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it. MEA.8, DAVIS, Editor,
Wedic,sdiy *Morning May It 1876.
powet h'it the Ad1, Iistration in
Washington. Poor Country !
Tohe iahtist Convention met in
Charleton last week, and its session
was quite interesting, 11ev. Jas. P.
Boyce was olootod President.
A Stato l'ress Association was
formed in Charleston on 6th of May.
About thirty members were present,
Col. Jos. II. Hoyt of the Anderson
Intolligoucer was elected President
vice exosldonts wore elected, and a
regulor orgbnization was effected,
We regret extremely that we weru
unable to attend, as we had anticipa.
ted a delightful time. We trust this
absoclationl will be productive of
good. We will join it.
The Doocher trial is In Its
eighteenth week, and yet no pros
pect of a conclusion. Nothing new
has been ascertained, and the only
uso of th? recent witnesses seems to
be to make confusion wore confound.
ed. The boat hit in the trial was
made by Fullerton, who after having
in a sympathetio Planner drawn front
Beccher an explanation that when he
wrote about having passed his last
Sabbath on earth he was momentari
ly expecting death from paralysis ez
n poplexy, produced a policy of life in
uurance given to Beocher at tha:
identical time in which ho affirmed
that he knew of no cause why lac
ribould be insured. This caught the
Plymouth pastor in a nioo trap, and
like the boy the calf run over, he had
unothing limore to say.
Alunloipal elections have been ju4t
held in the adjoining Staten. Raleigh
N. C. is democratio, for the first tism
siuceroconstruction. Charlotte, N
U,, eleots Col. Win. Johnston Mayol
over W. 1P. Davidson by '69 votes
This is a desorvod compliment to Col
Johnston as he will be called upot
to preside over the Centennial oele
bration, which he will do quite hand
Montgomery, Alabama, is demo
catio,a clean sweep, . Half the oo0.
orod population'of the city voted
that ticket. The city was illumina
ted when t'he result of the elootioll
wa known Demccratic gains ar
rieo ted else where.
In another plao we give the pre.
nenment of the GIrand Jury of Fair'
field at thu M%ay termi. 1t niii bn
seen than he presentment covers eon
sidecrabI ground.
The recommend ation against grant,
ing liquor licensos was warmly see
ended by the Court, whoashowed thai
'(he amiount ofecrimne in any countri
-is proportional to the number of dran1
shops .1ioensed therein.
The reoonamendatien in regard tc
the j .il is wise. The coumnty cannoi
all'rrd an extra tax at present.
The romaining items of the present
ment, save that presenting the Sheriff
arc the same as are genorally foundc
in presentment s.
The Jury concluded with sn cx.
p'ossion1 of satisfaction that the Statt
and Clognty governments are im
It will be remembered that a va
cancy recently occurred in the ninti
Congressional district of Georgem
by the death of tihe incunmboat, 'Hon
Garnett NgblIillan. Among the can
didates who were anxious to stc
into thme dead man's shoes was lien
B. Hi. 11111, probably the most elo
qaunt wan in the South. Hill wan
vehemently opposed, and after east
ing several hundred ballots the eon
ventiion adjourned without action
lill.was put fcrth as an indepondeni
cand.idate and was opposed by a coun
ter nomination. The canvass wai
warmly contested, and -resulted ii
thme election on Sth May of Hill
IIis brilliaqut though -erratile staes
man will eroate a sensation in 'Con
gress next wrinter. We need suni
men as 11111 in Congress t,e protei.
ho South and to cope with the lead:
ing radical Congressmen. If Pill
will only w4 lk a chalked line, he
will be of .great advantage to hi:
cons,tituents and we congratulate
them upon their good sonse in elect.
ing 1b;m.
An industrious Sp-n:isha hen at
San Lioresso, Ca.l., h4e !a.id an eogg
th at isasix inches iin circumforenee,
and eight inches f,rom end to end,
and the California newspapers are
doing her onekling for her,
Shall QNress be Nuppled.?
We t asurse in publishing
the f$lof deiro4j. frpin leading
citi;As of 'CharlesAon vho under
stand of bow much value the efforts
otths Nlowasud Courior bxve been
to the peoplq of the State.
isil-tL Olin PiP.6 D9 lot mUZlED.
"A oriminal prosecution for libel
baa been pre# Ped against the Editors
of the News and Courier, the only
important vehicle of public opinion
n 4Jbarlestony and- the leading pub..
lie journal in South Carolina. The
articles upon which this prosecution
is based were written dluring the
State canvass lost Pall, and the risk
annoyance, and money loss growing
6t of the bold and inde pendent
action of Messrs. Riordan & DMwson,
have been incurred for the public
good. These gentlemen could have
had no private ends to soore in their
course. Can the community with
propriety leave them to struggle
through their diffioulties unaided ?
Desperate diseases requiro desper
ate remedies. When a and of poli
tiolans were making efforts to seize
this City and County for thoir pur
poses, the editors of the News and
Courier, the recognized sentinels on
the watch tower, the guardians of
the interests of this entire communi
ty, handled them without glovos, and
buffied their schemes. T hey have
fought the fight, and in so doing have
Incurred the hostility of those who
are now seeking to impose pains and
p -nlties upon them. Under these
otroUmstances we conceive it to be
our duty, as well as privilega, to
mitigate as far as we caii, the heavy
burden they now havo to boar. The
undoriigned therefore propose to
unite in forming at once, a Commit -
tee of one hundred property-holderm
and that each citizen of the hundred
so addressed give for himself, or col
leot from his friends and neighbors,
the sum of $50.
The ex, enses of the numerous
witnesses, many brought from long
distances and sustained In attendanoe
at Court at considerable cost, with
counsel fees, Court charges, &c., &0.,
areestimatod at five thousand dollars
all of which is to be provided by the
We have, therefore, taken the
liberty of requesting your co-operat
ion in this matter, and a,k yout
prompt action, Mr, William Thayer
baskndly consented to not as Treas
urer, and returns should be made to
him at No. 1.0 Broad Street.
Henry Gourdin, Geo. W. Williams
& Ce., James Adger & Co., Edwin
Bater & Co., Bollniann Bros., Pelzer,
Rodgers & Co., G. 11. Walter & Co.,
C. T. Loupdes & Co., F. D. Mowry
& Co., J. E. Adger & Co, Win. A .
Charloton, S. C., April 26, 1875.
We trust that the peoplo of Fair
feld will respond to this appeal.
An unnmumled press is the people't
safeguard, and the press cannot be
outspoken against villainy unless
it be assisted by the people when
put to expenses by those whom it has
It should be well understood that
when the press champion's the eause
of right it will be firmly backed by
the the people.. T1hien evil docri
will treeaible, 'for they dare not claimi
damagecs in the face of public opin.
TIhec work done by t'he New and
Courier for thne people has saved
ti.nm millions of dollars. And will
the people not devote sonmc money
thus saved to the protection of their
Champion ?
Th'e question is not whbother the
News end Courie.r is able to boai
the expense of this trial. The ques.
tion is, should tihey 'be permuitted to d(
so. WVe believe uot, And we trust
that this fund will be soon collect
Congressman Kolloy of Peninsyl.
vania who hias always been a violent
radical partisan baa just r3turned
North after a trip through thio South
Hie remiarked to an interviewer that
ho regretted no vote lbe had ovr
cast more than the one In tl7e last
Congress in favor of the force bill.
lHe represents everythsing as peace.
fel iu. the South, and says that re
ports df i'ebellion, Kn Kluxisai
are base fabrications. Ile takes a
bold stand in hris new departurg. I
all honest radicals would come South
they would have their -eyes opened
and the trouble between the soctions
would be ended.
On Tuesdiay,' Treasur~er~Cardeo.a
-and J. 8. Fillebrown camne to WVinns.
bore in pursuance of a sumoncs of
.the Grand Jury of Fairfield to testi
fy in'the seo of the State vs. Henry
A. Smith. This case has boon post.
posed.for. several terms, and every
-one is doesisous of seeing it decided in
one wa'y or ainothor.
Attorney G-eneral Molten is the
counsel -eleetod by the peoplo of the
State to condu3t those prosecutions
in which the 8S.ate is interested.
lie draws a handsome salary wvithi
praiseworthy promptness. It is
therefore incumbent upon h.im to
exercise great vigilance in p'reventing
t.he public from receiving any
detriment. Whenever any case
presents itself, he should lsrosecute
It with.vigtir. He has excused 1
self for his appaient blindness
,crimo whiOsalkt boldiy in pub
places by isserting that be can to
DO steps towards prqosecuting a
public officer unless some affida
of the official's uiboonduot has be
made by some one. Granting tL
this may be true, for we do 'not i
tend at present to discuss this poi
it is neverthelesa his bododen du
Wlen such an affidavit has bt
made, to take immediate ation. I
the esa mentioned, the affidavit 1
been made, and tLeir is no reason I
delay. And yet the Attorney Go
eral has never seen fit to appear
any term of court sit.ce the first, tric
lie exhibits none of that ilacri
in briDging ffendars to justice iAW
might be expected in one who I
made such protestations of an eai
eat desire for reform. The Atto
ney General is deroliot :n his dat
Let him shake off abth and itnned
ately set to work. lie will have I,
hands full between this time aad t
next oleotion.
Presentment of the Graud Jury at t
May Term of Court for airfi
County of Fairfield.
To his Honor ' J.Macley, Preoi<i
The Grand Jury of Fait fie
County, at the May term of Con
beg leave to make the following pr
1. They Itave in the brief sp-ioo
timo allotted to them visited t
offices of the various Couty offiuial
and find the ramte in good order at
their books neatly and legibly kep
As to whether the booke are accurat
and the various officials have honest
and with ability performed t
duties with which they are charge
the Grand Jury ae unable to rev
without a much moro regorous e
amination thai t.oy are eniabl1ed
io short a period to make. With o
exception there are no complain
made against thele offloials, and it
the belie of ite Grand Jury thi
they are pea forming their duti
wi it satisfaction to tihe gen<
al public. - Complaints have be
nde agai:st the Shoriff of t
County. These complaints are t
fold, first that he has failed to v
count for moneys paid into his han(
and second, that he has been guil
of neglect of duty. The Grand Ju
have not time to (xil.ino into I
first charge as it involves traisacti<
extending over t loug period, a
would theiefore cuommend, if t
Court please, that a commnittee be a
pointed, assisted by an expert,
examine the books of the Sher iff, t
said contuittee to have power to su
moat witnt.se1 if necessary, aid th
if appointed, the said comtitteo a
expert receive suitable compensati
for their lAbors. In regaid to t
second charge preferred against I
sheriff, the GratId Jury find ti
the sheriff was absent from
County andl State for a period
six or sevean weeks from oat or abc
the sixth daay of Mlatch to tho 241
of A pril, and t,but (during thl at i
there was nio rogularly onsrtitut
deputy shoeriff, to d ischtar
the duties of the office. Thec Gra
Jury theteforo, although <
siring to do injustico to no one, f,
it incumtbent upon themaselIves in
interest of law and good order
present Loui W. D)uvml, sheriff
Fuirtiold County, for nteglect of duli
The'4 Grand Jury wo'ild also pres<
that, they findi t .flisia hbmnd
the saiid 8.beri-ffinradeqjuato to prot
the publ-ie inaterost, and would the:
fore recommend thtat shouhii
said Sheriff conatinaue to d ischiat go
,duties of his of2ice, lhe is requlired(
tgive a new bond as pirov-i.boe by L.
*e H. Four trial ~justices, ira
Scott, T1. R11. Robertson, S. W. It
and James Aiken, have submtitt
thecir books for inspection, adi
samte have been found correct. 'I
renmainin)g trial justices haive not:
ported to the Grand Ju'y nor proe
od thecir books for inspection. '
Grand .Jury recotmoend that lie
after the solicitor denmand ana
specti-on of the books of tall thne tr
justices at oach termi of OCurt aut p
vided in Chap. -XXV. Sec. -41
been mt ado that King Yoa'gue, v
was se ntenced to imnprisonhlent so
timea since by Trial Jlustiee Wr1lk
and whto eacrnped .im the cut
of lte constable, is still a't large, a
that though several I applicationas lhm
beetn made to theo saidl jutst ice to ha
the baid criminal arrested, lhei
failed to tamke any) steps itt thItis tm
ter. Tlhne Girand Jrury, believintg tI
Justice Wanlker is desirous of p
formaing hais dutties properly, a
heariang tht, le i.i giviang satisfacti
to the .public, v'efraint Iromn eensuri
himt for't.ho,paesentt dercliotiont of di
but recommatond thtat hte be instruct
to procure the arrest, of the it
crimuinalI wi-thaou't delay, as an
ample of successful defiance of law
preducial to the public good.
Ill. A cmmittee of the Gra
Jury visited the County Poor hlot
and report thatt the institution r
pears to t,e well contducted. T1
premises are kept neatly, and t
gardlen in a flourishain g condirirm.
IV. Thte County J'ail, is itt a go
conadition as possible under .the o
cuist.ances, sitowing an imiprovewe
sinoo our last visit.
In regard to the erection of a tre
Jail, the Grand Jury are inform,
that the proceeds from thme sale
the present jail will nor be sufci
im by severalthousand dollqrs to ereoc
to a noew one. In'the prerent embar
li rassed duWuoial condition of th<
ke Oounty th4l deem it unexpedient to
inbur additional debt at present
nY They therefore recommend thut the
wit question be postponed until ntxt
en year, unless in the mean time a eon.
I trdct con be tpade with some jespon.
elble party.to erect a ue%y Jail of
n- propel size and construe- ion in ex
it, change fur the present jail and its
ty site. The Grand Jury recommend
on that the lot belonging to Pierre
Bacot E q., be puiuhased for four
' hundred eollars,-fur the erection o I
as the pri,ostd jail.
or V. i he Grat.d July find that al.
n though there is a Markeo improvo
mt nt in the runds of the County,
d. ttiere is still great room for impr(,v%
mnt, and recoinmend to t,he cuunty
ty Cutoiimissi-ners to 0ontiunn to exer
Ab ciae the vigilance they have exhibit.
ai ed in enforPing the road law. The
Grand Jury would further r.con
mend to the County Comui-biwiers
r- to examino the crusting at Rochell'b
y. oreek, and to erect a bridg there il
i. deemed expedient.
is VI. The Grand Jury have not
0 discoverod that aiy dealers in the
- County are vending drugs witiout a
licose. Th,y recommend that the
low be rigidly enforced in regard
to to the rejuisites for vending drugs.
ii V1[. 'I lie Grand Jury reconnend
that no liceise to retail spirituous be
granted in Fairiild outside of in
corporated towns. They believe
that this is nece-bary for the publie
eg good.
Vill. In conclusion the Grand
Id Jury must express their gratification
rt at thp marked improvement that has
taken plitoe lately in the manage.
imeont of State and County aflairs.
f They believe that tL.e course of the
administration, if continued, an11d if
s supported by the erat naen of all
,j classes, will result in reviving public
t. credit and individual pro,perity and
a happiness, and in producing peace
and huruiony bet ween the races.
eHe pectfully,
d, JAS. M. BLA,IN.
n I n conformity with the charge of
rie your Honor, the Grand Jiry have
ts examined the County Cow ull ner,
js in regard to the clartiotor and
t eapibility of road ovorsoers, arid in
eR reference to the i-suing of iniple.
r- ments for working the roads. The)
en find that with few exceptions the
he Comnissioners have exercised praise
Vo worthy discretion iii the appointment
10. of the overseers.
s The Gowmmisiiioners p rod ticed]
a list of the implements issued with
ry the parties to whom issued. Nj
h~e recipts were taken for the same, the
lt Commissioners believing that the
ad oversee.s are re,ponsible persons,
t and holding themselves for said iim
p. plements on their official board,
to They did not believe they were re.
le quired by law to take receipts fot
m. tho same, but will do so if required,
Lt, Respectfully
ad J A S. M. BLA IN,
On Foroman.
Ie Loss of im br'eit SteImer.
-t LI>ou, May 8.
he The disaster to the .?teamlshij
of Sehiller occurred laat nig'it during a
Ut dense fog, and resulted in a great
Lih luss of lhte. Th'lo vessel strucrk on the
neC rocks of the Peste. A maong the pats.
dsongers known to have been sav'ed are
gO Ludwig Reider, llenry Sterni, Carl
nd K(uhn and Franuk 5thbilienterg. A
e- portion of the cre3w wa also rescued.
oh The rest of the passenlgers and crewt
lie are [:elieved to havt perished.
to TIhe lose of life by the disaster tu
ol the stoainshiip Schilloer u ill, it is be.
*y. lieved, rea,:h 200 passengers and
ntcrew. Capt. Thomias was drownecd,
of TIhe vessel was wrecked on the Scilla
ect ialands.
'0- II. HIillers, first oflicer, 1R. P.,l!e
heu.aun, second olieer, 1'. I leintze, fonirth
lie officer, together wvithi forty of~ the pias.
to sengers and crow of the steanipi
w- Schiller, are known to h.e saved
Thieie arie two steamers and a largc
ufi i hfeboat at the scene of the disaster,
ed waking every effort to rescue the
he survivors and recover the hod ies of
he the drowned. Owing to the excite
-'Urenit, it is imilpossiUe to obtain a full
lit- list of the .namies of th.ose i cecued.
lie The namee will lie telegraphed as
fe- boon as ascertainiel, t ogether with
in other important particub:tis. Thme
ial Sebilier is a total wreck. There is
ro- great esc.itemenjt in this city, hut a
of greater fr.elinig of relief prevails as
alS dispatches reaich the city annourneing
'ho jthe safety of aidditionual p .ssengers.
me Twenty-six p.senigors, in additioni
er, to those already before reported
dy saved, have landed at TIreseow and
dHrayer islands, belonging to' t-he
ve Seilla group. The secondl, third and
ve focuith ofhicersi arc anmoig the saved.
noA temr has gonec to the scene of
at- the0 wucek froii Coruiwall. Several
at coher boats are crui-ing for survivors.
er- The steant.er lies brondside oin the
uid rock,. She .is undelr water, anid her
on mainmast, is gone. The sea is still
ng rough, prevent.ing small craft from
ity going otut. ht is hoped thiat-ot.hers of
ed1 the pas engers arid uciew have rache'ld
di sjme oil or of the Soilla islanid,.
-.the wounided nmutiners of the
Sschooner Jefferson .Jo'rdan have be.n
removed to the Loiidoii hospital.
Id Walrranuts will probably lbe issuedi to
(l ay, placinig them at the disposal of
P- Mr. Sehenck, t he A mrrican minister.
he - + . -
e A Negro 1o Ilang in Aiken.
I,owis Deont, who committed mur.
3ddr-upon anot her neg.ro near Granite
rvie,ome time ago, was tried at
uit Aiken this week, and the jury, com-.
posed of eight niegroes and four white
w meon, hi might in a verdict yesterday
rd of wilful miurder. Ilo was imnaediate.
of ly sentenced by Judge blaher to bang
ton the 9th of July.
A WIomans Throat Cut.
T-( cry of murder was heard last
night proceeding from the rear of the
residence of Colonel Taylor, on Ar.
senal bill. Parties soon arrived at
the place, and found it was caused
by a woman, named B-4rnes, who
lived in the rear lot of the colonel.
She was found to he fearfully cut on
the ni-ek with a kiife or hatchet.
Ier litsband, A ndrew arnes, i said
to have onamtted the deed. The
Wo111111 Is frat,ally iinjurod.- Union..
M r. Allen R. Shaw, a Ln-ziined Gon
federate soldier, who was a member
of Cupt. It. J. Wilron's company,
48th Guorgia Regiment, W right's
Brigade, during the war, and who was
ievety wounded at the hattle of
Mechnietille by a unukcet ball
which struck his ight hip and dis
abled him, died at his resid.ence near
Augusta last WcdncEd.3.
An Atchison, Kansai git I ato four
pounds of wedding cnke in older
that Mhc might dream of her future
husband. Aid now she sAys that
tuoney wouldn't hire her to marry the
man she saw in that dream.
Thero is only one black man in
Waushihgtou Couaty, Indiana, and so
t,be civil rights law dle,n't worry
tLhem nuch in those parts.
The pench crop in Greenville was
almost entirely destroyed by the late
frosts. Apples are nutouched.
It is reported that the like ice at
Laporte, Ilnd., is twenly inches
thick, and Fo clear that print can be
read through it.
Married oil the 4th inst., at the
residence of Capt. J. ). Lbll, in
Kershaw County, by the Rev. E L.
King, Dr. J. E. Johnigan, or Marion
County, to Mis S. A. Baily, of Ker.
. W. Phillips,
{OF TillE very best qili ie-. r-,r UnrloTh,
O t Cl-ambr and Diting lloonm. Fot
design and workinnshi p, UN EQUA LLE b!
I offer at prices at defy comiptition I
MADE ofhard %%ood. ant warranteid to
give enoire isitsfil'ion. I keep no inferi
or cality. Use economy and buy the
tcs, amid buy where you can buy the
Sleep Comfortable
AND BUT the People's 81PRING BED.
Iis the he-ir in a he amarket withIouit ex
etpiion. TheIsy are' cheap.
It A'TTA N and Spita ~coat .1hairis a se
eiitly. Oar price iare beyond comipe.
sha-e. ll Brckes&Pckets sand
FURNlUtlE nsenty repalvelu at moder.
ate Prices. P'ictusre fra mics made io order.
Taenarhe Casescr ani oldCathin Maf -h
rr.ril tehrs ane sh in a upod n II
theoyctat iihortii~O stlment manke hn
fiaci iesa. Hins . e.I
Tannere,a purerscad Leahse Mano..
for hlih. anid heavy puarpsoses, as low as
ainy houese ini the trasde at, whtoles.Ile i
an 23
IW.Y O. BE & CO.,
rIBlERAT, advan .enmnaite upon con
-jia snenut or ,on or other Fro
duce to them in Charicesion, -or through
thmeir correspodenits in Liverpool, New
g'ork and ltimaore.
4 -- Particua. attenationi to thet sah
iplend ('ottoa.
ELIwan~ FortiizerswEtwaiDis
tsolvcd Bone.
Also Bradley's Patent Phospha'e'for
sale for cash or approved paper by the
Agnt,2,AT - RW
Somethig, No*
r311E Hold cotenient stand lately OOOU.
.1 pied by 11. D. liefo, under the
Winnshoro Hotel, is open again with a
well selected stock of the verj best Wines
and liquors that can be had. I intend to
merit ihe pat'onago of the public by
keeping first-olasi goods, and 'giving my
ell4omers what they call for at lowest
N. C. Corn Whiskey and Brandy
a SpecialtY.
n! I have on advantage In procuring
the Lest at the lowest prices.
Don't fail ta give me a call and satisfy
yourself of the above facts.
npril 1-3mos/
W E haviio ntention to our alock of
new Goods, which have been pe.
lected witih uiusuAl care, . and which we
tuik ato
Pretty and Orheap.
We'have our usual variety of
WVi'aT 0001)8,
Gents' and Boys Cloth ng,
McMaster & Brice.
T. T.T.
W E are age t'o a large Ne w -Yr
X 'T'rA 110OUSE, and :nu l
han unttipowderan Yonnagye e
put up in one lb. andl A lb. I in cantis Iers
warrtetTd full weight~sand lo giv'e satie
faOl ion or the pRrchtase
Money RIe'unIded I
1%i. a low. Give them ais I int!.
J.NOTlllR R lot o'f nice 'pring Calicoes
.inst in at. D. LAG DElit'AIMS whi-eh will
be sold at 1he samo 'old pr'ics. Also a
2nd arrival -of micely nrs-ort-ed 'millinery
good's, which we guarast ce t'o.give sati
fact ion.
Iluider]hrauxat/Spplr4 s
> A '.M A iraned
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Finn ris, 8ilk tIlows for djes,ci ne.w st1
Jet N eckI ne, i, Pe arl le4 D11e0s
Phted Shirt Ftud. lbtiaol 1ladket
ohiefi (so mething new). . Open
Linen and SIlk llandkorci efp, ne-styil
N11bi4, Deaded Dress iu le,t. 1i1ne
Bilk Pelte. .,A Fie assottmes:e,af'h-yel
Full ansort me nt of Croe ery On 11 lMis
wore. Fancy China Ca'a and Sauerd
and Ci ina' lugs. T
Illak Ajpacoap aud . s. sAll a0e of
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Roul -var, Skki.s-anq, Pl&14 Lindseye.
Many i f itase articles are do sltalo for
and will be Pold at
I -C W 1I ia
Withers & Dwight.
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Solution of t
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searching out M
tions, and feaving n tng lt
dis 0 see s oo Of *upo
derful success ofthi" r4o" 6
during Dyspepsia, Livi. 0M.
paln$, Drops, Chroni DIa.
C1i1v and vets, m
Loss '.f Constttutionag lIigo,
Diseases of th9 tbg Riny.an
Bladd4er, reaal.e o li
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tures, to stron, a4
AGPy,ne* and we,aS
tuacannot rease biheet
6tate to give 6d a trial.
8.. that each boWts has Pg aW.
VIAN SYRUP bowntte900
P'annplhlete Free.
SETH w FOWLE & soN,s, Prp1sot
no. I Nut sa Ptaea, 5meese.
Bos.n av D awee see ensamas..,
a Arst -olass
I now o ffe-r to the ladies of FairS o14 4 e
most iVashlonable, eutiful andi a4es'.
live 64ook -of
eer exhibited for sale iis this 'e~
Mtyst ock is now omapiete 'hiar Geodi
Whmite G-oode. Fauoy Goode,.elen
G.ovemt, ltandIk.roh*ers, &o., Jip.
.And a spleudid st-eek of 1I'a.s.
EnAride.ri-ea, Lace. Edgg, SAda
Frilling., ape.., incIu ling al of t'he widet.
t les of 'the seaso'n, Pi-e ae ell sad lee.
nr.y Respecttully,,
___. ' H.33)Ws,
NotAee of Land itedeempio,~
AtUDITo''. ()reslom,
'ai'r reld 'County, May 4r4, 1875.
OTICE is hereby given ,to R.-5. MeC.
N ey nod hre asqui ne teet the is~
been depsied in t eh i 0 y -T r
one tot in m'h 'Towi, etelotioeIo, urJ
as the propoi ty of-W- 4. Richardsons feor
axt Iaroli ete.8th A D. 1874, att
purchased by 4he -soAs R.J y
is threownupcon its own mMwt.e pu ,
no ipay, is the mot to. For sale by I.
leanninga, who is agent for Fairfil
'arnd.wl itake plesure la
iters for drug 816t bind couttye4~
Dr. W. E. Alken, of Winub -*~ b.o,
It on hand. For .rhq~~u

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