has proven
4is.e'f too respectable a gentleman
te IecoMWtke:vile- tool ..Of the infa
mous Xelogg, hae been superseded
iie commifnd'-of -the Satrapy of
oisi! has been "eutru.ted to
SheIdau,p the. aine Sheridan.. who
burnedMo0d robbed and imuidered in
the fair. Valley of Virginia, and
mnaasoerd a whole- village or Piegau
Iudisn's includi'g .bod ridden war
riors abdhelpless women and o6il.
L)uisiaa is in a wretched plight.
But the is not without defenderb.
[n Congress, Thlurinan and Smuis
bury eind:Gordon and Cox and B1eck~
are proteating loudly againet tbi,
violation' of the Constituationi aun
outrage iupon a helpless. people. Ti,e
enmtire precsa, writh the exception of
tmirelingR cand anatics, are ate ping
manfully to the front in behuir of
that unhappy State. The people ini
November ha., had abroady repudi
ated the policy of hate inaugurated
by Grant and hai. in i,am. w
trust thiat'this is the last throe of a
party already in its death agony,
.ud that in inothm'r year not only
Louisiana, but every Stato in the
1Union will be enj,ying t.he bless og
of peace, under governmaents chosen
b,y the people and administered so
as to enmure the 'greatest poaeible
good to the greatest possible n,un
Below we append the statemwent of
Mlayor Wiltz of Ne w Orleians who
was elected Speaker by the Conser
vativo majority ot the hoaae,
Niw OnLz.sme, Jan. 4, 1875.
Speaker Wiits called at the bu
reau of the Herald to-night and madJe
thp following stataemnt:
Last eeingmm a commi'.itee was sent
to the State House to ask for a room
for the purpoae of bolding a conherra
tive eadcus this A. 'M.at nine o'clock.
T1he request, *as'granted at ten A.
3M. The Oauoas was held at, half-pst
eleven, tihe conICertatives pr)caed i sg
to tIhe house in a body. At nean the
old Clerk of the House, Mir. Viger.e,
sailed the roll amid 102 mneambers an
swered. 1 conmsidered that the for
ummlities of law limd boen comip.isd
with and the organization rested with
thbe majjority. A motion was made
ind ear,iod that I beq declared Speak
ir ;'re tern, uf tihe lhouse. Tfhereupmn
tuok tie o..ir until then occupied
>y the (lur.k. I then called upon
ludgelIloust an, a JIusiue. of the
~ege,heho sNore we in. Tr4e mm-.
pers,.Wer,e then eworn in by mie. A
notion wps tlhesmade.and earried,to
bot,3togsppary 4!lerk -*od a tem
orary Sergeant-at-Arnis. . A resolu
ion was thmen-offered to seat the five
90lierpative tetunbers 'whose 6 ises
rare ilot passed'upon 'by' the Re.
urnioglIhoaed. Time ryelut jon, was
d?ptediend the BVe thmevnbe as were
word In and took their segts. The
losse'then pobedded to a permanent
r'ganisesicn. -Goytertior Hahn and
tyaelfs were nominated'for Sreaker, i
calef tha roli wap ordered .ad 1
1ft4yove votos wer4e for ine and
t-wo were 6astor bGe I voted
tl _k, mkiti in all' ft ;eight votes,
f -liz eiD a :q0oryr . I was
tb dqjr efoeed:yergnanent
8 aer o tbe House; .The tempo.
rary Clerk was thet elected perma.
neDt Clerk, and the t6mpoliry Ser.
ges A-rat-Ar , permanont -sergefatw
at-Arms. I then aiouiced the
AU4 ppsa'deatly oriaized. A
motion was'made and carried to ap
point i Coiniittoe of seven on ete
deniap, election and retu!ns, -
S Iluriig thAt .tirne some, d .the e
publicat inembers withdrew. The
comusittee appointed consisted of-five
cun-ervatives and two republicad's
Th'd oomitnittee asked for and obta:ti
ed Permission to withdraw for deb4
eraton, which wai granted. Au at
tempt was now made by boiue repub
lioan nietibers to leave the hall. I
then ordered the Sergeunt-at-Artua
to provont them. This ciuzed coon.
sider. ble confu.,ionit 'tie lobts, till.
ed with Metiopsohtan puhie und radi
eais adwis.i4n to- iiot of our ber
geadta-at.r ms having been pre'viously
denied by olugh J. O mpboll, Go i -
eral, of Kellgg's n.ilitia. I thoen
orddred the Sergeant-ut-Artts to
clear the lobby. whion wits dune. We
were then waiting for tho report of
the Committee on Credentials, a
quorun. of the members being pre
ent, ' when General De Trobrian
entered the hall and informed ue
that lie had received initructioa
frota Governor Kellogg to the efleet
that the Hose* of Representativo.
was in pogiessio'6of a njub, aiil de
sired bini to, elar the house of all
pesons who were not returned by the
WeLls Ie4turnitg board.' 'I askOL
,hat the doeuiieut be read, and ha
utfered it to Viger., whoi lie said
he was inatructed by Guvernor Kol.
lvgg to iecogniz: as Clerk. I re
iused to ioeognizo Mr. Vigers aselerk
of the House, and protebted ug;,inst
the readitig of any docuientt t)
Viges. The general tho bad ti e
duocuiient read by his Adjutant, who
accompaniedk him. The Uterk of thu
II-ube aud myself declined to point
out tie m,en,.bes who had been at
d by order of the H1ou.e. The
Gentral wilhdrew after applying tt
Vigers, who wa, either unwi!!ug oi
unable to point thern out. Genera.
De Trobriand returned sh>rtly it.
coiimp.iny with General( ainpbell, who
poluted then out. Vievious to the
appear..Lce of Gencra De Trobriano
the Couiittee ou Credentius has
reported, and eight eonwestants (all
cuibervatives) had been seated bP
the Hiouse. \Vheu General D.; Tro
briand attempted to eject Mr
Vaughn, from Caddo, Nir. Vaugitn
proteated. I directed Mr. V"aught
n? to allow himself to be ej SULe
except at the point ,of the ba w
General De Trobriand then call d
uposoldiers urawn up in lin: ini a.
iobby of the i1oute, with bayonu
dx;d, ano, betw..ei a fite of soldier.,.
.\r. Vaughn was warube. out, of th
ilouse, nuld auece-ively, in the s..e
mantier, each mem ber who bad beet
,e.ted by order of the House w.
.narched out, each iciuber piote,t
irg and a:Iking 0 t tits 1:1otest bt
placed oni the jou.nl ."IzTinediati
thereafter the General apprnnee.
me and informed we that, ini obedi
e.aeo to his orders fromz Ii>ueruu.
huh iogi, he wtuiin liar e dhi uti'e a11
,y V igera. I again piotuoted .iga.
ie - tuatu LjO-hn'uisem.ag u.*i
tfne Governor Lou U nt C.lt up .
ai.e federal tr- ; -,. Geneuiaral Det
b ,and ordered thie iait calied.
V ige'rs was abou, to call the rofl,
.,l.t I orderea miy heige.tnt-at-Armi
to eject M\r. !Re.:s, wthieb urde
was uaeyed. Tihe General thler .upo..
cal:ed in at tile of .oidaers an.l sur.
iounding the 2leaik the roll c as g.
shout being called b) h in. I ..a
protested ihi po--itave langae atfI
gave notice that would withdrawt
and ask the member, not to partai
pate in uny luther ploceeuiing of LLa.
Hlouse uinuer ledleral b,A)obets. I. iau
the consnurvative weeies of ti
[louse then withdrew. I denire
addition to i-La e that miy object i
urganizing the louse in the mani.e
that 1I dic bad aeveral logislativa,
precedent<. The whole proceedinp
were copied from the journ al of thb
radical legislature of I868, of whiet,
I was a rmember, the legiaty oi
which was afterward substaintaates.
by all the courts of our Skate.
Gen. Sheridan is evidently an oc
comipiished li ir. Wh.n he arriven
in New Orleans he iniformred one a,,
the reporters of the Picayune thar
his visit to the city was i*a purel.i
peri-ona l affhir' that L >uisiana w a,
"out of hisi department, and ho had
received no sfus'tructions respectiny
t."' A similar statement ecame fron
Sheridan's hiead<q uar tori- at 'Oh icagt.
on the day that lie started foir New
Orleans. The truth is that She ridai.
woint to New Orleans at the Presi
dent's personal request, and with
special iinattuetions and disoretion-i.
ry powers; that ho has sir.co asnm
ed commanid of the' military depart.
ment, and is now zealously at work
organising hell in the South." -
The New York riTd asks Gov.
Tilden, o'f Now York, to inbereede
with President Grant in behalf of the
Door fellows who have been long
lying inAbany Peiiitentiary upou
oiiosun<lor the Ku Klux law..
Never was there a State like Ken
toeky to throw away her national ad.
rantagea. 8be sa-ised a thousand'
tons of hemp, this year, and--sold it.
In. Honolulu a nl with a rod nose
nin get any sort of office, and mnen '
'lmost boW down to himi, while in a
america he oas never get abovi any
0 A Ivy T 1,
Of U TRI. .K
R SToN, 8.
To t ' hA rof News
a n dCoure I;-'
There r a goeat many persons in
this county who cannot spare the
and await their turn to got a utute.
mont ot the taxesdue on their pro.
party. If su.sh partic@ will sej.d
their names and a list of the proper
ty tpxed, together with a -tnmped
ehfeloie,'t w1ll take great ple-asure
in forwarding tho same to them.
By pubtishing the above, 'you will
Coon.4r favor.
TIM.T-ry iHaUR.EY,
County Treasurer.
which can -be toured by a
timely resort to this stand
ard preparation, as has been
proved by the handreds of
testimonials received by the
proprietoi's. It .As ackcnowil.;
edged by my prominent
phyvsicians te be the most
relhable preparation ever in
troduced for the relief and
cure of' all Lung complaints,
and is offered to the public,
sanctioned by the experience
of over forty years. When
resorted to inI season it eel
dom fails to effect a speedy
cure mn the most severe
cases of Coughs, Bronchitisy
.Orotnp, Whooping Cotugh,
Infinenza, Asthma, Colds,
Sol'o Throat, Pains or Sore'.
ness i the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, Bleeding
at the Lungs, &o. Wistar's
B3alsam does not dty up aj
Cod~gh, and leave the cause I
behind, as Is the case with I
mnost pteparations, but it
loosens and cleanses thea
lungs, and allays irritation,"
thus renioving the cause of
the conipleiznt.
*n odb *$s44ud:ann jma r
W1innsbloI'O iNatIunal Bank.
'11S hank Anvitig declhred a semi'n--fl 0
L sal div dendi of fivadollara a share
i~taigl smook, from ~he net earn.
'11 bre as (t a 'h ieholio,es on and
fter .tho -Ith lay--or JanuAry net
Win nsboro4 Dee R0, 3a-/4,
dce 8j AMkB0, i
.4~aeaii o
FAIR7191,1 COVNTY, Dec. 1, 1874.
r 1IE underaigrd, for fle couvenielco
of the taIXp-Syre of 11h0 county, will
attend at the following precincts for the
collection of taxes for fiscal year, 1875'
VI :
Doko, Wednesday. Dec. 9, 1874.
Ridgeway. Thurs. and Fid. Dec.-10 1
Woodward's Diepol, lnd. &nd Tues. Dec:
21 & 2", 187-1.
Feanterville, Mond. and Tu'es. Dec. 28 &
29, 1874.
Monticello, Mond. and Tuea. Jan. 4 & 65
Jenkinsville. Wednpsday, Jan 6, 1875,
Ulasiden's Grove (Caldwell'o store) Sat.
Janl 9. 1876.
Dtillope'a store (Ilort, Precinot) Mond.
Jan. 11, 1876.
linnaboro every day except those abovo
llamed, on which days the Treasurer's ojiee
ill be closed. V. 1M. NEL.SON,
Treasurer Fairfield Coumty.
dee 8-1i
3harlotte, Cohimbis.& Angwn
Rail Road.
Co.UMBIA, May 17, 1874.
HilE following PasIenger Schedule wt,
.be run' over this roni ou and ati.i
lis dae :
i1tAxN--'GoiXd 2oittK.
e44 hugusta, at . 6.fl a ot
Columbia. 8. C.; I 1 68 a
'' Winnshor&, 2.06 y;
Chestet r'
Arive aft Ch'.rlotti, . 46 l i
ilitAi---aoIda souri.
kil'a Charlotte, N. C. at 7.0
Cliso-er, .9 58 an,
.* Winne boro', 3 1.3 ,
Columlbia 2.13 p t
rrive at Auausti 0" p Il'
JAM EA ANIlR "N, oeii'i Sia
Pops. Oe. Paissenger and T!cket Ag, i
fii3 to
Bmdele&Ymmbv4 R B,& w r GaWZ4
-54teoAd AWr& Atmim;RovemDmin
-an' Whi& Ni, *MinW7JwhryJ*-e
d.W,flv:,& Mo Rt4d&e
All WorAW0arratud.
MxuAndLron & DAAki
2,4,G, 8 J.o. arA.et Street.
- 22% 2N!L,.2' Aj ~,
INj,hno. 8. C. Nov , 24,lb;f
lE following Nx es have i.r on t.
P y o '* !aaries of 1 :. '.e; e : I. .
the Cierks and contingent eri ena
ses of t he Execu, ive an,t Jn*a,ci il
De,t0. ta.i:cc. of the Gcverno?,1. J)
of th l nnI' al tihaarnable an.t El.
neatioanal Intituations or the
state, exclsiveof utConani
1. Fori t,uit)ort and( nntainea,e of
l''ubl:c .behaools. .
1. Foir pavn:etit of~ dencienaces for
Scoot clit's, ansd SchIoaal I i .
n1oss'iOoer-' ~Saa Ie* uea sl't h>:-l I
ist Nov Jb73,.
.For expensn of the. Georal .3
.F.-r 'ubi l friaintn g.
f. Japnyhen atal i1 nterni5 alp-nh the
Publi'c deb,t. (as adjuaed bylh net
of~ l.ecemrnt 2.2d 18Yd3,) *Jc. u an
jaayasble. uppon llt. January and a
Jliay 1875.
Fur dtilenay or , Itpaid i ppronpri
ftnins ad clnim,. 01 t'engaI %.
tional llank. P. F. Fraree and
F. Cardharelli. I.4
10 23(1
~or cur'rent expor,sesj of lairnohld
or pay iant of past itidbh'tnness
of haid Contat,
~or widowli and 'orphant of said
n aditjti',ra to f'"e n\nve 'there lias
beena leviedl for Distri'ot Schools th'a
Rohaool iDisrict Nv. 3
. o tax (taplrc&te will be opca el int
ala efee ona ihe-X'0thday of NA'venabor
B74, 6'r Ilhe colloe-rioni of the above tai
~vaes, and eveary -day therreaftet-, (standays
LooPred) uant it'lhe nfifeenth day of Janftr.
ry 187h, whren 20 pg,r-cent peOnalt3 *ci'll
tacht to all dleli:qnehata.
W. M. N Eld~ON. Tren'stret
nov. 26--x2tQ I ala tid-l C oo n
IIE fli nderqi;gned, offei's for sale tgr
LbII, lais llorse, fluggy and -,,5y
sss at a restinhle price. A 1so. 2
ules, a three-h,orse Wagon6 a 8 $LW
in Iedand one Monitor I'low,.
deo22W. E. AIK EN.
FLOURt and GlITm,
w for for sale
dee 8 m'a;O,8~

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