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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 16, 1876, Image 1

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Mfr{c,. ? T h E
F111iF1ELD III It11L I);
)i 1'1:111.1ti111" \t'!":VKI.Y {l l'
?:rms.--Thu iIRJ .1 F,!) ie it It hliaht:tlIV cc l:.
y in II u'!'o""rn tll' 1t"init .1,11-0, at
i. uariFilrl ill advance.
t!rit" All (r!tntien( tltlv(r(l-ements to be
F,I I P IN A 1) V."1 A'('/,'.
O "i(ttary Nulit:u:1 un,1 Trihllle' $;.OU
per i tluure.
Ll Gr' LA''[V''; P:'3 *
Mt)ll(luy, February 7.
The bill to incorporate the
" Orttlhgcbin"g 'fill h i11Lce railroad
company W;18 ;(J f.j all UCt and ratified.
Jo:,se Siniti, of Nowber
1-y, ill l'orlnc(1 the K(.11:110 01,11 I,:' htitl
collected *2,277.t3f) last, 'oar I'r t"hc
relief of t' i(lo'\ s and orl7htu7E; of l)('1
-Sons killed l)e('iall.-w of their polii:ht':tl
opinions, 111)(1 t it:t.t lie had it h:.!tlnM
Oil hand of 83:3 79.
N tsfl, to who'.n w as ) fel'rct1 the
bill to allf.llorizo the I"u=idillg in eon
solithttion bo11t15 acid stu' ks of cur'
3 twill lllliniid buii'.1s :111,1 Cul1})OlIl(,
"' . 1 Cp(rted back the wine with the 1-0
cull)lLIelnl:1"it)il th1:1 it (11-) piss.
Tho scuitte re .,1!1P' 1 Lilo e' !isitlor.
firm of ill. Dill it) fi. , Ilie of
certain }nlbiie olli("t'!":;.
Several were ollerel.
1111(1 c"ifl!( i" witlitlr:ttt"n or voted down.
'Flit) bill wa:; OI1eret1it)be n;;r(t;,,;( .I
lJ>:. ft!r it it IIli1':( A
lt':in l'('('i;it"("11 fI .I))) til0 guvt'1'no1" 110
of -ing, the it.ll:ttu 1.htt It(;;l:hd :t})
l)1'O"i(.':l ih1' tt lt,11'll ! :let:i , :'11 ;l(:t
to :nncnd serf it.n -l:) of "1. L
of the t'< nc 1-l ,:Iiti lllr:; ("! ;:( utI
(5u't lilt;t rt"L"ttivO to t11(, riht tof
l;111,0V, who I):1Vti (1(-1:t of j'rinci{)ttl
:i; ft"r;-v ne...l):
'lil't::(d 1'1:'.;", 111 1't;;1Ylil'1(L till',( (:Ili( 11
( nlln tit:ii : slit It t. I.') :tl(It"1111 ('loll(I('I.
23of the on('l:tl :71::ttt:te of titti;fll
('ltrclll11.1 rt)ttIiv( it) (fll:u ::ntil:c) 1.11
Jwt to :ts'c:1::lilt tilt' ii 1(:btI."t}nt:.)$ of
the t"ollnly of.tiew b( t'1'r, alttl )('+;11
l:ttr 1111 lt ":ltc!)t t:tr."Cof all :wL
In llrut'itle Air on ("ic""f ion of a (:)",m
. vei;;l!Cl' 1'0l" tilt tt11 ll ut I: tilt, ;11
i}. l'i:"li(ti)S t":)all'.V : an ;tc".i; to l)ro\'aAt)
1'0; tilt' ext.(:tISit'll of the time for
the 1:.:1t"lli(ma; 1(11(1 (!1 ilcctioll of to: is
for t"(.11i1lufl('ill" \o
'f "veo ber .1, 16 ' 3, ltll.1 for utli'or 1'+1 "-'
1)?$' ; joint res;)llitio11 alithol'izili ,
anti dir('t.-tin", the colt:IIy (1)llunis
:;loner(; of t.'lstl'O1t1t111 ('0111.!y to levy 4111111 toil;'e.t o Iwei:hd fits.
' . i.ljunrne;l.
1lie hoiltic wan 17(11 in f ' i'u+ rtl:ty, Fcbrnary '.t
Vit, Ct)1111)11f.tt."O on 1i7('ul'})t)ratiuim
)'Cn'oillim"Ittl 1.11 1 ;;::.;:t!;c of I,;II:; to
Hit., of ('lil(tttli ; to
alter :t)t] :u)mnt] an iIOL ('111 it to 1 -On i
;w L t1-, tlnittntl :t.h.f file ciltt::tel"
()f the 1.1)tl"li of .IitJ;( t'i!Jt, t: ttl:
Clio ir.t) :cit'l t"11)Ix)'1"-r t'vi-os Joiner
fO (1'('t al"I 10:.;Of11in .:":1f(5 ;lcr( SS
AIr('ortl' i 1:'trrl"t" in I itllll:!nti ('ta:l:tti
4 , . . . 1 t I !
tw(in J)ui)lic ollieorii WUtH repiorted 41
diyullrm~I ail introd uicd it joilt rosoin tion
to provide for the p:tyinoiit of the
claims of L. HI. Stuko'.
S\tiw i il t rducu(Ic a Dill to onable
ilie it1]itlCr1 of riIUlroads to forut
('O1'J)O1'atiolt, itrid to 0.xOreiHo 001'
1)or:)( powervs. niiuf to delino their
Tolei bll ('OI10.il i h1uwk'l.s acid
1)0i(ibs 1alMiuCd.
Tho bll to amenwid Aetion 2 of
chn1))$'r CXXXVIIT of the . 'ovisoli
l5tntI '::, r(hlt iVo to itl'r'4tH, 6txiuui
t)e Dill to authIor'ize triadl jutstices
1,o glint now tria~ls, wvore jtLsusd. to
a third re:t(liitg.
Trho resocdttion to l1)cift a (o~ii
iiiitteo to invostigitto the( t'alixactihw4:
of C.: P~. Leie while ilaud Couu>}1is
HicllOP, wias inl(1f1iiiit(ly j)ostpoudt. (
A iitiiiilbr of. bills were elgusnun I
for .l'it'ttiali).
~Joilt. r'esoiluii on (by (;.)0oohrau) pro
RtatA (SIlld fifl Wanl IL.loucl. t
LUUsFt OF I:Li'I?.$E\'l .Y''v:S.
Curti introduced aL bill to moor
}boffs e the Unioti ; ilvillg $~ociecty, of 1
CIolumbia, S. (1. R"e'td1 te!( ti rst. tunei.
Johnson iutrodueed it joint 1'(Y4lU.
11011 o p~rovide for t1,( pntiitcit of
t1e (clim of Johnr Ahcxdiuk'r by
lInitkii' anl I1)ol)in)jti.ilt for the
.,tuna'. Read( the first triit(.
Tihe (',1:i1 (a;ilci~ the itlfltfinr of
( lie 11(;1: to: 14 , l3thLl" ,~1%itiitec.1 by
vote (,n 4l( Ia: 1'elti4)U of 11r. (.l.pex
to (:N]IltiI' f i ,it ill~h' j'1t1i 11 of t14e
u1~: I lse 14( j(!47lI 111:u:he ily 1~1'1ii Iel
on1 t;I t h lil ejt f j his (!,.1(t.,il to
t0l". j~lt,(4lii ). ii 1 lt)7'i is 511)1-"C
ji ll A d s 'I .ifl h i :t js':the , told , ciil
11(1 ALOI:?. .t :3ei" ell. the (4, ioi
L';ltitli of ~Ie ::jlj't d "t; 11a1 h , ". '. t w'!.s iiiul)clal) t 'i
I 1' , 1l t.) *1 ov; !O I f m. CVilo J):tv-1
%[eIi o (14 t (111: 1 Ow II at 11 i 4 lit
[:1'c~lt!" ii ('1 f'') 5' it 111
1( ,1 ' A 'i'i t 1, 1, f r l t 11;' -(( 1 (i 111]
Lio 41 I . .. it
~t11(i; Hl~ w (:14 '~t,.Oil (1 f 1_):.1i,~ -
lie! huts .e ad "'m~illeId, L1. J1:1 ute
uiaiJl I O'Xn it ,;i" 'jg fi~.
" Jhi , .1 c) f lirc 1a.f
1.1 .1 <4v.rr hit1:: 1' 1 li e l 1'lii
liici 11;'. of .! ''4U isl ()~ '14 lbtf(
i1. It'I (I ''t '! 14~t
III :1: l t ;1 $7" Jl. .t a4 ( Ii:" 1'ii) I ilel
;tote I ('71 V'1iI (1 1'!l 4't' uiH : ~I-.* iS j T
1!i,11 to !i'ue I vf~li': in tt i
(14111r, ttI. (
O ii ilf 1i i)l('c:'cc fell 5:tt'Oll 1. (Nt1ItO~ e*2)
S.14 tIl iA'i('-:1)1V8'11 osilkP .11 ~ st et
41'i ('ii' I 5U'g it I5 e i 'tp e' (I :t)
*hu+ t(1:: o]u' Alu'l( i In the 1('1t O1 vr
IiVl1( if WIil in c! i. 1)4, ?i to(1h A o y
Ilt L ii ( 1 194 li Ii't ; 1 tiO'poIi e il (1
Thle cencurrciit resolution, to ad"
3011111l Onl February 23 (c13110 Up, (l
wits p1lced oil tho clndar .
r'0soIitioii to appint it joint Coiiil
1itto3u to inqujirei into thle 3'4lilicie oLit( oC~ ftecu))1ulIC
t~n)111 shitr o tt lsal trlilrCJ r. O.rdered for future
(iU5i. Ierittioii.
A iiiiii1or of 1~iils NVa 21 intro
ilijeed, 101(1 refeirred to approplliLL(
111x. Juter introduced al conIWIIV"
re(nt resolution reu1iring, t h(
Ltresurer of Union comixty to rplorl:
bi'lly the stiiiis colloed and disil a1irS.
L11 by hinit unider anU act enltitled '"Au
wt for the rolief of the widows 111,l
31-J))l311.4 of [)lr0r5(fl1 killed 1 )0'0LUIS
o~f the(ir l)Oliti(0l 1 U)iilnh."
Th~1e Lill to 1& tlhe hala( a of
uI'tlifl otli ieirr w. s Itilundet1:, I zooI
)aIs1ell, withi t.1in prVoviso tlLt it
dza'.1 take ulledL oil and after the(
1st of Novemiber, 1.0376.
'UIIQ bill to provide for (lie re.
-iC3)I.mnU1(it of p. Op,.f v in Dlarlii, -
Lou coi3ty' \'L.Us ifldu aL special or"
1c'" for .l'X!l rl' 1:i.
The hi'll to 1)io\"';d it l)0ttCe
:'1at.iiodl of zn; e:J.ii1g niil coll;ctii''
lIXOS for the0 siippoi't (d1 the city o1
Joliiuulna Wva laid1 ov'er fur latit:"c
A bill to fl1C01t'pO)3dCt the "Iln
Instrilil E'xhibition ('inh~inuy of
The~ bill to alter inl oiiienil the
liaricie1 (31 the Lout ii ui i3i3irt;ull ii..
t135 pHLi 1.
A Vc.4011th 3s11 111) )illtill" :t ('*)1:i
lil toe to iIIv0itigo itli 0 ) nfi itl
lnl(diist of J ii44 J. P. fiedU~ wias
,Ill over fut 1i~.iiie couix~deiat.jui.
0111,11 ' 1(li e tat the .31-11 i u i.
t"t s., Icc ail(( 5(,11;, toi' tp h (,: isi'
toll O% o sessions daily was like
(iS is baj x0~)1d.
idut~ I be :;Late init~o hive cooi;'e;
iuid:t (1 i:tii.s was13 j113i3((id.
1C I~'U 1 l) to ;; u'clock, wiei l l:
'Satl01'(l vt, IL'e lary 12.
Thu i.."1)ttCo Ivas not i11 ,;esCiioii.
113 i'si*": (o' 1:):11:1 .:,''.'1'1\I:5.
ill til illi40s veIry) lit tle' b)esides
oliilie work miid tlhe prIivalte( c:1
iil~i' waIs 3 tt ('ilded It'.
i 00th by the i'c.Ld!1ig 01 it ul
anv *' 'lld cX'ri',t: 12 S u x i Ie
C-u' 33 .1. 1). .1 (bdnItsk.1, i iiieiil 3cr
t the Ii ''- a', ('hli'l Ni it It ('()1Ill.
3:01 teat.z-b.tOl~('i l~)t)1iissiil , (if
*iii('I liet) i 1(03011l)4~' Tlii
vi Iclit'tiC11, ('llIct rll ( Ci1eh
tl (011( It a3 'lel e~iill" ftl'tooiel"1 tit ai(cu Istcl 0';1 hI'' 8e
it ( oalli its (31 v:iiQ~' ii33i ;11: wit i
h. i hu~i lii'b li oi' Iorc i1CI ti('', o: fl
,\. II whme 1L1+1 (3~t1'ti'"-; 1'00 I
Ws)Ul-e Cof (:1(ild I C~1'iiiig te :i
..1 F, . 1 .. ,vr t I .. .... i ... .i. ,.i - -v
A Pugilis~tic Podiagogue.
Up in Alamenda they h1ave a school
Masiter who douofi not Htalll(l 111101
fooling fromt any of the trustees of
thew ijstitnttioii over ~vwhi 11w pre
Hidf'tf4. '1'11 IIIIil)bO1 of Jiit p11l s
is smai~ll. but his (bitiCS atre hI t~he
ini h)i deliguil Pairisianl accenit.
'.I1jciot 1:i. the uItraiah 011 hiis iltil
Jel, in kuhln' himi." '1hIe most Iceriou8l
Dar of his (iIat.iI38 ci~isits iln vatn
soYCII-uJI, awi the;Hlkill to 11:1.4 ace
ijitired ii tis~ (cprtmfinnt (of idut
tio:i ha ncl eare dt hit11 to the~ neigh-.
hiorhoo." Hie isi the miost p)oplarIL
tCi'e thait hIts ever. Ciosrn(1 1-ha'
h)111142illy lino of Alainodo, cunly1,
111111 the school diretor wvhoc wvoiil'
(1)110U CO Hi11gCl.l his~ P41110V;i] m11ight 1,
well Viiigato at 01i('e. T111 other"
(li~y 011e of) theO hoai( of trutisees of
lii;- schiool, it geiitlemaun wVho hi;;s a
ratl her now. railu 0 idea;s of the
(duticS ittteiidimtig it cuttry Smhllu
tnastmrs p~ositionl, visitedl the iahcl.)ol
for the puirpose of hauling thet 111
Mlispectel1J)0datpogro oveOr the e'oits.
ixifoud the rusItic rcetor~tal
seated at, at 1htlakhaird explaiiig
the baeauities of illllple atddiition to It
il('legJ.t ion of te youths of Ahuaanetl.t
e ty ~. Dlisregarding the fact,
iowvecr, the jiistieo exp~lained the
Io~j('t of hit vis~it.
bl.3or.1' said the ftsto()flie(d fcrul1.,
iger, "If yout wish to lectim a lilt'
'10) 'i do it iti te preseneeo of tle:
1Plahlils, bul wall: outside the (loor
ovea1 the t hireshwl,1, fu.llowt.' I b thle
01 e, who cariefully close 1 thet
'-Now, S01, ,mid h(!', I'v'velV ini
iiitt I id Iii( l1l 1110 class-roohai. 111(1
811 (Iltili Ii') ;itlemman would
+i- rip what ?" said the flstonis hedI
'"lI::Ie off youri coat, for he the
atip('i Ilhiat, plavuei before 1. cs i1
i 111011 ("f111 nistll )111( ill 111e 5ie1io 111t1
-o 1 A vi(.lao~ut. urj;i.i in satisf.tt,Ii.
!hil) I iny."
1 dll n ot mora- ---i--tiat, is-M\ur
" her ! IHelp ! .t'i:-c Police !''
mal( now hule incighiora oeitniaili
'.hIi;l ('I' oi~i~ol II hiii 1 (Ufire oh thint r'
""1!1' xviritue:., Enid he plIo s seveli t
(11) iu1tl iiitit:tteq the j ilii, uof~i
siuipie a ddliti ii wVi t t iii t~e1iT1ptiml
It 11I tall/ 111 l . i"1 .ro1
c; i iltwIl fo)r it ChtUge of veiitc.
Ad~vantages of' Hoeiut..
'tot) 11111y perso ns1 -%%lo use thiea
11 to utppe;'' that the chief h)enehit '
ltliv('d froths it is to kill the wveeehi. I t
TI i!ltt, (t)Itaili I is anl imiportait, work,
;udonm gret thy niicl ecteu,l. WId;1
.11e iich only ini t hi! Wily of Ca ltaa
t~ing 1th1 ltrt)pS Wvtie~i w,; phl. but
they- rob t Ibid of 111)1(+h (of thie uilti
01i)11t wlhit.!- tey hocod. f1.sirht 1
ihn, i" ill: EsSC'. tiai S~rvje'e ill 1'0
qiect. to de4 :1.)11) nt;lth woi 11
';.,.,-.. ,.... .1ther. ...7 .... 1.- ta --- 1a~- it
Wonderful Tricks of Eastern Juggler
Bofore the Prince of Walos..
[Cor. of the L ndon 'Tiine . ]
Ono (lay at Parell His iRToya
Highness hiad tiin hour of (jlir
amus:en en t ml camps], watchling thll
tricks of Somne Indian jugglers ail'
snake-clanrmers, which hsatvO beo:
des8cribed at Ifhndred tile; Over
and which never loso their internos
for the spectator. After brenkfas1
a ragged traitn of fellows leidiag
apleS and carrying bag9 were seei
coming up the main street of th<(
ciamip to ne of the tinits. Thie(s
wero followed by seven m' eight
ugly, shapi'lesti elderly women ii
I)ighit dlria pery. cal rying what art
coInsidcred hero nusical iistru
iii-tts. They all seu itted under thc
si:Ode of the t ee's inl front of o 01
lit i(s a11 p atI -conjitror, ape
The jrrgglers and isnake charmer i
w?eiO the first to show of'. They
woro Only two old chatty follows
whose skin lug onl their bones as
if it woro crackol l"owii laper.
Thley (lid 801 clevir "passes,
swallowed and spit out fire, pro
rluced an enchanted, ineoxhau1stibleA
water vessel, walked on wooden
patens hold on by the action of the
"et maiikiig Ia vt'iOnusn-in fact the
hithiered, vivacious old jtiggler and
his raggee old confederato )er
Forme(td all tho orthodox tricks of
,heir confraternity. Whore did he
,et the cobras which he )roduCed
unideily out of two baskets which
mtd Ieeni turned over, inside out,
n our presence ? It was not the
lrunmnlg of his friends or the
daying -,n1 the dry ,gourd which
irew the ro1)tiles out of cover.
Meanwhile a mango under the
lirty cloth was growing, and in an
nterval of snake work the old fel.
ow dashed at the latter, and ox
)o8(ed ia fresh, bright green niango
re s0111 eig hteen inches high in
h1e grouni.. whore he had appar
itly only put in i ianigo seed.
'xp)ressiions of woider followed
hen the cloth was thrown over
lie tree, and anlother of the faiitus
egenidary leger'deainip feats wai
xceute-l. A shallow i isket about
igh teen it "hes high ani three foot.
ong, with a cover, was placed he
)rc the Prince. It was plain
here was no deceit. At* a call
here came out, from the group of
alives near at hand a lad of twelve
r Ha), sliglLt o nguro aut pleiasan{
f face, with not an article of dress
ive his lion cloth andt a dirty
arIbanl. Himl the Old mI-ml, eh-4t.
r ing the while, boun 1 had anud
)of, it /l Brothers A dyonme in twine,
IL a sack, made of strong
(tting, twas produced and the old
lluw slipped it over the lad, whoum
0 sqtueezed dowwnl -n his haunchesW-1
> that ho c(oubl tit, the ('rds
iurely over his head and lift, hi a
'om the ground to pri~'o howI
'utre he was. 11( seuoie.1 to une
'eat force to put the lad into the
'skaet and to have ou zcl dificulty
lit ting the lii on the top of hii.
'hon Iaif:ts ((one thlie nisic was
'it(wCl by 0110, atnd the other
gglu1ga to talk to his basket,.
resently [lie Ii. 1 was agitatiel, and
tO ('ortd aind not ww-f~ie jermked1 out
idi fell on the groud. Th'en thle
*ggler ran lit the 1 baisket in ai fury,
.'ipedl on fthe fop, ernishlzd in the
1, shuuitped~ on it, took a slick andl
'ove it with for'ce thrtough te
icke'r work. The basket was
Lip).y. TIhien flhere camne a voiace
of a lad who htad been ", inside
di IC) I Thlere was just suchl at
oh one (If the trees. ThIle
atgo) tree, when next uncovered,
peared h ung withb tiny fr'uit.
A new stl of playing cards has I]
el n m1rou(cd, which pr'omaises to Ji
come1 poplaril. T.ie now~ cai'ds I
Scirclarlli, about thn o inchtes in I
uiief er', and1( each sit is pintted in
li'erent colorIIi. Upon1 the oxfi're I
go of the circuale, the numbol~r of t
the samte color as the suit
which the card belon'gs. ThoJ (
e card8 i ifisfend of being '"singio li
doubled heads,'' have live heads, aill tl
whiic'h radiate fromii the contre, and t
h t ed ecgnized at ai ' l:i ice. To tl
atages ctlaimlued for' these cards u
that, being circulha'. the edges
Iitnot weoar out. Thto dlistinctT
or of each suit and the Iigur'es
m1 the muar'gini enable tho player' al
.uard aigainst mnishakes amut play
ie rapidly. Th'le pla&yer clan 1ue j
I know at a glanc'o every card in d ~
h1,md(. They can1 hO shume~id, hI
lt and1( playedt wih th Ile greatest
L1, andt' cebl pack bleing int a box,|m
y ('nni bI e'arte mc i the pockt
hiout soinig.
'iii FrA'1i oft 0 A FPun. .-A regn y
porer'~--eiin e cr- -is the case of hii
[ishman~ii inaioed .Dennia, if triue; e
of, trute, thle anntutl register must iv
held( resp4jonilel. ie (died at
lenry int 180-1. at the age of ono(1
1(1Idred an seven teen ; he had
a matrriedl sevent times, thte last ni
t tat theO aigo of ntinety'three. He ti
vived the births oif fortpo-ight bi
dren,11 two) hiundred and1( tInrity six a
ad c'hiIrdon, four hundred andl th
,y-four' greant-gr'andchlildron, and1( ro
nty - f ive gbeat-great-grandchiil- an
olonel Robert 'Tyler, sort of
stlidet Tyl'eri, edits the New fo
nawl -/) ' .co
Extraordlnary Case of Mesmerism in
From the North British MAiJ.
Much excitement and not a little
indignation were occasioned in
Gavan on Wedweaday afternoon by
the CotIditct of a mesmerist, and
there is soein talk of a civil action
being 'aised against hin for injuries
itflicted on a respectable young
married man res'ding in Atirnkdyko
streot, who was allowed to lie on
the cold, damp ground on Napier
street for about twenty minutes in
a state of mesmerisin, and had to be
convoyed on a barrow to the police
oflce, and the soevices' of a medical
mn obtained before he was brought
to his sensOs. The mesmerist gave
an entertaine ent in the burgh on
the previous evening and the young
taon who is a litter in one of the
shtipbiytiltling yards, was meosmerized
along with several othors, and while
in that state the mesmerist eoni
nandetl him to cn'rue to the corner
of the above street at a quarter to
two o'clock on the following day and
share with him half of his dinner.
The titter wont to his work in the
mnorning all right, but just as he
was in the act of taking his dinner;
he sdttdenly left the table carrying
a little jug full of broth, and made
his way down Govan road in an ex
cited mannler to the place where the
"l)professor" wias to meet him. A
largo crowd soon collected rotund'
the poor fellow, who was as if
iuned to the wall, holding on tena
ciously to his little jug containing
the broth. He eventually slid down
upo'n the cold ground, however, and
lacy there for about twenty minutes.
'hme excited crowd expected the
maesmorist to keep his appointment
and relieve the poor follow from his
position, but ho did not put in an
tpliarifaneo. The police arrived on
the scene, and the man was convoyed
to the oflice on a barrow. His li!nbs
were by this time perfectly stiff,
and with the exception of a slight
imlovomnent. of the heart and pulse,
the body showed very little signs of
li'fe. Dr. Barras was sent for Aimd,
after (o:nsidorable difliculty, succeed
ed in b.nging the young fellow out
of his inesmoric sloop, after his wife
andl brothers, who had como to the
office, h:d(1 hoen greatly alarmed
:aboit his condition. The man's
health must have suffered considera
bly by the exposure, as he shivered
iko an aspen leaf on awakening, and
had to be taken home in a cab.
The Way it Rains in Florida.
A Florida correspondent says : It
is hard for a Northern farmer, who
watches the horizon with aching
eyes, to understand the clock-like
regularity of this rainy season Sot'Lh.
Occasionailly, as this year is delayed;
but once set in goes on regularly.
'lhere is a misty or clear morning,
lso air tiinsfuised with a blushing
piimhowy offhulgeonco that molts away
in the ardent kisses of tho sun into
an inff1 2ia daio of sunlight up to
hvo' o)(j tek. 'Then the skirmishers
of t Ie rin rush iin on cool, dow
winds, and iby sharp three o'clock
Ete whole line is platoon firing in '
great, hemvy fusilados. Such rains !
(icrgoous, glorious, rushing, a mnag.
mlficen!Jt Cimiasmi~i of plungi'gg
miure. Then the long roll of th e
Lhuder drumis ; the cracking artil
lory, wi th its splendor of electric
(lnsh, tolled efr in low rolls ; and be
Fore y tn are aware, the mobile army ."
ndas g.Ltheoredi up its splendid1 wings,
ts fire mln after guard and reservesj
md OnIsy in the west you see itsa
tranid vwctorious battle flags ribbing
lhe sky with broad bands of color.
tiix in a few rainbiows some foggy l
norng when the whole air is I
)rimy, and the clear, still lakeolooks
ike an wiadersky:, and you have seome
den of Florida in the rainy se an.a
oegilair as the clock, that marshal-.
1mg and1 grand batL1tle panloramnagoos jm
ni ait set two o'clock, to be0 closed
'ositively.-no change on account of
lie weather--by five o'clock r. M. ;
A Detroit woman remarked that hi
be regretted but one thing in her
fo. Shme said she was always vexed n'
mat a tornado didn't strike the
,ventytw men who saw her fall on
m imy walk, claw around and get u
p with a lame back.
Texas is the first state in the tl
nlionl to appoint electors for the fa
)proacing p~rosiden tial campaign.
x congressman ID. C. Giddings and
on. B. H. Epperson wore chosen ceh
>nmocratic electors for the state at rai
rge, b~y the recent convention. cri
The followinig letter from a-young 50
an was lately addressed to a judg th4
pro~bato "Sir-My father do
irted this life not long simnce, leavy
g a wife and five scorpions.
e (lied detested, anud his e state is Pc
oely to provo insolvent. I was left him
:ecutioner, and being told you "I
Ire judlge of probates, apply to ia
>u for letters of condemnation." Oni
At Osborn, Mishouri, on fte Han- bim
bal and St. Joseph Railroad, a short fe,
no .since, some bu r g I a r s sif
eke ito a drug storo and stole a
bottle of chloroform, with which lig
cy dIrugged the whale town. They
bbed both hotels, all the stores,
a many private residences. They
enr'ed several thousand dollars. Ht
The man who hasn't a word to say sta
r himself is the most congenial yo'
mpamion. ror
About. Women,.
DBnnets ibcrease in- size..
Queen Vio keeps; four pet poo
DAmAuO. has, two, ebaring dough.
L: 'lon ba two fnmalo- conveyan
Woreen earry- of the prizes in
Eniglish splling bees.
Mizri is the latest Spanish priman
tonna. She loave. comtpany.
Thu Queen of .unark says.
that nlo, royal lady will wear a.
A (aughter of Crocnwood is
taking singing lessoia of Wartel in
Mme, Easipof, the great Russian
chanist, will proba visit this
country next spring..
Mrs. Blaine and Mllrs.. Kerr hob
nob together in Washington. Now
the country is safe.
Marion Harland. the po un ar au
thoress, is said to bo at the bead of
every Nowatk charity,
Some of the Gotham girls com.
promised with their- Now Year's
callers by giving 'em lager beer.
They say Mrs. Grant doesn't.
look a day older than when she
first mea to Washington ten years
Disraeli says a Miss Rothschild
is the most gidituefle lady in
England. Shea got the most.
stmanips, too.
The Russians forgot to toss Patti
a fur cloak at her benefit, so she
wont shopping and bought one (o
Lucca has docided to confine her
self to mezzo-soprano parts in
future. Her voice is wearing in the
upper register.
Statistics are given to prove that
of the sum total of human misery,
physical and mental, women have to
bear two-thirds.
In the East Indies the ladies of
the country are subjected to the
labor of building railroads and
keeping them in running order.
Charlotto Cushman will accom
plish her final farewell in a week.
And after all, that is the speediest
method of getting yourself for
What we need in this world, the
Newport News -thinks, is more
female correspondents who fling
Choir golden gleaming over the
sombro tints of life.
"Look out," says the Woma' e
Tohrnal to the girls, ''for the men
whn want to make sisters of you.'
Just as if they were not looking out
fir them.
Miss Julia Thomas of Cornell
University is mentioned by the
World as a Greek slavo' Very
.ood ; but think of a Greek slave
with striped stockings on.
When a Canada girl loves she
oves like a hond engine going to a
n'e. In a breach of pr1oiiso suit
t was shown that a young lady
vroto to her lover eight times in
)lie day.
Kato Field carries a revolver.
4one day some malicious person
vill load it, and she will have to put
t in a pail of water and run behind
he door until the danger is o'er.
The simplicity of the Sioux
aiden h somiething wonderful.
iho umas awayv in tho greatest con
uision upon07 an op)era-Class being
velled at her.
Sarah B'. tihardt, the Paris
ctress, who ha some8011 of the mnag
dficenit qalhiies ofk Rachel, is, as
ras the great queen of tragedy, a
owess. Her health is v.. y poor,
nid she seems a living skeleton.
When a New Jersey burglar saw
tat the woman whose house heo was
hmndering was awake and watching
im, lhe cnoed out, "Hang mue if I
ill be guilty of robbing as homely
woman as you are 1" and ho left;
Mrs. Capital of Rhode Island is a
idow, and is worth $3,000,000. Hero
a capital catch for some enter
ismg young man ; but no doumbt
rs. Capital will not enter: into
o partnership) with any man, who,
as no capital of his own.
A beautiful young lady of Baltia
uro, now up~on a visit to New
rk, was presented wit~h a hand
me silver medal by the" manager
>on visitmn the lNrk theatre,
odnesday night. Over six hun
ed other Radios,, who visited the
reatre that night were similarly
A countrymtan of "the melan-.
oly Dane' has invented an ar
agement to* take the place of
Latohes, by wich the cripple can
fast or slow and up or down
irs, without touching Ia foot to
a ground or worldn 1t one arm.
A. little son of Professor Cook, of
ughkoepsi.o, aged jsix years, askedI
fi, fah: ,w gu npodwerswas made.
hwanob tirno to, toll you no,
a the reply ;. '-lput thin kit over,
el form some gi~nion of your own,
il. will exgulpin when I am not so
sy." The little boy was sileut a
v moments, then heo exclaimed,
Idonly, "Oh, I know ! they~ stir up
little black dirt and piut some
litning itio it."
Ers. Haddock, wife of Judgo
ddock, of Iowa, has been adt.~
I to practice in the courts of that
to. She is in demand s e i
sate in her husband's court, and is
>uted to be generally successful.

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